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    Till 1
s oo n of the Sierra lit9elre Reviihdianisti—reesov..
erneratj a 1;0,
rosier at
. - 1851.
T 6 steamship Yieht•hiciasilthow Bra.
e m., *ilk dateita-Vi t etbritlIel•;,!•"!. -
The news from-NarttfenallieliecalCenkiting,
neliberating army wiet,attllwin•a'sfej mime,
sod hit taken tile - town : Ateyneenri - .lrOkere they•
m et but ' - One lea . piectite and a 1
contity of Ape arms fell inter
Om their hands.,
A t lest recounts General elets, the Governor
ofTamaulipast was approaching Matamoros , and
Genera l Ayslajos was on his way to meet him--
whet , a , H e n ( ) or foe is uncertain., It. ie frappes.
el that Canales will assume the chief commend o f
the revolutionists, an act that, will displease .the
American partizan.
We have received Vera Cruz • dates. to the 4th
joss. by whirh we learn, that Governor Let Cher, the
American Minister, arrived4ll -that port on. the. Ist
ofOct.,and immediately proceeded to *the vapital.
Accounts from the city of Mexico, to the 7th Sep.
t imber, represent the Government to be in , great
conlutuor—the treasury being at the lowest ebb;
a nd the govomment resources almost annihilated:
;Many auempts hart been made to form a new cabi.
net; bat all were ineffectnal.
The account of the revolution in the
'jades haff - hot reached the Mexican capital.
The Sheriff of San Francisco has arrested two of
Wrldcat's negroes, ono cf whom is the notorious
Caffre, John It is feared that much exasperation
will be evcaed by this act, and that the negroes will
retaliate. •
GREAT SALT Lave Ctrv.—A letter fr — o Lake
Coy. dated Aug. 5,
.says: The orzanizat nof this
Territory is progressing. There is seve counties
I one precinct laid out in the Territor ,consisting
of Great Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Too e, Utah, San
Pete, Iron, and Bridge precinct. Them are namer.
one buildings in c oarse o f completion. The Coon.
eil.lfouse is receiving a coat of plaster Paris ;short.
IT the Temple will be c ommenced,'And the in
tion is to build a most magnificent and costly build.
ing, one that is a style of architecture will much cur
. pie the proud Nauvoo Temple, and be a wountler
wafter ages. It is in contemplation to build a rail.
road to Iron Alountain, Iron County, about' 250
miles, where there is an abundance of iron ore
Coal (bituminous) also abounds within 60 miles of
the city. A radioed will be hullt to bring that nec•
wary article of fuel to the doors of the citizens.—..
Chalk, Plaster Paris, Quick Silver, &a., are plenty
near here Mountains'of salt are within 25 miles.
Maltread will soon be cnnstrncted to the Canons
fa the purpose of furnishing wood for the consnmp.,
lion of the citizens. T, ha election for State legisla.'
tors took place on the &Ili of August. • Settlement. 4
are about to be made at Yeah and Paroan yalleys.
The emigtation to these valleys will be lamer. The
crops are extremely good ; the yield 01 wheat lathe
acre is.unparalleleii—as high as one hundred bush
eli have been raised to the acre; about seventy. is
ros average. Cnrn grows well, but is not as prolita;
b'e to raise. The vegetables raised are the finest
ever seen ; root vegetables remain in the ground
all winter without injury. What few fruit trees
there are doing well. The limber is completed •OI
Balsam, Fir. Pine. Quaking Aria, Cotton Wood,
m a pl e an d Box Elder ; Limber is f.-'5O per think.
and; Wond .9.10 pet: card ; Flour 15 "cents' lb. ;Sp.
gar and Coffee 10 cents, wholesale or retail ;gont.6
of plenty, ba nfieney very scarce. Marty
mine' are expected in from .California this Palt—
Col. Ben flitlliday leaves !within a few daYa for
that State with 800 head of beef cattle arid 10titrintee.
This in the best grazing country 'to be seen pile
valleys abound m good grass and clover. The pea:
p!e are very industrious, quiet citizens ; there ;Snot
a enti.e-house or grouerry in the valley. ;re...liquors
ate allowed to be sold in tt. The mails came in on
the 1 , 1 int. Irom California and Oregon ;Alii3 fist is
atonality Malt, the' once in tern immt ha. The
kilinns are - miich cOmPlainait of in this region ;
14,yrob travelers apt! fregnetery need i er them'.—
Tun of the agents, Messrs .11 R..ttay and Stephen
B. Rose. - are out with, interpre:ers among them, And
intend holding a talk with them. • A romDany
Uncle Sam's men is . much needed. (mounted men)
to keep these Italians in check. The city .is laid
oui...with very wale streets, and on each street, an d .
eiterch aide of it, as.vrel: a. through every person's
tot ; the lots are laid out. in. one and a quarter sores
each. Rene John M. Bernhard is nominated and
will be elected ihe delegate to Ciingress. He is a
pinch, linzh minded, talented gentleman. A. W.
Babbitt. Esq... the former delegate,. wilt leave . for
Washington in a short time. '• •
Titr.lre BqLDING —The beneyolent citizens
I Mieepsie, aided by the citizens of New iCtirk
an Albany. raised the.surnwf $2 2 000 to satisfy the
eturhitaiit . iletnattik of the owner of the Aare
Bhlizig. The money has been for weeks in the
-bats of the C S M trshal. His master solerimly
pltil;eil•hirriself to release him when the exorbi
tant price, he it,ke.l - 1•7.r him - should be paid, bte
hr.!. i 3 rake him to South Carolina, to show
the South that he -Could be returned. He was taken
Columbia, S C , and that is the last we heard of
im. The Po'keeve Telegraph hears that the
r', have put him in jail. Is the object .to
to torture the rietim before he is surrender.
Onrk I it so, what a shame upon thiheads Of
accnunl4 received at thre,Sandwich Islands, and
put.kfted in The Polynesian of the 19th July, there
etran2 reason to believe that the riches of the
mites is semi-:ilia are eqtial to those itif Cal
fnrnia. A letter in 'The Polynesian, dated Sydney;
May 2lth, wales that the gold field exists near. Ba :
thorn, and is RO miles wide, awl that geologistses:
:mate its length at 300 miles.:, It states that the,
Al appears of a parer quality than that found in.
Allantia. One thousand people were engaged in
mines, and were earning' from 5,1910161.6 a day,
pile some individuals had obtained from $5,000
525,000 in a few days ; and that Jumps weigh.
r; tram 2 to 6 lbs. had been found I In the meatt
nne, Flour and provisions had reached famine prises,
ata one•third to one-half the population ware leas
-12 Sydney for the di.v t .girrvs. Sailors demanded
19 a month. Wages had advanteti- in Sydney
)nt ft and to Sli per week. Parties wino had
ten pas , atte for California forfeited their passage.
iney, tiodlelt for the_gold region. .
Oxt.ll rat. Dsr —A Washingtongeorrespondent
The Charleston Netts has the folnwing
The venerable Mr. Taliafero, the Librarian of
Treasur) Department, and formerly a AlostAer
' Congress from Vir4inia, eatabot one meal per.
I day, and that is his dinner. lie is in per fect,_
mooch nis the power habit. if Wigs" u"
''ae) . and is obliged to take sapper, he omits his
ler the nest day. ' •
4 cellr atu 4—A man mimed Bishoisunt A fine
out from one-of the livery stables in Elmira, to
e a turn around the eoentry in the nneighborhood
that village. Moving bat a poor. knowledge of
/Phy he brat up iii;Geneva; where he acted
his establishment. He wo•4saiplietiltil be
one and arrested, and is now it ll:Voir:ilea.
Ts k s
.E•tna New In Near Yortc.--Tbe broWls
'4 1 [1:1 ihn roes of the James flank at 25 per
dureur.t, end those , of the :Rank ofN,ew
hens, Parantrat Rank of Minn, and ; the Western
t at While Creek et IS per cent.
bills of all theoth .„,t Foote banks are received
'?Pont at the Metropolitan
BLACI SWAN via NEW •61111W12.-4 COIOI
!, named Eliza Gripenfield, raareatin 4 Antic a
10 '.
n in musical cirelis
.She ,
lo have a very potverful and swan ornier;lklill
1 0 give a liiiicert shortly She' ia called . file
Black Swan"
4 ltt Twoniy.six yOunitnin shot 500 - sqpiteitt i
a tarp number of owls.pattidge: o - roPoosulita,
ha Ilia town of East Evans, Erie may, N. Y,
- '
-An : ciecerrinimi r whienlecently.rniespired 41..0ne
of oar maitypielar FriteltrAelliMarittVleorda an
other anti
. I powerfatfra; liting:*thoiii.wtioare in the
ittentiiiiiiife frighten . ' albelt.K thtV irking
ladies_ in thoinstitotiviiil4 we- hari 'tele - Wed,
were eegaged
conversing oPopfArtestn4iteet;er s ....., attinik, in . . the
course of wincporticiii.Thirni:.! Ltitociended:to relate•
some experitifet). in a
dissecting rooini" thit conversation reached
this' point, the :thior.OPimed artiVenother of the in.
mates of the Semliary*Mitied and sot.
eon tread, having a white.siseet'Wtapped about her
form, and her lace pearbiretl . tp4ierlect whitenesi
her jet.biKkhair, eyis bigiws presenjitig aeon. ,
tramiwniettgave a.tuartlint, heilinstis 40111toegham.,
like countenance.. lady -who was, relating
experienifi - as aireade: , Siated, ulitaid to be' mental.
ly. superior to any _of her elsontinates t and noted - for
her strength#ltiond.and freedom from nervonsness'
and absurd sensibility.:Ato.smillen, however, wa*
the approach just- et a moment when
her mind wits leaf! prepared for apyttific associated.
wittithinighisnf ilia deed; that - nom tietinfding ibe
apparition-she•fell'senselese in thelloor,rindowoke
to the scenes amend her entree show her anxious
attendants that rreluon hid fled its throne end left .
sad tokens of the - mental wreck. Everything that
profession4M could suggest kw the relief o f the'
enifterer.was trietti. but -- during ferty4*ight..fioors'a
few flittering - moments of intelligencewai elf that
(dieted hope •10, her friends: At those.
innes,site.spOke . ol kmiliai,iianies,.reealling them
by strong mental isirt,:wlith seemed to eshOtts?
„her shatiefed poWeis ; and _her renion ag ain ortn
' Aering, She esetaimed; /: ant I . can't see.. it again !
dorihiet rne'see'it 'it is toolipriible.l". apt) tonne
elapsed before the return ' of a lucid: intervals ` and
the heartrending recurrence. tif the paroxysm. The
young lady, Whetnitimegliiressnessled to,sech ter
rible mischief, is ippkett,pl as a ‘ most amiable girl,
and one of the vcarniestiyientlsOf the/utterer, : 41er
distress and dispair at.the consequences of her play : .
ful lolly, :an . be better imagined tban:desetibed. It
seems to have beiniripposed that tio tiefiee of the.
kind could be ,effectual in frightening ; the ;lady
• Whose mournful condition we have related. The
sadd - consequences of the 'error in this exile, presents
a warning to the thoughtless which should, not pass
unheeded.. At last accounts no change .was ihs
coverabie in the -distressing. symptoms r of the intim.
Innate girt,iind there t little encouragement to hope
that reasot. will ever resume. its seat.
hisitiselictoxe -aturEvits.—The :N. Y. Evening
Post has a letter from &correspondent in Connecti
cut front'which ire- copy the following; • •
, Upon thC . 'pretnises we were shown the works of
the Waterbury Nook-and .Eye Company, where a
capital of $l6 000 is employed in the manufacture
of books and egos. Ilere-.were arranged long rows
of little machinesatbout the size of small washstands
under which a tcosistang shower of feminine coDirell -
iencioa was Rouring down. but from whatcause or
what agency ot Was difficult to conjecture. Upon a
closer inspection a large spool of wire was preceiv
ed revolving slowly 'in its rear, growing shorter
inch by inch in mechanical harmony with the me
chinery, while iron fingers curiously articulated,
Were ready to• grasp the severed fragment and past
it along from change to change, until at finally drop
pedinto the receptacle beneath, .a perfect' hook or
eye ready for use.
,Fur* moment it seemed as if each machine was
instinct +kith life and inteiligence. The power of
speech seemed to bo all that was lacking urcom
*le the delusion. There were but four or five
men hi,the room. who passed around occasionally
fron,nne, stand to another to oil the machinery, to
suppl,Opew Vire when the previous spool was con
sumed or to empty the vessels when filled by the
silvery shower. The whole performance more re
sembteds trriftinfary'proceis of amines Theo the re
sult of Mechanical art. The duty of theSuperintend
ant of one of theta machines, seemed to me curious
ly alike - to thatof the gardener who plants his peach
stones, which aiiir many days, sprout, grow into a
free, _ KToom aril finally pear beaches, which, when
ripc.'ilrili,frorti` their branches a nd are gathered
fvr Oi:ep
of the Nicaragua route forebodes, it no good
to ihelotinarna, one. Alm we are not of this opinion.
Our trade with the Pacific is rapidly increasing and
will demand annually new facilities, so that, before
both roniescan be perfectetl, there will be enough,
ire belie ve, for, each. The ranarda route, when
the railroad is finitherli will hibe particularly easy
Ynetltnrt of trainiit ; . troil, the railroad will soon be
openetrftom Navy Bay in Grogram, whence mil)
one day!s travel will intervene to Panama. The
course of trade, too, has become accommodated to
that-route. Capitalists are interested in mainfain
log it ; travellers are accus tomed - to it ; and ,what
is an.additional advantage, it will-drain the south
Paola better than the blicara4na route. This litt
ler, on me other band, affords the most expeditious
transit to Cadikania ; and possesses other recom.
mendations, which will secure it a liberal patron•
age. -The rivalry between the two companies will
stimulate trade. anti benefit the public by a radix , '
lion of tare. On the' whole, therefore, good will
come of the ecrmpetitinii, ,, instead of injury. The
world will be all the better for having two short cuts,
so t o s peak, aroundr Cape Horn -while the routes
,themselves will become more lucrative yearly to
their owners. • •
The Norristown Watchman says that a few
days since, that a lad named Semen( Ash, in the
employ of Mr. Henry Poley, of Upper Providence.
having been sent on an errand, was induced to go
to a neighboring barn, by some. other lads, who
should have known better to try the velocity of a
threshing machine by their own power. Samuel
wes persuaded to stand upon the power, he being
the younger of the company, while the older ones
applied their might in getting up the velocity, and
the unfortunate, Samuel was thrown and caught in
the machinery,Aby which he bad one of his legs
broken in several 01tees, and the flesh mangled in a
horrible manner. The little sufferer—a dutiful and
obedientolad—U now lying in a preCarious sheath. n
doubts are..entenained whether be will ever recover
t he use of bis legs again. •
Wosncesq. OeciiATtosr,We saw at the office
of Dr..Dix,C/eulist, on Sannilay young man
Who had been blind for years. fle was
reading eavily the finest annealed mini. Vier young
man became blind at the age at elevenjwancwas
iimposed:oi bet totally incturatiloiahil was edlawild
at the Blind Asylum• in this ciiyi wheriliebeeintre
m efficient scholarv-firane time eineeliecatee at,
traded As attention of Dr. Dia r and the young mon
Was induced to submit to an operation ,by , that gen.
demon, ilie resell af wins* was as - above
stated.. The individual in question is mow able .to.
seeand read thw : i mew :print with ease and la.
pithy. Truly wwlivein an age of wander. We
believe thleisthe only case on record where etalit
has been restored after so long an • absence. Or.
Dig lies a whleapreadtfame.—Boal. Muir -
X Fccitisve 'Stave °UT Ai.itsit WO . loom
that %Vm. (tile, .es he calla his fiance, a - barber of
thisi vitlite, and a fujihite . slave, received -ootioe
by telegreir,h tram 'Lockport ,oti Monday, that he
wouldbii;cidied` for 'the .&glowing tiny,.
hill soap and rizor ' and his customers -to shirk kir
themselves,: ilidkstn:, proOtt4
~by the searroMlble
steppedAtap Ircliartsmultnourn -, so that.
:whert:thirofficeisatrie fa pet hiabaud - Op him hell
.11e is.probably, , enteyknotre this the
-*Wenn , ortOS of Nictotia, in herblara:7's cans
than pna‘lipce.—.Orkrur I anocrat:
Elmo , Wags *a'
- drove off, afteirtlyiu, r-few
tunes ihie - eide - of, Iteleton, :with eiald itiasengens
"Vhd - stage'tidleil over sunkiiVerwiiii
ful - velocity; atoNa a bank St fad tlitepidi the paa•
tierwProk weremorti one' dr the*
Dr. Martin . 4 1 Yuan)? injured:
Ile 1110,441aLs•hoP*Looar,thaernx while these'?
eident-hapimenl4: • • =
tentia ; A FiligitiSitineithtiet
ash°, (Nick) TelotpophinYafhttkittr.:fartglam en -
another of the-Prisoners, while on their way to Stae
prison, madirirbetoulitopeo Aonfoidan of their
pan ioiptition of the, burning the depot at
trod 1111 0itaggrikar-PrtnlY 61 1 1 "141, 3 Fere4Ail'
ty; tbkv(ttritAtmleepty: rip! who had
jlern s , ausieite4. n a me a
he nJt - „
• ". .Nt., ..
4 1..
I. "or of lbe.• , 1... ',,, Dar *f Pin - Rises Sot. flete.
I.'eek. Slomb.
0 1 . 1 — r 7 51 5
eg rfeipuT,... . 0' .•6:36-. 5 St
• 21 - 11 nj - - 6 23
~ .4 ru.i#l!tir *** , I • - .7 •• '`. , - . '
- TE ° 7111171 . 1,11 :1 : " ;::;I:: 4: : : 4869-.":. 5 2201
.'H. PiiniC.'::: ' ' ,24 ' 6 41_ IS 19 •
SaTvienAr,....:;;:: 26 . •, , 6 : 42.
~; „5 16 .
New Mtnuttigtmente.
ADmonsnirrows NOTICE.
NIX persona 'indebted to tha estate of WlilLlAl4l .
MRADFORD detested. late°, Mirror township,
ere hereby" reqUested . to make payment without delay.,
and all persons hesite; diem:mart sgainst-said estate ere
rerMested to present them, duty authenticated for set.
- 'l47afren.' Oct. 11.•1R51. r Adeninistrators.
persons knowing themselves to bo itulehied to
. the. estsite,of. ABRAHAM WORTENDyKE,
deed rate of Scrath Creek, 1p„ are hereby requested
tamale immediate payment,-end those having claims
against said estaterill please present them immediately
drily ,authenticated for settlement. , -
:, - .South Creek. act. 11, ISM. Administrators.
gn HAY STATt EIRALLs, vaiioos patterns, col
"Ulf "on and qualitici. last undyed at
...Oct.-N, 1851. • MERCUR73.
Falb & Wmter Goods.
.11171iii0Le EINGSZEILire
TSnow-receiving a large assortment of Fall and Win
ter Goods, direct from Nevi York which is offered
at Greatly reduced' prices to cash buyers.
Towanda. Oct. 1.1. MI.
The TWO, Time of Asking.
ADIVORCE lately been effected between
the present Register and .Recorder of Dradfoid
County, and the,. office he now holds , to, take us Ansi
effect on the first day of December nest. It becomes
indispensable that all debts due. to: the subscriber in
his official capacity should, be immediately liquidated.
The parties interested in this nodeo will ease them.
selves trouble, and the Register much personal annoy
ance by a prompt attention to its contents. The lalin
of the office moat be settled immediately, and the &ate
eases remitted. and to enable him to accomplish this
the partiesindehted to him must pry at once.
Oct. 0, 1001'.. !HORATIO RI.ADK, Recorder.
Orphan's ogeut saw;
pursuance of au order of the Orphan's Court, of
Bradford county', there will be exposed to public
sale,nn Tuesday. the 11th• day of November next.
all o'clock P. 14..,0u the premises, a certain tract
of land inmate in Leroy township, late the estate of
Seeley Holcomb:tounded by -- Hecock. on the
east-and south by dirils of the Barcley estate, west
by lands belonging — to the estate of Sterling Hol
comb, dee.'d, north by Towanda creek ; 16 or 17
acres improved. with one framed barn erected there.
on, the remainder Woodland. Terms one half cash.
the remainder one year from the confirmation of
sate. with interest from the , day of sale.
-C. STOCKWELL, Administrator.
Oct. 9. 1951.
Ihtecutor's Notice.
IXI.T. persons indebted to the estate of Benjamin
Buffington deceased, late of Warren towfiship,
are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay, and all persons having demands against said
estate are requested to present them Jule authenti
cated for seillement. R. C. BUFFINGTON,
'Warren, Ocl. 3, 1831
ALL persons indebted to the 'mato of A. W.D.
VangorJer, deed, lite of tho township bf Durel,
aro hereby requested to make payment without delay,
and those having claims against said estate, will please
present them duly authenticate) for settlement
Dwell, September 112, 1851. 'Administratrix.
THE undersigned having associate,' themselves
together under the firm of Prancisco and Tom•
kins, for the puipose of carrying on the
Carriage Zitakiag Aridness,
Respectfully solicit a.sbare of Public Patronage.--- , . -
They pledge themselves to make as good work and
as peat as can be produced from any other estab
lishment. -
We have now on hand a variety of finished work,
and shall endeavor to keep constantly, on hand a
good assortment. so that eusecnners may at any time
I e accommodated with a,carriage to their taste.
4:111 persons wishing td pgrchase work of this kind
will do well to call end etainitte for themselves, as
we will self as four as can be afforded in any oth
c0" - • gepairing done to order with tratneqs and
despatch. J. FRANCIKCO,
Towanda, Attst.2l. 1851. N. C. TOMKINS.
now Arrival of
HEI, & M. C. MZIICUR are now receiving a
. very extensive assortment et Goode for the Fall
trade, which will be sold at whotesak or retail cheaper
than at any wher afore in the County.
Tawanda,lilept. 4,
THE subscriber respectfully informs the puLlic that
he has taken posessiott of his old stand, in the
oath part of the Boni of Athens, where he will be at
all times happy tome his friendepand will endeavor to
mike their stay with hhie agreeable He trots that an
assiduous attention to the wishes of the travelling pub
lie will secure him.the favor of the old patrols-sof the
" Mansion," and the visit of those who desire a can
vfintable and convenient stapping-plare.
111. Taus wiU t`O welfsupplied•—and the best li
quors be Procured for the Dam.
Goon Seamless la-attached with careful and atlas
tive hostler*.
• (r7ileacsousibus'wili be rots to the Waverly sta
tion, to ear9t, passengers to and (tom every train, 'east
Of Wed. E. 8. MATHPWSON.
'Athens April as,
Saddle; farness ir,Ttitut Manifittorv.
TUE CULP & sespectfaill Whim the ' , public
ef 'that they bare taken the shop' ditels *templed by
C4''. Stain strectos ttneitxtre Wan the
sow, wheat they will keep band a, large
tatteWirSiX o 43 2 o/0 23 4110=14010
Ways lot 'faun; usum rm.
- artielensin their line manotacturod to cram. anti
tank at the best inatesialeand for workmanship cannot
'be unmated in Matthew Numinnias They solicit front these Wishing to.- mwetaiesstongidem she
the an trim satisfantion bob toquality sod mien
o:2NOtter wilt be , paid for, 'Hides • awl Shoop Polts.
at - esstichest musk at our. - - • •
Sate Leather;lrmer Leather. names& Leather and
Car/ Alas, tor-see in any quantity. _ • ,
,Towanda., November likb. $BllO.
150 KEGS " Um:id * 'Nails jolt receiivd it
• . ,
.(1111111' BROWN /SWAB. • Aboi.Coffesi embed
17 'VA "Powderob Suitanheog arriving •and• •Arr wide
Atlirhohnthic or tetail vcry cheep by MERCUIVO;
amino:4li Me en
V V DAY:October 28 1 Dolira oRetr ro;in t 613
°Work. P. M. Admittance 25 cents I cbi:dren ander
nine years of one half-rice.
This splendid collectors ontbe rarest end most mil
nifwent specimens of the AnimM Creation. obtained
from tilt quartets attire globe. will enter town on the
morning of the darof eebtbition In. Grand Procresion
and preceded - by the goreions ORPHEAN CHARI
OT. containing the - New •Tork WU/ DEA ender Ow
superintendenee.ot lir..Foseph- Hasher ' mid. will .ean.
slat of all the beautifully &awned vehietesof the Cons-
pony. drewr by a magnittent Mid of ONE Htfi-
The Menagerie of O.C. quick & Co. steadstittd_.
voted by my other sintilirtstablishrnent in. the worldr
and iv it will be found representatives of every animal
which has ever been discovered by the naturalist., ft is
composed of the two great collections formerly belong
ing -to June. Titus & and Yaw hmberg.& .Cnr—
among" the principal anisettes , features
found the trained PEVVORMING ANlMALtilowhirb
Were's* celebrated both in Eumpe and Ai:writ:2J , My.
ftrooke, the unequalled'. loos Yang, will • superintend
this part of the exhibition.
In the course of the perfimvanee Mr. Langworaiy
will introduce hit highly.trairted Fontes...who will go
through with their wonderfulleats of 'dancing. waltz.
lag, &c., forming a pleasing episode ter the general en
tertainment. • . '
Cantica. .
ALL rersone are hereby, cautioned against parches
in* a note gisen by me cin the 101 h day of Au.
goat 1851, to, WILLIAM HARDY, for filly dollars, is
I have received no value for said tote. and therefore do
not consider myself morally or legally bound to ply
it, and the!' not do so. unless compelled by. law.
Ffep. 24. 1851. A.I. liEtD.
Astray. ' •' .
fl ME to the enclosure of' the. sofiseritts# W I Tows°.
V i da township, on or about the 12Th ikutt._• RED
STEER, about airears old. Said steer haeuo pulled-
Tar mark. The owner is requested to prove property
soul pay ehesges. In , ILLIAM AUSTIN.
' Towanda. Sep. 23,1851.
'Aromatics of Lope
SQTILL later news via New York & E. it. R. of the
atria al.of a very large .stock of Ilierrinmdize at
PHINNEY & kiT ANS No. :if thick fiqw which
they are prepetreil to sell it vefroleislo or retail loi Cash
or Ready Pay, cheaper than the cliespekt, from the tact
that they purchased their clock for cash in a very de:
pressed stale of the merkst. Don't mistake the place,
P.lo. 9 thick Row nest dopy ,to Dr. Hustons.Drug ?tore,
,r-; TONS SUOMI, just received, at vehofeVale and
retail. PHINNEI' & BOWMAN.
QALT, a large lot, , also Iron, Nails. Hardware, dm.;
kJ and Mackerel in bbls., and 3 bbls, for sale. by, ;
sept 22 PHINNEY nopmmq.
n CHESTS more of Anse Hires and lour shilling!
SIiEETI G 9, shiriings, stripes, and tithe. far, sale
BOOTS & SHOES, the itirgest enecheepest assort
ment in town—and 11.0_4 and Cepe,i-'ititholesale
an.' retail. PHINNEY.,& BOWMAN.
CIROCKERY, Glassware. Glass. Dyes,
DRESS GOODS, , a large • Tidal—Bonnets' and
.1-/ - Shawls, a good asaratmemt. for safe by ' •
tep22 ' PHINNEY h BOWMAN. •
MAN'S, for which coil will he paid: a 22
tu E nate, Rye end Corn, taken in exanonize
VY for goods. PHINNEY & BOWMAN,
D UTTER-100 Firbina waned, for which part cub
37 will be gala, PitliCirEY (St
THE quota of Pamphlet laws (or Dradford County
i. for the &saints of (8 . 5 bare Veen received otlie
Prothonotorys amp and are teary for distribution to
those entitled .to receive them.
Pmthy's Office, p.- 15,181 I .
1 20 the. Collectors. • •
clllll5 Collieetoie see ittiptinta to be prepared to get
their exoneistion in the Ist and MI weeks of De.
eember Court. and likewise to settle up their duplicates
in full and save cost, os the drafts on the 'l t reasury are
such as require prompt Collections. The several col
lectors will pleahe send in by the return .Putlggs, all
monies collected,
.1. Pl' PECK. Del& littsttrer.
i nn:Rarer% Office:Sep: 20, 18.11.
,DOZEN more of those cheap and good LINEN
- 1 4 COATS, this day received by
May 29. & CA MPBELL.
- - -
TOOK HERE are now se lli ng t h e b est t o.
cle of Nolasaczet 311 cents pet gallon. •
, Paper Zangiage.
fIVE only complete assortment of tatter Bantings,
Borders. Window taper, and tire board View".
kept in this region, and at prices ae low es eaa be
Pound at retail either iwor out of the princirraf cities. at
May 8. 0. D. 13 A Rl' tETII.
CLOTHING.—* new assortment of reedy made
Clothing_ just . MERCUR'S.
Sept. 9. 16151.
DRESS GOOO3, tie tartest end best estortment in
town. of Meri**eiteeinntlee.Fnalle. be Loom
Afp.tisis, Printed )(dime die el MERCIJR'B.
S" IC. do e*tensive essoitznellt of Black lied Color
' evl lime Silksioa l Satins , also Florence' or overy
actor will be &Ma VW ' ' ' ---' , - 111ERCUM
t --, et t
rtg CU CotA Vs; stee'tedileri.:toolo 4ind
tagetiinsi, a be.;thiful eisoniActit aila_Orittriiiety
. , •
'et . • , !", MERCUttit"
. „
HATS, Cais. Boataingtebasa 111'. assesAttiit::
.-if Hata and Qaps.. Also.* large tiotk teens,
Wantene antiChildteas Booty taut 'Shoes just received
at - • MEROCWBi , •
Olt+ Q aQ Wt RI of Shen; 'felts iiissitiVor
THE anlisetibior offers tit Bile his rend sitiatie,l; in
-Wyitoirtownstiip Bradford cottli,, stswil 3 tulles
from Towanda and 1 from lb* riser: . 'O°lll4l4W
about 120 actor, about 85 or 70 aerda 'impOvid; 'and
well watered, with several gOod Spring! of water:: The
:blll/4011;14Pali thetatto certditofts letge_ fauns
and Jog ilooPso.Thess.Puuniaasqffer mein indocements
141 thima , withint Pdithass'iind: Wilt be sold at abet-:
'emit% will be given for obahaif 6114 purchase
;messy if re¢itired. Fon fettles iiimito le titignirie9f.
for eddies" the Mitecrilier et Wiens P. O._
'Wynn': Aug. I . . 11; '.Wift: IMP?".
.1 ' j. • U:re&lik.e..,s
More-21rear ooas _
• 1 / 4 -A. CAMPIIMI4.,ve remelliir s'ktil•
.aipsoftMent:isf 144 7 .411 '4O -7 0 1,steirmide,
Towinda. 4 10 }0 31 0 11 9. 185 ;•-^ • -
NJlarge-and fine4isirtstia!,!irf "Milne •
—icy 20 , neactm
. t _
frit fr" :'err*S j ee:..
‘;1- r .--AP•MINWTAAiajt,
taperins,indebtedfo'fb TCUri tiOLO INAgirrt
i`LII. 7 MAMg A BD &kill:WC - 1 Titte;tif oT ; uh?fait f?
ship. artibefeby.peligested fernlike,' .'paymitnt.:l44. ;
out 4 1 PhtfcgudttlurieksTiug.afiun,44 1 4P4 fail
tau; uifi pl,empreso*. 'km 407 Iliad anthemingell
toeisitlaitebu' eiriivtAftly. - •
4 , JOHN P4OllllllOlOl
.-Maguistniu*wjih thir,Plll ongge4 e ; .t
Towanda. Aug. " •
...... .
.Exf.curows.wric.g.,..„;?. ,- .:.
L-i.regOt+ Ter/mentory opott ine..4ast. will stisl
testairtiarof ttrZABETII VErAlCS;late . ot
th - eirareaTOWN#o; , deetiikrit,titenttbeen;grint.
ed to the snhserihettof tinitt Bute' , allr;peroons •bay
ing claim/ or drnanda agaittatthe et.fateofihasaeld
deeeaKtd are req e• ted to nitike We 011ie lumen to
Di all hc; ut delay in d - Olt • Organs' in defite d'id said
eidate are n'quir d , to pay the same forthwith:: 1: -.
• . • - TROM AS ,ELLIOTT:.
ToWarida. Ail 28, t 831., Executnr..
lEt. T.FOX,impld respectildly-inform his old friends
.I.:iti,,and The citifens ac,Dradfonl.huAtenerel IlleciAle
is nottfeceising 4 full ifock,of FALL GDODS.telliPb
fre_la riesiiiitti of 11 ttiiiii,?ng tit if is ' ecry l iimall' adiMwe
from that Doha he 1 nrinifisd 191`a ed that • genets onr• select.
ed, with aslntuch ste.-and Emmett at. iciest al sir ,loar
Pries). irS Ale fie' borrbe is` now sterioue to eeur`ture
hie cuidotrma that ibetwill be sold at theilati ( IWO!'
pri&e.' fleetle or 4firstie ; , esthete lir ear* nritimt
its inrovring how cheir some folks dcr saffloode—ocall
macro, Corner of Alain and Piller cruet. . .. :
Groceries. • • - , . 1
g HH'D. of Sugar at mieseimaltively less tbagsany,
1 -P before 104 1e Weill within one year i ?lso. Mullei
ns sweet and gnq.l from 31 -to 617 eta. Hi.. Leguira
rod Old 11•11 Coffee that van) be hem. • Fine bunch
&sins, 'Pepper, levees, galmatus,. Ginger, and a gen
nal assortment of groceries ; - also a .ffill reapply rif fresh
new Teas warranted s Usual, good surd-right or the
money seterned in encases; just received and thr sale
l at -. ,Sep. 12 :. - - - FOX'S.
RICH Ribbons, Bonnefaka, Lain apt' Crapes ai
• , ap26 , 11)4'8.
2(1 BALES OF SHEETINO, ea intion. int, fine
to 10.4 side). A nico morfroent of Bleach , -
ed Geode, bleached and biotin ttgaft pend Dm ,
pert'. brown and bleached Table Linatt;Chei•ta i Lin
'rya' Ticking. Cotten' :tern, DattiAg, IMAM* and
Wadding. than
EMBROIDERIES, A very loge stoat of Wwies and
Marlin Edgings awl Insetting% Swiss and I Mos
lin Bands. needfoe ,wroffght Callas and Celia, fine
wrought Lfnen fitmdkerchiefii, and in fact the lamest
and hest stestalfnient of Bmtrfidderel flood'a rier before
offered in Towanda at • fAX's.
BLACK SILKS:aIso a few pattsYcat et finny *Silks,
which will be uolacherapat .10)3'14.
00T8 ite SHOD+. a . good assortment of Ladies,
11 Gents, Misses, Chi!dries and Infants. Shoes, for
sale at FOX'S.
("ROOKERY &GLASS-WARE, largo; stoat of-
J feted for Wert! ; •• ; ; ; !FOX.
SCOTCH Y ARN very.fine s alawaumscommon
ty at „, , FO.lO.
TVA PERY . TttLiN. arrui opknitut wort
4./ Merit very' small pikes 10711.'5.
DICOADCLOTHS, Oassimeres, Kentucky Jeans
abate" gray cloth, I*.e:, tiobi very low for cash
by ml - • , B. KIKGSBERY k CO.
THE undersigned wontd inform the eitizins of
Towanda and vicinity. that he has arrived here
for the parprise of enabling those who wish Dago
reotypes of thenrselves,orfrientlei to get thm. Hav
ing had a nomber of years experience in the
ness, he feels Confident that his picterei: Wilt give
general satisfaction:: 'l,ikenes'ses nf'cblitlren. and
aged people. takert miffs Perfectlitecitiiii;!, l Those
wishing pictures .would do welt to Bite' liird
Room over:Borten Kingsb'eiPe store.- ' '
Towanda, July' 12.1851. ' R. CAI.
175 BUSHELS RYE ar,, CORY iur• Salo by
July- 4, E. T. FON.
cumin* Riuurzlicfiuni, •
AN assortment of READY.MA RE corms will
be kept constantly on trend rf lil,e r a at stand on
Main street ; *bens the ettfosetraset i 4 "twiner/seed to
make end Pipit ail kind, of Fornittne. •
Toisanda, July IA 18x1. , ,4. WELLS,
BLASTING POWDER.-50 Mete Slasling•Pow•
,der, by flB MONTANYES &
CROCKERY. - .Ma i largos: stock. in town.. Full
dinner anti tea netts. of whits granite and blue
ware, which will be wild cheap at FOX'S..
JOSEPfI INGSII442Irr hen yen Mimed from
New, Folk wigs ,hitthird,ffnuut etwartatent at goods
ror the reason, emhtacingm large itw,oica of Fancy, and
Staple Dry dootte &c., which AMR positively t, Cold
cheap. Towanda, ;tine • • •• •
- . -
All night at the isurnistatte
I\T At A. CAM PBELT., retwr i n their sincere thanks
IN • for the libe el patronage betitoford beelowett
and *mid againeller ettentrch oftheir friends dent cps
tometelo their fete aleivet of Now Brarocr theme.
Consiating of all thing's uccoseary, fur clothing the out
er men eulhiah will be sold ti r II little toAiefrptiCes then
bee hithrtratro lib in Med.
Plows !No us ir e - afl before preltesingefeetehere.
. • •It et. A. CAMPBELL.
CLOVER SEED.—Large and small Clover Seed for
asks by (18 MONTAKYCS
New Ghair and Bedstead Wareroom.
Tell ESPeCTt MIT informslhe public ihrg he has
1.1.. opened a shop at Ws new trouts. Cornet of Main
sod Paine streets, nearly opposite Eared v on's.
To6fehda, Where' her Milt keep & Amid or actore
p 4ert
to order, Plag-sested. Cattalo, Windsor. iii ~ Cane
seated and Common. CHAIRS,, mule of !be best ma
terials, and of superior durability.
Ifs ties aiso for ale an'Lassorturstit of • Densresnit.
at low pries*.
Repairing and Resting Common; Cane-bottom and
Flataesled Chairs, on reasonable termNs..
Cherry, Viriawood,'Whitewood and t f ucumbei lum- .
ber liken ikl• poem* foe *Mk. , v • - • ' ,--- •
.Thstruats that his- long aeltaintase• in thbreounty,
and the drarabißty of bis.werk at:tesiatipy marry_ years
etperlinee, will seethe hima b fbrite if jidEc paticiri.
aim Toehints, Nagel Ir, inr. " " - - -‘
IBM& .44.0262130 Z
* • - ^ • • • ev• •
uAtiftd coked into enaktriershipio the practice
'of bitir t Mite ciao irstablisittia aii 'agency 'foe thC
salo of wid agate - in tits eounty'of Bractforl. -Persons
. bawl hir red sstite,shich they desire to. sell. 4101111 m
a nd t ea dn i fi t description of their prpperty wfth the
terror - of sale; will andOubtedly find it to ' nick ram
Perrone desirous of parchisinteemeteamerhere prop
any it for ales description tof ,thm, lame - wil# • tla."
pries and tams of payola:it ad be informal. to th o
sulidity• of title, J. Cc AD!..7al§
iIEC; gnaw nlii3ral=aEllr a lMallig
Cov NIT sinut“ *kw., ns , ,
, 44v twobtaiged Pit alitesiAttilide4littilisibiltie Pen
MU% Of, by clanked theuirviii at Orme*. Mena;
Esq.. where tie be (omit dr when a written sp.
1 1 cerotOns7 Irft• br0v.11 ,1 840. ••• • •
• Zeina - l!Zrea
firi'TONS.P q npipp i Ensfit a we
'4ot , aro sisef'orniiisitrisoiri
'nal beri 6 initssit6oloiiti t tikeiiiCipiiiMesal6 17
he ton or snrallor quantity. it Aldlolo.liitVki!
L9oKl.44rek , siatig, oeimimrti,
lityt now too.roiTih v o l krat
64' 4 1'014 it ife 444eirtzticidailoisi
°U r g4 i nft - :I ° l.i Bl . l 4ololo)A l l'os4i l kiti n ? lll . 4 litt 44.
of the htestsly lei t. , fe.
aroiirles; .
Heil; Of .0 hiettiviititiailie4lsto ip
gotinitat,',44o4:l6ll4. IMO:001# 114 1 4 ; 114449 ,j ,
riF.4lh epti•J.P I+Pt,l 4 l PridendbitA n ' hoe
glutei. ref:wen' 'lona, Ye !Stitt emyd
ifloihmit whir Rich
all vf.iitrieh::.ite err? fici , our•reoitinsere 0 44 9 04 f
retest ggi,e. -sz¢et : ,at4sfemuoa,,,es, imtieoio vy t wiir
firm litiain e. o dine alien 'the nnirket.easinneammou
tharrcuttil. • •By intent • mortink
fritlita !Mr altotoinurg.,Avo .botio togild' ? Aw l
linuanee of the- pstrowsge that bag. plagn at
liberally beitmro upon a. Y. 4 4 . =
ri 18r, 'O. - -1 ,, 7 7.1 , 4 A
is or
C.• r '1 4.-,k•
' Sri ral'll?. s l .
, ivreirt OA?.
: itTp - Foar4
`'•• 'GROCERIES , OitrtlQUOrtai;,,irro'''3
14soitiriki. a targcl of 'Fr ealrug . 3ndi •
spiels Ars awed a frettd:6i tiorpot4iil itkowtitexa
-7.101 etP 1 4 / 4 1 , 1 kfRAO tot: .4
me Pipit NU road cpmpleis ever olicied 19 into
mi t
m r. pra , en
Also a ehnicareluarrtinr nl>eltdre 7 AVlNElP &slit*
QUORSi suitable fori medical patpaaca c : lr i .. r , g if
, A large variel,, of Cappbene. Illoserne t Y,1 1 3i444v4
and t uiifat
styl n .
: - 4:4 , 1111 3.1 . 0
BOA ;:sgerdtfor all the best Patenfaltedieinia - ofilta
day, purchasers maa dernil upga,liNFlaktklr,l4;64oo,9
article in, slicases, •
a. „
Melba Drugs and Kt.ditini.i trptlit. fa& • 'iinitlilh
in.eil*itrerSe vetted upon' se' gPAtriitl inih of 'dui NA
gmfery, hatter 'WIC earrtillyArkee4ed 1 .0114 • 1 41 , .14
Asir esefulneal..
otYswAti stet! of Wott4 ITl;tiv. viz -t,..7fti'?ik
Ira*. • •Tistiatifla'; h i rterfe l ln Fri
zdirchnizixtv, , e 9 ~,-; ' ‘ e
lEI - now reeehintz a rielf• aria' beautiful' maibritife4OW
Doi Goorm i Offoetittairdrt. to...whictutteL setiuld
partkularly iasite thoeitention ,of alt Cop/A.:Purcitufeic
and will make it in al jest tix_tfiem simihien t
irdeteriniard`ti ieil fileVinifi far - Veen' di - lit 4
as was ever before affixed irrrhe market.''
Mao pains in procuring the ihoiceat
'father feels fully_ confident that he cart giFc efkiir,Vit;
istentin to his cusimneri. • • — A'prit. 95
1. •
. .
C tl"
, E, COME ALL, and eiamine the Nov
Gum's. which afe ntiu''being exhibited al /
e 026.• tr! rxmltrt V4r.
‘ .7 "V
E. it' rot . ' • , a rare.)
TDMW f;a N
fri 'eorzNark•
tentlialsaaartalatlnt 419gds.• rar Writl4o3. vain, lay
sale at prim which cannat foil tp,..ni4.4hS t Alaarpt.t.EA I -
era, 1,,r Craft. err.rmicr:crre ' A iancrtail . ,t7iFfirtl. -
respattfully sake a tall'froiiiiiillfelAkoical , tin?
goo& chez Ivan he halleteratintaktiar, to baltadstaatd:
Towarida..APEil , r,„l. • i. •.
Drest; *cab, e vy
JICH • FOOL& R D. Chuineleocr-thene;;BncleDifse
. Fre/y:1 .ao4argiptpe it sipsi, o k tr t s-lif t k
Cor summer dresied. F, each end 134 i iish' rave, Sikk:
goads - IJAVV . C t 4.14 14; irdatl49ll
vAgsav'4n6ariturfitec' t
,14;koissimignent•pat lbw* qttsliwiof
g r ipti:upp,l4.l . lti,,trr..T.l-1.1601,tv
fiDOZ. PartemN,LeighotaiPalerlaafanlidianulit
P.-V . .1 riCoVtlr
13 I'KSilk end Dek•*tk,keicedur s
sp26 FOTAI.
Dak'Y GOOD'S—A:mead smut Laren! of Morisco.,
Cashmeres.. Ile Lairs.„.4•lpscas, *AI _Mint; poi,:
!teeing at
. 118 . MERCIMS.
NEW - ,SPRINg, - , 7 - 00011gt
t lubllrsl ft jjir a fhis : fl l p l i THe ofl%eiGatCrsh;: cn
of the most e s :itemise in' the' 'country—for sets ii '1154
most favorable terms fdreash or credit.—t4usti
buyers an pseicularly tu%itel to call an 4 examine tisa
stock. my O. D. 11Alr.elAr,r, ,
actin W. trilcin,
Li AS' reraoved his establiblunent to 11. Mier etnr . j:
1.2 cornet of main street end the pohlto wire, and
will condlittelbtf CifthaftetUkctlie Boats and Shoes, /Ls
He.hspiVoit nicalved from New-York a tame as4rr
meqt of Womti'4:Q l Saildrpeaculd 4filucc.le.tikura.lirhks4
are offeredct Ore-, rho attention cf the Todit-3
to psriCAlarty Jiro to to hliCiAortmeut: eitinprroin.;
the follitteitig•new loyletfl—Ensinellod Jenny 17iftra`sit
tet-bootof',do.'shoes; black lastinm and _sdlcintiters s
walbinketspes,buskiniolts. gales aqd titottp, 4
-of every , au, criptioxi. A large isgoriment of dbild.rit's
Caney 0 1 4, bani tin and s tines; oral( nidn: 't
For tfreifientfruin; almost every styleof caitenrsni
shoes. Ibis Plocklias {men personally - selected s1„41
'care, dmitca 6elicvcs he can ott : r superior articles
reironebie Weis:
Cy' ThiltriErtst sttontiorr
and hi-hopes by doing 'work' well to merita wait*,
'ee of the, lifirtal patronage be line hishrrto reneihsk
TowinAi:l43; 14;'' 1135 I:
:IRON AN - L*Bollin sizes at,
SepteMber 21. 18f.L.,
ONE eerie:tiring allepoleakiwllate; ataaLeabar
Pafm leaf ftateat rl'xle.
.118 T rereirr.ll,4wlther lane_ assortulpf 13. . 4- 4
Jand'SHbES at
- Dee-4 • • " •-•
G L stlret . l ,- . tlest o viol* of FRENCH 4LASSi: fur
PtlAfM.4, side of
:1J• geptitnterlit TBST.
AttllliikttE.L-11 ITO takerl . :grnrc a lw ri it.
Ofliiiht4 . ll4 et ilescrioo,lialtqing
cirp wets, Joinantnialikklathithier~f'
te wittillanaiplEtuiiiiir
Mariaje..ilm...PrAtlOX ::.41%tughliff,10-11.r
b+ r•
. .
. , . .
IRON AHD i5TEE1.,T40,0941 111.7,51.5,:ct*.4
al.ncro -
'I. can dd Eiiggir) TAinsofevio:!E4:4)!!h4l inc. Al
lot); Veif.,'Ettette,Blistir; arrinsit, VioelifaV I ititV
Sprint Steeli4.ldiloi-hatelte.: .titil rtvettiiirikii •
s• I7N
'IS =tat 'l3
1 as miseel itneous
T iiiii:offeted in iliiitiftaik
now jest openinz et alO !
tt . Cliggt4 - 1611r4c'aysoll•nniiii;141.,
3 flikhifi4tkiliiick Tam , :szAlsoats atis4tibt
;4. W.P, 91'1 1 ;4;1 ,
twAtt: W INDOW PkWitertral et*
I _7OO I .CITO trj l . l ".f!lf
_ _ _
iloorak SHORMEPOT‘ateIit pi& la priecitimit
!4•J--;etP,Afktd. l ,,P,PO4 . l°n•
; 7 ‘ ll rFfk P. 1 , 2
-V Ma t-rt%).4 lll (*etei by tan=4l4.wintirlitA4- , 1
AVeNiteickikw: Tput o and White•roltig s r
of ,,,,, Lt tirgo •
• - • • • .4444 - 44 , .
• ofiAO*PE 4 0 / 31r.0 1 ,4 1 t4i4114.
t io - It erg thlia,2F/F4 4 4, %WM
,igtop is pie' lin ir.:riglinit
te* Wor4 finde' hi* 'wlteif6APariapiloiiM
printing efri,e—osi 'main
i ~~
Mt:~c;.4r4 :
*slEtteth .- 4;
Irt#Siat t
otriCs- pTATIA,:
ancxal iirirojeinleeik
1). i1ART1.E719,8.48