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arr on.racir .410_1:wits?,
Office with the Register ,itildißecordet.
i t. -
Notice to Railroa d C o n t r actors,
oeßAlLßOAD.—ropsals will bveceived until
oen, AY 251 h, for P the o Graduation e and Masonry
Ilefaid Railroad, from a point on the Wissahiccon
about fourteen miles from Philadelphia, to Heller
oil, a distance of thirty—six miles. Seventeen
miles more will -b? ready for contract in a short
art now offered includes a Tunnel 1800
e amount of Earth and Rock
, tri long. and a larg
Uerk and Masonry. The. route occupies a very
femle and healthy,country, accessible at all fwints.
The line will be really for examination, Mak 10th,
and the profiles and specifications snd forms of Pro
posals, may be seen at the Ena. gineer's Offiee. No.
88Soutla Fwd. street, Phi lad', after May 16th.
Chief Engineer.
11 . 1t,"1
- - -
Fre Democratic Convention.
OTIOE hereby given that a FREE DEMO.
bdti 31 the curt House in Towanda, on Wednes
day it. 25 of May, at I ("cluck. P. M., to choose
de,egates to the State Convention, to be held at
floysbure. on the Ist of June next, and to adopt
ineasares 1..,r a mote perfect organization of the
friends of free principles throughout the county,
and alo lo devise ways and means more success
fa„'; TeilSt the powers and exaction and - usurp!.
flunkerdeni and Slavery.
• A general attendance of free democrats is urgent
•fe ,uestrO. Our whig and democratic friends are
luse respectfully invited to meet with us. Per. or
der of ibe executive committee.
{.;ea—GEO. F . HORTON, Secretary.
8. I 1.
• Susquehanna Collegiate Institute.
THOSE who have subscribed towards the erec
non of the building for this institution in To
lambi, are requested to call and pay into the Trea,
wry :5 per cent. on the amount of their respective
atheript.ons, the building having been com
menced. J. D. MONTANYE,
Towanda, Nfav 11, 1853. Treasurer.
Field Peas. •
QUANTITY of FIELD PEAS just received
at ma}•l2 MERCUR'S.
Wyalusing Bridge,
THE undersiened Commissioners for erection of
a BRIDGE across the Susquehanna River at
Wyalusing will open hooks for subscription ',retook
therefor, at Turry rlr Morrow's store in Asylum, on
Thursday the nth day of June neat. at t o'clock,
P. M., and hope for attendance of all those who are
indebted in this undertaking.
Ghtl H WELLS, fl G.ll LORD
C. F. wEr.r.s, Jr. B. LA POR re.
Mar 10, 1633.
1.1. persons indebted to the estate of DAVID
n 11, ()WENS, deceased, late of Monroe twp.
cr• here 4 retine , teci to make iininfdlate payment,
ind :h,tse ha; ine claims against said estate, will
pl. , a , e present them duly authenticated for settle-
C00.1.13A UGH. 2d,
11p , 11, 11453
Agent for the
Waterville Manufacturing Company,
Waterbury, Ct.
rottl:c atten lion to his display of superior
CUTLERY, which is warranted to give staisfae
:ion. South store in the 'Card House. May 6.
PLANES.—A new assortment of Planes and other . , Tools, just received at
V 415, !:53. MERCUR'S.
T4l3o'' - :424
:iOW.7d.A,A' 4 .PLII.IIV(PE 1 .
HU ENG located thepselves in the Brick Store ,
w•it , ide of Main nearly opposite Bridge
tills day rece ved a large and splendid
anti Drynrctic Dry Gods, Groceries, Paints
UL',, lltrthrnre,-Nails, Stone-Ware,
s'e, kc,
I;,,ra notwithstanding the advance of Goods, they .
i , ..mund u. sc!l cheaper than ever before offered
all market. Quick sales and small profits" is
t'tt- motto..
; Most kinds of Product taken in exchange for
's.• The .highest price paid for lumber.
May it. 1853.
HHTS. Mr'LASSES, from 2 to 4 shillings, and
. 11e k.!st 6 cent Sugar in town, at
r May Ff. 1,453. PHINNEY & BOWMAN'S.
! II roR sale in Granville twp. The sub.
scriber will sell on the premises, on MOl3 ,
day, the 23d day of May, at public Yen
due or outcry, his valciable farm contain
^B=' s acreq, 145 improved, with one framed dwell
q house, one framed barn and a good apple arch
s: Thereon. Said farm is one mile from Granville
vre,,and five miles from Troy; it is cinder a good
art of cult , ration, well watered, and very product'
good chance is offered tor, those who are
Pzues to purchase. JAS. B. MORRISON.
ri - arirdle. May 2, 1853,
3 . ' - ‘latir
recessing a large assortment of all kinds of
B PRING and SUMMER GOODS, which will
be sold cheaper than the cheapest ; call
otranda. April 29, 1853.
/E subteriber has just returned front the city
with a very large and most superior select-
lid ) in respect to style and prices will lingoes.
'nably give satisfaction to all that may favor bim
T o ands, 461 . 30, 1853.
An extensive catalongue of School and Niscella.
na BOOKS and STATIONARY, fast received
'eh rill be sold at the lowest prices.
Carpe ti ng.
nett' pieces of Carpeting added to the
'rock. making the assortment good. far sale on
1041 reasocabte terms.
411, ao, 15A.
TERED RIBBONS.—A new article just re ,
celve t t at 1442 MERCUR'S.
Jabseribers have made arrangenients for. a
amity of Plaster, to be delivered in the Spring
vitl be pad for $8,50 per on for ready pay :
Corn, Oats and Buckwheat will be re
' a Miura at the going cash price.
°lnds, Jan. 27, 1859. BAILEY 4 NEVINS.
Banels of SALT just received and' for
,randa, March 22, 1853.
They have also a department devoted to the
BOOT and 8110 E huhircess, and feel confident they
can offer better bargarios in that line that any exeln
sive Boot and Shoe house in New York, from the
fact that the expense is much less in proportion' to
the amount of sales. Mr. Baiid flatters himself
that having the benefitor 15 years experience in the
mercantile business in Bradford Coi.hii knowledge
of the style of goods adapted to the Northern Penn
sylyania trade, will make it an object for merch
justs doing bu siness; in thin section to• 10,4 hit *
call. .
Any ordera fur coeds in the above lines will . he
promptly' attended to, and the articles warranted to
give satifactioii.
New York, Martyr; I, 1853:
ine6l)anOig, &r:
H: *.S. , tytEit.a
Is wow Rzczivise ♦ !lir L.&IG Alb OZNIULAL Js
.110111111F.NT Of .
Whirls are offered to the public at wholesale or retail,
at very /ow prices.
Towanda, March 31, 1853.
lists, Caps aadl Bonnets.
'DRENCH Silk, Cassimere, Kossuth, Panama,
Leghotm Canadian, Straw and Palm Leaf Hats.
Also, a lame assortment of Ladies and Misses'
Florence, Straw, French Lacb, &c., Bonnets just
receivod at , MERCUR'S.
April 6, 1853.
Moots & Shoos.
VrENS, Woolens, and Children. Boots and shoes
.1.1 . 1: a very large assortmeht at MERCURISI.
LARGE addition to the asibrtmerit of Common
and Sadlery Hardware now arriving at
April 6, 1853. MERCIJR'S.
Groceries. .
P 7 MUDS. more of those cheap Brown Sugars,
f Coffee, Crushed and Powdered Sugars, common
Molasses, Stuart's Syrup, superior Green and Brit . .
Teas, Rio, Java and Mocha Coffee. Also, all other
kinds of Groceries, except liquors. at wholesale or
retail at Mlle UR'S.
French Embroidery.
EMBROIDERED collars. chemii.etts, flouncina.
under sleeves, linen handkerchiefs, edgings and
ening' at
WHITE CRAPE. bl'k silk and eared shawls
for sale at MERCER'S.
CI D. BARTLETT, is now receiving a large
V. and carefully selected stock of
bought for cash since the late decline in prices,
which he will offer for ready pay at prices which
cannot fail to give satisfaction—among other things
he invites particula r r attention to his assortment of
Dress Goods.
Towanda, April 15, 1853. •
Binghamton Stone Lime, for 1853.
OUR arrangemente are now complete for supply.
ing any quantity of this celebrated lime fresh
from the Kiln at short notice and low prices ; war
ranted good or no sale. WELLS &HARRIS.
Athens, April 23, 1853.
To Oontradtors and Others. r )
wE hatre on hand, pork. beef, butter, corn.-oats,
wheat, buckwheat, beans, dried apples, flour,
feed, iron, steel, .t hOiels, bars, powder, fnse, fish,
tea, coffee, sager, molasses, soap. tobacco, salt and
cement for sale as cheap as at any other house.
Athens, April 23, 1853. WELLS & HARRIS.
• Nails and Glass.
ALARGE supply of Nails and Window Giagg of
almost every size for sale at MERCUR'S•
April 22, 1852. •
EARIA' PFAS.—A quantity of early Peas in pa
-E•d pers and packages ; also, by the quart, peck or
bushel, at ap22 MERCUR'S.
T JAMES T. TAYLOR, took up, on the 13th day
11 of April, 1853, 2 ordinary sized arks which
were afloat in the Susquehanna river ; said arks
appear to have been made, at least a year ago, and
are cbmpmed of about 3000 feet of Lumber each.
Towanda, April 21, 1852. J. T. TAYLOR.
Apprentice Wanted.
A BOY about 17 years of age, who can come
well recommended as to moral character, &c.,
can get a situation as an apprentice to the TIN
NING bnsiness by applying immediately to
Towanda, April 15,1853. HALL 4 RUSSELL.
arodett and Provision Otordi
11 1 141 1 1 a i DaL)Za
THE subscriber being desirous of enlarging his
business at the old stand (earner of Main and
Bridge streets) would respectfully annonnee to the
citizens.of Towanda, and vicinity, that he just
receiving from New York, and is now opening for
sale a large aseortment of
such as teas, sugars, coffee rice molasses, Stewart's
svrnp, tobacco, ginger peper, spice, cloves, mace,
nutmeg, cinamon, saleraius, cream tartar, soda,
ground mustard, pepper sauce, catsup, candles, bar
and shaving soaps. vinegar, starch. &c. He has
also on hand a large stock of
PRO F7B /0.4 - 8,,
including hams and shoulders, Mackerel, codfish,
herring, potatoes, beans, dried apples. wheat flour,
lard, butter, cheese, soda, butter and Boston crack
ers ; also, most kinds of fruit and nuts, preserved
proneccuron, figs, raisins, oranges and lemons,
together with a large stock of German, French and
American TOYB of every description and price.
Q Please give him a call before purchasing
else where.,Cl) A. J. NOBLE.
Towanda, April 30, 1853.
Aed Patented Apr it 2, 1850
tro this CHURN was awarded the Premium at
11 the late Fair of all Nations held in London.--L
It also took the Premium at he Canadian Provincial
Fair, held in Toronto, U. C., in 1841. It also receiv
ed a silver MOW and Diploma at the Fair of the
New England Mechanic's Charitable Association,
held in Boston; October, 1850. In short it has tak
en the first Premium at all State and County Fairs
wherever it has been exhibited, and is universally
approved by all Dairy-Men and Dairy-Women,
where they have become acquainted with its merits.
This CHURN is construc,ted fur eau alsoco, arra—
a:Yrhe&e CYLIKDRATED Cerrass, are Man ufactuf
ed and sold by WELLS & CO„ Towanda, Penn'i
nearly opposite the Ward House.
Towanda, April 21, ISM.
H. BAIRD, formerly of Bradford Co.. Pa.
. is still engaged with the firm of VanDusen,
and Jagger, who haia this day. removed to their
new and 808601:111 store. N° e 0 Yesey street. corner
of Church. (In the rear of the. Astor House) where
they' are prepared to exhibit a very large and
general assortment of Foreign and Domestic
DRY GOODS, adapted to ill. country trade. They
will keep a large stock of kferimac,Cocheo; and oth
er desirable styles of Prints. Cash as well as.
first class credit cdstmiters Will find it to their in
terest to call:
(Knee in the north end-auto Ward house, itotely ocropurd
by lApOrte, Mason /h .
Towanda, March,3, 1115 t:
A LL permits indebted cto die- estate of Thos.
.4; Eetsulght,,deOi,latsinfttightny township, are
hereby, requested to make immedjate paymentomd
those, having.clainriagainst said estate, r ill please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
April 21, 18L3. Executrix.
A LL persons indebted to the estate of JAMES
Ais LAMB, deed late of LEROY twp., are
hereby requested to make imthediate payment and
those having claims against said estate, will
please present them duly autitenlidttted for settle
April 30,1853. Executor.
lETTERS administratnn having been granted
4 the undersigned by the Register of Bradford
county, on the estate of Daniel O'Keefe, late of said
county, deceased ; all persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to make immediate payment
to the undersigned, and those having claims against
said estate will present them duly authenti6ated for
settlement- CATHARINE O'KEEFE,
April 14, !Safi. •
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Joseph
Brigham, dec'd late of RiJ;berry tp. are hereby
requested to make payment without delay : and all
those having demands against said estate will pre.
sent Them daly authenticated for settlement.
April 20, 1603. Administrator.
ALLpersons indebted to the estate of BERL
AH PRATT, dec'd, late of Troy, are hereby
requested to make payment without delay, and those
having claims against Faid estate, will please pre ,
sent them duly authenticated for settlement
March 23, 1853- "Administrators
NTOTICE is hereby given, that a Special Court of
1- Corn. Pleas will be held at the Court House in
the boro' of Towanda. commencing on Monday,
the 20th day of June next, at 10 o'clock, A.. M.,
and to continue one week, at which the Hon. Rob,
ert G. White will preside for the trial of the follow
ing causes to wit:
Robert Spalding vs Nathaniel Clapp et al
Pendleton Riley & Co vs Henry W Tracey
Thomas Elliott vs Israel Smith
Welch, Longneclter & Co v:s John Wood et al
Stephen Powell vs Ii W Tracey. Ganrishee &c
Earl Nichols vs Wm Coryell et al
Lyman Matson vs Ira Jennings et al
C L C DeChastelativ vs Lyman Mitson
John Beidleman vs Nedebtah smith
Horatio & Rebecca McGeorge vs Ebenezer Pan•
. ham
Newton Humphrey vs Win Humphrey
C I. C DeChastelaux vs Ira Jennings et al
A. McKEA N, Prothonotary.
Prothonotary's Office, Towanda, April 11, 1853
ALLpersons indebted to the estate of Wm. L.
Grenell,dee'd, late of Burlington township, are
hereby requested to make payment without delay ;
and all persons having demands against said estate
are reqocsied to present them linty authenticated
for settlement. ANN E. GRENEI.I.,
March 16.1653
ALLpersons knowing themselves indebted to the
estate or MINOR R. WlLCOX:deceased,
late of Albany tp., aie hereby requested to make
,immediate pyment, and those having claims nainst
! said estate will please present ahem duly auther,rl
- cated fur settlement. JOS'EI'H NIENARDI,
May 7. 1853, Administrator.
List of Jurors
Drawn for Special Court June IBS.I.
Alban y—James Hearerley
Athens twp—Ednumd Hill, Spencer Elston
Burlington—L W Swartwood
Franklin—Oliver•Dodre, Jamec Ridgway
Granville —Malcc.n Nfelac2.tit
Lemy—J G Landon,
Monroe—Wm Lewis
Orwel!—Thomas Mathinson, E. J. Eastabronks, deg
Av.•ry A G Frisbie.
Rilgbury—Nalhau Dewey,Janaes
Sliestiequin—Thos Minirr
D Titus, (.;:to King
Sprit,g,fieM—Solnitnon t: Robinson, Darwin Cleav
land, Ed P Chncc
standing Stone—Geo A strphens
Towanda horo',Job P Kirby
Towanda IJorth—Benj C Go ,, dwin Eljah Granger
Troy twill—Chas N Strait, B II Taylor
Wells-0 Smith
War ren—lesrrnbs Sleeper. Noah C Bowen
Wyaltising—tyros Avery,Sl W Gkylord, G A Gly•
lord, Washington saton
Wysox—Andrew Menarli
CORNER of the Public Square and Main Strcet,
Towanda, Pa., reqiecifully give notice that
they are now opening and receiving direct from the
City of New york, their NEW STOCK of SPRING
and SUMMER GOODS, which, with their former
stock on hand. comprises one of the . largest and best
selected ass .rtments to he found test of New York.
Having been purchased at
They are enabled to rfl:r them cheaper than ever.—
They invite particular attention to their assortment
of Ladies' Dress Goods
Consisting ofJaconet and Swiss Maslins, Printed
Lawns, Ginghams. Bar'd Muslins, Merrimac,
tocheco, Fr.II River and other styles of
American Prints, in endless variety, a
large assortment and for sale
cheap. They have also a
large variety of YANKEE NO
)NS, embracing almost every thing
from a Crodhet Needle to a Lady's Satch-
el. They invite particular attention to their
assortment of Carpeting of all prices and styles
Also, Spring and Summer Hats, [toots and
Shoes, Shoe Findings and Leather, Gro
ceries. Crockery, Shelf Hardware 4c.
Their Stook has been selested With care, and will
he sold cheap. Farther comment is unnecessary
—give us a call. and we will show you our goods
and prices. and don v ince you that the above is no
fiction. Our motto is, Small Pr fits & Quick
Returns. PiIONTANTES &
Towanda, March 16, 1853.
COLLECTORS of Bradford County are hereby
authorized to make a deduction of frog per cent.
upon the State Tax of every individual who shall
pay his or her State and County Taxes in full, on
or before the 21st day of JUNE next, and the same
shall be allowed you in your settlement—provided
the same is by you paid into the County Treasury
en or before the 22d or 22t14ays of June next.
By order of the Commissioners.
Comm'rs. Wee, Towanda, April I. 1859
L O. of O. P.
RECULAR Meeting of Iradford ocampment
d are held at. the Odd Fellows Hall on the even.
ing the Ist and 3d Fridays of each month.'
C. S. RUSSELL, OtcribP.
Those Indebted to Ire
BY note or boot: account will please take NOTICE
that we are in want of money, and muarhare it.
All who neglect to attend to this timely ;warning,
may expect a tkisit from the Nile Constable No jo.
king this•time. HALL & RUSSELL. .
Towanda, March 24, 111.53.-
D OOM & 811'0ES—the largest and best stock
..UP in' worn' at ottfl B. KIM. EMTllitrtt
Eigat Muciliseinints:
41:111. ODD 121110 •
PitoNmazinrins & CO.,
kind/OMM • -
1853. } . 1853 .
THE info r niiio tiie t - as aha
etistoiniitetliat they base inttettied ihtdrfacell•
ities for manufacturing
and intend keepiiifihe stock and assort
ment of
CLOTHING, Sli/RTS, • D134012q, FURN
that can be found in-the Btate.C, new and pri
ces satisfactory:, HANFOßD 40110Y1114 R.
29 Pirk Row. opposite the_Astor House
New York. Miceli- 9, 18.53.
Tavern and Store to lieut.
• . - THE subscriber!' offer for rent for a
term of years, their' TAVERN STAND
s s
ti r and STORE at Sheshequ in
township. The Tavern hie ..large and
well-arranged building, with stabling . attached, well
calculated for a Hotel, and is well locate for busi
ness.. Two or three acres will be rente d with the
Tavern, if desired, with an orchird., The Store is
a new building, of good size. and the location a first
rate one for the mercantile hosiaees• They-will be
rented separately or together at the will of the ap
plicant. • D. BRINK & SON.
Hornbrook, Feb. 17, f-!'L3.
ron TEOSZ 117310 iIiTELNT
Do you want to sell or mortgage any real estato ?
Have you a bond and mortgage you wish to sell ?
Have you houses, taverns, or lots, that you wish to
sell or lease I
Have you a mill, factory, foundry, tannery, or oth•
er manufacturing establishment. that you wish Lomeli
or rent I
Have you iron ore, coal, potters' or fire clay, or
other minerals, you wish to sell or have worked on
shares ?
. .
Have you Irina that you would like to have drain
er] or cleated by contract or on shares I
Hive you water power that you wish to cell, im
prove, or rent 1
, .
Do yea want additional capital, or a partner in
your husitcas 1•
Do you want to sell your stock of merchandise 1
Do you want to form a Company to cteate capital
for any Fpecifc object ?•
Do you wish to exchange ycur property for other
property 1
Do you want in your neighborhood mills, found
ries, tanneries, or other manufactories
Have you any well tested imp ovement in machine,
ry, orin the art.:, which you want to sell, or which
you want menus to manufacture 7.
If you have any of the above wants, or others of a
simile' character, and will inclose to our address,
(post-paid,) a legible, clear and exact description of
them ; and if property, its locality, proximity to ca
nal, railroad, or navigable water, to churches, schools.
mills, dores, &c., the lowest terms on which you
will sell, mortgage, lease, exchange, or4otherwise dia•
pose of it ; and if you will also inclose to us a Reg
istration fee 01,51, (the receipt of which will be ac
knowledged,) your want shall be recorded in our
Register, and your letter placed on the file designated
for your state and County, for the inspection, free of
charge, of those who are seeking to purchase, lease,
exchange, or invest.
We make no charge to any for examining our
Register and files. When they make known their
wishes, they aro referred to your own statement of
your wants : and as we have Maps of the different
States, and of such Counties as we have been able
to procure:• and as we employ agenta,to visit the ves
sels and steamers that arrive with Immigrants, (of
whom from 1,000 to 6,000 are daily arriving,) and we
also have agents to distribute our Circulars among the
strangers at the hotels; and as we advertise in the
principal papers of the city of New York, and in vari
ous forms throughout all of the states, u well as the
different countries of Europt, from which Immigrants
come, and where we expect one of our Firm will for
the pre ant reside, and where also we shall agents in
the principal ports df embarkation, in'.iting all who
uish to purchase, exchange, Lase, or inveit, to visit
u r office, without Chargt
"We are confident that we of ter a better medium of
making your wants known to those who des re to
knJer them, and of securing the end %uu desire, than
any olier mode yet practised.
The lost place for you to effect a sale, lease, ex
change or loan on your property, is in its immediate
vicinity. If you cannot do it there, the next hest place
is in the city of New York. Or if you want Immi
grants or settlers of any class here iti the place oh,
tain them :
llr cruse here at all times and seasons, there are from
30,V00 to 70,000 strangers, many of whom are Seeßinkr
I , lr investments or homer.
Because th -re are probably 100,000 who want to
mine, e from the city or its vicinity.
Because here is concentrated a great proportion of
the surphiA capital of the Union, seeking investment.
Because here, money is ordinarily worth from 5 to
7 per cent. per annath, on undoubted security, while
you can afford to give as ample securil, or other in
ducement, where it would produce greater rate of inte
rest, either in anhnel income or increased value.
Because kere, an examination of our files will inform
those seeking to invest or settle, where the property is
to he found which they seek.
Because here, there is an opportunity to exchange
country or other city property, for property tin this city
or its vicinity.
Because a perenn, by spending a few hours in our
office, without charge, can obtain more information of
the property in market throuzbout the conntry, and
the wants of community, than by months of travel.
Because, finally, hens in the commercial metropolbi,
where is concentrated the money and wants of a vast
multitude throughout this and other countries, by re:
cording the opposite, but corresponding wants of of
countrymen, both parties, those oho wish to pue.thase
and those who desire to sell, ran be mutually benefited.
In the description of property, be careful not to
over estimate lie advantages in any respect: for if you
do, and we should send you a purchaser, his compari.
son of the reality with your statement might defeat
your object. When your property is Sold, or other.
wise disposed of, it is required that we shall be imme
diately informed of the fact. As we do not propose
to sell, but negotiate, and send purchasers to tte own
ers, no special authority to us is requisite; but when
it is desired that we should sell, authority must be given.
Our commissions on salm, exchanges, Eta, are 2
per cent. The raising of companies, ■nd other mat
ters requiring special negotiation, will be subject to
special agreement.
Q Several farms in the nine neighborhood often
(Ind a more ready sale then a single farm, u Irnmi
grints desire to remain in companies.
Ft: el Estate and Property Brokers,
110 Broadway, New York.
Refer to Courtiandt Palmer Esq. 117 fin:away, !j,
Y.; Hon. Alvin Bronson, Oswego, N.Y.; Gov. Wood.
Ohio; Ex Gov. Ford, Ohio; lion. R. W .Thompson,
la.; Hon. 1). A. Noble, Mich; Don. J. R. Williams,
Mich Hon. Rob't Smith, Ill: Hon. J. R. Underwood,
Ky ; Hon. A. C. Dodge, lowa ; Hon. J. R. Doty. Wis.
fr, For runner information inquire of HARVEY
McA LPIN, Local Agent. (at the Law Office of Vt ni.
Elwell, Esq.) 'Forma*. Bradford county, Pa. 4ty
,_Cloter Seed, . *
40 susnfll,s or Clover Seed j ust received ana
for sale by the subscribers at the letvesl cash
pike, or exchanged for roost kinds nt . pirdnee.
Towanda, Feb. 5,1853. BAILEY &NEVINS.
GARDEN SEED.—Every kind of garden seeds
for sate at ap22 ER'CUIN:
THE only assortment of Paper Hangings kept
this vicinity, with a . fresh stock just coming in,
at unusually low prices. 0. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda, April 2t, 1853.'
Cistern and WoA•L'nmps !
T EAD PIPE' ! Hydraulic Rama ! of soy kind,
.14 size, &c.. cheap, fur ready pay, for pale by • .
Jan. 1053, R. M. WELLES..
- -.•.-
Of Si John: Franklin;:- should anui. no Rada; ex;
citanta r dast tit NEW 'STOCKED
„, •
OPPOSIT2I 'Atte AVAILD • 110171121
_ -
IakUNTING respectfully informs his (lien s-and
1-1 the public generally, in town and the surround
ing country, together with " all the rest of man
kind," that he has just received from , New York.
one of the assortments of Mena and
Boys licady lade Clothing ever before offered in
Towanda * toiethet frith Cloths, Cassimeres. Vest.
ings, and.Trimlngi which he will make up in the
aniffoved style. and ai the lowest price.
lie h4sailso 4 . ! , 1 hand Km of the aids' fashionable
stock of Furnish ing Goods, , such.,Woolen Una
dershirts, Overshirts, Overalls, Dcawers, arid every
article in his line pertaining to Gentleniens7 War
drobe. which will be sold cheaper than any other
Clothing Store in Bradford County.
He is Cutithleto that (rota Ilia long experience that
he can give general satisfitetion. Ifeemploys none
but the most espert workmen, and feels assured that
his work vi ill not suffer by comparison with the best
city shops either in elegance of workmanship or el,
egance of style; and hopes b$ *let attention to
business, to merl• a continuance of that liberal pat
ronage which bait been eitended to him heretofore.
Returning sincere thanks, for past 'avon he asks
the fihblic to give him a Cal SO see for themselves.
(f - CUITINCiI done as usual and warranted to
fit if properly made up..CD
1:0.1;km% mistake the place, on the corner of
Main at., And the public square, opposite the Ward
'Tis even co, this world is," all a 'rage,"
And gents most drtss in this progiessive age,
Each have their taste ofs!yte, of cut and drese—
The lineation asked trliere can pre getthe best]
Where can the largest stock of goods be found!
Say where the cheapest and best abound ?,
Where can we st the shortest notice gel
A coat, a vest and pantaloons that fit I
To answer these, I frankly say to all
The cheapest place iq " Hunting's Clothing Hall."
Towanda Dec. 29, 1852.
Si de O. ALEM=IMR, & CO.
TN the Brick Block. nut door to Mercury store have
I just added to their stuck, a large and fashiona
ble assortment of •
Ready made Clothing;
of every variety. both of style and price, to. ;itch
they ask the attention of the public. This is now
the largest stock
Ever Offered in Thwanda
and will he sold at priers considerable lower than
e7er before ßnoarn in this place. Our goods are
selected with .4,regyrd both to style and price, and
offer inducements,noi to be met with at any other
• E. - F Strangers vlsitin "Z wanda, or oth
ers in want ofo a Will Sad
at our establishment. in this section of the coyntry,
and made in such style and materiale as to ensure
satisfaction. We shall endeavor by • .
to secure petronage. feeling confident that our arti
cles will give satisfaction to the purchaser.
The assortment comprises every article required
fur a gentleman's outfit. TERMS—CASH.
Overcoats, Coats Pants, thrcralls Caps lic
LocsTross.—Next door south of Meteor's Main
st. Towanda ; and No. 7 Water st. Amours Hall.
Elmira; and under A. C. Porters Hotel, Tioga Vill
age, Tioga Co. Pa.
Towanda May 25th 1951.
Ta',FirS l 7 rIDNA
3- • 0, :
AVE just completed a large and finely 6ni6hed,
Store ou the 'ire of the two they had. burneo,
and filled it e,iLlt the largest and most comprebewt
ive stuck of
Groceries, Provisions, Yankee Notions,
Confectiettnry, Toys, &c., dice.
ever exhtbiled this side or the city.
We h ive bought fur cash, articles of the best
quality ; consequently- are prepared to sell at as
low prices as the same quality can be bought at
any othil - place. And we flatter ourselves that if
lortune has been agaiiis . i
,tis, (fire havtng consum
ed Iwo stores and pti4 s t ock , of i goods) our old cus
tomers will not follow precedent, if the" call
and see our Finch and
_heat . exceedinkit low
prices. Among the many articles we hat: are
Tes, sugar, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, molasses,
the wart's syrup, ginger pepper, spice, cloves. nut
megs, cinamon, salera me, soda, cream tartar,
ground mustard, pepper sauce. catsup.ean
tiles, bar soap, vinegar. starch &c., &c.
Mess pork and beef, hams and shoulders,
wheat flour, boelrhe,t flower, (torn meal,
soda and butter crackers, mackerel!, codfish,
shad, herring, potatoes beans oniontr,-,Sec., &a
Preserved prunes, citrons. Englit& efirfihis, flOins•
green and dr . ?edAlthond•,,fillierts, ennoble
and rna , !eria ufen(ll4fitalral data, s eanuts, chest
nuts, hickory nuts, Ste:
IraJr/iC EE Jiltiftill*Si •
Ivory. born and wood pocket combs, toilet, combs,
fine combs, hair, cloth, teeth, infants, and blicking
brushes, wallets, poite monies, and purses of many
styles, pocket ink stands, pocket and small fancy
mirrors, tobacco, boxes, squff boxes, and almost
evers , artielti in (hill .ine. Wort boxes, toilet cases,
secretaries. plain and embroidered, work baskets of
msny styles.
Crernian,Preneh andericail TOYS of every de
scriptloa and, rihr. A jew,eartliep and pewter tea
setts, for little girls, ann,a few boys' sleighs.
13 A, L ,
Ashton dairy salt, ground rock salt, Salina salt both
coarse and fine. Also, quantity of White Stone
Lime. .
CANDY wholesale or retail, of ail kinds and
into:in:amble other articled, for sale at the new store
opposite the Court noise.
Towanda, Dec. 1. 1852 BAILEY + NEVINS.
- - .
glorOngh Ordinance.
BE it ordained by the Town Com.eil of the Dor°.
of T.,wanda, in coqpcil assembled, on , the 6th`
day of April. A. D., 1863. That if any perr or'
permns shall pile, lay, or atore,, any boards, plank,
or scanil ntz, shinal , s or ifteater,,. upon the public
square, oi wf:httl' a cf the public stunts, smelt
Person nr pernr:s forfeit and pay • for eve
such olTsoF,e MAT of Five Dollars for cvtry day
the said prop
.11y shall remain upon the said Fr i ; s ar t i
or in any part of said streets, aftor twirl k ern a
street Commissioner orto Town GAincil t o re.
move the same.
Provided. that while any Iv:aeon /l b a ! be erecti ng
a building, he may oee7,py opposite his land for a
reagonablu length time- a portion of the street
for the parpost-s idotessick not howeverin-a manner
to obrauct
BLWELT..4' Bairgess.
N. N. OBITS, 'T61141 - Council.
Attest—Fl. MoAlpin, Cleft.
Towanda. April 1%1853.
re LOVES and 110131illY et et erg,- deseription • st
Dec. I, PS:, • , MERIBUIR.-
. ,
gT AG - E-8
• ' i b r.r. Milbl i ßp#ProD,Eo3llBED
-'—• le r1:1 a . :Wailaba4Ld
Rid be rid •
pot on the ;' . evert Ma of
easastand FILIDAT at a erfork A. M.. and arrive
at dm take 110 , evening train'of cars
either east or irleat, crone klilY4 .
Returning Tvattritsc - Tabastis* enn,..rrAventsv,
after the arrival of -thii-Eastern train, and also . dip
We.tern cam from Jefferson, Elmira. &c.. and ar
rive at Towanda ditztie- day.
Firikr.Torianda ter Mercur i o mills. "37/1
to:Burlington, SO
to East'Smithfield, 02i
" tp.Riduebery, I.ou
" = -to 111 7 0),sborg depot. 1.25
Espress packages to or froni Ae Rail Road care
fully delivered at moderate charges., r.
/S. M.:11;*.
THE Subscribers bovine formed a copannership
under the firm of S. FELTOS & co , for do
ing a general Liquor business, wonld respectfully
ask lintel keepers and all others in want of any
thil?gi in the:it hoe to giva.them a call. We 'mend
keeplng dri.iiaiid a general assortment of Foreigti
Liquors, which we can sell cheaper than any ono
else in the county, (turn the fact that we buy direr{
from the importers, and thereby save - a large profit
charged by the Jobbers ; Liquors are warrant
ed pure and free from °alteration. Also constant
ly on hand Whisfiey of,ihc best quality. Wa have
made attaufeements by which we can furnish our
ens , omers with any quaatity.of Binghamton DEER
fresh from the Brewery. Please give us a call.—
The orates and acconntasof the old firm of 8. Feb
ton & Co., are in our hands fat seuletnen.
MISSES C. IL& M. A. LYON, have establi?bed
themselves in liionroeton, intend carrying an
the above business in all its various branches, and
respectfully solicit a share of the publie patronage.
A choice stock of
will be kept on band and for sale at etc lo.west pri
ces. Miss Lyon will he constantly advised of the
latest fashions by the connexion in the city, and no
endeavours will be spared to please.
.-Monroeten. Nov. 20. 1862.
TNT H. WILSON, formerly of Bradford Counti;
V • Pa., returns bin-thanks to his friends forpast
fators. and solicits the coot innation of their patp2p,
age. Having made arrang.eMents contiatie with
the firm of Fuller ¢ Dayton N° 142 West street,be
tween Barclay and Ve-ey streets, titt4re He cAri
found always ready to supply hip customers' want
ing GROCERIES, with a supply at low prices and
on favorable terms. Particular pains will be taken
to keep on hand desirable goods for that !erdion of
the country. •
New-York. Feb. 9.1852.
"They can't Keep House without it s
Experience of more than sixteen you has hitablestesl
the fact that Merchant's Celebrated tiargliog On, or t.e.
vemal Family Embrocation, will cure most eases, ad
here all such as
Spavina, SWORney4 Bingbone. rat
Evil; Callous; k`racked Heels, Gall. uf alt
kinds, Fresh Wounds, Sprains. Sruists,
tula, Sitfast, Sand Cracks. Strains. Lameness.
Foundered Feet. Scratches or Grease, Mange.
Rheumatism, Bites of Animals. External Poi
sons, Painful Nervous Affections, Frost
Buns. Corns, Whitlows. Burns and
Chillh!ains. Chapped Minds; Ciarrifs. Cosi-
uneVuris of Jtmaitacles. Swellings, Weakness
of the Joints. Caked limasta.
The unparalleled success of title Oil, in Ma cam of AIR
eases In Horses and Cattle, and ofen In human dark hi
daily becoming more knowni to the farming teeenanWw..
It can hardly be credited, meta by those who-bawl hag%
Se the habit of beeping It in their stables and bower, what
a net amount of pam, enfering ant time, an sand by .
the timely application of this Oil.
W Es eery the name of the BOW proprietor, Rmin t og„
W. MERCHANT, Lockport. N. icalown. In the Skin
of the bottle, and in his handwriting over the cork.
onion addressed. to the proprietor will be
ainealet of the Agent, and see what wieine
adkomplabed by the 'ere of Ilia medicine.
guise6s, aelpilv AM rimers potently, to ap, Rohs.
bane tea Canal. Sue kit
Ada vrq.--11. V: POiter, C
Athens—Eli Baia Way —g. • l'ibirriesl Coln's**
Plata—L. D. T., dir , Burlington--Frisbie &" 848-
Orwelt--E. yer, Bina.
Ransfield—Humphrey, & race, Tioga—Turrel.
Montrose -,-Perry & 6
Ce.te , Elmira. Wholisal
agents are Ward, Close 6c Co:, 83 Maiden st., Ns vr
rI3HIS e.rtraordinary prep:trot...alms been for
ny years the mostjerboa' dnd speetly remedy
21, A N'D DINEASKS Olr vres Curer AND I.isos. To
those suffering,frotheGitfriatehod confirmed Coughs,
they give the o timmediate and perfect relietand
when great liability to take cnti estate, and a trout
lesome Cough succeeds the slightest exposore. these
WAFERS produce tbs , most marked results. The,s,
at once relieve the Cough and other Syniptorrtv, rnl
entirely remove that morbid irritabilit7 Weak'.
news of the Lunge which give , rise to Ore - Complaint.
The tindical propertio.; are combined Oran agreea
hl:3 form and pleasant io the taste. so that any child
will readily take them and, they are warranted to
gists relief in ten mindfesaftet use in all cases.
Price cents pet ter. tor sale by Dr.. H. C.
PORTER. Towanda. a.
Towanda, Feb. g. 1853.
HE subscribers are compelled by the nece•Yily
Af bahilitj ask those knowing thehmetres
indebied. to o.noe and_ ogeide and matte payment,
Kanner/se they need not be nurpriaect to findtbiliact
convoy lodged where payment Arm he enforced. •
Towandtt. Feb. 4, 14'53'. MON IA N YE'S & Co.
The accounts ated. notes of ISAAC POST deed.
are at the store cf the share firm: and immediate at%
tention 10 thuttientenvent will save cast.
• .6, D. MONTA NM.
Tmranip, Feb, 6, t. 6.3. AdatiniFiratorr.
•7 .7'.,atinauct-45tagcs-,
Towanda. Oct 8, 1832
Towanda. Dec. 1, 1852
tiviorkkftrtvol-3:t1; , t1
II& IC tig3Xir
Farmer, Furier & Stake PrOprletoi
a d li Eo. W. MERCHANT'SG6I4
0111/11L111 11 Tllll 111111 TORY 01 11/111110111,
4 the most remarkable) External Azdicatioa em
q- A\
f I .
A Friendly Call
E. T. FOX.