Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 26, 1865, Image 2

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—Prominent Texans are daily arriving
in New Orleans. They say that fears are enter
tained that Gov. Hamilton will delay the Conven
tion and keep the Texas delegation out of Con
gress. Gov, Hamilton has organized over 100
Counties. The delay in regulating the mail sys.
tern has been detrimental to the political organiza
tion of the State.
—An important circular has been issued
from the Freedmeu's Bureau in New Orleaus regu
lating the duties of the negroes toward their em
ployers. The freedmen are given to understand
that they must labor for their existence hereafter,
and not expect any further concessions from the
—Hugh Donnelly has been arrested in
Philadelphia, charged with being concerned in the
murder of the porter of White's dental depot in
that city a few days since. He was identified by a
hardware dealer as the man who bought the chisel
left by the murderers in Mr. White's fire-proof.
Alexandria, I-a.. is resuming its for
mer business activity. The old crop of cotton is
coming in steadily. In the Shreveport section the
new crop is very late. The caterpillars have done
much damage, and the crop will be far below the
The Hon. L. P. Poland was Thursday
elected by the Legislature Chief-Justice of the Su
preme Court of the State of Vermont, and John
Pierpont, James Barrett, L. C. Kellogg, Ashall
Peck and W. C. Wilson Associate-Justices.
-At the* Fenian Congress, Thursday, it
was" reported that the Irish organization was pow
erful and under skillful leaders. There was an in
creased attendance, and subscriptions would soon
be opened for the loan.
—The Commissioners of the Sinking
Fund have anticipated the payment of the Novem
ber interest due on the Ohio revenue loan. Pay
ments of interest will be made from this date.
—The business of Xew-Orleaus has in
creased 33 per cent over what it was on the Ist of
August. There are not enough clerks in the Cus
tom-House to do the business.
—Tiie loss of the Michigan Central Rail
road, by the burning ot their freight-house and its
contents at Detroit on Wednesday night, will not
exceed §250,000.
Daniel Gregory, under sentence of
death for murder, died in Philadelphia on Wednes
day night. Ho was reprieved by Gov. C'urtin on
—.'en regiments of Northern negro
troops were mustered out of the service and dis
banded at Brownsville, Texas, on the *2d inst., and
sent home.
—A man named Rogers was deliberately
murdered and then robbed by a former employe
named O'Connor, at Hamilton, Ohio, on Monday
—The molding establishment of Dumont
A- Co., of Cincinnati, was partially destroyed by
tire on Wednesday night. Loss, SIO,OOO.
—Gen. Canby has issued an order, re
voking all orders restraining or putting a condition
on the sale or transfer of lands in Louisiana.
—The American Christian Missionary
Society met in Cincinnati on Wednesday.
Gen. Beauregard is to be Superinten
dent of the New-Orleans and Jackson Railroad.
The press of Texas does not approve
of negro suffrage as expressed in ex-Postiuaster-
General Reagan's letter.
—Strenuous efforts are being made by
friends of John Mitehel for his release from Fort
ress Monroe.
—The steamer Huntress from Louisville
for New-Orleans, with an assorted cargo of 350
tuns of freight, consisting in part of cement,
whisky, flour, tobacco, stores, Ac., sank on Sun
day morning near the month of Cash Creek, three
miles above Cairo. The boat was valued at §3O
- and can probably he saved without serious
damage. She has six feet of water on her deck,
aft the boilers.
—Alexander H. Stevens was entertained
at a private dinner in Boston on Monday week, at
which he declared his intention of supporting the
President's reconstruction policy "to the full ex
tent of his ability aud usefulness."
-—The following State officers have been
certainly elected in Mississippi : Swan. Auditor .
Echols, Treasurer ; Braugher, Secretary of State ;
Hooker, Attorney-General ; West, Peyton, Rey
nolds and Harrison, to Congress.
The bodies of an adult woman and two
girls, aged 10 and 15 years, killed by the recent
disaster on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad, are
still unclaimed. They are supposed to be resi
dents ofLivermore Falls, Me.
—The Mississippi State Convention met
and organized on Monday week. Gen. S. J.
Gholsou of Monroe was chosen chairman. Gen.
Humphreys was inaugurated Governor in the
—At Helena, Arkansas, not a single case
of actual want exists among the freedmen.
New Yolk ship-owners are taking
steps to prevent themselves being swindled by
parties who evade paying the foreign freight dues.
—Wendell Phillips has been making a
speech in New Y'ork, in which he denounced both
President Johnson and General Banks, and said
the Republican party was dead. His subject was :
•' The South Victorious."
—Commodore Lynch, formerly of our,
hut lately of the rebel service, is dead.
Havana advices say that the only ves
sel President Geffrard had to blockade the rebels
at Hay Li has been captured.
—Cotton is in demand in Savannah. The
market has been steadily advancing for some time
—Murders are of almost daily occur
rence in Nashville, Tenn.
—W. Gilinore Simms lias retired from
the editorial chair of the Columbia. S. C.. I'ha-nir,
and is succeeded by W. B. Johnston, Esq.
—On the 13th instant an ordinance au
thorizing the Legislature to assume the debt con
tracted during the war in North Carolina, was
tallied in the Convention of that State by a vote o*
63 ayes to 50 nays. The debt is estimated at
—The 3d Pennsylvania artillery is shortly
tci he mHstered out.
—Governor Hovoy, of Indiana, United
Stall's minister to Tern, is in Washington.
—ln Nashville, Tenn., all the hospitals
for refugees and freedmen, with the exception of
four, have been discontinued. These are for the
freedmen exclusively, and it is expected that these
will shortly l>e abandoned also.
—Our English friends seemed to have
been disappointed in Washington. Sir Morton
Peto expressed great astonishment, and said that
they exi*actod to see a handsome city, also much
business enterprise, after the fashion of their own
—A delegation of clergymen, from Tenn
essee are in Washington. They especf to see the
President to-day. Many of them are from his own
neighborhood, in that State.
—A colored woman, with a fortune of
s>oo,ooo, advertises in the Paris papers for a hus
Towanda, Thursday, October 26, 1865.
The official table of the election returns
in this County, which we publish* in another
column, shows that a portion of the Repub
lican voters of the County, failed to cast
their suffrages for the nominee of the I niou
party for Senator, and voted for Elder SHF.P
ARD, the independent or irregular candidate.
It is true that the number of voles thus
thrown away was small—not sufficient to
effect any result at the late election, nor
sufficient to influence any pending contest,
yet it must be a source of mortification and
regret t<> every true Republican to know
that even a small portion of the party can
be controlled in their actions by the desires
and machinations of the Copperhead lead
ers, and be alienated even for a short time
from proper party affiliation.
We know that the great majority of those
who voted the Union State Ticket, but re
fused or neglected to vote for Mr. LANDON,
are sincere and well-meaning Republicans,
who could not be persuaded to cast a vote
for a Copperhead, and who would not wil
lingly do anything to damage the cause, or
which would prove detrimental to the prin
ciples of the Union party. We think they
made a great mistake, and that their action,
if persistently followed up, in the end
would be fatal to the organization whose
object is to advance the ends they certainly
desire to see successful. Now that the
election is past, and the verdict of the peo
ple rendered in such an unmistakable and
emphatic manner, the sincere and true men
who have faltered this fall, must see that
the judgment of the great body of the
voters has been contrary to theirs, and they
should be ready to lay aside all prejudice
and passion, and allow Mr LANDON to be
judged by his career as a public man. Cer
tainly no man in the County has a stronger
ciaim upon the Confidence aud generosity of
the people of the District. He might plant
himself upon his 2500 majority in the Dis
trict, aud defy those who have sought to
awaken prejudices against him, or those
who have suffered themselves to be influ
enced by the c'antors of men whose pleas
ure and business it is to decry every true
man in the Republican ranks. Such, how
ever, we do lot believe, is his desire or in
tentiou. Those who have done him injus
tice for the past, will be obliged by his
faithfulness and ablity in the Senate,to con
fess their error, and fasten the fault, where
it justly belongs, upon the selfish and inter
ested demagogues, who have endeavored
to injure him, for their personal aggrandize
Whilst we have no desire to say an un
kind word, to those who were misled in
their opposition to any position of the tick
et, we cannot but feel,that the leaders in the
movement should be proclaimed outlaws,
and placed without the pale of the party or
ganization. The men who concocted the
scheme to devide the Republican party,have
no sympathies in common witli that party.
They do not hold its principles in estima
tion—they hang on to the skirts of the
party for mischievous purposes, and the
sooner they cast off' all pretentions to be
long to the organization, the better it will
be for the party. Their sympathies are
with the Copperheads, and they are ready
at any time to confer and consul with the
Democratic leaders, in devising plans for
the defeat of Republican candidates. They
do not care how deadly a blow they may
strikf at Republican principles, if they can
only gratify their malice toward some prom
inent Republican, whose zeal and abilitj'
has made him conspicuous. We are glad
to know that the voters understand these
men thoroughly and that their power to do
mischief has become small.
FOREIGN NEWS. —The Scotia, which left
Liverpool on the 7th, and Queeustown on
the Bth inst., arived at New York Thursday
Denials continue to be published by per
sons who were included in the list of alleg
ed holders of bonds in the Confederate Loan.
Only Mr. Lindsay confesses having suffered
a loss of several hundred pounds.
Fenian ism was still an engrossing topic
in the Irish Provinces. Rumors of suspi
cious cruisers hovering about the coast
were circulated not only in the South but
in the County Donegal. Precautions were
adopted to prevent the clandestine landing
of arms or sympathizers, should an attempt
be made, which after present events was
considered extremely improbable. The
strictest survillauce was kept over all Amer
ican vessels which touch at Queenstown.
The luggage of the passengers is carefully
searched before they are allowed to land.
The American correspondent of The London
Times states that. Sir F. Bruce had asked
Mr. Seward for au explanation of the va
rious Fenian movements in all parts of the
The Queen had approved of a Royal Com
mission for investigating the cattle plague.
They are fully to investigate the origin
and nature of the cattle plague, to ascer
tain the best mode of treatment, and to
consider the regulations calculated to pre
vent the spread of the disease and any
further outbroak.
The cholera has made its appearance at
Altenbtfrg, Germany.
the Conservative meeting in Lex
ington, Ky., on Monday evening, to express
. thanks to President .Johnson for removing
i martial law from the State, the President
was indorsed as to his reconstruction pol
-11 icy, but no further Gen. Huston made an
intemperate speech, urging his Conserva
tive friends to prosecute the Union men
who had interfered with their rights, A*c.
He also opposed the Board of Trade ap
-1 pointed by Gen. Brudridge. The meeting
applauded everything hut the emancipation
of tiie negroes. On thai point they were
I very cold.
Sptakf?- -If: vid Fleming, of Daupliiu.
I Philadelphia—Jeremiah Nichols ;U.
II " Jacob E. Ridge way ; U.
HI *' DM Donovan : D.
IV " GeoComiell: U.
V Chester, Dels\v. . e and Montgomery—W Wor
tliington ; P. Horace Royer : U.
VI Bucks—O P James ; D.
VII Leliigh and Northampton-—Geo BSohall: D.
VIII Berks—Hiester Clymer ; D.
IX Schuylkill—Wm M itandall; D.
X Carbon. Monroe, Piko and Wayne—H. B.
Beardslee : D.
XI Bradford, Susquehanna and Wyoming—Geo
Landon ; U.
XII Luzerne —L D Shoemaker : U.
XIII Potter, Tioga, McKann and Clinton—War
ren Cowles ; IT.
XIV Lycoming, Union and Snyder—J Walks; IX
XV NoVthnmberlund, Montour, Columbia and
Sullivan— David B Montgomery : D.
XVI Daupbin and Lebanon—D Fleming : V.
XVD Lancaster —B Champneys : U., J M Dun-
Lip : C.
XVIII York and Cumberland A Hiestaiwl
Glatz : D.
XIX Adams and Franklin—C M Duncan : IX
XX Somerset, Bedford and Fulton—George W
Householder; U.
XXI Blair, Huntingdon, Centre, Mifflin, Juniata
and Perry—L W Hall ; U., Kirk Haines ; U.
XXII Cambria, Indiana and Jefferson—General
Harry White ; U.
XXIII Clearfield, Cameron, Clarion, Forest and
Elk —W A Wallace ;D.
XXIV Westmoreland, Fayette and Greene —Jas
Latta : D.
XXV Allegheny—J L Graham ; IT., T J Big
huui : U.
XXVI Washington and Beaver—W Hopkins; I).
XXVII Lawrence, Butler and Armstrong—Rev 15
Andley Brown : U.
XXVIII Mercer, Venango and Warren— Thomas
Huge ; U.
XXIX Crawford and Erie—Morrow BLowry ; U.
Union Senators ~ .20
Opposition Senators 13
Union JLijority 7
It is believed that Mr. Couaugliy, the I uion
candidate in the Nineteenth di -triet may beeh-cf. ,1
by the soldier's vote, wh:ch wilt gi"e a Union -
jority ot eight.
1 Geo W Gliegan :U. Ch is E Boyle :D.
2 W H Ruddimnn ; U. UP.EEKE.
3 Samuel Josepns : D. i l'homas Rose ; D.
5 Joseph T Thomas ; I . JUNIATA.
(■ Jas Freeborn : F 'Epbraim Baker ; I*.
7 James Sobers : TX James M Brown : U.
y Geo A Quigley ; 1' LAND.
10 Elisha W Davis ;L . George E Smith ; I".
11 F 1) Sterner : U. J 1! McAfee : I".
12 Alex Adir ; C. jJas MeElroy ; U.
13 Jas Donolly: D. ! LANCASTER.
14 Francis Hood ; U. K W Slieuk ; U.
15 G DeHaven Jr ;U. j Charles Demies ;U.
16 D A Wallace ; U. David Wood; U.
17 Ed G Lee ; U. ' Juo M Steliman ; U
18 Jas N Marks ; i I.KBANON.
ADAMS. ; Jacob 15 Meily ; U.
Phillip L Houck : U. LEHIGH.
Geo T McKee ; U. 'James F Kline ; D.
Alfred Slack ; U. DER.
David Shaffer; IT. . Sam'l C Wmgard ; U.
John P Glass : U. Isaac Rothrock : I*.
John A Danks : I*. !D A Irwin : U.
F Meechlin ; U. Anthony Grady ; D.
BEBKS. D F Seybert; D.
John Missimer ; D. D S Koon : D.
Fred Harner : D. BUTLER.
BUCKS. Josiah McPlierrin ; U.
Luther Calvin : D. J II Negley : I*.
F W Headman ; D. Sam'l McKinley ; I T .
BRADFORD AND st LLIVAN. Henry Pillow : U.
Lorenzo Griimell : I*. MONTGOMEBY.
G W Kinney ; U. .A D Markley ; IX
BLAIR. E L Satterthwaite ; IX
Joseph G Adlum ; U. NORTHAMPTON.
CAMBUIA. Oliver H Myers ; I).
Cyrus L Pershing :D. TD Barringtou ;D.
Allen Craig ; D. Charles W Tharp ; D.
Fred Knrts ; D. George A Sherman ; U.
CLEARFIELD, ELK AND FOR-; Kennedy Robinson: P.
EST. -J M Crosland : I).
Dr RC! Early : Ind I). P F Collins :D.
E B Eldred ; I). Moses A lioss ; C.
CHESTER. | D B Armstrong ; U.
W B Waddell ; V. ma.
N A Pennypacker : I'. P M Osterhout :U.
CRAWFORD. J T Cameron ; U.
J C Stnrtevant; T T . TIOG.A AND POTTER.
Geo H Bemus : U. Wm T Humphrey ; U.
Phillip Long ; P. j Harrison Allen : TJ.
Jeremiah Seller : U. James R Kelly ; U.
H B Hoffman; U. Joseph C Welsh; U.
DELAWARE. jMathew S Quay ; U.
EUwood Tyson ;U. ! WAYNE AND PIKE.
ERIE. iWm >1 Nelson : I).
0 S Woodward ; U. j YOUK.
D B McCreary ; U. , James Cameron ; D,
A S Lawrence : p.
The majority of the Pemocratic candidates in
Luzerne is so small that the soldier's vote may
elect the Union candidates.
Union Members 66
Pemocratic 3d
Independent Democrat .1
Union majority 32
Union majority on joint ballot 3!)
Three of the Senators elected occupied the same
honorable position during the last three years, and
of the successful Representatives fifty-eight were
members of the House last winter.
The following is the official vote for Sen
ator in this District :
Landon. Nhepard.
Susquehanna, 318!) 11)51
Bradford, 4476 2094
Wyoming, 1114 1310
8779 6555
Landon's majority, 2525
The Union Executive Committee of
the State of Ohio have issued an address
to the Union voters,iu which they announce
the gratifying result of the recent election.
Although lull official returns have not yet
beeu received, and little is known as to the
vote of the soldiers still in the Held, the
Committee are already enabled to state that
the Union State ticket has been elected by
a majority ranging from 28,000 to 30,000,
without the soldiers' vote. This gives to
the Sta-te a Union Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, State Treasurer, two Supreme
Judges, Attorney-General, School C'ommis
sioner, Member of the Board of Public
Works, and Clerk of the Supreme Court.
The Legislature of Ohio stands as fol
lows : Of the 37 members of the Senate, 25
are Union, and of the 105 members ol the
House, 68 are Union, and the election of at
least two more by the soldiers' vote is confi
dently expected, making 70 Union members
in the House, and giving the Union party
two-thirds iu each branch, and a majority
on joint ballot of 48.
" THE TRES*, 1 ' published by John \V. For
ney at Philadelphia, appears in quarto form
enlarged to the size of the Sow York dai
lies. It is with pleasure that we note this
evidence of the prosperity of this able and
influential journal. Mr. FORNEY has built
up with his own pen a business in the
PRESS, which has become profitable in a
pecuniary point of view, while the value of
iiis labor to the Union cause has been in
calculable. We commend " Thr. Pre s "to
the patronage of those desiring a Philadel
phia daily.
. - . _ -g i S) j— H | "C ■ft > ft
I i -ii I • i ,i• i;i i;i
ts.'l ' £ I | ! I-; %
Z ! ° E • s : ? i > if. •
y o ■v. ■ J B •" 5 ' I s
g j 1 Li: f : 1 I 5 ! i J
EL j ft "8 ■ : | f ( 2_ _| a =
ittt '§ ! $ 1 ~ 1 1 * ? p >
*i I!= •5° I S § 5• I , I * * H p. I ° :S g
,r 2 as ss - T ff * 1 P g; ■?s l >• ! f- ' .SC 'a: < ft c
= a■ or * rig ss B „ •! * a'? ?i Ps h. ?.
TOWNSHIPS. 5 y > 1,32 5i B j Ij.||!Sl? 's)l ■ ■ r5 f{ ?
'3f l '§ ! ? 3' S 5 2• 7. £'B■S'| ■a: r , . a
j := r p. !pjg S!T '•'• j • ?*j' f
Armenia 49- 6 0; 49 44 i 4 SO 50 0 C 4f 8 49, 8; 561 4* 7 41)
Albany I 96, 44 10, 44! 100 l 100 ! 58 109 109' 42* 42! 109 451 109 43 153= 106 44' 106
Asylum 85. 93. 64 !iS 85, 72 ! Job 94 84 1)4 94 *2 93 75 102 177! 82 90 83
Athens two ... 109 155j list, u#; no 7s, 191 119, lis, 160 161, 119, 1601 10S, 166 178, 119, 168, 119
Athens boro\.. ! 08' 41; 68 40 66* 10 97 5' 67 44 40 64 37. 00 45 103 65' 37 C 3
A'ba boro' 1 34 , 33 34, 19 17: 34i 34 | ! 33! | 311 4 35! 341 i 34
Burliugtou twp. 138 24, 133 23 136! 115 42 138, 138, 24 24 i 134 23 130| 21 164 133 231 133
" boro" 32 10 1 32 11 29 i 17 27 311 33 11 11 43 2 17' 26, 42 29 11 j 29
West.l 75 42; 75 40 93 75 02 92, 92 42' 42 96 ! 38 87 47 12m 89 30 91
Cautuu tw|i 207! 32 223 32 239 172 96 ' 240 240 31 31 223 29, 22„ 41 272 236 2s' 234
•' boro'.. 921 7 87 o 91 61' 42 90 92 7 7, 94, 3 86; 13 jol; 89 7 92
Columbia , 133 60. 138 63' 136 113' 90 130! 131 66 66! 137 62 123 S3 105, 134 65 133
Kntnklin lis 63 117 52 llu 110 39 lH'.i 116 oil 51 1171 52 119 53i 157! 117 51! 118
Cranviile. ... 1-3 26 185 25 183 147 72 176 176 26, 26 184 27 181 3- 211, 17-i 251 182
Herriek ' 158 26 : 158 27 156' 154 29 157' 157 26 26 156 26 152 30 if; 2: 145 27 155
Li-Hoy 14- 27; 154 27 153 154 33 157 157 28 28' 144 36 145 25 |?s 136 26 136
Litcbtield 106, 84! Los 85, 110 84 94 110 110 84; 84, 111 S3j U0- -8.1 j<,4. lo7i 841 108
Leßaysville .... 51 8; 50 in 55! 46 13 54 54 8! s, 52 - 45 to 61 53 7 ati
Monroe twp | 139! 29 136! 38' 139 130 1 37' 139; 139 38 1 38 13tl 39' 136 40 |7y 139; 39 136
boro 36, 13 3- is I 3- 26, 2" 3- 5- 1.3 13; 3s 13, 34 15 511 38 I3j 37
Orwell 204 21 203 21 207 1-4 50 2031 206 21 21 204 19. 196 25 227 206 2o 200
Overton 21' 34' 22 32 21 16 36 ! 22' 22 32 32' 20 32 22 34 55 23 32 22
Hike.. 202; 17, 212 17' 213 194 39 2H : 215! 16 16' 213 l 2 : -' -3' 225' 213 15! 200
Ridgbury 222 4t.j 117 46 126 123 47, 126 126! 47 47; 166 i 47 12- 4*ll 175, 125! 47 123
Rome twp 142 3D 1 142 29 144 I3'j! 33 141 142 2'J 24 142 50 143 29 17 1 144 30 139
'• boro' j 2-5 14: 3n, 14 37' 35 lftl 37, 37' 13 13 36; 13 3-1, 14 so| 35' 14 35
Sniithlield 2,,7 S3; 254 sol 263! 233 lo2| 25-' 25 .86 86' 262, hsj 261, 8 346 2611 en 261
Spriugtii'l"* .. 1--,; 91 1-01 9. 2931 l-o lio, 204! 24 91 93. I'-", 04; 19. 94 200 .no 95; 191
.S 111b Creek.. 1' l-j -2, 1- -2' 67 1 32 --'! -2 I I-' IN N '*' 1" 62 1-, s-<
~VI v .111.1. 3,,; 7| 3-' .j 3. 30 1 j 32j 52 7 | 3.! i 32' -! ~ i 32! 7; 32
>l.esU'-.| ill . ; |;. 84 18,, 1 1 0 |9I ' I.' 7--,' 1■ ; '••! 2 . 1.4, "4 It ' Bto ,r. I I'l.J 4 ; 7 13 117 11 II 1,2 11 2 4>, 13! 4 lib .6 .36 il-.j 4.
I'eriy . .. ; -71 72' -,j 72 -it s2i - -I 7" 72' h -t' 7 7.1; 15 ) -3 ! 76 '-2
lowjudalwp 4 1 47 4- 4, 49, 17 531 4 7 47 47, 47 041 4' 12 51; 9. j 4.11 47, 47
boro' . 17.-,' 121' lii 117 1-3 11 . ;, : 171 17. 11. 11- 20- -5. 1-7! to !2 4 174 H'7 1.3 ! 4 ' 4.1 42 L, 45! 34 54' 4 1 4 1 2 25 4 1 24 . 32 ,I, 4. 25 i 41
Troy twp , 17-, 74 IN-| 7.4 1-4 ibii 1-., I-.; 72 72 l-'j t. lie /.-• 124 17J 73. ISO
l'mj b, in'. ' 10. 3:1 HI 39 il 94 120' 111., 4oi 4 ! tit ■' Jo| lob 105, 71b jI Ma
'I U.-caroi 1 117' 32 11-' 32 1 12, 1 Si, 7' 12 12 3.' 32, 120 ■! ' 4i i.,2 12. ( 31 i2s
Ulster : 1 71! 9..j 7| 95. s- 9 0 ' 69 6-j 159 "5 6')! 9-
VV..IIt'll 16i. 31 I- •• 3s 17 >i l7Hj lil 72 1 7 3-' 172. 3iti 3,1., Hi.. il l 174
Wmdliiim , 7-> I .5' 7- Hi. 1 12, I 104 7 75, i• ' •=' 'O4 7" j 104
IVju using. . i 173! ,i !73! •!,. i7 ■ 13. 1. I 172 172 9.. 9* |T! 9 '1 ' 124 269 1 71,' 95: 175
A.SOX . ... 10(1 102 i'-y 102 |t.i -5 1:2 HI 101 I :t|: !•!: j It! 1 .09 lob) I lOlti 10 , ioU
Well* 75; |u2' "4, lor 75 75 9. 7- 7u 1-jll 99j 75. it 10l 177j 75 SO-; 74
W.lnert ...... J ittyj io! H6J 53! in l Wlj 57' lo- 1081 S4j 1 106! t6| Si 1581 lOtf! 531 io=>
Total .. ~,242 23"! olnbL 6 .1 I ">503 ; 447U!29.,3 1 i 290.5 i-9-22:1,227i ].. ;o3 2 2587; 1332|51981223; , | , 310
Char V good deal oi excitement prevails
in Kentucky over tiie removal of martial
law, anil th-r" will no doubt soon be a con
flict between tlie civil and military author
ities. Negroes hired on military passes
are being discharged, and nil contracts
made between masters and slaves are
deemed as at an end. Owners are prepar
ing to reclaim their slaves, and all absent
on military passes will no doubt be hunted
up, driven back to their former masters
and set to work. Judge Pearl, of Whitley
County, is reported to have decided that
the law of Congress, of March 3, 1865, is
unconstitutional, and to have ordered a
black woman, who is the wife of a soldier,
to be sold as a slave. Gen. Brisbin has
ordered the arrest of Judge Pearl for vio
lating the United States law.
aSk, Returns of official and estimated ma
jorities have been received from about fif
ty counties in lowa, which show an aggre
gate majority for the Republican State ticket
of twelve thousand. It is ex pec tad that the
counties yet to be heard from will swell the
majority to sixteen or seventeen thousand.
Copperheads counties are very rare in lowa.
Among the fifty counties from which re
ports have been received, we find no more
than six which gave a democratic majority.
The General Assembly will, therefore, be
largely Republican in both branches, thus
securing the election of two United States
Senators—one for tiie vacancy occasioned
by the resignation of James Harlan, and
one for the full term of six years from tho
4th of March, 1867.
e&" Montgomery Blair spoke at the
Democratic meeting at New York, last
week, in favor of the candidates of a party
that lias steadily and cruelly slandered
Abraham Lincoln, who made him Postmas
ter General, and Andrew Johnson, whose
coiiliifi tici* lie professes to enjoy. A surer
promise of a Union victory in the Empire
State, on the Bth ot Noveinhea, could not
be desired.
tfoy- flie statement of th • death of 11 • u.
George V. Lawrence, Union niemfiei elect
fof the \\ ashiugtoi! (Pa ) district, is con
tradicted. His e.omiietitor lor tiie nomina
tion for Congress, lion. Thomas Cunning
ham, of Beaver, died some months ago, and
a more upright and conscientious patriot
never lived.
Among the amnesty oaths just filed at
the State Department is that of Robert E,
Lee, subscribed to on the 2d inst. That all
the world may know what this man promis
es for the future, we give the oath entire.—
It is the same oath required from " any
other man."
I, Robert E. Lee, of Lexington, Ya., do
solemly swear, in presence of Almighty
God that I will henceforth faithfully sup
port, protect and defend the Constitution of
the United States, and the Union of the
States thereunder ; and that 1 will, in like
manner, abide by and faithfully support all
laws and proclamations which have been
made during the existing rebellion with
reference to the emancipation ol slaves, so
help me God.
(Signed) R. K. LEK
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this
2d dav ot October, A. D. 1865.
Notary Public.
Virginia is fast recovering from the
terrible effects left upon her by the war.
But few traces are now seen upon the re
nowned battlefield of Bull Run. At Ma
nassas Junction the fortifications have near
ly disappeared, a scarcely distinguishable
line alone marks their existence. At I'ris
tow the graves of the fallen rebels are lev
elled witli the ground, and the ties of the
long line of stockades from Bark's station
to the Rapidan, have been made into rail
road tics. From Alexandria to Culpepper,
however, the country is still barren, almost
a desert, but at Orange Court House npw
houses and fences now fill the places of
tfiose destroyed. The Orange and Alexan
dria Railroad is being put in repair.
The Hon. Kroeman Glurke, says a
Washing! on dispatch to the Xew oi l. l ri
' buue, peremptorily ordered Governor Pier
pout, of Virginia, to leave lii olHee at the
i Treasury on account of littering disloyal
i sentiments. The language used in part
, was : "We people of the south never will
, submit to being taxed to pay the Union
war debt. We never will st;iiid it, sir,"
I etc.
(From the Tribune)
WASHINGTON, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 1563.
During the intervi w, on Friday,bet ween ;
the President and t: <: South Carolina dele- i
gates he said that, if treason lias been com- !
init ed, there ought to be some test by the !,
highest tribunal as to the power of the j
government to punish the crime, in order !
to assert the vindication of the Government j
and the Const.tutiou, even if the Executive
clemency should thereafter be exercised.
This repetition J his intention certainly j
does not comport with the assertion- of at j
least one newspaper correspondent (and i
which have been extensively published), i
that "the President has no idea of bring-1
ing Jefferson Davis to trial." The delay j
lias certainly not been the fault of Ihe Ad- j
ministration, nor is there any reason to be- j
lieve that the desired test has been abuu- j
doned. It is known that it is the business j
of the Judiciary, and not of the Executive, i
to initiate proceedings in the premises ; but j
there is a difference of views among jurists, j
and the opinion lias been advanced that, in !
the present unsettled condition of tiie South- j
era States, which are still under martial
law, in one of which the trial would have j
to take place, no general peace having j
been proclaimed, additional legislation by j
Congress may become necessary ; and, j
further there would not be time enough be- j
tween now and the first Monday of Decern- j
her to try the ease, for at that period tlie i
Justices of the Supreme Court of the United j
States will commence their regular term !
at the Capital. Whatever may be the ulti
mate disposition of Jefferson Davis and
others, this appears to be the present eon- j
dition of the important subject.
It will be recollected that during the
Conspiracy Trial two printers, employed
in the office of The S< hnu Dispatch, testified
that George W. Gale was the author of an j
advertisement which appeared in The J)js- \
patch, soliciting contributions to the amount j
of $1,000,000, with which to procure the
assassination of President Lincoln and cer- I
tain iiietibers of bis Cabinet. Gale was in !
Washington when the testimony was given, j
and had engaged counsel to conduct his '
ca-e, in the event of his trial in Washington.
But lie removed S nith. alien* he his!
ev r since* irii in eontiiienient. Rpce iDy '
the President ordered that !n be trnnslerrcd ■
to a civil, instead of a military, court for'
trial, in Alabama.
DI.-A-TI R AT SKA. —The steamer Atlanta,
w litis) on mi way Hon New t)i cans to >
New \ork, was lost at sea on Saturday,
tiie 14th, vvlo'st in latitude 3d noli 3 deg.,
longitude 72 mi * 13 dog. jiu* hud <>u
board seventeen p. singers and thirty-five
o! a crew. On Fi iy tlie 13th. she sprung
a leak and althongu i n* pumps were work
ed freely she rapidly filled with water. —
Oil Saturday night he water had reached
the tires, extinguishing them. She soon
commenced to sink and the waves to heat
over her. Captain A'illiams then lowered
the boats, but with me exception all were
swamped. The wl le one contained four
of the crew, and before tlie lady and other
passengers were able to get in it the ship
separated in three parts, precipitating all
on board into the waves. Some clung to
pieces of the wreck ; but only four, three
of the crew and one passenger, are known
to have been sa\ ed. These were on a raft
; from Saturday night to Tuesday morning
i before they were rescued by the bark An
derson. It is probable tlie rest were drown-
! od ' - - —~-
: tioual subscriptions received at the olfiee i
of the Illinois State treasurer, in Spring- |
field, to the 14th, for the National Lincoln
Mouurjiept Fund, amounted to $116,98.
Governor Uglosby, of Illiuois, lias received
a very cordial letter from the Governor of
, Wisconsin in response to his appeal on be
j half of the Monument Association. liis
j Excellency states that the object of tlie so
ciety has his warmest approval, and that
lie will present the same to the Legislature
i of his State, and otherwise assist its fur
therance in every possible manner.
The Titusvillc Herald says an ex-
I perienced Colorado miner lias discovered in
a spur of the Allegheny Mountains, about
; forty miles west of that place, an extensive
lode of gold-vearing quartz, specimens of
which have been sent to New York for an-
I ;i lysis, and which an* said to contain, for j
1 surface specimens, a fair per rentage of
gold. Some excitement has already been
! produced by the discovery.
; _ WSSL. L'hipman on Satur
| day plosed bis argument for the prosecution
j in the W it/, trial, confining himself to the
j charge of murder, which crime, he conten
i di d, had been committed in 18 instances .j
by tlip prisoner's own bauds. At the con
clu. iuu pi (Jul. Uliipijptp's speech, the Coijrt
presided at a private examination of tho
physical condition of the accused, at the
I a Iter's request. Tlie Commission then
vent into secret session.
HE who raises the devil conjures up a
master and not a servant.
Over Eddy's Clothing Ktore, 3d Story, offer their ser
vices to the Ladies, confident that a long experience .and
the mo.-t desirable lacilitie?, with promptness and cour
tesy will (tiSiire satisfaction.
The latest lashions received regularly from Madame
Demorest's shop, New York. Particular attention paid
Basqnining. Stitching done to order. Oct. 24, w.
(Formerly Ijnighlin's)
Under Chamberliu's Jewelry Store, west of Public
Square, Main Street
Oysters by the thousand, hundred or disii. Families
and dealers supplied on short tennis. Give ue a ceil.
Oet. 24. 1865.
AUDITOR'S NOTICE.— In the matter of
Exceptions to the Final account of H. C. Hnird,
Assignee of Farmer's Union Insurance Co. No. 155
Sept. Term, 1865. In the Court of Common Pleas of j
Bradford County.
The undersigned an auditor appointed by said Court
upon exceptions filed to the final account of H. C.Baird,
As-igtiee of the Farmers' Union Insurance Co., will at'
tend to the duties of his appointment, at his office in To
wanda boro", ou Saturday, November 25, 1865. at one i
o'clock p. m., at which time and place all persons inter- :
ested can attend if they think pioper or be forever
debarred Irom the same.
Oct. 23, 18C5. . Auditor, j
U TRAVEL)—From the enclosure of the ;
subscriber, in Ridgbury twp, on or about tbe llltb '
iust.. a large white COW, about "J yea s old, wi b black j
spots about the head, and a crook in the tail. One real ;
bis been lost. Aj J information concerning said Cow :
will be tliaukf'uliy eceived and liberally rewarded.
Oct. 24, lsG5. B. W. WHITE.
yyr yAL USI N G ACADE kY . |
A. H. GODHII ILK, t. 8., I'rini-ipal.
Winter term commences Nov. i 3, 18G5, andconitn t
ues 12 neeks
Common Fnglish bracches ft 00 j
tl igber .... ..... -, 5 00 I
ire • • lake pleasure in announcing Uui they :
hii i .i <• , eiieic ed and aecnmplisbed
in • • a* i the Academy. No pains w.ii •.* spar
ed t - io.u- na seliaoi secmd > none iu tin- tOaaty.'J ant. rooms tut bearuing inav oe ba<. ai le.-Oii
*G; +nws. H. GAYM'iRD. Pre.-'t.
A. uKwis, Hec'y. Uct. 2;;, is6s. I
Business office 184 Washington Street, New York. I
C. L.VAN ALLEN. Actuary.
This Ink has been in general and constant use for the
last 2u se is,and is warranted to be all that we as.-ci t of it,
1. It is indelible.
2. it will nut corrode the pen.
3. It flows wiih perlect lacdiiy.a line never is broken, i
4. It wiil not collect on tbe penjnor rnouthjol tbe sta d; j
all this is warranted. This Writing Fluid is black with ■
a rich aud glossy tint oi blue.
i ins Ink is lor sale, wholesale and retail, by SOLO
MON STEVENS, Uerrickville, Bradfoid County, Pa. j
Oiuers filled on snort notice.
| Oct. 23 1065.
unorder issued out of "he Orphan's Court of Brad
j ford County, the undersigned, administrator of the es
' tatc of J ".Mali Stanton, late ol Litchfield twp., dee'ed,
will seli on the premises on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24,
, 18G5, at 2 o'clock p m., the following lot. piece or par
; i d oi land, situate iu Litchfield twp., bounded and de
j scribed as follows, to wit :
On the north by lands of Oliver Everson, OB the east
! by lands of said Oliver Everson and James Randolph,
| and on the south by said James Randolph, and on the
west by lands of Wright Snyder Containing 59| acres
be tbe -sine more or less, about 20 acres improved .with
a smail log house thereou.
TERMS.—S2S lo be paid on tbe property being
! struck down, and the balance on final confirmation of
; sale, WM. SNYDER,
Oct. 20, lsG5. Administrator.
-LJ the Post Offi -c at Towanda, Pa., tor the week end
i ug Oet. 21, 1865 :
Abrams E T Mann Phillip J
Brown flalsev Mrs. Peck B S
Brock Maria H ! Ranb Geo. W
j Harney Thomas Ross George
' Clark Jas. L Mrs. Robinson \\'m. 4
1 Cormick Thomas <Swayze Anrelius J.
i Foster R H Capt. Shepard Erastus
j Hanford Henry Stoll Harriet
; Jones Mary Thompson Wm.
: Kymer M S Williams Donahue & Co.
: LanghliuJohu j Yeeder Henry
Unt H B
*3" Persons calling for any'of the aliove letters will
| please say "Advertised." S. W. ALVORD,
Oct. 23 , 1865. Postmaster.
an order issued out ol the Orphan's Court of Brad
, lord County, tbe undersigned, administrators of tbe es
tate of Jonathan Jackson, late of Canton twp., dee'ed,
will sell on the priraises.ou SATURDAY", NOV. 18,1865,
at 1 o'clock p. m.. the following lot, piece or parcel ol
land, situate in Canton twp,, bounded and described as
j follows, to wit :
Begiuning at an ironwood tree, it being the south
east corner thereof, on the side ot the Williamsport and
; Klmira lUihoad, thence north 87J°, west 74 per. to a
i post, the corner of the Whipple lot; thence north on
j the line of .said Whipple lot I°, east 173 per. to a post
j on tbe line o! James Rockwell's lot ; thence by the line
. of the name, and other lands, south 97°, e ist 78 per. to
; -i dry hemlock for a corner ; thence south 3° west by
! lands ot Taylor A McLelland 173 per to tbe place ot he
ginning. Containing 82 acres aml 25 perche-i of land,
. ne the -ame more or less.
TERMS —450 to be paid ■ u the property ta-,ng siiock
! duaii. $450 mi cantirmati HI ol salt, ibe balance in two
equal ana al instalment.- with in'-rrest .nun cnlii nation
' iii-l payiueut t" be made one year from -n'd coiiiinua
! linn. JOHN LII.LKY.
llct. 20. 18C.5. Adniinistraiors
A I DITOK'S N OTICE.— In the mailer of
.uit., -/ f the r lalt oj Jo rj.h Ire iu the CuUrt
, •no ii ie.'. EluUiord Couuey, No. 4GGJ .llsy
j 11 rui 164
The , . n r.signed, an auditor, uppoiuted to d'stribu e
tie lUoiiiea in tne bauds ol ai'UiiuUU-e raised iniui
•y Uie suie ei Joseph Etp real eslaie, wib at lend lo
; llie unties ut uis appolulmeiit at ills olfice, fo tbe
| borough ol Towanda, ou Friday, the 24 b (l a y ol No
i veiuner.A D., tsoo, at t o'clock p. in., and all persons
| having claims upou said monies must present tbeiu, or
j else be forever debarred trom the same.
j Oct. • 1865, Auditor.
I A js hereby given, that ail persons indebted to the es
tate ol UliLlH S, BROWN, dee d, late ol Orwell twp.,
are requested to make immediate payment, and those
i having demands against said estnte will present them
! duly authenticated lor settlement.
Oct. 2G, 19(15. Administrator.
AL TION.—THEODORE RF.RT, a boy inden-
J tured to the subscriber, fias run away. I hereby
i forbid all persons harboring or Irusti ng him on an ac
| count. OWEN PARk.
Lticnfield, Oct. 22 18 65.
'Hie undersigned having puicliesad the property for
meily owned by B. F. Buck, Bendy Creek, Pa., contain
ing n store thereon, takes this opportunity of aunonnc
| ing to the public, that he has returned from Nsw York
with a complete stock ol every thing usually found in a
country store and of the best quality that could be
found in market ; which was bought cheap for cash and
will be sold lor a small profit. No credit will be given
under any circumstances whatever. Deeming the ready
pay system to be to tie interest of both the dealer and
1 consumer.
Farmer's produce taken iu exchange fin goods at
market price. v ' '
The stock consists ot
Dry Goods and Groceries, Hats and Gaps, Boots
and Shoes, Drugs, Kerosene Lamps,
Wirks, Oil and Chimneys.
Hardware and Pocket Cutlery, Window Glass,
Crockery, Tobacco, Snuff, and Cigars,
Crackers, Cheese. Nuts and
Candy. Flour in Sacks,
1 oldies 'Winter Shawls,
Hoods and Nubies.
Wrappers, Drawers and Gloves.
Y'ankee Notions,
And a large assortment of Ploughs and Plow Points,
manufactured by 8. W, Paine,Troy, Pa.
Also, a large quantity of Revenue Stamps, of all sizes,
kept constantly on hand for the accomodation of the
pnblic in general, and many other articles too numerous
to mention.
Be sure and call at the Old Key Stone Store and judge
(or yourselves. The undersigned is lully assured that
bis customers will be satisfied with both prices and
quality of goods.
Accept lhauks for the liberal patronage thps far re
i ceived, hoping it may so continqe.
Bently Creek, Pa., Oct. 23, 1865.
-LJ stantly made to our Stock of Groceries ; and we
have UPV a complpte assortment adapted to the Fall
Trade, which we offer lor sale at lo* est market rates.
Please call iu and price our goods.
Sept. 25. 1865. E. T. FOX-
*■ no use for said Boat it will be sold cheap. There
is also a full set of Furniture which wilt be sold sepa
rate or together. Inquire at the store of
1 Oct 9, !Btt3. ' I'owsnd.i, P*.
fpOli. SALE.—Several giiod llorses, and
Tw o span ol good Mules. Inquire of
Towauda , Oct. 12,1865.
Heal (Estate.
FARM FOR SALK.-lu w,i mot(owli ,
adjoining I in da of A. Ely and E. Horton jU,
a mile from the .-<nsquehanna river .and about ,
from the canal, contains HO acre*, ,V> acres 0 | it Ir ' '*
food improvement. A good fiamed Uin ari<J f ## kr
oiise ; also a young orchard thereon. For •,.T.; rWfl
inquire of M. M. Moody, at Frenchtown or't i' : , ar '
at Jugharatown. M. M c J ot.v r
Oct. 2, 1865.—4t ,J °"l
offers for sale a farm rituate on Sugar Creek ,
mile* trom Towanda boro'. It contains about 12s J,
lit) of which are in a good state of cnltivati" n
well watered and is a lirat class dairy farm. a "ltho "
portions of it are well adapted to grain. 'I here i
it, a good dwelling hoose, large harn (the U-st '
township) horse barn, corn house, other ont irm ! '
and orchard. '" if*.
One fourth of the purchase money will be require,
time of sale, and any reasonable credit will t, e ewe /*'
the residue. ULYSSES MKHTU
Towanda, Oct. 4, 1865.
well known as the Warner Farm, lies in \y v ,
twp.. on the Susquehanna river, opposite the '
of Towanda and adjoins lands ot M. Laming, Eso.j
Morgan, E. Coolbaogh, R. Brown and others." r"
tarni contains above 200 acres, of which about 1%
cleared. There is a dwelling house, two barna A";
house, and a large orchard of grafted fruit ,t
watered with never-tailing springs of water.
which is brought to the h mse, and is well adaptK, •
a dairy lartn The dwelling house is less than a
from iowanda Bridge, i'ersons desirous of pu,' i ! 9. .'
a cheap Farm near to a County town, and public i-,.-'
tute. would do well to view this plate, as it *
positively sold at a very low figure.
Towanda, Sept. 4. 1865,
N. B. The person who bought lhi< place !i -! w ■.
was unable to comply with ibe terms ,by reaw.n ot.-,',V
by the high tresbei iu the rtver. K. ij
JL orl*r* tor oalf h vaiujt>le farm in ¥
♦ .O 'd iiuiluii.g*. teuce*, Iruii Src.
JOHN N C \i.\yv
Tow.ifol i, lnl y 0, IWtf, •• v .
Farm lie* in Wy tlo-iug twp., oiio in tie . 'in i
tiw u. containing a oout 430 acre-; #5 acre- u,i ( ,
ri< h superior buildn gs feh i-, .md irrl.l• • v•-mci. l -
all Kinds It has a fiur orchard, cou-ie',...'
pie-, pea* ties pears, plumbs, cherries ,Ve.,
grapes g'l'i .i't crr:t.-, cuna.' Ls cc .. iu la' ge ip. ur, i .
i KBsiS— 440 per a*-rc. FiiJbu down, liie hut.-.;
For It.rib r inform itiuu aj>ply :-di*
Office over P*. ffi.-e, T. wai.iJa,
Sent. h. ! srri.—2iu
JL otters tits lyim tor--.lie in the tciroorh o! 1
ville, and con ain- F.'i arrea. airftut OU acres
wi'h a large Dwelling H'ui-e—a good epri g ■
near tlie door, a wagoii-n >u.-e. batn auu -heo i;
Te'nis uiu :e eu y tot the purchaser.
1.. M. STEVEN;.
Leßaysville, Aug. 2d, 1n65.—4t
JL consisting ol 135 acres ol land hand- ■ ,
ted on the river, about nine miles irom lowai, la.
in a good state ot cultivation, with bo:i-e, n, . .
and convenient outbuildings, and well water ec. .
eu tor sale on favorable lei ma. F-.r pun,-, i:
| of the subscrioer at the Banking House ol ft s. .
A Co. 11. S. RUr-.-ti.
I Towanda, Sept. 25, 1865.
i That valuable property studded with white a
hemlock anu other valuable timber ou Brown- K
the land when cleared is good for farming
Containing 2*o acres, GO ol which is partly i
improvements are : 1 good steam saw miii, u ,-
with little repairs to the dam can run by Mr.,
! barn, and several dwellings around the miii. 1 >
! erty is oDly a lew miles west of Ulster, a g
1 ping point on the North Branch Canal, and Su
na River, to a capilaUt this would Ire a valuable k\---
ment. For lurther particulars address
Sept. is, 1845. Sparta, Sussex Co., N.
! Location, ou the south side of the Square, by ue i st- .
terian Church. Apply to W. A. PECK, oi-.e. I' I
I Block, north side of Square. Vjy Is
.fruit £rces, &"r.
ready for immediate orchard planting.
comprising the following leading and h ■ ■ v
A'mg of Tompkins Count//, It agent/, lialdin
mon!. '1 alman Sictfting, Roxtiusy 1.
land Greening*, sc., and ail the des i iie I.
Summer and Fall use.
Also a tine assortment of select Cberrie-.P
Pears, and a line assortment of Bearing lira; Ymf
The pr<iprietor having removed to Wilkes-ildrrr
established his nursery business there .make " nr
for hitn to close out at an early day bis Towaiid
serv Stock.
He uow ofiferti this choice stock ol suoerior t;.!
at greatly reduced prices— at irua 2 > •
cent, cheajier than other nursery-tm n •( e-'n
N. U.—NVc wish it o lie parti uiarly uiuii t-b i
these Fruit Trees, are of very superior qui'.i'y:
are of unusually tine siz*, of he.ilthy pro i a: -
tirely ireq trom all disease.
•i-We preler that tiiu-e wishing to pur t
visit the nurseries and to sel et their ow.i : ■
ibey will iinu re i.ible rneu to wait up n th ru
F'lire uf .Vi>. 1, Aop'.e Trees, o lot o' " ' '
upwai <f s, I'.O /e> hundred (,N ennd <
pti hundi etl, si/ d only to those irh / conn u]ti<
-V' . 1 T' ee-, in lo'- It ■ - than .>O, 25 cents uu. .
Trier of Chell y. Pear and Plum I''en, art 'j >■'
Vines in pevj/oi [ion.
All orders should be a' dre-sed t • the E • il 1-
ud will is promptly attended u.. Hi-ultbi ...
•tar-hall Brother.- Hardware M nr.
Towand l . Sept 2t. lFn.5.
! Q 0< -)l FRl'lT ! LU>UIOUrt ORAIT-
The subscriber and bis assisl.uits, while -•* ■' :i -''
taking orders tor tJie choice Apple. Cbeiiy .Vi
Pear tree- in the lowntida Nurseries, c 1 -
time, take orders lor Fruit and Drnatm a.' tne-. >
that must be procured irum elsewhere tu to -*a °' , ' t '
Much attention is being paid through' - T
the propagation arid cultivation of tiiie and Laro
tive grapes. Wonderlul improve,uem-in -
have been made. The line Foreign Crap'
have failed in open air culture in this climate : i
is a well known fact that, until within a few yeir- *'
have had no native American Grapes equal t. : -
Foreign. Such is the tact no longer. The Imj*
and lona, particularly, have no superior, i <
man, who has room enough to set a vine, c.m a> v -
and enjoy as good grapes as his wealthy neigh
has a hot-house grapery.
Manv persons in Bradford have been sadly n s'!
Ed in vines—though purchased as improved AIM
varieties, they proved to be common sorts, bx.-w -
lias demonstrated that cheap or low prl 1 v..
actually tlie dearest. The subscriber lias dele ::
profit by the experience of others, and will
buy his grape vines from the best sud most "
known giape cnltnrist in the Union.
The celebrated originator of the splendid lona am- '•
elltt Grapes. '
Vt'e can buy cheaper vines, represented to b _
lona and Israelis, aiid other leading varinw- '.on.
nurserymen, but they, if true to name, will •
be inferior vines:— use dare not risk the cons c eta"
though high priced, are the cheapest
It has been found that the vines, of some varit- >
like age and size, from some nurseries, are '
worth twice as much for early and productive < 1
as those from others.
We will lurnish the Delaware, lona, Israelii an
the leading Grapes at Dr. Giant's prices. r ,
The ION* is the GREELY SIOO PKEttirM GRE R - ■
householder should have one of these lona vines.
AU other fruit and ornamental trees to till order- *
j be obtained from a Rochester Nursery of big- 1 r •
; tion, and lumished at the most favorable rates- .
The subscriber will have several - -
! who will canvass for orders. We hope the
j onr County will favor us with a libera! patronage
correspondence promptly attended to. , v --
S Towanda.Oct. 0, ISGS. H
i Tlie Coupons of the 5-20 Loan due Novem f
I now being paid by the Treasury on l>resenta'' dU '
era in this vicinity can have them cashed at
; ing House of
/VM TION. -Wiieivas, my wife,
has left my lied and Imard without j'i- L 1 '
, pmvooatio n, all persons are hereGy eatt<" p*
harlHiriug or trusting twr on my account, as
i no debts oi her contracting. ( pipfiWA* -
I Monroe ton, Oct. 9,ISGS.