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Cindit's Cany Ledures.
Walt haws byrra tith Mail
A - pretty tune Of night to come io
Led. Mr. C.andle. Ugh I -As cold too,
as any ice: lffaseitigh to give any two-
Matt tier death. I'm sure. What, I
slieuldn't have locked iii the coals, in
tired I „If I hadn't, rive no Aoubt the
fellow would have staid all night.; It%
sli very' - tttell for you; Mi. Caudle to
bring.; people hone—but Wish you'd
think. .first what's forsupper.,
beautiful leg.of pork Would have,Served
for our dinner to-morrow-1.-and now it's
gone. : , /can't keep the house upon the
money,- and I tvon't.pretend to . do it, if
you bring a mob of people every night
to clear the Cupboard: • -.
I wonder who'll be so ready to
give you.a supper when you want one;:
for want one you will, unless you change
your plans, Don't tell ine, I know
I'm right. 7 - You'lE first :be 'eaten up,
ani then you'll be laughed at.. I know
the world. , No, indeed, Mr. Caudle,
I uon't_think ill . of everybody ; don't
ray that. But I can't see a leg of pork
eaten up,in that- 'way, without asking
myself wat it's all to endif such things
go oni And then he must have pick
les, too ! Couldn't be content with my
cabbage—no, Mr. Caudle, I won't let
you go to sleep. It's very well for
you to say let you go to sleep, after
`you've kept me awake till this time..
Why did I keep awake ?- How do
you suppose I could go to sleep when
1 knew, that man ; was below drinking
up. you substance in brandy-and water?
fur he couldn't be content upon decent,
wholesome gin. Upon my word you
ought to be a rich man,
,Mr. Caudle.—
You have such very fine friends. I
wonder who gives you brandy when
von go out?'
6. No indeed . ,,lte couldn't be content
with my pickled.cabhage—and I should
like to know who makes better—but he
must have walnuts. And you too,like
a fool—now, don't you think to, stop
me, Mr. Caudle ; a poor woman may
he trampled to death, and never say a
word—you, too, like a fooILI wonder
'Who'd do it for you—to insist upon the
girl going for pickled walnuts. And in
such a night too !'_With snow upon
the - ground. Yes, you're a man Offine
fbelings, you are, Mr. Caudle! but the
world doesn't know you as I knotv you
—fine feelings, indeed ! to send the
poor girl out, when I told you and sold
your friend, too—a pretty brute he, is,
I'm sure--- . -that the poor girl had got a
cold and chilblains on her toes. But I
know what will be the end of that ;
she'll be laid up, and we shall have a_
nice doctor's bill. And'you'll pay it, I
can tell you—for / won't.
•• Wish you were out of the world !
Oh ! yes, that's all very easy, I'm sure
1 might wish it. Don't swear-in that
dreadful 'way! -Ain't you afraid that
the bed will open and swallow 'you ?---;
And don't swing about in that way
Thai wilt do no good. That won't
bring back the leg of pork—and the
brandy, you've poured down both your -
throats. Oh, I know it! I'm sure of
it. I only recollected it' when I'd got
into bed—and if it hadn't been so cold,.
you'd have seen me down stairs agatu,
1 can tell yOtt—l recollected, it, and a
pretty two hours I've passed. that I
left the key in the cupboard—and I
knew it—l could see by the manner of
You, when you came into the room—l
know you've got at the other bottle.—
However, there's one comfort; ycru
told the tosend for the best brandy—.
the very best—for your other friend.
who called last Wednesday. Ha! ha!
It was British—the cheapest British—
and nice and ill I hope the pair of you
will be to-morrow.
...There's only the bare bone of the
kg of pork : but you'll get nothingelse
for dinner, 1 can tell you. ' a dread
ltd thing ills; the poor children should
go without = but, if they have such a
father, they, poor things, must suffer
for it. -
4 , Nearly a whole leg of pork and a
pint of brandy_! A pint.of brandy and
a leg of pork. A leg of—leg— , •leg•;----
• r
And mumbling the syllables, says
Mr. Caudle's MS.. she went to sleep.,
old gentleman, although Considered rather
sharp thin otherwise, has been served
some very acute tricks. Among the
rest, we have beard of a poor cob
bler who made a league with him,' and
after enjoying every earthly blessing. he
was wated upon by his brimstone Maj
esty, who demanded his 50u1... The
cobbler took a sharp knife, and ripping
off the sole of his shoe, threw it aitheleet
of his illustrious guest.
'.What does it mean?" cried the latter.
"Look at the Contract l" cried the
cobbler. •
Satan eamined the writing, and found
that the 'Word was spelt sole. which only
added him to a piece of leather. He
,on his heel and went off scratching
his head ; and he has been.called ”Old
Scratch" ever since.
Gciarts.--Genins cartalone comprehend
gentus,and noble mind,understand oneof
its Own stamp; at the same time. it sees
ignoble: spirits, more dearly than they
do them selves. He who sees. 'under
stands the blind man ; but the blind man
car.uote omprehend- him.
t3UI, PzA
. .
weds a timiencylo
biitat ariQ fret:l4E4l
;;;Beciuthelhejr increase the power. of
the QA's light.
Will 4 0 es a &noel c"Pliqg beep
man warm la Wiuter v and ice from melt
ing in -the=sraturnert
Because it bOth preients the passage
of heat from the man and to the ice.
Why doeS a person 'with a cold- iti
the head. catarrh from the eyes and
nose experien& more relief oaapplying
to the ty.e a linen or canarte handker
chief than that atade.of cotton 1
Because the linen, by •eonducting
readily absorbs,the beat and diminishes
the inflammation, while, the latter by
refusing to passage to the heat;
increases the temperature and the pain.
Why are loose clothing warmer than
such as-fits close ?
! Because the criantity of imperfectly
conddcted air thus confined around the
body, resists the escape of the animal
Journeyman Printer&
From high to low,they are the same care
less; well informed, good hearted men—
knowing how to act better than they do.
Nothing atAintes, yet evrything if occa-,
sion requires. it: we have one and the
same individual of the craft, a minister in
Carolina, a boatman in we:fern canals, a
sheriff in Ohio, a sailing master on board
a privnteer,i_n fidler in New Orleans, a
dandy in. Broadway,. N. York, a. press
man in a garret printing -office, and an
editor of a country newspaper. Having
nettling_ to loose, no calamity can — over
whelm them, and caring to.gain nothing,
no tide of fortune carries them upwards
from the level `where they wish to'stand,
the happiest dogs in christendom, Phi
losophers by practice,, spendthrifts by in
clination, they. - complain not when the
stomach cries for bread and they have
none to give, and in the next hour if for
tune favors the meanest, expend more
for unnecessary delicacies than would
serve to keep than in wholesome food
for a whole week.
Hints to Young Mtn.
Always have a book within your
reach, which you may catch , at your
odd minutes.
Resolve to edge in a little reading
every day; if it is but a single sentence.
If you can g ain fifteen minutes a day,
it will be felt at the end of the year.
. Regulate your thoughts when not at
study. A man is thinking even while
at work. Why may lie not be think
ing about something that is useful. '1)
Resolve in your mind what you have
last been reading.
Remember that most of the matchless
effusions of Robert Burns were con
ceived while he was toiling after- the
Every thing that tends to emancipate
us from external restraints, without ad
ding to our own power of self-gover a
mong, is mischievous. -
Keep out of bad company, for when
the devil fires into a flock, he will hit
OArGIx of FASITTON.— , Grandpa,
where do people get the fashions from?'
"Why from - Boston.'
'Well, where do the Boston follies
get them from r
'From England.'
'And where does the English get
'From• France.'
'And where do the Frenco get them?'
right strait from There
now stop your noise.' •
, A Tsar.—lf the clergy should be in
want of a test; any time within twelve
months, they can do no better than to
take it from the book of Hezekiah—
Ilezekiah Niles we mean—in these
"Pay the PRINTER,for no man la
bors SD hard to enlighten his fellow
creamtes. He works day and night,
and often gets more kicks than cop
pers !! " •
SymenTint - .-A good deaeon making
an official visit to a dying neighbor. who
was very
. churlish, and universaly an
unpopular man, put the usual question.
"Are you willing to go my friend ?"
"Oh yes, said the sick man I am.'
:'Well,' said the simpleininded deacon
'I am • glad you are, for all then l fighbars
are willing!!
THE ENGLISH OP A. sporting
landlord on the Surrey side of the Water,
was not long ago asked the meaning of
Foigli a.Ballagh :
"It's the Irish for• Clear the way,' isn'
it?" cries the enquirer.
"I know nothing about the Irish," re
plied Boeiface, bitterly, "but the English
of it is clear the pockets."
POTATOES.-it stated that ii pota
toes are sprinkled with slacked lime as
soon as they are cut for seed, and sho
velled over it, then immediately plan
ted, it will tprevent them from rot either
in the ground or in the cellar.
HONE - small portion of honey
mixed With lukewarm water. and al
lowed to cool. makes MI excellent, wash
for sun.burns and chilblains. _
AnniFerri.—When adversity assails
you, sink not under it:—struggie the
nom is mighty and
as the man said when he knocked his
wife down with thi-Bihis•
' SAGE have associated
themselves - in the Boot and Shoe Mak
ing basin' ess, in the borough.of Towanda, , one
door West of the Claremont House, and solicit
a share of public parsonage. They intend, by
a caiefcl selection of stock, and by attention to
the interests of their customers,to makess neat
and durable work as tau be • roanulita,ured in
this portion of the country. - • • •
They keep constantly on hand, and' will ma.
nnfactuns to' order, morocco, calf ,and coarse
boots and shoes; Ladies' Gaiters, shoes and'
slim children's do.; gent's gaiters and pumps,
dre,&c. - JOHN L
. Towanda, May 6,1844. - - •
On loy own looks tgain
public generally that hi is still prepared
to manufacture, of the hest material, and in the
most substantial and elegant manner, all de
scriptiona of Boots and Shoes.
Morocco. Calf and Coiirse Boots and Shoes
Ladies' shoes and gaiters ;youth's do.
All work made by me will be warranted to
be well made. Call and try.
Country Produce taken in payment for work
Towanda, February 27th, 1844.
Wright's Vegetable Indian Ms.
IF, during •during the continuance of Storms
and Floods, the channels of
OUR MIGUTT 1111781111
become so obstructed as to afford an insufficient
outlet for the superabundant waters, we Call,OX.
pect nothing less than that the surrounding
country will be
In .a like manner with the human body—lithe
Skin, Kidneys, and Bowels, (the natural out
lets for
becom so obstructed as to fail in affording a
full discharge of those impurities which are in
all cases
we surely can expect no other.roults than that
the whole frame will sooner or later be
As in the first place, if we would prevent an
inundation we must remove all obstructions, to
the free discharge of the superabundant waters.
So, in the second place, if we would prevent
and cure disease, we must open and keep open,
all the Natural Drains of the body.
Of -the North American College of Health,
will' be found one of the best if not the very
roe carrying out this beautiful and simple theo
ry ; because they completely dense the Stomach
and Bowels from all Billions Humors and oth
er impurity, and at the same time promote a
healthy discharge from the lungs, Skin, and
Kidneys; consequently, as all thr Natura
Drains are opened,
Disease of every name is literally driven from
. the Body.
1:15' Caution—As the great popularity and
Consequent great demind for Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills has raised up a host of cuontor
fetters. country agents and storekeepers will be
on their guard against the many imposters who
are travelling about the country selling to the
unsuspecting a spurious article for the genuine,
It should be remembered that all authorized
agents are provided a Certificale of Agency,
signed by Wr mak* Wntoirr, Vice President
of the N. A. College of Health. Consequent
ly, those who offer Indian Vegetable Pills and
cannot show a Certificate, as above described,
will be known as imposters.
The following highly respectable Store
keepers have been appointed Agents for the sale
and of whom it is confidently believed the ge
nuine medicine can with certainty be obtained:
J. D. & E. D. Montanyo, Towanda.
D *Brink, P.M., Hornbrook.
S. W.& D.F.Pomeroy, Troy.
Lyman Durfey, Smith6eld.
J. J. & C. Warford, Monroeton.
Wm. Gibson, Ulster.
Ulysses Moody, Asylum.
John Horton Jr.. Terrytown.
Coryell & Gee, Burlington corners.
Benjamin Coolbaugh, Canton.
L. S. Ellsworth & Co., Athens.
Allen & Storrs, Sheshequin.
Guy Tracy, Milan. .
A.R.-Soper, Columbia Platte.
'Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of the
medicine wholesale and retail, 228 Greenwich
street, New York, No. 198 'Fremont street,
Boston, and 169 Race street, Philailelphia.
swanr. oa CocurcurraTs.—The public
are respectfully informed that medicine purport
ing to be Indian Pills, made by one V. 0.
Falck, are not the genuine Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills.
The only security against imposition is to
purchase from the regular advbrtised agents,
and in all cases he particular to ask for Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills. [not.6rn
HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully intiarmli
his old friends and the public Igetterally
that he is now carrying on the above business
in all its carious branches, in the north part of
the building B.Thomas, as a Hat
shop, on Main street, nearly opposite Mercur's
store, where' he will be happy to accomodate
old and new customers.,
.. WHIPS'&C., &a.-
of the:latest:fast - den and heat' materials 'will-be
made to order on moderate terniifer ready pay.
Most kindeof cenntry:piOuee !ennui taken
in exchange for;Cirork;
Arinl 17; 1844.
OT. YARN acrd Carpet'. 'Warp, Colored
and_ White. received at No.ta.
Row. iWhite. thin
114 . Itar 3P441 2 =1 3 1=ga . 9:
jur e : baying fanned a copartnership for the,
pcartia3 of law in 13eadked and the adjoining'
countiest, - will gbio prompt and careful attention
to all business crammed to their charge.' Their
office will be found in i'owanda, No. 2, Brick
Row: on lire second Boor: Where we or the
other may be found at all business hours.
Towanda, January 6,1845.
1131R00118, Paibroad -Looking ©lasses kg
. ,W. kI.II,AIRD •&`CO.
,Septemimai 71.1 i. •.• No, 3: Brick-Row
p. non 1,1 • 3 'ziwi
HAVlNGtaken the Store no. 2, new. brick
. block has opened complete assortment
of Merchandise selected With great.cate expess
ly for this market, which he offers - for sale on
the most reasonable terms. Cash, Produce,
Feathers, Furs, etc.; ek., will be taken in ex
change for goods. His stock consists of
Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods.
Pilot, beaver,"
_broad and gray cloths, cassi
meres, satinetts, bard times, linsey-woolsey,
Canton and woollen flannels, brown and blea.
shirtings, sheetings and drillings; a splendid
assortment of Prints, of all prices and patterns,
book, swiss, striped and cross-bar muslins, plain
and figured laces, Irish linens, -plain and flg'd
and silk warp alapacas, chameleon lustres,
ghan crapes, mouselin do !sines, cable and plaid
shawls, cravats, gloves, hat ribands, hosiery,
suspenders, &c.
Brown, crushed and loaf sugars; toas of all
qualities; molasses. fine cut, Virginia and_sino
king tobacco; snuff, spices, mustard. lainploil,
coffee, slap, starch, 4e., Alsoa complete as.
sortrnent of
IFlnes arsd Liquors..
Pure cognise brandy, Holland gin, port wine,
Crockery and Glass Ware.
Hardware and Cutlery, cross cut and mill saws,
nails, glass, &c.
Boots and Shoes.
Men's coarse and fine boots; ladies' furred,
plain and figured indict robbers; French slip•
pers, buskins, children's cloth and morocco
shoes, buffalo robes, &c.
Rats and Caps.
Brush, silk and fur hats ; Ole Bull, leather,
fur, velvet .and hair seal caps; men's white
wool and rowdy hats, &c.
Every exertion will be made to please and
satisfy every one who may give him a call.
Towanda, Dec. 2d, 1844.
moorz.-521E ;Imam 7R , Lwo
. A
D. MONTANYE has removed his
i, Drug Store to the third door below J.
41 E. D. Montanye's store, Main. street
where you will at all times find a good assort-
ment of Drugs 4. Medicines.
Nov. 25, 1845.
WHEREAS the Hon. Wm. JUMP,
President Judge of the 11th Judicial
district has appointed a special court of com
mon pleas to be holden for the trial of causes
certified to him, in Bradford county, on Mon
day the 23d day of June next at two o'clock in
'the afternoon, of which the following is a list,
to wit:
Alexander Barring, vs. J. Harkness
Life insurance and trust company vs. Edward
Overton ;
Samuel Benight vs. Wro.Seely;
same vs. Lewis M. Palmer ,;
Chester Butler and wife vs. Amos Ackla ;
same vs. John Bennett;
G. M. Hollenback et. al., VE6 David Bingham;
Alexander Barring et. al . vs. I. Kingsley et. al.;
same vs. James 0. Tracey et. al.;
same vs.liezekiah Crowell et. al.
same vs. same;
same vs. Ezra Allen; .
same vs. Solomon Bovier et. al.;
same vs. William Harkness ;
same vs. Sally Welles & Geo. H.
Vlielles executors &c.
same vs. William S. Ingalls;
same vs. James Roe ;
same vs. Shubel Rowley et. al;
same vs. Richard Garrison et. al.,
same vs. Stephen - Wilcox et. aL;
same vs. Zepeniah Knapp
Prothonotary's Office,
Towanda,.April 14, 1845. S
Watch and Clock Repairing.
'—iime RESPECTFULLY in •
lip. forma his friends and the
-7 - 7 , public that he stilicontin
/_C - -,'. c ,, ues to carry on the above
( ~,, I '4 lll business at his old stand
‘,.., /. 1%:.,, one door south of Elliott
\ I
-.).) ' 4 c1 . :9'` .,...,. ..:311,/ ..
Scales. , . .
Watch and Clock Repairing,
Will be done on short notice, and warranted to
be well done. From a long experience in the
business,. he believes that be will be able to ren
der perfect satisfaction to all who may favor
him with their patronage.
N.B. Watches warranted to run well one
year, or the money refunded; and a written
agreement given to that effeci to all that desire
CLOCKS.—A large assortment just recei►.
ed and for sale very low for cash.
If you want to. buy: Jewelry cheap call at
Chamberlin's Watch Shop.
In" MAPLE SUGAR, Wood, and all kinds
of Country Produce-received in payment.
Towanda, March 5, 1845.
A D. MONTANYE has annexed to hie
Jan • former stock of DRUGS AND MEDI
CINES, a fresh supply of ' •
such as-Teas, Boger; Colree,;Pepper. Spies,
Salaams, Starch; Reisins, Cavendish, Smoking
and. fins cut Tobacco, Idaccaboy. Sunff, , Span
ish and Cournion Cigars, iry.tbo box or other.
wise, Together with many tither articles too
numerous , to mention. Be sure 'and call a
lifontanye's Drug 4 Grocery 'Stare. -. -
..Towanda, Dec. 4, 1844.
A FRESH supply of Clovir*ed, UMI&U.
ally plaaV and clean, just received, and
for safe lootirz. 0. D. BARTLETT.
EMT eiceps3 . -
Wet ; and Dry. Groceries.
.3NN.e.X. , 2770N:
7 ,'":• . .,:r,'•:!, ; . - . .7-,, - -, AND 1 ' '..
Keep it before the Teeple;
-grin AT the Oiff Drug .Stam, west side of
the Public Square, is tiow receiving the
hugest assortment of-Drugs and Medieinesevor
offered in this" market; Salami which - a:Oho
_following, viz c - • _ " •
Sulph. , Aforphia, -Etre Mass,
do. .Quinine, , Nit. Silver, . •
Eng. Calomel, Quick do.] -
lodkl. Norma, . , Peperine,
Red Precipitate, Ipecac,
White':h do. ' Tart. Antimony, •
Strychnia, lodine,' •
Elateruini, ' Valerian Root,
Kreaso . t, Seneca do.
Poly. leap, ' Berpentaria do,
Ext. do., Gentioh d 0...
_Pit. Colysinth, Colointui do.
do. Gentian, Pink , do.
do. Cieuta.Senna;
40,, Hysocismuai -AdheahriPlastdr,
do. Tataxeeum, -Cintharidea,
Spring and Thumb X.ancets, Lancet cases 41r.c.,
The attention of PHYSICIANS is particu
larly invited to the above articles, they being
just received from ono of the most respectable
houses in. New York and will therefore be war
rented pure and free flora adulteration in all
caste,-and disposed of at very low prices.
Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosie
mary, Wormsced, Heralock,Bassafrass, Lemon,
Lavander. Bergamot, Aniseed, ClovesZiuniper,
Amber, Cajput, Caraway, Monard, Femiel, Al
mond. Origanitm, Cedar, Amber, &.c., &c.
The most popular of the day, such as Dr.
rayne's Expectorant, Wistar's Balsam Wild
Cherry, Sands Sarsaparilla, Dr. Jayne's .Car
manitive, Balsam-'Hoarhound, Turtington's
Pink Expectorant Syrup, Bateman's Drops,
Andersons do., lamott's Cough do., Liquid
Opodeldne, Balsam Honey, Preston Salts, Mrs.
Gardners Balsam Liverwort and Hoarhound,
Dr. Spoons' Ditestiie Elixor,Dr. Muons Elix.
of Opium, Dr. Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial,
Dr. Weaver's Worm Tea, Cheesman's Arabi
an Balsam, Balmof Columbia, Butler's Mag.
nesian Aparient, Henry's do., Dr. Thompson's
Eye Water, British Oil, Harlem d o., Maccassar
do., Bear's do., Grave's Hair do.Croton do.,
together with many others to numerous to men
Compound Cathartic, Gregory's Hoopes
Female, German, Lees Windham Billions,
Miles' Tomatto, Brandreth's, Wright's Indian
Vegetable, Dr. Phinney's, Webstet's, Mofrats
and Bitiers, Alebasis, Bishops, &c., &c.,
White, Red and Black Leid, Chrome Gieen,
Chro me Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Prussiap Blue,
Rose Pink, Sugar Lead, Litharge, Blue Smiths,
Venetian Red, Vermillion, Turmeric, Annan°,
Indigo. Copperas. A limn, Crude, Tartar, cochi
neal, Solution of Tin, Verdigris, Blue Vitro!,
Glass 7 by 9, Bby 10, and 10 by 12, Putty,
Linseed Oil, &c., &c.
A. D. MONTANYE, DuvouTar.
Towanda, Oct .25, 1844.
COLOGNE WATER by the ounce, pint,
quart, or gallon iu fancy bottles or other-
wise to suit. the Ladies, at
PAINT, Hair, Shaving, Tooth and Nail
Bruihea at
Information Wanted,
111 my house about the middle of October
last, and when 4ast heard of was seen in the vi
cinity of Wya!using. He was about 13 years
of age, rather huge for one of his age, of a san
dy complexion, with fair hair. Any informa
tion concerning him will be thankfu:ly received.
Address the subscriber at Towanda , Bradford
Asylum, February 17, 1845.
(Patrol insert and charge this office.)
CANDIES, Raisins, Liquorice, & c., for the
boys end girls, at
Oct. 25, 1844.
and Cheapest Prices
i URTON KINGSBERY. has just receiv
ed and is now opening a splendid assort
consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, Paints, al, Dye .
Stuffo r ike.,
which he will sell very cheap for Cash.
Towanda, Sept. 7, 1844.
lAMES LOOK HERE t Cashmeres, Al
paces's, Muslin de Lane's of the most
beautiful patterns just received and for sale low,
very low, for cash by 0. D. BARTLETT.
Nov. 11, 1844.
10,000 MAJORITY !
FIE subscriber has just received a large
• and splendid variety of NE IV GOODS
suited to the season, whiCh be will sell at unu
sually low for cash. 0. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda, Nov.-11, 1844.
001 i AT THlS—Cooking and other
• Sieves selling at Montanye's for less than
cost, likewise a quantity of Tin. Ware, 90 tons
Ground Fluter, also at Montanye's one ton
best Bellefonte Iron just received, also ono ton
of Nails. •
January 22d., ISO.
11/21A.M3.31.11111 - 4G.-•
AVE commenced the'_ manufacture of
Saddles, Bridlei, - Harness, &c., &e., in
e borough of Towanda, in the building for=
merly occupied by S. Hathaway, two doors
west oft H. Stephens' tavern, where they will
keep constantly on hand, and manufacture to
Elastic Web, Common and: Wiled
Carpet Rizgi; • •
Trunks,* -
Vcilises,*c. sc. .
'and Military Work
Collars, .
Carriage Trimming
done to order. •
Mattraases;Pew and Chair Cushions made•
on shun notice and reasonable terms.
. The subscribers hope - work
doing their
well, and by a atria attention to business, to
merit a iltlare of public patronage. 4 -
0 •
At No. 1, kick ROW.
- - no C3O" Vir CCM 6WM
receiving and opening a splendid .
went of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, OiL t *
Stuffs. do in addition a full and complete ,
consisting in part of the following:
. - IitEDICINES, 4. e ,
Alum = Mamas, Oil '
Alcohol - .Mace
Aloes Magnesia ,
Annatto ' - do od e i n 'i d
Antimony ' , - Manna
Arrow Root ' ' Mustard seed
Arsenic -'
do amend
Aqua Fortis . - Nursing Bottles
do Ainmon. ' " Nutgalls
Bottles, assorted Nutmegs
Bear's Oil. Oil, Fall, Winter and
British Oil Summer strained
Blue Vitriol Sperm, bleached,
Bark Perttv.pule. do Linseed
Bath Brick do Camphine
Balsam Copaiva do Sweet
Burgundy Pitch Oil Vitra
Camphor . do Wintergreen
Calomel do Peppermint
Caraway Seeds - do Aniseed
Cantharides do Lavender
Carb. Ammon . Opodeldnc
Cajenne Pepper Patagorie.
Chamomile Flowers Pearl Barley
Cinnamon Pepper Sauce
Cloves • Perfumery
Court Plaster Pill Boxes
Copperas Pink Root
Confectionary Prussiate Potash
' Corks, all of kinds Quicksilver -
Cream 'radar Rhubarb, rt. & powdr.
Curcoma Roll Brimstone
Cubebs •Red Chalk
Emery, ass'd from-No.Red Precipitate
1 to 6 Saffron, American and
Epsom Salts Spanish!
Essence Bergamot Sand Paper ..4
do Lemon Sal. Ammoniac
do Peppermint do Glauber
do and Oil Spruce Saltpetre
Fier .Sulphur Sarsaparilla v.:
do Benzoni do Nynv
Glue, of all kinds Sealing Was
Gold Leaf Senna
Gum Opium Shaker's Herbs
do Arabic Sponge, coarse & fine
do Copal- Starch I
do Assafeetida Snuff Maccabq
do Myrrh do Scotch
do Tragacanth do Cephalic •
Harloom Oil Soap, Castile
Hiera Picm ' do Shaving
Indigo, Spanish, float do WiLlsor
do Bengal Spermaceti
Ink Powders Spts. Hartshorn
Ink, in bottles do Nit .Dulr.
do Indelible Sugar Lead
Irish Moss Sup. Cada . lledt
Isinglass Sulph .Quinine
Itch Ointment Syringes, assc,ted
Ivory Black Tart. Acid
Jalap 'renter Hooks
Laudanum Vials, assorted
Liquorice Root Valerian Root
do Ball Wafers
Lunar Caustic White and Red 'Near
Black Lend Putty
Cassia Paris White
Chalk Spanish Brown
Chrome Yellow French Green
do Green Spt.Turpentine
Copal Varnish Rosin
Coach do Venetian lied
Lead, White, dry audVerdigris
Lead, Red [in Oilliermillion
Lamp Black Whiting •
Litharage Yellow Ochre ,
Red Wood Camwood
Nicaragua. Cochineal
Madder Ext. Logwood
Muriate Tin Fuatic
Oxalic Acid Grain Tin
Prussian Blue • Hatchwood -
Pumice Lac Dye
Red Saunders Logwood
Rotten Stone --..
P.ll TEAT .3.14/910EVES. -
The great English re=rills, Oriental
medy, Buchen's Hun- do Dr. Pest's
garian Balsam of Lite do Hooper's
Sands' hiannarilla do Moffat's -
Bristol's Ext; dd do Persian
Wistaes Balsam Wild do Brandreth's
Cherry ' do Phinney
Peitoral'Honey of Li- do Lee's
o'Crysort G r odfrcx's cordial
Cheeseman's Arabian Thonipson's Eyeirste
Balsam "
Sew ;ef Family Sw
Coffee Sperm Candles
Sugar Chemical Wea do
Spice.and Pepper Tohicco anti Snuti
starch Sal Eratus
Raisins Pipes
Soda Crackers Brooms
Cinnamon Paile
English Currants Rope 4
Nutmegs Refined Loaf Sups
Ginger._ Cassia
Window Glas, 7 by 9, 8 by 10,10 by 12. 1 '
by 14, 11 by 16,12 by 16, 12 by 18
Mixed Nista st all times on bend, ready fo
Towanda, December 16, 1844.
Second and Last Call!
THE subscribers have a large amount of
unsettled accounts and notes, which hare
been standing from °xi to six years, ej
which they have determined - SHALL cr. -ir
+LLD. They have waited patiently :broke.'
the recent exciting political canvass, withm:
asking for their dues. Now, circumstse o l
render it necessary that they should be pAid;
and they woulevay for once and for all, tbsF
every person indebted to them must come fo.
Ward immediately, and pay, their accounts , or,
suffer the consequences. Will those indebted
heed the warning; or will they pay cost !
J. & a trwilot•
Monroeton, March 15, 1845.
IP:YESES 741ERCUR baa renew° bi ' f
..) Law Office to the room one door east 0
the officeformerly =ivied by Adams 6l . ll `,"
cur. Entrance as before at the west 6 31 ° '
lifontanye & Betta' building.
December 20, 1844.
riff ATS. for sale, and 'bathe bat estoraer,
al of CAPS in town at 13.41RP5.