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— . Williamsport has more lawyers
—There is A large amount of corn
I ungatherd.
—There will be an active campaign
temperance this winter.
--BetHera expects, to have all the
ter it ueeis in a short tune.
—The eipenses of the late election
New York City srere 1130,000. - I,
—Four onvicts escaped from the
catern PeaiteatAarylast -week.
— 4 Twenty more r Chinese workmen
rc or, their T.' ay to North Adams.
-The prevalent hippoyzmoeis bas
.ttaehed thelpe chustunt trees.
-.--The newly discovered oil well in
tzecclitngly good results
• •
—Bloomsburg wsntS, her houses
town council "can't ace iL'
—Fre,epoit, Itl., has a beet-sugar
fact. 7 , 10,-11 cost :150,000, and will employ t 2,50
-.-TL© costs for =trying 23,000 of
tli rronch Ccqnthunbts lace been
.P 9,0',11
• , 1.
--Black bears are plentifa4 saps'y
R , -friei:ican in parts of 'oitina-
—A Willis-barre - goat team is
C, per nay, hauling coal and, doing other=
---Partridges in ill'nois Tare tame
I ..i,t2gll to cat from the hat:ld—when properly
—The citizens of Brooklyn will
ETZ'2I $'2501) inonra_lnt to Mr.. Greeley in
Pro.gpi?et . Part.
—Upwards of , $1,500,000 is the
itrt.rag , : annual sum paid in great Britain, fur
'f.reigu Avers. •
—Water by the pailfult is being
rnie pang of Fort Wa.yne, Indians,
h€.re welk have run dry.
--During the last year, it is stated,
cnty tinunatid daces have been exported from
the east ciast of Africa.'
—Virginia oyster dealers are
foi:::;.;1argo contracts toithat bivalve, to plant
is Frc:lch cd Erigiisb N%-aters.
—John O'Donnell, of Scranton, Pa
•, 3,g rut: by a freight train at Terrytown, N
and cut in two.
—There will be seven hundred and
T-12ty-three German exhitavora in the, machinery
departmcnt of th..: Vienna Expo.,ition.
-Thr©e hundred • and eighty-five
th..,lland pounds-or grapes were shipped from
Penn Yu:: dur!w,.; then - tooth of October.
--A Jake lia.s been discovered in
th Cas - cado Oreg.n. corepletlb
-I.L.mtned in by a wall otrock 2000 iect. high.
'.f.;plendid Pullman palace
coach. h&i been added to tho rJlhng
I,t Ai: of tho U:! Creek A: Allegheny river rail-
—The Ohio and Mississippi Road
i!, , , g •er'fa'te ( - .). 1 their road . to
11;r:t2 a rnA tit g en,rniuge are ineTead-
•--TLe Buffiilo, , , Corry La Pitts
ntilt..all was sold.ou Saturday to the trus
t, e: or the lv , !slerT; c 1 rat mortgago bemlß, for
1;47 , 1) t.c.AW.
--The imperfeCtions of the dia
fa,2l, of ;111 gems are made
putlia4 jut.) 4,1 of cat,, -, is when
tLt hii,2:2! , .A.11,..v will b, .
FreLich Gavernmtnt, recently
t ndcr for :La sole right to initnufac
valPmFelVaci /it France, and acvszclod it provis
i C-sTriPatlY.
—A railway bridge is to be built
Rhifv , n Vi - vkl i which will have, with
it vLoincts at eith , r mil, a tetel length of
.7t6•iat a nnie ram! a
Fredcric.k. Heckert and his
, aged .1. - stditig in Harrisburg,
cry Frifioeat , ..l arly )londay tairning,
tl,e toll air that reaped from a new stove.
--The will of Hon.., John - lA.
;r*,we'. 1! - •••,-1.:It,:itt to probats at Tr, y,
1: 11, 1 1. 1 Va t widow of the deceaE
ed e t .re e , t r.t
—The Lock Haven . boot and shoe
(.11t 130,0001 wort;: of
LL wilt t or that much per year,
e.atzly prii.:2,l the Giber day.
11 3'
—A. soldier of the wirrisou at
r 10 i-i g • Loh , Mataanr)ras, his
•.•:Tfvuz , d ci.4l attaelit , d the barracks.
c 1 - ..2,151.d wounded on both
--A .. .Nlexioan ti a, just` been ecnn
nnt: asylum, who
ituagit, t3az zits consul owes Wm
57,00. H- i, rc-try , ..,tly happy in his dkiluskii.
—The villain—Blakeslee by natni,
No:0 &tiotupt,,,throw a railmad train rron3
t Jo: track near Thompsonviile, Cunneettent, last
l'.lon , lay, has boon arrei.ted tuel thrown Into
, •
—The 1ate ... 110)6A Casidy, al:latish
, tii•tii,,T, :,1: , 1; "1 tlin. you, James littug4tJti;
w. it put tiwfolf v of miinlihrl Ptgaiust the wisaqm
of itrtut.ial, wr'll Iv‘t.t , :ron t :atlt ilers tsia times
—The Knights of, St. Patrick, in
',Juts, tali: of a $25.0{/0 111911=01A tojho
livnhvy (ICJnnell, and we. tuider- 17.rge. th , Tnern.gry is already
Iru • '
Chinese sitir actress is experi
/.ll,‘it.if tho vlciLaiitu , le of an American lawsuit
brolik, her engagement with one
man igrr 0., or better promises from
A poor man who hanged biLa-
K , 1., tlnn€...ti uttliCtion occasioned by
Li sir, is Vali disposed of out West : "Henry , eio:stc.r. Terre liante—bckleorit.
a;• , 1 )u."
--As an :argil - theta in favor of
thf.. 1-trcots ‘V'th gaS; the Emporium
;it lanvlous after dark t venture
,t, - .. ra I,le 111:-.:At ..A of J1111111) li tlg Over tafe
1 , ••.1: - tir,mlv.:l mn.
liodiu of men and Voys
rArts of tie canals of the
drawn tll It is iiiippri4e3 that
1. 1 .1C11 Wero ilesat Ncith ns tha
ra, 'sf 0,4:.;t11. .7.lur,kr will out. "
—The editor of file Waypt , slmrp,
t., ria ail at e
41..,t. Wt. roarli-k•J to have a cu:-
hero ty , t , ln etlrC down.
i• 1,,, •
terribt.; huud storm occarreci in
Cal., on Friday night. The air was
and sand. Daring the wors.t of
,t '_!•a t !c•jraloal , cornmpnicationF Rai
—Henry •Dr. , :vlon, a Banker of
Cltv. for f,:rnagry,ling frar
111.11,1'1J (I.).ilar: wortbofiacw,es from a Canard
rivan:•:;ip also 'fur :3:uuggLiag eevcral
dullara v, - orth of v . tochling, eat.
--The E,nglish Society for the
r iragcluent of Ark. Manufactures and
Commerce have ofTared several prizes—the
Ini;heit ::t743—for the best improved cabs, to be
xmbited at the South Keuilugton Exhibition
iq-st rear.
--J couple of mice were
,-.ructo. in ithnir t e 4 tir;ous mitnner.
.A 4 i , l tho • 014 cret,t int) A bottle
lay ou its 511....pa1i),)11 so heartly of the
tc,lU't;r, that they couldn't get out,
--judge elected
1 - I,ltud Sates Senator by the North Civolini
:.laturte on Tuevdav, he receiving .87 votes
to for Vance. All the Republicans voted for
Em,4 1 1. The contest was 'a prolonged and
—Experinrents made by Profnsser
One:chen prove that:the, time-to,. cupid ng car
.ll.; of daily
,consnnapti - On ie very tnneh
sh r (.ITected under etrung pressure,
a n -; saying of Mel is a.;l obtained.
Harrisburg boy of tender ,
s hi tias drown: d ser,:z teen kittens.
t tit t of nine Thgs, krusjunl his
I.l::tr.riliti:t the- grain, and blow
::pa pct NZall a firecracker, His fathtr
irl hic.l 4 t .
—There •,he best authority 'for
report., that Schuyler
colo'fax is tobcc! . editor of the New York
f10.. 1,, :rte d Oaks Hall is to take a
Sitilibirpositi-n •n, the ficorot.l. Both state
:•-cre prowninc , . , l pore inventione.
The editorial -and composing
f the N, 3w York Ecenis.2 impress , ioere
,linnii , :zed about t 10.009 bs tire, Sunday night.
GildtiraleYt , 's. printing office in the
Ff rieusly damaged, making
the 'obit loss V10,(03 , J., The :11A:49rs. Brooks
Zoe their salualah- library.
—The old idea that, odorous flow ,
ors arc injurious to health has been exploded
Ls some recett ExPertiennte. It has been
asrprt , tintid that flow , re with powerful perfullltc
such as the hyarinthe heliotrope, mignonette,
e t e ,, d.f,Acp,p - ,large iliauittos of mow", Svhich
are cfgroat hygirnic. Value iv tip, pui-ifir-mi4,n of
the an- in marsliy dieirieie.• •*-
--Over niiie 1X111.1.01i pipe!i,•lnade
from. aTf; yratty s.
rsuitrittfacturwl iv rw,t ti o; ;
`sr ,r- :q• i UK. tzt !virally • 114.w7.
It throl:;thwithf.; tQI
hwit ittls.ftrws 'flan writ ,;f
-th,,.. tcttio, Irt.tur thirty vi
P4:ty (1911Zrart.r1:4:1. , .
Towanda, Monday, Dec. 12, 1872.
J. B. Rtur., esq., Chairman of the 1
last Republican County Conventioil,
has appointed the following named
gentlemen for Standing Committee
for the year 1873 :
W..T. DAVMS, Towanda, Chairman;
T. HALL, Athens boro ; I GROIton T.
BEECII, Smithfield ; R. M. ILLNLY,
Canton ;
CILLUIXS 110u.04 Monroe ; Rnt
Looms, Troy ; IL H. Eta-, Burling
ton boro.
Governor GEARY has issued his
proclamation fora special eleCtion to
be held on the 24th inst., for the pur
pose of electing a member of Con
gress to fill the vacancy occasioned
by the resignation of Judge Maims.
We believe it would have given bet-
ter satisfaction to the people of the
district had no election been order
ed, but ,inasmuch as it has been
forced upon us we trust every Re
publican Rill deem it a duty to at-
tend the election and vote for the
nominee of the party, whoever he
may be. It is impossible to tell, at
this writing- who will be
placed in nomination, as the Confer
ence will not meet until this after
noon. The unanimous preference of
the Republicans of this county is for
Dr. STRAWBILIDGE, for the reason that
he has already been chosen a mem
be'ri.of the -13 d Congress, and the .es
perieuce he might gain during tthe
ew weeks which will elapse between
the election and the -:close of the
present session would be' , Of great ben
efit to him. In addition to this rea
son he haA just been emphatically
endorsed by the voters of this dis
trict, a itlelt which would add much
strength to his cause ' should he
again come before the people for
their suffrages. However, while we
believe common Courtese i v would dic
tate that Bradford should be con
sulted iu the selection of a nomi
nee, we do not feel disposed to growl,
but shill endeavor with all our might
to give` the candidate to be placed in
nomindtion to-day, a full vote in this
coul/r: -
° For the past te,n Tcars, or ever
since it became a settled fact that
the democracy were_.,in an irretrieva
ble minority in this • country, Mr.
BUCIALEIV has been foisting upon the
public, in season and out of season,
his scheme for thwarting the will of
the majority, by means of what is
known as .cutaulatile Toting, e.
allowing a voter to cast from 'one to
Sim votes fur one candidate. Under
its workings a, very small minority
may hare as much influence in the ad
ministration of affairs as a two-thirds
The Pittsburg Mad, referring to é,
book on the subject put out by Mr., makes the following well:
timed and sensible remarks ;
As long as the Democrats ,had a
majority of the votes they recognized
as secularly sacred the principle that
'the majority must rule and the mi
nority submit. They held then, tind
held rightly, that this principle lies
at the root of every Republican gov
ernment, and , that without it no I.4nch
government is possible. But the
radical change, which threw them
out of power and into hopeless mi
nority, overturned their belief in re
gard to this matter, compelled them
to abandon the 'principle that the
majority must govern and sent them
on a roving; expedition to find some
thing to take its place. What they
actually hit upon to take its place is,
that the Democratic party, notwith
standing it is in such an insignifi-,
cant a minority, must still govern,
and, as it would not do to state it in
n plain, straightforward way, they
sugar-coated it by baptizing it "Pro
portional lleprosentation," Alr. Buck
alew 3.8 the high priest, presiding at
the font.
But to use a slang phrase, the
thing is too thin. Its innate ugliness
cannot • be, concealed by any such
coating. No matter what garments
it may be clothed in, the people will
see in it the old ugly, pro-slavery
Democratic leaders, rarvenous for
place and power, and will treat it
accordingly. We often hear of still
barn books. This one of Mr. 'Bucka
letv's'will he a remarkable specimen
of the class. But it will not alone
be =still horn, its condemnation went
before hand. Tho people were aware
on the, second Tuesday of October
last that cumulative voting was Mr.
Buckalew's peculiar hobby, and on
that day they proclaimed their con
demnation of him and of the hobby
as well. That the book will be pow
erless for evil in the convention we
cannot doubt . ; that it will be so
among the people we are absolutely
certain. Cumulative voting is noth
bag but t fi ;straw caught' at by drown
ing Deatoeratic leaders to save them
selves. But it will be in - vain. The
people ha i tve decreed that they shall
go untkr,land no struggling or suh
terfuge that they can. resort to
prevent the decree from being car
ried inro effect.
g Almost -simultaneouslyi with
the report that Mr. : Gnu. - LET died
poor, comes the account of a severe
strut ;le over his will. He must have
left some property Qr his heirs would
not be so particular about the dispo
sition of it. The surest way to pre
vent contention and strife about
propizty after the death of its pos
sessor, is for men' of means to nee
their money duirug their lifetime
for the benefit of ma.kind.
iiWt.AssociSte Justice NEnsozi, of
the Supreme Court of the Ll. S., has
tendered his resignation 'to the
President. The Judge is full of years
and! lionors and hasi perfOrmed an
important f.:111 -t. in - "tilouldint'r
portions 61 our cosintry'isiyitct,n. The
President LaM appointed Juilge Wmin
"fivsr to fill the vacancy.
DZSTIROTING instoitirj
Defeated at every point., the, demo
cratic leaders now profesagreat anx
iety to blotiout the wicked historyof
their party, and are loud in their
protestations of acceptance of the re.
'sults l of the war _and itepublicima l
rule. The people of tie country'
should and will forgive the potitical
sins of the democratic party, but will
not be in a hurry to again trust with
the administration of affairs the men
who 1161 nigh ruined the country
and, imperil l ed our glorious free in
stitutiens. i The North American,
I speaking upon this subject, says :
"; Ah, gentlemen, men are not per
mitted to go back and amend the
record of their lives. Neither - can a
party do that. Once made, made
for all time, is the order of history
evolved from law g2verning human
action. Amendment is in the fu
ture, not in the past; This age and
that have little in common. The
narrow-guage Demoicratic system of
finance forever abolished. The
spirit of of the Virginia resolutions
of '9B , was laid at Appomattox. Of
all the leading questions of the day
before the Democracy sinned its life
away one only remains. The ques- -
tion of protection for Araericonin
dustry remains a subject of discus
sion. But under the wise role
Republicaniain the land is noisy with
the clatter and clang of manufactor
ies, and the grand army of artisans
now out-numbers the entire free
trade wing of all parties. These ar
tisans, backed by capital, are solving.
_great problem. Attack the sys
tem four years hence, and the people
will dispose of the attacking party
as decisively as they did :of the late
coalition. r . '
dlf the sages of Demo'cracy will
'reflect a moment they must discover
that there is no longer any use fdr,
such a party. 'lt sinned away the
golden era of the nation in shameless
harlotry. it now confesses that it
persisted in wrong doing for a quar
ter of a century, and is convinced'
that villainy does not pay. ' No par
ty ever bad so good an excuse for
dying as that. It admits that it was
not fit to live any time since 1852.
Why make preparations, to drag on
a sickly existene in 1872? It can
neither live by live down its rec
kird, and wesdon't bel;eve it can live
n spite of that I Leo: d ".
- The anuual report of Hon.
JAurqou,ocK, Director of the Unit
ed States Mint, has ly:ea published.
From it we Earn the deposits
of bullion at the Mint and branches
during the fi'Lcal yc sr were as fol
lows : Gold, $441,382,551 98 ;
$10,110,414 15 ; tei al 'deposits,
- $50,501,955 13. Dt-11 , -eting from
this total redly ~.; : t z. or b a rs
made at one braiicji 4 . the Mint and
deposited at auotherlfor coinage, the
amount wil) be $46,417,453 84.
For the same period the coinage
was as follows : Gold coin, number
of pieces, 1,906,415 ; value, $20,370,-
495 ; unparted and fine gold bars,
$15,810,692 73 ; silver coin, number
of pieces, 9,01,362 ; value, $3,029,-
834 05 ; silver bars, $10,391,945 32;
nickel, c , )pper, and bronze pieces, 3,-
935,500 ; value, $123,020 ;L total
number of pieces struck, 14,324,277 ;
total vaine of coinage, $49,737,987 10.
ftifir The sewing machine manu
facturers are again before , Congress
and the Patent Office for an exten
sion of their bateno. -Immense 'sums
have been realized on all these pat
ents. The manufactured =cost of all
machines is about two-thirds less
than what they are sold for, so that
the profits thus accumulated have
amply remunerated the inventors,
improvers, and holders of patents,
aid therefore the public have a right
to the machines, to manufacture
them at will, make competition free,
and thus bring the Cog of a machine
within every family's reach. There
ought to be protests 9ent to Con
gress, urging 9 denial'of - all exten
sions of these patents; for the reason
here assigned; and if a proper im
-1 provement were made, the patentees
could be prevented frem securingi a
further prolongation of their moncii-
ser Immediately after the Octo
election a great cry was made by the
Democracy .that the ' Hon. L. D.
SnOEM nsr and other lending' Repub
licans of Luzern° county had resort
ed to bribery to make votes for the
Republican State ticket. Mr SHOE
MAKER and the other Republicans
thus-charged, demanded a legal in
vestigation of their acts, which has ,
just,been had, and, which fully ex
culpates them from all the charges
iiirought against them. The prose
cution' was not able to sustain a sin
gle point in this allegation, and the
acquittal of Mr. SHOEMAKER and his
associates was complete. The same
result would attend similar charges'
made against Republicans in other
parts of the State,` if brought to a
Governor GEARY has issued his proc
lamation announcing that tlic amount
of the State deft of Pennsylvania,
reduced and cancelled by the Com
ruissioners of the Sinking Fund,
and ROBERT W. MARKET, during the
•period between the Ist of December,
1871. and the 13th of November,
1872, was $2,176,213 50, of which
$2,168,141 81, was in eia per cent.
loan ; $282,973 69 - in five per cent.
loan, and $9B in relief notes. Thus
steadily proceeds, year" after year,
the Republican policy of debt extin 7
guishment in Pennsylvania, the same
as in the management of the nation
government, and by the very men
who in the late State canvass were
so vilely defamed and abused.
141. JOUR J. PATTERSON, Republi-•
can, was elected on Tuesday by tbo
South Carolina Legislature, United
States Senator for the term coin
tnenciug •on the fourth of larch
next. He was subsequently arrested
an the r ehaige of bribery. :fir. PAT
TERSON we believe is an old Pknnsyl
vania politician.
The remains of Hones Onzsm,
were . oonsigneci to the tomb on the'
4th, The funeral proftssioi WAS the,
largeet ever viitnessed in New York.
The houses along the route of the
prevemaima tiers, Arany. ot , them,
draped it mauraiag. _The belli,tolled
solemnly- 1 1'11d it is estimated that
200,000 eople were spectators of
the procelss ion. At the church, - the,
ceremonies. were to the last degree
soles= and affecting. We have no
room for a full description of the
ceremonies and must 'content our
selves with giving the oration of Rev.
"[MY Wasp lissom and the ad
dress of Rev. Dr. Cnisni :
No one dies whose death is not
momentous. Of all who have passed
away not one has gone, or for a long
time will go, who bore with him so
much reverence, so much honor, so
much devotion. Who is this man
that gets all these civic honors?
Was he one of the world's 'princes of
wealth? Was he one. of great mili
tary renown? No. And. yet hire
are men froin every walk in life.
Here is our Chief. Magistrate ; here
are our - most prominent citizens
from all, parts of the country, gath
ered around the bier of this- man
who - - - is no more. Hero we see that
criticism is disarmed. A. little time
ago and men's. political passions
were all aroused--and we differ as
mpch in polities as ever. 'Bat here
lies before us the man, who, but a
brief time ago, was a great leader in
the land—and why do men of all
parties' ,gather here in reverence
round hi 3 remains? It is because
the man is greater than his politics.
Here, to-day, 'between the two
oceans, there is scarcely a man. or
child who has not the beneficent
influence of the character of Horace
Greeley. Horace Greeley gave the
strength of his life to education, to
humanity, and especially to the poor'
who could do little themselves - . He had
a great heart, that longed for sym
pathy. Though he may not be re
membered by these memorials which
carry other men's names down, he
will be remembered throughout the
land for those great qualities of - mind
and heart which tnakeThis character
commensurate as it were with. the
genius of this great Republic. His
influence has
,gone out to teach a
nobler manhood to the mechanic
and the laborer and the farmer.
What - more can we say ii eulogy of
the character' of this
dead 2 . Alas : atas he, through a
long and not nu tempestuous voyage, reached the shore. " How blessed
are the dead that die in the turd! "
Alay God grant tliat in the soletuni
'ty of these thought, in which we
have gattnired here, it may 1)e our
happy lot that when we di:: angels
shall open the gate!!. ant: receive Us
into the glory of the Lord.
L. I" Sleep thy last. sleep," was then
beautifully sung by the quartette of
the Church of St. FRANCIS XAVIER, af
ter which the Rev. Dr. CII&PIN deliv
ered the closing address, as follows :
DR. 'CELt PIN 8 .thDr,r9B
To-day, in the freshness of -his
great sorrowilloraco laid
by the side of his beloved wife. As
a pastor and is perzuteal friend, I
cannot hero row . attempt, to depict,
the worth and the greatecss of the
departed journalist. I trust the time
will soon come wihen_..ois weal( will
receive, in a lt4e (Attire, and
better hands than - mine, the eulogy
that is due him. Few., men hese been
thoroughly 'appreciated for the true
nature of their character. A career
of honest purpose and le neticent
teuderness proclaims itself through
out the land. Horace Greeley's epi
taph written in the homes through
out the length and breadth of the.
land. 'Where are now all party and
religions 41Derenees ? I ask you to
consider, here R hat it was that
brought, forth ro much love for this
man? It was not b!s official posi
tion. Ile held none. It was not
even his unquestionable ge:lks- It
was the attraction of pure atiA sim
ple goodness. The hundreds of'
worn men who yesterday waited fol .
hours to look upon the face o the
dead were not drawn there by any
mere curiosity. They went to cast
a last look at the feittures of one who
had been 'their consistent and un
tiring friend. The doctrine of a large
trust in man, however ,(pialified by
experiences, is the origin of all no
ble effort. ' If we believe that all
honesty is marketable, that there are
no incorruptible souls, then I say it
is far preferable to have, if full often
deceived, trust in humanity. This I
believe was the moving principle of
Hoiace Greeley's life. Goodness is
better -than greatness. It brings us
nearer. to God. All religion consists
in love for our fellow-beings. We
can all aspire to this greatness.
Weary with the turmoil. of life
does the truth come to us, ' 4 l know
that my Redeemer liveth." ilt was
the triumph, of his• life' and of his
death. And as we take our brother
from this church, which has known
him•so often but will know him no
more, let this be our lesson : "..We
know that our Redeemer liveth."
Farewell, dear friend—farewell, no
ble associate—farewell beat cham
pion! "We know that our Redeem
er liveth," and God grant that like
thee we may know it when the light
of this world is fading from our eyes.
air Air. BANKS has Offered a reso
lution in the House of Representa
tives increasing the President's sala
ry to $50,000 per ,annuta after 'the
4th of March, 187_3, and the proposal
of an amendment to the Constitution
providing that the President shall
hold office for six years,,ind be in
eligible for re-election ; that the
Vice President shall hold office for
six years, and that the Presidept and
Vice President shall be electtd di
rectly by the voters on the satire day
'that the election for Representatives
to Congress takes place.
28,- There should be a general
discussion of the local option law in
every school district of the county
betWeen this time and the day for
holding the township 'elections, in
January. Although the law as it
stands is not without faults,if the
people vote no lieense, under its pro
visions, a long stride in favor of pro
hibition 'will be made, We have no
doubt the people of this. county 'are
largely in favor of abolishing the
licence system, but in order to give
their views any weight, the ,•• mast
turn out and vote "no licenSe," on
the third Friday in. January.
We find the following notice of
Judge ?dooms, in the Philadelphia
:Inquirer of the 3d inst :
This eminent Petinsylvanio jurist
yesterday took his seat lopetttheßn
preme Bench of the 031molaweelth,
the oath of office been ad
ministered to him by Judge Shore
wood) Hon. Ulysses Vercur offers
in the record of his useful life anoth
er elistinguished_ example , of whet
`honors may be achieved by the
humblest citizen of the Republic who,
with honorable ambition, integrity
- and energy, may choose to aspire be
yond the accidents of his condition.
The eon of a farmer, his educational
advantages were slight ; for during
half the year, until he was sixteen
yeah old, tho , farm claimed his at- .
tention and hie schooling- was no
more than that which he could ob
tain in* the winter.
- Desiring that he should be a use
fal citizen ; • that he should fill a
broader, more - helPful sphere' in life
than that of a tiller of the soil, at
sixteen he . bartered his expected
patrimony for the opportunity to en
ter college. - He did enter college,
and such good use did he make of
his time and abilities, and so ener-
with, was he in scholarly pursuits,
at he was graduated with the first
honors of his class. Thence he en-.
tared the law office of Hon. J. Mc-
Kenan, of Washington, Pa., and,as
ht, distinguished himself ass student
at Jefferson College, so did he dis
tinguish himself as a student at law.
In 18434 m began the practice of his
profession, and his abilities, his in
tegrity anti industry were so great
that a large and remunerative prac
tice early rewarded his efforts.
He was not only a good lawyer,
but a good man, without reproach in
either gcharacter, land when Judge
Wilmot was elected Senator Ulysses
Mercur was elected Judge of the
Thirteenth District, in hiw place.
He -Was subsequently, in 1864 gent
to Congress, that his district tnight
k have iu that body the I,, , tlefit el his
great intelligence, teaming anti in
tegTity. He was re-elected to both
'the Fortieth, Forty-tint and Forth
1 second Conrrresses, all the tiine win-
ring favor,for himself by ably repro
st•nting his constituents.
During all his active rife--and he
is now in his fifty fifth . j year—he has
ade no step backward in , reputa
tion or in the.regurdsof the people.
He has_risen by his native worth - to
be a justice of the Supreme Court of.
hie IN,Ltive, State, and to that position
he is welcomed by every lawyer in
the Commonwealth, and by' every
layman, too, who appreciates what,a
substantial good it is to have that
court represented - by men who are
in all things true to their own con
science and devoted to the -interests
of the people.
Cer.Th'e troubles in Louisiana are
. an, end. The legally
returned Legislature of Louisiana
organize& on "Monday, with forty
eight Ilf,Pnblican majority, including
a number of WARMOTII men. The
opposing body also met. The
urate House improved the first day
by °impeaching Wiemora almost
nuaniniously-58 to 6. As this chain
ber consists of 50 Republicans to 1-11
Democrats, a portion of the latter
must have joined in the!action. The
Supreme Court have also sent Judge
ELSIOR, WARHOTII'S right-hand man,
to j iii, and it is announced that the
falling Governor the night previons , l
11..teuiptcd to buy one of the city pa-
pers to fiupport him. It may be
taken as certain. from all of these
facts, that the commotion in Louisi
ana is rapidly subsiding ; that the
various plans by which the Governor
sought to control the State to suit.
his own wishes, in antagonism to the;
`party by whoth he was first elected,
are exploded, and that peace will
shortly 'exist - in the State. The igno
hnuions failure of WAnsfors' is anbth
er indication that the • people every
whvre irimpathize with and endorse
the prindiples of the Republican par-
gar The!New York Evening of
Monday . 4 b,.tes that Secretary DE
LANo will said jrZ - Cuba on Thursday
net, and it m tuored that he goes
sem i -o ff ic i a ll y a t t t. ie request of Pres
ident (Arent to asee, , lain the condi
tion of affairs in the island. It is
said that tale p res ida, t is anxious
that the e 'ff usion of b10. 9 c 1 on ate
island shall be brought, t o an end,
and ho does not wish to tirly'n any
now step upon Congress before la`nw
,ing the exact state of. affairs. Sema
tary DELANO'S health is very poor and .
ho hopes it will be benefited by the
tge. The day after the death of
HORACE CinEurr several well-known
gentleman in Boston held 'a con
sultation for the purpose of forming
a GREE4EY National ll9nument As
sociation. The organization has
been nearly completed. It is not
confined to Boston, but will embrace
well-know citizens of all parts of the
country. It is proposed to raise $500,-
000, of which $75,000 has already
boon guraanteed.
z The President's stern adhere
ance to civil service,• continues' to
command the lipproval of Republi
can organs whose editors -are not
office-huAers;and of the masses of
the Republican party in all parts of
the country, as tho only means of in,-
swing the parity and 'harmony of
our organizations and securing fit
men to perform all chitise connected
with the public services.
fic westerly gale, caus
ing great destiuction to property of
all dOcriptions, prevailed through ,
'England -and Ireland on Sunday.
Telegri, iph wires were prostrated
buildings demolished, churches in
jured, ships blown ashore,"and much
other' damage done. At Cork and
Exeter the storm was particularly
ie. Gen. Causr.oi has introduced.
a bill in the U. S. Senate, to. give the
widow Of the late Geu. Munn a pen
sion of $3,000 per annum. . The
measure is a very proper one; and
will undoubtedly become a law.
to There wln be a struggle on the I
proposition for postal teleggipba.
The proposition that the Goveram - erti
shall assume control of all thi lines,
whale endorsed by this Frt.:nester
Geti . end and sustained by a great
a*rity of newspaper* eta las its
powerful opponents, and partibnlarly
among the journalists of New :York'
city, who want no cheapening of
news, by which all newspaper men
will s be put on an equality. When
the, roposition gets fairly before Oen-.
gress and, its discussion is began, we
will learn More of its merits and de
-merits. . •
so,By the provisions of the law;
making Stilts Treseurer elective,
hereafter, B. W. iiianzzy, esq., prea
mit incumbent of the [office ' Will hold
over until his succssor is duly elected
and qualified next fall. This insures a
faithful administration of the finan
cial affairs of the `Commonwealth for
another year, •ancl' also 'prevents the
annual struggle for the position.
ter One of the New York papers
states that several prominent brisiness
men have just sent' 4,0 San Domingo
money for the purchase of Samana,
they having become satisfied that the
purchase which congress rejected
Nyould. be a profitable one, and have
renewed the bargain with Baez on
their own account. •
New Advertisements.
_AA Postoffice, Towanda, Pa., Dee. 14.1.1172.
Adamson J 132 . Murphy Dennis
Aldrich E It Madden Edw
Airert Miss S 1 , Miller Mary
Allen A A 11, ..31cCabe 11 J
Breen John ' Minto John
flush E 11 - Marphy Annie
Hargett 013 . , • ' McCall,Caasie
Barnhart Joanna Maloney John
Bowman Mrs J L Moran Ellen
Comings Carrie E ' Miller Emma
Campbell Ann 8 Xingu Mril L
Carrier P W McDowell 31
Consadlne Pat 'i Newell Charles
Cangly Thomas Nelson Mies Burin
Gipsy 11 C Northrup B.N
Crock James ' - O'Donnell 'U...Elite
Dunn & Culver Posey Mrs Bath
Dibble Ellen packard Mita I..ncy
Dunn Jas L 2 -- 'Willa,' MINI / 1
Downing Ellie Russell Luse
Donohoue John Rutty David
DeWitt F,.
Dcelaine Michael
Davis &Sou
DeLoll Mrs Wm 31
Epley John 11
Ellis L V 1
Farms John E
Farrar Fred 2
Flinn Anna M
Fleschntt Dr •
Grey Wm 2
Glidden flenj T 3
Oilmen J B
Gunn Osi-t
Grey Mis , 4 D
Griffith & Barris
Heath Frank
Hoimpsen Roger .
Hurley Ellen
Hoffman John
Hickey John ~.
Harder Arther 3. Tanner Mrs Hattie
Henry John : Tanner John
Hawkins E E Miss Thayer
H iesM Jells
Harris Mrs E A , VIIIC/643
Kingston Wm . Voeburg Isaac
Kinney Chas l . ; 'Curless I T-3 '
Laurie C P . Wise Miss' Addle
Leonard Maggie Wolf Jacob
Leon Chia C - Yaw Hiram
Langdon Geo . - Watson Miss Hoax
Lindseey 8 B Vilillanis Emma 3
Lewis Jae D Westbrook C
Mushier Horace Walls 33oye
Mclntyre Jas Williams Edaarc
Madden /as White Mike 2
dd Libble Waterman I'4
M o rg an osn Frank Wallis lira T
Mathews 0 II Watson Miss C
Mills Lewis - Webb Cyrus
Me3lahon Ellen ~.. Yeager Charles 4 -
Fer . eons calling for above letters will say saver
tie--ed. giving date of list.
8. W. ALVORD, P.M.
DRY Goons
Also a full liiae'of
And many other new goods suitable
for the
Please call and examine
Towanda, Dec. 10, 1872
VOR SALE.—The subscriber hay
tag other balanced that requires Ithi wlicds at
tention. offers for sale his entire stock of goods.
consisting of Dry-Goods. Groceries.' Roots and
Shoes. Crockery and alumna* kc.., at a • • • .
The store now occapisd by him can be leased
'4taired. Terms favorable. R. E. 211 0 115RTER, PIL
IatIREA.IIS for five dollars at
I Mark MO
povrinismi etc co_
OM I M=WMNItI 7 M'I n q
Which they confidently invite the
attention of all whO wish to see a,
Sutherland Rev Bela
Strickland Miss *try
Shindell John T
Surat/ere Mrs Lairrenega
Sullivan Miss Annie - k
Shores *Wagon
Stephens Mahlon
Saab 'Miss! M J
Stephens hiss Battu)
Shantou Mrs Annie
Shorts Miss Ststne.
Steratcarg L S
Smith Oeo B
Scotch boo II
Taff L
Taylor *las S
Tanner Mrs June.;
etc., &o.
Scdt RP
Bridge. street.
Pa ,mli it Co.
Are now receiving
And to buy them
Please eftll mid see them.
Of which we have a
We.eannot enumerate all the kinds
of new goods we are now receiving
but would ask an inspection of our
Towanda, Nov. 6, 1872.
WM. G. BARNES, P.G.11".„
Ara edltorof the New York .Vitartand-jiantr,"
Will deliver lilt wortd-re - uovrned Medic* 'Melange
for the 31.1 th time. entitled •
"Entartaligig an Aud ience.''
31,L11-CUR'S -HALL,
WEDNESDAX 4ITE.; DEC. 18, 1872,
Under the tan:does of I,esh Ilebekall Degree Lodge,
N 0 122 . Ws has been pronounced the
moat ,
Eentertairiment of the day. 'Go with your young
folks and old folks. You will never regret the
- Admission 3.S coots. Reserved seals f.. 0 reds.
State reaerved at. lilrby's Drug store three days
before tho lecture. Doors open ar. 7 o'clock; trouble
commences at 8 .
- naive your outside Doors and Windows fitted up
with the Patent Wood and Lubber
$3O will at up an 'ordliary sized ' hones with
these menld.ings. They will save
In fuel every year, and the other- tali' in doctor's ,
Dille. They render buildinge
.Ir. The Ladies an.) especially interested. ,
ld and applied by t
4•wc4 Towanda, Pa.
, .....
-.s Orricz,TowAnat Inoa Mr°. La - N.
'ToWANIDI, Nov. 27,1872.
NLotille in hereby given that the annual 'meeting
of the-stockhohlers of the Towanda Iron .51sunfae
taring I:mat:any...sill be' 101:1 in the Gram! Jury
Loom. in tle IturGligh of Towanda, on TUES
DAY. DECEeltlf.n. 17. I iTY. at 2 ticlock, le m., at
which time c!:',...ur# !or ..A.Le ensuing yea' will be
ehos...eti.ll. L.'SCDTT, Secretary.
I)lloPOSA:l,Si—Propoßils will lie
received at the orrice of the Will - es-Barre Coal
audjrou Company, Willi , 2-Barre, Pa., until ,DeN.--m
-her 1, 1 , 472. for the whole or the part of Three Mtn
dre,l t , ..d Fury (359) Tow+ best quality presited
"thy HAY. to be delivirod at Wiikes-Barre, between
date of contract and tho flrmt of March, 1873.
DISSOLUTIVN.-L113(3 firm
torlre existing au] huoa - u as Suave: I; Sxart
Bros has this day beau disouleed !actual con
sent. ho =counts or the litto arra aro to the
hands Of U. S. tinocer, and J. IL Swart for settle
rieut, to whom all persous indeVted to said arm
arc requested to =adze immediate psytuk•nt.
S. SN - vVklt. •
•• y U. sWART.
Wyalusing, Pa:, Yov. 1572.
The luisinfss .will be continued at the old stand
by the eubscribers. wlicre we shall be glad to a^o
411 those who homy favor UN with a cail.
U. S. SitiOVElit.
J. ,EI. swear.
At N - T' A. lq• 'Y" M S
~ • ,
. . . .. . . .
- •
, .
1 _
Now Advertisemonte.
' E. I. CLAtrEON,
And all:Jw YelfitaAtiOn:
G. 11, PARRISEI, Rupt.
Nov. 13 vv3
-A BF,
i .~. ,
/,. . .
. . .
BE- .`
Towanda. October :23, 1'i7.2.
Have jutt reeicea a large assortel,ut of Jewelry o
all the laleet btYlf
• • 1, •
4raericp:!...and S vvi %-// t (slugs, .
Gold and Silver. from the clicare..9t to the best.
Also a . lsrge tassortment of
i •
Beine s mber t.lapla&s, two doors Eolith or Pcwell
Co's v Toirsnds, Pa. '
Watches, Clocks, anti Jc•.relry repWc+l
_ .
- N0v.2072
FARM FORSA - LE. —The rtnikr
rignea offois the farp late the enAt. of
Benedict Arnold, &ceased. situate !n Warren
township. Bradford County. Pa containing AM
actor, iraprored; had a good house. one barn
and two sheds, a horse barn; corn house, a frame
hog pen and orchard thereon. Is well watered.
and is one of the best c oitiVateri . farnis In Warren
township and-very ptoductive.
Ternureasy, and to snit purclU.ser. i ,, r further
particulars enquire or address C. V: Arno'il.
ton,;Broom County. N. - Y., or C. W. Arnold,' iptith•
Warred. Bradford County. Ba.
C. V: & C. W. ARNOLD..
&lath Warren, Dec. 4.'72-wi Executors.
SharehoblerA t the First National' Bank of
Teat:dada, for. the election Of .a. Board of Directors
to SrVe the claiming yea^. dl Le held at the °nice
of the Bank, on TVES: , AV, JAN, 13, 1372. liet , retai
the honre of one Ind tbrce Wel e-U.
1. ti. BEITS, Jo., esslner - ;
TOwanda. Dee. 4, 1572..
forTHE ANN CS: AfEuIING of the
Stockholderi of the Towatuls Itrittito Ccmpany,
he electioti of a President. Treasurer. and ata.
nanagera will be .held at the ()flier of the First
National Bank, on WEDNESDAY. JAN. 1. 1373, at
Qllfi O'clock.. pan., _
, -
• BETTS, iF., Setretary,.De.i. 4.1147'2.
'ivy. N.r.oRG-4.N CO., DEAL-
T; V LEAtv. EsTars.—Lots from 6100 up
wards. Alsck Real Estate dgent.i. Lind bem:ilit and
sold and money fouled. Pa ties desiring to s• 11
Wild Lands, Farms. or Lots.. call have a- map of
lands or silbdivision made at this Agency. and
property sold. on a reasonable commission. (Alice
over Posteflice,liercnr's 131oek, T0%411103. Pit. • .
moonv, , [Dec.4'72l vets- tt. atottoati.
'On th.. itafirt:xl. Coiv.4ll 4, trt, - A, which 4013
by the car 10.141-or le3s quantity, 411 ,klivri•Nt on
reagotiable-tertua. Please . Call at the Coal Yard.
s tlotts 'WELBER, Selearlan.
= Aug. 79.2877. • S. OBE. Proprietor.
p . or G . ►r .
:Szt kc tlLt:followii*aratotincenciente fur caz
• Zl, W.?
111. •
What's to Ilitter."
Date Feb:az:7 21,
E. 13. Nartu nzrqxzet
th e other it their services - eau'
eith.trwire`other :(. , .:titrers win be
stASON TiclOqs, $3:0,)
Jl7O. F.,
5. W. 41.v...7.1,,
'Towanda,-\_ V. 13. I:37'h
1111 .TABLE OF
ck eaect or,
lionday, 1o:71..
efoCTIII4 - 111 - D t f
A . 11. • I
8:G1); J T0V:11241D.-1 ,
I BAncLAY 31,0
, ,
9:30 1 CV/I..COXVi . ' [ 2-45
' 9:'.115 1 ....'.S EV; fiii,'.. V...... 1 2:15
:1" , 0 ~ .......317LLE I:8.. .... '. I 1:(5 ,,
10:20 j DVSHOICK• I , 1:31:1
11:10 1 LIERNICE . : il.tri
A. Nt. I I I Y. Y.
c,, t erm s , comblnan! all 11.1ern
rllll through on all Trair.'A bcfWeeti!New
cater. Buffalo, giagira FaUR. Supp , ,ngCu Brdzo,
Cleveland. and Cincinnati,
Abstract or `lime Table, A4cipted .15 - 0 NI; 4,
T A TJ-0 N
Nev. ,
t .to_L
L .1
- I
• •
Fottlays. from Or.ego. Stoprftg
at Ty Smitlsboro Barton 6:12, Waverly
7,50. C.h , tnun 7::„3 , 7,_ Wellsburg S:l5, • Elmira 8:40,
EZ L . ! F - Litak Co=id - r: - .^11:',!4), Pa'altesl
Ratlthouecille 1:27, - Carr.,er , :,
ILI;g 1:52, Cameron 2:15,, Adrian 3:1o, Cams•,,,,
3 ;4:‘,.;4riV1117, at 11,muc4Ixv,lle at 1:00 p•rz,
5..15 ez7.4,7, t snuLlay,t, !rem, Sll2quellatl,:a.
clrt-at 1.10a.1 5 :197 ° Kir:4 , 4 - 0A 5:52. 'Mtz.
taint,r.-4,',12.,1100rrr 5:55, Luion • 5.45, Campv,:l4
7 o 3, 7:20. Ti"c's 7:10, Staja*,4..rn
w, ; ;l s t,r ; -:
8:57, Sk.,ill.lll,ort Elmira !..1:13, 'biz Flat'
10,21. 1.: 7.3;
Rzrllll. ill , 11 :10X2.11.,e,r'm 1 , 1 , 118 15.31. (2.1r.. , -rop
11:40. 12:''o, ral - , , ,,te0 :t2,..1
at 12;22
......1 - .1f1 , 1 , ..•tr.r.a: St I pft , .;,;
1 , ,,11 , 1 Kirk-,v , , - hl 6:4', L'ingl.amt,a
floor , r Carnpril4. Q:l5.
Stilithlw.rc. 9:15. Part ~ n
Wave.r:3 Chßmntir; Wen 4 1 ,. !,, 1 ,, 'l..
Hir Vat,' 11-.45 1 2 ' 1 2 p"
P= ,'ngt 7 12:15. .. 1 ,2.1.5 , ):1 12:15 Ranh - .7.lPri!'..
CaTr.f.rzri 47,-....cr0n 1.27, Ad:lss
"1 ! - . l ..:Car.isteo atrl 1.1.)^1.1P1: ,- i1lt , 'at
St,q - pi:,f..;Groat Ber.d. 1:57, Kirl:lv ,o I
1,t,3,1t.-Tra 1-tooiun: 4 - 52, C'et. , ::.;,v,.11e
et 6"! 5 p.m.
. , ,
1:11 exc. , Szt%44 - ri.
at 8;.. , „ trri!:l2. rtl,t
Nvrai. ;it
FP - 1'1.1,7.7 1t nooror 2:43, T - Trotk 2:5".
3:18, 3.41. ..•••:Vrt...)11 VS!!
Wavorly eberuritt;!
port 4.47. Einlint 4..49„LigFlAs
.t Post 5:42.
CvEnfron 11:27. C3,7.1er., , :.1 6:35, PiiriS 6, Can
ar.141 rtrriving 110rat , 11. , ,v1.111_ , 7:15
1101:111"--t- " •
Igarpriy, .
Great Yer..l„.
P. , rt
(141.. hen ' •
p,t. rufrn
' 4 4 .
Jer- ,
`r A.
5:00 • a.,11. f:0:1;
5:2*2. an 5,7, Crim.•rarti:r.
_Camoron 31;as 7,10, 7.1:)
8 ; 25. p,;;; 1 ;,- . 1 9:15. Co:nm:t Big Fia
10:12, Elmira 11:3.' a.m., Szonthimit Wellsbn
1:1s. Chrmnoo 1:10. Waverly 2;30, ItaTton 3 3 )
P..t.n1111 1, 0r0 3:25. Tioga :313; and artixing at 9w, , .
at 4:10 p.m.
5:35 a.m. dally- from 11.rnellio;:11.
CaroCro 7:45, AddiQou 8;10, Corning 5:17. nu.:
11!23, Warorly. 12;42, p.m., Snithboro 1:10:
ower,:o 2t^o; Campville 3:03. Cnion 3;3•;.
' 7,31,t-'m. 4:12, I illiWijOa 4 ;57. (I , oat Lena- 5:21. -,.
arris Mg at Siv,im-Lanny at p;oo p.m.
. -7;00 a.m., racept SandayA from'
. ;;,torping at Cano , eo 7:13. Adrian *7;25. Car.a.r,
7. 42 , Cameron 7:42, Cameron Mi11t114.3, MOW--
;05, A.,111:Boti R;la, Painted Pci-t t'brn,
'::;3, Flat,' 8:13. Elmira 33 , 8. Sonit - O , r•21:1
Wcll.,...httra 9:30. Chemung• 3;15, Wavitrly I;
10:It7'S;attlibero 10;13, Ti0g,a10:35,.(2, , ::31. , :
, k1;05, Union It:2tr. P
arrivmg attsingliamton 11; , 0u tut.
7 a except Sunday!. from gMA - e,.: 0 .
at C. 14110.1110 .7:47. B:2S,
ham ton 9:10.- Klrlv.voo,llo :30, Oreat 130 ad
artiving-a4 Suigthehanna
1:55 XCerlt Sntit/aye. flynl
SOppinz Canisteo- 2:08, Arlrk.l3 Cim'r
2:45, Cair.rr , Al :51111s . 2:51. - 11:;tfilyInf-v.)1•3 P., Al
mon 1:25. Po4t Cormm: 4
4: Elmira 4:74. Southport 5:12 W..)ilgburg
ranniz. 5:4.4. Waverly ql:(15, Tin;za
Canapv,lle ILlolv,r
ton 8:2 . 0. K!rkwoo•.l 8:45, Groat 'J
min ) ) at suseitv)lianna at 1)....•22
I:s' p.m... except Sun( from- ra!).... 1.
Stopping at Corning 2:05:1.1ig an!
tug at E.l:Liza at 2:40
, • Daily.,
t Lead-tea exceploa..-1:; - c- - n
X.ort Jervia.
11 Stop Bv,utlai's
er4r T 1 t1i.:1; Tickvts t.) all r:U:ta.„, , ,
very Lowest Rates, tor sale iu
at tt:o Waverly 11epot
Thia ht the "only ntith , ltlz. , l
Ihtity.-ay Company f , r the =aye
NV %—prfc
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L. P. Ercri:7-11.,
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Oct. 1, 1872
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