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One Maa Who Does Not Belieie in
Electricity for Executions.
fifteen Hundred Volts of Electricity Passed
Thnragh Him.
An Apparently Strong, Flu la the Cause of Murderer
H. SI. SteTens, of Boston, does not believe
In using electricity for executing criminals,
fie tried it once himself, and the results
R-ere not entirely satisfactory. He is sot
dead, bat he suffered awful agony for a
number of boars, and still feels the results
of his experience. He thinks Eemmler had
fetter be hanged.
Boston, Jane 11. The terrible uncer
tainty of electricity in its effect upon the
human body was never better illustrated
thi in the case of H. M. Stevens, of this
city, -who four years ago received a shock
equivalent to 1,500 volts the greatest on
record, so far as known. The fact that he
recovered, after awful agony, and is to-day
a healthy and robust man, argues strongly
against the claim of electrical experts that
electricity affords a simple and efficacious
method of producing death.
In view of Murderer Kemmler's efforts in
Kew Tork State to escape the execution of
his death sentence by electricity, the testi
mony of Mr. Stevens is very interesting at
this time. He is Assistant Superintendent
of the Boston Electric Light Company, and
to-day gave tbe correspondent a full ac
count of his remarkable contact with the
mysterious electric fluid. He was Superin
tendent, four years ago this summer, of the
Middlesex Electric Lighting Company, in
Lowell. In making a tour of inspection of
'the machines he came in contact with the
brushes of a 35-light dynamo. He slipped
upon an oily spot on the floor, fell forward,
instinctively put out both hands to save
himself and unwittingly grabbed with
either hand the positive and negative
brushes of the machine.
A circuit was completed, with his body
as the medium, and a force of electricity
equal to 50,000 candle power, or about 1,600
Volts, shot instantaneously through him and
prostrated him violently in the field of the
machine. There he lay for a few seconds,
the current all the time entering his body,
until finally, from his own weight, be
dropped off to the floor. To all appearances
be was dead. All this happened in less
time than it takes to describe it.
The shock was sufficient to kill an ordi
nary man. According to the best electrical
opinion, Murderer Kemmler, in New York,
will receive no greater charge. Stevens,
however, was not dead, and his recovery is
the most remarkable part of his strange ex
perience. They picked him up and carried
him awav. Dr. Brissel, of Lowell, was
summoned. The pulse and the heart showed
so signs of life. The eyes were set, the
limbs were rigid and the arms were drawn
close to the body.
The flesh was cold and the bloody gashes
between the fingers were apparent, showing
where the flesh had been burned. The doc
tors went to work earnestly enough, but the
case was one in which the symptoms were
altogether unknown to medical science.
They pried open the mouth and poured a
big glass of whisky into the stomach. It
had no effect.
Kelt the medical men pounled and
rubbed for an hour, but the body never
moved a muscle. The miraculous now oc
curred. This man had all the while been
insulated with enough electricity in his
system to charge another machine. He had
"been lying all the while on the floor. An
attendant at the station suggested placing
tbe body on the ground where it was damp.
This was done and the man began to revive.
After an hoar the patient became conscious,
but it was the consciousness of agony. The
.electricity -was slowly passing out of the
Jr body into the ground.
f Stevens suffered terribly for four hours
after consciousness. He kept gasping for
breath, and tried to articulate but could
not They gave him more whisky, and
continued the rubbing and pounding proc
essed finally he was able to be removed to
bis room in the St. Charles Hotel. Every
faculty and function had been paralyzed,
but one by one they regained something
like their normal condition. The legs felt
'alternately as if they had been amputated
at the knee, or again as if they had been
lengthened oat until they were a. block
long and tapered to a point On one leg,
above the knee, were two light blue spots.
After doctoring him for a couple of weeks
the physicians brought him around, but
from that day to this Mr. Stevens has car
ried the reminders of that terrible charge of
1,500 volts in his body. He is a sort of
dynamo all in himself. He is very sensi
tive to the approach or presence of a thun
der storm, and always feels depressed dur
ing its continuance.
"Do I believe in killing a man by elec
tricity?" be exclaimed, when asked what he
thoughtTof executing a man in that way.
"If o, I do not I don't believe the profes
sion knows enough about electricity yet to
warrant them attempting to kill a man with
it All electricians know. that different
men are differently affected by electricity.
Some can stand a little, others more and
some can take an enormous charge without
fatal result This mast be borne in mind
in cmng a man a charge, and it is especially
important in the" case of executing a mur
derer. Snppose they don't give him enough
and he recovers, as I did, what torture most
be suffer! And why shouldn't he recover
and fool the physicians? If he's a natu
rally strong man, has no heart trouhle and
is well preserved, the chances are that he
Trill pull through if they give him the op
"Or again, if be has been a laborer, ac
customed to manual labor or exposure to the
cun for a long time, his flesh must neces
sarily have become more or less hardened,
that is insulated, and the electricity would
lave less effect upon him. There are ever
so many fine points to be considered; snd
from what I know from personal vobserva
tlon as a practical investigator of the work
ings of electricity, I think it's a very risky
thing to try to execute this Kemmler by
electricity. The science is not far enough
removed from the experimental stage as yet.
I am inJavor of the old-fashioned hang
man's rope, and if lean help Kemmler to
escape his death sentence by electricity, I
am willing to do so by any means in my
Another remarkable thing about Mr.
Steven's experience is that after recovery he
began to gain flesh rapidly. At the time he
weighed 135, and in six months he tipped
ti'ie beam at 165, and to-day weighs close to
lSf). He says it is due to the electricity, but
ju.st why be cannot say.
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The W. C T. TJ. Prepared for an Attack on
the rolling Places.
At the special meeting of the County W. a
T. TJ., yesterday, there was a large attend
ance, and all of the arrangements for the work
at tbe poUs next Tuesday were completed. The
report of the Committee on the Distribution of
Literature showed, that every home In the
country had been supplied.
At the polls on Tuesday the children of the
Bands of Hope will assemble and sing temper
ance song's; refreshments will be served free;
mottoes will be posted up, and nothing will be
left undone to influence the voters. A resoln-
Stion sanctioning the plan of going to the polls
was adopted, and it will be carried out
Some People Think the Trade Center Going
Back to tbe Monongahela.
Northwest the star of business empire in
Pittsburg seems to be taking its way. It Is not
long since C. H. Love sold $50,000 worth of prop
erty on Liberty street below Sixth street and
within a week $SO,000 have been refused for SO
feet on the same thoroughfare, between Fourth
and Fifth streets, which is an offer of $1,000 a
foot. There are three three and one two-story
houses on the property, but they are not con
sidered in point of value, as the intention of
the would-be buyers is to tear down the build
ings and build business houses. Some say that
within the next decade all the heavy traffic
business of the city will approach the Point.
'Royal Arcanum Officers.
Atlantic City; June 1L The Supreme
Council of the Royal Arcanum, which has
been in session at the Hotel Traymore, in
Atlantic City, the past week, to-day installed
officers for the eosuing year, as follows:
Supreme Regent L. R. Watts, of Portsmouth.
Va.; Supreme Vice Recent Charles F. Lorlntr,
Bo'ton; Supreme Orator. H. H. C. Miller, of
Chicago; Past Supreme Regent, A. C. Tnppe,
of Baltimore; Supremo Secretary, W. O.
Robson, of Boston; Supreme Treasurer, E. A.
Skinner, Westfleld, N. Y.
Be Was Faint From Ilnnjrer.
Perry Walker, a wealthy Somerset county
farmer, was taken from the Allegheny General
Hospital to Dlxmont Insane Asylum yesterday.
He had paid much attention to the details of
the late murder trial in that county, and finally
was possessed with the delusion that he himself
was the murderer. He had been in the insane
department of the Somerset County Poorhouse
and was so weak from starvation that he could
scarcely walk, but at the Allegheny hospital
he was given milk, beef tea and tonics and Miss
Tiloesley succeeded In getting him on his feet.
Has Blade Bat Ono Change.
Mr. S. D. Warmcastle, the new Internal Rev
enue Collector, has been ten days in office and
has made but one change so far, and that was
the appointment of a man named Rudolph to
take the place of Deputy Hawthorne, who re
signed. There are plenty of applicants, but
Mr. Warmcastle is going slowly and familiar
izing himself with the duties of the office. He
says each man appointed must be thoroughly
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And Scalawags Took Hlra in In the Usual
War to the Tone of 8100.
Pierre Transon, one of a party of French
tourists, from Orleans, France, was victimized
by a strancer at tbe Seventh avenue hotel yes
terday morning. If his discretion in fnture be
equal to his affability he is not likely to be
done up again. The party were en route to Chi
cago, but had stopped with intent to visit the
ruins at Johnstown.
The swindle was of antique pattern and a
native of any experience would not have been
caught M. Transon was standing In front of
the hotel and was accosted by a business-like
Individual who seemed to be in a great hurry
and who exhibited a 81,000 bond Which he want
ed to borrow S100 on, saying he had a freight
bill of that amount to pay immediately and the
banks not being yet opened be was greatly
perturbed and said that a loan of that amount
would be a great accommodation. M. Tran
son without premeditation handed him the
monev and the rascal in return gave his card
to tbe lender. Indorsed "C. Morgan, City." At
this stage the confederate came along and Mor
gan gave him tbe money, with instructions to pay
the freight bill and get the goods. The first
swindler remained in conversation for a time,
but finally told the victim to come with him to
the banlc and get the money, taking him to the
office of the Philadelphia Gas Company, on
Penn avenue. "Morgan" seated M. Transon
in the main office and went into the interior for
the cash. After waiting an hour M. Transon
ot weary and started to look for Morgan, but
e wasn't about He had wandered away and
at last accounts was still wandering.
Tbe police can get little satisfaction out of
M. Transon's description, and he will in all
probability never get anything for his money
except the experience. He didn't show much
No New Station J at Yet.
The old story about a new Union station was
revived yesterday, but it was stated that the
recent losses the Pennsylvania Railroad has
sustained would effectually prevent any out
lays for new depots.
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but surely doing its deadly work. A part of
the secretion that formed in her head was dis
charged through her nose, and a part dropped
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Her appetite was very poor, and the little food
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tress and belching of eas, and every morning
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time she caught a cold she would have to be
bolstered up In bed during the night in order
to breathe. When she applied, last April, to
tbe physicians of tbe Catarrh and Dyspepsia
Institute for treatment, the wheezing in her
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May 24 she says "that my catarrh and asthma
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Bellsover, Pa.
Mrs. Dr. Crossley, one of the Consulting
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At the Madison Square Garden, New York,
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This proves conclusively that wpmen have
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cause they make little effort to secure strength
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A. of.R R. K P.
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Dr. Orr invites tbe friends of tbe hundreds
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pepsia during the last year to call and allow
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tered resident physicians, wno are competent
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This association is founded for the protection
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more or less obstructed for years by im
proper food, want of exercise, overwork,
care, depression and other causes, before
the marked symptoms of the disease mani
fest themselves. At length follow the ir
regular appetite, discomfort before or after
eating, rising of food, eructations, gastric
irritability, costiveness or diarrhoea, pains
in the chest, pains in the limbs, pains in
the head, restlessness, loss of flesh, de
bility, mental depression, palpitation,
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thousand miserable deaths by the disease
and drdgs, he finally looks for no relief and
gives up to a miserable existence. Such
being the naturo of this disease and so per
sistent and serious in its effects upon both
body and mind, how essential that one
skilled in the treatment of it should be
sought at once and have the disease thor
oughly eradicated and the system restored
Jo health, which can be done by tbe power
ful common sense treatment as practiced by
Dr. "Woods. No charge for advice.
Dr. R. A. Woods, Rupture ind Chronic Dliesse
Specialist, Hotel Albemarle, Penn ivenne
and Sixth street, Pittsburg, Pa. Office hours:
10 A. M. to 12 M., 2-5 ind 7-8 P. M. jell
3. B. Golden. 6102 Butler street
city, says: "I was able to throw
away my crutches after usine; one-
half a bottle of tbe Anchor Rheu
matic Remedy. I consider my cure
marvelous and heartily indorse
the remedy." Price 50c
We would be elad to have von
give the Anchor Sarsaparilla J trial. 'TIs the
ideal blood purifier, and is especially adapted
enriching the blood and invigorating the sys
tem. Our Beef. TVIne and Iron Is also meeting the
wants of the public 'Tisthe best tonic in tbe
market, and we confidently recommend It as
such. Our price of each 76 cents; six bottles S4.
after May 12, 1889, trains leave Union
Station, Pittshorc as lollowf. Eastern Standard
New Tork sod Chicago Limited or Pullman Ves
tibule daily at 7:16 a. m.
Atlantic Express dally for tho East, 3:20 a.m.
Mau train, dally, except Sunday, 5:30 s. m. Sun.
day, mall, 1:40 a. m.
Day express dally at 8:00 a. m.
JUll express dairy at 1:00 p. m.
Philadelphia express daily at 4:30 p. m,
Eastern express dally at 715 p. m.
Fast Line dally at S:10 p. m.
GreensOurjf express 4:10 p. m. weekdays.
Derry express 11:00 a. m. weekdays,
Alltbrosrh trains connect at Jersey City with
boats of "Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn, N. Vn
avoldlngdouble ferriage and Journey through N.
Trains arrive at Union Station as follows:
Mall Train, dally, ; 8:10 p. m.
Western Express, dally... 7:43a. m.
Pacific Express, dally .. 12:45 p. nu
Chicago Limited Express, dally 8:30 p.m.
Fast Line, dally ll:55p. nu
Fcr Unlonlown, 8:30 ana 8:3Sa. Jn. and 4:13 p.
m wltbout change of cars: 12.60 p. ra., connect
ing at Qrcensburg. Trains arrive from Union
town at 8:45 a. m.. 13:20, 6:35 and 8:10 p, m.
From FEDERAL ST. STATION, Allegheny City.
Hall train, connecting for Blalrsrllle... 6:43 a. m.
Exnresj, for Blalrsrille, connecting for
Bntler 8:13 p.m.
Butler Accom.... 8:20a. m 2:25 and 5:45 p. m.
BprlngUaleAccomJO, 110 a,m.3:30and 6:3) p.m.
Freeport Accom l:15w 8:30 and 11:40 p. m.
OnSnnday 12:50 and 9:30 p. m.
North Apollo Accom 11:00 a. m. and 5:00 p. m.
Allegheny Junction Accommodation
connecting for Butler 8:20 a.m.
Blilrsvllle Accommodation 10:40 p. m.
Express, connecting from Bntler 10:35 a. m.
Mall Train. 1:45 p.m.
Butler Accom 9:10 a. m., 4:40 and 7:20 p. m.
Blalrsrllle Accommodation 9:52 p. m.
Freenort Aecom.7i40 a. m.. 1:25, 7:20 and 11:10 p. m.
On Sunday 10:10 a. m. and 7:0) p. ra.
Sprlngdale Aecom.... 6:37,11:43a.m., 3:25,6:30 p. ra.
North Apollo Accom 8:40 a. m. and 5:40 p. nu
Trains leave Union station, Plttsnarg, as rollowsi
For Monongahela City, West Brownsville and
Unlontown, 11 a. m. For Monongahela City and
"West Brownsville, 75 and It a. m. and 4:40 p, m.
OnSnnday, 1:01 p. m. For Monongahela City, 5:40
p. in., week days.
Dravosburg Ac, weekdays, 8:20 p. m.
West Elizabeth Accommodation, 8:20s. a., 2:00,
6:2U and 11:35 p. m, Sunday, 9:40 p. m. ,
Ticket oBlces-Corner Fourth avenue and Try
street and Union station.
General Manajrer. Uen'l l'ass'r Aren t.
Trains (CetUStan'dtlme)l Leave. Arrive.
Butler Accommodation
6:00 am
7:20 am
920 am
7:10 am
7:3 pm
4.-00 Dm
Day Ex. Ak'n,Tol., Cl'n, Kane
Butler Accommodation
Chicago Express (dally)
Newcastle and Greenville Ex
12:30 pm
1:90 urn
11:03 am
9:33 am
6:30 am
2:10 pm
Zellenople andFoxtrargAc.
4:40 pm
5:40 pm
Klrotclm firn tn f.hlpirn. 410 50. second class.
9 50. Thronan coach and Pullman Buffet sleep
ng ear to Chicago dally.
Trains leave Union Station (Eastern Standard
time): Ktttannlng Ac. 6:55 a. m.t Niagara Ex.,
daily. 8i45 a. n:., llulton Ac. 10:10 a. m. : Valley
Camp Ac, H:C5 p. in.: Oil City and UnBols Ex
press, 2:00 p.m. i nnltt n Ac, 3:0) p.m. : Klttannlng
Ac, 4:00p.m.; Braebnrn Ex.,5W)p.m,: Kittvsn
lng Ae.,5.3un. in.; Braeburn Ac, 6:3) p. m.: llul
ton AC, 7 So p. m.; Buffalo Ex., dally.
8:50 p. m.; Unlton Ac. 9:45 p. m.: Braennrn Ac,
UOf p. m. Church trains Braebnrn, 12:40 p. m.
and 9:35 p. m. Pullman Sleeping Car between
Pittsburg and Buffalo. J AS. P. ANDEBsON,
But Pushing the Great Work On,
Until Every Garment Will' Be
In the Hands of the Consumer.
This is the plan we have mapped out the policy we will pursue in
conducting the anti-backward season sale inaugurated by us last week.
We waited patiently for old sol to assert himself, but in vain. Where
was gentle spring? Flowery May? Rosy June? It is a common re
mark now that never has there been so raw, cold, wet and disagreeable
spring as the present It's no matter of surprise, under these circum
stances, that people didn't feel like buying thin, light summer garments.
But these must be sold as well as the rest Profits are out of the ques
tion, of course. The whole thing resolves itself in: What'll the loss be?
But, as the head line of this "ad." reads, we have "no time to stop to
consider losses now." Our united energies are now bent on selling our
Men's and Boys' fine summer Suits. This done, it'll then be. plenty timo
to figure up our losses.
Men's Fine Suits
Worth from $22 to $25.
These Suits are cut in the latest
shapes of Sack and Frock styles
and made from such celebrated
materials as
English Wide and Narrow Wales,
Genuine Scotch Cheviots,
Celebrated West of England Cloths,
Simone's famed Woolens,
French bird-eye Worsteds,
Bradford Cassimeres, etc
in abundance. If winter hadn't lingered as long in "the lap of spring,"
these goods would now be in the hands of our customers. As it is, we
must solely rely on our prices.
Thousand of 'em, with Vests to match, or without; every kind and
description. Prices range from 29c to $6 for single coats, and from 69c
up to 18 for coats'and vests. White and Fancy Vests (single and double
breasted) a specialty.
Boys' a Suits
Worth from $9 to $11.
You have several large lines to
choose from, including scores of
entirely new "and very handsome
light plaids, checks and mixtures
the very thing that'll strike the
fancy of young men, from 12 to 18
years old.
PBPC j Genuine League Ball and Bat Pre- CDCC
rllCC sented With Every Boys' Suit. F ft E. C
that, because this "ad." is entirely devoted to Clothing, you'll fail this
week to find the usual bargains in Hats, Shoes, Furnishing Goods,
Trunks, Satchels, Hammocks, etc Indeed, we can assure of the very
opposite, viz: We've never given better values in these goods than right
now this very week.
O Q fl" ' w
' 3
Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street.
COMPAMY-Schedult In effec: Jane 2, 188
ntraltlme: ,
1". A L. K. K. 'R.-m.TXBTroT aereUad. 1:00,
S:COA. M.. 1:35, 4:1(V 9:30p. M. Kor Cincinnati,
Chicago ana St. Louis, ttiOx. x.. li3S, -9:F. x.
KorBaffala, 8t00 A. M.. 4:10, 9:F. M. KorSlla
jnancs, '8.10 a. m., l:35 r. K. For Beaver i'alls,
5:00, 3:C0, 8:30, 10:15 A.M.. '1:3.1. 1:30, 4:10, 5:15,
9:30 r. U. JTor Cnartlers, 5:Ca 15:30, 8:33. 6:20,
8:53, 7:15, , 813 1:23, M:1J A. M.. 11:05, '12:43,
l!4U. 3:36714:304:50, '5:06, :1S, '8:05, 10:30 r. M.
Abbot Jrrom Cleveland, 8:jo a. m.. 11:3a,
SO "7:55 9:40 r. v. From Cincinnati, Chlcaro
and Be Lonls, '12:3a 7:55 r. is. From Buffalo.
"8:30 a. M., '13:30, 8:40 P. M. From Salamanca,
12:30, "7:53P.M. From Tonngstown. '8130,9:20 A.
M.. '12:30. 3:30. "7:55, 9:40 P. Jf. From Bearer
Falls, 5:23, 8:30, 7:2), 0:20 A. .. '11:30, 1:10, OS:
"7:55, 9:40 P.M. From Cnartlers, '5:12, Sili'S.SO
6:45. 7.-08.'7:47, 90, 9.57, 11:59 A. St., 1:10. '1:32.
3-17. 4:00, 4:J, 4:52, 5:35, "9:12, 8:40, '11:12, VM
A V 1512 P lf
P.,"0. y.'tralns forMsnsfleld. 8:30 A. x.. ZOO,
4:50 p. M. For Essen and Beeclimont, 8:30, A. H.,
3:20 p. u.
1., C. T. trains from ilansfleld, Essen and
Beacnmont, 7:03, 11:59A. 31.
I., McK. AY. B. B.-DEPAitT-ForNs-wHaTen,
l'jaOA.H.,'J:MP. M. For We.t Newton, 11:30
10:03 A.M.. 3:30. 3:1S P.M.
ABBOT-From New Haven. t"7tf0 A. X"Mr.
M. FromWestNewton.:lS.l'7:S0A.M..li23,3:00
For McKeesport and HUabetn, "3:30, 10 A. M.,
3:30, 5:15 P.M.
From Elliabetb. and McKeesport, 7i30 A. u.,
1:25, '5:00 P.M. . ,
Uallr. Sundays onlr. JWI11 run one hoar
late on Sundav. I Will ran two hours late on
Cltr ticket offlee, 401 Smithfield street.
Schedule In effect May 12, 18S9. For Washing
ton. D. C, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York, t-M a. m.. 8:C0 and 9S0 p. m. ForCam
berland, '8:00 a. m., tnco, 9S0p. m. For Con
nellsvllle, $8:40 and 3:00 a. m.. 3s0P. J1.0O
and "8:20 p. m. For Unlontown, 16:40. '8:0O a.m.,
;i:0Oand4.0Op. m. for Mount Fleasant, $3:40 and
titf) a. m., and tl:00 and 41:00 p. m. For
VVaihtnrton, Pa., 6:45. 29:40 a. m 'Ziii, 43:30
and 8:p. ra. For Wheeling, '8:43, 49:40 a. m.,
3:35, '8:30 p.m. For Cincinnati and St. Lonls.
6:44a.m., 8:30p.m. ForCoIumnns. $: and 9:40
a. m.. t-M p. ra. For Newark. f.U, 49:40 a. m.,
3:35, 8:30 p.m. For Chlcaro, 6:45, 49:40 a. m
3:35 and 9:30 p. m. Trains arrive from New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
8:20 a. ra. and '9:50 p. m. From Columbns, Cin
cinnati and Chlcaro. 7:45 a. m. and9:00p. ra.
From Wheeling. 7:4V '10:50 a. m.. tSM, 9:0O p.
ra. Throurh sleeplnr, cars to Baltimore, Wash
ington nnd Cincinnati.
hce'itng accommodation, 8:30 a. m.. Sunday
onlr. Cunnellsvllle accommodation at 59:&.-u m.
liallv. t Dally except Sunday. SSundayonlr.
The Pittsburg Tranaier Company will call for
and check barrage Irons hotels and residences
npon order left at B. O. Ticket Office, corner
Finn avenue and Wood street. CUAd. O.
SCULL, aen.fass.Agt. J.T.ODKLL, Qen.Mgr.
Men's Fine Pants
Worth from $4 50 to $5 50.
The make, fit and finish of these
Pantaloons are equal to custom
work in every particular, and they
come in
Narrow and Wide Stripes,
Small and Big Checks,
Pronounced Plaids,
Interwoven Plaids,
Broken Plaids,
Mixtures, all kinds.
Boys' K' Suits
Worth from $4 75 to $6,
Mothers, it tak"s a wonderful
stretch of imagination on your
part to picture to yourselves the
elegant qualities and lovely patterns
represented by these S3 Suits. See
them, by all means. It'll save you
Q w
ilaylX issa. Central Standard Tims.
As foUows from Union Station: For Chicago, d 7t
a. m., d 12:20, dl.-OO, d7:45. except Saturday. 11:20
S. m. : Toledo, 7:23 a. m.. d 12:31 d 1:00 and except
atnrday. 11:20 p. m.t Crestline, 5:43 a. ra.: Cleve
land, 8:10 a. m., 12:43 and d 11:05 p. m. and 73
a. m.. via P.? F. W. & C By.: New Castle
and Yonngstown. 7:03 a. ra.. BOO, 3:43 p. m.
Youngstown and N lies, d 12:20 p. m.t Meadvllle,
Kris and Ashtabula. 7:03a. ra., 12:20 p. m.: Nile
and Jamestown, 3:43 p. m.t Maiilllon. 4:10p. m.:
WheeUna and Bellalre. (:10a. m.. 12:43. 1:30 p. m.:
Beaver Falls. 4:00. 3-03 p. m.. Bock Point. 38t
a. u.t Leetsdale. 3:30 a.m.
ALLEGHENY-Bochester. 1:30 a. ra. i Beaver
Falls, 8:13, 11:00 a. m.: Enen, IrOD p. m.t Leeta.
dale, 10:00. 11:43 a. ra., 2.-00, 4:30, 4:43. 3:30, 7(00, ,JM
p.ni; Conway. 10:30 p.m.; Fair Oaks, B 1U40 a.
m.: Leetsdale. B8:30p. m. .
TRAINS ABB1VE Union station from Chicago,
except Monday Ida, dS:00. dSS a.m., d e-M p.
m. : Toledo, except Monday 1:50, d 8:35 a. m., ( jo
S, m., Crestline, 2:10 p. ra.; Youngstown and
ew Castle. 9:10a.m., 1:25, 8:50, 10:13 p. m.;NllM
and Younrstown. d 8:50 p. ra.; Cleveland, d 5:50 a.
re.. Ids, 7:C0 p. m.: Wheeling and Bellalre, 9:09
a. ra.. 2:23, 7:0b p. ra.: Erie and Ashtabula, lrtfi.
10:13 p. ra.: Masslllon, 10:00 a. Hi.; NUes and
Jamestown. 9:10 a. m. ; Beaver Falls. 7:30 a. m.,
1:10 p. m Bock Point, 8 8:23 p. m.; Leetsdale,
10:10" p. m.
m.: Conway, 8:50; Rochester, 9:40 a. m.t Beaver
Fails, 7:10 a. m, 5:43 p. m.: Leetsdale, 3:50, 6:13,
7i45 a. m 12:00, 1:43, 40, 6:30. 9 .-00 p. m.; Fair
Oaks, B 3:33 a. m.; Leetsdale, S 65 p. m.; Bock
Point. S 8:13 p.m.
8, Sunday only; d, dally; other trains, escept
Sunday. J3
station, Central Standard Tlrr. Leave tot
Cincinnati and St. Louis, d 7:30 a.m dSjOp and
d 11:15 p. m. Denntson, 1:43 p. m. Chicago,
12:05, d 11:15 p.m. Wheeling, 7 a. m., 12:03,
8:10 p.m. Stenbenville, 8:55 a. ra. Washington.
BJB, 8:33 a. m., 1:55, 3:30, 4:53 p. m. Bulger, 10:14
a-m. Bnrgettstown.SU:33a.m 5:25p.m. Mans
field, 7:15, UrtOa. m., 8 JO. d8:35; 10:35, P.B. Mc
Donalds, d 4:1A dlOrUp. m. . . ,
From the West, d2:10, da, a. m 3&, d!:M
p.m. DennlsoL, 9:30a.m. StenbenvUIe. 5:05 p.m.
Wheeling, 2il0, 8:43 a.m.. 3KB. StS5 p.m. Bnrgetts
town, 7:a. m., 89:03 a.m. Washington 6.U. I'M.
9:35 al m 1:35, 6:20 p. m. Mansfield. d5. 9:00
a.m 12:45 d 67a and 10:00 p. m. Bulger, 1:40p.m.
MeUonaldk d 8:35 a. m d 9:00 p. m.
d daUy; B Sunday only; other trains, except
Summer Time Table. On and after May j,
unUl further noUce. trains will rnnasfoltawi
on every day, except Sunday. EaMra s?ljarlf
time: Living Pltuburg-ra) a. m.. 7jl0a.m.ni
SSX) a.m.. 9:X a. m.. 11:30a. m.. 1:40 p. JK, :40 p.
m.. 3:10 p. m 5:30 p. m.. 6:30 p. m.. 9.30 p. rn.,'K
HdOp. m. Arllngton-3:40 a. m., 6:20 a. m., TllM
a. in., 8:00a. m., 10:20a. m.. 1:00 p. m, 2:40 p. ras
4:20 p'.m., 6:10 p'. m., 5:50 p. m.. 7:10 p.m.. 10
r, m Mnn,l..tr.1nl lvlll? 1'lttSbUrZ 10 a.Tl
m.. s:iun. m.. o:ou v. ". '' ..,
p. in. Sundav trains, i
il-Jo p.m.. 2:30 p.m.. 6:10 p. m., 7:10 p. m., 9:M
p. m. Arlington 9:10 a. m., 12 m., 1:30 p. m, 4 JO
p.m. 6Up. m., 8rt0p. m.