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At the Election Held October 9, 1895.
£ P ¥ I ? f Fa ~¥ ~Q F
r ?- = -
s 5 t" 1 £ "ts ' 2 £_ S' 2 £:
Si !sigr|S??*S
Sf -*
g - •* ™ ■T go 3 ■; • £ :
I;*:: 2. 1 1 : : ? :
—, uiTroiiirli BtT Jo TO 70 52 51 87 39~ 84 42 78 JiT
At • hi ]O4 134 101 101 137 130 103 132 102 135 08 134
AlUn's 52 3 33 <2 15 U 51 3 52 2 50 3
Arii|<"W- 94 42 94 93 4.-, 43 9s 42 88 51 90 41
1:"' IS' Borough 21 16 20 21 17 10 20 17 21 17 21 17
F,u WW.: 81 35 81 70 20 37 86 32 82 32 84 31
< 266 50 202 202 56 61 273 49 271 40 260 50
110 74 115 112 83 82 130 52 121 74 121 73
V 5" " 80 85 56 58 113 110 07 60 74 01 75 85
J; 1 ; 1 .".V. 110 30 108 108 30 30 108 30 104 31 108 30
! ,'i.ti, 1,1 " 8 36 76 76 57 56 78 56 77 54 74 60
•"* 125 18 120 129 10 20 137 6 128 10 12s 17
', <r "v 11l 60 101 104 70 68 120 52 115 57 111 60
liorouph, --'8 21 27 26 25 24 32 17 30 20 27 23
M 184 20 183 184 23 22 181 20 186 17 182 10
~Y 203 35 100 101 47 46 105 40 201 25 195 39
V' I 'IKTTY 15 2 58 1.1 150 57 58 152 58 1.>4 56 153 56
• I,,,l'iin 156 60 155 147 63 58 160 54 153 62 1",0 65
c,„H ,.l,i 188 125 Isi 184 129 128 185 127 182 125 181 121
" t |,.|,i 135 130 128 125 157 163 134 140 134 144 133 142
Yn.k 54 1 56 56 0 0 50 6 50 6 50 6
Slimline Stone 51 07 51 52 92 93 51 93 49 05 50 93
m i,i.i Borough 20 14 3 3 31 31 25 12 21 14 23 12
; r -„ , *7 10 87 87 11 10 87 10 87 lo 87 10
T, ~,!• !!"n>UL'li, 136 60 136 110 50 53 134 60 132 50 134 58
\.„th 40 12 42 40 10 12 41 10 ss 12 30 12
T T. 4 1 Smith 66 26 66 66 33 33 70 30 65 26 65 23
"Township, 107 203 11 11 32s 332 94 206 74 212 83 210
Tn.V Borough 54 120 1 212 215 '4B 132 31 137 34 132
lX 116 94 J 83 106 134 106 113 96 114 96 111 95
„\ IU 30 101 31 32 108 112 36 102 37 100 38 103
u'v.ili'wiiff 152 71 147 110 09 73 149 72 139 85 151 71
W-'rren 11l 54 135 138 60 57 138 56 139 56 138 56
AVin.llitm 65 80 65 65 81 80 66 77 66 82 64 70
Wiluiot, ' 38 54 38 38 55 54 44 46 40 51 30 53
Total -1173 2476 3524 3*30 2034 2912 4271 2351 ' 4070 2503 4074 2488
§-Republican candidates in small capitals ; Democrats in italic.
I'usliin" oil boldly, and venturing now and
then into the pack ice, tliey once more came
into own water and descried the Devil's
Thumb'. Here they stopped no longer than
was necessary for rest, and availing themselves
of cverv favorable wind they soon reached the
Horse - Head, a promontory near Upernavik.
>io]i;ii.£r a day or two here, they set sail with
a splendid wind, but soon a fog came on.—
Tliey were proceeding slowly through the fog
when they heard a loud cry which they recog
nize'! as proceeding from civilized Esquimaux.
Tliev were astonished on pulling in the direc
tion of the sound to see a Danish boat with
white nioii on Ivoard. From these they learn
ed of the expedition in search of them, and
the Banish news of the world geuerally. Leav
ing the Danes to look for blubber they went
on to an island from sheer exhaustion.
The next day they went, on in the fog, at a
venture, and after pulling about three points
too much to the westward they.suddenly heard
a ihg bark. Turning in the direction they
pulled with all their might till they got inside
of some old landmarks, which quickened poor
Peterson's blond. They raised the American
thg on one boat and the Danish on the other,
and noiselessly pulled around the point, con
cealed by the fog —a fog which was to open
to their view the first settlement of Christian
men which tlieir eyes had seen for more than
two years.
The news had not gone further till they had
nearly drawn up to the beach. The Esqui
maux women first came out in their homespun,
and were soon followed by the men, all in the
greatest excitement. All the people at once
came down to see the strange arrival. Poor
Mr. Peterson was restored to the arms of his
loving wife and numerous supposed orphan
children. Quarters were provided for the ] tarty
at rpcrnavik. Here thev were obliged to
wait until the sailing of the Danish bark in
which they took passage for England. They
received much attention on board the bark,
the Mary Ann, on their way to Lievely, where
they arrived on the 10th of September. To
Captain Anderson, of the bark, tliey were
much indebted for jiolite and kind attentions.
He anticipated every want and did all in his
power to make them comfortable.
After staying at Lievely a week they met
with the llartstein expedition.
RIOT TV KANSAS, —A correspondent of the
P-velaml f„tler (free soil), writing from Lca-
Vemviirth, Oct. 2, says : —As Mr. .lames Furn
liaia was passing through the streets he was
hailed by a man who asked him to come in and
v <>te. Mr. F. declined. The man then asked
him to "come and drink." He declined that
itiritarion also. One of the Missourians then
a-ked him "why lie did not vote ?" Mr. F.
said, "Wn use Ido not consider the election
K r al." "He is one of the G—d d—d Free
Nate men," said the crowd. Mr. F. at this
t me v.-ojiig lie had got into bad company, start
(il to go. But he was too late. The crowd
gathered around him, and began to cry out
" Hang him !" " Lynch him !" " Tar and fcath
'T the d -d Yankee !" One of the mob then
'''ized hold of him. Mr. Furnlmm being a
powerful man, turned round and kuock
'■'l ui- assailant down, and fled. Tliey gave
J-' , but could not overtake him. One of the
shot at him with a ritie ; the hall
l''Tr 1 his liat, but did not hurt liini, and
' "knig a house, went through the clapboards
N ! killed a child which was playing on the
• "° r - The mother ran out shrieking "murder!"
' I>! The neighbors came to her assis
"ln,v ; Hie news spread ; the free State men
"'] liiein-elves. In the meantime another
"ht had been insulted in the street, knocked
#n U!, d stabbed. I'liis was young Thomas
-' man. He died this morning. Tliemaraud
"yan mov to be alarmed at their own acts.
• 'it a hundred free State men, well armed,
i" u l>ody and marched towards the
but the Missourians had decamped.
V int: i\ TIIK BRIDAL CHAMBER. —MissCla-
,a . , '" s was found dead in her bridal dress
'■'iaiiiber near Natchez, Mississippi, on the
- - nitimo. After being dressed by herbrides
','I ;ls ' S - Ie requested them to retire for a short
•., p"'| w ' ,eu they returned they found her
vi:t •i T "l ,u " ' ler couc lb with an empty
1 w "cb had contained prussie acid still elasp
r ie i adopted the despcr
- "Timtive of self-destruction rather than
■} u man she could not love in obedience
10 parental authority.
nvi,KK - —The powder used by
itnnrVr ,'i i ari V' es in battering down the almost
' ' ,,r tficatio!is at Sebastopol was
licat • ' , ul 'd s and I>upont's mills in Connec
in,. ''-If ware. Two clipper ships belong
ut f, l"? l ' h ' with full cargoes of pow
* w the Crimea.— Albany Jour, '
! LAWS. —The Washington correspondent of the
: New York Times has the following statement,
put forth in the form of a prediction, Imt with
: the air of one who had learned something of
J the fact from official sources. The conclusions
of the writer as to the course intended to be
pursued in this matter may be correct, hut if
J they are, they are only a shrewd guess, for cabi
net secrets are not held so loosely. He says :
Indeed,'! hazard little in predicting that very
soon — perhaps by the next steamer from Eu
rope—M r. Crampton rrill be recalled by his Gov
ernment, in accordance with the demand which
the President must have made long since ; and
if he is not so recalled, it will be the duty of
the President to dismiss him peremptorily.
The British Government is understood to take
upon itself all the responsibiltv of Mr. Craui]>-
ton's acts ; but that cannot and will not dis
pense with the necessity for the Minister's re
call or dismissal. He represents his Govern
ment here ; and in his person will that Govern
ment be rebuked and disgraced for its bad faith
! towards us. Nor will our Governmental action
stop here, — but the e.retjualurs of MR. Barclay,
British Consul at New York ; Mr. Matthew,
British Consul at Philadelphia ; and Mr. Bow
croft, British Consul at Cincinnati, will all be
revoked, — of which fact I take it for granted
the British Government has received notice long
ere this. Let the early future prove the accu
racy of these predictions.
A SCENE INDEED.—A writer from Nor
folk to the Charleston Courier gives the heart
touching scene below : —"I have witnessed
some few sad scenes since I came here. I saw
a boy of six years' old breathing his last in the
same blood-stained pillow whereon his little bro
ther had expired in his presence a few hours
before, whilst the unconscious father lay at the
|ioint of death in the next room, and the poor
broken-hearted mother ministering to their last
moments, nearly unconscious of what she was
doing. The boy said to his mother a few mo
ments before death, "Mother, weep not, I know
1 am dying, and my little brother has gone be
fore me ; it will BE all the same in a few years
H&GR In removing (says the Philadelphia Bul
letin) some rubbish on the Edwards lot, in CHEE
nut street, above Fifth, within a day or two,
smoke issued from the ruins in considerable
quantities. The disastrous conflagration by
which the property on that spot was devasta
ted, took place in December last, and the flames
have been smouldering there ever since, a period
of more than nine months. This tenacious
clinging of tire to ruins is unprecedented in the
history of conflagrations in Philadelphia.
Towanda Market- Wholesale Prices.
[Corrected weekly by E. T. FOX. Dealer in Provisions and
Oroccries, Xo. 1, Brick How, who wiij pay Cash, at the
prices lived, for tin.* articles in this list:]
Flour, (retail price,) hhl ?* ,50 (it-
Pork, do " 21 00 Or, 24 00
Wheat husliel, 1 2.5 (it 1 .50
Buckwheat, " 3s foj 60
Oats, " 31 On
Corn " 1 00 (>(.
RV.-, " OS 0(,
potatoes, " 31 Of. 37
Beans, " 1 .50 Ot 2 00
Dried Apples, " .... Ot,
Butter, 1t).... 14 Ot IS
Cheese " @ 10
Hams and Shoulders, " 9 (it 12$
Dried Peaches, " .... 12 Ot 10
Dried Berries, " .... 12 Oti lsj
Eggs dozen Ot 12
At the parsonage, in Pottersvillc, Sept. IS, hv Rev. J. ft., W. B. DEANS to Miss ANNA REYNOLDS, both
of Montrose.
On the 27tli of .Septemlier, liv the same, at the same place
MAN, all of Orwell.
In Wyaiusing, on Wednesday, 19th nit., hv Rev. fteo. XV.
Jackson, LEWIS M. HITCHCOCK, of Hcrrickville, to
Miss MELISSA CROKK, of Wyaiusing.
Ilv the same, at the same time and place, DENNIS N'OR
"THROPto Miss EMILY FLETCHER, both of U-Rays
Bv the Rev. Luther Peek, at Wyaiusing, on the 10th inst.
*W. H. BUCK, of LelUysville, to Miss JANE BUCK, of
the former place.
In Bridge-ton. West Jersey, on the 2.5 th ultimo, at the rc
sidence of her father-in-law, Daniel M. Woodruff, Esq.,
RUTH SHITTE, daughter of John nud Mary Shute, in
the 29th year of her age.
E MASONIC.—The regular meetings of UNION
No. 10*, A. Y. M., are held every Wcd
jtTnesday, on or preceding ttie full moon, at 3, P.
\ M. ; aiid on each second Wednesday thereafter,
at Masonic Hall, over J. Kingsbery's store, as follows :
August sth, at *, P. M. Oetoher 24th, at 3 P. M.
August 22d, 3, " November 7th, 0$ "
September. . sth 8, " Noveinher... 21st, 3 '
September. 10th 3, " DCCCMIK.T Ftn, '
October.. 2d " December... 3 "
All Brethren in good standing are invited to attend.
H. R. A. UNION CHAPTER, No. 161, holds its regular
meetings at- the same place, Thursday on or before the full
moon. Meeting for August on the 23d day.
E. H. MASON. Secretary.
fgyy NOTICE.—There will he a meeting of the
fcMSr I. R. of O. C., at the usual place, on Wednesday i
next, at the usual hour. Matters of a peculiar nature will ■
be considered. " Mux ga.'linn facti."
October 20. By order of the 11. C. C. '
New 2Vbnrrti9cmcnt9.
vs. Urton Rickey. 11l the Court of Common Pleas of
Bradford Co. No. 160, September Term, 1855.
The undersigned Auditor appointed hy said C'onrt, to
distrihute the funds raised by Sheriff sale of defendant's
personal property, will attend to the duties assigned him
at the office of Patrick A McAlpiu, in the borough of Ath
ens, mi Wednesday, the 14th day of November, at 10, A.
M. when and where nil persons having claims are request
ed to present them, or be forever debarred therefrom.
Oct. 16. 1855. D A. OVERTON, Auditor.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Thomas Inghatn, dee'd, late of Asylum township,
are hereby requested to make payment "without delay;
and all persons having claims apiinst said estate will
please present them dnlv authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 16, 1855. JOSEPH W. INGHAM. Adrn r.
-2 debted to the estate of MAIt V CARN'KII, deceased,
late of Litchfield township, are liereby notified to make
payment without delay, and all persons having demands
against said estate are requested to present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. WILLIAM CAKXl'lt,
Litchfield, October 20, 1855. Executor.
~X K W (toons."
J. Harvey Phinny, Jr.
IS just receiving a general assortment of FALL A WIN
TER (JOODS, consisting of the usual variety of
Pry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery,
Glassware, Pools A Shoes, Paints,
Oils, Glass, lhjes, Ac., Ac
all of which will he sold as usual for Cash, or exchanged
for Produce cheaper than can be had at any other store in
Tiiwniida. Persons wishing to purchase Goods for cash
will do well to call and examine his stuck and prices, cor
| ner of Bridge and Main streets.
rCash paid for Butter, Pork and drain. Oct 20
A x Assessors for 1856, will make lheir returns in the
| following order, viz :
| Assessors for Litchfield, Windham,Warren,Sheshequin,
: Home and Orwell, on Monday, Nov. 26.
For Pike, Wyalusing, Tuscarora, Standing Stone, Wy-
I sox and licrrick, Tuesday, November 27.
For A then tp., Athens Wo', Ulster, Wells, South Creek,
| Ridgberry and Springfield, Wednesday, November 28.
For Siuithficld, Troy township, Troy boro', Columbia,
| Sylvania boro', Armenia and Canton, Thursday, Nov. 29.
i For LeUny, Oranville, Franklin. Overton, Albany, Wil
mot, Asylum and Durell, Fridav, November 30.
For Monroe tp., Monroe boro', Burlington, Burlington
West. Burlington boro', Towanda tp.. Towanda borough,
and Towanda North, Saturday, December 1.
fto'The Assessors will be careful in footing the assess
ments and carrying each person's valuation into the right
hand column, and also in making their returns on th" day
designated in their warrants.
By order of the Commissioners,
Oct. 15. E. M. FARRAR. Clerk.
j X ROAD COMPANY—The stockholder*of the Tow
! nudaaml Burlington Plank Road Company are hereby 110-
| titled that an election will be held at the ofiice of 0. F.
Mason, in the Borough of Towanda,on Monday. Nov.sth,
1855, for officers of said Company for the ensuing year.
Polls open from 2 to 4 o'clock, P. M.
B. S. RUSSELL, Secretary.
Towanda, October 8, 1855.
4% MR. O. DECKER, Teacher of Vo-
YgSi&,Vcul and instrumental Music, recently from St. Lo
uis. Missouri, has the honor to announce to the
people of Towanda and vicinity, that he wishes to engage
t ''imselt as Teacher of Vocal Music, Pianoforte, (iuitar,
\ iolin, Flute, \ iolineello, and Thorough-basso, and feels j
confident that, lieiug educated for the profession, he will
give entire satisfaction. Lessons given in classes, or pri
vately. Teaching in families preferred.
For particulars apply at the Ward Home. Oct. 9.
E STRAY.—Came to the enclosure of the
subscriber, in South Towanda, about the first of Sep
tember, a two year old BRINDLE HEIFER, with heavy
horns, and no particular marks. The owner is requested
to prove, property, pay charges and take her awav.
October 0,1855. CORNELIUS MOORE.
HAS just received a full supply of FAM
ILY tiIIOUKRIES, which he will sell cheap for
Cash. Thankful for the very liberal patronage extended
to him during the past season, he would most respectfully
ask a continuance of the same.
Cash paid for most kinds of (train, Butter, Cheese, and
Farmers Produce generally. October 10,1855.
OAAA BUSH. RYE wanted immediately
for which the highest market price in cash
will be paid. Oct. 12. E. T. FOX.
O PICES, of all kinds, both white and ground
—Mustard, black aud white, whole and ground, at
October 9. FOX'S.
IHJRKS ISLAND SALT, both lumps and
. ground, at Oct9 FOX'S.
w&waaas t
BALDWIN' A PULLEY'S having purchased the marble i
factory of this village, under the superintendence of :
Henry Huuford, we happy to announce that the Marble |
business in Waverlv will now be conducted by theui. They
are constantly receiving
Italian and Rutland Marble,
for Monuments, Head Stones. Tomb Tables, Stand Tops.
Paint Stones,Mullen, Ac. Having secured the services of
<L H. POWERS, who is well known to lie the most perfect
Artist in the state, they oilers unparalleled inducements
to persons wishing to secure any of the above articles, in
cheapness, style and artisticnl beauty.
Waverlv, X. Y'., October 13,1855.
Would inform the inhabitants of Bradford county
that lie respectfull v solicits liOO subscribers for Ifis local
work entitled" FISH AND PHILOSOPHY, or Sketches
made During a Short Sojourn in Northern Pennsylvania."
The book will consist of from 250 to 300 pages, 12 1110.,
and will be bound in embossed muslin. The price will lie
sl,oo. As the work was not written to vindicate
any particular theory, or to advance any particular inte
rest , it is difficult to say what it aims at—further than to
help while away a leisure hour or two, in what the Au
thor hopes, not unprofitable reading.
The pages are cliieflv devoted to descriptions of local
scenery ; incidents while Trouting on the Schrader branch;
literary criticisms and reminiscences ; conversations, de
velopments of local character, poetry and philosophical
As the publication of the book is not a question of
bread, the author can use the liberty of speaking plain—
In the first place, then, he cannot afford to publish the
book unaided—nor would he if he could ; for the simple
reason, he is unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of
committing a—possibly—poor book to the world. He
therefore seeks to make a corporate concern of it, and
thus share with the subscribers the odium of failure,
should it fail. It is a. purely gratuitous matter, gentle
men, sign, or not sign. In the second place, the author
is unwilling to have his stock of books added to, by too
many hundred copies of a work that failed to redeem the
price of its publication ; neither docs he desire the horror
of witnessing the awful spectacle of an auto-da-fe, of what
cost him so much pains and time to create ;—for he cer
tainly would commit to the flames what remained unsold
of the edition, should they remain too long on his hands.
He is determined to pay the publisher on the receipt of
the edition, should it be printed, asking no favors ; and if
600 subscribe!!! can be had, he will do no. lie can afford,
however, to wait, should the 600 refuse to come to the
rescue. The MS will not diminish in value. It will re
main as it has done, cherished by the owner, as was cher
ished and loved "the poor man's one little ewe lamb, that
was onto him as a d.Higher." The author will ask no one
to undertake to publish it on the strength of its merits :
perhaps from pride, perhaps from a prophetic apprehen
sion of its lack of merit, Time—perhaps—will determine
if he did well to be influenced by the latter consideration.
The author will further say, that should the desired num
ber of subscriptions be obtained, he will feel tempted to
promise an embellished frontispiece,enclosing a medallion
likeness of the principal character, Dr. I'luni. And should
a second edition follow, he—the author—will exert alljthc
influence he can command to secure for the original sub
scribers a lock of that distinguished individual's hair ; as
thank Heaven, he is appreciative, and, judging from his
antecedents, the author has no doubt that l'litm would
gladly wear a wig for a whole year, to have the pleasure
of furnishing to his friends so interesting a souvenir.
The publication of the book, then, is dependent on the
receipt of 600 subscribers, and one month will IK- allowed
for names to be given in. If, at the expiration of that time
only one person has subscribed, or any other number be
tween that and 600—unless very closely approximating it
the book will not of course be expected to see the light.
But, if the eutire number be obtained, those who have
signed, will, in three months front the closing of the sub
scription lists, be supplied with a copy, or copies, as they
mav have ordered.
Subscription lists will be opened 011 Monday next,at all
the stores, and at the I'. O. in the borough ; and at C. H.
HKKKICK'S, at Athens. At Burlington, there will lie one
at Messrs. LONG A MERRY'S store, and at Ulster Mr. JOHN
MATHER , and at Monroe, Mr. SEYMOUR I'UIN.NEY, will act
as agents. Others may be authorized.
Towanda. October 13, 1855.
A Shoes and Findings now receiving at
Aug. 22, 1856. HUMPHREY'S.
QUMMER HATS.—Gentlemen's Elcguut
O WHITE BEAVERS, for sale by
May 1,1855. JOS. KINGSBURY.
11. S. 1 KKCUIt.
Has just received his
RIES, a large assortment of HARDWARE, including
Harness and Carriage Trimmings, and Joiner's Tools of
every description ; Roots, Shoes, Leather and Shoe find
ings, Hats, Caps, and Umbrellas ; Paper Hangings and
Window Shades : Carpets and Drogget: Oils Paints and
live stuffs ; Crockery and Glassware ; Iron, Steel and
Nails; Window glass and Sash ; Camphine, Burning Flu
id and Varnishes of every kind : Pails, Tubs, Mats, Are.,
Ac., which will lie sold as usual, very cheap for Cash.
Towanta. October 1,1K55.
pSTRAY.—Left tlie premises of thesnbseri
-1 d bcr, in Wysox township, on the 14th of September,
a two year old BRINDLE HEIFER, with rather straight
horns, and in good condition. Whoever will give me in
formation of the said heifer at mv residence, opposite the
Towanda Eddy, or at the office of the Bradford Reporter,
shall he suitably rewarded.
Wysox, Octoiii r2, 1855. RICH ARD PICKERING.
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Joseph Kingsbery,
Towanda, October 3, is.",.'',.
DISSOLUTION. —The partnership hereto
fore existing between the subscribers, doing business
in the name of T. HUMPHREY A CO. at Orwell, Prima,
Hooper's Valley and Smithhoro, N. V., is this day dissolv
ed by mutual consent. AH debts due the firm must la
settled with T. Humphrey, lie having purchased the entire
interest of his as.seciatcs, and being alone authorized to
sign in liquidation- All debts due by theftirm should also
be presented to T. Humphrey, lie having agreed to pay the
same. T. HUMPHREY, '
Orwell, Oct. 1, 1855. A. POTTER.
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Burton Kingsbery,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he is open
/ itig for public inspection, one of the largest storks of
GOODS ever brought into this market, consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries } Hardware, Crcckery,
Roots and Shoes, Xuils, Glass, fic.
Embracing an assortment suited to the wants of the puis
lie. and which having been purchased for Cash, will he
sold for Ready Pay at prices which defy competition.
Kir West side of Main street.
Towanda, October 4, 1855.
IIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post
J Office at TOWANDA October 1, 1855.
Ahlen Rev. S. W. Kingsbury D.
A lloway M. 11. Murphy John
A'Hearn Michael Mongovon Mary
Allice A. M. Manly Jane
Bartlette Mrs. I). P. M'Ktie James
Barrett John M'Donald Maurice
Bentley Henj. R. Mosher Win.
Bush Joseph 2. Mosher Lodesky
Brewster Daniel M'Carthy James
Brady John 2 Mclaney'Tiios.
Birmingham Alice M'Carthy Daniel
Barritt Mrs. Mitchell Mary H.
Considine Denis Menoid Henry
Cleary Thos. O'Hern Michael
Capil George O'Brien Jeremiah
C'oolbaugli Lucy Piatt Joseph
Clancy James Pine John
Cornelius Margaret Purcell Denis
Carpenter Edw. Park Win. A.
Corwin Stephen O. Quigley James.
Carman John Rice Cal b 11.
Carner Hannah A. Roberts Doct. Win.
Davidson IL Riclimon Jacob
Denis Alary 2 Rvan Patk
Drake C. A. Scott Henry
Daley Richard Smith Isaac
Gregg John Smith A. B.
Gustin Eliphalct Smith Miss Jane
Graff Elizabeth Sullivan Daniel
Gouhl Daniel Sheclian Bryan
Grohs Joel Seymour C." H.
Goodwin John F. . Sweeney Rev.
Henepy Park Taylor Ethiel
Hone E. M. Wliclan John
Hensler E. Welch David
Harder Francis Welch Thomas
Heagerty John Welton Warner
Hurley John Wilcox Nathan
Kelly James Wethorill Ancil
Wheeler Silas J.
Persons calling for any of these letters, please mention
they are advertised. H. C. PORTER. P. M.
A. M. Warner's
A eie A Splendid Jewelry Store, one door north
of Pot tons Drug Store,
rjn HAS just 1 ecu opened with the largest and
-.Ami . most choice stock of FASHIONABLE
•Hp—' n? jitiblic. Indeed, he can safely say that with
" opening of ins new store has been in
■ilk'ul ''' augiiratcd a new era in the Jewelrv line,
inasmuch as along with the choice and elegant assortment
lie gives the most reliable assurance of an almost incredi
ble reduction in prices ; the rich and tasteful articles hav
ing been all bought with ready cash.
A. M. W., when he reflects how, for the past vears.with
a far less attractive stock, he has enjoyed so large a share
of pulilie patronage, flatters himself that the immense in
crease- of Goods he now offers, which have been bought so
much more advantageous!v, will enable him to increase
the generous confidence which has hitherto iieen vouch
safed to liiin. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come ami sec the fashions.
continue to he distinguished by the skill and despatch
which lias heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of being the most reliable iu town.
Towanda, September 24, 1K55.
THE undersigned have placed upon the line between
Towanda and Waverley, a new Packet, built express
ly for the travel between the above and the intermediate
The " GAZELLE"' is neatly fitted up,anil may be relied
upon as always being "on time." The hours of arrival
and departure will be arranged in conformity with the
time tallies on the N. Y. and Erie Railroad.
At present, leave Towanda lor Waverley, at li o'clock,
P. M., precisely.
Leave Waverley, at 7.1 o'clock, A. M., or immediately
after the arrival of the mail train from the East.
POWELL & SMITH, Proprietors.
Towanda, September 1, 1855.
(HANDLES —by the box or single pound,
J at sepl FOX'S.
IRON, Round, Square, Tire, Rand & Scroll,
all qualities and sizes. TRACY & MOORE.
IP LOUR—SO bbls., first quality, for sale at
the lowest CASH figure. TRACY A MOORE.
THE subscriber is prepared to fake Gentle
men Boarders, attending ?he Collegiate Institute.—
They will find comfortable accommodations, and the pri
vilege of speaking French and German in the family.—
For further particulars enquire of
Professor ol Modern Languages.
Towanda, August 8,1855. _
A LL PERSONS indebted t<> Montanyes &
JL\- (to.will do well to call andjmakepayment,otherwise,
necessity will compel them to send a call that will be
more expressive. March 1,1*55.
-L at juiieii FOX'S.
every wcck v at junclt FOX'S.
OOLK LEATHER—One Ton, n prime ar
kd tide, for sale cheap, by TRACY & MOORE.
JAL. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
tate of IRA GIHSWOLD, dee'd., late of Ridgbery Town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated forsettlement.'
HENJ. HALSTED, Administrator.
Ridglierv, June I*, 18.55.
Wheat—Rye Flour, Corn Meal, Feed and Bran, at
August 28, 1*55, FOX'S.
t GROCERIES—Call and see our Rrown,
K Crushed, Coffee and Pulverized Sugars ; Fine .Young
Hyson A Black Teas—warranted a superior article, or the
money refunded---for sale cheap by B- KINGSBERY.
MACKEREL —whole, half and quarter bbh
by je2t TRACY A MOORE.
DRIED APPLES—a few first rate one*,
for sale at ji 10 I'OX'S.
fa: No. 4, Patton's Block, Towanda, Pa.
THE subscrilicr would respectfully inform his friends and the public that he has fitted np No. 4, in 1 hit ton's New
Brick Block, for a DRUG STOKE, and that he is now receiving from the cities of Philadelphia and New York,
a large and well selected stock of American, French and English
& ttHi&aai ©® SF.&isoir Aissaffich'is s
SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, and a variety of the most approved Trusses,
Abdominal Supporters, Ac., always on hand.
London Porter and Scotch Ale, and Pure Liquors, for 'Medicinal purposes.
Brushes for the Hat, Hair, Teeth, Nails, Boots, Palming, Varnishiug, H'hitew&Ainf, fte.
The Lovers of GOOD CIGARS and TOJIACCO, will find a large variety of choice I lava*
na, Vara and Principe Cigars, and the finest brands of Tobacco and Snuff,
And a fine assortment of I. AM PS, of alt sizes and descriptions, Bird Cages, Cups, JS'ests and Seed.
All <>f which i-< offered fur sale on the most satisfactory terms. Our sto-k lieing large and mostly purchased from tho
Importer and Manufacturer at the lowest rates, and with Cash, enables ns to sell at reduced prices, that must la- ha
tisfaetory to all. We invite the attention of the public to an especial examination of our stock of goods and prtoeo.
Our Goods are selected with the ntmostjeare and warranted to l>e what they are represented ; if any should provo
the contrary, we are not only willing hut rcquestTnur customers to return them, and the money .-hall I e refunded.
Having secured the services of DU. HUSTON, who will keep his office at this store."and will give medical
advice gratuitously to those purchasing medicines. Towanda, September 1.1853.
announces to all afflicted with Tumors, Wens, Can-
I ccr, Warts, Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Marks, Scrofula or
j King's Evil, and all diseases that have been usrthlly treat
ed Caustic or Knife that he can remove them by an eu
' tirelv new method, without cutting, burning or pain. It
is no matter on what part of the body they are, lie can rc
' move them with perfect safety and in a remarkable short
f time, if curable. Xo money required, except for medicines
/ until a cure is perfected. Chronic and other diseases not
mentioned alsive, treated with positive success, if curable.
Full particulars can be obtained by addressing C. L. K FIL
LING, M. Ib. Meclranicsburg, Cumberland Co., l'a.
Persons afflicted, residing at a distance, lie has. for years
been in the habit of preserving by letter, and with general
sati if action.
He would say however to those desiring advice, in this
way, that to secure attention they should enclose, with
the* general symptoms of their cases, a fee of one dollar, to
warrant him in spending his time for their benefit.
The doctor may tie consulted at his office at ail times,
when not professionally absent.
CAl'TlOX. —Strangers coming to see the Dr. are caution
ed as some have been deceived. l)r. K. is the only one in
this State, who can perform cures by the new method.—
The Dr's. office is directly opposite the Union Church.
Mechanicsbiirg is s miles from Harrisburg on the Cum
berland V. K. R. and accessible from all parts of the Un
ion. The Dr. will visit cases within a reasonable distance
when desired.
Tracy &. HTcore, *
a large and well selected assortment of
which have been selected with unusual eare, and purchas
ed at the lowest possible rates. Keeling confident that we
can sell Hoods for Ready Pay, as low as any establishment
in the country, we ask the public to give us a call, and
examine our stock and prices. Sept. 12, IK, *>.*>.
THE subscriber offers for sale a splendid
collection of Landscapes, Historic, Astronomic, and
Comic Views, together with two first class Magic Lanterns.
This Apparatus is intended for giving Kxhibitions, and
is the most extensive and complete of the kind in this
country. Hither one or two persons wishing to travel can
make the business pay from one to two hundred dollars
per month, if properly conducted, and will afford a better
opportunity of seeing the country than any other business.
Ulster, Bradford Co., Pa.
P. S. Reference, O. J. Cue u BUCK, Ulster, who has tra
veled with the Exhibition.
-Ix_ is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of M IXEItVA WKIIBKR, dee'd. late of Franklin tp. are
que-teil to make payment without delay ; and all persons
having claims against said estate, must present them duly
authenticated for settlement, to the subscrilier at his resi
Franklin, August 2, IK.VS. Administrator.
Israysvillc, Bradford County, Pa.
I)RIXCIPAL —J. L. OVEIIFIEI.D, A. B. The first term
I of the altove institution will commeiiee on WKDXKS
DAY, SEPT. 12tli. Circulars with complete details, utay
be obtained from the Principal, or from either of the fol
KKUKKINCES —Dev. George Lamlon. Herrickville : Rev.
J. C. Warrgn, S. DeWitt, M. I)., leßaysvillc ; D. I'. Larry
M. lb, Camplown : IJev. 1,. Peck, Lime Hill. 12
The Subscribers desire to procure the undivided
time of an Agent in every county of the United States.—
Efficient and capable men may make several dollars per
day. without risk or hutubuggery of any kind. Full par
ticulars of the nature of the business will lie given by ad
drassing the subscriber, and forwarding One Post Office
Stamp to pre-pav return postage.
FUREY A CO.. Philadelphia. PA.
DAINTS, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Patty, iiC.
Ma c kI x a W TROUT.—IO bl>ls. No. 1,
just received at TRACY & MOORE'S.
HAS REMOVED to the residence of Mr*.
J. \V. MKKCI B.OU Second street, directly aluuo and
opposite tlie Methodist church.
go~i iffice in tiic north room.
** He would also inform those indebted to him. tha
all accounts of more than one year's standing, be
settled, by payment or otherwise. June !, IMS.
respectfully inform I:ss fiieuds and the
" K"* " '"*® pulilic tliat* he is now- receiving at his old
stand one door north of Laporte, Mason A Co.'s banking
house, a large and extensive assortment of
Sofas, Mahogany Chairs, of various patterns,
Rosewood and Mahogany Side and Centre Tables,
Dining, Tea and Pembroke Tables, Stands of every
kind. Cane, Flag and Wood seat Chairs, high
Chairs, Children's Rockers, Bedsteads,
Bureaus, Lounges, Gilt and Rose
wood Picture Frames. Iron Hat
Stands, Corner and side do.
of walnut and mahogany ; Cradles, Cribs, Wardrobes,
Cupboards. Looking .glasses, Ac.
i"C()FFIXS, of every size and quality, and will at
tend on all occasions when required.
The public arc invited to examine my assortment before
purchasing elsewhere, as 1 will sell cheaper than any other
establishment in Northern Pennsylvania.
Towanda, August 8,1855.
* J TATIIES. Eggs, Poultry, Ac., at FOX'S.
RIPE APPLES —any quantity wanted at
i Augmst 22. FOX'S.
TUST RECEIVED, another lot of that
*9 ni-e DRIED BEEF, also first rate CHEESE, at
July 12.1853. FOX ~S.
TTPPER Calf and Kip Skins,
l just received by HUMPHREY.
A*f)\J all descriptions at HUMPHREY'S.
fTHIE FALL TERM of the Towanda Ft-
JL male Seminary under the charge of Misses HANSON
will commence on the second Monday in September next.
The School will bo conducted upon the same principles
and terms as heretofore. Needle-work will be included in
the branches taught. To the first class, will he added
French, orally taught.
Text 1 looks for the use of the scholars will be furnished
without extra charge.
Towanda, August 22.1855.
ef reived at J. D. HUMPHREY'S.
Aug. 22, 1855.
BOOTS A SHOES—The largest, best and
cheapest assortment this side of the Empire < 'ity may
be found at je29 TRACY A MOORE'S.
T OSEI'II KIXGSBER V still continues the
'' ISOOK A STATIONFRY business, whore purchasers
niHy lind all the latest School and Miscellaneous Books at
reduced prices. The following School Books ate ctubrao
cd in the catalogue, viz :
Bullion's Greek and Latin Header and Oram mar.
d<>. Otesar, do. Sallust, do. Lcasoua.
Donegan's Creek and English Lexicon.
! S|ieneer's 1-atin lav-sons ; Cooper's Virgil,
i OleudorfTs, U'brcthon's, Barbauld's, Kausdick's and
; Levizack's French Works.
Parker s, Comstock s, Phelps', Sin i ley's and Olmsted's
Pay's, Thompson's and Davie's Works.
Cutter's. Coat's and Conistock'.s I'll v.-eologv.
Saunders, Porter's, Bent ley's and Cobb's Works.
Bancroft s History, Parley's, Worcester's, (jurnsey's.
Bottas. Ac. Ac.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary,
do University edition, do.
do Common School, do.
Worcester's. Cooper's, Harper's. Johnson's, do. Com
stock's works ; Lincoln's Botany, Sweet's Elocution.
Thompson's series of Arithmetic, primary to lligU
Adams', Davie's, Smith's and Cobb's, do.
Brown s, Kirkliain s, Smith's and Morse's Geography
and Atlas ; and all the various Primary Geography* now
in use.
Spelling books of all kinds, and miscellaneous books in
great variety.
Also— Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Roots fy Shoes,
Hits and Cups, tyr.. <§-c.
Sew and desirable styles of Goods will be received
monthly. and sold at the"lowest CASH PRICES. J. K.
Towanda, April, 21, 1*5.3.
AV is hereby given, that all persons indebted to i . v -
tate of Isaac ltosencrants, deceased, late of A■< lain
twp.. are rei|iiested to make payment without delay ,* aid
those having demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
CYBUS SIIUMWAY, Administrator.
June 14, 15.",.",.
-LJL is hereby given, that all persons indebted to tho es
tate of ISAAC S. CROFUT, deceased, late of Jgroy
twp. are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
SEBA CROFUT. ) . , ... ,
May Iff. 1*55. JAMES CROFUT, f Administrators.
A NOTICE.—Notice
sT V is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Win. HORNING dee'd.. late of South Creek tp., are
hereby requested to make payment without delay: and all
persons havinging claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
CATHARINE HORNING, Administratrix.
June 18, 15",5.
lvsorcTArrsrss co.
Tlieirassortnient of SADDLERY and other HARDWARE
is complete. Also, a good suppiy of
Towanda. August 2*, 15.",.',.
Administrator's S3le.
I)BY virtue of an order issued by the Or-
J phan's Court of Bradford County, will be sold on
Saturday (letober 27th at 2 o'clcek. P*. M., on the premi
ses, late the property of Miner R. \\ ilcox, situated in Al
bany twp., c.: d bounded on the north by James Wilcox,
cost" by the Fowler branch of the Townudn creek. west l,y
Joseph White, and south by Hie Coal Company's lands,
containing 1 111 acres, more <* r less, about no acre*- improv
ed. with a frame house, frame barn and horse shed and an
orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Terms made known on day of sale.
JOSEPH SLEXARDT, Administrator.
September 20, 15.",5.
Y\ T I R ERE AS niv wife MINERVA and Ihavo
V T have entered into a mutual agreement to part, and
have no more family deal. This is therefore to forbid all
persons liarlsiiing or trusting her on my account, as I will
pay no debts of her contracting after this date.
Orwell, Scptenilier 3, 1*55.
CEVME to the ettelosure of the subscriber In
) Derrick, about the Ist of July, one two year old RED
HEIFER, and a yearling RED HEIFER. Neither having
any particular marks. The owner is requested to take
them away,pay charges. Ac. WM. 11.11. JENKINS. Sep't. 1:1. i*."i.">.
T. FOX would respectfully inform hi*
J* old friends and the public generally that lie ha*
commenced the Grocery ana Provision Business, at A 'a.
1. Brick lis ir. (opposite Mercur's store.) and intend* car
rying it on in all its branches. He has and will continue
to keep on hand a full assortment of GROCERIES and atl
kinds of PROVISIONS that are obtainable, all of which
will lie sold on reasonable terms for Cash,
To wanda, June 1, 1*55. .
DRIED PEACHES, a small (piautity, very
nice, for sale at juueO FOX'S.
ORANGES, Lemons, Pine Apples, Fresh
Raisins, Eigs. Prunes. Currants, seedless Ra Is in*, pre
served Ginger, and a variety of articles of the same nature
may be had at junc9 FOX'S.
(TOO PS bought at my Store will be deliver
~W ed to any part of the Borough, FREE OF CHARGE.
June2o 1858. E. T. FOX.
[)AIES, Brooms, Tubs, Measures, scrubbing
A rushes, blacking Brashes, Ac. at FOX'S.
TEAS, both Green and Black—
from 37i cents to Jl o(l—every pound warranted to
suit or the money returned in all eases, at FOX'S.
0 TONS SUGARS—Brown, Refined, Pow-
O dercd. Crushed and <'■ ranulatcd : Molasses, Syrup, Rio
and Java Coffee. Rice. Saleratus, Ginger, Sperm Candles,
Rice, Tobacco—in fact a general variety of Groceries, for
sale cheap at juiioO " FOX'S.
1 I OI'SE TRIMMINGS—every description
Cash paid for Hides.
fPHE highest price paid in CASH, for Hides
X and Skins, by JOHN W. WILCOX.
June 20,1855.
Barclay Railroad A. Coal Company.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the subscribers I'l T*
wanda lmro'aiid it* vicinity to the Stock ot the >\h
CLAY RAILROAD A COAL CO," that the rem g
instalments of ten per cent each (being $5 per ■,
said stock, are required to lie paid to E. OVKRTON, 1.
the President, or to J. Maefarlanc, Esq. tlic Attorney of
said Uompanv at Towanda, at the times following, to wit:
4th instalment payable August 27th, 1*55.
sth " " September 27th "
nth " " October 2!>th "
7th " " November 2!>th "
*th " " December 28th "
Otli " " January 31st 18.5(5.
10th " " March 3d
Payments may also lie made at the office of Laporte,
Mason A Co.. at Towamla.
July 20,1350. GEO. R. OAT, Treasurer.