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iTlie Sty Anthem to the Babe of
Bethlehem Treated by Talmage.
rielis a Serrion on the Listing Significance
v- ''Of That Song.
, rsrxcui. to tsx cistatcb.!
-Beyboot, December 21 The Eev. T.
)e"VV:itiE'ailmce. D. D.. of Brooklyn, who
islhererith his Tiartv. preached to-dav to a
Kroufiigjt 'friends on "The Sky Anthem."
mjijextras Lute 11. 14: -uiory to uoa in
fiielh'ifihest, and on earth peace, good trill
tpwarcl men," on -which he delivered the
following discourse:
U, last i have what X longed for, a Christ
inas Eve in the Holy Land. This is the
ftfmVof year that Christ landed. He was a
December Christ. This is the chill air
Ithrdugh which he descended. I look Tip
Ethrough these Christmas skies, and 1 see no
iloosened star hastening southward to halt
labove Bethlehem, bat all the stars suggest
gthe.Star of Bethlehem. - No more need that
janV", of them rnn alone the sky
it downward. In qmetnde they
ikneel at the feet of Him who, though once
fan exile, is now enthroned forever. Fresh
BUD from Bethlehem, I am fnll of the scenes
(suggested by a -visit to that Tillage. Ton
'. know that whole region of Bethlehem is fa
mous ic Bible story. There were the war
ing harvests oi Boar, in which Bnth gleaned
for herself and weeping Naomi. There
David the warrior was thirsty, and three
men of unheard of self-denial broke through
the Philistine army to get mm a drink, it
was to tbat region tnat Joseph anamary
ciune to have tbeir names enrolled in the
census. Xhst is wnat the benpture means
when it tavs thev came to be taxed.' for
people did not in those days rush after the
6 assessors of tax any more than they sow do.
tthe.be he -was bokn.
The villae? inn was crowded with the
strange who had come -up by the command
Ibf government to have their names in the
frAanm. an 4ft ttt Tnennli nni? fnir van)
J obliged to lodge in the stables. Yon bave
5 seen some 01 tnose large stone onuuings, in
the center of -which the camels were kept,
' -while rnnning ont from this center in all
directions there were rooms, in one of which
KTesus was born. Had His parents been more
showily appareled I have no doubt they
Swould hare found more comfortable enter-
Sftainment. That nieh tin the fields the shen-
'jherds, with crook and kindled fires, were
watching their hocks, when hart! to
the sound of voices strangely sweet.
Can it be that the maidens
of Bethlehem have come out to serenade the
fc-weary shepherds? But now a light stoops
xnpon them lice the morning, so that the
flocks arise, shaking their snowy fleece and
f bleating to their drowsy yonng. The heavens
Bare filled with armies of light, and the earth
(quakes under the harmony as, echoed back
Blrom clond to cloud, it rings over the mid
ETuight hills: "Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace, good will to men! It
' seems that the crown of royalty and do-
'minion and power which Christ left behind
Jnim was hung on the sky in sight of xtethle
lliem. Who knows but that that crown may
have been mistaken by the wisemen for the
star rnnning and pointing downward?
Ik.. Mr subject, in the first place, impresses
Bine with the fact that indigence is not always
Eicnincam oi aegraaation. When princes
are born, heralds announce it, and cannon
(thunder it, and flags wave it, and illumina
tions set cities on fire with the tidings.
- ',Some of us in England or America re-
Pm'ember the time of rejoicing when the
' Prince of Wales was born. Ton can re
member the gladness throughout Christen'
adomat the nativity in the palace at M adrid.
TJnl"wheu our glorious -Prince was born.
tJiere-vraa-no rejoicing on earth. Poor and
fecrowine poorer, yet the heavenly recocni-
jtion that Christmas night shows the truth of
i-tbe proposition that indigence is not always
f significant of degradation.
In all ages there have been ereat hearts
jfthrobbing under rags, tender sympathies un-
Ul AVUU t.AI..W, few 1U WG IjUMU, JL tt-
rian marble in the quarry, and in every sta
table of privation wonders of excellence that
Shave been the joy of the heavenly host All
itbe great deliverers or literature and ot na
Itions were born in homes without afilnence,
land from their own privation learned to speak
land fight lor the oppressed. Many a man
Shas held np his pine knot light from the
wilderness until all nations and generations
shave seen it, and off of his hard crust of
gpenury has broken the bread or knowledge
land religion for the starving millions of the
prace. Poetry, and science, and literature,
lana commerce, ana laws, and consu
ltations, and liberty, like Christ, were
"born in a manger. All the ereat thoughts
rwhieh have decided the destiny of nations
(started in obsenre corners, and had Herod s
jlwho wanted to slay them, and Iscariots
jtwho qetrayed them, and rabbles that crn
icified them, and sepnlcbers that connfied
ifthem until tbey burst forth in glorious
'.resurrection. Strong character, like the
rhododendron, is an Alpine plant, that
i'grows fastest in the storm.
, 'Men are like wheat, worth all the more
afor being flailed. Some of the most useful
people would never have come to positions
"fof usefulness had they not been ground and
"hammered in the foundry of disaster. When
l see Moses coming up from the ark of bul-
irusbes to be the greatest lawgiver of the
(ages, and Amos from tending the herds to
pnake Israel tremble with his prophecies,
jaau jjavm irom me sneepcote to sway the
poet's pen and the king's scepter, and Peter
yjfrom the fishing net to be the great preacher
fat the Pentecost. I find the proof of the
JJtrnth of my proposition that indigence is not
..always sitrnincam oi aegraaation.
cSLfily subject also impresses me with the
thought that it is while at our useful occn.
Ipations that we have the divine manifests-
.,.. Man thn.a iti.tihud. ......a At.... ..!1
Eunto Bethlehem and risked tbeir flocks
Samone the wolves, they would not have
heard the song ot the angels. In other
words, that man sees most of God and
(Heaven who minds his own business. We
Jail have our posts of duty, and standing
(there God appears to us. we are all sheo-
(herds and shepherdesses, and we have our
flocks of cares and annoyances and anxieties,
and we must tend them.
We sometimes hear verv'pood nennle say:
"If I had a month or a vear or two to do
nothing but attend to religions things, I
wonld be a great deal better than lam now."
ion are mistaken. Generally the best peo
ple are the busy people. Eliaha was plow
ing in the field when the prophetic mantle
fell on him. 3Iatthew was attending to his
custom honse duties when Christ commanded
bim to tollow. James and John were mend
inglthcir nets when Christ called them to be
fishers of men.
: wasted no slothful ones.
1 they been snoring in the sun Christ
would . not have called their indolence into
th5Spostleship. Gideon was at work with
thTfiail on the threshing floor when he saw
tSeTangel. Saul was with rreat fatiirne
hunting up the lost asses when he found the
crowniot Israel. The" prodigal son would
nevephave reformed and wanted to have re
iuraejlto his father's house if he had not
firet'gone into business, though it was swine
feedingri'airot pneeontof a hundred times
will Fa lax v man become a Christian. Those
Wlwhave nothing to do are in very unfavor-
awelcircnmitances lor the receiving of di
rTaeSHi'anifestations. It is not when von
arejinlldleness, bat when yon are, like the
Jiel&ienes. Bucpucua, wahuutug jour noCKS,
tHSrthT?glory descends ancj there Is joy
amoagthe angels o! God oyer your soul
penitent ana lorgiven.
sSMrmWect siso strikes otf the delusion
that. the 'religion of Christ is dolorous and
grief Jafsjiajf. The mutio that broke
,,?- -es - .
TkhfJS fJdBiht Wwm'wm sot a
dirge, bat an . anthem. It shook joy over
the hills. -It not only dropped upon the
shepherds, bat it sprang npward among the
thrones. Hhe rote of a Savior's righteous
ness is not black. The Christian life is not
made np of weeping and cross bearing and
war waging. Through tbe revelation of that
Christmas night I find that' religion is not
a groan, but a song. In a world of sin and
sick bed and sepulchers, we must have
trouble; but in the darkest night the heavens
part with angelic song. Ton day, like
Paul, be shipwrecked, bat I exhort you to
be of good cheer, or yon shall .all escape
sale to the land.
Beligion does not show itself in the elon
gation of the face and the cnt of the garb.
The Pharisee who puts his religion into his
phylactery has none left for his heart.
Pretfnlness and complaining-do not belong
to the family of Christian graces which
move into the heart when the devil moves
out. Christianity does not frown upon
amusements and recreations. It is not a
cynic, it is not a shrew, it chokes.no laugh
ter, it quenches no light, it defaces no art.
Among the happy, it is the happiest. It is
just as much at home on tbe playground as
it is in the church. It is just as graceful in
the charade as it is in the psalm book. It
sings just as well in Surrey' gardens as it
prays in St Paul's. Christ died that we
might live. Christ walked that we might
ride. Christ wept that we might laugh.
Again, my subject impresses me with the
fact that glorious endings sometimes have
very humblebeginnings." The slraw pallet
was the starting point, but the shout in the
midnight sky revealed what wonld be the
glorious consummation. Christ on Mary's
lap, Christ on the throne, of universal do
minionwhat an humble starting t What
a glorious ending 1 GraceTiegins on a small
scale in the heart. Yon see only men as
trees walking. The grace" of God in the
heart is a feeble spark, and Christ has to
keep both hands over it lest it be blown out.
W bat an bumble beginning l
But look at that same man when he has
entered heaven. No crown able to express
his royalty. Ho palace able to express his
wealth. Ko scepter able to express his
power and his dominion. Drinking from
the fountain that drips from the everlasting
Bock. Among the harpers harping with
their harps. On a sea of glass mingled with
fire. Before the throne of God, to go no more
ont forever. The spark of grace that Christ
had to keep both hands over lest it come
to extinction, having flamed np into honor
and glory and immortality. What humble
starting 1 What glorious consummation 1
The New Testament .Church was on a
small scale. Fishermen watched it Against
the uprising walls crashed internal en
ginery. The world said anathema. Ten
thousand people .rejoiced atevery seeming
detest, and said: "Aha! ahat so we wonld
have it" Martyrs on fire cried: "How
long, O Lord, how long?" Very humble
starting, but see the difference at the con
summation, when Christ with his almighty
arm has struck off the last chain of human
bondage, and Himalaya shall be Mount
Zion; and Pyrenees, Moriah; and oceans,
the walking place of Him who trod the
wave cliffs of stormed Tiberias,, and, island
shall call to island, sea to sea, continent to
continent, and, the song of the world's re
demption rising, . the heavens, like a great
sounding board, shall strike back the sbont
of salvation to the' earth until it rebounds
again to the throne of God, and all heaven,
rising on their thrones, beat time with their
soepters. Ob, what an humble beginning'
What a glorions ending! Throne linked to
a manger, heavenly mansions to a stable.
My subject also impresses me with the
effect of Christ's mission upward and down
ward. Glory to God, peace to man. "When
God sent His son into the world, angels dis
covered something new in God, something
they had never seen before. Not power, not
wisdom, not love. Tbey knew all that be
fore. But when God sent His son into this
world then the angels saw the spirit of self
denial in God, the spirit of sell sacrifice in
God. It is easier to love an angel on his
throne than a thiet on the cross, a seraph in
bis worship than an adulteress in her crime.
When tbe angels saw God the God who
would not allow the most insignificant angel
in heaven to be hurtgiv tip His son, His
son, .His onlyi ohiyson, they saw something
that they had never thought of before, and I
do not wonder that when Christ started ont
on that pilgrimage the angels in heaven
clapped their wings in triumph and called
on all the hosts of heaven to help them cele
brate it, and sang so loud 'that the Bethle
hem shepherds heard it : 'Glory to God in
the highest"
But it was also to be a mission of peace
to man. Infinite holin.essr-abcumulated
depravity. How could they ever come to
gether? Tbe Gospel bridges over the dis
tance.. It brings God to us. Tt takes us to
God. God in us, and we in God. . Atone
ment! Atonement! Justice satisfied, sins
forgiven, eternal life secured, heaven built
on a manger. -,
But it was also to be the pacification of
all individual and. international animosi
ties. What a sound this word of peace had
in the Roman empire that boasted of the
number of people it had massacred, that
prided itself on the number of the slain,
that rejoiced at the trembling provinces.
Sicily and Corsica and Sardinia and
Macedonia and Egypt "had bowed to her
ysword and crouched at tbe cry of her war
eagles. She gave her chief honor to Scipio
and Pabius and Csesar all men of blood.
What contempt they must have had there
for tbe penniless, unarmed Christ in
the, garb of a Nazarene, starting; out to con
quer all nations. There never was a place
on eartn wnere tnat word peace sounded so
offensively to the ears of tbe multitude as in
the Bom an empire. Tbey did not want
peace. The greatest music tbey ever heard
was the clanking chains of tbeir .captives.
If all the blood that has been shed in battle
could be gathered together it would upbear
a navy. The club that struck Abel to the
earth has its echo in the butcheries of all
ages. Edmund Bnrke, who gave no wild
statistics, faid that there had been spent in
slaughter $35,000,000,000, or what wonld be
equal to that; but he had not seen into onr
times, when in onr own day, in America,
we expended (3,000,000,000 in civil war.
Oh, if we could now take onr position on
some high point and se the world's armies
march past! What a spectacle it would be!
There go the hosts of Israel through a score
of Bed seas one of water, the rest of blood.
There go Cyrus and his army, with infuriate
yell rejoicing over the fall of the gates of
iiabylon. There goes Alexander, leading
forth his hosts and conquering all the world
but himself, the earth reeling with the bat
tle gash of Arbela and Persepolis. There
goes Ferdinand Cortes, leaving his butch
ered enemies on the table lands once fragrant
with vanilla and covered over with groves
of flowering cacao.
There goes the great Frenchman, leading
his army down through Bgypt like one of
its plagues, and up through Jtussia like one
or its own icy blasts. Yonder is the grave
trench under the shadow ot Sevastopol.
There are tbe ruins of Delhi-and Allahabad,
and yonder are the inhuman Sepoys and
tbe brave regiments under Havelock aveng
ing the insultea flag of Britain; while cut
right through the heart of my native land is
a trench in which there lie one million
Northern and Southern "dead.
Oh,-tbe tears! Oh, the blood! Oh, the
long marches! Oh, the hospital wounds!
Oh, the martyrdom! Ob, the death But
brighter than the'light which flashed on all
these swords and shields and musketry is
the lighf'that fell ion Bethlehem, and londer
than the bray of the trumpets, and the
neighing of the chargers, sad the crash of
the walls, and the groaning, of the -dying
armies, is the song that unrolls this moment
from the sky, sweet as though all "the bells
of heaven rungs jubileefPeacVML earth,
good will toward aen." ,Oh, when will the
day come God hasten it! when the swords
shall be turned into plowshares, and the
fortresses shall he remodeled 'into churches,
and the men of blood battling for renown
shall become good soldfen for Jem Christ,
and the cannon aowstrikiag down whole
columns ef death shall Adrtfre victories
of the truth.
ITU tiddt tbe KWe mM mtm!
v'Kas'-Ti"-' -'.i - : j e.-Tfs-s-f
we ana apt m tfcirt ef the tew people (hat.
now iababit it Only a very few, compared
with the populations to come. And what a
small part cultivated. Do you know it has
been authentically estimated that three
fourths of Europe is yet all barrenness, and
that 991-1000 part of the globe is nnculti.
yated. . j
This is all to be cultivated, all Inhabited
and all gospelized. Ob, what tears of repent
ance when nations begin to weep! Oh, what
supplications when continents begin to
pray! Ob, what rejoicing when hemispheres
begin to sing! Churches will worship on the
places, where this very hour smokes the blood
of hnmaa sacrifice, and wandering through
the snake-infested jungles ot Africa Christ's
heel will, bruise the serpent's head. Ob.
when the trumpet of salvation, shall
be sounded everywhere and the na
tions .are redeemed, a light will fall
upon every town brighter than that which
fell .upon Bethlehem, and more overwhelm
ing than the song that fell on the pasture
fields where the flocks fed, there will be a
song louder than the voice of tbe storm lift
ed oceans, ''Glory to God in the highest,"
and'fronrall nations and kindred and people
and tongues will come the response, "And
on earth peace, good will toward men!" On
this. Christmas Eve I bring you good tidings
of great joy. Pardon (or all sin, comfort for
all trouble and life for the dead. Shall we
now take this Christ into our hearts? The
time is passing. TJiis is the closing of tbe
Tear. How the time speeds "by. Put your
hand on your heart one, two, three. Three
times less It will beat Life is passing like
gazelles over the plain. Sorrows hover like
petrels over the sea. Death swoops like a
vulture from the mountains. Misery rolls
up to onr ears like waves. Heavenly songs
fall to ns like stars.
1 wish you -a merrv Christmas, not with
worldly dissipations, but merry with gospel
gladness, merry with hope ofreunion in the
skies with all your loved ones who have pre
ceded yon. In that grandest and best sense
a merry Christmas.
And'God grant that in our final moment
we may have as bright a vision as did the
dying girl when she: said: "Mother"
pointing with her thin, white hand through
the window "Mother, what is that beauti
ful land out yonder bevond the mountains,
tbe high mountains?" "Oh," said the
mother, "my darling, there are no mount
ains within sight of our home." "Oh, yes,"
she said, "don't you see them that beauti
ful land beyond the mountains out there,
jnst beyond the high mountains ?"
The mother looked down into the face of
her dying child and said: "My dear, I think
that must be heaven that you see." "Well,
then," she said, "father, you come, and
with your strong arms carry me over those
mountains intotbat beautiful land beyond
the high mountains." "No," said the
weeping father, "my darling, I can't go
with you." "Well," she said, clapping
her hands, "never mind, never mind: I see
yonder a shining one coming. He is coming
now, in His strong arms to carry me over
the mountains to the beautifnl land over
the mountains, over the high mountains!"
Butter aed Eggs Blew and Shade
Lower Than Last Week.
y -a
'tKV-,yi$S,r :
. 1-'?C.
Tke eeireral Bri'ft'.of -Cereals is Toward
A French Walter Who Served Two Noted
ngllh Novelists. '
New York Bun.
One would not naturally expect to find in
the French quarter a person who had been
at all intimate with Thackeray and Dickens,
bnt in Bleecker street there is a good
looking Ganl to whom both of
these celebrated men often confided
what was their particular vanity in
the way of food as well as drink, -Although
apparently not old enough to have been on
such terms of intimacy with the two great
writers, Francois Bnppert, who keeps a cafe
in the street named, used to be a waiter in a
restaurant frequented by them, and, as such,
received the confidences indicated in regard
I to the favorite dishes and drinks of each.
He does not keep particularly thrilling
stories on tap in regard to either, bnt he is
fond of describing Thackeray's broken nose
and giant-like proportions and Dickens
thunder ana lightning waistcoats. While
he talks to you M. Bnppert brings both men
much nearer, but alter one has quitted the
cafe no very tangible impression remains of
his revelations. This may be due to va
rious causes which M. Bnppert keeps on
tap in lien of stories about his former
The. Attempt to Unite All Athletic Clnba
Meeting With Favor.
Kstv Tobk, December 29. The import
ant circular issued last week, by the Ama
teur AthleticTJhion, in which was embodied
a comprehensive plan looking to the amal
gamation of all athletic clubs in the country
under one central head, has caused a great
deal ot discussion, and is meeting with
favorable consideration.
The idea is to form tbe different athletio
clubs into groups, each group to constitute
an association of clubs of the Amateur
Athletio Union, each with a distinctive
name and managerial organization, and
each with representation in the union.
SATOTtDAT. December 28, 1889. J
Coantrr Prodnce Jobbing Prices.
Butter and eggs are slow and prices are a
shade lower; Weatber for some time past has
been iavorable to a largeyield of ben fruit. It
does not often occur that eggs are as low at this
season of the year Poultry continues very
firm. Stock has notheen as well cleaned op
this season as it is now. Supplies in all poultry
lines are below demand. Apples are weaker
and potatoes stronger. Demand for tropical
fruits is steadily improving, and stuff moves
freely at advanced rates. Tbe quietness that
always follows holidays Is fully on, and active
markets are not looked for by produce commis
sion men until the turn of the new year.
." Butteb Creamery, Blgln, 2930c; Ohio do,
27X9-Sc: fresh dairy packed. 2t28c; country
rolls, 232tc , ,.
Beans Navy band-picked beans, (2 Z52 30;
medium, $2 102 20.
Beeswax 2830c 3R ft for choice; low grade,
18620c. ,
Cider Sand refined,- K 607 60; common,
$3 604 j00; crab elder,?8.008 60 barrel; elder
vinegar, 1012c 51 gallon.
Chestnuts J5 005 60 $1 bushel; walnuts,
6070o bushel.
Cheese Ohio, llHKc; New York, liKc;
Iilmburger, 8llc; domestic Sweitzer, 11
13Kc: imported Sweitzer, 23
Kaas 2125c $1 dozen for strictly fresh.
Feotts Apple, iancy, S2 60(83 00fl barrel;
California pears, S3 604 00 a box; cranberries.
sil0Og!12'fl ft barrel; Malaga grapes, large
barrel. S8 OIL
Game Squlrrels.75cSl ft dozen: quail, $175
ft dozen; prairie chickens, H 605 00 ft dozen;
pheasants,, $5 OOQS 60 ft dozen: rabbits,S0S5c a
pair; venison saddle, 1012c $) pound; venison
carcass, 790 ft pound.
Feathers Extra live eeese, S060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 8035c ft S.
PooXTKT Live cniclfens, BO&BSo a pair;
dressed. 89c a pound; dncks, 6o75c p pair;
ireese, SI ii&Sl 30 $1 pair: live turkeys, 1213cft
A; dressed turkeys,. lG18c $3 ft. i
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, S420
4 40 ft bushel; cloverjarge English. 62 fts, SI 33
4 60. clover, Alsike. 18 00: clover, white, 9; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 50; bine grass, extra clean,
14 fts. 1 2ol 30; blue grass, fancy, 14 lbs, 10;
orchard srrass, 14 fts. SI 40: red top, 14 fts. f 1 23;
millet. 60 fts, 81 00: millet, 6070c ft bushel;
Hungarian grass, 60 lbs, 65c, lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, S3 00 f) bushel of 14 fts.
TALJxmCountry, i city rendered, fii
Tropical Fedtts Lemons, common, S2 00
225; tancy, J4C0S5 00; Florida oranses, 3 TO
3'50i Jamaica oranges, S3 004 00 ) barrel;
bananas, SI 60 firsts, SI 00 good seconds, ft
bunch; cocoanuts, S4 0004 JO ft hundred; flga,
8K9c ft &; dates .,5W6Ks $ ft; new layer
figs, 1215c;new dates. 7Xc $ ft.
Vegetables Potatoes, from store, 65060c j
on track, 45050c; cabbages, J7 008 00 a hun
dred; celery, 40c ft dozen: Jerseys, S4 004 25;
turnips, SI 0001 60 a barrel; onions, SI 75 a bar
rel. BUCKWHEAT FLOUB 2J2C ft pound.
Hmm. tISMsMa'M:
winter wheat bran, Sll 3691169; oaep fW,
10 OU0J.U uu. ,
Sat Baled timothy, No. 1, 111 5fl12 98;
No. 2 do, S8 00010 00; loose from wagon, HI 08
012 00. according to quality: No. 2 prairie bay,
$7 0038 00: packing do.'97 2S07 60.
Straw Oats, S6 7&700; wheat and rye
straw, J6 008 25.
The only change in'prorlslons Is a drop of Kc
on hams, '
Sngar-cnred hams, large, 9c; sugar-cared
hams, medium, Se; sngar-cnred hams, snail,
10c; sngar-cured breakfast bacon, 8c; sngar
cnred shoulders, 5c; sugarAmred boneless
shoulders, TJc; sngar-cnred California hams,
6c; sngar-cnred dried beet flats, 9c; sngar-cured
dried beef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12c; bacon shoulders. 6c: bacon clear
sides, 7Kc; bacon clear bellies, 7mc: dry salt
shoulders, 6c; dry talt clear sides, 7c Mess
pork, beavy, $11 60; mess port, family, $12 00.
Lard Refined, in tierces, 6c; half-barrels,
6c: 00ft tubs. Ric: 20-ft Bails. W&: 50-ft tin cans.
6c; 8-ft tin pails, -6Kc; 6-ft tin pails, 6Ke; 10-ft
tin pails, 6c; 5-ft tin. pails, 6c Brooked
sausage. Ions, 5c: large, 6c. Fresh pork links.
Be Boneless hams, lOJe. Pigs' feet, half bar
rel, 4 00; quarter barrel, S2 15.
ieames or mm
Pittsburg's Exemption from
. lonej ,StriBgBcy That
htitt wafMn
.- Am tfewst k
hind It no on doaMs. what la
the Standard dotecT
,T1m week's eieawMM were probably the
SMHMt oa record, Mag less than 1,060.000
barrels. Trne, there were only Are .days, bnt
aeotber wonld hare nade only a slight differ
ence. All the support the'ssarket hae la from
tbe inside In tbe nature ot scalplnc. and this Is
becomine monotoeoBa. If something cannot
be done to interest tbe outside public there
seon will be na market at all.
Slgng ot Progress in" tlw Manmfetue of
IroH and Steel..
limned Meats. '
Tho following prices are furnished by Armour
& Co. on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650
fts, 5c; 660 to 650 lbs, 6c; 650 to 760 fts, 6KS6KC
Sheep. 8c ft ft. Lambs, 9c ft ft. Hogs. 6c.
Fresh pork loins, 7c
Groceries. 1-
Onr quotations on sngar are .again lowered,
in accordance with stubborn facts. Coffees are
quiet bnt firm at quotations. Bolls still bate
tbe Innings on coffee options in Eastern mar
kets. Packages are unchanged, bnt any change
will be for better prices.
Gbeek Coffee Fancy Bio, 23321c; choice
Rio, 2122c; prime Rio, 0c; lowgradeBIo,
18tf019J4c; old Government Java, 272Sc; JSlar
acalbo, 23i24$c; Mocha, 2SK2c; Santos,
0K2ic; Caracas. 2224c; peaberry, Bio, 23
24c: La Gnayra, 23'24c,
Boasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades. 2529Jfc; old Government Java,
bulk, 81K33c; Maracaibo, 2728c; Santos,
24K28Kc; peaberry, 28c; choice Rio, 25c;
prime Rio, 23Kc; Rood Rio, 22c; ordinary, 21a
SPICES (whole) Cloves, 1920c; allspice, 10c;
cassia, 8c; pepper, 17c; nutmeg, 7080c,
PETBOLEtra (jobbers' prices) 110 test, TVc;
Ohio. 120 8fc: headlight, 160, 83c: water
white, 10J$c: globe, 1414ic; elalne. 14c; car
nadme, llc; rojaltne, 14c; globe red oil, 110
llKc purity 14c
AlrNERS' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 4647c
Vgallon;summer,-4043c. Lard oil, 70c
sunrps eornsywp; 2880c; choice 'tugaV
syrnp, 8338c; prime sngar syrup, 8033ct
strictly prime. S335c; new maple syrup. 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, hew crop, 4S50c;
choice, 47c: medium, 3843c; mixed, i0ac
80DA Bi-carb in kegs. S3?iCj bl-carb in K.
&c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 6Jf8c; sal
soda in keirs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Htar, full weight. 9e:steirtne.i
set.8Kc;parafflne,ll12c "
rues-neaa, uaroiina, trnwic: choice. 6Ji
Wheat Moving; Slowlr, bnt Price Brace.
UpCorn and Oala a Shade Better
Pork Favora Well era
Lard Rather Mixed.
Chicago The volume of trading in wheat
was light to-day, and while pneeswere gener
ally kept within the range of yesterday, the
closing was a higher. There were to special
features to note, and there was nothing special
in the character of the trading. The opening
was a trifle stronger than yesterday's closing,
and prices advanced Kc later eased off c,
then rnled stronger.' Cable advices generally
quiet and steady markets, and some private
cables reported a strongor feeling.
Advices from the Northwest reported things
In cood condition and farmers' deliveries very
light. Not much change Is expected In tbe
visible supply,' either a small Increase or small
decrease being probable.
A moderate trade was transacted in corn
and the feeling was somewhat firmer, trading
being at slightly blgher prices. There were no
new features presented and values were gov
erned to a great extent by local influences.
Offerings were not as beavy as on several days
past, while a good demand existed from shorts,
under which the market rnled firm. A promi
nent local trader was credited with selling Jan
uary and February and baying May, June and
July. The market opened at abont yesterday's
closing prices, was firm and gradually advanced
5V eased off a little and closed 4lo bet
ter than yesterday.
Oats steadier, bnt with a lighter volume of
business. Tbere was moderate selling by par
ties who bought yesterday, and also a fair de
mand to cover shorts, and prices were bid' np
Kc Trading tbe last hour was light and
an easier feeling prevailed.
The market for pork was rather quiet, but
tbe feeling was steady with prices a little more
favorable to sellers.
Rather, more steadiness prevailed in lard, but
trading was moderate. Prices steady.
Short Ribs Trading was only fairly active.
Early, prices were.a trifle easier, bnt toward the
close the market was'steadler and prices slightly
Tbe leading rutures rancea as follows:
WHBAI No. 2, December. 77Jg77K775$3
January, viifflwgiijwisc; "lay, ozis
The Condition of Business at theEut Liberty
Stock Yards.
Satubday, December 28, IS89.
Cattle Receipts, 1,920 head; shipments,
1,340 bead: market closed firm, with fair pros
pects for Monday: four cars of cattle shipped
to New York to-day.
Hoas-Receipts, 1.600 head; shipments. 1600
head; market active; all grades, S3 904 00;
two cars of hogs shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts. 2,000 head; shipments, 2,000
bead; market slow at unchanged prices.
' By Telesrapb.
Buffalo Cattle firm and a shade higher
for good grades; receipts, 125 loads through, 25
for sale. Sheep and lambs active, firm and
higher; receipts. 4 loads through, 10 on sale;
sheep choice to extra, $5 005 25: good to
choice. 34 754 90; common to cuod, $4 404 65;
lambs choice to extra, $6 757 00; good to
choice, $6 406 65; common to good, S6 00
6 25. Hogs active and higher; receipts, 12 loads
through. 41 on sale: mixed and heavy, $3 700
3 S5; Yorkers, S3 954 00; pigs, S3 853'95.
CHICAGO Cattle Receipts. 2.000 head:
market steady to strong; beeves, 2 905 00;
stackers and feeders,. $2 003 00; cows, bulls
and mired. 1 2033 00: Texas cattle, si BDtna 7A.
Hoes Receipts. 11.000 head; market steady to
6c higher; mixed, S3 503 70: heavy. S3 4503 70:
light, S3 503 70; skips, 3,803 40.' cheep-Receipts,
2,500 head; market strong; natives off
610c; Western corn-fed, $5,10; Texans. S3 40
4 00; lambs. S4 75fr jV
St. Loms-attle-Rcceipts. 7U0 head; ship
ments, 300 bead; market strong; good to fancy
natlre steers, 14 255,0U: lair to good, S3 80
($4 30; stackers and feeders. S3 003 20; ranee,
.steers. II 903 00. Bogs Receipts, 1,200 bead;
5uinucuUi ow ueoui uiarjiet sieaay: zair
to choice, S3 453 60; packing, S3 403 55; light,
fair to best, $3403 60. Sheep Receipts and
shlpments'nonc; market Aim; fair to choice.
S3 404W; lambs, Jl 6085 81
Buitin Stocks.
Atcn.4T0D..lrt7. 7
Atch. ATop. K.K.pf Uii
Boston Aiuany...zi7
Boston & Maine; ....?05
C U. Q. 106X
Clun. Ban. A Cleve. 24H
Kutern B. H. 122
Flint fere at. n ;
Flint fere M. era. 92
Mexican Uen. com.. 18
Mex.Clitmtff.bds. 70
S..I. aAewSni... Al
UidOolonT..... 173
Kntland nreflcrred.. 50
Wls.uentnu.com... tH
AllouezMgCo J.2S
Cslumet Becla..tU
Catalpa 10
rrantun. mi
Hnron........ ........ 3
fewabie ....... ...
Qalnex...... .......
Bell 'Xeiepnone....
Boston Land
Water Fower.,..,
Tamsraek. ,
Sin Diego
Santa Fe copper,.
. S
. en
. SH
.. 6K
. 1H
PWIaaclpWa Hteeka.
Clodus; quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fnr
nlihed by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. No. 7
Fourth avenue. Members New Yorfc Stock x-dunce.
Penntrlvaai Ballread, . SzJi
Keaamp , 1S3
Lehigh Valley an
Lenten .NaylsaMon... ....
Northern 1'aclACi... ..... SOf
.Noraiero racmcDreterrea. UH
Pittsbtjso leef Co., wholesale stents
for Swift's Caieego dressed beef sola for
week ending De.,26, 129carcssee of beef.
Average weight per careaes, 650 poaKfrr ay
erafe ptioe yr f4. 6.3ev
i " ' .'S ' ' . I " . " '
63ic; prime. 6K6c: Louisiana. 66Vc
Btaboh Pearl, 2Jc; cornstarch, 66c; gloss
starch, 4Jf7c .
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, S2'90: California -London layers,
$2 75; Muscatels, S2 40; California Muscatels,
S2 26;Valencia,7Hci Ondara Valencia,SV8Jje;
sultana, 9c:currautB,55Vc; Turkey prunes,
4K5c; French prunes, 69$c: Salonlca
prunes. In 2-& packages, 8Kc: cocoanuts, f) 100,
SS 00; almonds, Lan., $ ft, 20c; do, Ivica, 19o-.
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap., 1415c; Sicily
uiuena, u omyrna urs, iijiisc; new aates;
68Kc; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans. ll15c; cit
ron, fy It, 1920c; lemon peel, 18c' 5 A; orange,
peel, 17c.
Deied Fbtjits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c, ap
ples, oraporated, 9c: apricots, California, evap
orated, 1416c; peaches, evaporated, pared,
2628c: peaches, California, evaporated, uh
pared, 1921c: cherries, pitted,13gl4c; cher
ries, unpitted, ,56c: raspberries, evaporated
25X26ic; blackberries, 78c: huckleberries;
8UOAES Cubes, 7ic; powdered, 7Jc; granu
lated, 6?ic; confectioners' A, ec; standard A,
6?c; soft white, 6K6Jic; yellow, choice, 6'
6?ic; yellow, good. 6K5e; yellow, fair,
6Kc; yellow, dark,6ic.
riCKXES Medium, bbls (1,200), S5 60; medi
um, half bbls (600). S3 25.
oalt jno. l, i ddi, woe; jno. l ex. w bbL si Ob;
dairy, V bbl, SI 20; coarse crystal, f) bbl, SI 20:
Higglns' Eureka, 4-bn sacks, $2 80; Higglns'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Canned Goons Standard peaches, S2 00'
2 25; 2ds, $1 6ol SO; extra -peaches, S3 402 60;
Pie Peaches. 95c: finest corn. SI 00O1 SO; Hid Co.
corn, 7590c; red cherries; 90cSl; Lima beans,
SI 20; soaked do, 80c; string do 6065c: mar
rowfat peas, SI 101 15; soaked peas, 7080c;
pineapples SI 301 40; Bahama do, $2 75;
damson plnms, 95c; Greengages. SI 25;
egg plums. 82 00; California pears, $2 50; do
greengages, SI 85; do "egg plums, SI 85; extra.,
white cherries, $2 40; raspberries, 85cJl 10'
strawberries, S110; gooseberries, SI 301 40;
tomatoes, 8590c; salmon, 1-ft, SI 65l 90;
blackberries, 65c; succotash, 2 ft cans, soaked,
90c; do green, 2-ft, SI 251 60; corn beef, 2-ft
cans, S2 05; 14-ft cans, S14; baked beans, SI 45
1 60; lobstei, 1-ft. SI 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft
cans, broiled, SI 60; sardines, domestic lis,
S4 254 60; sardines, domestic s. S6 757 00;
sardines. Imported, $e, Sll 6012 60; sardines,
Importea. lis, SIS; sardines; mustard, S3 SO;
sardines, spiced. S3 SO.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. 836
bbL; extra No. 1 do, meBs. S40: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, SSZ; extra No. luo, mess;'
oo; na. 2 snore macaerei, vn. tioonsn Wlioio
pollock, 4c V &; .do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c; boneless hake. In strips, 6c;. do
George's cod in blocxs, 6KS7KC Herring'
Round shore, 84 60 bbL; split, S6 50; lake,
$2 75 W 100-tt half bbL White flsh. 86 00 W 100
ft half bbL Lake trout, 85 60 V half bbL Fin
nan haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut; 13c
ft. Pickerel, H hbl. $2 OOfjibbl. SI 10; Poto
mac herring. 85 00 S bbl, 82 SO per K bbL
Oatmeal-56 006 25 fl bbL
r. t-STt-'" -r
.February. 29J3029J30c; May, 3l32i
OATS-No. 2, January, 20K2rAi2020c;
February, 2OK02Oc; May, 21j2221
Mass Pobk, per bbL January, SB 009 05
9 009 05; February. S910S9 17K9 109 17:
May. 89 459 4709 42H9 OH-
Labs, per 100 fts. January. 85 77K6 80
6 VXi 80: February, So 82J5 82l582;
May, S5 97K6 0005 976 00.
Bhokt Rrsa, per 100 fts. January. 84 alU
m 604 57K4 60; February. S4 62Vm 62
64 604 62; May. 84 804 82K4 804 K-
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour dull
and unchanged. Na 2 snrlnz wheat. 77c: No.
.8 spring wheat, none; No. 2 red. 77c; So. 2
com. oijc. no. joau, sue xto.2 rye. hc
No.2 barley,6860c Nclflaxseed, 81 35. Prime
timothy seed.none. Messpork,perbbLS840895.
Lard, per 100 lbs,, 85 77. Short ribs sides
(loose). 84 604 65. Cry salted shoulders
rboxea),84 12. Sugars Cutloaf unchanged.
Receipts Flour. 21,000 barrels: wheat, ,4LO0O
bushels: com. 533,000 bushels; oats, 165,000 bush
els; rye. 13,000 bushels: barley. 65.000 bnsbels.
Bbipments Flour, '3X000 barrels; wheat, 12,000
baahelltoom: 329,000 bdshelsjoaU, 159,000 bush
els; rye, 6.000 bushels; barley, 23,000 bushels.
On tbe Produce Exchange to-day the' butter
market was unchanged, Eggsl819c.
New York Flour dull and unchanged.
Commeal quiet and steady: yellow. Western,
82 252 65. Wheat Spot ulet and firmer:
options moderately active, HK np and
steady Rye steady; Western and Canada
6657c: sales 16,000 bushels. No. 1 Milwaukee
to arrive at 69&62c Barley dull: Western,
6065c; Canada, 6973c Barley; malt quiet;
Canada, 77c Corn Spot firmer with lighter
offerings; demand chiefly for exports: options
firmer anddulL Oats Snot dull and steady:
. options quiet and firmer. Hay quiet, steady;
snipping, 4ugguc; eooa to cnotco eo8oc Hops
strong, quiet. Coffee Options opened barely
steady; unchanged 6 points down; closed
barely steady, &10 points down: sales, 33.250
bags, Including December, 15.7615.S0c: Janu
ary. 15.6515770c; February. 15.7015.80c;
March, 15.8015.95c; April, 15.90c: Mav. 16.85
16.00cunne. 15.95c: July. 15.9aia00c:'Angusr.
16.0016.10c: September, 16.0016.15c: October
iawa(iaiuc: j.xoTeniDer, io.uuc; spoi itio steaay,
ulet, fair cargoes, 19c. No. 7. 17c
near Raw dull; refined steady and quiet.
Molasses Foreign nominal; New Orleans fair
ly active; open kettle, cood to fancy, 8847c
Rice steady and quiet; domestic, 46c;
Japan, 35c 'Cotton steadier and quiet.
Tallow quiet. Koslri quletand steady: strained,
common to good. 81 201 25. Turpentine
steady and quiet. Eggs steady; western, 2Sy,
28c; receipts, L478 packages. Pork easier and
quiet; mes3, inspected, 810 2510 50; do, unin
spected,. 810 O0S10 25: extra prime. 89 5009 75.
Cutmeats firm: pickled bellies, 535Wc;
pickled shoulders, 4c; pickled hams, 8m8c;
middles quiet; short clear, $5 40. Lard lower;
large deliveries on contracts; sales, 600 tierces;
western steam, to,iv. cioiing at to uo: options,
sales, 9.600 tierces; January, 86 006 05, closing
at 83 00: February, 86 136 15. closing at SS 15
bid: March. 86 21, closing at 86 22; May, $3 35,
closing at 86 84. Bntter easy and quiet; Elgin,
2829c; western dairy, 918c; do creamery, U
27c; do held at 1018c: do factory, 718c
Cheese quiet; western, 810c
Philadelphia Flour weak. Wheat firm;
fair to good milling. 7885c; choice and fancy
longberry, 8893Kc: No. 2 red, December. 80m
81c: January. &KSlc: February, 8282ic;
iuarcn, cwjojc, iorn opoi ana December
a shade easier; later months firm and steady;
carlots weak; No. 3, 8435Kc: steamer, fn
export elevator, S6c; No. 2 do, 37c; No. 2 high
mixed. In grain depot, 38c; No, 2 mixed De
cember. 86&37c: January. 37S7Vr February.
737Kc; March, 37W;37c. Oats Car lots
steaay; no. a white, hojsc:.no. 2 white. 31Jic;
futures quiet bnt steady: No. 2 white. Decem
ber, 30JJ31Kc; January, 3030c; February,
Batdbdat, December 28, 18S9.. J
A representative' of oneot our leading,
banking institutions said to-day: (There
has been no stringency in the money market
here the past few months to be compared
with that in' other leading centers of trade.
In fact we did not feel .the closeness of
the money market until November. TJp to
that month money was abundant here for
all safe investments. In the summer I met
at the seashore one of the most prominent
financiers of the country, who was surprised
to hear thai Pittsburg had no practical
knowledge of the stringency complained of at
Chicago, St. Louis and in fact, all the leading
trade centers.
"The closeness of money did not reach here
till in November, and even yet there is plenty
to be bad for any good investments. Our first
realization o tightness was when Eastern capi
talists began to call in loans from parties here
whom they had. been carrying.. All the past
year until the past two months there has been
an accumulation of capital here greater than
I have. ever known, and no city in tbe country1
has felt the late stringency as lightly as Pitts
bnrg." ."
Protrress In Iron Sinking.
An Illustration of progress ih our Iron in
dustries, an article in Barpcrf Monthly of
1880, on Pittsburg called attention to the fact
as something wonderful and unprecedented,
that f uraace B, of tbe Kdgar Thomson works,
turned out 184 tons of metal daily. One of the
furnaces now in operation at those same works
Is producing upward of 600 tons every 24 hours,
and tbe two new furnaces which are expected
to be In operation between now and May will
yield even larger results. A decade ago the
rule was to have two castings a day. Now
there is a casting every six hours, and tbe
amount of metal yielded each" casting, would
have been regarded as a big day's work for onr
largest furnaces ten years ago.
With a consumption by onr furnaces and
mills of 3,000,000 tons of Lake Superior ores last
year and a prospect that this will be increased
60 per cent tbe coming year, it must be evident
that our iron and steel industries are having a
Heavy Drysoods Slow.
William Campbell, the Fifth avenue dry-
goods merchant, said In a recent Interview:
'October's drygoods trade here was beyond any
month for years in volume If it had, kept np
the months of November and December, all
previous records would bave been broken. But
weatber during those months has been adverse
to trade, particularly in woolens, furs and such
goods as are in demand when mercury travels
down to zero. Our drygoods merchants will be
forced to carry over a more than usual amount
of heavy goods or do some sacrificing. What
ever the weather; may be the remaining months
of winter, it is now too late to dispose of wool
ens without cutting, and I look, for liberal con
cessions on this line of goods between now and
"But notwithstanding the light demand for
winter goods, trade for the past three months
has been np to the corresponding perioa of last
year. The great activity of October and tbe
good demand for light and fancy goods lets ns
out, and prospects for the year to come are
very bright.
"Labor Is well employed,andiron and steel In
dustries are so generally prosperous that a good
fear In onr line is almost certainly before ns.
n this faith our firm bas already placed orders
for a full line of foreign goods.''
Holiday Goods.
All dealers in holiday 'goods report an ex
traordinary trade. A Fifth avenue dealer in
toys said to-day: "-My sales this' week hare
been much beyond any former Christmas week
In volume, but profits have been greater in
other years. It is with onr trade as with all
others of late -years, that competition has be-
I come so sharp as to require an Immense amount
of goods to be bandied In order to win. Tbe
time has passed when dealers in toys can make
bie profits. My trade this week will reach $25,
000.. rTbiajsmenntrould have furnished a com
fortable year's income in the good old days of
Features of the Marker.
Corrected dally by John M. Oasuey ft Cow, 46
Sixth street, members of the Pltteborg Petro
learn Exchange.
Opened .I03tf (Lowest I03K
Highest .......lG33!cioed igj
Average runs. ...,.. ... S&.61&
Average shipments ,. 70.857
Average charters. , ,. 2&S07
Kenned Mew Xork. 7.80c
Kenned, London. SO. '
Refined, Antwerp, KKt.
Keflned Liverpool. l-Ud.
Keflned. Bremen, 7.10m.
A. B. McGrew quotes: Puts, d 02; calls,.
Si Wl 04J.
Other eil Markets.
On CtTT. December 28. Petroleum opened
at SI 033; highest, 81 03; lowest, 81 03Jfc closed,
81 03.
Bkadj-obd. December 28. Opened at 81 03;
closed. 81 03; highest, 81 05: lowest. 8103.
TmraviLLts, December28. Opened at 81 03;
highest. 81 03: lowest, 81 ft3J: closed. 81 03.
New Yoke. December2S. Petroleum opened
steady at 81 03K and sagged oft to 81 03.
closing steady at 81 031f. Stocc Exchacge-.Open-lag,
81 03: highest 81 03K: lowest, 81 63k;
closing, 81 U3& Consolidated Exchange: Open
ing. 81 03K: highest. 81 03: lowest. 81 03J;
closing, 81 03Jg. Total sales. 84,000 barrels.
Bean Pnt on Their War Paint and Moke
a Raid on the Share List Lower
Sfock Prices All Round.
NetvYoek, December 23. The stock mar
ket to-day unexpectedly showed more anima
tion than daring the same hours on any previ
ous day this week, bnt the increased activity
was bad at the expense of values, the bears
pressing the active stocks for sale throughout
the session. This pressure was specially se
vere against the coalers, tbe reports in regard
to the coal trade being particularly discourag
ing, bnt tbe impression made upon those stocks
was not so great as upon some of the others,
where a smaller amount of stock: bad to be sola
to make a decline
, Sugar Refineries, Missouri Pacific, St. Paul
and Louisville and Nashville were all conspicu
ously weak, whilo there waanotr a strong spot
to be found in the list. Tbere was also some
attempt to get Erie down and the stock did sell
at its lowest price for months, tbe attack being
accompanied by the old story of a new bona
issue. The monetary situation received special
attention at tbe hands ot tbe bears, and the
most pesslmlttie' utterances were spread
through the street in this regard, especially as
far as next weel: Is concerned. For the time
being the, general expectation Is to see a
marked decline during. the ensuing week;
Tbe opening was rather heavy, and first
prices were generally from JJ to per cent
lower than la jt evening's figures, and the early
dealings were marked by special pressure npon
Sugar, Union Pacific, St. Paul and Wisconsin
Central. Thete was a let-up toward 11 o'clock,
but no recovery, and after that time the attack
was renewed with vigor, and Lackawanna,
Reading, Louisville and Nashville and some
others felt the brnnt of the pressure.
The decline continued without Interruption
until the close of business, which was fairly
active and weak at the lowest prices of thef ses
sion. The list is invariably lower. Sugar is
down 1. Louisville and Nashville, Missouri
Pacific and St. Paul li per cent each, and
Reading and Chicago Gas Trust 1 per cent
Railroad bonds were quiet, and sympathized
closely with tbe decline iirstocks, though the
movement in tbe downward action was not
as pronounced as in the stock market. The
sales of all Issues reached 420,000, which was
well r nd widely distributed.
Tbe rouowinr tame snows tne prices ot active
stocks on the .New York Stock Kxcnang-e yester
day. Corrected dally for Tun Dispatch by
WlUTSST&BTErntNBOjr. oldest Fltuburjr mem
bers otn ew xora Stock Xxcnange. (7 youth avenue:
ing Bid.
ie&F- . '.lrm
The old teorn out Potash, Mercury ani'S
tapqriUa mixtures all left far oeMiwK' J
I have seen Swift's Specific used, and knowf
of many cases of the worst form of blood? dls-'J
eases wmcu nave uetsu curcu uy iu m juiunua?,
proprietors to be gentlemen of tbe highest type!
and utmost reliability. I recommend itaail
great blood remedy, uneqnaled by anything!
know Of. M. B. WH ARTONa
Pastor First Baptist Church, Montgomery.Ui
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases malle I
free. 8-wtvt Sfbcoto Company; Drawer M
Atlanta. Ox anI2-55-xwrrfl
Special attractions now opes In'njeMj
goods speciai.y suited for the -
Holiday Me. '3
Dealers are invited to inspect'the stool
which is complete, and at prices which' caM
not fail to impress the bnyer.
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Receipts as bulletinedattiieGraln Exchange,
64 cars- By Pittsburg, Ft, Wayne and Chicago,
10 cars of corn, 2 of middlings, 1 of feed, 2 of
hay, 6 of flour, 4 of oats. By Pittsburg. Cincin
nati and St. Louis, S cars of corn, 2 of bran, 3
of bay, 7 of oats, 1 of wheat, I of millfeed, 1 ot
rye. By Baltimore and Ohio, 5 cars of hay. 1
of oats. By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1 car of
oats, 1 of corn, lot rye. Tbe only sale on call
was a car of No. 2 y. e. corn, 37c, 10 days, P. R.
R. Total receipts for the week .were 228 cars,
agalnst265 last week and 174 for. the previous
week. The general cereal' situation Is weak,
with new corn and oats weakest. Supplies are
too liberal for markets to absorb, and hence the
situation is1 in favor ot, buyers' except for very
choice stuff.
Prices below are for carload lots on track.
WtfKAT-NewJTo.2 xed,S586c; Na 8,82
83c . .
Cobw No. 2 yellow. iear, new, 386370; hleh
mixed, ear, 4041c; No. 2 yellow, shelled, old,
4l42c; new, S503e:lilghmlxea 'shelled, 40
4lc .. . .
Oats-iNo. z white, ai fra, -No. 3,
c: mixed.
-Nn. 1 FennsvlT&Bla and Ohio. Se54e:
. , Clf..b EIAXO ... 4
BASLxr Western,. 4a966c; Caaaaa barley,
Fwnm-JekMiie prlcee-Faacy winter and
spring attest, K 0665 34; winter atrakhr,
tizSeiM; clear winter.' 84 98 25; tinSghl.
XXXJC bakers'. 88 S06 75. Rye fteur, 18 flOsJ1
47& ,
; JtBAWM MlMHssjw, toa wW, StfNf
OnCionl .Z.T VI.',. ,, svis- 'ri ....-.-
owaww, juarcu, ou(ou4& tiggs rresu
stock scarce and firm; Pennsylvania firsts. 25
26c. ?
Minneapolis The day's receipts were bnt
,147 cars. here, showintr anite a tailing nfr In
arrivals. Shipments 38 cars. The demand tor
cash, whlcb was in account at tbe start with
buyers and sellers about Kc apart in their
views. Later, with some shading by both sides,
the offerings moved.falrly welL The receipts
of poor wheat are decreasing some. Reports
from tbe country sbo ired tbe farm movement
to be light lor the part week, partly due to tbe
holidays. Closing quotations: No. 1 hard, De
cember and January, 79c; May, 83c: on
track. 80c; No. 1 Northern, December and Jan
nary, 76c; May, 81&c; on trick, 78c; No, 2
Northern December and January 74c; May,
78c; on track, 7477c.
St. Lotus Flour quiet, dull and steady.
Wheat Higher; market opened firm under
lieht receipts, firm cables' and advances else
where; tbere was a set-back and' a subsequent
nuiy ana tne close was ?eWn- aoove yester
day. No. 2 Ted, cash.
VIU0DU A. " mUi iULl,U, IV'gU, U1UOOU b QUO
bid; May, 8iX08W,closed,at 81KcbidiJuly.
72c. Corn stroneer and better: No. 2 mixed.
cash. 25c; January, 2592oc. closed at 25o
bid; February, 2826Hc. closed at-26Kobia:
May, 28k28jic, closed at2SK28o bii Oats
hieber; No. 2, cash, 10K May. 2121Kc;
January, 19Xcbld. Rye lower: No. 2, 43 43)c
Barley No disposition to trade.
JlrLWAUKEE Flour dull and steady.
Wheat Ann: No. 2 spring on track, cash, 73
75c: May, 76c; No. 1 Northern, 82c Corn
quiet; No. 8, on track, 28c Oatz steady; No. 2
white, on track, 22K22c Rye better; No. 1.
In store. 4oc bid. Barley, steady; Na 2. In
store. 47c Provisions quiet. Pork; 89 77.
Cheese steady; Cheddar, 9c
Toledo Cloverseed dull and lower: cash and
December, 83 45.
Metal Market,
Nkw Yobk Pig Iron quiet; Americas,
SIS 6019 60. Copper 'steady; Sake. January,
314 25. Lead nominal; domestic, S3 90.- Tin
doll but firm; Straits, 821.
In Baalae. Notwithstanding tbe Interrop-
tlon of a Holiday A Review of the
Financial and OH Markets.
The holiday interruption had no percep
tible effect upon the volume of trade last
week. What was lost by it was made up
later on. According to the Clearing House
report a reliable authority the week's
business exceeded, that of the corresponding
time last year by nearly a million and
three-quarters. This prosperity bids fair to
last throughout the winter. There were no
changes in conditions or values of a radical
Real estate maintained its customary
activity, with a large number of small
transactions, and some large ones, to show
for it Stocks and petroleum were quiet,
but quotations' underwent no particular
change, except in the case of Luster Mining
Company, which made a remarkable jump.
Permits for 30 new buildings were issued,
which, it is estimated, will cost 859,672,
Sales of stocks Saturday were 160 shares, all
but 10 of which were Philadelphia Gas. It was
a shade weaker. Luster was bid np to 44, but
there was none for sale. Passenger railway
shares, except Pittsburg, Allegheny and Man
chester, were, if anything, a trifle easier. Pleas
ant Valley was passed over in the bidding. Tbe
weaker feeling was dne to the absence of busi
ness, and had very little bearing npon actual
There was the usual Saturday craze for bank
stocks, but bidders all fell short of the mark.
Tbere were no sales; Such changes as were
noticed were in the direction of a higher level.
All other Investment securities were firm. The
speculative feellngls good, bnt it is restrained
by tizbt money. After the completion ' ot the
January statements there will, it is thought, be
a good market for local securities. Tbey are in
mgn iavor wita investors.
They Report a Raising Basloess ier & Boll
day Week.
, Business at the local banks was up to high
water mark Saturday, the demand for loans
being brlskand checking anddeposi ting heavy.
Money was easy and rates unchanged at 87
for call and.time accommodations.
The Clearing House report was highly satis?
factoiv, showing; a large volume of general
trade.' The exchanges for the week exceeded
those for the corresponding time last year by
$1,692,132 73. This leaves no ground for com
plaint. The report is worth a careful perusaL
Here it is: "
Yesterday's exchanges.,.!.. S 1,893,483 83
Yesterday's balances..... 279.448 97.
Week's exchanges..... 12,565, 1C9 84
Week's balances.'..' , 1,723,536 S3
Dally average exchanges 2,513,021 87
Exchanges week ofisas.. 10.672,977 11
Balances week of 1888... ...,...,.... 2-O46.018 69
Gain oyer week of 1S88...,,. .......... 1,682,132 73
Money on call at New Tors: Saturday was
tight,rangingfrom4tol0percent; laat.ioan, 4;
closed offered at 3. Prime mercantile paper.
Am. Cotton Oil Trust.
Atcn.. Ton.ftn.F.....
Canadian faclfla ..... 72fc
Canada bonthern S8
uentrai or aew jersey.izi
Central faelst
Chesapeake ft Ohio..- 28
C Bur. A OoUiCT. ....107
C Mn. a St. rani.... 70M
a. JU1. St. "r Df
C KocKL F 97H
C., St. fc. & Vltts
a, st. u. &fitts. vt.- 40
c st. r.. n. t u
C. St. 111. O.. pL ....
C X. Northwestern. .... HI
C.JtMorthwestern,pr. ....
O...C. Ct I...-..... 71
c c. asL, or. .... o$x
CoL Coal A iron 33M
Col. 3b Rocking- Val ....
Dei.. L. & W. 1MX
Del. 3s Hudson.
K.T.. Vs. Oa ....
B.T..VS, Us. 1st pf. ....
K. T.. Vs. 3b Oa. M pr. ....
Illinois Central. ... ..118
Lake Erie jt Western.. ....
Lake trie & West. pr.. ....
Late Shore A M. 3. ..-103
Loalsvuie&MashvllJe. t&
Mlchlrsn Uentrai 974
Mobile Ohio ,
Mo.. Kan. S Texas. ... II
Mlssonn laelac 71J
Mew yoUentraL;...108H
h. X..b.E.3CVt 26
S. V.. C. ASt-Li
f. t.. u. ft st. x. pr.
S.1C.. U. 4St.li. Mpr ....
M.IftM. IE 43J,
. Y O. ft VT 19M
Korfolks Western
Norfolk Western. pf. 60
Northern raclflc 31
Mortnern i"aeiflo prer. 74f
Ohio MlssUsIppl..., ....
Oregon Improvement. ....
Oregon Transeon 34K
PaciaeMall MX
Peo. ileo. ftKvans..,.. ....
Phlladel. ft Ueadlnc. 33M
Pulhnan Palace Car...lSs
Blehmona ft W. 1'. T.. 21
Klchmond ft W.l'.T.nf 77M
St. P.. Minn, ft Man.. ..
St. .U ft San Frsn
St. L. ft San JTran pf.. 39
Texas faolllc ?0H
33 337.
nanjBTji5G. jpa.
Transact a General Sauting Mm
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Lettersl
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer-1
ai xciuta,
Available In ail patts of the world. Also lseueij
ureaits ;
For use In this country, Canada, Mexico, Wettl
xnoies, noutu ana uentraa America. . ,
J2 121 and 123 Fourth ave.
Capital S5OO.00a Fnll paid.
Acts in all fldnciarvcanaeitleft. TlnalM in villi
able investment ecurities. Bents boxes In itda
superior vault from So per annum upward.
Receives deposits and loans only on-mort
JOHN R. JACKHOW. Pmh1 --fl
v. a. mo v ax. secy aniTreas.
Issue travelers' credits throntrh Messrs. Dmuli
Morgan t Coi, New Yort. Passports procuredvi
S7K &
1363," USX
Union faelhe.
Wabash preferred...
Western Union
Whcelinc ft I. ..,.,
Sngar Trust.
National iead Trust..
Chicago lias Trnst....
- BSJi
ii" .
70 ,
Incorporated January St 1867. Charter rmrS
petnal. Capital SoOCLOOa Burelar-proof vanltal
for securities and valuables. Acts as Execul
tor. Administrator, uuardlan, Trnstee and
other fiduciary capacities.
A. Garrison, Edward Gregg;
Win. Rea. Thos. Wlehtman,
A. E. W. Painter, Chas. J. Clarke,
A. P. Morrison. Felix K. Brnnot, ' . :
John H. Rlcketson.
A. Garrison. President: Edward Greirs- Ulniil
Vice President; Wm. Rea. Second Vice Prestrl
dent: Wm. T. Howe, Setfyand Treas.;Robt; Ca
jnourevsai. oecy anu xreaa.; xienry A. MUlerVi,
uuuiiaoi, 'u. iMuusUi areauuf u&-JiwJyi
Btocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chicago,
43 SIXTH ST, Pittsburg.
closed at 77c bid: March, i9Jgc, closed at 80c
, Akmotjr & Co., of this city, report the
following sales of dressed beet for the week
ending leeber 28 : 161 oaroams, averafe
iralffct tw iota, afff prie 6 at,
7K. Sterling exchange quiet and weak
s-l so ior WKLay puis and H 83 for demand.
Closing Bend Qaotntloas.
U.S. 4s,reg...., 126M.K. &T. Gen.5
U. B. 4. coun
U.B.4HS, reft... .....103
U. 8. 4)43. conp.... 101
Paellleas of '96..... us
boslslanaitamped(s 94)4
Missouri Ss.. ....... 103
Tenn, new set. 6S....109J4
Tenn, new set. M....iaj)4
Tenn. new set. 3s.,.. 7414
On. Psclflc lsts. ,.113
lien, ft K. O., 1U..;H7
lien, ft R. . 4s 73 S
U. ft B.Q. West, lsts. j'
Krle,Ms 101
..4T.QeH;4s.-. 73)4
When baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
When she' was a Child, she cried for Castorla,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla,
When she bad Cbildrenhe gaveathem Castorla
Mutual Union 6s.
N. J. C. Int. Cert.,
Northern fae. lsts.
Northern rao. Ms. .112)4
nQruvi'D coHiois.ifa
Northw'a deben-s..lll
Oregon ft Trans. Ss.103
St. U 41. M. Oea. 6s W
8t..U.ft 8. t. Gen.M. I12M
St. Paal consols ....ISO
St. H, Chi ft Fc.Ibu. 118
rx.. Pc.L. U.Tr.Hx. sou
Tx.,Pe.K.lT.KcM 38 .
union rac. UM.,.nii3K
Watt Shore m
A Bay's Trmc hi OH BwiMitoe H AUtt
yi8,VM Barrets.
The oil saarket suffered from la grippe, or
serae other malady;, Saturday, which tools all
the life oat of It. - Batiaees waa the dallest e
ti week. It k dpa-btfirt If W,09 Barrels at'
oil efceaged haada.
TWojwaiiHCwae MB klghett Has lowest
adenKtlJ, She reage beia, ot a
Ml .Witkta sMsMtvow Vmst ey INtte
yLl UsA ftf tassft &isJ T
ss ls ssrv flsV nssss- WW, 4SffsMsirV ' H
The Boston fire cost the Insurance companies
interested 15,000,000.
Tbe Lynn flre cost the insurance companies
interested 14,000,000
The total loss to the companies represented at
the J.. W. Arrott Agency, in this city, amounted
to the sum of, Inclndlnp tbe "Monongahela
House," five hundred thousand dollars. .(300,000
Tbe total SURPLUS of tbe companies repre
sented at this agency amounts to the sum
of 85,914098
The totai-ASS-h-TH of the companies repre
sented at this- agency amounts to tbe sum
of. Htt,S08,505
These companies could hare paid the entire
Boston and Lynn, eta, losses on the usual "basis
of one hundred cents on tbe dollar and kept,
right along without any annoyance whatever.
What and where will tbe next great loss bet
Insurance effected in tbe largest and strong
est Companies doing business, and at tbe lowest
rates consistent with safety. Apply at once to
J, W. Arrott, Insurance Offices,
' ae25irw
As old residents know and back files of PittsSl
bnrg papers prove. Is the oldest established.-?
and most prominent physician In tbe city, de-i
young special attention to an enronio aiseases.M
Mcmni IO and mental diseases. physical1)
1 1 L II V U U Odecay, nervous debility. lack of 4
energy, amDition ana nope, impairea memory,
disordered sight self distrust, bashfulnes,f
aizzinesa, sleeplessness, pimpies, eruptions, invc
poverished blood, failing powers, organlo weak-?
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un-
fitting the person for business, society and rcarJ
nace. permanently, safely and privately cured.'
oiotcues, ianmg nair, nones, pains, Rianauiarj
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throats
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, andbloodj
poisons thoroughly eradicatedfrom tbe systems
1 1 D I M A D V kidney and bladder derangeS
Ullllinil I , ments, weac cacjc, gravel, ca-H
tarrbal discharges. Inflammation and others
painful symptoms receive searching treatmesvl
Tiromnt relief and real cures. -
Dr. Whlttler's llte-lonz: extensive expertM
ence, insures scientific and reliable treatmeatj
on common-sense principles, ioiuuitauon lreevw
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as If i
here. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. v. Sanday.
10 A, JC to 1 P. K. only. DR. WHITHER, 8143
f enn avenue. ttsDurg, trx. ,ct.s
LOSS OF memory;
roll particulars Is pamphlet
sent iree. ine genuine urayraj
Bpecino sold by drusKlsti only la
yellow wranoer. Price, fi-nerl
nacksee. or six for S3, or by maUa
-- "r .. . 1 .-. m
nn i.p.in, ni nr,i-. nv .niinM.H,
fir TBE GKAT MEUluLSE CO, Bniralo.- tEitM
Sold lnflttsbnrg by 3. 3. UOI.L.A.N1J. corn
Gmlthfleldand Liberty its.
SPECIALISTS la all cases r
qulrlnc scientific and confide!
tiai ireatmenti ur. a. &. iiaeswi
JLR.C.P.Sl3the oldest: aadl
most experienced speclaUKll
tbe city. Consultation free as41
strictly confidential. maoti
t,nT a to 4 and? to 8P:K.r Sundays, 2 to 4K.-1
jcConsult them personally, or write. Docieasnj
xjLXS, ssi renn ave;, irinsDurg, x-a.
This ie now conceded to be the best In tbe
market, w witnessed by the fact that we
at tke Pare Food Exposition, held in Phlladel'
superior in quality; Ii
Aadvrltkthe bright appelate lavor of fretif
The GOLD MEDAL has been awarded to
f . ARMOUR & CO., Chicago,
For their exhibit of
.'a Ootto-o.
compound n
iDoaed of Cotton Soot. Tasaar.M
Pennyroyal & recent dkebisti airi
--oia pnysician. a nKosssnwtf'i
monUUy-Safe, Effectual. Price- fL by'
aestiea. Laaies. ass vourr aruranss ier 1
t.couoa Hoot uompouna aaa use ne 1
'or IncJcee a stamps for sealed parties
.Block, 131 woodward aye Detroit. Jev
t Js-Sold. in-Pittsburg. Pa hv Josef",)
las a. oon, jjiamona ana iaarxet sw.
Baerlag frea tke effects of yocAM eNi
decay, wasaat weatneae, lost maaaee,
sesa a vaioaowtreajiso iseaiea; 0
BMUcnlan for bMae enre.FlEB 1
slemdld m sstosJ work t shoaM be res 1
was wno is bsj iiiiis ssa w
J '".
.ii .. ,f
. -.i-ti