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    .13,1 - 31,111)oritn .
Proposing Amendments to ,the Consti
tution of t4 O
QECTION I. theAolved, by the Senate and House
I`l. of Jlepru.entatives of thePnratiiniwealth et
PennoYilfanta in General Am t errildy init—That the
tollowing amenanient , he and the:s[Lin_e are hereby,
proposed to the conhtitution ul I!.e comenaowe d hh,
under and in accariLtacewitn the toovisions of the
tenth article thereof, to wit—
SECTION I. The aggregate ittlotlnt ul'd, his here
l iner 4 04 1 1 -acted ihe Gum axon weah h shall neliv
exceed the sum of five howl.e l d i o u ,ny.l
except irtedlBo of war to repel invaahm, r.uppre••
insnrrectinn, or to redeem the public debt r f
Commonwealth, and the money sota..eri 0/a I be
applied to . the purpose for which .he debt mav he
contracted; to pay such debts, and 1,, no other pur
Sr.crioa 2. To pay the poyie debt the row
mon wealth, and debts may heicaficr be coo
tracted to case of war to repel tuvasion, suppres,
Insurrection, and to 'caret,' the public iloht, the
Legislature shall at lii it mixt se-sian .dicr the ad.
option of this section into the !hat:ill - lotion. provide
by law for the creation of a sinking load. which,
shall not lSe abolished until the said public dchis Le
wholly paid. to consist of -all the net annual income
from the public works and stocks owned by the
Commonwealth, or any other, funds arising under
any revenue law now exitting or that may he here
after enacted, so far as the same may be required
to pay the interest of said debts semi-annually, and
annually to reduce thr. principal thereof by.a sum
not less than five hundred . thousand dollars, increas
ed yearly by compounding at a rate' of nut less than
five per ceutum per annom—tha said sinking fund
shall be invested-id the loins of the commonwealth
which shall be cancelled from time to time in a man
tier to he provided by las—no portion of the sink
ing fund shall ever be applied to the debt of five
hundred thousand dollars mentioned in the 'first sec
tion of this article, but the said sinking fund shill
be applied only to the purposes herein specified.
SEcrion 3. The credit of the Commonwealth shall
not in any way be given or loanetrto or in aid of
any individual, company, core-ration or associa
tion, nor shalt the commonwealth hereafter become
a joint owner or stockholder in any company, asso
elation or corporation 'in this commonwealth, or
elsewhere, formed fur any purposes.
tilccricrc 4. The commonwealth shall never as
sume the Betts of any county, city. boro' or town
ship, or of any corporation or association, unle s
such debts shall have beau - contracted to repel inva
siun, suppress insurrection or to defend the State
in war.,
Prohit.fing Met a.r:pal Su lqter;pi ions:
- The Legi.:attire shall rev...r authorize any city,
county, tiot.mgh at by a vo e of.its citizens
or othtt wt_e, to bccon.,e a .1 .ekholder in any joint
i•toclit company. o- corporation, or In
rAtse monPy for, ...E . : •-redit to, or in aid of
any such cimpar . or a.bociation.
HulaC o f I:,prev!diatirci.
Speaker of the Senate.
In the .ctto.nate, April 28, 185 I—Resolved, That
this rez'oltzi.: , e pass. Yeas, 22, Nays 6.
Extract from the Journal,
T. A. MAGUIRE, Chrk.
In the rfause of Representatives, April 2:, IS'54
.--Resolved, Thal this resolution pass. Yeas 71,
20. Extract from the Journal.
WM. JACK, Clerk.'
Secretary's Office—Filed April 29, lB'4.
. Sett:eletry of the Cenvenorocealth:
,S r. ET/ lII ' S OFFICE,
H,atnsburg, July I, 18:4:5
I do hereby certify that the above and fore•
orm,,,,going is a true and correct copy of the orii
gloat " Resolution relative to an amend
ment of the constitution," as the same remains 'on
file in this office.
In testimony whereof,`[ have hereunto set my
hand and caused to be affixed the seal of the Secre.
Wry's Gffice the day and year above written.
Secretary nj the Commontoralfh.
"Resolution No.-562. entitled 'Resolution pupa
sing amendments to the constitution of -the com
monwealth,' Was read a third time . On the ques
tion, Will the Senate agrt e to the first proposition
aye- and nays were't iken agreeably to the con
,,titut.on, and seeress follows, viz—
YEAS-•-•Messig. Buckalew, Darlington, Darie,
Ferguson, Foulkrod, Frick. Fry. ()Jot! trill, Halde-
man, Hamilton, D. B. Handin, E. W. Ha !I,
ter, If oge, Jamison NlcChntock - , M'Farland, Platt,
Quiggle, Sager, Slifer, and M'Cusl in, spe.rker-23.
N♦r s—Messrs. Crabh, Cris., well, Hr ridaicks,Ktu
zr.r, Kunkel and Stunner-6.
t-tn the gue,,tion was determined in the affirmative.
On the question, Will the Senite agree to the se
eand proposition? the yeas and nays were tAten
a;reeahly to the constitution, and were u follows,
YEAS—Messrs. Bucksfew, Dams. Furguson,
Fouhrod, Fry, Cror Litwin, Haldeman, 13. D. Hamlin,
E. W. Domini
.Hendriclis, Hiester, Hoge. Jamison,
'Kinzer. WClnitock, Arra Hand, Piat', Price, Quig—
gte, Slifer, Wherry and M'Caslin, speaker-22.
Nmrs--. Messrs. Crabb, Cresswell, Darlington,
Hamilton, Kunkel and Skinner—G.
So the queStion was determined in the affirmative.
The question recurring upon the final passage of
the Restitutions, the first proposition was agreed to
as follows, viz—
Y As—Messrs. Abraham, Adams, Atherton, Ball,
Barton, Beyer, Bigham, Boyd, Bush, Byerly, Cald.
well, Calvin, Carliale, Chamberlin, Cools, Crane,
Cummins. Dougherty. Davis, De '''ranee, Dunning,
En:ltem Edinger, Eldred, Evans, Foster, Frey, Gal
lentine, Giboney,lutore, Gray, Groom, 6' win,
BanalltOn, Hill, Herr, Hiestand, Hillier, Hilpple,
Horn. Hummel, Hiansucker, Hunter, Hurt, Jakman,
Kilgore, Knight, Laury, (Lehigh) Linn, Magee,
Maguire,Mannerfield, AFConnell, Al'Connell, Al 'Kee,
Miller, Monaghan, Montgomery, Moore, Moser,
Muse, Palmer, Parke. Passmore, Patterson, Porter,
Putney, Rawlins, Roberts, Rove, Sallada, ~, , eOll,
Siddle, Simonton,Smith,(Berks,) Smith, (Crawford)
Stewart, Stockdale, Strong, Struthers, Wheelq,
Wicklein, ,lArright, Ziegler, and Chase, speakce—S3.
So the question was determined in theaffirmative.
On the question, will the House agree to the sec
ond proposition, the ayes and nays were taken,
agreeably to the provisions of the lath article of the
conetitution,and are as follows—
Irsas—Meirrs. Ab l iaharn, Atherton, Ball, Barton
Beck, Beyer, Bighorn. Boyd, Caldwell, - Carlisle
Chamberlain, Cook, Crai,e, Cummins, Dougherty
Davis, Deegan, De Franc.,2, Dunning, Edinger
Eldred, Evans, Fry, Goikat‘he. Gibboney, Gilmore
Gray, Groom, GWII3. 11.1.:;11!"11, Hiestand, Hillier
Hippie, Hunsucker. H : le r, fl rm. Jackinan, Kill.
gore, Knight, Laury (1..:1i5.h) Lowrey (Tioga) Linn
Magee,, Maod,:rtield, M'Counell, M'Kee
Monaghan, MontgJ , :nry, Mos", Muse, Pal.
m et , Park”, l'aVerSOn:Tiliter
R..); , erg, S,ott, Simonton
F.c.,!l(licrk,) .tt;intilt (C. aiwt . ..r i) Stcrizdale, Wheel
er. Wickirtn, Wright an.l
il.l .-111,:rs. .'t.tiant.t, Baldwin , •Benns, Bpsh
11,prly, Eckert. 1:11.:, Hart, Herr, Horn, Hammel
Po , ifson, Putney, Sidle, Stewart
Stru!itcr., and Ziegler-20.
Ihe que.stim way determined in the aiTirmative
&camas's Omer.,
Harrisburg, July 1 , 1854.
("ilk" Ido certify that the above and fiaegoing is
c. s. a true and correct copy of the Yeas and Nays taken on the Resolution relative to
an Amendment of the constitution of the Common
wealth, as the same appears on the Journals of Mit
two Houses of the General Assembly of this Com
monwealth for the year 1854.
Witness my hand and the seal of said office this
first day of July, Mt. C. A. BLACK,
July t. na V.:err/dry Comma mma/di.
~ i ttcbical.
;. E ~~
4:7 .
-7-::•• • 11 4 I NT OSH 1
g-D F RTisr,
TSnow . being:repleuisheJ wilt' a fail am! complete
stixk of
Paints, Oils, nanihites, Window P ,sc
and Diquors;, -
Together with Paints. Turpentine. Dye•
Woods Lic 8 t Lifts, Glass, Putv, choir c Groceries,
piire Wines and Liquors for Medicinal I, ur
lso, Cigars of the best brand , andall articles con .
fleeted with the trade. -
In sham, every thing connected .with the trade. The
Goods have been bought extremely low, for cash.
and will be sold accohlingly.
N. U. A superior article of Tanner's cod Neat'
F. - tot Oil.just received:
. co- Ren emeen the place--3.doors south of Mon.
tanye's corner—same buildingof the' Argo ()that.'
All of Dr. D. 'Jaynes' medicines. Ayres Oh,rry Pec•
'oriel, Se4encke Pulmonic Syrup . of Yellow Duck
Wow, Orrick's, llobensacks, and Jaynes' Vermiluge.
Together with all of the most popplar Patent medicines
now in use constantly on hand and for sale at
REED'S Drng. t•:tt“re.
Three , Doors below Montanye's
Towanda. January 3, 187,3.
sli now bein" refurni-het with a new and vplendid
tork of ,&
MEDIt•DIEs, Fancy G„ ,:d;,
Imps—same Aelhem new and beautiful pattern , .
In short, eyerpliinz advei tisvd in hi; r.gidar col
umn. has been completely filled up, with fre.Al Goods
from New•Yorkt and Philadelphia.
NI a the wgnies flor,e Remedy, Garedine, Oil, Mus
tang Linament, end several new and popular Medi•
tines which will be sold extremely low fur ea. , h.
paipi s ,oils Varnishe•, Glass, Wines I.iTtoi=,
&c., as usual.
6(113.11 - au La orold obi° -NV just received
k) and fur said wholesale and retail, at Iteed'.l
ci QUINTLES I.f fkriri , l., to boxes of hierring,
C 5 barrels of Saleratur, warrented in prone
order, left on sale at New Y,rk (Nail pricrA at
REED'S Drug Store,' Towan d a. Jan, 244,
1 )[• I.llll' suinible
.1 and Reel paelon, &c, in eon,' eider. fur
sale cheap at REED'S DRUG STORE.
elept. 4, 1853. .
TUE subscriber would an
. ( ....". " nourice to the public that he
- ' . have now on haul, and will make
) •... 1 to order all kind, of
• •:"
.4... t.t, ; . ! - Cabinet r urniture,
.-- .• , : sllcb as Sof....Divans,,Lnunges
(..; ,, u ier, Card, Di ti iii t:! and )
Li retlk
i tu ,i 'Tildes. 111.1huszank.„ Wal
nut, Maple and Cheri v lin rents,
Stands of various kinds, Chairs
and Beck leads of every .:ascription,-which are, arid
will be made of the hem material and workmanlike
manner, and which they will sell itir cash cheaper
than eau be bouelit in any utlicr Warc-room in the
~n hand on the in,' reasonable terms. A
HEARSE will be furill+lled FIT !It' rarocca , ions.
Towanda. June 1, I dr,
Now being opened by
Cash and Ready Pay Dialer in
FANCY ind staple Dry ;
meres and Vet.l.inf!.•; Hat , . Caps & straw
Good--carpets and o:1 cloths ; l'ankre Noto,ll--
[hots and Shoes—Paper Ilatv;tng.i—Tran,part nt
Window Shad;:s,&c.
all of which are olTered for sale (or CASH or
READY P. 4 rat the lowest possible
Among his stock of Goods will be found a
large assortment of Black, Fancy end Piero
Berazes and Blaze d e Lames—Des
Moualin de Laines and La.wni—Plaid and
Plain Poplins—Plain black, white, pink, ;due and
corn c dored Delaines—French. Scotch arid Amer:
ican Gingharns—English and American Prints—
Black, blue and white Bereza Lain, Lawns
Prints, &c.
Swisstand Jaconnett Edgings; Inserting,: arid
Flooncings, &c. Wrought Linen Edgings—Cotton
and Smyrna Edgings. Wrought and lace collars
—all prices—Lace and muslin underaleeves-I'n.
der handkerchiefs—all prices—Nlourning under
collars and' hirkfa.—Embroidered, hem.
sirtrh & plain linen hilk'fa—Plain mourning and
black lace Veilii—Plain and figurid cotten and silk
jace.r. Jaconnetts, Swiss and Book Muslin, Bishop
Lawns, Tarltons, &c., Lace & embroidered
jTnslin Window Vrapory.
Best quality of Ladies and Gents. Kid GlovesA.
white, black & assorted colors—Best quality silk
gloves, kid Gnish•—Plain silk lisle thread, do., as•
sorted corm and qualities—French silk mitts, Ion;
and short, for Lilies and Misses. Black silk, white
and clouded merino hose—White colored. unbleach ,
ed, mired and black cotton Hose of every quality—
Misses white, colored and mixed do.. all sizes—
Boys mixed cotton half hose, assorted sizes: Men's
lambs arisol, unbleached acid mixed cotton half hose,
assorted qualities.
Mack Italian, fancy silk and linen, lawn and
gingham Cravats, Silk and Satin stocks—common
and 3 ply Collars—silk and Linen handkerch:efs.
ALSO—A large stock cf plain black and colored
- 1721ESFADEEE 0111.19dEE-1.
Plain bl'k doeskins, fancy cassimeres and . yestings.
Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans, cottonades and other cot.
tun and linen Goth's for men arid ooys wear. -
Watered Moreeas, assorted. colors Damask for
curtains, lounges, &c., double and single fold.—
Worsted embossed, damask linen and worsted and
cotton table cloths. Bleached linen napkins.—
Bleached and brown linen damask table /Scotch and
Russian diaper and crash, bleached and unbleached
and colored muslin and almost every otherarticie of
family dry goods. •
A great variety of Boots and Shoes for mens,
bol s, ladies, misses and childrens wear.
Brocha long and square Shawls. Cashmere, silk
and de'laine do., assorted colors, of all qualities.
In addition to the above enumerated articles, will
be foune a good assortment of merchandise, of al
most every'description, to which the attention of
the public is respectfully invi ed.
Towanda. April 18, 1859.
.1 - efai - gt Goa=
OULD respectfully call ..the ntt.:ntion of the
public In their pir4e stack of Megs .and boy s ' .
nikliinitlorit. elev." iyftanity
co•tdrktlis, Cassimeres,-Dat- skins, Tweeds. Kentucky
,Plift‘,l.o3l/eirs, .Skdais Cravats)
.116siery„Suspenders, Hals, Carpet .
• Ity,f,is,runks, Canes, 4 . c
which will he rnial cheaper than the same qualitY can
in any other eqattlishinent in this country.
They ha ve also 04 hand-a well insuufactured as•
•oritaent of
lIRI *bl
flowly-Tilado Clothing,
10 which we' invite theattandrin of . ..buyers. Our
Clothing is mostly made op in the shop—and not
p urc.lvised nt " idop-shops"—aa some we wot of.
Orders in the Tailoring line executed in themoat
fashinotatle inanner, at the shortest notice, and war
- 1 The public will please. notice one fags, that
NO ON K not practicilly acquain;ed with the h .siness
is capable of judging of the quality and make of a
garment; hence the reason why the commtmity
have been so much imposed upon by w,
. a certain claws
of community who deal in - the article, who. if they
were not practically and professionally cheats, could
of necessity• know nothing about the business.—
They are certain. if the public would consult their
true interest, they would purchase only Alf those act
quainted with the bd'iness.
Towanda. April 12, 1851.
The .11 1 aver1y Bendy Madc Clothing
Mott & Wells, =orchard Tailors,
HAVE the honor of announcing to the citizens of
Bradford County, that they have just received
the largest and moat fashionable stoic of
ever brought into ' old Tioga,' conskting in par, of the
following. articles:
Over. Dress ' Frock and Sack Coats ; Vests, Pants,
Shirts, Drawers, Wrappers, Overalls, Stocks,
Cravats,Collars, Pocket h'dltfs, &c.
Collis and Trimmings constantly on hantl7—also
the fall fashion of Huh and Caps.
Our stuck of Furnishing Goods is unsurpassed in
Tioga, and comprising everything necessary for a gen
tleman's outfit. Particular attention will he paid to our
(33'2'2,Dra v:eaalpamsar%
Hiving received the latest New York Fashions, we are
prepared to get up suits on the shortest notice and in a
superim manner. CUTTING done on short notice,
and warranted to fit if properly made up.
NV inaii r:r buy, or any body else wanting any
11 hind of CLOTHING, will do well to call on
GM/UGC IL l'EnaUfS, and.see bow
Largest Clothing Store
in Athens, and his Goods were all bought cheap an.
ill be sold cheap. Clothing is much lower in tue
city, and Perkins is bound to let his customers ha - •e
the benefit of it.
The Score is new and just fined up. Two &or the brick block, in Athens.
11a , s, Caps, 4c., new and cheap.
A:liens, April 26, 1854.
The su: , scribers have just received at their old
stand in Mercur's Block, Towanda, a new and good
~s.:nriment of Skin; and Summer Goods, consist
ing of
evcr.imported into the County—all of the lates t (
,tyles in market, which are being scattered far acid
wide. In the way of Furnishing, Gond.i, we have
a cornidece a .i3ortment—ersvats, CollarA,Es,
Under :Shirts, Drawers, Wrappers, Gloves, Suspen
ders, Hchndkerchiefs Hosiery of all kinds, and .a
variety..of Trunks, Ace,
Our Ready-Made Clothing embraces every thrng,
tic•icable in that line, and as we buy for CASH, we
can and 'will sell 20 per cent. lower than any other
Clothing Eitabli.huient in Towanda.
Towanda, April 20, 1854. S. ALEXANDER.
swillt Corner of Alercur's Block, Main Simi,
A hE now opening their stock ,of GOODS for the
spring and Summer trade, comprising a full
and complete assortment, and of the usual variety,
which will ho sold at a very small profit for Rattly
Pay. Among the assortment of
will be found a great variety of Ladies' Dress Goods
rnncisting in part of
.ficregc, B•rcge De!aims, all-wool De!allies, Lawns,
plait; and printed ; Gnighams, English,
Scotch awl American ; Poplins,
Prints of all shades and
colors 4-c ,
AI o, for men's wear may be found Broad Cloths,
Cassimeres, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans, silk, satin
and Summer Vestlnvs.
Also, Sheetings, Shirtings. bleached and brown,
Tick trizq, Summer Goods for boys' wear, Cotton
Yarn, Carpet, Warp, Cotton Batten, &c., &c.
_ - -
A full Flock will he kept on hand. Those in want
of sugars, Teas, Coffee, Mdlasses, Stewart's best
Syrup,Splees. Pepper Ginger, Saleratus, Flout,
Fish, Salt, Tobacco, or any other article in this line,
will du well to call on us before purchasing else ,
A large a splendid assortment. Crockery, Glass
and SionF-ware, Hoots and Shoes, Hats and Caps--
Nails. Paints, Oils, Glass and Putty.
Thankful for the liberal petronage of the past sea
son. the undersigned feel a pleasure in inviting
public to an examination of our Spring stock, be
lieving that good Goods and low prices will insure
a speedy sale for ready pay. TRACY & MOORE.
Towanda, May 12, 1854.
CV D. BARTLETT, is now receiving a large
V. and carefully selected stock of
bought for cash since the late decline in prices,
which he will offer fur ready pay at prices which
cannot fail to give satisfaction—among otherthings
he invites particular attention td his assortment of
Dress Goods,
Towanda, Aril 15, I9:41
rs Now opening a Nsw STOCK OF Goons, consists
1 ing of full and complete assortment of all kind•
which will be sold as cheap as the same quality of
Goods can be bought anywhere this side of New-
Towanda, Dec.lo, 1853.
300 NEW BARRELS, fit for Pork or Cider,
for sale at 75c each, by S. FELON 4 CO.
Towanda, Aug. 10,1253, .
flr st., first door east of the Post Office
Vaverly, Nov. 10, 185:1.y
_ra-i.' aur. .tea. Nok - s% -- 9 -
he is selling his new stock. He has now the
500 I'rIEN WANTED ! !
Ready-Made Clothing,
Bradford County. Penusylvapila
Straw Cutters.
t -l OVEY'S Patent spisal knife Ilay and Straw Cut.
tors, of various sizes. No. 1,2, 3,4, 6 and 6.
Price—sB, $9, $lO, $l2. $l6 and $2O. , These Cut
ters arc bettor and acaper thin the straight knife Cut
ter, with knives set diagonally on the shaft,.
The knives on Hovey's Cutter are spiral, which
enables them to cut at right angles against &he rew,,hide
roller. They cut steadily, with no jerking—areasily
kept in repair. Each knife can be taken off wad shar
pened without disturbing the shaft (or other knives)
and if necessary each knife can be set out or in, so as
to keep them all true,_if ono knife should wear faster
than another. Every farmer should have ono of these
labor and feed saving machines.
For sale wholesale and retail—a liberal discount
made to those who buy to Sell again.
Athens. Pa., November 10, 1855.
Bradford County Premium Corn Milers,
WHOLESALE and Retail.! The very best article.
to be7found it the county, and cheapest—(war—
ranted)—fur sale at the Agricultural and stove store df
Nov. 10,1853. R. M. WELLES.
COOK , STOVES, of various and excellent patterns
and sizes--several patterns of superior Flevated
Ovens ; amon g which is a combination of the Clinton
and National Air Tight, called the EAGLE. Also a
well selected stock of elegant parlor, hall, shop, church
and school house Stoves, both for wood and coal—of
s i zes a nd prima to suit all classes of customers. Call
and see. Nov. 10. R. M. WELLES.
Sausage and !I/Since =eat Cutters.
- DRIVES $4 and $5 Every farmer should have one
1 of these excellent labor saving articles; they are
capable of cntting from 100 to 200 pounds of meat per
•hour, and are very simple, portable and easily kept in
repair, for sale by
Athens, Nov. 10, Is9l. R. M. WELLES. '
31 , 144 r al!"
A"'just receiving at their largo and commodious
New Store, opposite the Court House, a largo
assortment of
Provisions, Groceries, Yankee Notions, 7oys, Fruit,
Confictionary, Willow ware, 4.c.,
making their . stock the largest, moat complete and best
in Northern Pennsylvania. And the very liberal pat
ronage they have received from the public during the
year past, establishes the fact that they either sell
cheaper or sell goods of a better quality than any oth
er dealers.
To merit and induce a continuance of so liberal tiat•
ronage we shall still follow oar old motto—" SMALL
Below we name a few of the articles that always be
found in our stock :
Black and green tea, Rio and Java coffee. chocolate,
cocoa, sugar, molasses, syrup, ginger, pepper, spire,
cloves, nutmeg, cinamon, mace, coda, saleratus, cream
tartar, peppersance, sperm and tallow candles, hard
soap, vinegar, starch, 4 c.
Mrss pork, dried beef, hams and shoulders, mackerel,
codfish, shad, pickeled herring, smoked herring, whea t
flour, buckwheat flour, corn meal, cheese, rice, beans,
potatoes, butter, lard, crackers, &c.
rruft Nuts.
Prunes, citrons, figs, Eng,. currants, raisins, dried
peaches, apples, almond; filberts, Brazil nuts, Greno,
ble and Madeira walnuts, pea nuts, chestnuts, &c.
German, Trench and American Toys,
Fancy 'Goods, &c. &c.
Tin wagons, rocking horses, boys' sleighs, China &
pewter toy tea setts. dolls, trumpets, accordions, harmo.
nicas, &c. Glass, paper and wood inlaid work boxes
and toilet cases—toy bureaus, .ec retaries, writing detk
—plain and embroidered work baskets, knitting. 110
pearl, ivory, papier mache and leather port moniacs,
wallets and purses, ivory, horn and wood pocket combs
toilet combs, ivory fine combs, pocket inkstands, pock
et and small fancy mirrors, tobacco and snuff boxes
cigar cases, perfumery and hair oils.
Brooms, mopsticks, clothes pins, bench screws, ail•
low clothes baskets and market baskets, sugar and since
Candy of all kinds.
Dairy and table Salt, Salina Do. etc. etc. etc.
Country dealers supplied at a small advance from
New York prices.
0 - Most kinds of country produce taken in exchange
for goods. • BAILEY & NE VINS.
Towanda, January 2. 1854.
Pacific Balm.
TUST received, a
,pew supply of Dr. Farwell's
•Great medicine for the cure of Consumption.
Persons threatened with the alarming disease would
do well to apply this medicine before it becomes too
late. Price $t per bottle, ar sii bottles for $5.
May 24, 1b54. .1. KINGSTERY.
Farmer's Union .Insurance Company.
(Vice, Athcns, Bratifird County, Pa.
(lAPITAL, $200,000, secured by bond and mort—
.l gage on the real estate onthe stockholders, in—
sures against loss by fire, houses, stores, and other
buildings, goods, wares and merchandise, on as fa•
durable terms as any similar
Direelors—Hon. Horace Williston, Francis Tyler,
George A Perkins, J T D Myer, C N Shipman, C
F , yVelles jr. J E Canaeld; Athens ; Hon John La-
porte, Towanda; Gen. Bradley Wakeman, Lacey,
vilte; Gen..M. Hollenback. Wilkesbarre: Michael
Meylert, Laporte.
Officers—Hon. Horace Williston, President; J E
Canfield, See.; C F Welles, jr. V. Pres and Treas.
n" . • Address, G. A. GAYLORD, Agent, Wyalus
ng, Bradford Co. Pa. July 1, 1854.
THE only assortment of Paper Hangings kept in
this vicinity, with a fresh stock just coming In
at unusually low prices. 0. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda, April 21 1853
WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of To—
wanda and vicinity, that he has opened a
Grocery & Provision Store.
on the south side of the Public Square, where he
would bo pleased to wait upon those that call upon
him. He has all kinds of articles kept in a country
Grocery. Such as Nnts of allirind4; Oranges, Le.
mons, and Candies of all varieties and shapes, Ci
gars of the best quality.
He also designs to keep on hand Pnovistonsdic.
&c., all of which he offers cheap for Cash or Coun
try produce. His motto is, that " nimble six-pence
is better than a slow shilling."
Towanda, May 1, 18.54.
ABOUTthe lir last of June, a pocket MEMORA
DUM, with blue black tuck cover, the tuck
broken and nearly worn out. Whoever will return
the same to the undersigned, at Towanda, shall be
liberally 'awarded. 8. V. SHIPMAN. •-•
Towanda. July 20, 1054.
Furs ! Fars !!
A qantisy of Fur Victorious and t uffs of dif f erent
qualities, for sale •T cost by
Jim 19, 11354. 11. 8. NIERCITII.
lfld ifat.
Wm' ...ESILL Mir*
En the South end of the Ward House,
fDlt. li. C. PORTER,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Paints, Oils, Varishes, Window Glass,
Dye Stuffs and Burning Flhids.
Regular Agent for the following genuine popular
Dr. Jaynes' Medicines— Ayre's Cherry Pectoral
Alterative, Vermifuge. Schenck's pill. syrup
Expectorant, Liniment Hoofland's bitters
Hair Dye, &c. Pepsin (for dyspepsia)
Dr. Fitch's Medicines Acornitic oil
Dr.Swayne's do Indian Cholagogue
Dr.Keeler's - do Lyon's rat pills
Brant's Balsam & Ext Pile Medicines
Orrick's Vermifuge Salt Rheum and Triter
Graefenberg Medicines ointment
Gargling Oil Trask's mag 4. do
Pain Killers Spavin & founder do
Galvanic belts, &e. McAlliater's do
Heave & Condition pow. Eye waters
Rock Rose Cephalic snuff
Uterine Catholicon learn salve
Tooth ache drops Sticking do.
Hair invigorator & dyes Wistar's bal. wild cherry
Bed bug poison Female Pills
Townsend's Sarsaparilla Bullard's oil soap
Plasters and Pills of all Balsam Life
kinds. Harlem Oil
And many others, not entimerated, all warranted
(0• Remember Dr. POIITCII . S Drug. and Chemica
Store is in the South end of the Wari House. front.
inr, the Public square. H. C. PORTER, M. D.
PEOPLE of Bradford County wishing anything
nice in the way of Nfonuments, Headstones,
Tomb Tables, Centre Tables of Italian and Awn ;
ican Marble, or Black Stones of all sizes. can'
have them on the shortest notice by sending in'
their orders, cheaper and better than can be Pur
chased elsewhere.
Chester Wells, Cabinet raker and underta
ker, nearly opposite the Ward House, Towanda,
Agent. G. W. PHILLIPS.
Tovvanda n March, 31 , 1853.
yuawirrec - tre clv_al - R:_, - Pla 0,,1V.
Important to Ifousekeepers:
....., . THE mnbseriberthankful for the
""...M6-. 117 1. -.
liberal patronage heretofore re
. AkSsigite ceived, begs leave to inform his
A'''', r ,l -- ; ...
,friends and the public generally,
- ~..N 1 1 - ! and those commencing House
, _.. 'keeping in particular that he has
'll, Alt . ow on hand a large assortment
'" Il of FLIZINITI;I:E, which he will
warrant to be made in a substantial manlier, and of
the best materials.
BUREAUS, such as mahogany and walnut dor ss
ing bureaus, marble and plain tops - ; mahogany and
(walnut washstands, marble tops, and plain, of dif
ferent patterns, Card and enitables, Sofas Couch
es, whatnots, arc.
BEADSTEADS.—High, Field, French and low
post beadsteads, finished in handsome style and of
approved patterns,together wish other furniture usu
ally called for, al of which will be sold on the most
accommodating ms.
cri The subscrib is ako provid.-d with a plain
and fashionable HEA • and will hold himself in
readiness to attend to all orders in undertaking.
He will furnish ice boxes when desired, by the aid
of which the corpse may be kept for aweck. ('OE
N. B.—Furriiture of all kind: male to order, and
warranted to be of the best matt rtals and workman
' Towanda, January 17, 1812.
THE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
they have taken the shop formerly occupied by
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's wagon shop, where they are prepared to do all
kinds of BLACKSMITHING upon reasonable terms.
They are determined by doing their work well and
promptly, to merit, as they hope to receive a share of
public patronage.
HORSE—SHOEING done in the best manner. All
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the most skil
ful. manlier.
WOOD WORK for wagons will also be made and
repaired when desired.
All work done at their shop, will be warranted to be
well done, and manufactured from the best materials.
The public are requested to give us a trial, and judge
for themselves. ESENWINE do bEERISCHH.
Towanda, May 2, 1851.
g3l - .7.L(D3 , aa3
LEAVE Towanda for meteor's
mills,Burlington,East Smithfield
Ridgebery, and Wellsburg de.
pot on the N. Y. & E. R. R., every Mosrm, Wxn-
NIESBAY and Fumes at 8 o'clock A. M., and arrive
at the depot in time to take the evening train of cars
either east or west, same day.
after the arrival of the Eastern train, and also the
Western cars from Jefferson, Elmira, Sic., and ar
rive at Towanda same day.
FARE :—Towanda to /demur's mills,
" to Burlington, 50,
" to East Smithfield, 62}
" to Ridgebery, 1,00
" to Wellsburg depot, 1,25
Express packages to or from the Rail Road care
fully delivered at moderate charges.
Towanda. Oct. 8, 1852. Proprietor
Sohn W. Wilcox,
H AS removed his establishment to H. Mix's store,
corner of main street and the public square, and
will continue the manufacture of Boots and Shoes, as
He has just received from New York a large assort.
ment pf fromen's, Children's emd Misses' Shoes, which
are offered at low prices. The attention ct the Ladies
is paricularly directed to his assortment, coMprising
the following new styles :--Enamelled Jenny Lind gai
ter boots,. do. shoes • black lasting and silk gaiters;
w lking shoes, buski4,&c. Misses' gaiters and shoes,
a every description. A large assortmentof Children's
fancy gaiters, boots and shoes, of all kinds.
Foe the Gentlemen, almost every style of gaiters and
shoes. This stock has been personally selected with
care, and he believes be can offer superior articles at
reasonable prices.
17. The strictest attention paid to Manufacturing,
and he hopes by doing work well to merit a continu
aace of the liberal patronage ho has hitherto received.
Totianda, May 8, 1853.
THE Subscribers having formed a cepartnership
under the firm of S. FELTON & CO , for do.
ing s genera) Liquor business, would respectfully
ask Hotel keepers and all others in want of any.
thing in their line to giv.) them a can e We- Intend
keeping on hand a general assortment of Foreign
Liquors, which we can sell cheaper than any one
else in the county, from the fact that we buy direct
from the importers, and thereby save a large profit
charged by the N.Y. Jobbers ; Liquors are warrant
ed pure and free from adulteration. Also constant
ly on band Whiskey of the best quality. We have
made arrangements by which we can furnish our
customers with any qnantity of Binghamton BEER
fresh from the Brewery. Please give us a call.
The notes and accounts of-the old firm of S. Fe
ton & Co., are in our hands for settlemen.
Towanda, Dee. 1, 1852
Saddle, Harness & Trunk Manufactory
JERE CI J LP & Co., respectfully inform the public
that they have removed to the shop on Alain streei,
recently occupied by Smith & Son, nearly opposite
the Ward House, where they will keep on hand a
large stork of
ataufauo., laalFauo
All articles in their line manufactured to order, 'and
made of the beat matcrial,and for workmanship canno
be surpassed in Northern Pennsylvania, They solidi
a call from those wishing to purchase; confident the
they can give satisfaction both as to quality and price
G:7Hides and Sheep Pelts received for work and ot,
account, at the lowest rates.
Sale Leather, Upper Leather, Harness Leather an
Calf skins, for sale in any quantity.
ON account of losses sustained at the late fine, w
ore obliged to call on those inkebted to us lot
prompt settlement, u we arc under the neeessity of
having what is owing to us, we trust this notice will
be sufficient without resorting to other mein..
Towan.da. Dec. 2, 1952.
Removed to B. Kingsbery ' s Block !
Ira. fhamberliss,
irj A 8 just returned from the city
4 1 .: -11. of New York with • large
ik supply of %Vetches, Jewelry and
7 „ 17,F Silver ware, comprising in • part,
~ ~\.:: )(, the following articles:—Lever,
!\. -. IA L'Epine and Plain Watches, with
4c L ),V1 1 ,::" e .,, y, l ae a complete assortment of Gold
- - Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin-
ger Bin ;;Breast Pins, Bracelets, Locket; Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all sorts of Sil verware,
and any quantity of Steel Beads—all of which he offers
for sale exceeedingly cheap for CA 81f.
Weches repaired on ahbrt notice, and warranted
to run well,or the money will be refutided, and a writ
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. B.—NI API,E SUGAR, and Country Produc •
taken in payment for work; and alas.' learn now, an
",rruer, I hal the Produce must be paid whin the tour g
is dune—l war against credit in all its forms.
Towanda, April 28, 1852.
LOOKING GLASA PLATES cut and fitted or
any size, to be bad at the Jewelry store or
May 15, 1852. W. A. CHAMBERLIN
A horse ! a horse ! my kingdom fot
horse and customers In take away
the grinds. Notwithstanding the late
disastrous fire, A. M. WARNER in
` himself again !
And at No. I Brick Row you'll find
Most anything that's in his line,
From a cambricneedle of the finest kind,
To a jewelled watch of eighteen karat fine.
Clocks which keep time accurate and true;
Breast pins ()revery style and hue,
Gold, silver, steel and plated chains,
Selected with the greatest pains.
Finger rings, my gosh, why what a pile
Of every sape and every style,
To suit the old, the pang, the grave, the ga
May there be seen in elegant array.,
And Wanxta, who is himself a " host,"
Is always ready and at' his post,
To wait upon his customers and all
Who chance upon 'im to give a call.
So with good advice make up your mind* -
To call on him and there you'll find ,
Such sights, my eyes, 0 ! what a view
Jewelry of every style and
r'j - Don't mistake the place No. I. Brick row
where he is prepared to do all kinds of
JO B — W K
in his line of busines, at the cheapest rates that can
possibly be atTorded He will also sell his jewelry
at 20 per cent haver, than was ever before offered in
this market. 'Call and see.
Towanda. Nov. 12, 1852. A. M. WARNER.
S • . 7.8, 1 NEE:6 7 TArigAs t
URNE YOR for Bradford County, is prepared to
attend to the above business in all ittchranches.
His office is at Moriroelon: All letters addressed to
him at that place, will meet with prompt attention.
April 4,18 M.
T HE firm of Lamoreuz, Hall & Russell, having
taken L. Lamoreuz as a partner, mill
continue the Foundry business, generally, under the
name of I. L. & H. L. Lamonucx & Co., st their
old stand, known as the Eagle Foundry, in the south
part of the Borough of Towanda, where they will
manufacture to order and keep on hand a large as.
sortment of the following articles, to wit t
of all kinds. including Mill irons, Mill gearings—
the Rose & Johnson Water wheels, 4c. 4c.
BOX, Coal, Cooking and Porlor stores, of all kinds,
sizes and prices.
North Branch, Nos. 1, 5 and 7—Blatt.hly Nos. 1
and 2 —Binghamton, Wayne County, Excelsior,
Side-bill and Corn Ploughs, tkc.
Corn-Shellers dc Straw Cutters,
Wagon boxeg,Sleig.h-shoes, Plough points, gearing
for Chain pumps, Grindstones, 4-c., and other artir,
cies too numerous to mention.
Having secured theservices oil. B. IRVINE, well
known as a skillful Machines!, the firm feel contio
dent that they can manufacture and repair all kinds
of machinery in as workmanlike manner, and on as
easy terms as any establishment thirr side of Newt
York. -
Steam Engines will be repaired satisfactorily, on
al on notice. Particular attention Will be paid to the
Pattern Department, and all oraerc fulfilled on the
shortest possible notice,
t;i• Particular attention is called B. IrviAe's
celebrated Excelsior Plough, which took the first
premium of the Bradford County Fair, 91' 1853. Also,
to the Elevated Oven Eagle Stove, the beat nuw in
use. ' •
Old Iron, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Pewter, and Grain
and all kinds of Country produce taken in payment.
N. R.—All Notes and accounts due the firm of
Lamoreux, Hall and Russell, are left in the hands of
I. L. & H. L. Lamoreux for collection, and immediato
attention is called to the same, which MUST as CUD
by May Court next.
C. S. Russita.. 5 H. L. Lotoszvx.
Towanda, April 1, 1854
6 .4 TONS more of those cheap Sugars jest recd and for sale by PHINNEY.
_ _
11AANTED—all kinds of grain & lumber for
V V which sonic cash will be paid by
Oct. 24,1853. PHINNEY.
DRIED APPLEr3.-40 bushels DriedApples—
grafted fruit—on hand and for sale by
March 15, 1854. D.IILEY Ss NEVINS.
E. T. FOX.