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• TIE Mairch dividends payable in Bo•
ton aggregate, $3,116,510,
TILE Illinois peach crop will lie,a parti
¶ failure again this year. •
A st.iurrt shock of earthqinke was fel
at Monroe, Mich., a week.ago.
rir whOle number of trade dollar
coined up to February 1 is 8,081,000.
WINTER gardens with aquaria are be
coming very popular iu England.
A COLMq.kl. statue of Bismark is to be
sent over by Germany to the Centennial.
- •AT the a,ge,,Of TO a Craftiibury (Vt.
school teacher is still 4i.fing muscle l•
Tut,' elections 'in France are said to
have caused -almost --a panic on th
Bourse. I
- Two sets of ribs and double joints make
a newly-arrived Michigan baby quite
novelty. -"- •
THERE i> a rood many llambleton
inlbe Democratic_ party when you cow
to beat the bushes. ' 'I
RIPE qrawberrieN- grown in the open
air, have'blessell. Monticello, Ark., tabl •
for more than, two weeks.
THE validity of the election in Bare
lrtra Chas been sustained by the Spanis
Cortes, after a warm discussion. •
roVE Carlist battalions, the first. whic
enlisted in G•iipuzcoa, have submitted
Kin 4Alfinizo and asked for Amnesty.
THE Central Trust Company of Ne
York, has been appointed receiver Of tl e
New York State_ Loan and Trust Coil -
THE Delaware; Lackawanna and Wes).
• ern railroad managers have unanimously
• resolved to change their broad gauge to a
narrow gadget ,
-, MortNlNct, noon, and evening services
wereheld by Moody and Sankey in .the
New Yerk Hippodrome Sunday, all of
7:Rich were-crowded.
COiIIIESPONDEICtri Sh041(1 bear in mind
• that, by a recent ruling of the departure it
l;-tiers once delivered cannot be're-mailed
without an additicial stamp.
TILE Philadelphia Press says fifty thonis
i.nd persons,. already visit the , Centennial
grounds every-Sunday. If this is the 1.4.:-
ginning, jahat Will the end be.
• Tar. Ironto - n. (Ohio) Journal says o e
corporation in" that place has $l9O,
• Ntorth of pig iron on hand, --and -has so d
large quantities lately. . .
REV. FATIINR JosEen mrELLER, of tl e
' . . P I: ii( I rill pto rist Community- at St. Jame '
' Church, 'Baltimore, died on Thumb y
`:--morning, in the-( th year of his age.
-.' Two brothers, named Holland, fyl
from a trapeze at the Park theatre n
Brooklyit Thursday night, one being . .
ally andihe other dangerously wnunde ,
-• ' twit men named Hugh - Leonard a'e ,
, Patrick Denhon - were killed by the caviar
in Of an embankment on S tturday at B i;
Ridge Kings County, N.' Y I,
MY: - cold weather continues in N.
IL:nipshire and the h:gh wind has drift
the.snow badly on all the railroads so ti
trains :areserionsly interfered with. •
- AM Elil('--tic fresh meat importations e(
tone to argue in-the Liverpool and L(1
tl , mmarkets in excellent condition, al
nicet with a read} sale at fait prices.' I
• . AN orange tree iu Columbus county
I'llo'rilia, presents`the unique spectacle oi
`last Year's fruit. this_year's crop half ripe,
and latiis for another crop in its branclivi , .
THE packet running between. Raiff ix
:Ind ' Mahone Bay .Struck on liohsoi 's
Nose. 'on Friday, and sunk immediate y,
the crew barely 'escaping with th ar
. ,
• . THE directors of-the-, New Haven Ba e
ball Company have voted -tro withdr, w
from-the National Assoviati, and did
- not take part inthe meting , held W d
nesday. • 7"
' tut: cable
,steateer Faraday, says
Halifax telegram •hms arrived at Torbi yf,,:i
and will leave itfa few days to repair tRe
eable broken between Torbiry and R -e
Reach: . !
THE `President has ren3minated Seth.
L. Coinly to be Collector of Customs. at
7.)1r. 'Coady has proved an
cilkient officer and his renominatitm gives
_general satisfaction.
' Ir is announced that the _British plc
,' ,erimient will undertake the 'prosecution
of Bit:hard-Banner Oakley, proprietor and
nianager of the Co-operative Credit Bank,
_..l;ondon for swindling,. •is now • packirg hogs
niore - actively than any other point olt
side of Chicago, and will be the only ore
r"„„ of the large cities - to exceed 'last years
number. !
„„ ,
tAPERIWENTS with young gras.snomrs
.___.atAackson, Maine, have shown that they
May be frozen and thawed several times
lout imparing their power to return to
• ,
• N• is stated Unit _Spain has agreed )
1 - pay an indemnity, to' the family of ReY
goa Demi, ekvated in Cuba, and conrt
inaatial-the - oftioirs who ordered his
cut ion. •
Sretifitsnr . T.-F&lt 'has furnished
dociiinet4,showing Gen. Schenck's
entire innocence of the charges brought
against him in regard to the Emrha Min
ion Company. and the Maghado claims. • - •
F — Tin last utterance of the Spring
Tin: ice in the Hudson river above
l'ouglike4sie Lij,wo. feet thick in mar yr 1 field-Republican is as follows: "The
places. The propeller John Hashrolk success of the Democratic party rilat •
ran into a winrow of ice off! West 'Poi it
on Thursday night and stuck fast.fall is impossible, for the simple rea
CHARLE4 O'CONOII :presided at tie . Son that no gentleman, no Christian,,
foluth anniyersary of the State Chari-no philantliropist can vote for It.
ties Aid As3iiciation, New Fork, Thins--
day evening, being his first appearat!e The_leaders darker.
in sneer at the
io public since his recent dangerouS i - The Southern men, for the most part,
_ •
de'sert him,, and are not willingjo
give him his rights. * * *
The ;CI ex-rebels in the ITOuse, one
and all dt..spise the black man aS' a
citizen. Senator. BRUcE probably Can
tell: They- Accept his citizenship
simply because - they can't helpit.
Now, no man in the North who ei7er
was a Republican, or has a spark
of manhood, can ever join sueli:a
party: . What becomeS of the Mick
man utitle ' r its riK. ?”
:',.JOILN " N. PIERCE, formerly cashier f
the Merchants' National Bank .of Lowe I,
. lkla-q - ,.;w1i0 was lately acquitted of tie
charge pr embezzlement, was yesterd y
ar..e,sted 'on the charges of forgery a' d
larceny. •
Gov..TILDEN has pardoned and rest r
ed to citzenship .John 'W. Eigheny se -
tereed June 24, 1875, iti; Saratoga roun y
to live - :tears in Clinton prison for perjn .
It now appearshat the prisoner is .
-. 4 -.z.
31,.'.‘ N.% ogits of Eastein railroad lines
leading` Into Chicago, have agreed on [ a
:rccinelion office 'cents on east bou id
grain antLfouttli class freight, and t&n
cents on flour. This reduction' went lint
effect March Ist. . • ----- -
- • 'Tilt: - Hritisli Arelii - eological AssoCiati it
r ha e.. secured an interesting relic of pie
hi,totie Lond6n in the shape of the nit s
, sivct over jawbone-of a hippopotami s,
w illy its tusks and teeth, lately exhum . ..c.
from , a depth of fr'rty feet, -
A .. - r.r.v?t,sv inilie Workingmen's IL 1,
Si o .ti sbury, reCeraly discovered a In f
~ j.,,uncl package of gunpovrderamong-sot c
'en :i she was - atria to put on the fire. II
NV:4s. t 119aglit - to - be, an old charge plaCed it
the mine anctnever fired. ~ '
Tun six'Greeks and - five Others of u
c:-, iv of the ship Lennie, charged .wltil
11c! murder of - Captain Hatfield, were ar
ilignetl in the Bow Street police Court,
,l,..udoii,i Saturday morning and comtnitt.
' ta to prison forpne week. ,
. A FEUD haxistcd some time between
. 7 . N.Hawkins, of the " Carrollton (M .)
.folirnal, and A. S:f Kieraif, of
.the De
~..,..„, which culminated Friday, la t, in
l: ici laf 'shooting Hawkins four time ,
once;. in the bowel}, inflicting wou as
frtni which - be caung recover.
. A Tins broke out on Saturday nil; t
in S:arkweather Grist mill, in Willia 1-
-Ale, Conn. and destroyed that bitildi g
a-i tul a brick builqing occupied as a na
v•.ine shop and silk mill, and a frame
' l. lading used fil. storing. ; Total lots,
A cute , four years old,- daughter oftil
-1 Lam l'enT„ of Connersville, Miss., al
1. elted'in i r,oont Ost Friday byher moth.
1 r while the hater3was absent Oa an r
tench - The child's clothing caught n
from the stove act she was burned
,c. isp when discovered. I
CrToN S. NEWCOMER, clerk at the )31 g
Ifam House, Philadelphia, has ,been la li
1.. hail on a charge of 'violation of the c v
it right's bill •bY refusing aecomodation to
) t.v. Fields Cook, a colored clergyman 0
Alexandria, Va., on January 28th 1. t,
~ Cook was a delegate to the Moody a e
faiikey convention. .
• Titi track of the Atchison, Topeka '
- , tt'a Fe Railroad was completed tii - . a
.l .10 , ,0n Saturday evening, and now Sou '
'I '• II ;(. i,lorado „has' a 'direct broad-ga gt
,1- - connecting with the East ra
.„.tviz.The track of the Denver andio
tzia. d 1 e road is being pushed rap ly
:d , .t ~ and soon these two roads will o
--n o oize the carrying trade of New 31 x
.2e . ;,I d Arizona. ' Tuesday, March 1,
• be n designated as the day for a
... . ralon in Pueb'o in. I cery of t I
event, . . .
Vradfora gqiertn
TawaLia, Pa., Tharsta7, March 2, 127te
The memhers er the Republican Standing CottC•
mltfee of Bradford County -are requested to te.tid
In the Grand Jury !town, In Towanda. on TCRI
- 'RAUCH 14, tir76, at 2 o'clock, P. x., for the
purpooe of organization and choosing delegates to the
State Convention. A full attendance is retpt-steii.
G. D. MONTANT.E. Chairtuat
TEE, lIARRIIittrEG, Feb. 1. 1876.—1 n pursuance:Of
a resointion of the Republican State Commltt4,
adopted at a meeting held in Harrisburg this day.
a rt.Tublican State Convention, to be composed +f
d:slegates from each Senatorial and Representatite
district to the number to which such district Is eh
tilled In the Legislature, is hereby called to meet
In the city of Harrisburg . at 12. o'clock noon '4n
Wedneday, 'March 23111. Ira, for the purpose mf
Nominating an Electoral TTiket and of electfigt
Senatorial and Representative delegates to repii.
sent the State In the Republican National Convm:l-
lion to beheld . at Cinciniati, Ohto on the foi)r•
t ?en! h day of J une, ny ortla- of the Cold;
• 111:N 1:1 - M. Hoyt, chain:lmi;
A. WILSON NORRIS. Secretary,
Th? neat Union Republican Nation 4 (tonventyon
for tiki nomination of candidates fur Vre , ,ltient'and
Vice Print of the United States, will be begin
the city of Cincinnati, on Weduttstlay, the 11th dap
of dune, is d, at Li o'clock noon. and hill consist of
d2legates from each State equal to twice the nit:
her of itsSmators and Congrfte.
and of two Delegates from each o,g.tnlred Terll
torV and tne District of Columbia.
li calling the convent ton' for, the election of Ole
4--ties, nil committees of the several States are Oec
entinend.Nl to Invite all Republican electors, Smfall
otlt - ;r voters, without regard to past political dlßer
eacrs previous party difficulties, whoare opp4:,ed
10 reviving SA'tiOrla: bevies, and desire to protn?de
frimadly feeling and permanent harmony through
out thee ' oun try by maintaining and enforcing
the constitutional rights of every citizen, ineltiiimg
the full and free exercise of tlin right of sulit'ige
without Intimidation and without f rand ; wko 3c re
in favor of C.lO continued prosecution anti putd:sh
mut of all forgetsi dishonesty, and of an econ4til
cal administration of the flovi: , tannent , by hotiot,
faithful and tapable_otticers, who tire itt favoit! of
making such reforms In governMent as experifi'pce
may front time to time suggest; who are opposed
to impairing the credit of the nation by depreaat._
Mg any of its obli,gationS, and in favor of sustalling
In every way the national faith and financial honor
who hold that the ccantnon school system is
nur,ery or Amortran 11 , -rty, and 51tould I, nialn-
R : tattled ahs . ointely free front sectarian contrti% jcho
believe that for thl promotion of these ends thif ht ,
rectim...f the Governinnit should continue to , be
coati led to those alto adhere - to the principlWs of
_ 5
14., support them as lueorjuwated In the consfitu-
non and laws, and a hd are in tarot or rerogniilng
stroivh,ning the. iundann•utal print-114 of
national unity In this Centennial. Anniversaii• of
the RepoHie.
Enwrc I). 3106 1 3.tX.?,,
f ellairman oin CommMt*
WILLI AM J. CHANDLER.. .'cretary.
THE members of the Republicia l n .
Standing Committee . of this county
are called to meet on Tuesday after
noon, March 14. We hope erefv
member will he present. _
Itil THE local elections in the citios
of this State indicate anything in the
political line, it is that the people fire
not hungering after DernOcraticic
tOrir;s. liarrisiirg, Allentown, Will
iamspOrt Meadville, Reading, Ti6s-
Ville, and the leading boroughs ;re! ,
port little of comfort for the , Detnimj
racy, and in the.most.of them to the
Democratic discomfiture is pointett:—
Ph dadeligi M Times. • . . ':-
TILE Philadelphia Time, in Pro
testing against the aetion of 4he
House at Harrisburg on the question
of adjournment, says: •
"lVe safely 'speak fOr neteen
tweniieth4Fot the whole peolile When
we say that a - session exceeding One
!Mildred days cannot be a necessity
unless there shall be unpardonable
neglect to give timely consideratiOn
to the few questions which demand
legislation, The' approval by the
house ora . salary of fifteen hundi-ed
dollars for each member was .a grtev
ous blunder."
' RECENT efforts by the leaders;'of
- i the Democracy to compromise Ole
difficulties between the rag money
advocates as represented by the
einnati Envirrr, and the specieiid
voc:rates as 'represented by the
t York Wortd. Indeed, the breach has
become wider by this manipulatrim
c t and now is clearly a chasm so NV i.,KI
I that the hands Of the antagoiliqie:
factions cannot be clasped acrossit.
.This is a gloomy pro . Aix-ct for
Democracy, and is correspondingly
bright for the Renublican party and
the interests of the nation. The jd
saying, " that when rogues fairsint,
honest men get their dues," 001
not be more happily, illustrated,
we desire to be 'understood in this
case as usinethe term "rogues" only
in a Pickwickian sense.
A STORY:iS goingl the rounds of the
Dentocratic press to the effect that
the lateinauguration'of Govern*
lIARTRANYT cost the - State $30,009,
and even a few Republican papers
are fOolishly reflecting upon the gov
ernor for " permitting such unneces
sary extravagance." The truth is
that what expense falls upon the
State, in consequence of the
nation display, was authorized nid
incurred by the legislature, as has
always been the ease. This expense,
instead of $30,000 is only about
$4,600, or about $7OO less than three
years ago. It should be borne in
mind that the inauguration was
entirely in the hands of a joint com
mittee of the two houses of theleg
is'ature--cornpoed or 1 .? 0 t4 Paitlis•
We have frequently in these Col
umns recorded our disapproval of the
course pursued by many journals ! - in
reviling public men. The custom is
one which is pectliar to the inde
pendent (?) press. The tendency of
such course is to create di4rust in
our system of government, and - pro
(ince anarchy among the people.
Gov! HAWLEY, in a recent address be
fore the New England Society, so well
and clearly expresses -our views on
subject that we transfer a portion of
his remarks to our columns:
" I do sincerely think that there is
something of a danger that oar elo
quent, ready, powerful, versatile, in
defatigable, vigorous, omnipresent,
omniscient men of the 'Press may'
drive out of public life—and , they
will ridicule that phrase—maY drive
out of public life, not all, bdt a .very
considerable class of sensitive, high
minded, honorable, ambitious gentle
men. ''sow, I do not say anything
about the future for myself. I have
got a 'free lance,' I have got a news
paper, and I can tight with the rest
of them; but I will give you a bit of
my experience in publiclife. I tell
you, my friends of the New• England
Society, that one 'of the sorest things,
that- a man in public life has to bear
is the reckless, .unreasonable censure
of members of the press whom indi
vidually he respects.. That large
hearted man whom personally I love,
with whom I could shake hands, with
whom I did shake hands, with whom
I sat at the social board time and
again, grossly misinterprets my pub
lic actions • intimates all manner 'of
dishonorable things, which I would
fight at. two paces ratherthan be guil
ty of; and it would be useless for me'
to write a public letter to explain or
" Now, I am only one of hundreds:
I can- stand still and wait the result,
in confidence that,' if not _at all,' yet
some men believe me to be hodorable
and true; if they do not, God and I
knot' it, and, I would " light it out
on that line." " Gentlemen, it is
rather my habit to talk in earnest.
Next to the evil of having all public
men in this land corrupt, next to the
evil of having all our government
affairs in the hands of men venal and
nafrow,debauching public life and
carrying it down -to destruction, is
the calamity of having - all the young
men believe it is so, whether it be so
or not. Tench all the boys to believe
that every man who goes' into public
life has his price ; teach all the hogs
to believe that there is no man who
enters public life anywhere that does
not look out for his own, and, is nest
always schemeing to do sometlthig
for ltimself dr his friends, .and seek
ing to prolong his p.,wer ; teach every
young man who has a desire to go
into political life, to think—because
you have :told hint "so-f - rthatthe way
to sitcucd 'is to follow such arts, and,
by that kind of talk you may ruin'
your country." -
CO:k:ORESSMAN n uni.BuT, of Illinois,
who l (hiring the liII,EELEY campaign
was Somewhat tinctured with
eral " proclivities, made a speecll to
his. constituents a few days ago, in
which he recited the lessons tati : Ast
by his experience of the past' few
months in- the Confederate Demo
cratic House orßepresentatives. It
is not strange that he should have
;awakened from his.false sense of se- .
curity. Every feature in the eXis,
tence of the present House shows
a copfessetl supremacy on the South-,
ern 'Democratic side, and cowardly
IsubserViency- 1 on the Northern. 'The
South rejected KANDALL and elected,
KERR. One stood by the nation and
was rejected by its 'enemies; the oth
er fought against the nation and
friends rewarded' him. So with the
constitution of the Committees of the,
ifouse. 'MORRISON elithinated from'
.his record part of his public life so as
not to offend his new allies, who 'enjoy
parading their service in the rebel.
cause; and then appointed liAmm.F.;
TON as clerk of the leading committees
of the House ; a, brute and coward,
who cursed his unhappy child with
the:name of an assassin, and lied out
of the charge until an outraged pub
lie opinion compelled his resignation.
Touching the Presidential question ,
he said : .
"The next Democratic Convention, like
all others, will be controlled by a united
Smith. They are more than one-third,
and the two-thirds rule govern. No mat
ter, whom they select they will own
for they will select no 'Man who is not
clay in their hands. Should they succeed,
during the term bf four years of othee the
man they select can so manipulate the
Supreme Court by retaining some mem
bers and supplying others, as to obtain a
decision that the Thirteenth, FOrteenth
and Fifteenth Amendments were not con
stitutional. Then, it follows that, if the
slaves were illegally freed by the United
States. compensation must be made ; if
they were illegally made citizens. they
cease to be such ; if they were . illegally
invested with suffrage, they can vote no
longer. These arc some of the perils of
the times, and it is the business of tlui
people to know it. The tariff and curren
cy question will not be solved by this
.Cougress, land there is no hope of any
;good geneild legislation froM this session.'
This man, has fully recovered his
political eyesight, and many more of
those who, were blinded to the future
by a creditable anxiety to believe
good things of the rebel element, be.
(Tin also to "see' men as trees walk-
THE Cincinnati CO 7 / 1 mercia 1. a
GREELEY paper in 1872, thus forcibly
Summarizes the political outlook fOr
the present year.
" We mare been.on the outlook for
great Democratic principles. We
have 'discovered some points, but not
enough to equip .aygreat party for a
national campaign:
" The first point is that the Dem
ocratic party is deVoted to the Con
federate theory of State rights.
" The second point is that the
Democratic party is in fav=or Of all
the jobs called improvements that
have been fixed upon in the late
Southern. Confederacy.
" The third. point is that, as the
majority of Demociiitic members of
Congress, and the backbone of the
-part; itself, are orth6 section late in.
the rebellion, that part of the coun 7
try must govern the whole country
if the Democratic party comes into
AFTER a long and exhaustive trial,
Ocu. BABCOCK has been acquitted of
all complicity in the whisky frauds.
Aid still the Democracy are not
NEBEL raisoNs-vaz TUtTU OF
WALT WHITMAN, the poet, ,whose
)getrices` as a volunteer nurse ib the
fleld - and a il tny in and around Wash
iogton (luring the civil war . are not
forgotten bythe : country at large,
'the soldiers he attended, hail in tress
a 'Valuable voluble of "Memoranda
of the War." It is - simply a tran-'
scription of notes taken at the time,
and gives in the powerful and victim- .
! ,
esque prose of which Mr. WHITMAN
Master, the scenes and eirown
:stailoos of Which he•was an eye-wit
-ness or confiectett with. In advance
pOtions of: this work the following
paraiiraph appears. It so' vigorously
delineates the condition Of our men
returning from Andersonville and
other prison peas, that it: should •be
widely circulated. The date is early
in 1865:
• The releasi4l prisoners of War are now
coming up from the Southern prisons,' I
hate seen a number of them, .The sight
is Worse than any sight of battle-fields or
any collections of wounded, even the
blOodiest. There was (as a sample) one
large boat load of several hundred brought
about.the,:!.ith to Annapolis, and out of
the whole number only three individuals
were :able to wallt from the boat. The
rest were carried ashore and laid, one
place or another. Can those b uten 7 -
those little iviti-brown, ash-streaked,
monkey-looking dwarfs? Are they really
not mummied, dwindled corPSes? T he};
lay there, mot of them, quite still, bmit
with a herd le look in thefr eyes and
skinny lips, mften with not enough flesh'
on:their lips ) °Over their teeth. Proba
bly no more ppalling, sight was ever seen
on earth. ( here are deeds, crimes, that
may be for iyen, but this is . not among
them. It steeps its perpetrators in black
est, eseapeless, endless damnation. Over
50;000 have ;been compelled to die the
death of starvation. Header, did you ever
try to rea.izE what starvation actually is,
in those prisons and 'in a land of plenty ?)
"An indescribable meanness, tyranny,
aggravating course of insults, almost in
credible, was evidently time rule of treat
ment through all the Southern military
prisons. The dead theme are not to be
pitied as much as some of the livingt4t
come from there—if they can be called
living; many of Clem are pier Illy
cile, and will never recur) rate."
. .
Mr. WfitTMAN's'deseiription has all
thC more value from the, fact that it is
that of a competent critic and observ
er,. and that
,since the above was
written its author has been pronounc
ed in favor of amnesty and reunion.
There is a cloud - or witnesses who
speak as from the grave. Mr. DAvls
and his Confederate associates willl
find that audacity will not overthro
the facts. Truly WHITMAN'S descrip
tion shoivS that the men he saw eaMe
from " out the jaws of death ; out of
the gates of hell."
The Caron (Nevaan)..lplwainr,mi 7
mites, next to GRANT, ..14nN F. II tnr.
111..NFT,. present Governor or Pennsyl
vitnia,:fur Preiid , !nt, anj 'din; reft',rs'
ts> hint :
went out from PiAins3lvania iu
eOminand of the tifty-first rygiment of
that State's infantry. Ile was %vith Dui n
side in North Carolina, fought his regi-
Molt in all the battles there ; was in the
light at, Manassas under Pope ; served
with great distitieft_m in the Maryland
campaign, and was inomoted a Brigadier
General on the field at Antietam; partici,
pitted in the tight at Fredericksburg; was
at the siege of JackAori, Miss., in 1f46:1;
took part in the Burnside battles in East
Tennessee; fought like a tiger as a Major
General of volunteers from the Wilder
ness to Petersburg, and was hi command
at Washington when Mrs. Surratt and her
associate conspiritors were hanged.
iS - a modest, conscientious, unselfish, thor- .
ough-going gentleman. and is in all re
spects a patriot and a soldier. Ilartranft
is a representative man of a great, power
flit Middle State. If the West is to b 6 re
garded as having, had her share for the
present of Presidential honors—if the
country is nut to demand that Grant shall
be renominated at large—lethts have John
Ilartranft. Let Nevada he prepared to
say a.word for him at the National Con
• The Virginia City SPhti , ,n4 copies
this laudatory notice, and adds :
" All tile' Appeal says, of• Governor
trartrauft is true. I is NI - mulct:fully
lOved in Plitisylvania ; there is no spot,
stain or suspicion on his record ; he is a
soldier and a statesman. and with him for
aleader the Republican party would be
sure to win,"
The Appeal and Sentinel are the
two leading papers of the State 61
)ievada._ •
LONDON, Feb. 28.—A - special 'dis-
Patch to the Evening Standard, dated
at St. Jean Dc Luzat, at 2 o'clock
this afternoon. Say. 4. Don Carlos has
crossed the . frontiet and taken rectike
in France.
AIiRID, Feb.'2B.--King Alfonso
has left the question as to the return
of ex-Queen Isabella to the ministry.
The latter have not yet reached a
determination in the matter.
Feb: following:
intelli'efence has been sent to the
Minister at . London.
The 14r is at an end
, •Carlos has asked France for hos
pitality. Ile informCil Gen. ! Poucet,
commanding liayonrie, that. Le would
enter France at nine o'clock this
Morning by the bridge of Arnequi.
Three thousand Carl ists have enter
ed France at St: Jean Pied de .Port.
They are crossing the frontiet" in
hundreds at Alquides. The French
will imediately intern them.
King Alfonso has arrived at Pam
A .dispatch received at Bayonne
tiomi Ainhoa, announces that Don
Carlos entered France this morning
at Arnequi.
NEW YORK, Feb. 26.—A Philadel=
phia ; dispatch says there was a con
ference of clergymen who attended
Bishop Nitholson's consecration yes
terday, at which it was agreed to re
port, to the General Standing:Com. of
the Reformed Episcopal Church for
its consideration the sense'of the meet
ing, that inasmuch as worldliness and
riotous pleasure incident to all got=
sons of the year are only temporarily
suspended during the season of Lent,
would be advisable to dispense
with this feast.
Dr. Leacock, of Newburgh, said
that it had been apparent to him that
bOth before and after Lent the in
tensity of dissipations was increased.
Ile did not think that the observance
of the fast was promotive of the spir ,
itnal interests of the church people:
If the people would think church life
Were an everyday life it would be far
better. The discussion favored the
abolition of the Lenten season, only'
one or two of the gentlemen favoring
its being retained.
:•• litn* IDITon..-The lemilmrs of the Vete.,
bemti6 party have alwaysAsisted 'het iba
Policy Of Balt political ottauisitt,itttrahlii.' , a
could Save the colietri. OiTlisti . ttrilrar•
broke out in. :INL th e vit , irate Weir
[went nit : from IDetneerdtle' lealers• and
i iiewspapers that the oquii#Y, *Fuld be , rts.
ined unless theirlistrnetionewere;cairinet
out to the nig 'letter. Thereonfeernid`
?resident Li teoln's miministratim% neflat
el; his acts as arbitrary nub uncAnatltu
tional, and even Ati proiiiinent a Oema
erat as ijon. 8. S. Cox, Oeclared.inlB64,.
that Lincolti and Davis ought to be
bronglit'to the same .bbiek to;, , ether. 'Bid
bow di ff erent a eonsigmu nt will pestl
grant these, • two men i the hearts of
their countrymen. The -. vise . will be re.
membered for his sterling 'integrity, pat
riotism and loyalty, while . the-ether-will
be consigned to the fate f.of Benedict Ar
nold, although he still siiriives, to insult
Union men and soldiemanti thus win the
plaudits of reckless DdirMerats, by declar
ing that rebel prisoners 'in thdihands of
Viden authorities were worse treated than
wer e the Union soldlerA rilio fell into the
hands of.thec.tkinfedemtes.
But what became of the 'predictions
that the policy , pursued the Repoli '
cans would never:-restal( in the restore.:
tion of peace, or the:defeat and overthrow,
of the plot ttftlestrey the Uniou? While
northern Democrats approved of sects,
Men; and urged on the Confederates to
,put the knife to the nation's throat, the
Republican leaders were busy - at work
perfecting the defeat of • rebel plans, and
after an unnecesstiry . Prolongation of the
war. on account of 'the: sympathy maul
fested for the rebels by; the Democratic
liarty of the North, peace was finally re
.stored; and the nation passed freni•a auto
of •turbulent anxiety to a condition •of
'quiet contentment, swayed only by the
blusterings'of these Denrocrats who pro
nounced the work "a faillme," and refused
to accept its results.
As might have been eXpected, the De- ,
Mocracy only grew more desperate at the
close of the war; and determined to show
their manifest. disappointment at the turn,
which things had taken, and In National
Convention assembled Ocy declared the i•
war "a failime." Lire rimed the uncoil-l.
..stituti:mality of the amentlments to the:
conNtitntion gave to the colored
race the guarantee C their freedom and,
protects them in the enjoyment of their
personal lihertieS. Agillll WAS uttered that'
prophetic note of waning, " the only•
party that can save the country is the,
1/N11;1cl:ilk party •," and in bald longnage
the declaration was made, .that if the Re
publicans were then sneers:4M, at the end
of four years the eountrY • s ruin would be
e‘enplete. But that 'prediction also went
to the ground, and all the cud of four
years the Democracy I, l etracted what it
hail said, ' aeknottledgeti the Republicans
to have been right and themselves wrong,
and under a new guise it endeaviired to
tetil into power. But ,the wool on the.,
Liberal skin was not (4' sittfivierit. length.
to cover lip the hideonsdeformities of the
.gelmine Thula-vatic I w ich lurked'
beneath its folds, nett' another defeat of.
Demoeratie hopes and aspiratiuns was the
But "great c r vils endure fora long time,"
-alai the Penateracy had no thoughts of a,
demise. bet histead, at, .nee com.,,reheud
e.t.a ;'neater noces,ity than ever before for
its restoration to power, They began to!
chartzu all Repeblieans (Mice ith cor-,
niption, and at the sail time with
grrat flourish of linrepets proclaimed'
their honesty of puristie and intention to
the world, and be , ..ought of the people to
!nail them. And at hist they have been
a 1 it wed 16 obtain control of Congre.,s, and,
now for a fulfillment of their reform
pliih , es.' lint Evfmni is a, word of unipty
meaning with-Dcm. wrats. • lime was that
rt form nomne need, amtVliere did it end
It in ti c romov:lV of trim and tried
ogiei..l‹, awl curled iu "a cl. an steep
fi , on chic(' elei ,:Otto to
reo,:toraht 1 , ....ever. The realoval uf these
tree.:s-:nry, M. , ,der . to fill their placcs
with tic:. littm‘!ry Democratic corn - pit... Cuts
\vele rcad wanitiq fur office.
laa still he cry for Fero. in goes en, and
'tire wiinat .'ea - tl.•rs are prote k ting
CralleMlivs4 :111.1 NVlshiilg: !heir hand
before the people, and tine worihi not sup
pose, were he ignorant 'of the. fact, that
the. men Who lead the Democratic party,
and laud and praise thimselves '
are the
self same tutu who synipatitized with and
'haul( d for secession, and that many_ of
their names are doomed to creak anti
blacken on the gibbet of infamy and
shame through long ages to come, as men
who once tried to ruin-their own country,
and were only prevented from doing so
by the efforts of thoSe whom they now
stigmatize as poltroons and dastards ;
neither would be convinced that these
great reformers had anything, to do with
the dirty scramble after the pickings of
office which has disgraced the national
eapital him the past few, weelyz, and made
Demileracy, if possible, still Than: of a re••
preach to the nation. lie would fall, to
recognize in the crowd' of dirty bangers
on4or-uflice which infests Democratic.
headquarters, any of the conspicuous vir
tues whit-h we are daily told belong to the
Democratic head lights. Throw virtue to
the dogs, is the motto of thtsa patriots
when an opportunity is presented for them
to divide tooong themselves the spoils of
office, which they do with ad' alacrity at
the same time both wonderful and sur
pi ising, which makesit all the more evi
dent that they care only for the ernoltr
meats of (Mice, and - arc only „make-be
lieve" reformers, who are watching for
all opportunity to prey for the salvation
'of the people:
Taking all things together. past, pre.s,
ent, and future, we may say, without-fear
ofisuccessful contradiction, that the Dem
oika tic party is destitute of principle. It'
has no settled convictions of purposC,
alms at no practical resUlts, and is com
posed of disappointed seekers after office,
bathed projectors of the, nation's ruin, and
the cast-eft rubbage of other political or
,Lernizations• It has Iren weigheCin the
balance and found wanting, and it will be
a long time before the; American people
will entrust the interests of the nit on 'to
its keeping. '.
He Replies tolhe Coroantirr.m of the Rouse.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.--L-The 'fol
lowing resolution was sent to the
House of RepresenLitives to-day:
DEPAIITMRNT or Jr. - rice.
Wastirmiroar., Fcb. th7G.
To the Hon oenV the llouseiinf Repreeenial teem
I am in receipt of the following moni
tion of the house; namely, by Mr. Lord :
R,,,,,trf,t, That the A ttorney-Ittel4ril r . qulred
to tit:orto titt• llopse by what authority awl for
stmt totriee', ha recently gaits inoructlons to Me
suborkilnAh S. tot,- iii I ,, ntrilventlion of the.
lollg , ellth3Slied rule re:uthig to the testimony of
To whic:i in- reply I have the honor io
sungest that the resolution must have been
introduced under misapprehension,
: No
ins ructions have been given by the Attor
ney.thmeral to his subordinates in contra
vention of any rule relfiting to the testi
mony of accomplices, in criminal actions,
and no instructions that had any such
purpose or. intent, nor any instructions
that had any such purpose could be fairly
The only specific instructions which have
been given on the subject are those in,cer
tain districts where whisky frauds are be
ing prosecuted, and these are merely in
co:Jfirtnation anti approval of arrange
ments made to use the testimony of ac
compliers. As these 'arrangements and
instructions relate to Matter; in progress
the llousti will readily see th propriety of
withholding special infiirmation relating
thereto until the trials;are : layer.
1 have the honor to a Id that in no in
stance since I have been Attgrney-General
has there been a propoSitionlof any subor
dinate of mine relating'to th testimony of
accomplices in criminal actio it, which has
not met my prompt.and con ial attention..
I have the honor to remai yours very
WASHINGTON, Feh. 28.!-The Dern
eciatic caucus Finance Committee
have exhausted their e dcavors to
perfect a financial nieasu -e, and now
turn to the Committee on Ways and
Means or Banking and Currency to
extricate the party 'from , its sad
plight. The calling of the Indiana
Democratic State Convention for a
date before that fixed for the national
convention has disarranged the plans
of Kendrick's friends; Senator Me-
Donald, chairman of the State Com
mittee, resigned in eongequetice. The
convention will favor soft money,
*bleb. will injure Hen hicks before
the national convention. -- -
. 17
,-;.„ .1 ; . -.... - t:,,..,
liirfital Iwo' Ma and IskrikaplOthitiukidi
.i, i
: 'lo(rxf pot 4, 1 00 ,3= k4lisrpteh
- *:s,kolrix4 - *A gli w*tito
litoicatis rpassed : - At . eki:::#lliC - ,..plittet)
4104iird- aterPo*,.. , 0 1 4 , 3 OerPt'-,er
elpiiiit: - Ittp - / iiiiiimfol,,,te 7
l oe6e Ad v
e ga - wor ks were to ,
tally wrecked. Jaes - NUarley_aud
his son. were killed in the ga,s'heuse.
. S 4..ta.i.i.51 ' Oacey,,anthaeveral ..others
were badly , injured. Rufus Bobbin's
• - reSidence; near this city, was razed
to the gronad,'and a'boy is Missing-
The:court housed county jail, Ger i
man MethOdist churell, St. Charles
Savinga'Nink; - the - Park; ITiiiiie, Odd
Fellows' Hall, the 'News,: - 'i,Zeitung,
Deinwrat and Hour oilicesOmd the
railroad depot were all badly.
aged. ' . . , • • •
The storm lasted five minhtes, and
presented the appearance of* huge,
rolling yellow cloud. The lOss is es
timated, at $500,000. ' r'2,•
CIN(11:4141ATI' Feb.. 23.—The COM
ntercial, Evansville spec: places
the number of, !Rinses' bloin down
by the tornado, at Princeton', Gibson
coimt 4 y, Indiana, last; night, ttA, thirty
nine._ The storm struck the
western part- of the,town f i and al
though it lasted , hut ofiC'i minute,
badly damaged the fine, public.
building school building,• demolish
ing the new church Of the covenan
ters, uprooted trees, blew diiwn fenc
es, &c.
A 6rge number of persons were
injured, one or two fatally, so. A
little child vray blown= from' its bed
into a garden, and another *as
blown'a lirind - red yards and ifound on
a railroad track.
as far as aseertainedjare .as follows:
'Mrs. Clark, back broken ; Jaines Tay
lor, injured internally; Ml* flack
'herd, thigh broken; IfiS4 Kindle
both legs broken; -the family Of Mr.
Jennins all more or less injnred.
_ There are rumors of Brea i damage
throughout the surrOundingscountry,
but no particulars have been reeived.
The damage in Princeton i
ed at over $30,000.
ST: LOPD4. Feb. 2:3.--Latr advices
from, St.',Charles stitte that; the clam.
age by 'the tornadO yesterday was
much exaggerated, but it_ is still
heavy, probably from $lOO,OOO to
The remains of Gt.orge binebur, a
boy, were found in the 4bris this
morning. This makes the ithird per
son killed by the steam. About 21
persons were injured.
A HARD STOftY TO nufrvE.
C "it II v N Feb. 25.-4dditional
particulars to the Contmer . Na/ from
Patoka i a station g few miles north
of. Princeton, say . many Oilstones
were found there measuring over six
inches in circumference; some nearly
correvontient says ir; Further
reports from Prinevton Mate that
persons were dangOonsly in
juregl. four of whom ary not : 'expeeted
to recover. One vvornarL.lo4 her eye
31ght Over fifty hous l es woc totally
cl emu] ished,about tiftyl/361.01amaged.
tornado was molt severe from
the north side of the publie*uare to
the southern limits of the towni In
the track of the storm it is impossible
todiStifignish the former lOcation'of
residences, everything being pros
trated and spread .over tho ground.
Several persons were buried under.
the wreck of their divellino and tak
en out unharmed to-day. iThe fami
ly found theinselves walking on -the
ceiling of their rooms, they having
been inverted. Yet they ea aped un
harmed, while those who'attempted
to escape were. injured.
Consecration of Another Chief Past 4 for the Re-
formed Episcopal Citnrct,
4. The consecration of thOlev. Dr.
Q. Nicholson to the office of
bishop of the Reformed T.Episcopal
Church took place last (*ening at
the church in Samson street, aoove
Twenty first, which contained a
congregation of about eight hundred:
persons Within the riulii g were
seated the bishop=eleet, wk tins been
pastor of the church for sonic months
past; Bishops Cummings-cand Che
ney ; the ReV. Dr. Leacoek; of Neiv
burg, N. Y., BishOp Matthew Simp
son, of the Methodist :Episcopal
Church ; 'Dr. Bettie, of the • Second
Presbyterian Church ; Revs. J. A.
Lathe, of Virginia ' • Sabine' of New
York city ; Marshall B..smith, of
New Jersey; J. Howard :Smith, of
Newark, N. J.; Irvine Turner, of New
York ; Tucker, of PhiladelOia- Drs.
Blackwood and flatficht. Bishop
Cummins opened the services by giv
ing out the Itilst hymn : All hail
the power of Jesus' name,": after the
singing of which the ant•commun
ion sei vice was read, with (he epistle
from Acts 20 and the GoSpel from
John 21. Dr. Blackwood (ben gave
out the 208th hymn, and • Dr. Cheney,
directly after its renditi4 by the
congregation, preached a stirring ser
mon based on the 'SIM ' Sixth and
seventh verses a Isaiah 6. The Rev: -
Drs. Lane and LeaeOck 'then pre
sented Dr. Nicholson to the . presid
ing bishop for consecration 4 and after
the performance of the usual simple
rites, Bishop Cummins aiin6unced
that the collection to be taken up was
Anr the colored school in Charleston,
South Carolina. Quite a large num
ber of the congregation renjained to,
partake of the communion, after
which the new bishop received the
hearty congratulations of his friends.
The new bishop was for .many
years a.. Minister of the Methodist
Church, but 'withdrew froin that de
nominationand became a ;pastor in
the,Protestinat Episcopal Church.
.While rector of the Trinity Church,
of Newark, N.' "J., he resigned his
charge in Novembeit 1874,
and 'notified the vestry that it was
his intention to connect himself with
vthe Reformed Episcopal ChUrch. In
his letter of resignation fie stated
that he had accepted a calVifrom the
Second Reformed Church Of this city
and gave the following reasons for
taking' the - step: "1 cannot," be
said, " - continue to esercisci*iy min
istry in the Protestant :Episcopal
Church. The Church prineiples now
so universally
,believed and taught,
and which 'were re-affirmed by the
late General Convention With an un
wonted emphasis, are, in• - pay judg
ment, not only Scriptuallf mntrue,
lit also (I mean no offense) deeply
dishonoring to the. Lord ain't Master,
and especially so to the Spirit.
The tiviieral Convention. has made
More intense the anti-PrOtes-,
tent errors of the now. lireiailing
churchmanship, and never-tilt there
is a revised Prayer Book; 4an such
errors be counteracted. Bat •of that
there is uo hopp.r At a nj)incil - of
the New Church la Chicago, on the
18th of May last, Dr. Nicholson was=:
elected a tishop, receiving 22 out. or,
28 elergical votes and 23 nut ef, 29;:,
lay votes. Re will. be stationed at!
Philadelphlajusving jurisdiction over
the Central 141stritt. The
bishops of the Hilirtmed Episcopal ,
Church are Fur. the
Charles Edward- Cheney, ,Chidagni
Ill.; for, the Pacific, Edward Cridgel
Victoria, British Columbia; for the
South,. James . A. Lathe, Charleston
S. C. The Rev. George David Cum,
mins, of Louisvillle, Ky., the found;i
er of the nets; body, is the presiding
Scam4ToN,- Pa., Feb. 25. A tele:4,
gram was received here to-day from'
the pre tdent . of the Delaware; Lack .4 '
awanna & Western railroad company ;
announcing that the company had;
dicided 'on narrowing the gague all
along their railroads, and that the
work would be commenced forthwith
in the company's different car mat
machine shops in, this city which
have been idle since the first of the
month. The intelligence has bee
received here with the greatest satin'
faction. The proposed change will
necessitate the narrowing of the
gunge along six hundred miles of
railroad ; the building of 4,000 not
freight and coal cars and the alteri
ation•of 12,000 coal cars now in •use
Wier run any risk with your Congli;
Cold; Hoarseness, or indeed any Pulme.
nary or Bronchial Complaint, when a rem::
edy safe; thorough, and so easily obtained
as Dr. D..layne's Expectorant. Can be had';
If you have contracted a severe Cold, save
your Lungs from the irritation and inflanr
oration, :which frequently brings • about
Consumption, by • promptly resorting to
the Expectorant• and if troubled-with the
Affection of the Throat, you will find this
remedy equallyeffeetual in affording relief
from obstructing phlegm, and in healing
the inflamed parts.
Eva= k lllldretb.-
'.ETV S 0R E,
GRE .A T 11 RG A S';
&c., &c., sze.. 0.
Towand', M6r.711 7, '76
Bcits and Shoe.
I have opened and put on sale one thousand talrs
of ' Infants, Childs, Illisses• and Women's 8 nes.
that I will sell at less than manufacturers prlcee
Alen, 8 cases of Women's Fox-lace, Kid-l ' aCe,
Goat-lace and Fox-button shoes, at tr 3 per. palm
worth 82.53.
I am afar receiving a large antrfull line of rrne
Goods for spring tradr. wide,' for Style, Durability
and Price. cannot be excelled. •
In full stack, at the lowest possible prices.
Court Muse, nest (Morro Chamberlin's Jewell
'rowan,* Pa n Yeb. 29,1970.
. ,
. ' • - ,
. .
. .
• I- - zee& l';. : • •
. .
. . .
-. i
-c• • ;
,• - 27 1 .1.0i0ITtaing. . ,. i
Auditors ' , r 1 1 40 00
minors forProthonota rsand Wester:A ' I •
Ogees 0 ' • . 90 00
Aridga contracts and repairs 3,1117 16
Bridge vicars . ' • 120 60
Bradford &Punt, Agricultural flociety.'... , :0 00
Constables making returns and attending
Court J ...i., r' 1, 123
Assessors ... 2 :110 23
!oat la Conimonwealth suits , r
i 63
'ost In civil suits - :4 60
Canard In criminal stilts ' s,.' .;... • 00
ounsel to commissioners , • 40 00
tier of court lllO 00
slatrict attorney • . ' 5.S 00
Election s e 5p, ,, n5...s ' ' 1, 7 -70
Fuel and Liens ' r
71 53
tlrand Jurors ~.. fli 84
Inverse jurors ' ;SW 97
r -
Insurance on public buildings 263.60
usilre's inqulliilens -,..., • 1 • 141 23
Jury commlasloners and clerk ... ' 342 21
Ocoee Waits and stationery ' '...r.r, 240 114
Public Fr - tinting, bargee for 1872,13 and 14 049 00
61 •, I.! . ••I 11. 375 tlid .10
,• . .
Account with the see e ial eollectoisof Count
year .11375 a
T•tepsandboro's. I • Collectors. - '
Wysox I). M. j.amphear
Leßoy G. W. Wilcox.. .
Towanda horn W. K. Marshal l .
Amyl= ........, It. 1.. naught ~.
Alba bores ; .1. S. Reynolds:.
Burllngtoft boro .....l If. R. 11111
Canton twp • ; Loula Wheat.,!.
Columbia , , •i I;. II Smith.. .',
Franklin... ..• • • • - Ifteed.MriCee .i.
Leßoy ! Wilc ox...
Litchtield j If. S.
Mourne buro N. M. Coolbaugh
Orwell R, L. Case
Pike 1 John S. Wood ..
South Creek j S. L. Tomlinson
Sylvania , ! H. D. Peck.:.....
Soesbequin. 1 W. 11. French..
Towanda born , George V: Myer
Touraunla north !. E. li. Delbng...
Tuscarora I Hiram Stun:4 - iAy .
Windham - 11. S. Elstiref
A. ti. finds,
.Artnoula Charles-K . lff
Athens tvep .1. A. Weller
Athens born It. t.
Asylum Benjamin lierrlch
Alba Duro
Barclay H. W. 31ecrancy
Burlington twp - 1.11. Ilarril •
Burlington born. 1 4. V. Ince
liurliugton wee. 4 . Warren Case
canton twp' D. 3lanley'....
canton born . _ .! C. L. Farm,worth
Litchfield • Munn ,;. I ..
Leltaysville. ' 11. Itiiinphrs
Stotame twp D. S. Miepts..,.
3tourne bon,
Pike •, E. U. Ahh4tt
Mir:Wry • John Srlnon. Jr ...
Home twp •J. 11. l'trwovir '
Rome born -. Georri W. ;41ekler
Smlthflo,l E. V. Nichfils
Spri tag Eltqd
S4;th - (;reuk I)avld Chid
Sylvania ' i'eterl Mourn. ,
'44 heSfitilll/1 ' Georg(' Childs.
Standing Stone ' George Sag+ ....
Terry • Snub+ll llowfnan
Towanda twp • 3:1111C14 W. NOAH.
Towanda Ixwo S. \V. ltodg+rs.,.,
Towanda north ' I:. It. 'Delon:
Troydwp . . 11. N. 1 , 11 , 11 1
Troy taro . ' U. M. Spalding...
Tuscarora ' W. 1. Ilarr+ncliff.
Ilt.ter l' , . ('. 110v..v
Warren ' I'. F. 11ow en .....
Windham • -H. S. Elsbree.....
Wyal using i O. W. Corkin •
Wysox E. V. Drake'
\ V elk , fieorgl• If. Nitipp
W itinot . . fobn ti.chocic '...,.
Itea-ssessmlnta ...
. I<-
. ' .
pu ,- , upon duplicates of 1874 and preylous 18.45.3' 72 • Returned uncollected t0r,1873 and previous
1/nlol...ales or r 73 • 3.1,262 70. y,ars ... , 42.141 19
Batik tax. ':, 6,4 13 Exon,,rate.t to roller 14.4.1. :.; ......... 94
luebleutir i.•.'r:lvals
494 57 Pere , ntegu toe. lle , turs .1 1.907 54
111..a.5.‘,......r•nt, • 1 131 70 Val.! B:ate Trea...iurer ; ' 11.90 u (19
In Treasury January 1,1873 ' ' ' 6,302 71 , Pahl Btate Treasuter bank tax.-- 'Co 19
1 ./rtl-rs I , ald 33,2._ 17
Two per cent. couttulso' iojon e 30.-242 81:1. 7'24 83
One per cent. eoninil,.i.ioul on t.. 14.451 22.. . . 344 51
. . Itt trca>ury January 1, Is7o. : 2:37 33
~ • ' ' 1
Total - 45,369 7 1 1 . ' Total ;! .:.:1 *
Ord.. rs L,wrd
We, the undersigned Commissioners of said county, do hereby eertlfy that the at es Is a true and
correct statement of the recelvals and expenditures of said county from then first day of January to the
31st day of December, (Inclusive, A. D., t 573,. 1
Witness our bands and seal of officer at Ttivranda this lath day of January„ D, ts7e,
fill .ME
t - tttil..EtA UGH,
We, the undersigned Auditors
statetuent and the vouchers fort
Vonimfialoners office Januars:
T A: Y L 0 R
Towanda, Dee. •. 'lb
Waimi Ayi,r
Nelson Wolf
David SnailOr'
1,. A. srex.,*.r.,
Q. O. Valtrrini!lo
If. P.Stavyf
Elsbree, Treasurer,
• I
. .
• 1
County order* in F raecount icith the county of PrUelfurliforlB7s,
I. • 1
i ~
i .
i , I •
Prisonrrit sup port in earn,' jail, or so
.. 4 0 e4Pentfary. .... ror. 74-
Conveying prlsonereto pedinentfaq„,.... ;113 7tt ,
Prothonotary and clerk Sessions; ...... "... ia) 77
Repairs cm public..4olldlngli - - rl OM it
Rent of room for court at 'Frey `; 160 Ow
Rent of comity superintendent's Mika .... I ZS it
Rent of county aurirerlir's odlee', i Zi Wa
Sheriff formunnionlng jurors, '1261 so
I Sheriff for removing eelsyrlrs. , . i 3in
i !Mate LunatteAsylurn
m ' , , ' ' IWIS 711
MOW% dliptleates apir !..-
4 gleters •lioo so
Otesegnspehr and court reporter '.. 7S
', Etpenses treasurer Trol courts I-- ....... 1 43 eco
' Teachers institute, lira of 1867 - 1 142 IS
, Tax refunded ...,, - ' t...; ' 261
i Township avid school tot ' - ' IZO it
For livery . , , i 9ee
Wildest-certificates • ' - i 607
I Benjamin Kuylrendail. roMmlAslower ' 1421 ow
Abram Snell, ermandulriner ' 1624 091
Morris Shepard. eontrolvslonvr 1474 pos
I. E. B. Coolbangh, clerk of eptunik-slonem . t,'MO Oro
Sum total •
33,Z12 17:
tares for the counti of Bradford for the
rtrarious. : •
33,222 47
in account with the cot 174 of Bradford
...f.111.2h2 17 I
_Order,: pal
- I
• ,
lot said county, do ho ehy certify that we hate ex a mined the terzot.n.r
he sante aedllcul It to besorrect
3, 1376,
j • O. FR'dST A: SANS
C 0
We resNe:tiOly atiuri4ot!,2 to all those as wale
. .
And that our pi - teeslre. tho LOW LST, and our
. • !*
! 1I•
1 I •
of any to the MARKET. Our prices nave now
Hiving just returned from the e3y, We have
0 0 D
•I• - • -
Deo. St
II I,lPercent
-Itecelved. ate 4. age.
1 $5 3l
,P 9 59*
59 75
17 3:
74 44
.11 4 5,) f, '47
1, 4 .2
42 11
5 '. 57 01 .
12 14 al-.
s :o
8 61 ; 34 43
1: 16 5 89
A 26 r 37 82 -;
; 44 54 ..;
722 ''• 23 34 ;,..
4 62 ..;
79 44
I 14 12
XS9 al
240 $7
, 476 93
20 00
, 307 32
271 22
41 04
27 63
43: V 8
1,238 87
300 G 4
121 8S
210 37
24% 7
141 17 ' 157 67
:2 21 15 94
2751... {
5 88 -42 ,
1 64
. 1 24 72 I• -
18 N 2 ! 4097'
4ms i, 711 '2O 12,,
30 49 ! 85
3 0 0 60
• 42'15:
41 4 17 65,1...
; *l . l 24 7.6
T TT Se :,• •
71 •' 49 34
3 31 3: 43.
5 57
3 71 '• IS 57
3 .I'3 I r. 74
4 931 3034
I lioB GG
i 112; i 10! G 3 14
4 141 30
j 5 80
45 .31
3 54 37 M
1 28 3 0 97
4 42
3 14 54 57
- 49 10
50 24 19'
2.1 4 56
2 35 25 73
'5 41 2y ,23
Rl 54
1.114 9
417 21
R 5 31
9.,1 xi
037 00
2.750 00
. ; 97 S 7 . 154 90 ;
i p
9 5
1 4 5 ' .' I S I 5 1 • .
30 . 2i .;
6 24 41 ~
' , .ISS . 1
) 21 1 ..
I '.3 4 , 1 ' 2 91 -.,
t 43 3.1 ..
40 12 -
7 45 ..
25 19 '..
314 9$
1,00.' 03
74-1 77
Slq 17
5:17, 'll3
511 3,
)413 47
775 11
711/ CO
472 73
112 57
.10 . 4 3
19 VS
6 ?A
446 04 1,967 54 19
• I udltorp.
Fzost & Sozs.
Our assortment I
ow I the
•"; , ' -
Exeiythlng In the :Inc jri
C-a +~
5 s#l
131 8(.
Ili 3
39 6$
45,7;9 70
t. 13, 2 ,2 17