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Bataan Morninß, pat 4. 18a.-;
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1 0 -Day." * imon Literary leoutina. '
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Th e pest house of Oberhanabetg had. jest- beets
t hrown into commotion, by the arrival of a travel
carriage from Saveme on its way to'Stnitabarg,
goer , Topfer, the innkeeper, was running •,here,
t he.e, giving orders to his servants and 'postill
ion; while the caniage, detached from the hOratitte, -
0 3 wiling before the great door of itie
,h 0"
inopurnounJed with children and loafers, who
ore &hanging their remarks. •
Among the last was a man with *a` sharp 'eye, a
4n orat complexion and an abrupt 'manner of
which formed a singular-contrast with
the Germanic idiom of the other spectator* Mas-'
ter Budanou was, in fact,laitnet_theseuth; chatiCe
aliaa tad led him to Oberbauebergi where b e h a d
in : ap a pposite the post house, a wig maker's shop,
rhos blue shutters bore the double - inncription of
"Han cat and shaving done at alrpriceiL 6 Sha
wn; after the hlarseiller jaahiort." . _
3l,n,gleil in the group. of Furious bystanders about
Ilinin Tnpter's door, the bacber rook - part - in the
generaF conversation in snort of Cermiiix, of - which
we can give a sufficiently clear idea by 'pitying th a t
it was Alsacian spoken by a Provencal. -
Hare you seen the traveler, Master Barda.
non 1" asked an old woman who carried on her
arm one of those baskets, filled with threads, pins,
and tapes, which indicate the side walk merchant.
" Without any doubt, .!other Hartmann," repli
ed the barber. "Heis a great man, who seems to
hare more stomach than brains
It may be remarked that Maser Bardanou had a
;ace for epigrams, and passed at Oberhau:berg foi
a strizularly bright person
Those who heard the joke about•the new arrival,
responded to It by a lond laugh, in which Mother
.Hartman at first jomec ; when, shaking her head
with a (ratified air—
Bot money is better than mind, neighbor," said
6; looking at the barber; " lot with mind one
may go slow, while money lets you roll in a car-
Hoy your tongue, Iludanou ; he is a biron,"
m!etrupted afresh and lively. voice.
BarJanou perceived Master Topfer's godcht d,.
trIA just made her appearance on the door step of
A baron repeated he, 'iwholohl Too the, Ni
tee 1"
The area: lacquey who attends him. He de
urea that the Baron Most not be seryed in the
caltr,,Ti,t:puig room but that everything must be
cyrze, l , the great .balcony parlor."
!o.;ers looked up ; the parlor of which Ni
me spoke was exactly above them, and the w in
ass open ; but the curtain was down, so that
ery rota,( not see any thing:
• Then you have laid the table for him there
bled Mother Hartmann, looking up towartt the
fc'ry parlor
• Nu: 1, - said the young girl ; " the Baron did
..41 choose to have our china nor our glass ; be al
of carries with him a silver service, and I saw
rilet take it from a large mahogany box."
A murmur of surprise and admiration arose in the
awl The Provencal elope shrugged his should.
Thalia to say that the Baron can neither eat
,tot driot like other Christiana," replied be ironi
ca,y “-fie most hatrew room tohimseit, and sil
ver I"Aes. • The great ,king Solomon was right,
rthentia raki, it Vatiiiy of vanities, all is vanity."
" Come. Bardanou, you are speakulaill of your
neighbor again !" interrupted Nicene; smiling.
"Sei,;htaor r' repeated the barber ; Is is a • baron
rsr neighbor! Let me alone ; ',know hint, your
peat man. He - ip just literati the great •lonis who
ram till way. Did you hear how he cared his
rain who had slopped to speak to Master. Topr,
want soo t German, 1.-want you;' as if the
Nor tellow had not a iigbt fatal!' a ploasygo.. Tats
heron mug be a real tyrant."
" what are Ton talking about Bardonou
t.t.l Nteette ; " Cod grant that it is not true wha
Tell are wayinu. Do you know why he is going in
e Dachy of Baden ?"
" Not at all:'
" His servant tells me," said the young girl, low
r.P4 her voice, that he is going to be married.'
" To be matrzed
u With the richest heiress of the etemtry.—a
trdow ,'
" Whom he does nol know,l dart Apy.!
" That 1 cannot tell."
" He ought tea to know bee. These people mar
ry in the time way they Jo their busittese.—by cor
respondence ; they only think to satiety 'belt lore
of money."
" Hold your tongue, Bardinoti ; you are always
ready to judge evil of othiro without knowing
theta ''
" And 1 jodge Isom when 140 know thorn,'
Lit:ed the barber.
, . .
" Yon know very well, howe v er, that every body
dsevcci marry to grow - rick" *pilot! the 7are4l
ral with a blush, and an 41!retied - 10i 4 . " g‘ere
el people who consult only their igrectiole
" Like me, Far dimple,” contiv. 'BOziletT)
oily, *in Nieeues hand , anlrm46ng her loot
% l ai . •
“ Pardon me, pardon me,” cried the Vreve.egal ;
You knomt very well, Nicene : that 1 •do not run
tiq heiresses ; and that 1 do alit think you the
'fts?teny became tether sayWbs hill not
M a dowry.. • Itut2l, t ant Az. cimptiits • 1 6'
t er ;Philatophir s your OdiaAer ia:YO: •t.
-ars liens on these subjects eilterent4wm ,otber
??:e. Thu, my blood boils-wise:lA eseArnen
-eyernr banal, to whom lottune is only an intim
:=4o-1 01 vanity, of tyranny, and aware ; Ind
e '11.:11.1n; that it I were in their place,
Iftractecaltr.,-,=-....1:..,m05a. =•....'" - ':::- Zr.r....-•• -• .;:trtC•c. - .7..". 7 ermer .
.. 7 . .." . .....• -..-•• ....., - ...,_ ........-..• ~., t•••-, .. . ,
, -.----------..............—.---
,5- . , :;..4 e•g!.... ;•''.l;',- t • st , f,"• - .-1-,...,...t ••!•; 1. - ..... , 43.1- ..1.3•;; , ,- s•, - , , ,,!, - .:1 ;•;•• -,-
.11,, . ~,,...,.,. I , •
_ . 1 " ' -- -, ••,‘ - ....,,, . ,-- ~ i
~.,., i 4., ,„; ;,.,
....,,,-. : ..„: ~ , c,, -.., ,, ,:i : -,,r.,(.! r ..t.t...:vi.,, , e;:i 1.,... I.antlx - rn p-.'.
_,tal -- , , ,hp,-.ltill zi pi-t...atil :deunitrii 0.41 Tut 0 11, 4 1 M1 i ' , 1., txfra.,ll4 iii; iigziitt• - dt.w.4.4, 4 :44....t0 - q.r5,)4.1.7- 1 1 - - 'l. l * '" , - 1 .. ~,..,11
. . - .(llwitli N. , .r, 4. ~< ''..: 1 " 4. 6.'• . - • -' i, tn. ,sys: ~ .a, i li, 4 ' Iti• A 'l .:'
...'''' ' • ~. a .et , IY:
11 , . . I 'srli , •-rOf 1 11.1 t
,• lb . . ~„: , a ,„ , j.. .., - .4,.-... i m 4 ~. ...4 .I
:ct , v , ,1-...3 . t l .: 5 .; ; -';f' ''.4 '4 " tt. 4 !ttill , L•.- Ila e -4 * -4 . , ,-.- r„,-,,,
, .: ...
_ _.. Ipw - , y.,..4,„ : . werd- :.„, w - : .
~.. . {
~...,.,, , . , t ...., g ,wlt ' ,t;. , , 1 , 1 1,un it 1.
.. .... . •
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.... .. ..r . l'' i 1. 1' , ".6.7 .. .... • .t. '4 4
,1 ~. , ... -,,,,,. ..., tii
4 , ,A• 1 r:ri
q • . • ri. 1 1.;tati
:• *'•'.. J .! l l _ - l , :'0•: i . ' ''"' - et:; a ti: ::.5.?4,41'...titnir ' ~.lit. ',"l-:•t; . - 11'4 ',•
3 r .! ; ~' .-: -: . ' $ ; t . r. , ~;1;.1 ~ i.r.,it.v , &,1r- . 1 -f, v r er„,l!'•, It 1 . :4 ; ' ' " N ' , ;,;=2;:•,4;:' ' . .', '1,23 ' : " ;p4"titc:' ' ra ": 1 ".. e re.
r * ••••••=--:.:',i2; 4...4.... • C „
~. ... t , , . .
.; t..
*....... 4 v .4. "Ot - - .^t: •I'•;''' ' ni/.. ,
,„ - ,•.;
-::„., -:, ',' i •t• ' i ; !-. .1.". •. .. L',..:‘ , ,t„.'...i: -', ~., ~, , ...,• -7.
•,.: itt '1 , I 4 t. oti) ' - ..,- • • , -,
ir.;:k MO' . . :.' i . . 2 1 1 ' . . • ....:., Ne ti . • S., 7,..
• 1.... , ,`.. . ' ' 't...4e- - , 4 , .'., t". 4, - •
' ig • ''. ' $
• - - • . • ' , .' ,1 -..".' T.y.' , :t•••t! 7- , .tri ts r!
.1 .. _ '
...,;.:. '!'-:ii , - .ft • ,111 - t=a -;,--- .1 ...- .* - -•!'--- l -
T. 1 - -Iv,. , r-... ,, ,, ....,f, ..-----f -.,,/ ....?
.t...... ti:31,...-14 Eil .I.?"'r!.. ir!„. .44 .s.--t - r 5"..., ., Itrt'4o - . . . ....E t..- - ,...1 •
..„,,,-,....- 1.• ,',.•-•• - 5.„,,i -..., • , ! Ittn , : , •• .11.1...:ti."..4•: , 12. ~,!, ~t -t' .',., ft- •';' , :i , ...•- J ,••• a , -• ' ' ~- '• ' '
' , ' •••%....--..r.,:.-- .- • ,Z.. 1,. . • ,!,-.••••
' i .a pp
should do melanin tetheehoicoof.PrOvidimeeA
That,rerneins 10 Depraved; :thistetollivilonotre
remarked 'the: ota 260 woman,
ehiricreros ..,:•„,
i1 1 .tr;11 Ape halt no pinimploo," cried .the :PM*:
*meal, with- animatititsl , fili is.wittited.4ttos by
every' wine that biciitri;:llteli
what I want, ' aiiti..ill ll o is rig hi , `
,Mat, et liagithgt,t;
I halm my philOsaPhy,/ If ; were to betnade
the next moment, I should not- chanp,e 'any - mere
than' the steatite of eittr'ehttreh ; you wouhl sei:`me
always just; alwaYa aii:dieinteroOd:,sod
I am novel
- Distrust of himself was not,-as will be petceitn
the fault of Bardanoo ; all the mcirelity
gtiod sense he' Inctit fierl his
Pieced to his ewe rerCouet;:-with.,scroPulons: exact.,
ness. As well pleased with his own partite as he
was discontented with tithe - typo:phi,. hew mind Itaite'
bie!idiPered to haFe...,i#reached Creator tot ;
.having made man in his own image, instead, ol hay._
ing made him in the image of Bard:alba.- Orie — e ;
launched upon this stream s -he fell into an unmea
sured improvisation. He explained at length ill
the great and useful things tie -shnold accurnpli'sh,
if chance should,suildenly send him one at those
American tticles,who ate no longer met witb,preu
on the stage. He passed in review all the virtues
he ehould'bring to light,—ail the merits he 'should'
exhibit ; end . he'seas *int betitOW•UPOn. , lntrisejf .
an apotheosis, When - ,.lie travelerwho had occallop."
ed thiticonversation appeared at the door of• the inn.;
He was* man about the age of forty, snmevrhat
corpulent, allele bald, jted heavy feaioreo.
would have revealed hie Gernianorigin;il his altrw i ,
Germanic accent had left theleast doubt, el ;this re
gard. -Meantime, intelligence -sparkled - An- the:
depths of his emir blue eye ; and , prejudice ulnne .
could have dictated to the Proveucal
harsh judgment he had formed of him. The Baron
addressed the group mind the door with ipaternal
salute; and said with a smile :
w'A pretty - place, gentlemen—a pretty place .and
a fine day."
The persons to whom he addressed himself, con
tented tnemselves with returning his salutation
w ithout speaking. The german did not seem to be
discouraged at this silence.
" I hope," said he, still smiling,' that the coon
try is good, and that you all live happily here."
" People live happily when they haie happiness
within themselves," replied Bardanon, sententious
ly. The Baron rnadea sign of assent.
" What you-say, -sir, is very sensible," replied
he,with a respeetilal tone ;" and I hope ibis remark
;'trs Ik'. Ttl
:,': t.: - 4. !
%' 4 • iiiA` 't"'Wirri* •1‘,..01.1-tvOr I;tl;',..`^ zr.trk
• .... •
is the fruit Of Yotii l own experience. He who so
well understands hapiness ought of necessity to
poises, it!'
" We do what we ran," said Bardanou ; who
was beginning to be solicited by :he Baron'; civili
ty. "We must have philosophy it we have noth
ing else?'
"Do you have to complain of your interest r'
asked tie stranger, with interest.
_The. Provencal shrugged 4iis shoulders.
" I never complain, Mr. Bason,"said be grave
ly ; "since those who sour complaints reap 'poly
discouragement I mit hair,l shave people, I dress
false fronts, and for the rest I wait for good tor-
'1 it wilt come," Said the Baron; IC be sure
will come. Ct ance, has not imitated your govern•
:pent ; it has maintained its lottery, and a good
number may always be hoped tor.'-,
" Hold ! speaking of numbers, we have two,"
cried, Nicene ; " what if we should gain the cas
" A eutli !" repeated the stranger ; his attention
g; With the land and forests . ," finished Band:moo
it A traveling agent from Frankfort came along
here three montliseg, to sell the tickets, and Ni-
cede persuaded me to take one." ..
"It does not-eurely refer to the donisin Of Ro
trembourg 1"
"I knOw 'nothing otiiut ii. I itave not lotik,e4, it
my Alifikbers.since ; but-I-must hare than 'bete!,
The barber looked4n un old pocket book, and
drew out a prospectus and a ticket.
"That la the eery ebinlp gild he, after having
'dist his eyes on the prospectus. " Domain 01 ,
vemnourtr, situated two miles,from Badewiller, at
the en:ranee of the .Black .0-orest. The fortunate
number will be drawn the 20 1 .11 of July. -
" It has been drawn," said_ the stranger, quietly.
" And do Ica know it I"
" It is 66. -, -
Bardanoo tamed his eyes upon ins ticket, uttered
a cry, and grew pale; 66," stammered be, ' ( 4111 ;
you say 66 i" . .
" Without doubt'
Look, look l I have ed."
He showed everybody his ticket. which - he - Mika
triumphantly above his held: Thetitranger, Whpile"
countenance ctiarged; approached with interest ;
but afterharing looked at the number he mere& a .
joyful cry, opened hismouth to speak : bat stopped
suddenly, as. if Struck with an idea; suit, looking
at Banlimou with that roguish good-humor.,
seemed to-be =maim bim, le,bowed,a4 ago trof
The news of this unmerited 'good itnirmit"erig
immediately, kniiwn by the keeper - of the; ptist
hermit, and spread U ronglt . the Wholerni*eihO4-
The , Provencal, who renewed ohisatiop,,,entesion.
assailed by a crowd of people, whocateericr,com/
pliment bite upon his unesitected-lock:' lie Stiff t
atOettscinledentitiie the;midat:othisj6y,lit.":lliec
Bi;fau eiint iiira a CoPP she ireili 6 o l -.. GOeiliss ,
which contained Whale ditteita thadrawingi.nrd_
confirmed the news in - a was to Imoe no uncertain
.: :, 13 aidaaaii lt l i ii 13.. ..44 11, 1 , 4 1 0 4414
ihtlfusi=emelisa - ct joy sogigirsi ,
Ineb t eirmediiirmaMtness;hia . ssnl, l 4o ol.llow.
gin tel:iailia*Olfelltqiiiatlase 4ba'irgOiae
- woes* a>iJ:( 2 14,44
than Usual, his manner eras more assured, ihad t bit
affability moremerstic. The barber was evident.
ly turning into.a great fiord. figitqcsiLthitplopple
with his hand, threwltieheitil bank r atstiNallswit of
his plans with a anpetbstenehalanoe. Ha did .not
yet blow. Whetheli-tte:shouid ipaioiskabititteities•
tie of Hovembourg4 'Mite Intd•altruystbsew Iraq
Otipialici4)oertaansbergi ace •Freneftimiai'
knig,ed,lo:lllpcluz f.;:3
He added some allusion to his mat,:
gage 4with -Nicetterp whof,listettpd threstnizetdEnt,
and feeelvda the cobtiltulationacintrecompan Mir
Itleatni iner Oaf otary *ld liastenett rib:point% out
to Banknote she steps:heat ugh t :lona& Ma t otird i
in his opinion, was to set out lor•annsaitalum
where in a tew days all the parties interested were
la assemble. - - it was' there onlftbauthe new tiro.
piiitbr.conkt enter into palmation of hil estate. •
• Baniceou...sccrided Ao• his counsel; and declared
that littotvotild. set out. immediately. The wine.,
merchant secomMended hisrirapa-bases, and the
itlne4resacr,,bielwase . ;.. but.' Bardanou thanked•
them with a regal smile ; inJais new •position be
009 id 1101 travel -like a patventt. , -; Hie , arrival et Ito
vemboing,trnutt agree with hie tiile....For his- pan
, was:above such ;Ant le.most, submit .
to enabliaeed-prejoiliceel-respect , eisatotni: , auti not
cause scandaL - Consequently ,Master Tnpfer must
furnish his post chaise and his finest. harses.• The
barber, moreover, persuaded-Tapia to accompany
'him with Nicettittimillhelnbuityr-whch •to
rangelha stakes 01 hietaking,pasawisian.
way he should present himself at
spMptir manner: The godilarighter of the inn
'keeper made no objection icsibosirringement.• she
dui was enquins• whether-ihe..Provencal Is:ached
her to his care from love or pride, and whethertsbe
was to be there a jnyfol-associateig only an orna
isnot. i•Vithout.suspicion, and as simple beans al
ways ac , f,Aes w*iirAtetui I*•Baidatitili;foOtis re.
membtatice of her, an notion to him in
ereatied. '
Attire - Nave saitli theintoziraticm ofthe barber
wait :at 'first Moderate. -It was , necessary- to get
hirsmind• accustomed to the chdrige whinh had ta ,
ken place; hecoold•scarcely believe it himself
His new position seemed to hint like a dream,
which, whiterithad-the appearance of reality; left
him in a -confused slate uf.doobt. Bat thepoet
chaise went •forward certainty took Pintsession more
and more of the mind ut Bardanoo, and he-telt his
intoxicaiion. Ai each • retry his manners beenm(l 2
more srioocratic ; his idea; it resit fined '
within just' limits, escaped in puffs , of egotism ot
rifle, of' which Nicene took no notice; and•The'n6-
tary allowed 16 ..pasty oor of respettl•for his neat eir
ent. The fame of what -had enriched Bardtmou
spread as they went alomr posfilion4 tratisinitted
it to posiilione y and' sll f ilong tht3 road ihTlreopter
.t,:rgq 1.
1 .,Z ;411
=if:a z .V17, 7 t 4 :ik .v. A;4,..,:' y,.t 4
" itEeiRDIZSVOTYPPOIitin4T4 I I4,2 M'-'
a lime is the proptietet-of the domain a Rovem;
bourg.; l ' OA as they said .iti• the time of Puss in
Roots, 4 ( Here the equipage of the itlarqrni •
Ca ranag .11
Every oneofThese cries roes iifie Tett!' of-ifind•
which inflated' the heitt of Bardati2ti.- 4 11avirig . be=
come an object-of etiriostrand admiration, he , kW
himself like a prince travelling incognito. From
time to time'he leaned Troin -the trirdoW Of lite
carriage to show himself tattiest, brace people who
were ra..ning to see him; he- hosted - ills head to
to them ; he threw majestically handfula of sons
to the poor-; end if - he-had not been'iri a hurry, he
aroma hate offered thdmitis handlo tisk •
At tholes, inn of which they stopped - he 'found
fault with - the firvice the lain' teas eciante: the
china was meted ; the coverer tarnisher.; he de:
ctarrefttrat in WWl', when he halted at a ciatre, - ie
W'oitltt; Bari.9,taleifitti 'of bit' °Wu' Parer
- The service appeared equally
airroAtik hini,inufthelost Was Cot/ pail! to
bring; him sante bottler which had - been pat aside
for great•oecasione. 1:.
Finally the - Tolle of itoniem4i7 l , l l;tipaiiref
the hatilitti; Wirt' iat'arerinertif Eiinett, %bore which'
were'seetf - the peiitta taco - 6f ''Bitdas
noninifiher hors - Pepin - 4o a walk thil tie 'ink4il ben
ter' theorieti. , ' Nicene Shouted WillicidvaiiilW
tiortinAtefsiiit'tif itie4tomfairisr WHIP
BoilFeni; Ilfeiriotarypfei d'lckfteneltie &NM
and the Whine f Minter Topfef-‘4**tintbel'
**hi stimetnisee which '• Were iantipitit
eve- pastorM - 13arilinon iloite kept Ati
eight °Tibor tierene:of Riiventbettig, re.Wore.fdisler•
nailed him:" Be With - demi if any - title 'wit athielt-;
ed to hie &Main, and if hit might net perhaps be
called Connt or•Doke of Rovemboartf: :The : right
to this title now -, twerned -hi be entirely aPeesaary to
his position ; wi hoot it blaster Bardanou would al
waye.haetithrt air of eciititen grown Flo fonOrte
leas *mill itt hien, bat hobilitreeentinifiepermable'
to ming it well. - N •
The battier wea.deeri in• - •theaft• reflechlini'when .
they-reached the gale of this emAlit.. Nieems. , Pfo
yosedlo &wealth, barßaraittiehtel" Miele gisitnertit;
nese: dwelling liken multi!. He would wait till
the porter, who was-absenecarne - to open the iron
p,ate baize the post-chaise; •which .penetrated the
court IN honor, the horses on full trot, ty The whip
cracking - ninth.' • Batdintm had learned - frnm %fib
POTWE 09 1 the •Mark: Of _bl*Dei l 49 l .9 *X: 1 3 11 144" '
whPld-nolihrimt blithe nemday bnilmei bun that
the niere ,- of the 'feria* Inopripor,7l.ll4laintli; de
iwtere ahe TooleedAbse;Tineennalrarithelaithe
race of a woman of fashion,- and all the cordiality
scatitenr...,.its-R's-g •
ii*Tawlr'ofTriej*m .
'eXAgtmt.wtatintpm,fiiii tliteamjht4toniteme*lP- . .li§lisit,
,wets:heed *am Ibudakottlintitiemenbrationet i
nch 604 ,:t4h,.„Ki:i . ,4 )i c.ilie'aill: 4 11141xtv!
The batbef found thettaron, who had precedni t
'him by a few hoots, an+whont the- young winn o w
ilmiwiletitsillii - Wiriltelcid 2 frOfthrqfhtmlrets
.4,1 , 1.44.
Akff i e ALILI944O*g 1444 4. 6 4 1 144 139 .4 ‘
own. ~.Jltedtuultdet Pligooriprepoindiwilarwirdi.
to visit the domain, and ordered the barges pot to
tit i rris e, ihotin sKb iiiii+siterseeirate zhe
efeloacar i pianteaml _
Barchummeatknotar4y, himself osis joy apd
PrTdiiiiirettci; Jeliiioiri . seitiaL .ion iite,"snit
cuArkOrga l kiasClA:tieldokid dtrid,,with pity
Prr"..' B .7 h* P a r. ti tiiraPnb e rFO - a n =" L
ilettio4cpl illmooglfittetainiii4 their.
thesilfetsitalis j! -(1 4 6 4r0 1. 1 1. 0 44: 11 cinniion
for nothing but to be set•atvork
tate - 101'4ot Othtiellis6in'tin to
and fini s bed by dealsuing Itewaahl make'Rovein
bourg -'l4ai;inalialtan;
ilea ... a gaily merited ; thellaraa in a more reserved
matinee . ; -- Birelailtax did not doubt he was jest:
mat, im wouln never _
&lige so bade e' dOnieloinnly he con-
tinoedlo put an, lordly airs, complaining , oi- the
roads ; the bad state of the fences, and the, negli.
genre of the forest keepers.
Nicene always interposed to make ekeuses.; but
Bardanot4 who, imagining that a systematic dissat,
isfactiob gave him .a gated air, interrupted her, mai
ordered her to be silent; and the poorgirl submit.
without suyinga word.
On their return to the castle; matter, became
silil.worse. The former barber found the furnitere
mean, and the attendanewtrwofficient. He devel
oped, with easy nonchalance, the changes he meant
to bring about.-He knew how a great house should
bit furnished. -7.-He-had formerly seen that of the
Prince de Croix, to whom. in fact he WSW distantly
'elated. Nicene, who had newer before heard litrn
speak of this grand ielation, opened het .3) es wide
but dared not say anything, for she was beginning
toistand in awe of Bardanou
Convessation WAY& kind occupied the evening
.When the -moment kw retiring bad come; the bar
bar was the best sleeping 'chamber in
thulionse, Where tt bed raised upon a dial, await.
hint. The walls were hung with portraits of dit.
fermi epobhs, representing the. ancient lords: 2B8:1
ilanou sal wed Melt with an almost respectful ens°.
[inn.- -Hewes beginning, in fact, to believe }nit
self:a legitimwe descendant of the house of Roo
vernbourg It was very late before he got to steep ;
pod he saw himself, in his dreams, at the-court of
the Grand Duke of Baden, hii breast covered
wi4perusses and hovers.
When he'awokeohe day was considerably ad
vanced. He arose in hatte, but recollected that a
marchlehier could not dress himself alone. He
raw for the valet de chamtre, who arrived imme•
and began his toildt -according to all the
tolesal fashion. B.udanou, who did not wish to
appear ignonalliof them, patiently suffered himself
la oe•drered—only when it come ro the hair, the
recollection of his art got the bettor of his dignity;
and-seizing the comb from the hands of the Ta
lesman valet, he gave him a practical lesson on the
disposition of face!, and of the toopet.
- Finally, When he was completely dressed, be
descended to-the garden; where he perceived Mad
amwßandocm. She wasieturningfrom a morning
seraticiu the meadow.: The young , dritiOW wore a
elegant neglige, and on her head a broad-brimmed
straw.hat, which shaded harmed: and tehoulders ;
her feetwero wet with dew, and her hands lull of
fiekl.flowens, she waseaming op the avenue, hum
ing an 'old Swabian -melody. Her walk had given
britianey to her-complexion. and the gaiety of the
morning seemed to breathe out in her whole
being.- . .
.713artlation mrt to pilule her, and kissed her hands,
tote had seen people do at the theatre. The pret
ty widow , accepted his arm without ceremony and
told of her etenrsion to the bordem of the forest
Thorgh she bled sintoskalwals.lived in some of the
large German cities, Mtdame de Rondos= wcs
prety fond of the country, and especially of Rovem
bourg, •urhere shat was brought - up. She could
hardly eonseleiterself -that berisnele, before he di
ed,epnclatted to put crp in lonery a - property
which, till thersehad , always been' in theirianti!y,
The two hundred-inotisand-florins which had am
riftedgrititilhis - speetibttion, and were- added to
her lithetitance,-seemed to hermit? far flute Lea.
Seism , itimiinetaiion.. She would willingly give
ttstentythocidand florins of ler own fortune to be
able -to lake possesvion .of Ronvemboneg and its
depeadeneies.i . Baciances took tbis assn- indirect.
proposition made-to himself; but he had already*
acquired so knock of the taste of maser of the
Ile, that he was not wdling to exchange thebon
ots otit.for allibm of money. He replied, with a
ensile 16 Madame -Random; that, though it had
Flanged proprietors, the mode tot•Rovetabourg was
nevertheless,, still.mtirely at her thymic!, and that
;she trottitaise jilts freely as she had done in past
:A• •
The _miaow , - made ,a, sign. of gni:0101- imp
lismost.;, d..} . J.. • • '
. " Come, you refuse to comprehend me,° said
she, smiling ; " you are willing- that I should be
received tor-yodel Roueembourg, white it is lay
desire to nmeiveyobbere.n
-." - What'difference does it makv, -- provided you ,
am at home!" said the Provencal.
4 "At - home 1" said' Madame Ida -Handout; gal-
IF; "Iyon *Quill bocaoght IVd°'took , you ft. your
,would?- e
" How 60 r
U Became a strange-sroasan for fr•isitor always
adattalliaangboute-keepets4 o . and tea °f ee,.
ingfatthtliciesinitpirime its. added - 7. •
-ft Licerfami panlaait. **apt Italia ones;l
bot-hd ar
asisimltkethiNicatto wale *Waal"attar
- 4 _44lll4Antremptedaber batheroritb soiesibarm*
toed air ; " it is still but a plan?
it Which nothing sorriteeeents yea {rote secom
RN dasihieh
Milittlieettb . tweesesteil fraii , ot
Weide edniblisappose yfor the ereatefilxi it die ,
*um SIP* kat Phi*, VLF 11411116610 7
The beetle* beirede bhiebing `inibley: • It.;seet
the Ann time he Wailed the Mr. affixed to his
name,: Madame de,,RaP4P l 4.,aPP ear e d :19 him
now resplendent in -beauty. - -
However that may=be," = she yearned, ',keit
diaPoyesitera,'witheul ever tenirnifti triaw
ROieniktatiii And Yet . Goa initivi*hit I *Mold
have done to keep it. I own to you, for example
that twoutd , have purchased this , castle at the price
of all my futorif . eirptictitione - What Jo you eay,
Or: 044)4
The ; P,rovencees.vanity was %=ain, dazzled .and
he' could only stammer Out a few broken words.
rr Yee'," resencted'ans Widoivils if she weeld re.
ply to Car intertocitter—r' it the 'price' of thy lutitre
expectations. 'lon saw the Baroide Hoban!), who
arrived a little before you r . • -
Bardanou replied in the affintattive. •
" Wetr; he is an old friend of !Ocir family, who
wa.s always very tiech troubled, by my ,marriage
with M. de Hendon:- Since my .widowhood he
has offered me his hand several' times ; but 1 was
pleased with my liberty, and waii alarmed at,a new
union, and have always refused. Finally, when
the mule of Rovemboorg was put into a lottery, he
witnessed my trouble, and proposed,to tee, laugh,.
ing, to marry him if he won the castle. 1 prom
ised him I would, and he took fifty thousand florins
value in tickets. Up to the lime of drawing, 1 was
afraid that he would gain it; and to-day lam in
despair that Rovembaurg has passed into other
hinds.. Now that I am about to quit this beautiful
estate, I And that I should not have • paid too dear.
ly for it with the gift of myhand.i l
A thought passed like en arrow threTAftheAnd
of Bardanod. He looked at Madame de Ratidenut,
who was playing with a minuet of wild flowers—
She seemed charming. He remembered, at the
same lime, that she possessed a fortune double in
value to the domain of Rouremlx•org, and that she
belonged to one of the most noble families in the
All these ideas wailed him at once, and threw
him into a stupor. The widow gave as interpreta
tion to his plence.
k!-You think me very foolish, I dare say," orti
" Not in the least," said Bardanno, making an
effort to gain conrage "1 find Only that your con
fidence is dangerous."
4: Why so , '
" Because it may place singular temptations in
the way of the present proprietor of Rourembourg
casoe "
it What do you n:ean, M. de • Barclanou I I do
not understand you," said Madame de Raudouz,
with an embarramment which protested against this
" I mean," said the barber, emboldened," that
an kreement made entirely by 6hancei with the
Ba:ol might !lola more surely with the petson who
has gained the Wale."
%r Ilh you !''
" Since Rovembonrg has so many charms for
Madame de Putudnux,': replied .the Provencal,
warmly, " she might resign herself, perhaps, in or.
der to remain hem, to aceeptithe new proprietor."
" Come, you are joking," said the widow, laugh•
log constrainedli.
" A joke if my proposition offends Madame de
Readonz," replied the Provencal ; " a serious thing
it - she receives it without anger."
" But do you Lot think, M de, Bardanou— have
you not previous engagements widi Mademoiselle
Nicene ?''
" None, Madame ; every thing is confined •to
vague plans. 3
" Meantime if the child has conceived hopes?"
" Reason wilt make her renotince them. Nicet•
te must tmderstaritt-that a new position impoies
new obligations towards othei and towards our-
ir l fear she rosy not hatri t enotigli philosophy
for that," objected the widow, F ! i v ijoy.,
I win _manne that,- cried ..the,Proveacal
rr Here cornea the Henan, say nothing-to him of the
matter. In art Rout l-sitalltitirii talked with N met
to, erery thidg'will be settled , .
renuued to the castle. in fact, .10 look for tie
postmaster's god-daughter. ~ T be:- conversation he
had Jost had with , Mattruite diltandottx had given
the last stroke. ' Re , saw in a: moment his foitane
tripled,-his position established_. It was .a second
uckeuitt &lottery wron.. He could not, without in
sanity,‘suffer Poch an occroicat to escape him. In
reality, moreoverno eogageiiieni exit ed bemeris.
hitn-and Xicette. Ue hail neither made or exacted ,
any promise,.Hair nip been obliged to defer their
union, both halt heldroone - Of- those tacit engage
ments which bind us only inwards OUT Own heart:
so that he thou.tht himseiftxmintl to no justification.
Forgeiting all the pact; he talked to Nimae as to a
protege whose happiness he. was nesirous of iiect4-
rug. He did not wish. krenioy - skate- the happy
fomme ethical had enriched trim; he had decided
id'endow her richly, and seems ,- the fortune of
'is . , hate vet *she chnotie for a,husband, *
-4be girthstenei r atf,fost, without •comprehend -
ing ; but r as Bardanoo went on, the light broke up
on her, and 'With a grief as much more "cruel as it
Was unexpeclteil. 51eantinrie" she said nothing,—
Pale, her lips uembling, h udly able to restrain het
tears, she listenek till die Provencal came to the
end of his premises; and, when he haddore, she
ride, almost calinly;and nisi% a step toivard the
rt Where are you goino liteette l".asked Bards
noo, Aremblcd et thisaileace t .
lam goingdmius, wi4rrty got-tether," triad
she simply. • -
44 Why do yowgcswow t What Is your burry!"
cried the the blitber. - '', • • • • "
- -
-C . .
. Bardanon felf.e_presteres_at his heart Whaley.
ethirtvii t untoryblisdatoreglAbOteatry reprooth•
ekatimr-withirfai , ! mink onmestedr
tints. abolll lAao3oo t , e 14 .0 o:emu
now, *mu untead sii4efoleigtoL-; - -.00 tepee
befekkimpazadt, earls-had , oot bitakfakedoind
rang thit bell ; the varlet replied that the Bares bid
pot eldered breakfast yet
7_l'l,e,“t! e....41'd OS Or/.
',V :0 tr,o/1 !LIT
ert , c-fs4 , 7!{.4Eir It 9.!
4:5 :I .
7.! 11-1.
t.; .7 : 4 . •
y, • %/4 dl'.111Zel; 'I
ts..;;; .1% •:", ,e -- 7 1%; i ;
. • ,
ki et , .Ithi l fgair Ir'
7 'l-'1"-'::Lr-; As.
= ;I'4l.
C ,
< Ss, i
• speech vele'limilef Prciaaiiitha**l
. 01. 0 4 110 8 km- , , ,r . •
lithe 'Baron!" cried he; it and how Mogi feok
have- yea wafts& tot The -three's
my breakfast'!" flitholeitiari!ek.)oriki,*o49
doep-Riiiiinbroyg bilong IV ,
•f- I'm sale 1 &WI knovq? tepliecl
Ah;yod amilincTiTPEreliinied litirfaniwi r twe
asperaiad.;; " -wellibunit will teach "yrin;Ettlkrit.--
Go away, immediately ; and
` _ lr7arn,
shi 4 'rtinielflerc.)(fini - e Agi6.7
The man. w, :Awn hat ilrit.garowowhe
wits just cOmitia; in, marls* sign,litid4lititetit''—'.?
g , You near This poor tell ' oai°jtoroewl er r
Mt. eattlitOa l said' the Baron 4140 1 /240.:400i4tr
ter but. ,
ig- I treschim da f
the firinTiiiikankrity, •ce: kive:r*fri:gt*.
astonished ibakohers besides .mysilf gilds seder
41 in' the Oro place I trociltiobsOrtitlliffol f ,,,!„,
plied toe Itarp. ,
as-utshuneulerf sts•
minor of the tomer proprietor. •Rarrenbciorprß
was my business to order affairs, at , the,esailtrA
the arrival of the new-owner."
" And replied the barber, ‘, 1 will observe.*
you, that the new. owner."
" And yon conclude from thatd--
" I conclude that every min ought i 9 be master
in his 01A711 house."
The Baron bowed. " Ineonfesta*," - .
" It remuirut to be seen at whose boos. W0„A01.10.
"At whose,bouso repeatesi-Bardastotr„ostotta
shed. 4 Ms. de Robach ought not tOlArtgitiitiii
since hefnformed Me of thee
" I temensuer it perieciii.". • ,
" And you undoubtly have not futgotten dieted's
number was 66; and here it is, Mr! Baron:"
" You r pardon," said be, ",but 1 belie se,bir: Hars
clarion is mistaken." -
" How 1"
'" He bas :not observed that cm' 1101
PPf° lll figurer, litsitil4 of lot i ia~
them."... : ,
" Ninety•nine!" repealed the wined bin*
g what do you say! bat then 66r
" Here it is," said the Baron, showing *ticket:
" What you."
And the anthemicity army ticket las . pia - ste.,
Itylowledged by the airectors a4rankforti all lbw
formalities are complied. will, and here is
which puts ire in poi-session of the'domaifi of Ito.
vemboing.", ,
lie held out to the Provencal a paper covered
with stamps, flourishes and signatures of illtsiseit
and colori. Bardanim would . her; examined: ft;
but a cloud catered' his eyes, he trembled all pis*
and oral obliged to sit down.
The fall was as sodden as the eleivatibti,' irtd hS
felt his strengt h leaving, him. Slearitime the firsi
shock rver, be got up, doubt ar.d anger succeeded
his depression, he looked the baron in the:face:-
" Then you decelied the at Obethauttbe4;"arlii
ed he. •
gg say rather that I allowed you to somata in NI
error," replied BIL deßobach•
: !tie a .reason soda cruelty," interttipted Bar.
" No,"said the Baron tranquilly, " it is a pen.
ishment and a lesson. Seated at the balcony of thi
inn, behind the curtain which concealed me, I
heard you judge without knowing me; accuse.tho
rich of vani.y, .of ingratitude, and enpidit , t, - Infil
boast that you could escape all Meas. ItrultS ter
tune turned in your favor,. .A.-cfrancer'itadelyon
belerve that that this supposition war eeettniflieiti
ed. I wanted to see it yitinr - pritutipfes would ltaWii
the prktril you thought they would, and /lei yies
in year illusion."
"So it was an 111°40N- then,"
noo witlisorrott , ;fiit being able tp ' detticli is rel►
Korn the ticket. , : >1
0 Veal; said Mt aobach, more terionslyill gat
Bardanor, your einitlbet:ilertr - the ""pi . tiggent lefirtA
kg ilikaggit er 41
yOnisellibe Coinl:Boetirtitatia r ig
no - 144t0n. ~Siiio siaterffitY, tiff-.Ma.whiitt but
shown.birnselt most Road, Wile-44p, tai. most,grds the setrattia,l,lo.4il;yerg. edit/base
copidigy "has fiojep i lisefiengS; by As position. of
I.ladentgl, ll o lo 4 o arta flogy-seboavbse Mane
heen remised NO) intratitailei" •- : . .-..- .... ~:
The a nvitasilharber hang his bead::. .\:• -, . -
`" You aem,".coniintied the Baron, after -ai street
pains," wo.mtisthe more indulgent towards oth
ers, and less amfident in outselvvs All menhir."
within themselves the.germa of -some Weakness/
different pignitiona may develop theindigiiiingf—
Paidon the nr:h man an toigemilgJliimiselt, Raabe: ,
ing blind, and tie will pardon yisti= yang bittenteiv:
your malevotence;loar envy. - ' The 'Warta iiheli i .i.
mate claitsvi of men" is not , to otivose them re rich
other. but In enitghten them, dieli *Contra; - his
wants." " ' ". ' - ..
~ ' ' -,-
-" And is it to give'the this lesson dial ihe'harli
withis exposed me Id such a change of Omni, r,',,
Bardanou, bitterly. '"T haie tieed i iitige.
rervation to hitn. He Tri.h'eiliiirnalie. ap j /awl
men: on the hiring Amble : Ft, withont tthibling.:lmn?,
F 4 Irvcittt the consequendei !het" . thie.lit : follia4:4Aeck
'an e.iPti l o l- bt " . ' —. --t`g"z 'Llti
" 'Pardon mo,"Maisier Baidariou,"3l.
Itolatch ; 4 11adaMi.deB'antIons,, wrth :airsid ... , 4 . 1
this•has already rfpaired thelertny4,7o4:o 3 oobili t .
done yourself ; and iri proof - 61 this, she is woof*
back Nicene 113- ...*- - --.
_i-... -•",-- - -,/ :4:,'
The; ening gvrl;. i feet , returned svighdhs widow
,The lent hitlvatiity consoled, heti AT-persuades*
Whet !bac** Impale Ca Eardanea ,waet only. a- trial;
tbanha dolmans:of Runvemboerg-didi nos Wok! Is
him, anti thole loved, her better - than ettbrz ,iii:
ceuehelietted_all they wished berm Weser snit
the Provencal &induct itenehred
,kiat. with. a temierobsar antrumt-ge , thit- vitisitr"as
totrebittl by it evet" ita tears, , =v l ; < - "., ; 3 . % La ,
rEturing thls'nelinicifritirri the Birgit had vii rait - .'
venation - grill blaster Topferiiind - ritideltiirigivd 4
hiirconseirt iii the enarria' gezot this;balittetWiih Ni-,
'eetfei th'ithoggibb inrepogotilli Ore 4 dowry of tilt
theeeied flotifte:f l '.-•,'• •.-•' ' . ' '—,
=TheIWO WOO eel not the ;virile erepleg "Tot
(llWiailibeit *Eire the martiigre WO..E#lebrate4
-a month alter hardanoo prbfiled by fhb )isr . pn,
- with beikiteittifely cored of its critical fits
Ile wilt eoniethries 'indulges in - Tinting" niticepkg.
'againstthe rich 'and. polmftit ; but hie yodeg,voe
cPatiiiii ' si:bdie: aPpagegtfellott, to the w 0 ,4
aniren boar:, into the conveiration ; upon he Trigg
1 which the Pmvencal slurs", ;fiesta* quietly 'l.l
it LI cuptomerm
1•i ,