Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, May 01, 1884, Image 4

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    £ltr (iiirnfri smtuwt.
lihixl •. I'bursda) ittxruli <, i
THKUi—(!*•!< .11 1 'O
tin.l p.ti liu *l<*u.x B OO
4 LIVK P4l'KR —Jsr-.US to llii. lilimit i t!•
!'.>i DIVIp *ilhu> Uir*. IUUDIIi* will b cuu
f Uriel iu*.l'' V-' I '-
N . to I " lls-N.u mi. I until rr.m
MM,M ■•P. ••■■■ i M ■ MMwn.
i { itti. 'M Jt ill inituty mui t> ptil lor to
Any prwarltitt i tnn *h ■ ulcrll r e will
I.HII JX|li ■' .'liiir.
.} i .Ho i. Irralottoii mt>. lhl i in
i siil.r rllstl> *n I prpaioi | luwlluiu tursmrsrtU.u*
W . u**., in PI <1 niiiilr A, i;IU* for JOB HKK
I t |ir<pri"l to print nil Sln.W ol Huoks,Tracts ;
...■dill HP". I' lll'f. I •Hlllll"!. 11l 1" tUtUIK, *' -.111 • .
.S,-**(vl>' •" ! t III" lows! {-•♦>' I. run
.Ml t It.-rli* 11*11 lr far * .■••• i-rm llisi.llirw. luonllx
•Dentil* ,, -i lino f''i Hip ilrot Hirer. lasrrllos*. sn.l
ont t lln.- f'i **rh *>l,litluu*l lustrliuo B|>.-,l*l
l>Usii>a'hiill maw.
K KM til tlillree IS cent* r*r lino.
Li.;. .in . in I ■! ■ -lustiis. tOcsnlr i-or lift*
A llboml li" ""•< '• ®4 , 1" lo l■•t'l'i'" lrltalBK '•)
he qasrlsr.half your, or yesr, *• follows:
I n e%
irtct acavriiD. I?■ f I i 1
O i- mill ("I W linos Mile 1)1') >1 J",!';'
Ta Inch-* ■
Three luclu* •• J ' i
tinxrtet column ~r h" • •'
rt.lf enlai.in rI" n.lmi ; '
t>.. • - it - lath**). '" •"
y !*• rlUcinont* nni paid f r ' f-r ■ It
• rtt<. xropt '■ . ntr* t> whan lialf-jrwu t>
n t T>n <t* U 'vn 1 • rl* |tiir**l
p.>Ufl-*\' s •*♦'* *'* p"t 'ln "vh lacrtloß
If ??,.■ It r M* thai
lltorl'colnmn IRcanl"
pr iriMfrtl nt
Ccul Minor s Wngcs to bo Reduced-
PiTTsitrs it, Awl 27. f'onl oj ■• r<tor
of the fourtii pool have ordered a le
duction of half a cent in mining rate*,
to tnke el) ct tomorrow. Wugetnf tiir
necond pool will dlto he ro liii-eil to
morrow frntu .'il to it centti fer ' uuhe!
The Louisiana Election
Nfcw oai.E4BB, April, 24. Return* t<
far froiu variou* secliotm of thp State
• indicate a majority of 50,000 from the
I'emocratio State ticket and the adop
of all the Constitutional amend
The returns for thii city ate
yet complete, but the ro ijority for
tbe regular Democratic ticket tpproxi
ro \tcs 15,1)00.
-■ ♦ ■
A Midget Bom tn Priaou
CHICAGO, April 24.—The county in!
In* developed a curiosity in the | •■ron
of a baby boru there last Mont lay morn
ing. It it a girl, and measured thirteen
inches from her crown to Die sole i f
her tiny foot, tipping tbe scale* .it to
pounds, iler hand" are about an inch
in length, an 4 can he completely cover
ed out of sight with a fifty cent coin.
Lucia Zrate's diamond ring' offered to
any infant who could wear it, would
answer at a bracelet for this midget'.*
arm, hr finger* not beinz larger round
then the end of a mouse's tail. Cloth's
* to tit her small anatomy could not 1*
found in the neighborhood, and the
garment* of a very small baby seven
month* old bang about her like empty !
sacks. The mother of ttiis pigmy is
Mmnie Weidlich, a German girl who
was arrested for larceny About three
mocth* ago.
Murder by Hanging
'ts M"i>r.s, lowa. April 26. -A pc< tai
fr m Audubon says there is intense c* j
citement there over th> murder of
iiiratn Jellerson, an old resident oi
the county, •!■-> lived three mi!-
eoutheaU of that town. Mr. .feller*, rs
wa sixty five years of age, a cripple and
the father of a large family, all grown
He lived on hi* farm, alone with hi*
age 1 wife, and wn supposed to be with
out enemies. About 4 o'clock thi*
morning four men entered theii .juii t
home, dragged the old man and hiwif
from their bed and hanged the help
less man to a tree in hi* own door yard,
W'hero hi* boely was found with other
mark* of violence upon it. A* yet there
is no clue as to who committed tb<
deed, but if the perpetrators of the j
crime arc discovered they will be sum '
rnarily hanged, as great evcitenienl
Tho Sftlarlonof Judge*
HAXSISM. HG, April 26. Attorney • ien
e ral f'aseidy has given an opinion that i
conime.n pleas judge* who where coin
missioned subsequent to the approval
of the act of 18S.1, providing that r,o
judg of the rourtaof common pleas here
after appointed or elected and commit
sioned shall re- eive any compensation
in addition to the salary snd mileage
fixed by the act, are not entitled to ex
tr* compen laticn for hob ling curt in
counties outside their district. I'ndcr
the art of 1871 provision 1* made for
the payment of sl2 a day to judges wh,
hold such court*. The attorney gene
eral maintains that the act of lei*3 re
peals that of 1871 so far as the com pen
sation of judges appointed after spprov
ing of the former act is concerned. The
opinion of the attorney general was writ
ten in reply to a letter by Auditor Gen
eral Lemon, on whom a claim was made
by Judge seeley, pre*idem jud.e of
Wayne end Pike eountie*, for $144 for
holding oourt in the Thirty fourth end
Torty-nftb judiee* district* dur ng Feb
roar7 last.
Burnod to Death in Jail
A \ou'ig m >n named Peter Vigne wne 1
burned in death in the lookup t Water
vil •. Me., under oircuinsiuniura that
indicrtc eriminal curi lesSiuws on the
part of the officers in charge. Tho young
uim had resided in Fairfield and vuu
viiiirg a lady friend in Watervi le. Tbe
otlb'iM* found him on tho street and
claimed that he was clrur.k, although
one oy two good citizens claim that tho
hoy was a* sober a* one of the officers
! who arrefted him. lie was thrust into
: the lockup, and although he begged
piti-ou-ly that he be released or he !
given an opportunity to find bail, the
I.lficcr.* refu-cd.
They built a fire in the stove in the
lockup an l left him alone. An hour (
ioi r the I uil ling wm in flames, and
win n the lire engine had drowned out j
■ the lire a 1 that remained of the unfor. |
tuun'e prisoner was a charred and
-lis] • !•'•* n a-s of fl"h and bone*.
The New Old Tcstamant
Ni.w YORK, April, 2b.—The Amorio*u J
il 1 Tesisuiont revi-ion company, after j
twelve year* of la'or, completed it*
| work yesterday at t> <m 42 Bible house.
■ Toe last woik was the fin .1 r< vision of
the work - ol Kz. kll T.II I iniel. All
Ill.li 11 m i-...* 1* to airange the vaii ition*
* ft.on the Br tirli rev Ir*tobe pi n e<l
in the append x.
After the Old I'< nl itlienl revie'.* had ,
1 completed their work, a meeting of the
j two iomp u.iis, tl ant on tbe Did and
til other on the Nov 1 entail., lit. w- n.
held. lr*. Schstr. Day, Crosby, Cowsr-l
Thayer, Durgst, Kendrick, Ice, Chase.
.Short, Kiddle. Cb td Osgood
were present. A dblegation ron*i*'in:
of member* of the committee, who .*
poet to be.in Europe the onming *uin
mer. was np|>i.nted to at tend the final
me-ting of the British oommittoein
Londou the first week in July. They
' are Drs. Schsflf, Green, Day Chambers,
Aiken and Mead. It D now expected
1 that the revision of the 1 h<l Testament,
which requires much time to l.ecsrc-
i fully carried through the |>r*. wdl be
given to tbe public next fall or (he first
1 of next year.
The PooahontßH Horror
I'm iiuNT*s, V., April 27. Tw..mi>re
b*"lies have been recovered from the
rainetodav. which makes the whole
number 111. one of those brought out
to day was identified as Henry Melrer
colored; the other oonid not he identi
, ft -d. nor > ould it be p.i.f whether it was
the corpse of a while <r colored ir.sn
Both of the bodies were v rv muc)i do
cs) cd M. 1 mutilated: onlv three :UAI.
gh* 1 fragment* of the b-tter b d) were
' found.
An examination of the m i.e .* now
b'ing nnolr by a committee of expert*,
appointed by President B.iylee, of the
American institute nf mining er . 'i.err*.
This investigation originated 10 1 re
I quasi M the Virginia im. |
' provement company, of l'hiladel| bia.
■which owns the mine- h.-re. The coin !
milteoof experts arc I'r f-*..r- tV II
iam, of I'h'gh valley, Bramwell. ol
New York, and Buck of Kansa ha j
They have been expl ring at,.l j.. 1 e
trating tho mine* for throe day# with
naked lamps, snd. the mine being now
thoroughly ventilated, they have found
no fire damp. Tin-it theory in - to
1.. that tbe di#fter ws due to ,n uri
eT| losion of fine co:.l dut.
Will tho Pop J Como to tho United
t'tntr a
A spec ai i-ablegraui to tbe /'
state* the rumor that the l'ope 11. )
/ Jtti'y take refuge in t vv< United >tat-*.
■ He *ay* ; The adAent to power ot a
Unheal cabinet might oni|'l Pope
i.eo to *k the hospitality of a foreign
| power. A Roman arclibi*hop. of great
influence, sad today : "I s< e nothing
to keep u here. Go where *be would,
(the 'hur.h would be ssfer and more
j respeettd than in Rome. We may yet
aek the hospitality of the United Stales, j
I atn sure if your country accorded it to
us, we should bo freer than in Daly.
Here we are entirely at the nieiey of
our enemies. We have nothing to hope
of tbe Government. We hold the Vati
can itself only on sufferance, for ihc
law* merely give thp Pope the right to
occupy the building. Many nioi.snt
1 he might he ejected
. .'The Holy Father keep* his own j
views on this *ut>jeet, but when rsrdinal
fie favored the idea of leaving. Doubt
le* he will rem.iin in the Vatican a*
long a* ia humanly possible. That, *ooner
or Inter, he will have to leave, I foresee
clearly However we have bitory lo :
console u.
"I do not think that the Papacy
would lr as prnetige if it left Rome.
F.ve lif th•* Poj # iev*, the fact will
be kept eecrei until h is acoompliahed.'
A burglar got into the house of a
lawyer tha other day. After a terrible
strng t e the lawyer ucoede<| in rob
bing him.
The now Pension ''ill. which lnm
I a... t Ihe House liy solaige it majmi'y,
prov <h i dial every sodier who hs
hciveil three mouth* in tne field and
hn- mi honorable (li.ichirgo, and who
by m >.on of wound, injuty or hi mate
wli eh originated in the Her vice or in
the line of duty in diaa 1lor procuring
hie subsistence hy m UiUal lahor, nh >ll
he j'Ut ii| on tlie | ens on li-l. In behalf
of tliin measure it ih org d tli t it would
add to the pens oii„ iidl. only such
veterans us would otheiwine lie Mint to
the Soulier's Hollies or he oiue u cbatge
upon the public or their i I.lives.
Under exit-ting law tue cliui.ite i*
compelled to hlkiw that he we found in
( ho ly or free from the di* -hsc in <pn -
I.on when be entered the tiivicn, This
hid 111'iken it n piosutltpuoli i I law that
the pplicant was in good health when
he ertered the service upon the ground
that lie wnsdtl V• X .111 lied ha Govern
meat surgoon and found capable of
t • aii. g rnm. As th .>. • mining
.sing' HI was the author / d ag- ntnf the
War department the fuel th the p.*s
ed tile soldier is accepted a- conclusive
sgiin-t the (iovertlineiit 111 the at use
t pro if to the contriiry. The mu-r
rolls i- made the record evidence of the
(illicit of the applicant for a soldi r, mid
the h >n mli'. discharge ;- tin pro f ot '
|of the sei vice. If the soldier has . .r !
1 tracled a disease he is tot re<piirdtol
■ | rove.in what cntujia gn hi* he.l h was
lr. ' n <!..*r hut it is prc'iinicd tli it i"
•.v*s in the service at d in tl.i line ol 1
I duty. While the hid create* no in iv
(loss of jien-. II is ir ciiingef the
i re- .io| tion of law , and thu . if | .••• I
I will doubtless greatly ext. id th. |.
sion 1 In the j a -Age of climis that
j have hien hung op in the lie, srimrn'.
for yesrs for waul of necer ry pr* f*
Philadelphia lltevrd.
Man Dloh from Qlandern
| A di-j itch t" the J'rtu, from Hard
I ford <' "Hi ,of March 'J*th av -"The
Medical j rof> o. ~.n of Connecticut are
j deepeljr interested in a i ase of human
'glanders, wl irh has resulted in death,
and, a* there has long been a ds.j ute
! regarding the possibility of death from j
the Ii see when communicated from
' ' east to mm, the cue will j rolnl 1)
attrac; wide no Two weeks ago I
, "inn >. Todd, a farmer living in Tod
j and, purchased hint, believing the j
In r-• had a cold, be proceeded to tre.i j
•it ill various ways hie of his methods
was to blow >m"ko in the hor*
nosttil*. This cf<i>ed the aninml t" '
; aneeje, blowing | art ides ol tnticu* it to
Todd's face.
" A week or mi ago. I odd Was taken
i sick. The sympton* wereat first twin vod !
Ito t • tb'-e of pneumon'S. Later ther '
issumed those rheumatism, being 10l
h wed by a swelling of the joints and
tin* i • king out of the face with |>im
j h or blister* an I discharges fr> tn the
nostrils. Dr. Johcsoti, of Mansfield. '
l.il ' I nrye of the ' ae. and a is *ti fi -d 1
Jii' it wa nn actual nes <>( pi inib-rs
nnio . ite<| from the horse. A cv.p 1
tuhit II If| hy sj, jan* w a held a day or
• o ego, i'id ths verdict was the same as '
found " v Dr Johnson. Medical aid
i In g and the sufferer died
v. i .|.i r • errible suffering, {.oral
•i. ■ .ny * hat deaths from primary
• •I ■ tor some time known
Men, lul the ToddoiM es j
ii'. iii tee tin t of the similarity oft
t i- leristiiw of ultra gltri'b rs In I
1 man and beast "
DcmintPfin Nuns.
orrsr F> IN MEW SAIL. N. r.
Si n ikk. N .' . April I". The Mon
' ry • f tl.e I> on niran Nun*, the only
one ot the kind in the United >tate
was 0| tied t • -lay wri'h nppropnut'
ceremonies I■. ll;hop Wigger. 'I In
chapel si.d house was blessed by the |
Itisiioj , who tin li blessed the hells and
| made an addre-f on the Wnefit of the i
contemplated life. Tuc< lay morning [
Vrehbtshnp Corrigan will preach the
sermon and conecrate the alter
After th * service is finished the pub n
will he admited to the cloistered part
of the monastery for one hour, but
when five strokes are sounded on the
chapel bell all visitors must withdraw,
never again to enter.
\ soon as every lay and clerical
visit, ris gone from the cloister the
door in I lie wall ilivi ling the cloistered
part from the public chapel and n-cep
lion room will be closed with two locks,
line key will he retained hv bishop
Wigger, or his representative, and the
other by Mother Mary Jesus, the Sup
erior, ind no person can. therefore
enter or depart from the cloister uril s*
the holder of each key is present to
open the door, til communication
with the nuns must then he held
through doudle iron gratings set eight
pen inches apart in the solid wall, and
the wire nettings over the grates will
not admit a lead pencil. Two linns
must be present at erciy interview with
an outsidrr. The nuns wear white roliee
and hUck vails.
Riamark won't use a brush made of
hog bristles.
ARE MKN who have stolen one I'M si
dental term arid hoistlrgly purchased
another, nk the New York World, to
he alloWi d a third tutus to iefy the will
of the people hy refusing to permit an
honest election, a fair c .tint and the
inauguration of the successful randi
date? Are robberies of the Star rout
character to he repealed snd tire crim
inals to be protected? Are political
lawyers and pit mgressmen to con
tipue to deplete (he Tt< asury through
extravagant fees as flovi-riiou nt coun
sel an I to receive pay a* the same time
for "settling'' CH-IM ADVERSELY to the
(lovnrnnient's interests f Are we still
to have corrupt legislation for fnvored
cor| oral ion* and tn< nopol es and against
the right* an I interests of lhe people?
t here are the questions to he decided
within the next six months. It de
p'-ndi upon the U niierntic | arty to say
ow they shall be answered. Only
through i D mocraiii Pi. i lent r.-in the
country hi" saved from mi rule. Only
through a Democratic sdicini tr.tion
'.in the Gov eminent be brought back j
to the landmark* of h n -:y. j.uiiiy j
HI <1 e "ii uiiy. Ti.e peoj 1 ■ want br lies 1 '
le; slsiion. honest elections, a pun
judn itry, the pr itectiou in.d elevation
• "f lalior, the proper restriction ofcorpor
i ale power, r>-diiei-d tuxa'ion, economy
land simpli ity in it lmini.tr tion soil
| assured punishment for < (ficial rrirne
11 the caiid '.i*i and h.moony <.| lb-
Demoeia'ic p'uly asuire these reform* :
'tie tlays "I I '•-] MI 1.1 i ,rn 111 will be nuui
Matrimony in Utah
T 1.-••..-RT I N.I-I *TI"N IN IT 111 N T
VEST Tin: r ir.ws or AII. TIIH I ATTIC
The House Committee on Terri "'i
y -terday h\ a vole of seven to five
I nd'.pted a substitute offer 1 by Mr
1 Ah xsr.'br 'cMr, • issidy't bill provid
irig f r the spyointment by the ITeident
!of s conimi-" ;' n to govern Utah. The
1 provision relating to inrrrisges ri ( iires
that they shall be solomn T 1 by a m;n
iter. judge, or justice of the jieace. and
that th | erson 0 (>tfici(jng shall file a
certificate of marriage before a county
; recorder of land* within thirty day*
' a'les the cr-rr inony. failure to fi'i or
re. .rd is punishable by E fine of 1 1
The substitute makes the sol "Uni rat ion
of a marrage whrn either party to be
i married has a husband or wtfelivioga
!ni!s,i. u,e inor. | uoi'li-ble byini;ri-ou 1
merit in iail t "t Is ss than six month* nor
more than tnelve
Tut .M/s-. of Washington, in *pnking
.I ex Nj taker Kerfrr rsn.ark* n:.i
. usi 1 to be u Slate entitb d to congTHtu
I lationa, l.ut she seem to be now rather
i subject for CM,niiolanoc. Betwswi
d iod* in lor rivers, Kejfir in f'ongn-s
--• 10l mobs at Cinnuoati, her lot is not s <
appy ore.
Internal Roventio Gaigeia to IK-
Diwmifwed. *
The S.-cretaiy e.f the Tre*ury bss i>
sued nii order to all collector* ol in
leri.sl i-v tiui' ibr ugbout the country j
to reduce tlo i force* of gauger all i j
storekei |-c|s by tlie Ist day of May
next. Co'dec tors i'olliK'k ba- been
ordared to cut oil lour of the ganger* j
, from his fori e Tho will reiiure the |
■ numl- r of men to l>e regularly < m j
ploy i to tmritv MV.-11. At pri IT
|thtreuic lb illy *OO A stations .o l at i
tended to and thirtv si v men to do tin
| work. In order that ill may have n
■ hance to evrn a livelihood a ceii.ir
nuni' cr are la.d r.tl e*ch month, so I
that it no time ate there more than j
thirty one gangers employed, thoiigli
thirty ix n 'im are earnsd on the roll.
There is *n additional man used a* a
|.ei i*l gnuver by Hevonuo Insfeetor
'irmu-on whose sirsne wi I IM> dia j
pen sod with. The cause *s* gned in
the order lot ttie rsdticiion of tlie fores' |
is that the ap| ropriation is nearly ex
hoisted, and '.fiat if tfic roll is main ,
t s.ni"l nil o\ i the conn ty as it ht ,
I res.-i.t exists tfier. will be a flefieiency I
; u(>OII the ;lth of June. The gangers |
r.. . ive f 'iper day for their service*, j
j and are required to giv. flOoti errrity j
1 No orders have ties n received firreiluc
'tig the torce of storek'-ejier* in thi* dia
i trict
Atlililinmil Local*
Court began on Monday.
Dandelion'* arc in bloom.
Sunday and Monday were regular
\ lew people actually had the dai
ing to wear a straw hat, on Sunday and
Mr. ("onrsil, Singer of Rotnol .favored
the DKVIMRVT with his presence on
Duprex A Hsnedict Minitrels showed
'to ratber n fair audience at the <ipera
House on Saturday evening. The per
forrnance was well vve "pas*.''
Docorntion Day Ordnri*
Holiert H. Reath, commander in chief
of the Grand Army of the Republic, ha*
issued the following order* relative to
Memorial Day
"TheOrand Army observes on May
101h next, for the aixteeotb tiiue, the
beautiful custom of strewing with flowera
the graves of our lead eoniratlaa
Memoral day will bo obaorvvd by out
people so lnf sa our fiag float* over a
on ted nation, mul it is our duty, as
the surv ivors of the armies and navies,
whose died* of valor and patriotism
shed such a lustre U(>on the annals of
our country, to see thst the ceremonies
sppropiiate to the duy ami occasion
are properly directed. Ttese cert
monies cannot revive antagonisms ol
the past; they should stir up in our
hearts not only tender recollection* of
tin- memories of our dead, hut also
mora exalted patriotism and devotion
to country in the future. Each post
will, in compliance with the rules und
regulations, iu its own wsy arrange for
tin* proper observance ol tbe day
Narrow EH cape
Aiiuptrn u\ uia M IHHOHASKS.
At noon I'ridiy abile a i.umber o'
H i were returning from the Third
w.nd Higir School, an ve dent befell
one of tbcm, tiained Miy Waddle,
I Aiu. il wool I certainly hai" r- sulicl m
her death, tut f, r the i.urage and!
(in i. in <• of mind of Miss Millie Miti-ki r j
The o< < urrei.ll; took j.hi" at Clinton
avenue raihoud en •"■ tig. A swit. I,
engine pssxed up tbe track j„.t lut d,,.
g;rl resc' ■ d the crotsing. Anti< paling
no danger, tin \ 111) starti-.l aero*- the
t'ai ks, M s Waddle s.kilig the 1. at
A he got Otl the track the t tie r girl,
saw the engine coming back at 'juit
a speed ami ca'led to her, wlide a iu,
pat'ion rn r her gave b<-r a playfu
sfiove. She fell upin the track, and
I" r< . ,ng the engine coming near )
Ip.rallZ 'I wth 1| iht. All tie < .tin r
girl, with tie , xception of Miss Mil...
M i.-kcr t"i <1 by . so tie r Highly fr .-ht
ened that they w-re unable to rendr
any >**i*tnr.ee, M•• Min-ker, how- vcr.
.prang firwurl snd at the immiti'-tit
! risk of losing her own life, pulled th
(>ro*trst. girl from the track just a* tie
engine < ashed by. This oceurrnc<
. au" d tbe High School to adopt the
j following te .lutton. ,
The teachers and ftipii* of Lock
j Haven High Hofaool, in order t, si,..w
their appro i iin ~f tfie noble <lariog
d.splayed by Mis* Millie Mißsker, a
nternUrof tbe school, in tlie rescuing
of a friend fr< m a frightful death.
llt*J\(d, That we most sinrerly hon
or the spirit of friendship, which caused
her to risk her life in ns behalf, an<i
we fully apprcc :i!e ait I respect the
j courage which, controlled by Dcvine
'(ow.r, M-a the meal- of *nTing life.
( ''l..S \\ eldle livi-- on Jidd E.igle
street, between es*t and west Park
street*, ihe brave girl wbo saved her
jife M the daughter of a widow rending
*t N V lUld i tg'e St'.-et /, //. >' .
| prut.
Miss Minikei, the heroine of the
ste-ive rs < urenre is R ncice of Mr. <i
W Mtnskerand s cousin of Mr. and
Mr*, brarik f I'.ibleof this place.
Dealer in
Queens ware,
I'" llefonte. Pa.
I* •elling AI I KINDS of t 'rockiiy
and Table tilsr*wsre at I.nWF.I! price,
j tlisn ever known tn lt-llefonte. s* the j
following hat will show .-
; Rest quality It ■, >t..n • t'hirs wsrrsnt
| ei| In.l te i rsi'.e
! T.-s Sets ■'(< pte. es . s.t fay
j Dinner plate* largest •!*• per (hr 125
; Dtuner (ilstes— nnvjium do 1 10
Tea Piste* do 1R
| Tureen*—round or oval each AO
Sauce <io b# —round or in si es. hi! 0
Sauce Tureens—4 pieces 90
Sauce boats 2 i
Cup* snd saucers—handled —l2 piece W>
do ' do unhsndled do f*o
Fruit ssucors—rwr doe 50
Cbsmbor sets—lo piece* 300
Pitcher snd Basin 1 00
Covered chamber 76
Tumblers, each, . 04c
Goblet*, u . . llfto
Fruit Row]* . . 25c
CakestJtnd* . . 36c ,
Gl.v* Seta. 4 piece* , .TV
Full Stock of Decorated Tea, Dinner
nndi Imniher Sot*.
Rest English ware. Tea S,.t*. Decorated
in Blue, Black. Brown or Claret, Mi
piece* s'..!*> -regular price BT.tSJ.
Full assortment in Majolica and Fancy
Goods, Ac.
Majolica Pitcher.. 2fW Bohemian Vase*
height 10 inches, #I.OO. and every
thing else ju*t a* cheap in proportion.
Mr I desire to *ay to everv render of
this advertisement . I trail your rwi ws,
and in reaching out for it 1 am fully pre
pared to gtxe you tbe Greatest value for
your money once yet obtained. Coll
and examine the good* end the price.
If 1 do not fulfill strictly all 1 lattn a*
to prire* being Id >W ER than ever be
fore heard, I do not aek > our patronage
The greater amount of good* I ran sell
tbe lower prices can ami WILL ae sunt,
{Snu erivH, l'rori*tmiJtr,
h\ BROWN, JR.,
| No. 3 and 5
Bishop St.,
1 ♦
4 4
To buy <iroreries in this s*< -
tion of the St<it>.
At a f< of
Lake Herring, I 4 111. $ 2.'k>
l Sack I'et Holler Floui . 145
j3 f.'fiOfc Siring ilea na 2 >
3 " Lima " 26
.. i ■
v.oru 2-5
" lornßio.r . 26
< itariulaU-d u
I•an I" iri-1 t alifi rtua Piaohci *5
Apricota .'<
1 " Pear* 30
:> pounds Miitar.a Prune* . 25
1 gal. Bt t Tahlr Syrup allrugwr'O
Sugar Syrup, 40
Choice Kioe , . OA
1 " Peas . 25
1 " Good 1 able Peaches 2''
5 linUltf Caleup . 25
5 " Pik!e. . 25
1 lb. Baking Powder 30
1 lb. Pure Pepper 25
1 " (ilueow Syrup - 45
j Lump Starch " . fit;
Corn Starch, per pound . OS
1 pound beet Cofw . . pi
Sardine*, 3 bozce for • • 25
, Scaled Herring, per box - 35
Extra honed Codfish, per box 45
Ijooot Valentia Ha bin* - 09
! French Prune* . |A
OJieui Soap . • (te.
Bloater Herring, jer dor
2 lb* Canned Corned licet , 27
Tapioca Flake or Pearl . 07
Sold as Cheap in Pro
port ion.
)Vr. also hare in connection
with our store a first-class
Meal Market,
Ami sell CHEAP Eli than
any other Meat Market in
E. BROWN, JR., & CO.