Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, September 15, 1870, Image 2

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)nve Logan is writing tip . 7 1 : The
—War maps are as numerous ea, the
is oat.
_ It ill believed the City IA Boston
Viiginia — dale.* alit to hold
a coaventipa. " •
LLaiira Keene ban been bapti*
- a Hainan CaViola. - -
- • - .
It tai6ln tenirien a y e ar to Endo
~s bandit liairabikif: l ' •
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. • - •
—Abnei Kintley It
is now 103 rant ixtage, _
The:inOnQgnui ;wit is the West
=Tut% for gm) litetYm • •
—HOOpleifie• IWO the dredging
mediamigpirtitl3! ' •
Gat. Blittieide is expected home
h omzur9Pc wt. : • • • - •
—Mtuquitoes, fosinerly unknwn,
have invaded Eatgkanil: • •
--London. ib oventa with skilled
workei64 out
- -The : -ixdored .- eadet,, Smith,,.at
Westroint, to in treaddevgatia.—
boruiets,are'iti be trimmed
with gay velvet and Innis.
• —Misia 2ipe been.made
bank director in Olt*
r; —A grape vine igt
_Alton, 111., has
perfectly round apples roan on it. .
—Fred bowlegs-camels all lecture
eugagerilent, to become a Width:leen edNor.
—Several eeinta‘Of ean-etrolie have
occurred tothe Bootbers part of Oldo meaty.
—An Arkansas pa advertises
for two oompolitora who out te gram.
emperor Napoleon pointed
the drit Idlitiallleure that opened Are at tkar.
—The Poston od says lady
that City c
t. harges her P pin-nusney to a
the clothe*. in
line accoun .
—Sixty to of brim leas than a
car akin a rm.y of the . oensns in one
—A catamount, .40 powlds is
vrel Min grat and 4 bel long, was shot near Wens,
ds. •
—Wm Addis hereon is
nominatedleondidste In •
—The Standard nominates Theo
dore Tilton for Lieutenant Gomm: of Zion
-2detnplia has twelve thoneand
dv and no sausage factory—chance:et some
bo4 to speculate.
—Florence Nightingale and Jenny
Lind are obtaining aid for the wounded of the
European' war..
—The . first iron' steamboat ever
contracted on the trpmr Missiseppiwastraneb
ed al Dabque on the
—Daniel Boone's monument has
almost disappeared in the shape of chips in the
pockets of relic hunters.
—A hail-storm in Linn Co., lowa,
three i repk, oraarmanted==with tqy peb.
bles i n s in
—An Indiana tea-party were moved
together—the cook need tartar emetic indeed
Of cream of tartar In the cakes.
In India the chide of certain
districts have fixed the highest rate that can he
enispde,d tbr the : marriage ceremony.
—Senator Trumbull, of Illinois; is
spoken hf in conaoctiqp with the Secretaryship
of Statin place of the Hon.
—A gentleman at Stamford, Conn.,
is mita to raising s suthif crop of eolith, with
every prospect of themes.
-lEss Snow, of Indiana, has cow
hided a young man forayWg that her reputa
tion was not consistent wft name.
-The Washington census returns,
so sir as taken, are slid to indicate an intim*
of 791 per scnt. since IWO.
- -An iron furnace at Pottsville is
now tilling a ambito, foe •ING loos of railroad
iron for the Pad& Maros&
—There are at present confined
within the walls of Easton Jana prisoners, 28
of stem are males and 9 16_ males.
—The -Venango Speeeeter s4a that
there aro tart_ aU wens tes in various stages of progress in the vicinity of Tra4.lln.
—The German Catholics of Potta
talc arc - building a new &drab, which will cod
—The debt of Easton, is $76,V21.23.
The debt of Reeding is nearly ten times that
.. "€:1 girl" in St. Lonis
took polaora tom because her aboard krrer
didn't write Der a letter folr four ooareeoutire
—The New York pipers are fear.
MAW the Nathan murder will pum foto obliv
ioh, and antis to catch the murderers be re
—The -oeninu3,taker in Dundee,
lowa, at the solicitation of the pox*, malted
four hones belbreviostog his lista, - fur the birth
of a babe.
—Of the 220 cOnviete in the Ala
bama Mate Penitentiary all except t= i ti
m ,
aeemployed tbrenhord the Slate
—A young lady; about to be mar
riod, s_ays she'trAl not promise to "lore, honor,
and °bol' . but la IV', "lore, honor, and be
—Sir Frederick Pollock, formerly-
Methuen of the Elabeiper, is England; le
ag reported. dodad.Hs ire; aghtyorral law 01
—A man was reoently hu ng in
Englaai with an eight foe! amp. .The ra t an
In taloa tad coroner's inveslissike
of the hanging authorities.' I •
—The Bret important action of the
Punt wai-ints deleat of Napoleon iQmlia
=l*e:selensag. of the departure of Napokon , I bet
Bt. H
. —The new Catholic church on
Wiehingten itreet, Wielbirre, promisee to be
e miremedit streeture. The contract he the
erecters hal been made for IMMO. - •
Yrs- •
—At Deireertert; lowa,- het week,
a uto
two ahnibt ai eftud
:Arm In c a bucket of water, sad coil.
d by jumping into - a well.
—The Mhifeltit er ssya from
two to uutwr tot*
finest ardak ors caught tat
shippedlejan quat The thit itti at the
kted. .
•:12t e Chide - go ppm tray Quit a
yet - ragmen rauudolll: No" who Wan
to be abrollkie3a the !Mega fteeina is asS
feriog tag,* AucillAt,9l
P~incs Balm Alitur Mb* keret/
mtAmiyaltarith Masbatt 34_ the occapailion
of killed 4al
,ta#lo ottimek•Ma y
JD!, wait Iv' "ptheeroa -Oursa
diank . . ..1 . •
, —AltersenitociattoiDihrivareinet
in eoovesiEon Balmer_ ,leo Ilkawillarlail, lusd
act udioidAimi~aktAiovioxr, mid: IL
F • Nort k ! ° inn
StekteAllialibirolkat e rili
ttake.2rso&Ais,w=oo. rie
ufa salhu. •
- —,ll. died in at.
lle t ;ivest - ' -
La* lesiiivi ' elk toe, the ?emit
oto busbies Aid via toommoed Masi Nees
si z o ß, hy %topozotype, At C 944, Of WO 011041
, .. .
of oyetZi.
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pt Doses rot . 01:1:01
Ttro 6 lis
Tut eu iarstiANO 4 01 1 1 7. 141
,t 4 1 ,1 a trelb o ookiPuPli
• '
in Ban madam. value proppeipii
at 1100,01:10.
Nagai Itp
%nu*. Spada, Brij
Mate Primeanwirr
ADmaricam Iry
moved to Amadeu of Ceoammes).
102 2ICPUS6II=7%/18, ' :
- , - 11A.3138:11. WEBB,
" • Sinltifidd women*.
P E ii - EY—ltrillte IC
• eg Liwkris. -
Of -
run anmsuoina,
Of 31 forthi*alisionalft•
cbtarri MUM. •
, of arum* tallowy.
MHO =olio 'for the. disossidon of the
poilUcii qusstioss.of e lbs mai - be hellos
At unarm comp, Mart* emit
MAT 7 si siAlitto " ileGkr`.°. •
At WEST _GSANVILLE. - T i needei
Sept. lettr, at 71 o'clock. „Same Spoken.
At InuntrAndis.
leek. Areithelda evenkii4
Sept. list. al 71ot Samettpmken. •
At ALBANY; Vrida7meniapt. 29.3, akihe
School Some sear Wm. atljo'elock.
Hem E. 0 St Jr- and
At ATHENS. Yomfay efecintleth, a 1
Ti o'clock. Speaker , Has
At BUSICHVILLE. Tuesday evettm, Sept
90th. at 71 o'clock. Speakers, Has. 11. I= -
=Band GO. B. H. nom.
At LatAISVILLS. Wednesday Sept. 21M. salt
o'clock, p.m. 61010 Speakers.
At SOYA Thursday emeitag. Sept. 991‘1, at 7
co Sione 4 lOpokkera. . .
At IridaY erenhaik a l dr.. 3ept• 23d, it
at 7 o Same
At : I : l 4lllN.SatusdayerMMg,Sept. Nth
at the Iraey Eme, at 7 o'dock.-. Same
Speakers. ;
alir The Judicial Conference for
thia,Diattiot, vriß meetnt the Brad
ford. Monte, Waverly, on Monday
tur - Berdomar in • the different
seetiorui of iiiiishoidd observe
the date of itiOliiptitilingui` meeting
in their. n nia_see that
fall houses are out.
Mr We call especial attention to
the letter of Judge' KELLEY published
on the outside of to-day's paper, and
the letter of our
.W corres
pondent: on this page.
MT We hope that every Republi
can in the vicinity of Liberty Corners
will turn out on Saturday evening to
hear 0. D. Beitriarr and J. HoLccets
&is, speak upon the political ques
tions of the day.
_ • -OM _
Mir The 11. m Conference
which met at , ooh on Tues
day, nominated C. B. Bummer, of
Columbia county, for Congress. It
is immaterial to us who the candidate
is, as Mr. Hamm will have the largest
majority ever given to any candi
date in this district; but it does ap
pear to be treating Col Pierxrr rather
shabbily to throw him overboard after
using him for a wheel-horse so; many
years. However parties as well as
republics are ungrateful, and in the'
language of . Vic. biz' itself, this action.
of his party ends his political career..
$ If there is a Republican in
Bradford county who feels indifferent
upon the subject of the Congression
al election this ha lot ; film stop and
reflect what would be thequen
cei to Gen. GnAntosadministration, if
a majority of 'Democrats' are, elected
to Congress this - Although'we,
have an honest and economical pres
ident, we should not see rt. monthly
reduction of the public debt, with
an opposition House to (nip* his
efforts in behalf of retrenclunent.
Durr.—Republicans atundd be up
and doing, for this fall's campaign in-,
volves the highest interest of State
and nation,. It is in) time for diyi
lion on mere local questions—we
have to meet a lively enemy, full of
devices and tricks, never slew to.
avail itself of an) , element of division,
however small in itself, to work mis
chief to the general cause. The
Canvass will be an important one in
every sense, and ItePublionni should
arouse theinselies.
ente =Tali ,Daily .Advertiser
in speaking of the rii-nominaiion of
4'lldg° lissom says : "The party is
'II unit in hi! favor, he knows every
inch or,the diatitct, is entitled toa
small majority and Vail vin it. Tim, w
brag and bluster of bis opponent .wffi
owe less peOple now than heretofore
Resides, this is_ nota bi*iiigyear for
deanOcratio Congressmen., 3 NOTaitti).•
iota tiOnfidenee alone will not gain the
bait& The fight is to be desperate
and detenniixed; Let every-Repub
lican putidi shoulder to the Wheel;
and Work tincomeuigly for the taie!A
Sikh wall thee be certeiikto coma"
lir The fall elections have already
Commenced, and members Are being
Owen for the next Mime of Irepre
jellhigies• LitPe :Vermont, 16 *r
that that lir Cele, has, gfTen her Ming
mon mid with imuniimonadele
• Emcee some twenty *mond
on 'right aide. , Maine comes close
in herrmin; Mid EiMi 144100 e
tele i!lpli will ~b e - . gratifying 7 00
!Wade ,with xenewed nesunumea of
the continual and steadfast -
One of ibifearly peer : telholorl
tranee of thei4muttani64 i l 7 :Nexti
**WI ' 4 **rtie7is4 l A . be'.i*Olif
is With , the begionixd Amtimetion over,
theAallenntiwalleytofitiaciuyhte a v
" 1611 0 6 t*Y-Ititi ::
avitigoklot iitc;ift A .I c4fraiiiik .
tayttorelatatuitamiptlierit ittilt-Mf
410,4),i t i i#0. 1 0 04 i i i , :=1*
/it *0109tic..44.4*,
Pair - 10* okrutig " -
of thisAstriettombirthanhodid-la
1110, le*" the nomination was 817 et
unsiumietielytendered him ;
Thituniiiimity with - which the
of this die' tricthave thought
and acted in reference to the selection
- oflrciniMdidelfor g ti '
ter of gresteatialietkeuand awlllrin
spire „ever, member :of ( Our ~ - Vittyi.
nal result. - The Conventions of •Men-.
tour; Sullivan and Colimbistioinitio;
have without amid& dissenting:oleo;
fullrendorsed.the amuse of 'Judge
Madam andinstrocted theiromferees
for ..his noinination.".qtradford :end
Wyoming willvertainbit,4lo%.likewitse,
whiin And: : - ..cantentiOns rimed§ 'lnd
thus there will be preeentedl -to, the
voters:of this. :districtqn veaadidate
who, efterhavingeextedseveralterms
in the Leghdative .Halls,-treturna ,to
receive the endoreementothis
Outale the`actamllahorperformed
and the cootie pursucd what strong
er or ..-..more .satisfactoky.::
could be used Ever since =
evident that Mr. Macro would,-`bee
re-nominated out,opponsta hogiaenL
deavoredip gander - him,- Truth °odd
.be • =id for jthis_parTon. . and
henee.overs specks of falsehoodhave
been madeavailable , Without effect;
they have endeavored:to create feuds
and disaffection in our own rank.!
They have been-busyin they, circula
tion of petty stories which nieu nrould
be asha. to-repeat.: The majority
at the last-Congressional election bee
been used as an evidence now of .the
probability of defeat, when the fact
that it forma one of the strongest sr-:
guments in favor of our triumphant,
victory. At .the previous.. election
*ere was some disaffection in our
party in certain sections - of ..the die
trfs4 which militated , against us..
These difiletilties-nre. 4 .now all past,.
and there is brit one universal dispo
sition, and that to reader a hearty
support to our. Candidate for Con--
grass. ,;Besides the evil influences in
our own ranks at, the last, -- eleetteui
we were oppesed ,by C 01.,. Piellekn:
perfect. demagogue in polities And.
one who, octeta position on the,
railroad running _Dweller%•
controlled a large Irish .1 1 148
. year ,we have.nothing like.thisio eon
mad. against wad instead ;of: Coli
ollet we shall probably have-ahoy in
,years and 'a pigmy in 4tapanitir-one.
who is utterly devoid of either Per,
tonal or political strengthi;
onWook never appeared ; more
hopeful. We are as certain of. Tido
ry as that the day, of election will
come. We speak , thin; eonfidently
because we have the utmost. reliance
upon our Mends. Every man mruit,
not only cast his vote...but be must
pee his influence-to this end. Do not
allow the ; enemy to gain yout-cear
merely to.corrupt your heart. Rec 7
ollect that by every weans in their
power they will endeavor to. wean
you fronilyciur allegianc& they
cannot successfully attack the princi
ples which - you espouse and
record you forget an honorable receril
through which you have
supported the lovertiment;; . they,
will try to excite jealousies In yeur
minduPon unimportruit questions 'of
local inUrest, ox - perhaps - suggest' a.
doubt 'es :to . the vestilt. ' Look - upon
such men as your enemies and . those
who 'are not to be trusted . M en whO
doubt the access of light as oPpesed
to - wrong, who are-'always endeavor=
ing to
,do us evil are in no scum our
friends. Let is be :united in thia
opinfon and me' are strong. If a man
falters now en' examination of his
record may prove' thatthis - fs riot hie.
first offense; - Mark'well the% )mrin
who dares to create oteirculati
affection: . Re' 'is' either a doubtful
friend 'Or openly,* thkbiteicst of our,
enemies. ' • - '
COIMC:Epag -
The Congressional Wereesof the Die riot
comprising CoMidds'AlfoistOur, Bradford; 'IP*
owing and i4diinm cirmities, met at itte
Douse, Towanda, on-Wednesday . ) aventneliik
thelsnixne, of Their Ippidn .
meat; The meeting win organized tlitial lap;
plinfniattolDr.l.D.Danwirarnol Madam,
as President, and D. A. Dummy, of Colrunbill,
as Secretary, - .The rnlialkilaPtair lcaa
and the following ar4wer 4 k l their ,camas:
C°Logina,^4lL % t. 'Beckley. Gbl E! ,
Iciseph P. emMer, Doi:Prank Stewart.
BALDIrORD.--Zebuloik Frlabep, Ward Warm,
Russel Idiller,tzakiel.Carc
W.ll. Carnatin. • ' •.
Komori. 7. D.' Strawbridge, D. Frazkr,
13ttigten Roberts.' • • ' r •,. W. Bannatyne, F. C. Bunnell,
I.l7nderwooB. - • ! •
airl[w33._E, W. ThyrdwgiM.,/anosistori
Col: B. Knot! moped thekatm. Dr/yaw*
Mu, of Bradford comity, be
reeentative toC t n t o h m is na is t hedi a
mon, :-Pisged,unainap, .
• —„
• The - President was itethoriied . .
committee td waSt - cim „Idereukind notigy
him of his nomination. ' t
. CnL O. Knorr tixWell that When I this 'COnthr
inee adjourns, it - 4mm lo Mein at'llkintw.
ttig, &auntie count, nn the ihstiltrehmatsr
after the session a/ tiniest bounty comnitkoi
lathe District, 1872,.. E. L. Visdortnxid . I noved
to amend, toy subOtuting Ttntblenmeck *place
Bloom AzatiSlltr 2 4 wan hurt. - -
Thelteiii4nt then announced *fie following
committee in aOccridenee..With instructions, to
notitY ;Kr -of * A c Pt i na t . i mk: • P
Coet, D. Frenter ., .. -.;T: C. IknitieVt. Lancaster.
Zebtdon rris* * : '• '
The connnitteeettei a blicrehienoe mturnog
end tntrodeced hilftleVonteritiei igi'notefitee;
Hon. Triparei . lferihn'
Sir. Xis= aceeptod the noininstion so taxa&
hnotudy *endured :him with agratisions .or
ibnaks., :"Ele:reiletred curaorifsf the gib**
Plaket ti* Bepnb ßcaa
eatkeiii4•o4 takirc , ,l PI F. c i lig 44'.!'uck,!??Af
fldencetn sins' x?sent . the Parinin Sho„epta..
d0c.001,40 '
u 9 03 1; 4 0 4 i f 1 , 4 0. 14
ibe- micelsitt,iof t eir. l : 10 4
trete; itilant. and
lirr.'Makorst tri'hie 'Apical Minted'
irpeeoh.bY iniktingrthe whole hii reel
denceo :.J. ' ;.•
lagEcm! will 5 1,?* is
Athens, on Monday eveni4g ;elk
olociairi- Bali trans ,
tired in tbe hiptoral, tba-Earopean
war sine oar WA. Ssa3raLiat
hating Iva tratitakfar tte
,kFuss.4 l 4friWnwAglV4. ?xmltut
• ,
--S 444,konfi
• - ; • 1, repetition at be;
ing moat indastehltie and cathtikhaytheolies•
charge dam varied antler that 'detan lip=
et his coastline*. holm Oa eediresealidetcle,
and respect ailiaiddloy tn~mlirs
I t greidouit . 7 • • t" his — seta "it* hi iiiijd.
Oahe! in' inniitities4 . bap 'irinion *Or it*
fWed az* fiantitaillde ID thei dieduthe O , W
!gin*. anbellegibestithithtd to IkeirintercnlF:
titiolOintleit Oben billet Mud — ;TAM Ma it
*OA q*Jr4r ft*: ilitAtOmokoiv'i&
I 4900.4 4 ./MlAlit l o,4 tb#looo OnaiiO4 -
.1 1 0 101 4 ,41 adDit
i4tAlia iffs, .Jeehrs, -7 outi wig! A Ocrmisidi
:idont flea iinti that pa* Wietjulicionaktgle.
'Wren has with unetainpbid 'brengid
;alien! thri .die q orOttiqithile- debt;
ideadiadvineit of the Oldie? eividioid'roil
phititspateut of nlifandet 4101iontfi ' 1 ::' --`-'
11, Itienthse akihaiLbtermseeii eistretute
trl hisfonalitneethitithasiemiterknornii,:oecum
s kie r Alanee4 l 44. l l,ll ll o , Alletetainiaruhip
' 44 P ftsfths 4.4.4*.f.e 'eel* .4iinAifft . all
;4 1 ‘• t lirt_ t lT,R 3s3 A,FMoFollidthg for 1.•
lekthisfo,. ll 4.i l 47 liS , °ran&
oil, of, sad ; 4 3 11 M - 4 1 1
i tintiey of, Amin' Jounaccs in his
. deepecete
lind pidiracteditonmet . idth, Meg** And ibi.
ipeoplo.' His whole mune has indeed been ilia;'
ithigiiihed a724ajaiotbui Irlomi 'ikon is hot
!billueed ks.the huitiotputifiniii way.: ..:, is
; /*I it int* bo berme in mind that. the De-.
Mooned' of the diffthlt fa Pit Pea detenuth
edefforte,intuicilf9_ _ L thlak ( In !OtitePh• euil the
'4 1 44 0 the. t t ePuldinth•eandidet4 I
einpie d'tipni4s:te 'Wain thefr- I thlPet, , • It.
is ielP 3 Ohle , th fkkee4fthet , salmi, they may .
i fthilthifiet' whet** niPidleYU4 t-
/ ileitis* hem irOirovei.lhat no' Iteollican'
thie'bsdirinded Or ledardde bylireli*citesi
iargeinents and phatisible pribstscik: Let , hlut
Judienftheir future by their pad record."' let
it tei borne in Adak:whatever • guise the* may'
1101!Mum Ohm= success, Walther satins
, higpoommy and retrenchment or the math*
,itelkurraskg the public faith, they are still the
*us PartY libith 0PP 040 4 erl7 caeca" th e n;
.urnadopted . by the, Government for the imp.
. lito4loA of Rito,7ebaol3; and that they tart
• , ardiansit the and opportunity to, in*
• all the Wise legislation of the past fen Scars ;
to - deprivn the black men of I& newly acipgred
. civil siatpolitind rigflis, 'destroy the i 1140114
_ Ctirroattyj COrTtlpt 'the 'national'integrity, and
!Idly./ 'linguini bound and helpless, firth the
. poser of the leaders of the late 'rebellion. "- ' '
- ! JO xiew of the^test which it iiiity;be ex
' Peetesd.the menu will:push to the farthest An.
, inanity toobtatheentrol of tbeitatiostal House
' ..°f noffeeentativelb h.:become* Sepublicancte
Orglitutettrd *w i t° thafroui. lidefily Lb the
* *ntt7 fis , tht ; iirthei, Pim th at butt Poeft?9 d
it _ to; th e Men Wm fought t its Natio,. car the
field /Mil in 410 fonui— to Only, luunanity
and'progress all demand . of Beipublicaits, A
united and vigorous action.
Are the people folly swat) of thaAtdpendOus
kin ye' :Wante of .the iniferuthig' nutted? • Are
they-aware that tide mond' will &fent*
Walther those Who, preserved the Wien or
those who endeavored iodantroylte shilVdl,-
Mt he flaw?.
la it rqxuithe hyisithedsthst the *is fore!
• iettens'thst thelPeoPle. ere eiehltuedf 40 e
ra te`toPower those wig), once rteeil,.tite,power
dilented to theuitand' thh trust repoird in
thethitthtlite adeadlibliiw at the o life . Of -rho
radian n--tiii i upon the:belief that they hare
so far entreedini in featuring the mass of rthe
people with the leittri gibbet' , awl diihoneati,
that mediation has titers. popular witynir-- 1
Shat therDernacretter leaders ,bink their bailee
of eumsie, If B oy. the/4M tindthst they are
budding-Non w ; 11,4014 foundation.; * Con.
Oast between thelndmieietratOn of *the=
ITOmsfit °irradiant Gag; ;Faith
es thlteeff, I.lfdielent argument to blight all
their anth#dions. ' , , , .. .
i As the monthly tomeniiiiineiii of jbo ,rodho:
lien•of OnipilliC debt Is made Oiriini lt4tibli-,
can ttesinder,lM lienpleture everierninded 'of
the greiVeaneeth siiieo but Ail it writ ineiriL
red ;nor have tbeir firegoitin bow tlieleionateitt
oui4w'of theltemomatie leaders eifpfding
theancrales Ode GovernmentAelpedlopro;
_the struggle and !well onrdebt teitspres.
13 u..,t q4/FiL4Othi ProPoctOne f , ' ;.
' I T
i ' , ) 111 1 1) . 41 .°t l i cFg*A. ll / 0 thoueande of
gle# fethere:;sone 1 1 0 !roulexii, who. tone!
!Ce theOdekillg on a kfthdrea, 7?sittiotilads thtu!'
• t y th66lth . ei ci i • 4oo.',,`,T ' t th eh lives; oot
0 i4i'defiliikithai onunit ?PO 0 4frd 1 9'ent
from Present dengill‘ Vat to Wrietuate the
Idissinglef oar fin'nthillintions to fulurrilieno
lrauenr. Theihive not forkkotten'thili great '
leadar-6- strong - as a thin and gentle ilia' dare
L—the,ithamplon of universal , emarichistiori,
Plutteharbom first demean new life 'of light
' Una frperlim,on.fettr.trulthastithultaa Whitis
h, . 01 4.4 e theF.eget ltitleet.henthigotint men Over
1 9 04e- dedlffastalinig t?Pee his: 0 0 7 1 null—
nfileheu down at his PO il l ._ i .l!a. fleath throes
` pridolli mann. ' •
win the . people now tamely 'amender elf the ;
trtiltrinf their deer, bought victories? ' WM they
'distend the nark 'of economy' end -reform fo
suoteisfully inaugurated! Will= they now b3r ,
their =Magni elevate to' power a party Who
during the button yeini have been ; erstantb..
defeated IA the Add and at the Wet box, and
Wallow breast. rankle the pent , up pasaien
and ;resentment', engendered Water' 'those
Sean cridefese—/ 0 Perabittual,9 oppose (men,
measure of reform that does not conform to
their do p frinee 'nit O;ploded tiioo-
es. Or AM they sustain the I party who by
their energy Lml annum conquered &rebellion
ana *1661 . %is°. *rid ixstriotio legishitien has
iniogrirabod a new era' of national greatness
- ,Willitot the people of the. 'Mill' ?)!strict use
Ont . :effort toottunx to Congress one who has
beeksetearneitt end 'wine in the advocacy of
Pthe.s° inform{ -- one _lnt , Inultre4ll7: 'quelithat
to prolf!st and armee their lutureste—one who.
itips fatal lioved h i nuself•th:o.lT7 reefed
worthy - of their con fi dence And on whose peliti
liiioiford th6e id no stain. : •
Tile finvoiticiee Oiodliin
in our liational
Leyshdaturi r gOod and true Men• W 4 have
.' ho.
colas" tiloieughir emits:lraqi Air' Itliislition
and Ch6thints of4he pothltieoght toilbe Anions.
ly Ooniklerert Nom= hoireverealdohted , he
It etixi. tan at on imams ids pripeipkotiin
nib balliotleg4dioa ct conmalia that oaten
iisn silfd zßaPect. T iihich, Orb ONOttled,to' sage
s4erience. Yet thers nromuty,to hold, and /
regret to know that the pernicious, &oleo° is
galtrthg ground midair tri-Lthit th e ijdein of,
kotetkill illAßi4) Oiallt:10 be aridted to eolt,
gressmin ea well es to kiMeerr hi the executive'
diimetnents,thet wherionoldif nerved tiro Or
threat terintheinughttansktsway foreosieone
elso whorieny hive nitud claims Apawthe:grat-•
itiade*llie WV; elk if it Ttell•Teldflf, of is
Itthe'E •f t
te i6 l u i M t e eeitth4toatthSP, 0 0 4 1, he rewarded for
tf T toe s gisn**. bfsieeeeof
i Cd W ef te e thig4 - tuuthotod.
thaaeit in Ilug/ind'of loin
Netruleiliotiskr •ProtiOrk to
'lith thee
' Phhil: Atte Alefilieileilitiolida,l4ifit 'ca''; rat
;U* 46ll o ll E], ho`deY'lifftheir 'Pint*, the*
ft,b , iifibinifia r oppanote46'•oilikteciaoraiiis fer
legisiatinikonon lei Adahr_uqrsi distinction
iiciiiabiam.ADo EatikciAimUihighith ,iiiiorethi
ptocit greatoconftt demand dmixiiiiited kilt
la PO fig; nowliNkth 0 7 4 0 ..* &Won& ; : JJ • ;
111 1 0141 Ate'14"11*Pf th e POP/C4P4R,IIO`
trio V# I FFY° 4 4 4 1 N is C M 1.4 443 Wgr
.44;41 * P , -L • O ris f=" 3ll ::G l Wß
*01 44'2 04 4 ~. Illii - 4: 1 1 1 /e1ACI
6Aihkrtritilifii'' . li ate okojiti sttof 0),
ad pit Atiil cii , iottinfoo l otfi&igofi fa re.
istiwa', , volsiv tekiiihtvintilim .ft, Jo*
kaliftriaideoloftiikvivaiikait . 46 - ribip
kolidkiiniai azirldifftgitkinoliniataktir noel.
iity, of rerneriing eidniAtried piddici serrogitir
i 7 AgroßY,an 1 1 ,tfkf.!IlliP.4*:of
gkiie inimtpowdig ow Fry ; Lbw
i3lefekrue ;ofirin - *. oo ( 4l6 llii!'4"
eiSig gintipV.' . ' OlnitVohici; -
41 MR 1 01 . 1 L . '
s s. .13a#
_. 4: ,,_-_,, : . 0 „, ~:;;; ~ • , 1. 4 (
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.011644011i4 allied 11114,110AD0 at iiihf
OdniiiChirirassali . 018,#willial
ilifej.o.6frilop-wls, alscidsurtnui-.
.s :.
caul a.:
*f a . , ' disatiGll4
W ATJ -ILE; 1 • - 13k1
m. • r. F .
- •,• ‘ 4, c( - .
11064 . nos AID MOO _
T"rloia• SIS 4 11;11110-yr I*
opa aritakikreitto at Ilitekratipac
. .
Ito stoodois. ... ... co to on oo
• .
J. - 1-Lll4O , 77;
Le awes. In haft mid
-- TT - . I/is-id-NI • '
••: • -
PIitYPOIALI milt he 'illostv•l at le
, Owl 1 1 0. P. Juan to Tema
lola SOL alli f lor lee Wilda
al at ett. deo Tomas
! bilk M iI AN I UMTPI
; 71711110
44 ;la at is itare.
!GLOOM 'Kr; - egintaii
fi l Way or is iegirati
• ' -
FP:V.OO%OAS Agari •, Wade
'WU oda , istotne ! VOiootAl
Atri ma • 11 . 4 t all a " lela it •
Atles toil:i(olit"W000kyi;tho Berko
ito got mato 01 amid moolool
;lift Veit Altatiosol Book
ISt iimoitot Moody
;401$ *au doom a/SAW do* la Ser a %
Amdaske.- as Toww, 440 .
. thireottr.
" I ' d " d estnat i oirro f =nib... .2.
etistivir Wilms
Audios Us shim . '
TWIDir 01" =inaoco •to bei
113 ildri on=
,oooutty• matium.
Imootentot 17ookiXoDatOok. IliKemsd•
AtioOo, On& 1 4 18 %
'VOX 4ST, 3011101 M,
IterpeetfultyApe artettatm listan• the
at at public that they hue just
owned •
Consisting of almost everything in the Grocery and
provision line: which they oasts: sale at
. .
'At the lowest tosilort isles; .• . .
Ire feet rootlike& that TIM mar expedenee and
nartlitles, we shall be able to please the moat Arstidl.
am Our Motto Is 8. Good Goods at Reasonable,
Priam! . 1 :
_ We shall wail hard to 'pleasrL Try In , COMO/
NAM and Pine streets. • •
, . , bT.. ROL
Tema*, Sept. 15.10. HENRY =RCM
. nap, Lbcz BUSCH
' Prig* $l5 00.
This lb radne wnt Mita. beta. .SeU. tuck. WM.
cord, bipd, embroider sod R•tb.e to the mod perfect
maser, sod WM sew from the Bitted to the WM
wzrilotr, masa; OP zwato.Y.,
• lus no t a cheap .usabine bat in ail invocis
null the Wein? vetoed one while in dminicity.
=to OA oot of orke. sad ere at =ow
Ab nondnation Is disked from alto teat the bath
of oar ainattObs. An& Atnamsarn Waaaassso Psa.
. . MAT 7..:WATTO. Agent.
Monza* got, 1: 10704 • '
arIAVRALSOOIDIT.—The exhibition et this
Hidety Dm 1870.viikbe !ski e$ Sonatoe. feemley
Saptstabei 47th. Weaseeseiw. Sept. Deb. Thunder..
Elect OWL Irt= u -44 ibera lielit.. fromm sae
oDectoee. Dee end eeoamo empie.
sad the womb= Mie it a• <amp for
no.. ice' amyl Him entered toe need. lento, Boob;
open Mosby. Dept. M. Fee ali.Warom Cr inter
soatioost Dental*. ' _ _
/WEN O. WOW& Pried
D. W. istime. Deo. Owl:
Dimmer. KoOorece. ftr.
thit opplicitlaiVa madetbo next met
tiOt tires loiddtaxto ix the loom
potsttoo of • , !trawl flask, to be Moons at the
Atheos Wrings Naas. toll's* • capitol of Witten&
aad•t{baeiy totacootottits atm to tog/
onount"no t a thr ee ho odt ed th m alam i OW
Tho rosiibadooto aainMow
an dismal tad to Zoom:4 mew *a, ani to
osztetiti gourd Waldo; Itlttlges. - k$ be loaded la
tbb botoolti et gam* cc oit andloal. with
aothartty to establtsh branches at other Ammo to
odd county. J0001V70413
Having leased the Storehouse and coal Worse
belonging to the kerma Weller; would notify the
ettizens of Wyshieing and Malty that he will keep
"onnetantly an hind a fall stock of
C l 0' A , L
zoo. firovE, ciremnrr. PEA AND BANCLAY
L T,
Which he will be pleased to enoply the= with et
. ptileee. acne but the sow teletztrWa
be offered for We, consequently cannot fail In
tl withdletion sod meth" the waits at the
oonnitutti. .
Au delivery. and for errel7 desertriton of
or town tipabing• irse Limteet, Mader.
,orment aud o
113Ake LY DIG= uap Aleut Min slims to
it the Warelunne to attend to =stonier&
Plain Nirldta•Pliu,g,
, , •
Trilled Red
- .
:I• , • :
• r - , • • , • I •
1111, of WWI aold•eit the •
1 ,,i•_.04E - 6 ' l l E El.
• .
Y.4 3 .914.41 1 1. 0 .'• 1117 i'lr:M4TLOR'&.4130:
. I " .
ErtreAß,' - nak
erZug, gala 1. f ii s can •Xl5.
Alt io,T Of .ili,,ro3oot, ak - 70:it
' "*" '41)511-'1.-141,114i.r.--- • ',''.*,! - . , '.''1, , ;..P''K',, ,,, .
iitcyour Milk
I,' •• • 1.: AIM
' 1 1" ftshill -• r illeffed
-11 r. a. a a ts.Mtud
bre boor entoedeitelie/Ifilielbag44
Millis. or • aselmity of them Om Or boa= the ono
dm MDemisabse,"Antielhastat 11111111011111111
lauithid mad iitAkeni. to debelidatifilitand per.
dinittritithery MO deent l M
- Hseargismd
me. or a IRON* me Mem. toialsetenoMamil their
tor. laths moms sad for the use of the entmorstka
mentioned la the Odra nation of this acklirei Meg
01 2, andrfiro IMMO/ soder irk
to Seib* di Ma eddit et Wadi" ,
miti4 ss
dAewahadatr e r- be lied In ids Mice;
the elattimMal Me quell/id shiel.
1 obtainn Meet Masi Mite= of , Ms said
1 cannif es art4=War gal .• ~
et of
easeiset_nri encfse .01 tlie_Mickeei et mg
011 , MOMMg IMF %Mem
=11171 "" i nfant= u ction Mideleill• lad ' Ma the llell VIV
the numbs , of Sass Iliandh. or: wilds mde
tbseaMer. melt/ ender their beads and mei.4
names of the person so elected dlamtore, to. OM
_cleft ef the coon et colorise saishine of the :rid
wooly; MS slot Elm dor sir NOUS* la
his cam sod itethwith MOD 00001114 Wiling to the
aid greens. of lisle Wog MO M& widths Bald ell.
reds" shill asst se a l s onert boons is /fir, mid
emati on the Mena ot November next nsa
eagle* shictieS Is& ilmoiselmai by Ist Mtn
One cleasot• the pim a ot the Mot to be nests& at
tt e r=ggi t lSOM yea/ grier. eters Seeend at the
sall the thbd /SAM
1 01/11 1 1fien Mine third Pet. en that those who shall
is omen Merits th at Medics: and ha the mode
'alstwe desedblir Me OM Pierkelld. GM.
third Wyk • - • • •
Samos V - Mere • - MOM -in the
miramersiersmidme sppointedmi beretedineMnill•
ed. shaleftew bei hi motile& of mid
&Mosad helm Millers on the
'doles o Baas path Sr iarmalike be.
JIM ~ lit air IS
will the duties Malcolm el the poor for
Wilk %
Yid : hitilldly sad hapartielly, ter tier
bast of Ms mid ability; and is clam Ming
led or refuel to the said oath or Animation
wilds:Ms Om Marsala. , and perform the dam
aftwesairl. De shall MIMI and OW the Inn' of ten
&Mere for the use of the poor of said 00. which
.doe shall be reemered by the dbioilare. atittft time
Wag. mdsbts of the Mine amount am or shall be
Zpr inaa
w rm:mumble; and the 'directors qualified as
me beret 7 authorized toradministsr. oaths
or alsmattans in awns where it shell be moms
'ry to rehabs to the &atlas of their add Wks '• -
goomme,S. - That the said Opel.- is sod their ma
memo shall leaver hareem. in the name end In
thetebs mat tetr politic Sid emporia in law, to an
intents and papaw whatscomir relative to thimor:
thern of &lOW. and shall have
someasion. and maylise and bri rued. yloragare
• the name. Ingle and UM of the dimcf•
ors of the poor and of the horse of employment for
ths county of Ileadfrad. and bribennains Mill and
' may receive. take and hold say lands. tenements and
hereditament', not exeselfog the yeinV mine of lien
thousand donors, and goodie/id thin& what
soever ol the gift.. or bequest of any per
son whitsomor l e = take and hold any lands
and tenements their county •
in fee ainipleror
Mitered and stillible buildings fur"
the reospaea. use and secommodenon Of the poor ,
of said countycrcdis an things necessary. Joe.
the rezelnkol. maintenance and employ,
meat of said poor; siPeoint a traieurer 1..
who shall give baud, with sufilcient surety.:, for me
ibithful Michsim of_the duties of his otheap ae at
the stylivtics limeMthet ha will well sod SW per,
and dame emir to his succemor in 011:0, all inonep
bonds, notes, bodes, sorounteanitmpapare, to
the said monition beimem. wMch Mall than be
roma:dm in his hum% , ody and poseestion;
and the said director@ shall employ. sal at pkosnre
remove, a steward or stewards, and require of :him
or them sa oath origination. and Mob security fee
the bitirtul yerformanes MI& Or their dolmas the
board adifeekerp shall deem and to ap
point s matron at maim" se phodoless,
mine= or surgeons. and attendants that
maybe Decessaa tor the slid poor melyeenvelly.• net
as ylearnes veromm and to bind ont, as
so 'that such apprenticeship may expile,Wraltt
cs before the smiottireaty-one yews. snail fernahai
st or before the ass of eighteen years: Avoided.
That no child shall be bound out for • longer time
than indn he antres et the aga of•
less he be bound out to a lade other than a farmer:
And Provided. TIM t a m all asses dispersos to whom
they as bound be rat toes, (heeled it least
three months' d in nth yam: Provided MAN
That 'sada MAWS booed without the limits' at
the MM. or at a greater distance than, fillyLiles ,
from the poor Mum; and the said 'Oaten shall
exacta and euloy all such other powers now mind
t a l the of the . es are hereby
=the t sibl
ple.sare to slier a vanstlo neW- n, and the isms, at thetr
1 Bactiox t. That the said dirsotore Ma* en or
[ before the first day of December: one thousand eight
hundred she illiMpeine; lanai& td the Sanity com•
missioners an ssedmmtatte oe the probable tnit ne at
•. • • •• • the Suds. - erecting the rod'
- - ,• • the siaue,and mainteinine the poor one
year; whereupon they shall and Men a ' turrem an
orized to increase Umeounty tburth of
• . min aroxeia7 foe the Pagan itosemild• sod
shall erasure, on lorubor credit of the taxes _herein
'''v . i• renbriaqn
~ .,..:.;. a . •Ari t ssistw
fu f ts
y..,: 11. 4 1 ,6 0
We um * M7 I ; .uNr wn
h. .finegthe as the
same maybe found neassary.
Mccrecor it That it Mall be the duty of the said
• • • on or before the Ilret day of November ta
/• . • 'may ,
... , 1 =NEM ribligirf :
. . ot - ses . poor and poor house, foe ems Twerp am
.1i WilliLlstatMlirrt tete
mate, which shall be paid to, mid dillipre by the
- - tressneer, on warrants drawn in their Mar'
by the county ancesdsairmers, as the ismer may be
~ , ... .
'. . - ,ql Atirpalel i tileg ' ..
... Mt
them received r ex MS ' pended, to smosore
- • • • • • to audit and settle the county accounts,
' : . .'• ,b MISSAPM
. -
miry yearky hefts the matt of quarter asesikma
and grand Jury Of sad county, alba of the another.
E l end mew of the persona mantels tar sad an
is the said e
spy or by them
out to. or ore
as sfmd. with
names of their sus or mistresses, and their
trade. occupation or calling. sad shall at all. times.
when therennto required. submit ta the lompection
sad free ezanination of sactt visitors as shall from
time to time be appointed by the court of, quarter .
sessions et the sad oventy.oll their Wall and lON
=CD% Writhe! with rents. 4nterests and moneyt -
poyable and receivable by said corimration. sod also
account of slinks, purchases, donations, devic
es and
to tloon.bequests as shad haveleen made by them or
gem= & That: ad WOO as the said brilhlings
shall be erected end all rosemary acoommodetions
provided therein, nothees.alts/1 be eent egned by sny.
two of the mid directors, to the. overseer, of the
poor of the several townships and boroughs of said
calmly of bradford, requiring them forthwith to
bring the poor of their respective townships. and
boroughs to the mad: house of euiployment. bleh
eider the said overseers ere her ebyen)oined'end
(piked to comply with, or other ise, to faded the
ants of all future maintenance, amine in. cases,
Where, airiness or any other isuflehent cense any
poorpaisan Wiwi be =Me l. it which case the
said °termer° dull represent the same to the near.
est jugilee of the peace, who being eatlafied of the
truth thereof, shall certify the samara the said di
rectors and the same time acne an order under his
hand and seal, to the said overseers, dire Clog them
to maintain each poor until suchlizfie as be or she
mq be in 4 situation to be removed, and then con.
Toy the Mid pauper anti deliver him , or her to the
steward orkeerer of thealidlouse of employment;
together with the isid order; and the cleave' and ex
pense of such temporary relief and of mach removal,
shall be pied by said directors at a reasonable all y
SaCrKar 7- That the - end. directos . mew, :rem
time tbne;receite, provide *a and employ. *ao
-7= to the true intent and mani of this act
poor and indigent:persona as shalt be enti
tled to Pellet or as shall hs gained a legal settle
ment in the said oottnly of Bradford. and shall he
sent there by an order or warrant for that purponie,
under the hazels and seshi caw two princes of the
peace, directed to any constable of the mid county
of Bradford.' or the of the proper town
ship in any other pout* this 'comutoniresith; and
the said directors are hereby authorised; when they
shall deem it proper and ommenient to do so, to
permit any maw peraonlw weans to be maintsined
ebiewhere: Provided. Thal the eapense of. their
maintenance does not In. ny was exceed that fer
which they could be maintained at the poor /mac
of the said county of Bradierd. .
Berzon & • Thai the old dlreetora or any two of
them. who rail be a quorum rall - eues to dci bri
ne:li, ran have fell power to man and ordain all
such onlbeinems. Mara andrendationean they'D:ll
third: proper, convenient and neemarr for the di
rotten. governmentV=4 of re poor and
hoar of employment and of the menus
thereunto belonging; and of all. persons as shall
some ander their : Provided, That the
same be not to this law or any of the
other laws of or of that:totted Mier 'Air
prided alio, That the same shall not here any
fore or effect until they shail bare been submitted
to the wart of common pleas, for the time being,
of the aoan of &Woe& and shall Mr received
the on of the sam •
tronow 11. That a quorum ef said directors aball
and they are hereby =Joined and required to meet
at the nand tome of employment st leer - once in
every month. and visit re apanmenta and re that
the poor are oomfortaddy • supported.' Ind tear
all and redress of care to be rettnred
all that Mg Mina' by neglect- or Ws.
eonductof say or parser in roar employ.
Bit it 10.. =are said direokes shall snob of
theinrcetve for their sernees annually the yam of
Intydallers, to defray thencpenne Or their reels
saryattendatne on the dudes at their odioe.
thangrilt.' Thst sucaney Vern..
dew should happen b7: ln
dunkcarimr or
out of the router: or. otherwian the.rainabdtgr
rector or:therm together with the rat of gear.
tee seademe of the odd calatle &se*
ibis citizen or carer to dli such vacancy or man
nes until the next general dation. when, a dinner
or diming shall be elected for the uneetend tens
of saidvaancyof nmandes.
. „
Bainni 114 7110 , thiamili Um mid
comfy of Dreamt en Intiby Arid to VW to
with of tbeeknandadoiseaw sinned gelling moos
°f this eth, lb won' of 011164ollthgee dey fkir Atha
atom; day he elkaa sweeemay egad la pram.
log theftathdeeinfted by the Ind Wawa etas
Oth: and ethoito preach of the dlreetotes mew&
they = eavenatlon for their owftefr duff as timbers
ed in swami frizblth carbon&
Porrad, !het the mineeMp sot
aannel ow thm allowed them .. by ads act,
aired u 4 dailan
illonnow MASA skeletal ad desthblo he so.
Wien to the lathe etortatheetudg 'that et
the Use of tets mot betereutled Into dbl. aka
half for olthetio* to If the eth heath* beak
=4: "heaths lea shell both bees** ad.
Waled. allthoogye :meta. la the
Vella ofthe otheseets; as well ea th e , nnetheketed
tan Wed far the moment tithe poor In the odd
lownelthwend boroughs to Ihs Odd txmastr afro&
And. dna be geld over to the coesuadoneno et the
highway Of tbe nopecthre townaldpe and betooghn,
to be by lbw oohed to a& teplbterthe - reeds
tar* It.' That so ninth of the lowa of :4'
ethonlonweelthrebthaw UN pobr;.wi ime arli tte
ecrabend at math* henna the wow an
tepodedieoftwas they sad the othoffed
_aageg 411. IthrtibeatedfoLothil math al/
=wog& the wild wkweneroare of Oa
and when end where lbw - th vett
be Weft* WOW Ilbeihthee mined them by tam
act, which phosd
sa jhatl Ypr[tbaeepp :
gnaw IIL :Mud foe the purpose of seadatatii
the eau* ofthe cittsais of aordherd comity se to
' the othetheeloy oriereettowg aar home tor,
the `m ploy ly
soli Mho . It be thwtht
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Tlant ,ILlsupisq.' 8., ISiparts.
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tottint• Duri.
low thousand AIM know ' JOIL I T I OCIELRY I' .
* 800 "IlittktotalM 'dot of Ailosa d. 1212. tor
mowing' 1 BALI;, - -,-
September ISM. 114 b. mid 17th. IS.
Saturday Memo% SepL 17th, at 2% o'cloak p. m.
swum* SLYER tom
Et:ibbing tbi; tams' ci( •
LOGBEETA. THE Bow. commis
A" "A.zvaarx4X.lllons at. sworn sem Asa
Mia Min n, MIMS MCI 1111)111011111111 CAL
Can't:Wing arab tba Oinsdrit of Crema at the
Of riffitl4o.. Silj e tenke Teced= 101
elegant present. :mein in from 25 fo
$2O, aU awful goods. se we glee sotliger but what
win be an adverUmumetaf arithit Me =ldle.
t=d a tlce ISMOIO7 of
itairser. ':Presents on
laths Bali dming the day free. Boman.
bar, we gier re= i ejessent.. -go pellaUly. no
sPlat 90511121101. Mudd
j a l ar=l pus; Hsi imenrwass Ike fill
;articular& • Present worth Ism Une 25 carte.
-while many are intik from ill to fi2D. Yon ars as
likely to get • costly Piesent as awbere common on.; and
performance lee evaryreed
and ekes walk tie pelpboraa=
ti of
Inthe T=6 II and WY canto. eldridreit masa,
Kettnie;l32ildrierlii ends: i •
IraindebstsmerpbOdy. .
ogaiiitt. guist aniainxr.ityr
R. m. wEraamo
Until itsiher notkie Ickes at fir& are
L. 4 85 50
InaciG'Oricic. 3 Asa • ' $5 00
; I Mikan come/ a:..... °... q . P 25 -
. Plitodpq.Nuf. aello. .. if 00 ,
' addlemel_ Ansel f:ar
&Weft 00.14115105 baromek-Iliedie: •
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lam Sim Blodr.. path
aireldera f law* la an ism be faxinpuisa• by
tie Cillik. 1 , ,
TQW,I I4II !. 5 ,9% 1147°' S. ft. wzmis.
Ku3ii - KixGaixrB
1Z . 1M:1K . F=23;187&
Wee imuiLii.invites the 44tel.tic . , oc the mu,
M l /40 1 2‘1 VW—F*l. GooDik
L E Te aug air has bees Purebred wit!' ae l 4n l4 ° ,
sleet the moats of the community.
Towanda. Sept. 15. isle.
Mr. 813 -11.INGSL,Ele
' Demos iv toll the attenttos of the Ladies: to he:
sew assortment of
1•2101 r 0004)11.
Ohs We boa a tall Una of
' DIXEISETIk-SkIX. &Q. - .
he the Balmiest trade, which at. veered to her eis.,
ts ead a =3Se Olathe looditseamostis teas'
sat taseload ea abort attks.
law tee Ma a Ina edietioa orltatr and Viper
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mee . ant to Pos. lima; Nereus &
ealis. op O , aoor
des. Tornado. Mg SA.
Ail i'arm TM commence on the zit sow
at bee. 3g70, and alestinue imam •
Pae Common Znedede. 64 00
Yor lltaber lengebb ink pansies 6 00
• DANID - OUP% •
• •
ang.l74Sw Prim:Wei
*ollse,atiit Azivß.
The o rrateaaeat et !Ws shop 1r aair Wean,
mini:thaw WAGONS.
"ovet.edixed la this naatet. ,liieet selectee
OAK AND mcsoity r TIMBER
and an week 'aka& by Die most
_EX num* woiinum.
We have the
.10&ILA .BON SEArd.
eery dight.
little sadaro as t dwratdo ttwt men tiara .has twit
to do towheir drag. • •
Waiwowriortne our work - bedbroekagiag
vlrerec Ropartas done soda.
, on acid
_W. C. Weacca; Mrft. t. G. W. VINCERT.
Towsodo. .Tokr2o,.lWO. ' Elopettintingleor.
8 IIA Y 1
~ r '4 . Y. - iio• RT .t c,o
Invite t particular attention to their
ixbinprisin,g the largest and most
' eveivotered in this viciility, tot
,11.::P-jok.i. - -0.41i 1 = gdz'. , = . ' :24;*
verrikiwestrpg6 .„;.. •
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pIasTER.: TORS liblEft
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Me* : 1ar.4.1141131M1L.
I L. best La ON ,rksiesela not WAIL
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Ast m ' BB t °3l ,'= c i w uK l
F l l= l o :4lClEtt A• iBAT
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kf-; SOWS MEM&
- VOLV A Sir TMENT - 0
'JIM; lam) CAlikeD " -; •
MardElo, Law 1111&131 &
f il !,! 1 ! 11 1 111 ,1 ° , 3 , 4 . 1111AT „ F *
Or - 001IPOWID EMUILIT MUM The sompo•
A3 *siitliiiiii* . iitititr, *il;i2mi.ii*.dtwiws„
W mini iwiwn*,= ..
.:•,•;.L- - . V :4-;!'
Ow Don*, Ostilllopoo, to Poo a ttoollt. • Cat
144 ostridoi itiggseeisiont vat& irldts 4461*:
" a "17
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1 10 lila 11110001GOn 111" kl"
iOiktMo Ink Harm us.
os te,e‘co, lilan be "Quid Doe to be a llbotnee,
*lei CO: haraigazW... hi vWOO. /46,
Dectbis, so . prepare4 bT pm/gists, Li ofa dart
scam se a pros placiple),
dot eadliftilsopeikeOetkm -Mine Ile Ow
~"lMDiaehnl epiaUea
re!Orninehii i the mowed cm - iv of the (Abet
thiredisidaareaddiei wrest lermszmian: uP.
am Pha:sneercer: nor 1s It • stii;ll4
therefor p 6 be umed laws fever or bzlb.
notion ash& 'ft this. 'you :lne tbie lusowledie of
Ur havrodienr and the rode of preps:l4ton.!
- , - licoping that you .6111 Atitor It wink ktzW;attd
Oulimpat Inspection !3iwit .IrlUl 'four &ppm
- •
; • •
With a feeling of coati dente.
' I limier, mileettaily.
-f 8 . T. HOIDOLD.
chemist sad tirasti4 of 1 6 luris experience.
(I , , rau,i the largest. impuitstitniiftig Menthols In the
•• I mei segtiatnial with air: U. T. iiitliabobi; ha
occupied the Drag glare oppoiite pp reelikace. and
.we/ anccesthl antdpeting the. bunlneas.whern
Win had eot been. e4tuilly so before him. .1
fapresie4 wl4l Ida tbaracter and ezi.
w=ow wirouraux,
Firm of .Powozo & Weightouri.ifooutiotorillg
dhauddsOillneth sad Brown 131*,,,
Basznow's rum) Eratax7 Bomar, for weak
mem analog from boihrorefirm. The othanstod pow
err of Natowarde are acianilyaaled by go away
abrkaing aytopt4azia. wog, shish will be [egad, tar
digioaiflopto Exessiao. Low of Niamey. litiiieful=
• • . -
asitalovar of Minion, or Forebodings of Evil ; In
!rt. heel uilmaU,,Profdraaou. and wmality
to emtei Into the ebieletente Of sway
The aopaUtaNan , 011t03 aecied rith Omuta
'Weikrektequiree the aid et tnedhane k et:6oh.
at and Wilmette the entan. which SEMIBOLD'S
armor innanddy does. It no 64-
meat is submitted to. Cot :4*km or. insanity en
glxin EmAci or Foci. in Ai
fsetinarimistilmr , to Fonda, is iiiiequalled by any
• I -
other preparation. 1 as in cflaprods.-- or Retention,
11111flatoeu. or Eleiirrus State of the Uterus, sad all
complaista Inddeitt to the set, or the decline or,
thing* otjge.
EMIL he; Rum) Zm4pr But s pu Ann i!t!
• /
ssovairilasa Irsint will =Molly =trains% trOin
tits iysteat.disswals arising from habits dt dirps-
We, s Utile sepeoiNr, if ex no cialliCB in diat. no
Isedatenience or 41Keart; completely supenedins
tb . 3iimitlossesi4.4g;vnn= numU4*. Copain
and Mercury, In mai Meese
tree 4s9itipktee Pixy), /Mak Baqta in all
diseases af tiosi mgani wbetbet 4i4;:iiiiag to mule 4;
forstao. , porn whatarer names originating. and no
matter of now long standing. It Is plesissnt in taste
. . _
and oiler, action, ma nwre
ening than say of the preparations of Bark or Iron
These . bentn.aortn or 'delicate
emilatiticaaa. merge the remedy at ewe. T .
. , «.-.......
The reader nmet be aware* better:. alight
may bothe ottsektfitto axplo diosiois, i< lisoartalti
to Mixt tbe,bodU;l boalth and maitag.
ti #wwi .,B ig ykture ptirchosea strinted and w re tt ple na lobs in bed eis tb an e
d we ,iii lllknow h o .
of S. T. Decker, on Mainst., tint" door below Orwell
itlilyees stare, ands httle menthol the Means Muse,
lam reinvest to Insulah
- liiirialmaioui eetaii. as cheap as the same can be
bad 'Lacy astaldiatalma al the county . . My stock
le fa and complete, comprising- ail the varieties
usually kept 4n a fi rst-class Furniture Store. The
public Ile respectfully solicited to examine my stock
assl No. 153 Main-st.
- • . , J. H. PHINNET.
-, ' i
. . „ . -
_/Amanda. Sept. l , Dno.-if
), . ,Alletrihelow-Fitcn-51,26 TOWANDA COAL YARD.
. .
AU the Some dinelea meth! the ahlat a Dia-
Tette. #l,llllothli UTELCT straw Is the
grist Dlangic. '
per tioftio. in; CboWes tot se sa neutered W. 1127
address. Arminonin in an, conannnict
. , ,
r .
•• '• : • • • I
- Address IL 1 * risansxo,*4
. al i d chopk.
' N.Y.. 1:
dtaeaggircea .41) 1 4 Ikkflonnyouia.
al : ilke‘ l l6. l.o birdiao4: 7:.
2 * al 2V.11LL1f30.1,1):
Mr a,1171.-11 .
. , i
• wliotatus Parma • RICETs • c . -
=dumps deav, ' • ? ATM.
Wheal. 11 ba5h....:... . .... ...
AT% ... . .. ; ........
Baeksliest; IS bash .......... ..
Carus I bulb ,
Beans. 11. booth . 4
pa*Ssr (egad si 1 . 2
lign 0 0 7. 11
Wast 4"
Maim 11 . ....... . .
ital . ! a ...... .... , .... . ....
inTasna_ con,
Bye SS lbs.; Oats 32 Ths.;•Bseley
Sabi: Boni 21 ; Dna 20
224 Timothy & 44 ad lbe. ; Draw p each -ne.„*4 1 :6:
Dried APP121.22 Mr.. Ms: Seed 601 " ; I
Tire Towenfis.'roirronlcz . t
trateftwtheelsomeieeke Moils at Ws cfSki
lefts Sisd &put asp:awn : 1111
BNi'xibm 1rx0,... - ...:•: - -.1:15 A. 3A. ........5:13 fp.
OA MIAMI ' a ; ....... . 1515 P. X. ....... T:l3 .X.
Troy • •• .... ...... 12:00 x. ' ....... - . 1 :00r. x.
canton " 5•O ( r.,x. ....... i:CO P. X.
MOO a. st. ........ 1:60 r. x,
Lellaystillio " -... ...... 11:00 a. x. ... .. .. 12:00 X.
soma , ~ . .
...IMO 3A. ..
.• • ... 240 P. IL
ZIA= Math aniVeUi every Monday. wedneadat smi
onill departs X. %I
. Tharsdsy, and dsturdayat 7:00 L.
Insixty Corners =au arrives emery Taeldal.
.Tb Extruery at 0:00 .a.x. Departs same d o
LY. -
gar At 11116ajdoAts1011611110 &Aae lg !hi l t Of de.
• Cad Me Naar north mkt sesta dam i.: NIN
in Titl ban c subicrTher will over for sale at his rekwo re
Ay,;l3radrord county, Ya, on the 21st day of
Septeenbec,;l97o„ all Att" Lie personal property, cx ,„
Mtrin part of 1 yob Horses, well mats-bale yew
ecrws,,3 ftr Calves, 1 orse hostbr
Wagon, 1 Ughttwo horse aping Wa g on ekt &gbh,
Matg2 Plows, 1 collirstOr,l Harrow, 1 Fannies
ains. Torts.lCarpenters Tools,"and many
other articles too numerous to mention. -
At if the same tlass, and ohm mi the above. tb , M3
will be offered tar sale the subscriber's real eltaie
eons/Mango, SO acres of land, all In3porred, ,
der a state of minivan:or. 1 good frame home,
frame barn and shed. laje orchard of grafted trait,
a good hyfagaiiring ha yto both Mese and barn,
Ind many Other cense-Menem too numerous to mep.
tion thereon: Sold farm'eltuated 54 mile from 8. k
E. B. It. atLaddabrag. Sale to munnueam at 9 o'.
clock m., when terms of sato will be made known:
For further .pirticidsei tall or writ: to the anbeem
Laddsburg. Pa.. nog. 29, 1570-3 w
VSTRAY.—Catne into the enelos
ure at the enbectiber, on Wednesday. Aug. 31.
1870. a small SLACK 7iLtRE. The owner Is request.
ed to come forward, proreproperty. pay charroe and
take the mine away. ' ALLL7 8/SIONB.
North Towanda, 1870.731.
Yon should study two things. Flret; to
f ~ .
'And in order to be able to sell a gbod article cheap
the merchant must understand_ his business; and
know how, where and what to buy an a practical
man does; and •
In all its brauchen I protean La be, haling had
licrisaissi 4, last
In the baaineas. Have been a elitist in ainee of 4e,
I do my own buying, selling and cutting, .vetdivide my,profits with no'man, Iva thatioaa or it Null
do—and with low rent and other.. expenvea in prs
portiOn, thus making the coat of carrying on the
business very amall.
In reading the above you will eo. why it o that
Than i&n following the business, and having no
knowledge of it themselves, have to employ others at
large ailaries to attend to it, and customers uras.t
pay acomlingly--as they, like myself,
If you doubt the &Wm statement, be couvlnt,l
by paling on
Ilerchant Tailor, Bridge St., Towan4a:l'a
Best Gunpowder..
Young Hyson
Bast Oolong ...
•• Eng. Breakfast
Also a great variety of low-priced Teas, Gruceri,a.
provisions, floor, feed, ke., ke., cheaper than the
cheapest, at the
Bridge street, Towanda, Pa
v SALE.—As I comtemplate going to Kauai, I
offer for sale the following property. situated iu
Litchfield- Centre. Bradford county, Pa.: 31v Store
and Dwelling combined, large and commodious, his
been. built only three years. Lot, 1 acre: Beare
sad Lot. Lot 2 acres., Also 10 acres of improved
land with good barn on, 13.4 miles from LitchriOd
Centre. The above property will be sold cheap, as
both my attention and capital is needed in the West.
where L hare purchased some valuable property In
a thriving little county scat. For particulars, addrees
or call on the subscriber at his store.
ang3.'711.2m. 8. 3f. LAYTON.
Respectltaly Informs the pnblio that lie keeps o.n
scantly on hand all kinds of .
Also floe aseortment of
Consisting of Chains, Ringo, Thimbles. Napkin
'Rings, and other artielee too nameiotts to mention.
A great variety of the moat approved Clocks. The
WATCH REPAIRING is done by himself, perwmal
ly. and he flatters himself that with his, twenty fears
experience in Towanda, he will be able to please all
who may favor him with their patronage. Thanked
for the past liberal patronage, he assures the ',abb.-
that his charges -shell be reasonable, and no paw'
awed, ' Remember thaplaae, 13.511'in-et, Petton'a
Idlock, two doors smith of Powell & Co's Store.
Towanda, Pa., July 12, 1870.-tr
DRVFOR SALE:—.situ'ato
in Itaine,Bradford conidy, Pa. The cheapest
property in the world.,A large. Foundry Iti cunning
order, with every lag need in the !mettles, (pat
terns, Maas. AO A good }Vase and Earn, .11
acres of choice land, good trait, well, &e. All f or
two thousand dollars. Inquire of BROSTN'
ING, Itome„, Pa., -Cr Ikea:dull k Ridgeway:at the
Bed, White ind Blue store. Bridge Street, Towanda,
. July 29; iO4m
FARM FOR SALE.—A farm of
203; soma in 'North Towanda township, Ic.!
about One mile North of Towanda borough. There
on is a new house, new barn; and a good orchard.
Will WI the Whole. or the buildings with five or fru
acres, as the purchaser may deuce. For further
particulars inquire on the premises.
Sept. 0f1870.-3tw JAM} FOSTES.
~'.. ANTIMAMMAID Br mincotrs cams..
Theanderidgfteil, hating leased the Coal Yard and
Rock - at the,old "Barclay Ba si n," and just completed
alarge Coal-honse,and Mee upon the premises. are
now prepaid to furnish the citizens of Towanda and
vicinity with the different kinds and sizes of the above
named coals upon the most reasonable terms in any
quantity desired.- Prices at the Yard until further /
notice : .
SLtove 15 00
- 500
Small Egg ' 5 ie
Lump . 5 60 -.
Pkauoth Nut I 75
Pittston Nut . 4 50
"Ratio'r Lump' 4 00
. .4 Rnn of Mined" I'o
" - Floe, or Elacktontlh 3 00
The following additional charges will be made for
.Olteering Coal within the bOrough limits :
Per T0n...50 cents. Extra for carrying in. 50 cents,
Half T0n..35 .. 4 .. 4.• . .
25 ~
qr . T0n...25 .. OS •
44 SS 44
sir Orders left at the Yard. corner of Rill
read and Elizabeth Streets. or at H. C. Porter's Drug
es,Orders Most in AU cases be ikNximpanied TitA
f,the cash. - WARD a WORTANYE.
1, Towanda, Jane I, IT/o=tf._
$1 ie. 1 60
_best houses iu
Of new crop Teas at the
I A 5
t I 35
fl 35
135 3111 n Street,
2 ,
30 4 i
$1 la
sl'a ,
i.l 21