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cialurbaD SllorniuD, 'Anna 31, 117:40.
(correrooodenco of lbs Bradford Baronet.) .
Vi LLACE MOVE, Anglia! 20:1i,I85O
Mr. ,Eviroa:—Where is Diddle-dale I and who.
Juliet are questions which are often asked, but
tyltath I believe have never, as yet been Entislac
`, answered. Be" 301161." who she may, Mary.L.,
Etmly 8., or Li 7- I liieher. and shall in future,
to more gladly hail the appearance of the Re
:.n.lftc.," in concequenee of the corv'esponclence Id
I. fou nd in its columns;
,than have - heretofore
;Jae. although I have ever been, since its first
,r.a,lication, the moot attentive of readers, of
But ervity my curiosity. Dear • Sir, as
, tnealton of Diddle-dale, for of all curious girls,
pattaio• tligmost largely ofAhat trait which caused
ir common mother " to fall l from her high estate."
ct me see. T,here are many places within the
er Of my acoomintance " with green meadows
by wouds—with yellow harvest fields
1)1 bioolnue; gardens," but none of them Diddle-
Where is I) idd le-dal e •
Noar '711" ilnrile,flows the beautiful Surnmehanna.
.c:i I molder along its couetbanlits o 'and while
-;1/0,2 mut its depths, reflect upon ooeurreitee,, to
waters hare' borne witness. lint to my
;! rea:ros no answers. It speaks not of
•.. when along its tanks on either
..11 t wa-rlo be seen, eavo the mighty, mon
o. f• , -eat. NVloni to , he rnoecasined foci of
sward re'nrlted noeviinwlirli
• . ) k.n. save by tile. ~ , ,t ros of
_ . 11): l,,ht va . )e svv):t-
ol 11s prolres.4, : av e a je.a
-,t;,-. 171 nr hare. bren, hip
. e he irmhle h)
, c•I and
inent: Than arty they haw,.
NV% Or7;1112 bac been
a- 1'.41 - t! I:ie ar!ile!vrroenti of
1, , v; tl.ty.s.i;lce I iipm,
- 1 • river: a:•ii tira like an
-: hold at The hanks were
Woalkt . .l S.
, . tr..! it seethed' till hid
AS the rtleatn l efore the ram
,•211-n pl:tri laq .a 1.011!LIJPI l d. 7
pert;:i:s c:.% v, •j 1
v. p ' ,o3-ittit of 1113 i(•1
Y. 41 11(.1 Chit: we are ca;ieti I
I - irnr, to eywn , i4e nor rrat ruling facul.
(to it hc".ter than tw tefl , et
eveut,,l A {:hougli it ha Ueen
I. •.),lie has no riahl to reflect,'' 1 lorf
• 1 ,-,1 ire; and • atolk with the t'
)1;e pi:e
, ••.• ,• lull rune
/cri ar. I girtv.are cre..a
e (19 Ilink i k--ut,tl w.ill iii:u:up
I now, I may Aral my narno
%yr., tlin.e Ju net," ," Romeo,'' " 'crabs's,"
Am;!.l lab" and " .Nloses : 4 41un:les," ass re4ular
to your valuable paper. At any rate .
:!:;:•k. It Is for vu,, to decide.
;'.':L, 1 ILN T— 11 ICII DIe•CONCERTEDf 011E.1 . T
—.Many anecdotes have been told Leaning
.re ::s h•trd epee the late John Randolph, 'some
•0. d 1 arnnotis, others not. Among them is the
iL/ ec.l3toll, lit - Len, the subject of roakifig
apiiippouths ior the public buildings a-as under
' - uni.lo: - .tiirris in C o ngress, Mr. Randolph rose as
-' ,,11 F, , "he in Up2r.nitiOn to it—appropriations had
atkCil -and *grawed--:atid still Qte
. .‘ent up with a stealthy pace , tie wanted
sPe g o , r o d of it, and for this purpose be moved .
• t^r o.r...tibi , rt to die commitie on unfinished
A rioikmati in the gallery close by, it
:h.' opros.ition Mr. Sr. hatl'tlhovfn to what
Fripport, and unable to bear
an't in a voice somewhat like It'a,
,re, Mr. S t u-ever, that At gcalf rilen be
ta.fd I_/ the sap° committee." Thia serrre re•
• the ill-formed and badly made orator
'"‘ 1 v p seithe whole House in a roar, and
.:-.‘•arms was immediately despatched
dr - e.t the offender, but he de appeased aud i cuuld
no . le 10:.ud.'
T!tr. M . Acir or Ktmaszsts.—Who wilfd r eny.there
"a m 34- in kin,dness, a magic by
. which ever
'4'ief may Le dispelled, and every tear be bruslie3
"4y--n 1 thy a heart.satl and sorrowing has been
'173.1.r lulit by a single icinci drord or deed, and
" r ar'Y a i , er , oti has been by its gentle itilinender
frm'sbame and "misery. Yee'. it has id-
I of virtue iu the .bosom or many
.n v'•ere 1 sinking to ruin anit degradation.—
T:!n‘r ff`f,h4 have taken root rind flonrislied
making hapvy and honorable those 'who
'44%..):,1 0 the r *am livre Licea on!raist of
ininead of a harsh word has ted•the
t'a , k to the path M virtue, and shown him there
bright 'to he -attained by following
(Aimee. Then who would refuse `4 kind
, ir a gentle word ; it costs nothing, and bay be
nt great price to the children of sorrow and
tutus .
ETECTORS ie GREAT lIRTTA IS —A Parliamentary
r has !wet) Printed f•hows the iitllTl •
Tr of parliamentary electors iu Great Britain and
Ire'%nd. amordirte to the registrar - la of 1848 and
V , and 1849 and 1850. In ISl$-49 the total
Cras 1,041,203, whilst in 1849-50 the gum
ber %%Its 1 : 050,187, in the United Kingdom, In
°whet present registration, the number of
'`" 839,7G7, and in Wales 48,Cr19;in Scotland,
12 ` ) :; making the total of Greet Britain, 978,121,
azr~M 1 re1and,.72,066; making the • total in noun
ernes, and boroughs, ,1,057Ccib7.
cilser 'we follow icat*e thdiongerAliallive
tsuliet• 4c late the sooner die.
ri .7...-:. ~......ra.,,. 11. -tr . cf,t - ~L F ,t4.: .N.. c.'; k , ,. ~,, ,-. 1 e,114„ mi ilowv La.,42 441 ' 4 33 1 r344'3. 3;14.: 36 - : ii. wQ A •'.-ractz-.41
- ,
• , . lIV-....:4 .
. 3 • ;. 31 ''' r '°. • . - 1' , - - :ram-. $l.:.
"..,,,. v • , .r. ',-.- 4 3. - - ?: , 4 3, " ^', ..
. . .
i . .
lie- piqued conte:o7.
. Some years ago 1 travelled a:troughs. portion of
Michigan. I minion foot, or rode, as belt suited
my purpose. • 1 carried rich silks and jeurelryoo
sell those disposed to 'by._ My only. companion
during my journeying, wasp largo dog of theirow.
foondlanrl breed. Lion wan fit to be kerg, of all
Wm - species. • He waif good natured and tinier,, and
there was something' alirto:st human In his'eye.--
He attended : lo i ts own bubine4, and neier quar
relled like curs of " low degree." He would bear
an insult from vro`rthless puppies, with a philosol
ph:T, worthy of emulation. And I never knew him,r
ease op.a few occasions; resent undue liberties of
puppies of - larger growth. When his bile, howev
er, was thoroughly aroused, he made such °fiend
era a terrible "evil doers."
When 1 travelled, he trotted along by my side.
and when 1 stopped tai trade, herereateri.
near tn 6, and watched Or my movements %nth a
very geave an,l.businetts-like expreion. It an-
noyeil bun a little sometimes, to see my cus'omers
drat,' the goods from my pack, and handle theta
with such freedom, whit feeling he expressed. by
a IC)vr growl, while he follod•ecl et - ei'y piece kith
hi 6 eyes, to we that they wpe not appcoiniated .
without proper ttpmpensation, and with - nly. full
con.en t
Era r;:ariy took a strong (I:,lite Ikt those who were
daii.tosed to find limit with ever:.ilting, and toy pri-
CaB in pariettlar., I believe he I,new every article I
earned ; and the valve I attached to Ile this
as it may, IT' f'd 1 . 1 , 11 ed T tv.l4. aNd
lit- tail when I made' a gotni nada. rit,
wac exectient watch-dog. and there «'A% 11
krPr. 0; art) thine. conlijed to Inci care, being ta•
kwl as ay. 1 loinadfilm very useful arid
in my tritvels_,.
Con‘rryane,.. acre io scarce 3ntljun-ertain, t! at
1 wa , nQ,•n 0tdr4«.11 . 10 f,,nl flan" nne
meet in anirlwr. Sr.metimes trt re
agr% i:l4 lbecr;tri;'ry uar al,d
rev% t!,114:
los %%mt. fregnenly the-e
itoti Mole M ern r11;111V. nn 1101110, to
rit-n tarried would he :sad...tent
twat : ctx.o to c.•mtilit a toti:iler. 'idea fre
il.lo;,;ly I , l•li•fi , r to toe thitnP i th the
%%11.1 woods of the West. But old Linn teas Itr my
!e, ready i; - ) die in .my defence, and proud. to
-I..tie my wao.h•rot:.ts. I ;ilways went not...a, crt
oNeell , r.t brace of pistols—steel barrelled and loin'.
rd with ball—were never from m:r polite!. save
looit enough to 're that they were in Or.'er, 'and at
w . ,, , t) i. i beneath my pilltr.r. I felt quite
:}10 4 (2. ;HMI LIWI, wit, o a, cow ;..r, r ii
I.ltny nititts ac well as (lays. lie al whys Ink! him
t. 4 0.1 :own between my bt...1 and the ifitor. With Ilia
!Ace towards the la.ter. No one could C 1441" With- ,
otA :o,trac!hrz the attention 4.1 Lion. •
One day, in the summer of found myself
iti a s mall German settlement on the border of a
small lake, anxious to get forward to lhe next.
was about eight miles -distant. No convey
ance could be obtained without waiting till the nest
day, which i was not inclined to do, so I set out•
on 1 - 00 t; was near night, and I walked forward
briskly. I was obt long in my pa
pedition would be by no means an - ttgrreable , one.
The road, if road - it conk! 1w -called, was very
bad, and pawed through thelnost toms, in
!hat part ef -thu country: The night, too, crept, ou
apace, and promised ;o be darker than common.—
But - I.:turbaned along by my side; I wa a ftmart
walker, nod was confitlent I was getting over the
ground last, so I didn't mind it
The darkness was upon me before I was aware
of it. It seemed to me that IMO elreMly
eiglit miles, but I eouldsee no sigris ii seat:me - tit :
This surprised, me a little, !or I eras used to travel
ing, and knew well my ability to calculi:kr Asian
nes. „Brit I kezt up a good heart, and went v on, up
-41 t wa; quite ceriain I had tiii,iaLen the way, or
been. misinformed. in regard to the-distance. I
concluder, rt wonld he best to keep the rout that I
was in until! reached some habitation,
In a . short time , i was g ladi had Made this reo
lotion, (or I Saw a light glimmering from a cabin:.
I approached it as sorm as pns.sible. It had the ap-'
pearance-of being very coinfortable within. It was
rather aLeve the mcsibum size. I thonght I 'might
be accommodated there very well. I.knocked for
admix-init. The diem was opered by a man: •
Now I. am not a persbn to believ'e in pteseriti ,
meats, misgivings, and all tttat sort of thing, bat I
cerfairrly saw something in that man's countenance
that I did tint like, the moment I set my eyeieupdn
a gru ff ;race he asked my basicesi. I
told him,' beliefed I had hist my way, and waii
under the necis-iity of asking aceornmodations..—
After hesitating a tnoment, he asked me • to enter.
Ala female was j seated in the.eomer, near n large
rock fireplace. She seemed biisy watching a
pielof great.thel was b e aril Oval the fi re. - It
strack me drat fled bev seen a more apathetic:
• looking Countenance than heti. the hardly notic
ed my entry.. She might, be forty years old. fief
face was remarkably long, andwrinklel to a degree
to excite cariosity. tier nose was sharp and skin.
v as was. indeed her whole fare. Mc heal :.-ear
wis wholly i e;ei mil from beneath it grey
hairs we:ie-risible. Her entire die,s was (plaint,
and unlike-anything I had seen. I enelil hardly
keep my cies of her. She, as . well as. the man,
glanced at my pack as I laid it down. The latter
%vita a coa'pos looking perten,.'Whose 'countenance
appeared more indicative 61opacity than villainy.
To my twestion he replied . vcry r b it
feted, and he had got a view of person. I
teamed from 'him what ,T had scispected for - the last
half hour—that ['hid taken the, wrong road.
•0 A kind , of telegraphing timk-plitee betweonjhe
'two; after which I wasiriformea that I eonki otetar."
.This did - rint appear io . tike a 'very great favor sinie
I had a chance to übscivc my host and hostess.
The meat uponcoals was eel upon dr
at length. I was in*ited to panakerof it, ~.,
did with my host, Who hail Weil - aNcitnt, I
turned a low to mutes heroin). ay: arrival. i
my repast ; Lion took his-station by ~my e . I
eeivirtg a'portitin tog he - always did.- " .• : c ,
,Villien I • bad ,fiiiisho. 4 1 r 1 rosy, a s ty , allnil
board, and-ink ing.a.papec. from my pocket, .
dedip be-busfreadirexp .- ' - • 1- i
. 1 glanced, ttpi4i t ipti f e"l.f,,rro:krtnrurd! . .m.l"
arn.Lvias startledt4aee the 44 1 1ir.9 1 Pi? %ii
(as welkin the .nma).'wearing.. on laptdly.
eyes getrysihnittd,'indi irlattio . ii With his,
my paek Wiener, and elleiref. The;
the dog , with evident signs of-dissatisfaction.
Presently I'noildeil over my pricier, lino
ing person. - Instantly the ntatutr of the s t;til
sons grew alarming. They, whispered to
other, and made signs, sonic) of which I couli
understand. finally the tall hag lifted my •
and weighed it .rtidi her hand—as
able. Her eyes flashed Up, a serpetirs, lor
tained a large gnari:4 of specie, beside • vat
j , !welrx and cosily pi!kA. I always made a
tice of pujtiftirrty sitvv? i liiiiiityln a ti 4 bat
positing it in. a corner of said -pack; but my
were placed in a belt which I wore Mixt my
After she bad done this, she moticmeti for hi
conle and lift it, which te did; with apiarent
Much eatishAon as his other.half hail exper
ed. • 1
Ile Ulan opened the door softly, a . M.I
the dug to go out. Though I have •no doub
Lion undeismod pantomime ai %vein's any A
he did not otter to stir; out lay at my, leet as
etly as ever. At last the old hag impa
and ..h , mk 111,• imtter at him. Lim sll“%%ed
taws a 1% iota teeth, and u.t...eredu •,,I,inaL
pamornime ceased IH an instant. The dOo
cl and the ok , r vraqi returned to its plat..
slits 1 T; ej c*...•re timik•lt to ob , eryt.,l
.• Afi dog 4 .: said the malt, thinkina it p
lb* I might hear the remark. " l re.kon he %1
toot n'•;—he as thnnh he did."
A ihmse followed t ria remark. lie tliou!
might outer him out, but I dia no ',twit thing.
"Nice 'l°4," the wnman atter n mn
•' nu•e att.l then Ole ofl,recl him a pi
mtiut, anti ii..ttA,l:tal to fond: him. Lint'
her erpeelatinmi. Linn utterly refuNeri the moat
pat nn clot to by
a.:,,siii id a Very testy friatilir
, This was : , Oott'thitt:',! !ktf2il:4o for him. I n'
Lto•v; tottt to refu-e meat hef're. whet' it teat
le.rd Ii rn. !lad Lion shared my Ki-picinli l
his in tints !might him that .the hand outstreti
was nut a friendly one? I
Ity act of Itostiiity on the pail of myi
the long appeared not a tittle disconcerted. shi
t•ettleJ aniio,:t 1.01'1,1;1 the . chair, ItrlO Ahuok
sk;:c y fi-t al hint ; but lia• P 1.41 not Cr,rideseeit
expess aliy Ottetv , itte, at that rather decided
.ciier4ette espre-sion of her feelings.
I ttoW dqviv.:,ht it time 'th wake Up, thrrth I
with a pretm,Mary yawn or two. The flame ,
thy came txark•nttrl sat upon the featuri.:s of my
tertaitters. I Made them Vlndt4standttiat t wi,.
to retire. There was, but two compartmeyns iss
cabin ; and they both left the one I was ill tom.
' , Mite arrangernentsin the other lor'firy'necorrit (
dation. They were absent some iime, ntitl I a
quite sore I heard Ahern more the Elea to - enoti
part of the room. They come out at reititi, art
was. told that my becl Was retaly.
They Watet:ed my movements with ern:stile
' hie interest when I annieTo retire. I started at f
Without MY pCbt on "pnrpose. The laces of t
worthy pair lighto tip; T rl , itumcd antl`took - lt;
they re!! ins m patent. This was iml.a!F; I pal
eit in ftfst, atnl the woman atterpteit to shut
Aar hpcnr Libra .: but the fatter planing forth I
shrug h, ipraiio after me hi an ihkant, almosl r
soul:4 the Itn:i,itt the opera4on.
in amnia iiiJ rir to troul like fa stay by.,tl
ilia," aha said, by way ~ r apbl64y.
"Call the var'inhit out- I min; likely iha genii
rtinu Watin• to sleOffiri the ioorn With the beau t "
added mine hoSi in a WIT that expressed a gruel
• .
of auxietyfor rimy
" 1 prefer, to have him with urei c ' re~ttleit. ,
' Ile won't eat the xyparter of.meat.zu thert.,w
Itt r
t • WI, no," I anvrere4l. "You are quite right--t
woi:t eat t t. Ile never takes anything that. Is
Sayjng this, ; tirisheti thstm..goof.i,frig4 . 4r, 4)
, 5i .. - ! that"she rim* I;M n litilcl . fe . ritattee; anti) rinihrii ,
.ed the/door. • - •..- ,• ~. .. .... ~ , , ... bintwi lier" it'atits'}ini ((MI kink a , nor4.l' whici; she
- They had providea me arith4fil dimi'llifiorr , had provided for another tifte--preri;;Aßit le (174 my
die and the first thing I did mimic,. examine ever - . ta2dy,.qtras info tim,wneile, 1 .. • ~ ,
tiring . in the room.; . t trap plofiY," . o.l l 111161 . t - Thpirext ihrog,,elas to, aitend . to Ole :psi at,i4 tiolk.
up.. %'.moe kit la of vegetables ,ocoOPieji &he 1 The istry.r-le batween,theni are suit goin4 cur rut
eat convert, nremtg which. were-pumpirinsi , pot • l'imfrirmer had ihe,:la-9.rsi of it. Liup ,hard_ pet, his
toes, mr.tionit, 8;,..., !tether 'With a quarter - Of yen -i .4 2a9 tee t h into the throat ?I the wreto, and . ren
sent p et pe i lerked . :oo.) . i4Mitlf.4nhp,:aii!, - , te. - jeredall his efforts Outlive,
,although hp watt' a
warned the beilmeat. - h wasa•peoc• eacieern, t c l ump( vowel:cal frame.. tie ..!•as already reekin.;
" notrumins or
frame being matte of mum! miles irrthweam
they were taken lionithe 'moot's; and the'cluthik
upon it was contee enough "het
struck me-ea being a hada *insular was dial. th' ,
head bf betl'ults 'turned toward the paentii
separating the :wo rooms ; alid tight opes'ne the j ti •
tow wa a wido crack, which had the appeamue
of havma been lett there by deign.. ~.
• I beazta to feet queer knurl this is riot -just th
woid to express u hat I mean)' I had little sum
oh money about tue, enough to . tempi The vulmn: '
of my entertainers, M any rate, is their , actions ha
.ilica‘ly convinced' me: How fa., it would be fo
them to shoot me through the erevir ' s while I sky,
The idea got possession of nie folly, and I cool,
not drive it away. I a (pit! have fastened the door
but there - was nailing to fastest it . with, and, I w ,
impressed with eve - idea thatlhe danger would no
come n'that direetiOn. frit Should Lion_wus the . .
to apprisenle.9l It. - tr4 . o
'atii3 bus
tied aboutigialhough twaa •unateasiag..j
plettitifundet nty laid:dowrrk b*T 3 1001
litinenie.rintifableldnifteerlblirire , t' eta 004641
upon me that I could nut think of sleeping. Lion,
4 ,...,3 ''rip-ra...• tt-i.- . 1... k ~,,,-• . ' 'l'l.-4 v ....., r. Itr f.• . . _
b• '.
t . . . •:. • -•!.. 41 '' '
. I
. ..'
,7 . ~:
.• . . is
..,.....,,,,,. 2
..--'.. e.
. .
. .
tooi appeared uuew•y--rcame mud put hut lure paws
upon the bed every lew minutes, them went -back
to his Post-Ity the dear, and laid down with a Lind
of tevertsh anxiety.
At lestl feigned Rieep,,,ml4-Anorea most musi
cally ; but I did not tail to look throu t th the crevice
to see what my-entertainers were riving. They laid
clown upon the bed which stood in-the_roorti, with
out taking-elf their clothes, and Were:, quiet until 1
boom to suore,.thstn 1 heard them whisper. - What
wve.snreensettons, when-beam , them. arise:softly,
and theintarltake the-gua troem.beinnd the bed
saw hisn-assisted by the. hag i tdraw out a chas,;e_ot
shot which was in the gna and re/Otal Nil With a
handl& otatugv.- I turnetkores heavily, anal pre
tended to awake. My -phut of action wesnatutged
jcLt I
d re
•j re
: 6110
;.(1 nt
: each
i t ack,
a moment,
I had vi orn a wig for several years, on atvpittul
losing my hair by a lever. - I new detennineil
to make it el mote use to me than-it had ever been
bemire, I lilted myself quietly from the bed, and
felt aboutin the dark,imiii Limit louird one.of the
pnmplttne 1 had seen. - Over tin* I cheat.',my wig,
atiil It happened to be an excellent fit g
dies-ed this useful vegetable in this eiscornrrnin CUAR.ML.iLIt Or t THE:, ARIL;dd . /11:0W
rea „ tre , l .l er ,, y , t -b a tik to my bed. •and placed n litla,titie contra t more l:4(.11114 than that ti hich
Upon the pilvw tit the exact p05t4011.03.) heoi L lattl , inci,ente‘l uy the 13k-10i/11110 i/ and the ratite
occupied.w tv+ts d ins 4L mau , :w i lien brehthilefilia the
_ tc juxtaposition with the lung crevice, throw:i wh iet i, tater cat - , alttiotiah indifigtenra the heaaries 0,
I now took anotherlook. il e areu t , I. th e li eut. ', were nanire, his spirits .tide elevate, the indolen,.e
loading a brace of horse pistols with some tufernal and silence which idniraciertses him in a Mali 1-
slugs. for the ile..!iee itriirriatine
f I cau'i say but I :alt a hale dry., about die threat 1 anti Tir"?! nionlion
j then.leolsed o w L ion. I von ' j j ust or relating tales , and at intervals, vet it jovrces r
screnmin7 out some snot: a ha+. hrovever
gni ;corn los g,-eat eyes '!trough theLiailiaierv. Ile %las
lent, I still upon the t alent. Pa„pii.ttion begin to roil ajTeetthte hlm4ett and e '' crt ""' (.ll.lt4 o
his c mol t
lieu i ,intro try Le:e fugreat drops, not that I te:t aLt...0. 1 14 anything bat harroorroinq to a stranger. Ills'
T he 1_1„r I fluter uey f am iialucett aut cheerful tb.po-'non. repa,r, rind an active
d, 1 —hut did not Itke the nlea of taking liuniati lite.— hard ' y hie, are' well (-ale " hied 'tee"' the best
fnt , iil.. state of health. with unimpaired Iseult - les ;
I was confident le, defend rupwlf, }et area
_ _
ea lance wtts
out ettou ., me ter: c: an ride:weed age; his giriekness of sight and
obas cosiihonible
I he ni.2. are .c.irt'ely eree4cierl by of the Nor t h
ants Taking or pistols tat en} han d s, I beat orPr the Arnfl o t Inthin` omit ' 11 " h"l'l'm of a" ert" tire
bedl=nmrta~ ,valor, al the satin ,. hare atilt' him to trace Ch.- fooriite24 of any par
1 0.1 I limo a ,.•l cour t euccd
%, hew. the meteitte.ll _ 01 the titan alai Iru ineividnal or animal he .origular, power
kialat or holt riceririliii , 2 to Ilitrekli
armal , le ,pOU-e E‘er) item III) timer
ant.: vci rneil glve 11.ern great..:4 and Is slid to he run g VII P'.'l . s-ed by the
[e of I
grimly. lie took ad ni ,
I lite) lull. - d at each orio're Jud t.ibe of Montll j An Ault, hit. been known to trace
l t , to
/eel the foetus )a 1 , 1 Iti. camel for Sir thy: along a *mi
. and 1 aperi , aelted ihq e,et tee o t tiannte irt) bed, folliot h barn ernssr,l in ever) direr •
a.eth i Iby the lrsg Willi tl peeol. suet a c.4%/.1 4 . term y nitirt.eth's of other torosters, a nd a l O to
t„rrotag he pextet.a udu ut) loom. arta brought his ' t tin-ne every individual who lead parsed Ile is ac
.-ver fe oeioes-leok po„ m y it!. I C ef I also. by plarin2 the mark of his foot
of. turn it would t.e datittmou , to see MI more. a ceitiin spot, in 'a parfVular direction, to make
flail I raised n.l head enough to get out of harm's wag, ' 10,nwn to his friends that he has been there, and
alio the route :e has taken. Flis tact enables him
he f t and emit ed new and then a snore. I lieaid bun , e I.t fix the mo7zie of the gun ,, gtortst the I to find his way- acirms the desert.. independently 01
thd compass, which is rarrly used by him on land
og r t n sure op?osite the wig and then wadi a 'rerun!
of icdtenativn , and a knit of creei'll• , ell.alk,ll ail
near nor, 1 drett bark and awaited die result. It
1; de-
t•t I was a moment of awful p•uvense to me. What if
and lie.phould Jta • nver tfir cheat ani.l cleTatelti.4 piece 7 .
. 1 A iii:ouand ,uchthouhts ttplied throvii;htuy
in a:3 Inatant. The colt sweat Jan down my Lice
in . s.fre.tini. Thank; I was nut kept long tu
Ifil A torrible -exp)osi4ri follqweti the fearful passe.
hq j A storm of slo.spouted into my bed, perforating
to ' the and scattering the Pumpkin in every di
o- reclion.
" Re won't never tell no stories," L heard the as-
ier say. _as hedropped the breach ?of the gun
I 1 1 . lieav' l ly,,) the far , :Suw for the d og .''
Puling these operations, Lion had placed him•
by my rude. with his fore
. fent upon, the bed,
rat while to keep him 'still, 'I put, my band oar Ins
tie t mouth. fie knew well what I meant, for I had
i• 1 I kept him Guist so befoie. At the moment of the
is. I discli.tige, he gave a low growl. I pointed toward
dour. LI understood my meaning well. Ills
' eyes fla-hed like a ball of .Lire while he awaited
! the moment to wreak his,rengenre.on the af..ris•
" I will iipen the door a lists,, and when the
• crder sticks his head nut, shpt him," ; raid thy:
The door was .opined • Lin "the crenir''
stick his head out. Lion knew better than • that,
and awaited his chance. . •
e.rribulg!Mril by not hearing ithythino . , the
. door
was gradually npentd. Now was the time. With
a tem* howl : Lion leape ! t orer,.the heati of the
'roman anal t.eize l l,the 11.1fr!fl !IT' the ihroat, dragized
!tint itt ineiatit to the:fleor,wl.lere a gleat stiwgle
look Alyce. Jn another moment
. 2 he hag wa:. writ!).
in npl nervous eurpri.e was so great;
whit blood, 4nd .1, baste : tied tosaro what -little life
tilts left him.i The dog was. loth Ku quit his. held,
and when he: did, be left one, victim to punish
another; lorbefortit coal) prevent it, he, WI his
teeth quite through the hag's a-rtn,, wlto ihrieked
like.* Janalicr •
.. • • 3 • 1
1:12#3. fell o w looked ghastly enough Whenl releas
el.ltift....l-hs neek..wesArightfully torn, but hei t 9l 110
<t hip:1111y from 'me. I wa... ressilved thtskhe AlOnld
001 e--I.:ye- I
1.)0111:a bun
iri iniquity; while lilkmaustaineti n moody stems,..
she healed curses upon. the dog... I-bowl her
am.= about hiis net k..,Achalt . was rirlb the surgical
aid he got innetne. Lion now seemed very well
satisfied wiih , tbe arrangement*, and Laid down in
•thwAsorner and watched them with much calm
philosophy.. '
.• t...
We reinained With them until morning. 1 can,
notsay trot what I en jeyr.iyar triurnpli_as well,aa
Lioh did, MS they were certainly olsktnithfiders,zas
it was proved afterward in a coon of justice. As
rafail lifi VBlllB havi it, a riiifi 'paghetitie.- next
Kat nift,, l'Aiiiiiin I icat tiortlitrthciiliiteitiatit;.
' merit. of %hat lithl neenhetll. ''' ' '- -- •-illt
Before ten o'efoek. the offenders were in the
hands of the law. They were conveyed to the
rasirest jiul r where they awaited thwir. trial , which
took-el.ree Mont' tan manths ;don.. They wete
sentenced to ten years' imprisonment, which all the
tire u m tancesrmisir I ered, was not too mech. I be
lieve if eve they five to getout-they id kill Oil
1 -ton, should he. survive their punishment; and he
no doubt will, for he is stiltas strong and healthy
a dog as yqu taco- fed any where. No money
woulatemptime to part with him. He isnoir look
irrz quietly in my facet as l writs. th:s—for - i here
beeti.e3-ingio mate him oridetrearal,uliat it is
about., .1 have hinted to him the propriety id hav
ing his likeness published with this sketch; !Aube
31i4kCS hip head grively,,as touch as to ray—
" I don't care about it, mastista—ptery
t puppy has hisiikedees published now-a-day
f t I:fateful s ..!if
for his past service,ud Mtn or to have
iirs own way Au this, -as in a great many other mat
lets. Let no one des,)i-e tire dog. as .Ite.fs the oui}
animal who ; forsaking his own !yecic.e i cul4inues.
the friendship of man.. .
Tns F.x . rstitsct or GOOD Ancitr.s -4.-That there
mac be co ti. it is nnini I ci venires. m the universe
hides mankind, and superior rn liappine,s and
intellect to min in his present condition,• will be
hard.). denied by those who recollect how vet y
a potion of that universe is necupied by
man, and who believe that rnan himself has reason
to anticipate a removal afterdeath into a higher or-
der of existence. It is surely not urnernionable in
man, thns circumstanced, to ciinjectare that the hap
piness.whicii he hopes for turnself is riot without
a precedent in the works of his heavenly Belief-se
tvr ; that other beings, whether ar-Grst so filamixt
by Infinite love, of admitted to such privit,esafter
a preview state oi trist,-ere even now, in the situa
tion to st-hirb we suite , our ekier brethren : ire nm..
timrtality rand that -port of their happiititss may
consirt ru shafe habits, whiehme of all ethers, most
t proper to constitute the flN:ilay of, a reasonable
I• in t presqinv their gatitudento the codunot,
l'arrut of all, and in the winks of mercy and lore
in us, who aro as yet their inferiank -Buten-, as a
feu words, is all sire believe of angels, and thmis
precieetsi tltutlegree otiefortmttion the
tures curnmunicine respecuag them.— Era. - ;
Ext - n:triac years.ago, an Eng- .
Mrs..S.ilter, the widow of a wealthy bri‘str
Tr Radynauswords, !Jens, plot ided in her ~will
that altagshead,ot ale should be, daily given away
by the pos‘essort/ of the brewery fur 4/ecur
diugly, every alorpiug the ale baviel is placed nu
the public s roail.torith.ati.inin,Lirlie by its stele, when
such of her 31./jesq's liegeoas are not above quid )
ling, a Iddle4tl ot . tillgo tu. that publ'.c manner may:
be seef4 'wetting the ary, of ; washing down then
eldveit u!elodi. Formerly, a taleS tUI2 .put in
twate.i,hariell but as 4sat - ,disirppeared
wAft.the dieJnore primitive .method „WA'S aid.-
fit4lllo/4 ale spake r .bule, . •
Coralit A N - Et —Wheti fem'a le 'the
British roy:11 lo.thrs' a letiee it is :customary;
for her to tis 4 t0.1i0% or the nokility, and no
that the lady fit thitorti J 111.1;
th• (' w s c ione occasion among ihr; nctibber
of Ihn=e preScrifed to the late; rrini.esi AM'
who, asls knottn, teas very §:lnd by
for my !Arty ' , Wince-Cie - EC" snit! the mats in wait
ing,: hlean tett ile scrod met httin#Tetsons nth isPer
et! tribirii flint hts annonneyment was incorrect,
the holy bebr.gli corral( nor. Bt' this titre the , kiss
WAS about tn'be 'performed. wrien bawled the
man of offic ihritrigh a speaking limpet, ° t)b&i
tr . sS her, madam. she - ti not a }MIN'
DaI:ZAMA artier. !'a. l- r--tIOr we to hear of
the social every-tley lee of those great teen of a
by cone Jar, UllOBO '11i11:109 have become al,teecl7
historical! whafe charm does. ti letol. to yet:tees
eecee o nod how, we trceoure ere. y powslog, wind
that to teansmaturetl-taz usl auti-how cituch,.ia opite
of all titegietiono emcees-sea of their •atler tlays,e.lo
we picture therrs,to entaelvet from some .fillght or
shotiowy trait of their'vehoul,or college
A Losc fal.;;lf - imatirtfacquier haring
b . t - sdmdf:ieciitenf: a se i•e'C taefo sttienoie,
shit ri;.4 116 - touti . plastit rtt - iitkenp 'his
tititorldiato - prol3oois So 6 of his
%via Otis tl'l.l-.4l3fErlt ."•Yirt
rant loTig. 4. •
• c-
lijave two , precious jewels,
Tie tscreto geinN of va:rth—
I t, Yr th.-rn, yr.. I tore thein
Vnr their own ihtrinste Wel th
The one, when hare! oppress
madrieNs tills My heart,
Fn meekness ermea to hies,, me,.
IV tth - her :wel-rrieesiiig art.
tier senze. like ~liatant yelpers,
4 Inspired my heart-Y*4M .
Where, likes guardian , angel
She soothes our little !Ivy '
his evening': , slumber
In music Mott and (leer ;
. .
And as-a spirit watched •
Hu ed,ltu and peaceful steel'.
'the other-:-oh !- what beauty
Dwelti in heep!ayful eye:,
More Ilke the gems which sparkle'
At evening, in the skies ;
And then her arkless mimicry
Of all our hom.ehold ways t —
She %ingi whene'er her mothler sings,
And prays wherrier she prays.
Such jewels Cod bath given
To share my humble ent„
Ac messengers from heaven,
To bless my weary lot; t
And when the twilight fsdeth
And darkness dints the weit,
We ask - nnr gracious Father
To guard us
.uttle'rsre rest.
flap Printers are Cheated.
The New - 4-fampshire State Pittr:ct say 3 "It has
4 ,500 ,üb,crib6rs, and :bias that it' has the best
hay in list o! any political paiier in the dountry, yet
TOJ owe for 3 3 ears, 400 bu 5. years, and. 1000 -fur
I year, making the aggle.;ate Ot., to the office
"16:30 for iheir . isam - tr, dint. arid labor. This or
the I,aoha m milt which priiitils are cheated. The
Intriiloprer is to have orefFAoo,ooo
due t 0 that CULICL . I . II tram It biioV . ri
how many toitu;ies are aleeced out of the profes
Bout wily don't tlie ".procesAicti': generally
nfUpt the advance and thus rut " fortunes . "
i•:to thug 0..1,1 pocket:4: J putli, , her VI"1:0 sends
p.yer year year, to f olbacriber=, v.
i,J ) mew, tle,ervt.: , to be ebeated uut of it. Don't
;i• ye people a chance tirlcbeat you ; exact payment
hi advance'; and you will be cenaiii to avoid a
:neat many difficulties and, teu to one; in the end
• • prosper , and do we 11. -
People arc much better satisfied- with a filing
when conscious it is paid for—with their newspa
r-r especially. It is then their property ; and they
feel a pride $n its po‘session, just like that which
attends the possession of any other piripcorty. They
ext:,:t its virtues aril pass li4h.tly ocbr its faiths ii
any It have. It is only the nonpaying subscriber
that is ilisAatisfieil with his -=--no, the publisher's--
paper. He takes special Pains to bring, it into odi
um... lie is careful to talk loud and tell , everyllotly.
it does not suit hint'. There is to mach of that and
not t2lloUgh of this, illis troi*ry•-
trastly-11011nTIP1C:11---1,171p1ACIII . ; the selections
are bad-- , •••it ought to be a tietter 'for the
patronage it receives. ; he ha .taken it a great many
years, merely to enfuttrage the publidier, whom he
personally esteems and would like to see do well;
bat he can't stand it any longer; he must Vint) it
and take a city paper. Au.l "so he goes on Irvin
year•to year, il!rowling al his paptp, but is %cry
careful not lo slop it, for in that case he would have
to pay jar it, auit, he would, moieover, be. depiiv_ .
ed of the lu..tury of abu-ing it. The best way,
therefore, fur publishers to keep on good terms
with the world and save," (ninnies - for themselves,
' is to deinand in all cases paytneht itl adeantr /Tin.
J )IEnicAL Fam.—Meieltants generally die of 11,C
.01 the iyphn=, and brokers of !IA
remittent lever.
Masons generally go oa rvi•ii stone, gravel or
Nost tailors leave the wullil in Ms—though ,hele
cut.tomers rater - do
Disappointed actors usually die Of mortification_
Se4nstresees suffer much. from sliclies in the
side. ' ' •
The thddien of coopers are never tree trim the
hcoys: cough.
Our i ongressionni orrocifq arc ncrer vith
shortness of breathy althoughwith them flatulence
I 3 Ilbt U CCIiIRI n
hyerg are t•uvject to Ow bitae:....iinti gearlet lever
and el6ek-rakers rbthe tie doloareux,
Uazierg are never wtthoul paittf. ~ .
Bi ewers aie eoiteiantly ailin;; -:-.luhal.'wekcyj.
T 011 1 ,9, Of. Newark,. Net,
.tergey, , itr a ptibliS ed note on this subject
"Permit me to ::Ty That staftmcftne is eaused - br i
attempts to speak' tviih rniyy brags. In
the tuns are kept well inflated: and there is no
stuttering. The methnil or t:nre is to require the ,
patient tolet.p his lungs trell Mlea—to "arm fre•
qnent long brearhsot's .peftk . teuci, and to padsti en
the, instant of emfiarrassnient in their peer!?
faking a I ,,ing ins'pirivtlon Iseforo they go on . again.
I etued one Of die . tvc4-st ease. I ever kuelv outhis
CtitßiKe Pot.rrENctac—'l'he Chinese carry their
potitenesi to the most rAprioas •matvivi. «hen tho
Ernneror's death was announced, he mu said • to_
have rr rrt•rinte.l the , grent draucn when the -em.
d Led a far
f,,:c ullotte.l tc hec. It was Raid that
:I blieWoyo. thu fairy haririf j and vretit the • tong
jourley "
"lonnt7, ladi?s should avoid the use of by-woo - le
are nines. They Are nct only extremely icicle.
gant in themselves, :but tend greatly to a calm hab
it of exriression, which; it indulged in, will ere
long emerge into a second natnre.
311::kM(1 aro very otkl creatures. One half
e4hAarr -what they' practice ; theothei ha!f practice!
. what they vcrt , •:Te. '
G: -. lf ~~~
~~ .`'L"R yr.>y~._.'&`j~~
TI.:. I I I DIrriA r.ta