Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 01, 1854, Image 3

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Waverly . Sta i t i ia N. & E.' R. R
Stock Express, •x 3 40 Night Express. 8011110 BAST. H. 11. GOING WEST. N.
• se 4 00
Night ElpreSS,lo - 11 1 i 38 Way Express, : u 11 40
N. Y. Express •x 5 201Batralo Ex. Le u 8 10
•Cin. Ex'p.. •x 5 111 Mail No. 1. I.x 83.1'
Mail N 0.4. rxB 53 Dunkirk Ex. rat 403
IMail N 0.2 •x 7 28 Mail No. 3. AxB 24
*Steamboat Ex. exl 49 Emigrant. rK4 17
Does not stop at Waverly.
Will, until further notice, leave Towanda at 14
past 1, P M., connecting with the Buffalo Express
going West, and all the evening trains both ways.
Returning, leaye Waverly after the arrival of the
night and morning trains, reaching Tow,anda in time
fur the Tunkhannock and Onshore stages.
Wednesday. Feb. 2%, Nu.
Ic c in %iliac:llamado.
____......_ _ .
T" partneiAip between E. F. Dawson and
A. Gay. is this day dissolved by mama' con
sent—the accounts are left -in the bands of J. L.
Jones, E - q.. for settlement. _
Wilmot. June 22, 1354.
Auditor's Notice.
I n the maw 4 . the estate of Beelomin Buffington,
TjAVING been appointed aw, Auditor, by the
/1 0 ph an's Court of Bradford County, to heal
and report upon exceptions filed" to the final ac..-
coon t of the estate of Benjamin Buffington, deceas
ed, late of NV arren township; I will attend to the
duties of the appointment, at my office in the Boro
of Towanda. on the 15th day of August next, at
one o'clock P. M.. of which all persons interested
*w ill please take notice.'
Sune 19, 1,854.. WM. ELWELL, Auditor.
- -
Administrator's Bale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Bradford County, will lie exposed to sale at
public vendue. at the Court House, in the Euro' of
Towanda, at o'clock P. M... of the 31st day Of
July next, all the iuterest whic4Northrup Mory, in
his lifetime, had in a tract of land, situated in Or
well township, containing one hundred and fifty—
*even acres. bounded .on the-North by lands of
Aaron Chobbuck ; East by lands of Nathaniel Rus.
sel—Southward by lands of Henry Lent—about sixty
acres inproved, with a barn and two houses and an
apple orchard thereon
A MELIA STEVENS, Adrotnistratrix,
WM. D. DUNHAM, Admiaistraipr.
June 26, 1854.
Horses, Harneis & Wagon - for sale.
rrHE 'MAN who wants to purchase a span of
Young Horses, Harness, and Lumber Wagon.
on very favorable terms, can hear of an opportuni
4y, by calling at this office. June gB, 1854.
Farmer's Union Insurance Company.
ilthe,o, Bradford Ct fluty, Pu.
riANTAL; $200,000, secured by bond and Dloll—
gago on the real estatg of the atoeltholtieti, in—
sures against It , JS by fire, Louses. stores, and other
bwidings, goods, wares and merchandise, on as fa.
vocable terms as any Similar institution.
Directors—lion. Horace Willistcn, Francis Tyler,
C ,, .r . ge A Perkins. J"I" D Myer, C N Shipman. C
\V,•l:es jr. J E Canfield, Athens ; Hon John La-
Toaanda; Gen.. Bradley Wakeman, Lacey
v.ile ; Geo. M. Ilolleuback, Wilkesbarre: Michael
M.lert, Laporte.
IT.,race Williston, President; J E
( • . ,„ t i el ,i, s ec . ; C' F Weller. r. V. Pres and . Treas.
A ddre-., C. A. GAYLORD, Aaeot,•Wyalus
nig. Bradford Co. Pa. .Jule 1, 1854.
Auditor's Notice.
supke,t Pierce t 4.. Pder Peck tarts. 14 Hmlford
rolltat ft Pleas. No 188, Mty Term, 1851.
THE undersigned having been appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Bradford County,
au A toloor to dotribute the fund raised by the
stir; ors sale of real estate, in the above entitled
,v O rr, berth . ) , give notice, that he will attesd to the
~utle:; of appointment
. his office, in Troy boro,
Lot satuaiy the 39th day of July next, at t o'clock
P. M., at which time and place all persons having
:aims upon said fund, are requested to present
theta for adjustment, and distribution, or be debarred
from coming in fur a share of said fund.
Troy, June IT, 185 E F. SMITH. Auditer.
CHAU. :D. 3=111.11.1r,
.ITTORJrEY JUT 1,, 4 us,
Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pa.
oFFlGE—Op . posite G. S. Hotel—Up Ett.iirs.„M.
The Educational Fund Festival,
postimpcd from the 4th ot)uly, to commence
.l day of which. due itati.e will he elven.
Auditor's Notice,
L the matter of the Estate of Humphry Brown, deceas•
mi. In the ()Thorns Caart`of Bradford County.
THE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the court
to make distribution of funds in the hands of
the Administrators of said estate, will attend to the
duties assigned him, at his Otfice, in the Boro' of
Towanda, od thel2llth of July, 1854, at 2
o'clock P. M. And all persons having claims upon
said fund, must present them at the time and place
afircsaid, or else be foreverdebarred from (hemline.
June 16, 1854. P. D. MORROW. Auditor.
Auditor's Notice.
14 the matter of the polo:dory assignment of 0. D.
Chamberlin to S. Bradley. In the Com. Plea
6f Bradford Co. No. 131, Sept T. 1552.
THE undersigned, - an auditor appointed by said
Court to distribute motley in the bands of S.
S. Bradley, said Assignee, Fill attend to said bu
siness at his office in the borough of Towanda, on
Monday the 26th of Jane, A.' D. 1854, st 1 o'clock
P. M. When and there all persons interested a •
requested to attend. '
D'A. OVERTON, Auditor
Tuwanda, May 29, 1854.
Auditor's Notice.
Jo the matter of the ntate of Asa Ilanley, deed. . In
the Orphans' Court of Bradford County
THE undersigned having been appointed an an
ditor to hear, examine and report upon 111 e. fi
nal account of the administrators of Asa Manley,
dee'd. to which exceptions are filed, will attend to
the duties assigned him on the 28th day of June
next, at 1 o'clock, P. M. at his office in the born' of
Towanda. D'A. OVERTON, Auditor.
May 29,1854.
r t i.ll 4 NELS—Frenoh, Domestic and Salisbury,
I: for sale by . PHINNEY.
lITANTED--all kin& of & Itimbe r for
r which wale cash will be paid by
Oct. 24,1853. PHINNEY.
B OOTS dr SHOES , the largest and cheapest as.
sortment in Towanda. by PqINNEY.
West Branch clover - Seed. •
5 0 E0161 of West Baruch Clover seed. just re.
celved a first rate article, and for sale at
lowest crab price, by DAILY & NEVINS. tbe
March 1, 1854.
MINK SKINB.—The highest price will be paid in
cash for any quantity of Mink skins, by
Jan. t, 1054. MONTANYEB' & do.
300 NEW B4RREIA, AI fiir Pork or Cider,
for sale at ne each, by S. FELON 4 CO.
Towanda. Aug. 10, 1853. -
HARVEY PHINNEY * is just receiving a fine
• assortment of Banta asa Human Goons wbicb
will, be sold as usual. very cheap fur . CAM !
Towanda, April 20, 1850.
CLOVER SEED—A,. nvitiste artiele.juit
ed and for bale at • PHINNEIPS.
bnabelir for.iale by
• 1 -. AUDITOWSIIOUki-,.
if.'4l.4Waftles, Adtuntstrat . or fiatiEstate a
Wailksoketi. vs. Dania Mir Jr,. Eft the Os
; ma Rai itlitakadam* 14 ; ISet Ilandar
Terat t 1850: •-• • • .• •
alidetnipeaAwritor. *Wow br laa WWI
I to diEribute tbe bands ti me Sheriff
wilt attend 1,0 the duties assigned him, at his • oMee.
in the Sonia Towanda. on Tuesday the =6th day
of J01y,,1M14, at o'clock P. M. • •
All pumas haw.
Mg demands upon said fends. Must present them
et the
-time and plate aforesaid. or else be &sever
debarred from the same.
Jane 14, 1864. P. D.IOOItROW. Auditor.
CORN euMutton with steel teeth. for. sale tiy
H. 8. 1118RCHR.
' . • MUM •
Brown , Rocy& Att. IA! If:Mager. b the
Cointnou. Pkai-of Bradfia cooly.
May Term, 1851. _ .
THE undendined Airditni. appidated by** Court
.to distribute fonds received by Oberlin) sale of
defenders& raal estate. seised an enemies boned in
the above suit, will attend to the duties of raid ap
pointment at his office in Towanda borough en t he
26th day of July. 1864. at 2 o'clock P. M., whore all
persons Interested are required to present their claims
et be debarred from said fund.
June 18. 1854. P. D. MORROW, Auditor.
Auditor's ;room
In the matter of the amts of John Welsh, deceased...-
In the Orphans Court of Bradford County.
ifillE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
—L Court, to Marshall asaeats and distribute funds
in the hands of the Administrators of said estate,
Will attend to the duties assigned him, et his office
in the boro' of Towanda. on Thursday the 27th of
July. 1854. at 4 o'clock P. M. MI persons having
claims upon said funds, mast present them at the
time and place aforesaid, or else be forever debarred
from the same. P. D. MORROW, Ataditor.
June 18, 1854.
ES "13 SA?.
. .
13 Y virtue of writs of Vend. Expo. issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Bradford county, and
to me directed, will be exposed to public sale at
the Court House, in the born' of Towanda, on Mon.
•daj the Sd day of Jily. at I o'clock P. M. the fol
lowing described lot, piece or parcel of hind situ
ate in Pike tp. and bounded on the north by laud of
Cyrus Tyrrell. on the east by the county line be
tween Bradford and Susquehanna equines, on the
south by lands of Seth Blakeslee. oh the west b y
lands of the estate of Solomon Bosworth. deceased
Containing about 70 scree, more or less. one old
framed house one old framed barn and an orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
• Seixeil and taken in execution at the suit of C.L.
Ward vs.. Chauncey 0. Gridley, administrator of F.
V. Waterman. dec'd.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Sheahegnin
tp., bounned north and west by hinds of Obadiah
Gore, on the east by the public highway leading on
the east - side of the Susquehanna river, from Athens
to T,.wenda, south by a lane leading from said high.
way to Davidson & Gore's mill. Containing about
one fourth of an acre, more or less, all improved,
one fratriled house thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Geo.
E. Lent, to the use ut,Thomas Minier, vs. James B.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Burlington
tp., bountled north by lands of Mrs. A. P. Smith. on
the east by the old Berwick turnpike. south by J. P.
Long, west by landsof Addison M'Kean.containing
three—fourths of an acre, all 'improved, one framed
house, one framed barn and shed and cow-hoUse,and
a few fruit bees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thos
Elliott, to the use of John V. Daniels, Almond
M . Nichols.
. - -
C. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Towanda, June it, IBM.
Not* is hereby givers, rbat an amount equal to
the cons will be required to be paid upon each sale
when - struck . down to the bidder, and upon a failure
to comply with this regulation, the tract of land will
again be offered for sale.
The North Branch Canal• Navigable !
The Packet Boat St. Loris,
Will run daily between
LEAVING Athens at 1-2 o'clock, A. M., emir
log at noon, returning to Athens same evening
leaving Towanda at 2, P. M.
Carriage. will be in reclines. to convey passen
gers to and from the depot..
The proprietor will also carry light freight
from Waverly to Towanda, and intermediate points.
at reasonable rates. W. LOOMIS.
Towanda, Jane 10, 1854.
Bituminous Coal.—Barclay Coal Bed.
THE undersigned is prepared to furnish at the
bed., any quantity of this superior COAL, at
the reduced prize of $1 25 per ton for Blacksmith
coal, and $1 75 for picked Grate coal. Payment io
cash or country produce. bat no credit will be given.
for the Barclay R. R. and Coal Company.
Franklin (Old Coal Bed) May 25, 1854.
THE partnership heretofore existing between La.
throp & Chubback is this day dissolved by mo.
toll consent. The book, and accounts are all to
be settled by C. E. Chobbock, with mast be done
immediately. All persons owing the late firm must
call and settle the same, and those having demands
amtinst said firm wit present the same to C. E.
Cbubbock for payment. S. B. LATHROP,
Orwell. May 20. 18t% C. E. CHUM:WOK.
The subscriber calls attention of the old patrons'
of the abore firm and the eommuniturenetafiV. to
the carefully selected Stock of GOO flaw being
received at the new Store., eeently'occupied by C.
& L. where be may ba found at -all times ready .to
exhibit his goods, not. fearing to compare 'bent and
their prices with those of. any tither Store in the
country. Call and satisfy yourselves.
Administrator's Sale.
BY vi rine of no order issued the Orphan.' Court
of Bradford county, will be sold on the 29th of
May nest, et 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Man-
sion house on the premises, all that lot of land sit
uate in Monroe tp., containing one hundred acres,
described as follows: Beginning at a black oak,she
north west corner of the farm of which D. 11. Olen
died seized, thence north 56° east 121 and 3-10 psy
ches to a post, thence south 38° eat 94 perches
thence south 13 0 west 160 perches.thenee north 32°
west 148 perches to the beginning, with about 110
acres improved, and e framed house aid barn there
on. rerme made known at the, day
THOB.- zworr,
Adm'rs. D. H. Owen, dee'd.
May 1, 1854.
The above sale stands adjourned till Saturday the
10 day of June, at 2 o'clock in the annum at the
house of Hiram'Shaw, in Monroe. '
co. The above sale is further adjourned until
Saturday, September 2d, at the same plus &edam
of day.
DR. E, H.
IFILIC AN & 51M,01110107,
Residence ; Pine . Sinnd. opposite the.44Pratbraiim
Olen his professiooal services, to *be people of
Towands.and viola ity. 'Can always be found at big
oaks: in Dr. Po mmes Wu" Store. when not pew
di, LicAlhais Apieuttigui &art. - •
WSW BRANCH and phi? clivel 134 d, at $7
Clews Agape!: 7lniably Seed, inid re.;
tait•—riutil pries. It, Akio trod othitai of Gar-,
Athen - s; Match ID, 18154. , ' •
f I i I
Tat co;peetairship heirioforis eilstiet be
GesHoskliaind Jobs V. Rice, calm tbs dna et
Sad& lk Nee. is dab ds dissolved by atutual
MIL _The Imeshiess *ill betraftet be conducted by
John Hick and dale Loki can be towel at the
Store comae* oettdded by said dna. AU those iw
debted to said linaby book account will paw viii
and settle ske-same without delay.
IJEORGE 8111T11.
Moareittos,lisy laid.
110.• MP* 11110111111111.0.71;1117,
Attalla*" at lain
onus wns m asetsrsa azcoansa.
Toviands, Penna.
TH bop receiviog all sons of NEW GOODS. whic h
J will be sold very low CU Cub.
Nay 3. 1834.
2. - 1120Igo=NW.
UTOULD inform her friends, that she has just re.
SS tufted Susi the city, with a large assortment
of aldszastaa,v Goons,
which she at,. at reduced prime.. Produce of ay.
ay kind Melt in payment for goods,
22DMIWVATI.•••DIL MASON hu removed
bis office told. dwelling, on Pine street. Opposite
the old Prestiytellak Church.
Towanda, May 13. 1854.
►i•BE fourth quarter will commence on Tuesday
1 the 10tb day of May next. April 20. 1851.
Two HUNDRED TONS Cayuga Ground Plas
ter. [OO Barrels Salt, 100 Bbls. White Stone
Lime. 50 bushels Orwell & West Branch Clovei
Seed, 30 bushels Timothy Seed, 500 lbs. Allegany
County Cheese. just received and for sale by
Towanda, April 27, 1854.
FIVE HUNDRED Thousand FeetPanne' Boards.
60.000 feet Common do.
100.000 feet Collin boards
300.000 long Pins shingles, for which Cash +di be
paid on delivery 8.8. BAILEY dr. CO.
Towanda. April 17. 1854.
Plows and Plow castings !
LATCH L EY. Wayne county, Alba or Curtis
Plows, Side bill, subsoil and corn plows and
Castings, for sale cheap.
I take particular pains to get good well made
plows and tough castings. I would invite particu
lar attention to the Alba, or Curtis plow.
Call and see. R. M. WELLES.
sons to J. 4 Alexander .* Co.'s Clothing
The subscribers have just received at their old
stand in Mereor's Stock,Towands. a new and good
assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, consist
ing of
ever imported into the Cuunty—all of the latest
styles in market, which ate being scattered far and
wide. In the way of Furnishing Goods, we have
a complete assortment--Cravats, Collars, Shirts,
Under Shirts, Drawers, Wrappers, Gloves. Suspen.
den, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery of all kinds, and a
variety of Trunks, &e, .
Our Ready—Made Clothing embraces every thing
desirable in that has. and u we buy for Cssa, we
can and ariU sell 20 per cent. lower than any other
Clothing Establishment in Towanda.
Towanda, April 20. 1854. M. E. SOLOMON.
Cistern and Well Pumps !
T EAD PIPE I Hydraulic, Rams o any kind,
size. lae.. cheap for ready pay, for sale by
Jan. 8, 1853 . R. M. WELLES.
THE co-partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers. under the finn of Alexander at
Solomon, wu dissolved by mutual consent on the
27th day of May. M. E. Solomon retirit g. The
business will hereafter be carried on muter the name
of 1. da 8. Alexander.
Towanda. May 27. 18".
Cash and Ready Pay Denier in
FANCY and Staple Dr Goods Cloths. easel.
Wats and Vesting's; Hats, Caps & Straw
Gloods—..earpeta and o:1 cloths ; Yankee Nodose—.
Bootikand shoes—Paper Hangings—Transparent
Window Shadesdke.
all of which are offered for sale •for CASH or
READY PA Yat the lowest possible prices.
Among his stock of Dry Goods will be found a
Inns emortmest of Black. Fancy and Plain Dress
Silk..-Challis, Bermes and Braze de Laines—De.
berm:Montan de Laines and Lawns•-Plaid and
Plain Poplins—Plain black, whim, pink. blue and
corn colored Delaines—Preach. Scotch and A trier
icanainghems—Eogibill and American Prints.r
Black, blue and white Berea de Lain., Lawns
Printp • &a.
Swiss and Jaconnett Edgings. Insertings and
Flouncing., &c. Wrought Linen Edgings--Cotton
and Smyrna Edgings. Wrought and lace collars
—all prices—Lace and muslin ondessleeves—Un.
der handkerchiefs—all prices—Mourning under
hdk'fs.. collars and hd'kf....:Entbroidered, bem•
stitch ds plain linen bdkis-uPlain mourning and
black face Veils—Plain and figured torten and silk
juce.. Jaeonneus, Swiss and Book Muslin. Bishop
Lawns,Tarltons, &c.. Lace & embioidered
Maas Window Drapery.
Designing of Ladies and Gents., Kid Gloves—
white, black & ,assorted colors—Best vent, silk
eares.,kid thildimftiPlida * thiCsi.
sorted colon and qualities—French silk mitts.lo96
and abort, for Indies and Misses. Black silk, wbite
and clouded merino boss--White colored.unbleach.
ed, mired and black cotton Hose of every quality--
114*es white, colored and mired do.. all sizes—
Boysinised cotton half hose, assoned,sises Men's
lambs wool, unbleached and mixed cotton half hose,
assorted qualities. •
Bleck Italian. fancy ail and linen, lawn aiid
gingham Cravats, Silk and t its—eommon
and II ply Collans-.4ilk and Liam handkerchiefs.
ALOO- 4 41 imp sleek cf rids bleak and colored
Plain 61'k doeskins. 6lncy'causinterea and restings.
Tweeds. Kentucky Jeans, cottonades and other cot ,
ton and linen Goods far men and - boys wear.
Watered - Koreans. assorted colors Damask for
curtains. lounges. Ike.. doubts and single fold.—
Worsted embossed, damask linen and worstoa and
cotton tattle cloths. Bleached linen napkins.—
Bleached and brown linen damask table Scotch and
Ronslan diaper and crash, bleached and unbleached
and colored muslin , and Anna army °thermic'e of
family dry good!.
kgreat wade? of Boots and Shoes for mans.
bona. Wise, aims and abildrsns wear.
trot* soikssoans Nails. j Caskteers, silk
and &Urns de.. assisted coke's. of all rptitlities,
additkostothe dove esnimststed
be fags, **pod ossoltalsot or Marchindise. of, .1.
moo 604 dereription„ to which thi "attitatids of
the pubbe is respsetfollp inritnd.
?Outdo. April - le, 11164.
itkrtlinalle. Tat.
800 nasn . Wi!LZM!IID!!
Ready-SZado Clothing,
Now being opened by
601 eldroinisentesits.
A Lt. parsons indebted io the (Mime cite. H.
Delleek., aeaeased. late Of Cameo tirp.. are
hereby requested' go alike 'humatiale payment _sad
theme having dame spinal said- maw eriU
please present theta duly autheaticatecrler settle
meat. • ' HIRAM HOLCOMB.
Match 8. 1854.
ALLpersons knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of Thomas Turk, deceased, late of
Litchfield township., are hereby requested to hake
immediate payment, and thoolutvins claims against
said estate will please preac* them duly authenti
cated fos settlement.
4an. IS, Ifitit
ALL persona indebted to the estate of JOHN
TEED, deceased, late of Litchfield township, are
hereby sequential to make payment without delay
and all persons haying demands against said estate
ate requested to, present theni duly authenticated
tor nettleinetiL BETSY TEED. 7 Adsn's.
January 29. 1834. •
U. S. llgiallias •
Office ;with the Resister and Recorder, •
OFFICE in the second stork of the Union Block,
north side of the Public square, over the office
of J. C. Adams, Esq. Sept. 24.
IS Now opening a Nsw &roost iss , Goons, consist
'. ing of full and complete assortment of all lands
which will be sold as cheap as the same quality. o
Goods can be bought anywhere ihis side of New
Towanda, Dec. l 10.18A3.
MUCCI to Collectors and Tax-Payers.
YOU are hereby authorised to make a deduction
of Ilve,per cent. upon the State Tai, of every
:ndividual who shall pay his or her state and coon.
ty lax in fall, on or before the 21st day of June next,
and the same shall be allowed you in your se de
ment, provided the sadly is by, you paid into the
County Treasury, on or before the 22d or 23d days
of June next.
By order of the Commissioners.
i E. M. FARRAR, Clerk
Towarida. April 12. 1859. •
ARE just receiving at their lare, 3 and commodious
New Store, opposite the Court House, a large
assortment of
Provisions. Groceries. Yankee Notions, Toys, Fruit,
Confixtionary,Willow ware, tyc ,
making their stock the largest, most complete and best
in Northern Penns} Ivania. And the very liberal pat
ronage they have received from the public during the
year past, establishes the fact that they either sell
cheaper or sell geuds of a better quality thin any oth
er dealets.
To merit and induce a continuance of so liberal pat
ronage we shall still follow our old motto—" Au.
reorns, twice esteems, A3D • FASQOANT RIAIEW
Below Ire name a few of the articles that always be
found in our stock :
BliCk and green tea, Rio and Java coffee. chocolate,
cocoa, sugar. molasses, syrup, ginger. pepper. spice,
cloves, nutmeg, chignon, mace. sods. moderatos, cream
tartar, peppeneuxte, sperm and tallow candles, hard
soap, vinegar. starch. 4c.
Mess pork, dried bkef, hams and boulders, mackerel,
codfish. shad, picketed herring. smoked herring. wheat
floor. buckwheat sour, corn melt cheese, rice, beans,
potatoes, butter, lard, crackers. &e.
Profit di Not&
Peens.", citrons, figs, Eng. currants, raisins, dried
peaches, apples, almonds, filberts, Brasil nuts, °mei
bte tied Madeira walnuts, pea nuts, chestnuts, &c.
German,_ Trench and American Toys,
Taney Goods, &c.
Tin wagons, rocking horses, boys' sleighs, Chiite &
pewter toy tea setts, dolls. trumpets, accordion; harmo,
nicas, &c. Glue, paper and wood inlaid work boxes
'and toilet cases—toy bureaus, secretaries, writing desks
plant and embroidered work baskets, knitting. do
pearl, ivory, pspier leaches and leather' port moniaea,
wallets. and purses, ivory ,horn and wood pocket combs
toilet combs. ivory fine combs, pocket inkstands, pock
et and small fancy mirrors, tobacco and scihrses,
dioramas, perfumery and hair oils.
Brooms, mopetieks, clothes pins, bench screws.
low clothes baskets and market baskets, sugar and spice
Candy of all kinds.
Dairy and table bah. Salina Do. etc. etc. etc.
Country dealers supplied at s AMU advance from
New York prices.
4:13 Most kinds of country produce taken in exchange
for goods. BAILEY & NEVINS.
Towanda. January 3. 1854.
• Dors! Pars I!
A qantity of Fur Yietorines and Cab of &from
qualities; for sale ALT COST byy
Jan. 19,71154. H. t 3. I4ERCUR.
A LL' persons indebted to the estate of P. D
Havens, dec'd, late of Standing Stone,are hereby
requested to make payment without delay, and those
having claims against said estate, will please pre—
sent them duly authenticated for settlement
8. W. BILES. Adutinistraton
Aug. 47. 1 853.
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the -Orphan? Court of
Bradford County, f will erpobe to sale by pub
lic vendue on Tuesday June 13, at one o'clock, P.
M.. a• piece or parcel of land situate in Pike tvrp
bounded norlb by lands of Charles Dyer and 8. P.
Rockwell, east by 8. P. Rockwell and C. W. Rey
nolds. south by 1.8. Roberts and . E. W. Durgy.west
by J. H. Marsh; siontainiag about 100 ecru. about
70 acres improved. with a framed house and barn
and shop thereon. J. H. MARSH,
Administrator of the estate of Elliott Marsh, deed:
late of Pike twp.
This sale isto be held upon the premises.
A 12W
'IUBT received by Joseph Kingsbury. a large and
J complete stock of NEW GOODS, (or sale as
usual. Ontar voa.Csan !
Towanda, April Ye. Igds.
111 4 2311-N.ei r .,i.9, - -, - (0, axl%
/Wooer receiving one of the largest and best @elec..
.1. ted assortmetitof Merchandise ever before brought
to iradford coonti—conslating of DRY GOODS of
env description: Ail extensive assortment of
colamon:Hattlwaro. Also, .Saddlery, names* and
OarrirwiTrimminge. •
Nokunithe &go".l4livib, Visa, nor, 1101 6,1
irsa,Fifedand Nags. Onkel/cab: Falk •
.auf CrockgrY au' .waror
which will be sold as Dana), very cheap , far Casa
Towanda; April le, 1854.
Capi, & Poqtrietil.4 large assortment aed
LI ; cheap, , THWNEY.
Tin, Japanned-and Britannia Ware;
•itrinminta, Caning. 'Srlnuaings, Itarnsss Iliadlorir
Wira, Carpenter's and Joiner's Tools,
LE.I2D PIPE ..,21VD PUMPS, of all, kinds and sizes,
Would inform their friends that these are only a part of the general heads Under which may be classed
their extensive assortment, and to which they aft constantly receiving additional supplies, direct from die
importers and manufacturers, which enables them to offer such HA:temente in their igrge stock and IoW
prices, that will challenge competition from any quarter. We would ask the particular attention of
zgazilmsnoz &map IFAZISMIEC32
to an examination of our stock, which having been selected with the greatest care, we are confident wilt
satisfy even the most particular.
t 7 Don't forget the place—South aide of the public square.
Old Iron, Coppor and lints', and all kinds of Country Produce. taken In exchange for goods.
Towanda, May 27, 1854. HAI 4 I. & RUSSELL.
Fronting the Public Square.
TINE evbscrlher, thankful for the liberal pstronsge received the past year, intends to keep constantly on
bend a full assortment of tie very best articles usually kept in our line, which us MILL thepose of on
such terms as will be satisfactory to all who may patronize him. The purchases are made entirely with cash
in hand, and for the Casa our customers will receive the benefit of a good article at a low price. All articles
not answering our recommendation, will tie cheerfully taken bock, and Me monry refunded.
fig - Medical Advice gratuitously Oren at the Office, charging coly for the fittlielllft.
The. stock consists of a complete and select assortment o
Pure Wine Si,' Liquors, for Medicinal nse, London Porter 8: Scotch - Ale.
American Pocket Cutlery, (Warrant:d Good.)
Superior TOEACCO & iIiMrPS I I----Choico brands or Pure Havanna, Principe
and Vara CIGARS !
Black and Green Teas ; Rio and Java Coffee ; Molasses, Syrups, Sugars, Spices, &c. &c
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, &c.
The best Quality of Goods—Rill Assortment—Modarate Profils—Ready Attention lo Cvstomers—no
Atbillcrution of Goods--Candid,Advice us to Pateat Remedies—and Close Attention to•Busine.s."
Towanda. November 12, 1859
The War Question Being Settled in
lE3' 111C1111E 0 111EUe•
.111.ONTANYES & CO. have come to the conchs
sion to enlarge their business, in view of the
unparalleled prosperity that must result from a state
peace. They therefore, after returning thanks for
formerTavors, invite the attention of the citizens 01
this and adjoining counties to the examination of
Tall and Wintet Goads,
consisting of all the varieties of Fancy and Dress
Goods, as also heavy eaples,
Hardware, Crockery, Groceries, • Harness - and Car
riage 7Vinimings, Iron, Leather, tc,
all of which will be offered at wholesale or retail, at
prices that cannot fail to please. •
Sept. I, 1853.
OIL BARTLETT, is now,receivioei large
. and carefully selected stock of
rnrcv GOODS,
bought for cash since' the late decline in price.,
which be will offer for ready pay at prices which
cannot fail to give satisfaction—among other things
he invites particular attention w his assortmen of
Gress Goods.
Towanda, April 15. lerl3
W O ,A U ,a L n D da re a s n p d ec v l i f e tr in l? i , r i:t i f h o l r i m h t e he t i o z r e e n n s e of d are—
Grocery & Provision store.
on the south aide of the Public Square, where he
would be pleased to wait upon those that callopon
him. He bas all kinds of articles kept in - a country
Grocery. Such as Nuts of all kinds; Orange*, Le.
mons, and Candies of all varieties and shapes, Ci
gars of the best quality. • ,
He also designs to keep on hand Puovisuosa.Sie.
Ike.. all of which he offers cheep f:r Cash nr Coun
try produce. His Motto is. that " nimble six-pence
(s better than is Mow shilling."
Towanda, May 1.'1854-
TIE subscriber will sell on reasonable terms the
property owned and occupied by her. in the
Borough of Towanda. said property caplets of a
lot O f land situated next above A. D. Montanyes, to
the Northern Liberties, boa nded north by Mrs. Gill
sods lot, east by William street. wrath by Division
street, and west by Main street..—being one hundred
and thirty feet deep. and Oily feet wide. The streets
recently opened. make this as desirable a building
lot as any in; the borough. There is now upon the
lot a smalOdwellinl house. Application may be
made to Catbaride Kromer, or to Emanuel . rower.
Towanda. April 21, 1854.
HAVE camel° the concluti.m that the time has
tome, that debts can. be collected, and eller
waiting patiently In Yeats, and ending thb Good
'lime has arrived, when ferment' are realising almost
double for their Products, they hope this notice will
suffice lb, a more *itemise one and that payments
will either. to,roade is Grain et the present, high gi
lld/ Matetmentof GOODS is replenished smoke
IY from Nay Yerlt Cill;sed it'll . he' itoll ehearer
theist retail - in theArrat 'emporia* itself.
Towanda, Ta,nuary 810054. _ . '•
%%demo aba lawn beileti in
South Corner of Mercur's Mck, Melia Street,
A hE now opening their stock of GOODS for the
Spring and Summer trade, comprising. a full
and complete assortment, and of the usual variety,
which will be sold at a very small profit fur Ready
Pay. Among the assortment of
will be found a great variety of Ladies' Dress Goods
consisting in part of
Ber•eges, Bfrege Delaintsrall-,cool Delaines, Lawns,
plain and printed ; Gingham*. English,
Scotch and American ; Poplins,
Prints of all shades and
colors tc , i'c.
Also, for men's wear may be found Brond,,Clotbe,
Cassimeres, Tweeds. Kentucky Jeans, s i lk. Satin
and Summer Vestines.
Also, %lacings, Shirtings, bleached and brown,
Ttckings, Summer Goods for boys' wear, Cotton
Yarn, Carpet, Warp, Cotton Batten, &c., &c.
A full stock will be kept on band. Those in want
of Sugars. Teas. Coffee, Molasses. Stewart's best
ffyrup,Spiees, Pepper Ginger, Saleratus, Flour,
Fish, Salt, Tobacco. or any other article in this line,
will do well to call on us before purchasing else.
A large a splendid assortment. 'Crockary, Glass
and Stow —ware, Hoots and Shoes, Hats and Caps—.
Nails, Paints, Oils, Glass and Putty.'
Thankful for the,libelal petronagc of the past sea,
son. the undersigned feel a pleasure in inviting the
public to an examination of - our spring stock, be
hoving that good Goods arid low prices will insure
a :Tee(?) , sale for ready par. TRACY & MOORE.
Towands, May 12. tßat.
New Laud Clover Seed.
Blluuhela of New Land Clover seed, just reeeW
t, ed and for Pa le cheap by B. KINGUERY,
Towanda. March I, 1854.
311EmasInti. JOE i MS 9
A NY man or boy. or any body else wanting any
/X kind of CLOTHING, will 'do well to call on
Gummi B. Pcasisa, and see how
he is selling his new stock. He has now tho
Largest Clothing Store
in Athens. and his Goods were ill bonght cheap aiti
will be sold cheap. Clothing is much ewer in the
city, and Perktna is bound to let his enamors ha-e
the bitten of it.
The Store is new and just fitted up. Two dohs
stelae the brick block. in Athens.
Hats, Car, 4c., new and cheap.
Athens, April 28: 1854.
QVRNEYOR for Bradford County. it!wpreparcl is
attend to the above business in all ns branches.
His office is at Monroaton. All letters addressed to
him at that place, will meet with, prompt attention.
April 4, 18154.
ROUND PLASTER..-30 tons Cams Groun4
'Weir, on hand and foc
march 15 18 54. BAILEY ,2; tv-ma,
11. C. PORTER, DI. D