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fAn Empty -Business House on Liberty
, Proves a Drawing Card.
Pittsttrg Steadily Forging Ahead in. the
Race for Material Supremacy.
. au
A -"to let" posted on the -door ot a good
business house on Liberty street, near the
foot of Smithfield, yesterday attracted con
siderable attention on account of its rarity,
such a thing being almost unknown in that
locality. It is safe to say that it trill not
remain empty many hours. If there is any.
thine more urgently needed in PittsDurg than
another, it is bnslness houses.
The annual trace agitation of the iron
workers has been put in motion, and is already
proving a disturbing element in business. TaV.
lug this for a text, a prominent gentleman said
yesterday: This agitation is not only costly to
the men, but harmful to the public It keeps
everything unsettled for to or three months
every year, with nothing substantial to show
for it. I don't blame the men for trying to get
a fair compensation for their services, for their
work is bard and exacting, but I think they
could adopt a better plan than that npon
which they are now acting to accomplish
their end. In my opinion the sliding
scale of wages is the best remedy
yet suggested to regulate the wage
question, bnt it should be made so broad and
clastic in Its provisions as to cover a series of
J ears. It wonld render constant agitation
unnecessary and secure satisfactory results to
the workman, whose compensation would be
based upon the market prices of the products
of their toll. What could be fairer! Of course,
this is not a new idea, but I think its impor
tance has been overlooked. While always
maintaining-that labor, which is t the bottom
of our prosperity, should be sufficiently pro
tected and liberally compensated, I seriously
doubt if the right steps are being taken to
elevate it to the dignity and importance which
justly attach to it. It should betaken out of
the sphere of perennial agitation and placed up
on a basis which w ould remove it from the vicis
situdes and dangers ot financial crisis and over
production. I thinkatbe adoption of the sliding
scale, under wise restrictions, and covering a
series of years, would bring this about! There
would then be no need for costly conventions
every year and the mill owners would be shut
out from using trumped np stories of depres
sion of trade to intimidate their workmen."
If anybody has a lot for sale, all 'he has to do
to secure a customer for it is to let the fact be
known. A week or t o ago a gentleman who
owned a few acres just above Edgew ood, laid
off a part of it in lots and advertised them for
sale, through a well-known Fourth avenue
agency. This brought forth a small army of
purchasers and the prospects are that every
lot will be taken before the end of the week.
This is satisfactory evidence that there is no
abatement in the demand for real estate.
In addition to the large sums of money that
are being disnursed by the city banks in the
way of loans, investments in mortgages, etc., it
is stated that considerable has been borrowed
in New York recently by local manufacturers
at a low rate of interest. This money has gone,
or will go, into businesses of various kinds. In
deed, some of the results of tins movement are
already visible in the well filled stores, the in
creased activity in nearly all branches of trade,
the new buildings on almost every street, and
the busy scenes evi rywhere that are the won
der of stransers all of which goes to show tha
Pittsburg is holding its own, and more, in the
struggle for material supremacy. To occupy a
position above Baltimore, Cincinnati and New
Orleans is something to be proud of, but we
will soon do better, and take precedence of St.
Louis and San Francisco. Pittsburg has just
fairly started on her career of conquest
An old colored man who lives in an adjoining
county has an eye to creature comforts as well
as business. He recently obtained a pension
for services in the Civil "War, and considerable
back pay the whole amounting to several
thousand dollars. He bought a honse and lot
and pnt the rest of his money, excepting about
S1Q, in bank. He invested all of his reserve
capital in whisky, took it home, locked his
house and was not seen for several days. When
be emerged from his retirement he was in a
very dilapidated condition. Meeting a neigh
bor, he said: "I'll jis tell you all 'bout it, boss.
Yon see I never had as much whisky as I could
drink, and wben I got dat money I jis 'eluded
to have one big spree. I put down $10 worth
of whisky fast as I could. It tasted better
than honey. Butl'se done now. I don't want
no more. I'll never take another spree. I'se
eh orn off." He has kept his word so far.
A Stronc nnd Active Mnrkct. With Some
Phenomenal Advances.
Yesterday was a bull day at the Stock Ex
change, most of the favorites being active and
higher. Philadelphia Gas was boomed by a
big well in the Bellevernon district, selling up
to 40 here and 41 in New Vork, and closing
firm at top prices. Chartlers Gas was another
strong spot, scoring a sharp advance on favor
able reports of the condition of the company.
Electric was conspicuous for activity and
strength, indicating a revival of the interest in
the stock. Citizen's Traction was hid up to
72, but there was no anxiety to unload it at
that price. The other tractions were dnll and
firm: Pleasant Valley Passenger Railway
stock made a phenomenal jump ot $25 per
share; it wns offered at 160, bnt there was no
pressure to selL Switch and Signal and La
JToria were dull and neglected.
The dealings amounted to 2,005 shares. Bids,
offers and sales are appended:
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
ritts. Pet-S.&M.Ex.. M0
Uridcewater Gas SO
Chartlers Vnl. has Co. S3H 54 54 54J
People's PlpeageGss.. is .... 16 ....
rtllladelphlaCo 29 Z3!i 40'A 40X
Pine Run Gas 85 ....
Wtiecltnr U" Co 3s ZVi as 30
CentralTraction. T 14 2Ji, 54
ntliens' Traction 71H 7S .... 74
l'lttslrarjr iTactlon.... )
Pitts Western B. K. 10 .... 9f ....
1. JfU.B. Upref.... J854" K X ....
Consignee Mining Co.. SOS .... 10 21
1-a-Norla Mlnluc Co... 2 .... IJjJ 2
W estlnrhoube Electric 60'f 614 61 61S
V. fewlteh JtsIenalCo. 23 26 25), OJJt
Wcstlnjr'seAlrB. Co.. llBi laOJjf
j, Westlue'se B. Co. Hit 64 64M
T llttsburgPlateOlass.. 160
Sales at the first call were 100 shares Phila
delphia Gas at 39. 100 at 3 SO at 3 50 Char
tiers at S3& 100 Switch and Signal at 25, 25
Pittsburg and Western preferred at 19,200 at
19l and 80 Electric at CO.
In the afternoon 314 shares Philadelphia Gas
sold at 4 410 at 40J. '& at 40-. 60 Pittsburg
and "Western preferred at 19J, 200 Consigneeat
21 cents. 31 Switch and Signal at 25. 150 Elec
tric at 61, and 50 Central Traction at 21.
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
dav were 220,427 shares, including: Atchison,
24.435; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
6.700: Nashville, 3,715; Oregon Transconti
nental, 13.605; Beading, 8.S00; St. Paul, 11,675;
Union Pacific, 4.400.
The Local Money Mnrkct Oat of the Rat for
the brason.
That there is an active movement in the local
money market is proved by the large Clearing
House reports of the past few days. Yester
day the exchanges were $2,433,882 21 and the
balances 5763.147 74. This indicates a greater
revival of business than the city gets credit
for There was a fair amount of paper offered
for'discount, and the counter business waa
above the average. Bankers expressed confi
dence that they had seen the last of dull times
for this season. ,
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at 2JC to 3 per centjlast loan 2 closed offered at
2K. Prime mercantile paper. fK6. Sterling ex-
, chauge dull but steady at $4 86J for 60-day
0111s. and M SS)i for oemanu.
Government Honda,
Closing quotations in New York furnished
The Dispatch by Bobinson Bros.. Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
H- " "op JEgJS,,
u.j. 45. rct 12s arax
V. t. U. coup. J2 IS
1 - j Bid.
Currency, e per cent, 1895 reK 12
Currency, 6 per cent. :83Srec...i. -. 122
Currency, 6 per cent, 1837 reg. ....... ,....13!
Currency, 6 per cent, ltsDSreg.......! 129
Currency, (percent, ISSSirea- i.lSl
Sales of G, 000 Coupon 4s and 2,000 Registered 4s
at IS.
New Yoek Cleanngs,'tl59,802.751Jbalances,
Boston Clearings, 17,017,063; balances, $1,
654,523; money, per cent.
Baltimore Clearings, $2,0aO,S78; balances,
Philadelphia Clearings, $14,222,323; bal
ances, 51,(34,121.
Chicago Money firm and unchanged. Bank
Clearings, $10,420,000.
St. Louis Clearings, $3,164,156; balances,
LoifDOK Bar sliver, 42 8-16d per.ounce.
Pakis Rentes, 86f 92Kcfor the account.
Oil Takes a Tumble nnd Opens Up New
The break in the oil market yesterday of 1J
cents was no surprise, as it had been looked for
for some time. There was nothing to hold it
up; therefore the only thing for It to do was to
move down. It opened at 89Jc and held
around that point for seteral hours, selling at
90c several times. During the first part of the
last hour there were a rew sales at S9Jc. In the
last 20 minutes the market began to weaken
and broke near the close with sales at ESc,
closing with a few small transactions at SSHc
amid a babel of noises in strange contrast to
the usual quiet of the room. .
Commenting on the situation a broker said:
"At last the break anticipated for some time
his come, and is likelv to carry prices around
85c, near which point I look for the market to
hold for some time, with oil plenty and rates
for carrying advanced, which will induce those
who have carried their oil down to unload and
increase the short interest, putting things in
shape for an improvement in the market later
On the other hand, the bull element did not
take the drop very much to heart, holding that
the slump was necessarily of an 'ephemeral
character, and that any spit of a buying move
ment would result In regaining lost ground, and
perhaps more. All seemed glad of the change,
as, however it may turn out, It will bring about
a uew deal.
A. B. McSrew & Co. quote: Puts, S6Jc; calls,
Ihi following table, corrected uy l)e Witt 1)11
worth. broker in petroleum, etc. corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows tne
order of fluctuations, etc 1
Time. I Kid. I Ask. I Time. I Bid. I Ask.
10.15 a. M....
10.30 A. H..
10:5A. II....
110 A. X....
11:154. M..
11:30A. II....
11:45a. M....
12.15 P. M....
12:30 F. II....
12.45 P. M..
1:00 F. II..
1:15 F. M.
1:30 r. M.,
1:45 P. X
2:00 P. X..
2:15 F. X..
1.90 F. X.,
2:45 r. X..
90 -89
83 H
Opened. 89c; alKhest, 90c; lowest. 83c:
closrd, S3.'a-
Vttty runs 66,800
Averajre runs 44.940
Dally shlDmenW .- 98,777
Average shipments 70,235
llallv charter! 4,444
Average charters. ... .- 30.183
Clearances uh, 5S5.O0O
New York closed at 8S!ic
Oil City closed at 88c
bradiord closed at 88SC
Jew Von. retimed. 7c
London, renned, 5HJ.
Antwerp, renned, 16K&
Other Oil Mnrketa.
New Yore, April 16. Petroleum opened
steady at 90c It became dull and remained
near that figure until the last hour, when re
ports of new production caused a sharp decline
to bSc, and the market closed weak at Scc
Sales, 002,000 barrels.
Oil City. April 16. National transit cer
tificates opened at 90c; highest, Wiia lowest,
STJJc; closed, sSc
Bbasfobc. April 16. National transit cer
tificates opened at 90c; closed at S8c; highest,
90c: lower. 87Jc
Titus tille. April 16. National transit cer
tificates opened at 90c: highest, 9(c; lowest,
S7Jc; closed 87c
The Latest Transaction! in Renl Estate
A Very Strong Market.
W. C Stewart, 114 Fourth avenue, sold for
A, N. Martin to John T. Fox, a brick house of
seven rooms, with lot 20x100 feet, located on
Davis street. Thirteenth ward, for $3,000 cash,
and placed a mortgage of $2,500 on Mlnersville
property for five years at 6 per cent; also one
on unimproved property in Shadyside of $12,000
for three years at 5 per cent.
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
James A Holman the property No. 106 Fayette
stteet, Allegheny City, being lot 20x60 feet,
with a two story frame dwelling house thereon,
for 51,05a They also sold to Joseph Holland
for the People's Saving Bank, lot No. 179, in
the Bank's plan, on Vine street, Soutbside. for
Reed B. Coyle L Co.. 131 Fourth avenue .sold
for the Freehold Bank to EA.O. Nichols, four
lots at Hoinewood station, Pennsylvania rail
road, size of each, 25x135, for a price approxi
mating $2,000.
W. A Herron t Sons sold a lot on the north
side of Howard street. Shad side, size 54x137
feet, for $2,500 cash; also lot lo. 14, in Anna
U. Adams' plan, Breckenridge avenue. Thir
teenth ward, for $175.
Samuel W. Black fe Co.. 99 Fourth avenue,
sold to B. Alcarn, for $3,300, a lot 110x116 feet on
the west side of Iowa street. Thirteenth ward,
Pittsburg. A fine residence will he erected on
it in the near future.
James W. Drape & Co. closed a negotiation
for an interest in a manufacturing plant in the
city for $15,000, and placed two mortgages on
property near Etna, of $7,000 at 6 per cent.
Stock Vnlncs Decline ni the Holldnys Ap
proach A Tame Market, With Nar
row Fluctuations Strong and
Wenk Spots Bonds Dnll.
New York, April 16. The stock market to
day was excessively dull, and the fluctuations
jn the general list were made within the nar
rowest limits, reflecting only the humor of the
moment of the trading element in whose hands
the business done was concentrated. The holi
idays are for the most part responsible for the
growing dullness in the market, as to-day was
an off day for the Jewish element, while Friday
will be a full holiday here and in London,
and the latter Exchange will also close on
Monday and Satnrday. Under these circum
stances no one feels like entering into any ex
tended ventures in stocks.
The traders of a bearish turn of mind had
ont small lines of stocks in the early dealings,
hut the market afterward took on a firm tone,
and, while London had a few buying orders,
there was no disposition to trade npon that
fact, and, outside of a few saar.es which were
subject to special influences ami made wide
.fluctuations, there was no feature ot any kind
to the market in any pait of the dar.
There were some exaggerated rumors in re
gard to the trouble between the Union and
Northern Pacifies over the Oregon business,
and it was said that the Union Pacific had noti
fied the Navigation Company that it would
abandon the lease if a small line of 150 miles
were not turned over. The bears upon this
hammered the stock, andityielded about four
points, thongh upon a denial of the rumor a
portion of the loss as recovered. Short Line
was afterward attacked and lost a point or
more. On the other hand, Milwaukee, Lake
Shore and Western, both common and pre
ferred, rose sharply on the report of a large in
crease in the earnings and that the next divi
dend upon the preferred would be at an in
creased rate. Philadelphia Gas also showed
marked strength and rose about 6 per cent.
First prices were generally lower, tho de
clines from last evening's prices extending to
per cent, and under the pressure of the
traders further slight losses extending to
per cent were sustained. A marked recovery
accompanied by more animation was soon
brought about, however, and the market then
became intensely dull and the firm tone still
prevailed while the Milwaukee, Lake Shore
and Western stocks made rapid advances. In
the afternoon thCOregon stocks became weak
and the general list sympathized somewhat,but
there was no other movement until the last
hour, when Philadelphia Gas came to the front.
The market closed very dnll and steady at in
significant and irrcgnlar changes for the day.
The advances were: Philadelphia Gas 6, Mil
waukee; Lake Shore and Western common 2J,
and the "preferred 1. but the losses includ'
Navigation 2 and Snort Line IK-
Railroad bonds were very dnll.tlie sales of all
issues aggregating only $1,04S,000, although
there were dealings in au unusually large num
ber of issues. The changes were upon the
same limited scale, thongh tho market was
firm, and most issues are small fractions
higher. Northwestern debenture 5s rose 2H
to 112Ja
The following table shows tne prices ot active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dailj for The Dispatch by Whit
ney fc Stephenson, members of Jiew York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenne:
Open- Hifth- l,ow- Ine
nx. est. est. Bldi.
Am. Cotton Oil. .. 5C4f .. . ,.. 56
Atch.. Top. .P.... 41 41 .40 4l3
Canadian 1'aciSe .... to
Canada Southern. 221 1&H CM KH
Central of .New Jersey. .... .... .... 88
Centrait'aclnc .. ....
Chesapeake A Ohio.... 17 mt 17 .
C, Bur.4Qulncy...j 64 94jJ 83V
a. Mil. St. Paul.... 6554 65H 04ft
C. Mll.ABt. P.. pr... .104)4 105 104)4
c'ltoefcLftl' 2i 82Jf 924
C, St. I, ft W -
C.. St. L.. & Pitts, pt. S7 87 37
C, St. P.. M. AO...... KH S3 33X
c, at. pm. ao.. pr.
C ft Northwestern.. ..105), M5ft 105)1
C.4 northwestern, pf. ,.
O.CC.&1 tSH 69)4. 09)
Col. Coal 4 Iron 24 24 22,"J
Col. A Hoofcln Yal
Del., L. AW...... ISI 137 136
Del. & Hudson.....
E.T., Va.AOa
K.T..Va. AGs., lstpr
K. T.. Va. A Oa. 2d pf.
Illinois CeniraL ....
Late Erie A Western
Lake Erie A West. pr.. s$x 5SM 58
Lake Shore AM. S 103 103 103
Louisville A Nashville. 4!4 64V 64
Michigan Central...... 87)4
Mobile Ohio
Mo.. K.ATexas
Missouri Pacific 69V ''Ki 69X
New ork Central , ....
J. Y.. L. E. A V 28 28 28
M. X., C. A3t.li
N. I., C. A St. L. pr.
N.Y.. C. ASt.L.2d tif
X.Y&X. E 42W
.N. Y., O. A W
Norfolk ft Western
Morrolk & Western, pi
Northern Pacific, .... &3f
Nortncrn Pacific prcf. 61
OhloA-Mlsslsslppl... . 22X
Oregon Improvement. 48
Oregon Transcon SIX
l'ncincllall t
Poo. Dec & Krans
Phlladel. A Kcadine.. 5S
Pullman Palace Car ..1825.
Richmond A W. P. T.. 28
Klchmond A W.P.T.pl ....
St. Paul A Duinth pr.
St. P., Minn. A Man... AixC
M.L. A San Fran 3K
St. L. A San Kran pf.. 5bK
St. L. An K.lst pf.. ...
Texas Pacific 20
UnlouPaclfic 61
Wabash preferred
Western Union 85
Wheeling A L. E. Xi
42 A2H
25V 25V
61 UH
224 22J
46 46
4-i , 45
182JJ ' 182H
26), ZSX
50 S
Atchison Strong; Enough to Hold Up thoRest
of tho Slnrket.
Boston, April 16. Tho transactions on the
stock market have been on a limited basis, bnt
there has been an undertone of strength in
Atchison, which held np the rest of the market,
and the tone throughout was quite strong.
Bonds also have been strong. Closing prices
Ateh. A Toe. 1st 7s. 116
Atch. A Top. K. K. .. 41M
Boston A Albany.. .214
Uoston ft Maine.. ...173
C 11. AO. S1H
Clnn. San. A Clevc 24
KasternR. K 81
Eastern K. 1L Cs IV,
KIlntAPereM. prd. 96
Little K. A Ft. S. 7s. 104
Mexican Gen. com.. 12
M. C., IstMort. bds. SOh
. Y. ewKnc... 42i
N. Y. AN. E.7S.... 126)4
Old Colony. 172H
Rutland preferred.. 37
Wls.Central.com... 16
Wis. Central pr.... 31
Calnmet A Hecla....20S
Franklin 9!
Osceola 9
1'ewabic Cnew) 3!
QuincT. 49
Bell lelepnone 231
Boston Land 6
Tamarack 108
San Diego nyi
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue Members New York Stock Ex
chanfrc Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad UH 54
Reading Railroad 22 1-16 224
Buflalo, Pittsburg and Western UH KM
Lehigh Vallev 53M 53Ji
Lehigh Navigation 51)4
Central Transportation Co 17 ....
Allegheny Valley bonds lllt ....
Northern 1'aclflo 2SH 25
Northern Pacific preferred eOH ml
Mining Stocks.
New York. April 16. Mining quotations:
Amador, 100: Aspen, 1.000; Caledonia, B. B.,
290; Consolidated California and Virginia, 775;
Commonwealth, 525; Deadwood, T., 100; 1
Cristo, 160; Gould & Curry, 210; Pale fe Nor
cross, 405; Homestake. 750; Horn Silver, 130;
Iron Silver 300; Mexican. 440; Mono, 110;
Mutual, 120; Ontario, 3,350; Ophir. 512; Savage,
245; Sierra Nevada, 315; btandard, 125: Sullivan.
130; Union Consolidated, 410; Yellow Jacket, 35a
Business Notes.
The real estate market continues strong and
active. There is considerable complaint of the
scarcity of business bouses.
TnE Pittsbnrg Plate Glass Company is re
ported to have purchased the Ford City Plate
Glass Works, paying therefor somewhere in
the neighborhood of $1,000,000.
The Finance and Executive Committees of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company at
their meeting yesterday decided that no divi
dend would be declared at the meeting of the
directors to-day.
As a result of the opening of the Oklahoma
Territory, one of the largest parties of cap
italists that ever left Boston in a body started,
yesterday afternoon on a special train of five
sleeping coaches and a dining car. Their des
tination is Denison, Tex., where the party,
which numbers 125. propose to invest largely in
real estate, on the assumption that Denison
will become the Kansas City of the Southwest
Teading in stocks was lively outside as well
as Inside the Exchange yesterday. Rea Bros.
Company sold 25 shares Westmghonse Electric
at 5SJ4, 100 shares Philadelphia Company at
3S and 100 shares Pittsburg and Western pre
ferred at 1S John T. Patterson sold 200 shares
Citizens' Traction at 71, 100 shares Westmg
honse Electric at 5SK and 100 shares do. at 59&
Robinson Bros, sola $16,000 McKeesport and
Bellevernon first mortgage 63 at 105 and inter
est. Whitney & Stephenson bought V 0 shares
Westinghouse Electric at 5S and 100 shares
Pittsburg and Western preferred at 19. Sproul
t Lawrence sold 10 shares Switch and Signal at
24 and 100 shares Philadelphia Company at
SS. C. L. McCntcbeon sold 400 shares Electric
at 5SK and 50 shares do. at 59.
Wool Markets.
Philadelphia Wool quiet and prices
NEW Yoek. Wool quiet and easy.
Domestic fleece, 3238c; pulled, 2339c: Texas.
nietal Market.
New Yobk Pig iron steadv Copper heavy
and nominal: lake, April, S13 75. Lead easier;
domestic, S3 65. Tin stronger, but dull; Straits.
Bilious Headache,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness
Positively eared by
The People's Favorite Liver Pills.
They act slowly, but surely, do not gripe, and
their effect is lasting: the fact is they have no
equal. Small dose: big results. Sugar coated
and easy to take. Send for testimonials. 25c,
at all druggists, or mailed for price. Prepared
by an old apothecary, Five bottles SL
The HOP PILL CO., New London, CL
nop umnneni cures ana maKes cnapped
red skin soft and clear. 25 and 60c
Chartlers Creamery Co.
Warehouse and General Officer
Telephone 1126.
Factories throughout "Western
For prices see market quotations.
"Wholesale exclusively.
Expected Easter Advance, in Eggs
Pails to Materialize.
Oats Weaker, Corn Firmer, Flour Down at
Source of Supply.
Omra w Pittsbtjbo Dispatch, J
.Tuesday. April 16, 1889. J
Country .rroduco Jobbing Prices.
There was an improvement in trade all along
country produce lines to-day over anything for
a week or two past. Apples aud potatoes are
moving out freely, dealers being determined to
close out old stock at somence. There is a
disposition to clean up old stuff and prepare
for the new. The hoped-for Easter boom in
eggs comes not Prices have been low so long
that dealers are well supplied, and a rise is no
longer expected preparatory to Easter. There
is an active demand for tropical fruits. Oranges
and lemons have advanced in the East within
a day or two. The. rise is duo here now and all
signs point to higher prices. There is no let-up.
as yet, to the active movement In bntter. This
activity, however, cannot last much longer as
con s will soon be llvlngin clover.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2829e: Ohio do,
2526c; fresh dairy packed, 2021c; country
roll. 2023c; Chartlers Creamery Co. butter,
Beaks Choice medium, 1 90; choice peas,
$2 052 15.
Beeswax 2830c fl ft for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 07 fiO; common,
83 504 00; crab elder, tS-008 50 barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c ft gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc;
New York, fall make, 1212Mc; Llmburger,
lie; domestic Sweitzer cheese, 1112c
DriepPeas 91 25l 85$ bnsliel; split do,
Eggs IlgfllKc $ dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples. $1 E02 00 $ barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c $ ft; cranberries, $8 00
J? barrel, 2 402 50 per bushel; strawberries,
30c a quart.
Feathers Extra live geese. 6060c; Ko.l
do., 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c f) ft.
Honey New crop, 1617c; buckwheat, IS
Hominy S2 652 75 ?R barrel.
Potatoes Potatoes. S035cfl bushel; J2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 2o3 50 for Jer-
Poultry Live chickens, 75fflS0e pair;
dressed chickens, 1315c ft Si; turkeys, 1820c
dressed, 1 ft; ducks, live. S085c $1 pair;
dressed. 1314c ft; geese. 1015c H ft.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, $6 $1
bushel; clover.large English, 62 fts.?6 25: clover,
Alsike, S8 50; clover, white, $9 00: timothy,
choice. 45 fts, SI 85; blue grass, extra clean, 14
fts, $1 00; blue grass, fancy. 14 fts, SI 20; orchard
grass, 14 fts, 82 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00; millet,
50 fts, SI 25; German millet, 50 fts, S2 00: Hun
garian grass, 48 &3.S2 00; lawn grass, mixture
of line grasses, 25c per ft.
Tallow Country, 45c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, $3 50
4 00 $ box; common lemons, S2 75 $ box: Mes
sina oranges $3 004 00 $ box; Florida oranges,
S4 505 00 $ box; Valencia oranges, fancy. So 60
7 00 $ cise: bananas, S2 50, firsts; SI 50, good
seconds, $ bunch: cocoanuts, S4 004 50 $
hundred; new figs, 910c ft pound: dales, 5
6c $1 pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages SI 502 00 i? hundred: new cabbage,
S2 002 50 $1 crate; onions. 5075c 9 tiarrel;
onion sets, fancy Eries. S3 253 50; Jersevs,
S2 753 00; Western, S2 502 75; turnips, 2o
80c ft bushel.
Sugars have again advanced and the end is
not yet. The expected rise in package coffee
has not arrived, but cannot be delayed much
longer In view of the green article and the firm
ness of markets.
Qreen Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c: choice
Ilio, 2021c; prime Bio, '20c; fair Rio, 18K19c;
old Government Java, 27c, Maracalbo. 2223c;
Mocha, 30K31c; Santos, 1922; Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La
guayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands. 24c;
high grades, 2628c; old Government Java,
bulk, 3233Xc;Maracalbo,272SKc, Santos,
2224:; peaberrv, 27c; peaberry Santos, 2224c;
choice Rio, 25kc; prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22Kc; ordinary, 21Kc.
bPlCES (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 9c;
cassia,8fl pepper, 19c: nutmeg, 70680c
Petroleum (jobbers prices) 110 test, 7c:
Ohio. 120, 8Kc; headlight, 150. 8Hc: water
white, 10Kc: globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
llc; royallne, 14c
SYBors-tora syrups, axftkac; cnoire sugar
dtum. 43c: mixed. 40t)42c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 3K4c; bPcarb In s,
5c; bi-carb, assortea packages. 56c; sal
soda in kegs, l?c: do granulated, 2c.
Candles Star, fnll weight, 9c;stearine,per
set, 8K parafflne, ll12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Kc; choice, 6J4
7c; prime. 5-K6ic; Louisiana, b6J$c.
march Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 57c; gloss
starch, 5K7c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, S2 65; Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
S2 50; Muscatels, 2 25: Caifornia Muscatels,
51 85; Valencia, new, b7c; Ondara Valencia,
78c; sultana, 8c; currants, new, 4oc;
Turkey prunes, new, 45f5c: French prunes,
8l3c: Salonlca prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8c;
cocoanuts, per 100, S6 00: almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c do lvica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12U15c; Sicily filberts. 12c; Smyrna figs, 12;
lbc; new dates, 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans, ll15c; citron, per ft. 2122c; lemon
peel, per ft. 1314c; orange peel. 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6V6c; apricots, Califor
nea, evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c: peaches California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012Kc: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424kc; blackberries, 7K8c; huckle
berries. 1012c.
SUOARS-Cubes. Sii9ic; powdered, 9K
9c;granulated 8&c; confectioners' A.88ic;
standard A. 8c: soft whites. 8SKc: yellow;
choice, 7K7c; yellow, good, 7K7c; yel
low, fair, TJic: yellow, dark, 7c.
Pickles Medium, bbls. (1,200), Si 50; me
diums, half bbls. (600), $2 75.
Salt No. 1 f bbl, 95c: No. 1 ex, M bbl. SI 05;
dairy, f bbl, SI 20; coarse crystal, filbbl. SI 20;
Higgin's Eureka, 4 bu sacks, $2 b0, Higgiu's
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 SO
1 90; 2ds, SI 8C1 35; extra peaches, SI 601 90;
pie peaches, Due; finest corn, SI 0U1 50; Hfd.
Co. corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90cSl 00; Lima
beans, SI 10; soaked do, 83c: string do do, 764J
85c; marrowfat peas. Si 101 15; soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, SI 401 5U; Bahama do,
52 75; damson plums, 95c; greengages, SI 25;
egg plums, $2 00; California pears, S2 50; do
greengages. S2 00; do egg plums, S2 00; extra
white cherries. S2 90; red cherries, 2 fts, 90c;
raspberries, Si 401 50; strawberries. SI 10;
gooseberries, SI 201 30: toniatoes; 82K92c;
salmon, 1 ft, SI 752 10; blackberries. bOc; suc
cotash. 2-ft cans, soaked. 99c; do green, 2&S,
SI 2501, 50; corn beef, 2 ft cans. Si 75; 14-ft cans
S13 50: baked beans. SI 401 4o; lobster, 1 ft,
SI 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans broiled. SI 50;
sardines domestic s, J4 151 50; sardines,
domestic, H. S8 25 &: sardines, imported,
48, Sll 50U 50; sardines, imported, Ms, 818 00;
sardines, mustard, S4 00. sardines, spiced, S4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, S36 H
bbl.; extra No. 1 do, incss. $40; extra No. 1
nnckcrel.shore, S32; extra No. 1 do. messed, $30:
No. 2 shore trfackercl, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock. 4Kc fl ft-; do medium, George's cod,
oc; do large, 7c; boneless hike. In strips. 6c; do
George's cod In block', 6ig7Jtfc Herring
Ronnd shore. S5 00 f bbl.; split, $7 00; lake, S2 50
$ 100-ft. half bbL White fish, S7 5) 100-ft. half
bbl. Lake tront, So 50 9 half bbL Kinnan
haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c fl ft.
Buckwheat Flour 225c sa a.
Oatmeal S6 806 60 bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6S60o
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grnln, Flour nnd Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 89 cars. By Pittsburg. Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 7 cars of hay, 8 of oats, 3 of corn, 2 of
straw. 1 of bran, 1 of wheat, 1 of barley, 1 of
flour. By Pittsburg, Ft. "Wayne and Chicago,
8 cars of hay, 7 Of oats. By Baltimore and Ohio,
2 cars of hay. By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1
car of rye, 1 of flour, 1 of hay. Sales on call:
One car sample wheat, 95c, spot; 2 cars h. m. s.
corn, 89c, 10 days. P., C & St. It: 1 car 2 jr. e.
corn, 41c 10 days, P. &-L..K. Oats are weaker
on heavy receipts. Corn sbos the opposite
drift Though supplies of oats are in excess of
demand, choice grades are scarce. Retailers
report a difficulty In securing a high grade of
oats. While volume is excessive, quality falls
below the average. Flour continues easy.
Northwestern mills are f nrpishing flpur25cless
than one week ago. No discoveries of lower
rates at wholesale groceries could be traced.
A drop, however, cannot be far away, if pres
ent downward drift continues.
WHEAT-Jobbing prices No. 2 red, 9899c;
No. 3 red, 8891c
Corn No. 2 yellow ear, 4142c: high
mixed ear. 87633c: No. 1 yellow, shelled, 88
S9c; No. 2 yellow, shelled. 3839; high mixed,
Shelled, S737c; mixed, shelled, 8536c
Oats No. 2 white, 82K33c; extra. No. 3,
8232c; .No. 3 white, 30Wc; No. 2 mixed,
RYE-No. 1 Western. 7075e: No. 2, 55g56c
Barley No. 1 Canada, 95tOc; No. a Cana
da. 8588c; No. 3 Canada, 7072c;" Lake Shore,
73 80c
h lour Jobbing prices, winter patents,
W 006 25: spring patents, J6 256 50; winter
raigbt, 85 255 50; clear winter. S4 755 00;
straight XXXX bakers') $4 504 75. Rye flour.
v4 00. .
MlM-lTtnTl MMilllnrm flnA whlto SIS NVfti
J6 00 y ton: brown middlings, S12 0012 60;
winter wneat bran, J13 004513 60; chop ieeu,
J15 00015 00. "
Hay Baled ttmothy. choice, $15 50016 CO;
No.ldo.$142514 50; No. 2 dp, $12 001300;
loose from wacnn, $18 0020 00: No. 1 upland
prairie, $10 0010 25; No. 2. $8 008 50; packing
do. S0SOQO6O.
Btraw Oau. SSU0825; wheat and rye
straw,$7 00750800.
Sugar-cured hams, large, 10Kc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, He; sugar-cured hams, small,
HKc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10Kc:sugar
cured shoulders, 8c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9fc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds 11K; bacon shoulders, TV; bacon
clear sides, 8K-; bacon clear bellies &Xc: dry
salt shoulders, 6Kc: dry salt clear sides, 7JJc
Jleis pork, heavy, $14 00: mess pork, family,
S14 50. Lard Refined in tierces, Tc; half
barrels, 7c: 60-ft tubs 7Jc; 20-ft palls. 7c; 50
ft tin cans, 7c: 3-ft tin pails, 8c; 5-ft tin pails,
7Jsc; 10-ft tin palls 7c Smoked sausage, long,
?c; large, 5c Fresh pork links, 9c Pigs feet,
half barrel, $4 00; quarter barrel, SI 9a
Dressed Bleat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses 450 to 550 &s
5K": 550 to 650 fts 6Uc: 650 to 750 fts 6Mc Sheep,
8c fl ft. Lambs. 9c ffl ft. Hogs 6&C. Fresh
pork loins 9c
Wheat Weaker Caused by Liverpool Ad
vices and Rains in the Nortnjrvest
Corn nnd Oats Stronger Hoc
Products Steady.
Chicago A good business was transacted
in wheat early in the day, and after that the
market ruled more quiet. The feeling de
veloped was weaker and the advance of yester
day was almost entirely lost.' The opening for
July1 was 1g lower, and with only slight
fluctuations declined o more, recovered e,
again eased off, and closed aboutc lower than
yesterday. The change in the market from the
.strength denoted yesterday was surprising to
many and attnbutcd to weak and lower Liver
pool advices A rather liberal increase on
ocean passage is noted, and general rains in
Northwest, where rain has been needed.
A moderate degree of activity was mani
fested in corn early in the session, after which
the pit became more quiet The feeling on the
whole was better and slightly higher prices
were establlshed,though the volume of business
was only moderate and fluctuations confined to
o range. The firmer tone was attributed by
some to the strength in provisions The de
mand was confined largely to "shorts" there
being considerable selling of July and baying
of May.
Oats were traded in fairly, and prices covered
a range of c. A steadier feeling developed,
but prices did not get above yesterday's outside
figures. The close was steady at iiHc above
Quite an active business was transacted in
mess pork, and the market exhibited consider
able strength. The market opened firm, and,
with free buying, prices were advanced 27
30c Later the demand slackoned, and prices
receded 1215c Toward the close the feeling
was steadier, and prices rallied 1720c, and
closed comparatively steadv.
Only a fair trade was reported in lard, and
the feeling was stronger. Prices were advanced
57kc per 100 pounds ad the market closed
An active trade was reported in short rib
sides and the feeling was decidedly stronger.
Prices were advanced 710c, and the advance
was moderately well suppoited.
The leading futures rancea as follows:
Wheat-No. 2 May. 8S9i8SJiS7K88i4c;
June. 88?S8KS7SSc; July, 82J&8244
81K82c; year, 7b787777Kc
Corn No. 2 May, 34XMJ&S4K34Jc: June,
iHJ4eJS(a3oSc; J my. 3aeissjiB3oia
ATS-No.2May, 24i24c: June, 2424
24K24Kc; July,
31ESS Jri
ORK. ner bbl. Mav. $11
11 6011 95; June, Sll 7012 02KU 70
12 02M: July, $11 8012 10U S012 10.
Lard, per 100 fts. May, $6 856 906 85
6 90; June, SO 87K6 956 87K6 9o; July, 0 95
437 00.
Short Ribs, per 100 fts. May, S5 97K
6 07K5 97k6 07K: June $6 106 156 0
6 15; July. $6 106 22KS6 106 22
Cash quotations were as follows: nour steady
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat 8714c;
No.3sprint;wheat7475c;No.2red,87c No. 2
corn. 84J34Kc No.2oats 24Jic. No. 2 rye
43c Barley nominal. No. 1 naxseed.Sl 15. Prime
timothy seed. $1 301 85. Mess pork, per barrel,
$11 0001195. Lard, per 100 lbs. $8 8 Short
ribs sides (loose). $6 056 10. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed). $5 375 60. Short clear
sides (boxed), S6 37K650. Sugars Cut loaf,
89Jc: granulated, 8Jc; Standard A, SJc Re
ceipts Flour. 14.000 barrels; wbeat..ll,0OU bush
els: corn, 233.000 bnshels; oats 129,000 bushels:
rye, 4,000 bushels: barley, 4,000 bushels. Ship
mentsFlour. 7,000 barrels; wheat 30.000 bush
els; corn. 272,000 bnshels: oats 72,000 bushels;
rye, 6,000 bushels; barley. 10,000 bush els
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was active; fancy creamery. 2425c;
choice to fine, 21e to 23o fine dairies, 20c to 23c;
good to choice, 1518c Eggs firmer at 10c
New York 'Flour steadier and active for
export and home trade. Wheat Spot dull and
c lower: options fairly active, and Jc
lower. Barley dull. Barley malt quiet Corn
Spot fairly active and firm; options & higher,
strong and moderately active. Oats Spot firm:
options steady and quiet Hay steady and
quiet Hops quiet and steady. Coffee Op
tions steady at 510 points up: sales, 27.250
bags including May, 16.5516.65c: June. ia00
16.65c: July, 16.75lB.80c: September. 17.05
17.10c: October and November. 17.15c; Decem
ber, 17.1517.25e: January 17.20c; spot Rio quiet;
fair cargoes, lSJfc Sugars Raw strong; fair
refining, 6 6-166c; centrifugals, 96 test,
7 3-16c; sales 5,919 bags: centrifugals 96 test,
7 3-16c; 780 hogsheads English Islands 87 test,
6Kc; 81 bags. Molasses, sngar, 87 test
5c; refined firm, scarce and higher. Molasses
Foreign firm; 60 test, 28c; sales, two car
goes -Matanzas at 28c: New Orleans quiet;
open kettle, good to fancy, 2842c Rice quiet
and steady. Cottonseed oil weak; crude, 42c;
yellow, 49549c Tallow lower; city,4c Rosin
quiet and easier; strained, common to good,
SI 121 15. Turpentine lower and quiet; sales,
250 barrels at 45K47Kc, closing at 45c Eges
active and firmer; western, ll12c; receipts,
9,809 packages Pork firm- Cutmeats slow;
pickled bellies 67c; pickled hams 10
lOc; pickled shoulders 5. Lard higher and
firm; moderate export demand; sales western
steam. S7 147 25, closing as $7 25; city, SO 75;
April, $7 25: May. $720, closing at$7 25 asked;
June, $7 23: July, S7 31; August. $7 29457 30,
closing at $7 S3; September, $7 37. Butter in
moderate demand and about steady; western
dairy, 1220c: do creamery, 1826c; Elgins,
27c Cbeeso quiet and stead: western, 8
St. Louis Flour unchanged. "Wheat lower,
and shorts covered July pretty extensively;
May declined lc. June p and Jnly c; cash
No. 2 was held at May price without sales
May closed at 84c; June. 83Vc; July, T!e and
August 77c Corn steady but quiet: No. 2
cash and May closed at SO&c; July, 32c; Septem
ber, 33c. Oats Cash lower to sell: 24c bid;
May firm at 24M24c Rje None offered.
Barley dull, no trading. Flaxseed quiet at $1 45.
Bagging active at SK&WHc; iron cotton ties,
$1 10. Provisions firmer.
Cincinnati Flour in fair demand. Wheat
dull; No. 2 red. 85c: receipts 2,200: shipments,
800. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed, 3535c Oats
barely steady: No. 2 mixed, 27c Rie quiet
and steady: No. 2, 50c Pork quiet at S12 60.
Lard stronger at $6 67, current make.
Bnlkmeats and bacon firmer. Butter steady.
Sugar strong and higher; hard refined, 8
94c; New Orleans, 66c Eggs firm. Cheese
Philadelphia Flour Demand very slow
and prices weak and unsettled. Wheat Of
ferings of cash very light and prices ruled firm
with a fair milling demand; futures neglected
and nominal. Corn steady but quiet Oats
Carlotsdnll and barely steady; futures dnll
and unchanged.
Milwaukee Flour steady. Wheat firm;
cash. 82c; Mav, 82; July, 8&c Corn Arm;
No. 3, 34c Oats steady; No. 2 white. 28
28Kc Rye Bteady; No. 1, 44c Barley dull;
No. 2, 57c Provisions firm. Pork, $11 80.
Lard. $6 85. Cheese1 steady; Cheddars 10011c
Baltimore Provisions quiet and steady.
Mess pork, $13 75. Butter firm; Western packed,
1820c; best roll, 15lbc: creamery, 262sc
E'gs steady; Southern, HKc; Western, 12c
Coffee steady; Rio fair, 18c
Toledo Cloverseed dull: cash and April,
$1 55; receipts, 83 bag'; shipments 655 bags
Whisky markets.
Finished goods sell readily at $1 03.
When baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she ciiedfor Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children,she gave them Castoria.
Condition of the Market at tho Eaat liberty
Stock Tarda,
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, 1
Tuesday, April 16, 1889. J
CATTLS Receipts 660 head: shipments
180 bead; market strong at yesterday's prices.
No cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts 2,000 head: shipments 1.600
head; market fair; Philadelphias, $500510;
pigs and Yorkers S5OO510t Three cars of
hogs shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 3,400 head: shipments, 2,400
head; market slow at yesterday's prices.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts 37 carloads
for exportation. 33 carloads for city slaughterers
direct; none for sale; dull feeling; dressed
beef dull at 57c for sides Exports -600
beeves to London and 2,600 quarters of beef to
Liverpool. Sheep Receipts, 2,300 bead, and 16
carloads' were carried over yesterday, mar
ket extremely dull, and less than 2,000 changed
hands, but prices were not quotably lower;
common to prime unshorn sheep sold at $5 50
5 75 per 100 pounds: poor to prime clipped do
at $3 504 bo; unshorn yearlings at S6 007 00:
clipped do at $5 C05 75; spring lambs at S3 00
5 oO eacb. Hogs Receipts 2,200 bead; none
offered alive; reported steady at the nominal
jange of $5 155 45.
KANSAS City Cattle Receipts. 4,351 head;
shipments 1,073 head; market for dressed beet
and shipping steers opened brisk and firm at
yesterday's close, closing weak and 10c lower;
cows steady to strong; stockers steady; feeding
steers stronger; good to choice corn fed, $4 10
4 40; common to medium, S3 G04 00; stockers
and feeding steers, $2 003 65: cows $1 753 25.
Hogs Receipts, 6,961 head; shipments, 340 head:
market steady to Veak; good to cbolce, $4 62
4 60; common to medium, $4 204 60. Sheep
Receipts, 1,286 head: shipments 663 head: mar
ket steady; good to choice muttons, $4 254 75:
common to medium. $2 504 00.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts 1,800 head; ship
ments, none; market strong; choice native
steers S44 50; fair to good do. $3 104 00;
stockers and feeders fair to good. $2 10
3 25: rangers corn-fed. $2 803 70: grass
fed. $2 003 00. Hogs Receipts 4,900 head;
shipments, 400 head; market firm; choice
heavy and butchers' selections S4 70(4 80;
fiacking, medinm to prime, $1 504 65;
Ight grades ordinary to best $4 fc04 75.
Sheep Receipts, 400 head; shipments none;
market strong; fair to choice, S3 005 00.
Chicago Cattle Receipts 7,000 head: ship
ments, 3,000 bead: marker slow and 10c lower:
beeves, $4 404 60: steers $3 404 30: stockers
and feeders. $2 4C3 70: cows, bulls and mixed,
$1 703 10; Texans S3 403 80. Hogs Receipts
12.000 head; shipments 400 head; market
510c lower; mixed. $4 70490; heavy, 84.65
4 90: skips, S3 454 45. Sheen -Receipts 6.000
head;shipment8,l,000 head; market slow and 10c
lower: natives. $4 005 60; Western corafed,
84 755 90; wooled Texans, $4 404 50; lambs
$4 7505 90.
Buffalo Cattle No fresh receipts; 120
head held oven market steady; mixed butch
ers', $2 753 25. Sheep and lambs Market
quiet; feeling steady; receipts none; 2,400 head
held over. Hogs steady ; receipts none through;
800 head sale; mediums and Yorkers So 055 10.
Cincinnati Hogs firm; common and light:
$4 004 80; packing and butchers', $4 705 40.
receipts 1.150 head; shipments, 1,200 head.
Boston Wool Mnrker.
Boston The movement in wool continues
fair and sales are made mostly in lots suitable
for immediate needs of manufacturers; sales of
large lots are the exceptions In price there
is no change to notice, but as usual, on a quiet
market there is a weak tone Wool in good
condition sells readily at current prices Ohio
and Pennsylvania fleeces sell at 32c for X, and
3334c for XX. Michigan X fleeces sell at 29
30c Combing aud delaine fleeces are in light
stock, and No. 1 combing sells at SS40c, and
fine delaine at 3335c In unwashed combing
there have been sales at 2831c for one
quarter and three-eighths blood. Territory
and other unwashed wools are quiet and sell
on the scoured basis previously reported.
Pulled wools are strong. Foreign wool con
tinues firm.
Drysoods Mnrkct.
New York. April 16. The Jobbing trade was
fair. Demand at the hands of agents was
moderate in the absence of Western mails as
usual to Tuesdays Soft wool and flannel
dress goods for fall were selllmr freely, and
there; was Inquiry for staple cottons for future
delivery. There is some clearing up of season
able fabrics, but pilces are not materially
shaded. The market continues unchanged.
One of the Consulting Physicians of the
Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute
at 323 Penn avenue
Mr. John H. King, a well-known citizen ol
Allegheny county, residing at Tarentum, has
for a long time suffered from Catarrh. He
had a hacking cougb, dizziness and pain over
the eyes The tough, tenacious mucous In his
head and throat was hard to raise, and gave
him such a choked-up feeling. He took cold
easily, and his throat often became sore Hav
ing been unable to find any relief, he began
treatment with the specialists for Catarrh at
323 Penn avenue. He says:
"In testimony that I have been cured of
Catarrh by. the physicians of the Catarrh and
Dyspepsia Institute, I hereby sign my name.
The above lady physician can be consulted
by ladles suffering from diseases peculiar to
their sex. The medicines used are positively
curative, and aro so prepared as to allow the
patient to use the treatment herself. They
treat successfully Catarrh. Rheumatism. Dys
pepsia, Bronchitis Asthma, Blood, Kidney
and Female Diseases
Offlco hours, 10 A. M. to 4 p. M., and 6 to 8 P.
M. Sundays 12 to 4 P. M. Consultation free
to all. Removed to 323 Penn avenue April 1.
Miss llrayer. aged sixteen years, daughter of
Mr. Wm. H. Drayer, a well known shoe dealer,
had been afflicted with Club Foot fourteen
years causing great distress and annoyance to
herself and family. There was such a contrac
tion of the muscles that she could not straighten
her limb, and although she wore the usual
high heel shoe, it was impossible for her to
bring her heel to the ground wben walking.
After suffering on in this condition for four
teen years, she consulted one of the surgeons
of the Polypathic Surgical Institute, and was
convinced that it was NOT too late to be
enred, An operation was performed, and the
deformity entirely removed, and although it Is
now three years since the operation, her euro
has remained permanent She walksperfectly,
and has no further use for a high heel shoe.
Her father says: "For the benefit of others I
hereby certify that the foregoing statement
concerning my daughter's condition is true and
correct WM. H. DRAYER." They treat suc
cessfully, Tumors, Deformities and Chronic
diseases Office hours 10 to 11:30 A. M-, 2 to 4
and 7 to 9 P. M. Remember, consultation is
STITUTE, 420 Penn avenue. apl5-73-D
The Deer Creek and Susque
hanna R. R. Co.
First Mortgage 5 Per Ct. Gold Bonds.
isstfc, SCO0.0OO. Principal and interest ruar
antced by the Maryland Central Railway Co.
This bond is a first mortgage on 16 miles of
road now under construction from Belair, Md.,
connecting with the Maryland Central Railway
Co., to Stafford. Md. The Maryland Central
Railway Co, Baltimore to Delta, Pa. (45 miles),
was reorganized in December, 1888, and Is now
on a sound financial basis, doing a prosperous
business'Tbe York aud Peach Bottom Railroad
Co, York, Pa to Peach Bottom (40 miles), has
been acquired by the Maryland Central Rail
way Co., making a system of 101 miles which
will be operated by the Maryland Central Rail
way Co.
We recommend these bonds as a desirable in
vestment and offer a limited amount for sale at
95 per cent and accrued interest, subject to ad
vance in price.
REA BROS. & CO., Bankers and Brokers,
No. 339J
opening of Witberspoon street, from Chls
lett street to Galatin street
Section It-Bo it ordained and enacted by the
city of Pittsburg, in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and.
enacted by the authority of the same, that the
Chief of the Department of Public Works be
and is hereby authorized and directed.to cause
to be surveyed and opened within 60 days
from the date of the passage of this ordinance,
Wltherspoon street, from Chislett street to
Galatin street at a width of 50 feet in accord
ance wfth a plan on file in the Department of
Public Works known as "plan of part of the
Eighteenth and Nineteenth wards," approved
November 14, 1887. The damages caused
thereby and the benefits to pay the
same to be assessed and collected in
accordance with the provisions of an
act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, entitled "An act authorizing
and directing Conncils of cities of the second
class to provide for the Improvement of
streets, lanes, alleys and public high
ways sewers and sidewalks re
quiring plans of streets, providing
for the appointment of a Board of Viewers of
Street Improvements prescribing their duties,
granting appeals to Councils and Court provid
ing for the assessment and collection of dam
ages and benefits authorizing the use of pri
vate property and providing forflling liens and
regulating proceedings tbereon. and prohibit
ing the use of public streets without authority
of Councils," approved the 14th day of June, A.
D. 1887.
Section 2 That any ordinance or part of or
dinance conflicting with the provisions of this
ordinance be and the same is hereby repealed
so far as the same affects this ordinance.
Ordained and enacted into a law in Councils
this 18th day of March. A. D. 1SS9.
H. P. FORD. President of Select Council. At
test: GEO. SHEPPARD, Clerk of Select Coun
cil. GEO. It HOLLIDAY, President of Com
mon Council. Attest: GEO.BOOTH, Clerk of
Common Council.
Mayor's office. March 22, 18S9. Approved:
WM. McCALLlN. Mayor. Attest: ROBERT
OSTERMALER. Assistant Mayor's Clerk.
Recorded in Ordinance Book, vol. 7, page 32,
13th day of April, 1889. apl&32
No. 33L1
A. opening of Railroad street, from Colum
biastreet to Thirty-third street
Section 1 Be it ordained and enacted by the
city of Pittsbnrg, in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the authority of tbe same. That the
Chief of tbe Department of Public Works De
and Is hereby authorized and directed to cause
to be surveyed ana opened within bO days from
the date of the passage of this ordinance. Rail
road street, from Columbia street to Thirty
third street at widths of 80, 32,40 and 60 feet,
in accordance with plans on file in the Depart
ment of Public Works known as plan of
O'Haraville, Plan Book vol. 4, page 131 and the
City District Plan. The damages caused there
by and the benefits to pay the same to be as
sessed and collected in accordance with the
provisions of an act of Assembly of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvanla,entitled "An act au
tborizlngand directing Councils of cities of the
second class to provide for the improvement of
streets lanes, alleys and public highways
sewers and sidewalks, requiring plans of
streets, providing for the appointment of a
Board of Viewers of Street Improvements, pre
scribing their duties granting appeals to
Councils and Court providing for the assess
ment and collection of damages and bene
fit, authorizing tbe use of private prop
erty, and providing for filing liens and
regulating proceedings tbereon, and pro
hibiting the use of public streets without au
thority of Councils," approved the 14th day of
June. A. D. 1887.
Section 2 That any ordinance or part of
ordinance conflicting with tbe provisions of
this ordinance be and tbe same is hereby re
pealed so far as the same affects this ordinance.
Ordained and enacted into a law m Councils
this-18tb davof March, A. D. 1889.
H. P. FORD. President of Select Council.
Attest: GEO. SHEPPARD, Clerk of Select
Council. GEO. L. HOLLIDAY. President of
Common Council. Attest: GEO. BOOTH,
Clerk of Common Council.
Mayor's office. March 22, 18S9. Approved:
WM. McCALLlN. Mayor. Attest: ROBERT
OSTERMAIER, Assistant Mayor's Clerk.
Recorded in Ordinance Book, vol. 7, page 27.
12th dav of April, A. D. 1889. i.pl6-32
service between Mew York. South
ampton and Hamburg by tbe new twin-screw
steamers of 10,000 tons and 12,500 horse power.
Fast time to London and tbe Continent. Steam
ers unexcelled for sarety.speed and comfort.
Regular service: Everv Thursday from New
York to Plymouth (London), Cherbourg (Paris)
and Hamburg. Through tickets to London and
Paris. Excellent fare. Kates extremely low.
Apply to the General office, No. S7 Broad way. New
York. . J. CORTia, Manager: C. B. KlCHARD
& CO., Ucneral l'.isiage Offlce. 61 Broadwar,
Mew York: MAX BCUA11UEKU& CO., 5?7Smlth
lield st. Plttsburjr. rah23-Z7-wy
Servla. Apr. 20, 9 a m Oallla. May SHAM
Bothnia, Apr. Jtlr MiUmbrla. May 1L 2:30 PM
itruria, Apr. 27. 3 P M Servla, May 18. 8AM
Auraula, Mays 8:J0 A u!Botbnia,May 22,11:30AM
Cabin passage. GO, 30 and f 100; Intermediate.
35. Steerage tickets to and from all parts of
kurope at very low rates.
VERNON H. 11KOWN & CO., General Agents
4 Bowline Green, New York.
Fourth are. and SmltuSeld st, Pittsburg.
route to London and the Continent
Express Steamer Service twice a,week from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
Bremen. "
Ss.Eider.Anl6. 6.30 A it I SsSaale.Apr.24.lPSC
SsAUer. Apr. 17, 7 A M SsEms, Apr.27,3.30 Pit
Ss.Werra.Apr.20, 9 AM I Trave. May lr7 AM
First Cabin, Winter rates from $75 npwara.
MAXSCHAMBERG & CO.. Agents Pitts
burg. Pa.
OELRICHS & CO., 2 Bowling Green. New
York City. ja29-71-D
Passenger Accommodations Unexcelled.
Prepaid Intermediate, 30. Steerage. S19.
Passengers by this route are saved tbe ex
pense and inconvenience attending transfer to
Liverpool or from New York.
j. J. Mccormick, or a. d. scorer & son.
Atlantic Express Service
Steamship "CITY OF KOME," from NewYork,
WEDNESDAY, May 1, May 29, June IB. July 24.
Largest and finest passenger steamer afloat
Saloon passage, KO to 8100: second-class $
Steamers every Saturday from New York to
Cabin passage to Glasgow, Londonderry, Liver
pool (oO and (SO. Second-class, fft.
Saloon excursion tickets at reduced rates
Travelers' circular letters of credit and drafts
for any amount Issued at lowest current rats.
For books of tours tickets or further lnforma-
3. J. MCCUUMICK, Fourth ana bmlthflcld: A. D.
SCOItEi:SON,15Smlthfleld st, Pittsbnrg; Vf.
bEMPLE, Jr., ltj federal it., Alleglienr.
State Line
To Glasgow. Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage 35 to $50. according to location
of stateroom. Excursion S6S to BO.
Steerage to and from Europe at Lowest Bates
AUSTIN BALDWIN & CO., General Agents
51 Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK. Ageni, Pittsburg. Pa.
This is now conceded to be the best in the
market, as witnessed bv the fact that we have
Just secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now be
ing held in Philadelphia.
And with the bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
this season. Secure berths early. We repre
sent most popular lines xsell drafts, foreign
coins etc., at New York rates and secure pass
ports MAX SHAMBEBG & CO-mM7-'r7Su
BO SfiUthflaJd fcj? ittsburg, Pa.
Cor. Wood and Liberty. Sts.f
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
DRESS GOODS, . . , '
For largest assortment and lowest price aA "
and see us.
Transact a General Banting Business.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters!
of Credit, for use of travelers and Commer
cial Credits
Available in all paits of the world. Alsolssuf
Credits !
For nse in this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, South and Central America.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL, - - - - 8200,008 00.
JAMF.S P. SPEER. Vice Prest
mh22-95-P JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
-till ONEY TO LOAN -
On mortgages on improved real estate in Rims
of 51,000 and upward. AppW at
mh4-34-r No. 121 Fourth avenue.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de27-21-Dsu
As old residents know and back flies of Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician In the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases From
MCDni IO ana mental diseases, physical
IlLn V UUo decay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, selfkiistrustbashfulness
dizziness sleeplessness pimples eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches falling hair, bone pains glandular
swellings ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat;
ulcers old sores, are cured for life, aud blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from thesystem.
IIRIMARV kidney and bladder derange
U n 1 1 1 rtn I j ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures
Dr. whlttier's life-lone extensive experienca
insures scientinc and reliable treatment oaf-
common-sense principles, uonsuitauon jree.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as it
here. Offlce hours 9 a. jr. to 8 e. m. Sundty,'
10 A. ir-to 1 P.M. only. DR. WHITTIER, 930
Penn avenne. Pittsburg. Pa. apiWlK-Psovk
Health, Energy and Strength secured by using
AMORAHDA WAFERS. These wafers are a
gcaraxtkd SFEcinc and the only reliable am
safe remedy for the fcrmanent cure of Impoteney
no matter how long standing. Nervous Neuralgia
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the ss4
alcohol or tobacco, Sleeplessness, Mental Depress
ton, Softening of tho Brain resulting in insanity
and leading to misery, decay and death, Premature.
Old Age, Barrenness, Spermatorrhoea, Harrassing
Dreamt, Prematura Decay of Vital Power, caused
by over exertion of the brain, self-abuse or ore?
indulgence. 75 cents per box or six boxes for
$1X0, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price,
Six boxes is the complete treatment and with
every purchase of six boxes at one time we wilj
give a
if the wafers do not benefit or effect a permanent
cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON MEDICAL.
INSTITUTE. For sale only by JOSEEH
FLEMING & SON. 412 Market Street. Pitts
burgh, Pa., P. 0. Box 37. to whom all communi;
cation should be addressed.
AH forms of Delicate and Com
plicated Diseases requiring Cos
Medication are treated at this Dispensiry with;
a success rarely attained. Dr. S. K. Lake is a
member of the Royal College of Pbysiciau
and Surgeons and is the oldest and most expe
rienced Specialist in the city. Special atten
tion given to Nervous Debility from excessive
mental exertion, indiscretions of youth, etc
causlng physical and mental decay, lack of
energy, despondency, etc.: also Cancers Old
Sores Fits, Piles Rheumatism. and all diseases
of the Skin. Blood. Lungs Urinary Organs
etc Consultation free and strictly conndeiy
tlaL Offlce hours 0 to i and 7 to 3 km.: Sun
day. 2 to 4 P. 3t. only. Call at office or address
S. K. LAKE.M- D., M. R, C. P.Sor E. J.
LAKE, M. D. sel-134-jrWTWfc
Fnll particulars in pamphletjfl
sent free. The genuine Uny'lB
.. tv.MV aw.u UJ ... UK .. VlilJ 111
vellow wraoner. Price. Sl neri
package. r six for $3. orbymall
ing THE GKAT lIEDIt'INE Co. Buffalo, J. Y:
mi rrrnnL in iirii-tr uv miurivsj
soia inruisnurg Dya. a. nuLLA.au. corner
Smithfield and Liberty sts. apI2-53
sis C2SS3 suxcira S2urc.
OrretuL feat. mTt mala AD i
rcUlile pLU tor sale. .Never Fall.
THattionfl Brand. In rt?d nv
lalUa bexv. K-rt lib blue rfb-
bom At Drnrtlits. Aeeest-
a t her. AlTnllla la vast
board boxe. Disk wnrpet. r ft ilasm!
om Counterfeit. Sort 4e. itarap; terfl
fiutloalv and "Keiltrrar LadleV !
"- ry htur, by rttom auil. 10,000 tcctt.
xmonlUfta LADIES whobaTtucdUtan. XmeFu?.
Chichester Chemical CoHadlsonSq.rPhilPs.:
Iraffcrfpgftom tit
fects ol youthful er-Tj
ror. eaxlr decar. lOftM
tnanhood , etc I wfll sena a TaJoAbie treatise (waled)
containing iuu pvueunn vor oumo cure, uc nn
thanre. Anums,
PROF. F. C. FOWLER. MoodiM &m
A. 1
wsr i
x-uuo-u u