Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, January 01, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 10, Image 10

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    MnTille. A company organized at St Louis
to construct another bridge across too Mis-
BissippijnpppositlontoUould. Tho aque
duct scandal causes much uneasiness in
fc President Yerkes refuses "to negotiate vrlth
Chicago street car strikers. Four deaths
and 50 new cases of yellow lever at Jatk
EonviUe. Chief Justice Fuller has taken
tbe oath of office at Washington. The Su
preme Court of Utah divests the Mormons
of all church property.
-London police wake an unsuccessful at
tempt to run down the Wliitechapel mur
derer with bloodhounds. German war
ships m the Mediterranean ordered to Zan
zibar. Tha street car strike at Chicago be
comes general and assumes an uglv phase.
The Cherokee Frcedmen's bill passes the
House. Four deaths and 93 new cases of
jellow fever at Jacksonville. Judge Thur
man makes an argument in the telephone
trait betnre the Supreme Court.
W-Powderly attacks the wheat comer, and
says gambling in food must be stopped to
prevent resolution. Barry makes a violent
attack on the General Executive Board of
the Kniclits of Labor. Three deaths and 63
hew cases of yellow feTer at Jacksonville.
Chicago street-car strikeis and police come
to lilntrs.
II Chicago strikers prevent street cars from
running, and the use of dynamite Is threat
ened. The Treasury Department decides
to buspend the purchase of bonds. Senator
Mitchell argues in favor of penny postage.
Two deaths and 47 new cases of vellow f e
ver at Jacksonville. Emperor Viilliam of
Germany and his suite arrive at Rome.
12 Emperor William and Pope Leo confer to-
getnerat itome. rew imk bakers makea
rise in tbe price of bread. Yerkes submits
a preposition to the striking streetcar em
ployes at Chicago. General PIcasanton
placed on the retired list with tho rank of
Major. The publication of the advance
sheets of Dr. Mackenzie's book containing
in account of Emperor Frederick's Illness
causes a sensation in Germanvand England.
A delegation of Sioux visits 'Washington to
negotiate for the sale of their lands to the
15 The negotiations for the settlement of the
Chicago street-car strike fall through. The
Treasury Department decides that the ex
clusive law keeps out all Chinese except
diplomatic representatives and students.
President and Mrs. Cleveland accept an in
vitation to open the Virginia Exposition at
Richmond. Three deaths and SI new cases
of yellow fever at Jacksonville. Mayor
Hewitt refuses to allow the champion base
ball pennant to float over New lork City
14 The evolution war breaks out afresh in the
Southern Presbytery at Charleston. New
York celebrates the victory of her base
ball team in the championship contest. Two
thousand miners strike at Blocto'u. Ala.,
against a reduction of w ages.
15-Chicago street car strikeis grow angry and
have tun ferioas affrajs with tbe police.
Sitting Bnll and the Sioux delegation have
a conference with Secretary Vilas at Wash
ington, and present their side nr the land
case. Forty thousand copies of Dr. Mac
kenzie's book seized by the Leinsic police.
The London Tones prefers charges Against
, 61 .Irish members of Parliament.
16 Emperor William, of Germany, visits Na
ples. Lord Sackville leaves each of Qncen
victoria's maids of honor SJ0.O0O by will.
The evolutionists win a victory in the South
Carolina Presbyterian Svnod. A dozen
temperance ladies arrested at Grand I orks.
Dak., for pouring out the liquor at f-aloons
without the consent of tbe proprietors. A
company formed to develop bouth Caro
lina iron territory. Three deaths and 5S
new cases of yellow fever at Jacksonville.
17 Thomas B. Barry, former member of the
General 'Executive Board of tbe Knights of
Labor, expelled from the order. Three
deaths and 56 new cases of yellow fever at
Jacksonville. Ex-Piesidcnt Hayes elected
Commander of tho Loyal Legion. The an
nual convention of the Brotherhood of Lo
comotive Engineers meets at Richmond.
Forged Congressional franks create a
breeze in the House, and S. S. Cox posi
tively brands his signature on campaign
documents as a forgery.
IS The Pig Lead Trust, headed by Corwith 4
Co ot New York and Chicago, collapsed.
One death and 29 new cases of yellow fever
at Jacksonville. Emperor William visits
the buried dty of Pompeii. Congress de
cides to adjourn October 20.
19 Tbe National Convention of the Woman s
Christian Temperance Union assembles at
New York, with Mies Frances Willard
presiding. Four deaths and 24 new cases of
yellow fever at Jacksonville. The Brother
hood 6f Locomotive Engineers sustains
Chief Arthur's course in the Burlington
Ktntre. Emperor William leaves Roue for
Berlin. More than 2,000,000 involved in the
Corwith lead failure.
50 Announcement at New York that a suit is
to be brought against James G.Blaine by
'Mrs. James G. Blame, Jr. One death and
50 new cases of vellow fever at Jackson
ville. The W. C. T. TJ. Convention at New
York listens to a tale of woe and crime
from the Wisconsin wilds. Emperor Will
iam arrives at Berlin. Congress adjourns,
after one of tbe longest sessions on record
tl Four deaths and 27 new cases of yellow
fever at Jacksonville. President erkes
acts In es arbitrary manner during tbe set
tlement of the Chicago street car d.fflculty
and the strike is resumed. Dr. Richmond
and the Fox sisters expose spiritualism at
New York.
23 The Parnell Commission Court opened at
London, Attorney General Webster speak,
ing in behalf of the prosecution. Frances
wulard again elected National President of
tbe Oman's Christian Temperance Union,
receiving 860 votes out of 9)1 cast. Tbe
New York City Supreme Court sustains
Tdden's will. One death and 43 new cases
.of yellow fever at Jacksonville.
ES-CIty Treasurer Thomas Axworthy, of
Cleveland, one of tbe most popular men in
Northern Ohio, discovered to be a defaulter
to the tone of JoOO.OOO. The National W.
C T. TJ. Convention listens to a graphic re
port of the condition of women in Utah.
Forger James E. Bedell, of New York,
I plead gnilty to 14 indictments.
I St Axworthy, the defaulting Treasurer, be
lieved to be in Montreal, and detectives
leave for that city. Brooklyn street car
np)oyps strike. The Standard Oil Com
pany succeeds in obtaining control of a
large portion of tbe Lima gas and oil belt.
Tour, deaths and SI new cases of yellow
fever at Jacksonville, and the plague ap
pesrs in a new place. Sanford. Pope Leo
condemns tbe Italian Government.
25 Attorney-General Webster, In bis speech
belore tee rarncii commission, said that
Uio real antbors of the crimes in Ireland
were located in America. Carl Scburz
tails from Hamburg for New York. A case
oCyellow' fever discovered in a Brooklyn
hospital. P. M. Arthur acam elected Chief
of the .Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi-
, neers.
.26 Attorney General Webster completes his
opening address in the Parnell case. A
Bonl&ngist riot causes a sensation in Paris.
Nine new cases of yellow fever at Enter-
Jrise and 23 at Jacksonville, with two
eaths. The committee appointed to inves
tigate the Washington aqueduct scandal
- 'beginsiu work of inquiry.
27 President and Mrs. Cleveland visit New
York City. Four deaths and 44 new cases
of jellow fever at Jacksonville. The Gov
ernor of Utah attacks the despotism of the
Mormons in bis annual report to the Secre
tary of the Interior.
JJR Three deaths and 16 new cases of yellow
'fever-at Jacksonville. Another street rail
road Btnkeat Chicago.
.39 Li Tin Too, tbe richest Chinaman east of
the Rocky Mountains, buried with great
ceremony by his countrymen in New York.
Four deaths and 36 new cases of yellow
Jver at Jacksonville. St. Louis Anarch
ists decide to celebrate the execution of
their Chicago comrades.
SO Tbe first witness testifies before the Par
nell Commission. The street car stiikers
who were charged with using dynamite at
Chicago were discharged for lack of evi
dence. General Badeau retracts his claim
to the authorship of Grant's memoirs, and
the family pay his bill for services in full.
Important discoveries made in the Wash
ington aqneduct investigation. The Gov
ernment Ukes steps to rescue 500 whalers
, supposed to be wrecked in the Arctic Sea.
SI Captain O'Shea takes the stand before tbe
Pamell Commission and testifies against
.the Irish Chieftain. Three masked men
rob a passenger train on the Mexican Cen
tral road near San Jose, Tex. Chief of Po
lice Hubbard, of Chicago, tells the Anarch
ists that they will not be allowed to parade
on the anniversary of their comrades' exe
cution. NOVEMBER.
1 Witnesses broncht before the Parnell Com
mission to testify against tbe Home Rule
leadersspeakin tavorof the Land League.
President Cleveland issues a proclamation
naming Thursdav, November 29, as Thanks
giving Day. St. Louis brewers refuse to
ell their propery to tbe English syndicate.
The Western Union Company takes pos
session f tbe Chesapeake and Ohio tele
graph lines. The State police sloop wages
a fierce battle with a fleet or 400 oyster
pirates near Baltimore. Two deaths and
65 new cases of yellow fever at Jackson-
General Busbnell, of Springfield, O., as
m tilled by roughs and nearly killed. The
Cnshman Telephone Company appeals for
another trial in Its fight against the Bell
monopoly. Hon. Michael Henry Herbert
appointed British Charge d'Affaires at
Washington to succeed Lord Sackville.
Corwith, the bursted lead king, sued for
8 Mayor Hancock, nf Cleveland, visits Mon
treal in an endeavor to see Axworthy, the
defaulting CityTreasurer. Two cleathsand
26 new cases of yellow fever at Jacksonville,
making a total of 4.266 cases and 860 deaths.
Mary Anderson, the actress, and Charles
Mitchell, the pugilist, arrive inNcwYont
from England.
Yellow fever on tbe decline at Jackson-
'vllle, 3 deaths and only 11 new cases being
.reported. The King of Wurtemberg has
"trouble with his subjects because of some
C American favorites, and the latter are ex-
i.,t.a T. . L mrm miAm ..a), a,.-
Urates, and another railroad war is threat-
ened. A number of arrests made in .New
York for violations of the Sunday law.
WJladstone speaks at Birmingham and re
ceives an ovation. The trill orA.T.StetV'
art, the merchant prince, made the subject
of litigation in New York.
S A number of prominent citizens arrested at
Charleston as tax defaulters.
7-Qladstone receivei another ovation in
Chamberlain's stronghold. The Duchess of
Marlborough's household effects in New
York sold at auction. Lord Sackville pre
pares to leave Washington. A number of
riots between the races at different point!
in the South. Three deaths and Si new
cases of vello w fever at Jacksonville. Mrs.
R. B. Haves elected President of the
"Woman's flame Missionary Society.
8-New York anarchists decide to celebrate
the anniversary of the execution of their
Chicago comrades. A fresh batch of evi
dence torn to pieces by the defense before
the Parnell Commission. Preparations
commenced for the celebration of the cen
tennial Washington inauguration, at New
York, April 29 and SO, 1SS9. Ex-Senator
Bamum seriously ill.
9 Another Whitechapel horror renews the
excitement in London. Major Braptfns, a
prominent citizen of Cleveland, arrested for
10 New York anarchists wave red flags and
celebrate the death or the so-called unicago
"martyrs." The bishops of the Methodist
Episcopal Church hold a conference at
Boston. Gladstone mobbed at Wolver
hampton by enraged Tories, and compelled
to leave the citv. A combination formed
to oppose Powderly's re-election as Grand
Master Workman of the Knights of Labor.
.Five deaths and 33 new cases ot yellow
fever at Jacksonville.
11 A political not disturbs Madrid. Spain.
The advance guard of the Knights of
Labor Convention reaches Indianapolis
Chicago anarchists celebrate at Waldheim
cemetery. Philadelphia anarchists unveil
a bust of Spies.
12-Joscph Chamberlain arrives at Aew lork,
having come to this country to be married
to Miss Endicott, daughterof the Secretary
of War. Thirty new cases of yellow fever
at Jacksonville. The Supreme Court of the
United States gives a deckion against the
Bell telephone monopoly.
IS The National Convention of the Knights of
Labor is opened at IndianapulK Two
deaths and seven cacs of yellow lever at
Jacksonville. One million dollars pledged
for the erection of the Catholic University
at Washington. Mrs. Alice J. Shaw, the
famous whistler, granted a divorce from
her husband.
14 The report of the General Treasurer of In
dianapolis shows that the K. of L. finances
are in bad shape. The Haytian insurgents
ask recognition from tho UnitcdStates gov
ernment. A civil and military committee
working hard on the investigation ot the
Washington aqueduct frauds. The six
teenth annual conference of tho Society
for tho Advancement of Women assem
bled at Detroit, with a number of noted
representatives of the sexpresent. The suit
commenced by the Attorney General of
New York against the Sugar Trust is
brought up for trial
15 Pope Leo issues an order to the effect that
bishops must execute tbe receipt against
the plan of campaign. Grand Master
"Workman Powderly makes his report and
an elaborate defense ot bis position to the
Knights of Labor Convention at Indian
apolis. The Nun of Keumare denies that
she has left the Catholic Church. Carter
Harrison arrives at Chicago after com
pleting his tour of the world, and is greeted
with a reception. James Daugherty, an
insane lover of Mary Anderson, arraigned
in court at New lork. Sir Joseph Cham
berlain and Miss Endicott wedded at Wash
ington. A statue of W. H. Seward unveiled
with great ceremony at Auburn, N. Y.
16 An attempt to exclude newspaper men
from membership in the Knights of Labor
fails in the General Convention. Llndauer
Bros. Co., clothing merchants of Chicago,
failed for $500,000. Great rejoicing at Jack
sonville over the fact that there were no
deaths and only 15 new caseB of yellow fever.
President Cleveland appoints Perry Bel
mont Minister to Spain.
17 The K. of L. Convention confirms the ex
pulsion of Barry. Buffalo Insurance compa
nies discriminate against natural gas. One
death and 13 new cases of yellow fever at
18-Advices received that the Haytian Govern
ment seized and condemned the steamer
Haytien Republic for blockade running.
Hcury George arrived at Southampton, En
gland,and given a reception by enthusiastic
radicals. One death and 12 new .ases of
yellow fever at Jacksonville. Chicago. An
archists meet and denounce capitalists and
the local authorities. Barry issues a mani
festo denouncing tbe action of the K. of L.
Convention in refusing him another hear
ing. A gang of opium smugglers arrested
at Buffalo. Keely, of motor fame, sent to
jail for contempt of court at Philadelphia.
19 Major General Schofield sends in his report
showing tbe condition of the army. A lively
day in the K. of L. Convention at Indianap
olis, a number of charges being made and
denied. Four deaths and eight new cases
of yellow fever at Jacksonville.
20 The K. of L. Convention puts practically
absolute power in tbe hands of tho General
Master Workman. Steps taken to evict
1,000 settlers on the Dcs Moines Railroad
lands in low3. White Caps make their ap
pearance in Ohio. The Senate committee
to investigate the dressed beef monopoly
assembles at St. Louis.
21 Members of the Appropriation Committee
assemble at Washington in advance of tbe
meeting of Congress. Two deaths and
three new cases of vellow fever at Jackson
ville, and the citizens hope for a black
frost to eradicate tbe scourge. President
Cleveland retires to Oakland to write his
annual message.
22 Powderly again carries a number of im
portant measures through the K. of L.
Convention in the face of powerful oppo
sition. The House of Commons listens to a
speech from Parnell on the .land bilL Em
peror William opened the session of the
German Reichstag. A call issued for a
Constitutional Convention at Jamestown,
Dak., for the purpose of furthering the ad
mission of the DakoUs into tbe Union.
Indianapolis switchmen go on a strike.
23 T. V. Powderly acain elected General Mas
ter Workman of the Knights of Labor. Two
deaths and six new cases of yellow fever at
Jacksonville. Formal opening of the Win
ona and Southwestern Railroad.
24 Lord Sackville and Sir Joseph Chamberlain
sail for England. The cruiser Boston re
turns from Hayti with yellew fever on
board, four of tbe crew having died at sea.
Ohio White Caps inaugurate a series of
audacious outrages.
25 Tho Chicago Anarchists organize a number
of Sunday schools. New England visited
by a furious snow storm. Only one death
and one new case of yellow fever at Jack
sonville. 26 The K. of L. Convention refuses to indorse
the action of the General Executive Board
in tbe Schilling case. A Parnell amend
ment causes a breeze in Parliament, bnt is
finally defeated. The striking switchmen
at Indianapolis weaken, and the railroad
superintendents declare that tbe movement
is broken. No neiY cases and but two deaths
from 5 ellow fever at Jacksonville. Tbe al
leged dynamiters arraigned at Chicago.
27 Stated that an attempt is being made to
form a gigantic railway trust, the scheme
beinc engineered by Gonld. Members of
Congress slowly assembling at Washington
to prepare for the next session. The strike
of the switchmen at tbe Chicago stock
yards compromised, and the strikers return
to work.
2S A startling story of Anarchistic deviltry
developed in the Chicago trial. Announced
that the Keely Motor Company wjllbe re
organized with t5.000,OOOc.apiraL'A case
of yellow fever discovered at New York.
29 Thanksgiving Day duly observed through
out the country. An inspector of police
testifies against the Land League before
the Parnell Commission.
SO The Inter-State Commerce Commission
makes its annual report, reviewing tbe
work of the year. Ohio White Caps whip
two women at Sardinia. Charles Winchelf,
a Dakota county treasurer, embezzles $100,
1 Boletta K. Large, a clerk in the Revenue
Collector's office at Harnsburg, discovered
to be a defaulter. Thomas Axworthy lo
cated in London. White Caps enact an
other series of outrages in Brown county,
Ohio. The Tories carry the Parliamentary
election at Hainorn, .tngiana, uya greatly
decreased majority. Two deaths and five
new cases of yellow feverat Jacksonville.
2 Chicago Anarchists organize "Sunday
schools.' The Austrian Emperor celebrates
the fortieth anniversary of tbe commence
ment of his reign.
8 The second session of the Fiftieth Congress
opened and the President's message read.
William G. Williams, a Wall 6treet o-era
tor. sues the United Trust Company for
103,000. Ground broken for anew railroad
route between Boston and Pittsburg. Mrs.
James G. Blaine, Jr., decides to go upon
the stace.
4 The Miners' National Trade Assembly 135,
Knights of Labor, convenes at Columbus.
The Secretary of the Treasury makes his
annual report to Congress. General Pryor
makes some strong points against the Sugar
Trust before the New York Supreme Court.
Bnt one new case of yellow fever atJacK
sonvtlle, and the city conned authorizes the
return of the ref ucees.
6 The test of the cast steel gun at Anapolis
results in it being blown to pieces. The
House passes a bill for the relief of the
Des Moines river settlers In Iowa. A por
tion! the members of the miners assem
bly Knights of Labor decide to join a new
organization. One death and four new
cases of yellow fever at Jacksonville.
6 The House begins the consideration of tbe
direct tax refunding bilk Barry issues a
manifesto defining his plans for the forma
tion of a new labor organization.
7 Anew organization, called tbe Progressive
Miner's and Mine Laborer's Union, formed
and constitution adopted. A Congressional
committee appointed to investigate the re
ports of outrages in Alaska. Preparations
made to send Government cruisers to Hayti
to protect American interests.
6 Bismarck threatens to' Tetaliate.tipon Afri
can natives who have been killing German
settlers. Cbicaj-o police refuse to permit
an' Anarchistic celebration. ' Madam
Howe, the notorious female swindler, ar
rested at Boston.
9 Yellow fever at Jacksonuille practically
subdued, tbe total number of cases having
been 4,705 and the number of deaths 412.
Chicago Anarchists hold several small
gatherings, but fear of the police prevents
any open demonstrations. The Contract
Labor Committee needs funds to continue
its work of investigation.
10 A Clucaeo distillery shattered by dynamite,
and the Whisky Trust is accused of being
connected with the deed. Mrs. Lncy Par
sons returns from England, arriving In New
York on the steamer Aurauia, Tbe House
River and Harbor Committee prepares a
bill appropriating an aggregate of (1100,-
000. The pension appropriation bill passed.
11 The annual convention of the American
Federation of Labor convenes at St, Louis,
and PreBident Gompers delivers a lengthy
address. Judge Cooler says that it is the
intention of the commission to enforce the
inter-State commerce law to tbe letter.
Pope Leo refuses to bless medals sent to
Home by an Irish priest, and says that the
Irish are disobedient.
12 The cruiser Galena leaves New York for
Hayti with Roar Admiral Luco on board.
The river and harbor appropriation bill
increased to 11,906,850. The American
Federation of Labor passes a resolution in
favor of eight hours as a day's work.
J 3 The American Federation ref uses to admit
"' tbe Amalgamated Society of .Carpenters
and Joiners. Obcrkamf and Mack, the
Chicago mall thieves, arraigned for trial
E. L. Harper, ei-President of the Fidelity
Bank, goes insane in the Ohio Penitentiary.
Riddlcberger creats a sensation in the
14 Editor William O'Brien to be tried for con
tempt of court for publishing articles at
tacking tbe Parnell Commission. The
American party of ball players reaches
Australia. Mayor Hewitt, of New York,
denounces John Cockerill, of the li'orW. as
an unconscionable liar, in testifying before
the Fassett Investigating Committee.
15 Salt manufacturers endeavor to form a trust
to control the product of England and
America. Tbe Columbus tallr-sheet forgery
case again on trial. White Caps make their
appearance at Jamestown, N. .
16Evictions resumed on tbe Dcs Moines river
lands. Francis Murphy holds an enormous
mass meeting at Indianapolis. The Mer
chants' Company raises the 1,500,000 neces
sary for the construction of a new railroad
bridge across the Mississippi river at St.
Louis. ,
17-England resolves to push the war, in the
Soudan. Indiana miners decide to join the
new Progressive Union. A gun without a
barrel invented in Hew York, to be used in
throwing dynamite. Tbe House decides to
take a recess irom December 21 to Janu
ary?. 18 Advices received at New York tf the bom
bardment of Cape Haytien by the fleet
of Legitime.
19 Allen O. Myers testifies in the tally-sheet
forgery trial. Charles F. Maver elected
President of the Baltimore and Ohio road.
20 The English and Egyptian forces attack the
Sondanese at Suakim, and 00 of the latter
are killed Sidney O'Danne, a famous
swindler, arrested at Berlin. "
21 The Andovcr theological controversy taken
into the Supreme Court, New York Pro
hibitionists denounce Rev.Howard Crosby.
The new German Emperor decides to open
the Prussian Landtag on January 19.
22 Columbia college bojs arrested for rioting
in NewYork streets. Anarchists at Chicago
apply for an injunction to prevent police
fromintertermgwitn tneir meetings, sen
ators and Representatives, leave Washing
ton for the holiday recess.
23 The American steamer Haytien Republic
turned over to the United States cruisers.
Gladstone warmly welcomed at Naples.
Si-Mrs. Diss Debar appears in conrt to demand
the return of her children, and lawyer
Marshall pleads her cause. aTbe French de
cide to assert their rights in the Newfound
land fisheries. An organized ring to'burn
cotton ships discovered at Charleston.
25 A powerful Silk Trust corners the market.
Marion D.Newman, an alleged preacher,
arrested at Harrisburg for extensive swind
ling operations. Chicago Anarchists cele
brate Christinas in their own peculiar man
ner. 26-The American Historical Society open its
fifth annual meeting at Washington. Presi
dent Heraux. of San Uomingo, declares
war against Hayti.
27 The Inter-Municipal Convention at Harris
bnrg decides to place all cities having a
population of 100,000 in the second class.
Prominent Congressmen give up all hope
of passing a river and harbor bill.
23 The committees from the Northern and
Southern Presbyterian Assemblies appoint
ed to arrange for a reunion, meet in New
York. Indianapolis ministers protest against
an inaugural ball.
29 Gladstone celebrates his 79th birthday. At
torney General Kirkpatrick brings suit
against the Western Union and Baltimore
and Ohio Telegraph Companies on the
ground that their consolidation is contrary
to tho State constitution. Pawnee BUl's
band of boomers decides to invade Oklaho
ma FcbruarvL .Benjamin F. Hopkins, the
Cincinnati bank embezzler, pardoned by
tbe President.
The Principal Features of the Memor
able Conflict Waged
For the Possession of the Government
the Kext Four Tears.
r, Hhe year 1888 will be regarded as one of
the most memorable in the political annals
of the country, because of the fierce con
flict between the two leading parties for the
supremacy in the Governmental affairs of
the nation. It was a long, hard battle,
commencing months before the customary
time for the opening of a campaign and sot
ending until the last ballot was cast.
2 Ohio Legislature convenes, and a Repub
lican bolt in the Senate causes that body to
be organized by a combination with the
Democrats. Governor Foraker discusses
tariff and other matters in a lengthy ines
sige. Lamar's appointment as Supreme
Judge denounced by the NewYork Repub
lican Legislative caucus.' Democrats carry
Jackson, Miss., for first time in 14 years.
3 The Buckeye bolters are successful, and
their officers are sworn in- Lamar nomina
tion the principal topic at Washington.
4 Senators Sherman and Voorhces debate on
the tariff at great length. Boutelle, of
Maine, asks for official information con
cerning the famous flig order.
5 Speaker Carlisle announces the House com
mittees. The Ohio Republican bolters
issue a manifesto. New ork State League
of Republican clnbs organize. .
6 Thoebe presents the evidence Jn his contest
against Carlisle. "
7 Governor Beaver, states that he is not a
candidate for the Republican Presidental
nomination, but favors Blame. New York
Democrats celebrate the anniversary of the
battle of New Orleans.
8 Lamar resigns as Secretary of the Interior,
and his resignation is accepted by tbe Presi
dent. 10 The Senate Judiciary Committee presents
two reports on the Lamar nomination. Kis
nerand Sanders both hustling for the Dem
ocratic State Chairmanship.
11 The contest between the Ranaall and ad
ministration Democrats grows warm. Sena
tor Hale attacks the administration in a
lengthy speech. Indiana Democratic con
ferenccdeclarcs for Clevelana.and Gray.
12 The Senate decides to investigate the muni
cipal election at Jackson, Miss. New
Hampshire Republicans favor Blaine.
IS Senator Vance delivers a speech on tariff
and internal revenue. Nicholls nominated
for Governor by Louisiana Democrats after
a hitter contest.
14 Kisner evidently leads in the fight for the
Chairmanship, but Sanders is confident.
The Tbeobe-Carlislo contest comes before
16 The Senate confirms Lamar by a majority
of four. Two reports in tbe Thoebe con
test. Kisner making a lively canvass.
17 Harrisburg tho scene of a lively preliminary
fight for the Chairmanship. A number of
contests among the Philadelphia delegates
to tbe convention.
18 The Randall forces ranted at Harrisburg,
and Kisner chosen Chairman.
19 Tariff reformers at Washington jubilant
oer Kisner's election. The American
Tariff League held its annual session, and
resolved to push work in the West.
20 Republicans break a quorum to prevent a
vote on the Tboebe-Carlisle contest. Re
presentatives Kelley and Springer have a
bitter debate. San Francisco enters the
fight for the Democratic National Conven
tion. 21
Matterson addressed a big meeting of the
New York Tariff Reform Club, and 'defines
the issues.
22 A quorum is secured in the Honse, and tbe
contest is decided in favor Of Speaker Car
lisle. Senator Frye makes a protection
attack upon Cleveland's message.
24 Exciting scenes and a bolt in tbe-District
of Columbia Republican Convention to elect
delegates to Chicago.
25 G.w. Childs declines to be a candidate for
tbe Presidency.
27 A big tariff reform meeting ield at the
Academy of Music Philadelphia. Hugh J.
Grant la chosen Chairman of Tammany
SO Great partisan row In the House' over the I
proposition to investigate Public Printer
31-Republican Senators attack the nail serv
ice. . The Prohibition committee meets at
Harrisburg and prepares for a vigbrons
1-Tbe Home Market Club, of Boston, holds a
large protective tariff meeting, at which
John Jarrett arraigns President Cleveland's
2 Seqator Kenna addressed the Senate in
support of the President's message, ana at
tacks Senator Sherman. Jarrett speaks
again, and scores James Russell Lowell.
4 The Whlte-Lowry contest causes an excit
ing debate In the House, but no voto is
reached. Roscoe Conkline says that ho is
positively out of politics. Mahono deter
minea to ru'o Virginia.
6 Senator Piatt attacks the President's posi
tion upon tho tariff. Senator Stanford ex
plains why he roted for Lamar, White
wlus his contest in the Hou'e.
9 The subcommittee of tbe National Repub
lican Committee meets in Chicago to ar
range for the convention. Sherman, Mc-
Kinley and others talk tariff in Boston, at a
banquet of the Home Market Club.
10 Blaine's friends elect Genera Fitzsimmons
Sergeant-at-arms of the National Conven
tion. lS-BIalne's letter from Florence, Italy, re
viewing the political situation, and declln
ing to be a candidate for the Republican
Presidential nomination, published. Re
publicans celebrate Lincoln's anniversary
in many cities.
14 Ohio Republican Committee calls the State
Convention for April 18 and 19, in order to
strike a key note for Sherman. Blaine's
letter is the great topic of discussion.
15 West Virginia 'Republicans organize a
State League of political clubs.
16 Indiana Republican editors meet and place
mmson in tne neiu lor tne rtepuuucan
nomination. Q. W. Childs again emphat
ically refuses to be a candidate. "
IS Anti-saloon Republicans call a conference,
to be held in New York April 18.
22 The National Democratic Committee meets
at Washington to select a time and place
for the Presldental Convention.
23 St Louis gets the Democratic Convention,
and June 5 was named as the date.
25 Blaine, in an interview, repeats his refusal
to be a Presidental candidate. Senator
Cameron also declines to enter tho race,
28 Edmunds says he is not a candidate for the
Republican nomination. The Senate has a
partisan debate on pensions.
29 Minnesota Democrats declare for Cleve
land and Ames.
1 The Mills tariff bill is presented to the Com
mittee on Ways and Means, and published
throughout the Country.
S-Randall announces that he has a tariff bill
nearly completed.
4 Sherman leads for tbe Republican Presl
dental nomination, but the friends of all
other candidates are working bard. Gen
eral Fiske, of New Jersey, enters the field
for the Prohibition nomination.
6 Neal Dow, the prohibition veteran, badly
defeated lorMavor of Portland, Me.
6 Ingalls attacks Cleveland in a bitter speech
and is replied to by Senator Blackburn.
The Union Labor party repudiates the
Henry George land theory.
10 Conkling writes another letter, stating that
he has no political ambition.
12 Randall' tariff bill presented to the Houe.
Wool, salt and lumber men petition the
Senate against tariff reduction.
13 Senator Beck, of Kentucky, attacks John
Sherman's financial record. Illinois Demo
cratic Committee indorsed Cleveland and
tariff reform, and called the State Conven
tion for Spriugfleld May 23.
11 It is announced that the Ohio delegation
will be for Sherman, and that Forakcr will
present his name to the Chicago Con
vention. A Depew boom started in New
IS Sherman, Harrison and Depew are the
favorites in the Republican Presldental
race, while there is still a strong sentiment
in favor of Blaine.
20 Iowa booming Allison for the Republican
nomination, and the State Convention
Indorses bis claims.
22 Opposition developed to Chairman Cooper,
of the Republican State Committee.
23 Judge West, of Ohio, comes oat strong for
Blaine. Sherman captures a portion of the
Georgia delegation.
25 Andrews announces that he will not with
draw from the contest for the Republican
State Chairmanship.
28 Henry George comes out for Cleveland and
tariff reform. Reformers charge that poli
tics is ruining the civil service in Indiana,
and the Senate will investigate.
29 Leading Rhode Island Republicans bolt the
State ticket. A synopsis of the probable
report on tho tariff bill given out.
1 The Andrews-Cooper fight for the Rennb.
llcan State Chairmanship grows very bitter
2 Majority and minority reports on the Mills,
bill presented to tbe House by the Demo
cratic and Republican members of .the
Committee on wajs and Means.
4 Governor Hill declares that he is not a
Presidental candidate. The Senate com
mittee investigates tbe charge of offensive
partisanship against PostmastcrHarrity, of
Philadelphia. Rhode Island Republicans
elect their State ticket.
6 South Carolina Republican delegates in
structed to vote forSenatorShermanonthe
first ballot.
10 Senator Stanford savs the Pacific coast is
solid for Blaine, notwithstanding his dec
laratlon. I 13 The Chairmanship fight occupies all of the
attention or Pennsylvania .Republicans.
17 Democrats carry Louisiana by 75,000 ma
jority. Tho debate on the Mills bill is
opened in the House.
181 he Ohio Republican Convention assembles
at Dayton and formally organizes. Demo
cratic Congressmen held a caucus to discuss
the Mills hill.
19 The Senate passes the bill admitting South
Dakota by a strict party vote. Sherman
indorsed by the Ohio Republican Conven
tion, after a big fight for national dele
gates. 20 Blaine's friends continue to boom him.
Harrison leads Gresham all over Indiana.
21 Representatives of Youns Men's Demo
cratic clubs meet in New York and form a
National League. President Cleveland de
nounced by the New York Zion African
Methodist Conference.
24 Republican clans gather at Harrisburg. and
the Andrews-Cooper fight is compromised,
25 Mitchell named for Supreme Judge by the
Pennsylvania Republican Contention, and
Quay. Hastings. Leeds and Oliver chosen as
delegates to Chicago. Senator Voorhees
defends tbe President's message and bitter
ly attacks Ingalls.
25 Indiana Democratic Convention indorses
Cleveland, with Gray for Vico President,
and nominates Matson for Governor. Maine
Republican Convention stands by the tariff,
and praises Blaine. Young Republicans
convene at Lancaster.
SO The Mills bill discussed at length in the
Honse, and bitterly attacked by Grosvenor.
of Ohio. '
1 Ingalfs attacks the Democracy in a bitter
speech, and is particularly severe on Sena
tor Voorhees.
2 Prohibitionist Convention at Harrisburg
denounces the Brooks law, and advocates
the placing of afull ticket in the field. Anti
saloon Republican conference assembles
at New York. JUinols Republican Conven
tion Instructs for Gresham. Connecticut
Democratic Convention indorses Cleveland
ana tana retorm.
3 Tbe Indiana. Republican Convention in
structs for Harrison. Prohibitionists nom
inate James Black for Supreme Judge.
6 A lively row over tho Mills bill in the
House-, during which a number of members
are branded as liars by their colleagues.
Blaine's In ends boom the Maine statesman.
8 Tbe Michigan Republican Convention in
dorses Governor Alger for the Presidency,
while Wisconsin conies out for Governor
Rusk. West Virginia and Delaware Demo
cratic conventions come out for Cleveland
and tariff reform. Martin, of Texas, makes
a sensational speech in the House on the
Mills bill.
9 Democratic Congressional caucus considers
the Mills bill. Georgia Democrats indorse
Cleveland and tho tariff bill. New Jersey
delegates instructed for Phelps.
10 Maryland. Tennessee and Michigan Demo
cratic Conventions declare for Cleveland.
11 W. L. Scott delivers a lengthy speech on
the Alius bill in tbe House.
15 New York Democratic Convention indorses
Cleveland for Presldeut and Hill for Gov
ernor. Another big debate on the Mills
bill in the House. Two labor parties in
convention at Cincinnati.
15 New York Republican Convention selects
the big four, Hisepck, Miller, Depew and
Piatt, for delegates at large. Ohio Demo
cratic Convention indorses Cleveland and
tariff reform. Dalzell attacks Scott and
the Mills bill in the House.
17 The antl-Mabono faction bolts the Vir
ginia Republican convention.
IS Randall, McKinley and Breckenridge dis
cuss tbe Mills bill.
19 Reed and Carlisle gilose the debate on the
Mills bill with long speeches.
23 TbeJ'ennsylvania Democratic Convention
indorses Cleveland and tho tariff bill, and
elects delegates, 'to St. Louis. Illinois
Democrats nominate General Palmer for
Governor andtnstruct for Cleveland.
27 Democrats all over the country announce
themselves in favor of Thurman for the
Vice-Presldental nomination. Northwest
ern States continue to boom Blaine.
29 Blaine writes another letter from Paris,
again intimating that he out of the Presl
dental field.
30 The National Prohibition Convention as
sembles at Indianapolis, and is largely at
tended. SI Fike and Brooks nominated for President
and Vice-President by the Prohibition Con
vention, ana a woman suffrage plank placed
2 The advance guard of the National Demo
cratic Contention arrives at St. Eouft
3 Scott comes out for Thurman at St. Louis,
and the Old Roman's son announces that
bis father will accept if nominated.
4 The Pennsylvania delegation meets at St.
Louis and decides to vote nnanlmously for
Thurman, notwithstanding Voornees
makes a strong plea for Gray.
6 The Democratic Convention duly organ
ized at St. Louts. Daniel Dougherty pre
sents Cleveland's name to the convention
for a second term, and helsntoinated
amid thn wildest enthnaksm.
7 A platform calling for radical tariff revi
sion adopted at St. Louis, and Allen G.
Thurman nominated for Vice President
8 The delegation visits Judge Thurmanand
the latter makes a brief speech expressing
his pleasure over bis nomination.
9 Governor Foraker bitterly attacks Thur
man, and the Judge returns the fire.
10-The California delegation starts for the
It epubllcan Convention. Many delegations
visit Thurman at Columbus. An Irish
American Anti-Cleveland Association
formed in New York.
13 The friends of all of tbo Republican can
didates working hard for success. The
Pacific coast declares for Blaine. Another
big debate on the Mills bill in the House.
14 Nearly all of tbe Republican Senators and
Congressmen desert Washington for the
scenes of political action.
15 The advance guard of the Republican Con
vontion gathers at Chicago, and the vari
ous headquarters aro opened. New York
ers agree to support Depew.
16 A busy day at Chicago, with delegations
pouring m irom an quarters. Alger gains
delegates in tho South.
17 General Hastings selected to present Sher
man's name to tbe convention. The Cali
fornia delegates try to organize the West
in the interest of Blaine.
18 Fuss and furv reign ramnant at Chicago.
A majority of the Pennsylvania delegation
intimate their preference for Sherman.
19 The Republican Convention duly organized
at Chicago, with John M. Thurston as tempo
rary and M. M. Estee permanent Chairman.
20 Tbe necessary work in committe'es and
fights over seats in the convention occupy
tho attention of the .Republican gathering
at Chicago.
21 The Republican Convention adopts a na
tional platform, and the various Presidental
candid ues are formally placed in the field.
22 Three ballots taken at the Chicago Conven
tion, the result on the leading candidates
being as follows; First ballot: Sherman, ZS;
Gresham, 111; Harrison, 80; Alger, &i; Alli
son, 72; Blaine, 35; Depew, 89. Second bal
lot; Sherman, 219; Harrison', 91: Gresham,
10S: Alger. 116: Depew, 9; Allison. 75.
Third ballot: Sherman, 211: Harrison. 94;
Gresham. 123: Alzer. 122: Allison. SS: De
pew, 91. Alter the last ballot Depew with
drew bis nice, and tbe convention ad
journed for the day.
23-Ballotine resumed at Chicago but without
result. Fouth ballot, Sherman, 236; Harri
son, 217; Alger, 135; Blaine, 42; Gresham,
98; Allison, 8i Filth ballot, Sherman, 224;
Harrison, 213: ,Alger, 142; Allison, 99;
Gresham, SI', Blame, 48. The convention
then adjourned until Monday.
24 Sunuay a day of chaos at Chicago, all of
the friends of the respective candidates
hustling for their favorites.
25 Benjamin Harrison nominated for Presi
dent by the Republican convention on the
eighth ballot, receiving 5M votes. Levi P.
Morton nominated for Vice President on
the first ballot, and the convention ad-
Iourned. '
ndianapolis celebrates tbe'selectlon of her
favorite son. Cleveland formally notified
of his renomination by the committee, and
briefly accepts.
28 Thurman formally notified of his nomina
tion. Grand Democratic ratification meet
ing beld in New York.
29 The members of the National Democratic
Committee announced. .Indianapolis con
tinues to boom Harrison.
SO Harrison makes two brief speeches, bis
first in the campaign, at Indianapolis.
2 Sherman's friends charge that he was de
feated by the use of Alger's boodle.
4 General Harrison officially notified of his
nomination for President by the Republi
can Committee, and replies in a brief
speech. Alger's friends return tbe boodle
charges in kind. Tammany ratifies the
Democratic nominations. The National
Association of Democratic Clubs meets at
6 The Democratic clubs at Baltimore per
manently organize, with Uhauncey F. Black
as President.
7 Levi P. Morton officially notified ot his
nomination for Vice President.
8 J. W. Wade, the wealthiest man in Cleve
land, formerly a Democrat, declares for
Harrison. The National American party
calls a convention to meet in Washington,
August 14.
11 The Republican National Committee met
at Washington, appointed the Campaign
Executive Committee and elected Senator
31. S. Quay Chairman.
12 Colonel W. W. Dudley, of Indiana, selected
for Treasurer of the Republican Executive
17 Calvin S. Briee chosen as Chairman of the
Democratic ExecutiveCommittee.
19 The debate on the Mills bill reaches an end.
Harrison makes a lengthy address to an Il
linois delegation. Michigan Democrats and
Greenbackers fuse.
21 The Mills bill passed by the House of Rep
resentatives. 25 Stormy proceedings of the" negro Demo
cratic conference at Indianapolis, The Re
publican Senatorial caucus1 decides to pre
sent a substitute for the Mills bill.
29 Ex-Governor Porter declines to accept the
Republican nomination in Indiana.
4 Ex-Governor Porter again positively de
clines to accept the Republican nomination
in Indiana.
6 Alabama Democrats elect their Governor
bv a large majority.
8 Harrison speaks at the Indiana Recnblican
Convention, and General A. P. Hovey is
nominated for Governor. The Michigan
Republican Convention nominates a State
ticket. McCamant nominated for Auditor
General by thePencsylvanIa Republican
9 James G. Blaine arrives at New York, Is
given an enthusiastic reception, and makes
several short speeches.
13 Blaine makes a triumphal tour through
New England,speakinn at several cities.
Tbe American Party, Convention assembles
at Washington.
15 West Virginia Democratic Con ventionnom
inates A. Brooks Fleming for Governor.
Curtis, of Now York, nominated by the
American Party Convention for President.
20 Thurman visits Michigan on a stumping
22 General Goff nominated for Governor by
the West Virginia Republican Convention.
23 President Cleveland's retaliation message
causes a sensation in political circles.
Mayor Francis, of St. Louis, receives tbe
Democratic nomination for Governor of
24 The benate indulges in a red-hot partisan
debate over the retaliation message.
25 Announced in NewYork that President
Cleveland contributed $10,000 to tho Demo
cratic campaign fund.
28 Warner Millar nominated for Governor by
the New York Republican Convention.
30 General Secretary Li tebman, of tbe Knights
of Labor, resirns his office to go on tbe
stump for the Republicans.
2 Powderly issues a manifesto requesting the
Knights to keep clear of political compli
cations. 4 Vermont goes Republican for State officers
by a majority of nearly 30.000.
5 Thurman arrives in, New York and meets
with an enthusiastic reception. r
9 President Cleveland issues his letter of ac
ceptance of the Democratic Presidental
10 Republicans carry Maine at the State elec
tion by a plurality o I about 19,000.
11 Harrison's letter of acceptance of the Re
publican Presidental nomination made
12 David B. Hill nominated for Governor of
New York by the Democratic Convention.
18 General Curtis accepts the American nom
ination for tbe Presidency in a brief letter.
Speaker Carlisle enthusiastically renomi
nated for Congress, and given a big recep
tion by his constituents.
19 Mahcne's Virginia friends are defeated in
tbe Petersburg district, and John M. Lanes
ton nominated for Congress by the Re
publican Convention.
20 The United Labor party of New York de
tides to support Warner Miller for Gov
ernor. 22 Chairmen Bamum and Brico issue an ap-
eal to the public for funds to carry on the
einocratic campaign. A Republican Sena
torial caucus considers tbe tariff bill.
23 The approaching school election at Boston
causes an immense registration of women
29 Blaine holds animmense Republican demon
stration at tue roio u rounds, .new ioik.
Judge Thurman makes a speech to his
, Columbus friends.
2 Levi P. Morton issues his formal letter of
acceptance of the Republican Vice Presl
dental nomination.
3 Blaine makes a Western tour, speaking at
Detroit and elsewhere. Governor Gordon
and the entire Democratic ticket elected in
Georgia without opposition. The Republi
can Senators report a substitute for the
Mills bill.
4 The Republican majority and Democratic
minority present opposing reports on the
substitute tariff bill, setting forth their
views at considerable length.
6 Tammany Democrats nominate Hngb J.
Grant for Mayor of New York City.
6 Mayor Hewitt' renominated by the New
York County Democracy.
10 The Senate Committee on Civil 8ervice Re
forms reports that the service has ben
prostituted for political purposes,
speaks on trusts at Goshen, Ind.
11 Thg Republicans nominate Joel B. Erhardt
for Mayor .01 New lorfc Governor Hill
leaves New Yoik for a Western stumping
14 Allen G. Thurman Issues a letter formally
accepting the Democratic Vice-Presldental
20-Qovernor Hill makes a tour through Con
necticut In tbe interest of the Democratic
national ticket
23 TheiNational Convention of the Womens'
Christian Temperance Union at New York
announces itself In accord with the Pro
hibition party. Benjamin F. Butler comes
out for protection and the Republican nom
inees. 24 The publication of the famous letter of tbe
British Minister, Lord Sackville West, to
Murchlson, causes a political sensation in
New York and elsewhere.
25 Blaine dissects the West letter in a speech
at New York. Secretary Bayard bitterly
attacks the British Minister in an Inter
view. 27 President Cleveland reviews the parade of
the Democratic business men at New fork.
SO The administration declines to any longer
recognize Lord Sackvillo as tbe British
Minister, because ot the Murchison letter.
An alleged letter of Treasurer Dudley, of
the Republican Committee, made publfc, in
which he specifies how voters are to be
manipulated in "blocks of five."
1 The Democratic Advisory Committee at
Now York offers heavy rewards for the de
tection of election frauds. Powderly denies
that Cleveland offered him a position in re
turn for support in the Presidental contest.
2 Dudley sues several papers for $200,000 each
for libel in publishing his alleged letter.
3 Republicans and Democrats hold gigantic
rival demonstrations at New York and
t-A warrant issued at Indianapolis for Col
onel Dudley, based on the publication of
his alleged letter.
6 General and Congressional election day
throughout the country, with State and
local contests in some States. Harrison and
Jlorton elected President and Vice-Presi-
dent,carrying the doubtful States of New
York and Indiana. David B. Hill re-elected
Governor of NewYork, and Hugh J. Grant
elected JIayor of New York City. Ifovcy
defeats Watson for Governor in Indiana,
and Palmer Is beaten by Fifer in Illinois.
Returns indicate tbe election of a Republi
can House of Representatives by a small
7 Complete returns add to the assurance of
Republican success, and the victors cele
brate throughout tho country.
8 A vast sum of money in election bets paid
over. General Harrison received a quantity
of congratulitory telegrams. Anna Dickin
son sues tbe Republican National Commit
tee for 51,250, alleged to be duo for making
9 Cabinet positions and the probable Speaker
discussed by Republican leader.
U Jhdge Rucker, of Denver, makes public an
alleged conversation with tbe President, in
which the latter anticipated defeat, and at
tributed it to knifing in New York.
12 Delay and uncertainty in tbe official count
of West Virginia canse allegations of crook
edness from both parties. Congress claimed
bv Renuhlicans and Democrats.
IS Senator Blackburn denies that he was pres
ent at the alleged Rucker interview, brand
ing that gentleman's statements as false.
14 Chairman Quay and General Clark state
that the House is surely Republican.
17 The controversy between Blackburn and
Racker grows very warm and there is talk
of a.ducl
22 General Palmer, one of the original mem
bers of the Grand Army of the Republic,
resigns from the order on the ground that
it is political in its nature.
25 Cabinet-making continues to bo popular
among Republican politicians, and a num
ber of prominent statesmen are announced
to be stated.
26 The election cases taken into the courts in
West Virginia. Quay holds that the Repub
licans will have a majority of nine in the
27-6. A. R. Democrats in Indiana decide to
form a new organization.
1 Cabinet making continues to he the princi
pal occupation of Republican politicians.
Three hundred leading Republicans bold a
ratification banquet at the Metropolitan
Hotel, New York, presided over by James
P. Foster.
8 President Cleveland's message to Congress
emphatically reaffirms his tariff retorm
policy. A number of arrests made at
wheeling for illegal voting in the late elec
tion. 7 The Indianapolis grand jury takes up the
alleged attempt at election bribery by
Colonel Dudley.
8 Tne grand jury at Indianapolis adjourns
for one week without finding an indictment
against Dudley. Republican leaders at
Washington claim a majority of one in the
next Congress.
10 Senate Republicans decide to press their
tariff bill to a conclusion.
U Women vote for school directors in Bos
ton. and tbe entire Republican ticket is
elected, including tbe Mayor. Senator In
galls denies having circulated any scandal
ous stones concerning President Cleve
land's private affairs for political effect
12 Vice President-elect Morton visits President-elect
Harrison at Indianapolis. Emery
E. Sellers. United States District Attorney
at Indianapolis, resigns.
13 A Democratic Congressional caucus decides'
to favor the admission of all of the terri
tories except Utah.
15 A sensational story emanating from Indian
apolis says that $40,000 of Republican cam
Saign funds were embezzled,
enator M. 8. Quay confers with President
elect Harrison at Indianapolis. The Re
publican Senatorial caucus decides not to
take a holiday recess unless the Democratic
members a erce to an early vote on tbe tariff
bill. Ihp President nominates Leon Bailey
lor tne position resigned ny .District Attor
ney Sellers.
19 The Democratic Senators consent to vote
on the tariff bill January 20, and the Repub
licans agree to a recess.
22 The Boston election contested on tbe ground
of illegal voting by women.
24 The Executive Committee of the Associated
Democratic -Clubs issues an address giving
reasons for tbe defeat of 1838. and outlining
plans for the next campaign.
Accidents and Crimes Which Dark
ened the History of 1888.
Carrying Great Destruction to Both life
and Property.
Beginning with the first day of 1888, and
continuing scarcely without intermission,
nearly every 24 hours of the year had its
tale of death and horror. Bridges have
fallen down and boilers have blown up,
railroad disasters have been numerous, the
lire fiend busy nt the work of destruction,
and the hand of the murderer and suicide
has been red with blood. The year has
probably been no worse, if as bad, as its
immediate predecessors, bat it certainly ex
hibits a wonderful record of accident and
1 Six killed and many injured in a collision
on the Cincinnati Sontbern, near Green
wood, Ky. Three gas explosions in New
York, in which four men are badly injured.
Stephen Conroy murders his mother and
her paramour vth an ax in Baltimore.
Louis Butter was shot through the heart by
Louis Schlicht,a rival hotel keeper.at Was
san. Wis. A number of fatal barroom
tights In New York and other cities.
2 tile Erickson confesses to having killed
his wife at Rush City, Minn. Six men
burned by molten brass in Philadelphia.
S A bloody riot among Poles at Wilkesbarre,
in which eight are injured, two latally.
Daniel Ryan suicides at Erie.
4 Four men injured, two fatally, by a boiler
explosion at Dunkirk. Sensational suicide
of Robert Klrtland, of Bucyrus, O., on his
wife's grave.
5 Three men killed and ten injure'! by a
premature explosion of giant powder near
Wilkesbarre. A falling viaduct at Cleve
land buries six workmen, two of whom are
6 A burglar at Portland. Mc, kill' an old
woman beside ber sick husband. Tho Bald
Knob fned breaks ont afresh in Missouri
and more blood is spilled. Durinc a politi
cal discussion at Somerville, W. Va., John
Mnlnns shot and killed Henry Moore.
7 A big fire, in hicago destroys property to
the value of $500,000. Several persons in
jured in a battle with ojster pirates on
Chesapeake Bay.
8 Major Joseph K. Wells, of New Jersey,
killed by a railroad train near Philadel
phia. Thomas Anderson scalded to death
iu a collision on the Omaha road, near Da
luth. Minn.
9 A Texan desperado shoots two men and de
rails a small tram of cars at Sedalia, Mo.
Mrs. L. J. Ferguson froze to death at Mai
den. Mo. Miss Mary Van Orden suicides
in New York.
10 The Portland express jumped the track
near Haverhill, Mass., six persons being
killed and many injured. Three persons
perish in the flames at the burning of the
almshouse at Monroe. Conn. Sensational
suicide of William R. Hollls at Erie.
11 A desperate and bloody duel fought by two
Frenchmen near St. Paul. Emanuel take-
to of BerrytowD, H. Y., attacked Mrs.
Poorman, and was shot in the forehead.
Gilbert Fitzpatrick, living near Wellsvllle,
O., fell from his wagon and was dragged to
death. The deaths resulting from the Ha-
verhill horror reach 16.
12-A big fire at Dauphin destroys the car
works and other valuable property. Sen
ator Ingall's residence and library destroyed
by Are. A bench show burned at Colum-
bus, and don valued at many thousand
dollars cremated. A' slight earthquake
shock sends terror through the South and
does some damage.
13 Indianapolis, visited by a diastrous con
flagration, With a loss of $1,600,000. Other
fires at Chicago and Detroit. W.EJohn-
A man and woman killed on a railroad
curve near Lima, O.
H-Sam Ralston, son of the great California
Bpecnlator, follows hi3 father's example
and commits suicide. Three persons badly
injured and much property destroyed in a
wreck on the Illinois Central, near Carbon-
dale. Three menkilIedonaN.Y.,P.su.
crossing near Sharon.
15-Captain William Farren, of Fair Haven,
Conn., thrown from a sleigh and instantly
killed. Policeman Joseph Glenn, of Wheel
ing, shot by unknown men.
15-CharIes L, McDermott, a bookkeeper at
Columbus, was discharged by his employer,
and sent a bullet throngh bis brain. Sev
eral persons badly injured in a collision on
tho Lake Shore road at Springfield. Pa. A
variety theater and hotel hurned at Steu
benvlllc, and Miss Annie Devoe, a Pitts
burg actress, perished in the flames.
18 Seven persons drowned while skating on a
lake in Texas. Two hundred persons Re
lieved to have frozen to death durinc the
Northwest blizzard.
19 Reports received to the effect that 4,000
persons were destroyed by a recent flood in
China. Mercy Fowler, of Trenton, dis
covers that she has two husbands living
and commits suicide.
20 James Martin, a war veteran, fell into a
shallow creek near Erie and froze to death.
A row in a bridal party at Passaic, N. J.,
causes bloodshed, several persons being
severely injured.
21 A boarding house at Tower, Minn., burns
with tbe mercury below zero, and ten lives
wero lost.
22-SeveraI persons injured in a Chicago fire,
and 40 more barely escaped withtheir lives.
A fireman killed and four others injured by
falling walls at Manistee. Mich. A paper
mill burned at Holyoke, Mass., with a loss
of $325,000. The boiler of the steamer
Zouave exploded in New York harbor, and
four men were fatally scalded.
23 Dan Drlscoll, tho famous New York mur
derer, hanged. A midnight fire in Phila
delphia destroyed property to the value of
Si-Indianapolis severely shaken by a natural
gas explosion.
25 Newark, O., visited bv an early morning
fire, with a loss of $200,000, Reports re
ceived of a disastrous collision on a Cuban
railroad, with, great loss of life. Jacob
Keelcr, of Norwalk, Conn., killed Constable
Lewis Drucker when be attempted to ar
rest him, and then committed suicide. A
big colliery explosion at Dunsmuir, B. C,
28 The exploring party finds the bodies of 31
white men and 41 Chinese, wno nensnea in
the Dunsmuir explosion. A falling bridge
at Umatilla, Ore., kills two persons and in
jures others, while 100 more have a narrow
escape. John-McGtew, a Western outlaw,
killed in Indian Territory while resisting
27-C. P. Macy, a leading merchant of Golden
City, Ark., mnrdered by Oscar Coulter.
Two men killed and one injured by a boiler
explosion near Columbus, Ga.
28 Anantba explosion at Bmgbamton.N.Y.
terrines the town and injures several per
sons, Frederick Anschlieg, a young Ger
man, confesses to having killed farmer
Hitchcock and wife near Los Angeles. Cal.
29 A New York hospital for crippled children
burned by an incendiary fire and 163 in
mates barely escape death. Louis Bulling
of St Joseph, killed his wife and came near
being lynched. Two colored men killed in
a New York saloon flebt. York visited by
a disastrous Snnday fire.
SO Burning naptha adds to the horrors of a
freight wreck on the Lake Shore road, near
. 'Pine, Ind., and a brakeman is killed. Ah
Fat. a Chinaman, was banged for murder
at Victoria, B. C. William Estes shot and
killed by his sweetheart's brother at St.
Joseph, Mo. J. B. Welsh, a prominent cit
izen of York, suicides.
31 A breaking ice gorge in the Mississippi near
St. Louis destroys several boats and does
damage to the amount of $100,000. John
Cullon kills his mother with an ax at Buf
1 William Cobb killed by a boiler explosion
at Fairfield, 111. Ed Hickman, a prominent
citizen of Bardstown, Ky., shot and killed
by Dr. J. B.McGee.
2 Oneliundred children have a narrow escape
from a burning New York orphan asylum.
Mrs. George Edwards, of Erie, cut her
throat with a razor because of domestic
trouble. A bursting boiler at Barnesville.
O., kills two men and injures four more.
3 A chemist named Derby poisoned bimself,
wife and six children at Manchester,
4 Four men fatally burned by a mine gas ex
plosion near Wilkesbarre.
5 A disastrous wreck occurred on the N. Y
P. & O. near Jamestown, N. Y., three per
sons being killed and many injnred.
Thomas Williams flogged to death by
Indiana White Carjs. A big blaze at fat,
Iiouis destroys property to tho value of
5150,000. Spanish troops fire on a mob, and
ten persons are killed.
6 A dynamite explosion near Hancock, Mich.,
kills three men. Two brothers named
Rambeau shot and killed at Hamburg, la.,
while stealing a hog. Matblas Busch. cuts
his wife's throat at Chicago.
8 One man killed and ten persons injured by
a cable road accident at ivansas Ulty. .Mil
lionaire A. J. Snell, of Chicago, murdered
at midnight by burglars. George Whit
comb, a well-known Bostonlan, mysterious
ly killed.
8 A locomotive boiler on the Delaware and
Lackawam.a road exploded near Essex, N.
J., Injuring several men, two of them
10 The entire Wyoming valley shaken, by a
dynamite explosion at Hapwallopen, six
men being killed and 40 injnred. Two men
killed by an explosion at Rellevue, O.
Clarence Bowen and his wife commit sui
cide at Greenfield, Mass. John Buttery
killed his stepsister, herloverand himself at
Mechanicsburg, Ind.
11 Two locomotives collide near Scranton, one
engineer being killed.
12 A boarding honse burns in New York, Gus
tave Valley being killed, and 40 others nar
rowly escape. Treasurer Hill, of Espanola
county, Texas, mnrdered and robbed by
13 A lamp exploded at a drunken Hungarian
wedding near Hazieton, and six persons
were cremated.
14 A falling derrick crushes a street car in
Brooklyn, killing three persons and injuring
many others. 'A lamp explosion in a col
liery at Port Bowkley seriously injures five
17 William Wirt burned his two grandchildren
to death and then suicided, at Burlington,
19 A cyclone swept over Mt. Vernon, 111., kill
ing 20 persons and injuring ICO more. Rob
ert Wilson killed by a limited express train
near East Conemaugb.
21 Carrie Dietz killed while endeavoring to
escape from the Bay City, Mich- jail. John
iucueivy was snot ana tinea at -namgao,
Tex., by a sheriff's posse.
22 Charles Wingard and Annie Fox, uncleand
niece, BUiclded by shooting in the Alliance,
O., jail. Ethan Allen accidentally kills bis
brother Charles at Chicago. Edmond
Daniels arrested at Wooster, O., charged
with beating bis wife to death.
23 A lumber train was wrecked near Brad
ford, two men being instantly killed and
five injured.
25 Gn stave Winkler killed hlmelf and his
wife at Milwaukee. J. M. Watson blows
his brains out at Columbia, Tenn.
25 Several business houses burned out at Buff a-
9 lo.witha loss of $250,000. A Maine schooner
wrecked in a gale and fonr men drowned.
Sixteen men accidentally killed in the Con
nellsvllle eoke region inside of a week.
Wesley Willis riddled with bullets while
endeavoring to escape from the Chattanooga
23 Five negroes assassinated and their cabins
burned in Wharton county, Texas. Sam
Price, white, and Bill Reams, colored,
charged with murder, lynched at Clinton,
Ky. John K. Fisher, a prominent cigar
mamifacturerof Lancaster, committed sui
cide by hanging.
29 Tbe partially completed Midland Hotel at
Kansas Cliy collapsed, killing Frank Edi
son and injuring 12 others.
1 A freight train cranhed through a bridge in
' Indiana county, Texas, killing two men and
injuring several others. Ednin Barbour
and Ellis Williams, two Virdnia editors,
fight a duel, tbe former being seriously
wounded and the latter killed. A big fur
niture factory burned in New York, with a
loss of 51,000,000..
2 A cyclone at N ewton, Kan., does great dam
age to life and property. B. L. Gividcn
shot and killed B. M. Lawrence, a promi
nent citizen of Louisville. Albert West
killed while trying to escape from the In
dianapolis workhouse.
3 Ernest Young, a talented Harvard pro
' fessor, suicides. .
6 Harry Roscoe perishes In a snowstorm near
Dulnth, Minn. A collision on tbe Cincin
nati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific road,
near Pine Knot, Kv., resulted in tho death
of one man and injury ot several others.
C A farmer and his son devoured by wolves
near Poplar Grove. Kan. John Geary was
killed at Kansas City while trying to pre
vent the elopement of his daughter by a
brother of ber lover.
7 Two score people are hemmed in a. burnin
.newsnaner office at Snrincfleld. Maw
six are killed outrignt and many more ta;
8-News reaches NewYort tbatM'persosrr
have been killed by tho exDloefoiroi a nm
steamer in the West Indies. -
9-A Methodist university at MltchelL Dak
burns, and a dozen inmates perish in the
flames. Henry Parker, a New York busJ-"
ness man, and a companion suffocated or
escaping pas in a hotel. Will Thomas,' col
ored. lynched at Tunnel Hill, Ga, to slow
10 A dynamite explosion at PineL Cat, Vflls
two nien and injures others. Fireman
John O'Connell was killed in a Heading
wreck near. Boyerstown and several others
injured. A Canadian Pacific train went'
through" a bridge near Port Arthur and
three employes were killed.
U Pullman cars on an Erie express jumped
the track near Bradford, one person being
killed and many others injured. A saw
mill boiler exploded at Kavanaugn, Ind.
T., killing two men and injuring ten others.
UG, Hale, prominent Chicago fiusinesa
man, ran over and killed by a street car. '
12-Rudwig Hocller, his wife and child art
mysterioutly poisoned at Findlay, O.
Lr-Many persons die from cold during the ter-
nuie ostern Blizzard, ana otners, inciua .
inp Roscoe Conklln?, nearly perish in the
snow. A number of tugs and small vessels
. were sunk at the Delaware breakwater, and
manv lives lost.
14 Terrible reports of suffering and death from -the
effects of the blizzard continue to be
received. John Skinner, a Kentucky mur
derer, taken from the Hopklnsville jail and
15 Three women mnrdered in New York by
their husbands. Rev. Eugene Peck, of
Washington, struck by a locomotive and
killed. Eli Davil, a negro barn burner,
Ivnched at Woodland Mills, Tenn.
IS A train jumped tbe track near White
Plains, N. Y., killing 7 men and injuring 12
others, some fatally. A powder mill near
Dayton exploded, and Fxed Sherman, an
employe, was killed. .
17 The fast mail train crashes through a
trestle 7d miles south of Savannah, killing
19 persons and injuring many others,
among whom are George Gould and his
wife. Mrs. John McGee, found frozen to
death fn the snow near Ansonia, Conn.
Robert Barber, a farmer near Ithaca, N.
Y.. beat and robDed an Old man named
George Mason and his wife, and tbe set the
honse on Are, burning them to death.
18-A flve-story apartment bouse bnrned in
New York, with a number of persons killed
and injured. Frank Hopkins and Mrs.
Whitney frozen to death near Putnam,
21 Georgia and Tennessee visited by a de- -
structive cyclone, the killed and injnred
being numbered by score'. George Walker,
Robert Wood and Edward McCully
drowned at Chester.
24 Charles Smith, postmaster at Burlington,
O.. shot and killed Charles Held.
26-Tho village of JHnnescab, Kan., wrecked
by a tornado and several lives lost, reier
McGnlre suicided by jumpingfrom a three
story building in New York. William Had- .
ebaugb, of Carlisle, accidentally snot by
his brother. '
27 Three children burned to death at Orilla,
Ont. Michael Relligan and George Hamp
shire killed by an explosion of nitre-glycerine
near Ardsleys. N. Y.
23 Big floods caue great damage to life and
property in Germany. Sam Wilson, -of
Oliver Springs, Tenn., mnrdered while on a
spree. A locomotive boiler eiploded on
the New York and New England road, kill
ing the fireman and engineer.
29 Kate Warner, a wealthy young lady of
Schoharie county. New York, cut her own
throat. August Krakow kills his wife and
himself at Chicago. Thomas Skillman. an
important witness In a New York, murder
trial, commits snicide.
30 Complete details show that 20 menperished
in the mine disaster at Rich Hill, Mo.
Theodore Calloway, colored, lynched at
Hayneville, Ala. Chris. Rlordan shot and1
killed Mary Downing, his mother-in-law, in
New York.
1 Rev. Clayton Mnmma and Rev. John Con
ner struck and killed bv a train near Read
ing. 2ews received that the bark British
Princess was wrecked off Portugal and 23
lives lost. Ernest Urvan shot and killed
his son-in-law, Casper Sparlan, atPaterson,
2 A Polish celebration at Wilkesbarre- ends
in a riot, in which a nnmher of persons are
fatally injured. A desperate fight between
colored men at' Lima, O., results in three
3 One man killed and others injnred daring .
a riot between Burlington strikers and Pin
kerton detectives.
5 A train on the Chicago, Milwankee and St.
Paul road plunged through a bridge near
New Hampton, Iowa, killing six persons
and injuring many more. Thomas Mul
doon, well-known citizen of Wheeling,
struck and killed by a freight train. Ellen
Jlilmine. a young girl at Hamilton, Ont
suicided by tbe poison route.
6 Fifteen children fall in an old well at
Palmyra, Ma, and seven ot them are
fatally icinred.
7 Thomas Waltz, an ex-convict killed Lerey
Smith, who testified against him. with-J.
razor at Louisville. A train on Rutland
road was wrecked near Bellows Falls, Vt,
and the engineer and fireman killed.
9 A gas explosion, near Muncie. Ind., killed
one man and injured several others. Two
unknown men killed in a coal mine near
Albuqnerqne, N. M. - -
10 Five men killed during a riot between rail
road strikers and non-union men at Cum
berland Gap. Isaac Hotden and James
Mitchell killed by a boiler explosion at
Baldwin. 111., and -everal others injured.
13 Bessie HillyerBuIkeley ends her romantic
young life by suicide at Washington. Mrs.
Thomas Baker and her littlo daughter
burned to death at Wellsville. O.
16 Charles Lorenzo sniclded by shooting at
Coshocton, O. Sam Fern killed Bill Hard
ing at Fort Smith, Ark., in a dispute over & .
game of poker.
17 Samuel Apgar mysteriously murdered at
Mexico, Mo.
IS Tho wife and three children of Jacob Hallet
murdered In Calhoun countv. West Vir
ginia, bv robbers, three of whom are sub
sequently found and killed.
19 A number of persons killed during tbe .
peasants' uprising in Roumania. Several
lives lost in a IodgmzhouSHfireat St. Louis.
Edward Chase, of New York, killed his
mistress and bimself at Portland, Me.
21 An express train jumped the track near
Cameron Mills N. Y., killing two men.
22 James Cummins, prominent citizen of Day
ton, suicides. John Crowder, a heavy cat
tle dealer, drowned at Cateona, I. T. Mrs.
Sarab McCray, living near Erie, shot and
killed herself.
23 Two men killed and others injured by an
explosion of dynamite near Baraga. Mich.
25 James Smallcy mnrdered his two small"
children with an ax at Licking. Mo.'
26 A gas explosion wrecked several buildings
at Chicago, and injures a number of peo- .
pie, some fatally.
27 The cannon ball train on the Burlington
and Missouri was wrecked near Alma, L.
A. Town being killed and others injured.
A house at Beach Haven, Pa., set on fire
for revenge, and Kate Durkin perishes in
the flames.
29 A suicidal wave swept over the country,
two well-known preachers being among the .
1 General Wirt Adams, pqstmaster. and J.
H. Martin, leading editor, of Jackson,
Miss., fire on each other, and both are
3 A falling wall at Colnmbus killed Jesse
Beckons and George Terrlwiiieger. two
emploves on the new Board of Trade build- '
inc. Frederick Seidel, a convict in tho .,
Ohio Penitentiary, horribly crushed by a
4 John and Samuel Black quarrel at. VJr- .
ginia City. Nev., and tbe former was killed. ' '
Charles J. Rutger. an ex-Judge, com-"
mltted suicide at Trenton. N. J. Seven
persons perish in a. burning honse near Ar
lington, Neb. Several negroes killed dur
ing a race conflict in Loundes county, Ala
bama. 5 Lightning struck a schoolhouse in Dela
ware county, O., killing one pupil and
shocking 20 others.
6 A dvnamite explosion at Locust Gap. on
tbe Reading Railroad, kills 7 persons and 60
more are injurcd,.omo fatally. A cloud
burst near Maize, Ivan., drowned a family
named Rockby, and destroyed mnch prop
erty. Harrison Staples killed Louis Brown
witb a dirk at North Bend.
8 A boiler explosion at Manchester, N. IL,
killed William Tavlor and Harvey Emery.
William Boyd kills Alexander Shaffer with
a bottle.
11 J. M. Kiel, a prominent citizen of Osbkosh,
Wis., mnrdered and robbed. William Cas-
. lin suicides at Painesville. O. - -
12 A Southern Pacific train jumped the track
near Yuma. Arz.. killing one passenger and
Injuring several others. John Lumblat,
a prominent New Yorker, killed by the ac
cidental discharee of a gnn.
13 Engineer J. J. Woodruff and Fireman H..
D. Kitziniller killed near Cumberland by
the bursting of a locomotive boiler-
14 A powder car on the Santa Fe Road ex
ploded at Fountain, Col., demolishing sev
eral buildings and killing three persons, one
of them a woman. J. N. Skellv mysteri
ously mnrdered near Greenville. Ala.
IS James Harper, a wealthy resident of Davis
ville, Md., committed suicide by shooting..
John Hiitkam killed Charles Arnold at In
dianapolis in a fit of jealousy. Harry Ben
son, tue Patti ticket swindler, suicided in
the New York jail rather than return to
17 A iiowderhouse exploded near Stockton,
N. Y.. killing one man and injuring many
others. ...
18 Mrs. Ida Wright, a six-months bride, Cum
mlttpri unlcido near Carthaee. RL
21 Floods tbrougbont the Mississippi valley
caue great damage to uie ana property.
William Kerr, of Cookeysvllle, lnU shot
his wife and then suicided. Thomas!
Barrett, a Pinkerton officer, found dead. In 1
bis room at Chicago, with ballet Is hi
- o. V