Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 02, 1850, Image 3

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stotes:—ltorieing kethellouse of itepresantatives,
i n answer to the resolution of that body, panted, on
the 21st of December last, the accompanying re
ports of Heeds of Departments, which contain all
she official information in the possession of the
Executive asked for by the resolution.
On coming into office, I found the military com
mandant of the department ot Chlifornia enrcisin,g
•the functions of a Cavil Governor id that Territory
sod left, as I was, to act under the treaty of Guade
loupe Hidalgo, Wiffiolt the' aid - of eny legislative
p r ovistonestablishing a gOvernment in that Territo
ry, I thought it best not to disturb the arrangement
made under my predecessor, until Congress should
take some action on the subject. '1 therefore did
not interfere with the powers of the military com
mandant, who continued to exercise the, functions
I did not hesitate to express to the people o:those
territories my desire, that each territory should, if
prepared to comply with the requisitions of the Con
stitution of the united States;form a plan of a State
Constitution, and tubmit the same to Congress,
with a prayer for admission into the Union as a
State ; but I did not anticipate, suest, nor author
ize, the establishment of any such Government,
without the assent of Congress, nor did I authorize
any government agent or officer to interfere with
nor.exercise any influence or control over the elec
tion of delegates, or over any convention, in ma
king or niodilying their domestic institutions, or
any of the provisions of their proposed Constitution ;
on the contrary, the Instructions Riven by my orders
were, that all measures of domestic policy Must
originate solely with' themselves—that while the
Executive was desirous to protect and de fe nd them
in the formation cif any govemmerN republican in
its character, to be at the proper lime submitted to
Congress—yet it was to be distinctly understood
that the plan of such a government must, at the
same time, be the result of their own deliberate
choice, min' originated with themselves, without the
interference of the Executive.
I am unable to give any information as Jo 'laws
passed by any supposed government in California,
or of any census taken in either of the tertitones
mentioned in the resolution, as I have no mforma
tion.on these subjects, as already stated. I have
lo t disturbed the arrangements which I found bad
e wted under my predecessor. In endorsing an
early application by the people of the territories for
a tmissuut, as stated, 1 was actuated principally by
an earnest desire to arum) to the wisdom and pain
nu<tn of Congress the opportunity of avoidinr , an
dissenions among the people of the. United
Cider the Constitution every State has the right
of establishing, and, from time to time, altering its
municipal lea a and domestic institutions, it:Open
dently of every other State, and of the general gov.
eminent, subject only to this propositions and guar
maces expressly set forth in tne Constitution of the
United Stales. The subjects thus lett exclusively
to the revective States, were not designed or ex•
pected ID become topics of national agitation. Still,
as ender the Constitution, Congress has power to
make all needful rules and regulations respecting
the territories of the United States.
Every new acquisition of territory has led to di;,.
cessions on the question whether the system of in
volunta-y servitude, which prevails in many of the
Sates sliceild or should not, be prohibited in that
territory The periods of excitement from this
cause, which have heretofore occurred, have been
safely pa-eel ; but during the interval of whatever
length which may elapse before the admission of
the terfitones ceded by Mexico, as States, it ap
pears probable that similar excitement will prevail
wan undue extent. Under these circumstances,
1 thought, and hill think, was my duty to
Endeavor to put it in the power of Congress, by the
adinission of California and New Mexico as States,
to remove all occasion for, the unnecessary agita
tion of the public mind. It is understood :that the
people of the western part of California have form
ed a plan of a State Constitution, and will soon sub-
In t the same to the judgment of Congress, and ap-,
ply for admission as a state. This course, on their
part, though in accordance with my wish, was not
adopted exclusively in crinsequence of any expres
sion of my wishes, inasmuch tut measures tending
to this end bad been promoted by the officers sent
there by my predecessor, and were already in ac
tive progress of execution before any communica
tion from me reached California. If the proposed
constitution shall, when submitted to Congress, be
laurel-tote in compliance with the requisitions of
the constitution of the United States, I earnestly
recommend that it Way liseelve thetatalon of Con
ThSpatt of California not incloded le the pro
posed State of that name, is believed to be unin
habited, except in a settlement of our countrymen
lathe vicinity of Salt Lake.
A claim has been advanced by the State of Tex
as to every large portion of the most gopulous dig- ,
'net ok:he ternioryiecommonly designated by the
name df New Mexico. if the people of New Slexi
co had formed a plan of State government for that
Territory, as ceded by the treaty of Guadeloupe
/hidalgo, and had been admitted by Congress an a
State, our constitution would have afforded the
means of adjustment of the question
of boundary With Teias to a judicial decision. At
present, however , no tribunal has the pow
er of-deciding that question, and it remains for Coo
lness to devise some mode for its adjustment.
Meanwhile, I submit to Congress the question,
whether it would be expedient, before such ,adjust
meet, to establish a territorial government, Which,
by including the district so claimed, would , W hich,
decide the . question adversely to the State of
Telas--excluding it, winkl decide it m het favor.
1 3 my opinion such a course would not be expedi
ent ; especially as the people of this territory still
enjoy the benefit and protection of their municipal
laws, originally difivecl from Mexico, and have a
imlitaty torte moped there to protect them against
the !flatus. It is undoubtedly true, that the prop
erty, lives, liberty and religion of the people of
New Mexico, are better protected than they ever
were before the treaty of session. Should Con-
Vele,. when California shall present herself for in
corporation into the Union, annex licondition to her
admission as a State affecting her domestic institu
tions, contrary to the wishes of her people, and
even compel her temporarily to comply with it, yet
the State could change her constitution at any time
,after admission, wren to her it should seem expos
went.. It i s to b e expec t e d a n y attempt to deny to
the people of the State the right of self-government,
m a matter which peculiarly affects themselves,
wit infallibly be regarded by them as an invasion
of their rights; and upon the principle laid down
in our own Declaration of Independence, they will
tenainly be sustained in their resistance against it
1 1 l i ne great Miurii of the American people. Toes
sun that they are a conquered people, and must
submit to the will of their conquerors in this regard,
will meet with no cordial response mobs Ameri.
can freemen.
Great numbers of them are oar awn countrymen,
tia lroteribr to the rest in intelligence and patriotism,
and no langriaget of menace to restrain them in the
exercise o f en u nd o ubt e d right ?. substantially guar
rued to them by treatyof itselkshidl ever
be uttered Ity me, of enceifirged end smiained by
Perkins - acting tihder ley aelheill. ft is lobe ex-
P bed;_That the tolia'Kee of the territory ceded to
ue by Mexico, the people - residing !bete will, at the
time of their incorporation into the Union
-" if theneetia cedicv lomat
thernsolvei. No material itionvenie' nee will re.
stilt from the want, for a °short period, of-govern
meat established by Congress over that part of the
Territory which lies misheard of the new State of
California, and the mswins for my • opinion, that
New Mexico will at ho very distant period ask for
admission into the Union, are 7ousi4e44t official
information, which, I suppose, iveram . inset to all
who have cared to make inquiries ow,the subject.
Seeing, then, that the. question vial:. now ex
cites such painfof sensations in the Country will, in
r the end, eertaitily . l* settled by the Wein - effect of
I causes andeperldent I the action "MCongress,
again suborn to your wiadoini the policy
' recom
mendedd in, my amnia ill f
salutary Opirafion of those lierusgAbat
we shall th_pi avoid the creation of geographical
parties, anti secure the harmony of Sealkag-ao nee,
nasty to the beneficial action of our political sys
Connected, aiUte 11,nien is, with the remem
brance of past ltappirriret; !Mt Nowa t Wes;
sings, and the hope of Attire - peace ai,d precocity,
every dictate of wisdom, every feeling a - fluty. and
every emotion of patriOtionn,
_tend to inspire fideli
ty and deireion to it, and aduntath,, cauti ously .
.to avoid any &informer)? controversy. *Diet can
either endanger it or impair its etrene—tbe chief.
element of which is to found in t regard and
ideation of the people for each other. (Signed)
Zseisav TAYLOR.
OA corespondent of the Evening Poe, wri
ting from Philadelphia says:—
" I learn from Washington city, that Jaime He
enan has withdrawn his letter, addreseed to the
Ho. -table James X. IdAanahan,
.on the subject
that no agitates the n ation—slave ry—and that he.
does not s. nd to give it publicity. His motives
are said to be a prudential character aryl that he
has come to the ...elusion that his Berta county
letter of 1848 ikennAqr the present.
"The editors of the • ..erinsylvanian".are expo.
sing the depth of their mall (at the defeat of one
of them, in not being elected rk of the Hoeft Of
representatives in Congress,) in tbe.keelish and un
founded charge that David Wilmot *iti hostile to
the Mexican war. This is a base mistpresentat.
lion, and only I xhibits the rancor caused bi-dLisap.
pointment. Mr. Wilmot is a sincere patriOrNr
every . point of view ,
and wfll he sustained by hi
constituents, and the democracy of Pennsjitimis,
notwithstanding the iolley of abuse heaped Ilion
him by men of yesterday. The pfinciples of "free
soil" are as firmly sealed in the hearts of the citizens
of this old commonwealth, as are its fuountains and
hills in the bosom of the land."
AT a meeting of the colored citizens of
Bradford county, held in Towanda born.
on the 18th of January. inst., we the undersigne4,
were appointed a Committee to solicit aid in build
ing a church and school house, to be located in this
Borough for the benefit of the colored people of this
cr-onty; and as we feel deeply the importance of
this enterprise to the end we have in view, of ad
vancing our moral, religions and intellectual culture,
and as our numbers are few and our means inade
quate, we take this method of appealing to the lib
erality of the white citizens of Bradford fur assist.'
ancet hoping that in the more favored situation in
which Providence
,bas placed them , they will be
mindful of those upon whom His bounty has been
more sparingly bestowed, and that they will give ns
countenance and support in this struggle for Ate
improvement or our condition.
In addition to the subscribers, Timothy Coggias
and David Jones. are authorized to receive camtri
butionr tor the above mentioned object.
There will be a regular stated meeting of
the society at the Ward House in Towanda,' Tues.
day, Feb. 5, 1850. During the afternoon, the Boci
erg will discuss - the properties and claims of Patent
Medicibes and Nostrums to the confidence of the
public. In the evening, at 7 o'clock, a publicaddress
will be delivered on some Medical subject, by Dr.
G. F. the Court House. The Ladies and
Gentlemen of Towanda and vicinity are respectful
ly solicited to attend. D. N. NEWTON, Sec.
Ncto 2burritsrmeats.
CAME to the enclosure al out the middle or Demos
.her, a spotted std STEER. The • owner is re
questrd to prose properly, lay charges and take him
sway. R. H. MASON.
Towanda. Jan. 30. la.
AFARM and Tawrit Stand in Orwell township,
applications made to C. Fright* of Orwell or the
=Lowther at Wilkes• Barre Pa. Poosession times first
of April nest. Jan. 30.'50. H. Z. FRISHIE.
NOTICE is hereby given to th e Stockholders or th e
Suaquehanna Telegraph Company, that in pan
mane of article &List the Association, they will he
required to pay $2O on each and every share of stock
in ten days LIVED the date hereof; $2O MON in thirty
dsya thereafter, and the balance in thirty dayelerma the
expiration of the aforesaid 30 days. "Steckhold.ra are
requested to make payment at the office of J. C. Ad
J. F. MEANS, t
Trustees of co.
C. F. WELLES. Trainee
of T. F. Allen
February 2
COV CR SEED. 35. btieheb choice, clean, lame
reed. for - sale by WELLES& HARRIS.
Athena, Jan. 30, '6O.
MEt3B PORK.-113 bbbs, corn led mess pork, for
ode very cheap, by the barrel or pound.
Athens, fin. 30, '5O. WELLES & HARRIS.
IMPERIAL, Young Hymn, Myron Elkin and Black
.1 1 Tows. of superior flavor, for sato at vie:laths& will
suit j4cters of the article, at MEROURIV.
JOHN E. GEIGER respectfully informs the pub li c
that he has removed his Shop to Main street, next
shove Wm. Watkin's, and a dew rods above the Woad
House, where be continues the bedness of
Baufattorieg Rad Repairing Cus, Rads, it
After his long experience in the badness, be is con
fident he can perform all work entrusted to him, in a
satidactory style. JOHN E. GEIGER.
Towanda, Nov. IT, 1849.
N°67=ing"de. the
a" as~a "abl e
SUMMER 000D8, which will be sold it navy low
rake. Direauese at this astablidenent conducted upon
fair and honest principks. You have our thanks for
past favors and we hope fora euennuanes of the same
as we are bound to sell Goads Cheap.
Towanda. July 4. 1849. N. N. BETTS.
INIIRATOWZM .410.41DatilY,
'PHDS institution pleasantly located in the Whip of
Leßayssilho, Bradford County, Pa., is now in sue
eemsful operas:on under the supirision of Rev. H.. 1.
NEWELL, A. M., Principal, and Mims Maris - C. 86s
paid, Preceptrau.
Primary studio, per quarter, 12 00
Editub branches, class commenced, 2 50
do dl de advanced; 300
Higher English branchee, 3 80
Languages and Higher Mathematics, 4 00
Drawing and Painting,. each sun; I 50
Incidental expenses , per quarter, 25
rust Quartet ociumaces Sept. 5, 1849.
&mad smart cosusencettNes..2l, 1849.
Third germ contsmooes Feb. 13. 1850.
Fiontbmsatise commences Nei 1, 18110.
All Mlle mamba paid by dm nod of tbe gaoler
J. E. BULLOCK, Secretary. 2id
fiLOVO--b0 doom Kid silk, bug' *rasa sad cot.
‘ too eow of env resibis wr awl MOO Ot
BT (inlet of the court of Common Pleas of Brad
ford county will be exposed to podia sale st
the &Rise 0r.1.f." Watford. is Monroet°CPl tiatil k"
day the Id day MFehroarrriest, at 1 O'clock.
"..litPraPertj af Jacob' Borman. ( r.. tliti itaditrid
ea haf t pert oft lot of land in - Alben . y totiaship a
11ftineittit ai a hemlock tree, thenertSorthlllll° east
ILI p., to a post t thence south 111° alit 71 p. to a
post; thence north IMP east 140 perebeirto a pout:
thence by land seiteyed in the name of B. BMW
tla, Antlp els lie p. to a post ; thence by lands of
he Asylum Company Iso4° west VS p. to a Viet ;
Vice on the line of the Caderalladee ifirrey Wirth
I° west Ott p. to the place of berinflig. Contain.
as *OO ems and allowance, all waimprovetiourcept
some small improvements made by thth other Joint
bilitief. A. R. BOWNIAN, Coinmiiiee
tie: 1. 1850. of Jacob Soirsaaa, jr. •
BY virtue of writs of Vend. Raps. Wont am Grids
Coon of ('oannw, Pleas of Bradford amity and is
me directed will be exposed so public sale at the Coon
House, in i t e hero. ogowanda, Os Monday. the
4th day of ebriait I ,rit one o'clock, - P. M., the
following lot piece or parcel or land situated in the
township of Franklin, andlotanded as follows: on
die north by the Towanda Creek, west by land or
Chirles Fairbanks, smith' by unseated lands known
as the Barclay tract, east by land in the possession
Or Ransom Payne. Containing 108 acres. be the
same more or less, about 70 acres improrid; one
trained house, one corn house, one framed shed and
a few fruit trees thereon.
-Seised and , taken in execution at the suit of the
Bank of N. America to the use of Stephen Fierce.
vs. William Williams. •
ALBO— , -A Plea ihr partel of land in Herrick twp.
bounded north by lands of L H. Bronson, wen by
lands of Joseph Marsh. satitti..til,lands of Joseph
Marsh; and on the east by lands of N.B. Wennote.
Containing one-half acre. more or less, all improv
ed, with one framed house aid shed thereon erected.
Seised and taked in execittion at the suit Of A K.
Peckham and N. C. Minityailministraturs of J.Mil
len dc'd, vs. Jilts at: Furman.
ALSO_ A piece orparcil of sad in Rome twp.,
bounded north by land of. L. S. Maynard, west by
lanes inposession of Woo. E. Ma) used, south hY
nds of S.C. Mann, and east by the main road lead:
in. troth Wysttt to Owego. Containing about half
of an acre, all impugned, with a two story framed
dwelling house, one framed store house, and a few
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John
Gilbert & Co. vs. Wm. E. Maynard.
AM:I 7 ;A pitec or fiarief of land in Pike and
Springhill, bounded north' by land" of Perry Cobb
and William Sharer, west by lands of bused
berry,-south by lands of P. M. Bostwick, and east
by lands of P. M. Bostwick and William 'hater.—
Containing fill y acres, more or less, sherd fourteen
acres improved, one framed house awl a small ap
ple orchard and other fruit freed thereon.
,Beized and taken in execution at 'the suit of E.
W. Jones to the use of' D. Bailey & eon, vs. Wm.
Fertilierby and Richard Williams. .
ALSO—A piece of parcel of land in Smithfield
'p., tcodactici north by lauds of Luther Adams, east
by lanlii of Philip P. Siveet. south by lands o( Ebe-
Deter French, 'vilest by land of Gideon French. Con
taining sixty-nine acres.
Seized and taker: in execution at the suited' New
man Colvin vs. lidrley P. Smith.
WM. S. DOBBINS, Sh'ff.
Sheriff"' Office, Towanda, Jan. 9, 1950.
WILL be tt W•1110111111 ' S Borst., in Itionnreton
on Friday, the 25th of January,lBso, and every
second Friday till further notice, with a good Band
of Music. Dill fur music, room and lights, 50 clB,
Oysters or other refreshments furnished at 25 cents
apiece when called for.
- _
Tdo W. HAYDEN have opened • More on rite
• west corner of Main and B.idge *meets, Tower'.
chi, at the store lately occupied by J. Kingsbery, and.
now offer for sale their large assortment. purchased in
New York. and to which they invite the attention of
tho public. To Landionia and others they particularly
recommend their otnelt of
alr—a .111. gra X.: grgh Int IN* 9
which have been *elected with great Core, and are war
ranted pure without any combustible or other ingredi
ents whatever. In consists in part of Champagne, Old
Port, Modena, Male" Pale Weeny, Stout Malaga.
Raspberry and Ginger Wines ; Otard, Champagne and
American Brandy; Holland end Common Gin; is.
macia, St. Croix and New England Rum ; Stoughton
Hitters, Lama Syrup, and Cordials, all of the best
qualities, and sleeper than ever before offered.
Grocers and other 'persons would do well to call be.
fore going to 'Near York and ]Shire,, arid lee' if they
esteem he supplied twenty per cent, threw than else.
MUM Their Tea. ere 1111111/11MIldellasuperior
Sagan of every quality, exceedingly cheep; also, Ma-
Pepper, Spice, Starch, Raiding. dm. with every
article in Ma line. Call and sea: Money saved ii mo-
ney made. Cigars and Tobacco of the very best brands.
Cy Domestic and Dry Goods t s large supply of
Boots and Shore; Ready made Clothing; • splimaid
assortment of Crockery. for sole.
Wanted. '200,000 fart Pine Lumber, and 150,000
beet Pine Shingle', for which &good price will be wan.
Towanda, January 21, 1040.
When Shall we bare an Engine !
Another Fire broke out en
FATIMI tEktYWII.I7II3.II 16.0.11121aff,
A FEW DAYS SINCE. but no it vies confined to
Floe Oven. no serious loss will be sustained, es it
will enable me to furnish my old eustoiners and as ma
ny new ones as will give met can, with CRACKERS,
BREAD, RUSK, &c., upon such terms as mat end
mill give natisfaction. CAMEL of even description,
(urniebed to order. L C. SMALLEY.
Towanda, January 22, 1 MO.
A LL persons indebted to tbe estate of LIBBEUS
JOHNSON. arcassoll. hits of Troy township
are hereby reineeted to make mamma without delay
and time having claim spinal said amiss will Oros
proem times duly authenticated to sestiesent..
JAY C. JOllliftolq.
Trey Jaa.2l 1140. Administrater.
(160. IL BUNTING, rrepectitilly informs the pa&
%.-A lie that be is jail receiving from New York ea
ariairtasant of reedy-made Clothing, to wbich he in
cites the attention of parehaetvg. Atoms his stitch
may be tumid
Over Coats, Sack Coats, Business Coati, Frock and
Dress Coats, Cloaks, Pantaloons, Vests, Round
abouts, ft., in all styles and all prices.
, He is determined to sell his Clothing at unusually
low prices for Case. and believes be can make n the in
terest of those wishing to purchase to give him a call.
0.7 At the old stand. between Bartlett and Low
bevy's Storm, up stairs.
Cutting and making up, done as natal in the mod
fashionable manner, promptly and to order.
Towanda, October 20, 18497.
SlCligitiCaT .131V2 IS%
or Tidl. Stadrand many, Ps.,
A. R0P01903 asking ;piliodical •at Towanda
daring lb* aserion awry cos*. Ho am -be
road it tbe boas' di. B. Crams, coriataacias ibis
Ate( fiatminttata. Iteltreicar sae be bad Iran any pout
of doe county. AU wadi wirrimaid. so atoll
IIONNVIit—A law arortiesi 'nada, amdllito
LPw Planoce. patent, Yar;iniP• Pout Caw&
Naftalis's' awl Lash= Bassits. Alm. ma'am and
flOWtrip for sale at 920 lIIERCURW.
. .
Tine tamitntion having been p_hicad la charge
..L. of O. R. Banos and 1 4-- 11 * Distr. "I" will
eitatio:anoe on, iloaday
. the 44k day of Oilober test.
,The Restretiiidal year villl &Bast of roar terms
of ifeven weeks eachi Commencing rexpeedielf.
I 1
Ottober Say NO. Saunas, 241.1tarth Rath sadierA4
.ii. L
Is per . , Wenn t
ditithirnkpleh a =g, Vtnting, ItWoitit
pity and siesta) Arithmetic. $$ 06
The saw ) with 'Wells' Grammar. Adams'
Arithwietin and Town's Analysis, 3 00'
hilosopei, Chimistry. Rhetoric. Logic. As
mammy and Book Beeping. 4 00
Algebra, GeoWetty. Trigonianstry. Raney
ing, Coale Sectiosat. Analytical Geometry.
Re.. _ 4 30
/satin, Greek and trench Langswgra. 3 00
Fuel. let and 2,4 i tenets.. VI
Scholars received at aay period of 414 term. and
Alined only Rod the time olllteit entrance.
Board can be obraiaed is peen &taffies oa rea
sonable terms.. J. D. MONTANYR, Pres't.
C. 7.7 Uraii Seel. of, Omni of Trustees.
Towanda; Seta. 1, tS4O. '
drimakaw. us! 1-0 verlsoul.
TIFFANY & KiNGIBBERY inform the public
that they we Dove melting direct frau New York
and opening in the my* lately occupied by H. Muses
doer eotnit of B. Kingebety 4 C 0.,. lergo and general
essomm e i t t ef
Yankee Notions, Confectionary, 4r.
to which the suction of perchesses is invited. Their
wriontneet af Groceries and Litmus is complete and
will bs sold et unusually low rotes. Cell and eseMina.
Towanda, lone le. '49. B. L. KINGEHIBBY.
DBRINK & CO. have opened a store at =RN
.I-'• BROOK, with a splendid lot of
Hardware, Hats and Cape, &c &c., to which they
invite the citizens of Brmlfonl county to aims sad look
for themselves. As we have no rent to pity, we are do.
termined to seU goads right—we shell Jamie to use
people to fudge.
Hartibinnk, December q, i 944.
T 1 C. HALL respectfully informs his friends sad the
public, dtat he hu now for Sale at hbi STORE.
• general and cboiee awrortment of STOVES, of all
Biwa and patterns. which Its is prepared to sell tR whole
sale or fruit; or ersehanai for country produce Upon the
most accotintiodating terms.
For stoves, sheetiroa, cop?er and tinware, his assort
ment is complete. He returns his thanks, to hie old
customers, to whom, and the public be renews his insi
tatiou to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere;
Don't mistake Ike olace--but remember HALL'S south
side of the Public Square. in Monteuyes Block.
Those indebted to me, are hereby notified that
am now closing my books, sod unless they come so•
lunterily and settle, they will be compelled to do 00 ,
without further notice. D. C. HALL.
Towanda Dec. 12, 1849.
.ifilm. I, Brick Row.
HUSTON & PORTER are now receiving, at No.
1, Brick Row, a large addition to their former
stock, consisting of
Drugs, Medicine., Groceries, Liquors,
III; Paints, Dyeatiff; Fairy Good; h.
which will be sold at animosity low noire. They alsl
oilers for sale the splendid and genuine Teas of the PE
KIN TEA COMPANY, for which they ire agent*, and
which they do not hesitate to recommend. as being so
pet kir to any other imported. They base alao the agen
cy of most of the genuine Patent Medicines ertant.
Towanda, November 29, 1849.
SPERM and Tallow Candles, b the fox 'or pound,
at di Hus . rox & PORTER'S.
ORRICKsts VERMITIJOE, th; amen Of 'T I St et
DEAD sHOT, for bed bugs. at the Drag wore o
No. 1. Wick Row. 11, & P.
Emown SOAP; for removing tar, paints. oils, &e.
warranted, at di H. &.
SUPERIOR 211m4 and Liquors-30 bhls. that RP
prior WHISKEY jigs received at H. &P.
lITHEREAS nay wife Margaret has left my bed
if and board without any jaw canal or provocation.
this, therefor*, is to forbid all persons harboring or
trusting ber on my aoment, shall pay no debts of
her contracting. after 'this date.
Wisps. DIAL 25, '49 JOHN COTTER.
Josiah Bosworth, now to the use of Geo H. Little. Jo
siah Bosworth and D. Regan Vs. Phdip Sullivan.
Plus Vend. Ex. on No. 122, Dtt T. 1846.
TBE undersigned _baring been appointed an Auditor
by the Court of Common pkas of BudfurdCoun.
ty. to distrtbute the fund raised by the ale of real es.
tate of Philip Sullivan of Kyaluaing township, will at.
tend to the - duties of said appointment, at him office in
the Borough of Towanda. on Friday. the Ist day of
February neat. at one o'clock in the aftempon. at which
time and place all persons interested will please present
their claims, or be debarred front °omit% in for a share
of said fund.. Vi' Et. Sam.
Towanda Dec. 24th 1949. Auditor.
Me. 2 Agahest liee Warta !
TUST RECEIVED a splandirt essortatatt of floods,
fr/ by the subscriber, at No. 2, Brick Row, width con
bs wen stall boars, and will be sold at the Vasa pri
ces. Our Mends will *we tavvr us with • esti, at
Iwo. Ws will chargeyou notbiag for lookitlit , and
very little if you buy. Ws intend keeping constantly
on,,band a large assortment of
Cloths. Alpacess. ( 0 7 1 ".
Cassis:news, Worsted altessesearious
&trines, Sugars,
Tweeds, Tess,
Jeans, Coffer,
Vesting*. 8a leraittti,
-DeLsines. spices,
Merinos. Ginger, eke,
Also, a bugs twortrnent of Crockery.
WALLS BULL, No. 2, Brick Row.
Towanda, Nov.s, 1649.
and English innate braid taw shape, Wants and
children, de. also gents Inn ma s skin Bids at
ALL persons indebted to the mute of GEORGE
IefERGEART, deceased, late d the towaaltip of
SP.Figatelkere hereby requested psymen with.
out delay. and those having claim• spinet raid estate
wifipleam present them duly authenticated for .ettlr
Sprizetati, Jae. 41 1860. Admittimratrix.
ALL pew.4i.deb.dl . tiokwiertr eI,dIORATIO
LADD deemed ifixe of Alimony knweakip, wu e...
by rkpookod io oaks psyment without Jeln. GM those
bowing A:Wm wort asii swam win piers pressat
then Jety-imWholdwaxd 1 awiewent.
Alborg, i.e. 22, 11:O.
wag anal* aißriltuatigraf der CaullOof 8r°4 164 4,1!.4.0. 11444. 1 filialioalorv' kt. to
'December alit , ' • -
J 1 -• •
.„. . • .
Alai — to& ibt t Atiditiag rib& Anima' ta. ' 1641 1 ; 0 0
96n titidgi '
i Misdates, -
111390) 76
Par fee?,.
. 136 13
Grand Jurors" ' s 4111 7.1
Pattie books for piddle oases: 73 00
Clio& Ceti, Ilt 60
Ttaversc Jurors fees, 171$ 47
Varian's inside/Ade:pease*: 113 19
Bil!S for printing,, .1166 75
Public buildings ordioary ',pain. - _. u6l
Bayport of couriers isr the B. B...rea'sary s IL7 46
Riationary. at 64
~ . , - ,
Township view; . 300
Prothonotary & elk. quarter sessions fees, 146 01
On wild cat certificates; ' • •00
Bridge views, le' 00
Misfit's Pees. for &minima/ fa
ros ere, Slit 00
Shetld's fees for conveying pris
oners to E IS. Penitentiary, 00 00 Vida. •
Road vie*s,
Cods in commonweal* stalk • 750
Election espinses, tit tit
Total. 40,343
- • ~ ~,
Mood ern Ike sand Collectors et toasty Tata for the foutilt Pato* -
Townships tc, Collector's Nam Year. Ain't Cloned. Ain't Raid: A 1 Pofited...4:MS raimill..3s6l.ll 3 ereeat.
Towanda tp,, Richard Horton, 111411 $ 131 36 $ - $t RI *.li ..t
Elbesbequin. Elijah Horton, 1011 22 98 • ' fr INV:: . •
Colombia. Henry Sheiwood, 1842 163 05' too Gs,—
Asylum, Jasen Horton, 1044 4 30 4 38 ,
Frankbn. Sans'l.4aritible. las $ • 942 . • 6 4 1 / 2 1
tiltiroestone. Isaac Westbrook, 1845 —• 18 311 18 311.
Towanda tp, David Bogy. i 1845 21 5111 tf so
Albany. lames Wilcox, 1816. 32 42 33 48*
Ridgbery, Hiram Dewy, 1845 l4 ell 14 so
litirrig titone,George Vanness, 1846 37 76.„: t 7 70 *
Towanda ho. Wm. Bogart. 1540: 00 66 .
Wysoz, Win. D. strope„ 1846 81 26'
Athena bo., Win. Kilf,, 1847 54 II
Granville, Jam Vrinnatle 11 69
Monroe, Jonas P. Smith. ' .1 73
Pike, G. W. Humphrey. 4 20
South Creek. J. 1.. Phi ips. 16 6.5
Towanda tp. S. R. Foster. 272 05
Ulster, J. L Gorsellne, 05 08
Wybox, Isaac Post, • 01 41
Atbens bo.. I. 18. Ellsworth. 1818 400 OA
" tp. N. Edminster, , 558 07
Albany, Williams ttie, .• 187 83
Burlington, David A. Russ, ' 383 414*
Canton, S. H. Fitch, • 1133 01
Columbia, C. Farman', 217.58
Granville, D. L. Kaztoti, . ' • 145 •,51
Herrick, Mad Goodilt. 172 'O.l
Litchfield. A. P. Wolcott, 212 53
Monroe, 1. B. Smith, 206 53
Pike, G. W. Humphrey, 87 65
Rome, S. Spalding, . 204 92
Ridgbery. Hiram Dewey, 75 00
Shesbequin, Wm. Pest. 171 62
South Creek, Chas. Lewis. Ild Yt
stirng Stone, Charles Roof, 62 flu
Towanda bo. 1.. W:T.Rany. 637 'l3
" iii. Reuben Deinng, i. 19 00
Ulster, J. L. Grirdellne, 864 29
Warren, Wm. Bradfortl.Sr.
127 68
Wells. J. M. R i dsal!, - 95 71
Windham, Wm:Sibley. 140 tit-
Wralusing, A. P. Biles, 116 18
Wysor. A. C. Hirditan. - 36 37
Alberts bo. Wm. Hancock, 1849 • 480 23
" tp, N. Edinitester, . 1959 45
Albany. James Allen, . • 501 cti
Armenia, C. H. 'Webber. 75 07
Asylum, Jubn M. Horton, 456 04
Burlington, 1..). A. Ross, 781 17
Columbia, Wm. lles net, 739 14
Cora on, lobo Gray, 688 35
Duvet, SI T. Vangonier, 417 37
Prarklin, S. Lattimore 267 81
Granville, Harrison Ross, 371 73
Herrick. E Cart, 1194 1.01
Litchfield, Win. Bostwick, 487 74
Leroy, Ansel Tillotstin. 358 43
Monroe, Henry B. Myer, 817 - 01
th well, A. G. Nisihews, 660 49
Pike, K. Brink; 9811 38
Rome, I :sac P. Towser, 489 10
Ridgbery. Hiram Dewey, 4411 53
Sheshequin, John M. liratth, ' - 070 66
Smithfield, 111. EL Geroulik, 811 37
Sprin9,fi"ht L Monard, 630 63
South Creek. Wort. Goldsmith, 326 IS
Sid'ng Stone, ' , mac Van Nfss. 397 14
SpringliilL Thos. Taylor, - 2.115 15
Toiranda bo. P. li. Shaw, 1571 9: - .,
" tp.. Dennis %MIL 618 91
, " Ceo. P. Freeman 829 45
bo. H. J. Hoyt, 801 91
Ulster, J. I. Gorstline, 472 36
Wyiroz, A. C. 1/1/37041), 608 22
Well!, *Wm. S Itkall*, 479 23
Wyalusing,, Benj: Ackley. . .586 55
Warren, C. B. Sleepef. 020 07
Windham, A: Dunham, Jr. 499 34
James 11. Prck trainer of Bradford
Money in Treasury Jan, 1 1849, $6,862 84
Dap, of Co. Tax prior to 1819. 6,967 03
Dup. of Co. Tax of 1849, 20,319 07
Judgments, notes & other demands due
the County, • 1,140' 02
Unseated land Transcripts (taxes reed.) 869 , 40
Received as abatement of state gases ' 185 83
Miscellaneous recetvals 8 70
Dr. Coolly _Orders lo /cavil Wi
Am't of Orders issued ut 1849, includ
ing C. orders
Orders outstanding Jan. 1, 1849,
Dr. Jaz• N. Peek Trtaiiircr of Bradlbrd County,
This on Duplicates print to 1919, / $11,047 17
Due on Duplicates of 1919. 10.0911 13
Transcripts of Taxis on Unseated Land, 349 40
Due the State an per last ?Octaves Report, 301, 01
BRADFORD COUNTY, SR.—We. therundercigned, Cnmmissioners. of said County, do hen
[L. S.] by certify the above to be a true and coned statement of the ReceivaLs and Expenditures of said
County input the 6rsu day of January, to the thirty-first day of December, 'A. D., 1849, inclusive.
In testimony whereof. ire have hereunto set.our hands al..] caused' the seal of our Office to be hereunto
Milled, this 29th ,day of January, A. D., 1820. HERA NI:IBPEA R,
SIMEON DECKER. Comm 6sioners. '
Auest—C.B. Resent, Clerk.
DY a Thy Coods jobbing house in the eity of New
LI New York, ■ salesman of good reputation, who
s acquainted with and can influence a large portion of
the trade of this and adjoining e.untira. Address,
`• M. FL, box 1038, New York," with references, slat*
log pmbabla amount of mks. whether Cash or prompt
time. and views ss to compensation.
New York, Dee.2B, 1849. tew.
Ship Ahoy! Mr. J. J. K !
THE PEOPLE'S BARGE has arrived safely bi
harbor of D. LORD, laden with 40.000 lb.. Stone
Pips, The and Hardware from ell' puts of the world,
She carries ott deck ram, rm., grape ulna buckshot
for her anemias. One mere dm, boys ! from the Pwo.
ple's Barge will sink the enemies old leaky etaft. The
passengers have )aft the old emit. sod fine coma on
beard at the People's Barge, where the, can pet the
worth of their money. Capt. J K. and crew' of the
old emit are out of sight of land. and dinetatio has
commenced throwing the breams span the *Abu dept
of the old ship. s ti. LORD,
Towanda. Dee. 25. 1546. People's B
nAirres 011.41 fir. Etirf:4ll'Url.s,, stop 14stehe
by the revs, st ;H. R, rt"4"0,...
nits. • • • -
Maim/ refunded whl , clrlhapilld psi frdanp,
dowel' , Dotson* lands in 1444, 1 000 00
Iltrflotior • ri.Opf Jp . „1611, 64 06
grenstlo4 of net!. court acme; tsar 70
Justtcps end eimapers-inviisitions. la 40
Coqinbles matier tawitte dfie antad-
Ins !out,
Pr iraktrs #nlitiorl; •
Connstl yep. • l
Interest dpon loan, • $ 41116:
,ppytdriks of knot. . 8,021!.00, $l.llB
to• Crannies.' tukia4Zi fur services as Cask
teirisiossil in 1048, , : lib ob .
J.. Z 114cIr for serf iren at' -
Cominfssionff fn 0411..
4 . • - t
Hit tR esia,!i. I ea,:
Sidman lk,r,ker. 1ft4104:
a la4ll, •
~ .
C. IL tausall elk. to Corers. baL
for services; 1848.
• r 849,
Whole anioaar,
a 00 -
GO der
12 Ed
11 59
1 75
4 21 .
8 19
'572 65
$36,286 70 $19,189 76 . $6,001 97 $360 64
Cosily, in /davit with said Cavity.
I Returned on Dap. prior to 1849, ..
" on Dup'N. of 1819,
" ' on Judgments, notes &c,, i
Am't of Collectors per centagi,
I Ain't of orders returned iu 1949
1 2 per emu t. commission on same,
Ilnetirrent money in hands Treasurer.
Balanct due the county,
$34,86, 58
ith the County et Bradford. Cf.
Am% of Orders returned in 1849,includ
inz Or. orders, 06,687 60
Am't of Orders outstanding, 101 BO
$26.699 49
V* 00
$26;8 9 T 9 I
lo hermit with the Comatumealth of Po. • Cr.
Amount of State Treasurer's Receipts, $9,246 61
Returned on Duplicates prior to 1949, 907 76
Returned on Duplicates of 1649, 1,194 63
Collector's per centage, 359231
Collector's Excaeratione. 167 37
CZWltratiotiS from TRIM'S on Unseated Lds, 70 64
.Treasarees Commission. .102 05
Balance in the hands of the Treasurer, - 11154 46
Isl y 2.89? 73
ADmisisTßATort's NOTICI.
A" perorate indebted to the estate or nORACE E.
HARDEN. deceased, late of Windham towmildp,
ambush, requested to'tnake payment wititootdeley, and
thew having claims against sold estate will please pre.
nut them duly authentirated for oeulament.
Late of thane., Y.
IVIS permanently located himself in Town:AL—
IA MEM in the,lluiun Block, over Elwelre Wier,
to the IliradronLilotel. Oct. is. 1849.
•el m irr rt ea , a -
Trawl% Laying outlined§ end Low, Dieidiel
Messering Masonry, Embankments. etc..
steamily dime by E.G• NICHOLS. Office at Rona
Draggled county. Pa. Persamt at a distance, needing
hilt POMO,, aljall by writing him a line a few days be.
fogOand. bareiDieir business promptly attended to.
.Eridil GREEN OR BLACK TEA--.Warranik
or on We, the money retornrd in all ea!!.
11 601* Tea does not 'wit atass: t ro•xs,
M. 1411 41;
I 04
"PM '7O
27 Li
4 1 $228 SO
100 00 $181.62
eas:C side 00.
43t00 on* OO
ro - 10. 43
es ow
4 95
14 4 6 1
1 . 114
44 62
Ifo 94
4 23
, t _43
Q 1 03
4 14
I et
. 74 02
07 80
STU 48
9 64
5 11
182 23
624 93
GI G 9
7 42
1 79
2U 97
353 17
4 7W
17 és
ISO 37
28 40
286 73
ttfi 79
ISt It
6 29
1 21
240 of
221 44
151 11
253 95-
142 55
8 30
13 21
4 00
'2O 79
7 VS
178 G• 2
60 AI
112 15
t 2 9T
91 TO
4 59
26 71
9 68
137 00
IC9 89
13 34
8 011
3 09
9 80
23 39
91 08
631,861 68
$28,989 49
NT 46
tit so.
its oo
AI 70
20. IA
1 . 7 14 ,
2t /4
42 64
01 00
, :41)1:0 8
II 67
21 75
Ito =
Z 8 58
88 37
14' 89
40 13
14 41
30 .83
34 18
$734 42
$1,538 03
4,463 92
635 44
734 43
26,ssi go
69.1 75
31 00
337 40
$12:897 -71