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eading Features of ilarkets at the
East Liberty Yards.
s Smooth, Light Batcher Stock and Exporters
Terj Acture,
Office or PrrrsBURQ dispatch,
Wednesdat, December i. 18S9. 1
The ran of cattle this week was about five
loads larger than last week. Total receipts
were 125 carloads. The quality of cattle
received this week was below that of last
week and, in fact, below anything on the
market of late. There were no strictly
prime cattle in the offerings. A few loads
of good cattle from Ohio, weighing a shade
aboTe 1,600 ponnd6, were sold at 54 30, this
being the best price obtained. There were re
ports that $4 35 was paid for some loads, but
from the best in formation that conld be had
U 30 was the outside figure. The supply of
small, well-fatted, light butcher stock was
scarcely up to demand, and this grade was
strong at full last week's prices.
Few Export Cattle Here.
Demand was good for export cattle, but there
were very few offered. There was ready sale
for all export and light, tidy butcher cattle
that were offered. Of the latter grade
there were not enough to go round. Low grades
and stockers of all kinds were slow sale, and
touched their lowest point this season. There
were some 20 loads of stockers on the market,
mostly of Inferior grades and they were only
disposed of at ruinous prices to tho shipper.
Homo sold as low as SI 80 and from that upto
$2 23 was the range lor inferior stock. The
range for better trades of stackers was 2Ji
' 3Jic The season for stockers is practically
over, and buyers are unwilling to invest In this
grade of cattle unless on very liberal con
cessions. For a few weeks alter har
vest demand for stockers was good.
They were wanted by fanners of adjoining
counties to eat no grass and stubble which
abounded. In the past tew weeks the demand
has greatly fallen off, and only" the better
grades, ready to go Into stable, are wanted.
The demand for stockers has declined 50 per
cent at least In the past month.
Sheep end Lambs
Supply did not vary materially from last
week. There was an improvement in markets,
but no advance in prices. Some dealers re
ported a slight advance on last week's prices,
but the only improvement was more active
markets. All choice stock was readily taken at
full last week's prices.
Eastern buyers complain that Pittsburg
markets for sheep and lambs have of late been
relatively too hich as compared with prices at
New York and Philadelphia. Our Liberty
stockmen claim that prices here are in fair
proportion with rates at Chicago and St. Louis.
Boca nt SlIfTer Price.
The run of bogs this week has been consider
ably lighter than last and prices have stiffened.
The improvement, however, has not been up to
what was exppcted. The price of Philadelphias
this morning ranged from S3 90 to $4 00 per
hundred. Last week prices dropped 25c below
these figures and hogs sold at Liberty as
low as at Chicago. Prices have been fairly main
tained at East Liberty since the beginning of
the week, notwithstanding Tuesday's big run
of inferior stock. Receipts at Chicago to-day
were 32,000 head and yesterday 38,000, and the
ontside price there for selected packing hogs
has been S3 653 70 for several days past.
One of our leading packers said to-day that
his firm had bought hogs at Chicago this week
at the lowest price this season, and this was
equivalent to saying that they were lower now
than for many years past.
AlcCnll & Co.'a Weekly Review.
The supply of cattle has been only fair, but
mostly of an inferiot quality. Good to prime
butcher grades were in demand at strong
prices. Heavy fat shippers ruled slow at last
week's prices. Good feeders weighing 1,100 to
1,300 pounds were in demand at strong prices,
while it was almost impossible to sell light
stockers and feeders, this grade reaching the
lowest prices of the season. We quote the fol
lowing as ruling prices: Pz.me.L300 to 1,600
pounds, $4 254 50: good, 1,200 to 1.400 pounds,
S3 7o410; good butcher grades, 1,000 to 1,200
pounds. $3 2j3 65; rough fat. 1, 100 to
.1,000 pounds, S3 253 40: (rood feeders,
L10U to 1,300 pounds, $3 403 05; good feeders,
900 to L100 pounds, 2 603 25: common
stockers and feeders, 700 to 900 pounds.
12 002 50; bulls and fat cows. SI '502 50;
fresh cows and springers, $25 U045 00 per
The receipts of hogs to-day are fully equal to
the demand and the market is slow at the
following quotations: philadelphias $3 90
4 ;00; best Yorkers. J3 80(23 So; common
Yorkers. S3 75; roughs, 2 753 50,
The receipts of sheep this week were fair
and the market active at unchanged prices.
We quote sales ,as follows: Prime Ohio and
Indiana wethers, weighing here 110 to 120
pounds, J4 S55 25; good, 90 tn 100 pounds. f4 50
4 85: fair to good mixed, 75 to 80 pounds,
S3 603 90t -good yearlings, 75 to 80 pounds,
$4 254 75; fair to good, 50 to 60 pounds, S3 50
4 25; good lambs. S5 O06 00; veal calves, 110
to 120 pounds, $5 006 25; heavy calves. $2 00
03 25.
By Telecrsnb.
New Yoke Beeves Receipts. 40 carloads
for the market, 60 carloads for exportation and
4 carloads for slaughterers direct. No prime
or extra offerings; market firm; poor to good
- steers. S3 254 75 per 100 lbs; bulls and cows at
SI 80133 10. Exports to-day, 1,040 beeves and
6,180 quarters of beef. To-day's Liverpool cable
quotes American refrigerated beef, firm at 9c
per ft. Calves Receipts, 500 bead; shipment
steady at 58c per ft for veals, and at 2K3Kc
for crassers and Western calves. Sheep Re
ceipts. 4,600 head; active at steady prices for
sheen and at a small advance on lambs; sheep
St. Loots Cattle Receipts. 3,200 head; ship
ments, 500 bead; market slow; good to fancy
native steers, J4 204 95: lair to good do S3 25
Q4 30: stockers and feeders, SI 8o3 10: range
steers, S2 003 Mi Hogs Receipts. 1U700 head:
shipments, lOftfffead: market opened weak and
closed firm; Sir to choice heavy, S3 5563 65;
gacking grades, S3 454 60: light, fair to best,
t 403 55. . Sheep Receipts, 600 head; ship
ments, 200 bead; market steady; fair to choice.
S3 004 70; lambs, S3 8U5 4a
Kansa Crrr Cattle Receipts, 4,200 head:
shipments. 4,500 head; market steady on the
best ana very slow on others; natives. S3 25
3 75: cows, SI GOfft! 40; stockers and feeders.
12 15S 10; Texans, SI 752 SO. Hogs Receipts,
11,000 head: steady to 5c higher; good to choice
light, f3 553 60; heavy and mixed. S3 52U
8 80. Sheep Receipts, 600 head; market
slow and steady: good to choice muttons, S3 80
65 00; stockers and feeders, S3 254 60.
CHICAGO Cattle Kecelnts. 16.000 head;
shipments. 4,500 head; beeves. JH 50S5 65: steers,
2 90S4 40; stackers, and feeders, SI 75S2 80:
Texas cattle, 51 402 8a Hogs Receipts,
20,000 bead: shipments 6,000 bead; market
weak; mixed. S3 533 75; light, S3 4003 70
heavy, S3 603 75; skips, $23 6a Sheep Re
ceipts, 9.000 head; shipments. 4,000 head;
market strong; natives. S35 50; Westerns.
S3 255 00: Texans, S3 0004 la
Buffalo Cattle steady, firm, unchanged:
receipts, 50 loads through, 4 loads sale. Sheep
and lambs steady, firm; receipts, 16 loads
through. 14 loads sale. Hogs steady; receipts,
17 loads through, 60 loads sale; mediums,
heavy and heavy ends. S3 9003 95; mixed and
Yorkers, S3 90; pigs, S3 7563 9a
New.Yohk. December 4. There was further
improvement in the demand for cotton goods
and in the general tone of the market. Agents
were closing out previous to an advance stock
of the following bleached cottons: Lonsdale
shirtings and cambrics, Blackstone, Hope,
Fitchville and forget-me-not. Stocks of fruit
of the loom 4-4 and were all closed out to-day
and orders placed "at value." There was con
siderable activity in some descriptions of im
ported goods, particularly fancy and fine linens
and handkerchiefs.
Metal Market.
.New Yobk Pig iron quiet and firm; American;-
516 50gl9 00, Copper easier and more
active; lake, December. 14 (XI Lead nominal;
domestic S3 85. Tin brisker and higher; straits.
,$2145. '
Wool Market.
St. ' Louis Receipts of wool during tho
week 271.277, against 832,758 pounds for the
week previous. The market is firm, but busi
ness light.
Tottering to Its Base.
Health totters to its very foundations when
vigor begins to wane. To check Its loss, to re
pair its general damage to the constitution
which this Inflects, impaired digestion must be
rendered active the conversion of food into
blood must be facilitated. No tonic on earth
can accomplish this so effectually as Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters; a remedy also for malaria,
constipation and biliousness.
irf . i
Wheat Fairly Active bat Lower Cora Dull
and Weak Oats Stress nad Higher
Pork Steady and Featureless.
Chicago Wheat There was a very fair
trade in a speculative way to-day, and prices
ruled weak and lower all around. There was
considerable selling of long wheat and shorts
covered moderate quantities. Foreigners, too.
were reported as being buyers both here and at
New York at the decline. Cable advices were
generally steady and firm, and London noted
S6d advance In Russian, while Paris also
quoted firm and 10c per barrel high on flour.
Operators who had bought yesterday, expect
ing to sell at higher .prices to-day, were dis
appointed and became sellers, and the offerings
were liberal. The boards dispatch also noted
720,000 bushels Increase in the quantity of
wheat on passage, and it, was reported that
stocks in the United Kingdom bad increased
about 1,000,000 bushels during the month.
The export clearances were small. Receipts
in the Northwest, although not as heavy as
during the preceding weeks, still continued
fairly large. There was .talk of an increased
movement of wheat from first hands in the
Southwest, but there is nothing in posted re
ceipts to show such a movement. The local
market opened at yesterday's closing .figures,
declined Jlc, and closed quiet; c lower than
yesterday. It was claimed that the weakness
was partially the result of a combined bucket
shop raid on the market to lorce out some of
their customers on long wheat held on slender
Corn was rather dull the greater part of the
session, though early in the day a fair degree
ofactivity was manifested. There were no feat
ures of importance developed, outside of the
free selling of December by a bouse supposed
to be largely long, this being about the only
feature worthy of cote. The prevailing feeling
was weaker, December in particular, the other
futures ruling comparatively steady. The mar
ket opened at yesterday's closing prices, was
easy, December sclllne off Jc, while other
months declined c rallied a little and closed
with December $b and January and May
H6Hc lower than yesterday.
Oats were active, stronger and higher. De
cember and January were the strongest, and
advanced JfiC on several large buyers bid
dins for round lots. May advanced Kc. At
the top, operators who bought early began sell
ing. A weaker feeling devoloped and prices
declined slightly, but last sales were at a small
gain over yesterday's close.
Pork Avery light business was transacted
and the feeling was steady. Prices exhibited
very little change.
Lard Trading was only fair and the feeling
rather firm. Prices without material change.
Short Rib Sides There is no particular
change to note in the market. Prices rather
favored sellers, though no advance was estab
lished. The leading futures rancea as follows:
Wheat No. 2. December. 808079K
TBKc: January. 80e8080SOc; May, 84
Cobn No. 2. December, S15e31J31W
31Kc: January, 31J631J3131c: May, 33J
Oats No. 2, December, 20J20X20K
20kc; January. 2020XK2lc; ilay. 22Ji
Mess Pobk, per bbL January. $9 30J9 S5
9 309 35; iiarcli. S9 47U9 529 47K
9 50; May. $9 709 72X9 709 72W-
T.ATOT, na, 1M ffco Tan-...., ITPTiyitC OVl
5 8905 90; March, IS 006 00; May, 56 07JS
6 106 07K6 la
Shoet Ribs, per 100 tts. January. $4 75
4 75; March, S4 854 874 854 85; May,
S4 954 97K4 954 97K
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
dull and weak; No. 2 spring wheat, 79c; No.
3 spring wheat, 64K66c: No. 2 red, 70Hc
No. 2 corn. Sljjc No. 2 oats, 20Kc No. a
rye. 44c, No. 2 barley, 58c No. 1 flaxseed,
SI 34. v Prime timothy seed. SI 18. Mess pork,
per bbk S9 129 25. Lard, per 100 lbs.
So 92. Short ribs sides (loose), S4 85
5 15. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), S4 S7K
4 5a Short clear sides (boxed), S5 725 75.
Sugars Cut loaf, unchanged. Receipts
Flour. 20,000 barrels; wheat, 112.000 bush
els: corn. 295.000 bushels; oats, 117,000 bushels;
rye, 16,000 bushels; barley, 85.000 bushels. Ship
mentsFlour, 8,000 barrels; wheat, 75,000
bushels: corn. 205,000 buhels; oats, 112,000
bushels; rye, 2,000 bushels; barley, 38,000 bush
els. On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was firmer; fancy creamery, 27628c;
fine, 2:23c; finest dairy, 2124c; fine. 1519c
New Yobk Flour active for home and
export, closing easy. Cornmeal steady and
more active, wheat Spot dull and weaker;
options active, JQgfc lower and heavy; free
selling by longs. Rve higher; active export
demand; western, 5656c Barley weak.
Barley malt quiet. Corn Spot firm and fairly
active. Oats Spot active and higher; options
active and strong. Hay quiet but steady.
Hops steady and in fair demand. Coffee
Options opened steady: nnchanced to 5 points
down: closed weak. l(XZW points down: sales.
48.000 bags, including December. 15.4515.55c;
January. 15.5015 65c: February, 16.65c: March,
15.60i6.75c: April, 15.75c; Mav, 15.6515.S0c;
June, 15.7515.80c; July. 15.60c: September,
1560c; October, 15.4015.50c; spot Rio dull;
nominal fair cargoes, 19e. Sugar
Raw, active and higher; fair refining, 6c;
centrifngals 96 test, 6Vc: sales, 5.000 bags;
Brazil, 87 test, 14c; 200 Tiags centrifugal, 96
test, 6Jic: 15,000 bags Rio Urande,
84 test, Sc; 576 hogsheads Muscovado,
S7 iest. Ria refined firm and quiet
Molasses New Orleans fairly active. Rice in
fair demand, and steady. Cottonseed oil dull;
vellow at S435c Tallow quiet and easy.
Rosin quiet. Turpentine dull and lower at 45
45Jc. Eggs in fair demand and firm; West
ern, 28c; receipts, 3,755 packages. Coal steady
and quiet. Pork easier and fairly active; mess,
inspected, S1I 00S11 25; do, uninspected, S10 50
Kiiu o: extra prime, ttf vortiu uu. unt meats
quiet: pickled hams, 89c: pickled bellies,
10 to 12 pounds. 6e; middles quiet. Lard
quiet and firm; sales, 550 tierces; Western
steam at S6 3036 32K, closing at SB 30; options
sales 2.500 tierces; December, f 6 26; Jannarv,
S6 2SQ8 29, closing at S3 29 bid; February. SS S3
&o 04, eluding at 30 m 01a; jiiarcn, co sa old;
May, S6 47bid. Butter Choice fresh in de
mand and firm; Elgin, 2829c; Western dairy,
918c;do creamery, 1427c; do held, 10019c:
do factory. 7S20c. Cheese quiet and steady:
Western, 7K10c
Pnn.ADEi.PHiA Flour dull. Wheat strong
and higher; fair to good milling wheat, 80S5c;
choice and fancy longberry, 8790c; No. 2 red.
in export elevator, 80c; No. 2 red, December, 80
KMc; January. 81Ji82k'c; February, S3K
84c;ilarch, 83K84jf. Cora-Options steady
but quiet; car lots weak;- high mixed in
Twentieth street elevator, 40c; new steamer No.
2 high mixed on track, 42c; old No. 2 mixed in
Twentieth street elevator. 43kc; do, on track,
44c; new No. 2 quoted at 424Sc; No. 2 mixed.
December. 3Sfti39Jic; January, SSffiSSKc:
February. 3939kc: March, 39J40a Oats
Carlots firm: No. 3 white. 28U0!29c: No.3wh!t
29c: futures quiet but steady; No. 2 white December.-
29K29Kc; January. 2929JJc: Feb
ruary, 29Ji30c; March, 8030c. Eggs steady:
Pennsylvania firsts, 27c
MnraEAPOLis Early demand for sample
wheat was active for the high milling qualities
hut the low grades went slowly. The market
was well supported, considering the weakness
existing at some other places. A good inquiry
was noted for original way-bill wheat, with a
9c transit freight, and such lots had a prefer
ence in some cases at full quotations. Millers
again appeared to be the principal buyers, and
mainly for local consumption. Receipts were
250 cars and shipments 81 cars. Closing quota
tions: No. 1 hard, December. 77c: January
78c: May. 84Jc:on track, 7879e; No. 1
Northern. 75c December; 7CKC January;
81CMay;on track,7777Kc;Ko. 2 Northern,
December, 72c; May, vSJc; on track, 7274c
St. Louis Flour steady and generally firm
for the better grades. Wheat lower: large
receipts caused a sharp break, and with all
domestic markets weak to close was dull at
c below yesterday: No. 2 red, cash, 78Vc7
nominal; December. 7979Jc, closing at TSjfcc
asked: May. 83U84c closing at 83c asked;
July 7979c closing at 79c Corn lower;
closing at 30c asked. Oats better: No. 2 mh
20c; May, 22e asked. Rye strong and
higher; No. 2, 41c bid. Barley Nothing of
consequence done Provisions dull and droon
ing. PorkS1010 25. r
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
easy: cash 72c: May, 78c; Ha 1 Northern, on
track, 81c Corn steady; No. 8, 29c Oats
steady; No. 2 white, 22kc Rye quiet; Nc 1
44Jc Barley steady; No. 2, 48c Provisions
steady. Pork, S9 30. Lard, $5 9a Cheese un
changed: Cheddars. 99Kc
Baitoiobe Provisions steady. Butter
Fine creamery. 2425c Eggs firm; western.
252Gc, Coffee steady; Rio, fair, at 19i20c
T01.KDO Cloversecd dull and steady; cash
and December, S3 60; February, S3 70.
A Constable Contrition.
Constable Chilson, of HcKee's Bocks,
was arraigned before Alderman Gripp, yes
terday afternoon, to answer a charge oi
cruelty to his family, preferred by Superin
tendent Dean. As Mr. Chilson showed con
trition and promised to be good, he was dis
missed on the payment of the costs.
A Loir River Again.
The river has been falling rapidly for the
last four or five days, and is now down to
C feet, too low for barge operations. The J
packets still run regularly. rThe Hudson
departed yesterday afternoon for Cincin
nati. Ann 9ft ilmTM tt AnivnclnM 73114am n
every glass of iipure water you fcUfc,
Depositors Assured of 50 to 75 Per
Cent, and May Get Everything.
Canse3 of Depression in Local Securities,
and Eeasons for a KeviTal.
It turns ont that the report that the Treas
urer of the German Lutheran Church, at
Bloomfield, who died a few days ago, had a
considerable amount of his own and church
funds in the Lawrence Bank at the time of
the failure, is untrue; and consequently he
did not die of trouble over his loss, as he
sustained iione.
In this connection it was ascertained yes
terday from a gentleman who is very close
to President Young, that if 'reasonable time'
be given the assignee, or receiver, to
realize on the assets of the bank, de
positors will receive not less than 60
and probably 75 per cent ot their
claims. This much the gentleman said, is
certain, ana there is good ground for hope that
ultimately the entire amount of deposits will'
be returned.
There is no war on any of the local stocks
no organized raid no change in conditions of
an adverse character to weaken confidence in
their earning capacity and yet they are both
weak and inactive, except by spells. There is
no regular demand for them that amounts to
anything. Investors stand aside and watch
the little ups and downs of the market as coolly
and disinterestedly as they would an auction
sale of old junk
The reasons for this apathy are to be sought
outside of the securities thomselves. It cannot
be denied that however abundant moneymay
be for commercial and manufacturing pur
poses, it is scarce for speculation. There is
considerable difficulty in getting stocks carried.
This discourages business. Another reason is
found in the fact that yearly settlements must
soon be made, and investors want to know ex
actly how they stand financially before engag
ing in fresh ventures. Tn e uncertainty of Con
gressional legislation on financial and other
questions affecting speculative securities is
another cause for hesitation. Any and all of
these reasons sufficiently explain the apathy in
the local stock market, irrespective of condi
tions. That there will be a revival of business early
in tho coming year is as certain as anything
can be. There is nothing against it. The trac
tion roads are good property.and when once fully
launched must make big earnings. The rapid
settlement of the districts through which they
pass assures them of a large patronage. The
Westinghouse properties are among the most
valuable in the country, and must increase in
popularity. Bank, insurance and bridge stocks
are on a solid foundation. The free bridge agi
tation should be considered an element of
strength rather than of weakness.
Leaving natural gas stocks out of the ques
tion, and putting no estimate npon their in
trinsic value, present or prospective, local
securities are among the best in the market,
and ought to command the confidence of In
vestors. That they will rally from the de
pression of the last few months and regain
their old-time spirit and activity, cannot be
The traveling publio will be the gainer by
the recent close traffic arrangement established
between the Northwestern and Union Pacific
Railroads. Already a fast limited mail train
has been pnt on this ronte from Chicago to
Portland and San Francisco, reducing the time
from Chicago to Portland to 83 hours, and to
San Francisco to 85, a reduction of seven hours
on the former and a full half day on the latter.
A similar rednction in time is to be made on
east-bound passengers and malls. There is no
donbt that eventually it is the intention of the
yanaerbiits by this new combination to run
through fast trains from New York to San
Francisco and Portland without change The
passenger bound around the world can then
step from bis ocean steamer in New York, take
the elevated rallroadto the Grand Central
station, enter his Wagner palace car, and in i
days find himself on the Pacific coast, ready to
take his steamship for China. This is a won
derfully fast age and American railroads are
keeping np with the procession.
H. a Skinner, of South Carolina, thinks
cotton growers should be protected as well as
cotton manufacturers, to accomplish which he
has devised a novel and ingenious plan. It is
as follows: "Let a part of the Treasury surplus
be expended in building cotton warehouses at'
convenient points in the South. Let the Govern
ment say to the cotton planter, 'If manufac
turers will not pay you 13 cents a pound, bring
your cotton to the warehouse, and on strict
and proper grading you shall receive ware
house receipts' (suppose I term them cotton
certificates in analogy to gold and silver cer
tificates), 'at the rate of 11 cents a pound for
standard grade You must pay the warehoused
a fee of 1 cent a pound to cover all expenses
costs and risks.'
'These certificates could be issued for lo
100 and 1,000-pound lots ana be made nego
tiable (I say 14 cents because this adds the 1
penny the Government has received to the
price the cotton could be purchased for before
entering the warehouse If a large part of the
crop should pass through these warehouses the
rtvenue would leave a handsome profit to the
Treasury after paying all expenses.) These cer
tificates would be the same as cash to the
planter for all purposes, for they would be ac
cepted by everyone as readily as are gold and
silver certificates. These are general ugges
tions only, but they form the bails of a plan
that can be perfected in detail by proper legis
lation." St Joseph. Mo., is one of the growing cities
of the country. It is charmingly situated on
the east hank of the Missouri river, almost in
the exact center of the United States, and is
surrounded by a country excentionaily rich
and productive. It has a population of 75,000.
Fourteen great railroads enter the city, .repre
senting a total mileage of 33,586 miles, and 93
passenger trains pass tn and out of the Union
depot daily. The wholesale trade of St. Joseph
reaches the astounding figure of $110,000,000 per
year. There are seven hanks, with total assets
of $7,619,150. -
Although well and favorably known as an ex
excellent manufacturing center, St. Joseph
offers unusual Inducements to capitalists in
this direction. Quite a hog-packing interest
is already centered there, one concern consum
ing from 1,000 to 2,000 hogs daily, to which must
be added three other packing houses, which
have been in operation over 20 years. Very ex
tensive stock yards are located some two miles
south of the city,
Philadelphia Gn Still Seeking; a Lower
Level A Venture lo Wheeling-.
The stock market was active, but generally
weak yesterday. The sales were 550 shares,, of
which 240 were Philade lpbia Gas, 200 La oria,
100 Wheeling and 10 Pleasant Valley Hallway.
There was very little demand for anything else,
and no material changes in quotations.
Philadelphia Gas was raided down in the
forenoon to 29, but rallied later with sales at
2 It closed at 29 bid and J-more asked.
Central Traction was steady and unchanged.
and Citizens' and Pittsburg a trifle stronger.
There were no bids for Electric Switch and
Bignal was fractionally better. A broker paid
S10 for the privilege ot calling 100 shares of
Wheeling Gas in ten days at SO, and 520 for an
other lot of equal size on the same terms. The
board quotation was 25K. No one seemed to
know what there was behind this movement,
bnt it was surmised that the company expects
to bring in some good territory before the ex
piration of the ten days.
Holders of mining shares continue hopeful of
big strikes before long, and refuse to sell at
concessions. Bids, offers and sales are ap
pended: xoEimra. arxxxoox.
Bid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
German National Bank 300
Masonic Bank SI
Metropolitan n. uanic
People's National Be.
Heal .Estate L. AT. Vo.
second. B., Airy ..;,
City Insurance 31 SS
Allegheny Heatlngco.
PennylvanlaGas Co.,,
jJSffi .!: 2 gg H Sg
Wheeling Ga Co 26 36
Columbia oil Co : .... .."..
Tuna Oil Company.... ....- . 63
Central Traction SS'A X
Citliens' Traction
Pitts. Traction .... to
Pleasant Valley MX 33
Pitts., A. &Mn SS5
P.O.&St.L -
Pitts. A Western H.K.
N.Y. a O. Gas Coal Co. 35 37
La Boris Mining Co H
Luster Mining Co, lVi IS
.Diuu-jraneia nir, vo.. vo ....
Mon'g-ahela Water Co 35 ..... ....
0.8.&sig. Ce IMS
Pitts. Cyclorama Co... 6
Keystone Con. Co,..., 125
Sales at the first call were' 15 Philadelphia
Gas at 2 95 at 29X. 5 at 29; 100 Wheeling at
25 and 200 La Noria at .
At the afternoon call 60 shares of Philadel
phia Gas brought 29H. 60 29X, 25 29 and 10
PleasantValley Railway at 23.
Andrew Caster sold 50 shares of Philadelphia
Gas at 29 Kuhn Bros, sold 50 shares of
Wheeling Gas at 25K-
The total sales ot stocks at New York yester
day were 323.900 shares, including: Atchison,
4.825; Delaware. Lackawanna & Western.
43,525; Denver, Texas and Ft Worth, 3,058;
Louisville and Nashville 13,330; Missouri Pa
cific, 21,660; Northwestern, 3,080; Northern Pa
ciflc, preferred, 3,216; Reading, 39,650; Richmond
and West Point, 4,959; fit. Paul, 2L400; Union
Paclfie U,S10L '
Local Money Continues Active, But No
Chances to Note.
The leading banks reported a good demand
for money yesterday, with rates firm at 67 per
cent. 'There was no stringency. Checking and
depositing were large indicating a prosperous
condition of general business. Currency and
exchange traded about even. The holiday
trade has commenced, and promises to be un
usually heavy. The exchanges were $2,486,257, 24
and the balances, S2C5.560 81.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
tight, ranging from 4 to 8 per cent: last loan,
4: closed offered at 4. Prime mercantile paper.
57K. Sterling exchange quiet and fairlT
steady at 54 80 for 60-day bills and U Ui for de
mand. Closing Bond Quotations.
D. s. 4s, reg 123
U. 8.4s. coup 127
U. 8. 4KB. reg ...104K
M.K. AT.Gen.5s . 62X
Mutual Union 6S....100
N. J. C. Int. Oert...ll
Northern Pac Uts..11SV
Northern Pae. 2d. .109
Northw't'n consols.141
Northw'n deben's.,109
Oregon & Trans. 06.103
St. L. AI.M. Oen. it UU
D. 8. 4Ks, coup.... 104H
Pacific 6s of 95. "3
Loulslanastamned4s tin
Ljnissonn os u
xenn. new set. 6....iusjj
icnn. new set. as....iu
Tenn. new set. 3s
73l4jat. L.& 8. If. Gen.il. 112
Canada Bo. 2ds 97
31. rani oonsou ...,uj
St. PL Chi A feists. 118
Oen. Pacific, lsts 112
lcn. &K.O., UU...118
Den. &E. a. 4s 78
D.&B.Q.West.lls, 97
Erte,Itt ......102
U.K.. AT. Oen. 6s.. 72
Tx., Pe.L. O.Tr.Bs. SS
TX.,PcK.a.Tr.BcU JSH
union rac. UU.....U3K
West Shore VH
"Yesterdays bond offerings were as follows:
Registered 4s, $258,100 at 127; registered 4s.
Nhw Tosk Clearings, $157,005,646; balances,
Boston Clearings, $18,362,398; balances,
$2,079,136. Monev, 67 per cent.
Baxtimobe Clearings, $2,605,302; balances,
Philadelphia Clearings, $16,815,672; bal
ances, $2,547,127.
London The amonnt of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank of England to-day is 50.000.
Paris Three per cent rentes, 87f 80c for
the account.
Chicago Bank clearings, S13,915,00a New
York exchange sold at par. Money continues
in good demand, a great deal being taken to
carry wheat in the Northwest, Rates are 6 per
cent for call, and 68 cer cent for time loans.
St. Louis Clearings, $3,663,162; balances,
$535,082. '
Bather Bullish at the Opening, but
Weak nt the Close.
The oil market was moderately strong at the
opening yesterday, as a resnlt of the rally at
the close of the day before, and remained sj
for an hour or two, when it was weakened in
sympathy with the depression in New York
stocks. Trading was light, what there was of
it being of the Pyking sort.
The market opened at $1 05; highest, $1 0
lowest and closing, $10 Tuesdays, clear
ances were 616,000 barrels.
There Is considerable activity in the Brash
Creek and Mt. Morris fields,. bnt nothing big to
show for it. In the Cbartiers Valley field the
Arbuckle Aiken and Davis wells are still keep
ing up finely, doing 150, 180 and 215 barrels a
day respectively, according to the gauge. 'Kelly
No. 4, in the Shannopin field, is doing a little
less than 600 barrels, with good prospects of in
creasing the flow. The Lulu X, on tho Burton
farm, in the Gold field, has been keeping np its
gushing quality since it was drilled in Monday,
and Is making 580 barrels a day.
Fenlures of the Mnrket.
Corrected -dally by John M. Oaxiey A Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange
Opened 1CSUI Lowest.
Average runs .
Average shipments
Average charters.
Reflnod, New-York. 7.60e
Keflnerf, JUmdon. 6 3-160.
Refined, Antwerp, 17r.
Kenned. Liverpool.' 6 1-160.
.Refined, Bremen, 7.30m.
A. B. McGrew & Ce quote:
1 02; calls, $104.
Puts, $102
Other Oil markets.
Trrr8vri.i,E, December4. Opened at 81 05;
highest, $1 05; lowest, $1 04; closed at $1 04.
Bradford. December 4. Opened at SI 051;
highest, $1 05: lowest, $1 03; closed at $1 tj.
jearances, ozu,uuu Darreis.
On. Crrr. December 4. Onened at CI n5V;
lghest. $1 05; lowest. $1 04; closed, $1 oi
iales. 324.000 barrels: shinments. 66.156 harrl-
runs. 36.524 barrels: clearances. 772.000 barrels:
vuarters o,oui oarreis.
ftEWYORK. December 4. Petrolanmnnonari
firm at $1 04JJ, and moved up to $1 05 In
the first hour. Then the market became heavy
and declined steadily until the close which was
weak at $1 03. StocK Exchange: Opening.
$1 04; highest. $1 05: lowest, $1 03; clos
ing $1 03. Consolidated Exchange: Open
ing, SI (to; highest, $1 05; lowest, $1 04; clos
ing, $1 04. Total sales, 587,000 barrels.
A Number of Important Denis In tbe City
nnd Suburbs.
E. D. Wingenrotb, 100 Fourth avenue, sold
for a Pittsburg party a seven-roomed frame
house, with lot 60 feet wide, on Dallas avenue,
Ingram, to Mrs. Nancy Peine, for $3,400.
Charles Somers & Co., 813 Wood street, sold
for Robert Beaty to J. D. Young a building site
on Wylle avenne, near Roberts street,Eleventh
ward, having a frontage of 50 feet on Wylle
and a depth of 127 feet for 53,600.
Samuel W. Black & Co., sold No. 6 Oakland
Square. This makes the sixth one of these de
lightful two-story and mansard nine-roomed
brick dwellings sold since November 19. Tbe
lot Is 30x100 to a 20-foot alley, and the price paid
was 56,50a
Reed B. Coyle di Co.. 131 Fourth avenue,
placed a mortgage of $800 at 6 per cent on prop
erty in the Twelfth ward. city.
Black & Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to Ed;
ward Ball a lot between Watts and Francis
streets. Thirteenth ward, being 18x60 feet, with
a two-story frame dwelling thereon, for 51.600.
L M. Pennock & Son sold and settled a mort
gage on a farm in Penn townsbm for Bimo flm
years, and one for 5850, three years, on property
in the Thirteenth ward, city; both at 6 per cent.
The Nntnral Tendency of Railroad Shares
to Rally, But tbe Bears Say No
isome Recovery, However, at
tbe Close.
New Yobk, December 4. There was less an
imation in the stook market to-day, bnt the
tone of the dealings was not so strong as .yes
terday, and most of the list this evening is still
lower. The natural tendency is evidently to
rally, but the improvement was nret' by the
bears with attacks on certain stocks which re
sulted in a feverish and divided market.
Missouri "Pacific was one of the weakest
stocks on the list, although there was an effort
made to make the street believe that insiders
had been largely buyers during the past week,
and that the stock would go considerably
higher. The greatest pressure was first
brought upon New England, and it dropped off
about 1JJ per cent, but the decline brought In
what was considered good buying, but the rally
left It still lower than last evening. Thepres
ure was continued upon the Coal stocks, but
while active they were held within narrow lim
its, and their final changes are insignificant,
and owing to tbe abandonment of the attack
they were comparatively dull during the entire
The strong feature of the day was Chicago
Gas, which rose from S8H to 4 on coveringof
shorts and buying by Chicago people. There
was a story from the last named place that a
ool bad been organized to squeeze tbe shorts
i tbe stock. All of the advance was not held,
but the stock made the most pronounced ad
vance of the day.
London was again a buyer of some of its fav
orites, especially Louisvilio and Nashville and
St. Paul, though the Utter- was veake&ed y-
the disappointment over the small increase la
the earnings reported, and the former raided
down late in the day, when tho support. from
the foreigners was withdrawn. The movement
in Ontario and Western was reversed to-day,
and it was one of the weakest stocks-intbereg-war
list, on the report that Mr. Vanderbilt.-de-clined
to receive proxies for the annual elec
tion. The news of the day was generally of a
favorable character, but had little If any in
"oonce upon the course of- prices.
The opening was made at advance over last
evening's figures, which extended to per
cent, but the attackupon New England checked
the improving tendency immediately, and
prices receded all over the room, the only
strong feature being Cameron Coal, which was
specially active for that stock, and rose from
OH to 8. The general list recovered fully before
oon, but the fluctuations were generally for
slight fractions only, and the advance con
tinued until well into the afternoon under the
lead of Chicago Gas. Prices then gave way all
over the list, and the close was rather heavy
generally at something under the opening
E rices. Most stocks, however, are fractionally
igher as usual.
In railroad bonds there was a rather heavy
tone to the trading, and declines are in a ma
jority this evening, the most important losses
being Chicago and Pacific sixes, 2 at 118: Chi
cago and East Illinois consols, at 122; Read
ing seconds, SK at 55, and Hannibal and St.
Joe consols, 1 at 117. There were, a few ad
Taoces, but they were of minor importance
The PotVt review say3. There is no doubt
that the unpromising condition of the coal
trade has recently brought a good deal of long
stock of all the coal companies upon the mar
Set It has been dribbling out for two months,
in which time Laccawanna and Jersey Central
have each declined 9 points, and Reading and
Delaware and Hudson 7. It has been a steady
sagging of their prices during the two mpnths,
and not the effects of the general demoraliza
tion of the market, that has carried the coal
stocks down. There Is, iowever, a chance for
some misconceptions of the earnings of these
properties, as is shown by the annual report of
the Erie, in which the loss of over $800,000 in Its
coal trade was more than made up by the in
crease of other traffic
There was a story circulated by thefears yes
terday that np to September 30 the Lackawanna
had earned only 4 per cent on its stock, but it
W&S Pnnstr1aiari tAA nVisnvd n vannlra nntiita
and this morning President Sloan denies it, and I
oojs mat, notwitnstanaing tne poor coai traao.
the other traffic of the railroad has been so
good that up to September 30 the surplus earn
ings were equal to 7 per cent.
The following tame snows tne prices of active
stocks on rthe New York Stock Excnange yester
day. Corrected daily for Thb Dispatch by
WHrntiTABTiPHiKSON. oldest Pittsburg mem
bers f New York Stock Kxenange 57 Fourth ave
nue: Open
ing. High
est. 34H
Am. cotton on. ...
Atcn., Top.4B.JT..... M
Canadian Pacific 72!
Canada Southern 63)4
vuinu oi xi ew Jeriey.ua
Central Pacific 34
ChesaneaknA (Ihtn
C.. Bur. & OuIlct. ....
C., MU. s St. Paul...
a. JUi.A8t.Ppt...,
C, KockL 4P
C. lit. L. ft flttt
U, St. L. A Pitts, pt.
U. 8t.PM.ftO
C.. t.r.M. ftO.. of.
SX 3334
fjS orthwestern 109K
C.& Horthweitern, pf. ....
c., a. c. & i 7o
C..C., Cftl., nr '..
OoL Coal ft Iron 34
Col. ft Booking fu .. 18i
Del.. L. 4 W...- 137X
Del. A Hudson. 15
E.T.. Va.4Ua . t
E.T..Va. ftOa.lst pf. ....
f.1'.. Va. ftOa. Zd pr. 21J4
Illinois Central. ....i
Lake Gnn . WAatAvn i7w
17i 17!4
63 63
106X 106
84 3
96 96
ei'k )
107 107
27H va
67 67
ii" 42)i
20J4 19
60)4 60"
31 H 3114
7434 74
21 21
Lake trie West. nr.. 63
Lake snore &M. 8.....106K
LonlrrllleftNashvllle 84
Michigan Central f 96
Mobile 4 Ohio
Mo.. Kan. A Texas
Missouri Pacific. 67ji
New Kork Central 107
A.J..L.1S.A W 27
N.Y..L.E. ft W.pref.. 67
. ., O. ft St. L. Pf.
N.r.. C. ft Bt.ii. 2d ot ....
N. YftN. 15 44
A. y.. O. ft W 20
Horrolkft Western
Norfolk Western, Of. 60
Northern Pacific 3I!4
Nortnern Pacific urefi 7
Ohio 4 Mississippi..... 21
Oregon Improvement. ...
Oregon Transcon 24
Pacific Mall as
Peo. Uec. ft JCvans.
Phlladel. ft iteadlnc.. 28V
1'aUmanPaUoe Oar.. .185
Blchmonu ft W. P. T.. 21)4
Kichmond ft W.P.T.nX 79)2
St. P.. Minn, ft Man
St. L. ft Stan Fran
St. L. ft San Jrran pf.. X9
St.v. ft San JT. 1st pf.. 87)
Texas Paolflo I9H
UnlonPaclflo 68X
Wabasn 16
Wabash preferred IQK
Western Union J2J
Wheeling ft L. . 6514
Sngsr Trust 61
National Lead Trust.. 18
Chicago Gas Trust.... 29
33 H
67 ?4
Boston Blocks.
Atch. AToc.lstTi. 115V
A.iT. lAndar't?i.lI0)
Atch. 4 Top. B. K... S3J4
Boston A AlBany...il4
C. 11. ft 10414
Clun. Ban. A Olev. 32M
Eastern B. K. 6s ....111),
easterns. It 123)4
flints PereM 22
JTlintiFereM. nru. 91
Jlexlean Oen. com.. 1594
Jlex.U.lstmtg. bus. 6511
-N. X. A iieniSaK... UK
UldOolonr. 178
Rutland, com 4
Uutland preferred.. 45
Wis. Central, com...
Wis. Central pC.
Calumet A Hecla....
Bell Xelepnone...
dosmh i.ana..,.
Water Ifower...
SanUleco IS
Santa Fe copper..,. 1
Philadelphia Mtocks.
Closlnjr qnotatlons of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stcnhenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue, ilembers Mew York titocfcJSx-
,. S29i
.. 1H
.. 7K
.. fa
.. 31
.. 74
Pennsylvania Ballrcad. ,
Buffalo, Pittsburg Western...,
LehlKh Valley
Lenhrh navigation
Northern Pacific...
Northern Pacinc prererred ,
Mlnlnir Stocks.
New York. December 1 Alice, 105: Best 4
Belcher. 275; Consolidated California and Vir
ginia, 550; Deadwood Territory, 145; El Cristo,
100; Gould & Curry, 150; Homestake, 900;
Horn Silver. 200: Iron Silver. 200; Mexican,
2B0,Ontario. 345: Plymouth, 290; Savage, 130;
Serra Nevada, 230. .
Business Notes.
The firm of A. J. Givens & Co. has been dis
solved, A. J. and S. D. Givens retiring.
The Union Transfer and Trust Company oc
cupies rooms in the Fidelity building, on Fourth
The Secretary of the Treasury recommends
the issue of Treasury notes on' deposits of sil
ver uuuion.
The amount of Government deposits in na
tional banks at the commencement of this week
was 542,624,2481
Twelve or 15 fine dwellings -will beerected
on tho Wilkins' plan of lots, near Wilkinsburg,
early next spring.
It is stated thattheSugarTrusthasS13,000,000
cash on hand, and has earned its quarterly divi
dend in the last four weeks.
The prospect is good for even greater activ
ity in iron next year than in the one drawing to
a close, and prices may go higher.
About 1300,000 will be paid to pensioners in
the Pittsburg district duriag the present
month. Payments commenced yesterday
.The business at the Torrens Transfer has
been on the increase duriner the nast two weeks.
This is accounted for by the approach of the
Business In mortgages is looking up. Forty
nine were recorded yesterday. The largest was
fortlO.000. Twenty-three of the total number
were for purchase money.
Secretary Windom's policy in regard to
national banks meets tbe approbation of local
financiers. Its enforcement so far has resulted
in putting more money In circulation.
A charter was granted at tbe State De
partment yesterday to the Greensburg Steel
Company; capftal.i 5100,00a A. C. Isaacs, of
Pittsburg, is the principal stockholder.
McReesport is enjoying a real estate boom,
or something like it. Over 5250,000 worth of re
alty has changed owners there In the last two
months. Building v!i be active in the big
borough next season.
The settlement of the litigation between the
little Miami Railroad and the Panhandle re
sulted in the latter getting over 5500,000 for bet
terments. This will materially strengthen Pan
handle stock, A large amount of it is held
It is expected that the lull in real estate will
continue until after New Year's. A broker re
marked: -"Investors won't do more until the
January settlements show them bow they stand
financially. The prospect for next year is ex
cellent;" "
'-Carter's Little Liver Pills.
SICK HILU)AjHECarter,aUtfler,lTerm,.
SICK HKiDACHBCarUl,,utaeUTerHl!1.
SICK HEADACHKClrU!I,,' mae u Pmj.
ImproYed Demand for Fresh. Poultry;
but Old Stock Drags.
Oats, Old Corn and Choice Hay SnoiriBf an
Upward Tendencj.
Office op pittsbtjbo Dispatch, ? "
Wednesday. December 4, 1888. i
pountry Produce Jobbing; Prices.
Trade la quiet. The demand for nice, fresh
poultry is better than it has been since Thanks
giving. Old stock, on the border of decay, is a
drug on the market. A large amount of this
quality of stock was left over from Thanksgiv.
ing, and has exerted a depressing influence on
markets. The supply of game is in excess of
demand. Quail are cheaper hero than at Chi
cago and St. Louis the past few days. Any
quantity have been sold -within a day or two at
75c to tl per dozen, while Western prices have
been tl 60 per dozen. Babbits sold at 12 to 15o
a pair within a day or two. Gray squirrels are
a drug at 75c to tl per dozen, and red squirrels
can hardly be given away. In the line of gen.
eral produce, markets are unchanged. There
is an active movement of choice dairy products.
In the next week all cheese products will "bo in
the hands of dealers and a rise is confidently
looked for. Choice creamery butter and fresh
laid eggsarevery firm, Countrv butter is slow.
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 29K30c: Ohio
do, 2827c; fresh dairy packed, 2224c; country
rolls. 2122c
Beaks Navy hand-picked beans, J2252 80;
medium, (2 102 20.
Beeswax 2830c $1 lb for choice; low grade,
Oideb Sand refined, SO 607 60; common,
$3 5024 00; crab cider. J8 008 50 $ barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c ? gallon.
Chestnuts $o 0005 So ft bushel; walnuts,
6070c jp bushel.
Cheese Ohio, llHKc: New'York, HKc;
Limburger, OKSJllc; domestic Sweitzer, 11
13Kc; imported .Sweitzer, 23c
Egos 2420e fl dozen for strictly fresh.
PBtrrrs Aoples, fancy, 82 503 60 fl barrel;
California pears, S3 504 00 a box; cranberries.
Jerseys, 52 50 bushel box: Cape Cods, box,
?2 7503 00: Malaga grapes, large barrel. $8 00.
Game Squirrels, 75cSl V dozen: quail, tP
f? dozen; prairie chickens. 54 50o 00 fl
dozen; pheasants, $4 605 00 f) dozen; rabbits,
tl 501 75 ? dozen; venison saddle, 1517o jj)
pound; venison carcass, 1213c $ pound.
Feathebs Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots. 3035c V &-
Poultbt Live chickens, 6oC5c a pair;
dressed. 89c a pound; ducks, 6i75c ft pair;
geese, tl 2501 30 ft pair: lire turkeys, 10llc
ft; dressed turkeys. 1214c fl ft.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62fts to bushel. 15 00
6 2 6fl bushel; clover, large English. 62Sts, $5 50;
clover, Alslke, S3 00; clover, white, t9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, tl 60; bine grass, extra
clean, 14 tts. 90c; clue grass, fancy, 14 tts, tl 00;
millet; 50 tts, ll 00; German millet, 60 Sis, tl- 60;
Hungarian grass, 50 tts. tl 00; lawn grass,
mixture of fine grasses, $2 60 fl bushel of 14
Tallow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4J
Tbopicax Fbutts Lemons, common, 13 50
4 00; fancy, 54 005 00: Florida oranges, 5250
3 00; bananas, 52 00 firsts, tl 60 good' seconds,
fl bunch; cocoanuts, 54 004 60 V hundred:
ngs, SK9c W lb; dates, K6Kc V ; new layer
figs, 14K16c: new dates. 7Kc fl tt.-
veoetablxs Potatoes, from store, 5055c:
on track, 4045c: cabbages, 54 008 00 a hun
dred; celery, 40c dozen; Jerseys, S4 004 25;
turnips, tl 001 oO a barrel; onions, 52 a barrel.
.Groceries are moving freely, but prices are
unchanged. Coffee options stiU show an up
ward tendency, and packages are firmly held
at old rates. Sugar is firm enough to advance
at an early day.
Green Coftee Fancy'RIo, 5324c; choice
Rio, 2122c; prime Rio, 20c; low grade Rio,
I819Kc; old .Government Java, 2728c; Mar
acaibo, 23K24c; Mocha, 2329c; Santos,
20X2ic; Caracas, 2224c; peaberry, Rlo,23
21c; La Guayra, 23K24c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 252Dc; old Government Java,
bulk, 31K33c; Maraeaibo, 2728c; Santos,
24H28Mc; peaberry, 28)c; choice Rio, -25c;
prime Rio, 23c; good Rio, 22J; otdinary, 21c
SPICES (whole) Cloves, 1920c; allspice, 10c;
cassia, 8c; pepper, 17c; nutmeg, 70S0c
Petroleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 testTWc;
'Ohio. 120, 8c: headlight, 150. Xc; water
white, 10Kc: globe, 1414c: elaine,14Kc;car
nadine, U)c; royaline, 14c; globe red oil. 11
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter stralued. 4647o
p gallon; summer. 404243c. Lard oil, 70c
SYBOTS Cora syrup, 2830c; choice sugar
svtud. 33R38c: prime suzar svrun. 30033c:
strictly prime, S335c: new maule syrup, 90c
N. O. MOLASSES Fancy, 48c: choice, 46c:
medium, 43c; mixed, 4042c; choice new crop,
Soda Bl-carb in kegs, 33c; bl-carb in s,
5c: bl-carb, atsorted packages. 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated. 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine,
set, 8Kc; parafilne, 11012c.
Rice Head, Carolina, 63i7c; choice, 60
6c: prime, 56c: Louisiana, 56Vc
Starch Pearl, 2Kc; cornstarch, 56c; gloss
starch, 47c
Foreign Fruits Laver raisins, 52 65; Lon
don layers, 52 90; California London layers,
52 75; Muscatels, 52 25; California Muscatels,
52 10; Valencia,7c; Ondara Valencia, 85c;
8nltana,9Kc: currants,6K5c; Turkey prunes,
45c; French prunes. 69c; Balonica
prunes, in 2-B packages, 8c; cocoanuts, fl 100;
56 00; almonds, Lan., lf a, 20c; do. Ivica. 19c;
do. shelled, 40c; walnuts, nan., 12X15c; Sicily1
flloerts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 125lSc; new dates,
&K6Kc; Brtzil nuts, 10c: pecans, ll15c; cit
ron. $) B, 1920c; lemon peel, $1 ft, 16c: orange
peeL 10c.
Dried Fbutts Apples, sliced, per & 6c, ap
ples, evaporated, 9c; apricots, California, evap
orated. 1416c: peaches, evaporated, pared,
2628c: peaches, California, evaporated, nn
pared, 1821c; cherries, pitted,13K14c; cher
ries unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evaporated,
25V26Kc: blackberries, 7K8c; huckleberries,
Sugars Cubes, 7Jic; powdered, TJfc; granu
lated, 7c; confectioners' A, 7c; standard A,
7c; soft white, (6c;yellow,cboice,66c;
yellow, good, 66c; yellow, fair, 6c; yellow,
dark, 5c
PlCKXES Medium, bbls (1,200), SCO; medi
um, half bbls (600), 53 25.
Salt No.L V bbl.95c: No. 1 ex, bbl, 5106;
dairy. ?t bbl, tl 20; coarse crystal. bbl, tl 20:
.Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 52 80; Higgles'
eureka, 10-14 a pockets, 53 in.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, 52 00
2 25; 2ds, 51 651 80; extra peaches, 52 402 60;
pie peaches. 95c: finest corn. 51 0001 50: Hid Co.
corn, 7590c; red cherries, 90ctl: Lima beans,
si 20; soaked do, 83c: string do. oouoc: mar
rowfat peas, SI IOiHJI 15; soaked peas, 7080c;
pineapples, tl 401 50; Bahama do, 52 75;
damson plums, 95c: greengages, tl 25;
egg plums, $2 00; California pears. 52 50: do
greengages, tl 85: do egg plums, tl 85: extra
white -cherries, 52 40; raspberries, 95cSl 10;
strawberries, 51 10; gooseberries, 51 Sosfl 40;
tomatoes, 8590c; salmon, !-&, tl 651 90;
blackberries, 65c; succotash, 2-B cans, soaked,
90c; do green. 2-B, tl 251 SO; corn beer, 2-B
cans, 52 05; 14-fi cans, 514; baked beans, 51 45
1 50: lobster, l-&rtl 751 80; mackerel, lib
cans, broiled, tl 50; sardines, domestic-Js,
54 2S4 60; sardines, domestic K, 56 757 00;
sardines. Imported, Js, til 50312 50, sardines,
imported, s, 518; sardines, mustard, 50 SO;
saroines, spiceu, w ou.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 536 $
bbL; extra No. 1 do, mess, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 532; extra No. 1 do, mess,
538: No. 2 shore mackerel. 524. Codfish Whole
Pollock, 4c f B; do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless hake, in strips, 6c: do
George's cod in blocks. 6X7c Herring
Round shore, 51 50 bbl; split, 56 50; lake,
52 75 100-B half bbL White fish. S3 00 fl 100
B half bbl. Lake trout, 55 50 fl half bbL Fin
nan haddock, 10c fl ft. Iceland halibut, 13c fl
ft. Pickerel, Kbbl.2 00: JibbLtllO; Poto
mac hernng, 55 00 bbL 52 SO fl Jf bbL
OATHXAI-56 006 25 fl bbL
Grain, Flour and Feed. -
Receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
Change, 21 cars.- By Pittsburg. Ft, Wayne and
Chicago, i cars of hay, 4 of flour, 1 of corn and
straw, lot barley, 1 of straw. By Pittsburg, Cin
cinnati and St. Louis. 4 cars of corn, 1 of oats, 1
of hay. By Baltimore and Ohio, 2 cars of hay,
1 of corn, 1 of rye. By Pittsburg and Western.
2 cars of hay, 1 of corn. By Pittsburg and Lake
Erie. 1 car of com. There were no sales on
calL There is a scarcity of oats and old corn,
and prices are very firm. Choice hay is in bet
ter demand, and tone of markets is stronger.
Wheat and flour are fairly steady. Northwest
ern millers grow steadily firmer in their ideas
of values, and there is no longer the disposition
to make concessions there was a few weeks ago.
Prices below are for carload lots on track.
Wheat New Nc 2 red. 8485c; No. 8, 80
COBS No. 2 yellow, ear, 4243c; new, 87938c;
high mixed, ear, 4041c; No. 2 yellow, shelled.
4242Kc; new, 8738c; high mixed, shelled, 410
41Kc; mixed, shelled. 41041Kc
Oats No. 2 white. 2829c; extra. No. 8,
27K28c; mixed. 2&26c
Rte No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 60051c;
Nal Western, 4849c; new rye, No. 2 Ohio, 45
Flora Jobblce prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, 15 005 60f winter straight,
itl2fti&; clear winter, H 004 26; straight ,
XXXX Bikers', t6 696 75. Ky -lour, 56 56
JJai-rEED MlddllDM fine "white, 15 090
15 IW ton; brown middlings, 110913CV:
winter wheat bran, ill 25S11 60; chop feed,
H5 59eittoa
Bat Baled timothy. So. L 2112501150;
No. 3 do, 58 00010 00; loose from wagon, til 00
012 00. according to quality; No. 2 prairie hay,
ft &8 00; packing do. 57 257 6a
STBAW-Oats. Jo 7587 00; wheat and rye
Straw. W 006 25. '
Sugar-cured hams, large, 10c; sugsx-curea
hams, medium, !0c: sugar-cured hams, small,
HKc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, Sc; sugar
cured shoulders, bJia sugar-cured boneless
shoulders.7Kc:sugar-cured California hams, 7cj
sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9c; sugar-cured
dried beef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12c: bacon shoulders, 5Jc: bacon
clear sides, 7Kc; bacon clear bellies, 7Kc; dry
salt shoulders, 5)c: dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy. 511 50; mess pork, family.
112 00. Lard refined, in tierces, 6c: half
barrels. (c; 60-B tubs. 6c; 20-ft pails, 6Kc: 50
& tin cans, 6Kc; 3-ft tin pails, 6c: 6-lb tin palls,
(c; 10-B tin pails, 6c; 5-B tin pails,
gic. Smoked sausage, long, 6c; large. 5c
Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams.l(c
Pigs feet, half barrel, 54 00; quarter barrel.
Dressed Heats.
The following prices are furnished by Armour
tCo. on dressed meat": Beef carcasses,450to550
lbs. 5c; 550 to 650 tts, 6c; 650 to 75Q tts, 6K06KC
Sheep, 7Kc ft ft. Lambs; 9c fl ft. Hogs, 5?c
Fresh pork loins, 7c
Trade is slow, as it uniformly is Just before
and after holidays. The wretched condition of
roads and streets in country towns has had a
"depressing influence on trade in lumber lines
the past month. Dealers do not push business
on account of the difficulty encountered to de
liver goods. We are now in the midst of the
?uiot lumber season, and no revival is looked
or until well toward, spring. Prices are un
changed. run mrPLAJTED taed quotations.
Clear boards, per JI.
t52CO."3 00 1
Select common boards, per JI.
Common hoards peril a) 00
Sheathing ,... is 00
4U uu
rue irame lumber per 31 a O0Q27 00
Shingles, No. 1, 18 In. per M 500
Shingles, No. 2, IS In. per M 375
Lath J 00
Clear boards, per SI , 60 00
Surface boards 30 0035 00
Clear, -lnch beaded celling 2S 00
Partition boards, peril 35 00
Flooring, No.l 3000
Flooring, No. 2 2500
Yellow pine flooring 30 00) 00
Weather-boarding, moulded, No. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 2.... 25 00
Weather-boarding, -lnch 2009
Ass, 1M4 in 14000(35500
mack walnut, green, logrun 45O0a0O
Bl-ek walnut, dry, logrun GO 00(375 00
iuerry ,
Green white oak nlank. 2 to 4 In.
. 40 0O2SOOa
- 5 ravax m
Dry white- oak plank, 2 to 41n
Dry white oak boards, lln 20 00(33 00
West Va. rellow nine. 1 inch srtflnifcsm
WestVa. yellow pine, 1J4 Inch 23 00330 00
West Va. yellow poplar, ft to lln lsooigsoo
Hickory, ito3fn 1SOO2$00
Hemlock building lumber, peril MOO
Bank rails J4 03
Boat studding MOO
Coal car plank is OO
Ash...... $30 00345 03
Walnut log run, green : 25 00345 00
Walnut log run. dry SSCOS-MOO
White oak plank, green 17 00318 00
White oaK plank, dry IS 00323 00
White oak boards, dry 1300023 00
WestVa. yellow pine, lln 21 OOrpJoo
WestVa. yellow pine, 1 In 20 00025 00
Yellow poplar is 0O&2S00
urcyr, 13 w in. 'JJ UXOU5 03
9 0010 00
Dunk rails ,
Boat studding.,
Coal car plank
14 00
7cpeenbt 20-IEAR GOLD BONDS.
We Offer si Par and Interest $500,000
Bear Lake and River Water
Works and Irrigation Co.
Bonds, Due In 1909, Interest Payable April I
and October I.
These bonds are a portion of a total of
12,000,000, and are issued to complete the
construction of 120 miles of canals diverting the
water of Bear Lake and Bear river into the
Great Salt Lake Valley, Utah, for Irrigating
250,000 acres of land, and to supply tbe city of
Ogden and other towns with water for domestic
and manufacturing purposes.
They are secured by a first mortgage on all
the property, canals, franchises and water rights
belonging to the Irrigation Company, including
many thousand acres of fertile land in Salt Lake
"Valley. The right is reserved to adrince the
price without notice. For full information,
address or inquire at the offices of the
No. 239 Broadway, New York; No. 518 Walnut
street, Philadelphia: No. 60 State street, Boston,
Mass., and No. 27 Custom House street,' Provi
dence, R. I., or
140 Fifth avenue. no28-76-TTS
Cure BIX IOTJS and
Nervous ILLS,
25cts. a Box.
"Why toil and slave forever P Life
was meant for living-, not eternal
slaving-. Cease this -weary drudff
ery. SOAPONA does your work
itself, and neither injures hand nor
fanric Then why do It youP Tia
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake I Tour health and
life are at stake. Use SOAPONA
everywhere. It cleans like magic
R.W.BELL MFG. CO., Buffalo, N.Y,
JAS. D. CALLER .-.President
Capital and surplus. 1125, (XXX
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Dimply apply 'SWATrax's Oumaarr.'
ternal medicine reanlred.
i meaicine i
Cures tetter, eczema,
itlv ernutlons on the
Itch, erysipelas, all unslghtl
face, bands, nose, etc., leaving the skin clear,
white and healthy. Iti great healing and curative
leaving the skin clear.
powers are possessea oy no ower rcmeuy. ais
your druggist for SWATjrx's Onramt. uOA
is now admitted by the medical authorities to
be a deficiency or undue waste of Oxidlzable
Phosphorus normally existing in the human
economy. The remedv consists in tbe admin
istration of a preparation of Phosphorus being
at once assimilable and oxidlzable. WINCHES
TER'S HYPOPHOSPHITES is the only prep
aration of Phosphorus which combines these
characteristics in tbe highest degree. For
Consumption, Bronchitis. Coughs, Night
Sweats, and Nervous Diseases, it is unequaled.
Recommended by Physicians. Sold by Drug
gists, tl per bottle. Send for circular.
WINCHESTER 4 CO, Chemists.
mySl-2i-Torswk 183 William St. S. Y.
M.anml jm mXERS and HEAD NOISES
r C ift C CDKEO by Peck's P.t. In.
U C MJk I" TtoibleTubnUr Ear Cosh.
w Jess. Wtispers heard distmct.
Ir. Suceeesful when ill remedies fad. Write or call for
iltnstmUd book PREE. Sold only by P. HISCOX,
8a3 Btoadwv, cor. IHh St,, Sew York, Ko acents.
Special attractions now open ia ta(i4;a
goods specially suited lor the
Holiday Met
Dealers are invited to inspect the stocks
which is complete, and at prices whichvcaa-"
not foil to impress the buyer. '
A purely Vezetabl-'
Comnound that exoela
all bad humors from th -system.
Removes blotch'
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood;
res iKteima ltehlntf
lent! worse by
neTBKJunE. .ir al
lowed to eoattue
tumors form sod
Erotmde, which often
Im1 mxA vleermta.
beeomlac Terr ore. SWATNtTS LNT.
MOT tops toe ltehlBirand bleedlnc, heala
ulceration, oodln stoat eooeo restores Lho to.
mors. SwArjrc'sOOTiinrUMidbTdrocslt,oriiunlia
any aodrcM on receipt of price, 50 et-a box: SboxesvlUo.
ownrent ienen, iiK.DWAiakBUff. rauaaoipoia, n
isuokr Financial.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. DrexeV
Morgan A Co., New York. Passports procured
A PERFECT '- '"jr
Blood Parifleivl? ;
m cc
m fl 9 I vld
fes BsVialnVa
In stock options or margins in Wall St. leads t;4 , r J
weaim. - ,, s
, STEVENSON 4 CO., Brokers, -S5-no2C-TTSn
50 Now st, Ne w York. . . -
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chicago.
15 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg. - .
As old residents know and back; files of Pitt,
burg papers prove, Ij the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de-
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MrrDni IC?ana menial diseases pnysicat
IN t II V U U Odecay. nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired memory, -disordered
sight, self distrust, bashfuiness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak- .
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tho person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones, pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
1 1 R I M A D V kidney and Madder derangs.
U nilNnn I intents, weak back, giavel. ca
tarrhal discbarges, inflammation and other'
painful symptoms receive searching treatment, ;
Tirnmnt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttler's life-long, extensive ezperJJFT?
ence, insures scientincana rename treatmensi r-
on common-sense principles, ijonsuiaiioniree.;
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as If
here. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. x. Sunday,
10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTIER, 811 -Penn
avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Health is Wealth:
Dr. E. C. West's Nkeve ash Heai.
Tkeatmekt, a guaranteed speciflo for hysteria,
dizziness, convulsions, fits, nervous neuralgia,
headache, nervous prostration caused by ther
use of alcohol or tobacco, wakefulness, mental
depression, softening of the brain resulting la
Insanity and leading to misery, decay and
death, premature old age. barrenness, loss of
power in either sex, involuntary losses and
spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of tho
brain, self-abuse or over-indulgence. Each,
box contains one month's treatment, tl a box,
or six boxes for to, sent by mail prepaid on re
ceipt of price.
To cure any case.With each order received by ml
for six boxes, accompanied with 15 00, we will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to
refund the money if the treatment does not efv
fectacure. Guarantees Issued only by EmilG.
Stucky, Druggist, Sole Agent, 1701 and240t Penn,
are. and cor. Wylle ave. and Fulton st Pitts
burg. Pa. SC27-100-TTS3U
SPECIALISTS In all cases re
quiring scientific and conOden -tial
treatment! Dr. S.K. Lake,
M. R. C. P. 8 is tho oldest and -.
most experienced specialist in
tbe city. Consultation free and,
strictly confidential. Office;
hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8p.m.; Sundays, Zto 4 p. .
icConsult them personally, or write. SOCTOB33 '
LAKE. 328 Penn ave, Pittsburg: Pa.
Safe and lwj rdlattla. Ladle, il
aik XrniKsdit for Diamond Jrand.
tn ret), meUftto tiozes, jKId with
blue ribbon. Taka bo otkerw AH
eftn In Dsvktstiimnl boxes with slnjtvns
ten r dmartrouu erantenetta. Sea4
4. (ittnipi) for nrtlcolwt, teitlmonUlJi ;
aad LKUef for Xd.,' in UOer.tj
Mtara mmlL JfaMS Painr.
s Ootrtoaa. Eocro",
nosed of Cotton Root. TansT and
Pmmww,! ft IWAnt (AVITArV BT &n'-
'old nhvsldan. Is suecessuSu used'
jiumuuy oaie, jmscuiai. rnw j- j umu .-RpjtlAil-
-Ladles, ask vnnr dnlffzist for COokS
tiff W
1 f ii
17 is
Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute. .- j.H .-j
or molose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. &&'.& .3
OTCBH fUAU AJLIX IjUdlXOil JI, ,U M JI mtwim . ,
Block, 131 woodward aveDetroit. iiicn.
JS-3oId in Pittsburg. Pa, by Joseph Flen T!
ing A son. Diamond and Market sts. se2S-23 '.' i
ErxrnTran. iTlctta
of Touthrol lmprcdencs.
canslns Premature Decay. Nerroos Peblhty, urn
dy,haadlBCOTerelnitlmpteiDeapsof eir-cnT8-walda i
he will send (sealed) FREE to his fellow-sufferers.
Address, J. H. REEVES, P.O. Box 230, Hew York Chy.
vor ijjsr or iraninr
MANHUOD-Merrou. '
npaa. AVearneas ofb '
hoot amino, uiceor strengtn, vior ana ue--
veiopment, caused by Errors, Excesses, Ac. Boot
Mode of 8il-TBtATjrtsT7 and Proofs mailed
iseaiea) rree. Address KBIK MEUieAIi COV,
llairalo. H. Y. deS-J7-TTsJtwk
fium the eff
tecU 01
joatnrni er.,
1 rors. enrry cecay, lort
manSood,is. IwilTiKnTaTatnaWetreatlsefsealedJfil
eontjuslatr ran particulars tor soma wn, ui
PROF. F. C. FOWLER, Moodus. Conn. --1
For men! Checks the worst cases in.thr
davs. and cures in fin rfirt Prlea SI 00. at"
ja5-TISM U2 Market strtwt,
? -. -. JW
?& H i