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The Enn of Cattle at Liberty Only
Half That of Last Week.
i HeaTy Weights Drag-Sheep and Lambs
Scarce and Higher.
Wednesday. July 10. 18S9. J
The supply of cattle this week was little
above one-half that of last week. Keceipts
on Monday were CO cars, to which about
4 loads have been added since. Receipts
last week were close to 120 car loads.- In
the supplies of this week were an unusually
large number of prime heavy-weight cattle.
One load received averaged 1,738 pounds,
and a number of others ranged from 1.400 to
1,600. For a number of months past shippers
of heavy-weight cattle have given the Liberty
yards the go-by, as demand for this grade has
been light.
A large proportion of the heavy cattle re
ceived this week were from Licking county,
Ohio, the county of which Newark is tho seat.
Said a leading stockman: "It has been a long
time since wo have had a run of cat
tle as high in quality as we had
this week. The trouble with markets is that
heavyweights are not in demand here." This
grade was slow atr last week's prices. Light,
smooth cattle, not weighing much above 1.300
pounds, were 10 to 20c higher than a week ago.
and a few very choice ones brought as much as
80c more. . ..
Retailers complain that this has been the
worst week or the year for them, said a lead
ing retailers"! have not seen, as doll a Tuesaay
these many months as jesterday. The ex
tremely hot weather bas evidently very much
curtailed the consumption of meat. Unless we
have a light run of cattle next week markets
will be demoralized. The salvation of trade
this week has been the scarcity of such stock
as our market calls for. If we had had a rue
this week equal to last the bottom would have
dropped oui of trade."
The outside price paid for prime heavy
weight steers, welching from L7(X) to 1,750, was
U 40. The range of 1,400 to 1,000 pound cattle
was 84 20 to S4 35. These heavyweichts were
mostly bought for New York, ana markets
nere well cleaned up this morning.
febeep and Lambs.
A choice article was strong at last week's
prices. A few very choice wethers sold at So 20,
which was the best price reached for a long
time past. The general range was $4 50 to $5 for
wethers weighing from 83 to 100 pounds. Good
spring lambs were not in sufficient supply for
the demands of the trade.
The run of sheep and lambs was light for
the week and everything of good quality
I oundveady sale at the outside market prices.
Said a leading dealer: "Old corn fed sheep
are now pretty much out of the market. Last
ear everybody who raised sheep wanted to get
rid of them as quickly as possible, because of
the low price ot wook Now since wool has ad
vanced and sheep arc relatively better stock to
hold than cattle, there is a general disposition
on the part of farmers to hold back their
sheep. TtiR is the reason for short snpolics of
late and not as many held because of any
scarcity throughout the country. The advance
In wool adds 60c to the value of every head
of sbeep, and as feed is cheap and plenty,
thrifty farmers are shrewd enough to keep
stock out of market at present."
The run was light and demand good for light
weights. Heay hogs, weighin? from 275 to
825 pounds, are no longer wanted at Liberty
yaids, and can only be disposed of by liberal
concessions. The best prico that could be ob
tained for extreme heavy-weight hogs was $4 15
&l 40. Medium heavy hogs sold at a range of
14 4C4 5a Yorkers and light weights, M U5
4 SO.
Tbe outside price of light packing hogs at
Chicago to-day is 4 00 with a firm tone to mar
kets, bald a leading Liberty dealer to-day: "I
wish the shippers to this market could get to
understand that there is a very poor aenund
here this season for heavy-weight bogs. Light
weicbis are easy enough to sell, but heavy
it eights are a drug all the time."
aicCall & Co.' Review.
The supply of cattle was light and the mar
ket active and 15 to 25c per cwt, higher on
common to medium grades, while good heavy
was vcy dull at last week's prices. We give
the following as ruling prices: Prime, 1,300 to
1,600 its, U 004 25; good. 1,200 to 1,400 Its, S3 90
64 00; rough fat, 1.100 to 1.300 Its. $3 503 75;
cood butcher grades, WX) to 1.100 lbs, $3 25
63 75; common to fair, 800 to 1,010 Us, S3 00
J 40: bulls and fat cows. SI fi02 75: fresh
cows and springers, S20 00Q40 00 per bead.
The receipts of hogs were light and the mar
ketactive on light and slowon heavy. We quote:
Ileavv. 84 S0g4 CO; Yorkers, 84 7U4 80; roughs,
$2 7563 50.
The supply of sheep this week has been light
and the market active at an advance of 10015c
over last week's prices. We quote as follows:
Prime Ohio and Indiana wethers, weighing here
110 to 120 lis, H 755 15: good, 90 to 100 9.3,
II 404 65; fair to good mixed, 75 to 80 fts.
SI 004 25; good yearlings. 75 to 80 lbs, 50
5 00; common to fair. 50 to CO Us. 1 C04 40;
veal calves, 110 to 120 lbs, U 505 25.
Condition of the Market iu the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch. J
Wednesday, July 10, 1889. (
CATTLE Keceipts, 00 head; shipments, 100
head; market closed slow; prime, 84 254 S5;
fair to good. $3 6004 00; common, 81 603 SO;
no cattle shipped to New York to day.
Hogs Keceipts, 900 ncad; shipments, 800
head; market active: Heht grades, $4 704 SO;
Philadelphia, 84 C04 65; heavy grades, 84 40
01 50; no hogs shipped to New 1 ork to-day.
Sheep Keceipts. 1,400 head; shipments. L400
head; market active; prime, 81 8005 20; fair to
good; 84 254 65; common, 82 5003 60; lambs,
M006 2i
Br Telecrann.
New York Beeves Receipts, 3.500 head. In
cluding 08 carloads for tbe market, 109 car
loads for exportation and 31 carloads for city
slaughterers direct: tbe market opened with a
fairly firm feeling, but long before the finish an
easier feeling prevailed, and tbe market closed
dull and firmer; poorest to best native steers
sold at S3 601 Go per 100 ponnds; bulls and dry
cosatS225325. CalVe Receipts, 3.500 bead:
barely steadvatd 25 5 50 per 100 pounds for
veals. 3 504 00 for mixed lots, and 82 303 00
for buttermilk calves! tSheep Receipts, 10,600
head, and 1.000 were carried over yesterday;
lieenrnled firmer and, higher: lambs weaker
and lower: sheep sold at S3 604J5 C2U. with a
few selections at 85 75: lambs at 86 00&7 25, with
three carloads up to 87 6J. Hogs Receipts.
7,000 lieid: none offered alive; nominally firmer
at 84 705 la
St. Louis, Mo.. Jnly 10. Cattle, receipts.
2,400: shipments. 1,300. Market steady; choice
beaw native steers, 83 80g4 20; fair to good do,
83 15fl8 90: stockers and feeders, fair to good.
S3 20ft 8 15: rangers, com fed, 82 7503 60; grass
fed. 82 002 90. Hogs Receipts. 4,600: ship
ments, 600. Market steady; choice heavy and
butcher's selections. 84 204 40; packing, me
dium to prime, 84 S04 40; light grades, ordi
nary to best, 84 40ffi4 50. bheep Receipts,
2.400; shipments. 700. Market dull, fair to
choice, S3 403 70.
Chicago Cattle Receipts, 14,000 head; ship
ments, 5,000 bead: market slow; Texans, 10c
hither; beeves, S3 4004 25: stockers and feeders,
82 25(23 SO; cows, bulls and mixed,
81 90&3 20; bulk. 82 402 75: Texas
cattle. 81 903 SO. Hogs Receipts, 17,
000 head; shipments, 6,600 head; market slow
and 5c lower: mixed. 84 254 60; heavy. 84 25
64 45; lieht, 84 304 CO; pigs, 83 604 45.
Sheen Receipts, 5,000 head: shipments, 1,000
head; market strong: natives, 83 60&5 10:
itenerns,$3S5S390:Texans,S3 004 20; lambs,
85006 25.
Buffalo Cattle Receipts, 160 carloads
through; 2 loads on sale: demand fair at ud
cliangea prices. Sheep and lambs Receipts.
13 carloads throngh; 7 loads on sale: good de
mand; good to best 84 755; fair to good, 81 50
4 75: common, S4 254 50; lambs, good to best.
86 507: fair to good, SC 256 60; common, tJ
0 25. Hogs Receipts, 14 loads throngh; 10
loads on sale; 6010c higher on pigs and Yorkers;
mediums, 84 65; Yorkers and pigs, 84 S0Q4 85.
Cincinnati Hogs easier; common and
light, $3 754 65: packing and butchers, 84 35
t 45; receipts, 8,000 head; shipments, 460 head.
Drvcoods Market.
New Yoke, July 10. Pattern fabrics re
ceived fair attention, but many of them have
already bad good first sales. The market con
tinued firm in tone, although print cloths were
a little off throngh offerings at second hands.
Metal Markets.
Nsw Yohk Pig Iron steady and quiet. Cop
per weak: lake, July, 811 75. Lead easier; do
mestic 83 90. Tin dull, and steady; Straits,
fl9 60.
Wool Market.
Br. Louis Wool it quiet, easier and na
Wheat Opens Well but Loses Its Grip To
ward tbe Close All the Options Seek
a Lower Level Hoc Products
Active and btendy.
Chicago There was active trading In
wheat to-day, and the feeling was unsettled,
being decidedly strong at tbe start but quickly
weakened and ruled lower. The various de
liveries opened from Ha to Jc higher than yes
terday's closing, but soon developed weakness,
and prices declined lKQ2c, closing Jfe lower
for Jnly, l$c lower for August; l$c lower for
September, and lc lower for December than
closing figures of yesterday. Tho public cables
were decidedly strong and higher all round, but
private cables quoted tbe market as lower,
with the weather more favorable for the grow
ing crop.
While this intelligence had much to do with
the weakness, there no doubt was a disposition
on tbe part of some ot the largo longs to sell,
and the offerings would have come on the mar
ket any way. Fears that the Government re
port might be favorable helped to influence the
selling. The market no doubt was a long one,
tbe shorts having covered freely on the recent
cp-turn. Some of tho large longs realized, fol
lowed by some of the smaller traders, and at
tbe decline the market ruled weak and closed
rather easy.
A quiet, steady feeling prevailed in corn.
Fluctuations kept within narrow limits, and
trading was mainly of a local character.
Oats were fairly active and unsettled. The
opening was easy, and remained So for some
time. An advance in corn produced fair buy
ing, a better feeling and an advance of HQMc
Later in thesession offerings increased, and all
tbe advance disappeared, and the mamot
closed quiet and easy at a shade below the
prices ot yesterday.
Trading was quito active in mess pork. Tbe
feeling was weak during the greater portion of
the session. Prices declined 3032Xc but to
ward the close rallied 7S?10c, and the market
closed steady.
A fair trade was reported in the lard market,
and the feeling was easy. Prices ruled about
2Kc lower, ana the market closed rather tame.
Quite a brisk business was transacted in the
market for short rib sides, mainly for Septem
ber delivery. Prices ruled 2J45c higher early,
but a reduction of oQ'Kcwas submitted to
later, and the market closed quiet and steady.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No.2 Julv, 8aS583HS83Mc: Au
gust, 81K81M879K79J4c; September. 80
81K79K79c; December, 8282S0&
Cokn No. 2 August, 35e3635Ke35c:
September. S6J0V3636Hc; October, 3t
Oats .No. 2, August, 22K22K2222c; Sep
tember, eerec.
MessPokk. per bbh August, 8U451160
11 25U 32: September. 811 6511 67K
11 22K&U 35; October, 810 37KQ10 S710 85
Laud, per 100 lbs. August, S632KT6 85
6 3O0 SO; September. 86 426 45t6 40
6 40: October, Sd 426 456 40t 4a
Short Ribs, per 100 Sis. August. 85 82K
6 S55 77K65 77K; September. S5 855 87
6 62HS5 82; October, 85 805 805 72X&
6 72.
Cash quotations were as follows- Flour un
changed. No. 2 pring wheat, 8SJ684Jfc; No. S
spring wheat,7683c; No. 2 red,83kS4Mc No. 2
corn. 36Kc N o. 2 oats, 2222c N o. 2 rye, 4Sc
No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1 flaxseed, 81 S3. Prime
timothy seed, 81 45. Mess pork, per barrel, 11 37
Gil 60. Lard, per 100 pounds, 86 27. Short ribs,
sides (loose), 85 75. Dry salted shoulders
(boxed), 85 255 37. Short clear sides (boxed),
86 126 25. Sugars, unchanged. Receipts
Flour, 12000 barrels: wheat, 7,000 bushels:
corn. 404.000 bushels: oats. 121,000 bushels;
rye. 3.000 bushels; barley, 1.000 bushels. Ship
mentsFlour. 14,000 barrels; wheat, 48.000 bush
els; corn. 189,000 bushels; oats, 117,000 bushels;
rye. 1,003 busnels; barley, none.
On tho Produce exchange to-day tbe bntter
market was quiet; fancy creamery. 1515c;
fine. 1415c: finest dairies, U12c; tine, 10
lie. Eggs dull at ll12o.
New Yoek Flour firm, fairly active. Wheat
Spot lower, weak and moderately active; de
mand chiefly milling: options fairly aotive.
irregular and early lc higher; declined 1K
lc, and closed heavy and c under yesterday:
loncs selling. Rye firm and quiet; western,
6051c Barley malt quiet; Cauada, 90c
81 US ler old and new. Corn Spot moder
ately active and easier; options less active and
easier. Oats Spot moderately active andJiQ
c lower; options quit and weaker. Hay
quiet and steady. Hops quiet and steady.
Coffee opened firm and 1520 points up:
closed barely steady at 15020 points
better; sales, 81,600 bags Including
Julv. 14.05c; August, 14.1014.20c; September,
14.2514.35c; October, 14.30f14.40c: November,
14.30I4.45c: December. 14.3014.50c: January,
14.4014.50c: February. 1145c; March. I4.S5
H.,0c: April. 114514.50c; May, 114014.60c;
spot Rio strong: fair cargoes, 17c Suir Raw
quiet and unsettled: fair refining, 7c; cen
trifugals, W test, 88;c; refined firm -and
quiet. M olasses Foreign dull and unsettled;
New Orleans dull. Kice quiet and stead v.
Cottonseed oil dull. Tallow steady; city, 20
for packings, 4c Kosin steady and quiet.
Turpentine quiet at 37JJ3SJc Eggs firmer;
western, 14Jj15c; receipts, 6.795 packages.
Pork quiet and steady. Cutmeats firm; sales,
pickled bellies, 12 pounds, 7c; pickled shoul
ders, 5.c. Lard less active, opened firm and
closed ueak; sales, western steam at 86 70
spot, closing at 86 70. and 86 GJSO 70 to arrive;
city, 86 20; August. 86 7S6 76, closing at 86 73;
September. 86 7936 82, closing at 86 79; Octo
ber. 86 7S6 83, closing at 86 81. Butter quiet
and weak; western dairv. 1013e: do creamery,
1216c; do factory, 813c Cheese stronger,
western, 6Ji7Jic
Pnn.ADEi.PHlA Flonr Prices very firmly
held, but buyers operating only for immediate
wants. Wheat Options opened KSJic higher,
but subsequently lost the advance and closed
barely steady: spot lots quiet, but very firm;
No. 2 white Julv. 8687c; August, 8185c:
September, 84S5c; October. 858je.
Corn Option market quiet, but Kc bighcr;
car lots tor local'trade scarce ana nrm, though
2ulet: No. 2 mixed in Tw entieth street elevator,
1c; No. 2 yellow in grain depot, 44Vic; No. 2
mixed Julv. 42J43c; August, 43lJc; Sep
tember, 4344c: October, 4344c. Oats
Car lots c higher, but the advance restricted
business: No. 3 white. 33c: No. 2 white, 31c;
speculations tame and fntnres beyond .this
month iir lower; No. 2 white Julv. 3334c;
August. SlKQXMc; September. 80Ji31c: Octo
ber, 313lj4C Eggs steady for fancy stock;
Pennsylvania firsts, 15c
St. Louis Flour quiet and steady. Wheat
lower; options opened Kc lower, but at once
rallied and advanced &c on firm and higher
cables: a relapse followed and the feeling was
somewhat steadier,butllJSc below yesterday;
No. 2 red. cash. 7777c: Julv. 75l77Jic
closed at 75Kc bid: August, 75J76c, closed
at7575Jcbid; September, u78c closed
at7Cc: December. 7981Jic closed at 79JjJc
Corn Near-by months firm and July advanced
He; No. 2 mixed, cash. 32Vc; July, 32c closed
at S2c: August. 3232c, closed at 32c bid;
September. 33Ji33c, closed at 3SVc asked;
year, 32c, closed atSzc Oats No. 2 cash, 23c
bid, firm: August. 21Jc bid; May. 26c bid.
Kye No. 2. 40c bid. Barley Nothing doing.
Provisions dull.
Baltimore Wheat Western easy; No. 2
winter red. spot, 8Rc; July, 86Jic; August, 84
8JVc; September, 8484JJc; December, 87
87?c Corn Western firm; mixed, spot, 43c;
July. 43c bid: August, 42425c: September,
4343Jic; stsamer, 41c Oars firm; western
white, S334c; do, mixed. 3031c Rye steady
at 4950c. Hay dull: prime to choice timothy.
814 6o15 00. Provisions quiet and steady.
Butter quiet: western packed, 1012c; cream
ery, 15l7c Ecgseasyatl2c Coffee nominal;
fair, 16c Receipts Flour, 7,000 barrels;
wheat. 12,000 bushels: corn. 9,000 bushels: oats,
2.000 bushels. Shipments None Sales
Wheat, 177,000 bushels; corn. 25,000 bushels.
Cincinnati Flour in fair demand. Wheat
easier; No. 2 red, new, 8081c: old, 8586c: re
ceipts, 2,900 bushels; shipments, 100 bushels.
Corn quiet; No. 2 mixed, 393Kc- Oats
scarce and stronger: No. 2 mixed. 2Kia26c.
Rye dull; No.2,4Sc Pork easier at 812. Lard
dull at 88 10. Uulkmeats and bacon steady.
Butter weak. Sugar firm. Eggs heavy. Cheese
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
easy; cash. 79c: September, 7Ra BCorn
firm; No. 8, Sbc Oats firm; No. 2 white.
252Je. Rye firm; No. 1. 4W41c Barley
firm; No. 2, September, 5858c Provisions
easy. Pork. 811 2a Lard, 86 25. Cheese lower;
Cheddars, TJiGSc,
Toledo Cloverseed quiet; cash, 1 60; Octo
ber, 81 CO.
Whisky Market.
Finished goods continue In good demand at
401 Smlthfleld Street, cor. Fourth Avenue.
Capital, $100,000. Surplus, $48,000.
Deposits of $1 and upward received and
interest allowed at 4 per cent. txs
Imported Port.
1828 Imperial Oporto Port, fall quarts.$3 00
1809 Mackenzie Port, full quarts 2 60
Pine Old White Port, full quarts 2 00
London Dock Port, full quarts 2 00
Burgundy Port, full quarts 1 60
Pine Old Spanish Port, full quarts.... 1 00
For sale by G. V. Schmidt, 95 and 97
The Water I Dangerous to Drink.
Take instead Baeuerlein beer. It is chem
ically pure and most invigorating. Orders
bv mail to Bennett, Pa., P. O., or telephone
1018. TTSSU
IP yon have not smoked tbe La Perla del
Pntnar Key West cigar you bave lost a
treat Bold 3 for 25c G. W. Schmidt,
Kos. 05 and 87 Pifth are.
At Boulevard flace, Dallas, Where
Everything is on the Jump.
Pig Iron Transported to the Philadelphia
Market on Pack Horses.
Boulevard place, Dallas station, on the
Pennsylvania Railroad, is experiencing
quite a boom. Harry Brown will soon com
mence the erection there of two fine stone
residences. Another stone residence facing
the circle will be put up this season. Mre.
John B. Gloninger will soon begin a build
ing on the corner of Fifth avenue and
Thomas street J. B. Dunlap's fine resi
dence is completed, and be will move into it
in a few days. He is Secretary of the Calu
met Coke Company. Charles H. Howe, Treas
urer of the Braddock Wire Company, will
occupy his new house in a day or two.
The asphalt pavement is a great attraction to
cyclists, 15 of whom gathered there at one time
a few evenings ago.
Real estate was quiet yesterday, more on ac
count of tbe weather than anything else. Still,
several transactions were closed up and a num
ber of new ones initiated. An Important trans
fer was postponed until to-day on the plea of
the purchaser that the weather was too hot to
sign checks.
No conclusion has been reached In regard to
the disposition of tbe Exchange surplus,
amounting to about (8,000. Tbe total amount
is 815,000, but only tho former sum is available
for distribution or such use as the Exchange
may see proper. Tho matter was discussed at
length yesterday before, during and after busi
ness hours. Some opposed a pro rata division
among members, as that would render It liable
to be taxed as dividends. Some favored Its re
tention, to be used in possible improvements.
If a large building be erected on the lot on tbe
lower side, it will be necessary to put a glass
roof on tbe Exchange
Others were in favor of using it to buy up
Exchange stock when offered at a low figure,
and afterward retiring it. This, they thought
would make the remaining shares more valu
able The latter plan soemed to be the most
popular, and It will probably be adopted at the
meeting to be held this afternoon. The Ex
chance Is necessary to the business Interests of
Pittsburg, and anything that promises to In
crease iu standing and influence will receive
public approval.
The chartering of a traction company for
the Southside Is in line with the suggestions ot
The Dispatch a few weeks ago, that that
was one of the best openings for rapid transit
In either city. The population Is large enough
to support such a road in magnificent style, and
there is no doubt that It would be profitable
from the beginning. Rapid Jtranslt Is doing a
good work for Pittsburg.
Thirty mortgaces were filed for record yes
terday, representing about 864,000. The larg
est was for 813.800, and the next largest for
85,000. Seven were for over 82,000. The abund
ance of home money and tbe dullness of the
speculative interest are favorable to this busi
ness, which is rapidly growing in Importance.
Pittsburg real estate offers larger returns and
has fewer risks than any other investment
A gentleman who came in from the East
End on an accommodation train yesterday re
lated tbe following incident concerning iron
transportation In the ante-canal ana railroad
days. Said he: "My father lived in the Juni
ata country, and when I was a little shaver he
used to tell me of seeing pig iron shipped to
Philadelphia on pack horses. The iron was
bent in the form of the letter 'V,' so as to fit
tbe back ot the horse He conld tell a pack
horse train at a long distance by the jingling of
tho metal. When the canal was opened, iron
makers thought millennium bad come, Jand
they were certain ot it when the railroad was
Pittsburg iron kings know very little of Ve
difficulties and hardships encountered by the
pioneers in the business. "The world do
Workmen are putting the finishing touches
to the Fidelity building on Fourth avenue, and
it will be ready for occupancy in a month or
six weeks. It is one of the principal ornaments
ot the avenne. This building contains the
largest vault in the United States, except one
in New York. It cost 876,000.
Tho census year began June 1.1SS9, and will
end May SI, 18901 The census enumerator will
make his house to house visit during
the month of June, 1890. We urge our farmer
friends to respond to tbe Superintendent's ap
peal for statistics, and to begin now and keep
accurate accounts of their business for the
census year, and be ready to furnish correct
figures to the census enumerator next June
And it will be an immense advantage to them
to keep on doing so for themselves year after
Here is a nut for Pennsylvania farmers to
crack: England, Scotland, Nova Scotia and
Prince Edward island, send us potatoes, and,
strange as it may seem, they can be freighted
from these countries tor a less price than they
can be freighted from parts of cur own. And
tbe different lines running from these coun
tries are so numerous and move with such
clock-like regularity, that more dependence
can be placed on their arrivals than some of
our own transportation companies. The trans
portation companies should rise and explain.
Stockbrokera Too Mpch Affected by Heat
lo Do Business.
Both of the stock calls yesterday were con
spicuously tame and productive of small re
sults. Only two securities were" handled
Natural Gas of West Virginia and Philadel
phia Gas and they only to the extent of 35
shares. Exchange stock was offered freely at
475 and La Noria at 1, a fractional decline
The rest of the list showed no particular
change, but the undertone was steady. Brokers
attributed a large share of the dullness to the
intense heat. Prices, offers and sales were:
IUd. Asked. Hid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet.S. &M.EX..
Cltliens at. llanc...
Herman Nat. Bank....
Brldpew&ter Oas
NaUUajOo.ofW. Va.
People's N.U. 4 P.Co.
Pennsvlvanla Gas Co..
Philadelphia Co
Wheellnr Uas Co
Central Traction.
Cltizeni' Traction......
Pittsburg Traction
Pleasant Valley
P. W.lt. K. Co
P. W. K. K. pref....
La Noria tllnlnir Co...
'VYestlnfcboute JJectrlc
U. Switch ft BUnal Co.
U. 8. &Blg. Co. pfd...
Westlng'seA. U. Co...
I S00 4o0 47S
At the morning call 10 shares of Natural Uas
of West Virginia sold at 67W. In the afternoon
25 shares of Philadelphia das went at 37.
Total sales of stocks at New York yesterday
were 237,029 shares including: Atchison, 25,500;
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, 9,600;
Lake Shore, 11.300: Louisville and Nashville,
5,300; Missouri Pacific. 5.600; Northwest. 16,900;
New Jersey Central, a000: Northern Pacific
preferred, 7.860: Reading, 17,600; St Paul.S9.100;
Union Pacific, 10,700.
Taxation of MorlBes and Ibe Property
Cpon Which Ther Are Based.
A writer in -Farm and Firetlde has this to
say upon a subject of general importance:
"After reading tbe pros and cons regarding
taxation of mortgages, and also the property
tbey are based on, and never having seen a
plan devised that salts me fully, I would ,llke
to suggest one Taxing both has a tendency, as
you say, to increase thB rate of interest, and I
find its injustice offers an excuse to a large ma-
iority for concealment; and when the mortgage
i concealed. It Is a good pecuniary Investment
for the holder that the mortgagor pays in a
roundabout way which he hardly sees through.
I would suggest as a remedy for concealment
tbe taxation of realty only, at its full value
making the holder ot the realty pay the whole
tax levied thereon, and the enactment of a
statute enabling him to indorse oa the
mortgage note such a proportion of the whole
tax paid on such realty as the amount of the
mortgage note is to tbe appraised value of
the realtr.
"This also would do a needed act of justice
in the newer States and Territories, where a
large proportion of Eastern capital finds in
vestment, and drains the Individuals of those
localities to buildup Eastern States, Instead of
paying that increased rate of interest or the
tax on the borrowed capital to build up their
The Former In Good Shape and the Latter
Holding- Ila Own.
Checking wis active at the local banks yes
terday, and discounting was better than for
some time Depositing was moderate Cur
rency was rather scarce, bnt there was no fam
ine. The outlook continues good for the em
ployment of all the Idle money to move the tall
trade ..,,
Business of nearly all descriptions Is holding
up remarkably well for the summer, as tne
Clearing House reports from day to day show.
The exchanges vestcrday were 82,130,231 10, and
the balances 8727,951 40.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 2f to 3M per cent, last loan2Kl closed
offered at 2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper,
4J4K. Sterling exchange quiet but steady,
at 483 for 60-day bills and 4S7Ji for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U. S. 4,reg IKK
M.K. &T.Gen.5s . 68
Mutual Union SS....HB
N. J. c. Int. Cert...lK
Northern Pae lsts..U7
Northern Pae. 2ds..ll5H
Northw't'n consols.148
Northw'n deben's..Jl4M
nrocron Jt Trans. 6s 104M
u. a. -u. coup i:bh
U. 8. 4J4S, ren .10M4
U. 8. 4Hs. eonp 106X
PAelfleSa of 'B&...... 118
Loultlsnastamped is. 89
xuissoun os..... iwi
'lenn. uevcet Cs 106
lenn. new set. M....102U
bt. U&S.F.Gen.31.1H
tit. Paul consols .127
Tenn. new set.
23.... HH
Canada Ho. 2ds 9M
Cen. Pacificists S
Den. &K.U., lsts.,.120
Pen. AH. (. 7H
D.AB.O.West,lit3. 100
st. ru urn trciiinu
rx.. Pc-L. G.1T KS. 89
Tx..Pc.lt.O.Tr.Kcts as
union rac. isis...."
West Shore .1OT
trie, las iui
M K T n.n Aa K
Government and State bonds are quiet and
New Toek Clearings, 8116,660,057; balances,
Boston Clearincs. 817,407.824; balances,
82,133,806. Money 3KS per cent.
Pnn.ADEi.pniA Clearings, 812.500,801; bal
ances, 81,972,074.
Baltimoee Clearings, 82,101,791; balances,
London The amount of bullion gone Into
the Bank of England lonl balance to-day is
Paris Three per cent rentes 83f 40c for
tbe account.
Chicago Money firm and unchanged.
Clearings, 89,64S,U0O.
Causes n Spurt In Price, bnt Falls to Help
There was a small boom in values at the Oil
Exchange yesterday, caused by tbe receipt of
the pipe line reports, which.were decidedly bull
ish. The figures presented by the National
Transit and the Tide Water lines showed a de
creased production during June of about 800,
000 barrels. Other small lines may reduce this
somewhat, but not enough to make any mate
rial difference.
Angust oil opened at 91, where the market
held until the reports came In, when It jumped
to 92, but it soon descended from its high
perch to 9 from which, in tbe last few
minutes, there was a slight rally to 92, at which
the market closed. Reports from other ex
changes reported business very slow. Here It
amounted to about 200.000 barrels. Owing to
the near approach of July deliveries cash oil is
entirely neglected. September is hardly
thought of. Tuesday's clearings were 234,000
Features of the Market.
Corrected dally by John M. Oaciey & Co., 45
Sixth street members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange
Opened 81 XI Lowest Wi
Highest 9iMUosed V.
Average rnns 49,81$
Average shipments 72,052
Average charters 48,443
Refined, New York, 7.58c
Keflne, London. Mfd. ,
Refined, Antwerp. 17 Hf.
Refined, Liverpool, s s-ldd.
Other Oil Markets.
TrrusvnAE, Julv 10. National transit cer
tificates opened, 91fc; highest, 92c; lowest,
91Jc: closed, 92e
Bradford, July 10. National transit cer
tificates opened, 91c; highest. 92c; lowest
91c; closed. U2c Clearances, 884,000 barrels.
On, crrr. Julv, 10. Petroleum opened at
91'c: highest, 92&c; lowest, 91Kc: closed, 92c.
Sales, 2S5.000 barrels; clearances, 64,000 barrels;
runs, 60,162 barrels: shipments, 88.852 barrels;
charters, 61,220 barrels.
Hot Weather Fails to Knock Oat the Real
Estate Business.
Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, sold for P.
Gallagher to George W. Acklin, No. 63 Marlon
street, second bouse from Locust street, a nice
brick dwelling of six rooms and improvements,
lot 24x103 feet for 83,760 cash.
W. A. Herron & Sons sold lots Nos. 15 and 16
in Annie R. Asplnwall plan, Homewood, 29x150
and 15x150, for 81,250.
Black ABaird, No. 95 Fourth avenne, sold for
Andrew McClean to Robert M. Barbin, a lot on
Ward street Oakland, in size 25x165 feet; for
81,000 cah.
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 134 Fourth avenue sold
to H. T. Grover for A. C. and E. H. Watkins.
lots Nos. 47 and 4S in the Watkins place plan at
Wflmerding. forSSOO.
C. IL Love, No. 93 Fourth avenue, sold for R.
B. Eoerner to Mrs. James Little a fine resi
dence property on Federal street extension,
near Linden avenue. Second ward, Allegheny,
lot 35x160 feet, with two-story modern framo
bouse, price 86,000.
Samuel W. Black & Co.. 99 Fourth avenue,
sold two lots on the Blair estate. Twenty-third
ward, having a front of 60 feet on Second ave
nue and extending back about 160 feet to a 20
foot alley, for 81,800. This plan of lots is on
the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
and the Second Avenue Electric Street Railway
now building, and only ten minutes' ride from
Smlthfleld street; and tbe price paid for them
is considered very reasonable
W. A. Herron fc Sons sold to Dr. B. Franklin,
of tbe jEtna Life Insurance Company, a new
frame house on Claybourn avenue, Sbadyside,
six rooms and finished attic, with all modern
conveniences, lot 50x130, for 84,000.
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
to Mr. Bond for E. M. Laveen, a house and lot
on Sheridan avenue. East End, for 84,400.
Business Notes.
The directors of the Pittsburg Traction Com
pany announce a 2 per cent semi-annual divi
dend. The Humboldt Insurance Company, of AUe-
fheny, has .declared a semi-annual dividend of
per cent.
Pittsbobo Plato Glass is remargably strong
for a stock whereon dividends are extremely
There were hints yesterday of a coming
boom in La Noria. Several brokers are watch
ing the stock very closely.
There are no surface indications of an im-
?rovement in Philadelphia Gas, Electric or the
tactions very soon. It is as much as tbey can
do to hold their own.
Captain Barbour gave tbe stock brokers
plenty of rope yesterday, but they failed to im
prove the opportunity. The orders were few
and below the market.
There was very little business gossip on
Fourth avenue yesterday. 'The weatber Is too
hot to think," said a leading real estate dealer.
A peripatetic dealer in fans did a rushing busi
ness. a'happyHmily.
Wall Street Feels Certain That the Railroad
President Will Patch Vd a Trace
' Stocks Strong on This Baals
Tbe Bulla la Clover.
New York. July 10. The stock market to
day reflected the growing confidence that the
Presidents in session at Chicago will be able to
cope with all the difficulties which may come
up before them for adjustment, and that har
mony in the Northwest is only a matter ot
time. The market was strong at most all the
way outand not only was there a liberal cover
ing ot shorts, but tbe buying for the long ac
count was of the best quality, the foreigners
responding liberally to the encouraging ad
vices cabled over last evening and this morn
ing. The leading bears are reported to have
bought a line ot stocks equaling 25.000 shares,
though this may be an exaggeration.
The feeling on the street that the harmony
displayed at the meeting of the Presidents
yesterday was a valid bull argument was very
strong this morning, and the strength which
characterised the later dealings yesterday was
still prominent at the opening of business,
which, although London prices were not quite
up to ours of last evening, was sufficient to open
most of tbe leading shares from to K Per
cent higher than they closed last night
Rumors of an important scheme to secure
harmony la the future were circulated and
took the shape that tbere was to be a syndicate
which would purchase the control of the Chi
cago, Burlington and Northern, and so take it
out of the way as a disturber of rates Is the
Northwest. This afterward was changed to
that tbe Chicago, Burlington and Qnlncy was
to put In its 30 per cent of the stock and the
other roads were to supply the capital to pur
chase the remainder of enough stock to secure
control. The story had a stimulating effect
upon the speculation, and there was not only
a marked Increase in the amount of
business done, but prices-advanced rapidl;,
with Burlington, Atchison, St. Paul and New
England in tbe lead. Sugar Trust also became
quite a feature and felt tbe stimulus of the
recent decision, moving up per cent New
England was strong on the lease of tbe Derby
Railroad to tbe Housatonlc. Chicago and
Alton, however, began to feel the effects of its
policy, and sold to-day at 125, a loss of 9 per
cent from Its last recorded sale. In the after
noon the market again settled down, and real
izing sagged the list off from the best figures,
butthe closn was dull and steadv, with mate
rial gains for most of the list. The active list
is higher this evening, and St. Paul preferred
is up 2. the common IK. Wheeling and Lake
Erie preferred 1, Chicago, Burlington and
Qjuincy Northwest IVi and others smaller
Railroad bonds were dull, the sales reaching
$1,005,000, while the only feature of the deal
ings was Texas Pacific, second increase, which
furnished 1137,000. Tbe market was steady to
firm, but the fluctuations were made within
narrow limits, though there were a few marked
changes among the Inactive bonds. Chicago,
Sc Panl and Minneapolis rose 3 to 127.
Tbe following table shows the prlcesof active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney A Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue;
in?. Am. Cotton Oil 5)j
Atcn.. lop. & U.K.... 38
Canada Southern. W
Central orNew Jersey.114
Centralfaelfli. UH
Chesapeake & Ohio.... 20
V., Bnr.A Onn.er..... CSX
C, Mil. a Bt. Paul.... an
c, mil i at. p pr....ic8
C KoctL AP Wi
C,aUL.& Pitts
C, St. 1. & Pitts, pf.. ss
C St. P.. M. & 0 32X
C. st. P-M. o pr. ....
C. & North western... .10014
C& .Northwestern, pf. ....
CO. O. Jfcl 70
Col. Coal A Iron., 30
Col. & UocklnK Val
Del., h. AW. H4JS
Del. A Hudson U5M
Denver A ItloCJ ....
Deliver A ItloU.. pt... 48
E.T., Va. AGs -. 10K
E. 1.. Va. A Ga. 2d pf. 23JJ
Illinois Central.. US
Lake Shore A M. S 102
Louisville A Nashville. 635
Michigan i.entrai
Mobile A Ohio
Mo., K. ATexas
llluonri Pacific 60
23 j
13 Vi
10?H 1U6M
.new xora cenirai iu-114
H. T.. L. E. A vv..
a. Y.. C. A8U L
n.&a. k
orfolk Western....
.Norfolk Western, pf,
Northern Pacific
Nortnern Paciflo rjref.
49V W 49V
, S3
33 H
ObloA MlJlslppl... 21H
ureiron improvement. ....
Oregon Transcon 33 H
Pacific Mall 3l
1'eo. Dec. A Evans 21. S
Phlladcl. A Reading.. tSM
Pnllman Palace Car
Richmond A W. P. r.. 23 H'
Richmond A W.P.T.pf SO I
St. !. 4 San Fran
St.ti. A San JT.lst pf.
Texas Pacific. ID
Union Pactfio S7K
Wabash preferred 29
Western Union SSH
Wheeling A L. 67 H
Sugar Trust 113
National Lead Trust.. 3IK
Chicago Gas Trust MM
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. (7
Fourth avenue. Members New Vork stock Ex
change. Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Kallroad SIM simj
2J 1-0
Lehlsh Valley 53JJ S3V
Lehlirb. Navigation S2!
S3 Si
Northern Pacific 27H
northern Pacific preferred saft
Atch. ATop. B. B. .. 39K
Boston A Albany.. .216
Boston A Maine... ..191
C B. At). 100
Clnn. San. A Cleve. 24
Kattern R. K S9X
Eastern R. R. 6s ....126
FllntAPereM. pfd. 96
Mexican Cen. com.. 1SH
Mex.C 1st mtg. bda. er,
N. V. ANewKnr... G9H
N.Y. AN.E.7S....128J4
Old Coionj- 174H
Rutland, com
, 2
: 87
. so
v is. central, com...
Wis. Central pf...;
Calumet A Hecla....
Pewablc (new)
Bell Telephone... ..
Uoaton Land ,
tater Power
Mlnlna Stocks.
New Yoke. July 10. Amador, 1C0; Bodle. 115;
Caledonia B. II., 203; Consolidated California
and Virginia. 270; Dunkin, 100: Deadwood Ter..
140; Eureka Consolidated, 200; El Crista 120;
Hale & Norcross, 280: Homestake. 850: Iron
Silver, 175; Mexican. 2b0: Mutual, 140: North
Belle Isle. 110; Ontario, 34.00; Savage. 1C0; Sierra
Nevada, 210; Union Consolidated, 275.
The Potters Decide to Stay Inside of That
Steubentiile, Jnly 10. The National
Union Potters' Convention was in secret
session all day. President O'Neil, how
ever, stated to the correspondent that a com
mittee ot three quietly waited upon Mana
ger Donaldson, of the Steubenville Pottery,
to see if the strike conld not be amicably
settled, but that he would listen to no com
nromise. nor recognize their wishes or union.
I As a result at to-day's meeting a boycott
upon the product of the pottery was de
clared. The officers said it would be en
forced through the national organization
and locals here and in Canada. Previous
to the adjournment on Friday, however,
every effort will be made to come to an am
icable settlement. This is not probable, as
both sides are firm.
The question of leaving the Knights of
Labor came up lor discussion to-day, out
the movement was defeated two to one. A
measure of importance to the West particu
larly was passed, extending greater powers
to the Executive Board west of the Alle
ghenies, giving it more enlarged powers
over their local and home matters than
fnrmprlv- nnrl less acconntabilitv to the
Central Board at Trenton. The election of
officers will probably take place to-morrow,
and the convention finally adjourn on Fri
The President has appointed William B.
Ellis postmaster at Franklin, Ind., in place of
P. P. Brown, removed.
John Kelly, convicted of thetmurder of
Eleanor O'Shea, near Geneva, N. Y, November
6, 1888, was hanged at Canandalgua at noon
Robert Hedberry, aged 18 years, and Wlllio
Wise, aged 17 years, were drowned Monday
night while bathing in tbe river at Alton, 111.
Tbe father of young Wise met with a similar
fate about a week ago.
Yesterday's bond offerings aggregated
8270.300, as follows: Registered 4f, 8300 at 128;
830,000 at 128K: coupon 4s, 85,000 at 128: regis
tered 4Ks. 8135,000 at 106; registered 4s,
8100.000 at 106. The following were accepted:
Registered 4s. 8335,000 at 100; registered 4s,
8300 at 812S.
The north-bound train for Montreal on the
Central Vermont Railroad was ditched by a
washout a mile north of Brandon, Vt., early
yesterday morning. Abont a dozen passengers
are Injured, but none seriously. The train
hands all escaped. The engine and five cars
were badly wrecked.
At Basco, a little town south of Carthage,
11L. Monday night, Mrs. Henry K. Qronewald,
wife of a German farmer, became suddenly de
ranged, and seizing an ax, cut her two little
girls in a horrible manner and then beat tbem
over the head with a log chain. Tho woman
then threw herself into a well, but was rescued
by tbe neighbors. It is feared the children
will die.
A dispatch has been received at the Navy
Department from Admiral Gherardi, at Port-au-Prince,
saying tbat affairs at Hayti are
quiet and that there is no fighting of moment.
He also reported that there bad been no change
in the political situation since his last report.
Legitime holds Port-au-Prince and Hippolyte
remains outside of tbe town. The Osslpee has
now been at Hayti longer than was intended,
and the department will relieve her as soon as
another vessel can be fitted out.
The provisions of the United States stat
utes against the importation of contract labor
ers are tolerably well understood throughout
Europe by this time, and circulars have been
dispatched by the steamship lines to emigra
tion agents in the interior, to instruct prospec
tive passengers as to tbe answers they must
make to important questions propounded by
the authorities on their arrival at American
ports. It Is safe to say tbat the law will be suc
cessfully evaded henceforth. The lines run
ning to Canadian ports anticipate a largely in
creased business in the future, and many who
were refused a landing at New York and
Boston have taken this indirect route to the
States. The principal Increase to their traffic
will, however, come from assisted emigration,
which is assuming serious proportions. Tbe
undesirable classes sent away from Ireland and
England by poor law guardians and the socie
ties formed for that purpose are directed to
Quebec, and thence across the line, thus evad
iig any Inquiry as to their status.
Low lne
tn est. l)!i.
5.1 &5.H S6K
D? S3 39
Mk S3
lWi 114
SO 39
iooh snii
6SU 67H
los4 106
rfH an
SbVi ss"
An Oversupply of Blackberries and
Johnstown Making Terr Heavy Demands
on Lumber Trade.
Ottice op PmsBtmo Dispatch,
Wednesday-, July 10, 1SS9. J
Country Frodnee Jobbing Prices.
Blackberries and whortleberries are in over
supply and prices are drifting downward. Tbe
same is true of apples, which are coming in
freely from the South. The movement of pota
toes is very active, but there has been no ad
vance in prices. A Liberty street commission
man reports the largest sales of potatoes on
record yesterday. Tbe total was 800 barrels,
and an average of 600 barrels dally this week.
The speculator who bought potatoes is a loser
tbe past week. A loss ot 60c per barrel Is re
ported in some instances. A Liberty street
commission merchant who has just returned
from New York reports that everything in
produce lines at the metropolis is in over
supply. The stock of lemons coming to port
ot late is In poor shape, and choice grades are
tending higher.
Bottee Creamery, Elgin, 19320c; Ohio do,
1718c; fresh dairy packed, 12013c; country
rolls. lOQU'c
BeansSI 76Q1 9a
Beeswax 2f 30c $ ft for choice; low grade,
Cideb Sand refined, 86 07 50; common,
83 504 00; crab cider, SS OOfeS 50 V barrel;
elder vinegar, 1012c V gallon.
Cheese Ohio cbeee,8c; New York. 10
10c; Limburger, 89c: domestic Sweitzer
cheese, 9X12Hc; imported Sweitzer, 22c
California Fruits California peaches,
84 004 50 fl box: cherries, 83 00; apricots, 84 00
4 50; plums, S4 0004 50.
E0Q3 15M16c V dozen for strictly fresh;
goose eges, SOc-IS dozen.
Fruits Apples, 81 602 GO ? barrel; pine
apples, 81 00I 25 dozen; red raspberries, 10
lie a quart; Mack raspberries, 5&8o a quart;
whortleberries, 81 001 10 a pail; blackberries,
5Q8c ft quart; wild goose plums, 82 50 a crate;
currants, 85 a 2-bushel stand; watermelons,
82025 per hundred.
tEATHEKS Extra live geese, 60660c; No.L
do. 404oc; mixed lots, S035c 9 &.
New Potatoes 81 5U01 75 a barrel.
Poultry Live chickens, 6575c per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c V ; drawn, 14
15c $ ft.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, 85 60
$ bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts. 88 00;
clover. Allske, 88 50; clover, white. & 00; timo
thy, choice, 44 fts. SI 65; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 fts, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, 81 00;
orchard grass, 14 fts. JI65; red top, 14 fts. 8125;
millet, 0 fts. 81 CO: German millet, 50 fts.
grass, mixture of fine grasses, 82 60 per bushel
of 14 fts.
Tallow Country, 4K65c; city rendered, 5
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, 84 50
6 60 ft box: Messina oranges, 85 005 50 f? box;
rodi, 83 754 50; California oranges, 84 504 75 )
box; bananas, S3 00. firsts; 82 OU, cood seconds.
ff bunch; cocoanuts, 84 0004 60 ft hnndrcd:
new figs, e9c ft pound; dates, &K6Kc V
Vegetables Tomatoes, Mississippi, four
basket cases.51 651 75: beans, round wax fancy.
82 50 a crate; beans, round wax medlnm, 82 00
a crate: beans, round green, 82 252 60; new
beets, 2025c $) dozen; cucumbers, 75c81 00
W bushel box; radishes, large white and gray,
3035c $) dozen; cabbage, two-barrel crates,
Louisville and St, Louis, 81 602 00; Eastern,
single-barrel crates, 81 001 25; new celery, 60
60c a dozen.
f Green coffee is on tho rise in New York,
having advanced lie yesterday. One of our
leading jobbers expresses the opinion there
will bo no' advance in packages, as hot weather
uniformly diminishes consumption. Sugars
lose nothing of their firmness.
Green Coftee Fancy Rio, 2122c; choice
Rio, 18K20c; prime Rio. 18c; fair Rio, 17Ql8c;
old Government Java, 26c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha. 2728c; Santos, 1922c; Caracas
coffee, 2022c; peaberry, Rio, 21ffi23c; La
guavra, 2U$22c.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands.21Mc;
high grades, 2325Kc; old Government Java,
bulk. 3030c; Maracaibo, 2526c; Santos,
19KQ21K'-; peaberry,24c;peaberry,cholce Bio,
23c; prime Rio, 20& good Rio, 20c; ordinary,
Spices (whole) Cloves, 21025c: allspice, 9c;
cassia, Q9c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg. 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120. 8Kc; headlight, 15CP, 8K0; water
white, 10c: globe, 12c; elaine. 15c; carnadlne,
llc; royaline, 14c
syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c; prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime, S335c; new maple syrup, 90c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 8K4c; bi-carb in K".
5JJc; bi-carb, assorted packages, 5Ji66c; sal
soda in kegs, lfic; do granulated, 2c.
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearincper
set, 8Kc; paraffine, 11012a
RlCi. Head, Carolina, 77Jc: choice, 6i
7c; prime, 6i06Mc: Louisiana, 66Xc.
Starch Pearl, Sc; cornstarch, 67c; gloss
starch, 67c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, 82 65; Lon
don layers, 83 10; California London layers, 82 60;
Muscatels, 82 25; California Muscatels, 81 80;
Valencla,new, 67c;Ocdara Valencia, 7Kffl8c;
sultana, 8Kc; currants, new, 4K5c: Turkey
prunes, new, 45cs French prunes, 8K13c;
Salonica prunesju 2-ft packages. 8c; cocoanuts.
per 100, 80 00; almonds, Lan., per ft, 20c; do
Ivies. 19c; do shelled. 40c: walnuts, nap., 12
15c: Sicily filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12loc:
new dates, 66c; Brazil, nuts, 10c; pecans,
ll15c: citron, per ft, 2122c; lemon peel, per ft,
1314c: orange peel, 12&C
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 60
apples, evaporated, &48ici apneots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 15l8c: peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpaired, 1012Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 6Cc; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424kc; blackberries, 7K8c: huckle
berries, wmic
Sugars Cubes, 10K10c; powdered, 10V
standard A, 9Kc: soft whites, 9lAmc: yellow,
choice, 89Hc; yellow, good. 8Ji8c; yellow,
fair. 8Jgc; yellow, dark. 7c.
Pickles Medium, bbis (JU200), 84 60; modi-
U1U3, UMl UUU UWJ,d fUb
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets. S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, SI SMt
1 90; 2ds. 81 301 35; extra peaches. 81 601 90;
pie peaches, 90c: finest corn, 811 60; Hf d. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90cil; Lima beans,
81 10; soaked do. 85c: suing 40 do, 7585c: mar
rowfat peas, 81 101 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, 81 40l 60: Bahama do, 82 75; dam
son, plums, 95c; greengages, SI 25; egg plums,
82; California pears, 82 oO; do greengages, 82; do
egg plums, 82; extra white cherries, 82 90; red
cherries, 2 fts, 90c; raspberries, 81 401 60;
strawberries SI 10; gooseberries, 81 301 40;
tomatoes. 82K92c: salmon, 1-ft, 81 752 10;
blackberrier , 80c; succotash. 2-ft cans, soaked,
99c; do green, 2 fts, 81 25Q1 SO; corn beef, 2-ft
cans, 81 75: 14-ft cans, 813 50; baked beans. 81 45
1 60; lobster, 1 ft, 81 751 SO; mackerel. 1-ft
cans, broiled. Si 50; sardines, domestics, s,
81 154 60: sardines, domestic. Vs. 83 258 50;
sardines, imported, s, 811 5012 60; sardines.
Imported, K8,81S;sardlnes,masurd, 4; sardines,
spiced, 84 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 838
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, 840: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 832; extra No. 1 do, messed,
836; No. 2 shore mackerel, 824. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ft ft; do medlnm, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c; boneless hake. In strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6H7Kc. Herring
Round shore, 85 00 W bbl: split, 87 00; lake.
82 60 V 100-ft. half bbt White fish. 87 00 ft lOrf
E., bait bbl. Lake trout, 85 60 ft half bbl.
Finnan haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft. Pickerel. H barrel, 82 00; i barrel. 81 10;
Potomac herring, 85 00 ft barrel, 82 60 ft it
Buckwheat Flour 223c-fl ft.
Oatmeal 83 sos 60 W bbl.
Miners' Oil No, 1 winter strained, 6S60o
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Graln, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 18 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne and
Chicago, 1 car of hay, 1 of feed, 7 of oats, 1 of
flour, 1 of corn and oats, 2 of bran, 1 of corn.
By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Bt. Louis, 2 cars
of oats. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of oats.
By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1 car of oats
Sales on call, 1 car No. 2 white oats, 34Kc, spot
1 car No. 2 white oats, 84c, 6 days. The cost
ot laying down Minnesota spring patent flour
Is 80c above tbe lowest point touched last
month. At our quotations tbere is very little
profit to dealers who are not stocked ahead.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red. 9293c;
No. 3 red, 878Sc
Corn No. 2 yellow ear. 4646Kc; high mixed
ear. 4545kc; No. 2 yellow, shelled 4243c;
high mixed, shelled, 4042c; mixed' shelled,
Oats No. 2 white. 8434Kc; extra, No. 3,
8333Kc: No. 3 white, 80jg61c; No-2 mixed
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 61g6Bc;
No. 1 Western, 649c. 1
Flour JocolDg prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, S6 7Sfl26; winter straight.
85 0095 25; clear winter. 84 755 00; straicbt
XXXX bakers', 84 254oa Bye flour, S3 60
4 oa
MlLLTEED Middlings, fine white. 815 00
15 50 ft ton; brown middlings, 811 60012 50;
winter wheat bran, 812 2512 60; chop feed,
815 00616 00. , MM ,
Hay Baled timothy, choice, 814 00; No. 1
do, S13 0OQ13 60: No. 2 do. 811 6012 60; loose,
from wagon, 814 0015 00;No. 1 upland prairie.
810 60011 00; No. 2. 87 608 W. packing do, 80 50
66 6a ,
Straw Oats, J7 60; wheat and rye straw
87 007 508 Oa
Sugar-cured hams, large, HJc; sugar-cured
hams, medium. 12c: sugar-cured hams, small,
12c; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 7K sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
SHci sugar-cured dried beef flats. 9Kc; sugar
cured dried beef sets. 10K sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12Kc; bacon sbenlders, 7c; bacon
clear sides, 8Xc;bacon clear bellies. 8Kc; dry
salt shoulders. 6Kc; dry salt clear sides, inc.
Mess pork, heavy, 814 00; mess pork, family.
814 5a Lard Refined in tierces, 6ic: half
barrels. 7c: 60-ft tubs. 7Jic: 20-ft pails, 7c: 50
ft tin cans, 6c; 3-ft tin pails, 1C; 6-ft tin palls,
7Jc; 10-ft tin pails. 7Jic Smoked sausace,iong,
6c: large, 6c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless
bam, 10c Pigs feet, half barrel, 83 60; quarter
barrel, 82 0a
Dressed Bleat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
drested meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650 lbs,
5Vc; 550 to 650 fts, 6Vc: 650 to 750 fts. 6Kc Sheep.
8c ft ft. Lambs, lOo ft ft. Hogs, Cjic Fresh
pork loins, 8c
An order for 17 carloads of pine shingles
from Johnstown was placed with Pittsburg
firms this week, and other lumber In propor
tion. A leading dealer is of the opinion that
there buildingof Johnstown will add fully 20 per
cent to the volume ot our city's lumber trade
this season. When It is remembered that pros
pects were good Tor an extra trade before the
great cata strophe, it is plain that this year will
beat all former records In lumber lines.
Clear boards, per M S32 0QSt 00
beleet common boards, per M. 80 00
Common boards per M SO 00
Bheathinc 18 00
Pine frame lumber per M 22 00027 00
Shingles, No. 1, 18 In. perM 600
Bh Ingles, No. I, IS In. per M S7S
Lata...?. .V. . 00
Clear boards, per M. I 6000
Surface boards 30 00 35 00
Clear, K-lnch beaded celling 26 00
Partition boards, peril 3500
Flooring, No. 1 30 00
Flooring, No.2. 25 00
Yellow pine flooring 3O0O4O0O
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 2.... 25 to
Weather-boarding. M-lnch 30 00
Ash, I to 4 in 840 00355 00
Klsck walnut, green, log run ooaso 00
Bl ek walnut, dry, log run 60 00(3175 CO
Cherry 40 ooffiso 03
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 In MOOrSMOO
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 22 OOrMSOO
Dry white oak boards, lin 20 00325 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 20 0003 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1H Inch 25 OOrSWO 00
West Va. yellow poplar, Htolln 19 00325 00
Hickory, IXtoJfn 13 00(325 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril MOO
Bank rails 14 00
Boat studding 14 00
Coalcarplank It 00
Ash 130 00345 00
Walnut logrun, green 25 00V&J5 00
Walnut log run. dry 35 OOtcfcO 00
W bite oak plank, preen... 18 00022 00
White osk plank, dry 13 00325 00
White oak boards, dry 18 00(33 00
West Va. yellow pine. I In 20 00325 00
WestVa. yellow pine, ltf In 20 0025oo
Yellow poplar. 20 0U&34 OO
Hickory, lX to S in IS 00ffii on
Hemlock 11S01JM
Bunk rails. 14 00
Boat stnddlng. 14 00
Coal ear plank 18 00
A Remarkable Experience.
Mr. H. Robertson, a native of Scotland, but
who has been a resident of this country for sev
eral year, has been a victim of kidney disease
with tho following symptoms: He had a heavy
dragging pain across the small of his back, ex
tending from one side to the other, and a bloat
ed, dropsical condition of tbe bowels, high col
ored urine, and he noticed that sometimes it
contained a reddish, brick-colored sediment,
and at other times tbe sediment was of a ligbt
isn color. He noticed tbat be felt very tired in
the morning, and as he gradually grew weaker,
his stomach became affected. His appetite
became poor, and he was constantly annoyed
with sour eructations of gas from bis stomach
after eating, and on account of the kidneys not
performing their function properly, bis blood
became charged with rheumatic poison, so that
he had much Daln about his shoulders and dif
ferent parts of his body. As be became more
emaciated he began to cough, and be felt much
tightness and weight across bis lungs. In
speaking of the matter one day, he said:
"I doctored with the best doctors I could hear
of, but was fast getting worse. I became mel
ancholy and tnonght 1 could not live. Finally
I began treatment with tbe physicians of the
Polypatbic Medical Institute, who are special
ists for chronic diseases, and although confined
to the bed when I commenced their treatment,
my Improvement was very rapid, and I bave
been entirely cared by these physicians, and I
gladly sign my name. H. Robertson."
Anyone wishing to call upon Mr. Robertson,
or write him with reference to bis case, can
have bis full address by calling at THE POLY
PATHIC INSTITUTE. 420 Penn ave. Office
hours, 10 to 11:30 A. M.. 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 P. x.
Sundays, 1 to 4 p. x. Consultation free. je24-D
Why toil and slave forever P Life
was meant for living', not eternal
slaving. Cease this weary drudg
ery. SOAPONA does your wort
itself, and neither Injures hand nor
fanric. Then why do It you? lis
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake I Your health and
life are at stake. TJse SOAFOKA
everywhere. It cleans like magic
R.W. BELL MF6. CO., Buffalo, N.Y,
On mortgages on Improved real estate in sums
of $1,000 and upward. Applyat
mh4-34-l No. 124 Fourth avenue.
mv irwa MtstJ.
v latest Itching
ana tucinei mmiiii
llfiill wine i
crmxcBinc. it
tamorm form na
I Vw-o-Ls Terr . SWANK'S OIAT.
MEM the Itehlneilbledls;. heals
mm. 8wimOwnrel.UljclruiUu,ormUeitt
any addnu oa reerfpt ot orioo, SO eta, a box ; S ooias tl .
Xiirw Uttera, OR. SWA VNB A SO V. rtitl."Mj.bla. Ta.
is now admitted by the medical authorities to
be a deficiency or undue waste of Ozldizable
Phosphorus normally existing In the human
economy. The remedv consists In the admin
istration of a preparation of Phosphorus being
at once assimilable and oxldlzable. WINCHES
aration of Phosphcrus which combines tbese
characteristics In the highest degree. For
Consumption, Brmeh'tts. Coughs, Night
Sweats, and Nervous Dlssssss, It Is unequaled.
Recommended by Physicians. Sold by Drug
gists. II per bottle. Send for circular.
my31-24-TTSWk 162 William St. N. Y.
A purely Vegetable
I Compound that expels
tall bad humors from the
I system. Removes blotch
'es and pimples, and
Bakes pure, rich blood.
SwTJT's Spectfio has cured me of
a malignant breaking out on my leg.
which caused intolerable pain. Itwa
called Eczema by the doctors four of
whom treated me with no relief. A
candldlycunfessthatlowe my present
good health to a S. 8 which in my
estimation Is invaluable as a blood
remedy. Miss JUIXA DeWitt,
2227 N. Tenth st, St. Louis, Ma
Our baby when two months old was
attacked with Scrofula, which for a
long time destroyed ber eyesight en
tirely, and caused ns to despair of her
life. The doctors f iled to relieve her,
and we gave Swijt'S SPRaC,whlcn
soon cured her entirely, and she is now
hale and hearty. E. V. Vslk.
WBl's Point, Texas.
43-Send for book giving history of
Ulood Diseasesandadvice to sufferers,
mailed free.
Tmt Swrrr Specific Co..
fel-7-TTS Drawer 3. Atlanta, Oa.
It can be made a substitute for nearly
every purpose for which wire is used,
and is far more durable and cheaper.
It is much superior to wire work In
every way. It Is solid at all points of
Send for illustrated Circulars and
Central Expanded Metal Co.,
116 "Water street, Pittsburgr, Pa.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
JAS. D. CALLERY President
JOHN W. TAYLOR Cashier .
Capital and surplus. $123,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Issue travelers' credits througb Messrs. DrexeL
Morgan t Co., New York. Passports procured.
CM-SIS Hamilton Building,
Members Chicago Board of Trade and
Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange.
15 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
As old residents know ana back flies of Pitts
burg capers prove. Is the oldest established
and most prominent physician In the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
M C D n 1 1 C anl mental diseases, physical
ll Cn V UUO aecay.nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope. Impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self distrust,basbf ulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, emotions. Im
poverished blood, failing powers,organio weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business,society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, moutb, throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoronghly eradicated from the system.
IIRIMARV kidney ana bladder aerange
U II I ll f fl I j ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittlers life-Iopg, extensive experi
ence. Insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as If here. Office hours 9 A. K. to 8 P. Jf. Sun
day, 10 A. Jt. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTIER,
(SllPenn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re-
S airing scientific and confident
al treatmentt Dr. S. K. Lake.
M. K. u. f. a is tne oldest ana
most experienced specialist in
tne city, consultation iree ana
stvictlr confidential Office
Tinnrs tn 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.: Sundavs. 2 to 4 P.
M.Consult them personally orwrlte. DOCTOBS
Lake. 908 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa,
-a OiMtiTt "PiOOTt
inosed of Cotton Root. Tansr aad
Pennvroval a recent discovery by an
Wii nhvalrlATi- Is KilMfMfvJlu used
t-8afa. Effectual. Price SL bv P1H. .
sealed. Ladies, ask your drozglst lor uoox'si
tfnttnn Knot Oomtncnd and taafi no substltate.
or inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. A
drasa POND JULY COMPANY. No. 3 FiaaBC '
- Block, 131 woodwara ave Detroit. itic
a positive curat
Va- 1JWT ap falltn 1
new. veaKness 01
Bodr AAflnd. Irtof strenrth. Vlror and De
velopment, caused br Errors, Excesses, Ac Boot., J
Hope of seup-Tseatxest. and Proofs maMein
(sealed tree. Address KlUK MEDICAL CUr3
Bunalo. N. Y. deS-57-TTSWk jl
For men! Checks tbe worst cases la tares
days, and cures in five days. Price 31 00. at
js5-29-TTSSu 412 Market street
weakness, lostvlfror. etc. wasrestored to heak
In sacb a remarkable mannerafler all else 6 ad I
failed tbat be will send tbe mode of cure fliBC M J
au reuow sunerers. Aaoress I, u. MrrcHBU!
sast luaaam, uoaa. x myw-st-Bsawkj