Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, September 21, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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grgjj phtsbtjEG DISPATCH, SATTJBDAT, - SEPTEMBER 21, 1889.
A General Upward Drift in Frnit
and Vegetable Lines.
Melons Ont, Peaches Hearing the End,
Grapes Abounding.
Friday, September 20, 1SS9. i
Materials for the market basket have un
dergone very few changes since last Satur
day. The weather has not been favorable
the past few days to active markets at
fruit and vegetable stalls. Dealers com
plain that trade has been slow all the week,
but have large hopes of a bright Saturday.
There is a general upward drift of prices in
fruit and vegetable lines, but not sufficient
to make any decided changes in retail markets.
Potatoes and tomatoes are higher in a jobbing
Prncbes Still Scarce
Choice peaches are not to be had and their
day is practically over for this season. Melons
are among the things that were. Grapes are
plenty and a shade lower in price.
The supply of poultry is scarcely up to the
demand, and markets arc growing firmer.
Throughout this section poultry is reported
unusually scarce this fall. Our dealers are
mainly dependent on the far West for supplies
in this line.
Butter is on the advance. The price of
creamery was advanced 2c at Elgin Monday
and 2c the previous week.
Staple meats change not Prime beeves were
sold at East Liberty this week by the carload
for iic a price 2c belowwhatthe same would
have brought about a year ago. There is no
change in the price of fancy cuts of beef,
though the rough portions are some lower.
Everybody Warts Fish.
It has been next to impossible to meet the
demand for fish since the great storms visited
the Eastern shores some ten days ago. A lead
ing dealer reported to-day that he could sell
double the quantitj bo has been able to procure
in some lines of ocean products. Retail prices
have stiffened up a little, but the heavy ad
vance has been to the wholesaler, who must
mv increased rates at the sources of supply in
order to secure the goodi.
Following arc the retail prices of materials
for Saturday's market basket as furnished by
leading dealers:
The best cuts of tenderloin steak range
from 20 to 25c, with last figure for very
fancy, which are very often no better
than the 20c -article; sirloin, best cuts, from 18
to 20c; standing rib roast, from 15 to 20c; chuck
1 oast. 10 to 12c; best round steaks, 15c; boiling
beef, 5 to be; s eet breads, 20 to 50c per pair:
beef kidneys. 10c apiece; beef liver, 5c a pound;
calf livers, 25c apiece; corned beef from a to 10c
pcrpiund Veal for steninc commands 10c:
roast, 12 to 15c; cutlets, 20c per pound; spring
lambs, fore quarter, 10 to 12c; hind quarters,
I 15c. A leg of mutton, bind quarter, of prime
quality, brines 12c; fore quarter, Sc; loin of
mutton, 15c; giblets, 6c per pound.
Vegetables and Frnit.
Potatoes. 15c per half peck; Jersey sweet pota
toes,25c per half peck; egg plants, 10 to 25c; toma
tocs,20c per half peck; cabbage.5 to 10c; bananas,
20 to 25c a dozen; carrots, 5c a bunch; lemons, 25
to 35c per dozen; oranges, 60c; lettuce, 6c per
bunch, 6 for 25c; radishes, 5c per bunch;
cucumbers,2 f or&cj beets, 3 for 10c; cauliflowers,
15 to 35c a bead; string beans, 20c a half peck;
golden wax: beans, 25c a half peck: new South
ern onions, z5c a half peck: new Spanish
onions. 6 to 10c each; squashes, 5 to 35c;
peas, 20c per quarter peck; watermelons, 15 to
50c: cantaloups. 10 to 25c; huckleberries, 15c a
quart; Concord grapes, 5 to 7c per pound;
plums, 15c a quart; peaches 25 to 30c per quar
ter peck; pineapples, 20 to S5c
Butter, Eees and Poultry.
1 v Choice creamery butter, 30c Good country
butter, 30c. Fancy pound rolls, 35c.
The ruling retail price for eggs Is 22c.
The range for dressed chickens is 75c to
SI 25 per pair. Turkeys, 20c per pound. Prairie
i chickens. El 00 a pair: ducks, 1 00 to Jl 25 per
pair: reed birds, 1 CO per dozen; jacksnipes,
$2 60 per dozen.
Fish In Season.
Following are the articles in this lino on
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon. 12c; Cali
fornia salmon, 40c pound; white fish, 12c; her
ring, 4 pounds for 25c; Spanish mackerel, 30c
to 35c a pound; sea salmon, 40c a pound;
bine fish, 25 to 30c; perch. 10c; halibut, 25c;
rock bass, 30c: black bass, 20c: lake trout, 12Kc;
lobsters, 25c: green sea turtle, 28c; mackerel,
20c small, 40c large. Ovsters: N. Y. counts,
Jl 75 per gallon; clams, 1 25 per gallon; scol
lops. 50c a quart; frogs, S2 00 per dozen;
soft shell crabs, 75c per dozen; devil crabs, fs5c
per dozen.
La France roses, Jl 251 50 per dozen; Bride
roses, 1 25 per dozen; Perles, SI 00 per dozen;
Niphetos, Jl 00 per dozen; Bennetts, SI 25
per dozen: American Beauty, 25c apiece: Mer
mets. si 00 per dozen; carnations, 60c a dozen;
Maiden Hair fern, 60c per doz. fronds; gladiolus,
50c per dozen; Asters. 50c per dozen.
The Condition of Business at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, l
Fridav, September 20, lbS9.
CATTLE Receipts, 340 head; shipments,
340 head; market nothing doing; all through
consignments; no cattle shipped to New York
Hoos Receipts. 4,400 nead: shipments. 3,800
head; market slow; light Yorkers. $4 60
4 65; medium and light Pbiladelphias, S4 60
4 CO; heavy hoes, $4 30g4 40: 15 cars of hogs
shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts. LbOO head; shipments,
1,600 head; market steady at unchanged prices.
By Telecraph.
New- York Beeves Receipts, 35 carloads
for themarket,30 carloads for city slaughterers
direct and IS carloads for exportation. Prices
were no higher, bnt there was a firmer tone
and an early clearance: poor to prime native
steers sold at J3 404 60 per 100 pounds; rood
Tcxaiis. do., at S3 o03 55. and Colorado steers
at S3 503 So; exports, 214 beeves; cable advices
from London and Liverpool quote American
steers firmer at ll12Kc per pound for dressed
eicuL, ainKing me onai, ana American reine
erator beef higher at Sic per pound. Calves
Receipts, 450 bead: market rather firmer for all
!!2rJ;,w,th saIes of Rrassers and buttermilks at
J2 453 50 per 100 pounds: mixed lots at S3 75
7 & and veals at So O06 00. Sheep-Receipts,
4.b00 bead: the market was abont steady for
sheep at S4 O05 35 per 100 pounds, and firmer
IorlambsatS6 25gf25,witha couple of car
loads sold at 57 50. Hogs Receipts, aiOChead.
jill for slaughterers direct; no trading in live
"PPJi "!"be' nnmlna"y quiet and unchanged
at 14 50o 10 per 100 pounds for extremes.
CHiCAGo-Cattle Receipts. 8,500 head: ship
ments. 3,000 head: market active, shade hielien
choice to extra beeves, S4 504 70: steers. S3 00
4 40; Blockers and feeders. $2 003 00; cows.
5?o",?,ad mlxe(L x 283 00; Texas cattle, SI 55
? 10; lEteSfJ?1 ""Sens. S2 003 75. HogiU-Re-ceipts,
16,000 head: shipments. 7,000 head: mar
ket strone; mixed, $3 Sii 40; heavy. S3 700
4 15; light,fj3 904 757 skips? p85B4 S
Sheep-Receipts, 8,000 head; shipments? 000
head; market steady; natives. $3 50i 75
2 ESS?3 Wi 5; Telans $3 T0 IS; Urnbs,
Kansas Crrr Cattle Receipts, 5.531 head
shipments, 4,354 head: strone and active: eood'
to choice cornTed steers. S4 004 25; common to
medium. S2 903 40; stnekersand feedine steers.
1 K1-? co H 2 ?: rass SSItoSi
S16020. Hogs-Receipts. 4,298 head; ship
ments, 697 head; market weak and 510c lower:
wmtir.A t-n trtt,A link. CI ,ns, n- . ?
. .;.;;. "" ivw . neavy and
mixed, S3 604 0a. Sheep-Receipts. 4S2head;
shipments. 401 lead; market steady: eood to
choice muttons, S3 604 00; Blockers and feed
ers. 12 003 00.
BCFFALO-attle steady; receipts, 45 loads
through; 5 sale. Sheep and lambs opened ex
.dtedand higher; receipts, 15 load through: 8
sale. Sheep Good to best. $4 75g5 00; fair
to cood, $4 50475; common, SI O04 50; lambs,
good to best, S6 2d6 50; fair to good. S615
6 25: common, -S3 0046U Hogs dull and lower;
receipts, 30 loads through: 80 sale: mixed and
heavy. J4 254 45; corn "Yorkers, 4 65; pigs.
53 25i 40; assorted grassers, $4 40i 60.
Metal markets.
NEW YORE Copper nominal; lake, Septem
ber. Sll 00. Lead quiet and steadv; domestic,
54 00. Tin quiet and easy; Straits, $21 3a
Loxdojt Pig tin The market is steadier,
with more business doing; Straits, 90 12s 6d
for spot; futures (3 months), 91 0s. Od.
Copper More demand and prices have grown
firmer; Chili bars are now quoted at 43 5s.
for spot; 12 01 for future delivery; best
selected English, 48 0s. Lead Steady
market but demand moderate; Spanish quoted
at 12 12s 6d. Spelter Market contindes firm
nuiet; orainary ouesuui quoiea at jlu ius
fin plate rue marten noius nrm on a
KHVaV. nana.
Bad Gradlne and HcaTy Floor Exports
Give Wheat Bulls a Handle-Heavy
Selling Toward the Close
Tarns the Tide and Ad.
VBBces More Than
Wiped Ont.
Chicago To-day's receipts of wheat over
ran the estimate a little, but out of the 171 cars
reported not a bushel graded No. 2. This re
markable showing for the season, together
with the posting of unusually large flour ex
ports at Baltimore, set the pace for another
bull turn in the pit. Opening figures for the
leading futures were i?c above yesterday's
closings, with September 5Jc higher. Decem
ber and May, in which most of the trading was
done, eased offjc and then advanced irregu
larly ir, December selling up to 80c and May
to 8484Kc. A large business was transacted
on the advance.
Shorts covered freely, and coupled with the
demand from this quarter, which was large,
and general buying by local houses, the market
weakened a fraction. It was further de
pressed just before the close by the se'ling of
500,000 December in large blocks at 79cbya
heavy old bear operator who has been out of
the market for some time. The close was
weak with the early advance all lost. The
latest quotations was Kc and Ha below those
of yesterday.
A very good business transacted in corn, the
market ruling active at times. The feeling
early was firm, but as the session advanced a
weaker tone was developed and trading was at
lower prices. The market opened firm at yes
terday closing prices, influenced mainly by
the advance in wheat, and prices advanced
JQiC but when the estimates for to-morrow
became known offerings became heavy and
prices declined & ruled easy and closed
iH" lower than jesterday.
Trading was a little more animated in oats,
to-day a firmer feeling prevailing early. Later,
however, the demand fell off, the market be
came weak and prices receded. May received
the most attention, and fluctuated 4C.
Trading in pork was a little more active and
the feeling was somewhat unsettled. Near
deliveries were easy, early and declined
2535c but rallied again and closed steady.
An unusually quiet feeling prevailed in lard.
Offerings were small on speculative account,
and tbe demand was limited.
Trading was only moderate in short ribs.
Near deliveries were easy, early and prices
receded 2M5c but rallied to medium fieures
and closed steady. Deferred deliveries were
rather quiet at former prices.
The leading iutures ranged as follows:
December, NJS056795f9?c; year, 78$
7978(g78c: May. 83jMsd83c.
CORN No. 2, October, 32323232c;
November, 3232H31314ie; December,
SlK31?sc: May. 33?6;!43333c.
Oats No. 2, October, 19g)19Mfc: December,
19J$19JJc; May, 2222g2Je22c
Mess Pork, per bbL October. Sll 00(3
11 12Kdl0 75ll 00: November, S9 259 25; Jan
uary, Si 12JC9 12.
Lard, per 100 fis. October, So S7K5 90;
November, $5 77J45 8005 77K5 SO; January,
S5 7
Short Ribs, per 100 lis. October, $4 82V
4 S2m 77X6(4 80; January. S4 62K 62.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour firm
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat.
78c: No. 3 spring wheat, 6869c; No. 2 red,
78c. No. 2 corn. 3232Kc No. 2 oats, 19
19c. No. 2 rye, 41Jc No. 2 barley, nominal.
No. 1 flaxseed, SI 26. Prime timothy seed,
SI 29. Mess pork, per bbl, Sll 00. Lard,
per 100 pounds, So 976 00. Short rib sides
(loose), So 00. Receipts Flour, 15,000 barrels;
wheat, 83.000 bushels; corn, 370,000 bushels;
oats, 121,000 bushels; rye, 15,000 bush
els; barley, 65,000 bushels. Shipments Flour,
23,000 barrels; wheat, 6.000 bushels: corn. 484,.
000 bushels: oats, 33S.000 bushels; rye, 2,000 bush
els; barley. 20,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-dav the butter
market was unchanged. Eggs, 16c.
New York Flour firm and active. Wheat
Spot dull, unsettled, weak and JKo lower;
options dull. Irregular and 4c lower, clos
ing heavy. Rye quiet; Western, 4S52c. Bar
ley quiet. Corn Spot less active and He
lower, closing steady. Oats Spot more active
and weaker; options dull and easier. Hay
easy and quiet. Hops dull and weak. Coffee
Options opened barelvsteadyStolOpoints down;
closed irregular, 15 to 25 points down;
sales, 49.750 bags, including September, 15.75
15.85c; October, 15.6515.85c; November, 15.700
16.00c: December, 15.7016.00c; Januarv, 15.70
Jfi.95c; February. 15.7515.95c, March, 15.75
15.95c; May, 15.8016.00c; spot Rio steady and
quiet: fair cargoes, 19Kc Sugar Raw firm
and quiet; refined steady and in fair demand.
Molasses Foreign nominal; New Orleans dull.
Rice in fair demand and steady. Cottonseed
oil dulL Tallow weak; city (2 for packages),
4 9-16c Rosin qulot and steady. Turpentine firm
and quiet; 4S49c Eggs Fancy firm; western,
1920c: receipts, 2.893 packages. Fork
steady; mess, inspected, S12 2512 75; do, un
inspected, S12 25; extra prime, S10 2510 50.
Cntmeats firm; pickled bellies. 6c: pickled
shoulders. 6c; pickled hams 10V10Wc; mid
dles quiet; short clear, $562. Lard quiet
and firm; western steam sales, S6 S56 S74,
closing at J6 35; 700 tierces city, S6 00: options,
no sales; September. S6 31; October. $6 31; No
vember, 6 19 asked; December, S6 15 asked;
January, 16 17. Butter strong for finest: west
ern dairy, 912c: do creamery, 1223Kc;
factory, 712c. Cheese quiet; western, V1
PHn.ADEi.pinA Mour quiet and un
changed. Wheat higher: sales of steamer No.
2 red, in grain depot, 7779c; No. 2 red. on
track, eoc: do. in export elevator, 80c; No. 2
jeu, ocptcuiuer.
mber. 80KSOc; Octoberr8l'Sliic;
. 82K82&c: December. tSMeisuXLt-
Corn Options steady but quiet; car lots were
more iiriniy neia, out aemana was verv mod
erate; sales of No 2 mixed, in crain depot and
Twentieth street elevator, 41c: No. 2 high
mixed and yellow, in crain depot, 41c;
No. 2 mixed, September. 40J41c; October
40Kc; November, 4141c; December, 39
40c. Oats Car lots firm and fairly active;
sales of No. 3 mixed, 22c; No. 2 mixed, 23c- do
do choice, 24c; No 3 white, 2425Kc; No. 2
white, regular, 27c: do do choice. 27Xc; old No.
2 white, 27c: options quiet and steady; No. 2
white, September, 26427c: October, 27Vf
27Kc; November, 2S2Sc; December. 29
30t Provisions steady. Western steam lard,
S6 S7J4. Eggs Fresh stock scarce, good de
mand; Pennsylvania firsts, 21c. Cheese firm;
choice stock wanted: part skims, 67a
St. Louis Flour quiet, but firm. Wheat
The market was extremely unsettled and lrrec
ularmostof the session: the offerings were
large, and there was good buying, too, at times
but the close was weak at iiJc below yes
terday; No. 2 red, cash, TSC nominal; Sep
tember. 78"8Jc closing at78c asked: Oc
tober, 76 closinc at 7c; December, 78K
79i;c closmc at 78 ; May. 8383Kc closing at
83c asked. Corn lower; the market was sus
tained Dy the strength of wheat early, but
later was weak and declining, closlnjr jJc be
low yesterday; No. 2 cash, 29Ji29Jc; October
30Kc, closing at 3030Ko asked: December 28
29c. closing at28c; year, 28U28c, clos
inrat28Kc asked: Januarv. XUr !..,. ,t
ji"ii ij BirouR; iso. z, ajc. Barley-
tiujituui UCW4UU, oAtvs ui iviinnesota at OiKfi
65c: Wisconsin, 60c Flaxseed SI 25 bid. Pro
visions dull and very much depressed. Pork
Sll 60.
Baltimobe Provisions unchanged. Butter
firm and higher: Western pa;ked,1014c;cream
ery, 1921c Eggs irregular; fresh, 1819c
Others unchanged.
Toledo Cloverseed quiet and steady; cash.
$4 05; October, $4 07; November, Si 10.
Pic Active and Strone A Good Business
Reported nil Round.
Londos, September 2a
Scotch Pig This market continues active
and prices strong.
No. IColtness Cos. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Summcrlee 613. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Gartsherrie 62s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
11U. 1 UUJLlUdU uu. vu. i. u. u. uiasgOW
No. 1 Carnbroe 51s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. IShotts 52s. 6au t. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Glengarnock 58s. Od. atArdrossan.
No. lDalmelIington...ols. Od. atArdrossan.
No. 1 Eglmton 60s. Od. atArdrossan.
Bessemer Pig Prices continue strong and
market active. West Coast brands quoted at
65s Od. for Nos. 1, 2. 3, f. o. b. shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig Business is more active
and prices are firm. Good brands quoted at
44s. Od. for No. 3. f. o. b.
Spiegeleisen Business continues active and
prices strong. English 20 per cent quoted at
82s. 6d. f. o. b. at works.
tSteel Wire Rods Firm market and the de
mand iair. muu steei. xru. o, iaoKea at 6 15s.
Od. f. o. b. shipping port..
Steel Rails Active market and prices strong
Standard sections quoted at 5 5s. Od. f. o. b.
Steel Blooms This market continues firm,
with cood business. Bessemer 7x7 quoted i
10s. Od. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Billets Market continues firm and the
demand better. Bessemer (size 2)x2k) quoted
at 4 17s. 6d. t o. b. shipping point 4
Steel Slabs This market is steady, but tbe
demand s moderate. Ordinary sizes quoted at
4 10s. Od. f. o.b. shipping point.
CTopEnds A cood demand and market firm.
Run of the mill quoted at 2 17s. 6d. tab.
shipping point.
Ola Ralls The market continues steady and
trade fair. Tees quoted at 3 15s. Od.. and
double b eads at3l7s.6dU.ci.tNew York.
Scrap Iron Steady market and trade fairly
active. Heavy wrought quoted at 2 12s. 6d,
f. o. b. shipping points.
Manufactured Iron This market continues
firm with demand good.
Stafford, ord. marJcedbars(to.b.L'pool)8 12s 6d
" common bars 0 Os 0d 7 OsOd
" black sheet singles 0 Os Od0 SlosOd
Welsh bars, L o. b. Wales... 6 15s Od 0 OsOd
Steamer Freights Glasgow to" New York,
4s. Od. Liverpool to New York. 10s. Od.
.Ji,.". 'rrfrV-j.'TT 'Tillwfc ffrfi - '. 3sJmimLiu -iLi :,s--- - ; - - uik4&i&s&BHK
Impressions of a Pittsburger Jnst
Returned From Philadelphia.
Supplying People With Homes at the Sate
of Three Thousand a Year.
The points brought out in the following
interview with a member of a leading real
estate agency on Fourth avenue are in line,
mainly with considerable on tbe same sub
ject that has appeared from time to time in
The Dispatch. He had just returned
from tbe East where he had been making ar
rangements for a supply of Eastern capital.
Asked his opinion of medium-sized houses as an
investment, he said:
"Pittsburg people, as a nilo, call Philadelphia
a slow city. She may be'auiet, but is not slow
by any means, especially in providing homes.
lor the middle and laboring classes of people.
Her apparent slowness and easy manner of get
ting along result from the method of living of
her Industrial population. Any family that
wishes to can have a home of its own, and as
every man's home is his castle, he stays
there when otherwise unemployed, to
protect It and derive enjoyment from
it. Take the northwestern part of Philadel
phia as an example. Blocks upon blocks of
houses are going up, built in good style, with
the best workmanship and materials, finely fin
ished, each apartment containing six to nine
rooms and on good streets.
"A man who lives in his own house takes
pleasure in fixing it up, and works far more
willingly and steadily than if, when his day's
work was done, he went home to a tenement
where every step on the bare entry and hall
way caused a feeling of revulsion, as if he
would like to go away and never return, and
where, no matter how refined in taste and tidy
the wife may be, she cannot make the place
look cheerful and homelike. The result is, in
most cases, that the family settle down in a
state of hopeless indifference and end their
days in poverty and misery. Man needs a spur
to enable him to nse above his surroundings,
and nothing serves this purpose better than
the ownership of a home."
"How does Pittsburg compare with Philadel
phia as a city of homes?"
"lam coming to that point. Our local pa
pers speak highly of the great -vperation going
on out Fifth avenue, near Oakland, and in
other districts but in this connection I refer
especially to the former where one of our
enterprising citizens good luck to him has
begun the erection of a large number of dwell
ings. But what wonld they think of taking out
6,300 permits for houses in one year and putting
them up in blocks of 200 or 500 at a timer
About 10,000 marriage licenses were issued In
Philadelphia last year. With tbe large propor
tion of newly-married people who go to house
keeping, and the increase by Immigration,
Philadelphia requires over 3,000 houses a year to
accommodate the increased population. The
number of houses erected there during the
year shows no overplus. They are all oc
cupied." "How do Pittsburg contractors' charges com
pare with those of Philadelphia?"
"So far as I have learned they are considera
bly higher. A certain lady who owns property
in Pittsburg, but lives in Philadelphia, expects
to send a Philadelphia contractor here to put
up a number of buildings for her in Philadel
phia style, and at a cost, she claims, of about
one-third less than Pittsburg contractors want
to charge her. Why is this? I don't under
stand it. Are there not large tracts of vacant
land here within easy access ot the business
portion of the city, and have we not enterpris
ing contractors, with ample means back of
'them, to push and carry to completion any
building operation they may be required to un
dertake? Then why cannot we have enough
homes for our working people? Pittsburg
capitalists and contractors, although liberal
and enterprising, could learn much by studying
the methods of their Philadelphia brethren."
A word of explanation, seems necessary to
relieve Pittsburg contractors from the implied
censure in the foregoing. If business were of
the same magnitude, and subject to the same
liberal conditions as that of Philadelphia con
tractors, there is no ground for supposing
charges would be higher. As it is, Pittsburg
contractors are compelled to cut the garment
to suit the cloth.
Regarding the development of the coal and
coke of the West Virginia district along tbe
Baltimore and Ohio road, the Iron Trade Re
view says: "Ohio f umacemen, especially in the
Cincinnati, Hocking and Eastern Ohio dis
tricts, are particularly interested in these
movements. With direct running connections
made with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
the Virginia coke will soon find its way North
ward, crossing tbe Ohio river at Parkersburg
and Wheeling, by the former route reaching
Southern Ohio and Cincinnati consumers, by
the latter Cleveland and other lake ports.
"It is an open secret that the Baltimore and
Ohio is working for a Cleveland connection,
and tbe Ohio river extensions ot the Valley and
the Cleveland, Canton and Southern roads, will
afford ample opportunity for favorable arrange
ments. The connection with the Hocking
Valley furnaces, by way of Parkersburg, will
also be direct. That the new region, once
opened up, will produce decided changes in the
coke markets of Ohio and tbe Northwest,
there can be no doubt Certainly furnacemen
will hail with pleasure the advent of so formid
able a rival of the famous Connellsville coke
According to the German Trade Review, of
Berlin, a very remarkable profit-sharing ar
rangement has been made in the engineering
works of G. A Schutz, in that city. This gen
tleman, it appears, has placed 5 per cent on the
amount of their annual wages in the local sav
ings bank to the credit of all those who have
worked in his establishment uninterruptedly
during a space of fivo years, ending July, and
for all others be has paid 3 per cent into the
savings bank. These payments will be con
tinued each year, and at the end of five years,
thus, in 1S94, each person will have tbe right to
withdraw the sum standing in his name, to
gether with the interest. Sickness and mill
tary service will not be regarded as interrup
tions in tbe employment. In case of death the
relatives will receive the amount paid in. Mr.
Schutz evidently desires by these 'means to re
tain in his establishment a body of trustworthy
Stock Trading Very Light Philadelphia
Gas Still Progressing Backward.
Business was rather slow at the Stock Ex
change yesterday. Therewas a fair demand for
securities, but at prices a shade below the mar
ket and In nearly every case concessions were
refused. The sales were 315 shares, of which
300 were Philadelphia Gas. It was hammered
down to 86, but firmed up a little before the
close. A small lot of Western Insurance Com
pany stock found a buyefAt5 the first move
ment in these securities for a long time.
Holders of Yankee Girl appear to have inside
news of a favorable character, as she was held
at6. A privite sale is said to have been made
around 5. Therest of tbe list was abont steady
and featureless. Bids, offers and sales follow:
Hid. Asked.
Bid. Asked.
" "in
Commercial Na. Bank,
Kirth Avenue bh-..
Freehold Bant.. ..A...
Keystone liank. Pitts,
Masonic Banc.........
iler. Allan. Nat B'k.
People's National Bk.
Allemannla Ins. Co ...
Allegheny Gas Co.. Ill
Chartlers Val. Oas Co
Nat G CO. of Y. Va. ....
People's N. a. 4 P. Co 17
PennsYlTanla. CJas 15
Philadelphia Co 30
Pine Kun Uas ....
Wheeling Gas Co 29
Knrest Oil Co.
Bazelnood OH Co
Central Traction.. ......
Citizens' Traction.. . ....
Pleasant Valley
P.. CASt. L. B. K...
Pitts. June It. K. Co..
Pitts. & WestltltCO.
p. HV.K.B. Co. prcf
Point Bridge
Point Bridge pref.
Iia Nor la Mlninir Co...
IX ,
J.nster Miuing Co ..,
." t
BllTcriua uuuuib;(vo..
1 suTcttuu jiuuauk vv.(. b... ..,, .,. i, 1 auvm9 vvavv vu cAuanwcK areauo y i net ana oojecit OJ uiCjamQU jraQiunaQCiciit flanaiacttjuBiAVAv-s-v-avw , iim j- -- - - A fimmsm
Ex, Div. illlv. on.
In the forenoon there were sales of 300 shares
of Philadelphia Gas at 36. and 10 of Central
Traction at 31 In the afternoon 6 shares or
Western Insurance Company went at olj.
The total sales of stocks-at New York yester
day were 106,712 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 8.112: Lou181"8
and Nashville, 16,415; Missouri Pacific, 4,625;
NewJersev Central. 1690; Northern Pacific
preferred, 8.225; New England, 3,800; Reading,
12,310; St. Paul. 6,853.
With Business nt tbe Banks The Monetary
Situation Sinking Fund.
Checking to make up pay rolls was good
yesterday, but bankers reported other lines
rather slow, especially discounting, although
it was better than at the beginning of the
month. Something is done in this line every
day, whereas formerly the demand for loans
was fitful and erratic, with nothing doing for
days together. The currency pressure is easing
up, and the silver dollar is less nimble than a
few days ago. The weather was agaipst busi
ness, but a return of clear skies, with a sug
gestion of frost in the atmosphere, will make
people feel like taking hold with a vim and
"push things," as General Grant instructed
Sheridan to do in the valley. The clearings
were S2.228.551 00 and the balances (110,419 92.
The Wall Street Sews ot yesterday remarks:
"Most of the traders who take a sensational if
not a lugubrious view of the monetary situa
tion are inclined to look for the wiping out of
the reserves in Saturday's bank statement, A
representative of this paper, in order to probe
the true condition of affairs, bad interviews
with most of the presidents of the down town
national banks yesterday, and found that while
the situation might. In bearish quarters, be
considered strained, it is by no means ominous.
The banks will not lose any S6.000.000 this week,
as has been reported, and even though tbe re
serves should cet down to the legal require
ment mark no danger need be apprehended,
because prompt action Is sure to be taken by
the Washington officials, and money on call
probably wilfnot rise above 6 per cent Time
funds are still offered at the low rates notice
able during the past week or two, and consid
ering the healthy demand for money in all
legitimate business circles, 6 per cent for the
time being can neither be regarded as phenome
nal or even unusual.
"A telegram from Washington says that the
estimated requirements of the sinking fund for
the present fiscal year are $43,000,000. The toUl
amount already applied to this purpose since
the beginning of tbe fiscal year by the purchase
of bonds is 532.940,578. The principal of these
bonds was $27,237,600, and the premium pail
85,702.973. The expenditures on acconnt of the
bonds included S24.257.511 tor SI9.053.530 4 per
cents, and SS.683,032 for S8.184.250 4)4 per cents.
There is yet about $15,000,000 required for sink
ing fund purposes."
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at 45m per cent, last loan 4, closed offered
at 4. Prime mercantile paper, 57. Sterling
exchange quiet and weak at $4 84 for 60-day
bills and $4 87K for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
V. S. 4s,reg....
U. S. 4s. coup.,
U. S. 4Kb. rear..
1MM. K.4T. Gen.Ss
127. Mutual Union 6s..,
van . j. u. int. uen.,
U. S. 4,ts, conn.... 103H
Nortnern racists,
Northern Pae. 2ds.
paciacssor'95 us
Loulslanastampedts 91
Missouri 6s 101
Tenn. new set. 6s... 109
Tenn. new set. 53....1MS
Tenn. new set. 3s.... Hh
Canada So. 2d 86
Cen. Pacificists 113!
Den. AK.G., Iats...l21
Den. A R. G. 4s 7
Northw't'n consols. U1U
Northw'n deben's..UlK
Orecon Trans. 6s. 105
St.U &I.M.Uen.5s89
St. kib.K. Uen.M.119
Si. Paul consols ....126
St.PL Chi & Pc.lsta.IISM
Tx., Pc.L. tt.Tr Ks. 91
Tx.,PcK.G.Tr.Kcts J75J
U.AH.U, west, ISIS, uu
Erie, 2ds 104
Union Pac. 1st 115H
West Shore 106)
M. K. &T. Gen. 6s:. 61K
The bond offerings vesterday aggregated
$1,127,000, as follows: Coupon 4 per cents, 11.
000 at 123: registered 4 per cents, $605,000 at 128;
registered 4)4 per cents, 511,000 at 10
New York Bank clearings, $103,567,663; bal
ances. $4,016,423.
Boston Bank clearings, $11,524,702; balances,
$1,250,109. Money 2K per cent.
Philadelphia Bank clearings, $11,494,262;
balances, $1,981,601. ,
Baltimore Bank clearings. $2,081,142; bal
ances. $381,459.
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank of England on balance to-day is
x-abis xnreeper cent rentes, boi an lortno
ChioAgo Money unchanged. Bank clear'
ings, 8U,SS3,000.
St. Louis Bank clearings, $3,321,214; bal
ances, $611,736.
The OH Market Very Like the Sick Alan of
Although oil reached a slightly higher level '
of values yesterday than on Thursday, the
range was very nairow and trading limited to a
few small lots. The opening, lowest and clos
ing was $1 0bi and the highest $1 00. Pitts
burg and Bradford did about all the buying.
A broker remarked: "The market is so close
that this seems a good time for a change in
some direction. From a little tip I received
from New York to-day I think there will be a
slight break. The lone and short interests are
very small, and there is no inducement to in
crease them."
A private letter from Russia says: "Having
just returned from Baku, the principal seat of
the Russian oil fields, I can fully indorse the
statement of the Kerosene Company that there
are no signs of the oil fields giving out During
May and June of each year it is enstomary to
find a falling off in the supply of oil at Baku;
but so far from the oil giving out I saw on the
morning of the day of my arrival at Baku a
fountain of oil spout some 60 feet in the air,
and at the rate of 6,000 to 7,000 barrels per
day. This was considered by no means a nov
elty. "When I was at Baku an American gentle
man, closely connected with one of tho largest
oil companies in tbe world, gave it as bis
opinion that there was more oil in the small
snace of Balakbani than in the whole of Amer
ica, Having traveled over a considerable part
of Southern Russia, the opinion I have formed
is that the development of the oil trade in Rus
sia is only beginning."
Features of the market.
Corrected dally by John M. OaEiey & Co., 45
Sixth street members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 100X1 Lowest 10OX
Highest lOOftlciosed 1U0H
Average runs 1 49,310
Average shipments 79,991
Average charters 4S.664
Refined, New York. 7.c
Kennei,-1iondon. 5Xd.
Refined, Antwerp, ITit.
Refined, Liverpool, 6)d.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, 99c;
calls, $1 00
Other Oil markets.
On. Crrr. September 20. National transit
certificates opened at $1 00; highest $1 00;
lowest, $1 00: closed, $1 00. Sales, 98,00!) barrels;
clearances, 158,000 barrels; charters, 11,111 bar
rels; runs, 40,853 barrels.
Bradford, September 20. National transit
certificates opened at 9UTc; closed at $1 00;
highest $100; lowest, 99c. Clearances, 206,
000 barrels.
TrrusviLXE, September 20. National transit
opened at $1 00; highest " w
closed at $1.00.
New Yobk, September 20. Petroleum
opened steady at 99c, and after a slight gain
became dull and featureless, and remained so
until the close, which was dull at 99. Stock
Exchange: Opening, 99c; highest $1 00: low
est 99Jc closing, 99c C .nsolidated Ex
chance: Opening, $1 08; highest, $100; low
est 99c; closing, $100. Total sales, 386,000
Many of tbe Leading Agencies Show What
They Are Doing.
Thomas McCaffrey, 3509 Butler street, sold
for Benj. Noble to Rev. A. Fisher 21 acres
fronting on the Brownsville road, in Baldwin
township, to be used as a German Catholic
cemetery, for 810,000.
James W. Drape & Co. sold three houses on
Twenty-fifth street near Smallman street, also
two houses on the alley in tbe rear, with lots
50x90 feet for a figure approximating $15,000
cash. The sale of the three to ten acres of land
at Oak Grove, near Parnassns, held yesterday,
was well attended considering the weather, and
prices ranged from $350 to $525 per acre. They
also closed out the last of the lots on South
street Wilkinsburg, Orchard plan, laid out by
them for a wealthy capitalist having sold
three, each 30x121 feet for $3,150. They also
placed a mortgage of $2,500 on propertv on
Lacock street Allegheny, at 6 per cent; also a
mortgage of $1,200 on three houses and lots on
Grazier street East End, at 6 per cent; also a
mortgage of $3,000 at 6 per cent on a farm of
over 100 acres In Washington county; also fonr
mortgages aggregating $3,600 on properties In
McKeesport at 6 per cent: also a mortgage of
(6.000 oh city residence property at 5 per cent
JohnF. Baxter, 512 Smithfleld street sold to
James Clark lots Nos. 605 and 600, Villa Park
plan, Brushton station; frontage of 80 feet on
Blackadore avenue by 150 feet to a 20-foot
alley, for $50tt
, Georee 8-Martln & Co., 105 Fourth avenue
sold lot No. 150 In Maplewood Park, having
a frontage of 40 feet on Fhnestock avenue bv ,
Yankee Girl Mtn. Co..
Westinchouse Electric
Granlte'KooflnK Co...j
U. 8. &Slg. VO.
U. B. A big. Co. prer.
Pitts. Plate O. Co
188 feet to Singer street, for (400 to F. W. A.
Fenker; also, lot No. 151, fronting 40 feet on
Falinestock avenue, to H. M. Fenker for $400.
. Black fe Balrd, 95 Fourth avenne, sold lot
No. 89 in Boulevard Place, 64x200 feet, to L.
Patterson, for a price approximating $70 per
foot front
Jamison & Dickie sold for F. P. Bell lot No.
46, Falinestock Place, corner Homewood ave
nue and McPberaon street, to a prominent real
estate operator in tbis city for $60 per front
foot This makes the first sale, on this new
plan of lots. They also sold for Samuel Cald
well a six-room bouse, with lot 37xll7,on Rowan
street for $2,000.
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold for S. L. Boggs lots Nos. 69 and 60, located
on Paul avenue. Boggs plan, Allentown station,
Pittsburg and Castle Shannon Railroad, each
25x120 feet, for $500. Tbe same firm also sold
for W. M. Short lot No. 14, J. H. McCreery
plan, Tenth ward, Allegheny, for $500,
MagawAOoff. 145 Fourth avenue, sold for
the City Improvement Company, Limited, in
Etna Park Place, lots Nos. 63 and 64 on Greely
avenue, each 24x100 to an alley, to J. B. Mc
Crelght, for $500 cash. He will build a house
and carpenter shop immediately.
Northern Pacific Sugar Trust and Cotton Oil
Pounded by tbe Bears Serious Dlia-
creemebt Said to Exist In tbe '
Directory of tho Former
Bonds Tnmble.
New Yobk, September 2a The stock mar
ket to-day remained in the dull and listless
state Into which it had fallen, and outside one
or two stocks In the regular list and the trusts
presented no feature ot interest The opening
was extremely dnll and fairly steady, with the
dealings almost exclusively professional, and
the fluctuations were confined to the usual
limits of small fractions. Tbe Coal stocks were
the strong feature, and Jersey Central moved
up on good buying supposed to be fof insiders,
which was accompanied by rumors of a new
arrangement which would largely increase the
company's commercial tonnage, though they
could not be confirmed. The stock tonched 121.
Northern Pacific preferred was weak again.
the impression having been created in some
quarters that a serious disagreement had taken
Place in the directory, and tbe hope which had
been indulged in of dividends upon the pre
ferred stock on Januarv 1 were given up. This
caused some selling, and tbe stock was the only
one In tbe regular list which showed sny de
cided weakness, dropping over 1 per cent. Tbe
Grangers were generally quiet but firm, and
the earnings of Northwestern, showing a gain
of 12 per cent were well received. Louisville
and Nashville were also rather strongsr and
crossed 77 again, but fluctuated over an ex
tremely narrow range for tbe most active stock
of the day. Sugar Trust sold ex-dlvidend and
became a mark for the bears, who hammered
it down 2 per cent on the reiteration of the
old rumors of an issue of bonds.
Cotton Oil was also specially weak and
dropped over 1 per cent, though It was inti
mated to-day that the block of stock which
bad been on the market had been nearly closed
out The general list after a steady opening
was dull, but firm in the forenoon, and frac
tional advances were tho rule, but the dullness
and the weakness in the leading shares in
duced some selling by the smaller holders, and
the list sagged away again. Later in the day it
was dull and heavy with Insignificant changes,
though declines were more numerous. Jersey
Central was up 1. but Northern Pacific pre
ferred was down , Sugar Trust 2U, and Cot
ton Oil W,.
Railroad bonds were dull, and the only feat,
ure was tho renewed activity and strength in
tbe Kansas and Texas issues, the sixes con
tributing $141,000 to the day's total of only 80G0,
000. The rest of the issues traded in showed
generally a reactive spirit and tbe final
changes are in most cases in the direction of
lower prices. Milwaukee. Lake Shore and
Western firsts rose 3, to 128.
Toe following table snows tne prices oractlve
stocks on the New York Stock Excnange yester
day. Corrected dally for The Dispatch by
Wuitnet & BTEPnENfiON". oldest Plttsbnrir mem
bers ota ew York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth ave
nue: Clos
ing Bid.
nigh- Low
est, est
11 493
29 39H
CSH 68 S
tAJi bt
121 HUJi
23 23Jf
109 108)
na 73
ii5H nm
103 v&h
an 37jj
35 U
MH 113Ji
Am. Cotton on.
Atch., Top. & a. F.
Canadian Pacific...
35 )i
Canada Southern 64J4
Central or .New Jersey. H9
central faeini
ChesaoeakeA Ohio.... 23
v.. but. a yuii.cr. ....lustj
u, Jin. s, si. ram..
C, MI.& St. P.. pr..
CKoctL 41'
a. tit. -L. Pitts
.. n
C, St L. & Pitts, pr.. 37X
C at. p.. m. o an
C. at. P..M. &o.. nr. ....
C A Northwestern. ...113H
O.A Northwestern, pr. .....
C, C, C 4 1 73Ji
c, c, c. &i., pr....ioo
Col. Coal A Iron 23
Col. A Hooting Val
Dei., L. &W. 1t!H
Del. & Hudson 132M
Denver Aitlo Q 18
Denver A Bio U.. PI... 52
E.T.. Vs. 4Ua 11
E. T., Va. A Ga. 1st pr. 76
K. 1:. Va. A Ga. 2d pr. 23
Illinois Central.
Lake Erin A Western
Lake Erie A West nr.. Wi
Lake Shore AM. a !0Mi
LoulsvllleANashviUe. 76
Michigan central
Mobile Ohio
Mo.. Kan. A Texas
Missouri Pacific 75?j
New York Central
N. V.. L. E. A W 29K
N. Y.. a A at L, Yl)i
N. It., O. A St L. pr.
N.T., a A Bt.L. 2d nf 35
75 75
in. i u. a w my,
Norfolk A Western.,.. 1854
NorrolkA Western, pf.
Nortnern Pacific nref.
OliloA Mlssisslnnl
Oregon Improvement
Oregon Transcon 3321
Peo. Dec. A Erans
Phlladel. A Beading.. 47
Pullman Palace Car
Richmond & W, P. T.. 23M
Richmond A W.F.T.pf 8iy
St. P., Minn. & Man. .109)4
StL. ft ban Fran
St. L. A San Pran pr.. 60X
bt.L. A Han P. 1st pt.
Texas Pacific
Union Paclnc 64 H
Wabasn 17H
Wabash preferred K
Western Union 85M
Wheeling A L. ft 7I
Sugar Trust 105)$
National Lead Trust.. 23M
Chicago Gas Trust.... SIX
33 3334"
m en
ID. . 39H
2334 23
8134 81(4
110 109)4
60J fUli
6434 84'
1734 17)4
3234 32M
85V 85!4
7134 71
10534 10274
24M 233(
57Jt S7)4
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, rur-,
nlshed by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. Bin. ASKen
Pennsylvania Kallroad .. 5334
Heading N 23 5-13
Bufialo. Pittsburg and Western 934
Lehigh Valley 5334
Lehigh Navigation 5414
Northern Pacific 31)4
Nortnern Pacific preferred 7334
Boston Stocks.
Atch. A Tod.. 1st 7s
Atch. A Top. B, It
Boston A Albany.
Boston A Maine...
Wls.CentraI.com... 29
Wis. Central pt... 60
UouezMg Co 60
Calumet A Hecla....2I3
franklin 8V4
Huron 25
Osceola. 10
Pewablc Z
Qnlncy 49
Bell Telepnone 204
Boston Land AM
Waver Power 634
. .W4 '
Kastern R. B,
Flint Fere SI 25
Flint iPereM. ord. 93
Mexican Cen. com.. 1534
Mex.c.lstmtg. Bds. in
-N. V. Aftevrttng... 51
H. Y. A N. E. 7 1274
Old Colony. 177)4
Tamarack 105
San Diego 27
Santa Fe copper.... 51
i.uuana, com 1
Butland preferred.. 45
Business Notes.
Rea Bros. & CO. sold $5,000 Maryland Cen
tral Railway eeneral mortgage 5 per cent bonds
at 95 flat
Twentt-tiiree mortgages, were recorded
yesterday. One was for $19,000, one for $18,951,
and one for $14,000.
Pittsbubo companies were interested in the
Louisville fire as follows: Boatman's, $5,000:
Citizens', $5,000; Armenia, $2,500; Artlaos,$l,500
Birmincham, $2,500: Mononsahela, $2,600: Peo;
pie's, $2,500; Union, $1,250; Western, $2,500; total,
$25,250. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company is
about to award-contracts for erecting the long
contemplated shops at Walls station. There is
to be a semi-circular repair shop, an office
building, a brick paint shop ana five frame
buildings. The shops will be of large dimen
sions. The Hensley group of copper mines, at
Washington Camp, in Pima county, Arizona,
has been sold to the Westinchouse Manufact
uring Company, of Pittsburg. They have been
bought, not for speculation, but to produce
copper to be used in tbe manufacture of en
gines and other machinery. The price at
which the mines are sold Is said to be $100,000.
The several claims are being patented, and
extensive works are to be erected to reduce
the ore. f
Dry Goods.
New Yobk, September 2a The market was
Unchanged, but maintained a firm tone, some
styles of both brown and bleached cotton being
firmer. There was little of new interest An
example of enterprise is shown by Bamburger,
Bloom & Co., whose Louisville store was burned
down less than a week ago, who will have two
special trains of 20 cars each leave this city to
morrow loaded with new goods, which are ex
pected to arrive in three days, and business be
to-morTOtB,iDi8PATCir. describes the person
nel and objects otheamous Fabian Society,
Wet Weather Gives a Black Eye to
General Produce Trade.
Ldairi peoddots moving feeelt.
Light Beceipts of Cereals Improve the Tone
Ornra op Pittsbtxeo Dispatch, j
Friday, September 20, 1889. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
The elements are still unfavorable to any
great activity in trade. Tbe week has been in
opportune both for country fairs and country
produce. Dairy products are active and firm
at quotations. Poultry is scarce and tending
higher. In general produce lines there have
been no new features developed since our last
report The variety of fruits is narrowing
down, and grapes and apples will ere long have
the field. Good peaches have been scarce for a
week put
Buttee Creamery, Elgin, 2627c; Ohio do,
24Q25c; fresh dairy packed, 2123c; country
rolls, 1920c
Beans Navy hand-picked beans, $2 252 40;
medium, $2 302 40.
Beeswax 2830c 1 A for choice; lOw grade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 60; common,
$3 604 00: crab cider. $8 008 60 V barrel;
elder vinegar. 1012c ft per gallon.
CHEESE Ohio, 99)c: New York, ICQlCKc;
Limburger. 89c; domestic Sweitzer,9)12)c;
imported Sweltzer,22Kc
Eoos 19020c V dozen for strictly fresh.
Fbcits Apples, $1 5002 00 fl barrel: whortle
berries, 7580c pall: peaches, $1 502 60 91
bushel box; grapes, 45c fl pound: Bartlett
pears, $5 00 fl barrel: quinces, $3 004 00 $ bar
rel, cranberries. Jerseys, $3 003 25 7 bushel
Feathehs Extra live geese, 6060cj No. I,
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c ft B.
Poultry Livo spring chickens, 40945c P
pair: old, 6570 fl pair.
Seeds Clover, choice. 62 fts to'bnsliet, S3 60
fl bnsbel; clover, large English, 62 Ks, $6 00;
clover, Alsike, $8 60; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 Bo. tlJSa; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 0s, 90c: bine grass, fancy, 14 lbs, $1 00;
orchard grass, 14 lbs. $1 65; Ted top, 14 fts. $1 25;
millet 60 tts, $1 00: German millet 60 Bs,
$1 60; Hungarian grass. 60 Bs. $1 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, $2 60 ft bushel of
14 Bs.
Talmw Country, 4)c; city rendered, i
TbopicaTj Feuits Lemons, common, $6 00
6 60; fancy, $T 007 SO: oranges, ta 006 00:
bananas, SI 75 firsts, $1 25 good seconds, ft
bunch; cocoanuts, $4 604 50 ft hundred; figs,
SK9c ft B; dates, Sfc6c ft B.
Vegetables Potatoes, $1 752 CO ft bar
rel; tomatoes, home-grown, 40c ft bushel;
wax beans. $1 ft bushel; green beans, 6075c ft
bushel; cucumbers, home-raised, $1 25 ft
bushel; home-grown cabbages, $1 2ol 60 bar
rel; celery, 20c 1 dozen: Southern sweet pota
toes, $2 75, Jerseys, $3 25.
General groceries are moving along in the
old rata. Trade is active: stuff is moving out
freely, and while margins are close, the large
volume of business atones in a great measure
tor smaUness of profits. Sugar and coffee are
very firm at quotations.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c:
Choice Rio, 2021Kc; prime Rio, 20c; low grade
Rio, 1819Kc; old Government Java, 27c; ilar
acaibo, 23324c: Mocha, 2829c; Santos, 20
23Ke; Caracas. 2123c; peaberry, Kio, 232Sc;
La uuayra, zoomc.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,
23c: high grades. 2oK2634c; old Government
Java, bulk, 31632&c; ilaracaibo, 2627c;
Santos. 2123c; peaberry, 26c; choice Rio, 21c:
prime Rio, 22c; good Rio, 2lKc; ordinary, 21c
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 8c;
cassia. 8c; pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080c ,
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8$c:headlight 150, 8Kc; waterwhite,
10c; globe, 12c; elalne, 15c: carnadlne, Uc;
royallne, lie
Sybups Corn syrups. 2629c; choice sugar
syrups, 3338c: prime sugar syrup. .3033c;
strictly prime. 3335c:new maple syrup, 90a
N. O. Molasses Fancy. 48c: choice, 46c;
medium. 43c: mixed. 4042c
Soda Bi-carb in-kegs, 3Kic; bicarb In J4s,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, c; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight 9c; stearine, fl
set 8c; paraffine, 11612c.
Rice Head. Carolina, 77Kc: choice, 6.
7c; prime, 66c: Louisiana, 66Xc
8TAECH Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 66c; gloss
starch, 67c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10: California London layers,
S2 50; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
$1 85; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia, 910c;
sultana, 8Kc; currants. 4K5c: Turkey prunes,
455e; French prunes, 813c; Salnnlca
prunes, in 2-tt packages. 8c: cocoanuts, 9 100,
$6 00; almonds, Lan., 1 B, 20c: do Ivica, 19c;
do shelled, 40c: walnuts, nap.. U)-J15c; Sicily
filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, 1216c; new aates,
506c Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, 114215c; citron
per ft, 2122c; lemon peel, fl tt, 13llc; orange
peel, 12Kc .
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per S 6c;
apples, evaporated, 66c: apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated. 12Kloc; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 22ffiZJc; peaches, California evaporated,
unpared, 10124c; cherries, pitted. 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2121kcr blackberries, 7K8c; huckle
berries, 10)2c ,
Sugars Cubes, 8c; powdered, 8c; granu
lated, 8Jc: confectioners' A; 8c: standard
A, 8c; soft whites. 88)-sc: yellow, choice.
7JJc;yellow. good, 77Jc yellow, fair, 7Kcj
yellow, dark, 7c
Pickles Medium, bbls (L2001. $1 50: medi
um, half bbls (600). $2 75.
Salt No. 1, ft bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex. fl bbl, $1 05:
dairy, fl bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal: ft bbl, $1 20;
HIgglns' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, $2 80; Higgins'
Eureka. 16-14 Si pockets, $3 (XX
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $2 000
2 25; 2ds $1 501 65: extra peaches. $2 4002 60;
pie peaches, 95c; finest corn. $11 50; Hid. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90c$l;Linia beans.
91 iu; soajteu an, 00c, siring uo ao, jottQOdc; mar
rowfat peas, $1 101 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do, $2 75; dam
son plums, S5c: greengaces, $1 25; egg plums,
$2; California pears, $2 60; do greengages, $2; do,
egg plums, $2; extra white cherries, $2 90; red
cherries, 2 As, 90c; raspberries, $1 401 50;
strawberries. $1 10: gooseberries. 51 301 40;
tomatoes, 8292c; salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10;
blackberries, bOc; snecotasn, 2-R- cans, soaked,
99c; do green, 2 fis.$125I50; corn beef, 2-X
cans, $2 05; 14-ft cans. $14 00; I aked beans, $1 45
01 5U; lobster, 1-ft. $1 751 80; mackerel, I-ft
cans, broiled, $1 50; sardines, domestic, s,
$i 504 60;sardines, domestic, Ks. $8 258 oO;
sardines, imported, s. $11 60012 50; -arrttnes,
imported, s, $18; sardines, mustard, $4 50; sar
dines, spiced, $1 60.
FISH Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 fl
bbL: extra No. 1 do, mess, $10; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
Sollock, 4c fl ft; do medium, George's cod,
c; do large, 7c; boneless bake. In strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67c Herring
Round shore, $5 00 fl bbl; split $7 00: lake,
OOfllUO-fthalfbbl. White flsb, $7 00 ft 100
fi half bbL Lake trout $0 60 fl half bbl.
Finnan haddock. 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut 13c
ft ft. Pickerel, barret $2 00; i barrel, SI 10;
Potomac herring, $5 00 fl barrel, $2 50 fl a
OATMEAL-$6 306 60 ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5557e
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Groin, Flour and Feed.
Receipts as bulletined at tbe Grain Exchange,
17 cars. By Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chi
cago, 2 cars of oats, 4 of flour. By Pittsburg,
Cincinnati and St Louis, 1 car of wheat 2 of
hay, 1 of corn, 2 of oats, lot flour. By Balti
more and Ohio, 2 cars of hay, 1 of feed, 1 of
wheat Bales on call, 1 car No. 1 hay, 10 days.
213; 3 cars of No. 2 white oats, 27c, first half ot
October; 3 cars of No. 2 white oats,26c, first
half of October. After call a car of No. 2 red
wheat was sold at 82c. There are no changes in
cereal markets since our last reports. Receipts,
however, have been yery light tbis week, and
the effect is seen in an improved tone. Hay
only gives signs of weakness. Prices below are
for carloads on track. .,
Wheat New No. 2 red, 8IS2e; No. 3, 75
Corit No. 2yelIow, ear, J15c; high mixed
ear, 4042c; No. 2 yellow, shelled. 0Kllc;
high mixed, shelled, S940c; mixed, shelled,
373Sc. ., ,
Oats No. 2 white, 2727Kc; extra No. 3,
254?26c; mixed, 222lc
Rte No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5051c;
No. 1 Western, 4819c; new rye, No. 2 Ohio,
I?lour Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, 55 255 75; winter straight,
ti 5001 75; clear winter, S4 251 50; straight
XXXX bakers', 13 "501 00. Rye flour, J3 60
4 75.
MILLFEED Middlings, fine white. 116 000
16 50 W ton; brown middlings, $12 5013 00; win J
ter wheat bran, Jll 00011 25; chop feed, J15 500
16 00.
Hat Baled timothy, choice, S14 0014 25;
No. 1 do, $ 13 00013 50; No. 2 do, 12 5013 00;
loose from wagon, ill 0013 00, according to
quality; No. 1 upland prairie. 58 509 00; No. 2,
17 007 60; packing do, S7 0087 25.
STRA'ffit-Oats. $8 5007 CO; wheat and rye
straw, SB 000 25.
Sugar-cure hams, large, ,lljc: sugar-cured
meulUBl,.li74C, sujiw"vuicu musn, puwi,
12c; isgw-cnred breakfMtfcMea, M$jtfW
cured shoulders, 6e; wftw'-eared hogpen
shoulders, 7Kc; sugar-cured Carllornte basH,
7)fc; sugar-cored dried beef flats, lo: sagar
cured dried beef sets, lie; ssgar-esrea dried
beef rounds. 13c; bacon shouWen, 6Je; base
clear sldes.'7Kc; bacoa dew oelHef. 7M8J e7
salt shoulders, 6c; dry salt dear udes, 7c
Mess pork, heavy, $11 60; mesa pork, family,
$12 00. Lard Refined.' in tierces, 6Kcj half
barrels, 6c; 60-B tubs. 6c; 30-fi palfe. 7c; 5tt-
tin cans, 6Kc; 3-B tin pails. 7o; 6-ft Ma paS.
7C-10-& tin pails. 6c:6-B tin pails. 7c; l&ft Ms
pails, 7c Smoked sausage, leog, 6c; large, 5c
Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless bass, lttcK.
Pigs feet half barrel, $4 08; quarter barrel,
Brewed Meat.
Armour & Co, furnished the following price
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses 460 to 650 t,
6c; 650 to 650 Bs, Sc; 650 to 750 Bs, 6X07&
Sheep, 8c ft B. Lambs, 9c ft ft. Hojp, fic
Fresh pork loins, 8c
Wool Market.
St. Loms Receipts, 12,128 pound; market
quiet and steady.
New York Wool quiet and weak; domestic;
fleece, 3S6c; pulled. 2841c; Texas, 1428c
PnPl? IVn YTTI manner of Using.
rWrti LliU AIHi, hit councty and hit
acknowledged abilitt.areducrlbed by FrederfB
Banburn in to-morrow's Dispatch.
Cor. Wood and Liberty S&,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week la
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
JAS. D. CALLER ,.. ...President
Capital and surplus. $126,080.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
wei Intense Kftlan
and etlnctnct moat at
igail -wmrmo vj
crasejunn jtu
lowed ta eonttnnc
tumor form and
bennntDa vv iaml AW A
tmdeiWUen arleai
a ana UNrtu
AYWE8 l3T-
MEXTstooii the lfeUaKudbleediB. heal
m ulceration, and In aoit aue rcmOTe U ta
mora. SwTn's oerTMsnl4oUbTdnfsUta,rBMtttla)
an addreuoa receipt of price, fio etc a box; 3bax8,flJ&
Addreu tetters, DK. SWATHS SOX. rUUdelptU, Pa.
Is the PUREST, BEST and CUanett
0( all Druggists, but beware of ImkaUeM.
Mils no
A nurelT TeeetaUa
LComnound that excels
(all bad humors from tba
system. Bemores blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
Issue trayelers' credits through" Messrs. DreieV
Morgan A Co New York. Passports procured.'
Blood Porler.
. . 1 11 1 1 c. aa.
A Home Security, sf
Rys Per Cent Interest,
The Fidelity Title and Trust Company offers
for sale, at Jl 02K and accrued interest a lim
ited number ot 80-year first mortgage bonds of
the H. C. Frick Coke Company, the capital
stock of which Is $5,000,000, fully paid in.
These bonds are redeemable by a sinking
f und'at the, rate of (100.000 per annum, at SI 05,
commencing Jul v 1, 1891, interest being payable
semi-annually, January and July , at the
office of tbis company.
We have carefully examined into tbe sound
ness of tbis security, and can recommend it as
one ot the most desirable investments on the
lii-iii a ounn avenue,
sel5-68 Pittsburg. Pa.
As old residents Know and back files of Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
votinc special attention to all chronic diseases.
Mf DHI ICjaud mental diseases, physical
H L n V U UOdecay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self distmst bashf ulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tonzue, mouth, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIRIMARV kidney and bladder derange
U nil inn I intents, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittler's life-long; extensive experi
ence, insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as if here. Office hours 9 A. K. to 8 P. jc Sun
day, 10 A. M. to 1 P. sr. only. DR. WHITTIER,
814 Pen n avenue. Pittsburg, Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re-
S airing scientific and conflden
al treatment! Dr. 8. K. Lake,
M. R- C. P. &, is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
tbe city. Consultation free and
strictly confidential. Office
hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.; Sundays. 2 to 4 P.
H.Consult them personally, or write. Doctors
Lake. 328 Penn ave Pittsburg, Pa.
o3s'S Cotrtcra. 3EJOOT
inreied of Cotton Root Tanar and
Pennyroyal a recent discovery by an
'old chvsiclan. It sueceasfuQu used
mmiwii-sf KffectnaL Price XL trr malL
sealed. Ladles, ask your druggist for Cook's
Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute,
or inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad
dress POND LILY COMPANY, No. 3 Fiafc
Block, 131 Woodward ave Detroit, Mlch,
5-Sold in Pittsburg. Pa., by Joseph Flem
ing & Hon, Diamond and Market sts. se!8
For men! Checks the worn cases In threa
days, and cures in five days. Price SI 00. at
a5-29-TTSSU 412 Market street
For LUST or falling
MANHOOD, Nervous
nets. Weakness ot
Body 4 Mind, Lack or Strength. Vigor and de
velopment caused St Errors, Exceuea, 4c. Book.
MODE of 8KLF-TBKJLTUXST. and Prooft mailed
(sealed) free. Address KlilK MEDICAL CO
Buttalo, N. y. de27-rrsAwk
T 1 TITPC1BIN-OXIDK PILLS art sale, superior
LillJlIJUtn pennyroyal or-tansy. Particular. 1
4c CLARKEtCO,Box7M,PhiladelpbJP.ij
. a.1tLl7Tira 1- "
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