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gAIL/T t 1C1TT01: 1111!0a. 111111ITTIZIL.• Colllllli.
PONDIREI 'SUMPS 1.. P. 1101114, • naiusa“:
The leading purpotie 'of this journal is. the discussion
of the question of Slavery. and the advocacy of the main
principles of the Liberty Party. Due attention is given
to Social and Political Qualiorts of general importance ;
nor are the interests of a Prinehiteratureoverloooked..
It aims to preserreafaithhilienord of iinportsuitarents ;
• ofonvenrions or discoveries iffecting the progress of So-
elm; of public documents of permanent value; end,
d u ring the sessions of Conceal, to present such reports
a ofproceedings; u will convey a correct idea not
only of its action, but of its spiriLand policy. The de
bites on the exciting subjects of Slavery and the Heti,
ra n xpected to arise in the next Congress, will
r k e upy a large shara of its colu4ins. .
Arrangements have been made for extending and en-'
nc hng its already -valuabliDepartrinnt of Home and
Foreign dorreiyolldellt"B.
It is printeri a mambroth sheet, of the very finest
quabls„ its the best style, at• 5.2,00 a year.pagable in ad
` r oom
. The generous spirit in which the Era bas becn wel
:',-0,-med by the public Press. and the very liberal patron-
Bee Si has received during this, the first year of its Paid!,
:k r cure. encoureiek us to hope for large aceessibns to our
sub4criptior list.'
It is desirable that subscriptions be forwarded' without
rf', - deity. to that they may be entered before the uongresa..
" communications addressed to
Publisher of the National Era, Washington, D. C.
Wax! abtiertisancuts
11 UFFS—A large assortmentor all kinds and quail
_Vl ties.tire now aellingvery low at the Savings Bank,
Nci.s Brick Row. . dl C. REED.-
ROCERIES—A large' and extensive assortment,
I_T of every description. has just been received at the
143%ings Bank, and are selling 'cheaper than the cheap
at No. 6, Brick Row. • C. REEF.
kOIPS! CAPS ! of every kind and sort ; also rubber
'Overshoes, cnnsisting of Men's sandals, Ladies' do.
Aq - and all other kinds, just 'mired. and f.t sale
, it.the Savings Bank. d I C. REED.
D cy11:11 & SODA „CRACKERS, sods ;biscuit,
.o.\yholcsali and retail. di C. REED.
DOOTS.& StiOES,—L-a good assortment of men's,
beb 7 s. and Children's coarse and kip boots; also,
and misses' shoes, of rilurost every variety, cheap
dl E. )X.
A S•can Le bought at FOX low as at any
l.lai•e this itde of New York. . d I
Frilsli.Supplyi of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery,
• Bats & Shots, Cups, Muffs, &q., &r.,
't.hich are s'elhr:g very low at FOX'S, N. 2. B. Row.
Rt/CERIE: 4 are selling very cheap at Fb.X . S.—
‘ - kny quantity,of Sugar. at a tittle •aavance
'mm lost co , t, hi , the lA. or lh ; a. heauttfut article of
'•lor 9 cents; good CA:^eto Tea Ibr 3.v.. eutra qua-,
tor GA, ;ILIA etcrything else in provortiort. Please
r. 24 • Nit. 2, B. R.
1 1:r PS. that ate•rnuffa, and can't be beal--,omer e
.ll tv choke and beautiful Mit that can't fail to
j. 141 rero , rtl et
J 1 - ST COlll.
"5• • -
-\ C
-,sle cheap for Cash.aud lot mber. (', 4 11 ati,l)•x
them , T4ZACV MOORE . .
„,...-...1 - 41.N0v .11 1547 . - Na. •1. Brick Ron
and hxlf . lip,aniAli (710 A Rs for 431.• to
Am'quantity, by n 24 TRArY & Mo()RE.
• A oil. AND X CUT SAWS, a fir.; nit.. article,
cheap 1,3; TRACY & MIUME,
. Wile by
" Wanted, to Peddle Jew - dry !
M.VIT.I). II ree Fictive. intelligent. you •g men to
peddle Jtoctiry and Fancy Go'od.. on Cont. •
, ivig men, .who enn come well reeoroni , n , led.
,n,..urageinent will be given. Per:ions
!..,i•rinzin the buqiness, will please c e ll! on the u h
Delp,uch's i i Towantla tp,; on the 2Rth
"::Inth of Noreruhri in4t.; OT•on the, 14th or 15h
4 , r n.. 0.. n 2 EPH.Ii11111tr.1?;
• ^ `7, - ;•:•J4 4 , 4 2,i •
TICE ra hereby Rivera to' Rtitaileri. of Foreign
G nde and !.I rclnmdize,•wito have'liiit.:Da . id their
w- tar 1 , 447„10Va1l and tiby up iinmetiiiitidv.
~..11,1.rt 4.1817. J.I2EEL, Treasurer.
4 , w - . 0 .054 - liit 0-4
IC I :Test and : mo-t exie.,sive assortment of'NE W
I WS. suitable to tdo. season, FP I e I 'watt crent
and 1.4.5a1e cheap as og:cheapest, for c tsh or ap
•ii cre‘iit —just opened at' •
q , ):1 , 1113. ()et. 5. 14.17. 0. D. BA RTLETT.s.
'Xi 17 aoo:Dot
11. s. C. MERCUR,
17401 c than their 7 , I..7rtety. Trlttal
o ~f rrr to the public at Mei; procerlivillu lotr paces.
Tnwanita. September 25, 11447.
AS. P.tints.:Varnisl;es and Dye-stolfe. of almost
pvcry kind; at sep2s MERCUR.S.
, —French, ,Englisli and American Clutha; plain
• fancy Cassimeres and Sattinetts ; satin, silk, 'Pala
otkiGd Vestings, very cheap at
I)RESS GOODS.P.laiti. figured and
. "pianl, 1 , 14F-1i and crilored A trice:is; black 'and mc.
French !I. eritioesl Oregon
_Plaids rich French
• mmon Cashmeres, Del .aines, &e., a great variety
• for sale at sep2s MERCUR' , 3,
& large asatattrient fin sate, at
' 1,1,25
\ 111 .71 GRIND STONES, for sale •ot
H•p^.3 MERCUR'S.
\It:ALI:STEWS OINTMENTI—A new supply of
• ' . .: , :estrvedly popular article just received at
V:5 • 111 RCU R'S.
tp. ARE.—A, very large stock: of ilardware. of
every description, just rei'd at #IE UR'S.
LIS • —ilruche, DeLairii"; &rajala
Wool Skalds, a large aset at ME
BooTs &.BHOB ___ .
8, consisting of cow -hPe and•kip
boots, Is'aies' and misses' slippers, gaiter's and halt
1 4. ' 7 '; chtltlren's shoes ; also an elegant assortment of
' 4 " ' : ' 4 l' . gt arc now opening at the Savings Bank.
. . NO. 5, B. R. •
cial '
i 45,
at of
1 -' °l-71 IN ----7- r.A RN carpe.' t warp, beta. wadding, wick
lag. brown and bleached aheetinga and ahirtings,.
be found at a bargain and very low at the Savings
sep29 NO. 5, , D.R.
another 'Large Supply of
6V in
FA Ea R & WI GooDs.
inhsenl'ier is now receiving hiA second Full and
alier supply of Gootil. • hic4 will very
Unual. •• - KINVOBERY, Jr.,
16, Cor. Minn, and fin Ige sta.
on to
'Y co; ) tot Giocalies, H-ardavar'v. Boots &
I 4. " N GIN,* Codfi-h and Na.•ja•rel,
*-t. CnpsMuff., B.lnkA and .Sditioh
• het Lica. &c.. ju.t feetive.i
6ieX.l. -
,f ilca
tie in-
wi.l img to trur*lsse SITU:ISdt. %val.'s/awe
to. 10 two dollars per curt., by calling at this
Mein and Bridge *rests. -
~ticcclja bi~t, Vic:
XIV' gl $4O /0'
. A LARGE - end4rell selected •assortment of. Talloti
1 - 1 Winter Goods. just received, and foriiele Dy 8k
& 6 TOMK . INS, consistinglA . •
Among our Gonda may be found, French, &Wish
and American Cloths arid Cashmeres; also,* good is : ,
atirtment of Fancy Cassimercs and Tweet*. sheet?.
gray clolt; and satinet*; also, • good assortment of
Overicottt. Cloths and Cloilitngs..
i n
For t e 1:A DIES, we have any quantity of Ging
hams, M . Drlaines, Cashmeres, alpaccas,.of all colors
.and IA , both cotton and silk warp ; Shawls; 4411
kinds, resi silk, black and fancy, with trimmingep
correspond. ._
• Also:—Bonnet Silk & Bonnet Velvet withirimminga.
MUFFS—a large stock.
New Arrival at No.,j, Brick Row !
4. 8. Chamber/In,
S new receiving, and Wien' for sale at the DREs - G
DEPOT. No. I, Brick Row. a large addition ',dila
former stook, consistin of every variety of
recedes, Drugs nod Sedielues. Dye Stuffs, Nuts,
• Oils, Perfumery, Fauct, Articles At.
which will besold at wholesale or retail, at unusually
low'-prices. Tenn, CASH. IN:manila, June 16, 1841.
ATENT MEDICINES; every kind now in Toe,
can be found at the Drug Depot ; Agent for Jaynes
Srnith's Clickener's. Moffat's, Pain killer, and varibus
ottter medicines. A full and general supply alwipi or
hand - jel6 - No. k, BRICK ROW:,
THE old firm of WM. H. BAIRD dr... 1 1:0., having
keen dissolsol by mutual commit and the subscri
ber being disposed to keep OLD N 0.3, (who is always
right) GOING AHEAD, would now announceto thoise
who like to bny goods cheap, that he ja now daily re
ceiving from the city. of New York, a new and splendid
assortment-of Goods, which be is boutid to sell as cheap
as they can be bought this side of the city of New York.
My assortment consists, as usual of .
Now. Mr. and Mrs. Everybody, just continue your
old habit of dropping in it No.. 3, before purchasing
elsewhere, and if I don't sell you goods right, "don't
buy them." I have accommodating clerks, ,v . Fh4 will
akways be happy to wait upon you in citelou'don't
field the Old Man constantly os hand hilnsslf, and I
have n. doubt but on pricing the goods you - *lll be glad
to! buy.
feel'thsniqui for past favors, bestowed pon the old
and it shall be my aim to merit a contint4net ut
the mine : E. W. BARD.
EA FOOD.—Cudfish anal Mackerel, any quantity
for pale at nIO B NIIRD'S.
IIRO W N E ETINGS.— A bout 13,000ky Judd of
) Brown Stretinag. 3(14 reed at BAIKI.'B.
v silk.. satin stripe, silk , velvet
and other Vestings,.for winter or summer, fill or
spring.: a great as . .orttneni at BAIRWS, , tio. 3.11.1 C
IHOICE DRY GO9DS—Misoccits , French Meri
k,,' no. Oregon praiklA, 'ersouslin de hones. Columbian
ginghams, of -all 41ercriptiona, &c., &c.., at
. Nos. In. BAIRD'S,. No. 3, Brick Row.
UtltiDs.—Gerol.•mcii'd fur caps, Imdies' mutfs,
good 35:40/talent at B A I RD'S.
A I , IIWR, aria 6 feet Rod 6 foot cross cut
J• sa ft, at BAII{I,M N0..3. Brick Row.
1 A'l's ( • A at.aal a4sortrnent Bilk and fur
1 1.. Hntw. grtiCs 1 11.ized cape. with capes. (a great or.
tide I r .o,,rtny we.ittier,) - to of and hoy • d cloth caps.
ellailtr 11 . , velvet caps &c. You will find all these
kind-. awl many more. at nlO . B HID'S.
ti()l:sE ti 1. NK E I's. —I f you 'want a good and
cheap nitwk of the kind, call at • BAIRD'S.
DAINTS.--4htte and red lead. Venetian red. spa
-1 brown, copal gum, latharage, chrome green,
ehrotre yellow. dr.c... At BAIRD'S.,
T PREss TRIM NllNGS.—Fringe;gimp,
1 h i' , it buttoop., arkd nil kinds of fixin's f..r,trimming
drf ,, at 11A I krfS. Na. 3, prick Roo,.
%I.OTlls.'—Fri to-h, and Eriiit.h Cloths-*nd
Gobsimeres, ziattvl ! ' t.a. !Cheep's gray ; a good assiat
milt at nio BAI,RD'S, No. 3. Brick . -
A DIES !—Do'you know where to find ihe ni.
1.. French Lace Capec in townl—thf , spot is at '
Nov. M. - BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row
LA DIES' CARPET BAGS. a splendid article, lit
Nov.ll. IIAIRD'I3..No. 3, Brick Row.
L. MILL, Monene. Sept. 23, 1847.
Qs) REWARD .—Strayed or stolen from the sub
smiber;rcsidina ne . arsthe centre of Litchfield tp.,
Brad. co., Pa., about Moe weeks ago,' a dark brown
sr;. heavy bodied, horns mostly l+, k. A reward
of two dollars will he paid to any per who will give
ir k fmination where said sta_ may beikind.
Another Great 'Victory .in Mexico !
ri-git, news was received simultaneously with news
.1 that there had been another greet arrival of New
Goods at the
_ • „.
.Aryl calmed n Tremendous E.rrilemenf r !
The, preArnt proprietor, C. REED, takes this oppor
tunity to return his thanks t 2 his -former patrons and
the ptfblic generally, and also Bfinforming them that he
is now receiving a very large and general assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods, of every descriplon, which he
pledgeOituself shell and . wiil be sold as low es at any
other skabiiiihment within 400 miles of Touire.—
The public generally are respectfully invited to all and
examine to satisfy themaelves et No. 5, Brick Row.
Towanda, september 21, 1847.
1.1133,/.1 , UCIANYZMILZ. M.412 1 .11/Ea9
At NO. 7, New Brick Block,
I$ now in full blast, where the .public can be accom•
niodaterl with CRACKERS, at wholesale; 6,1,144
C saes by the hundred or thousand, will he furnished
Pt. prices which will m rke it an object for Grocers in the
country`to give us a call.
CAR as, of every description, for public or private
parties, furnished to order on the shortest notice.
FLOLin.-502sacks of first rate flour just received
1 . and for sale at BAIRD'S. NO. 3, B. R.
Au t•gr INDIA PEPPER SAUCE, a splendid ar-
Y V tide, put up in wine vinegar, expressly for ireful-
I • use. 027 CARTER & SMALLEY.
WINDOW OLABS.,-7 by 9. 8 by 10, lb by 12,
10 by 14;.12 by 16, 12 by 18; 14 by 11, all of
OA quality and in excellent order, for sale by
'October IV, 1847 4 . 0. D.B ART LETT.
subscriber, having made new arrangeipents,
very desirous of-settling up his old accounts, and
requests those indebted, to settle immediately, by giving
their notes, payable in the 'spring, if they sre r nett able
to square up now. Immediate attention is requested.
..• warmly, Latest styles and' moat
auuful patterns. just rieeivetiretol for isle very low
t. • , •19 ,0.D.ART1.0 7 .
_ _
jUNIMER ii A W twiuti ful amffirtnient of
Beraga, De Lain anCOrectiOitaarl- may Fies.frand
• • •
5i5..4),00;f1 E,
( soNTINuE:, w earty busineewin all
tJ na branches, al tiri old 'rand. cotter -4u Kier and
lindio streets, where Aro/wets and-Caps .cart to par*
clia.ed, 11111 d work ,Wlll be done promptly, Ilashicoat*
and it astailactorptificos,as usual.
Towanda, 0ct0ber.,,27, 1847.
To .111 Ibtdebted
- . .. • ~ , --,,4 2 .g !. ...........—. -
,Xeceived`of "Nti: .2, -BIN tow,
Ocean "dim - Fall Winteriloodst,
will must and will be soldnt thtriery low*
,VT not for Cask or Ready Pay. Drell person
who may Want HOOD and CHEAP good., is respect
folly inilto to call and-examine this -stock. - Don't
fail to call Issit costs nothing to look, and we consider
ii a favor to show the - goods, and will try to make it sus
object for-those wishing to boy of E. T. PDX
12 RALEtS BROWN . 8HEET11:168 0 drilliogs.
shimmy, wicking, wadding, batting, cotton pro
and carpet warp, cheap as the cheapest, at,No. 9, B.
R.. at, ; ; aepts _ FOX'B;
GENGRAms! GINGHANS!.-30 &eta new and
most splendid ityles, .deeidedlyttbe prettiest vier
in market. Also, Oregon Plaids, Silk Plaids, and all
the new No-2, Brick. now.
2 BLK & STRIPED ALPAC t MS, at the
5 very lowest.possible prices at • ' FOX'S.
'IAR]) INTARE, ■ good assortment, ineigligg Iron,
IA Steel, Nails, &c. at No. 2, B.R. FOX'S.
Pmlllris, OILS & DYE-8 11 J 1 1 7 4 4, -also Matches
by the gross, at No. 2, B. FOX'S.
at . seer 15
Cooking and 'Parlor Stoves:
JUST' received at MONTANYRS 4..cas. a large
lot—Also, PIPE, and a few second-band stoves, aU
of which Vibe sold cheap fo. pay. Sept. 7, 1847.
Stock of Goods in the Saving s Bank ,
TN consequence of the great rush at the Savings Bank
JL for Cheap Goods, the proprietor has been itauced to,
replenish' With a splendid assortment "of SPRING &
SUMMER GOODS, which are now qpenigg r and mail
ing at greatly reduced prices. The proprietor, Mr.C.
REED, pledges himself to folly and amply sostadd the
credit of thb institution which it has hitherto borne, i.e.
for sellingoods cheaper than any other establishment
in Bradt . ° co. Persons desirous of testing this, have
only to ea at No. 5, Brick Row,and satisfy themoeltfes.
July 7, 1847. C. REED. .
and Light Gingham*, have been received at the
Savings Bonk, and are selling twenty-five per cent.
cheaper than ever. jy7 . C. REED.
BOOTS & SHOES--A large and exhaustleu as
sortment of coarse and fine boots and shoes, ladies'
full and half gaiters, kid ties, buskins. French kid slip
pers,.chtldren's cloth and morocco shoes are now selling
very low at the Sly/jogs Bank, No. 5, Brick Row.
Greenwood. Nov. 10. By S. C. NAGLE&
ar...04Y dikatlllso litif3l &LOUIE,
K!NGsBERY & CO., are just' receiving. di
-13• rectly from New York and opening at the new
brick 13(.010, recently erected at II Kingeheiy's old stand.
a large assortment of Frtnilr Winter Goods, comprising
Broad clothi, Cassimeres, S ; Alpaccas, of eve
ry deseri pt ; French b . En gush Merinos ; Mou
c mime DeLaines ; Ginghions;• a great variety;
' ritshincee teoolen Shawls .; Domestic goods,
Host. ry and Glares. of every description.
Groceries. crockery, H ache ire, Boots 4. Shoes, Sole
and upper Le dher. French and cannurn vilf and
kip skins: Nu ils,'square, round an( Suedes Iron,
• ~Glass, Hits.and Gaps, Tea and Stone Ware,
Papff Hangings, Big alo robes and Miffs,
. Mackerel, „Codfisii, and Herring.
-The attention of the public-is respectfully invite.' to
oRr present large stoat ofgricals, which are now exhibit
e,Mir sale at the lowest pric , st. , for ready pay. They
have been irelected with untiaual 4 care and attention, ex
pressly for the accommodation of, oar customers, and
we believe offer inducements to ,purchasers no where
else to he met with.
Remonnher, before purchasing elsewhere, to call
at B:Kingsbery:s old stand. and examine our goods and
prices. as we are confident they will meet the views of
the closest cash buyers.
J. k. smrr
Oct. 12, 1847. . ARM.
This Way for lifir gins.
STI:FFs, Belling at coat, at FOX'S.
rIfLS, PERFUMERIES, a spl •ndid article of Hal
I -- kJ Brushes, Thermometers, and Fancy Articles, fa
sale je 16Yo. I. BRICF ROW.
Fair 1 ; .1 lig aid the Last Notice
T HEREBY warn e person indebted to me, that
unless immediate .pay tis made, they will be
sued ! This notice is given wt t respect to persons
and all persons knowing themselves ! bled, will save
costs, by giving prompt attention.
Towanda. Oct. 12. 1847. S. HATHAWAY.
C,,ZAY! JOHN ! don't tell any body that we will pay
L., the " ready Jobn Davis," for 100 bushels Chestnuts
and 500.11t5. Lard. CARTER & SMALLEY.
- - .
34,0=- 1 23 6 QUAVOLMI.7I43I.BZ ,
A LARbE end extensive assortment of School, Claa
sicall pnd MiAcellaneous BOWLS; also a large
stock and great variety of Papers, inckuding note, leuer,
cap, folio, post office and , wrapping papers; together
with a complete assortment of Blanit Bookse.' Visiting
Cards, Enuelopes, 4c., 4c. ; all for sate cheaper than
the cheapest, by 019 a D. BARTLETT.
. Jilin Griffin,
117,0t1 D again inform the Ladies that.she has just
VW -returned from New York. with the latest and
mast fashionable style of Halo, Caps, and Read dres
ses ; also ia large an 3 choice selection of Millinery
•Gonds, consisting of Phish Velvets. Silks and Satins ;
a large asitortment of Ribbons, Flowers, Plumes and
Laces. Also French embroidered dtemiseltes,
fringes acid black trimming late; all of which wilibe
sold at as low a price as can be purchased elsewhere..
Towanda, October 12,1847. _
T Atvgan'Alyrse.
IS Institution is now under the charge of Mr. y.
W. pt,NN, a graduate of Yale College. assisted
by Mr. 0.11. PRATT, of COWL The , first term com
menced on the 16th of Sept. ult. The second will
commence on the 6th of Dec. •Pupils are admitted at
any time. i Tgintll :
Tuition per lerni.el eleven weeks;
Common pn g lish studies, $2 50
Higher English studies, 4'oo
-Ancient Languages and higher mathematics, 5)00
Extra t.hege, (let and 2d terms) 25
. Arrangements will be made to occure the services of
an accomplished Preceptress in the spring.
Oct. I2i J. D . MONTA N YE, President.
WHEREAS, my wife, LAVINA DUNN, has left
my', bcd and board, 'without any just awe its
prov.cation. this is hereby to caution any parson trim
hatborint jot trusting her on my account, es I will psy
no debts M demands of bet conttacting.
Rome. Aug. 2, 1R47. PATRICK DUNN.
f .1! C.! A I'S Boy's, and. Children's yol
k. vet , filuab. ciutii awl fur, mid fur triutined cups.
coniprisitii the LI ceiktert variety ever seen in this place,
jri:a ree..ivled end for wile very I,lltv by
October 19, 1547. O. D. R AATLETT.
• fIN II AMs & NTs.—Plain and twillettlling-
I h.mR Entomb st.d Amines!) Pruitt!. a tteaatiftil
li,orttat ut at Pr M E UR'S, •;
AD.III 1`; Ili "Wit'l4 . .
Ll 2 pi , ; ii.. 1,411.41 1.. the estate a 'GEORGE
U 1.80111.4 Isteof Spring Mil troVrp., accq.„'iro •
;.er. by retpiestetl to make payment without dell, arK l4.
uot.o having chants assault acid waste. milt view* pro'
semi thwusluis - attested to the subscriber.
W. CLAGGETT,.Atituatitstrator
Springhillittetober 16, 1847.
'1 8, on hand and for made
43 -Aucubmedie, Sr.
,Elliot &• N C
TTA,V ci iholuisties- typifier hi. the
Ar-i-lte7t2ntile business, Wipe by close . Application
and strict bosineskto merit ashore of pub•
lie patronage. :.Thei may always be found reedy I to
stteltd to any person who wishes actoosodationa in their
They will oectspi the old stand of Elliott dr. Mercer.
and as it has just been enlarged and made mom spaci
ous and convenient, customers will had it very plan
ning lad° bosineee in. ELLIOTT & TOMKINB.,
May4l7. 1847. • c
New Spiine and Summer Goods.
• ' N. BETTS, '
TS noir opening • new and splendid assortment of
staple sod - fancy gnotaisat hisatore. (Vitiate on Main
street two doons below Bridgestrest (west side) nearly
opposite MOntanyi's dr Co.) embracipg all articles
generally kept in the eormtryomeb a.
Dry Goods, , Groceries. Crockery and-Wass
' ware. Hardware. Nails. h0n.4111-the
t ; varieties of Steel, Glass,Paints
• , Linsie4 Oil, Lamp Oil
which be offers to purr:havers at [ unusual, low prices for
Caib. Produce, or approved credit. And would re.
spectfullyinvite all who vvish to purchase to call And
examine btAgoods and prices before purchasing else-
Wier°, ss be is confident be can offer good bargains.
June 1 , 1841. -
PRINTS. M. De Leine', Gingham., Lawns, dm—
Tee Ladies will fld a beautiful assottment at
june 9
A GREAT variety of shawls scarfs, parasols •itiadies
and Mimes' Bonnets very chesElit . BETTS'.
LACK iiI3EAVER CLOTHS, Mark and fancy
Casaimeres: and all aorta of Summer stuffs„ a large
assortment, low for cash r. BETTS'.
"VIIII DOW & WALL PAPER,a nice yarifty and
Vl' cheap at ' BETTS'.
HARRIS & BLOODS' Grass scythes and scythe
maths:also Harris' cradle scythes at BETTS'.
Scolorsd, plaid, and changeable areas
Silks ; also, white sad coloied Bonnet Satins, at
sep24 MERCUIr.I3.
DRESS GOODS-109 pieces now opening at the
Savings Bank. consisting of French Merinos, plain
Alpaccss, A bysinian stripes, cerdover plaids, cashmeres,
mouslin de Nines, plain and twilled gingham., &c.4c.
all of which will be sold low at REED'S.
OLOTHS & CASSIMERES, Vesiings, Overcoli
1 --- ) Cloths, such as brown. olive and gold mixed. Bea-
Vera will be sold very low at SAVINGS BANK.
ESTRAY.—Broke Into the enclosure of the iubeert.
her. on the 25th of August last, a RED COW, 8
or 9 years old. The owner is requested to . prove pro-
Porgy. pay charges and take her away.
Troy, Sept. 27. HOWARD SPA I.DING.Sen.
DRINTS, of every variety and style, f-treign and do
- mestic, now opening at wholesale and retail, at
supciior style and finish, and at prices to suit those
who wish to purchase cheap.
Q HOES—Ladies' Misses und Children's, ■ large vs
riety on band at je9 BETTS'.
another Large and Splendid Lot of
. Ready made Clothing!
STORE. Here is alKplace to get cheap clothing, at
least 50 per cent. cheaper than at any other place. • 1
have all kinds to suit customers. My stock it' large,
consisting of Cloaks. Coats, Pants, Vests, &c.
Elegant - and .new
_premium styles, atie at astonishing
low prices.
Cloaks, Over Coats, Brown, Drab, Do., business
Coats—all kinds, Black' Dress Coats. French Dress
Do., Gold Mixed, Do., Satinett Pants, Cashmere Do.
Black and Green Monkey Jackets, Fancy Satin Vests,
Black Do., Cashmere, Do., Double Breasted Do.,
White Mancillc Do. Also—Canton Flannel Draw
ers. Shirts the same, and some splendid fine Shins.—
Also—Blue and. Black Cloth, Brriwn Do., Cassimeres,
Plain, Fancy Do., Vestings of all kinds.
criCutting and Mending done cheap and making
Oct. 9, '47. Clothing Store.
10lICTORLsj, BROTRER JONATH % N, for the
1 „Fourth of July, et No. I, BRiCH ROW.
SALT -100 bbls. Salt just received and for sale
at BAIRD'S. N 0.3. B. R.
oaraazat W v E 35 -0323.:1'39
Late of the Claramont House, Towanda, Pa.. which
was aistroyed by fire on the 12th of March last,
LT AS leased the old stand, on the. west bide of the
Li public square, lately occupied by William Briggs
sign of the Tiger, where he is prepared and %gill be bap
py to wait on his old customers and the public generally
His house is in good order. and his facilities for sr
coutandating travellers and visitors, such as will .enable
him Co give ample satisfaction. Charges moderate.
Towanda, Ocober 20. 184 /.
OR THE LADIES—s large - assortment of white
goods, such as Irish linens, cross barred.and striped
jaconetts, swiss muslin.. &c.; also swiss mull,
and muslin edgings, thread and cotton edgings, bobbins.
silk fringe and buttons, lace buttons, patent whalebone
skirts, purse twist; in short a great variety of fancy
goods of every description, may be found at the
General Scott in the City of Mexico !
And another large sloth of Goods just received al
which have been carefully selected for the Fall Trade.
THE public are invited to call and examine their
stock of Dry Goods. Groceries, Hardware and
Crockery. Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps, and everything
in tbc hue of staples, suited to the wants of this region
of country. which hive been purchased exclusively for
Cash, and at the lowest ebb in the market. We hope
OUT old friends will not forget to give us a call, as we
can make it7an object for them to do so.
Towsmils,August 18, 11147.
J. N. Sumner, M. D., Dentist,
TS now in town, and will remain al Woodru ff 'a Ho.
.1. td, three or four weeks. Hia friends arc invited to
call. November 18, 1847.
T"Epartnership heretofore existing under the firm
of Cori!have 4. Salisbury. is this day dissolved by
mated einisent. the businbeit in future will be conducted
by B. Coolbaugh . The books and accounts of the firm are
in the bands of D. 13 .13alsbury s lbws indebted ta the
firm by note or book account, will make payment to D.
C. Salsbury. • • B. COOL BA UGII.
Monreeton, Nov. 10, 1947. D C SA LEIBURY.
.00HING GLASSES. a largo assortment for sale
Xi at , nl7 BAIRD'S, N 0.3, B. R.
A/TEASURE4--Half bindle], pock, four quart, two
IVI qur it, arid one quart measures, at B -
MUFF great variety of elegant muffs, some re
ry beautiful just received and for sale very lose
b ,019 • 0. D. BART4E CT.
ALARGE assortment of Broad Cloths, Cassirneres,
and Sattinetts, which we have long been famous
fur selling good and cheap, now cheaper than ever—
and upon which we challenges the world, just received
at 0. D. BARTLETT.
Toorithils, No•. 3. 1646
& GIMPS. of Al londs also. Bottom
. and othertrimminp for' loslime &ernes an.l viartia.
by .au lit MONTANE & CO. • •
COIL CHAIN for bull wheels to saw millsoice-451c.
rsoilved and for esle by
October-19, 11/47. • 0. D. BARTLETT:
le. the matter v)flise' r'sir of Ei Skid Curry.
-and ethers, o Uri itrrist, Christian. alrorch is-llw
fotenikiplofkitiiktel!ki u .. l)rtieurdcatitify." .
foriber,,feren, 1' 847.
NOTICE iL hi:Ay shin that EteltielVarryi New
l% man Colvin,.Cyretlrainnoo,- liiretwrarassro,lll,
and others, hiss presented totbe.esid cotitt an inittn
law in writing, and the Olijicts.irticles and ionditiorra
set forth and contained t/asrein uppearing to them !awful
and sot injurious to the commenity.dirscied Abit, saki
writing be filed, and the notice be wort li k oni,ne r t.
paper said twenty of Uradford, for st least
three weeks 'before the nest court of comartnt pleas of
said county. setting forth that an application has been
made to said:courtio grausuch an act of incorporation.
according to the act of Assembly in such eases.made
and provided. • A. hicKEA".I. Fret.
ProVa Office. Noe„1, 1847.
In the matteroftheapplica don of Eli Baird,andolhem
of the "Find Prosbyteriart ehtrreh arid congregation
of Troy." Srptembrr term, tea?.
IV OTICE is hereby given, that Eli. Brad, Ehronter
- Pomeroy. Sol. Morse, I). F.' Pomeroy, A. Irak.
and others, have presented to the said Court an instrd
meat in writing, and the objects; articles-and eondirions
set forth and contained therein appearing to them lawful
and not injUrious to the community, directed that acid
writing be filed, and that notice -he given in orte-news.
papers printed in said actunq of Bradford, for at least
three weeks before the nett court of commnn picas of
said county,setting forth that an applicat4m has been
made to said out, to grant such an set of incorporation,
according to the act of Assembly in such cases made
and provided. A 'McIf.EAN e Prot.
Pro't.'s Office, November I, 1107.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Exponas is
sued from the calm of common pleas of Bradford
ceunty, and to me directed. f shell expose to public sale
at WOODRUFF'S HOTEL, in the borough of To-
wands, on Monday, the 6th day of December next, at I
o'clock, p. M., the following described parcels of land—
A piece or parcel of land in Springfield tp., bounded
north by land of. Salisbury Grace, east by Geo. Grace,
south by David Brooks, Chauncey Guthrie. and Chaun
cey Bout, and west by land - of W. H. Werithinok.—
Containing one hundred acrei:ninrecir less, with abOut
eighty acres improved, with one two story framtA hcidee,
one framed barn, one framed shed, i three apple orchards
and a variety of other fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Wake
man B. Hubbard u.e, vs. Milton Brooks.
AL piece ar,parcel of land in Wyolosing 43,
Iwginvong et a post and stones adjoining lands of Isaac
J. tabar and Ellicnu• H. Brown, and running th e nce
south 2° *est '149 p. to the Susquehanna river, 'Nen ea ,
by and with the same west to the Jinsi of Certifier!
Springfield, thence by and with the 'sane, north 13° w.
157 p. to • post and stones, adjoining lands of Squire
Mills, thence south 88° east 13344 to the beginning.—
Containing one hundred and fire acres and ninety-nine
and ehalf perches, be the same more or less, with about
fourteen acres rmproved, with one log house with one
body to a block-house thereon. - •
Seized and taken in excretion at the suit of Mary To
lan 1, Margatetta Toland, Elizabeth Tolaud and Julian-
na Toland ye. Isaac Everett.
A tacillA piece or parcel of land in Wells tit. Brad-
ford county, and Jackson, rfioga en.. Ps., hounded north
by J.orhus G. Spencer, cart byt . land pf Joseph Storde
vent, south by Zenas Roberts Cud on the west bTClark
Stillwell. Containing eel enty-one acres more or less,
with about fifty acres imposes), with one framed house,
one framed barn and an orchard of grafted fruit.
Seized and taken in - exei-ution at the suit of Jonathan
Owen ea. Lawrence L. Amain!).
A Lso—A pfeCe or parcel of land in Troy tp., hounded
north, east, e.uth and west by lands of Erre Long. Con
taming about one acre, with two framed dwelling hou
ses. one framed wagon• shop, one stono blacksmith shop
and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of W. H.
Purdy to the use of S. Pierce vs. H.L. Lowman.
A piece of land in Canton tp., beg nning at a
hemlock being the south east corner of "aid tract,
running north 120 i p. to a post by • beech tree, thence
west 88 p. to a post, thence south 453 p. to the Towan
da creek, from thence following the windings and turn
ings of said creek to the place of beginning. Contain
ing eighty-seven acres, by the same more or less, with
about fifty acres improved with o e framed house and
framed barn and a small orchard theregn.
Seized and taken in execution at the snit of Joseph
D. Drinker and Israel P. Plesiyapts, administrators de
bonis non, of Henry Drinker deed. vs, Cheater l'homaa.
A tso—A piece of land in Troy tp.. bounded as fl
lows to wit on thr north by Vacant lan tt on the
east by land of Jess Beach. on the south by Noah Leo
nard, and on the west by Robert Claffin, containing fifty
four acres all improved with two framed homes one fra
med barn, one saw mill and an apple orchard thereon.
Seized end taken in exreution to the suit of O. P.
Ballard vs. Batch Pratt and Stephen H. Stiles. -
A Lso—A piece of land in Albany and Monroe tpa.,
hounded as follows tdwit : north by Owen M 4 Can and
Charles Diffenbaugh. on the east by Edward PiteGovern,
on the south by Daniel Beverly, and on the weft by John
Flings' land, eontairiing about four hundred Ind eleven
acres more or less supposed to be about twenty-five acres
improved with one framed and log house and one log
barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution to the snit of Hugh
Riley vs, Thomas McGovern and Daniel Sluttery T. T.
Also—A piece or parcel of land in Wynlui intr. De
ginning at a past and stones op the old Springfield tp.
line, (certified) adjoining land of Johnson, Pairtter, and
running 'hence north b6° west to a corner oflandcerti
fied to Humphry and Daniel Brown'. heirs, and thence
by and with said o4rtified land south 24° east,. 250 per.
to a corner an the southerly line of • lot in the warran
tee name of Thomas Shuman, patented to Henry Tol-
and, deed ; thence with said line, south 88° east, in the
tins of certified Springfield ; and thence by and with the
same, North 13° west, :232 perches to the place of be
ginning, containing one hundred and 41 acres and 34
perches, be the same more or leg, with about fig acres
imppired, and One shantee thereon
Seized and taken in the suit of Mary Toland, Marge
retie Toland, Elizabeth Toland and Juliana Toland ca.
John Gartland.
ALSO, a piece or payee' of land situate in the town,
ship of Burlington. bounded u follows, to wit : begin
ning at a white maple, N. W. corner of lot No. 182 on
warrant lot No, 1724 , thence west iOWCIIII.I warrant line,
100 perches to a post, S. E. corner °Rot No. 287: then
north 81 perches to a post ; thence east 100 perches to
a post : thence south 81 perches to the beginning, con.
taining Fifty acres and 100 perches, strict measure: it
being intended for the south half of lot No. 277, on war
rant lot No. 4436, with *bout thirty acres improved, one
log house, one log shed and -one other small building
thereon. • •
Seized and taken in the snit of 'Paxson & Davidson
to the use of Abram A. Mice vs. George' Bennett.
ALSO: • certain piece or parcel of fond situate in the
township of Albany, bounded and deleribed es follows,
to wit: Beginning at a post and stone corner. which
stands north 31° E, and 200 perches from the north end
of lots No. 79 and 80 ; thence S, 59° . East, 106 perches
to a post and stone corner, thence north 30 . 0 west 80
perches to • post and stone corner, thence north 59°
west 108 perches to a. chemist corner theme west 31°
east. 80 perches to the beginning, containing fifty *es.
ALSO, one other piece or peicle of land situated in
said township of Albany,dmeribed by survey... follows,.
to Wit beginning at the south east corner of another
lot conveyed to Andrew Jackson, and thence by the same
north 31° east 80 perches to a post, thence south 59°._
east 106 perches to a post, thence south 31° west 80
perches to a lost, thence by land of which this is e part,
north 69° west 108 perches te-the [dace of beginning,
containing fifty acme which said tracts of land ere.part
of tracts no, 79, watiotos name " John. Moon" celled
" Moonjtekl." and no. 80 warrantee "Hannah Wood
ruff." called • " Monmouth" and patiented by the Com
monwealth to Samuel Wallace.
Seized and taken in the suit or Josiah Jackson - vs.
Andrew S,Jackson. .
ALSO, a piece or -parcel of land situated in Wells
township described es follows, to wit: beginning at a
post, thence by land of John Suong. east 252 3-10
perches to a post and stone. thence by land unknown
south 269 3-10 perches to a hemlock, thence by land
of John Hall, west 252 310 perches Is • post, and
thence by landsof Wm. Seely jnow owned by Jaw
Brownell.) north 269 3 10 perches to the begimll4!
containing four hundred acres and allentrence,fir.Ose-;::
ins • lot of buul granted, to . Alferd Seeley by warrant
dated the 30th day of Inl4 1831 by She Orranttonweill
of Pennsylvania.: excepting always& lot surveyed and
deed to Charles Seely from the north oast corner of eaki
lot, containing fifty acres, and one other lot, saner
.and deeded to Alfred Seely, out of the south side, ern f
taming seventy acres or land ; (or bonndarlag•
01011 nt
bang made tessiddredietWitefie4iii - Cherles See.
ly and Atferd•Seely, will more fully disclose..
SeistitiiiiiiatiliWOMlCUiioll. MAN ea Gassed - Ca
Ely rsceittimt if. egmlisitde - •-
ALSIThe &liirfOrdryirsce of bard situate , * gnus . '
roe - sad botiMkd north' by the Tinistidi(ereek mast by
the Asytatii Co.4and e -soetb bit-C. Li•Werd, Mid! : wet!
by the Sehtwler Branehiettahtibing - 300 iimejeth!bifty
ems improved,- with one framed boos, ter,irkte homes
one framed barn and a small orchard thereon.
Seised and 'taken in - ezactsion at the sui etb: Ire
Bildletti. trii.-Te H c &wise I - • •
ALsCr-41., piece ar parcel of tend Mart* tsPir
bounded north by Towanda creek. east by leak 2 -- "
lands, south tr y . londi of c.b.vviia, west by &lei
der branch of-the Towanda creek. Con &or
hundred acres, with lift screshaperrred;with one boss
ed house, one filmed barn and shed, andsturdioleitard
there On. - . ..
P. *et
. .
sratakeii to eketodttori itt the knit 4111111'am
Watkins, hors. to the use of Fritierick Watts,l vs. Tint ,
othy. il.f.eleise . . . . - - I. • ;..,
A I..Si t"-,•%; lot of Jand in Armenia tp.. bctundedlas
follows. berth he the highway,.west by-Fendol.ffetiry
Furman, E. C.Oliver, on the south.'intil . 4 laid of
Henry rutin= .. Containing one `httildie& nerectSfth
about forty-acres improved, with two log housesibereen.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit &
-Thomas, tirthe use of Whittiescy & Rubinson. vs. N.
P. Ca.,. .. , .
A L.BO—A piece of land in Leroy tp.; bounded weak
by lanai of IL Perry, east by Harry lioleol l iottibfi
and Sterling Cyrus Holcontb, and westity_f_
M. Tarr. freihtaixing finty.tbiee term - fte Iv rim
improved, with two log houses, and oils In isaw, Ma&
a small orchard thereoo.
Seized and token in eiecution at the suit of
W.H. Titus, vs. OWlen Streeter.
• JOHN P. MEANS, Shaft
Siberia's Office 'Towanda, Oct. 27, 1847. ,
PVIIP.UANT toan order of the Orphab'a Could 01 .
.1 Bradford county, will be exposed to pubbe sabl i on
Saturday the 23d day It October,
1847, at two o'clock
P. M., Upon the venoms all of the-follosiing deem*.
ad tract of land (haste in Sheabequin township, Brad
ford county, Ps., containing thirty-Ulna sees Or dame
about.. adjoining lands of John Brink on the wawa J.
Marshall and R.• Griffin on the north; lain' la of Ilion=
and Samuel Maishall on the south; nisi by owners un
known ; being the faqir lately occupied and owned by
Itenismin Brit.k, deed. - Terms made kaolin ott
day of sale. DANIEL BRINK ;
Sep. 27, 1847. Ex's of Beni. Brink. (feel
The above sale stands postponed to the • 4th Eke: at
tikgsame plaee and time of day. •
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of Absalom
dec'd., hue of Leßoy township; are here
by requeFted to make immediate payments ;•_.entl all
persons haoinq demands evillest sni'd estate are retitle,-
tetl o present them immetbatelY to the subscriber fat
settlement. AMOS W. WILCO*,I Agit*. .
Leßoy. Oct. 19th. 1847.
A 1)511N ISTII A TOR'S N °Tit& ,
A 1.4 persons trideLteillo the estate of hatietile=
la. late of Leroy township, 'deceased, ate . iirioy
requested to make payment Without delay, kid guise
having claims against said estate, vial gest* pent*
then . duiY attested Lb the subaerihers..
ELIZABETH wtt.capc,
Leroy, Notetniler 2, IRIT. Administestais.
OTICE is hereby given to all petwonsla y terestedi
.i. that A. O. Matthew. and .1. to, 1111nsp*seta
tors of the eitste of
Samuel Matthews, deceased,. 1
late or Orwell; George tairbanks, idnrinistrpitor of tin
estate of
Samuel Fairbanks. deceased ; I
late of Colombia; Aolios Pratt, one of the Mheinietra
tors of the estate of 1
• " David Pratt, deceased, !
late of Clinton ; J. ft. Irvine, one of the adalinistratota
of the estate of
Noadiah Cmitmer, da.eased, j `--
late of Monroe; ARM P. Slide, edminiviretni of the ro
tate of . I
Jonathan B. Slade, deceased,
fate of Colombia; Joseph Allen, J. M. C rimier and
Polly Craumer. administrators of the estate o
Stephen &unmet, deceased,
late of Rome. have filed and Settled in the offee,of the
Register of Wills, in and for the County col' Bradford;
the accounts of their several admioistrationi upon the
estates aforesaid, and that the same will he Oriented to
the Otphan's Court of said county, on Monde', the 6rh
day of t lecember mat, for confit mation and lilloWiutce.
L. E. DEWOLF, Register.
Register's Office, Towanda, Nov. 3, 1847.1
TIST OF JURORS, drawn for Decembeirterin and
1.4 'minions; commencing December 6, 1847.
Durell—larry Benjamin, Simeon' Decker;
Leroy Addison Brighant, Aaron Knapp ; ,
Ridgberry-8 mith B. Brown ;
Springfield—Wodoard Berry t '
Smithfield—Stephen Calif, W. P. ternswerth ;
South Creek—Eben Dunning; - I
Herrick—Geo. W. Elliott ; ,
Athens tp--John Griffin ,' 1
Wyalusing—(Shades Hormel ;
Shesheqniri--Wm. Horton 2d;
Windham—Parley Johnson Jr ; 1
Burlington—Wm: Knapp; 1
Columbia—D. Lilley ; • I
Rome—Freeman W. Maynard; i f
Athens born—Geo. W. Mathewson ;
Troy tp--Rufita Rockwell, Reuben Saler ; ! - .
Franklin—J. C. Ridgway ;
Canton—Benj. S. Smiley ;.
Monroe—Freeman ° Bweet ;
Albany—Rollin. Wilcox ; - .
Ashton, Simeon rsylor,, A Venn;
Granville—Eton A. Bailey ;
Franklin—Wm. Blake;
Wyalusing—lra Brown ;
Ridgherryt4laward Burt, W. S. Halsted ;-
Warren—Calvin Buffington, Samuel Lyon, 8. Witeidon;
Springfield—lssiae Cooley,•Psul Furman,Jaa. U. - Gime%
Burlinron—W. Campbell, C. T. Merry :
Rome--M. C. Cannon, Arnest Ferber; !
Orwell—Eli Fletcher; •
Shesbequiti—Alfred Gore, J. K, Horton, Hihrty
bery ;
Towanda bnro—D. C. Hill, Cyrils Beifith
Smithfield—W. F. Kellogg ;
Troy tp—Ja%as Merritt, Alonzo Mdree,B4 A. Taylor,
Chas. Williams; . .
Tnwan4a Davidßatty ;
Litchfield—Aaron Stone ;
Leroy—Ansel Tillotson;
Hertiek—•Abner Taylor ;
Standing Stone—F. S. Whitnidu I
Myer's—John W. Whitney :
Ulster—Wm. Weikel;
TA~TZREZ JC OA f1 , .--ISECO If Watt •, •
Springhill—Demon Ado. Joon* Greed;
Orwell—Lyman Browneon ;
-Wyror—D. P. Bartlett, Curtis Ffink
wiall,,u3..—Sirnon Brainard, Henry Dunham, Daniel
Warren—H. B. Bowen, E. L. Stephens; •
Ulster—Daniel ChuhbuCk ;
Chumhill, Joel racked ;
Herrick—E. Carr, Thos. Jones;
Troy tp--Wm. Gliften
Pike—S. Chaffee, Myron &erten!, IL Stevens:
Durclt—Wilson M. Decker
Rome—Srinth Forbes;
Springfield—Wm. S. Orsee, - Geo. Sergeitit ;
Shesheguin—Jeremiah Kilmer ;
Columbia—John H. Furman, Peldg Peck ;
Burlington—John Prratt, Jr. Void . Rosa; •
South Creek—Eimj: Quick ;
Tmy horn—G. F. Reddinvork
Litchfield—Elijah Wolent ;
Franklin—Ohm &eters;
Athena tp.-=-Gh4orge Walker ;
Ridighetty-.John Wallace . ;
Athena borough--Georgo H. Wallet., J. K. Wright.
EDI.ERS willind itto tiselendrantsp to eeir4t the
Drug Depot,.witsca they can be supplied with wit
ty article desired, such as phials, essences. &c., au the
hest tyre* jell!) No, I, DRICK ROW.