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    ta tep.orter.
Tei7attiA, I":.,llland.ay, March 9. 1876.
Tun. Supre
county eases
WE are in
Mootv, at
of thq
iti las
. W - E - have r4eived several . letters from
si:ivivots of r4ibel prison pens; :winch we
Poblish soon.
Tar; Good Templars will hold a soda-
Yo.,- at the residence of T. PEIIILY VAN
Tur. streets ire in a terrible condition.
Will fh . e count-lever put Main fit. in pas
sable order? -
very high at this place.
Id is inundated. and
s . partly under water.
THE river
The ball grot
F NT's island
WELL, of Elmira, will con
kand preach in the Epis
n Sunday next.
11r.‘:. MR. A
iluet the. servi
copal church o
THE in /eerily bas been.en
larged to a nine column paper iu order to
mcet the grow lig demamTs of advertise'
:ed to announce that Mrs:
INE, who has - been spend
.atthe Ilector.y, is recover
severe illness.
WE are plea!
Bkhop Mcit.v ,
fit, the winter
cling front TV
widow Of the late Cii.k!z.
is in very fee
ler .advaneed age—nearly
, - inakes her recovery very
I'. WELLEs, o
i)inety • .years
(10111 ot ftil.
hsiti merchant tailor, .1. L.
•lilted on Monday evenin! ,
_lie o ld e untrc. Ili, will.
nrcliase a stock. of cloths.
Ischig Lack Nviaaim.
for a visit to
while tiwre,
be will
barn 'belonging t S. .11.
AtNeils townsliiii. was
tili Monday la.t. In
-4) in ('tintineptal lnsurantio
NonrE ` l l\l I-:' 31r.
Lad a barn burin.l.l on the
. I:bont two years'agO.
1.11;m :d :;Lout
F xl:Nslvoil•rt
~.~icc ~n:itlil
ring ar:(111(Teful revival -fof
Mg - on attWyalnsing-.. Ser
mz; have'.aiready resulted
rt. The.2ncetim4s are con
:v. D. Clf;kr - r. and Rev. J. ,
•Itev: It. li. WrI.I.Es. of
aiding in the good.rwork.i
'AN interes
icii , eiun is ff.
ur;%l tonversi
irt , m..the eq . (
4lucte(l Ly 1:
.11. SUMNER.
Kingston, is
•idently as in date
snic.nt of the F.lie:liequin
publisneo in the IZEPotTER
I:tte. We Lace bcen..shown
It.s.qll“eroyft•nts ruecirvil by
THEP.E is c
_;of the c,61,1
..r reeent I
b ().
his g-ramlfati,
-'!11. The
at the same time
!Lee wa,.
t A trieh, It;
LED'. pf
I.lzli.iug at Mr. E.
l'!•Nr,i.!..roy, of q)rwell.
.weeks in tiiis 11 , 1;:ce. the
ATTI r: Rtmc Fits. 1.
Itor•lif•ster, is
is slendi7l:4-- a
guest of Miss
.or ^nd d tlv4itter, of Mont
:own thi, wctk•.
-A. r...:.
inity,..:;t train of s rer.blitl coal
sliitch ..11. - .11( ifs coal
inlay eveninz last, t;lte cars.
h speed as to fqt - CT
fitting ont or place. atiii:vitiite
blacksmith;511.11.t., Ivho was
.Ite ,loor-wa leading to tht•
or the 1.1.-k,mith Sho l i, NV:I.•
• ./Out:II by the coilisiun anti
C}l.: - upon tin;
yard, on . 1!.4
were sent
end of tlll` hi
t•i!();.. .31r.
stlli:ditl7.: int i
t-hrowti t•i the
ylite scvercl•
fzoto Vlisliiuglcu to the
rt:akiF, the 1.1101% ing
gc leman Avull _known
A i)1•
rt.11 , ;5 r.,•,!
v: •• )!r. II MONT) prefl' , ll,•ll' to :01
111 . 1M;.715e last nitflit. larg(.
1111:,11.1.1. :Mended. Dr. NoBLE
t! t i ,, 1.411 a ra,t , :rilere for forty
liajt 1 - o'verNVitlieNSCti a rvvival
I'.;al az,roxin4t,..d tics in
..:•i: Metlillilist friends Trice jn
some cap ry imp.,rtant imi.r4o.a;,nents
in the I,asennio of thcir The nu
."-litly wod,: n pillars . for the snpport of
Cunt above. have been replaced by
pent anti to-t• - ircnt 'posts. 11u fnT-
Eisheil ill' t Lclriltirra Carr(i, ti e c , la
seats 1 CIIIOVt . ca,y eltairs subst it n
tett:. and tie looms others.:.imf nw(il‘ ci
to ~i ve them a cla. - erfv.l awl
•St•11 , iol
s.(.l:e of the lari.;est n:osz
6 Ibis ric lulu.::nil it is v_is-
nulko tile id;
'tut ti•r•
dltl-aetive -ti: the scliohtr:,..
the ilwellinr
1:i about 1
, I,rist
0 NV*.I. i , 4:111c s ('‘'ll!•l;fr% 11.\' tii
• citnut r. ;Ind Mr. D. w irl i a
at a bani a ler;
.11 v.ra 'rho 101.0,e ITIA
‘:: was clisrovciv‘l
t; in..: was blowing inri
v.-:-c 11::111 portion I.l' the
11P:: .7 , 1 r. DI - 1:r7.,,:t%
Ntt'l'C 11.4 il!Silyt a.
11!i1 ti4.lllY (11':-irtrp..11
lll•1111t111:1 , 1
was. in
for $:',,.11).
tii- , tn.01.
it :,n4l
L 0,-
. 4 n:cii:s
t•q, in the
on Friday even
: ‘.1.1. , .N 1 ' ',.1111. 011
. .2(1 and :41 streets
•reil to ix , on Inv. Und - tbd StotAt's F, r»1 TICE SOCI‘II 11611DF.11.
so.lii.iii :I,lles. n . 2 orizm I)!l'Lf,mAcy.-Hro be the
iny,t.‘ry. as the doors wen: leo-1:21d I , terary Avomaii, is 01 lal •r
itvitt . d, and wlnli first. , dise,Jy.. uni:er sonar' dis:tdvanta . Lft s. eci-n
-wl.. iu the 111 , 1,er port .t.l the 1 , :%' the with $11,l1,114)
is atu
distinction, iv bc no
promptly and th_!..j,iti- ns us iOn 7 t Creue alUi
11:u1 stre . anv. 421 t 1111..
iFlit a it; does not 0 , 11:C :within a 'scu
-1 the !_;:ri,111181 rt;atly . for rutty. r;tlq2o the Nr.rlii by Ler
•;1 stc . i,invr was t.zkrn to the I , vatity. s.l , le , ulor of
n . :ifly fur action. hut its nu•nts, lutts;iine her ineighbols in
Ire fly! • regnired.- ;:rcat ment:tl qualities or - ino•ii—•l nal at
:,iinJnl:on which lie Ivis 1 liituunts,,4-lu2 . iunst ' lle, (is o,oit to sonic
tliph,m.tey in 01'.1k•I' to secure
'.'rr., .-.1
.Maple .•tree
tif otiro i.
fa: l
r•rcd titr iirt
tlit• alma
I iver. :7,.1,1
%It t• V t
: N . • 1• •
_ , .
. her oink
• I ll . s ll '•' after a few experiences. has
;w • F.F.DiNtts. —Continued:— : -- ' • ,": •
t, t et , , , J ed fiat aspersing and undermining
Yeovil . :list. .. _
i the - id:arm-1e rs r 111,42 w hos, : . v . 0, 1 1,, or
,W I'al l i
:tin, .
_:.,.. t . P‘,..e ,
.. ~ ~...: „,,, ~.,•r i ,„. i n t,,H,,-,• 11 %,. 1 . • 11 ,1,•r c ei
' • ''.'i Psi i sr. lin this l "' ill '•'' "i — I l t ' l ,'• • .
them mie..e. attraen;ve tll3ll lier , eit„ was ji
a .... is! ~ t aside. • .-
%Tr.' ma — rain W3:1 1 K gaining savor. and .
II qt. , ... .; • !..: .1 I.eW is and ..k. B • • ~-
it taken to tin: surer and more emtstructive
'l'll'''. cane Ill ' il : v A ri. thod itl",ir ming . people within the dr
-1 1i..., it,- subnigafed to tile. ; e , 4
a . it, , ;. -r moudive, by oVei'WliC1111111;!:
• plait:Ulf.
c e.
theill witli profuse and flattering - proles
ho; vs II It Phelps et I. - ,,i,,,,s t 1 Busier personal. regard.. A well
sustained - lot - oil of such a 1131'11re is s.vllle
'l'll I ' s "lark ' "Niall ' ll ' a "urt • .1,...hat pdiflexing. and exceedingly fatigue
-1;111.-ze it:......l.niatron. ' -
Henry`,, , , lug - at tinfes, hit it brings in a rend s , 7cial
Vs lic
. ii ' itin. Coact alt - harvi,,:t. -Indeed, pits. I fi i s b ec „ iii , i g at e
Overton. 1.--:!, all auditor to a : l.i ' ir . *- 1 her ; district, and ' is usually so
in" fix
w!ll a t lt r el l l ' iled by-,l• district,
she has taught
dinit's real estate.
to invest,theintielve; with peenli l ar and ir
lovs itiiinor 'Corldn. (to moo - , , , -
resi.itahat-ciclianns. as I.V 'iNe all (lii:•Ciwer
lies 4.: t :arnoehan, Court make .- • ''- • ; , ' , • ,
tile unprO;sion tnat she moves only wino
tier and deeree of divorce.
an' escort:' if an occasivnal Suspicion is
Ilitt_ 5 - ,:ql .11,1 May. - 'Verdict -.:, .. .
se t afloat t 1 Lai an -unpleasant nit l ctleet
I nitma on Tuesday to March tilt satw of riz s triOto.
on the atimrsphe;'e in her vicinity, Mrs.
~ kninvs '1 •
D. K: 1 101VjO seta tram going that
1 . • w iii dispi - fl it, ail invariably - comes out of
. the temporary shadow with an empluods
.---irin. BypoicrEtt:—,A few days of victors!,
.slightly more aceented than
since. in ciot i allaily IA it li our social. hospit- that whifli . mounts from the great., toil
able liiend.l \V .% nl: P.EANDSLY, 1 . ..5q., we ileith4ofillriStial! effort.'-
t 00:1:: a'ilt2liglit iOl ,!• it ighritle thromd.t Wells It is alr'unquestionable fact, that )Ira.
township. We have often heard the ex- Bnisinuin.s is popular. and MALVINA
111.,',..1 , 11, "I 1. in Wells," but never fuily JANE and:myself,- who conic in for a lilY
realized it, r: noting until we W:.'le told er.ll .sliar. of fav,fr, would never think of
that it inclT,d, a the hicliest 1 ,41 111 a land di mtirrin - g, were l it not that friends ad.
.iii' PennS,v ivmiht—and judging 4i in the quit•cd„-ind retained by .3irs. ll.'s favor
size of the snoW 1i;111k... , al , ng the'll - v - 3.y. v;! ite Oto4•4';siS, take up a great 'deal of house
Al.,tild ;laid; that it Was vets niar the room, an...11 .. .Lye an eve : rwet icing fondness
c - 1.;:on =of 1 1 erp-tu 11 •snow.'• In; Wells for tate ' ,l,lvorite cast eitair. %Via. have
t .Vl nshiptzt e found sorne of the mos`t finely come bylilegrees to discover-that they are
eilltivated finals in ti.ti -• . conntrY,' the own- (-mist ilitti:mallY deft etiVe. and further
ers man2;4 of -ahem men of large means. wore. ‘liiit Men and women moving to the
ihandsomeChinches atid school houses are call of s....inie honorably pre , uerupying.hfe
fr,apient—the :Moist, E:, being well sup- v; -rk, Liv - e little time or inclination to
1 "Ili din eie:y instants'. At ~..Aspinw- a ll, stop along the way for the dial or of corn
;s a very tal.t. liall,•built ;IOW; two years piiment,:;or the slow distilling,s of subtily
sl:111. by .thi , I:thl Fellows of this place, iniminiso7red flatteries. If . one is chat i
ami in whioli ;lie Lodge meets every Sat- tably di:s.Poscd, however, and has a turn
;'day even;:,g.. The Gl:lnge also occu- . for nursing morbid intellects, the incon
)ll,:l,lbiS 1,. It on Tuesday evenings. The, 'entente might be ignored, but for the
4 . trang,rs lii•
~ .L. iecentiy built a store ad- -- . simple circumstance that these people who
.;:le;,nt to i a- ball fur their own. special are hungry for flattery.are inordinate feed
o-.e. The , 'der is said, to be. prospering CI :',. They come along when the dinner is
nicely in tins part. Tontts . r.. /.silent 10 - egetahlca, and one must coax
0,1 - Itt I
tiautm•r. 1:
Rule di2.oia
dir‘:vt Slteri
p.)int FrA . .
di,t:iimtc t!
of the deft
I 011..1 Da..
mord of
(' , 't :u i
WI Li ,
• Sturm Clth.K.—Nortberri Tier Lodge,
N0..03a, O. F.; will bo instituted at
this place.on4he 21st inst., in Fitts' llall.
—The Baptiiit Congregation . at Gillette .
are about tOicommence the arection of a a
large and geautiful church edifice, on
ground whiCli they have recently pur
chased for that purpose. The pastor,
Rev, air. STO.NE,' is making-an earnest ef
fOrt to push forward the work.
PETER WO.TENDTE F., is doing a really
first-dais bdsiness at his Combined - drug
and dry goods store;.in addition to being
a staunch ligipubliCan; be is a tip-top nian
in every respect, and amply merits the
handsome patronage which he draws.
Our whilorn friend; W. 11. 3160riF., has
sold out and taken a situation in the office
of the Northern Central IL IL Co., at El
G. 0. Tut*, merchant and postma4er,.
has ma& an - exeellant business reputa
tion since hq:has been established among
us; the Good Temphirs are a tiOurirhing
order here, filimbering some 40 members,
and meet in their hall on every Friday
evening. [ Many habitual drunkards hard
Leeii reforn*d through this. LOdge, and
the fearful custom of drinking, Which has
in years liaski given this locality an unen
viable noteriUty, is fast giving away before
it clevatingi,intluence. '
Our esteeined friend, N. E. liiousLAND,
P. 31.. (whiiji is :postmaster), is cluing a ,
good business in his store at State Line.
sear Bindford
61arch number
Ml by W. L.
oldest physi
his resideke
'WHAT II rsi Gon W11.0“31IT r—CON
TIN cEl).—Tril!,W two mothers ,in Israel
fell on their 4•llees,, and by the exercise of
strong faith iii the promises of God, with
due penitence -013 the part of the seekers,
twelve were 'eonverted beore , sunrise the
next morning. At two o'clock on that
morning they met again, but for a very
different pruliose than that of the evening
benne. The:house was not large enough
to contain those who came. During' the
day Live more were converted to God.
Now came lifd..Jayne to gather, the fruit.;
into the Ila:p(ist Cluirch ; but the young
converts hatrtaken a great dislike to him,
hence lie meOvith littfe success, and he
soon left - forther fields of labor. Now
allow us to digress a little to introduce
to C.:is group- another prominent claw:lc
ier. In An.ri 15, 1769, in the state of
Conn., of wtiithy parentage, a !1111(1 was
born. :1 son. i,'ho at the time - oft-, the V, -
ming massacre was found aitiong that un
fortunate settlemnent, bedng, then° about
nine years old; who with 11w Women and
other cliihlii of the settlement, fled
down the ris=er to Wilkesllarre.t hi May 4
1704. this s.nne boy, then. a Man-Town,
received lie(use to exhort and prenelt.
from Valentie Conk, who was then Elder
rim the Tiog4 , eireult. On May' 5,
this same :Min receives license to preach
from the haMls of Thomas Ware, i'.
a name known among' early Metho
- at hisijather*:; housf:. situated .on
what is hnoitn as the Pend solidi of Tow
anda. Ordained deacon, by Bishop
Whateo:it, )liitivn, Cayuga, N. V.,
Sept. 19, 15i1,"2. Ortiained Elde - r. ;by , 11;shop
411.ansin;_; . , N. V. Aug. 21.
He known in this country as
Father died in Ll. This man
was sent foiri; :vim came to Sugar Creek,
aficl bron , dlCwith-119n Jobrlrisli. Father
Colc7preaeh'o- from Luke 19-19, "This
flit'y , is salvationi,:come to thiS house.—
This was tint first. Methodist serintin .
pre:4 , 11(11 in:: this 'vicinity. A !chess
Dow fino.(V. - of Cil.zliteen menthers, awl
cc as aproint6l haler.
who 1.:ot l.(1 this hut preached
the (.;•l4Mttly tears in reiltral Nets -
Vot-k, and died some sixteen recurs
ne , t Sat ato.4a. (!ne of his S ttl is now a
tricnii , et• Trt , y (*(inferanee another
MeTie . an •of Utah notirity. This
tir,t ! .I: , sspiLsp. , ...;: ir cr e ek w a s k.
of 'Andrew 'Nft•Kean, MeN l .ea.n..l:4ol
74,1cean..1 ( , 1 11 (lphins-
Joseph John 11allar(),
11;111.1rd, rlt4:4 - 1 Swain. Annie Swain and
50i" . .0 of the convvrts this first
.joitied the liapti2tt, fell out
L}' the •ev;:v:;
P:: Tiorzt way'leonneeted
the .Vllfany
Milaelz. - -.lml.lao.l)Grut,er were affp..;) ,
the Evangelist:, trio, were . empl l oved ttLol
the : -. 4.1t1.4-;1: - ..811:1
Creek ifttity eotinf
anti olie the first
itin" , ra; wjlo s.e.wil.-(1 the Cospel trum-
Ow! Lt 11;ive b.. 2111 itlf,,jlll, (I that
i.riaravic(i picot ing on
far (.'n. (.4... I to
this.' 111 IV. Colber ! t -up P. and .1. 11enor and S. litohl
as prcaelauis; on toga Colbert
-eriLes thek(itlships iit:
this have 1 g,,,t in the fit (n- - ,
tiers of Wyitruing once ino7c. tat' way
. to !;;11:(1(1 I no* •
He Lail thein fully up to his t !Nioect,ttions,
in his moinii.uin Lis il!•ng stor- !
jourticys. his small con;zre
grti, I,‘" tho
erying of eittlt(ren 'that Le ( otil(1 !
hear his ir.icp . voice, •• 1 !rave; had. - - lie i
sai.- filet:-
t:t t' to wlfc:.• it few lia(1 gatltcr-
fiA• plea(ihin ( •,!lit v.asetll<ct t ii be I.a
•t It a wltiint:t in the! nei,.4lll((!i
-11;!-(1 whot , ;.;as 111, , refiiri•
hit : '•;rayetli tar exhiutcti, but
to ri , .11 1 t(!n 0 . (-1((ek!:(i - ni,011 in
1.:!...(1( t i staving in the III;11 aniont.;
, Lihiren. caul - v. 110-s.. • ali(1 no 410111,1 an
who; of I tit another (iec.ision he
. •
::cs : wind was 1,1.!.w15t the
IL,: thttild,r wal it
ttl'iS rain so 'down that I
I A:oriel not . .F.:_•e the t 1- that t:iilin an.tuld nn:. I w;:s v. - et
wii ,. ..•;11 I reavh , ...l
I,,and ii,kinj a dry cover to
stand. and Such NN't•ve soate of
the thi•se 01(1 vi.teratts
en:tared. - .:301;ong thoze who s..ztudt.d the
on 114 Es
'butt Thiri.h.llmit.riict
Drijpo r .•Tiwinas. 1:11jot, (;rune
Tiesmas. 14,;ing aril f.lo,eph I.: in-
CEIT , ...r Tio., - ,lr•ir!,nlit in ISM,
tl.O fir-t year 4' , 11:till• csi duce of tIIG
eiqiferettre. - year Nve
N\ i:1 1 , 111 , C iiti 1 anti S two y - ome.t . men r.. 1
air i , ;..tre.el :• Cleck, .TalneN
them to swallow - the scant bits he is in
wardly ravening for himself, or they wilt
bear their sensitive! souls henee,
a series of su ff ering that knows no reine
dy but a prolix rehearsal.
Mrs. B.'s chimney corner is a cosy one,
and her windows are bright and warm,
with a sweet, honie radiance, but they
are apt to be crowded when one wants
them most.
If 1 were a moralist, I might pursue the
subject in another direction, and question
Mrs. B.'S method of attaining-popularity,
in some of its. more immediate effects on
personal character.
There is her yOung friend,. BETSE . Y
BRINDLE; for instance, who never, in her
most desperate need, aspired to beauty,
until Mrs. IL (who, I am forced to eon
fesF:,,_ was in quest of BETSEY'S special co.
operation), ferreted out a stray dimple in
her left cheek, thati was so near to pretti
ness, that 'Betsey kcame a marvel to her
self, and somewhat' trying to her friends.
I suggeSted . to Mrs.Jl that it Would have
been better fur the girl to have leftthedim
plcundiscovered in its covert of frockles but
she gave me to understand that she was
willing to assume the responsibility of her
own coarse of action. . ,
John Anderson, who was nobody's Joe.
was irredeemably tl)ecause
there was not a glimmering of inward
beauty to'illumine his ugly;features; but
with fatal ingenuity he sifted int&his
derstamlim , the fact, that he hail un im
pressive and dignified bearing., .Tol;n An
derson accepted the position with loyal
gratitude and with swift
his informer, and went to work contimring
lifinself in his overbearing bluntness of
manner in such wise that ltis small chalice
of earthly friendships grew intihitelybess.
Mrs. Beebe, the rich tattler, was in due
time made aware of it musical viler; which
became forthwith , iMrs. Briskheel's most
fruitful agency. She fell to wori.t with
such new and invigorated zeal at her old
and somewhat flagging pursuit,. that I be
,q •tit feel serious alarm at the success of
My wife - s toogininnie of social tacties„
Master Hazard, the near-sightml snob.
was next made conscious of a classical
contour, and got into such a way of atti
tudinisiter and adjusting of drapery,
that his ft iends feared he was intending
tr.4;edy. •
Miss Kitty. who ;gorged hei•upper teeth
with impunity. was whisosered softly that
Byron adMired a short upper lip; and fat
Libby Lee; whose down-growing hair had
untlergonc a life-bMg upward . ;3:train for
mire breadth of foreheml,;;learned at, a
most opportune.moMenf 'That the moody
poet had expressed .Maisel'!' in favor of low
brows; and tbencif.rth the teeth grinned
ruthlessly, and the frowsly hair drui - ped
umfstrainedly, after the true ifyronie
taste., „ ;
A bad r ligy on tae; street,' , who has taken
to studying female character, says if he
had been burn cross-eyed, and she Lad
felt the need of any of his ,special virtues,
she woOld have fallen .in love with fitra
tUsmus. lie intimates farther, that a 'A-O—
man who is so notable tin. loving every- ;
body will have a r..Milirkably ]large tuner--:
al. made up of peOple so fixed in their . '
disagreeble pec4ilialities in consequence
of her pro ising the ii, that - no amount of
Lowest' truth tellbu'r can redeem a soul of
them. - 7 •
many art tel.'s which our friend G.o.
IVehh. ::1 .‘11 , 3. i ts., k.:,•ps in his stork. may he
NOt•rIS fr:M: that justly celebrated firm.
Briggs & 111.. andlit..ellesnr. N.
soy.l Itims.• in I world. It will stir•
ihtko litany ot , Our ~ readers to learn that over 9.5.f100
I taerrliati , s In the t7nited States handle seeds front
' & 4ltrse hoxes„ ratalogors. 13111?!:1
ate o'..z.trern..!y attr.totive In high 4.0
t aud a , 'flul , ll. Ono or the nowest
I‘lfzus (min the har4:l. of tiPir artists Is what is call
' •" 1 & itrolrwr•,:tlrrat Tomato Hart , of
Up :Mt! rspres,•,:ts a rare ro't'e nRh per
t r-pre , otttw. !il , of Ih • dilrer , tit tl:r1-ties or to
inVos str!% in. , for the honors of I , :ol.rshlp. Th.?
happy at::1 ph.......isant, besides
rolivelpg 1,; f. , triu-r or hot tienktiTtst rote:Mt-1 ,
,^.1:1••iu fa, :nation upon tits m-alts of the different
\Ve -ee Dm! th-y pare a 5 . 01.•:r U.:1 , 111'1g
I!." (Irort, :go. I:ongort:ir Ittot
Eceel•lor, th-y rate coltrl%strietiss lu
the font:wing order of inert?: Tr ,; P 11 3..
lint:lard Curled Leaf, tirtryser's
Dwarf itrang..
UearS Ear, Early Pro'ille. Sluittts's
I I Talrr, 3:1,1 In the rear, n jib mina ,thrown to the
sot a t.4"0p0 at Ids eve miser n - here the
rrst arr, 5h.;01 , ;-: on th- 1.3 q: • Th.. whol.•
so-lie Is Istil In Ito rl: hest humor, int( no one ran
CB" Nov,ciye.l at llENnt.r.n.k:s'S go .. lit ~, . .r atm at w t mes an e x a mi n ati o n
I , real.h,g tint Into ::11-::rty laugh.
Yoll ~e t) latt'St. gyleti,(l . , an :t..ar4:, our rra:t.r, who d •sire to order
& Bro , . ireds, that' th-y yin secure them
ISluti.u.ery. very o:rap: at Wilt 'mum & upon Jostre. adtanta".ons • (:. it wehh,
and of ju-t a , g 'rrlatlt ' s. as If mdered .dirrrt.
Engraving llnn.. lIL:st:ELMAN'S JewolrY . & munher and ordor or
I ' 40,1. 11. N5•E1:15,
Can the bad liny be right? Are there
smils to whom t 1 Great Father bas en
trusted a mission. who wilt-fail in ilm ac
complishment* thrintgb • the enfeebling
prnor.:.s of subtly administered 'flattery?
C. .I.; 13.
We. haNT .inst received large in
01" •:tit toria,h
tow, pat rolls. noatly v •ttt.L•r: prtv
WHITCOMB ;A: SIIAUT sell the best
Blttitt; Books I.ltunitart tired In the counter.
',LEM j,; jarn ag: eat reductlr.:l In Si!-
[ Prmrl ths, flneheAtcr, Times, Get. SI, 1R7 5 .3
, :..2; - Briggs ,l: Brothers, who can boast
Of , on,lielti.g tho largeat p,...1 Itn,iti , ,s In the
lits,wn world. arc arranging to compile a work in
w hi.ll
thy IA ill give lo sthe• 11,ri, ntinral and liorti-
Von nrai 1. I‘l le th. benefit of their 'thirty year, of
I, expoririLice in tho lenittire of veget iiie anti flower
I , ' - ; - vi, , m., , rkii , k I:1 1., ,nbstaffit Ily bound. anti
r -, rltA iarg.ol Fthi.• . l::_ or games t'inti • toys, ; "' ds,
•; ' • it.: zeveral hut/dr.:ll pages wig Inc Iliumtrateil with
:. , t cr,t„ at. IV II t - r, 'o711; .5.:S it ...rni. .;
.:: ~ nono-r,o, t•ols, ehromatie fe:‘tes :lint stireinet rfl.
-4410, I
. - 4----; -
r re. l'o.n. tvith re.z . 0 , 1 to the rare :mil cult ore of ev.•
1 1-r:.; ring. k now!! 1n- fl”ta I :lad vortlable kingtlntn
:"....';- Litlit.“4, 11:1 .1'1'vi , 11 SCell Ole Silver- 'Ve know of no non I. , ter cloaltfleti to treat on the
amp: ,I is „i v ,,, :hnt ?f;1.,,•K 1, s e n;,,g sr , n,,, ? ij at- o.e soliject firm Itri_gg, A firothl;r. whoM, seeds
i aro <,.. , ..1 in ahno4 ei - ery city. town, ; Msgr. nr ham
-1, -41. 4- . ;in in :hr rilti. - ./ 'tray... 1110' :ITV ' , llllrtiral glliVr
. ...
' All . the httest put , licatitiits, very
ch :11'., ....q. AV litT(4)1111 & ''.ll A L'T••:. -.1!
Yo_ 0. A. BLAcs: ..'..,:ali•gr. at things for LI". ! er. of , ev,l , , atal the .or!lba.tolug work will etual•
(1,!:a jil , l r.:er isva lit i - ..,1 froal . ' 7 l'ralivo.
, %at.. fort.olulit t .otrylo a. Air.dsourAis. What s.;t.ri
• ! Or-en I, to 11411. Barry or Portly to fruits. Brigs i.:
. ---,--.. --
_, t 11rothor are to sveds. A Nery largA edition will , bo
4.13.- Th " '''
'''' r Pl 'i z i . r 71.44".. or 11 ` .7 z' r. '' !' Lre. , r0,11 , ),-,1 .•.1,;, , h. it I, writ untkrat , oel, will I,ieu
that i:I.A‘ I. •"'i:: g1%,+1..1:!%2,:1 1 .::1.:r.“.•;!. , :i.., . ii,.• to-b— w-r volume, But vlrtsvrs i f 111.1 work out.:
'.........._. . I 4.! lit Wi ii eithi he Charged ( 11.0'; 101 h e the ellSttitilt.
1 trigg.l . St Bro.. will rovelve alas a, prvinlion
' :2r - EVCrytilill' A r, itl ' the= line of station- ion Ito• pur,•11:1‘o of seed.=. -The tuboniboll w"rk ti In
err ..t Wu 1TC...518 St Till A CT'S. , gct In cs about .May 1te3.:., Ulla the artists 3rt. Llow
I , t - I.L7 . lgett 11 , 1'41 the ellgraYtbg'. It 111 lo• separate
A b•I apart ivoin Ito , January ('alai gut., which Will
Foa RENT',—llotel "Properly ai.. I, !•-::•d in 1)..v..t0b-r. cry from .ay otbelr of the.
kwo'r:v.tilou.3 or they w.. 12 ',rowan boo v. (very lorer
of IF , :1,1:Ituro or nvrtlevlt or, :•Ita l ll4 put 11110..t1f.,
1 :• l'-• (.• MYI :1 " or lie;•, , :f It, tic way ‘•fobtainlng it. •
...: ;
DI i4gH t ltro.'s stoat: are for ia!v 1.y1;i:eV.::11.
II cbl',, AII,§ S a, ra. 1 Nan'l;witil.
rirM.tho r=
far„ hes.,
st , rk !, and g”ld nit.l
hes cl er I.ranlit
j);)11 . : at II rA Vr.EM N . ., it ywi
nl-!, in thv ,
:1•11 1 `A"
if f:NnKfm.i. 11 :is the finest stock
of Wateli,, ...... !silvor.i:lr... ever brought
tpwa. .tit.. - •
4i, - 1` you lVani I::.• a good at ti ge
the V ort It or uur money, rd.• place to go 1* M. IT EN
Dwrliil r t7 houses -to rent cheap.
C1.1.7;:5t.v. ovE:troz: CL
C:ir Cold, strid Eye
great; var y, 111:N1 , 1:L11.1N A Jen d:
7;" l'assengers!to tlitt,West will find it
1.1 t::-l. - ad% alitaiz,..l,, ,'11:1•• - • tirketi at the Ta Perot. 1 ,1:1tes!1 ~ tucett ;1.74 imitt Sept. to
:tuft I , pest assortment 9f
rtra.A.;••t.t pr-t. I..r"oglA to tisk pnacw., ran now be
G. S. rIrI:AN,CT
S' ti ;it 11:i T .; 4
Buy yOur Outhing , of IT. TAYT.OIt,
v , .v , •;A:1
11% prir - .
(;1} to 11. T.V11.i)11 . :4 for fine ITats,
Snlr: , , and 'Sec Mane. Entrance on : troet
r 4-low .bnak and from s,uth side of
Pri; , :-- 4 %nice. •
Tie 1% iil la plcased to learn
ow I. K. , , 4 1 "
i:4,v o'reit Irtz ge a: tractive
or n.p.11,,, , „) 3114 the
attcl6lloll (.5
„,.'The - I"lk,rilix Insurance ('o. n o w
I•ghtning nr Hrr, This 1,1 ow. of th.•
— ;7 — •
r ido.tic!re it the ,:141 Ward.
carp.nitt•r!i.:El-, Nninetning
e;•(• ItlllSt le. done, and GE 4)., L. ha% pur
cLuK-d. ilzinr , a in the 7,1 Ward
Cruely. 11. 1134 hi .! troprurcuirn tt
g s'es tie slot, a nvai typt
The Silrhig Term of the Mate Ndr-i
ma! Tioga count_, x,;;11:
Mon , !ay. '27„ ex p uses are niod , ;r .
ate a :el tl i areomtaodadoas e , a-ell,ot. Slate i as:
pr, In parr, pay Xpt`ll!“`F. For eatalovn
or a4toi.olott a'l l 4y 'to Prof. Cu As. 11. VEI:01 LI..
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in
,h.• I.4”‘t <Mee at Towand a , Bradford Cr '
for the week ending March s: 1 i
Evan ~ 117.zle
Iblsain. Mary . • PoWers, Mrs
,S V 1
)dean. Ellen •• . Taylor, James P 1 -
li , lfrati. Canter:no . Verguson, Mary E
E lug. Emma White, Burns A 3l
.Morpict, terry \t le S It
l'er, , i calling, for the atorlye letters, will please
ay advertised, giving date of list
...! 'B.W. if..VOP.D. P. M.
T~on SA LE.—A valuable farm : tin
_ Athens tap., laying 2h.: Miles *from Athens'
Rom and a mile% (rota Wata•rly. Chntallint 154
:,,,-. 61' which lii are in grass And grain. A dairy
or :15 cows has been kept on ii, and there Is base
ment stabling, for that number.' it has a gentle in
clination to the with. and Is lwarm, strung land.
It will-be sold low and possession given imtnedi
atety. Adtiresa 1 1.
' • • E. D. DREW, Elmira, N.Cr.
j ' I). F. PARK, Albeit., Pa.l,
4. PREW, au the farm.
noviG 74tf-1
! , 1 -
VOR RENT.—:Chi lotiseTan Slain
u Street ln the First War : laMly occupied by
i'. P. Splitting.. Aho the inn'. on West II
street, lately oerlipleu I y :,.: W. Northrop.
voice of E. T. Foi:. ;M. 27.
1 011 N F. SANDERS'ON, 'l'
• 1
or F IllE,—.lleang Building (aver PowelEsSiorei.
. . .
M - PoWEJA. i.c: - CO. have the exilusiv i p I n,,A , ..wn ; :TowaNna, 6 1 .
sale of the Justly vt.lebrated and popular Jatnea. i kmEs wool )
. , • 1 ;
town M.Olairs. Alpacas, and Peptins. which are t ATTitItNEY-NT.I,AW. • I
warranted to keep their, color, and wilt. not shrink inche-76 , 1 TowAXOA. P.F.
or erinkle. They ItaveOttst received direct from D. 5311T.11 DE.);Tisr,
tie mil:li a complete assortment of these excellent i ,
, lie •,;• . . Towada. Pa. • b
t:1*,11 ~- Itlwhlrh they call the „particular attention i tiflice on Park streci. mirth side Public Square,
et up;ir timlonters; - Powst.t. & CO. lieit to Elwell Heine. I (mell*.7B
".„ - Fr, • pir..p,cE &SCOTT, at their coal fard.,,
keep fresh gruund i;:ayuga I.y the c.a'• load
or ton. It 14 trout lite Et:loll:lied Thompson beds:
New y,,rk state 4:l2.;eg::,t+ say it Is the strongest
plaster in Or. State. :meh9-tf.
:1 7 ir FOIL stop, double reed,
Organ, With Sub-lase and oc.
tare coopicr. The '.1.1.7,1nal cos.t of this organ wgg
t 2.15, but I will slit fl for,tlCs. •It - was ttscll a - shcrt
colieg... one of Ihe heft :1 ,Chrotrld of :1)2
kind to tlm cotitryj, Prcpart.,staloits for colleges.
teaching or p tinting :And tur.lern
languages lasgllC ,'lry comp en t• t each,?rs. The
Cosuintrcial Coijeg • 1° not ,chaq:
of the kitel. Next 'tet hpeit% .%prit Sond for
catalogue to I).. King ...out
Co.. Pa,
e= t=l
AVd:H^, I gro,l g.cDis at th' lowest,
. 115 Wyoming, ANTOiI,!.
Horsz Awn LOT FOR SALE.--Etitillr
red la ,Third .Tri4lTtsrantla- Botrongise - ' 11 99 8 p.
newly furnished with all modern Itoptornihnif.
Ranr. licynold's celebrated Beater, Bath Reims.
Farce and large Cistern. Alto ate:meanie*
horse barn. One of the most,destratde and beau+
Tel locations in the Borough. 'Will be sold at a bar
gain, and on easy tern's. Amity to O. 1).
once over NeCATII6 #EDWAnDS'. cfeb=tt.
• i
- POWELL SG Co.—We have just re
celvecl our largo Spring stock of Wall Paper. !low
ready for exhlblrlok, In 'addition to our usugil
stock of plain trup, orbite and brown-blaeki, "ea
basis added a handsr'Une.assortment of lino Ilronr...
Sllrer, Gold and DTeorafed Papers.
Please call and examine (mistook. .
Pound, & Co.
March. 1,18764 f.
. 1 . .
1 NEW Boos.—pr. 'Chase'. Family l'hy
-1 Diann, Fltrrkr, Itrebepor and &court- Reeelyit
Book: Chase puEdishing Co., Toredo, Ohio.
Whne our readrrs may hue teen the ndvertlsi.
Imeat of the aborts work In other journals.; they
could certainly gather little Information, 'from, the
, advertisements fori agents, of, tho great practical
I Talon of Dr. CHASE'S iani* - rhyslciaa. WeAe-
Islm In Oda short:article to Six - yak of Its varlocts
points of Interest, and will leare the public, as they
Lt:ltani I,ernse Its pages, to verify our words. Dr.
r.CII A SE . e fornalr htiok, which so many of our pet,.
~ pm have nail prise IFO highly, contained only' re
r elpes, while Oils neir book (VAIC3 as large) gives
I the Catru ' !9, symptdtits and Trvatsmiutt of all the
1 haling rile aces of iboth man and :liCast., with one
ll thousand praMeal household, farm: and merhanle
-1 al recipes, wtowe.value cannot ik.toti"lpl.:hly estima
ted. Ite Illustratiotis on. anatomy and, physiology
surpass any other ,work we have ever seen of the
kind, end the treaties on bee iteeptbg and bee cut
! ture is one of the points of great value we . wish par
ticuhrls to notice. Mc.:. Trrrnn's poi) , essay on
i bee keeping Is atom: , worth five times the Varna of
the honk. At a cook -book I,t must be of great value
In thoartsbr baking pies. padding's, cakes, bread*
1 .kr. .tt Is •Iti fact the psoplc's own book, and we
rut that the ropil of:thliconnty will avail them
selvex of the opporltnAtty of buying. We under
,stand74lr. 11. Iffrn 11:1 4 , Iwilred the at:fnCy and
i li ion' t7:l:ava.“lng the county. It 6,nittini Gib pa
:. gi' , . la neatly lontul lit cloth and retails fur only tl2-
Ibibll,lsett only try (11:1....1 . nblIsiiing Co., of Toledo.
Dille, and is 111, only tc.w book Dr. t'itif;4r. has In III)
Feb. 22,
i.v Win.. ito!,rt .1. :41ranoy. nr
I:lo,2bury. and .51artha Dong:a,, or Roundout.
. Y.
Nom N",t)N-110.+0;_ , A . ..;_ 1..% 0.-11, ) Feb.
'23. I.y bc'fii . p..tropq. \yin. M.1)1;15014 of
New Allntny. ar..rAlth,a 111.,ag,1aud..4
C0.M.11.-11:611—T41111).—At t i 1. E. Parsonage
10, 1"74, .v. 11,.1-
1 , r.w0.:. Mr. Wa!thel• M. t....llmugli :tn.' M E,3
(). Ilra I ford County, r
sytvtnta, 1:. S.
PUSH lf.—ln ttarreil, 1r.3, DiatiliaM
• agod 5 , ; years.
!V' A TomkTo ItArr.—Aniona the
A ('.‘ll:l).—lfaving fi
F.aLr \LK Is:. ht. !dock nod fivt
1.11.AV1!.16 the Frl/14--(;revery.
"Ni••• , :e;
It (tilt of th• - • very le•: ,
1 mai kid a 11,14 1 ,.,
for te:oly pa If avlnz had con.'
en,•r , in the Grocery I rude, and as
my hlnAe time and coy ter' hekt ei
'a •trlytly ca , ll ronm•qat i
nn en,:vinen,
tlr.t I.y ,Hl,n, I mhall I), al
01,1• , ,t rt.. - pa;: uvmrc f
o.:;h 1111•. Tll- , ti , rr will li.•r!.xtterl
te:1!..11111.1 Tea .:I,.rt•. 4.1,"41s
111 , ta•li v. 111 In
ELL s: Backers and
t.outt, Tli
S. c
. ^
•• •r.. } , J. and .1
)et f.;
•• 10-10. c•onlh'n.
Pay Itfr
I:rg. 11.11
?• Ex. lilv
rtlited I:. IR. of 'N..I
4)il , -
Nortlwri. (•vioral
Cent:Al T 1 ati-irvrtati.,ll. ......
. 31ortg,:g” W.:
k . 1 .1 0 \V A N 1) A M
11"1101.1.>.% I. E Pl, l
'.1yrr0,•;,.4 every iVrtlnetollay,
14, clianG.,
1:o.. 7 0 •
do ( lairy.) II ...
; 41.11, ';e 1.41.414
1. - .l)ltr. I•artvl
; Lir:ill'slilt N.—Al'heat
!Ls. Ilats ra , .;
11.•a-.s 7.0 tt
1b..: Ti!gy.l by St•ed 41 lbs.: 131'1.!
1011 , 4 Appl , ti22 Flax
0) 76
ilseti.)u I
iorchased" of
tire. In 111•:` store
ii;t111 street op
-4 c.wit a. p 4”;
it gr.•..rie‘ that
yontt very cheap
Woe.thli ,
ilitt•art to :tow
'thttive , rF to meet
M4)1104e 1 . 6 et(l
i itly • 'hat, Ingi no
p;ty. I fv-el
rr (fl
-1,6!, to n131:0 tt, nit
111.. known . nclio.
-11rol:o:s, No. 24
Feb. _7. 1676.
i do
11;•0 1
WO ; 119L 2
12Pi 121 , ,
123 h 123.,
126 , 4 127 , ,,
11S 7 8
111 0 ,
114 , , 11.1%
1070, 1(1
1 . ;
6•", 63
.. .....
1435! 141
14 , 4 14.4
3'o, 40
4. 0 2 ; •I ,l i
s-v i • 51.4
1050 1 L lo6
Bi K E T S.
61 'so fso
1 On ca'
'2:44 30
'2s @34
1 75
..R 00 (di 0 00
('orn 50 IDs:
j , 16 IluclucTlivat
!if trashes 1111b1.4.
1 5Q rj.
I.7ew Advertisements: 11
dew A"iafi~i:~ - ` :~
lir i:
'I 111
Towanda. Pa. Starch S.
People coi l
But those who a
Neuf Did fault wl
Ma. JA,
'calling attention tertaLs
Now takes pleasure In
stock will be sulncient to
tier greater inducements
[march. 8.16
/Ins pe t nu of his
satisfy all that be can
than ever.
I .
or ANy
• i
... i
Office on Par
gist., (near theConst Itoino
o ratvev 'a '13014Z
yr• • • •
AlesPectfollyaasoapce tosu those Wind
AO that our pricekare tits LOWEST, sad ear
to 4
„..... 1
6 7'11
, -
of Olr 1n tho MARKET. 'Our prices hays now
11 ►stne Je st raturne l tr om the eity, Wd hive •
ilplaln of
wise enough to
selling the WEED Sewing 'ranching in
connection with your other (roods.
' STORE-.,
Now is the .time to engage in the
se*ing machine business.
the puntlty of fhb-
befit to sell as well as the best to use
Wsells readily BECAUSE - it is the best
to use. It gives no trouble after
sold, because' it,_is . simple and thus.-
We and never gets out of order and
thirefore gives the purchaser no
Our assortment Is
And' wilt al, the
1 f
Erorgthing In the line of
llSc. 9, 1875
Iliscallaacons Advertisements.
Ton can double your income by
'the VIzED sewing machine is the
Sawing dealers or any per-
EMUS wishing to increase their in-
c4me should at once apply for the.
agency '
'A ot the Weed sewing machine
,is the time, and hundreds of
linsiness men throughouAthe coun-
try are improving it.
Remember that we manufieture
Machines adapted to every grade of
work, and that our machines have
Write and get our terms. Address,
- Of Hartford Conn
Fl ranch OVlce, ELMIRA, N. Y.
reb3-76. tr. •
at •
j . ; •
The Universal satisfaction given by the
. •
tin quality and quantity of butter made, and by re
moving the excessive drudgery of the dairy room,
prompts as to again luvl3e the earnest
of the •
To the Most •
• -
4 47 •-
of the kind now before the public. --
In didrys of IS to 20 'cows, the inconvenience of
)furnishing an extra dairy-maid is avoided. We
' „;', A gusernittle to give .
Or:remove,the "Pans" after 30 days' trial.
t)ar references erase= of the Lire Dairymen of
Bradford and Susquehanna Counties, who have
used the prior. „
lan27m3. Warrenham, Pa.
e-7,7= - ' '''' - ' '
C. 7 TOVI.II a I:l4;:"'''''
poWELi, di do:
We have[ just received and have
now on
In Dark, Medium, and •Light Colors;
and Beat Styles,lwldell wa-ai selling
at the
We would also call attention to
Also, a large stock of
Our NOTION STOCK will be
found the most complete ever exhib-
ited by us.;'',All the latest noveltieSin
Full stock of DOMESTIC COT-
Our SHOE STOCK has . been
largely Added to, and will be found
as comPlete as possible.
Please call and'see us at our New
Towanda Pa," TOt1;121
LINENS, &c, kc
nerTror. I • r 3 "
John Oustln. et ti irs•Jno H „
Hewitt .... ..(..appeal
B Mitchell's use vs Armenia twp' • appeal
Ellett B Mitchell's use rs James Kelley elver
E L Andrus vs Hunts:ll Maulers adnir ,appi
Patrick Henry Xlideyvs de Geo Drakn,„.trea
C'Craven vs O'Hara Bishop at al ...act fa our ra t
C and J E Seymour vs n "
F D Chafe vs It Ross •• • asst
Enoch Blackwell va N C It Wen . apps
Daniel Compton Ys L I) Bradford et al 'appi
Petei Mourn vs jaa C reran •'- . asst
Renben Dudley vs Fred A Long ' ' ease
Glt Allele vs Fred A Long 1 - appi
Nancy C Squizei' use vs J 8 Campliell I trove,.
C Strait vs aro lamlth • . test
.1 E Utter vs J A Van Wert • aSsunilvdt
Win S Pitt vs Frank Warner... appi
Mary Iforning'suso vs J 3f Smith et. al. appi
Petra Peck's ears'vs G IV Dickinson"
0 p lianard*c. ear's vs F H Parson - debt
P Peronivs John Orbit' appi
A( eita 4 tandon's use et al vs Roderick William's
• ; ; ' •appi
Myron Ballard vs Howard Taylor I eject
Just Gale vs R C I eject
Lanlln et al va3Fateon
Mary , A Ketchum vs J M Smith et al. . • ...
Parson vs 110. ea A •llnntly... ... aast
I, Tell uhdtec vs J V Crerpte et al • appi
Win S Dobbins vs 0 P T.allanl'a cars . ... j . I...assT
POnieroV biros vs Wm Wfison• ' •
• do do . • ' do.
'Win Braille vs Al 4 ........ i..eject
do • do Wm A Porter ' ' do
H & 11 N Fitch vs C V Dare gel ra
NC Hyde ACo vs 1' Et Pr.ttl's oars i " rtso
'Mira Young's use vs 11 Person ".appi
Miller Clark vs - Peter herdic , .......... .• • —asst•
0 r exr's FII .. I field
Seeley Learned vs 1 W Learned,... ...
5.1 Hickok vs Frank ... ; .. a.ept
Edgard Morton vs Vanliykn k LOll , lOll.
Wtti Wright vs nen,' Benedict .......:...Mil fa n. 1
i'l'Poetias returnable on - Monday MarcUll7, 1570.
V .-^- R. M. PECK, prory.
Tostandai,.Matclo, •
P ._.... . .
It --
lion. PAUL D. Monnow, President judge of
the 1 11th Judicial District. consisting i, of the.
,rounty of Bradford, and . Dims. S. MI !HAIM - -
NESS, and C. S. RUSSELL. Assoclate,Jtidges in
and for said county of Brad food. have Issued their
precept hearing date the oth day of lllatith, 156.
to toe directed, for holding a ! Court of Oyer and
Tertninewileneral Jail Delleory. quarter ,St.ssious
of the Peace. Common Pleas and Orphansr Court.
at Tro.r. for the 'Countof Bradford, Oa Mon
day, March 29th, ISM. to continue one steer:"
Nottee Is therefore hereby given to the (tom:nu - 3
and JuStives of the Peace of the county of Brad
ford, that they iw then and there In theo Proper
person, at 10 &chick In the forenoon of gait' (lan
with records. Inquisitions and other rentimnbrances
to do those things which to thelrottice•appertaina
to be done: anti those who am bound by'recogni
111nros or otherwise, to prtisectito against tile 'prim
tiers who arc or may be. In The jell of saldteonnty,
or who shall be bound to appear at the sal4 Court,
arelo be then and there to prownte ahattist them
as Shall be Just. Jimors are requested toile bone
teal It, their :Vientiane.- agreeably to t heir:not lee:
Dated at Towanda. the Gth day of March:: In the
year of our Lord, one thousand -right thuittlied
anti seventy-sit and of the, indt , pontit,nitc of the
.United States, the one hundredth.
A. J. LAYTON, tantritf.
. ,
. . . .
It," ilmi. Paul D. Morrow. president . litlg.- of
111 e lath judicial district consisting of or ,bunt'
of Bradford. and -lions. S. D. Darkness mid C. S.
Russell, Associate Judges in and for tit 4 sald coon
ty Of Bradford, have issued their precept: hearing
date the nth day of March. 1570. to toe ,prated, for
holding, an Atifourt4.d Court of Comniond'ioas. at
Towanda. for the . coenty of Bradford, oniMonday.
April ad, IsTti, to rontlnn.. on: wo•'k; -
r ,I. ,bates at Towanda the sixth day of Marep. in the
' year of our ,Lord, one thousand eight Ihtintlii il
WO scents-six. - and of the DolepentitAce of the
tiltited States the one hundredth:
A. J. I.A.YTON, tlherltf.
(lItPTIANS' cotivr - sArf,E—
By virtue of an order tgAti-d out of the Or
phans` Court, of Ittntiford County, the ninlersigned
j nthrilnistentem of the estate of Joseph li.liato-rson,
I lant.:of ithiglitirry. deed. will sell' at pat,ilt Safe, on
I the' pretritses, on Fill ItAll, , the 31st day if troll,
I , 4ft. at to troeh M
icV .5. ~ the following t e , eritanl
property, hllnd•nl as follmvn. tro.n It; •
Beginning' at tlitt'north Cant corner of 1.5 76.
• of the Bingham tootle. in said two..'con!oeved t••
1 John )filler, thence along the west line Of lot' No.
71. ennVt•yed to )all. Sat pg; v , r..
• Menet , atonk the north line of warrant O. I r•n.,
north Feto, Went 2,5 3-/0 per.. thence altc4 the east
tint; of lot No, 91, ronvey , •4l•o , ,linnei
thence along north lin.? of lOt N-0. 5).
elslaYl•yelf? tat 3•4111 and lot '0•1 if r.
east . 2sS p'r.. to tile plat.. •Ir
Intl N0 , ...,77,atel 90 or the Bloghato iambi- in ••••LIO.
to•y•e•h•n, •thonl 17 , 1 ,•••••••s. wort tar
TY.ltiN't—il:ou tin the pntivrty tc•ing
, "• , l •s•ottfirrnati..•• ••f • ;••••1 the r etia,•• i.•
erptal annual pap!ta qtt ,- ,, with Interest. to ri. , !• •••Thp••..
teal from !low • virella , •r ••• p I••••, •
p1,,,,int1 Ic talt , at heater' final conflrorol'e .
If pot. Interest f . roni final renflennol••n„
St ill Lae . given
.7. it. \\ rot!,
11 kr. 11 7-111
Kirby yi, n , • nry Ward. .
tn thy 4Hurt r.f 4:.‘ fleas of itr:iar.a - L1 4. 4.
NI.. IPI6. ?fay' T.. t,t't. i
Th- att4 , t-Igit-d. an aatti:,tr,_apprtiattti to: tl: •
mart 10 ii,tri;niro Innu-Y he (mill , 11 .rTfr'si
~RaT, ..f I) 1"11 , 1attl ., Iva! t•Kttl , o. v. ill at:chtt to 0-
,ititirs,.44tts atttv‘latitwitt 'at :Ire ofton of 0' , ‘.., , rn ,
k "ii , rrn in To‘ronda barn, nn MON 1r A.l ' '', tic^ lon
day nt,April, 1 , ,:r.. a , 10 o'r:ovli r:51..,'lr :0:
wh , r2 anip.:r...n, 1,a% inrz claim ,, npi,n ..nlq•rio,tt :.: •
rt4tltt•-t , ,tt to prn•ant Inn
~ 3 111 • ..r .'O, , (nr.y.rr,llobar.
red tli , r,
tn , I.lw
15ten. ('.win.
A U .
LA _ , 1
otter of Colin:lCU Pleas or llrailford
L. T.. 1571. • , l•
Itt th '
N.. .t"...
-r,l coq, no mt.olitor appolnto,l I , y 5,141
istrilatto lli 11111114 . ari,tng
vt:11 tt , t:tt.t. wilt att.t•Latt ton , /Fa'.
The n ri
t , l
d • 9 j .1
nr hi
in Tonatz
at .4 n' e:
• wits haV
thrni. by
, app"lnt!r.-11 , at 111.#. oflu
on NV 3: I) N ES! , Is-;r
P. w.. at which Ittlr• pia'', at! rwr
tin, a .al.l funq prs.Rf.r:'
fotvrer th•Larrf.,llll , ll•fra!!.
t; , I•fly. I
I. . .
i IT Di r tTO ICS NOTICE.-lii re the
_,..- ,•,!ate of Lan 1•0h.1.c tl , r, .1.4 '.l.
l it the ttiphans - ('oars .d llrad ford conAty.
Th. nodcr,lgned. - an :vollior app,..1nt,,1 •..y the
court 1 ,, 1 eN , ,pt low: ri;‘l I. the total ac,, , .ait ~ i. I %Vi.
critic •I. 1.011. r, :olndol.-tr - Ortt. of tlo• 0- , at, o'f
I.4r,rtson Lener, dee'd. +sin ....tit od to tied duzke of
hit appointment at th , .• dire of 4 .r . llO - 11 *: !IT-trill%
In .Tewnod t .11..r,.ugh, on NV h:ft.N.c.:Sl)Alt. thl Illrl,
,1:1y of .tin ;I, IS7 mat I...tir . ...CI , C . ,. 2..1N, :when and
iwttvre akivrKass Intety , l ,, l are r.-ge. , t , ;l:to at wed.
inelitit`:4 Jr,t.t PVI:If.T I ),N, Atol.
. •
iv : To i:I chum It may to'ncern: Tl,:a tuider,tghed
hereby ;;ire notice that they Intetot to apply to the
('Burt of COnitnon IN,:a: or 'some law :tt,..47, thereof
for a charter, to he Incorporated toto.n 10.1 y pontte
Inl!aw. under the name and !We of the Feint Met h
ragh.t. Epist.olvat ('lunch and Congregation of Lu
titers Mill , t, for the icirr. , ,,• of ho!aicr , ,land, and
. "E
erretlng alhon‘e of wor,hln. .
nonr.trr K 7.k:A PP. . 1.. 31. 1:UN.4).% 1
3fiIIZIIS WII,O I X. - .1 A 3. W: WRI:4I..EY
yoTicE.—Notice is hereVy o'iven
1 1 that the subscribers 'literal to : apply at the
next of the troort of COM 111011 rie:L, of Gra.l
- Comity for a charter of iticorporittl4 for the
I. 7 lllini liali•Ansoclation of North Itonti...k'untler the
afyive 'lathe the . character the snot riirpOration
hl be of the first clasN under the At
of I'entol of •29th of April. and olleet tot,
the Prey ion aria maintehatice of a hall;for.pubile
aral private purposes..
S. N.litillSETti
F.. W. 31F.1011.).,
F.. 1. Hit ktiLEA . .
S. G. 'I'GWNt4E.`, 4 :I).
March 44, '7:
• , . .
_ sate of coal land' , and milling prtiperry and ap
purtenances In the comity of Brad ford.rState of
l'OnasylVania. . I ,
Ile virtue of ii . certain mortgage ori i deep ! of tyle,t
execute and delivered ..I,y , The FaO!tn
tuitions C'oal Cotupany., of the state of r.ennytva
eta. to the under:signed as T Writer : dated; th , z tire!
Clay of May.lnro , ..and rer , rd. d in the onle, , ro e e,, , ,,,,,t. -
Mg tieed4, &c., in and. for the count' nt Bradford
iti., , alti `slat[. tm Deed Book, No. F , . pagl Ir 2, &e..
oil the 14th trhy of 3lay..X. P.. 1 z.:; , : :' unit a l.t o JO
Mortg - 4.• Book, No. 14. nag., 11 , 2.,,te.;, on the 11:h
itiy Of .'. , eveniber. .t. 1).. 1575.
3. the undersigned. as Trti, , ,toe as afomiaid. lwre
' hy 'give hotly. , that I will, fqt Trl:, , i).\ Yi the '2.111
(1:.:y of APRIL. 1474. at' 1.: 4. 7, 1nek. noon. of
dif.,at he Exchange ".t'« Roms. Ni'. ill, Illoa.t
xi,:y. inlit. , city, eowity , awl satate Or \•:•w Toe:,
I sOFtli n Won to the itigite‘t hitld , r. !lei property,
i tights , 1 I rtvl'ea-s and f 1 amle , , eaN•••• Altty I
t ott t,t , I, t:ouv.ty •ol In mt. by , ald mortgage or d,ll
• of MAlttlefault having In' . 11 • 11):1'lle 14 I IlLt ,it;.l
' (:011114111 It. th , I•I 111. ate! VII ,:dp.!.,,,;.,,r , ,,,,1,1,.„,,, , ,_
1 ga g ~ :IT'4 srirlt tl •frotlt havting out 4r4...-1 for Ilw
spar ,.
of ..Ixty day, and I bela , r..q.1 . 11;, I Wi D
• log to in, ke .net. sate l. the h..l " lier,„ "Fr certain of
i . tilt. said I , mols we:tred by na:el illefigag,i or d , •:•.1 ~I'
'.tit, , t. w deli were at the time of .•inakti , "• such 1,..-
, imcst dale and ono situ:ding.
i 1 ,
• • T., r:,o_g y g af; , re•aid Inelude.: se e oit
in slate
11'1unit - et acres of land. 'silents lit' Ftat:l:!lti and
I 3,, erten he, nslito. In il,rad:eld c"...:oY.P:are "f
itenn,y! -lola, being C. ntore,-) of the 9 hole •
i Part of .and surve•ed in the name Ili I C'.:l ',_ ll.dg :,
and the , everal oart• , of trac:s: • ei'v:•yed in t he 11:11p,
of fens it- Temple. - Sathu-1 11,t1;1 , . Patti IfArtly :toff
I 'Andrew Hardy. all k Tdo:, I. mOl aceuraie:y" -
!hotinder and ,ieseril••fl In still mortgat.; i n gel her
U. Uh all and singular tit , ral:rt ads. Miner, ores,
ntineral=. wand-, roads. • lanes, nay , . *Wei., water
linrscs. easetnelds, rights, liberties. to;:redifann.:,:s
id II aitrlenattees unto the said-orige,,t,i
idiongi ;kg
.11,11,11 no glainlng, and 'the reversion:llnd 'rernala
'olers, reids, , lssues and profits therc , id. „f
1 For a imore full and complete deserVAn of the
l'property to be sold, with Its Menet:irks aml loca
l. tious, rdference may he had to the said tnerrtzagt.,
l` of record as *resold, Or to the firlf rt lual tiferevi.
-On the possession of Mennen. nrat ..t ir,n‘pott, at
t. dorney:•4 at No. 9, Nassau street, Kew ,York City.
1, ' TEIVitS OF tiAl.E:—Ten pr rekt or tite pur
.!chase money is to be paid rash in,haOd on the day
of sale and the balance Is do be paid lwithin thirty
.•slays thtreafter, at the Mike of (tray s t I lavenoert,
-No. 9 Na.:,...sau street. In the, City .4 New York,
ititate oft New York, and ursm. the Oyment of the
• :.!•altl balithee In • f all lid,: Inm:base7 Will recelee.a
. .1 , Deed' MI the said paeverty„ conveying: such title as
is vested In me as Trustee as afotefa:d.
l' Dated February 2.5t1). 1579. ', t
• CII.VHI.Ett t. lir NTr.ll,
Trustee! for the itondheitlers of this lall Creek El
ons Coal Company.
ttltA ' Sr. DAY EN pot:T.
t: Att u - r.eys for Trus•he.., 9 NCS . tilill St. N. Y. City
ring The i)bteve advertisement appears ir,.the-follow
ng ne •spal.,
pers. to-wit: The r,-tiii. Post, ttt>.
I fished I i the Way of New, York; OW Phalllitillhia
E . /119U i s ir, puhlished in the Pity of f.ltila It tolda:
1 , , and the lilt anroim lttionTin, published lu To
f.wantla,lßradford County... Pa. • , .. ..
Islthe best placeln Towanda to Inv good
at low rates. 'Remember .
1E11:ITIrS BLOCN, opposlte'6)u NT HOUSE
au;!( ° or Tux "INDIAN .54;11T0V
--: 71 , • ,
, 1 4 IRNI I Olt SALE.
j-4 1 arm of
i.• 6 acres, 64 Unproved,. In Aillc?ni t"witsllll'.
ismitr( riti co., pa. tut the prendrs are' two good
dwelling notthea, barn and necessary out but:thugs,
:and cfrellent water. A. never-4111dg stream of
water ,passes through the protn4cs.l (nod' fruit
and art abundance or nuts. For ttlrther particulars
call mil or athrresP. , ,I 4 i
' reb1 , 14.6tr," Marshilem IBridNid Vv.. Pi.
1 . 1 1( . 4 . 41 f! . . 4' •
NJ, rture' of an order Issued .int of the Orpbsni'.
Court of Bradford county, I w i g self on the pseud.
ses In the townallip, of Towan op . SATURDAY
Starch It; at I_o nOnek a. In:, tbe- forkowlng de*
rrltped real estaf.t: late-the property. of AtlcJuset.
dee'd.,lhounded - On We north by tand.ot ff
'lle-haat eaat by land Of Philander Ward. —
'IPA by land of , i3V.llllam Welch. south by land 'of 1
CurllsTerrll: e ntilning shout *I acres, with s log
home. framed barn and *retard ihereen. • ?'
• TERBS:—.SO On property twin' struck d0wn;,....;
1500 on eondrinattott of sale. andithe halanee In two
equal 'annual pxyrnente,withirerees !rota eorrar----;
tuation. .
febli.we 4 • A4ni.
and C. 9.,Htuaseil. ve Minis Cleft'. In the
Court of Cornmoti;l l leas of Bradford County. No.
Mil. Dee. T.„.
The auditor' j appolnteti by. the '
tto distribute funds ari.iing from tiherilni sale r.
of ttlfen!latit's redi Mdate. win a tt end to th. dude!. '
ofhis appointment at offic In the borough of
Towanda, on 'MONDAY, the 2th day of Starch,
187 g. at 10 Meiotic A. .m.,•wbe • and where all
permei baring claims on . said Ind must 'preeett
them, or be forever debarred frOhicondng In upon
the ....line.
. . MASON. •
! Auditor.
rely:, ivr.l
A .
UDITOR'S IttoTr i tE.:--In. the' •-
matter of . din Estate . of leCanelirTyler, deed.; 1 ,
in the Orphans' Court of 8radt0 , 1.(....0.
The undersigned, an auditor, anointed bi Raid
Court to diwose 41' ex , eptlenslo the se-count of ..
the selmintstratnef said estate; and to dlstrihnto
funds in the handeed Admit( horror. will attend to
tine duties or Me Appointme titt his idl lce In the
borongli of Torvatula, on T i AY..3farch 17(h.
1576. at 10 o'elnek! . .a. St" nt whkit tifille and place •
all.persnas havineelatals on id - and must Trmsent.
the Fame or be forever debar> frond coming in
upon the 5:1111f.`.
. -.
. nio. F. Al
0 /Miter,
f .1,t4r1
matter of the estate of/0134M Reeler. late of
Herrick. deed., In the Orphans Court of-Bradford
The undersigned. an Auditor_ appointed by the
Court. to dIMTIT.II24 miner In the hands of Hiram
Fliintt and imam' Marsh, Etf.enthra of said estate.
31.4 shovell by their amount:l*in attend to the
duties of his appointment, at ids tillico In Towanda
Ilnrongli, Pa.. on
at 10. o'clock a. when and - wbrire all . pommy
having a (lain! main said fund Must present them;
or else be forever debarred froiii coining in upon
the same. • .
TOsutinta. 18764 ct. 1 • „ _
the est ate or Joseph tkutni; deed.
The underligned, an audlrohl appointed by the
orphans' ourt Itradford ctiOnty, to diatrihntel
fonds Inlonging to said estate,ffi the hand. of the
exrcutors o.f said will estate. 11 - a tend to the Mitts.
or his anpointment at the (Ailed:of - tiverton4 Iter•
rut, in Towanda. on SATLT/LDAY„ - the 25th day or,
rel,mary. iF7r,, at in WejoCk A. - rhen and wheru
all - u-son. having' Maim. on sad fund must pro
seat them, or he forecor debarMtl from coming In'
upon the same. • •
' ' it. A. 3f EMICLTIL Auditor.
Ttonneet vs C. It.,Cannsnt In' the Court of
Pkas. of Itmll'ord (lounty. No. 704,
T.. 157.5.
. . .
The und , rsigne - 41.1in . he
^owl to d IP! Wilde - money r:tiseffiby Sheriff's sal of
,Jar anti
to real eStale, will attend to the dutle of
hit appointment at hit omen, In Towanda Bar
ongh..on Till.lO4flA.Y; the 3611 t day of March.
A. D. Is'M. at I o'etoek rid i M. *hen and
crll,tr , all persons Interested ..arti requested to pro
,•nt ilir.jr ,1,,i,,,5,,i. Its for ,, lter thiharred from claim
.log any share of said futid. !I ! .._
"---- 1.. F.L5)13:1 , .... Amlitor.
- 7 --- ;"'" - 1.1 - 47..., ,
il_ Ward rs IL 0. VoSburff.- 4 . ' . .
Co.ln 111, Penn' of l'imitnon pie 3 of Bradford o
No. 677... flee. 7...!874..
pie mulendrzn-11. an , andlio . r .. , appointed by said
court to distribute the funds arising fromtlio sate
o r d-feiniant , p..r. , 0nil prore..rtf. will attend to the
, ‘intl , •3 of tit= stm , ?futment at )11;4 office in Towanda
., no
.31 , /liii.t.T. tiro .oth .Idor of Mardi. at
to ~,.'lark A. At- at R - 111 - 11 11t10. .!tad place all p,r,
10 lia haVint! claims coon said fund ore required to
1,, ,, ,,nt th-nn. or 1 , 0 f.rever Jefsared from ....wiling
In opon *ls • sold Rind. '
f01,?..iw.4 ,
ILIPEr.T. Amlitror.
A 11 - 1 - )TTOtI'S- NOTjetl. Julia
• 4-,,,,ii.: 4 rs, ii. , ..rd , ..V..N1111t•i - .
Tn 1110 r , ,nr• 4 - ronation neas of Bradford Co.
N o. 1.21.1. m-Lr T..,1F.".t. ..1
'fir. urzd .r-".7”. ,, 1, an nnditoe; ‘ppointed hv.Fald
c,.•” . ... to i11 , ....:11 ,,,, •• ttr.,frin.ll in th , . hoed., n! the
soi,-.ifr. 1;0.....,1 front :W.. 4 il'titttl44 l A real 14tate,'
0 I '' 1 ,,- ' , '•l •011,..1n.i-s of hi , lannr4 , ..m^nt at Lis
,Ti, , . ;-, Tr ,, ,, , u11 . horn. no m , ,Nri ! ‘r_lr,h 30.,
!.. , 7•1, at P1 , •' , .' , .-I. - -.%, NI ,at 0'14.11 tIln" and p'aco
..1., tv,r.ronc Iptvittete!iirne ntt 4..51' , 1 rtITI , I4 must
, 0..., ,!-.. I itOlit ~ t. Itt! fOr•TtiOr (.I?hsirrod f roo roping
lo : 1,•,1 th • klin! - .. ' 6 -
ov.h . _tw. I Ti. s•rner.TErt. Andlt'ir.
To 1!I o h-m 11. mgr ogno , rra Tho onrJor.lzot,l
•*, , ~ . ,y ~,,.,, tuo i ..,. that ti,,y i01., , nd to arm's to the
•,,,,,? of c, okto , n P . .aa or rotni Livr .1orlEr• thoro
. f4o. a rblli..r ht be Irmnriy.ra ell Wt. A I,ndv no
1, +,• io 1' ,, ,:0-rl..r !to• mint. , a. , 1 t W.' of 1 11- 'Odd
P.‘lows 11,`I A , nel 'Ono of •TriltoAnz.,....for tho
• , ..:-:...0 or h. , ‘illo.T, 11.11,1, and orPotlnt, , ...ll ,, ki , lo
',o' , l'ne or hu1 , .110 , a th , ,fonti' nr . th^ tisk. of rald
A.=..4+0 it... ; . .
11 N. VT II (t: \ rr. t.-! ...e.. 5,
11 YT.O7/.13. •
A. It. VDT:TiIt. ' 4 1. ,NY , Cf )1! BIN.
.t. I,' I:ELI2.IZ. 0. I. C11.13111F.1:1.1N.
?a. t , :u-Skt
, T " '' ll w"...11 li - may e0r,,01:
1,:t• The untleigig - ned
•mitt..e. r - prti.'onting Vic T Farmers' (1111,,
.v , l;, of T rr , y t6,, - ii4l,li, and bore. Prad eon' coon
, V... l'a.. her , by.glye. notien that they tntend to Up.-
~',y :0 ;h. , c.cirt •ot Common , :rleas' of Brad fold
oonty. or a Law . JIIIi EP thereof' for a ,harter to be
incorprafed into ', a body potifte and corporate in
!a,r. with p ,, rpetnal .sueressircu und.r the name.
,:rte and title or the Tmy Falners' ChM. for the
00rri.,..0r raatatainintr, an A grilui tural Society and
Im7ding an anomie! fair of the SaillP. '
.1. T. 31c rof,l,olt, C. S. IteKEAN.' .
W. It. 31c31.1. figs.
4 " -- --- 7 -
NCOII/ ' ORA.TION . 1 NOTICE.------( -
, , A ..
T. , all whom 4t 'May conci.rtt: The undersign
D .1. LIVEIZT , iN) -
' • Aivli,..rr
tel citizens of Aryalustug, Bradford Co.. Pa.. and
sit lIIIty. herel.y I.rlva, notice that they Intend to ap
toy to tit , Vonrt if common Piens, orsome law Itolfze
thereof, far a charter, and to hit incorporated into
a 1..1ye I. , :itle la taw, with pe r pelna surees,lon.
notler %h.+ name: etrytt. and UM of the Wyalusing
hail A%st.clatjon. for tile purpos' of providing them
„,lt-,, N• 1111 a clineae. blinding.; mor rooms, for
the pop - ...• aforial..l.l
.1. lil - NI:WEL.T.. A. POR
F. It. V Arftlf AN.' MX,' ItALLOVIC.
t" . .. &. tI4)MET; : J. I' . ..STAI..FOIII). ~
—:Notice Is' hereby evenlthat all persons In
detited its the estate of Josep h rattersnn,late of
Ititlgitnr.. - , der'd,',, most make , immediate pay
ment to (!Ito undersigned, and ;mil persons hating
claim , a 1 ,a1a.... said ettata musx4prese,nt them, duly
antliMatirated. fp?. settlement. 11
All tit. nand% must Ise,presenteil to
•- ; : J. lf .R.
Administrator tlith trill annexed.,
Feb. I ,„ I 4 76-melitla - e. :',J
A. P;NtiNIBTRATott , s. NOtIcE
, AL .•- , ,, arn• Is In.: etty given that all pereou In
ilebtt4l 14, the (Irate of Jose . h - Chase, late of
sttett4 cert. dec. , . Must make immodiAte payment to
11 '" ","hir'Tgli,"7.l"nl3,l all persons having Cbilnl
agliinSi said estate Must present them, duly anthen
tinted, for .:,.etllt.:l - M.nt.
ti n
D.AL. IF.I. CII.XSi. -*".”
M. nu
Lucli2u p,
Nottre,:is lteechy gicen ?that ail per in- ,
•••'.te , l lot the estate .f SilacllcWsAlt.l.' of
dee'd. must maW immediate payment. and
al; 1., t.: itavin i w i fleites agalyst said estate must
present them duly authentiestA foe ~ettisment. •
• •
fehawC*. j, - Almtnist9te"
F 4 Is heretic Oren that aft persons indebted to
itte ;.,fate ran(ionil.l%, late of Asylum,
muse-lin:Om immediatelpaythent to the un
der-igned. aml Mi persons basing claims against
said estate mast present theq, duly authenticated . ,
for sottletiteat. ;
feht7nli ',l • Executor, •
4 ~
A 1....,, , ,, th , in that at persons Indebted to
:1 1 .• ,•.tato of 1:nt.,..11 M. Iti.l, tat, of Rgtor.,l-..'d,
tfoi‘t mak, nunirdlate paym tto thr ttintentgar,l,
~,,,i on 1,.., -,on— !Ening elaffrii against ,ftltl r.,;ato
rangt pr•sont thAnt, duly noth,ntleated, 'for settle
ment, ' . HENRY WI Lumo-r. :
; - - S A.ZAH HUS'SF.I.I..
fetaa Gs. , . •Exeratort, .
A h Itrr•hv kirrn that al, pr,on , indeltteti, to
o: ••••,,a:,- of f . Rork w,t , . lair of M.tiroe. ty - p,
d•-c•.l, In 0,,t stutkl .tnintrtitao , payno-nt to Hut latt
d,r-tga; Al, :Uri all porsortA upon -,tit
O.n.••• mint rt. , : ylt then!. dal): al/thelliCatt . d, for
st•itleumit. ;
G. n4movrA,NyE,,
T. 311 WILSON.
1! •" E on;
1, 1 X EC I:TOR'S NOT IC E:—Notices..
her•hv given that al persons indebted to .
to • e,tate of 17...yi Dunham, ate of Warren,
uni,t make immediate payment to thelundersigneti,
I,rsons having eialins amfinst laid' estate • lutist
regent them , ; duly authenticated.; for settlement.
.3 Executor.
is beret given that all persons Indebted to
he estate of tintit'l A. Langford. late of Smithfield,
tee'd, most ntakelmtmaltate payment to tIM Mt
-I..rstgoett, and alt persons iyavlng elatms ;mains%
estate must rdeseut.thein, duly autheatiestet.,
;or set dement. - . • ,-
. •
4_4...NN171L MEET An
null 3fectintt of Stociiholders of the Towan
da Ehrek3 .MoWer C01111)314, for the election of ottl•
cers to serve the company (Font dale of election to
the asst Wedne:r.dAy in 1)c ember, Itqa. In confro
mity to amendinent of ;he Ii)-lavri to stock-holder's
ineettnt; of loth- . of Januar's, 1176, will he held at
l'..)rapat:v's(icele OR Wednesdar, March t i 6 6,. at
1 wohri p. m:': .
.;) . - 1 W. G. TRACY.
W. A 3 u ri d ir t4
r ~,, r •
svar.n's OFFCE,
1 .i: ToNVANIDA, Feb*, 2S, IS7B. i
. expenseVof the courts, and other'
county expenses,Make itigiligatery upon the part •
of t lid County. Treasurer tq announce that all delin
quent taxes must by setttli4 on or before March IS ;
Is7i, in order to meet the; necessary expenses'autt
avoidlmaithiglOses at thot expense of the county.
sunieient time Oil notice tieing given, through the '
ntalisland othemvlse. Circumstances make It cum
palm, yto nettle all delinquent taxes lir the li me I
ahoy specified Or make cast. -' i 1
r . 5 ' • R
•J. C. OBVSSON - . .
- ,
. - .
me I -..4
...: rg • Treasurer. .1
NN CAL MEPTING.4.' 'rhd: 811- 1
nual meeting of tho Stockholders of theTo-, i
svatilln Gas and Water COripany for the purpose of
eleetthg a Board of Managers to.servu for the . Fosn.!
log year, %%title? held at the office of the company:
in Tir an l! t. da, on Monday grening. March e,487 8 .
By otlecot the Ll'resident. '
mc l 2
51 C. B,usexu., Seey.
,' ,' -