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friends and Enemies of Dr. Cronin in
tho Chicago Cian-na-Gacl
The Famous Murder Tery Vigorously De
nounced by the Former.
Tho Other Section of the OreaniiaUon Also Does
Bene Till Talkinf.
Two Clan-na-Gael picnics were held at
Chicago yesterday. One was under the con
trol of the friends of the murdered Dr.
Cronin und the other was in the hands of
the opposition. Each demonstration adopted
a Tery lively series of resolutions.
Chicago, August 15. This was the day
set for the annual Clan-na-Gael demonstra
tion and picnic, but instead of one there were
two gatherings. The friends of the late Dr.
Cronin met at Cheltenham Beach in large
numbers. Addresses were delivered during
the afternoon and evening by Congressman
Koran, of Cleveland; Hon. M. J. Kyan, of
Philadelphia; Congressman Lawler, of Chi
cago; John Devoy, of Ifew York; Thomas
P. Tuite, of Detroit, and others.
A long statement, accompanying a pre
amble and resolutions, was read and adopted.
It recognizes fealty to this nation as the first
and highest obligation, and next thereafter
pledges support to the cause of Irish'lioerty,
to be secured under the leadership of Par
nell and Gladstone. The preamble and
resolutions are as follows:
Whereas, In the midst of the universally
conseded tribute to the Irish people. Justly
earned by devotion to the principles of liberty
and civilization, when Ireland's children, led
by her patriotic and astute statesman, Charles
Stewart Parnell, were on tne eve of breaking
down the barriers of English prejudice; when
the world had to make Ireland's cause her
own; when fossilized bicotry and selfish inter
cst&cnly stood in the way of Irish progress,
cold-blooded and cruel assassinations dropped
their double distilled poison into Ireland's
chal.ee; and,
Whereas, In order to indelibly stain the
reputation of our race, those conspirators and
assassins did resort to the infamous calumny
of charting our murdered fellow citizen with
being a British sny, therefore, be it
Resolved. That we denounce with all the
force of indignant language our utter abhor
rence of assassination murder, and the moral
assassination resorted to by the murderers of
Dr. Cronin, to cover up the
and the betrayal of a people whoso devotion to
the cause of liber'y too often makes them the
victims of designing knaves.
Resolved, That knowing Dr. R. H. Cronin to
have been a patriotic high-minded, pure Chris
tian goatleman, utterly incapable of playing
the roll of sycophant or falsely living the life
of a spy, we brand as the most malicious libel
and moral assassination the lntamous report
that be was an agent of England. On the con
trary, knowing him to have been a devoted de
fender of honesty and truth, we hereby declare
it to be our solemn conviction that for bis faith
ful adherence to the Irish cause, honesty and
truth, he was foully murdered to prevent the
exposuro of the actual criminals, who have
dragged down that cause in blood and tears
into the dust of our Gethsemane.
Resolved, That the crime of his most atro
cious murder calls for all the energies of our
civilization for the speedy and extreme pun
ishment of the law, and we pledge our abiding
support to the public authorities until every
guilty man shall have answered to the law for
his participation in the most devilish murder
which has reddened the annals of crime. We
deem it our duty to express our
that a few prominent Irishmen In this country
and across tho water should have taken the
foolish position that Dr. Cronin'a mnrder was
the work of England's agents, and that the
suspicions and accnsations almost universally
entertained and expressed in this community
and throughout America against men pointed
out by the evidence as the authors of the con
spiracy to murder Dr. Cronin were uttered in
the interest of the London Timet. Such utter
ances from men upon the other side of the
Atlantic while they may be overlooked for
their impertinence and pardoned for their in
sult to our Intelligence, do lasting damage by
undermining confidence in the judgment and
discernment of men whose wisdom in Irish
affairs we have been accustomed to trust, and
whose opinions in those matters we want to
continue to respect.
Resolved. That we express our continued
confidence and adhesion to Mr. Parnell and his
Sarty and our belief in the ultimate success of
is efforts to secure for Ireland the blessings of
self-government. Believing Ireland to be
capable ot self-government, we recognize the
right of the majority ot the Irish people living
in Ireland to determine their own position on
the national question and to shape their own
policy in advancing it. Whatever they decree
through their chosen representatives, when
that choice is freely expressed, we pledge our
selves to cordially support. We denounce any
attempt at Interference with that right nf the
Irish people, either by Irishmen in America or
Englishmen in England, as an impeachment ot
Ireland's capacity and qualification for self
government and offensive to the sentiment ot
Irishmen everywhere.
By all odds the most important feature of
the day at Cheltenham was the denuncia
tion ot Michael Davitt and Patrick: Egan
by John Devoy. The last named gentle
man, in a long and impassioned speech,
challenged, not alone the motives, hut the
honesty and patriotism of both these
well-known Irishmen, and he openly ar
raigned Davitt for alleged treachery to his
friends, to the cause of Ireland and to
Charles Stewart Parnell. His attitude in
regard to the Cronin murder was the sub
ject for a fierce denunciation of the "Father
of the Land League."
The charge which Mr. Devoy made against
the Minister to Chili was graver yet. Mr.
Egan was proclaimed as a sympathizer with
the gang who instigated the murder of Dr.
Cronin, and with using the prestige of his
position to blacken men's character, as
Cronin's was, and thus bringing about their
destruction in a similar way.
Congressman Prank Lawler devoted most
pf his time to his old political antagonist,
ex-Congressman John Pinerty, for the
course taken by the latter's paper in regard
to the Cronin matter and Mr. Lawler him
self. Mr. Lawler dealt Pinerty some
rhetorical blows of unusual vigor and earn
estness. He denounced Pinerty in conclu
sion as a liar, poltroon and scoundrel.
The auti-Cronin section of the Clan-na-Gael
demonstration at Ogden's Grove drew
a large crowd of people. The grounds were
thrown open at 10 o'clock this morning and
the preparations were at once begun. The
speakers were escorted to the grove by the
Clan-na-Gael Guards, the Hibernian Rifles
and Chicago Zouaves. It was after 1 o'clock
when they arrived on the grounds. They
were Senator Thomas P. Grady, of New
York; the Eev. George "W. Pepper, of Ohio;
Hon. O'Neil Ryan( of St, Louis, and Judge
Pitzgerald, of Cincinnati.
The address, read and adopted by the
audience, opened with a declaration of de
votion to the laws and principles of the
American Bepublic, and unchangeable sym
pathy with the cause of Irish liberty; the
plan on which it is to be worked for to be
decided by the people of Ireland themselves.
The address continues:
But while recognizing the necessity of leav
ing to the Irish people themselves the plan of
battle for the attainment ot national auton
omy, we desire to express our belief in tbo'dis
tinctlve character of the Irlib people, and
their inalienable right, circumstances permit
ting, to declare and to assert their Independ
ence as a nation.
We fully recognize, further, that destitute of
those means of asserting their liberty, which
would alone make revolution justifiable, we
are willing to aid them in such peaceful meas
ures as they may choose to adopt in bringing
the Government of England to a. sense of
tho duty that it owes to justice and humanity,
restoring to the Irish people the right to make
their own laws and to live in Bell-respecting
snanhood upon their own soil.
It has been assorted by those lmtrumsntal In
covering us with defamation that we wish to
screen the murderers of Dr. Cronin. We meet
here to-day, among other reasons, for the pur
pose of vehemently denouncing His atrocious
murder in our capacity as American citizens,
but we hold that, as Irish-Americans, we have
no more right to be held responsible for that
foul atrocity than has any other element of our
body politic for crimes committed by persons
to whom they are kindred. We devoutly hope
that the officers authorized by law will succocd
in bringing to justico tho assassins of Dr.
We repudiate both as American citizens and
as Irish-Americans, the claim made by the ene
mies of our race, that the Irish element has any
desire or any purpose to make the soil of
America the theater of acts of vengeance, be
cause of feuds, factions or disagreements grow
ing out of political differences or personal
We desire to declare that, in the absence of
any rational opportunity for the assertion of
the independence of Ireland, after the manly
fashion of the American Revolutionary fathers,
and while regretting the absence of that oppor
tunity, we wish to convey to Charles Stewart
Parnell and Jits associates in the present
struggle for Irish home government and the
rignts of the Irish tenant farmers, our sincere
desire to aid their patriotic efforts, and our
wish to leave them unembarrassed by any policy
of ours, until all peacefnl methods of settling
tho Irish question have been exhausted.
We return our sincere and most grateful
thanks to Hon. John M. Thayer, Governor of
Massachusetts, for his magnanimous defense of
the honor of our race against the reckless
slanders of a society of professional foreigners.
We also return our thanks to Hon. Charles A.
Dana, of the New York Sun, who has proved
himself in this crisis, as ever, the friend of our
race and of human liberty.
The Chief Evidence Against Mrs. Maybrick
Given by a Fugitive From Justice
A Prejudiced Charge Delivered
br the Judge.
New York, August 15. The New York
counsel of Mrs. Maybrick, now under sen
tence of death in London, to-day received a
letter from Lawyer Alfred Monck, of Notre
Dame street, Montreal, in which he states
that a Mrs. Yapp answering the description
of the Mrs. Yapp, who was the chief wit
ness against Mrs. Maybrick, was obliged to
leave Montreal about three years ago to
escape indictment for perjury. At
that time a man named Mai
vin Smith brought an action
against his wife for separation. Mrs. Yapp
was the chief witness for Smith, and gave
very damaging evidence against the wife.
It was shown, however, that a female friend
of Smith and the woman Yapp had, with
Smith's aid, plotted a conspiracy to blacken
Mrs. Smith's character, and Mrs. Smith's
reputation remained unblemished. Mrs.
Yapp fled the country immediately there
after. She was about 40 years old and mar
ried. Dudley M. Holman, managing editor of
the Portland (Me.) Evening Express, also
sends a letter. He states that Mrs. May
brick once lived in Portland, where she
was highly respected. He asks regarding
the propriety of getting a petition signed by
leading citizens of Portland and forwarding
the same to Secretary of Stale Blaine, re
questing him to interest himself in the
case. The lawyers replied in approval.
A well-known lawyer, who arrived to-day
from England on the Teutonic, and who
was nresent during Judge Stephen's charge
to the jury, states that while in England he
gave the Maybrick case careful study.
"I never heard such a prejudiced charge
delivered," he said, "by a Judge in my
many years' experience at the Bar. Mrs.
Maybnck's lawyers could not get a hearing;
when they endeavored to curb the Judge in
his charge, they got snubbed for their, pains.
I called to see her after her conviction, and
she presented a pitiable sight. She ex
claimed I did not do it; I did not do it. My
folly I admit. I was led astray by a man
who had an unnatural influence over me.
That was my only sin. I would sooner have
lost my life on the spot than hurt one hair
of my husband's head."
The woman's counsel will forward the
evidence they have to Secretary Blaine at
Republican Harmonize In Western Wash
Ington on xxulre for the Sennte.
Olympia, Wash., August 16. The ex
citing scenes of yesterday were succeeded
to-day by a calm. On every lawyer's desk
was a ponderous law library, and the
entire day was spent in discussion
ot the question of State sovereignty
iu tids lands. Only one vote was
taken. It was on the general principle of
State sovereignty and was largely affirma
tive. The question then came up on patents
issued by the United States Government to
land part of which possibly through error,
is tide land. The debate was still on when
the convention adjourned.
News arrived to-day that Colonel J. C.
Haines, who has been understood to be a
candidate for United States Senator from
Western Washington, had withdrawn. This,
it is said, strengthens and harmonizes the
Republicans, and makes the election of ex
Governor watson C. Squire to the .Senate
almost certain.
Now York Plasterers Go Out, but Return to
Work In Three Hours.
New York, August 15. The Plasterers'
Union on Wednesday submitted to their em
ployers a demand that their wages be in
creased from 54 to $1 50 a day. None of the
employers paid attention to the demand.
To-day committees from the union went to
all the large buildings in the city and or
dered the plasterers to quit work and to re
pair to Brevoort Hail, in Pifty-iourth
street. It was estimated that 1,500 were in
the hall at noon. Then the employers who
had been notified by their foremen that the
men were on strike, sent word for their men
at the hall to return to work.
At 330 o'clock all the plasterers had
gone. Tbey say that the bosses consented
to pay the advance demanded. Tbe boss
plasterers said that there was nothing else
lor them to do but pay. There is not an
idle plasterer to be found in the city.
A Clairvoyant Who Claim to Have Discov
ered a Missing Corpse.
Cincinnati, August 15. A singular
law suit has begun in the courts here. Mrs.
Clara G. Byrne, of New Albany, Ind., has
entered suit against Mrs. Eben Cheney for
one-half the amount of the reward offered
for the finding of tbe body of Mrs. Cheney's
husband, who mysteriously disappeared last
January, but whose body two months later
was found in tbe Ohio river, near Bipley.
Mrs. Byrne claims that she is a clair
voyant, and that she described in every par
ticular the drowning of Mr. Cheney and the
place of the finding of the body, having, as
she claims, seen it all in a "vision." She
had been consulted by Mrs. Cheney, and
sow claims half of the 51,000 reward, the
body having been found as she described.
Is ike Btit of all known Glogirs.
Thrilling- Escape of a Ld Who mi Carried
Into the Surf at Aabnry Park.
Tremendous Seas Canso
Mnch Excitement.
Asbury Park, N. J., August 15. The
tremendous seas this morning washed away
the beach from the Asbury avenue pavilion
to the Bend Wave power pier, to a depth
of 12 feet. The piling of the board
walk at that point, and the pavilion were
washed almost bare. The iron swinging
gate that worked the pump at the pier with
power given by swinging in the wavesf was
bent double by the seas. The gate weighed
over half a ton.
At 10 o'clock, while thousand watched
the work of beach destruction, L. C. Craig,
a 15-year-old Detroit boy, was washed from
the sluice box at the sea end of "Wesley
Lake by an enormous wave, and carried
into the surf, where he struggled desperate
ly. Finally he was washed out to the end
of a submerged bathing line, to which he
clung for life. An attempt was made to
launch the life boat by Bathing Masters
Slocum, Clayton and Kittle. A Mr wave
picked up the boat and 'dashed it between
the piling of the pavilion, crushing it to
Meantime, little Craig struggled for life
with the big waves. Just as he was washed
from bis position and lost to view, the bath
ing masters, with lite lines succeeded inget
ting through the mountainous surf, and saw
the drowning boy beneath the water. Slo
cum grasped the little fellow by the hair,
and succeeded in bringing him back to the
shore by working his way in along the bath
ing line.
Craig was apparently dead when laid on
the sand. He was restored to consciousness
only after several hours exertion by physi
cians. He is suffering from exhaustion to
night. Fifteen thousand people cheered
the rescuer. Later in the day, Charles E.
Schwartz, of Philadelphia, was caught by a
big wave and dashed headlong upon the
hard beach. He was picked up insensible.
To-night he is in a precarious condition,,
Sad Work Done to the Bronze Tablet on
a Boston Monument.
Boston, August 15. Vandals have made
sad work on the bronze tablets of the
soldiers' monument on the Common. These
tablets, beautiful in artistic design, have in
two instances been badly mutilated. The
one which represents the departure of the
Sixth Massachusetts regiment shows a com
pany passing in review before Governor
Andrew, Wendell Phillips. Archbishop
Williams, and others. The company com
mander is represented as presenting arms,
with his sword pointed in tbe direction re
quired in the execution of the command.
The sword is now gone, and one of the chief
beauties of the picture is destroyed. On
the north side is a tablet representing the
return of a regiment frorn the war. The
company commander, who is shown in the
froup, is in the position of parade rest, his
ands resting on his sword. This sword has
also been wrenched out of place and carried
The company in the rear is in the position
of present arms. In the first file four
men with ritles stand boldly out. Some
fiend of a relio hunter or vandal has broken
tbe butts of three of the rifles off, destroy
ing this picture beyond repair. The swords
removed from tbe hands of the officers can
be replaced, but the rifle butts cannot be.
A Nobis Young: Man Shot While Trying; lo
Arrest Illicit Distiller.
Tallahasse, Fla., AugustlC United
States Deputy Revenue Collector Frank
Weller was murdered in Holmes, county,
last night, while attempting to make an ar
rest of illicit distillers there. No further
particulars have been received, but tbe en
tire city is agitated over the sad end of this
most upright young man. His father, Bev.
W. K. Weller, of Jacksonville, is a very
prominent Episcopal divine, and editor of
their church paper.
Weller leaves a voungwife and one child.
The authorities will try hard to apprehend
the murderer.
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WWfc Owl Trad Mtr k M the Wrttr.
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o , . .
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to respectable journals, but really emanating from the adver
tising department of the Royal Baking Powder. Co., have
again made their appearance. Extracts from official letters
and documents are falsely quoted, and spurious words inserted
to mislead the public and Jioist into notoriety an adulterated
food product Cooked up lies, and stories made out of whole
cloth, appearing in an article headed, "A Remarkable Ex
pose," have only exposed a sad dishonesty of purpose.
The public likes to see fair and open competition, backed
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always react upon the trickster. These attempts to throw sand
in the eyes of the public are too shallow, and only instills an
added interest into the intelligent reader to find more positive
and praiseworthy proofs of superiority.
The American Analyst, of New York City, says, in its
issue of June 13, 1889: "No 'Board of Health' has ever
officially indorsed the Royal Baking Powder, as its nianufao
turers state." A careful perusal of the original National
Board of Health Bulletin, " Supplement No. 6, page 33,"
will show quite conclusively, that "without money considera
tions," but in the interest of the United States Government
they indorsed " Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder as the
strongest and purest"
In reference to the report made by the Canadian Govern
ment on Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, we refer to the
Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department, Ottawa
(seat of Government), Canada, which will show that Mr.Wm.
Sanders, Public Analyst of that Department, gives the prefer
ence to Dr. Price's in strength and purity.
A bogus report purporting to come - from the Ohio Food
Commissioner is another brainy (?) concoction of those who
take the pay and wear the collar of the Royal Baking Powder
Co. This Royal editor would make the public believe that
theifr powder, with its filthy ingredient, ammonia, had been
officially indorsed, while the truth told, Commissioner Hurst,
of Ohio, over his own signature, denounces the Royal's report
as "a false and garbled statement" Commissioner Hurst
adds: " This article (Royal's) pretending to quote, but mis
representing my official circular, as it did, was a most flagrant
abuse of an official paper." .
Nothing better than deception canbe expected from a
company who will foist upon the public as " absolutely pure"
a food preparation which has as its basis that harsh caustic
chemical, carbonate of ammonia. The origin of ammonia is
filth, decomposed animal and vegetable matter, and yet it is
being used as a leavening power in the Royal Baking Powder.
It was decided by the National Food Analysts that Dr.
Price's Cream Baking Powder was the one they could recom
mend to general family use, being free from Ammonia, Alum,
Lime and all drug taint
Place a can of the "Royal Baking Powder" top down on a hot stove until"
heated ; then remove the cover and smell. A chemist will not be required to detect
the presence of the disgusting drug "Ammonia."
Let Dr. Price's be subjected to the same test, and if it contains Ammonia or any
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ave., Flttsbarg. Certificates are open for Inspec
tion. .flS-The Wylie and Center ave. cars from Market
it. pass the door. an3-47
TorrTsiJUiM awd lake jckik kaileoau
X. COMPANY Schedule la effect June 2, XSea,
Central time:
P. A U. U. B. B. DzrART Kor Cleveland. 8:00,
S:C0 A. h., 1:35, 4:10, 9:Sr. v. Kor Cincinnati,
Chicago and M. Louis, 6:00 X. St., 1:3&, "8:30 P. M.
for Baffalo. SrtlO A. M.. 4 :0, 9:30 r. V. 1'orBll.
Inanca, "8.-CO A. M., -1:35 p. M- for lieaver Palls,
50. a.-OO. 8:30. 10:15 A.M.. 1:33. 3:30. 4:10. 5:15,
9:30 r. x. JTor Chartlers. JiOO, 15.3a 5:35, 620,
8KS5, 7:15, "SB, t-.TO, 9:25, 10:15 A. V.. USB, '12:45,
1:4a 3:30. 14:34 4:50, "5:05, 8:15, 8:05, 10:30 r. X.
ABIUVI Prom Cleveland, SO A. X ll.-Sa.
S13S, "7:55 9:40 F. V. From Cincinnati, Clilearo
and St. Louts. '12:30. 7:55 r. M. Krom Buffalo.
8:30 a. m., "12:30, :40 T. II. Prom Salamanca.
12.30, 7:55 P.M. Prom Tounastown, 0!3OS:20A.
v.. '12130, 8:S 7:5S, :40 r. x. From Beaver
Palls, 5:5i 9130, 7:20, 9:20 A. X.. I2:S0l 1:10, :35j
7:55.0:40 P.M. Prom Chartlers, 5ili Sili'a.SO
:i5, 7:08. "7:47, 0(20. 9:57. 11:59 A. X-JllO. "1:32,
3:17. 4:00, 4:40. 4:S2, 6:33, 9:1 9:40, '11:12, VMl
,"c. k Y?"tralns for Mansfield. :30A. M- 330,
4:50 r. M. Por Essen and Ueechmont. Si34 A. x.,
1:30 r.u. ,
P., C Y. trains from Mansfield, Zssen and
Beachmont, 7.08, U:S9A.X.
P., McK. ft Y.B. K.-UirAaT-PorMew Haven.
15:30 A. x,'3:aor.x. Por West Newton. 1S:W
10:05 A. x.. 3:30. 5:15 r. x.
AnniTB-Prom New Haven, tfriiO A. H.'SiM'b.
X. Prom West Newton,:U. I'aO A. X..H2S, '50
For McKeeiport and Elizabeth, '3:30, 10:05 A. X.,
3:3ft s:!5 p. x.
Prom Kllxabetb. and McKecsport, 7J0 A. x
las. s:Oor. x.
Dally. Sundays only. tWill run one hour
late on Sunday. WU1 run two hours late on
City ticket office. 401SmIthfleld street.
Trains leave Union station (Eastern Standard
Umcji Klttannlng Ac.. :5J s, m.: Nlauary Ex..
daUy. SiiS a. m Tlulton Ac, 10:10 a. m.s Valley
.Camp Ac, J2KS V m.t Oil Citrand UultoU Ex
presi,2:00 p.m. ; llulun Ac, 3:00 p.m. t IU tanning
Ac, 4:00p.m.; firaeburn ExsJp.m.; Klttann.
lnitAo..r;30p.m.j Braeburn Ac.sOTp.m.jHul.
ton Ac, TSO p. m.; Buffalo Ei, dally,
s :40p.m. i Chanters Ae..9:45p.m.i Braeburn Ac,
n :30p.m. Church trains-Brasburn, 12140p.m.
and 9:33 p. m. Pullman Parlor Buffet and
Bleeping Cars bstwsea Pittsburg and Buffalo.
OABOU. Gen. gupt. .
Trains (ct'lstan'dttmell Leave. Arrive.
Day Et., AKrnn.Toledo, Kane B:0 a m
J'UM,! AVhVUlinWJiUUi,
Chicago Express (dally)
New Oaatle Accommodation
Bntler and Poxburg Ac
First class fare to Cbleago,
Salfv. 4'.
n 0 WV 4-Cw.
M -rfWftL" l
7:37 p m
111:40 p m 11 JO a m
I 4i9 p m 7:00 p m
I t'M p m 5:30 a m
(to as. 8and class.
sleepis ear to uuwxo
unless you are willing and anxious to save money. None but men and
women wHo can appreciate a good thing when they see it are invited to
avail themselves of the truly miraculous bargains in good, solid foot
wear now offered at
Men of families men whose limited incomes compels them to en
force rigid economy to make both ends meet are especially requested
to take advantage of this sale. They have here the rare chance of sup
plying their families with first-class and stylish Shoes at about half the
regular"prices. The same money that usually buys one pair now buys
two pairs hence the great benefit derived from patronizing Kaufmanns
Shoe department at present is apparent. Below we point out a few of
our bargains. Read them and remember that they don't represent one
hundredth of our stock.
Ladies' Fine Shoes for $1 49.
Not fine in name only but in fact as welL These Shoes are made
of the celebrated imperial Kid, have worked button holes and leather
counters, and are very durable and comfortable. The usual retail price
is 3. Our Building and Enlarging Sale price is $1 49.
Ladies' Patent Leather Tipped Shoes, $1 49
They are also made of imperial Kid, have smooth insoles and
leather counters, and every pairis guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.
Patent leather tipped shoes are now all the rage, and these goods won't
linger long on our shelves.
Ladies' Genuine French Kid Shoes, $2 50
Ladies who wear extremely fine shoes goods that are generally
sold for $5 per pair have now a chance to buy them at $2 50. We
warrant these French Kid Shoes to be hand-turned, and, although the
sizes are somewhat broken, most any lady can get fitted. Come quick,
however. '
. Ladies' French Kid Oxfords at $1 50 .
We have these in all lengths and widths, and they come with patent
leather tips or plain toes. No shoe dealer in this city has ever offered
the equal of this shoe for less than $3. By buying them at our Build
ing and Enlarging Sale you can now get them for only $1 50.
Men's Extra Quality Calf Shoes at 1 98
We have, them in button, lace and congress, and all sizes and widths.
They are made to fit, and fit they do as perfectly and comfortably as
one could desire. We want you to compare these shoes with those at
$3, about which, certain shoe stores in this city,make so much ado.
Men's Popular English Waukenphasts,$2 50
These shoes are so well and favorably known that any comment on
our part is unnecessary. You can get any size and width, plain or tipped.
Come as quickly as possible, however, if you want to make sure of get
ting just what you want
Infants' Shoes, Good Quality, at 19c.
Just think! Only Nineteen Cents per pair for Infants' neat and
durable shoes. We have about 600 pairs of them. Mothers, if you are
wise, you'll get a half dozen pairs, while you can get them so cheap.
We cannot allow our usual wholesale discount during our
Building and Enlarging Sale. All goods must be paid for at
marked prices.
Terms: Net cash.
Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street
JT after May IS. 1830. trains leave Union
Station, Pittsburg, as follow Eastern Btacdard
New Tork and Chicago Limited of Pullman Ves
tibule dallv at 7:14 a. m. ...
Atlantlo Express dallr for tb; East, 30 a.m.
Mail train, JaUr.except Bandar. . m. Sun
day, mall, S:0 a. m.
uav express dally at 80 a. m.
Mall express dally at 1:00 p. m.
Philadelphia express dally at 4:30 p. m.
Eastern express dally at 7iU p. m.
Past Line dally at 8:10 p. m.
Express for .Bedford 1:00 p. m.. week days.
Express for Cresson and Ebensburs; lui p. m.,
Saturdays only. . .
Greeninurg expresssiiop. m. week days.
Merry express II :00 a, m. week days.
All throurt trains connect at Jersey atr wia
boats of "Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn. X. Y
avoldlnj doublsferrlan e and journey throusn H.
Yi-2ns arrive at Union Station as follows:
Mall Train, dally...... J'S"" "
Western Express. !alry .I.? 5
Pacific Express, dally hSS" 5
Jftlcaro Limited Express, dally 8:p.m.
rastLlne. dally . ,...Up.ia.
sooTHWEar PENa kailwai.
Por Unlontown, 5:30 and :3a. m. and4:Sp.
m.. without cbanire of"' !"? P- !? eWJ?,ec'
ins at Greensbur. Trains arrive i from Union
town at : a. m.. 13:20. 8:85 and 8:10 p. m.
From PEUEUAL ST. AON. Allegheny City.
Mall train, connecting for Blalrsvllle... 8:45 a. m.
Express. 7or BlatrsvlOe, connecting for
Duller i'ii'"'i Jiljp. m.
Butler Aecwn 8ia-m.. 233 and S:s p. m.
Sprlngdale Accom9:00.Ua.m.SOTand caop.m.
Preeport Accom !& f,!nA "
On Sunday " .WsMand gop. in.
Nirth ApoUoAccom.....ila,m. and Jp. m.
Allegheny Junction Accommodation
connecting for Butler.. ",!S5'2
Express, connecting from Butler I0?- -
Mall Train.. VA'I.A'JiSS- 2"
Butler Accom :Wa. m., SHOandJtfOp. m.
BlalrsvUle Accommodation...........' JJP- m.
Preenort Accom.7H0a.m.. 1S. 7a)andllop. m.
On Sunday. 10:10a. m. and 70 p.m.
Bprlngdale Aecom....i37.11:a.m.,si5.:30p. m.
ifortli Apollo Accom ''? n!P- "
Trains leav. Union station. Plttsourg, asrottowj:
Por MonoBKahelA City, Wen Brownsville and
Unlmtowt flE m. Por Monongabeu City and
West Brownsville, 7:05 and It a. m. and 4M p. m.
On Sunday, 11 p. m. Por Monongahala City. rt
p. m week days.
DravoabnrrAe., weekdays, 3:40p.m.
West Elisabeth Accommodation, :20a.m 2:08,
8:20 and 11:31 p. m. Sunday, : p.m.
street and Union station.
jicaet pnicesvonier auuiu. ,muw , --
U1A3. e. ruuu.
Ueneral Manaaeu
J. It. WOOU-.
Oen'I Pass'r Agent.
station. Central Standard Tin . Lear, for
clnnatl ind St, Louis, d7d0 a.m., d 80 and
d 11:13 p. m. Dennlion, i: B. m. Chicago,
13:06, d 111 14 p. nu Whaollng, 7i39 a. m.. USlS
8:10 p.m. Stentwaville, :Ma. m. VuMnrton.
IdS, 8:3. m.,liSi,li3u.4:tM:Hp. m- Bulger, 10: W
a. m. Bnrgattstawn, all:3a.m- 8p. n Haa.
field, T:14 Sao, 11:00 a. nu, 1:05. 8:30, d 8 UttJS
p.m, McDonald, d 4:1, d 3:43 p. m. ..
Prom tea West siiio, dssn a. m., IM. dtriB
p.m. Uennlson, :30 a.m. Steubenvllle, 8:04 p. m.
Wheeling. ?10.IH4a.m 3:08, l:5Sp.m. Burgctta
town, 7:18a. m.,B8rta.m. Washington. S,JV
8:40. 10:SC a. nk. Ids, 8:48 p. m. Mansnsld, 8:33,
8:30, 11140 a. nu, M:48. 3433, 10:00 and S 8O0 p. nu
Balgar, 1 MO p.m. IMDoealds, d8J6 a.nu, d taw
njt'B) lnisrJtUrt
rata, txf
May 12. 1383. Central standarrTlue.
As follows from Union Station: Por Chicago, d 7it$
a. mM d 12:20. d 1:00, d7:4i except Saturday. 11 :M
g. m. : Toledo. 7:23 a. m d 13:2a d 10 and except
aturday. 11:30 p. m.: Crestline. 8:48 a. m.: Cleve
land. 8:10 a. m.. 12:45 and d 11:03 p. m. and 7:23
a. m., via P.. P. W. & C Ky.t New Castls
and Youngstown. 7:05 a. m.. 13:20, 3:4.1 p. nu;
YcrangstownandNlles, d 12:20 p. m.; Meadvllle,
Erie and Ashtabula, 7:08a. m., 12:3) p. m.; Nile.
and Jamestown, J:t4 p. m.: Masalllon, 4:10 p. nu:
Wheeling and Bellalre. 8:10a. m.. 13:45, liJOp. nut
Beaver Palls. 4-00. 36 p. nu. Bock Point, 88:20
a. u. : Leetsdale. 5:30 a. m.
ALLEGHENY Rochester. 8:30 a. nut Beaver
Palls, 8:13, 110 a. nu: Enon, I .-00 p. m.j Leets
dale, 10:00, 11:45 a. m.. 20, 4:30, 4:4S. 8:30. 70. S
p.m.; Conway, 10:30 p.m.; Pair Oaks, B 11:40 a.
m. : Leetsdale, S3:30p. m.
TRAINS AKIUVE Union station from Chicago,
except Monday 1:30, d80. d8d5 a. m.. d 8:50 p.
nu; Toledo, except Monday 1 JO, d 8:35a. su. 8.3a
n. m.. Crestline, 2:10 p. nu: Youngstown and
Newcastle. :l0a. nu, 1:25. t-A 10:13 p. nu:NUe
and Youngstown. dSJOp. m.:Cleveland, d 5:30 a.
m., 2:2 70 p. nu: Wheeling and Bellalre,
a. nu, 2:23, 70 D. m.: Erie and Ashtabula, Iris,
10:15 p. nu: Masslllon, 100 a. nu: NUes and
Jamestown. 0:10 a. nu; Beaver Palls. 7:30 a. nu.
1:10 d. nu. Hock Point. S 8:25 p. m.; Leetsdale,
10: n p. ra.
AitKIVE ALLEGHEKT-Prom Enon, 80 a.
m.; Conway. :: Rochester, 8:40 a. nu; Bearer
Falls, 7:10a. m 3:45 p. m.: LeeUdale, 8:30, 3:15.
7:45 a. m 120, 1:45, 1.0O. 8:30, 0 p. m.; Pair
Oaks. S 8:55 a.m.: LeeUdale. S 85 p. m.i Kock
Point. S 3:13 p. m.
8. Sunday only; d, dally; other trains, except
Sunday. ZS
Summer Time Table. On and after May 1.
1889. until further notice, trains will run as follows
on every day, except Sunday. Eastern standard
time: Leaving Plttsburg-830 a. m., 7:10a. nu.
8:00 a.m.. 9.X a. nu. 11:30a, m., 1:40 p. ra.. 3:40 p.
m., 5:10 p. m.. 5:59 p. nu, 6:30 p.m.. 8:30 p.m.,
11:30 p. m. Arllugton-5:40 a. nu, 820 a. nu, 7:10
a. in.. 8:00 a. nu, 10:20 a. nu, 10 p. m.. 2:40 p. nu,
40 p.m.. 8:10p.m., 5:50 p. m ., 7:10 p. m.. 10:3
11. ra. Sunday trains, leaving Pittsburg 10 a.nu,
2:5up. nu.2-.30p. nu. 5:10 p. m., 7:10 p. m., too
p. m Arlington 8:10 a. m., n m., 1:50 p. m., 99
p.m. 8 JO p. m., 80 p. m.
JOHN JAHN. Bupt. .
Schedule In effect May 12, isao. Por Washing
ton. 1). C, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York, 80 a.m.. and S:3 p. m. Por Cum
berland. '3:00 a. nu, tuco, -80 n. m. Por Con
jiellSTtlle, 30:40 and "8:00 a. nu. tl0. 340
and 9:20 p. m. Por Unlontown, 16:40, 3:00 a. m
tl0and40p. m. Por Mount Pleasant, $8:40 and
D0 a. nu, and 210 and 340 p. nu Por
Washington. Pa.. S:4 23:40 a. nu, 1:33, t5c33
and "SiSO p. m. Por Wheeling. 8:, 29:40 a. m.,
3:33, 8:30p. nu Por Cincinnati and St. Louts.
8:44a.m., 1:30p.m. PorColumbna. 8:45andt:4a
. nu, 8:30 p. m. Por Newark. 8:45, $9:40 a. m
1:35, 1:30 p. m. Por Chicago, 1:45. :40 a. m..
1:35 and 1:30 p. m. Trains arrive from New
York. Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
1:20 a. m. and 1:30 p. nu Prom Columbus, Cin
cinnati and Chicago. 7:45 a. m. and "90 p. nu
Prom Wheeling, "7:45, "10:30 a. m.. 330. IOO p.
tn. Through sleeping cars to Baltimore. Wash
ington and Cincinnati.
wlier.lng accommodation. S.X a. nu, Snnday
only. Cunnellnvllle accommodation at $3:33 a. nu
Daily. tUally except Sunday. Sunday only.
The Pittsburg Transfer Company will call for
and check baggage from hotels and residences
noon orders left as B. A O. Ticket Offlce, corner
rlrth avenue and Wood street. VCUAS. O.
SCULL, Cfea. Pau. Jut. J.T.ODXLL, Oat. tiff.