Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 26, 1873, Image 1

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Tux .B.unynan Rumen la pabiliand, swag
t. nu:WV Ktaldbil by Lit. am= at Tao)l;4lns
. per annum la advance.
sr advertising in all cuis trelllarfe of inocatp.
tion to the
BPWLAL MTN= Inserted at "aim carentan
tine for brat Insertion: and FITZ minpa llas toe
subsequent tesertiona.., a ,
„LOCAL NCYlloffilidarne mattes,
re-Erna:an a Rite. , -
ADTEBnEenerdTB win be Inserted aceordlag to,
he followiag table erste%
. . . _ . . .
lw 1 tw, I Sca 1 6111 I Ur.
inch $ • 5O LOO LOO I SAO i
Inchis" I 2.00 I 6.00 16.001 10.00136,00 I 110.00
9 Inches I 2.00 4.00 110.00 LLtamo.oqi atL,bo
ess 3.00 8.60 ltilq 111.25 25.00 MOO
1 6.001 12.001 18.00 12.0011 &UM
collinin 1 10,001 20.0 0 1 80.001 80.001 85.00 imp
20.00 ► 40.00 ► 8000.1 two ► $l6O.
Administrator's slut Executor's NotiCeit, $2l Auf2j.
t Soticels.,s2 SO :- Iniainees Cards, inhales, flair
9 Fir) O. additional lines $1 each.
Yearls advertisers areentitThdto quartmilehanges.
Transient adrwileementaroast be paid forts edraate.
, All Resell:Mons of AsitoidetiOnst Gommuniestlons
or limited or incited's* interest, and notices of Mir*
Timms and.Deathal'eueooding timelines, are charged
- crxra per line. • I
The Rreogras towing s larger circulation than
h papers In the countycombined. makes it the best
A3certieing meatus:kin 21Orthern Perinartrinia.__
• JOB PRMTLNG,ot every , kind, in Plain and nou7
...c4rs, done Isn't:is:Ones. and Wasatch. Handbills.
1313;uks, Cards, Pamphlet% =tend% Eitate,ntents,
or Ucer7 Caner' , and triple. printed st the aborted
notice. The Error/ma Me is well tnipsned lash
-- Power Presses, a good assortment of new type. AM
ATerlibing in the Printing Utok can. be executed in
he roost artistic manner and at the lowest rates.
Ton - micis. Septa 15, 1870-yr
• sznaver. Aarrrs, Tciwantla. Pa: -None but
reliable companies repTcsente4l.
0 . D. mirryriT., - I •C, G 11171.71.=. 1
• nr. 1872.-ty* [ •
. I. • DRAT 'NO. 278 South 'Water Street.
cae 0 , lllinofa, Real Entate purchased and sold. In
veatmento.madeand 3loney Loaned.. r -
May 10,'70. • - • • •
• momtorrow. PA-. pass piatieTaar attention 0
roping Buggies. Wagon.. Sleighs. dc. Tire set and
repairing done on short notice. ' 'Work and arras
- guaranteed satsfactiary. • -12,15.139.
CV again eztablisbeii himself In the TM:LORI:10
"r,SINESS. Shop over nod-well's Store. Work cif
'very description acme in the latest styles. 2 ,
Towanda, April-21. mix —tf ;
The undersigned would respectfully sztonncoio
. the nubLic that he keeps constantly on hand WoolSn
Cloths, Cass:mm*oc' Flanneli, Yarns, and all kinds at
Wholesale'and retail. gAIGH k BBOADLEY.
Ang.10,1870 • i Proprietor:
C •
S. j - k S Llt S
. 4 - SeR A CE. , A . O' l lN C 11,
W31. , H. 'MORGAN DEkT i •
'lr rra rat REAL ETA .=-Lots from $lO9 up
wards. • Also Real Estate Agents. Land bought and
Fold and money loaned. Patties desiring to sell
Wild Lands, Farms, or Lots, can . )2avo a map of
_lands or subdivision =Laded at tliis Agency. tin 4
,property sold' on a reasonable coromtraion. Office
over. Postonlccc Mercar's Block, Towanda, Pa..
L. moony.' • itu'o„4l23 tett. B. atconuart.i-
, -
-IL TECT AND BUILDER, 'vrisbeiitec 7 iziform
citizens of Towanda and vicinity, that belcill Oita
a r tica I r - drawing plans. deargns and
fret ftea.tions for 'all manner of buildingt, private
and public. Superintendence given for reasonable
'coninertastion. OtTw st residence R. E. corner of
Seecul and. Elizabeth• streets:l
TlEAi t rTAtn LIFE. Firm & ACCpE&T f.
tRAN CE• "GE - N C
e, corner of Main aod State Streets;
3lar - h
am piepared to furbish Min-dried Doors, Sash
and Blinds of any style, size, or 'thickness, on sh4rt
Hand In your orders ten days before - you
want to use the - articles, and be sure that yon still
. cct doors that will not shrink or, shell. Terms caah
i on 4 , 2/11"MT.
. Towanda. Tot" 19,1571:
Dealers it
( ti)t; BIDES, PELTS, CLI",
For wilfelt tho ltigLeat cash priceila paid at all tirnia
01:17e in I. E. Rosenfield's Store, Ilsin-st.,
.a. A. n.o.rrox. I !;
J. F. LAYTON'. tk0v.14:70 TOWANDA PAL'
• NT •V, FIT R
(100,D5',LOIV PRICES!;'
r AT moNr.oETos, PA
. • 1 ---- • , .
•, , -?-..,- •1 • '
,;••....sil Dealers in Groceries and Provisions. Brag{
- .el *7•lredieinos, Keil:peens ,Oil,. Lamps, Chimneys,'
ilia_l.'s. Dye Stuffs, Paints,',Oils, Varnish. Yankee ,tics
. lion=. Tobacco; ei;iirs and Snliff... Pure Wines'
ii;liv,: , ... o 1 Pao Idesennality, for, medicinal p s
— only. • All Goods's* at the very lowest prices. Pre
scriptions carefully compounded at all hours of ;the
lay and ii'd..,llt. Give us a - call. -
. • 1. • TRACY Si. irotra*.
'.• Mor,rceton, Pa.; Juno 2,1:15(.3--ly. 1_........
nruMphrey i
•:f.'l -r,.z F. s s MAKER,
, - ‘,'(..)X•erl 'tfoad 'St -
_ 3.- c.
s e,
• ' •
11 , - ; ., , , , r• r:-. 111-id a, frill assortment of Dol;l3LE 4 and
:q.tiliLE tiAnsEss, phi - all other goods in his line
1 1:4 .i.oiring awl malufleturipg Mono to order. '
i "o.di arida, ..ingust :id. IS7I. .
XK F. ItY 1 . , I \---
GI ()( 1 1 I'l I,S
• .The nederse4u.i.ll,egi leave to retest) thanks to
the Re'aple of Tecvni'adi and vietnits far the very
gen.A•onit patronage I extendea to him during' the
past , eason, and at the sane tim&to give hotias , that
e hellac Business a stock of • ;
.. ,
, I - •
..11'hk!e 1: , • , ;q•-:. , i1arr...,1 L) offer .LT THE: LOWEST
lie will ,tlll conlinize .the 134kIng , bushl4is in all
•p.134,1 , ran5:1..., 1 , an I ra,..l furni, o 4 anything in [WI line
0: - .,i-tli , Phortl•st n , 417e. an,l
Ile Ittte•ttlse fitted
, . .
Werre'be-s 11l itt all utiles be re'r.:l3 - to furnish Meals
or Lurk:lol . ls at muck ] :lower rates Ilan usual.. • i
F.travq - sa3lothor - .4 risitin:z town . aro mrited to
Parti,s burp:it-41 with Ice ercarn,Caties, Fruit,
- ail I Confectionary at vhort iaotice.
• I:Nue:Tiber the flare, nearly oppogite the .3.t r
• S'ept.ll.'72. ,-1101ZACF. A. couLy.s. •
TOWANDA COAL YARD, , ,An . .A - so EMl...V.:rail ;al:EY:rt.;
)14:;;.t , t riic•ca
11: 1 2. I.;+.
,Attnia..... 1 by trarelmsing year
t .7.% I avalifig Hari e of
TV ., To
Is guiraateci
_ .
.. s .
1.1.1a1t, !'ai1..*: , , , .,:. , ne.1 an I:Am—age snick ol.lise latest
.ft.yrel 4.)1 , . ,
Ts which incite the attention of toy, numerous
customers snl all others who desire to study coon.
, e:riy Cr!' purchsso of Clothing.
SI: I))011
r 1 OF pox x DIERCUR'i.
it a print not to carry negation
e mS prof.ta rot 7 mall in order to
7 11 beflr3 a change of moil:11E1g is
r4 - ,_As ullk •
gogi,i, I La
.igrpote onny t - t
equirel. ,
Nay. 1373
TAMES WOOD,. Amman . Aim
- Oonsantana .tr Law, Towanda. Ps.
811ITH & MOiTTANYE, A:no?-
tern as Law. 1 0ficeits of Maxi sad
I'llteStreets. opposite Porter% Drag Blare.
cnue to Pato:oi Do*. arre Garet Drag are
Oberria4l Ware. ; ;
nil. T. B. JOHNSON, PrilitelAN AND
A5 l tosoure. Moe over Dr. It. C. Pert.: Son
A Co.'s Drag Store. 1 •
FG. MORROW: Pairsibux tam
e Brannow. offers his professional services to
the citizens of Warren and " Residence
first bcmse north of 11 F. Cooper's Store. Warren
Oentre, Ps. I . f
-2-1 successor to Ar. W, Won. Office to Patton's
Mock, up stairs. Main; Street, Towanda, Pa. Ail
kinds of plate, work a spectsity.'73
T\S.M. WOODBURN, Physician
ASA Surgeon, 015 m over Wickham k Black's
Crockery store.
Towanda. May 1,1872.-1 e
"tcuiy3o,' . 72. TOWODA, PA.
- pomp, & • McPHERSON,, Towanda, Ps. Will give prompt
intention to all matters entrnstea to their clone.
'Orr;lutrui• Court Mildness a neetalty. •
s•. sorts. Imay2r73l I.lePnsasen.
ADD firm. Ear Aux Acimns Asm Binzints. Office
third door south of First Wallowa Baal, ground
floor, Tow'ands, Ps.
0, D. Buvrtxrr.; inny2ll9l o. ratter.
tiettliz attention paid to business In the Orphans'
Conrt. 20.
31. NICHOLS,_.
And FTASTONT.RY Aka . altteitAlct",
Opposite Vat dyke Bones, 1:11,MP., PA.
Mirrli, 1873..
. Amp-sr-AT-Um.
Slain Stree, t, Towards. P. Offico - with Overton &
Elmbree, op posite Con Sousa 111ay.14;73.
mcir ♦T Ira (:I:HAW et Attorney for Brad.
ford Conlirl).Trer. Pa. Collection( 121.1de and prompt.
remitted. j fe4l6.Nra—tEr
W. B. KELLY, Drrith.---Ofice
• over Itlckliain Elsa% Towanda. Pa.
Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver. Dabber. and Alum
ni= base. Teeth extnictp d without Pain. 0n23.72
Brrnasoa.Permatientl7 located at. TOWANDA.
Pa. - Particular attention paid to all Chronic Diseas
es.: Cancers and Tumors removed without pain and
without use of the knife. Ofßee at his residence on
State street, two doors east of Dr. Pratt's. Attend
ance in office Mondays had Saturdays. Zif51.16.12.
Box 511. Towanda, Pa.l
-Aprtz' CALIFF, ArioßNEts-,
AT-LAW, Towaudi. Pa.
rr. t. Menus, 4 ' J. N.- . Quarr.
Office In Wood's BtocY. first door south of First .
National Bank, up stairs.: ;au-R.734y
•ary's 42,Lavr, Turmas, Pc, Wring entered
into copartnership, otter their protessionit services
to the public. Special attention given to business
in the Orphan's and Register's Courts. api 14'70
t. orruvor. JB.
VY • .
;1l :u F ree oppordte Courtllonie, Tosratitis, Pa.
Oct. 27,'70. z i
• PP.RP 4 .,"TENDEr, Towanda, Pa. Office with
IL IL Peck. second door below the Ward House.
Will beat the office the last Saturday of each mouth
and at all other times when lot called away on btud
nets cot netted with the Stmeritendency. =letters
I:otild hereafter be addressed as above. dec.1,70
OR. J. W: LYMAN' •
- '
. .rr•rac•i,... .1.5 D singagos.
• •
orn z. on Mein ,Stree l t, formefly occupied by Dr.
Ladd Residence,. corner Pine and Second streets.
Tovmads, June 22, .AB7l.
* IAW,1 AW, Towanda, Itkadford Co., Ps.
ParVenlar attention paid to Collections and Orphans'
Courtibusintess. ' Offi^- •Sterzny'a New Block, nArtla
aide linblic Square. aPr•
. 4 --
E,c' 0131DLEY,
6 • 1
Ap:[ I 1.; 1473-
----__ ---:-..:,-,--7-W,-,--;.--'-----
lite of the College of "Physicians and Burgeons,"
Neu. York city, Class 7843-4, gives exchudre attention
to the practice of his profession: Of6ce and residence
on thd eastern slope Of Orwell Hill, adicirdreP Harry
HOW 03. I jarr74, '69.
D . .4 7 g3tITH
14archt . ved G. 11. 'Wood's ' p y, be
21erc w ri Block and the Elwellßouse, ; t here he I: i kag 2 ;
Icbca his office. Teeth extracted without pain by,
use o 4s. Towanda, Oct. 20,1870.—yr.
' .
_ • Martha Conri - Monza.
IVe re prepared to iced thellunm at all tintea of
the .
.7 andt4renine„ 07ateril and Ice Cream in
their sleasone
30. 1370.
1 . 3,n
luglemeed th in
coromiodate all, who
bewe I supplied, and
fa ctiop to the travelh
Having losied this rionse, Li Dow ready to scroanno
date We travelling public. No pains nor expense will
be spared to give satisfaction to those who may give
him a .
*lir North side of ihe public square. east of Ifer=
cur's new block,
• ,
A trAnr auFT EL D- CREEK
' - .
Having purchased Ind thoroughly refitted this old
and well-known stand, formerly kept by Sheriff Grif
fis, at the month of Itumnierteld - Creek, Is ready to
give good accommodations and satisfactory treatment
to all who may favor, him with a call.
Dec. 23. 868-:•tf. ; .
•Th Horses, Harness, 'to. of aA guests of this
bonOa insured rg agsinAtioss by Aire, without any ex-
tra e.
A spperior qualitY_Of Old English Bass Ale, just
receited. T. R. JORDAN,
T • ftnetik, Proprietor:
W A.8,13!11.01P5E,
trg.iptop COUNTY, ,
This popular house, recently leased by Mesas.
Boos & disarm and having beencompletely refitted.
remodeled, and refurnished, affords to the public
sll the comforts and Modern Conveniences of a'dra
chma Hotel. Situate; opposite,the Pell on Main
Street. it is eminently convenint for persons visit
ing Towanda, either for plasm, or business.
scp6ll BOON =LIM, .Proprietors.
"Al \
Lat.4"x EMILE, PA:
W. W. NAOMI/NG, 1 Paorarrroz.
This Hotiwa iii, cmiditcted la' stricilY Temperance
Pit:Ml*B. Every effort win be made to make
gnats comfortable. Good rooms and ths table will
always be supplied with the best the market af
fords. - Nov. 1. 1871.
lIACINZIIT, for Bale by
• , It.M. WELLES,:
oince No. S Hemel mock, north side of Codrt
House square.
Hacblues, Horse Pcnrers Sad Threashera,
Wheel Bakes, Plaster 'Norma. Grain. Seeders, Ha
Tedder's, Nerersitibr and Steel Plows, arlurstoei,
Mill Horse Hoes, Clore, Hulkirsandlasuilng liLlAs.
z.mrs rpnnces, wArca camas, asar =am
c zpce =ins ?aura nr 71;i 11012.11; 0 01 13
• I XECILLL=,S reit *Aim oa rows& SG. *O.
0 4 40 = 2 sad del•Ptlys, fllastrated ;Outset dr
colon, failed or imaged tree to au spplicairts.
-it IrEil coat but three cents to send for circulars
Pcislaile • t
Penmen iiben in'Torands, all sad eel Me.
Avett= T 2: • Wit.
is. W. AI-IVOR"), PnioUsher. •
D. W. SCOTT ti Co
IS s. rquorAs
LiHonie, now pripared to no,
TO him * * call. Hts,tablo wit!
ano pains spared to 'give BUIS'
• ApL234n3
-----, . ,, ::: -, . ,- ; ,-,------, • - r , : - .... ,-7 . - =:• - si- , . - '1,Y_ - :! - -'...-•',
, ...
' .. - , • 4
~. ..
. -
'. V i \ .1' ' ) 1 .'] . ' • F.;;:c.,,,.-::-2".^::"'s. . . - ' i
. "
• ^ .. .r. - -•-,
• '
$ a ,
---- \.
1, • , I i r — .., , ' 1 •••• -:‘ .: • - Th i -44. - li'• k. • 1\ - 1 'i''' , :' .
I .
. 1 5.... .t .N . • 1 '
i .. .. '+ .„..•,:, k'
. . .. • - .024,..)....:4
1 ,
; • 0 1 '-.
:• . .
• :
I /
.7. ,.
1_ i lir • ,—..‘ •
1 1
(... c! ' . .t•-. -- . ' •
'', - • .
, ~
~,.... ~.,
' ---.
t '
;, -i . • 3 , ' ••. f ' '. t
e ~
: • . .
• •
• •
l' i
1 J .
3 1 . ''• ' ' ' • . 1.
• • .
• . ,
1... . . .
•1 • .
I e ,
. . .
• 1 ' 1 ••:. .
, 1 ,
o. FRotier & SONS,
our liaroacoalaa at aU Umea contain an
Of all Arles and info% combining with the Bich
and Elegant. the WO= Prim. imitable for all.
and so cheap that an 7 can afford to have them. Also
the finest and molt
FA5111014111.3 LACK waarrr PA14.011 tani
Dit new and amulet designs mid of the most an;
pert) stile and Azddi. Also s choice sascatanent of
,CAtErit,' BIDE-730A2D8. IThNABT
Also a mai:Vele line or Tete4-Tetess Sofia, Bounces
Booking, Easy and Parlor Matra, in the greatest
sty of styles and pelees. Also an endless video
ty o , •
Of every description. and in fact everything to be
Mod in a First Clam }Nandi:ire Stare,
Nro pay Case for Lumber. or will take Lumber in
in exchange for Furniture. Also a large stock of
Of ever/ deazription from the most common to the
ftnett: Rosewood, always on hand. We are sole
agents "for ,
Which are now conceeded b 7 all parties to bo far the
best Ifetane Case in use. We have the
In this section of country, and - will furnish any
thing iti the UNDERTAKING lino AS LOW as the
same quality of goods Can be got at ANY PLACE,
either in Towanda or elsewhere, and from our tarp
; EXPERIENCE and thorough scqualptance with the
timidness; we can are persons many annoyances to
which thepare allay! subjedt when dealing with
incompetent pasties. • .
sir- Do not forget the place
Towai:u!iLiprl) 2,1872
G . EO, H. WOOD 4,-CO.,
1 t .
Orstefu) for the generous patronage of the t
past year, would inform an waiting Pictures
that we are still adding to our establishment
And addp4ng tried and approired modes of
printing ii4tl retouching in order to secure
- made outslile of the cities, and Abet we make
_it a specialty to enlarge all kinds of rlotnreit to
any size desired, and finish in Water colors,
India Ink, or in Oil, In the
• We alp endeavor Co take an the time pout-
hie in making childrone pictures. so as to se
cure Ilia beet manna. • • !
All new patterns and falderal styles, and fur.
rash them at a small advance from coat prices.
May 14, 1873.
100 '3,MN' 'WANTED
We havelho best line of Stoves in the Stitt
Have taken the , premiums tho State Fairs, and
we knew they are a first-dais Stove.
F:01 : goo coal; something not, •
't • ,
For hard or soft coal. Also the
All futrt-Lue:l3tovee
I .
A fall assortment of Hardware, Tinware, Copper,
and Sheetiron Warn always on hand. '
agy-All alders ailed promptly. Job Work done
and warranted; Give ns a call. ,
rzwrs & plairszy.
N0v.13,1872. No. 4, Midge Si., Towanda.
..._. •
-no uworo g nod hiving" pnrebased the
Calls attentio*to Ws *.arp stock of
Wli WI he is now preparra,ti
- .
Orders is pergou or by twill promptly attended to.
Towanda. April 16, 1873.
Will serve mares the present season, from May let
to august Itt,at the I
From Monday noon to Siturday morning, and
At the farm a L. & Kingsbury. daring &tardily
and Monday forenoon.
The above lime will positively serve but tireutp
live mires this maim
TERUEL—V/0 bithe season; money due at time
service. $.lO to inure one mare, and $5O for
two mares owned by one person; money doe u
soon sa the mare Jmown to be with foal. Any
baying a mare inured - and parting with
her the time Wailing, will be bed amount.
able for the insurance.
PEDlGREE'—rsteben vu ased by the celebrated
lesttlas stallion Clears IL Patchen,be by Caritas
N. clay. Madam of Patcbel was Dwodt; enrol
dam Messenger.
May7-2m txtiosimmir k SOLOMON.
TO Mt •
r' I -
. :nostEcsoN, re v ecoany in.
force the Wise of Towanda slid viclulty thM alum is
prepared to matudactare all kinds of Artificial Bair
at remendds prides. such is Switches. Batas. Owls
Puff, Prissetta. tc.. either from combings Or rta.
pared hair. Beeldeuce on Third street. north of the
Catholic China). AU orders promptly attended to.
Sattatsetton gauranteed. •
Toirmuls. Nara 2 7. 10734 m.
p 0 Oder iurad ;Poet liarrelo. sad .1
kinds at Watt ea, band, at W. A.,
WZMI. . • ' Oct-1.11
bny the celebrated
itluttlt ramp.
' By GAZE 1101.11
Like a cradle rocking, rocking,
• Went, peaceful, to and fro— •
Like a mother's sweet• looksdroppitig
On She little face below
Bangs the green earth, stringing, turning,
Tarim's, noiseless, safe and slow ;
Palls She light Of God's. face bending
Down and watching tts,below.
And as feeble babes that suffer,
Tosa and cry, and will nokrest,
Are the ones the tender mother
Bolds the closest, lore, the beet :
So when we are weak and wretched, -
By our. sins weighed down, distressed,
Then it is that God's great patience
Raids ns closest, loves us best.
:0 grest Heart of God! whose loving
Cannot hindered bo nor crossed;
Will not weary, will not even ,
In our death itself -h a lost--.- = •
#Jore divine! of such great loving,
Ooly mothers know the cost—
Cost Of love, which all love passing,
Garr a 13on to save the lost.
Vor the ItsronTra.)
BY "11."—Ne. 111. -
Group H. Class
,6. Printing and
Books. The principal contributions
in this class were from France, Aus
tria, England and the United States.
Theprodrictions comprised in this
class, may be divided into eight sec
tions. L Specimens of typography.
IL Autographic proofs. ,111.-Lithog
raphy in black and ;colors. .117.,'Eu
gravings. V. New' books and 'new
editions of yarious 'works. VI. Col
lectio4 of works forming special li
braries. VII. Periodical publication&
var. Drawings, atlases - and abums,
technical or educational. ,This class
includes 144 exhibitors from seven
teen departments of France. The
exhibition from the United States
was by no means as complete as it
should have been. Only two or three
of the prominent publishers ivere
represented by their publications.
The bdoks and apparatus for the use
of the blind attracted much notice.
The very interesting display made h.
the American Bible Society should
be noted as one of the most remark
able of the typographical and pub
lishing exhibits of: the Exposition.
This society, organized in 1816, has
issued 22 118,475 - copies of the Holy
Scripturei', in about 50 different lan
guag,es, a, home and abroad. There
were Also admirable specimens of
books in the Oriental languages.
Class 7. Paper, Stationery,Binding,
Painting and, Drawing Materials.
Franco and England were the prin
exhibitorS to this class.
'Class 8. Applications of drawing
and modelling, to 'the common arts.
This class is comprised as follows :
1. Designs for printing—dresses, fan
cy bilks, foulards, 4ibbons, muslin,
cotton" fabrics, woolen goods„ chintz
es, etc. 2. Designslor weaving--
shawls, carpets, hangings, etc. 3.
Dera 4 ppos for embroidery, lifee, etc.
4. signs for . furnishing -- paper
hangings, furniture, pottery, etc. 5.
Designs for ornamentation, models,
etc.,—for jewelry, plate, 6ne iron and
lock. works, jewelry ,
copper, ivory, bronze, and
other : metali .stained• glass, etc. 6
Designs and' objects of industrial
"modelings, obtained by mechanical
means; (reduCtions, enlargements,
and photo-Sculpture). It will thus
been that the number and variety
of objects exhibitedin this class was
very great, comprising not only draw
ing upon paper for tissues, but mod
ela for carvings in wood, ivory, metal,
glass and stone. There were but two
exhibitors in the United States sec
tion, 22 from England, 36 from Italy,
and 41: from Switzerland. In 'the
Fretielvsection i thgre were .4.0 exhib
itors, mostly of designs and engrav
ings.. The fullest. exhibition of the
works of pupils' in "art schools, was
made by Wnrtemberg. Italy, Bava
ria and Austria also - exhibited speci
mens of their schools-of art.
Class 9. Vhcitographic proofs and
apparatus. This class includes : 1.
Photographs on paper or on glass.
2. Photographic enamels. 3. Pho
tographs obtained imprinting ink by
the various precesses, of heliographic
engraving, or !of photo-lithography.
4. Photograph obtained on metal or
on paper, withlthe C(2,lbrs of nature.
5. Specimens Of the 'various applica
tions of photography. 6. Apparatus
and wood-work for photography,
cheinical and all other accessories.
The Exposition was' exceedingly rich
in the nurnberland Variety of photo
graphs exhibited, but the specimens
were ingeneral widely separated and
not displayed to.acliantage. France
had 165 exhibitors, Great Britain
105, Austria 58, Prussia 52, Italy 42,
and the 'United States:l7.
'Class 10. Musical instruments.
The products exhibited in this class
include eight principal series, viz : 1.
Church organs ; 2. Harmoniums • 3:
Pianos ; 4.. Stringed installments ;
5., Wind instruments ; G. Percussion
instruments ;, 7. Accessories for their
manufacture ; 8. , Ed itioris of musical
works. There was no class 'in the
Exhibition more thoroughly
completely represented than this.
Every nation contributed its quota
to the huge aggregate. The rildest
and strangest countries contribUted
their, eccentric contrivances of bam
boo and bide--instrnments that were
dulcet to native ears ! but hideous to
the average tympanum of , Civilized
Europe. There were huge pad small
drums, in wood and clay used by
the Tinluionis; rude' viohns covered
with , gazelle akin and ornamented
with horns and men's , head's ; Ararat,-
eta made of antelope horn! and ele
phants', tusks, of whieh the sound is
heard at the distends ;of a league ;
and perhaps worse j than this, the
bagpipes of the Arab tribes used in
the region of cordovan. The Unit
ed States , had aline exhibitors. Nu
merically considered, the display was
insignificant, but the objects compris
ed' in it were of the . highest excel
lence. The general &sphiy of piano
fortes was unusually large.— There
were also unnutnerable specimens
-4,C 7 crioniT'sfor
saiumms cal ' I
both of - stringed and wind' instal
trkenta' , ,
Olass)l. -, Bargicallnatruments. In
this claim France had 101 exhibitors,
Prussia 18, Austria 19,,1ta1y 88, Unit
ed Statein Great Britain 81. The
articles exhibited in; this cues' were
numerous and varied. Besides the
metals, many produsts of the univer
sal and vegetable kthgdoms aro used.
Among the many interesting obiects
from the United fitates in tfiis class, the exhibition made b the Burgeon
General wits p • ly complete
and worthy of ilittinition. It incslud
ed ambulances, medicine wagons, ar
my field hftpitals, atul litters- which
were used thromhont the ivai, and
the best artifidat lirabs which . have
been invented. ! '
Class 12. M ath ematical , instru
ments and appiuntuzi for teaching sci
ence, The French exhibition in this
department wan decidedly the largest
and most interestmg. The mazinfao
turers of instruments ofr l e:don,
have fully Mail • fad their • rep
utation for the uracy, e legance
and cheapness o their production.
There were 107 exhibitors in this
Class 13. Maps and geographical
and cosinograPhi ' apparatus. The
objects of clair 1 which figure for
the first , time in rinivernal exhibi
tion, may be divid linto fonr series :
1. Maps, whether s . eparate or form
ing atlases, g geographical,,
eosmographi 1, sat nomical, histor
ical, marine, t pographicat geologic- I
al, or other , m ps.l 2. Terrestrial or
celestial glob , etc. 3. Maps and
charts in re lief. 4. Works, tables, 1
pictures and other ac cessories of I go- 1
ography and cbsmography. , The die-
play of this cliss was very fine, being
represented bb almost every country.
REErroßito ZEltliantli.'
The recenfl announcement's are
strikingly suggestive of the rapid ad
vance in modern science, I, into; the
most distant 4rad ancient seats of the
world's civilization..- A railway is
prOjected froit cleft, on• the coast of
Palestine, to the - holy, though now
desolate city ;of jernsaleM, aid in
the streets ofJernial l em itself horse
I ear tracks are to be laid,, quid' ere
long the ring of ; the , ConduCtor's
voice may be heard intim very Pace
- where'Solomon Vaa wont le sweeps
by in all his glory. [With more ready
commnnicatien with the venerable
centre of Christianity, renewed inter
est must be felt by Christian nations
in the explorations/ 1 that are at.l . last
revealed to tor as (mph of the original
city as yet remainti,l hidden beneath
debris, later j superstructures ; and
modern buildings. ' About five years
itg,o permission was granted to seve
ral Englishmen by the Sultan to en
ter into explordimie of the founda
tions of the magnificent temple Which
Solomon reared Without the aid of
iron tool, on the veg craggy summit
of Mount Moriah; a fund to defray
the expense of that noble work was
raised with. the 'renal #genervaity- of
the moneyed hien ;of England,' *and
now we are in possession of remits
/ i
which although partial, are yet ;vela- ,
able; and con rm it least the tradi
tions which h ve lingered of the vast
size and thetaassive masonry, the
nobleness of ) the architecture; and
the gorgeous adornments which the
wise king reiniedlto the glory of Goa
above thew s orKedron. The rN- -
toration of of the old Teniile;
which Chald an SO Moslem have
spared, seems likely ',to. be :folly ac-1
complishad dertllM energetic aus
pices of Captains Wilson and ; War
liin, unless their finccial resources
give out—a °Outing icy that is not
at all probable, considering from
whence they keine, end the increas
ing interest with wh;ch it cannot fail
to be regardeadarhe the discoveries
already made are appreciated. ; -
The revelations already made of
the walls, chambers, galleries and
i r
courts of Solomon's emple, are not
flattering to modern art, for it is safe'
to say that there is o'nation on the
face of the globe tha could now rear
so .splendid a monument. The great
pyramid is ati architectural wonder;
and mystery; Whatrit7ct in twen
ty centuries has bee able to describe
how it was built, or ' what archreolo
gist when it lies built ? Yet in some,
respects, Solofoon's Temple, wedged
urto, the very I crags [at I the founds.'
tiOns, is a greater triumph than the
Mighty — pyramid . !off ; Cheops. The
walls are fornded of mmence biotite
of stone, and Of these very walls Acre
is a total height of more thaa four
hundred feet, but little less than the
apex of the pyramid; the area of, the
eastern face i 4 double that Of a side
of the pyramid; and: etween the four
walls of the Temple it was possible
for 210,000' adult human beings to
Worship together at I the same_ time.
Coloseuma an St. Peter's and am
phitheatres and LlScalas are , dwarf
ed to insignifiCance in the compari
son. So vividly may 7 the Temple be
reconstructedlin imagination by the
data already published, that it re-
quires no forcing of; the mind. to im
agine Solomon - seated in the' midst,
and the high Oriests sacrificing at' the
'altar fires, the great men of the most
dirzvling of oriental !courts,gathered
In shining rairnent ' ground the inner
courts, and the multitutie of ancient,
long-bearded ;Jews I and cream-com
plexioned Jewesses gathered in a im
man sea in the great quadrangle , and
galleries, humbling themselves in
presence ofr anointed- monarch
and the prise, e,: . 'ant). 'awe-struck by
their, propinquity t 44 the mysterious
Holy of Rohe That That aXoslern sov
ereign should permit the "Christian
Idogs " to thus reveal the most Sacred
relics of both religions, marks a sin
fift:f:lnullutivosttleltarraient. with es the
shout its ver y Waal, for the, pftaes
don' of Jernsalem.Hßostori Pilot. I
How Viva) Gan: l —Don't, be 'dis
couraged :if
O ccasionally you 'slip
down by the waysid" and tread on
you a little. In other war* don't
let a failure of two dishearten you
accidents will; happen, and Weak;
lions will tun out sometimes differ
ent from our 1 expectations, !luttd ' we
may be sufferers. It is worth while
to remember i that fortune i" like ,the
skies in the month of April—some
time" cloudy and sometimes clear and
hatable'. ,
JUNE 26 1873.
THE GAM LOB. 1 1 '
• —.
The hist Legislature, passed a law
I to amend mid consolid4e the esviiral
letwa relating to game. and flab,
i which , imeezue to have been prepared
with more than usual Care. IA - 3 this
law_. repeals all the numerons- sets,
locaLand general, to be fund in our
law books, we publish that part of it
which applies more ininiediateli t..;
thieseotion of the State: 1 • di
The.firet election prohibits the kill
ing of wild elk or deer 4 the 8 : te*
save between the first day iof Sep ;
, -
her and the first day ' o Jan ,
u j i
with various other provisions relative
to, deer. - ' - ' I i ji
1 1
Oro. 2. No person ;eh 1 kill, jor
expose for gale, or have indwifutly
in his or her possession, after the
sum has been killed, oily ybliOr,
or fox squirrel, between e first
of January and the first of July m
any yearunder a penalty tof fiye del
lars for ;ach and every . squirrel io
killed or hakin possession. - . i
&a. 3. NO ' person' shi ll kill, or
expose for sale, or have; ." bnlawfully
in hiaor her possession, after the
same has been killed, any hare,, cor i.
monli called - rabbit, 13etween tip
fiat day of January and thc: fi rst d 43%
of Obtober in any ,year, nder the
penalty of five dollars for each and
every' bare or rabbitt sO id or had
in posseision; no person all hunt
or cause or permit the nnting of
rabbits with a ferret or ferrets, under
a penalty of ten dollarafor eich hare
or rabbit caught - or killed by means
' •, 1
of a ferret or ferrets. 1 1 . '
Sac. '4. No person shall, at any
4 ni
time , kill any wild , tick Or goose,
with any device or ins merit known
as a swivel or punt ', or With any
gun other than such gnus are ha
bitnally iaised - at arin'a 1 ' h and
fired from the shoulder, or shall use
any net,- device, instrnmen pr gnx,
other than such viii) is maid,
with intent to capture or kill any
such, wild duck or goose, ender A
penalty of fifty dollars. ; Ii -
Sic. 6. No person Shall
pose for sale, or hav;e. Ina
his or her possession i after i
has beeri killed, any tuPlanc
between the first dar 'of Jan
the first day of August; in _
under a penalty of ten d
each bird so killed or had •
slop, or Wilson or gray snipe
the twentieth of April 'and'
day of September,iii iiny yei
a like penalty. 3'
SEC. 7. No person shall le
pose for sale, or have j .ttnla
Ws or her tx*sesiitaNTafter
has been killed, llmy.3*ood
tweet' the first day.of - Ja n .
the first day of AuraSt, in
wider a' penalty of ten do
each bird so killed or bad i
SEC. 8 No person 'iballkit or ex
ose for sale, or hark, Dula hilly in
its pr her possession, aftere saixie
ia*been killed, any (limit or iiginia
artridge,- between the fi rs day of
annary and the fi rstiday of Norma =
r, in anyjear, under a n alty, of
en dollars= for each bird so liilled Or
liad in possession: ; I s a ,
Il• P CASA .
SEC. 9. No person shall 'll, ex se
for sale, or,havelink*, folly ih his or
ber possession, after 9the *lie has
een killed; any !'nftled grow, com
monly - called prairie chicken, etween l
the first:dip of Jannaiy and he first
Ilay of September,in litty year, under
penaltrpf 'ten dollar* for eaeti bird
sukilledror, had in pofsesaion.
RAIL OR BrEtf r ylßD.
SUL 10. NO persoW shall
expose for sale, , or belie =lei
his or her poimursion i nfter t 1
has been killed, any Mil bird'
bird, except in the months of I
ber; October and November,
penalty of five dolls* for e:
every rail bird or reed bird
or bad in possession.
cm:um sesnaove, &e.,)
&c.ll. No person) shall, tat any
time, within this State, kill, Itrap, pr
expose for•sale, or haVe unlawfully in
his, or her possession after the same
his been killed,any nighthasv i k,whiP
pixTrwill,rsparrow, thrush, lark,fificb,:
martin,chimney swallidiv 'woodpecker,'
flicker, oriole, red or )o s irdinp.l .bird,)
cedar bird, tanager,) at Vird, bbala
bird, or any other insectivoi'oua bird,'
ander a penalty of 'five &Wars kir
each bird killed, trapped, explosed fdr
sale or had in possession.
__ • ) I f
• Bath' rbor '(
SEG. 13. NO person shallde
stroy the nests of any wild birds
whatsoever, save only thoselof each
predatory birds as are, destrUctive of
game and insectivorous birds, under
a penalty of ten dollars for leach of
fence: Provided, Tha,t this: siettio
shall not apply to any person •who
shall collect such eggs for .scientific
Sze. 14. No person hall kill, catch
or discharge any fire-arraii stil l any .1
wild pigeon while op its' )nesting-1
ground, or break up or in any Man
ner distrirb such nesting-ground, or
the birds therein, or 4ischargi any I
fire-arms within one-fourth of a: mile i
of such nesting-place; atan,f wild
pigeons, or shoot at; i maini oi . kill
any wild pigeon within their roost)
ings, under a penalty i ef twenty-five
dollars. 1 i
Sec. 16.; There shall ; be no sho ot=
ing or bunting on the first day of , thel
week, called Sunday; land nay per-)
son offending against the provisions
of this section" shall be liable to a
penalty Of not more than twen ty-five,
dollars and not lisi than ten dollars:
SEC. 19.1N0 persen';thall ' kill or
expose for sale, or halt unlawful ly in
his or her possession, After hetame
has been killed, auY siklmon or spec.
liled trout, save only, d g .13e
months of April, Mii, ; dun e, lay and
the first fifteen .days 4' A t, tin
der a penalty of ten dollar s or each
salmon or trout so killed or had in
possession; but ;this r seetinn shall
not prevent any 'peitigiii fro* catch
ing trout with nets ui.4atet r o r :Tned
by himself to stock tiger wa ,
ar-xitis, wail l'00111MO I SD;'_:
SEC. 112. Ittba,ll',4l . :* lawful la.
any Perook - Peroo,osi to Pl* so,
iwnst or set-ne*. dazes "ay of
cam* *vnlets ox s. iii this
State. • y person violating the pro-'
visions of this ;notion eh 111 - be liable
—sued oUttub , _
to a penalty of, Cwenty-fiv,
every °Once.
num pt M MVP CRUM
Sze, 24. No per so n B .0 any
time catch or kill mi an of the wa
ters of this State, save nly . with a
hook and line or scroll,' nd mo per
son shall catch or expo for stile, or
,have in his or! her 'on, 'after
the same has been •e ; any black
brae, pike or inckerel,betw een the ,
first day of March and e firetday
of June, except alive for, stocking
other waters, ' under a penalty of
twenty-five dollars - for each . Offerice.
ammo mi. Neva nreimerzn.l '
Sac. 25. In any of the inland wa
ters of this State, inhabited by rim
keled trout or black (quo and in
which fishing with nets iis not ( alto
gether prohibi n
ted by this act or:some
other acts in force in this Common
wealth, it shall not be lawful to catch
or kill fish b, means of any net or
device 'in •the mature thereof, the
Meshes or opeMspace in whicl i i shall
beless than three inch s, n der a
penalty of twenty-five;d liars:: Pro
vided, That nothing hprein shall an- '
thorize the Catching o speckled
trout by theatis.of any eviee,l save . :
only by hook and line except for
t i
propagation and to stock o her waters.'
Szc. 26. No ;person fib catch any:
speckled trout, black bass or any;
other fish in 'any of the waters of this
State, by shntting`ofr or Orawing off ,
any Rortion Of said t ern or bi
dragging or drawing s all nets or
wi e
seines therein; when. the waters are
wholly or in part off; ex pt by or-;
der of the State fi shery cbrataission-,
ere, under a • penalty of twenty-five
dollars for every offence. ,
,• Sac. 36. Nothing in this act shall,
he so construed as to pievent any
person, in any part from catching
speckeled trout or bleat bass' with'.
nets, in waters owned by'Airoself, foil
the purpose ofstockiiig (A l lier waters
SEC. 37. Nothing in th.s act', sh
be so construed as to prevent th
catching of bate fish b 7 means o
hand nets or cast nets for angling o
scientific purposes.
Judges, Mayors, Barge
&c.; are invested, with'
carrying out the law, anc
visionware made for its e
I 1 or ex
wfully m
he same
ary and
liars for
he first
r, under
• WE WOULIi NOT EAvf, num.
Without our -great lignor traffie,
says a New York city paper; we would
-not have the . perils by , which we a#,
surrounded Lilian. their; ' tang gra
vity. We would not hay the more
than 20,000 tenement-he ses,Contain
ing over 400,000 people b ing bestial
ized by the cramming th tinevitably
destroys he 'Privacy ,of family fife.
We wo ol not have in e ght `War
,:ian aver e pciptilation t - the acre' f
243, w " e in 'the corresPonding
destroys he
. slits of London the average
is only 2 4. ;We would, not have 'a
death-rat ; in. some of these over
crowded eter-nest s of e htyffour in
4,000. ,1 a would not b threatenad:
every an met by..pestile ee emanat-;
ing fr o m a nr cellar., population. We'
would_ n t have the disgrace aud
.danger 6 10,000 vagab;sid children
constantl adrift in our s reeta. The' e
come almost wholly' frpm
the te ns ent classes, d from thepl
same a one at le st three 41-
lars in iv ry ten that g to support
the dram shops.' ' litore thaUss,ooo,-
000 are -t us wasted eery - Year by
these chi ses, and-the a inis amjle
to proiid for:every ontast child we
have: I is tine - that, _without the
liquor 1 c, We' woul d eve our tene
ment a pat extent, as
j ,
it is largo due to othe and obvious
causes, b t. we wouldgre atly lessen
its squal r and proSi cy, thus add
ing to th public heal and morality'
i. ic
in the as pro Portion. •
And c4tainly with° t this traiNe
we wool il not -have at army ' l ot
casual cruoinajs which ev ery, year*.
becominpi more fo • able. The
latest staltisticii we hav at hind .how
that in a ;single year t ere were 32,-
721. arrests for intoxi ation, 14;935
for disorderly condu t, .. and 6. 1. P 9
for assault and battery Liquor is at
the bottom - Of every one of. these
cases, and the figures r present about`
30,000 diNererit'persone;iso .that, al
most one4hirteenth of he poPnlatkin
go to jitill every year film the'offense
of intoxication ,:n.' the Priblic streets,
or for offenses solely due to i drunk
enness; i 1 i
, or ea
• fully in
he same
k, be
?. • and
y year,
8 for
folly in
I 0 same
or reed
der a
h and
o killetl
1 i •• 1
i , ..:.....„,
Everybody knows =1 •at Dice is
Very fashionable,winte-ing resort, es
especially for the English, and "r •
aorta" are abontthe lme th ing tii
world over—a 'great dei of s nobbe •
of love making, of promenading•an
sitting in the Isunshinb. But Nice
aside from its olives anil oranges, ca
boast of more 1 eyegoggles- than' an •
town I •know of.- Goggles eve
were, green blue, or white , sick
folks everywhere, and quantities
siok,penniless American are strande •
here every year. 'lVent to see on
poor girl whose historyll soniethin _
unusual: A young ma , whop was a
soldier in the Union ar y, had ma
tied a lovely yOung girliwbosihealt •
failed, and herphysician Said ; unle
she could be taken to the South •
France she mast die. The huabin;
loving her more than most mel2...lave
their wives, in his disposition, ra •
away from the army, hating failed t'
get an honorable releasb, and;cam
with his wife- land cousin to ,Nic•
Their small funds were oon ex ha ust
ir . •
ed, and the cousin, a he me girl, , ap
plied her and to all aorta of .wor•
to meet their eirpeusesirtne after th I :
young wife's health was established
To meet - thie , engagement, eh:
remained behind. and dontintied •4 •
toil, even. to doing the est menial
service. Her ovni. stren th ;pie way
under the burden and she is now,
dying of consumption, „ aving given
her for the hap iness of be
friends.. She is .t, char ing person,
and belongs to LivingSfon - County
New York. That is lone ri of Ad
romances of Nice, and their are hen
dreda of others' bit none, I ween„
more heroic orlunselle.i- !•- ••
TREREWDORgang Upo4 this cart 4
that out compile with /he Ward attachmentl•
of info; ;so cteshwo who, 1 , the objeot.ot,
Melam so,llo/4011614.50 • venom cLr j
tiadrionft ogle% . I L.
041 . P
. L
..........., i s \
rOWrilikti D MILL.
l l' i i Bip.
--g- • . ,
, 1 ledge Ross, of ontgomery COl3ll.
ilrecently define 4 the power and r
duties of 4onstablea i As the LW in
relittOn in these oflq.cers hr the same
throughout the State, its publication
pray l b° ofigeneral interest: ;
; Theo ffi Ice of a constable is Me
ttossessing at common lavi large pow
ers and vaded with, the performance
Of duties Which are ,' gravely-import
apt to go ad:o k ' er,and, good moral - s,
peace and .`"- ~ .rnm of the communi
ty i I J
, • 1
1 Ilia firm t and genital duty
,is to
keep: the peace, andl for this purpose
letmay.Like into castody, and may
minit to_, jakandeven break open
the doors 4 f houses-Lin fact no . act of
anthprity,iwhich is of of itself ille
gid, may not be la fully done by 'a
constable topreven a breach of the
peace. 1 e bitty, sC.L.2O to 26. 1
Mae, Com! 366. If there is a rea
satiable grbund for Suspicion he may
arrest without a warrant, and hold
the offender for examination, bat his
action in this rep d is at his own
pcirilHfor be may n o t make an arrest
=less the .fiiOts a, d ;circumstances
would instill 's prudent man in as
sinning that the grounds of suspicion
were reimnable--tliat; is, exhibited
'probable'cause to eheve that a fel
ony had been cola lted... 3W.Sc S.
3(18.1 , 1 -
Jzt '
e has the forth
i r power to arrest
without warrant, for abreach of the .
- peace, comma' lted ialis presence, af
ter, he ha4.made iincli an arrest 'ha l
mnycondrect 'the p4rson to jail, andl
the jailor iiinstreceive-..him to be de
tained in ustody until an examine.
.tion 'may be had withoat unneecessa
ry delay. r,S. 411 R. 47. ,
1144 moat responsible, , "and too 'of
teli his Moat neglected duty, is to re
turn. to thn Court a l t each and ,'evez7
session such offens s into whiCh the
Can't has power t inquire, try and
i f
pidkisli. 'his fun tiOn makes him
inaPector of his ailiwick—the In
foi4,:iiiint of the Court , and the means
of repressing crime • The last dtity
is t bil l performed under ' the sane
tionof an niath--an niay be made the
bails cite bench warrant and arrest.
if it be inarfOrmeil With, fidelity an
ex, n . untion of th e ; eonstables' returns
i ,
wo. . at Once inorin the Court'of
the"! moral I condition of , the county,
,and few offences, would go unpun- 1
bled. l' 1 I i
There ate commonlaw powers and
ddties which are rlttached to the of-
flee, and tkfailure to, perform them'
or t nny of !them is a misdemeanor in
ogee, which " cord(' and would be
p*shed by this,eourt upon convicil
tion had. ( - 1 -
. put the! Legislature has enlarged
and particularly specified some of
these official powers and duties. 'l%-•!.
,One of Ithe statiites required that,
coastablei should search Faille
honsekaad placeal suspected :of en=
terniuning tipples on, Sunday, acid
&nape' them to disperse qiiietly. - :
'Sy various statutes enacted at 'va
rious times, the cnatable is reqtdred
to make Il ffenaes against ..
retu ,ander oath as to
ri !
' w ether 'o the game
orlfishing, laws h ve been committed
in his bailiwick; Whither anylastard
i l children haVe been born therein, 'to
gether Withtheiii sex and names Of
their mothers ; whether. there
tippling i,,lionses--Fthat. is, unlicensed
hOuses fair the illegal sale of liquors-'-
9 1 1, unlicensed 'hodses that, violate the
conditions of their license and
vthether i there aie L imy common; ill
goierne.), disorderly hotu4es, houses
eo prostOntion o ti l gambling houses.-
Th con Stable nst farther return,
-whether;the index boards are placed
and maintained at junction of roads
—Whether there were breachee of the
peace %t the election,
and the names
of the ofrenders---,whether Within his
.knowledge there Was wagering upon
the eleetion, an the names of the
betters, Fend w tlier there were
frauds dpon the eleetion. 1 '.
All these retuOs must be made
tuader oath and iff such offenses exist
and be iriot retained, the constable
knowing of their 'existence, is guilt
of ;a. ansdemeanoriiii office.
• •
... 1 i
' ' "BOWE S 1 WEARING. ' , 1
e'dolltirs for
8, relic:,
1;e duty of
,other prol
t ---i'
The rofane Swearer is, guilty of
an enormous offence I against Society ;
Secietyl is based .upon the idea of
intitnall 'proteetio , ,
,!sympathy and
aut)port. !' The isolated mdividnal is
inironxided by many . dangers. The
beasts of the forest may devour. him',
The Mindere? may make him hiS
viet4no ' Disease l imey consume biS
stength!and waste bisilife. But,let
sevemPisolated individuals come to=
gethei," and agree to live together,
and in tproportion, toy their numbers,
intelligence and determination, uill
their dangers diminish. Bat if they,
are! inippre, or dishonest, or disorder l ,
li,'tlie lelementa . of ,self-de.structioni
areL fo4rd among therrteelves, and,
their bond entered into for iuntuali
prOtectiOn, is in danger of being dis-:
solyed illy their • lown:- - zwic*edness.
Healthy' ) rporal elements," then enter
into all) true soci4, and honesty:
and pukity of thonght, parpoSe l ,,
speech and life mu t ' ,predominate in
orderlhat the en s o f society—inu,
,: i
tril protection against4Oes without
fiii withl4l—can be Sublierved• Nod
the l profime swearer, however gentle
tua ;
mly he may be in person and adH
dress, offends against , purity !of
sposela, 4nd so violates one °file es
sential laws ofl good , ' society, and
godd breeding. I He kill:deg the., air
witki itt4rancea 'which _good society;
hae i rnleaflont asloffengive to proprie
ty„ uid lays a violent hand upon the ,
laWs of decorruri which she haaea- j
tablish4 for her protection. rfhtit,
con munityis not the: true exponenCl
of social 'culture Find Propripty,which
doet noirseverely ,frown upon this ;
viciOns habit. 1 ' - - ,
Brofai4ty is altogether an nnnece
sary vieq, Nothing is gained by it.
A i bar may shield himilelf from harm
by-utter, ,g a lie. A. thief may gain'
8011 , 2 , t3tii/ng by aOaling.- But profani
ty gams nothing. I A. Mail is never in:
any sense the better for it. It does'
not add to his mOliness. It does
not increase.the confidence of people
tellin h' trnthfalness. They do not be- 1
liei, him t o n, whit sooner for it. The,
Who has to establish his Terlia._
t i e t' 6 s a li. lane Oao..imust • hive but.
*884141 B giuorea worttkit 4oft
ns#Oilii 4 efaititation for brayery.
• • .....,
. s
1 .1
I /
I 1
1 1
or co
11 1 11
1 ,
_ ~... ll' 1 , 11„,,•-
llidoo3o t Acreasthis, reePootail&-
ty. lict itok add a , lustre; tO 'Me l
name. th e contra*? it him , Ogl
er) ices him: _go ihkkok desplyi
rapidly ' l' in thei o _esifinakireref eV
whose esteen is worth Whig, ice:
die investing his moral ditaiicter 1 a;
concern *hick not Only; 'Amt. got&
ma, bet leaves him in'the end utter
ly'hankrap_t in m mid 'charader. dud
worth,' .. We knew= ones —So
called respectabl e 'ho dellersiciyi'
and Aluimeftilly his' moral,
bantrropt+, and unielled his horrid .
' depth .of Tice, by teaching Wald.
drew, in the ipresence of his hpart
broken wife, It TOCIOIIin of . .)xprts. 1
elms so 4mble, that Oren his &gear •
!dation' reiftied and Idenoimeed bi'm
;for it. The habit . once tonna' is
herd to br,ealr, and there is no' °tau
hiting the catent of _Amery in !which
lit. may. lead 'car•tive.the man' who in
dulges in it:l-North Carolina l Praby-
I • • 11 11 - • li, i (~
tervin. 4 li
1' , 1 i
1 -j. ;
HABITS Or, MAL ' -.' , ._
inThe, arrival of shads and ths coin
encementni fishing in our local wa-I
bars, render their nature and? habits
la I subject 110 interest . Thaddeus -
Norris give some 'timely infOrma
Lion in the , ay Jourtiel of the Fcrm.
;The shad,l be says, belongs: to the
great herri family. iltageoginphi.
;cal range,L on the Atlantic coast, is
!freak Florida to , the liitycof Fundy. ,
The shadways returns CO its'n4bve
,riper to reproduce its kind. l iThOsa
hatched in 1 the Delaware never en
!ter the months of the Hudsoi or
the Potornad.., Each river, acetording
AO Mr. Norris, has' ta own peculiar
race of shad, those Of the Delaware
being of larger size thaiA a the general
'average. ft l i.s believed t the shad
does not wander very far into the
ocean. Their ascent- tot the ning
in. .
!grounds, )the spring, is slow and
!gradual: If here is a r treshet, or they
lenconnetr a taint of Snow water,tltey
remain stationary. t They enter the
fresh running water ' very ' tardily.
I They cannot. ascend 'strong rapids or
falls, like thi salmon, and arelsome
tiMes checke d or scared by4neing
shadily Of a bridge across . the
Iriver. The 'do 'not feed while in the '
'fresh water, land; no 'food is found; in '
their stomachs after they have , en-
iered it. The roe Of 'a good I siied
t, .i, , , t t- .
!shad contains about 1100,000. egg s
land will weigh ten ounces . If i ,these
I were all hatched and.. reared, they
,would weighialtiptinds. But this
,immense fecundity is nece s sary l to
meet the nianY dangers that Bur
t round the, &h. ,Myriads' of eggs are
at once • estroyed or. Washed away,
while the oung fry are devoured es
they im ~ ere by Wholesale by cat
fish; chi is:III, sunfish and minnows.
Thirty yo n i g, shid have been taken
f rom the ermaeh of a ,roach; foui l
inches lo.g. 1 Seth Green says, that
only dirge eggs out lof a hundred
spawned nhe Connecticut river iro
n .
hatched. , spawning, the 1 shad:
seeks ab is 'current or gently Whixl-
jug' eddy en t . the -eggs are detti -,
generall3, at ' l
ight. They ars.akon ~
fertilized b ; ! hermale leorap o ,:,
who mov • her side, during ' - thi
operatic., 31Ir. Lyman, an e ri 7
eneed ibs -lrver, I say , that ij the
actual rpal t i obtained by arti fi cial ,
culture o f t shad areas , ,000 - tel las
compare w!th those of nature.l T his ;
fact illustrates Ltheigrea importance -
ef ...the_ step , recently taken by the
Stat e c ,governments for tile protection
and;pro igition o shad in the river's
alOng th - Atfaitic coastl il
1 ,
Suzy 03,' 1 Mona CARE:FL-41Rn of
busiues believe me, there. ie:now
and thea profitable venture in jdo
ing not ingla In aft the poweri to`
put bus' esp,asnie, , and' abidingno* . 1 -,
and. then m perfect quiet, things
someti ee l i solse themselves, *l2ep.
we give thentllhat advantage, ,vv ich3 ' •
refuse t pone clear for; all our 11try
ing. e all !know ho*, bt si ply
talking some,' perplexity mtoi thu
deepest Silence short Of death—a
good ni 4tii 'sleet:l—we can de better
someti es tlian if we eat' up -and
Wrought. at Pi task "all night._Nyben .
Mathew! Murray, of Leeds, wated to
see his Iv i rttbrough some, sore liai g -
plexity hpluiventioni; and alllpth- .
er effortslwerß °fll:to use;; he raided ,
night an day from all noise, and all 1' ,
effort, ere Pti the effort ati active tuna -
has to keep', himself quiet ; and then '
the thing he 'Wanted would ''steal in,
and 100 at bim, tna'light on Ibim,
"and sta Rs 1,4 s used, to light' on
1 ;
the 'old her ts; po more afraid of
them t an 'f the trees under vfltich •
they st. And, !mothers, you rimay
Care an toll incessantly for yotit lit
tle one , 6er resting a moment in
Your deb tint; anti then, becanselyon '
never do iji3 (met, bat enterllnto
your ve 'Oset, with th aflittle frock to .
1 1
mend, 'y tillshall nev,ei be 'tjuite
able to ta i e the'_wh y sunlight',
and som 'f yeur moterhood 'into',
YonilVlU De so fall of
the - breadl that. cOtifieth
-,Sour he
'care ab
/ down I
m T uch
he wor
boa t
only tt.
at; last
of ch,
ran p 1
in gro __ ev
carbine they meet. , If .. anytbing is
good, they com Plain because it is,not
better.unianiti haSno brightside
to these inblersi a looks black,
dreary, pelesS a them, from' . what •
ever point of iiew they ' extunnip it. '
They ove lo6k theivirtnes of an in
dividual, arid bold by 4 single.llanit, . ("r`
to judge his chsracterl from. ',They,
li r
denounc' a party as corrupt beianse
a feverasc ale disgrace therattele4s by.: - '
unworty actg. ' . The church is! false
because * fear hypcicrites fuid shelter . -
within it il The, world is on •theibly,h
road to destruction, `and"everYtlung
indicateSl the; diepravityjof mari.l! We I -
do not e il h tlie h these _
growlers. , sir nnhappy frame;
mind is a out the Unly pleasurc(!hey
enjoy. ‘# May suurid paradoracal,
but the social misery 'they create, .is .
to them a sOurceof,- enjoyment. .. 'A , t ,
single ho eful heart is worth airegi- • -,
ment of t e s fardt- Finders : Milian- •
i t
ity has it bnght side—beantifal and
attractiv to.'thoSe who seek. it. !The
world is 've with public and ttlinte • •
virtue, aid *e should tp ready at all
times - to loster. andteouraged Ms'
element c;f social ccinaf rt and Priblio
happinei.ll ' , I
-111 %-
I ' _ •4` __ i
a l to
* I ' ._ - ii, _
DON'T 1 0 1`;- - ---1:10 *3 0 1 101101 V1i108•
_ _ _ _ t.tA ~ . p ,
oiler of, .e gansporD [1.11121. na
ros, issgeal other bulletin of tood
1 advice L ' 11, I o ur l AT -
Don't inveat all ur inone,y iia lot
terry .tickets. 11 Give leorcie other Jinni
A chancellor ii i i prize'. 1 1 I 11
se ;
Don't tell kediter tfaar to tips a
nevreparer.,_ Let tte 'ior fool find I
it out bun ', ..., ,' 1 l';1
,Don't laaf labout Ulf; etreebil
44=4 44_tli# Le , for . our-"i+
litvad." 1E1:0 3
islet .-
No persim 111
r 'soul
sty , en - s
IT Intl
if; l fa