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1889. '
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ssts. &
A General Survey of Choral Concerts
Throughout the Country.
Xew Anecdote of Karl Formes and finperor
TTilliam I.
Few more pleasant moments Lave lately
been had by the writer than those spent in
looking through Mr H. E. Krehbiel's
"Kevie w of the Xe w York Musical Season,
1SSS-89," which the publishers, Messrs.
Novello, Ewer & Co., have courteously sent
to The Dispatch for review. The back
tone of the work is a chronologi
al record of all public concerts
given in Hew York, maintaining a
high musical standard; the record including
place, date, hour, performers and composi
tions, noting novelties especially. In this
particular, as in the appendix (a new feat
ure of the "Ke views") containing a general
survey of choral concerts throughout the
country, the scope of Mr. Krehbiel's volume
is, as far as it goes, quite the same as that
of Mr. Wilson's Musical Year Book of the
United States." And such records kept by
such accurate, reliable and observant men
are important and interesting to all who
care for the progress of the art in this conn
try. The peculiar charm of Mr. Krehbiel's
volume lies in what he modestly terms the
"critical remarks" (in several instances
these attain the dicnitvof profound essays),
upon the novelties brought out during the
season, and which are largely extracts from
the eminent critic's articles in the New
York Tribune. The author's breadth of
view and "many-sidedness" is strikingly
illustrated from page to page. In the
elaborate "Rheingold" review appears the
earnest student of the Northern myths
conjointly with the enthusiastic yet
clear-sighted and unbigoted disciple
of the Titan of the modern music drama.
Apropos of a flute concerto by Quantz,
Frederick the Great's instructor.he becomes
the charming raconteur of musico-royal
anecdotes, fresh and bright The Washing
ton Centennial and a festival of the Trinity
parish choirs lead him back into the history
of the phases of opera and church music re
spectively that have transpired in
the American metropolis from its
earliest days essays showing in
defatigable research. The splendid
glowing study of Von Buelow's piano re
citals is remarkable alike for keen, subtle
analysis, lor poetic description and for en;
thused encomium.; The brilliant essay upon
"Symphonic Headings" develops the
scholarly critic, whose fondness for the
modern has not abated his reverence lor the
classical, and who can bring to his
aid original authority and logical argument
sufficient to make out at least a prima lacie
cae aeainst even a Yon Buelow, a Siedl
and a Thomas.
In short, this collection of critiques is a
worthy addition to those previous publica
tions which have already won for Mr. Kreh
biel the foremost place among American
An entertaining page of the "Review"
for warm weather reading is the following
anecdote, related by Niemann, the great
agnerian tenor, apropos or Carl Formes,
the herculean basso.
"Several years ago," said Niemann,
in eflect, "I received a call from
Formes in my lodgings in Berlin.
T han nave mat ttim ViafnsA
-m. uu UVIM 1UVH uttU UblUlC. KL
my career began after he had left Germany,
but of course I knew him by reDUtation.
and offered myself for any setvice that he
might want performed in Berlin. He said
x that he would like to sing at a Court
Concert, and I succeeded through In
tendant von Huelsen in having him invited.
I escorted him to the Palace and remained
at his side until he was summoned to sing.
He chose'Schubert's song, "Der "Wanderer,
and bellowed it so that I was terror-stricken
and great drops of persniration
rolled off my forebead. It was
a dreadful performance. I can't describe
it to you, but to my amazement the old Em
peror led in the applause which followed it.
Formes came over to me entirely contented
with himself, and before I had got through
wondering why he had pleased the Emperor,
& summons came for him to sing again. This
time he waved the accompanist aside, and,
seating himself at the piano, sang 'In
einen Kuehlen Grunde.' Not long
after I had asked Lucca, who was then
with us at the Berlin opera, what she
tboueht of the affair. She said she had been
ite much amazed as land had asked Prince
Bismarck, beside whom sue was
shttng at the time, lor an ex
planation. Bismarck replied: "Can't you
guess? Look at Formes, see the size of
him, and hear that terrific voice! Can't
yon imagine our venerable Kaiser measur
ing him with his eye and saying to himself:
( 'What a iellow he'd be at the head of a
regiment! I must hear him sing again!' "
Crotcbcti and Quavers.
The "Mikado" has been performed In Ger
man at toe Frederick William Street Theater.
The Toerge Brothers' Orchestra has re
tained to the city after a successful engage
ment at Bedford Springs. ,
Ma Mobris Stephens, leading tenor at St.
Peter's P. E. Church, has resigned to take
charge of the choir of the fcecond M. P.
JI. Lecocq is reported to he engaged at
present composing the music for a new three
act comic opera byNarrey and Carre, entitled
"Don Japhet of Armenia."
The last public performance of .Eugene
D' Albert before his departure for the United
States in October will be on the Hth of that
month at the Berlin Philharmonic concert un
der on Eulow's direction.
The tenons illness of Mrs. Sam M. Brown
(nee Miss Gay Snyder) has taken a turnforthe
better, and ilr. Brown will to-day again be
found in his wonted place at tho organ or the
becond Presbyterian Chnrch.
ABOSTOS lawyer, Mr. Edcar O. Achorn. Is
receiving congratulations and thanks anent his
Srospect or bringing to America, as his wife.
IIsZela,a youncand lovely Swedish so,irano
said to be of the finest caliber.
" Mbs. Helen Ha&tiieiter, the American
contralto, meant business but not, as was
thought. In an advertising sense when she
;.. t., hu.ui; 10 gei married ajain.
hulban'J Cassilla, Italy, is the hippy
A Loxdos paper says: "Miss Zelie de Lus
aan, the American soprano, who sang last season
at Her Majesty's and the season before at
f " VvV11". "'""J "roed -"by the Carl
Kosa Company to play 'Carmen' In the
provinces, commencinc the middle of Octo-
Makt musical friends sympathize deeply
with Mr. and Mrs. J. J Bebout over the loss of
their bright, womanly little dauchter "Essie."
who died last Thursday in the 12th year of her
ce.JMr.Bebout's post as bass OI the Becond
b ' MrEdSiSer Mm be mti t0-dl
The Hazlewood Presbyterian Chnrch re
joices in the possession of a new organ just
completed by Wm. King Co., of Elinira, N.
Y., containing five speaking stops each for the
Great and. bwell manuals and one tor the
Pedal, -with the couplers and raechanlcaLacces
eorics usual in an inurnment of its BizeT
xA vzbt successful concert was that which
j on Friday evening served to inaugurate the
4new $3,600 .Roosevelt organ In the Southslde
t 'Presbyterian Church. The instrument, which
was quite inlly describes in Wednesday's Dis
patch, was In the competent hands of Mr
Charles CL Mellor, who was assisted by Mrs.
Ejima Bingler Wolfe, Miss EdithdXarris. Dr.
AV. T. English and Mr. E. H. Dennlit.
.Noedica (Lillian Norton) has filmed a eon.
atract with Mr. Henry Abbey and Mr. Gran for
Itheir eceuing opera season. She will divide
with Adelina PatUand Albani the nrlrniflnnn.
Roles, and wii alBftith Tosaagoo la Verdi's
"Otello" and "Alda," and also as Slsa to his
"Lohenerin." Mile. Clementina deVere.who
was spoken of as engaged for the same shining
troupe, has now decided, it seems, to remain
with Campamni's Concert Company, in which
she appeared in Pittsburg last season.
TnE musical . portion of the services held
over tho remains of "William Thaw, in the
Third Presbyterian Church last Friday after
noon, was in thorough keeping with the per
vading sentiment or the occaion simple and
full or feeling. Mrs. Jean Wallace Webster
sang. "I, Know that My Redeemer Liveth:" the
quartet, composed of Mrs. Webster. Mrs. Mary
bcott, Mr.,F. J. Bussman and Mr. Wm. B. Ed
wards, contributed two familiar hymns, and
Mr. Joseph H. Gittlngs played funeral marches
ujr ioopin ana Dy iiatiste.
Felix Mottl, the gifted Carlsrnhe con
ductor, proposes o continue his already re
markable list of important revivals and first
productions by giving next season Berlioz's
Ls Troyens," which has never yet Deen given
complete, onl v the third act having been played
at the Paris Theater Lyrique. By the way, Al
vary, the star tenor of the K ew York Metropol
itan last season.has been engaged to sing Wag
ner roles at Carlsrnhe in October, and there is
said to be some prospect of bis appearing next
summer at Bayreuth, where ilottl is one of the
regular conductors.
Mat be the dying out of the so-called sum
mer evening "coscerts," wherein social exclu
slveness is attempted and dancing is the true
ration if etre, will help'to cpen the field for
genuine summer evening concerts next season
sly at the Exposition building wherein geod
mnsic of the Iirhter order will be the real ob
ject and social amenities the pleasant accps
ory. The new orchestra ot the AC. M. U.,
after a season's rehearsal, should be in good
shape for such an enterprise, which would af
ford it probably the very best field ror winning
its spurs.
A French critic, M. Brnment-Collevllle, In
writing in a recent issue of Le Monde Musical
of the .Norwegian concert which was given at
tho Trocadero Palace in Paris, places Svend-
sen and Grieg very high in the pantheon or
living composers, and particularly praises the
latter composer's piano concerto. The same
critic gives the first prize to the Russian con
cert, the second to the Norwegian, the third
to the Italian, the fourth to the American con
cert and the last to the Spanish, remarking
sagely that American mnsic "qui exlste pen,"
but Spanish mnsic "n'existe pas." Well, we
will try to survive this withering criticism, and
go on writing music just tne same. Muncal
Tot new organ contracted for by the Sixth
U. P. Church, of the East End, is not a Roose
velt, as stated, but a Wirsching Instrument
It will have two manuals and pedal, with 22
speaking stops, will cost $3,500, and is to be
completed by December L Little by little the
barriers of ancient prejudice fall away. A
"Vocalion" in the Third U. P. Chnrch, Alle
gheny, last year; now a good-sized pipe-organ
in another U. P. Church at the other side or
the cities we mav yet live to see the U. P.'s
vie in instrumental resources with the regular
Presbyterians, who have always kept along
lead as having the bestorgaus in this vicinity.
A peesonai. letter from Mr. Ethelbert
Nevin gives some hint ot the activity of the
gifted young composer that Pittsburg has
loaned to Boston. Besides the set of five songs,
Op. 5, recently published, Mr. Kevin has com
pleted the following works: Op, 6, some qualre
main dances for pianoforte, already in the
publisher's hands; Op 7, Melody and Mazurka
for violin, dedicated to and to be
played by Adamowskl: Op. 8, Romance and In
termezzo for pianoforte; Op. 9, "Wedding
Mnsic," for strlne quartet, and Op. 10, "Paul's
Lullaby," a setting for mixed chorus, with so
prano solo and four-hand accompaniment, or
Eugene Field's bewitching verses all about
"Wynken and BIynken and Nod." One or the
possibilities or the early local season is a con
cert or Mr. Nevin's own compositions, given by
himself with the aid or a chorus, a string quar
tet and several solo singers. If this possibility
should materialize the occasion would doubt
less be highly interesting and attractive.
The Normal Music School at Klttanmng
wound up last week what seems, from all ac
counts, to have been a prosperous and artistic
ally beneficial session. On Thursday evening
Gaul's cantata, "lhe Holy City." was given by
the chpral class, led by Mr. S. G. Smith, with
Miss Inez Mecusker, Mr. R. T. Knox and
Mr. G. R. Broadberry as soloists. Mr.
Broadberry also appeared as composer
and accompanist in the miscellany pre
ceding the cantata. In the Normal School
concerto, Mr. Adolf De Qninze, of Tarentum,
has attracted much attention as a violinist,
who though quite voung, possesses exceptional
skill and talent. He should be heard in Pltts
bunr this winter. Mr. Emmanuel Schmauk's
piano recitals, with instructive talks unon the
composers, the selections, eta, have been a
prominent feature or the session. Mr.
Schmauk's two last programmes Included a
Bach Prelude and Figue in C minor, Beetho
ven's Sonata "Appassionate," Schubert's Im
Sromptu, Op 142. No. 3, Chopin's Nocturne Op
No.l.and Fantasie Impromptu. On 6S, Ru
binstein's "fataccato Etudl," Liszt's "Rigolet
to" Fantasie, and Moszkowski'sC major Etude.
j A vw .
" l-'
na to
An Investment Company to Decide
South Dakota's Capital.
Pieeee, S. D., August 3L The official
announcement that "Woonsocket Capital In
vestment Company had decided in favor of
Pierre for capital was received here to-day
amid the wildest kind of excitement The
decision had been anticipated by the people,
and as the company is thought to control
from 5,000 to 10,000 votes this decision is
considered as almost final in the capital
However, there are others who rather ig
nore the power of the company in the mat
ter, and it is asserted that some of the other
towns in the race will now turn to and com
bine against the decision of the Woonsocket
company. The decision of the company is
surely strongly in this city's favor, what
ever may be the combinations maae
against it
Corner Wood Street and Fifth Avenue.
Bennett Ss Co. sell Youman's hats.
Bennett & Co. sell B-unlap's hats.
Bennett & Co. sell Silverman's hats.
Bennett & Co. sell Boston hats.
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Bennett & Co: sell Lincoln, Bennett &
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.Bennett & Co. sell Heath's English hats.
The above makes are known to he the fin
est in the world, and can be purchased at a
slight cost over the ordinary make of hats
at J. G. Bennett & Cos, corner "Wood
street and Fifth avenue.
EirriBE new effects for fall season in all
wool dress stuffs at 50c a yard.
Huotts& Hacks.
LUCOCK-WINTON-August20, at the resi
dence of the bride's sister, Mrs, James Hender
son, Ashland, O., .by Rev. H. C. Halthcox, pas
tor or Trinity Lutheran Church, Mr. Jons a
Lucock and Miss Minnie 8, WintoWi both or
Allegheny, Pa. No cards.
Early Buyers, Look Here.
Here is a chance for buyers of early fall
clothing which won't present itself again
this season. Onr new goods, fresh Irom our
workshops, are arriving daily, and if we
had three times the 'amount of space that
we have it would not be large enough to
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chased. We have decided on holding a hig
suit sale on Monday and Tuesdav, and begin
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advance ot what the goods cost. We have a
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12 distinct styles of men's fine cutaway and
sack suits that are really worth $20. One
thing is certain, our $10 suits beat the
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Cor. Grant and Diamond sts., opp. Court
The Lending Styles in Jewelry
For fall are now being opened at E. P.
Roberts & Sons'. Some startling novelties
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new designs in brooches, pini, bracelets,
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Suits to order, $25; pants, $5 and upward
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Ladles' Chatelaine Bass
And sterling silver mounted pocket books.
A great varietv in seal and ooze calf in all
shades, at E. P. Roberts & Sons', cor. Fifth
ave. and Market st
Mnrrlneo Licenses Granted Yesterday.
Hams. Beildanea.
M. F. Kstep , Robinaon township
Jessie E Hewitt Hoblnson township
I Walter Greassner Pittsburg
tl'aullue Krebs l'ittsburg
(Theodores. Blair McKecsport
( Lizzie Foster McKeesport
I Charles Cunningham I'lttsburjr
J Catharine Morning Pittsburg
t Andrew I.utacz l'ittsburg
(Anna faocbaz ; Pittsburg
Joseph Eddy Pittsburg
I Elizabeth Lalbach PitUbnrjr
KobertD. Morrison Jefferson county
Minnie Stewart Sharpsburg
t Lawrence Davidson .....McKetsport
Elizabeth Kusiell West Elizabeth
I James Miller Pittsburg
1 Barbara, U. Knox rittsbnrg
i Lee Lavender Pittsburg
(Mary Ulateley Pittsburg
The llownrd-Melhod.
So great is the demand for the services of
Mr. John Howard, the well-known voice
teacher of New York City, that he will
probably be unable to holdopen the hour
for calling at his studio, 502 Penn ave. (from
2:30 to 3:30), beyond this week.
Perhaps no other singing teacher in this
country has so wide a reputation. The
Philadelphia Inquirer writes:
"Among the most successful exponents of
the value of scientific training is Mr. John
Howard, of New York, whose remarkable
achievements in restoring injured vocal
powers, extending the compass and volume
of tone, and giving command of the organs
of utterance, have won him the highest
encomiums from orators, singers and the
professional public. Mr. Howard has been
induced to establish classes in this city,
and has already produced some remarkable
results here."
The New York Independent writes:
"The name of Mr. John Howard is too
strongly guaranteed by both prominent
artists and influential citizens to raise a
doubt in our minds of his ability to carry
out bis plans ot vocal culture success
fully." The London ( Eas."i Musical Times snenTrn
of him as "the head ot the physiological
school of voice culture."
Mr. Howard has decided to remain six
weeks longer. The past two weeks have
proved his claims to produce surprising re
sults, for nearly every pupil has realized
remarkable improvement; many a complete
transformation from feeble, husky sounds
to the full, resonant tones of true artistic
BEECHEY-At her residence, 58 Lacoclc
street, Allegheny, on Thursday, August 29. 1889,
at 11 p. m. StJSAN 0., widow or the late Thomas
Beecheyj in her 62d year. '
Funeral services at St Peter's Cathedral,
Allegheny, on Sunday aptbenoon at 2
o'clock. Interment private. 2
COLEMAN On Friday morning, August 88,
1889, at 8.30 a. JC, Kekh A CoLEMAN.husband
of Anpie Rogers Coleman.
(Funeral on Sunday, September 1, at2P. k.,
from his late residence. No. 222 Fifth avenue.
Services at St Paul's Cathedral at 2.30 P. H.
Friends of the family are Invited to attend.
EMGE On Thursday evening. August 29,
1889, at 8 o'clock, CpARI.ES T. EMGE, in the
22d year or his age, at the residence or his
mother, Lithgow avenue, Allegheny.
Funeral Sunday aftkenoon at 3 o'clock.
Friends of the family are respectfully Invited
to attend. 2
HART-On Friday, August 80, 1889, atOO
p. if., Joseph W., eldest son of Leopold and
Margaret Hart, aged 21 years and 6 months.
Funeral from residence of his parents, Thirty
fifth and Penn avenue, on Sunday, September
1, 1889, at 4 o'clock p. M, Friends of the family
are respectfully invited to attend.
JONES-On Thursday. August 29. 1889, 4 P.
m., Henky Jones, aged 33 years.
Funeral from his late residence at Fifty
second street and Keystone avenue, on Sun
day, September 1, at p. it Friends or the
family are respectfully invited to attend. 3
LOWEN On Friday, August 30, at 10 A. 3d-..
Sophia W. Vick, wife ol John Lowen, in the
63d year or her age.
funeral rrom tho family residence, in West
Liberty borough, on Suxday, September 1, at
10 o'clock a. m. Interment private. 2
MILLER-On Saturday. August SI, 1889, at
9.45 p. m.. Fbedebick M. Miller, in the 53th
year or his age. at his residence, 261 Market
street, Allegheny.
Notice or funeral hereafter. 3
MESSICK At the residence or her son, R. 8.
Messick, In Chartiers township, on Friday,.
August 80. 1889, at 10 o'clock P. M, Mrs. MARY
A. Messick, widow of the late P. C. Messick,
ot Pittsburg.
Funeral services on Sunday, September 1,
at 1 o'clock p. sr. Interment private at a later
ROBINSON-On Saturday, August 81, at i
p. it, Abchibald Robinson, in bis 63th year.
Funeral from his late resldence.'Mifnin town
ship, on Monday, September 2, at 1 o'clock.
SWINT On Saturday, August 31, Obie
Hamilton, youngest daughter or J. E. and
Lizzie Farkhlll Swint
Funeral from the residence of her parents,
181 Washington avenue, Allegheny, on Sun
day, at 4 o'clock.
SMITH At the family residence. No. 155
jteuer street, iMineieenin wara, on saturaay,
August 31, 18S9. at 5 A. 3L, Joseph Smith, in
the 19th j ear or his age.
Friends of the family are respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral services on Monday,
September 2, at 2 p. if. Interment private later.
Philadelphia and Allentown, Pa,, papers
please copy, 2
SHEPARD Fridav, August 3a at 11.15 P.M.
Chakles E., son ot William H. and Susan U.
Shepard, in his 14th year.
Funeral from tho residence or his parents.
Twenty-seventh ward, on Sunday, September
1, at 2 P. x. Friends or the family are respect
fully invited to attend.
WELSHMAN On Saturday. August SL
1889, at 11:30 a. m., James Welshman, in the
4bu jear oi jus age.
Funeral from the residence or Archie Ham
ilton, 2135 Liberty street, on Monday, Septem
ber 2, 1889, at 2 o'clock P. M. Friends of the
family are respectfully invited to attend. 2
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This bed' is
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T Ml
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Ifir -M- '.-
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P. & Sclioeneck.
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joying: their vacation, return with
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i Jt
"rxn-q-, oxnr
&&&f .
Price nt the New York Grocery.
1 sack choice amber flour $1 20
12 lbs coffee sugar. l 00
11 Ji lbs granulated sugar 1 00
Dessicated cocoanut, per lb 15
Columbia river salmon, per can 13
Slbs. Carolina rice ' 25
5 pegs, corn starch 25
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8 lbs Schumacher's oat meal 25
8 lbs large lump starch 25
12 boxes bag bine .-;.......... 25
ivory soap, per bar 4
2 dozen parlor matches (200's) 25
2 lb cauisteiS Thompson's pure bak-
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lib pipe smoking tobacco 25
6 lbs of 20c tea fall kinds) 1 00
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Goods delivered free to all parts of both
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(Successor to Meyer, Arnold fc Co., Lira.,)
Office and residence, 1134 Penn avenue. Tele
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No. 6 Seventh Street.
Telephone 1153.
Tjrr H. DEVOBE 4SOK, x
Undertakers ana Embalmers anij rjvery Stables.
No. SIS Grant treet, near i irtu avenue.
At the old stand fine carriages fnr ihnnninM
parties or opera at the most reasonable prices.
j cicpuuue, .o.
Children's department Is one
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house A line of goods greets
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-' !
c d
mh 13-1)8-wsu
Tutt's Pill
J. H. Athey, a prominent druccist or Holly
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The sale of Tutt's Pills exceed
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Sold Evcryiohere.
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ALL go this week.
All departments
this sale:
included in
311 Smlthfield street.
Gold fillincs $. 00 and up
White alloyfllilngs 1 00
Silver fillings 75
Amalgam ftlllnRS 60
Extractinc teeth 25
Administering gas 60
Teeth, ?5 and 83. Best teeth only J10.
Fine cold filling and gold crown work a spe
cialty. sel-81
Market St., Entrance 430-436,
Braddock House, 916 Braddock Ave.
406 and 408 Wood Street.
Grand Opening of New Goods,
10 piece decorated toilet set, worth $3 60,
lOpteco decorated toilet set, worth Si, only
12 piece decorated toilet set, with jar. cheap
;only6. ' '
O. D. LEVIS. Solicitor or Patents.
131 Fifth avenue, abOTe Smithfield, next Leader
office. (No delay.) Established 20 years.
U piece decorated toibn set, with Jar, worth
103 piece decorated toilet set, worth 112 50,
only $8 60.
68 piece decorated tea set, cheap at $6, only
t 60.
66 piece decorated tea set, worth ti 60, only
B89. '
79 wash bowls and pitchers, only 75c
Handle tea cups and saucers 16 in set) only
60c set
Gilt-baud cup and saucers, only 10c; white
granite steak plates, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c: white
granite square and oral disbes, oc, 10c, 15c, 25c;
yuiiu granue mates, ah sizes, oniy oc eacn; yel
low pudding dishes, 5c, 8c, 10c. 12o to 40c: brown
earthen teapots, 15c, 20c. 25c. 30c, S5c; glass
sets, butter dish, sugar bowl, creamer and
spoon bolder. 30c; glass celery glasses, lOe and
15c; plain glass tumblers, only 2c; glass bread
elates, only 10c: class 4-in. nan ii(hoi nniv
25c dozen; gUss fruit bowls, only 10c; extra
heavy pressed retlnned sauce pans, 5c to 40c;
Acme fry pans, worth 15c only 5c;Nos.7, 8, 9
iron pots, worth 60c, only 25c; iron spiders. No.
7, 20c, No. 8. 25c, No. 9.31c: enameled kettles,
25c, 31c 3ic 41C 4o; washtnbs, 10c, 15c, 25c 35c,
45c 55c. 75c; wood water pails, full size, only
10c; cedar water pail, 3 brass hoops, only 25c;
washboards. 10c 15e. 25c; flat Irons, wood han
dle (8 In set;, only Jl; flat irons, 6 lb, 7 lb, 8 lb,
only 25c each; iron roasting pans, 10c 15c 20c
25c; wash boilers, 60c 65c 75c, 81; tin washba
sin, only 5c; 2 at covered pails, only 6c; 1-qt
coffee pot, only 6c; tin cuspadores, best colors,
only 5c; all kinds tin cake and pudding pans,
only 6c; also a large stock of dolls, vases, al
bums, toys of all kinds, etc, etc., at very low
TojMtorro-WTTe inaugurate tteTil d
new goods is yry dspartaMBt, W pint
zrosa WW yott sua. se immk a wtqe v$m
1. Men's tmd Boys' JmrnirMng God.
. Men's and Boya' AWrHto 944.
3, Mays' Shirt Waists. '
4, SmU Boys' 8uU.
5, Infants'-CsfHpiste 0W.
eruadies' tmd CMtdrsn's MH Undfsmth
7- Aprons! Colored Shirts, sts.
8, Ladies' Cloaks, Wrap and Jersey. ,
" 9.y Misses' and ChUdren's Cloaks ana JeremfH
IQ, Millinery Qeods. 4J v
ll,JlibboHs, . ' . '
12. Bilks, Satins, Tetve and fhiskee
13, Trimmod Blots and Bennois. "
14, Untrimmed Mais and Bonnets.
15. Artificial Flowers and JFeathorsi
m. Gloves. '''
17. Hosiery, . , ' "
18. Merino Underwear.
1Q. flnriteta. Hustles, etc. - a-a
20. Dress Trimmings and Buttons. ''"
1, Dressmakers' Supplies. j--
22, Dace and Dace (foods,' ..
23. Embroideries.
24. White Goods.
25, Nets and VeWngs, ,
jiff. Linens, Towels and Napkins,
27. Linen Handkerchiefs.
28. SUfi Handkerchiefs and Mufilers
29. Ladies' and Children's Neckwear.
30. Art Embroidery and Materials J 'or Faney WrJtty
oa -a.l trtt. 7j-ahui' (iacula. ff 4t.-
tr .uJIJVa. J
34. Rubber Goods. , T
35, Umbrellas and Farasots.
36, Soaps and Ferfumery.
i 39. Toilet Goods,
n X..1..JJ.m B4a mmIm. fF11A BmAm Vmhamm 0.''
ifO. Xrmonuiivn omf wi .vnw uct) jawnnwi , JVVyVj '
Boxes, wove ana uianacercnter Jjomesj etc," ' -
SO Wrtn. " j
j.n. Fancv Goods and Bric-a-Brac. - x "
41. Trunks, Baas and Travelers' Outfits,
42. Focket Books and Fancy Leather Goods.
43. Books..
44. Stationery and School Supplies.
45. Flcture Frames and Mirrors.
46. Fancy China Ware. . ,
6t7 WtWCW lMa Ojw y wwvvw 3T .?
&8. 4J0US anu uqw WWS. , A . Ir$r;
4. says' - jfjnr
Kn Ttrtfvi, WtiTiii. VeTnr.irtpAes ana Tllcvcleit. . '
51. House Furnishing Goods and Kitchen Utensils ,
"52. Clocks and Bronzes.
53. Silverware, Solid and Flated.
64. "Jewelry, Beal and Imitation.
55. Baskets and Willow Ware.
66. Table and Focket Cutlery '
57. Household Hardware,
' &8. Crockery, Glass and China Ware.
f9. Lamps, Lamp Shades, etc.
O. Specialties for Wedding Fresents and Souvenirs.
61. Christmas Specialties.
62. Flags.
63. Fatent Medicines.
On Saturday, September 7, vrp shall celebrate the first anniversary
of the onenincr of our new stores by a grand display that will eclipse.
anything of the kind ever seen in the two oities. we expect 20,000 fl
Trtattsvra int. ri B.-0- Rnrl fixa nroriarinu for an extraordinarv rush. All '
weak lonor carloads of merchandise will be pouring in upon us, and we' "ii
promise thousands ot novelties no? to do iounaatoxner eaxaouanmeacs,
we have provided "Waitingr and Toilet Eooms, where all will be mads
welcome, whether purchasers or not. Our waiting rooms will be pro
vided with the daily papers and the latest magazines, so that waithig
will be made a pleasure instead of a bore. Parcels will be checked free
of oharge and visitors from the country can leave their parcels with us
and be free to see the sights, without lugging with them burdensome
paokagea We deliver goods free of charge in Pittsburgrand Allegheny.
Ezpressage prepaid on purchases of 85 and upward to any transporta
tion point within 60 miles of Pittsburg. House Furnishing Goods, Toys,
China; Glassware, Trunks, Baby Carriages, Befrigerators, Lamps,.
Bronzes, etc., excepteu.
Double Barrel Breech Loader,
Top actlori, Bebonnding Bar Locks, all
Improvements, same as cut. $20 00.
Double Barrel Muzzle Loaders, $4 and np
Double Barrel Breech Loaders,$7 and np
Flobert Rifles, $2 and np.
100 Loaded Shells, S2.
Trillins- Tools. 35c 75c. SI 25.
Paper Shells, 60c per 100.
of New Fall Novelties surpasses all our former ones in variety and cheapness. "We opened during this week high novelties in
KL SlsIIT'S, 934 Liberty St, Cor. Smlthfield.
Send name and address for onr Mammoth Illustrated Catalogue, mailed tree of charge.
lETIEiW 0-003DS.
Jlany of these have been Imnorled direct bv n nnd mnnnt bi nrnixinil nioon.T,o- tu cn.i-n.. . t .i- i n .
are really worth $20, and if you wish to save money you had better select one this week. We also opened this week 240 cartons con
taining 4,130 pieces Colored Silk Velvet Kibbons, choice shades, which we offer to our patrons at exceedingly Jowprices. These eoo'ds
will be very scarce shortly, as there is an enormous demand for them in Europe and America. -
Special Exenrslon to Gettysburg.
On Monday, September 9, the B. & O. E.
E. will run a special train, leaving Pitts
burg at 8 A. M., with day coaches and Pull
man parlor cars attached, arriving at An
tietam at 5:10 p. M., where stop willbe made
to visit the battle field, and proceed, arriv
ing at Gettysbnnr at 8 p. si. The lare lor
tbe round trip will bef8 95 from Pittsburg.
Passengers will bavetheTrivilege of return
ing from Gettysburg via Baltimore, Wash-
In addition to this special excursion,
tickets will be on sale from September 7 to
12. inclusive, good to return until the 18th,
inclusive, via this route or via "Washing
ton .and Baltimore going, and returning via
same route, or via Harper's Perry, Wever
ton hud Hagcrstown. Tickets via all .routes.
$8 93.
Secure your tickets aud parlor car seats
Por further'information address or apply
toJS. D. Smith, Division Passenger Agent,
cor. Pifth ave. aadHVood st.'PittsbHwrAA:
Hosiery, Gloves and Underwear.
Star Waists and Blouses.
Men's Fancy Cheviot
and Flannel SJiirts.
Muslin Underwear,
WTiite Goods and Embroideries.
Handkerchiefs, Trimmings,
Notions, Umbrellas, Farasols,
Men's Striped Cotton Half Hose,
Special Lots.
A. splendid opportunity to buy hieh-claw
goods at less than tho price of inferior ones.
New Fall Goods Arriving daily.
During the last two seasons has proved
We still have a full line of those Genuine Poster Hook French' Real Kid.
"710 Ponn avenue, 710.
Between Seventh and Eighth sts.
Xiv if
6 Hooks, 81: OO.
7 Hooks, $1 60.
Wo have just received and have now ready for inspection,
beautiful China Dinner SetsFish Sets and a full line of nice
China, odd pieces, to which we invite the attention of the ladies.
R. P. WALLACE & Op.,
211 Wood. s-b.
7 Hooks, 92 25.
TEETH,, $5, $8, $10.
Amalgari, 0cj
Gold fillincs from $1 up.
Silver. 75c: Mliito nllov. il.
Gold Crowns a special tj. "
fDR. 3. M. JfcCLABEN,
! 7 uniw pnitnneia ana Fourth avenue,
, jeuu-.
5 Hooks, 81 50.
' 7 Hooks, 81 76.
Also onr GUAKAfcTEED Foster Hook Kid Gloves-S hooks, 89c; 7 hooks, 81. No such values offered bv any other house. ,
T,,,Jl J,I,ssesa 4 ?Jd Glo"s thls 48c. 120 doz. Ladies' 4 b. Embroidered Kid Gloves this week; 48c. 40 doz. 4 b. flue
fi7K?ray.UedeGloveJs,.c;jr,:??1- m d0Z-4 b'Eeal French Embroidered Tan Kid Gloves, warranted, 89o a pair: a
pT5 'Z. ft Thesa,are undoubtedly the greatest bargains ever offered in Kid Gloves, and cannot fail to boom this department. It
is our aim to give you reliable gloves at as low prices as the so-called job lots 6r seconds offered by many dealers as real Kid Gloves.
Mil I IN FRY I to -1 the m$7 E fJL No vSl",es can be ha in hls Department in a muoh larger variety than anywhere else. New
111 I LLI 11 L II I I Wings, Tips. Eibbons, Velvets, Plushes, etc., in endless variety, and at prices which cannot be undersold.
Then be kind enough to call at the Store, 307 Wood street
'and we will show you the handsomest line of New Fall
Styles of Furniture, Carpetings, Etc., it
pleasure to witness.
should you desire a little time, we will make very casyi
has ever been your
Our prices are very low and the terms;
1 ,
- ' w " l
f feSoIe Agentsfor the DaviSiSiwing Machine.
t?tiiisaisMg.raTii",w"''- ' -- -fry
hdkX). r.l,iiflt i,'-ii