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    RAILROAD ACCIDENT. — MiIton, Pa. Tuesday,
June 26, 1855—The locomotive of the pass
enger train from Niagara was thrown off the
track three miles above Milton, yesterday, in
{ , on sequence of a land-slide, and rolling over and
down a twenty feet embankment, righted itself
in the canal. The engineer, fireman, and one
passenger were carried down with the loco
motive, but escaped injury. The baggage car
was smashed and a passenger car injured, but
were saved from following the locomotive by
the breaking of the coupling.
gag- The history of HORACE GREEI.Y'S arrest
in Paris is briefly thus : —The arrest was made
at the suite of LESCHESNE the scnlptor, who
j, a ,l a claim against the Crystal Palace for a
statue—a fuli-length Bacchante we believe,
which still lies safe and sound in one of the
courts of the Palace—and who thought to
hold MR. GREELY personally responsible as
director of the Association. The Court re
fused to adopt M. LESCHESNE'S view of the
matter and discharged the defendant.
T.OANIXG NEWSPAPERS. —Subscribers to news
papers make complaint of the non-arrival of
their papers, and in some instances intimate that
the loss is occasioned by the fact of the post
muster loaning to his neighbors the papers of
others for perusal. The papers fail to be re
turned to their proper place, and hence the
disatisfaetion. Postmasters are strictly for
bidden to loan newspapers that are in their office
for delivery.
yingura Tails, Saturday, June 23.—A man
went over the American Fails this morning.—
He was in the act of laudiug, from a skiff just
above the rapids, when he was carried away by
the current, and his boat capsized. His name
is unknown, but he is supposed to have been on
his way from Canada with vegetables.
WHEAT HARVEST. —A letter from Nashville
fTcnn.) in the Louisville Times says the wheat
from the Kentucky line to that place has beeu
harvested, and the yield is unparalleled ; the
same number of acres reaped double that of
auv former year. All saved without the slight-,
est blemish.
lice of New York last week made a descent
upon the brig Teazcr, lying at a wharf in
Kmokiyn, and found some fifty recruits for the
Foreign Legion on board, together with two ;
recruiting agents. The latter were taken in
to custody, and also some of the recruits as
£•-if There is now living in Cataraugus Re
servation, New York, a Seneca Indian War
rior, named Philip Scajaquada, 101 years of i
i a-.'e. bale and hearty. Ife was in Buffalo the
present week, as a witness in the Circuit Court, j
lie was in the wilds of New York long before j
the arrival of any white settler.
j ,
anlha Phelps has been arrested dear Harris-1
burg, l'a., charged with being an accomplice in
the robbery of the United States mail-bags at
Elmira, N. Y., in November last.
teg The peach crop in New Jersey and De
laware gives promise of being the largest ever
known. Contracts have already been made for
the delivery of large quantities of this fruit at
[ very low prices.
The Markets, June 27.
The prospect of abundant crops, throughout
the country, has a tendency to depress the
price of Breadstuff's and prices are falling off.
a shade—not as much however, as might be
t expected, showing that the stock of grain is
small, and in the hands of those who are able
[ to control the markets.
Our latest dates quote Canadian Flour at
| *9 87 "$lO 50. Southern flour has declined
i sells at from $lO to $ll 75. Western
2 1-2 to $9 50, according to quality,
le wheat market is dull, at about $2 50.
has fallen off to 97 cents.
iwanda Market—Wholesale Prices.
ected weekly by E. T. FOX, Dealer in Provisions and
iceries , No. I. Brick Row. who will pay Cash, at the
CF- fixed, for the articles in this list :]
(retail price,) BBL til 00 ® 11 50
do " 21 00 rtrj) 24 00
it. bushel, 2 25
wheat, " 1 00 @
. " so <a
" 1 12 @
" .... I 25 m
toes, " 75 @
s, " .... 150 f?(J 200
1 Apples " .... 1 50 (it 175
t. f} 1H.... 14 (<£ 16
" .... 10 % 12$
SAMI Shoulders " 0 @ 12$
'1 REACHES, " .... 12 <7s 16
ißerries " .... 12 I*l
'• $ dozen, (I$ 12$
K— Franklin Fire Company are notified to meet
§L§'> the Engine house,on Saturday evening, JULY
ITH. at 6$ o'clock.
By order of the Foreman,
I"" -• N. T. BOG ART, Secretary.
*" XAIAD FIRE CO.. NO. 2.— The memliers of this
i ' V are notified to meet at the Engine Bouse, on
Jrdav, July 7, 1*55, at 6$ o'clock, P. M.
By order nf the Foreman,
ME23. CHARLES MERCER, Secretary.
A M ASOXIC— The regular meetings of UNION
OLRL.OLMJR. No. 108, A. Y. M., arc held every Wcd-
ON or preceding the full moon, at Maso
▼ \ nie Hall, over J. Kingsbery'S store.
L - BRETHREN in good standing are invited to attend. —
®eeting for JULV will occur on the 25th day.
A. UNION CHAPTER, NO. 161, holds Its regular
THE same place, Thursday on or before the full
Meeting for July on the 26th day.
NOTICE A meeting of the "BRADFORD
AT the Court House, iu the Borough of To
on Saturday, July 7, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
I , By order of the President,
WM. H. PERKINS, Secretary.
: ;' ' X ON the 12th inst., by Rev. J. M. Peebles, of EI
.T,' U UoLLINS of this place, to Miss AURELIA
i\ A CHAMBERLIN has just arrived
W Y " RK 1,1 C LARGEST, BEST and
lie woght into thin market. He has only time
> j^ nounc the fact. Call and examine.
p,. . riRB ! FIRE ! riRE !
C P W?U WILLISTON, President ;
J T R JR - President and Treasurer ;
UANHELD, Secretary.
L 1 Horace Williston, Francis
V.VI, • "VRKIU*, J. T. D. Myer, C. N. Shipraan,
T <■','* I '' Caufiehl, Athens ; Hon. John La
' M H, R, en. Bradley Wakeraan, Laceyville ;
''HE, IY WILKES- Barre ; Michael Meylert, La-
Agent for Bradford County. Addreee,
Nero CAbDcrtisemcnis.
Tracy A Moore,
a large and well selected assortment of
which have been selected with unusual care, And purchas
ed at the lowest possible rates. Feeling confident that we
can sell Goods for Ready Pay, as low as any establishment
iu the country, we ask the public to give us a call, and
examine our stock and prices. June 28,1855.
ItfACKINAW TROUT.—IO bblfi. No. 1,
-91 just received at TRACY A MOORE'S.
TITACKEREL—whoIe, half and quarter bbls
jjl- by je2 TRACY A MOORE.
IRON, Round, Square, Tire, Band & Scroll,
all qualities and sizes. TRACY A MOORE.
FLOUR —80 bbls., first quality, for sale at
the lowest CASH figure. TRACY & MOORE.
SOLE LEATHER—One Ton, a prime ar
ticle, for sale cheap, by TRACY A MOORE.
BOOTS & SHOES —The largest, best and
cheapest assortment this side of the Empire City may
be found at je'29 TRACY A MOORfe'S.
PAINTS, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty, &c.
HOUSE TRIMMINGS—every description
Ami Business Man'* I*egal Guide.
New and sixth Edition, bringing the law down to 1855.
A treatise on the office and duties of Aldermen and Jus
tices of the Peace in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
including all the required Forms of Process and Docket
Entries ; and embodying not only whatever may be deem
ed valuable to Justices of the Peace, but to Laudlords,
Tenants, and General Agents ; and making this volume
what it purports to be, A afe Isgal Guide for Business
Men. By John Binns, late Alderman of Walnut ward, in
the city of Philadelphia. The Sixth Edition. Revised,
corrected, and greatly enlarged, by Frederick C. Brightly
Esq., Author of "A Treatise on the Law of Costs," " Equi
ty Jurisprudence," " Nisi Prins Reports," Editor of "Pur
don's Digest," Ac. In one thick volume, octavo. Price,
only $4 00.
Also, Companion to Binns's Justice.
Forms of Conveyancing, and of Practice in the Courts
of Common Pleas, quarter Sessions, Oyer and Termfner,
the Supreme and Orphan's Courts, and" the offices of the
various Civil Officers and Justices of the Peace. Fourth
edition, revised, corrected, enlarged, and adapted to the
present state of the law ; with copious explanatory Notes
and References, and a new, full and comprehensive Index.
By Robert E. Wright, Esq. In one thicK octavo volume.
Price only $3 50.
—l7OO TO 1855.
A Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania, from the vear
1700, to the Bth day of May, 1855. The first four editions
by the late John Purdon, Esq. The fifth, sixth and sev
enth, by the Hon. George M. Stroud. Eighth edition, re
vised, with Marginal References, Foot Notes to the Judi
cial Decisions; Analytical Contents ; a Digested Syllabus
of each Title : and a new, full, and exhaustive index. By
Frederick C. Brightly, Esq., Author of a "Treatise on the
Law of Costs," " Equity Jurisprudence," " Nisi Prius Re
ports," Editor of " Binns's Justice," Ac. One thick royal
Bvo. Price only $5 00.
#-The freshness and permanent value of Purdon'a Di
gest arc preserved by the publication annually of a Digest
of the laws enacted in each year. These annual Digests
are arranged in precise conformity with the plan of Pur
don's Digest. They are. each of them, republished annual
ly ; are connected together by a general index (prepared
anew each year,) which embraces the contents of the laws
of each year since the publication of Purdon'a Digest, in
one alphabet; and are bound up with Purdon'a Digest,and
also sold separately.
Thus the purchaser of Purdon's Digest will always be
in possession of the complete body of the Statute Laws of
Pennsylvania down to the very hour when he purchases
it. Those who have already purchased Purdon's Digest
may always complete it to date for the small sum of Fifty
Cents, the price of a volume containing all the annual Di
gests issued since the first publication of the present edi
tion of Purdon's Digests, as heretofore stated.
j 17 Al9 South Fifth Street, First Store above Chestnut.
XiTOrders or letters of inquiry for Law Books from the
I Country, promptly attended to. ow3
Barclay Railroad 6l Coal Company.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the subscribers in To
wanda boro' and its vicinity to the Stock of the "BAR
CLAY RAILROAD & COAL CO," that a third instal
ment of five dollars per share on said stock required to be
paid on or before the 14th day of JULY next, to E. OVER
TON, Esq., the President, or to J. Macfarlane, Esq. the At
torney of said Company at Towanda. Payments may also
be made at the office of Laporte, Mason A Co. at the same
place. By order of the Board of Directors,
June 23, 1855. GEO. R. OAT. Treasurer.
llflmbold's Highly Concentrated Fluid Extract Buchu,
for Diseases of the Bladder and Kidneys, Secret Diseases,
j Strictures, Weaknesses, and all Diseases of the Sexual
Organs, whether in Male or Female, from whatever cause
tlicy may have originated, and no matter of how long
If you have contracted the terrible disease, which when
once seated in the system, will surely go down from one
generation to another, undermining the constitution, and
i sapping the very vital fluids of life, do not trust yourself
1 in the hauds of quacks, who start up every day in a city
i like this, and fill the papers with glaring falsehoods too
I well calculated to deceive the young and those not ac
quainted with their tricks. You cannot be too careful in
the selection of a remedy in these eases.
The fluid extract Buchu has been pronounced by emi
nent Physicians
It is a medicine perfectly pleasant in its taste, and very
innocent in its action, and yet so thorough that it annihl-
I lates every particle of the rank and poisonous virus of this
disease: and, unlike other remedies, it does not dry up
the disease in the blood.
Constitutional Debility, brought on by self-abuse, a most
terrible disease, which has brought thousands of the hu
man race to untimely graves, thus blasting the brilliant
hopes of parents, anil blighting in the bud the glorious
ambition of manv a noble youth, can be cured bv this
And as a medicine which must benefit everybody from the
simply delicate to the confined and despairing invalid, no
equal is to be found, acting lmth xs a cure and preventive.
Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla.
For purifying the Blood, removing all diseases arising
from excess of Mercury, exposure and imprudence in
life, chronic constitutional disease, arising from an im
pure state of the blood, and the only reliable and effect
ual remedy known for the cure of Scrofula, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Ulcerations of the Throat and I-egs. Pains
and Swellings of the Bones, Tetter, Pimples on the face
and all Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
This article is now pre-cri!ed by some of the most dis
tinguished Physicians in the Country, and has proved
more efficient in practice than any preparation of Sarsa
parilla yet offered to the public. Several cases of secon
dary Svphilic, Mercurial and Scrofulous diseases have en
tirely recovered in the incurable wards of our public insti
tutions. which had for many years resisted every mode of
treatment that could be devised. These cases furnish
striking examples of the salutary effects of this medicine
in arresting some of the most inveterate disexscs, after the
glands were destroyed and the bones already affected.
NOTICE Letters front responsible Physicians and I'ro-
I fessors of several Medical colleges, and certificates of cures
[ from patients will be found accompanying both prepara
| tions.
Prices, Fluid Extract Buchu, $1 bottle, or 6 bottles for $5.
I " " Sarsaparilla, " "
equal in strength to one gallon Syrup of Sarsaparilla.
Prepareil and sold by H. T. HELM BOLD, Chemist, 263
Chestnut st., near the Girard House, Philadelphia.
To be had of Dr. H. C. PORTER, Towanda, Pa. and of
Druggists and dealers everywhere.
AS" AII letters directed to the Proprietor or Agent will
receive immediate attention. Iy3
New Boot and Shoe Manufactory.
I HOFFMAN would respectfully
inform the citizens of Towanda, that he has com
menced the BOOT Of SHOE business in the room over
J. Gulp & Co's. shop, near the corner of Bridge street—
He is ready at all times to do all work in his line in the
best manner—and will make Fine Sewed and Pegged
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, in tho latest approved style, as
well AS Coarse Worh. Her AIRING done in a superior man
He would respectfully solicit the patronage of the citi
zens of this place, assuring them that he will endeavor to
merit their favors by using the best stock, by careful work
manship, and by punctuality.
Towanda, June 18, 1855.
AFLOAT In the Susquehanna River, on Monday the
16th of June, one Ark, without oars, with the name
" Ridgway's Ark," marked in Red chalk in several places,
a description of which is tiled in the office of the subscri
ber at Wyalusing. T- HINES, J. P.
June 20, 1855,
. every week, at junell FOX S.
V-V els Clover and Timothy Seed, just received, and for
by sale feb24 BAILEV A KEVINS.
WOULD respectfully inform their friends and the pub
lic that they have REMOVED their CLOTHING
A FUiUfISHING STORE to Patton's New Brick Block,
No. 3, and will be happy to wait on ail who mav give them
a call, Their stock consists of
Black Broadcloth and Fancy Coats ;
Fancy Cassfmere Coats, of all colore ;
Black and Fancy Caastmere Pants ;
Black Satin and' Fancy Vests ;
Marseilles Vests. White and Fancy:
Marseilles and Linen Coats, all kinds ;
Linen Pants, Shirt Collars, Cravats and Hose.
Hats, of all kinds.
Garments of all kinds made up to order, and warranted
to fit or no sale. Our stock comprises all kinds of goods
adapted to men's wear, which we are hound to sell cheap
er than any other establishment in town or county.
CUTTING done to order as usual.
Towanda, June 9,1855.
CAUTION. —A man calling himself by the
name of H r m. C. Smith, hxs been selling the "rights
of my Improved Bee-hive in the state of Ohio without any
legal authority to do so. 1 would caution all persons not
to purchase ot' him. SYLVESTER DAVIS.
Claremont, N. H., June 4.1855.
FICATION of the different persons engaged in the
sale of Goods, Wares and Merchandise, in the County of
Bradford, for the year 1856, with the amount of license
thereunto annexed :
Toirn. Names. Class. Amount.
Albany D. Kellogg & Co., 14 7 00
Asyluin John Horton, v l4 7 00
G. H. A J. H. Morrow, 14.... 7 00
Horton A Stone, 14 7 00
Athens Boro'. .Harris A Page, 10. .. .20 00
C.C. Brooks, 14.... 7 00
C. Comstock 14 7 00
Overton A Wheelvr, 14 7 00
W. F. Burdick, 14 7 00
Moses Sawyer 14 7 00
C. Park A Son, 12 12 50
J. M.Bell, 13.... 10 00
C. Averili, 14 7 00
George A. Perkins, 15 7 00
Joseph Parsons, 14 7 00
Athens Tp John Watkins, 14.... 7 00
A. Beidleman, 14.... 7 00
Hubbcll A Gardner, 14 .... 7 00
Burlington.... Long A Merry, 14... 7 00
Morley A Campbell 14 7 00
A. Morley A Brothers, 14 7 00
Canton Tuttle A Beardslee 13 10 00
J. Vandyke jr. A Co 13 10 00
Gridlev'A Colwell 13... .10 00
Randall,Townsend A Co 14 7 00
F.Hall A Co 13 ... 10 00
A. Doty, 14 7 00
H. Miller A Co 14 7 00
F. G. AA. S. Manley, 13.... 10 00
Mix A Hooper 14 7 00
W. S. Baker 13 10 00
Case A Rockwell, 14.... 7 00
Columbia W. H. Knapp, 14.... 7 00
A. B. Austin, 14 7 00
Durell B. Laporte ACo 14 ... 700
U.Moody 14.... 7 00
Franklin J. M. Martin, It 7 00
Granville L. D.Taylor, 14.... 7 00
Derrick A.R.Brown, 11.... 7 00
E. Tyrrell, 14 7 00
Leroy, D. I). Parkhurst, 14.... 7 00
B. B. Parkhurst, 14 7 00
Monroe T.evi Ennis 11 7 00
Newton, White A Co 14.... 7 00
O. P.Lyon It 7 00
S. S. Hinman, It 7 00
George Smith, 1t.... 7 00
Smith A Cranmer 11 7 00
Brown A Rockwell 13... .10 00
V. E. A J. E. Piollet 14.... 7 00
Orwell T. Humphrey A Co 14.... 7 00
H. Gibbs A Son, 14 ... 7 00
Potter A Lyon, 14 7 00
Pike. D. Bailey A Son 13 10 00
George H. Little, 13 10 00
Black A Pierce 13 10 00
Baldwin A Bobbins, 14 7 00
Stevens A Burrows 14 .... 7 00
Uidgberry,... .Cornell A Decker (liquor) 14 ...10 50
Charles Wilson, " 14 . . 10 50
West A Voorhis " 14. .. 10 50
B. F. Buck, . " 14 10 50
ll.C.Evans 14.. 7 00
Rome Judson Holcomb, 14.... 7 00
J. W. Woodburn, 14 .. 7 00
Wxshburn A Frost, 1t... 7 00
Stand'g Stone Henry Tracy 14 7 00
George Stevens, 14 7 00
Jared Hart, 14 ... 7 00
Sheshequin .. .Kinney A Gore, 14.. . . 7 00
Washburn A Ames 14. . 700
Smithfleld,.... J. E. Bullock, 13 10 00
L. Dnrfee 13.... 10 00
E.S.Tracy 14 7 00
J. M. Higgins, 14 7 00
Springfield... .Daily A Hart, It . 700
J. G" Blakeslee, I t.... 7 00
C. T. Murphy, (liquor) 14.. ..10 50
Hirain Spear 14.... 7 00
Troy Borough .J. K. Goodrich, (liquor) 12.. . .18 75
Calking A Howell 14 7 00
E.F. Ballard, 14 7 00
O.P.Ballard 14. .. 7 00
F. L. Ballard, (liquor) 13 .. .15 00
S. W. A 1). F. Pomeroy, 11 15 00
V. M. A H. F. Long, 11.... 15 00
W. H. Knapp 13... .10 00
1). W. C. Herrick 12.... 12 50
Newberry A Peck 12... .12 50
C. K. Spencer, 14 ... 700
S. W. Paine, 13.... 10 00
Towanda Bor. .S. Felton, (liquor)l4 .. .10 50
Hali A Russell, 13.... 10 00
Montanyes A Co 10 20 00
Joseph Kingshery 13.... 10 00
J. M. Reed, (livuor)l4. ... 10 50
H.C.l'orter " 14....10 59
O. D. Bartlett, 13 10 00
Burton Kingshery, 13 10 00
W. A. Chamberlin, 14.... 7 00
Collins A Powell 14 . ... 7 00
J. H. Phiuney, 14 ... 7 00
Tracy A Moore, 13.... 10 00
M. E. Solomon, 14 7 00
H. S. Mercur, 10 20 00
Joseph Powell IS. ... 10 00
Bailey A Ncvins, 14 ... 7 00
Ulster J. A i\ Mather 14 .... 7 00
C. Rockwell A Co 14. ... 7 00
Gibson A Gorseline, 14.... 7 00
Wells Edsall A Benedict, 14 ... 7 00
John Brown It ... 7 (Hi
Warren Alva Rogers, 14.... 7 00
J. P. Rogers, 14. .. . 7 00
Marcus Tyrrell, 14 . . 700
It. Cooper, 14. .. . 7 00
G.W. Talinadge, 14.... 7 00
J. A. lde 14 7 00
Windliam W. H. Russell 14. ... 7 00
B. Kuykendall, 14. .. 7 00
Wyalusing C. Avery, 14 ... 700
E. Lewis A Co 1t.... 7 00
Augustus Lewis, 14 7 00
Welles A Bixbv 13. .. .10 50
Wysox V. E. A J. E. l'iollet,. (liquor)l4. ...10 50
Wilmot Jones A Gary, 14.... 7 00
A list and classification of the Beer Houses, Eating Hou
ses, Ac., in the county of Bradford for the year 1855,
under the act of Assembly of the loth of April, 1649,
entitled " an act to create a sinking fund, Ac.
Town. Names. Class. Amount.
Athens Boro'. .Carner A Snell 8 $5 00
Cornelius Harsh, 8.... 5 00
James Wilson, (liquor)B.... 7 50
Athens Tp... .JohnSanster, 8.... 500
Burlington... .Henry Vosburg 8.... 500
Canton H. Tuttle, 8. ... 5 00
J. G. Scudder, 8 5 00
A. Cantield, 8.... 5 00
Columbia .... L. L. Griggs, 8.... 5 00
Monroe A.Mullin,... 8.... 6 00
11. Tracy, 8 5 00
Towanda 80. .J. H. Warner, 8... . 500
Miles Carter, 8.... 5 00
J. A. Record, 8.... 5 00
M.T.Carrier, .8.... 5 00
L. H. Scott, 8. .. 5 00
John Ringer, 8 ... 5 00
Troy 80r0'... D. Dobbins, 8.... 500
H.N.Fis 8.... 5 00
C. Drake 8— 5 00
Smlthfield M. B. A J. C. Geronld 8 5 00
Ulster, J.M.Pike, 8 5 00
A list and classification of the persons engaged in the sale
of Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Ac., for the county of
Bradford, for the year 1855, under the act of Assembly
of April 10, 1849 :
Town. Names. Class. Amount.
Athens Boro'. -C. H. Herrick, 4... $0 00
G. A.Perkins, 4 5 00
Canton Tuttle A Beardslee, 4 5 00
Leroy D. D. Parkhurst 4 5 00
Orwell T. Humphry A Co 4 5 00
Rome Judson Holcomb, 4 5 00
Towanda Bor J- M. Reed, 4. .. 5 00
11. C. Porter, 4 ... 5 00
Stand'g Stone. Henry W. Tracy, 4 5 00
Troy Borough.E. F.Ballard, 4 500
' F. L.Ballard. 4 ... 5 00
C. Drake, 4.... 5 00
A list and classification of the Distilleries in Bradford Co.
for 1855, per act of Assembly of April 10,1849:
Town. Name. Class. Amount.
Springfield .. Wm. Brace, 10 $5 00
A list and classification of Bankers In Bradford County,
for the year 1855 : .
Town. Name. Am t of business. License.
Towanda Bor.Laporte, Mason A C 0.... 11500... .$45 00
gar Notice is hereby given that an Appeal will be held
at the Commissioner's Office, in Towanda, on the 23d day
of JUNE next, at which time and place anv person ag
grieved by the foregoing Classification can attend if they
think proper. E. L- BROWN, Mircanhle Aflrraistr.
Frenchtown, May 25, 1855.
ET. FOX would respectfully inform his
• old friends and the public generally that he has
commenced the Grocery and Provision Business, at Ho.
1, Brick Row, (opposite Mercur's store,) and intends car
rying it on in all its branches. He has and will continue
to keep on hand a full assortment of GROCERIES and all
kinds of PROVISIONS that are obtainable, all of which
will be sold on reasonable terms for Cash.
Towanda, June 1, 1855.
CASH paid for BUTTER, EQGS, and eve
rything else in the line of Eatables, at
June L FOX'S.
£A BBLS. FLOUR, a superior article, for
fJ\J family use, at FOX'S.
DRIED PEACHES, a small quantity, very
nice, for sale at june 9 FOX'S."
ORANGES, Lemons, Pine Apples, Fresh
Raisins, Figs, Prunes, Currants, seedless Raisins,pre
served Ginger, aud a variety of articles of the same nature
may be had at juue'J FOX'S.
FLOUR for $ll and $ll 50 per barrel
at June 20. FOX'S.
OODS bought at my Store will bedeliver-
T ed to any part of the Borough, FREE OF CHARGE.
June 20 1858. E. T. FOX.J
PAILS, Brooms, Tubs, Measures, scrubbing
A rushes, blacking Brushes, Ac. at FOX'S.
FRESII TEAS, both Green and Black—
from 374 cents to $1 IK)—every pound warranted to
suit or the money returned iu all cases, at FOX'S.
O TONS SUGARS—Brown, Refined, Pow
e J dered, Crushed and Granulated ; Molasses, Syrup, Rio
and Java Coffee, Rice. tsuleratus, Ginger, Spenu Candles,
Rice, Tobacco—in fact a general variety of Groceries, for
sale cheap at june 9 FOX'S.
at juneit FOX'S.
~ STAGES will hereafter
. leave the Ward House, until further
FOR WAVEHLY—Leave at 2 o'clock, P. M., arriving
in time to take the trains, east and west. Leave after the
arrival of the morning trains, from the east and west.
FOR TUNKHANNOCK—Leave immediately upon the
arrival of the Waverley stage, about 1, P. M. Arrive at
Towanda, in time to connect with the stage for Waverly.
March 17. 1855. SMITH A POWELL, Proprietors".
-L v Meu, in Bradford County in debt to us, that we want
to pay their Judgment notes or accounts, which ever it \
may be, aud we intend to have them do it, either by per- (
suasion or by employing officers sufficient to collect or ev- ;
ery man immediately, without any exception orirespect to j
parsons, from the fact that the money belongs to our ere- >
ilitors, and we intend that they shall have it as soon as it j
can be collected. lIALL & RUSSELL.
Towanda, April 20 1855.
TOSF.PII KIXGSBERY is now receiving,
*' from New Y'ork, a large, carefully selected and most
desirable assortment of
Towanda, May 11, 1855.
k A veyor for Bradford County, is prepared to attend to j
the altove business in all its" branches. His office is at j
Monroeton. All letters addressed to him at that place j
will meet with prompt attention.
April 4, 1854. _ j
ONE CENT REWARD— Rauaway from I
the about the 26th nit, Wm RoWK.abound i
boy to the farming business. 1 therefore forbid all persons |
harboring or trusting said boy on my account, as i will
pay no debts of his contracting. HENRY' CLARK.
Rome, March 1,1855.
mm. BE *2 ivjk m . m a , •
to PATTOX'S NEW BLOCK, where they have just
received a large addition to their stock of REAI)Y'-M APE
CLOTHING, Cloths, Trimmings, Furnishing Goods, Ac.,
to which they invite public attention.
Towanda. May 24, 1855.
TOSEPJT POWELL would announce to
*} the citizens of Bradford County, that he is now re
ceiving n large, rich and varied assortment of Fancy and
Staple Dry (roods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, and
Glass Ware, Straw Goods. Hats, Hoots and Shoe*. Cur
peting*, Yankee Xot'ns, Paper Hangings, Fish, Paints
and Oils ; and in fact, almost every article of merchan
dize which the wants of the country requires, and is offer- |
ing them for sale for CASH at prices which defy all coin- i
He would particularly invite attention to his stock of j
LADIES DKKSS HOODS, consisting in part of rich plain bl'k j
and watered Silks ; ail wool Delaines ; plain and figured J
mouslin delaines : plain and figured Challi delaines ; De- I
Berges, Lawns, all prices ; printed Jaconctts, Organdies, \
lie razes, all colors, together with an endless variety of j
Ginghams, Prints, Ac. Ac.
EMBROIDERIES AMI Lacks—Ladies embroidered and lace I
Collars, Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Skirts, Chimezetta,Swiss i
and Jaconctte Bands and Flounces, Swiss and Jaconette
Edgings and Inserting*, Maltese, Thread, Smyrna, bobbin
and Cotton Edgings, all widths; Brussells, black and
white silk Edgings, all widths and prices.
WHITE Goons—Plain and dotted Swiss Muslins, Jaco
nctts. Bishop Lawns, India, Book and Nainsook Muslins,
Striped and Plaid Cambrics, Victoria Lawns, of all quali
ties. Ladies and Gents, linen H'd'k'fs., silk and cotton
blonds; Bobbinett and fringed Laces, Irish linens at great
ly reduced prices.
Hoi'.SK FI KMSHISO Goons—Worsted, linen and worsted
Damask, double ond single fold, cot Damask, bleached and
unbleached table linens, bleached and unbleached Jacquard
diaper, worsted, embossed and colored damask linen table
spreads, bleached damask table cloths and napkins, all
sizes; counterpanes, bleached and unbleached Muslins
from 4to 10-4 yards wide. Drapery Muslins of different
kinds, Crash, Scotch and Russia diapers, Ac.
GLOVES AND HOSIERY—.V complete assortment of Ladies
and Misses and Childrens' white, unbleached, mixed and
slate (adored cloth Hose; Mens' and boys' unbleached,
mixed and white cotton half hose ; ladies and gents black,
white and colored kid gloves, best quality ; ladies kid fin
ish and plain silk and lisle thread do. ; ladies and misses
long and short French filet mitts.
SHAWLS AM> M WTILLAS—A large assortment of Spring
Shawls and Mantillas of new and desirable styles.
CARfKTix.JS of various styles and qualities. Rush mat
tings, different widths.
CLOTHS AND C ASSIMEKKS —The largest stock of plain
black and fancy Tothsand Ciissimeres, Tweeds, Kentucky
Jeans, Linen and Cotton Summer Goods for mens' and
boys' wear, ever exhibited in Northern Pennsylvania—
purchased at greatly reduced prices, and offered for sale
correspondingly low.
Also, a good" assortment of Nestings, Scarfs, Stocks,
Cravats. Linen Collars, Ac.
*" In purchasing his stock of Spring Goods, the sub
scriber would say that the utmost care and economy has
lieen exercised in order to please his customers in style,
quality of goods, and prices, to correspond with the times.
Thanking the public lor the liberal patronage they have
heretofore extended to him, he would respectfully solicit
a call and examination of his stock by those wishing to
purchase. JOSEPH POWELL.
Towanda, April 10, 1855.
ROAD COMPANY.—The President and Managers
of the Towanda and Burlington Plank Road Company,
have, bv a resolution passed this day, resolved to call in
and collect the bnllancc due on the stock subscription of
this Road, payable to B. S. Russell, Treasurer—at the of
fice of Messrs." LA PORTE, MASON ACo., as follows:
25 per cent, on the first day of May, 1855, aud the bal
lauce on the first day of July, 1855.
Towanda, December 8,1*54. Sec. A Treasurer.
1 BLASTER. —100 tons Cayuga ground plus
ter—'2oo bbl. White Stone Lime—loo bbla. Extra
Towanda. April 10, 155.
Fair Warning to those Indebted.
1 lIIS TIMELY NOTICE is hereby given
I to all persons indebted to TRACY A MOORE, that
all accounts on their Iwoks must he settled, and all debts
due them he paid by the 25th day of May. This means
just what it says, without respect to persons, as every per
son neglecting this warning will ascertain.
May 16,1555- TRACY* A MOORE.
HAS REMOVED to the residence of Mrs.
J. W. MERCER, on Second street, directly above and
opposite the Methodist church.
*yoffice in the north room.
ay He would also inform those indebted to him, that
ail accounts of more than one year's standing, must be
settled, by payment or otherwise. June 9,1855.
WILL 6nd employment on the Upper North
Branch Canal, by applying to the Foremen on the
line. nuyl7 W. R. MAFFET. Supt.
THE highest price paid in CASH, for Hide 6
and Skine. by JOHN W. WILCOX.
June 2d, 1355.
•fllmlnmbije, SZt.
dersigned offers for sale his undivided half part
of three tracts of land, containing about 1400
acres; 1000 of which is heavily timbered with
White Pine of a choice quality, having on it a
ted double STEAM MILL, Just started and cut
ting nnely—capable of sawing 5,000,000 feet vearly, to
which is attached a LATH MILL, and with power 'snffi
pin f*d°Ac machlu *- antl pair of Burrs for chop
ofTu n tn< i 18 in , township, In the centre
of the Coal and Iron region of Bradford County, and on it
have been found large deposits of iron ore of a superior
quality. This property to Lumbering men offers greater
Inducements than any other in Noruheru Pennsylvania
Inasmuch as the timber has never been culled out and
lying as It does within 2} miles of the Barclay Coal Com
pany Railroad, now in process of construction, and con
necting by said Railroad, with the River aud Canal at this
JW There have been opened upon this property three
beds of IRON ORE, of a very superior quality and rich
ness, two of which are ten feet in thickness each, yielding
about 35 to 4D per cent, pure metal, aud one smaller yield
ing a much greater per cent.; all extending through W0
acres of the property. This ore is easy of access, and can
be procured at a very small expense.
Persons desirous of viewing the premises will call on
the subscriber at this place. A. EDWARDS.
To wanda, May 1, 18 05.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining iu the Post
Office at TOWAXDA Mav 15. 1845.
Allen, Edward. M Cord, Susan.
Baiiey, Jeremiah. Munn, Bowen.
Butler, James. Mosher, Stella.
Barnes, Alex. M'Carty, William.
Bowman, Geo. Metcalf, Henry.
Blackmail Frank. Morse, C'athariue.
Boyle, Miss Ann. Madigan, John.
Baidnmn, O. M. Meeker, Lute.
Beeman, Miner. M'Donell, Maurice. 2
Burdick, Abr'm. Meeker, E. W.
Cloud, F.liza M. Newman, Henry.
Copaspurker. Ceo. O'Leary, Arthur.
Cramer. Josiah, Overton, Levi.
Crane, Josiah. Pease, Nathaniel.
Califf, I). E. Pratt, Salome.
Cowlea, W. W. Pierce, Roda A.
Coakly, Daniel. Pulver, Bartholomew. 2
Coleman, Mary. Patterson, Marinda. 2
Dohorty, Jatnes. Pialett, George.
Dennis, Mary. Place, A. J.
Dellum George. Piatt, Christopher.
Downes, Mary. Panaker, Silas O.
Dohorty, Daniel. Roberts, Milton.
Doborty, Mary. Ray, Jonn. 2
Dorsy, Margaret. Smith, Riley.
Easterbrooks, W. W. Smith, Cynthia J.
Eastcrbrooks, Amelia. Swain, Mary.
Foster, Frank M. Stevens, Jonathan.
Forbes, Charles A. Simmons Julius J.
Fowler, R. Shed, William C.
Grosh, Joel. Skinner, D. S.
Grenell, Rev. R. Safford, B. C.
Granger. Roderick. Stevens, Miss C. H.
Hemau, Catherine. Slocum Dr. E. M. 2
Hamilton, G. S. Spencer, S. S.
Harrington, Mrs. Hannah. Spencer, W. H.
Johnson, James. Stevens, Celinda.
Jones, Sarah M. Sandy, William.
Jackson, Charles L. Sullivan, Micael.
Juiison, Jeddiab. Kpees, Roda A.
Kilmer, Cynthia. 2 Schott, Meliha
Knowlton, E. S. Trout, A. J.
Kromer, Emanuel. White, Guy 11.
Keen. George L. Wilson, A. R.
Lyon, Miss Augusta. White, Joseph X.
Little, William P. Welton.M. S.
Lewis, Morga S. Milson, Julia Ann.
Lewit, Miss F. E. O. Webb. Andrew.
Landon, William H. Wells A Bixbv.
tsn~ Persons inquiring for letters will please sav adver
ted. . H-C. PORTER, P. M.
The Greatest Improvement of the Age!
kA SHINGLE MACHINE, for Riving, Shaving and Edg
ing—capable of making from 12 to 20,000 per da\; simple
in construction, and not liable to get out of order, it Is !
decidedly the best Machine for making Shingle ever offer
ed to the public. Those wishing Rights or machines can {
apply to JOHN FROST, sole agent for Bradford and Sul
livan counties. Pa. Rome, May 10, 1855.
CUMMER llATS.—Gentlemen's Elegaut
13 WHITE BEAVERS, for sale by
May 1, 1855. JOS. KIXGSBERY.
A large assortment just received at
Towanda, June 14,1855.
CUMMER lIATS"—The Newest Style of
0 SUMMER HATS—where every style and fashion is
always kept, and where Goods of aft kinds are guaranteed
to be sold as cheap as at Elinira or Owego. ('all aud see,
at_ juneU MONTAXYES & CO.
Notice to Collectors of 1854.
C COLLECTORS who have not previously received exon
/ erations on their duplicates of Militia taxes, are noti
fied that by nn act recently passed by the Legislature, the
Commissioners are permitted to grant exonerations to
such as make make legal application previous to the first
of July next. The Commissioners will be in session on
Saturday the 2tith of May, for the purpose of hearing such
as mav applv. By order of the Commissioners.
May 16. 1855. E. M. FARRAR, Clerk.
X\TAGOXS & SLEIGHS.—Two or three
Tt of each for sale cheap at PIIIXNEY'S.
BEING very desirous to get my books set
tled up. I have concluded to quit making accounts,
and sell goods hereafter for READY PAY only, and with
out adopting the dodge of a new firm, call on "all those in
debted to Settle 4" Put/ up. Now. therefore, upon the re
ceipt of my A'etc Spring Goods, say aiiout the 15th or 20th
inst., I shall commence the Ready Pay system ; and if I
find any leisure, shall be after those who "do not call and
settle up. witha sharp stick. O. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda,April 7, 1855.
to Pattou's NEW BRICK BLOCK, corner of Bridge
and Main street, where lie has fitted up rooms expressly
for the business, with a large sky-light and side-light com
bined. With these arrangements he will lie able to take
Pictures with any shade desired. Grouping done in the
best possible manner. Daguerreotypes taken equally as
well in cloudy as clear weather. Particular attention paid
to copying. "Miniatures neatly put into Lockets, Breast
pings, aud finger rings, Ac. lustructious given in the art
on reasonable terms.
Towanda. May 1, 1855.
for sale at june 9 FOX'S.
FRESH GROCERIES, of all kinds just
received at MONTAXYES A ('<>.
"VTOTlCE.—Persons wishing to make pay
ments to the subscriber, can do so at any time,
through Messrs. I.apoktk, Mason A Co.. whose receiptor
statemeut of pavment. will be entirely satisfactory.
" MICHAEL MEYLE'RT, I-aiul Agent.
April 26. 1855.
yafeJfrsße on leather thorough-braces, in good running
taT order, nearly new, and for sale cheap on lib
eral terms. Call on Win. C. BOG ART, Esq.. who will ne
gotiate a sale. D. M. BULL.
Towanda, April 6, 1855. n-44-3t
rjU) COLLECTORS.—You are hereby au
-1 thorised to make a deduction of five per cent, upon
the state tax of every individual who shall pay his or her
state and county taxes in full, on or before the '2oth day
of JUNE next, and the same shall be allowed you in your
settlement—provided the same is by you paid into tlis
County Treasury, on or is-fore the 21st or 22d days of June
next. By order of the Commissioners.
Towanda, April 7, 1855. E. M. FARRAR. Clerk.
Cheap Boot, Shoe and Leather Store.
1 T D. HUMPHREY is just F]
tf • receiving next door to H.S. Mercur's
store in Towanda, a large and well selected IL
from New York, which with a constant supply of
lie is desirous to sell at small profits. Feeling grateful for
post favors, he hopes to merit a continuance of public pa
Iff Measure IVork and Repairing done on short no
tire. CASH paid for Hides aud Skins.
Towanda, June 11,1855.
YiJ'ILLARD PRENTICE respectfully iu
v T 'Jorms the public that he taken the room in 'he
basement of the "Union block," north side of the public
square, where he intends to keep a
and hopes to receive a share of public patronage. He will
endeavor by strict attention to business, and by providing
such eatables as are in season, to make it an acceptable
place of popular resort for the refreshment of the " inner
man." The public are invited to give me a call.
Towanda, June 9,1855.
FRESH SALAD OIL, Maccaroni,"Ver
micilli, English and French Mustard, Sago Cheese.
Maoe, Nutmegs, Cloves, Spices," Worcestershire Sauce,
Nuts, Candy, &e., for sale cheap at I OX S.
_ Cegal
CHLRIFF'S SALE—By virtue of sundry
out of the Court Jf
9 , 0 / "dford County, and to me directed.
? U1 f )e , e *I >09ed J t0 P ub > c sale at the Court House, in the
JwTe S L owai ? a ' °- n Monde >' Jul - V - 2 <l. t lo'clock, P. M.
the toHowtny lot, piece or parcel of land situate in Smith
field twp. and bounded on the north by lands of D Bul
lock. east by land of Lyman Durfey, iouth by the publie
highway, and on the west by lauds owned by the "Disci
ple Church," containing about one half acre more or less
one framed building, occupied at the date ot levy as a
Store and dwelling house; one framed barn and a few
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of J. C. At
drich vs. L. H. Pierce.
ALSO—The following lot, piece cr parcel of land situate
in Monroe township, and bounded on the north, east and
south by lands of James H. Lewis, on the west by the
Berwick turnpike, containing one half acre, more or less,
ail improved, with a two story framed dwelling house and
a few fruit trees thereon.
Siezcd and taken in execution at the suit of W. A. Park
uow to the use of James H. Lewis vs. Joseph P. Lewis.
. JOHN A. CODDING. Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, Towanda June 7,1855.
Notice is hereby given, that an amount equal to the
costs will be required to be paid upon each sale when
struck down to the bidder, and upon failiug to comply
with this regulation, the tract of land will again be offer
A f f-f HI Office in the room formerly occupied
by George Sanderson, over Burton Kiugsbery'a store.
Towanda, May 26, 1855.
A EDITOR'S NOTICE.—In the matter of
JTJL the estate of Obudiah Blakeslee, dee'd. In the Or
phans' Court of Bradford County. The undersigned Au
ditor appointed by the said Court to distribute tbe funds
of said decedent, in the hands of his administrators, will
attend to the duties of bis appointment at his office in
Towanda borough, on Friday, the Oth day of July. A.!.,
1855, at 10 o'clock A. M., at which time and place all per
sons interested are requested to present their claims, or
be forever debarred from said funds.
May 31.1855. G. H. WATKINS. Auditor.
A* EDITOR'S NOTICE —W. 67 Gunsau
lua, now to the use of Abirsin Pierce vs. Abner
j Graves. No. 220, Feb. T. 1852. In the Court of Common
Pleas of Bradford county,
j _ The undersigned, an auditor appointed bv the Court of
I Common Pleas of said county, to distribute" funds raised
I by Sberifi's sale of defendant's real estate, will attend to
i the duties of his appointment at his office, in the boro' of
j Towanda. on Tuesday the loth day of June, at one o'clock
P. M., when and where all persons having claims on said
fund, must present thein, or be forever debarred from any
share of the same. D'A. OVERTON, Auditor.
Towanda, May 15,1855.
T\. is hereby given that all persons indebted to the es
tate of A. P. BILES, deceased, late of Wyalusing
township, to make immediate payment, and ail persons
having demands against said estate, will present them da
ly authenticated for settlement.
S. W. BILES, I . , ... .
JAS. A. BILES, f Adm u*trator.
April 14.1855. ' _
EX ECETOR'S NOTICE Notice is here
by given, thai all persons indebted to the estate of
HORATIO GAMAGE, dee'd. late ot Burlington twp., are
hereby requested to make payment without delay; and
all persons having ciaims agaiust said estate will please
present them dulv authenticated for settlement.
PERRY B. PRATT,i Esecutors.
February 17, 1855.
NOTICE.—AII persons in-
AJ debted to the estate of ELIAL STEVENS, deceased,
late of Ridgbory township, are hereby notified to make
payment without delay, and all persons having demands
against said estate are requested to present them dulv au
thenticated for settlement. BTURGES SQUIRFIS
Ridgbnry.March 20, 1855. Executors.
is herebyiven ,g that all persons indebted to the es
tate of NATHAN MAYNARD, dee'd.late of Rome tp., ara
quested to make payment without delay; and all persons
having claims against said estate, must'present theiu duly
authenticated lbr settlement. P. E. M AYNARD,
Rome, June 20, 1855. Administrator.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of IRA GRISWOLD, dee'd., late of Ridgbery Town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without do
lay; and all persons liaving claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated forsettlemrnt.t
BEXJ. HALSTED, Administrator.
Ridgbery, June 18, 1855.
-CJL is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Win. HORNING dee'd., late of South Creek tp., are
hereby requested to make paymeut without deluv; and all
persons havingiug claims against said e-tate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
CATHARINE HORNING, Administratrix,
i June 18, 1855.
! A EDITOR'S NOTICE.— In the matter of
Xi. the estate of Horatio l.add, deceased. In the Or
phan's Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed bv said Court to
distribute funds in the hands of the Administrator of tho
e-tate of Horatio Ladd,deceased, will attend to the duties
of his appointment at his office in the borough of Towan
da, on Saturday, the 7th day of July, 1855, fit 1 o'clock,
P. M., when and where all persons are requested to present
their claims, or be forever debarred from any share of said
! funds. D'A. OVERTON,
Towanda. June 14. 1855. Auditor.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
| fate of Isaac Rosencrants, deceased, late of Asylum
twp.. are requested to make payment without delay and
those having demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
CYRUS SHCMWAY, Administrator.
June 14, 1855.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ISAAC S. CROFUT, deceased, late of Leroy
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate w ill
please present them dulv authenticated for settlement.
SKBA CROFUT, } . . ... .
May Iff. 1855. JAMES CROFUT, ( Administrators.
J.X. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to tbe es
tate of BERIAH PRATT, deceased, late of Troy town'p,
are hereby requested to make payment without delay;
and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Troy, May 10, Is."). Administrators.
JOSEPH KINOSRERY still continues tho
•J BOOK A STATIONERY business, where purchasers
I may find all the latest School and Miscellaneous Books at
reduced prices. The following School Books are embrac
ed in the catalogue, viz :
Bullion's Greek and Latin Reader and Grammar.
do. Ciesar, do. Sallust, do. Lessons.
Donegan's Greek and Engli-h Lexicon.
S|wneer's Latin Lessons ; Cooper's Virgil.
Olendorffs. Lebrethon's, Barbauld's, Fausdick'a aud
Levizark's French Works.
Parker's, Coinstock's, Phelps', Smiley's aud Olmsted's
Day's. Thompson's and Davie's Works.
Cutter's, Coat's and Comstock's Pbyseologv.
Sauitiler's, Porter's, Bentley's and Cobb's Works.
Bancroft's History, Parley's, Worcester's, Gurusey's,
Bottas, Ac. Ac.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary,
do University edition, cfo.
do Common School, do.
Worcester's, Cooper's, Harper's, Johnson's, do. Com
stock's works ; Lincoln's Botany, Sweet's Elocution.
Thompson's scries of Arithmetic, primary to High
Adams', Davie's, Smith's and Cobb's, do.
Brown's, Kirkliam's, Smith's and Morse's Geography
and Atlas ; and all the various Primary Geography® now
in use.
Spelling books of all kinds, and miscellaneous books in
: gTeat variety.
Also— Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Boots <s* Shoes,
Hats and Caps, <s"f., fyc.
New and desirable styles of Goods will be received
monthly, and sold at the lowest CASH PRK'ES. J. K.
Towanda, April, 21, 1855.
J lIARVEY PHINNY, Jr., is just re
•J • reiving a general assortment of SI'RIXG GOODS
which he offers to the public for unusually low prices, for
Ready pay. As he is determined to sell Goods aftej the
Ist of April lor READY PAY, or keep them .persons wish
ing to pay cash for goods will find it for their interest to
coll and examine his stock and prices.
ay All persons indebted to me by book, note or judg
ment, on the Ist of April next, unless some satisfactory
arrangement is made, will he waited upon by a gentleman
in authoniy. H* P- Jr.
Towanda March 14. 1855.
also. Dried Beef, Smoked Tongues, Cheese, Lard,
i Mackerel, Salmon, Codfish, Ac., at FOX'S.
lit just opening at MONTAXYES A CO.
I March 1.1555.