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1889. ,
Cattle Receipts Lislit at Herr's
Island, but of Good Grade.
Extra Eun of SUeep and Lambs, bat the
Demand Equal to Supply.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch,
u" Monday. March 25, 1&9.J
The run of cattle was lighter than usual,
the total being 23 loads, against 30 loads for
a few months past. "While the volume was
below the average, quality was above aver
age. Zcigler ft Gerson had U loads, among
which were a few bunches which were as near
prime as anything received for a number of
weeks. There were a few prime steers in the
lot, weighing about 1,6C0 pounds, which were
gobbled up like hot cakes at 414c. Nothing on
hand last week brought much oer 4c All
bands agree that the quality of supplies was
much above the average for a number of
weeks back. Shortness of supply and Improve
ment in quality bad the effect of stimulating
markets, and everything was cleaned up early
in the da. One dealer, who carried over from
last week 20 head, is happy to-day over the fact
that every bullock is sold. The range of prices
was S3 404 50. Markets show a decided im
provement on anything for a month or two past.
baid a leading dealer: "We have found mar
kets pretty draggy for a week or two past, but
this week we have no cause to complain. We
are able to dispose of all our stuff early in the
da. and feel entirely satisfied w ith this week's
There is no question that the tone of trade
m live stock shows a decided improvement over
a number of weeks past.
frheep and Lambs.
The run was large, but not too large for the
demand. While the lolume was above the
average, the quality was ditto. Some new
dealers appeared on the stage of action with
a choice lot of sheep and lambs. The rate of
the best wethers wasojjeand lambs 6?.fc A
few bunches of extra lambs were sold at c
Notwithstanding the big run. markets were
active, and sellers had no difficulty in disposing
of their stock.
A Diamond market butcher, who gets his sup
plies at Herr's Island, reports that his oppor
tunity for securing good juicy mutton this
week has been better than for some time past
At Chicago and East liberty to-day, prices
advanced with S4 fco to $5 05 as the ranee at the
former place; and So 15 as the outside figure at
the latter At Herr's Island there was a down
ward tendency, and S3 10 wasthe outside figure.
There is now no perceptible difference be
tween price of heavy and light hogs. All win
ter light weights have been at a premium.
Since lard shows stiffening tendencies, heavy
weights have gone up to the place they held in
former seasons.
The drift of hog markets is upward in snite
of the fact that prices were a shade lower at
Herr's Island this week than last.
Wlirnt and Flour.
The wheat and flour situation is a puzzle to
the oldest speculator. The dull movement In
wheat, which lifted prices last week in a day
or two 13c per bushel, has culminated and we
are now baling a movement of bears. The
current number of the Minneapolis Jliller
seems to be entirely at sea on the situation.
We quote from its disquisition. "In the words
of the puzzled operative in Dickens' Hard
Times, it is a' a muddle.' The past has been a
vear of trials and tribulations to the miller.
Doubt and uncertainty bounds all his horizon.
There is, however, one thing sure, it has been
a bad year all around, and may as well go on to
record as such. Better things are hoped for
later ou, but hope deferred maketh the heart
sick. There is quite a large community of
heart-sick millers in this land at tins writing,
who have begun to look forward to the new
crop as the only chance for a better state of
thingsl It Is a lucky miller who submits to the
inevitable and makes the best of the situation."
To the last sentence the commercial editor of
The Dispatch would say Amen, and com
mends to all tradesmen everywhere the senti
ment. The season has not been one of large revenue
to jobbers in lines of grain and produce, but
auarreling with stubborn facts does not im
prove the situation.
Condition of the Market at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsbcbg Dispatch,
MOKDAY, March 25, 18S9. J
CATTLE Receipts, 1,820 head: shipments, 1,000
head. Market active and 10c higher than last
week's prices. One car of cattle shipped to
New York to-day.
Hoos Receipts. 3,000 head: shipments, 4,300
bead. Market fair; medium Philadelphia.
S3 10; heavy hogs, $500; pigs and Yorkers,
S3 005 10. Twenty-two cars of hogs shipped
to New York to-dav.
Sheep Receipts, 8,400 bead: shipments, 3,000
head. Market firm and Jc higher than last
week's prices.
By Telejrrapb.
New York Beeves Receipts yesterday and
to-daj, 4,200 head: for the week, 9,500 head;
fresh arrivals Included 110 carloads for city
slaughterers direct; 71 carloads for exportation,
and 61 carloads for the market. The trading
was slow, but prices were firm; very common
to very choice steers sold at S3 534 70 per 100
pounds: bulls at S2 253 00. Sheen Receipts
13.400 head, making 30,000 for the "week; dull'
and easier with a slow trade; unshorn sheep
sold at S4 4G5 50 per 100 ponnds; unshorn
yearling lambs at S3 257 25 with a single car
load at S7 37-,; clipped Yearlings, three car
loads at S5 505a7J. Hogs Receipts 11.705
head, making 20.760 head lor the week. A
small bunch of good hogs changed bands alive
at S3 45 per 100 pounds; reported steady at So 10
(25 43.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. LS92 head:
no shipments; maiket active; dressed beef
steers o10c higher: cows active and strong;
stockers and feeding steers steady; good to
choice corn led, S3 904 25; common to medium,
52 753 75: stockers and feeding steers, SI 60
3 20; cows. SI 602 80. Hogs Receipts. 3,363
head; shipments, 270 head; active and 5c
higher for all grades; good to choice. S4 60
4 63; common to medium. U 101 50. Sheep
Receipts. 973 head: shipments, 280 head; active
and strong; good to choice muttons, S4 254 50:
common to medium. 2 503 SO.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 900 head; ship
ments, 100 head; strong: choice native steers,
53 SJfjl 40; fair to good do, $3 00g3 90; stockers
and feeders, fair to good, S2 103 20: rangers,
comfed. 82 80S3 60: grass-fed. S2 003 00.
Hops Receipts. 2.500 head; shipments, 1,200
bead; market higher; choice heavy and
batchers' selections. S4 704 S3: packing, me
dium to prime. SI 704 85; light grades, ordinary
to best, S4 S04 95. Sheen Receipts. 200 head;
shipments. 100 head; market firm; fair to choice,
J3 00o00.
Chicago Cattle Receipts, U.500head: ship
ments, 6,000 bead: market stronger; beeves, S4 00
j4 5: steers, S3 00g3 90; stockers and feeders.
S2 303 30. cows, bulls and mixed, SI 605J320.
Hogs Receipts. 13.500 head; shipments. 5,000
head; market opened 510c higher, closing
easier; mixed. S4 705 00; heavy. S4 704 97K:
light, S4 7565 10; skip. S3 504 50. bbeen
Receipts, 4,500 head; shipments, l.bOO head;
market strong; natives, S3 00S5 10; cows, S4 10
4 70.
Buffalo Cattle steady; receipts, 1,800 head
through; 2,400 sales: prime steers, S3 504 00;
mixed butchers, 52 503 25. Sheep and lambs;
receipts, no throueh; 10.000 head sale; sheep
firm: good. SI 754 90; lambs, shade lower;
good, S6 OOS-6 40. Hogs active; mediums 5c
higher; Yorkers 510c lower; receipts, 6.100
head through. 13,000 head sale; mediums, 55 15;
Yorkers. S5 155 2a
CrscnCTATT Hogs in fair demand and
steady; common and light. S4 004'80: packing
and butchers', S4 754 95; receipts, 3,900 head
shipments. 450 bead .
Results of the Observations of a German
Commission Interestlne Particulars.
A Berlin correspondent says that a commis
sion, representing tbevarious German railway
companies, has just published a report detail
ing the results of observations made during six
years on the durability of steel rails on German,
Austrian. Hungarian, Dntch and Belgian lie ts.
from which it appears that the durability of a
steel rail may be reckoned on an average at 35
J ears, presuming that the annual trafhe be cat
culated at 343,000 tons, and the minimum and
maximum of wear and tear allowed be 0.007 and
0.017 millimetres.
The avera-e traffic on tbe German lines
amounts in the year to 1430,000 tons, and repre
sents 28 passenger and 10 goods trainspor diem.
In estimating the value of tbe above calculation,
it must, however, be borne in mind that before
reaching the maximum of tear and wear named
tbe rail would probably have to be condemned
cn.accou.nt of the roughness of its surface. On
the Henslnger line, where there are neither
steep gradients nor sharp curves, andthe brake
consequently comes but little into play, the
wear only amounted to one millimetre for
about 10,000,000 tons.
markets by .wire:
A Tumble In Wheat Almost Cnnsea a
Panic Corn and Oats Also Lower
Hog Products Generally
Active and Strom.
Chicago A marked reaction occurred in
the wheat market to-day and prices were con
siderably lower. May, after opening a fraction
higher, declined 4c, and closed 3c lower than
Saturday. June declined 1c and closed 2Jc
low cr. July, on the other band, opened a shade
higher, declined 2c and closed about c lower
than Saturday.
The impression was that the large bull traders
had realized freely on the advance of last week
and that tbe most anxious shorts had covered.
Consequently, with less demand from the short
interest and fair offerings from the bull interest
a weak and almost panicky feeling was devel
oped for May. The buying for July maybe in
fluenced some by tbe reports of continued dry
weather in soma of the winter wheat sections.
and possibly by the reports that frosted wheat
is used for seed In the Northwest, there being
a possibility that such may not insure a good
crop. The decrease In the visible supply was
916,000 bushels.
Corn was rather quiet most of the session,
with the exception of a short period of moder
ate activity after the opening. The feeling was
steady and prices did not vary materially from
Saturday. A feature was the free offerings of
June, one operator selling in the neighborhood
of 400,000 bushels. Receipts were in excess of
expectations. The visible supply increased
404.000 bushels. The market opened at about
Saturdays closing figures, fluctuated within ya
Kc range, closing a shade lower than satur-
In oats no striking features were developed.
The decrease of 173.C00 buf hels In the visible
supply had no effect on the market. Price
changes were confined to a range of c, due
chieflv to the local decline in wheat.
There was more activity in hog products to
day. Prices opened strong and made good ad
vances on free buying. Later long stnff came
out, and stop orders helped carry the market
down. Short ribs sold for May at S6 37. May
lard started at $7 15 and sold at S7 12K- Mess
pork sold 10c higher at the opening, advanced
10c later declining 40c straight, closing at the
bottom for the day. The range was $12 35
1275. Ribs sold $6 2586 27K at the close. Lard,
57 U2). closing for May.
Tbe leading futures ranged as follows
Wheat No, 2 May. SI 051 031 011 01;
June, 999995J95Mc; July, 8KS3X87K
87Kc; year, bieWc
Corn-No. 2 April. 34c; May. 35K35Kc;
June. 35?355&85K351c: Julv. 3643oKc
Oats No.2ilav.-Jae2o2oJ2oc; June,
25?;25c; luly. 2aVc.
Mess Pork, per bbk-May, S12 6512 75
12 3512 35; June, S12 62K12 7512 40Q12 40;
July, S12 75012 8512 5012 5a
Labd. per 100 fts May, S7 17U7 17U
7 007 02i:June, S7 17K7 207 05. 05; July.
S7 22M7 22K7 107 10; August, $7 22K7 25
S7 1-lV.Gf 12k.
SHOUT Ribs, per 100 lis. May. S6 3766 40,
6 276 27; June, S6 42K6 32; Jul, S6 52f
U& ogXi 37JS&6 40; August, 6 4a.
Cash quotations were as follows: flour
dull: No. 2 spring wheat, 9iK9!5ic; No. 3
spring wheat, 83J4c: No. 2 red. SW9:2c. No
2 corn, SlJgC. No. 2 oats, 24c No. 2 rye,
42Uc No. 2 barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed,
SI al. Prime timothy seed, tl 33. Mess pork,
per barrel, $12 3012 35. Lard, per 100 lbs. S7 00.
Short nbs sides (loose). S6 256 3a Dry salted
shoulders (boxed). S3 255 50. Short clear
sides (boxed). S8 408 45. Receipts Flour,
none; wheat. 1200 bushels: corn, 156,000 bush
els: oats. 119,000 bushels: rye. 2,000 bushels;
barley, 38,000 bushels. Shipments Flour,
none; wheat. 28.000 bushels; corn. 157,000 bush
els: oats, 06.000 bushels; rye. 2,000 bushels; bar
ley. 29,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was active on fine grades, others dull;
creamery, 1724c; dairy, 1221c Eggs weak;
fresh, ll12c
New Yoke Flour quiet and unchanged:
Wheat Spot dull and 22c lower; options
active and 1KS2JC lower. Barley quiet
Barley malt dull. Corn Spot steady and
moderately active; options dull and KKC
lower. Oats Spot firm and dull: options
steady and qr let. Hay easy and quiet. Hops
quiet and steady. Coffee Options opened
barely steady, and closed steady at 515 points
below Saturdav: sal 35, 37,500 bags, including
March, ia8016.95c: Apnl, 16.90c; Mav, ia90
17.05c; June, 17.0517.10c; July, 17.1017.25c:
August. 17.25i17.35c; September, 17.3017.50c;
October, 17.3517.55c: November, 17.5517.60c;
December, 17.5f17.60c: January, 17.6017.70c;
spot Rio firm; Jair cargoes, 19c Sugar Raw
very strong; offered sparingly, .fair Tefining,
5Mc; centrifugals. 96 test. 6K6c;
sales of a cargo of centrifugals at
3 15-16c and F. refined c higher, light
demand and firm; C, G)&6Jc: extra C,
66Jc; white extra C, 6 15-167 l-16c; yellow,
64G2f c; off A. 7 l-167ic:lniold A, TJJc; stand
ard A,73c; confectioners' A, 7jc; cut loaf,
?c; crushed, Sc: powdered. 8c; granulated,
7JJc: cubes, 8c. Molasses Foreign firm: 10
cargoes sold at 25c; New Orleans quiet. Rice
steady. Cottonseed oil firm. Tallow dull; city,
4c asked. Rosin steady and quiet. Turpen
tine easy and nominally at 5151c Eggs dull
and lower; Western, 10ffillc; receipts, a862
packages. Pork strong; old mess, $12 75
13 00; new mess, S13 50013 75; extra prime,
S12 5a Cut meats quiet; sales of pickled
bellies, 12 pounds. 7c; pickled shoulders,
5c; pickled bams, 910c: middles quiet;
short clear, S6 85. Lard opened higher, closed
weak and dull; sales of Western steam S7 40,
closing at S7 37K" 40: March. $7 31; April,
S7 31; Mav. S7 So7 46, closing at S7 37 bid;
June, S7 397 45. closing at S7 38; Julv. S7 45
7 4S, closing at S7 40 asked; August, S7 42 asked;
September, S7 5i closing at S7 44 asked. But
ter dull and w eaker; Western dairy, 1318c;
do creamery, 1625c; Elgins. 26g26Xc Cheese
quiet and steady; Western, 9JllJic.
St. Louis Flour easy and vervlquiet. Wheat
Cash lower and moderate trading by millers;
options lower: there was a pressure to sell right
at the opening on the fine weather, unfavorable
cables and declines elsewhere; this was followed
by a partial recovery, but the feeling was weak
and late came another break: May suffered
most, closing 2V2c below yesterday, while
June was lc Julv c and August Uc lower;
No. 2 red, cash. 90c, nominal: May.90K93c.
closing at90K!Jsc; June, SSOSSKc, closing at
87Uc asked; July, 80K80?81c closing at
80k80c bid; August, 78X79Kc closing at
7S$c bid; year, 7SJc Corn higher; No. 2,
mixed, cash, 30c: Mav. 30K31c closing at 30Jc
asked: July, 32K32c; August, 33Jc closing
at S3Kc bid. Oats quiet; No. 2 cash. 25Kc bid;
May,26Kc Rj e quiet but firm at 42c Bar
ley quiet; little doing. Flaxseed quotable at
SI 45. Provisions firm and higher, but quiet
Philadelphia Flour quiet. Wheat Fan
cy grades scarce and firm; futures neglected
and closed nominally Kc lower, in sympathy
with the decline in the West Corn Market
steady for both spot and options; fair local de
mand, but exporters heading off and specula
tion was quiet Oats Carlots quiet but
steady; futures quiet but steady. Provisions
in moderate request Pork Mess, new, S14 00;
do prime mess, new. S14 60; do family, S15 oa
Hams, smoked. 1012c Lard Pure refined,
88Kc Butter dull and weak; Pennsylva
nia creamery, extra, 2425c; do prints, extra,
24ff25c Eggs weak; Pennsylvania firsts, 11
Uc Uhceso dull; part skims, 6Sc
Cincinnati Flour in fair demand; family,
$3 904 10; fancy, S4 504 65. Wheat dull and
tending downward: No. 2 red. 949oc; receipts,
1.400 bushels; shipments, 500 bushels. Corn in
rair demand; No. 2 mixed, 34K35c Oats dull;
No. 2 mixed, 27K28c Rye dull; No. 2, 45c
Pork firm at S12 75. Lard dull at S6 90. Bulk
meats quiet; short nbs, S6 60. Bacon steady;
short clear. S7 75. Bntter dull: fancy Elgin
creamery, 28c: choice dairy roll, 1718c Lin
seed oil steady at 5557c Sugar in fair demand
and higher: hard refined, 885c; New Or
leans, 5lc Eggs heavy. Cheese in light
Milwaukee Flour firm. Wheat easy;
cash, KTUc; May. SSJc: July, 87c Com dull:
No. 3, 3131Kc Oats dull; No. 2 white. 2S
28Kc Rve active: No. L 44c Barley firmer;
No! 2, 5959Kc Provisions easy. Pork. $12 25.
Lard, S6 95. Cheese dull; Cheddars. llgllKc
Baltimore Provisions quiet and un
changed. Butter steady; western packed, IS
20c; creamery, 26c Eggs weak and easy at lie
Coffee seady.
Toledo Cloverseed active and lower; cash
and March, $5 10; receipts, I,300bags;shipmenU
1,904 bags.
A Large Company Formed for Infusing
metallic Alloys by Means of Electricity.
A Paris correspondent says that a French
company the "Societe Elcctro-metallurgiqne"
has just been formed with a view to erecting
extensive aluminium works at Forges, in tbe
Department of Isere. Heroult's process will be
adopted, which consists in fusing the rebellious
metallic alloys by means of an electric current,
and separating the metals by electrolysis. The
current will be obtained by means of dynamo
machines, each, of 7,000 amperes and 20 volts,
and the motive power will be supplied by two
vertical turbines of 300 horse-power. Besides
aluminium bronze the apparatus will produce
all tbe alloys of aluminium, with tbe exception
of such as become volatilised at tbe same tem
peratpie as alumininm, and it is expected that
the daily production of aluminium alone will
amount to 800 kilos.
Drycoods Market.
New York. March 25. There was a fair
Mnndav trade in drygoods with both agents
and jobbers, with relative activity at the hands
of the latter in dress cottons and notions,
prints receiving a good share of attention.
Special attractions are announced for to-morrow.
Cotton goods were in very fair demand
at first hands, and sales were made for Imme
diate delivery. Woolen goods of all kinds re
main more or less quiet The market for cot
ton goods continues stead to firm, and there
are no surplus goods. .
The Local Business Situation Not Sat
isfactory to Everybody.
A Parmer Comes to Market and Discourses
About the County Roads.
The croaker is always with us, and he is
always sanguine in his pessimistic views.
One of these peculiar gentlemen complained
yesterday that Pittsburg was falling behind
less important cities in theTolume of general-trade,
singling out New Orleans and
San Francisco, where it is reported active,
to fortify his position. He forgot, or did
not choose to remember, that the spring
season is far advanced at the places indi
cated, and that there is demand lor classes
of goods there which will not be in request
here for two or three weeks spring dress
goods and millinery, for instance. The
warmer climate of New Orleans and San
Francisco makes a demand for these things
long before they are even thought of here.
Another thing overlooked by these gentlemen
is the Clearing House report. This shows that
in general trade Pittsburg is away ahead of
New Orleans and but a trifle behind San Fran
cisco. This one fact outweighs a hundred
theories, and should forever silence those who
affect to think that Pittsburg is rushing head
long to the demnition bowwows.,
Wilkinsburg is to Wave a bank. The pro
motor is A. W. Duff. He is a resident of tbe
borough and a well-known memberof the Pitts
burg bar. Work on the building, which will be
a three-story brick, and occupy a good position
on Wood street, will be commenced in a few
weeks. It is stated that the Masons will occupy
the third story. The population of Wilkinsburg
is nearly 4,000 enough to sustain a bank. Brad
dock, with about 10,000 inhabitants, has three.
Joseph Brown, a Pine township farmer, came
to the city yesterday with a load of produce.
Speaking of the roads, he said: "They have
been in very bad shape all winter, but are be
ginning to settle down a little. This is the sec
ond time I have come to the city with anything
to sell since November. Being shut out of the
market for so long a time is a great loss to us,
It also affects the city people, for it keeps the
prices of produce up. It is a loss all round. A
great county like Allegheny should have better
roads. We are stirring our township authori
ties up on tbat subject. If they refuse to do
their duty we will bring tbe matter to the no
tice of tbe County Commissioners. If the law
is Inadequate they should take steps to have it
changed or have a new one passed. We are de
termined to have relief somehow."
Citizens of Wilkinsburg are petitioning Coun
cil for Belgian block pavements on the four
principal streets of the borough. This Improve
ment would cost a great deal of money, and, as
the treasury is not overrunning with cash, con
taining only about S100, the prospect for grant
ing the petition is not very rosy.
Tbe house-renting season, which has been un
usually active for a month or two, is drawing to
a close. Several real estate agents said yester
day that they had about exhausted their lits,
having scarcely anything left tbat was worth
occupying. Agents will devote tbe next few
weeks to making repairs on the houses they
have rented, which is one of the most trouble
some branches of their business. As proof that
business in the renting line has been active it
may be stated that three firms on Fourth
avenue have rented over 3,000 houses during the
season. Several other firms have done nearly
as much.
Dr. D. W. RIggs and W. Jarvis, of Alle
gheny City, have just closed the sale of all the
land owned by them lying south of the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad, in the Third ward,
borongh of McKeesport. together with 50 acres
adjoining, jn Versailles township, to Samuel
M. Bowman and W. C. Crosemyer, of the
above place, for $70,000. The purchasers repre
sent a syndicate of prominent business men of
McKeesport, who will at once begin extensive
improvements upon the property, and place it
upon the market at once.
The Supreme Judicial Court of Massa
chusetts recently delivered an opinion affect
ing the building trade which is of interest here.
It held in tbe case of the Sonthbridge Savings
Bank versus Mason, that as between mort
gagor and mortgagee all machinery necessary
to the business for which a building was erect
ed, resting upon stone foundations laid as a
part of the construction of the building
especially for their support, or for the accom
modation of which places were fixed in the
floors, as well as other very heavy machinery
fastened to tbe building or resting in position
by its own weight, wonld be held to be part of
the real estate.
Electric and the Gassers Encounter a Gen
nine Boom Active and Higher.
Yesterday was a red-letter day at the Stock
Exchange, over 2.000 shares changing hands.
Electric and Philadelphia Gas were the prin
cipal contributors to this grand total. Both
of these stocks were stronger as wen as active.
The first sale of Electric was at 61. The de
mand being met by liberal offers, the price re
ceded to 60K, from which point it advanced to
G0K. 60J and 81, where it halted for the fore
noon. At the afternoon call it was bid up to
61 and 62. After call 20 shares went at 62
and it was freely offered at 63 with no takers.
Where and when the boom will cnlminate is a
matter of concerns to brokers and prospective
investors alike, but it is safe to say there will
be no break so long as the demand fork keeps
up. Philadelphia Gas sold in the morning at
39MT, with a private sale at 39. The first sale in
the afternoon was at 40, 100 shares going at
tbat figure. At the close it was steady at 39.
Cbartiers Gas advanced to 50, with a small
sale at 51. Wheeling Gas was in demand at 3L
Switch and Signal traded in a small way at 24.
Tbe rest of the list was dnll and about steady.
STOCKS. Hid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Chartlers Val. Gas Co. 50 . 50J si ....
Pennsylvania Gas Co.. 15J
PlrtladelphlaCo H 398 39 39J
Wheeling Us Co .. SO 31 .... 31
Central Traction 23 23X
Citizens' Traction 68 68M 68 ....
LaNorisUlninirCo.... H isi IK Hf
WestlDBhouseElectrlc. 61,4 62 & 62's
U. bwltcli &blicnalCo a 23J,
Westlng'se AlrH. Co.. 1JI
W estlnc'se B. Co. Hit. 63 64 63 64
Pitts. Plate Glmss Co.. 155
At the morning call 80 shares Philadelphia
Gas sold at 39K, 25 at S 155 at 39K. 100 at S
115 at 39, 10O Wheeling Gas at 31. 20 Chartlers
Gas at 51. 10 Electric at 61, 19 at 604, 14 at
60K. 25at6(25at60K.47o at 6 60 switch
and Signal at 24, lo5 at 23.
Before call 120 shares Philadelphia Gas sold
at 39. After call 25 shares Central Traction
went at 23, and 15 Chartlers Gas at 51.
The afternoon sales were 100 shires Philadel
phia at 40, 40 at 39Jg, 25 at 39, 100 Chartlers
Gas at 50, 25 at 50, 5 atfil, 50 La Norla at 1,
187 Electric at 61, 25 at 62, SO Switch and Big.
nal at 23, and 120 at23.
Between calls 15 Electric sold at 61. After
call 20 shares went at 62.
Henry M. Long sold 400 shares of Electric at
61 to Bl. and 200 Philadelphia Gas at 39 to
39. .
Tim total sales of stocks at New York vpk.
terdav were 229,757 shares, including: Atch
ison, I7.uw: uewwttioj uttuwuuuu ana west
ern, 14,170; Erie.aOOO; LakeShore,5,415; Missouri
Pacific, 8.350; Northwestern. 18,243: New Jersey
Central, 3,400: Reading, 36,690: Richmond and
West Point, 3.425; St. Paul, 10,475: Union Pa
cific, 10.600.
April Expected to Bring Relief to tbe Money
While business at the banks was rather quiet
yesterday," even for Monday, the opinion was
generally expressed that the beginning of
April would witness a radical change in tbe
situation. Large quarterly and monthly set
tlements must then be met, for which provision
must be made at once. A number of new en
terprises will also go into operation about tbat
time, which will increase the demand for
money. Several hundred buildings will be un
der way In a few weeks. These will require
considerable financial backing to enable tbe
owners to pay for material and wages. These
facts are sufficient to show that the financial
outlook is encouraging.
The fact that the Treasury has shown no dis
position to increase the purchases of bonds
produces little influence, nor do intimations
that the Government-deposits with national
bank depositories will-be curtailed attract
much attention. The prevalent belief in this
connection is that any change in the policy of
the Treasury will be necessarily accompanied
by more liberal bond purchases, to which end
a renewal of the acceptances of tenders of 4
per cent bonds is thought to be a necessity.
The refusal of tenders for a large block of 4
per cents at 130 Indicates that the Treasury is
not inclined to arbitrarily advance its prices.
Discounting was very light, but counter bus
iness was fairly 'active.depositlng being the
feature The Clearing House statement was
one of the best of the year, the exchanges be
ing $2,473,131 8L and the balances $432,625 75.
,B..f n0Anarp,nl Iftftt lnan A n.nd closed
. Government Bonds.
Closing quotations in New York furnished
The Dispatch by Robinson Bros., Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
U. S. 4s. reg l07gl08K
U. S. 4HS. coups, mm
U.S.4S, ro : '-JS!
U. S. 43, coups 1Mj1
Currency, Bpcrcent. 1883 rec 120
Currency, 0 per cent. ISOGree. 123
Currency, 6 per cent, lOTrcg 126
Currency, Spercent, ltflSreg 129
Currency, Spcrcent, 1839 rejt 131)4
Government and State bonds dull and un
changed. New York Clearings $64,489,635; balances,
Boston Clearings, $14,738,012; balances, $1,
951.517. Money, K2 per cent.
Baltimore Clearings, $2,559,001; balances,1-
Philadelphia Clearings, $8,919,206; bal
ances, SL200,8&3.
St. Lours Clearings, $3,408,372; balances,
Chicago Money 57 per cent. Bank clear
ings, $2,966,000.
Oil Brncon Up a Little, bnt the Situation Is
Very Peculiar.
The report that McEeown No. 11, on the
Knox farm, at Taylorstown. was doing about
40 barrels an hour gave a feverish tone to the
oil market at the opening yesterday, but this
soon wore off and a better feeling ensued.
Trading was light all day, and no special fea
ture was developed.' There was the old com
plaint in some quarters of the scarcity of cer
tificates, but the supply of oil seemed equal to
the demand. The market opened at 9L and
graduallv advanced to 91, with very little
doing. Within the last hour ortwoit sold down
to 9 It then slowly pulled itself together
and got up to 91. where it stuck until near the
close, when it was struck by a little boom,
which sent the price up to 98. It then weak
ened, and closed at 91. The feeling in New
York and Bradford at the'wind-up was stronger
than here, though at the same figures, with
carrying flat and 10 cents. Carrying here was
flat. The situation is so peculiar bullish in
fluences counting for nothing that tho market
is as likely to turn one way as another and a
little more so.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote puts, 91c;
calls, 92c
The following tame, corrected oy De Witt 1111
worth, broker Jn petroleum, etc.. corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc :
Time. Bid. Atk. Time. Bid. Ask.
Opened 91 S'lS:45p. K.... 1H 91
10:15A. M.... V 91 1:00 F. X... tl Wi
10 JO A. M.... 91?s 91l 1:15 P. It.... 81H SIT,
10:45A. M.... 91H 91i 1:30 P. M.... 91b 91
11:00a. M.... 91i( 91ft 1:45 P. M.... 91M 91
11:15A. It.... 91K 91K 2.00 P. I.. 91V 917s
11:30A. II..'.. 91 BlTi MSP. M.... 91K 91K
11:45A. M.... 91X 91 2:30F. X.... 91.H 912
12:00 M 91X Si's 2:15 P. X.... 91H 91),
12:UP. X.... 91 DlVClosed 91 ....
12:30 P. M.... 91X1 91K
Opened. 91c: Signet, 92Ks; lowest. 91c;
closed, 91JJC
Ilally rum 51.46?
Average rnns 46,345
Dally shipments 89,610
Average shipments 75,825
Dallr charters - 6.349
Average charters 44,999
Clearances .,,...,. 834,000
Sew York closed al SlTic
OU City closed al 91Vc
Bradrora closed at 91Tf e.
Heir York, refined. Jo.
London, rewicd. 5)l.
Antwerp, refined, ltr.
Other OH markets.
On. Cm, March 25. National transit cer
tificates opened at 91c; highest, 92c: lowest
91c; closed. 91c.
Bbadtord, March 25. National transit cer
tificates opened at91c; closedatVlc;highest,
92c: lowest. 91!c- "
TrrusvtLLE, March 25. National transit cer
tiflcates opened at 91c: highest, 92c: lowest,
91c: closed, 91c
New York. March 25. Petroleum opened
steady at 91Jc There were few selling orders
in tbe market, and light buying by the
Standard Oil brokers caused a gradual advance,
on which the market closed firm at 92c. Sales,
789,000 barrels.
Big Sales In Itenl Estate in City and
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold to D. B. Anderson for $7,000 one of those
elegant new two-story and mansard eight-room
brick dwellings, fronting "Oakland Square,"
Oakland. This is the third house sold in this
plan. Messrs. Black & Co. anticipate selling
these houses as rapidly as completed, as the
price at which they are selling includes all
street improvements.
S. J. Fleming, 147 Fourth avenue, sold to
Mrs. Cavanaugh brick house, No. 148 Fulton
street, with lot 15x100, for $2,200: also, a house
of six rooms, with lot 25x110, at Torrens station,
for 2,300; also, frame house, with one-half acre
of ground. In Twentv-third ward, near Laugh
lln station, to William Weiss, for $1,600, and
placed a mortgage for $2,100 on city property at
6 per cent
L. O. Frazler sold for Charles W. Taylor, Esq.,
No. 273 Forty-fifth street. Seventeenth ward, a
two-story brick dwelling of six rooms, and
a small frame dwelling of three rooms, lot 20x
110 feet to a 20-foot alley, to Thomas D.
O'Reilly for $4,200, and placed a mortgage of
$300 on Millvale borough property for three
years at 6 per cent.
Reed B. Coyle & Co.. 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for Frank H. Speer another of those six-room
frame bouses at Homewood station, Pennsyl
vania Railroad, for $1,500 on the easy payment
plan without Interest. A few more are left on
tbe same terms.
Black & Baid, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold for
the Deitrick Barmann heirs a two-story brick
dwelling, being .No. 22 Vine street, lot 20x80
feet, for $1,200 cash. They also sold for M. F.
Herrnn to Miss Elenore Thompson lot No. 2 in
the Herron plan of lots on Orchard street,
West Bellcvue borough, 25x145 feet, for $300.
James W. Drape & Co. sold a small house
and lot in Wilkinsburg, 6 rooms in house and
lot 33x120 feet, for $3,000. Tbeyalso sold an
other lot of 50x120 feet at Ben Venue at a
figure approximating $2,000, and also closed a
mortgage of $1,000 on house and lot at Oakland
at 6 per cent.
Bearish Infloencesllomlnnte the Stock Mar
ket nnd Check Advances Nearly Ev-
eryihlng Weak at the Close
Railroad Bonds Are
- Qolet and Dnll.
New York, March 25. The stock market
began the new week with, a feverish and weak
tone on a very moderate volume of business,
the Grangers, South westerns and Coalers being
most prominent in the dealings. There were
two principal Influences which worked against
values to-day, tbe first being that the liquida
tion in Burlington Invited further bear attacks,
and the weakness in the stock spread to the
rest of the list. Tbe second, the approach of
the April settlements, caused a hardening in
the rates for money, and as high as 6 per cent
was paid for accommodations on call. On the
other hand, the earnings fot the third week in
March to band show very favorably, but seem
to count for less than they would were other in
fluences not so powerful at present. The an
nual statement of the Jersey Central was also
a factor, bnt while it was sufficient to advance
the price of that stock somo 2 per cent, it
failed to reach the rest of the list to any appre
ciable extent, and could not keep Jersey up to
the top notch.
Tho Grangers, especially Burlington and
Northwestern and to a lesser degree Atchison
and Rock Island, attracted most attention.to
day. and tbe selling movement in those shares
was very pronounced at one time and served to
bring everything down below first prices. The
activity in Burlington was, greater than has
been seen for a long time, and the stock yielded
tyi per cent, closing at its lowest figure. There
was also a drive at Heading in the afternoon,
and, while the stock was better maintained
than Burlington, It closed with a material loss.
A feature of the day, in view of tbe weakness
of tbe general list, was the renewed demand
for tbe investment shares, all of which sold at
somewhat higher figures than those ruling of
late. The opening was quiet and fairly steady,
and, while the feeling was not bullish, the early
demand advanced quotations fractionally in
tbe first few minutes. The pressure upon Bur
lington, however, rapidly lowered that stock
i j
and everything yielded to tbe influence more
or less.
There was a general rally toward noon, when
Jersey Central roso rapidly, and even Burling
ton approximated its opening price. Later,
however, the pressure was renewed with force.
BurllngUra, Rock Island, Oregon Improvement
and some otfiers reached the lowest prices of
the day. There was another feeble rally to
ward delivery hour, but the decline again be
came general, and the close was quiet but weak
in most cases at close to the opening figures,
but the weak stocks were at the lowest. Most
of the active shares 'are fractionally lower to
night. Oregon Improvement is down 6 and
Burlington 2Vi. while Jersey Central rose 1
and Pullman 1.
The railroad bond market was quiet to dull,
the sales of all issues aggregating only $1,076,
000,and only the Denver and Kio Grande West
ern assented bonds showed any" animation, fur
nishing $134,000 to the day's total. There was
no other feature to the dealings, and
the course of prices was quite irregn
lar the final changes being evenly
divided between gains and losses, which
are lor fractional 'amounts in but few cases.
Among those which are higher Jersey Central
debentures rose 2, to 103: Morgans 7s. 2, to 126.
The declines include Houston and Texas lsts
receipts 3, at 123; St. Louis. Vandalia and
Terre Haute guaranteed 2, at 110, and South
Carolina incomes 2, at 5.
The following table Bnows the prices of active
stocks on tbo New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney 4 Stephenson, members of. New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
High- Low- tng
lug. est. est. Bids.
Am. Cotton Oil 55a; 55S
Atch.. Top. S 8. jr.... 46X 46J4 45 4554
Canadian Pacific 49J
Canada Southern S2H 52 513
Central orHew,Jerey. 95(4 97 95)4 93k
CentraiPaclflc. 34 s
Chesapeake & Ohio ... 11 17 16)4 HH
C, Bur. Jt Qulncy 92), 92 K'2 90
C, Mil. & St. Paid... 62!, eii 61 61K
C, Mll.ASt. P.. pr....lOO 100 99H 99K
C, KockL&P 90 91 90 i
C, St. L. & Pitts 16J
C. St. L. & Pitta, nf.. 38 36 85M I'M
U, St. P..M. AO... 30
C, St. P.,M. &0.. pf. 0 91 90 90
C. & (orthwctern....ll3JB 104 103!? 103g
C& .Northwestern, p137 ffiH '"H 137
O.C.C.& i.. :....... to
Col. Coal Iron 30 "SH
Dei.. L. JfcW IJSX IMS 137 11SX
Denver; KloG l- 154, VH 15H
Denver & Rio ., pr... 423? 42 42 42
K.T., Va. &Ga
E.T.,Va. &Ga.. lstpf 66
K.T.. Va.AGa.2dpf. 20
Illinois Central J09J4- 109J4 109 109
Lake Erie ft Western 17
Lake Erie ft West. pr 55! SoW 55K 55
Lake Shore 4; M. S 100 IWi 100H 100ft
Lonlsvllle & Nashville. 60tf 61M 60K 61
Michigan Central 85 86 85 85
Mobile A Ohio -. 10
Mo., K. JkTexas 12U 12X I2VC 125
Missouri Pacific 7H 8S 67 67
. Y.. L. E. ft W 27 27 27M 27X
. Y., L. E.&W.nret 62h
a. Y., C. &St.L MX
N. x., CftSt. L. nf. 69
N.Y., C. ASt.L.2d pf 41
S. YJtN. E 43X 44 43 43X
1. Y., O. ft W V. J6
fcorlolk ft Western :... 15
Norfolk ft Western, pf 49 49 49V 41H
Northern Pacific 25
-Northern Pacific pref. MV SSX WK 58
Ohio ft Mississippi... . 20 i0-i VOU 20X
Oregon-Improvement. 48 48 S 43
Oregon "Transcon 32 32X 32 XLX
Pacific Mall 36 36 38 S6
Peo. Dec. & Evans 23J
Phlladel. A Heading.. 4474 45 4.1 K 44
Pullman Palace Car.. .180 1803f 179!, 180
Richmond & W. P. T.. 25 25 2514 25
Richmond ftW.P.T.pf 79 70s 78 79J
St. PaulADulnth 34
St. Paul ft Dulutli pf. 88
St. P., Minn, ft Man... 99 99 B3X 8S1
St.L. &San Fran 2iS
St. L. ft San Fran pf.. 54X 54H Mb 543?
St. L. ft San F.1M pf.. .... .. .... 106
Texas Pacific 18)4 18 18X 18
Unlonl'aclfic 62H 63J 62X SZH
Wabash " .... 12M
Wabash preferred 25M 25K Z5U 25
Western Union Siii MH 84)J 84H
Wheeling-& L. E 65X &H 64 6iK
Philadelphia Sticks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad 53 54
Reading Railroad... 22 221-16
Uuflalo, Pittsburg and Western 1135! 12X
Lehigh Valley 5336 M
Lehigh Navigation 52
Allegheny Valley bonds 113X
Northern Pacific 252
Northern Pacific preferred 593i ....
With Few Exceptions It Wan a Wenk und
Dccllnlne Dny.
Boston, March 25. On the stock market to
day, while few securities have held up well or
even advanced, such as Boston and Albany,
Pullman and Montana, the usually active
features, like Atchison and Chicago, Burling
ton and Qulncy, passed a weak and declining
day, with only a trifling recovery.
Atch. ft Toe 1st 7s. U7X
Atch. &Top. R. R. .. H
Boston ft Albany. ..215
Boston ft Maine. ....170
C B. ftU 90X
Clnn. san. ft Cleve. 24
Eastern R. K 82
Eastern K. K. 6s 125
Flint ft PereM. pfd. 95X
Mexican Cen. com.. n
M. C. IstMort. bds. 68
N. Y. ftNewEnc... 43!4
N. Y.ftNewEnr 7s. 126),
Ogd.ftL.Cham.com. 6
Rutland preferred.. 37
Wls.VentraI.com... 17X
Wis. Central pf.... 34
AllonezM'gCo.(new) 1
Calumet A Hecla 235
Catalna IS
Franklin 11
Huron tli
Osceola im
i-ewaDic (new) 3
Qulncy 57
Hell Telephone 223
Boston Land 6H
Water Power 6H
Tamarack 125
ban Diego 24
Mlnintr Stocks.
New York. March 25. Amador. 100; Cale
donia B. H., 300; Consolidated California and
Virginia, 300; Deadwood T.. 150: EI Cristo, 135;
Hale & Norcross, 860; Homestake, 900: Horn
Silver, 135; Iron Silver, 300: Mutual, 140; Onhir,
512; Savage, 250; Standard, 130; Silver Cord,
105; Union Consolidated, 300.
Orders have been sent to Philadelphia to
have the new gunboat Yorktown, now at
Cramp's works, delivered to the United States
authorities at the League Island yard.
Colonel Fred D. Grant called at the De
partment of State yesterday, and took the
oath of office as United States Minister to
Austria. It is probable tbat he will not leave
for his post before the latter part of April.
On the Georgia Midland ana Gulf Rail
road, near Nebula station, yesterday, the en
ine and tender of a passenger train "plunged
own a 40-foot embankment. T. C. Bedfleld.
the engineer, was killed, and Fireman Walter
Mahone seriously injured,
A three-story brick block in process of con
struction at Binghamton, N. Y., suddenly col
lapsed yesterday morning. At the time of the
accident about a dozen workmen were in the
building. Fred Purcoll, a tinsmith, was in
stantly killed. Two others, named James H.
Smith and Youmans Thompson, were quite
seriously injured. Others escaped without in
jury. .A letter from Hamilton, Bermuda, under
date of March 14, states that the entire garri
sonofficers and men of the English Fort
Cunningham, departed on the morning pf the
14th instant, and tbat no trace of the deserters
can be found. It is thought that they left on
board tbe Dntch ship Gebroeder Smit, which
sailed tor New York early in the morning of
tbe 14th.
Tbe President has granted a pardon in the
case of Frederick F. Bickell, convicted in Min
nesota of abstracting funds of a national bank
while acting as its messenger, and sentenced
June 6, 1E88, to five years' imprisonment. Ho
also pardoned John B. Brown, convicted in
September, 18SS, in Washington Territory, of
selling liquor to an Indian, and sentenced to
one year's imprisonment at hard labor.
All explosion occurred shortlv before noon
yesterday at the junction of Fifth avenue,
Broadway and Twenty-third street, NAw York.
A large portion of the sidewalk was blown high
up Into the air, and showers of stones fell on
the passersby, but no one was seriously in
jured. At first it was thought that the boiler
in tbe- Fifth Avenue Hotel bad exploded, but
later it was discovered -tbat the explosion was
duo to an electric subway.
Carlisle D. Graham, tbe hero of several
trips throngh the Niagara whirlpool and
Devil's Rapids, is at work on a boat in which
be proposes to-again go-through the tempestu
ous torrent. He is now in communication
with lawyers in Washington In relation to get
ting a patent on his invention. He will not
tell anything abont it except tbat several
persons can rido in it, and that he intenus to
take along with him a few newspapermen.
The Executive Council of Iowa, has just
completed tbe annual assessments of railroads
doing bustnessin Iowa. Tbe total assessment
for purposes of taxation is fixed at $43,556,146,
of which $43,269,603 is upon railroads proper
and the balance upon sleeping and dining cars,
Tbe sworn statements of the railroad officials
show a decrease in the net earnings of Iowa
roads last year of $1,500,000, while 10 roads
tailed to pay operating expenses. The total
assessments are about $270,000 more than last
The use of frosted grain or seed in tbat
district of Dakota where the grain was con
siderably damaged by frost last fall, and which
includes nearly all of the Territory north of tbe
Northern Pacific, is causing a good deal of
ta k and not a little apprehension among grain
dealers. In the districts spoken of some of
the farmers had all tnelr wheat frosted, and
they have nothing but frosted grain on hand.
They are not able to spend anything for good
sonnd seeu. The crops' of some were entire
failures, and they are destitute, while , still
others bad a field here and there of good grain
and have saved wheat out of it for seed.
Eationally treat jonrcold from the
start by using Dr. Jayne's Expectorant, and
you may escape lung troubles not so easily
gotten rid of.
Cnstomary Blue Monday in Produce,
No Signs of Revival.
Hay in Excessive Supply, Wheat Bulls on
Top at the Latest.
Monday. March 25, 1889. $
Country Produce Jobblnn Prices.
Monday very seldom brings ont any new facts
In produce lines. Though weather is propiti
ous, trade is blue. Eggs are slow at closinc
rates of last week. Maple syrup is coming in
freely, and prices show drooping tendencies.
It appears to be the fate of everything handled
by produce commission men this season to go
slow and low. Nature's generosity last season
and'tbe early opening of spring combine to de
press all products handled by traders in the
products of farm and garden. Last season's
fruit and vegetables being In excessive snpply
all winter, are now driven to the wall, as new
stuff begins to come in freely. The only ques
tion with holders of old stuff now is how much
can be saved out of tbe wreck.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 28c; Ohio do,
2526c: fresh dairy packed, 2021c; country
rolls 2023c; 'Chartlers Creamery Co. butter,
Beans Choice medium, $2 002 10: choice
peas, $2 052 15.
Beeswax 2325c l ft forchoice; lowgrade,
Cideb Sand refined, $6 607 60; common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $8 008 50 ) barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c fl gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc;
New York, fall make, 1213c: Limburger,
lie; domestic Sweitzer cheese, HK12Kc
Dried Peas $1 451 50 1 bushel; split do,
2?i354c'fl ft-
Eogs 1212Jc dozen for strictly fresh.
FBUITS Apples, $1 502 00 1? barrel; evap
orated raspberries. 25c ft; cranberries, $8 00
$1 barrel; $2 4002 50 per bushel.
Feathees Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do., 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c ft ft.
HOMINY $2 652 75 barrel.
Honey' New crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, S540c fl bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; $3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 6575e fl pair:
dressed chickens, 1315c ) pound; turkeys, 13
15c, dressed, $t bound; ducks, live, S085c $1
pair; dressed, l314c fl pound; geese, 1015c
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel. $6 )
bushel; clover, large English. 62 fts, $6 25;
clover, Alslke, $8 60; clover, wblte, $9 00; timo
thy, choice. 45 fts, $1 85; blue grass, extra clean,
14 fts. $1 00: blue crass, fancy. 14 fts. $1 20:
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00:
millet, 60 fts, $1 25; German millet, 50 fts, $2 00;
Hungarian grass. 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c peT ft.
Tallow Country, 4K5c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, $3 00
3 50 ft box common lemons, $2 75 ?1 box; Mes
sina oranges, $2 503 50 ) box; Florida oranges.
$3 504 50 ?1 box: Valencia oranges, f ancv, $6 50
7 50 fl case", Malaga grapes. $9 0010 00 ft
per keg; bananas, $2 50 firsts: $1 60, good
seconds, f) bunch; cocoannts, $4 OOigl oO f?
hundred: new figs, 1214c ft,pound; dates, 5
6Kc $) pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. hunches:
cabbages, $3004 00 ft 100; onions, 50c fl busbel;
Spanish onions. 7590o $) crate; turnips, 30
40c $1 bushel.
Sugars keep ascending and our quotations
have again been raised. Other groceries con
tinue as before. Coffee options suffered a
slight decline the latter part of last week, but
rallied again, and are now about as they have
been for the past ten days.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2l22c; choice
Rio, 2021c: prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 18lc;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracalbo, 2223c;
Mocha. 30K31Jic; Santos,U922Kc: Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Rio, 2022c: La
guayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 2628c; old Government Java,
bulk, 32K33Kc; Maracaibo,27K28Kc; Santos,
2324c; peaberry, 27c: peaberry Santos, 2224c;
choice Ilio, 25c; prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22c; ordinary, 21c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2i23o; allspice, 9c;
cassia, 89c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg. 7080c.
Petroleum 4 jobbers'irices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight. 150, 8Kc: water
white, 10c; globe, 12c; elalne, 16c; camadine,
HJc: royaline; 14c
Syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c; prime sugar syrup, S033c; strict
ly prime, 3335c; new1 maple syrup, 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 60c; choice, 48c; me
dium, 46c: mixed, 4042c
Soda Bl-carb in kegs, 3Kc; bi-carb in K8,
5c: bi-carb, assorted packages. 56c: sal
soda in kegs, c; do granulated, 2c.
Candles Star, full weight, 10c: stearine,
per set, 8Kc; parafline, ll12c.
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Jc; choice, 6
7c: prime, 5K6Vc; Louisiana, b6Kc
Starch Pearl, 3c: cornstarch, 5:7c; gloss
starch. 5J$7c .
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels, $2 25: California Muscatels;
$1 85; "Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia,
77Kc; sultana, 8c; currants, new, 4Jf85Kc;
Turkey prunes, new, 4JiQ5c; French prunes,
8JlSc; balonlca prunes, in 2ft packages, 8c:
cocoannts, per 100, $6 00: almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
1215c; Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna flgs, 12J
eioc; new dates, 5K&6c; Brazil nuts. 10c;
pecans, ll15r: citron, per ft, 2122c; lemon
peel, per ft, $1314c; orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced,, per ft. 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6SKc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared. 1012Xc; cherries, pitted, 2122c:
cherries, nnpitted. 66c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424c; blackberries, 7J8c; huckle
berries, 1O012C
Sugars Cubes, 64c; powdered, SJc: granu
lated, 77Kc; confectioners' A, 77c;
standard A, 7c: solt whites, 7V27c: yellow,
choice. 6Xoc; yellow, good, 66Kc; yel
low, fair, 6c:yellow, dark, 6c
Pickles Medium, bbls. (1,200), 4 75; me
diums, half bbls (000), $2 86.
Salt No. 1 bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, ft bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ft bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal, ft bbl, $1 20;
Higgin's Eureka, 4 bu sacks, $2 80; Higgin's
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 30
1 90;2ds, $1 301 35: extra peaches. $1 601 90;
pie peaches, 90c: finest corn. $1 001 50; Hfd.
Co. corn. 70090c: red cherries. 90cfi'51 00: lima
beans, $1 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75
85c; marrowfat peas, $1 101 15: soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do,
$2 75; damson plums, 95c: greengages, $1 25;
egg plums. $2 00; California pears. $2 50; do
greengages, 2 00: do egg plums. $2 00: extra
white cherries, $2 90; red cherries, 2fts, 90c;
raspberries, $1 l&ffil 40; strawberries, $1 10;
gooseberries, $1 201 SO; tomatoes, 8292c;
salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; suc
cotasb, 2-ft cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 2fts,
$1 251 60; corn beef, 2-ft cans, $1 75; 14-ft cans,
$13 50: baked beans, $1 401 45; lobster, 1 ft,
$1 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, $1 60;
sardines, domestic, K. $4 164 60; sardines,
domestic Hs, 8 268 50: sardines, imported,
Ks, $11 5012 50) sardines, imported, K", 818 00;
sardines, mustard, $1 00; sardines, spiced. $4 23.
FISH Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $38 ft
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, $10: extra Nc 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do. messed, $36;
No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
gollock, 4c ft ft.; do medium George's cod,
c: do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67KC Herring
Round shore, $5 00 ft bbl.; split, S7 00: lake $2 50
ft 100-ft. half bbl. White fish, $7 ft 100-ft. half
bbl. Lake trout, $5 60 ft half bbl. Finnan
hadders, 10c ft ft. Iceland htlibut, 13c ft ft.
Buckwheat Flour 22 ft ft.
Oatmeal $6 306 60 ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6S60c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 76c.
Grain, Flonr nnd Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at tbe Grain Ex
change, 38 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 19 cars of hay, 3 of flour, 4 of oats, 1 of
wheat,l of bran, 1 of feed, lof barley, 1 of com.
By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis, 7 cars of
of hay, 1 of rye, 1 of e. corn. There was but 1
car sold on call, viz.: No. 2 y. e. com, 37c, 6
days, P. & W. The ball movement in wheat
has apparently spent its force. On. the 19th
inst. May wheat was 91c. On the 23d it was
$1 07. This morning it opened at $1 04Ji,
and at noon had dropped to $1 03.
Tho difference between the lowest and highest
point since last Tuesday Is 13c per busbel. The
fluctuations are in the main speculative. Bulls
and bears have their ups and downs, and legiti
mate dealers suffer, not knowing what n- day
may bring forth. If speculators in'breadstnlls
were all killed off, tbe millions wbo consume
would have Jess to pay for tbelr daily bread.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, $1 05
Corn No. 2 yellow,ear,39e39c; high mixed
ear, 3637c; No, 1 yellow, shelled, 3s39c;
No. 2 yellow, shelled, 373Sc: bleh mixed,
shelled. 3637c: mixed, shelled, S536c
Oats No. 2 white,"32K33c; extra, No, 8, 81
31Kc;No.8 white, 8030c: No. 2 mixed, 23
Rye No. 1 Western. 7075c: No. 2. 5565c.
Barley No. 1 Canada. 9698c: No. 2 Cana-,
da, o58oc; No. 3 Canada, 7072c; Lake Shore,
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents. $8 23
6 0; spring patents, $6S0jg6 75; winter straight,
$5 5035 75; clear winter, to 0036 23; straight
XXXX bakers'. $4 755 00. Rye flour. $4 00.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, $18 00
17 00 ft ton; brown mjddlings. $13 0013 ft
winter wheat bran, $13 5014 00; chop feed,
$15 00016 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $14 60014 o;
No, 1 do, $14 0014 25: No. 2. do. $11 60 12 00;
loose from wagon. $18 0OJJ2O 00: No. I npadnl
prairie. $10 004J10 25; No. 2, $8008,5O; packing
do. $8, 757 00.
Straw Oats. $8 008 25; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 25.
Hogs are higher at Chicago and Liberty to
day, and an advance on all bog products can
hardly fall to come before this week closes.
Sugar-cured bams, large, lOJc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 10c: sugar-cured bams, small,
lie: sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, &c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8c: sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9c:sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, lie: bacon shoulders, 7c; bacon clear
sides. 8c; bacon clear bellies, 8c: dry salt
shoulders, 6r; dry salt clear sides, 7Mc Mess
pork, heavy, $14 00; mess pork, family, $14 6a
Lard Refined In tierces, 7c; half barrels, 7c;
60-ft tubs, 75c: 20 ft pails, 7&c 50-ft tin cans
7c;3-ft tin pails, 7?ic; 5-ft tin pails, 75c; 10-ft
tin pails, 7c Smoked sansage, long, 5c;large,
5c Fresh pork links. 9c Pigs feet, half barrel,
$3 75; quarter barrel, $1 76.
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 fts,
6c; 550 to 650 fts, 6c: 650 to 750 fts, 6Kc Sheep,
7c ft ft. Lambs, SKo ft ft. Hogs. 6&c
Brazilian Coffee Market.
Rio Dk Janeiro. March 23. Coffee
Regular first, 6,350 reis pdr 10 kilos; good sec
ond. 5,850 reis; receipts during tbe week,
66;000bags; purchases for the United States,
26.000 bags; clearances for do, 31,000 bags; stock,
401,000 bags.
Santos, March 23. Coffee Good aver
age, 5,900 reis per 10 kilos: receipts during the
week, 46,000 bags; purchases for tbe United
States, 20,000 bags; clearances for do, 18,000
bags; stock, 250,000 bags.
Grain In Sight.
Chicago. March 25. The visible snpply of
grain, March 23, according to tbe Board of
Trade, is as follows: Wheat, 30,266.421 bush
els; decrease, 916,009 bushels. Corn, ,17,
071.119 busheU; increase, 423.897 busfcpls. Oats,
7,338.31.1 bushels; decrease, 173.640 bushels. Rye,
1,569.449 bushels: decrease, 12,566 bushels. Bar
ley. 1,602,993 bushels; decrease, 120.106 bushels.
An Opportunity for Inventors.
The Pans correspondent of the Glasgow
Mail says that some valuable prizes are offered
by the Town Council of that city for the 'in
vention of'an instrument for or method of
recording the amounts of electric light con
sumed. The first prize is in amoftnt 400, while
five others are offered of 80 in amount each.
Metnl Markot.
New York Pig iron steady; American,
$15 0017 50. Copper auiet and nominal: lake,
April, $14 76. Lead weaker and dull; domestic,
$3 62K. Tin quiet and easier: straits, $21 10.
. Ladies' Snede Gloves New Stock,
i buttons and Mousquetaire, best black, 8
buttons, new embroidery, at'$l 25, black,
gray and tans.
Also, Alexandre & Eeymon's, tbe best
Suede glove made, at $2 and $2 25, 8 button
length, mousquetaire, greens and other new
shades. Jos. Hobne & Co.'s
Penn Avenue Stores.
Or the Liquor Habit Positively Cured
'by Administering Dr. Haines'
Golden Specific.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea wlthont
the knowledge of the person taking It: is abso
lutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and
speedy cure, whether tbe patient Is a moderate
drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thonsands of
Drunkards have been made temperate men wbo
have taken Golden Specific in their coffee wlthont
their knowledge and to-day "believe thevoult
drinking from their own free will. IT NEVER
"AII.3. The system once'lmpregnated with the
Specific, It becomes an utter Impossibility for tbe
liquor appetite to exist. 1'or salebyA.J.Bsnkln.
Sixth and Penn ave..f lttsbnrs:: E. Holden A Co..
63 E. Federal st., Allegheny. Trade supplied by
lieo. A. Kelly & Co.. Pltt'burg. Pa. oei7-o8-rrs
Will be found an invaluable remedy and cer
tain cure for Bright's Disease, Stone in Blad
der, and all inflammation of the Kidneys and
Urinary Organs. It is also highly recommend
ed, and is a sure cure for many female com
plaints. JAMES E. MORRIS; Sole Agent, 153
Chambers street, N. Y.
Sole Wholesale nnd Retail Agent In Pltts
burir, '84 Market Street.
Atlantic City.
N. J. Located near beach. Perfect san
itation." Steam heat. ELIZABETH HART
LEY, Prop. . f e25-12-TTSSU
Boarding houses, cottages, lots and bath
houses to let or lor sale by I. G. ADAMS & CO.,
Real Estate Agents, Real Estate and Law
Building, Atlantic City, N. J. fe!4-6-D
Salt water baths in the hone. Elevator.
mhl9-32-P E. ROBERTS fc SONS.
100 yards from FortMonroe;openalltheyear,
accommodates 1,000 guests; admirable location;
delightful climate; thrilling historic surround
ings. Turkish, Russian, Roman, Electric and
HOT SEA baths, thelatter especially beneficial
in rheumatic troubles. Music by the famous
Artillery School Band. Glass-inclosed verandas.
Average temoerature for winter 48. Absol utely
free from malaria. All things considered, the
most comforatable and delightful resort at
which to spend the winter months In the United
States. Send for descrrptlvepamphlet.
no27-y40-Tnrsu F. N. PIKE. Manager.
Sailing every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger accommodations for
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, etc
General agents, 307 Walnut st, Philadelphia.
Fnll information can be had of J. J. MCCOR
MICK, Fourth avenue and Smithfield street.
LOUIS MOESEE, bl6 Smithfield street
L route to London and the Continent.
Express Steamer Service twice a week from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
Bremen. ,
Ss.Saa1e.Mch.27,2p.u I Ss.Fulda. Apr. 6, 10 A.M.
Ss.Ems.Mh.30.5:S0A3 I Ss.Lalm . Apr. 10, 1 P.M.
Ss.TravcApr.&oA.M. Ss.EIbe . Apr. 13, 3 P. x.
First Cabin, Winter rates, from $75 upward.
MAXSCHAMBERG fe CO., Agents, Pitts
burg. Pa.
OELRICHS fc CO., 2 Bowling Green. New
York City. ja29-71-D
State Line
To Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage J35 and &30. according to location
3f stateroom. Excursion 05 to po.
bteeragc to and from Europe at Lowest Bates.
AUSTIN BALDWLN 4 CO., General Agents,
13 Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK. Agent, Pittsburg. Pa.
Cures Headache.
Cures Constipation.
Swtft'S Specific cured m of mailznant
Blood Potson after I had been treated In vain
with old so-called remedies of Mercury and
Potash. S. S. S. not only- cured the Blood
Poison, bnt relieved the Rheumatism which
was caused by the poisonous minerals. '
GEO. BOVELL. 2422 Third ave.. N. Y.
Scrofula developed on my 'daughter swell-'
ing and lumps on ber neck. We gave her
Swift's Specific, and the result was wonder
ful and the cure" prompt.
S. A. DeArmond, Cleveland. Tenn.
Swift's Specific is entirely a vegetabla
remedy, and is the only medicine which per-'
manently cures Scrofula, Blood Humors, Can
cer and Contagious Blood Poison. Send for
books on Blood and Skin Diseases, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
Ga. f eI-7 its
czemn.Itcb.y, Scaly, Skin Tortures.'"
lbe simple application f -SwarsWa Outwit wiu
aOT Internal medicine. wlU core anyeaie of Tetter. Salt
bo muur hoir ob.dnto or ton niiJi. Sou ItfJfWSlJJ"
r sent or mill for 50 cu. 3 Boxes, 11-25. A"-:'"--
SriSo.Poilidpal,r. Ask Tour drosoww
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,-
Importers and Jobbers of - - - -
II GOODS and 11I0R
Special off erings this week ia
For largest assortment and lowest price calk
and seem. ,,
No. 410 Smithfield S;
CAPITAL. - - - - S200.00UOO. .
JA3IE3 P. SPEER. Vice Presi. ..
mh22-93-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier, .
Capital, $100,000, with privilege of $500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $23,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ao
counts Solicited. Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JAS. CALLERY President.
W.J.BURNS -Vice President-
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums'
of $1,000 and upward. AppW at
mh4-34-r No. 121 Fourth avenue.
Oil bonght and sold on margin.
As old residents know and back files of Pitts,
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician in tbe city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From-
ML"Dni IO ana mental diseases, physical
IMLn V UUO decay, nervous debility.Uckof,
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bashfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, solely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair,, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cureurfor life, and blood,
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system,
llDIMAPV kidney and bladder derange
U n 1 1 1 ft n I j ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-long, extensive experience) ,
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
hire. Office hours 9 A. 31. to 8 P. M. Sunday,
10 A. M. to 1 P.M. only. DR. WHITTIER, 930
Penn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. f e8-6-DSuw
A Scientific and Standard Popular Medical Treatus oa
the Errors of Youth, PrematureDecllne.Nervoua.
and Physical Debility, impurities ot tne wood,
Resulting irom Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Excesses: or
Overtaxation, Enervating and unfitting the -victim. .
for Work, Business, the Married or Social Relation-
Avoid unskilful pretenders. Possess this great?
work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful
binding, embossed, full gilt. Price, only $1.00 by
mall, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. 111ns
trative Prospectus Free, if you apply now. Tho
distinguished author, Wm. H. Parker, If. D., rt-t.
from the National Medical Association.
for the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and '
PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parkerandaeorps'
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, confi
dentially, by mall or in person, at tbe office of
No.4Bulflnch St., Boston Mass., to whom all
aiders for books or letters for advice should be
directed as above.
For meat -Checks tbe worst cases in three.
days, and cures in five days. Price $1 00, at" "
ja5-29-T-rssu 412 Market street. "-
For LOST or ('ailing -MANHOOD.
Setvous-, -
ness. Weakness ot
Body & Mind. Lack or Strength, Vigor and De- v
velopment, caused bv Errors, Excesses, 4c. Book,
JIODK of Selv-Treatmest. and Proof -mailed;
(sealed) free. Address KIK MEDICAL CO., -Bnffalo.
N. Y. deS-57-TTSJtwi;
ItVl!rorndMnhoodRitoti. Pre. ,
ME -nflE mature Decline ind Functional dor-
Jdera cured mlioHt Stomach Xedteme.
Sealed Treadsesent freeon application.
' M4R5T0H C0.tHrriaeftIIaTt.
I suffering from & tt t.
19 roro. earlr decar. lost .
tects or youtnrol cr
ninfiood .etc. I will send Tamable treatise (sealed .
eontainin? roll particulars for nome cure, rre ot
'-X"- r. nnwl . tlr.A. O . I.
flH' OB
f. KWFa r. rwnMMnp nawwMwy vvnntvl
l-UOiMlMUWlC - '.. .Via