Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 21, 1870, Image 2

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    News Ram_ ail •
—lnsiwityjs rare iiinong the 4,dri
. 4 7 - 4h t. e.T are.t4in g to ftwebNigulas
• ---eincimiti has a new park, called
"pm, garden of Eden." . , ,
IS to,Illl - T;3li - bOilt
—The Ohio grape citp 'prozniees
to be hese , •
Ti I '3fammoth (givew.ara is
groat Qua sos on.
'—The stipbuildin4 interest is
drooping in France. ,
—State-room thieres infest tho
Midget' river ateanieni.
—Paris his nineteen comic papers
and tondou only six.
—England is rejoicing fiver the ab 7
cation of turupike. gates.
'-,The New York hotels are Iven
eirm to mdnee their rAtett. - .
—The Worcester Spy newspaper
wa3 one hundred years old last Friday.
—California is destinedlo add tea
to her long list of productions.
—President lilcCosh of Princeton
College, Las in press a treatise on logic.
—X Springfield. bggag-smasher
mints to tosstrnnks bine championship: .
Columbia is particularly
prolific in libpsi and sahnon.
—The Albany bridge across Alio
nua.iou Kill be completed in 1871.
—The Illinois Central Railroad still
has 07,779 acres of unsold bind.
—The. Chinese Embassy expect to
mail (rum MarscilleaforPekin, August 21.
—A western female college has
pri,inbited the girls froth whistling in the halls.
—The opera If - owe of Providence,
Rhode Inland, is let for pugilistic entertain.
—The German schools of Detroit
have only ono session per day daring the warm
—" Return goodior -evil,' ? " as the
match said when hgliting . the pipe of man who
in,t struck it. .
Califoinia lady has taken to
'silkworms as pets, and his raised a large colony
for amusement.
—lt required tolgild the eagle on
the city hall of Nasbna, liOsr, • Hampfthire, 135
books of gold loaf.
—Millonen are happy fellows.
They enjoy themselves at the watering places
all the year mend.
—A French barber's s a ix-board:
rends: "Nc.morrow the public w shared
—The Davenport Tnrnverein has
purchased the German theatre of that city for
ilO,OOO cash down.
—The Western Stage Company,
for forty years in the carrying business in lowa,
winds up its affairs and dissolres.
-The birthplace .of Ex-President
Pierce, in Hillsboro, N. H., has been sold for a
summer boarding establishment.
—A drove of three hundred ponies
pawed through Mel, Iowa; lately, tm.their way
from The Oaage nation to Fort Dodge.
—A man in Indiana wants a divorce
becalm! , his wife swears at, t hini nail sots him on
the hot store when he don t behave.
—A movement is on foot to substi
tute iron for 'wooden vesßeliit on the wenteru
—Thirty-six hundred watermelons
arrived in Savannah, Ga., a few days ago, from
Florida, and were sold for 150 per inuidied.
—The two gas companies of New
Orleans aro Lighting fur the right to light tho
—The Prussian public debt is stat
pd to be about one-tenth of that of the United
—The Londoa police now wear
helmet, bum on the pattern of that worn by
Alexander the Great.
—lt is said that upward of 1,000,-
m 0 gallons or whr will he produced thin season
in Loa .kngles enmity, Calirnrnin.
—The Egyptian Viceroy has pre
twated to the Oxford Univensity a complete col-'
keno,' of oriental literature ; in 140 TOitIMOS.
Pa," said a little:,friend of ours,
" wharf; the use of giving ourlittle pigs so much
milli? They make hogs of themselves.
—Tho ladies of Pittsburg are going
to have a rowing match. This shows the innate
fontluees of women formatch-making.
—The present wheat crop of. Cali-.
Pumis it is estimated will fall 2,000,000 centals
short of the last,leatiug 200,000 tons for export.
South Bend, Indiana, has had a
ti it from a burlesque troupe, the first that has
ever appeared before the citizens of that place.
western paper rouses its fourth
of July anthusiastu ypuplimhing a cut of a tisk
and the motto. Ware, bcantlons piece of cloth.
—Work has commenced on the
llnmboldt College at Springfield, lowa. It is
40 by 50—three stories high, of gray limestone
r 2 ,000.
ton histrionic individual, who has
heard a good deal about tho "theatre of war,"
suggests that the back seats mast be, Tory de
sireable. '
—Minnesota finds rattleatakes un
pleasantly numerons this hot! . weather. The
state is not as good (or consumptives as it used
to be.
—Ono of the features of the coming
New England fair at Manchester, N. IL, will be
a "Ktoek exchange," where cattle and horses
will be bought and sold.
An analysis shows that cotton
aced is'a highly concentrated food, and ix richer
in ilerh-producing elements than corn, but
MAIMS hat inferior ait, a fat-producer.
prominent manufacturing
house id Now York, it is understood, has quiet
ly made arrangements to employ WOO Chinese
bands: They are expected to begin work in the
—An lowa clerk discovered the
incompatibility of amoldng and weighing out
powder at the same time, by an explosion which
made him soar into it neighboring cabbage gar
—The Chinaman looms up as a
counterfeiter in San Francisco. Two of the
mond-eyed rice have beep arrested there for
counterfeiting notes or the chartered bank of
India, Mistretta and China.
- —FOrty-four prisoners were await
ing execution the prisunx ef the North Ger
man Confederation when the now penal code
was adopted bv.the North Gerniam Parliament.
Their lives will now he Feared.
—Sacramento has on exhibitioa tt
sixteen-wind lump of pure gold taken from tho
mines near Shasta. Its value is shout s3so' 0,
and it is said to be entirely free from quartz or
other impurities.
—Great exeitement.provails at Co
bija, Bolivia, owing to the discovery of some
rich silver mines, distant about five leagues
from the little settlement of Calama, about
twenty.five leagues away from the seaboard. •
—lf a small quantity of coal oilLbe
dropped on a piece oteotton, then squontoxfout
Mt dry as possible, and the cotton then rubbed
orer the face and hands, it is said no mosquito
bill alight wherethe scent has been left.
number of laborers in Killar
ney, Ireland, are in jail for having made an at
tack on tome mowiug•machines, with intent to
seize and destroy theni, on the theory that the
inrentions were "taking the bread out of their
—An eccentric man in Scotland
lately died, and his will was broken on the
ground of insanity. The decisive evidence was
111 the fact that he used to throw open his win
dow every Sunday tnoming and play the ° lladle
while the people passed to church.
—Among the agricultural timple
mews new manufactured in Great Britain are
large numbers of clophaut plows, whih are
forwarded by way of the Mediterranean, the
Isthmus of Saar., and the Bed sea and Indian
tur i ~ .ter
—Th e y h ave a musical p ro di gy a t born in Pennsylrunia - in the , year
.hinny, in w hich boi sew Yews of age, who is 1810, and entered the naval—service
amid to.perform the roost di/Roth pieces on the
nolia In a atria bout to Qua of the best , pro- as a midshipman in. 1826. In March'
fry„ cost of the se, lists won to be infiicted on
the :btu,
1837, was Wade lieutenant, and in
_The m ontatta N a m ar d says I September, 1855, .ho was promoted.
OrQtzr farmers Um &luta U tor s nowt. ito commander. He was connected
• tit r7voL. Ifr. 11.14 revs wl ikk spends snout of .
prA4l4 , kmik 4 th e y4L , with the ordnance ' department, and'
b=4;—a °T. 4 1 1 0411- Mi k 64 f 317 invented - the'Dkillgren Shell
1.4 peat.' eV A rdl golliggy 1014Ifiel 494,
, nail 9f rtriosi , erf..ol.7 • gap., several works,
aervivon; - of tt wruic base topiiA, theta by-order of the bureau'
atri*Al EV 1, 1 1 644 lOW 419§9 "L 5"4 4 4"4 : d orfibwa,o, rn Hilyjectn
tt , , Ifs • Mtsit LW/ Werw• L r
They 1.h.0.4 Liat owe ylorgs4o4o wok- Tiftvrif iinjigitek, 7u1y,18152 .
, u. 4 tp44 Immo 4 oleiltars lafAk
Lad y , , to piamia awe, Per , tii/44.r. , v. 144 wratuitiOutuAl as cap-
Vase"." tA 4- w" ' 4 ' 0041 "ww"° " ; OM after Wag appointed
fraibri -ftpf
Towanda, Thursdah.Tnly
SA. A meeting of the
Standing Committee of Bradford
held at the WARD ROUSE, in Toi
on Thursday, July V, 1870, a 2 _ _
A full attendance at tlm 'Committee laAtilp_,
The following named persons comprise said
H. ElcatT; Towanda; JOSEPH Dawn, - Le.
Alcrriivir Fr c, Wyslusing; V.ll. Wtt.-
oos, Alba; J. P.BroopoitheirgDzikPDXlsnol7
Troy; J.
cpsaftEsSlONr4l4. kimcr,tom!,
The' probabilities - securing a
Democratic majcirity in the House at
the next etections aro already being,
hopefully discussed by the over-san
guine. presses of that party. The
Senate, of course, is for years Repub
lican, beyond the' reach "of any Con
tingency, while the National Admin
istration, is, and will continue to be,
until 1873, radically, right. Tho
Southern States are counted upon to
return, at the next elections, a large
accession to the Democratic strength
in the House, while in the North,
there are a large number of districts
in which Republicons were &Caen
by small majorities, and which 4rci,
considqred as doubtfaL . History is
quoted to show that the electibus
following the induction of a Presi
dent, have been ninforinly diSutrous
tot the administration; and hopes are
indulged by the opposition •that the
precedent will hold good in the pres
ent case.
In this State,there are-scvcral close
! districts which voted in 1868 as fol
;Ind district—Myers...
- Ttb " 'Taylor
'Mk " Cake
MYERS TAYLOR and CovoDE obtain
ed their'seats after invesfigation- by
the House, in which it was shown
that a large number of fraudulent
votes had,been polled for their op
ponents. '
We observe that some of the news
papers in calculating:the piosPective
Complexion of the next delegation
from this State, put down this- dis
trict as dotebffid. While there should
not be any question that the Repub
lican candidate will be elected, yet
we are willing to accept the probabil
ities thus made for IA in the h4e
that the danger foreshadowed, 7 T*ill
awaken the Republicans of the
trict, and more particularly of this
county, to the importance of the duty
which now devolves upon theist.. The
district will be sharply contested, we,
have no doubt. -The. result depends
upon the activity and unanimity
with whieb the Republican masses
rally to °lent the humiliation and
discredit o g misrepresented by
'a Democrat in he councils of the
If the Republican party of the Dis
trict will rally to_;the support of ibeir
candidate with a reasonable deg Tee
of cordiality and zeal, there cannot
be any doubt as to flu: result. The
district has a Republican majority of
some hundreds, when there is a full
poll, as shoWn by the popular vote,
in precious elections. Our success
hi.a great measure, depends upon the
majority in Bradford. The other
fwd. counties in the district, of course,
will give Democratic majorities, but
we can give _majority enough in
Bradford, for the Republican candi
date to make his success certain.
While we shall expect-our brethren
in the other counties, to do their
best to keep the l Democratic majori
ties within bounds,- we have no doubt
that the Republicans of Bradford will
be so impressed with the importance
of , the result, that they will poll a full
vote, which is all that is necessary
for our -triumph.
Fortunately, we enter upon this
canvass, under circumstances pecul
iarly favorable and guaranteeing -our
success. We shall avoid all the ac
rimony and -escape all the dangers,
engendered by a contest for the nom
ination. There is no one who doubts
the - 'propriety or expediency of hon
oring Judge MEUCIIR with a nomina
tion for re-election- The expression
in this county is unanimous and em
phatic—and we. believe is equally
well expressed in the other counties
of the district. • As a candidate,. ho
will command the respect and receive
the support of the whole party, with
out division or hesitation. His votes
in Congress have been so uniformly
proper and in accordance with the
wishes and sentiments of his constit
uents, that his public record is unas
The party is peculiarly fortunate at,
this juncture, when unanimity :and
good feeling are requisite, in having
a candidate who will receive the
hearty and united support of the
masses. The result, we shall await,
with the utmost confidence; while we
shall ,not endeavor to disguise the
fact, that success must be accom
plished by hard work and by earnest
and united effort on the part of those
who desire the triumph of correct
pr In
inent officer 'of the American
navy died in Washington, TiAcAay,
the 12th inst. Joint A. DAHLGRWr 'was
tion4 1868 he Was again appointed
t ihiVil the bureau of ortfirance. In
the fall of 1869 he was ordered 'to
the Washington navy yard, and was
in command there at the time of his
1191C I AMTS15211*11CIII.
There is, the '•same = Tomiiitar of
feeling in - regard to the'lnfintrinatiOn
,of go. rosaii•BrEnel*,in tie Other
t . th district . a
-mink los o 9 tpc es .re -
ford. In fact. his retura bit/le:forty
second Congress hi:diming: by 'To
vl6ll'7lllB all over the State.
below vie give . article 'frord • a
recent issue of the Voonniburg
publican, upon the subject: .-
"The time taii now Corn° wheri l / 4 411
who give any attention
,to the subject
are turni?ig 'thoughtS to the
,questionlislci vihashal thelteinb
bean nominee for COngress frcl.n this
district. 'Diningthe past-fetv , weeks
`ora' engagenients'have called us out
aiming the people n't the conntry to a
'considerable extentiiti4 welicer bit
elptestikin of "opinion, • and -that
iieto the effect that our Present able
repreitentative; Judge Mercur, will be
teturned without . oppositon: We
have :indulged , int - no
. elictioneerhig
tricks, order' to generate an opin
ion in accordance with our own, but
we have endeavored to receive the
honest sentiment of -our Republicans.
in order That we might, to the extent
of our , influent*, give expression to
their views and assist in their adop
tion. During his service in the halls
of Congress, Judge Mercur has' lion
estly land faithfully represented his
constituents. Wa l do not mean to.
say flab he hits in eterrinstancemet•
the wishes - of each individual man.
This would be impossible; and - we
should consider a man incompetent
or unfit I'4 the place if he made the
effort to conform to the wishes and
demandepf each claimant to recogni- -
lion. Neitherdo we desire to be un
derstcod •as endorsing every word,'
appointment or action which may be
traced to Mr. Mercur. Errors, even,
either in our own judgment or his
may have been made, but we
admit this an n valid • argument
against him only when a man with
out blemish, and perfect to fault,
shall be presented. What we desire
to sny'ie, that the constituents of Mr.
Mercer, in Columbia county, endorse
fully his whole representative course
and arlito-day willing to shoW their
'approval by • the largest vote - ever
given to him. While questions have
arisen \within the past year upon
which the people living in the differ
ent sections of this .• Congressional
distriCt ma and do hold opposite
views, yet Mr. 3lercur lias conscien
tiously recorded his vote always in
favor of the best interests of the dis
trict and the State at large. In the
delegation fr,oni Pennsylvania our
Congressman stands as a staunch,
true man—always open in the ex
pression of his views, andOthey are
always consistent with the best in
terests of his State and constituents.
Mr. Mercer is never considered doubt
,/ When a vote is taken upon any
important subject we always know
where to find the name of our repre
sentative recorded. No other name
has, as yet, been sumested, and we
presume, •it is a foregone conclusion,
that Mr. literatr will bo re-nomina,t,-
ed and re-elected with a largo popu
lar majority. Every voter must go
to work as though he were- personal
ly interested, as he is,' in . the ques
tion. Let us all be workers.- Great
interests are now at stake, and it'be
hooves us to put only Well 'trained
and faithful men upon the outposts."
A prominent citizen of Montour.
county, - writing, from Washington- to
the Anteeican, refers to Judge Men-
CUB in the following complimentary
....Ur majority
....225 "
" judge now serving his
third term in Congress , land the peo
ple of the district are al/01A to retain
him fora fourth, beennse they have
found him an honest and faithful
representative, one who is ever pres
ent to guard the interests of the
country and his constituents. Petty
misrepresentations cannot ' injure
such a lean in the eyes of the people
who have repeatedly endorsed him at
the polls, Indeed, few representa
tives have shown themselves so at
tentive to the wants of their • constit
uents, and it is gratifying to know
that the Republicans of the thirteenli
district are anxious to return him to
the forty-second Congress. Judge
Mercur is here regarded as one of
the inthiential, 'working members of
Congress, occupying! as ho does a
jrominent - position on one of the
first committees of the House, that of
the Judiciary; and his return to the
next Congress
_is looked , for with
great - satisfaction by the Republican
leaders of that body." '.
Stir We have received from - the
General Superintendent of the Union
Pacific It. R. the following notice
which will be of interst to the travel
ing public:
OMIIIA, Neb., July -7,•'70. j •
TO prevent the necessity of reply
ing specially to numerous enquiries
regarding danger from Indians on
the line of the Union Pacific road, I
would state, that I am. informed that
from the opening of the road to July
1869, and from that day to, he pres
ent time, during which, I have had
charge, no Passenger has been mo
lested or any passenger car interfer
ed with in a single - instance. -That
those portions of the road where In
dians occasionally cross, and indeed
all stations through the Indian corm-.
try, are well andlhoroug,hly guarded ,
by U. S. troops, infantry at stations,
with cavalry scouting and co-operat--
ing therewith, all under command of
"Maj. Gen. C. C. Augur.. "
The Directors and other officers of
the road and, their families are 'pass
ing over the line stithimt hesitation
or fear. I have recently passed days
upon and aver. the whole _line, and
can say with .liertect truth that I.:felt
as free .from danger at if traveling, in •
tiny part of the - Union: My own
family And lady fiends have had the
same experience and testifr, to , the
same feeling of perfect security.. To
their testimonymight be added hun
dreds of others. - • •
C. G. 'Hamm. -Gen7-Snig:
P.. 11.---Setutatimal newmparr
hello ithotlld Ike rwid with allowance..
'"' - • " -1
protracted and apparently painful
preparation they appeartiithiiinfoid:'
,They- make force the arbiter ~ of their
quarrel, and oblivious.of all the ads-,
ery they bitibk-4popOheli subjects
and won the world and imuelledig
e nature,
`by an indi
vidualovo*d bib* him to -the • scif
fold,' they-rush to •the_strn,ggle.
therein but little to -OhoOse between ,
them. Let theni have their'll.ll of
mfirder and blood, may:: bf )
results may emerge from the ,shoCk'
vindicating the claim of' the subjeet
to a jester appreciation of h4,inher. ,
ant manhood. - -
The quarrel -has been' long: Coh=
teMplate& ;and-{
deli' giet his
km!rwa for years that thefirstlivora
ble opportunity' _would ;hurl- the','s
- of -France , -upon ' - Pruseia, and
that 'a -great •• -War' Was -
Since the battlejof.'Ladowd the
despot, haa, felt.his prest4o
as - arbiter-0 6 4. 1 91, Er'
61)12, giving way, lila usurpectihrone
insecure, and now, as the hero of Wr,
plebiscitum, he wantonly precipitntbs
thie war. And - iili,y talks done note:
.or father,' inasmuch as for
years cherished the 'determination to
fight Prussia, and this war is the
out-come of a settled resolve; .whiit,
at this juncture, impels him 'to' the
struggle? - • ' •''
This. The throne. of Spain 'Vacant
since the expulsion of Isabella,
fered to Leopold of Hohenzollern, .2%
prince who for the last twenty, yeare
of his life, if he 'has lived so long, has
been a subject- of Prussia. Louis
Napoleon, feel* that this, feet
iiOuld - gh'e Prussia an undue influ
ence in the policy of Spain, which
might be used• against him or against
his imperial honsooleinanilg of Pruss
ia an order forbidding Leopold to
accept. Prfissia replies, that, as, she
has not induced the Spanish Cortes
to choose a Prussian subject . tif ) fill
the vacant throne, in fact, • htui : een
passive and inactive duringthe whole
negotiation, she will issue no such
order. And therefore, Napoleon de
clares war.
The fact, that Leopold has declin
ed the honor Spain would do him,
will hardly arrest the course of war
like events. Both belligerents have
looked with longing, eager byes
across the Rhine toward- each.. other
- for a caws belli; bothhave bent their,
whole energies to the point of prepa
ration, and both expect victory: Na
poleon hopes by success to retain his'
throne for his aim, and to -win back
.to himself that faVor and confidence
he has lost by his manifold duplicity,
and unsuccessful enterprise. ' The
2nd of December, 1851, ' the false
oath, the blood that filled the gutters
of Paris, imprisonment- and exile of
so many illustrious men who' loved
the land of their birth, Mexico; Max
imilion and poor Carlotta,—these,
and others yet, are times we cannot.
forget, nor will the world, while
truth and honor hold a place in hu
man consciousness. On the other
hand, Bisznark, the soul and will of
Prussia, hopes to redeem his country
from the shame of her many -defeats
by the arms of the first Napoleon, to
retain the position ho won at Ladowa
and to free himself and•Enrope from
the dictatorial aggression of the Tu
-It is impossible to' determine • now
- the final issne. Fnuice has -204,000
;square miles of surfaeei while Priniaia
has but 18,000. France has 40,000,-
000 of population, while Prussia has
less than 25,000,000. France has an
army whicl in a great war may , num
ber 800,000, and having an annual
increase of 80,000. The war :firma;
'lament. of Prussia is quite that, with
.a reserve - of disciplined troops num
bering 250,000, always ready for the
field. She has a needle' gun which
may discharge six -times a minute,
the deadly effectiveness of which the
Austrians learned at • Ladowa. But
this Prussian gun is antagonized by
the chussepot, said to be an invention
of Napoleon himself. •
The French navy is - greatly supe
rior to the Prussian, but the gnat
struggle will be on the land, for on
that theatre, tha belligerents - have
won their greatest honors. '
France owes a h r eavy debt, and
Prussia a comparatively light ono.
That of France at a' recent period
was $1,750,000,000, and that of
Prussia, a little short of ;$200;000,-
000. If he war is, not extended be
yond this one campaign, the dispari
ty of debt will make no great differ
ence in the result; but if protracted
through several, France will grow
restive under the drain upon her re
sources, and_refuse further sacrifices
to gratify the pride of her usurped
head. So far as money and troops
are a make-weight, Prussia. with but
half the territory and population of
France, feels abundantly Able to hold
her own in the strife .. She has, too,
a conacionsness of being in-the right,
and also that she could not, in honor
submit to the impious demand of his
arrogant, cantankerous rival. Nor
could she preserve her own self-re v
spect, or that of the world, by any
ether course than the one she has
pursued. Her 'population, patriotic
and brave, and intelligentleyond all
other European peoples, go heart
and hand with her sovereign, in a
dignified and manly resistance to-the
French usurper.
If the American people need any
more evidence of the entire lawless
ness and want of principle of the
French despot, let them look back a
few years upon our. own civil war.
From its inception, he unceasingly
urged • England to recognize
rebel independence •in a joint
declaration with `himself, and
,in our
darkest Nutrient his army to ?aeri
e°, in derogation Of - what .he kneiv
was the confirmed policy of our gov
ernment, 'and for the. purpose of be
ing near us to ;take ViavaXitugo of our
•advereities, whatever they might be.
,A man, who in private MI would so
act in reference to his meighbor and
friend,.: would put himself without
the pale-of decent society, and be re
garded as a robber and buirglar of
the meanest kind. If :he is - obliged
to speak back from: Pitsitia, as,-he
did from Mexico, at the cotnnvand • of
our government, Paris will . cast him
off forever. - . - '. ,
It is - quite impossible to predict:the
complications which may aiise from
the wai in the event of t he , success of.
either belligerents. Nor is it .possi
ble,to guess who may be drawn into
it. Should it become galena, it *ill
end in strandualterations of tho map
of - El:trope. Should' 'Prussia 'win,
there be a consolidated Germany
reling with the fenians, °and possibly
disOttabliabititheiStatiatireli. In
the height of the imat-uproar,:ltuss
la, unless belping,
the. Kieft of rinsms:rliilli AS9I
the Black sea to Constantinimlgo4d
send lie Taiii:Pic"
all-tluit; beforiCiax.Obtdstbili:
Bonaparte; ors MT: filiias„,
asked Mn Itonuinoif
.iC4ir (pistil:lnk
Ideantirne Ara reatihareibetwelii,
old' two )oceians; lialjoyinvoor
otitinviiimagnitate,-tit feaceivitth air
- the-voildiskid-the Testeof tgilkhtd:l
' .r:
1 ::---:."-„•? ~ ..,Cf, I
~,; 4uE N 8011131'000/4kA t ilt•
:,,, ~ , t ,,,. , , s:.-; , ',••,-,, , •.,=1120 , 0491)1ti itrtO!
~ ,;'Weleft lieui - ForliAprilltithi• DO I.
ntearrati, for . Charlanton.; had a•Zirii-v
r ongh3royikgc loll”. tho firlin Aunt to
inalinitutill4orsC.;.ario Utile . • s
'gin out.inra storm; a ' gf_ na .46 . fi,
datlater thin thensual tell' ,
edlaharlestcht °nth° — ng.eirt .ti
n t
20th, Mid left bySouth - CurolMs. i 02:
R. for'Aiken, distaut 12043iikii4ntrgv,
ed there at 4 - 1):,! 14. - • the , . sant& day'.'
We - had - . nut& : arrangements :for a
hcruner here,. and so - event 'directly to
itl .foundityci7 pleasantly. situated
and in good condition, although: two
miterfrom the.' Villag ;. eta. rye :do
not. or Slconld .nat. - min& that if - l•ive
werinot so - fax from clunth'l, h.:m.o
- Ire ge!,there occasionally: - Aiignc;.
ta,' Eta.; is distant.l.s 'miles.-- •We 04 7
irally go thorn-tdpurchase groceries,
&o. • There isn decent of TOO feet to .
reach Augista, whiChis notes healthy
as : here. • , • • - : , .s---, :: . •
Aiken is situated high up among
the sand hills of mountains.' -The air
is wonderfully -dry.. and pare,:: *hick
makes it nitionbtedly one of :the.
healthiest ; situationinthe states, end
Many travelers say,- in:lthe
One of our next door neighbors;
Mr.. Burkett, formerly a merchant of
Hartford, a man of much intelligence
and a'fine-neighbor; has been a - tray,-
eler in the - Old, World for' 'six - yew;
and has finally come here,' bought
place, and brought on his family
He has direct :consumption; . that is,
consumption is hereditary in his fam=
ily.' Ho says he never expects to • get
well, brit thinks by. • staying here he
may live several years. • • The great
point:is; the air is dry and pure, quid
there are very-few days in the year
that even. an invalid may 'not: be out
of -doors. • This- 'then. is -the •• secret,
and is what is rapidly bringing thou=
sands to Aiken who have chest • diffi
culties; Of course many Come here
. who are too far • gone to recover:
- There are not so many here in sum: .
mer, but in winter the - hotels and
boarding-houses are crowded. The
climate is certaiuly delightful.. There
are many inconveniences, stud He there
is everywhere ;we came . for a ! good
climate and it is certainly as near
perfect as possible. We all like it
here; or at least - are satiefred ,to 'stay
as long as we are benefita..- I trust
that in_ time I may recover; :although,
my case is rather a seripui one.
the best medical authority it is pro 7
nounced "tnbnrenlar consumption,"
but is as yet confined to the tipper
portion of the lungs, „
I was sloWly but surely growing
worse at the north ; but I think this
climate is having a tendency to check
the formation of fresh tuburcles.
Should you knoW of anyone in the
early stages of consumption
_who . do
not Rooth to be benefited by Medical
treatment, yen 'would confer a great,
favor upon: them by adVising. thein to
come here, - 'Still there are some who
do not Stein to be benefited. I think .
it would be much the better plan to
remain here from the first of October
until the Ist of May, as the summer
months are rather warm for persons
debilitated: The thermometer seldom.
reaches 100, the highest, point- 'sinc e
we have-been here is 96 ; but we have
a great Many more hot-days than you
Ati at the north. ' •
The Foil is poor bein,nothhag but
White sand: No subaoil, not a spear
of !grass - Within miles of here: Still
they 'raise 'very 'fine .
ith,gefables, and
almost all.kinds of fruit - grow ahem.-
dantly;'but the staple northern crops,
such as corn, wheat, oats; `& - c.; &e.,
amount to but little. This undoubt
edly is the, poorest land' in thh‘ state.
The climate of coarse is what has
brought the place to public notice.
All kinds 'of. vegetables are ,in the
market , and have heen some time.
Fruit is commencing to ripen, 4uch
as peacheS, grapes, plums . and figs..
The wood's axe full of wild grapes,
that get ripe in August., said to be
very fine. Blackberries and raspber
ries have. been ripe two or three weeks,
there aro thousands of 'bushels
throUgh the woods, and of the finest
'There are thousands Of acres of
land unfenced and covered with en
ormous •pines and scrub- 1 oaks, how
ever, often miles apart:with a few
acres around cleared.' • -
In regard to the natiVe population'
here, thre are a very few 'of the, real
old southern "_gentlift-folks." 'A near
neighbor' a Mrs.. Greg ,is perfect
lady, and although many of her faini
ly were in therebel army, she 'does
not seem to have the slightest ill-feel
ing towards northern men. She often
speaks of the late war,•but nevei en
ters into any argument as-to the cause
of. it ; and this I find, is the case with
all the intelligent southeners. , They
have. quietly accepted the situation.
and now seem anxious to let "by
genes" be'" by genes," and are glad
to have northern.people come among
.them. slanyy, of them retain theii'old
slaves, '—of course as hired servants—
and say they had lanai - .rather . have .
them so than as slaVes. What a field
there is here all through the south for
northern' enterprise and industry ;
and many see it and are coming- on,
and although it may many years,
before manufactories, &c.; Can be
brought to the. system 'and perfection
that exists at the north; still it must'
eventually happen. • • *.
California is claiming another
Representative in consequence of her
large- Chinese population. 'When
the people of California have pro
gressed far enough to treit a China
man as they would any other human
being, the claim will become reason
Ems' Gov. Grarty appointed
G. lif.limunsci, of Wilkes-Burn;
President of the LT:merlin ,In
dicial district, in place of Judge Oa.
iIItiGILAM; resigned.;
Hesse Darmstadt 'withdrew , her
asP Theis fs ~ .
nothing nt from-eertainiiiiiimitii
tholeparhaterof the Emperor for the
geld - ofWgiel-lt is not likely lie will
# 1 41g4P.441*/:... 1 1 4)40# ( !c o.' -
;i i ty
cif ',Wo . .v?kv-,f 1 4 1 1 1 4M19;',4 11 .0t i 1t:1L - 14d
WillkibutPirtiAl.9.4 o Yo ent'T
, rv ie4 6tl * *
zinqp4se 4-4 4 fi ,DOP
Pt,rovi±l ll
.T.fe4f 4 • WO'Fr.4.o l /.7.19,F.e 4 .
P)koolv *Axile,o3d 64%
P97pygow.,:it /WA a
cOPPIc444 - ,; •f• '4 •
The. Liberia publishes a statement
to **effect Ahat'n aelV ;
will probabl ba apixanted_ ' ,
of War, Vio6 `Lo Bout' - who' takes
intheirfield., T
L The morning journals lay 4in Bus:.
.siluis no* in France not be a
liened fronr'thei country:: as long as
Ahiyzobsiive strict neutrality. ,
,The-grourrial official That
Emperor.-has decided - riot - to
re sire lather iii he- imperial guar
ter :or quarters of generale:Moors any
volunteer, or : foreign bfficerl or any
me , mot , belonging the' French
army.,:.-• , • - .7-
Earl Gianvillei • the British Secre
tary of State for the Foreign Depart
taint, arrived here fromiondon yes
terday; andinid a three hourston
feriae° 'With the Emperor.
The Minister :of War has asked
the Corps Legislatif - fck. nifincrease
of the military. class., of 1870 from
9,000 tii..1.4,050 meni and that this
contingent may be culled ont to
seive their time January Ist, 1871.
The Liberte,_ organ of the - Thiers
party,- gives the following as the pro
gramme of the French. The army
will first enter Meese lin order to
neutralize- 'the southern States of
Germany. They wilL then occupy
and 'fortify -the city of• ,Frankfort.
From this point they will' be able to
irisreep all the Prussian territory to
the left of the Rhine, and will the
enter Prussia by way of TWestphalia.
reconstruction of the Rhenish
Confedeiation will follow.
The Patriot this-morning says the
Prussian ambassador at. Vienna start
ed from here • last night for Berlin
with the official declaration of war.
The 'Journat de Sair• hair inform
tion which it believes to be reliable,
Iliat Mr. Washburn, Americtin-Min
ister, has agreed to, protect Prussian
subjects-now in __Frtmee. The Attr
act adds that Mr. Washburn could
certainly not . make such a promise
without first having 'obtained the
consent of the Fran& Government.
BERLIN,: July 19.—Last evening
Tung William made a speech to a
great , crowd of people in Berlin, who
came to congratulate him. He,paid
he was not responsible for the war.
Which hail just broken out. He
might-personally be .passive under
the outrage, but Germany, 'even"
from beyond the seas; had spoken.
Sacrifices verb sue. Prussia 'lad
been spoiled by her'' tapid victories
in two wars, and perhaps a Worso'fatc
awaited her now, ' ite, however,
knew what to hope from God, the'
army and the people.
A French proclamation for the
purpose of exciting the people to re
volt has been distributed in Hanover.
PARIR, July 19.=—The public and
private subscriptions to the various
charitable projects incident to. • the'
war are very liberal in all , parts- of
the country. The Duke De Monte
mart has given 100,000 francs to one
of these funds. Many-persons have
agreed to pay certain sums daily
during the continuance of the war,
and others again pay double taxes.
Many manufacturers continue the
wages of - their employes who chobse
to enlist as soldiers. • • '
A large number of 'constituents Of
M. Thiers, who voted for himit the
last election, demand his ietirentent
from the 'Corps Le g islatif, on ; the
on the ground that he has outrtiged
the patriotic sentiment'of the coun
try by his recent speech . againstihe
TI e journcl Officei has a significant
article on- the attitude of Holland,
with which it professes to be pleased,
and continues : • " Bat ,no one can
ignore the ambitions design's of Prus
sia against the independence of Hol
land. - Biemark wished to make
that generous and illustrious lit
tle nation submit. as the Danish
DuChes were forced to submit. He
wished to , render Holland a -naval
State of the North German Confed
eration, and under the pretext of ea r
tablishing Close commercial iolatiqns,
- tried to place Prussian customs offi
cers at Amsterdam; The patriotic
animation 11.1'011141311 in the Netherlands
at' the time of the-Luxemburg affair;
will also be remembered ; nor will it
bo forgotten that without the firni
stand taken- by France then, the
Prussian policy would hare- had re
state fatal to' the independence and
autonomy - to the Netherland& • -
"The Cabinet of the Hague on
its guard, and will not fail to main:
tarn the real interests of the country:"
'The same paper has' the following
on the aviation& of Switzerland to.
France: "-We-: learn, from several
Swiss Cantons, and particularly from,
Neufchatel,• that the Military meas
ures of Federal government are not
directed against France, hat are in
spired by a friendly neutrality;
Switzerland knows she has nothing
to fear from 'France, her natural ally
and firm friend. The measures tak;
en by Switzerland to secure the re=
speck of Prussia° for her neutrality,
are in our furor, as by her geograph
jeal positioishe protects ,an rnpor-
Oat position . of, our frontier:" _
The friendly feeling of the Spanish
people towards France is also point-,
ed out by, the- Journal, which says:
"We hear. from -S . pain Th at La notice
hew carefnlly the , piesent:
oitr, government end,Chanalvrs have.
'avoided nay net 4g expression of
iriendlinessr i towaxd , that power.: , The
results from the feeling of sympithy,
between the two d l ations. -
Paris; Daly 19.=-Evening.--There
portpublished in the morning join.-
nabi that Earl Granville had an inter,
view with: the Emperor, Ivan rintrne,;
Lord Granville hasnot. been in the
he Empress •• has sent, 500,006
francs to the aid of the•wounded.
Pam ; July r 19.—Evening. -= The '
naperoi held a oimeil'othiinistere
td-day. . • •- • : -
Prince Napoleon has. arrived- and
had 'a long interview-with i the Ent
iieror. It is understood that it" Corps
di Arm*
eve .
tie nu
The Inuid pliyed
su b - tfar
gcminment,-and- tads,* -the
clonentre(l in the action of. the Corps.
toy-= journals protest against a
time of war.. - , r -
Th jketmark is
givin way ~ the'n3 Reit* of En-,
Russitt7sYNi/JunesVwn no signs
of swervnag ~•fnmrk,--ler attitudes of
neutrality.- • . ,
14P1 11 4144:.
ors of Badezli Sisony; Hesse; Bays::
ria, and Wurtemburg„ huve ; hem or
dered to quit,,Rup,a„...:
. 141 ' bil'erie - PaYs theidlicial-declara
tion of warwill-not.l e.communicati
otto, the Chamhers until an answer
been-retnrued*ein:Triusiia' , the
'Cabinet' of Berl:kiwi* . ' 1 0 6, Y0
notification of Sib - diaaration."
. Deputy , Dreolle, It- is loaikintendi
to move 'that 'the 'CliAinbers ddring
war may , hefented tOr'n'perma :
neat counniEtce of Senators and Dep.,
uties.--: • - , . 2 - '
Le Public ' nnnounCes that ' the,
French Government hair given Din
Carlos entail to leave the cottntry.
Pants,-July-19.—The official
of the declaration df war by' France
against Prussia,- was sent yesterday
to the European *titers: ' •
Franco has notified Prtissia that ,
she will not nse explosive bullets if
Prussia will not;
Alter the - first' battle has . been"
fought, all . the powers 'Etirope will
have to make an effort to , stop
conflict. ' '
The French journals have received
orders topublish no information con:
cerning military movements. -
The Catholics of the South Ger
man States are reported-to be oppos
ed to Prussia." ' '
Eight Prussian officers have been
seized in Strasbourg ikspies.
One hundred thousand volunteers
have enrolled their names in Paris
am! the Departments.. .
_July 19. 7 —France has
communicated to the powers a noti
'if-Cation 'that sh©'lies entered`into re
ciprocal- engagements with Belgium
and Rolland, ensuring their neutral
ity.' France is also in active nego
tiation with Russia to obtain her for
mal promise of neutrality. .
MIISSIIR. EDITORS: We wish to make
a remarks through the columns
of the REPORT= concerning a county
poor-honse, because we . think it to
be a every important subject. We
wish to speak to the . tax-payerS in
particular about the matter and hate
them consider it before the. coming
election.. You are nearly_ all aware
.that . (Isere are a great Many poor
who come upon the town for, support
that . rnight quite maintain themselves
if they were put to work. But . in
stead of this they,. are around doing
nothing, calling upon the town . for
their living, and the working - people
have them to support.
Is , this what we want ? No: then
let us have a; place for them, . and
have them in- it, so that each can do
what he can to maintain himself. It
is nearly as much trouble and cost
to see - and take care of the poor
in a few townships in the usual way
as it mould be to take . care of all the
poor in the county in a, well conduct
.ed p,oor•house,
„ As-the country becomes older the
More- poor there will be to keep, (and
sorry to tiny some townships have
enough now) and the more we shall
need a place ler them.
It will cost a little to make a Com
mencement, but when that is made it
,be by far the, cheapeSt way . V).
- keep poor. et. us be stirring
and.try - to,have established what we
soniuckneed. -
NOw is the time to ash what influ
ence you can 4n favor of what will be
a general benefit to•the whole coun
ty. We will be glad to hear from
others who are Juterested in this
eubjeet. . A'r.tx-Parcn.
'lbs. The war - news' from Europe,
has, giien an upward tendency to
gold. It - closed iu New York on
Tuesday, at 1221.
New Advertisments
• By virtue of an order issued out of the Orphan's'
'Court of Bradford co., the undersigned. edmirdstia
trlz One estate of W. MEANS WATTS, deceased,
wilt expose at public sale on the premises in North
Towanda. on SATURDAY, AUG. 27th; 1870, at o'-
clock p.m., the following described p roperty, viz:
A certain. piece or parcel of land situate in North
Towaiule township. beginning at a corner on weal
lino of Alauson Lovelace,- and nurth.east ebrner of
Badger's lot, thence along north line of Badger's lot
south CO deg. 30 min. west 81 per. to the public high
way leading to Towanda borough, thence along the
same north 33 deg. west 37 2.10 per. to the south
vial corner of .James Poster's lot, thence along the
6111110 north 61 deg. east 81 perches to the north-west
corner of said Lovelace's lot, thence along the line of
the Name south 24 , 4 deg. east 36 7-10 perch& to the
place of beginning. Centalciing 20 acres and 31 per
.'• ALSO—Adjalitsg the above. lot, • Pieee boWadod
ind deabrtbed as follower On the east by the main
road leading front Towanda to-Athans, on the-north,
south and west brother land* of said decedent
Containing one-half acre, more or lees.
• ALSO—Ond other piece of land adjoining the
above and bounded as follows : On the north by
Charles It. Brawn and the lot above described. on
• the east by tlio Tosfands raid, on this southby.lteu
benDeLong. and on the west by lands belonging to
"the estate of the late John C. Adains, excepting
therefrom two screw adjoining Benben DeLong.
which has loeetiact apart to the widow. Containing.
after deducting the two acres set apart to the widow,:
Owed 38 saes. • . : • .
ALSO—One other piece of land, purchased of Jas.
A. & S.'S. Harding, 'beginning at a point in theeen
ter of 'the Towanda road on , the north line of other
Wads of said decedent herein described, thence In a
,westarly directiOntaang said last mentioned land 20
% rods to settle and stones, thence in a northerly
flirectlon narratel with the Towanda road 6 rods to a
plate and stones cerner,..thence in an easterly
tion.parellel with the north fine .of other lands of
said decedent 25% rode-to the center of the highway,
thence southerly. alongsaid t = t wa e : 8 , rode to the
place •of beginning. Con one acre, strict
measure.' Alt of the above desert lots, nirtes or
panicle °fiend artra fort of..the farm owned by the
saidltilltam M. W ails, deccased, and containing at
together about 57 Sues, and In perches. The land
Wilt be sold inseparate iota, Or itllegetherr , as may
&eit suit the pure
The abonsdesertbed property is situated about I.ti
miles trim the Court House, and within dye into
late°. walk to the depot : Thero are two thrifty young
orchards:a good dweLUne bone, ,and a large , new
bara, on the premises; in a. abort time a large por
tion of the land can be sold fbr town lots; as the tit.
'hp of Towanda is rapklly spreading in tbst-dirne-
TEa2l23.—lfive per cent: of the pueblos money to
be peed when the property le streck down, thhiy-flre
per cent: at the andirmation of the ate, and the ba
ne" *Wintered. tutsually hem oonfirmation in
three otint3 animal instalments.
• •
ably 19,111701
.01 The Maffiseratdp heretofore es:hang between
the unde r signed. under the Arm name at D.C. DAY
TON'it.CO., lends day dhusolvellty mutual consent.
Tho Mudness will be retUed at the office at Dayton
aratcotharaYvas= o r N. C. Dlabree.
' •
0. A., DAYTON.
7*93411. N 1 17 . 18 b /870•
florae!. OF PARTNEBBIgP..—The • undenigned,
a have Mist .1 armed a puthei44. under the
Ann of DITTO .Ik.BROTt stul urn continue the
Wool. ,gn HID* n u allf:a!'as hPFO°IO4I3 conducted
hit). C. Dayton
.„" Co.
V itatilked, none*, °rose, Batumi, Enin.
and.Oingar. Cakes; Washington Jumbles and
Coffee - 131watt. and all kinds otCrackers at _
' Much t '7O. ' W. A. ROCKWELL'S.
.114: 1 0111M1111:tettadtbtattrrilli
3 . 2 ! 1 4 Plata' DUPIEUs . X O X O LEO, MBEIN3.
Woos or Putriiwrioa.--Botho,ln Tacso.
War / I "*./Ph-b, 0 14 4 14 4 4 T. $9 tan. Ane awl -42.07
Asts o !o*"'ledlffdi 6l6llo4l ; 3 wid `m* qdi:ivi:0101!31-
offrotottatpr Dirties Territta, "Pr
ied roan roporton of soot.:lf 4;ixbri paa.
o*, wdi-rnr
prepped, ll 7 • Priggisis• is. oft dark'
: color. It Is a- *tow omitsdlogrine;
actin irt geoid's**. Ma Otifilletitel l2l4 l4)
laaTing a dark uidglatfneasdrocetkoa. Mae Isiite
eelor of ingmdleiiis: Ibe Bad= in myprepseauon
Orea .. caullsides anapest ..quarstitr of tbe other
'els inspection; it will tie t‘iiioo34. to to a itneture,
as made in Ili:kamm* is ft.,
therefore eau berteeci cue sr where fates or hub-
anat . = exist. 'ln 'US yob 'tare auk inindedge of
the tegreihenta sud the imtle of preparation
giving that you will
.Livpirtwilit a 04 as,
thatiijgen insiodlihs'it win limit lints
Chemist And Druggist of fcr yams experience.
[Erma lbo largest isszaaractarinrettemiets In the
. 4
-' • Wcirhi] ' •
.ted with Mr. IL T. Iteletbettl; he
occupied the Drnif
waif enceasethl • ducting the. trasidePs•where
others bad ootbeen eloolly so before him.. I . tire
been favorably: impretwed with his character and en-
H1:0111OLD'A FIXID Erruaer.Etrewll, for weak-
nesii seeing from indecretion. The eihausted pCni.
ere of Nature which 'are aceampatgett by so many
- sbath?g, trymptoms, among whlih xlllbe found, In
dlispoeltion to Exeitton,' tofue of itemory, Wakeful
neis, goror 91 Dthease. or Foreboding. of E U ; in
fact. Unlyersal Lansitude, PFnatration, and inability
to enter into the enjoyments of society
'The comilltutlOß. Owe' affected with Organic
Weaned; requires the ald of naerliclns to strength-
4d and illiterate the !Sateen, which HELMI3OLD'S
Emu= "WOW invariably doe.. If no treat.
meat to submitted to, Conenniption or triunity en
Ernuer or Buono, In at
teeth= peculiar to remake. L. unequalled by any
other preparation; 4? fn Chloroals, or ietention
Painfulness, or &hiring State of Mal:ltem, and all
complaints inelder4 tp the sex. or the decline or
alta r of life
lizzontatz's' fturrs Exnuer Erma A3n3 Ix
PROVED Eons WASH Win limitedly exterminatefrOm
the eyetem, dieeseee arising from . hablts of diselpa.
thin. s Utile expente, Utah, cm no change In diet, no
incontenlence:or . wc46;ml; completely einmlf vElig
pose =pleasant and dsnierons remedies, Copaira
. _
and Sferent, In all Mese disessei,
Use IltutooLa's rum) Examscr BUCUII in all
diseases of theme &gaps, whether existing in Vide or
fontalii; front - whatecer cause originating, and no
matter of how lini; standing.. It pleasant In taste
and oder, °immediate!' in action, and more atrongth-
ening than aly of the prepara tlona of hark or Iron
Those suffering from ,broken-down or gencate
constitutions, procare.tbe mnedyiitonce
The reader must be aware that, boa, alight
may be the attack of the above Mamma, It is certain
to affect the bodily health and'mental powers
All' the atop; 'dieeneei', require the alit of a Diu;
relic. IMLili3otDl3 TRACT 1:BUCIIII Is the
great DiureUr..
Sold by prbggight :everywhere. Paws-41.25
bottloi ar 6 iiettles for $6,50. Delivered to oily
jocacran araittoati ►u all co:mai:ilea'
Melly E. watts,
Addies* U. tiELKDOLD; Drug aid Chend
al Wheiehcasm 594 Broadway,
'atee . l4mgraved wivpper.irigt fai-eimile of iry C h emi.
cal Warebouse, inits!gbed;
Illy Ir. 11170,-1y
ley York, Algust 131 b, 186.8;
With • feeling of oonfidenci.
I gym, Teri p:tilliectratir• --
1 . 4141:1111/31 4, 1 '844
ore opposite ;ay reeldenize, tud
Flan of Power.' & Weightmon, Ifoonlicbuitig
Ninth and Brown Sta., Ptak
it . . 7 maw n . ri tt ri comi :,
=7, -•"- •
NZ} Ar if PA g ., ..
- : . 117(01,1,1az PMTS..
correneil"444l7' WednesdaY, by-1. D I , A
• Tenklect,tosbac4ol4. - - . • .
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,i141141k lb T
°Wank 111 boob ... . . :.. „ • • I i•
~ %morn or Gasis.—Wileat . iiiii. c,„„ L 4 . _
8Y44 66 lbs.; Onts 32 Ila.; Bale, 46 ib k; b v i nite. ;•
43 1b ..! Beans 62 lbs.; Bras 'ln 11*.; cir mr 1,,, t , :.
MIL ; mmotby *el 64 lbs. ; M
.Aoki.' Dried Kkhes
Dried s.. Flax tieed *lb*. •
. _._. •
l i rkur. _ A.REANGEXIENTS of
AXIL TIE TOWANDA pogrorktex.
', . Untithuther sake the Naga at Ana mice IQ
Nil?. and dolma so follows: • - .
Lltint. '
Hettlinnt Hall 7•15 A.. P. ........ SiS e. ir
Noutbara, . 00, . 5:15 P. at. ........ 7:1/ A. X •
.... ' 2:ne AL ......
... LOCIp x .
Canton ~
....... ...5:0( P...X. .....10 1: •
Daudemat ..., ! MOO a.., at: ....... Loa is U.
Leßalwaine " • 11:00 .a Ja. ... : .. 12:o
Barclay .. •-' 12 510 se. . .2:00.:4,
• Edon MR , arkloall every Monday , We'dneaday
mei sit. isle* sr, and departs at 7M A. M. .11
A Thetaday. and Saturday.
mom." Conners mitt arrives every 4-
• Tliar
- day liviil Eaturday at 5:00 A.*. . Duane ni
_at o:9orae. • • - , .
•• • isrAy. mai dos, 30.nlaide; beferejle f isle of 6.
partl674; aad Me main north end nun dive {5 .16,1.
fez Omelette. • - IC W. ALVOUD, P.N.
12 tarligitr.
OP ALL MINI drepury ac• Intritn.
1 .
Florae Po wers J.: - ThredLiog Mada n ,
. . Excmwort ILIIr TEDDER§ ;
LEVER 1 1014KFI,PCPFER.ti• AND 71110:8111He
,pr.ows. &c. cc. _
In fact all kinds ot !Superior Panuing 3laohlnrrs
turidshed*at mapuiact ant'. Friars. send ter, 1. . .
acrifinve -and Pileed Circular.. Cerrch.vel,....,
pampa): attended t%
1 •
Office In Merctu'a niw block. south side.
.. .
IL -,
Toyeanda; Pa., July"l2, 1570. E. %I
Will opens Singing School, for the metro tien .1
children hewn, 'T toll years of age. In the Preth:,-ter.
fiat Church, gin Thursday: July 7, IST°. Th e h em
sonar twenty lessons ; of one h ew
Sessions to commence at 1 o'clock, a. in.
Tmrandaannelit, 1870..
A.. • that application null he made at the unit
tog of the Legislature of Pennsylvania f,.r IL,
poration of a Savings Bank,• to he
Athena &tinge Bank, to hare a capital of hay
.and dellata , rritlt authority to int:r, ns,. the urne
amount not exceeding-three Myatt,' thou-and a 4.
lace. The objects of said bank are to
on dpeosit and to discount. , notes. bal., ke., and t„
exercise. general banking privileges. to Le !mated to
the borough of Athens, county -of Bradfonl, alth
authority to establish branched at other p ia
said county. ,
. The undersigned oars his f,trzo for aale. situ,
tad on the State road, two miles from Bv.. necti - ..
and three miles from Leltaysvillc, centaunce
85 acres, over 70 acres improved and the lalx4,
well timbered. A house, two barns. a coed erd., :.
and peach, pear, plumb, and cherry
dance. therezih. For turtle - r particular, apply to
I. wmPrtz
Junj 28, 1870—lt. St vvnbville,
The undersigned, with an arcompll,bed
will open the Fall Term of th!, inshnitee:, M.
DAlr,. AUGUST 22nd. 1670, winch will rontinnt
weeko, (Including institute). No et'ort will be ria,
ed to render the school pleasant and rreetahlP. en I -
to cause every subject etudied
prehentled as far as pursuud.. It is dent:4lj, , thr.:
pupils--ca tar as cuisvenient--entsr the a : "r•
opening-of the terra. Board ean..l, obtaumdli•zr
bytat reasonable rates; also monv , ter the.,. wOt, n;
to board themsehes. -nution tr.fau •I• 3 to !fi ,e.
Higher Msthemative, Latta. Greek.. French. :.e.
taught. . I. SleY/LEtaUN.
Leßayorvllle. July 13; 1a70.4w l'rlarnpar. •
VOR. SALE.—A LanzP House aryl
Lot 1 40 by 710 feet. The Ifoltte is s tarty , t,
story trams. containing clew u n.OO , fors r,f thin.
very large. 31l was nsirly painted and Ir.p.r. I
throughout this .prrug. . Ly su.table for a
Ilons.e or 'Private Itesiclnce. Terms ,a-y
partulilars apply cm the pry wis.•• • or 7. W .
Ir Fs' T.F.B. Box 435, Tosran‘Li. 22-
containing 12G acres, situate. in Wysna. twr..
Bradford county, Pa. 110 acres iniprovt.l.
buildings and fruit trees. Enquire of J.W.
on the promisee near Myersburg. .
Wystix. June 21, 1870.,-but
LI- ERY PLANTS, An kiuda of early and late 0,1.-
bagC Planta 1:14)a ready and in tine condition to .).
111 n - MIX.
hand), nicely fitted lip, and fcr sale by
• 31rCABE k
DISSOLUTION.—The partnership
hm•etofore rats - Wig mtt.: the Gen naux
IinSEE k WAEIUNEE. it tine day ditetolted by r. tt•
teal consent. AU pereone im..ebttil are n quest, dto
make immediate pa - mt. ct to MeREI:
moors to Mclif , e 4 Warriner; and tll bllla slot be
settled by them. Y. U. wArenrsEit,
Franklindal4, Pa.. •Innc 27, ]Rit,-3t•
trat cErEsrstrr STREET, PIMA
ACCprIMATED Ft - ND, over -0,000,00 P
INCOME FOR $91113•21t,
X 101.7 .7 , 0 PER CtM'.
PreminmP maybe paid annually or , eml-anunally or
, a Ivan will be made for part of the atnonnr.
SAMTEE. C. HUEY, Pr,4 , l.•ut,
SAMUEL, E. STOKES, Vu.• Preeddrut.
JOHN W. IIoHNOH. A.V.P. and Actuary.
11. 8. STEPIANS, Sc..cretary.
iI.TIV7 II .H • 11. P. Geteral Agent.
AlintilAcrrr. AND Irrt3uNors
Tho undersigned, having leased the CO3l Yard and
Dock at the old ...Barclay Basur," and just curepiri,
a largo Coal-hauso and Office upon the p: em:.., s, arc,
now prepared to furnish the citisens of To. lnda and
vicinity' with the different kind and A 17.1.6 010 , cLe
named coals upon the moat k . 11‘14. m .
quantity desired. ,Prict is at thi• Yard mud furl
notice :
Large Egg • •
Small Egg
Plimoth :Cut
,Pittston NO.
Barclay" Lump
Run of Mines
4 . " Fine, or Blacksmith
• The following additional charges will 1,3 wa,h.
delivering Coal within the borough
Per Ttin...llo cents. Extra.tor carryingin. 50
Qr. T0n...24 " t. "
/WOrciere may be left at the 'Yard, rerner F.M.
read and Ellmbeth titreeto, or 11. C. r'. I•mr.
5 . 15.,..0r1ers Milk in %a cnv . s 0iv , 1111 ,. .”..t d e••th
tho cash. • 3105T.01 1 ..
Towanda. June 1, 1970—tf. _
Shortost and most dirt line to l'lnlad,•iphla , LW
tnuore, Washington. arid the South.
Passengers by this route take PennAylvaroa
New York Railroad train. passing T0 ,,, 10'1" 3 ' 7 I
mike close connection at llctlilelteru with Li.
Wm; train of North Penn'a Railroad. and sirias in
Pldladelphis-at 5:03 P. IL, In nine to tat , cu "
trains either for the South or Wert.
CitYPVwfmger cars aro at the i>✓pot olarris a: • , r
U trains to convey passendera to The camera Dry
nd to all parts of the city.
• .nacrunrma.
Lonvc North renn'a Railroad Dar, ronarr Bcrks
and American strrets. Philadelphia. at 7.313. M..
_arriving at Towanda 5:13 P. 31., .531r.0
Manna Baggage Expresq collects awl do livers WI.
gage, aka No. 103 South Filth strett.
111.;1201II ACCOMMODATICato.
Freip,ht received at Frofit and gtt., tP. Finie
and forwarded Dr Pally Fast Freight tr"
to Towanda. and all points in sn ,,, yellow , "
with quick dispatah. ELLIS .CLARSE.
Gen. Ant. N. P. R. ft.., Front and wino" , -
May 1 6 .1870;
-- •
MRS., A. E. • (11RTEs",
Would reapectfully announce to her numerous l.t•
rime and aennainteneve that ahejiaS eeenrel the
vices of a arst-elausaselatptdresionaker from New
Ton, and will be enabled to meet all &Juana 111,1 a
her time with even more than her motel promptec ,4
and fidelity. CUTTING and FITTING done in -a
neat and perfect manner ou short 110tiri%
BOOMS over Porter k KlrbraDrmrstare. 3b.rcnt'a
Block, Towanda. •
TO THE PUBIAC.L-The subscriber
-L. being aware of the groat two.l in roorandA .4 a
Repair Shop. is now prepared to go a general Job,
Mu business of or everything that .1-
tatne-to WATCHMAKLICG anything
and -ENGRAVING. lim•
ing several years experience iu the IniWne....b .
feeLa confident that he eau - give entire satofschou
Give btu a call. Alt work oxtrroak./..
• (I. A. MORTON..
iitscies Store. U 01 3. 0.
Towanda, Fat, June 21. 1J70.-01