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Leading Features of Markets at the
East Liberty Yards.
Light Weight Hogs in Better Demand and
Higher Priced.
Office of The Pittsbuik; Dispatch, )
Vedesdai January 2, 1889.
The receipts of cattle Monday were TO
loads, against 65 the previous Monday. The
average number of receipts throucu Novem
ber were about 150 cars. Through Decem
ber the local receipts of cattle at the Liber
ty yards were not more than one-half those
of November. This decline is an index to
the large consumption of poultry, name and
oysters, which is always a cart of the Christmas
festivities. Another reason for the decline is
the absence of Eastern buyers, who in the fall
months laid in their stockers and feeders for
this season. The stock-raisers of the Eastern
counties manage to lay in their stock
before December. With the falling off
of demand from this source, and .argc poultry
and came consumption coming In at the same
time, the local cattle demand has suffered a
declire, which very materially affects the
trade. . , ,
The Quality ot cattle received this week has
been better than tfce a erase for the past
mouth or two. Therchas been nothing strictly
prime in the receipts, and, in lact, notumg
quite np to some received last week. On the
other there were scarcely any of the low grade
Said a leading stockman: "Our supplies this
week have been in the main good butcher and
lair shipping cattle. Very few common, thin
butcher stuff were on the market, uch as w e
had an over-supply of through the falL"
Prices of common to good butcher stock rule
strong, 5310c higher than last week. Lower
frades rule 6trong. with no advance in price,
air shipping cattle are hard to sell. The ship
ping Interest setins to be in a condition of sus
pended animation. The best price that could
be traced for carload lots was $1 85.
Notwithstanding light receipt, some four or
Ave loads wrre lelt over from Monday, and
were shipped East to-day in first hands. Those
left over were what are termed bj the trade,
heavy shipping cattle. Buyers of tbi6 class of
stock appear to be in the holiday business this
week, and hence the slowness of markets.
Monday's supply of sheep and lambs con
sisted of about 12 cars, the same number as the
previous Monday. The larger portion of thoe
received were common and low grade stock.
The few good bunches that appeared found
ready sale at a shade better prices than a week
ago. The supply of good, juicy mutton and
lamb his not for some weeks been up to de
mand. Of the common, tough and juicclcss
Huff, there has been all along a supply in excess
of demand, and the situation in favorof buj era.
Tms has been the situation very decidedly this
week. Low grade sheep can hardly bring any
profit to shippers, at prices which are ruling for
this class.
At Chicago receipts of hogs to-day were 15,
C00 head, and prices ruled about the same there
to-day as Monday. At East Libertv receipts
were very light, and an advance of 15c to 20c
nverMondaj's prices is reported by dealers.
The range of the market at East Liberty to
day is $5 15 to $5 70. The receipts on Monday
were above 50 carloads, almost double the re
ceipts of the previous Monday. The demand
for good licit-weight hogs better than for
heavy w. eights, which reverses the situation of
a couple of we ks ago. Through November
and early December heavy hogs were in de
mand for lard supplies. It would seem that
lard stock is well secured, and of late the rush
is for light bogs.
E. JlcCnll & Co.'s Review.
The supply of fettle has been only fair, bnt
fully equal to the demand. The market ruled
slow on all grades, with common to medium
strong at last week's prices: very little demand
for good and selling very slowly at a shade
lower prices. We quote the following as rul
ing price: Prime. SX to 1.000 Us, Si 501 SO:
good, 1,200 to 1.400 Sis, S3 Sj4 20: good, LWJO to
1.200 lbs, SS 404 00; rough lat, 1,100 tn 1,301) Jk,
Jo 403 65: stockers and feeders, 52 003 00;
fat cows, bulls and heifers. 52 253 25; lresh
cows and springers, 2040 per head.
The receipts of hogs on Monday were about
equal to the demand, and the market ruled ac
tive. Yesterday and to-day the supply has been
very light and the market somewhat excited.
We dou't look for present prices to continue.
Sale" to-day were as follows: Fbiladelphias,
S5 455 50; best light Yorkers, $5 C0g5 65; com
mon to fair heavy Yorkers, 55 405 50; roughs,
54 25g5 00.
The receipts of sheep this week have been
light, and market firm at an advance of 1520c
per cwt on all grades. We quote as follows:
Prime Ohio and Indiana wethers, weighing here
110 to 120 pounds. S4 SC4 SO; good wethers, SO
to 100 pounds, $4 40g4 C5; fair to good mixed, 85
to 90 pounds. $3 G01 00: common to fair. 70 to
80 pound. J2 63S3 12) prime lambs, 75 to 90
pounds, 55 756 25: fair to good.50 to 65 pounds,
5 O05 50; veal calves, 110 to 140 pounds, $5 50
b 25.
By Telecranh.
New York Beeves Receipts since Monday,
5.109, including 35 carloads for a beef exporter.
42 carloads for city slaughterers direct, and SS
carloads to be sold: no market yesterday; 17
carloads were carried over on Monday and
were for sale to-daj; market extremely dull
and weak: ordinary to prime steers sola at
13S04 90 per 100 pounds: extra do at So 00
6 23: b fancy do at 56; 45; Colorado do, f365
3 M; exports yesterday and to-day, 3,230 quar
ters of beef; to-day's Liverpool cable quoics
American refrigerator beef firm at TJjjcper
pound. Sheep Receipts for two davs, 6,500
head; market about steady for sheep and
firmer and hijrher for pood lambs; common to
prime sheep sold at S3 255 25 per 100 pounds;
a few choice do at So 45; ordinary to choice
Iambs. $6(jO7S0. Hogs F.eceipts for two
days. 9.250, all for slaughterers direct; none
offered alive; market nominally steady at S5 3-5
St. Lotjis Cattle Keccipts.LWX) head: ship
ments, 200 head: market steady; choice hcavv
native steers, J5 00Q5 50; fair to Rood do, $4 40fiJ
6 IP; butchers' steers, medium to choice, S3 30i
4 40: Etocfcers and feeders, fair to good, $2 10
3 10; rangers, corn-fed, S3 004 10; grass-fed,
52 003 15. Hogs Receipts, 9,300 head; ship
ments, 800 head; market strong; choice
heavy and butchers' selections, $5 20g5 SO;
packing medium to prime. $5 10S5 25; light
grades, ordinary to best. S3 00 15. Sheep
Jlceip:, 1,000 head; shipments, 200: market
steady; fair to choice, $3 004 4a
CHiCAGO-The Drorcri' Jovrnal reports:
Cattle Receipts, 10,000 head: shipments. 3.000
head: market steady: choice beeves. 4 3MJ1 90;
steers, $2 65SJ4 50; stockers and feeders. 2 10
3 00: cows, bulls and mixed, SI 403 90; Texas
cattje, Jl 75i 00. Hogs Receipts. 15.5(10
liea"d; shipments, 5,000 head; market weak and
5c lower: mixed and light. $5 005 20; heavy,
J5O55S0: skips, S3 O0Q 0 CO. Sheep Keccipts,
4,300 head: shipments, 1,000 bead: market
Krone: natives, 53 255J4 80: Western corn fed,
H 00&1 60; Texans, 8 503 15; lambs, 51 00
o85. ,
CrscufXATi Hogs in good demand and
"higher: common and light. Si 504 85; packing
Mid butchers', S3 105 23.
Wheat Unsettled nud Lower Corn Qnlet
Oats Active But Weak-Pork nnd Lard
About Hold Their Own Short Itibs
Chicago. There was a surprise in store for
operators in w. heat in this market, and it came
in the way of a sharp decline, instead of the ad
vance they had calculated upon. The opening
was strong and K?c higher than closing fig
ures ot Monday, influenced, possibly, by the
light deliveries on January contracts, and a
decrease of 1,520.000 bushels in the quantity on
passage, but soon after the opening the specu
lative offerings became quite heavy and a
steady shrinkage in prices followed, which con
tinued Until a decline of 2c was established,
when the market temporarily rallied 3c again
became weak, declining to the inside range
the day, and closed about 2c lower than Mon
day. The receipts were light and export clear
ances again small. In fact, there was nothing
new from outside points to cause any special
change in the market, and the decline of to-day
was credited principally to the selling of a
prominent local trader. This party, for several
days past bad been a large buyer, and therefore
a support to the market, and his adverse action
to-day naturally had a doubly depressing ef
fect. At the decline, or inside prices, there
was good buying, sufficient to prevent further
decline. This buying wan supposed to be
mainly against rales made early in the day.
Cera ruled rather quiet most of the session,
though at times exhibited moderate activity.
The feeling, considering the section, in which
it ws relatively steady, and after the easiness
displayed aronnd the opening the market ruled
comparatively firm. Initial trades were ?
higher than Monday's closing prices, afler
which the market sold oS JfgKc, became
steady and closed J4jtc lower than Monday.
There was considerable changing ot January
into the more deferred months, chiefly May.
Oats were liirlv active, but weaker and
lower. Offerincs, during the greater part of
the sessiou were liberal, especially from
"longs." fiavers appeared rather indifferent
about takinghold. as other grains were weaker
and lower, hence the market had little support
and prices declined ie, and May delivery
itffttC and the market closed easy at inside
prices. Speculative trading was quite active
in mess pork and prices ruledirregular. Offer
ings were liberal, especially for Way delivery.
Early prices were advanced 5c, but the market
soon weakened and prices gradually declined
25330c. Later the market ruled steadier and
puces advanced 5JjTc and closed steady.
Qjiite an active business was reported In laid
but the business was weak. Prices decllned20
25c on the whole range, but rallied 5"c and
closed rather steady.
Considerable interest was manifested in short
ribs ard trading was quite active. Prices w ere
weak early i the day and declined 1520c, but
rallied 2Js5c later and the market closed
The leadine futures ranced as follows:
Wheat-No. 2, January, SI 021 02X9!
RMc: Kcbnurv. SI 041 041 01K1 00).;
.Mav. 1 U7i'4'l 01 04j(sl 04: July, 97K
Conx-No. 2 January. 34K34K33?ie33Kc:
March. 33gJ5Kel5S35Kc; May, Sih&Siii
Oats-No. 2 Januarv. 2525c; February,
25r; Mav, 8K2SK2!ViXc
Mess Pork, per bbl-Jannary, $12 83
12 0012 SO012 SO; February. SI2 97X12 97K
12 9012 32M: Mav. S13 401S 4513 1j13 2K.
LA.KD per 100 Bs. Januarv. 7 C27 62JJ
G7 32?7 40: February. 7 557 S57 40; May,
$7 ml 0T S2lAl &.
Shout Ribs, per 109 fts. January. $3 SO
(TO Wf6 62M66 (S2K: February, SS 80g6 60
6 70ge 70; May, $7 62!$7 D26 82Js6 87&
Cash quotations were as xollows: Flour,
nominally unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat,
S9Ji99Kc: No. 3 spring wheat bSR92c; No.
2 rl. WJieWK; No. 2 corn. S3cbid. No. 2
oats, 25?c. Ha. s rye. 50c. No. 2 barley, 7373c f.o.
b. No. 1 flaxseed, SI E. Prune timothy seed,
51 ok Mess pork, per barrel, 12 S012 tS. Lard,
per 100 lb. 87 42?7 45. Short ribs sides
(loose). $6 GC(?6 75. "Dry salted shoulders (box
ed). $f Toff 0 bK- Short clear sides (boxed),
S7 007 12X. ."sugars Cut loaf, unchanged.
Receipt's Flour, 12,000; wheat, 43.000 bushels:
corn, 1x5,000 bushels: oats. 146.000 bushels;
rye, 7,000 bushels: barley, 37,000 bushels. Ship
mentsFlour, fe,O0C: wheat, 10.000 busheli;
com. 348,000 bushels: oats. 150.000 bushels;
rje.2.000: barley, 34.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was dull; fancy creamerv. 28c; good to
choice, 2324c; flue dairies, 20g22c; good to
choice, 17S19c Eggs dull at 18c
New Youk Flour Receipts. 18,656 pack
ages; exports, 2,802 barrels, 7,491 sacks: irregu
lar and heavy; moderately active; sales, 16.150
barrels. Cornmeal lower: more active; yellow
Western, .J2 703 00. AVheat Receipts. 'J,M0
bushels: exports, none; sales, 6,648.000 bushels
futures: 17.000 bushels spot: spot market
quiet and KSlJfc lower; No. 2 red. SI 010
1 01 in elevator. SI 02(3)1 02 afloatpi 01(6
1 03 f.o. b.: No. 3 red. 95WC; No. 1 white,-Sl 01;
No. 1 red. SI OS; No. 2 Chicago, SI 08: options
more active and heavy: loner; eirly KMC
higher, declined 22K, clos.ng tiVic under
Mondavon realizing; No. 2 reil.Januarv, SI 00K
1 02J, closing at SI 01; Slarch, SI 03
1 05K. closing at SI 03; Mav. SI 061 08K, clos
ing at SI C6; June, SI 05UQ1 OS, closing at
SI 053$; July, SI 01K101?. closing atSlOl!.
Kje. heavv; Western, -5S62c Barley dull;
nominal. Barley malt dull. Com Receipts,
35,200 bushels: exports. Z73,780 bnshcls: sales.
352,000 buMi els futures: 16S.0U0 bushels spot;
spot market fairlv active; export and home;
steadv: No. 2. 4647Jc in elevator. 47J
4c afloat: ungraded mixed, SSK4:
No. 2 white. 47c; steamer mixed, 42-
44c: No. 3. 3S3!Kc: options trifle firmer and
quiet; Januarv. 4046c; February, 464J?,c.
closing at 4Gc; May. 45s4fc closing at
45jc. Oats Receints. 82,000 bushels; exports,
S bushels; sales. 810.000 bushels futures, 101.-
000 bushels spot; spot market fairly active
and stronger: options lidc higher and dull:
January, 30J31?ie, closing at 31?c; February,
3232 . closing &3ic: May. 33Kc; Pt Si "
white, 0434Jic; mixed western, 3032c: white
do.333&c:No.2Chicago.32Ve. Hav steady;
shipping. iiC65c; good to choke, 7595c Hops
steady and dull. Coffee Options openrd
steady and 1520 points up, closed barely
steady, and 4045 points above Saturdav; sales,
53.500 bags, melnding January, 14.9015.20c;
Fcbruarv, 14.9C15.20c; Mareh, 14.95gl5.35c:
April. lo.C'aio.wir: Mav, ia05l'i.40e: June,
15.10c; Julv,15 150)13 S5c:September.l5.3015.45c;
October. 15.S5S15.45c: December, 15.4515.55o:
Spot Rio stronger and more active: fair
cargoes 17c Sugar Rwlower: fair refining.
4Jc: centrifugal, 96 test, 5Jc: reflned easierand
quiet; confectioners' A. 7c: cutloaf, 8c;
crushed, 8c: powdered, 7c: granulated, Tc
Molasses Foreign nominal; New Orleans fairly
active. Rice firm ana quiet. Pork fairly active;
mess, S14 2514 50. Beef ca'ien extra mess, S7
7 25: plate, S99 50. Beef hams quiet. Cut
meats slow: pickled shoulders.7c; pickledhams,
KiQlOc: middles Inactive; short clear, S7 40.
Lard depressed; realizing; spot dnll; Western,
SS: options active; January. S7 888 00, closing
at 57 S3; February, $7 83: March. $7 84go 00,
closing at $7 84: April, $7 8T7 95. dosing at
S7 87: Mav, $7 858 03. closing at S7 So: June,
S7 89S 00, closing at $7 89. Butter about steady
and quiet: Western dairy, 142c;do creamery.
lPJ31c: Elgins. ?JJ33c Cheese quiet and firm;
Western, 10llc.
St. Louis Flour qniet and unchanged.
Wheat opened strong ou light receipts, firm
cables and higher prices elsewhere, but later,
under bearish news from Europe and tumbles
at all speculative centers, as well as the shut
down of all local bus. less, there was a collapse
and prices closed 2Jc under Mondav; No. 2
red. cash, 93J93c; Mav, SI 001 00?J
1 00K, closing at SI 001 00-; July, 99c
SI 01& closing; at ESKc acked. Corn lower and
weak; No. 2 cash, o0ffl30)c; Jannarr, S0
30c closing at :k Februarv, 30Jj;31c,clos
ine at 30c asked: May, 3333c, closing at
KtSH0 bid. Oats lower; Na 2 cash, 24c
asked; Mav.2S)28Xc,cloing at 28Jc. Bye,
firmer at 454S)c bid. Barley quiet; sample
lots Wisconsin, 72iS75c; Iowa, 5561c: Dakota
and Manitoba, 7273c Barging quiet at llVf
611?ic Cotton ties, SI 201 25. Provisions
dull and weak. Pork Job lots, S13 50S13 75.
Lard nominally 57 25. Dry saltmeats-Car lots
loose shoulders; 6 25; longs and ribs, 7 00;
short clear, SS 10S 12.
PHii.ADEl.pniA Flour weak. Wheat a
shade firmer, subsequently became weak and
closed lower: No. 2 red, Jannarv, 9096c: Feb
ruary. 979Sc: Marcb,99KJl 00; April, SI 01
01O1K: May, SI Ol my Corn-Carlots in
desirable position for jobbers firmly held, with
a fair inquiry: No. 2, in elevator, lower: specu
lation quiet; No. 4 mixed, on track, 33c No. 3,
37SSc; steamer No. 2 mixed, in grain depot,
40c w ith S9c bid for do in export elevator;
No. 2 mixed. 4242c in export elevator; old
No. 2 mixed, elevator, 45c; No. 2 mixed. Jan
uarv, 4:12c: February, 42K42Kr: March,
CeKq April, Wmm May, 43Ktfc
Oats-Oarlots dull: No. 3 mixed. 30c: No. 3
"white, 33c: No. 2 white, 3436Jc: futures
quiet, tut steaav: jno. ; white, jannarv. wgg
34c: Fcbniary, 34K34;c: March, 313235c;
April. 353-5Xc; May, 353Ge.
CixciXNATi-Flournrm; family, S4 254 40:
fancy. S4 75a4 90. Wheat quiet; No. 2 red.
97c Com active and steady; No. 2 mixed. 35
.t55c Oats steady: No. 2 mixed, 27J427c
Ryein fair demand; No. 2, 66Kc. Pork mill
at $13 75. Lard heavy and lower at $7 40.
Bulkmeats dull and easier: short rib. $7 00
7 12J Bafcon quiet: short clear. SS 62K- Butter
eaien extra creamery, 3334c; prime dairy
roll,lS15c Sugar in moderate demand and
steady; choice mild Ohio flat at 10)Ilc.
BAiroionE Wheat Western steadv at a
decline; No. 2 winter red, spot and lannary.
99c asked; February, 974c; March, 999!)ic.
Com Western easy; mixed, spot and January,
4242Kc; February, 4212JJc; steamer, spot.
39c Oats steadv; Western white. 325831c; do
mixed, 231r; graded No. 2 white, 33c bid.
Rye firm at 0061c Hav dull; prime to choice
timothy. S16 0017 00. Provisions steady and
Toledo Clovereeed very dull; cash, $5 10.
Disconrnpnc Opening of the Now Year in
the Ronton Marker.
Bostox, January 2. Atchison was the one
feature of the Boston stock market to-day, he
iug very active and weak. It was sold down by
traders who started in for a turn on the bear
side, and received aid from the room,
from long stock and from stop orders.
Opening at 3i it touched 55 "and recovered to
56. but weakened again in the last quarter
hour and closed at 5454, the low est point of the
day. and making the net result of the day's
trading a decline of 3 points. The point was
given out that November earnings would
show a decrease in net as compared
with 18S7 of 5300,000, and also that
no dividend would be paid in February.
The earnings disappointed extreme bearish
anticipations, showing the comparative de
crease has been 200,006. The day as a whole
has proved a sorry one for the commencement
of the new year.
Atch. CollstcraI5s.. S.W
CS.SQ 109
Fltchburff 77
Mexican Central.... nn
;. V. iewKnr... u
S. Y.&AewEnr pr.liSK
Orecon Short Line.. 43
Union Pacific w
West End Land 1VA
Atchison Trust fis.,,103
Atchison Trust 'S...1M
Atlantlc&Paclficlnc 2L
ilex. Central 4s b6'
Alex, central Inc.... 2
N. Y. A N. E. 6S....114
Oregon Short iCCs.lCTV! Bell Telephone 202
Union Pacific 8s Wi Calumet A HecU....299
Atchison stocL 54 ITamarark:. is?
Boston & Albny...S0ljBoston& Montana.. 70X
Philadelphia fitocks.
Closlnjr quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers, No. 57
Fourth avenue. 1 Members New York Stock Ex
Change., )Hd. AsVed.
PennaylvanlaKallroad MK UK
Heading KaUroad U ?-16 24W
LehlftU Valley S4 M
Ichlgli Navigation 61 51,
U. Co, 's Kew Jersey t ......aiH KIK
Northern Pacific .-25 &&
Northern l'scldc preferred CO )
The Kew. Year Promises to Breat
the Best Business Record.
Eeal .Estate Moving Quite Briskly, With
Prices Pointing kjward.
The new year started off well in financial
circles. There was no special movement,
but business was quite brisk. Payment of
dividends will begin in a day or two. This
will put a large volume of money in circu
lation. Nearly all the banks yesterday re
ported depositing in excess of withdrawals.
At most of them counter business was lively.
The clearing house statement shows a large
volume of transactions, very little of which was
of a speculative nature.
The exchanges were 52,864,121 20 and the bal
ances $476,245 S6. Eastern exchange ruled abont
even with currency. Rates for borrowing were
66 per cent. In a few cases gilt-edged paper
was accepted at 4J Bankers generally express
confidence that the present year will break the
record for the volumo of transactions. The
beginning points to this result.
At New York money on call was tight, rang
ing' from C to 8 per cent, last loan 8, closed of
fered at 2. Prime mercantile paper, 56K per
cent. Sterling exchange dull but steady at
S4 Sii for fiO-day bills and SI SSJi for demand.
Philadelphia Gns Lends In Foint of Activity
Prices Bid nnd AsUed.
The local movement in stocks showed no
diminution yesterday. There was a good de
mand for all the leading securities. The total
sales aggregated 469 shares, of which 350 were
Philadelphia Gas, which went off with a rush
at 39J6 toS9Jg the highest figures beingrealized
at the close of the afternoon call. Bidding was
(juito brisk at both calls. The following will
show the spirit of the martet:
Fittsbur Insurance
Hridecwater Gas Co
Chartiers Valley Gas Co
Natural Gas Co., W. Va....,
Wheeling Gas Co
Columbia Oil Co
Washington Oil Co., ex-dlv.
Citizens' Traction
Bid. Asked
, 32 aj
57 60
55 ....
27V SS
3X ....
79 88X
Jo a
". IK 1H
50 ....
Sj'i 36
Philadelphia Gas,
Fi ttsburf- Junction Itallway Co.
j.a Anna aiming i'o
Allcflicnv County Electric.
East End'Elcctric ,
M ct!nghouse Electric ,
Actual sales, omittinf?
mentioned above, include 12 shares WhcelingJ
f3n CnmmtiT nt 5S and 100 sharps f!itiPTm
Traction Company at 60. Brokers reported
very little business outside of the Exchange.
Total sales of stocks at New York yesterdcy
were 184.191 shares, including Delaware. Lacka
wanna and Western, 21,b00l Erie, 4.120: Lake
Shore, 10,712; Louisville arid Xashville, 4,270;
Missouri Paciflc, 6,870; Northwestern, 8,165:
New Jersev Central, 8.100; Northern Paciflc
preferred, 1414; Oregon Transcontinental, S.0S0;
Reading, 22,503; St Paul, 15,010; Union Pacific,
15,810; Western Union, 7,822.
The Bnnk of ritlsbnrc Issues an Important
Notice to .Stockholders.
The Directors of the Bank of Pittsburg have
issued a notice to stockholders to the effect
that the charter under which that institution
is operated will soon expire and urging them
to adopt prompt measures to secure a renewal
This must be done before the expiration of
the charter, otherwise a general law of the
Legislature will be necessary to prevent tho
bank from going out of existence. Tho latter
result would be a calamity to the business in
terests of the city. The importance of the
notice to the stockholders is therefore ap
parent THE SPIRIT OF '
A Bullish Influence Boosts Qnoi Which
Move Up n Foint,
The first business day of the new year atihe
Petroleum Exchange was characterized by a
strong market and free buying. The influence
was bullish, lioth here and in New York. Field
news favored, higher prices, several wells of
which much had been expected burning out
badly. The opening price was87. Free bid
ding, attended with considerable excitement,
soon sent the figures up to 88. Another jump
was then made to S This was followed by a
drop, caused by reports of a strike in the Wash
ington field. As soon as the report was shown
to be bogus another advance was scored to SSJ.
The market closed strong at 88. The lowest
price touched was 87 and the highest 88.
A. B. JIcGrew quotes: Puts, 87c; calls,
Ine following table, corrected by l)e Witt DI1
worth, broker In petroleum, etc, comer Fifth
avenue and Wood street, l'lttsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc.:
lime. VBld. Ask. 'lime. Bid. Ask.
Opened S7$ Sa'S12:p. St.... 88 SS'i
10H5A. M.... 68 W4 1:00P K... 83 U)i
10:30a. M.... &! S$!4 l:15p. M.... 88 88J$
10:45tA. M.... m 88"4 1:301 M.... &.' h!4
1I.-O0A. M...i 8S!4 fcMH 1:43P. M.... iiii 8S
11:15a. M.... M SSJj S:00r. M.... 8SH tsjj
D:tfA. M.... Mh 68K !:15r. a.... WH H
11:43A. M.... S3M SS 2:30 p. It.... 88 tSi
1!:00M 8S)4 m -ttr. M.... 63! 88
1I:;5 P. M.... S8 SSlClosed UH ....
12:30 P. M.... 83 8Slil
Uneued. S7,'fc: highest, S8.:
closed, g&Hs.
Drily runs i
Average rum
Dally shipments ,
ATeraee shipments
Dallv charters
Average charters ,
lowest, Slfiet
m,,i... 108,776
79. CW
. 30,437
Mtii, mm, tiu
lew York closed at SSJJc
Oil CItvclosea at SSVr.
Uradlorddosea nt Sin.
Kew Yore, relined. .l0c
London, reflned. 6 13-161.
Antwerp, reflned, 19f.
Sharp Contest for (tracers of tiie Exchange
The Successful Men.
An election for officers of the Pittsburg Pe
troleum, Stock and Sietal Exchange was held
yesterday, which brought out a full attend
ance. There wore several lively contests.
Everything passed off harmoniously, however,
and both the successful and the defeated can
didates are satisfied with the result. It was a
fair flgbt for the control of one of the most im
portant business institutions of the city. Those
who pulled through are:
President, W. S. Alter; First Vice President, J.
R. ilcKee, Jr.: Second Vice President, A. J.
Lawrence: Tri asnrer, II. W. Hagan; becretary,
J. K. Barbour.
Hoard of Directors, H. Forst, f. I. Mutln, S.
H. 3lnrrav, a. a. Anains, s. rritz. w. E. von,
Knnnhnrst- G. C Kuhll. f K. TTnhn IV 1
Arbitration Committee. K. T. Hunt, J. SI.
Montgomery, B. 11. Kobiusou, J. L. Tracey, P.
Other OH AInrkcts.
OIL Cmr. Januarys, Opened, 87c; closed,
8SXc; highest, 8SJc: lowest, 87c
Bradford. January 2. -Opened, 8Sc; low-
est, o7c: highest. SSe: closed. SSc
New York, January 2. Petroleum opened
firm at S7Jc and after the first sales became
strongana advanced to 83Xc a slight reaction
then occurred, hut the market rallied and dur
ing the alternonn was very dull, closing firm at
SSKc. Sales, 1)10,000 barrels.
The Boom Still On-Good Demand for Itcsi-
dener Properties Latest Sales.
Iiarge as were the transactions in real estate
last year in Pittsburg and adjacent boroughs'
and townships, the present year will probably
witness even a greater movement. The feeling
is in the direction of a boom. Of conrse this
means higher prices. Just now the call Is for
residence property, although business sites are
quickly snatched up hcn offered at reasonable
figures. Yeterda's transactions include:
William A. Herron Son, lot 2090. on
Adams street, near Preble avenue, Allegheny,
900 cash.
Black &Baird to Alexander Turner, large,
new, pressed brick residence. 241 Locust street,
Allegheny, lot 24x65, $10,500. The same firm
placed a mortgage of $2,250 on a piece of prop
erty on O verhill street, for two years, at CJ per
cent. '
Gracbins & Lyon sold 16 acres in West Belle-
vuetoS. Delp for Sla600;aUoSo acre farm in
Beaver county for!0,6tl0: also 320 acre farm in
Osborne connty, Kansas, for $5,755. Messrs.
Graeblng & Lyon placed mortgages on property
in Pittsburg, Allegheny, McKeesport and Bea-
vef county, at 53-10 to 6 per cent, running
three ears.
EwincAByers sold for James Gordon to
Christ Bcfcert: 118 Webster street, Second ward,
Allegheny, brick house and lot, 20x80, for 3,650.
Two lots in the upper pari of Wilklnsburg
enanged owners at SS00 each.
They Sustain a Decline, While tbo Coolers
Take a Step Upward.
New York, January 2, The stock market
at tho opening of the new year was something"
of a disappointment W) the advocates of higher
figures, as the day, except for a short time in
the early morning, was given u to tho bears,
although tho impression made upon values, ex
cept in a few special instances, was not of
special importance. The rise of the last part
of Monday was continued in the early trading
with London quite a conspicuous buyer, and
the temper of the room was generally bullish,
though the traders who were doing the most of
the business were taking profits. The buying
soon became scattered and the bears came to
the front again, as circumstances were for the
moment greatly in their favor.
Monev was working very closely, rates being
held at 6 per cent all the forenoon, and later
moved up to 8 per cent the limit The rumor
from Chicago of a hitch in the carrying out of
the agreement 3mong tbo Granger-roads, and
Boston sent a story of a probable passing of
the next dividend on Atchison with the report
of the earnings for November, showed a loss of
nearlv S200.0UO, and, although this was about
100,000 better than had been expected, the
effect upon the value of tho stock was very
marked. It dropped 3 per cent and pressure
was brought against the other Grangers, Rock.
Island, Burlington and Bt Paul each yielding'
over a point Some effort was made to make
it 'appear that Mr. Gould was not In
svmpathy with an advance at present, and
Missouri Pacific was forced off materially.
Outside of the shares mentioned, however, the
losses were confined to fractions only, and
good buving appeared at tho low range of
quotations which latter rallied the list and
Coal stocks became specially prominent for
strength, .lersy Central in particular leading
the upward movement with a gain of over a
point and a half. Reading and Lackawanna
were not so strongly affected by the bullish re
ports on the Coalers, but the former was helped
by the rise in the bonds, which were higher on
rumors from Philadelphia of payment on tho
first and second incomes. Bull points were
circulated frtely upon New England, and that
stock was one of the most active on the list,
but its range of prices was not marked and it
finally closed at an insignificant change from
its Monday's figures.
The opening figures were from an V, to per
cent abovo Monday's prices, with Missouri Pa
cific in the lead, but there was very little vim
to the subsequent trading, and with the ex
ceptions of New England and Lackawanna, no
strength appeared. Atchison soon oame to tho
front being very weak, and the rest of the list
slowly followed, leading gradually un'il toward
1 P. 31. Rock Island, Burlington, St. Paul and
Missouri-Pacific, however, in turn became
prominently weak, and all retired a material
amount before the rally set in. Jersey Central
sprang into activity and rapidly advanced K
per cent bringing the rest of the list with ft
although in none were the early losses entirely
recovered. Atchison moved up a point, but the
recovery was afterward again lost The up
ward movement was not of long duration, and
in the last hour the marketagain became quiet i
anally closing dull and stoady. generally at
fractional losses.for tho day. Jersey Central
shows an advance of 1 per cent, but Atchison
is down 3, Burlington 1, Rock Island 1
and Missouri Pacific 1.
The special feature ot the dealings in rail
road bonds to-day was the activity and strength
in the Reading incomes and 4s. and the la-t-named
bonds contributed S257.000, the first in
comes $162,000, and the second incomes $153,000
out of a total day's business of 31,551,000. The
tone of the general market while rather firm,
showed no decided character, and the changes
in quotations for the day aro in all except a
few instances for slieht fractions only, tbo
Fort Worth and Denver firsts only displaying"
anv animation.
Mining quotations dosed: Amador, $2; Bodie
$2: Caledonia.B. H., $3; Consolidated California
and Virginia, 975; Deadwond, 160; Eureka,
3: Hale and Norcross, 1150: Iron Silver, SO;
Navajo, 165: Plymouth, $8; Sierra Nevada, S3;
Union Consolidated, S3.
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney it Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- Lotf-lnc.-
est est
est. 58-
31 H
Am. Cotton Oil Mtf
Atch., Top. & S. 1... 57
Canada Southern 52
Central ofMew Jersey. 95VJ
Central 1'acltlc
C, Bnr.i Qnincv lWii
C, Mil. & St. Paul... 64
C, MI1.&M. P.. pf....M
C, Kockl.il 9SjJ
C., St. L. & Pitts
C, St. L. Pitts, pf.
U, St. P., it. & 0 32
C, St. P..M. &0 pf93
C. & Northwestern. ...ll'8
C&Jsorthwestern, pf.0it
U. V. V. & 1.
Col.. Coal A Iron....
Col. A Iloclting Val
Del., L..tW
Del. & Hudson
Denver .tltloG
Denver & KIo (1., pf...
E.T., Va. &Ga
K. T..Va. AGs., lstnf
M 8!
E.T., Va.Os..2dpf.23i
Illinois Central 115
Uke Eric & Western.. 165
Lake Erie West. pf.. 52J
Lake Shore & M. S IW'I
Louisville & Nashville 57$
Michigan Central 87H
ltob!le& Ohio
Mo.. K. ATexas
Missouri Pacific U
JewYork Central 107V
N. Y.. L. E. & W T,ii
a. i., j. rv w.prei ei
N. Y., C. &bt.
N.Y., C&St.
I,. Df.
N.Y., C.&St.L.2dpf ....
N.Y1'. K 45
J). Y., O. & W KS
Is or folk & Western
Norfolk & Western, pf 50J
Northern Paciflc 25
Northern Pacific pref. fiO?
Ohio A, Mississippi..... V.4
ureon improvement.
Oregon Transcon.
Peo. Dec. JtKvans...,
Philadel. & Keadlnx.
Pullman Palace Car..
Richmond & V. P. T..
Richmond ft W.P.T.pf
Ufr I'mil - llnlii.l.
bt. FaulA llUuth pf
at. r., .uinn. s, .Man
St.L. ASan Fran
&t. J,. & San Fran pr.. Sfi te 65K
bt. L. & San I". lit nf.
Texas Paciflc 225(
UnionPacltlc WA
"Wabash preferred 24tj
Western Union 83H
WhceUng & L. CO
U. S. 49 rep;...,
U.S. 4s coup..
U. S. 4,sreg
...126111. S.4sconp.,
...126 Paciflc 66 of '85.,
OverFonrtecn Millions of It "Wiped Ont Dur
Inc December.
WASniKOTON, January 2.-The-following is
a synopsis of the public debt statement, issued
Bonds at 4 per cent f 181,152,300 00
Bonds at 4 per cent , 631, 1S7, 6C0 00
Refunding certificates at 4 per cent. 128,240 00
iavv pension fund at 3 per cent.... 14,000,000 00
Pacific Itallroad bonds at Sperccnt. 64,623,512 00
Principal 94L40I,65J 00
Interest 11,(50.34.100
Total S So2,C91,005 00
Principal S 2,094.69.5 00
Interest 16;), 783 00
Total $ 2,255,473 00
Old deinandandlcgiltcndernotes..f 348,737,823 CO
Ccrtllicatcs of deposit 10,250,000 M
d'nld certificates 120,888,413 00
Mlvercorttficates 246,2W,!flO 00
i'ractlonal currency, lea? (3,375,034
cstlmstedaslostordcstroed 6,919,526 00
Principal f 731,015,796 OO
Principal fl, 674, 152,144 00
Interest 11,211,127 00
Total tl,6S5,363,271 00
Less cash Items avail
able for reduction of
the debt 330,(34,749 00
Less reserve held for re
demption or United
btates notes 100,000,000 00
490,664,749 00
Total debt, less avaUable cash ltems.tl, 184, 69 522 CO
et cash in the Treasury.....: 60.636,264 00
Debt, less cash In Treasury Jann
arv 1.18SJ $1,134, 062, 258 00
Debf, less cash In Treasury Decem
ber 1. 188. (1,143, 49, 653 00
Decrease ordebt during December. 14,427,605 CO
Decrease of debt since June 30,1833.. 31,52,398 ou
Gold held for gold certificates ac
tually outstanding J 120,888,443 00
SUrer held for silver certificates ac
tually outstanding 246,219,999 00
U. S. notes held for certificates of
deposit actually outstanding 10,250,000 00
Cash held for matured debt and m- -
tercst unpaid 13,305,822 00
fractional currency 479 00
Total available for reduction ofdcbtr300,C4,743 00
Held for redemption of United
States notes, acts January 14, 1875,
and July 12, 1382 1 100,000,000 00
Unavailable for tbe reduction of the debt:
FractlonxUUver colnM,KJ,65,458 00
Minor coin 63, is w
23.733,7M 00
Certlflcatcs held as cash a 40,533,2ns 00
Net cash balance on band 60,536,254 00
Total cash in the Treasury u
shown by Treasurer's general
account 1 615,591,077 Co
Butter Still priflins: Downward, Eggs
Barely Steady.
Liberal Hay Eeceipts Depress Trade, Ee
stricted Output
Office of tiie Pittsburg Dispatch, )
Wednesday. January 2, 18b9.
Country Produce Jobbing Price.
The country produce trado has not awakened
from its holiday quiet. Retailers and con
sumers are evidently pursuing the hand to
mouth policy until old bills are settled. Butter
continues on its downward way; prices are off lc
at Elgin. If ever greed defeated Its own end,
it was when, the big advance on Elgin
creamery was mado a month or more ago.
The reaction from flctitiousalues sought to be
established then has sent prices so low that the
difference in jobbing rates 'twixt now and then
is fully 12c per pound. Eggs, too, continue very
slow. There have been few holiday seasons in
recent years when eggs brought' as low prices
as during that just passed. The purchaser who
is ready to put up cash will have little difficulty
securing the best egg going in job lots at 22c.
Poultry is scarce and firm and likely to con
tinue so through tho winter, as stuff throngh
the countrv is reported unusually well cleaned
Beans Navy from store, prime hand picked,
$2 ir2 15 per bushel; medium, $2 002 10: Ohio
and Pennsylvania do, prime and medium, $2 00
2 10; imported do, $1 02 00; Lima, 556
per ft; marrowfat, $2 752 to per bushel.
Butter Creamery. Elgin, 3335c: Ohio do,
2830c; fresh dairy packed, 2325ci country
rolls, 2SS32c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter, 33
BtESWAX 2325c per ft for choice; low
grade, 1618c
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 50: common
$3 504 00: crab cidor, .$8 00S8 50- barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012e $ gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, September make. 11
S12c; New Yoik. September make, 1212ic;
timburger, 11H1 domestic Hweitzer
cheese. 13gl3Xc.
Dried Peas $1 451 50 f! bushel; split do,
2c ? a.
Eggs 22023c 9 dozen for strictly fresh.
Feuits Apples, $1 25 to $1 75 ty barrel;
evaporated rasphcrnes, 25c ft; cranberries,
$8 00 f barrel, $2 75 fl bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 50ig60c; No. 1
do, 4045c: mixed lots, 3035c fl fi.
Hominy $3 303 40 ?? barrel.
Honey New crop, 18c: buckweat, 1315c
Potatoes Potatoes, 3540c p bushel; $2 50
62 75 for Southern sweets; $3 25Q3 50 for Jer
sev sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 5570c $1 pair;
dressed chickens, 1213c 53 pound; turkeys, 13
15c lire, 1618c dressed $ pound; ducks, live,
8085c 9 pair, dressed, 16c fl pound; geese,
$lgl 10 ft pair.
Heeds Clover, choice, 62 Its to bushel, $6 per
bushel; clover, large English, 62 fis 6 25;
clover, Alsike, $S 50; clover, white, $9 OOjtimo
thv, choice,45 fts, $1 00; blue grass, extra clean,
14 fts, $1 00; blue grass, fancy. 14 lbs, $1 20;
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, SI 00;
millet, 50 fts, $1 25: German millet, 50 fts, 52 CO;
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
Shellbarks $1 50I 75. '
Tallow country, 45c; city rendered;
C Tropical Fruits Lemon's. $3 004 00 a
box; Florida oranges $3 003 50 lp box; Jamaica
oranges, fancy, $4 50S5 00 sp barrel; Malaga
grapes $5 507 00 V keg; bananas, $2 00
firsts, $1 251 50 good seconds $ bunch: cocoa
nuts, $4 00 ?! hundred: pineapples, $10 0CQ18 00
nunoreu; new ngs, izjshc n pound: dates, oj
JfiUc ft pouniL
EOETAni.ES Celerv. lOSSOc 5Hbnneh:cah-
baRes, S3 005 00 ?1 10(1; onions. 60c ty bushel:
Spanish onions, 1 001 25 14 crate; turnips, 30
40c bushel.
Geees Coffee Fancy' Eio, 201rf21Jc;
choice Rio, 1820c: prime Itio, J9c: fairltio,
18li8c old Government. Java, 26c:Mara
caibo, 21J022"c; Mocha, 3031c; Santos, 1SJ
22c; Caracas coifee, 19K21c; peaberry, Rio, 20
21Kc;LaBuayra, 2021c-
Hoasted (in papers) Standard brands,
22c; high grades, 2326c; old Government
Java, bulk, S0-ilKc; Maracaibo, 2526Kc;
8anto3,2I22c; peaberry, 25Kc: choice Rio.ffiKc;
prime Rio, 21c; Rood Rio, 20Kc; ordinarv, 19JCc.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c. allspice, 3c;
cassia, 89c: pepper, 19c: nutmec 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test. TVfct.
Ohio, 120, Skcj headlight, 150, 9c; water white,
lWcj astraline, OigOc; elaine, 15c; carnadine.
lH?c; royal ine, 14c.
bYRUPS Corn syrups, 2325c; choice sueac
syruo, 35036c; crime sugar syrup, 8033c;
strictly prime, 3335c.
N. 0. iiiOLASSES-Fancy. old, 4Sc; choice, 45c;
mixed. 4042c' new crop, 4850c.
Soda Ui-carb in kegs, 3K4c; bi-carb in Ks,
5c: bi-carb, assorted packages, 556c; salsoda
in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c.
CASDLES-Star, full weicht, !c: stearine,
per get. 8Kc: paraffine. llKI2c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77i4c; choice, 65
7c: prime, 56ic; Louisiana, C6Kc
Starcii Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 67c; closs
gtarch, 57c.
Foreign FKuns-Layer raisins, $2 65; Lou
don layers, $3 10; California London layers.
82 50; Muscatols. 52 25: California Muscatels,
S2 35; Valencia, new. 67c; Ondara Valencia,
prunes, new, 5?c; French prunes", S13c;
ealonica prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8Xc; cocoa
npts, per 100, S6 00; almonds. Lan.,pcr fi, 20c;
do Ivlca, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12J5!l5c: Sicily filberts. 12c: Smvrna flss. 12W5)
JOc; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c; citron, per
ju, iiw iit, icuiuu pcei, per jb, ijxshic; orange
peel, U4c.
Dried FRUITS Annies, sliceiuer ft. Sc; an.
rples, evaporated. 67c; apricots, California,
evaporaiea, joigiBc; pcacnes, evaporatea,pared,
2223c; peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, 12J18c: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unuitted. 56c; raspborries, evap
orated. 24Kf?a3c; blackberries, 79c; huckle
berries, 10ffil2c
SUQAP.S Cubes. 8c: nowdercd. 8e: (rrann.
Uted, 7c; confectioners' A, 7c; standard A,
7c; soft whites, 67Uc: yeliuw, choice, 63
Cjic; yeUow, good. o6c; yellow, fair, 6ic;
yellow, dark, to.
PiCKLES-Mediums, bhls (1,200), 51 75; me
diums, half bbls (600), $3 00.
Salt-No. 1 1) hbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, a bbl, $1 05;
dairy, 53 bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal, SJ3 bhl. $1 20:
Higpirfs Eureka, 4 bu sack, J2 80; Higgin's
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets, J3 00.
Canned GooDS-Srandard peaches, $1 50
1 H); 2ds. 81 30fl a5; extra peaches, SI 351 00;
pie peaches, i)0c: ijnest corn, $1 S01 50; Hfd.
Co. com, 75'J0c: red cherries, 90cl 00; lima
beans, SI 10;soaked do. 85c: string do do, 7ob5c;
marrowfat peas, 31 101 15; soaked peas, 70
7oc; pineapples, ?l 401 50; Bahama do, $2 7o;
damson plums, 9oc; green gages, 31 25: egg
plums, S2 00; California pears, S2 50; do irreen
gages, $2 00;do egg plums, i 00; extra white
cterries. $2 90; red cherries, 2 lbs. 90c: raspber
ries, 31 151 40; strawberries, 31 10; gooseber
ries. 31 201 30; tomatoes. 95rl 00; salmon, 1
i, 81 752 10; blackberries, (Or; succotash, 2-B
cans, soaked, 90c; do green. 2 lbs, SI 251 50;
corn beef, 2-& cans, 31 75; 14-ft cans, $13 50;
uasea uean, i msi o; lonsrer. j D, ti o.$
1 80: mackerel, 1-4 cans, broiled, $1 50; sardines,
domestic, Ya $t504 75; sardines domestic,
U. 38 25(38 o0; sardine', imported. 14s, $11 50
12 50; sardines, imported, Ji's, S18 00; sardines,
mustard, -4 25. ,'
FnH-Extra No. 1 mess mackerel, 330 ?1 bbl;
No. 1 do. m&i extra No. 2 lo, J24 00; large
n. 3 do.S20. i hole codfish George's medium,
4Jfc; do large, lc; boneless hake, 5c: do cod
fish, 7M8c; fioioked halibut, 1012c; blue fish,
fc: split herring,' go oojfe 50: white fish, half
hbl. 100 tt', 87 SO; lake herrine, new, 100 3kbs,
f3 25; Portlaul round herring: 200 ftbs. U 50; do
half bbls, 1W fts, S2 &5: trout. 100 fts. So 5a
Buckwhjat Flour SVilKc per pound.
OAT3IBAi-30 S06 CO Lbl.
Miners Dil-No. 1 winter strained, 5962c
gallon. jardoil,75c
Grnin, Flour and Feed.
Total 0;ceipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change vljre 77 cars. Rivinp a total for the week
of 131 cats. To-day's receipts were: By Pitts
burg, Ft! Wayne and Chicago, 14 cars of hay, II
of corn,! Jof oats, 1 of rye, 3 of flour, 1 of feed.
By PittsWg, Cincinnati and St. Louis, 17 cars
of bay.Ji of oats, 9 of com, 1 of middlings, 4 of
flour. Kales on call were 1 car No. 1 timothy
hay, $lf 25, track, B.. & O.; 1 car No. 2 y. e. corn,
39c, la days, regnlar. Trade movements in
cereal, are'slovr. Liberal receipts of hay "tend
to depress markets in this line. The output of
flour fat Northwestern mills week before last
was little more than one-half that of the cor
responding week of 1887. This is due to the
combination to restrict product acreed on at
Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago. The effort to
hold Vp prices ot flour by curtailing output has
yielded uo practical fruit as yet other than that
there Is a little stronger disposition to buy
WiisAT-Jobbiiig pricesNo. 2 red, Jl 07
1 03; No. 3 red, ic5l C2.
C0KS-No. 2yellow. ear. ic; high mixed.
ear, SSffllOc: No. 1 vellow, shelled, SStfJIOc; high
mixed, shelled, 3637c; mixed, shelled. 553b?.
Oats-No. 2 white, 33S3'c; extra No. 3,
31Ks'2c:.No. 3 white, 803f?No. 2 mixed,'
Ryf: No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 606Ic;
No. 1 Western, 6081c; pew rye, 675Se.
Bablet-No. I Canada, 31 001 02; No. 2
Canaila,l)al!)8ojNo. 3 Canada, WS92ci No. 2
Westerii.cMc;N6.3 Western, 75$78c; Lake
Shore, S590c.
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents,t6 25
8 GO: spring patents. 36 06 75; fancy stralgt,
winter and sprint 35 756 OO; clear winter,
55 505 75: stralehtCXXX bakers',35 255 60.
Rva ffnn 3 TRil OO
V CorsmeaIi In .paper, 6070c. J
MHJFEED-Middllnss, hne whlte, 320 501
-i uu fi ion. Drown miiiuuni;3, vii iuio uu.
winter wheat bran, 315 50016 00; chop feed,
321 0OQ22 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice 316 00016 50:
No. 1 do, 315 6016. 00; No. 2 do, 813 50314 50;
loose from wagon. 323 002B 00; No. 1 upland
prairie. 310 60010 75; No. 2, $9 5010 00; pack
ing do. $8 00,
Bteaw OaLi, 38 009 00; wheat and rye
straw, 38 008 50.
Large hams, 18 fts and upward, lie: medium
bams. 14 to IS fts, llc; small hams, 14 fts and
under,llc;picnlc oi California hams,10c;bone
Icss (in skins), 12c; sugar-cured shonlders,
9Kc; bacon,9$ic; dry salt, OJc; breakfast bacon,
lOJc; rouletts, (boneless s. c shoulders), Ufc;
regular smoked sides, lOWc; bellies smoked
sides. lOVc; regular dry salt sides, 9Jc: bellies
dry salt sides, 9c; dried beef, sets 3 pieces, lie:
dried beef, fiats. 9c; dried beef, rounds, 12c;
dried beef, knuckles, 12c; pork, mess, $1(1 50;
pork, familv, 317 00; pigporfc. half barreK 3!) 00;
Long sausage. 5Jic Lard Tierces, S23 Its, 8Jio
V ft: half barrels, 120 fts, 8Jc ft: tubs,
wooden, b0 fts, 8c J1 ft; buckets, wooden. 20
fts.8c $ ft;3-fi tin pails.v60 fts, 9c $ ft: 5-fi
tin pails, 00 fts 8c ? fi; 10-Ia tin pads, 60 fts,
8Jc 5? ft: 20-ft tin pails, 80 fts, 8c; 50-ft tin pails,
Dressed Illent.
Armour & Co. furnish tbe following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 fts, 5
5Kc; 600 to 650 fts, 6fifc; 700 to 750 fts, 77c
Sheep, 7c$! ft. Lambs, 8c ty ft.
Gear boards, per Jl JfZ 005S OO
Select common boards, per M 30 00
Common boards per Jl., : 20 00
Shealhlng , 18 00
Pine trame lumber nerM....- 22 002(27 00
l-hlncles. No. 1, IS In. per M SCO
Shingles, So. 2, IS in. per il 3 75
Lath...?. .?. :. 300
Clear boards, per 31., 3 60 00
Surface boards 30 003SOO
Clear, JS-lnch beaded celling M 00
Partition boards, per SI 39 00
Kloortnjr, No.l...f. 30 00
Flooring, Uo.2 25 00
Yellow pine flooriug 30 0040 00
Weather-boarding, moulded. Ho. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boirdlng, moulded, No. 2.... 25 (O
Weather-boarding. J-inch SO 00
Ash, lt04ln t00(a0 00
lllack walnut, green, log run 45 00&iOOO
Black walnut, dry, log run 1 60 00(475 00
Cherry 65 0Cffi75OO
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 3 00r&3) CO
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 23 0U30 00
Pry white oak boards, lln , 35 0C40 00
West Va. vellow pine, 1 Inch 20CeffiajS
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 25 0CO-T0 00
West Va. vellow poplar, H to 1 in 25 OOlSa) 00
HIckorv, t!to3fn 18 00322 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril 1300
Bnnk rails 15 CO
Boat studdlnz 14 00
Coal car plank 13 00
Ash, lto4In SOO.700
Black walnut, creejr, log run 45 0W50O
Black walnut, dry. logrnn 30 00(3 00
Green white oak plank. 2 to 4 in J7 OXapOoa
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 13COB20 00
Dry white oak boards, 1 In 13 00(300 00
WcstVa. yellow pine, lln 13OO0JOOO
West Va. yellow pirie, lf in 19 0OS22 on
WestVa. yeUow poplar, H to lln 16 cojiCJ CO
Hickory, ljto 3 In 13 00022 00
Hemlock building Umber, ?iM 10 00I2 00
Bnnk rails 14 00
Boat studding. 14 00
Coal car plank 18 00
Drygoods. .
New York, Januarv 2. There was. an ir
regular demand for all classes of goods, but
through deliveries a large business was af
iected. Agents have made nrices of prints as
follows: Pacific fancies, 6J-jC; do robes. 7c;
cocheco fancv. 6Kc; do chocolate, 6e: encheco
XX twills, 6Xc; Portsmouth robes, 6c; Wind
sor fancy, B&c, and Steel River fancy, COc, with
a reduced discount making jobbing prices
lUetnl Markets.
New Yoek Pig iron quiet; American, 316
19. Copper nominal; lake, January, 317 25.
Lead quiet and steady; domestic, 33 90. Tin dull
and easier; straits, 321 95.
The most complete assortment of SKATES
ever shown in this citv.
de25-9h HI AVood st. Pittsburg, Pa.
urel Intenne Itching
and utilising; mottat
night) vom br
Aenitchin lfaf
B lowed to continue
becoming Very sore. SWAYNE'S OINT.
MhXT stops the Itching and bleeding, hcnU
nlcernllon. and la molt fUH remove the to.
monu Svatms's Oiyth ut isaold bj drasUbt, or mailed to
hot tddreu os rectif t of price, SO cu. a box ; 3 boiu, f l.tt
Aililresi letters.DE. SWatsbIa soy, PMIaaelphia, Pa.
On the frradine, paving and curbing of -Wine-biddle
street, from Penn avenuo to Liberty
To the Select and Common Councils of the
city of Pittsburg:
The undersigned Viewers of Stroet Improve
ments in the city of Pittsburg, appointed by
tho Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny
county, and authorized by an ordinance
passed on the 12th day of March, A. J). 1867
a copy of which is hereto attached, to make
an assessment of the cost and expense of grad
ing, paving and curbing of Wincbiddle street,
from Penn avenue to Liberty avenue, in said
city upon the property benefited thereby under
the provisions o and in accordance with an
Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, entitled, "An Act authorizing
and directing Councils of citie3 of the second
class to provide for the Improvement of streets,
lanes, alleys ind public. highways, sowers and
sidewalks, requiring plans of streets, providing
for the appointment of a Board of Viewers of
Street improvements, prescribing their duties
granting appeals to Councils and Court, pro
viding; for the assessment and collection of
damages and benefits, authorizing the usa of
private property and providing f or filing liens
and regulating proceedings thereon, and pro
hibiting the use of public streets, without
authority of Council"," approved the 14th day
of June, A. D. 1S57; Respectfully report:
Thathavinsbeeiifirstdulyswornaird qualified
according to law, they proceeded in the manner
and according to tbe directions of said Acr. to
discharge the dnties of their appointments;
that having viewed the premises thoy made an
assessment of said cost and expense upon the
property benefited, and caused a plot and state
ment to be made, as required by said Act, and
having given to the owner of each lot ten days'
notice of the time and place of meeting, they
met on the 29th day of December, A. D. 18S8, at
the office of tho Board of Viewers, in the city
ufPittsburg, heard all complaints and evidence
olTerel, and having made all modifications and
corrections which they deem proper, assessed
the cost and expense of safd grading, paving
and curbing upon the followinj property, upou
each for tiie amount set opposite the name of
the owner thereof, viz:
Chief of Department of Public Works, state
ment of cost.
laftiOcu. yds. grading, 49c 5 5,218 50
7,727 sq. yds pavlnj. $3 25. 25.H2 7o
4.243H lineal ft. curDing, 83vV 3,622 11
Extra work on sewer drops and man
holes r. II 75
Engineerinj:. advertising, etc 575 (X)
Printing ordinances and notices 40 00
Printing viewers' report t 23 50
Making plan and serving notices 15 00
.Viewers' time 42 00
8H.360 61
"Winnebiddle street, east side from Penn ave
nue to Liberty avenn c
Peter Lauer (64), 133.81 feet $ 456 42
Godfruv&Clark (198). 160.22 feet 1,40019
Ann Sutton (111), 105.14 feet 993 00
Daniel D. Dicke) (65), 47 feet 451 OS
Win. H. Gerdes (132). 91 feet 941 6
Henry J. Lynch (131), 9i96 feet !)22 bl
Henry J. Lynch (270), 204.96 feet I,9t8 29
Eliza J. Slataper (270), 201.9) feet 1,950 67
JIatilda G. McConnell (790), 5S3.92
feet 5,621 77
Matilda O. McConnell (17S), 32 feet.... l,2.'iU 42
James McNeil (132), 100 feet 91136
Mary A. Thoma3 (05). 40.75 feet ffl 55
George W. Given3 (48), 95.83 feet 312 31
Mrs. H. O'Neil (58), 110.28 feet, 413 62
Mrs.E. Gross heirs. (71G). 570 feet 5,10615
Ida M. Scott (123),l00feet 877 IS
Eliza J. Slataper (123). 100 feet 877 18
SIrs.E.Gross (123). 100 feet 87718
Felician Slataper (123). 100 feet 877 18
George W. Simonds (123). 100 feet.... 8t 14
ilargt. R. McCandless (81), 16.95 feet.. 5W5 M
Mary C. Fisher (123), Meet ffill
A. J. Stephenson (1JB). 100 feel t. 865 55"
Vm. C. King (123), 100 feet $05 55
Mrs. E. Gross (US).-100 feet 877 17
Clara C. McLean'(123). 1C0 feet 865 65
Rebecca M White (163). 175.33 feet. ... 1,15.5 30
John H. Hampton (95), 1S7.SJ feet. ... 677 49
$34,369 61
Respectfully submitted,
Pittsburg, December 29, 1S8& ja3
On tbe construction of a public sewer on Lari
mer avenne, from first crown north of Meadow
street, to Everett street.
To the Select and Common Councils of the City
of Pittsburg:
The undersijrned Viewers of Street Improve
ments in the city of Pittabnrp, appointed by
tne court or common neas oi Aiiegneny
SMALigS? T3 Sa
on the 21st day of Novemoer. A. D. 1887. a copy
ot wnicn is hereto aitacneo, kj m" " oo;
ment of the cost and expense of constructing
a public sewer on Larimer avenue from first
crown north of Meadow street, to Everett
street, in said city, upon the property benefited
thereby under the provisions of and in accord
ance with an Act of Assembly of tbe Common
wealth of Fennstlvania. entitled, "An Act au
thorizinc and directing Councils of cities of
the second class to provide for the improve
ment of streets, lanes, alleys and public high
ways, sewers and sidewalks, requiring plans of
streets, providing for tho appointment of a
Board df Viewers of Street Improvements, pre
scribing their duties, prantlnf' appeals to Coun
cils and court, providing for the assessment
and collection of damages and benefits, au
thorizing the use of private property and pro
viding for filing Hens and regulating proceed-,
ings thereon, and prohibiting the use of public
streets, wiihout authority of Councils" ap'
proved the 14tb day of June, A. D. 1887; re
spectfully report:
Tuat, having been first duly sworn and qual
ified according to law, tbey proceeded in tbe
manner and according to tbe directions of said
Act, to discharge the duties of their appoint
ments; that having viewed the premises, they
made an assessment of said cost and expense
upon the property benefited, and causedja plot
and statement to be made, as required by said
Act, and having given to the owner of each
lot ten days' notice of the time and place of
meeting: they met on tho 17th day of Decem
ber. A. D. lbS8, at tbe office of the Board of
Viewers, in the city of Pittsburg, heard all
complaints and evidence offered, ana having
made all modifications and corrections which
they deem proper, assessed the cost and ex
pense of constructing. said sewer unon the fol
lowing property, upon each for the amount set
opposite the name of the owner thereof, viz:
Chief of Department of Public Works,
statement of costs.
482 lineal feet, 18-inch pipe sewer,
.$ 96100
271 lineal feet, 20-inch pipe sewer,
469 lineal feet 24-inch pipe sewer
,1 IA, ..a......... a. .-.. a.-.. t. --..
8 drops, f 05 .....
634 14
, L407 00
520 00
150 00
5 manholes, $30.
15,870 pounds castings (to Fisher F.
and M. Co.) at 31 78
Superintending, engineering, adver
tising, etc ,
Printing ordinance and notices
Printing viewers' reports
Making plan and serving notices
Viewers' time
282 49
184 00
40 00
72 75
15 00
a 00
$4,311 33
Larimer avenue, east side, from first crown
north of Meadow street to Everett street
HenrvOIosely (30). 25.75 feet.
W. S. and R. J. Thompson (24),
, 20.60
feet it.
Eliza Adams (45). 5Z85 feet.
John a Knipp (26), 27.44 feet
John Moss. 60 feet
Theo Weiss, 73.31 feet
Peter Scbwan, 48.89 feet
Lillie E. Robinson, 4S.8U feet
Anthony Scbanb (34), 48.89 feeL...
Peter Schwan (12j.b3.93 feet
Mrs.JaneBoyer(39), 36 feet
Eva Bishop (39), 38 teet
Jennie V. D. Delevan (51). 47 Teet..
Charles Schwan (49), 45.04 feet....
William Curry. 112 feet
Mrs. Mary K. Carpenter, 103 feet..
Theo Weiss (68), 108.26 feet
Larimer avenue, west side
Ij. W. McGonnigle, 24 feet ...
Mary S.Dineer,24 feet
Rev. J. Bier, 24 feet.
Weldon & Kelly, 21 feet
Annie Whitiuore. 24 feet
Joseph Krewer, 72 feet
Anton Blatz (46), 33.75 feet
John W. Noland, 75.68 feet
George W. Steinhauser. 24 feet...
Peter Schwan, 21 feet
Mary Krnft, 24 feet
Mary Haucb,24 feet
T. H. Murray, 24 feet
L. FundK 48 feet
Andrew Kessler, 48 feet.
W.Jenkins. 24 feet
T. M. Nairn. 48 feet
W. S. Brooks, 24 feet
F. Meisinger, 24 feet
M. Zimmerman, 68 feet...
Olivia Scott (3.58). 438.25 feet
43 82
82 17
47 48
109 50
133 92
89 27
89 27
43 82
21 91
89 47
204 51
197 20
124 27
36 82
36 82
36 82
36 82
36 82
117 46
77 00
128 15
38 82
38 82
33 82
38 82
82 64
82 64
38 82
82 64
33 82
38 82
03 17
Auburn street, northside from Larimer ave
nue to Lowell street-
Mrs. Mirv K. Carpenter, 1S8 feet..
J as. stack, 26 feet
P. McAllister, 45 feet
Jos. Ganstcr, 161.13 feet
Clarissa Woolslaver, 24 feet
W.P.Clyde, 36.25 feet
Henrietta Turner. 38 feet
J. W. Rnppert. 24 feet
M. L. Flister, 4S feet
Mrs. C. Carlisle. 20 f"et ,
George G. Reimer. 100 feet
Maria McFarIand,J0 feet ,
George G. Reimer, 105 feet ,
G. G. Walter. 77.11 feet ,
Rudolnh J. Abbv, 48 feet ,
V. Scliercr, 24 feet
Casper N. Reimer. 97.86 feet
Mary Ewlng, 174.88 feet ,
David Fleming, 70.14 feet.
South side
Theo AVeiss, 188 feet
Thos. Donaboe. 23.04 feet
J. McCarthy, 23.39 feet
T. Matthews, 46.78 feet ,
A.Hartman,233i)feet ,
Maria Gloegle. 23.39 feet .
F.J. Kost. 46.78 feet ,
M. A. Kridcr. 70.S7 feet
Mary McVay. 48 feet.
A. Clyde, 24 feet
W.P.Clyde, 24 feet
Edwin A. Mason, 24 feet
M. McFarland, 24 feet
Henry Meyers, 24 feet
Theo. Pfahe, 4S feet
F. Petften. 50. feet
George G. Reimer, 140 feet
George G. Reimer (140), 240 feet...
A. Reimer (25). 20.80 feet
L-Barkhoff (27). 22.-3 feet
Andrew Reimer (1S6). 114 feet
Aaron Reimer (191), 167 feet
Mary Ewing (153), 16&24 feet
18 80
3 62
2 40.
2 CO
10 CO
4 CO
10 0
7 71
2 40
17 43
7 01
18 80
2 31
2 31
4 SO
2 40
2 40
2 40
14 CO
14 00
2 70
13 60
19 90
15 30
Mayflower street, north side, from Larimer
to Lowell.
John Irwin (53), 47.54 feet
S. E. Mnrdnck (12..), 103feet
Catherine Lawrence (48). 40 feet
M. A. Briel (U9). 109.64 teet
James Crogrove, 75 8S feet..."
Wra. M. Dnnn, 22 feet
G. and A. Weiler, 44 feet
Mrs. A. Neidhamiuer. 22 feet.
M.Schupp, 22 feet
John Knowlson. 62 feet
H.Wood, 23 feet
M.A Schunp,23feet
d. W. C. Neilander, 23 feet
Henry Schusler, 23 feet
George Friedman, 47.6 feet
Casper N. Reimer, 112.88. feet
M. Klch'-hnn. 22 feet
Casper N. Reimer, C6 feet
G.Clark. 22 feet
J. K. Jordon, 22 feet
E. Weisman, 22 feet
Annie K Walker. 20.R3 feet
David Fleming (270), 200 feet
South side
William Curry (E8). 183 feet.
IL Robinson, 24 feet
Flora M. Stoebcier, CO feet
A. Jl. BurRer, 24.6 feet
JaieMcEwen, 24 feet
Virginia W. Smith. 21 feet
MkE. Brecht. 48 feet
L. Sprague, 21 feet
R. J. Baldwin. 24 feet
James Mnsgravc 70.28 feet .
P.M. Kepner,-24 feet
John llodgcrs, 21 feet
Philip Dorn, 40 feet
S. llossart, 23 feet
C. Friedman, 23 feet
G. C.Sclmpp. 23 feet
M.H.Patton 23 feet
J. T. Cyphers, 46 feet
G.E. Schunp, 23 feet
Fourth M. P. Church (72), 84.05 feet...
A. D. Fierce (27). 30 teet
Penn avenue
C. Wacner (23), 77 feet
Joseph Fueher (23). 24 feet
Jl. JL Turner (21) 24 feet
R.J. Davi (21). 24 feet
G. G. Walter (23). 24 feet...-.
Abram Reimer, 4S.40 feet
E. F. McAllister, 48 feet
Charles II. Salada, 21 feet
GosC. Moll, 48 feet
MaryEwine, 174.88 feet
Carver street, north side, from Lari
mer avenne to Lowell
Anthony Schaub (21), 103.S4 feet
Andrew Ri'imer,,47.20 feet
Cb irlotte Blnme heir. 69.75 feet
Caroline Bunnell. 23.25 feet
Susan Bay, 2&C2 fcer
William Sl.Ball. 23.63 feet
W. ;. Bearer, 2162 teet
F. H. Duncan, 23.62 feet
Julia Connell. 38.10 feet
Alfred Dver, 33.10 feet :.
E. M. Heidtngcr,20 feet
5 50
12 20
12 90
2 20
2 30
4 76
2 20
27 00
2 40
2 40
2 40
2 40
7 62
4 01)
7 SO
2 70
2 40
4 SO
17 49
2 40
4 72
2 36
2 36
3 81
2 40
G. G. Gibson, Zl leet
A. C. Gie?, 24 feet 240
Mrs. M.A. Hardinp.21 leet
A. Beeker, 21 feet
Cath E. Hilty, 26 feet .
Frank Reese, 28 teet ;....
Jlr?. C. Crura, 26 feet
M. Schunp. 26 feet
A. Strawbridec, 6 feet
MaryHilty, 26 feet
Aaron Reimer, 23 feet
K.SiDuQU, 21 feet.,.. ..... I,..
2 40
2 40
2 61)
2 JO
15 53
Thomas Hogan, 'R feet.,
Aaron Reimer, 60 feet..,
Mary Ewing, 155.23 feet.
David Fleming. 239 feet.......
Bamuet Kelly, 27" feet
C A. Kennedy. 27 feet
E.W.Imboff, 46 feet
South side
Charles Preller (34). 43.30 feet.
.... 28 001
...i 2 70'
i !
xj. ioieman i-j,.h.14 ieei.
C Blame heirs (76). 91.49 feet.,
E. Loeffier (20), 23.62 feet.,
LP. Schwan (20). 23 62 feet..
J. P. Urben (40), 47.24 feet..
Robert Cameron (331, mo Vert
Lucy Loheyde (33). 38.19 feet,
Charles Schwan (151. 20 feet.
A. Newbert. 24.80 feet
S.D.Barr. 24.80 feet
J. Noc, 24.80 feet
P.Spickert. 24.80 feet
Catherine Kemmerer, 24.&0 feet...
E. J. McLaughlin, 49.60 feet
J.W.Kirker. 240feet
E. Owens. 24.80 feet
H. Bowes, 2180 feet - 2 43
Joseph s. Adams. 2a.o feet
Daniel Becker, 25.80 feet
C. Wagner. 2580 feet
R. Johnston. 26 feet
German 31. E. Chnrch. 59.44 feet
James C. Dick, 56.98 feet
A.M.KeppIe,28 feet
W. J. Stoebener. 23 feet
M. M. Kcil backer, 37 feet
Horace F. Lowry, 29 feet
E. Waener, 22 f eet
Mary Ewing, 86.88 feet ..
Meadow street, north side, from
Larimer avenue to Lowell street
Henry Mosely (76), 67.9S feet
Amos O'Cavin (49) 43.93 feet
Rev. G. W. Chalfant (81). 7150 feet..
H. Rav (e9), CO feet
J. W.Doak (154). 134.50 feet
E. T. Cassiday (50), 44.83 feet
J,F. Hunter (50). 4183 feet
John C. Knipp (.), 33.83 feet
iatnenne MCriinney (,!), 33.x: leet...
John C. Kninp (23). 20 feet-
George K. West (102). 89.78 feef
Samuel and Daniel Shaffer (14S),129.50
Jacob Keller (161). 140 feet
Eliza Graham (133). 120 feet
South side
Andrew Keimeri23.6Q feet
W. Woolslaver. 2160 feet
C. Blume heirs. 9J feet
Jennie and Lucinda McEnde, 47.24 feet
J. A. Patterson, 23.62 feet
W. C. Livengood. 23.62 feet
Walter Cakey, 25.40 feet.
Margaret Kahle. 25.40 feet
Moses Laird, 25.40 feet
GeorzeG. Reimer, 41 feet
John Kaiser. T2 feet
Anna M.Aland. 131 feet
Margaret Layman, 22 feet
John W. Reimer. 92feet
R. C. Henderson. 23 feet
J. B. Kennedy, 23 feet
Mary Ewing, 110 feet.
Samuel Luslc, 45.39 feet...
David Fleming (125), 16L49 feet.
1W u
14 SO.
Respectfully submitted,
Pittsburg. December 17. 1888.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
1j.vx uivuisir u.uu IIU'IVIIVI
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No. 410 Smithfield S
CAPITAL. . . . S200.000 00.
EDWARD HOUSE, Presto 1 "-,
JAMES P. SPEER. Vlco Prest "'
sel-k35-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
Surveyor, Draughtsman and Designer of
Bridges Roofs and Mill Buildings, .
Room 62 Eisner Buihlinz.
d12-k66-D 64 FIFTH AVENUE. Pittsburg.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de'7-21-Dsa. .
To Glasgow. Belfast, Dublin and Livarpaal"
Cabin passage S35 to J50, according to Iocatioir' J
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er J. J. M'CORMICK. Agtml, .
21-r73-T) FourthAvenus :nd Smithfield SI.
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all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
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General agents. 307 Wahint st, Philadelphia,
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As old residents know and back files of Pitts,
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
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special attention to all chronic diseases. From
gsnonsUilopersona NQ p J.
NiCDnllQand mcntal lUseaseipaystcal
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poverished blood, failing powers, organio weafe
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blotches, falling hair, bone paius, elanduliif
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Unllinn I i ments, weak back, gravel, ca
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Dr. whittier's life-long; extensive experianca
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Patients at a distance as carefully treated as IC;.
here. Office hours 9a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday. - '
10ATx.tollMi.only. DK WHITTIEB, 834?'
Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. ueo-iMK-DSuWk. -
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ueis-oo-iisw it-
Hiiiwiiw ArcwucacstirrcraBDUcaina.
W r'.8iT83 50irirtaw.Jrril.Ta
tuttntost from tM rf
rects of yoatanu er-
I V """"JIIbj 11 rcrs, early decay, lert
Buaiood,tc IUeenaaTalmUetre(!eiued)
contalninz' fall particulars (or torn cM,mti
PROF. F. C. FOWLER, Moodus, Corm. r?-&
no8-k8I-l)Suwk Vs?fl B
- JSKl
2 70
2 5Sii
2 60f;3
5 69"
3 70
8 69 J?3
7 60 '-a
o jx
o VJ
15 60,
13 80-
2 33, S
2 36 -Tg
9 30 -1
236 31
2 33 m
2 54i s
2 5J,. -i
4 40 ,d
2 205 l3
233 $
230 $
1100 1
4 5.1 J
13 50 M
ft 1