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Aneodotes of Jndge Blank
A* an illustration of the wouderful
cot' ersatiojal powers of Judge liiack,
tui Erie gentleman who was acquaint
ed with all the parties concerned tells
the following interesting anecdote :
During tho adminislration of Gov.
Biglcr Henry L. Dietl'enbach was
Superintendent of l'ublie Schools and
ho and Judgo lilack were very inti
mate friends. One summer day (lov.
Dodge, of lowa, a prominent man at
that time, being on his way home from
Washington, stopped ofl'at Ilarrisburg
nod walked up t<> the capital grounds
to pay Supt. Dieffenbach a visit.
While the two were seated near aw in
dow in conversation a voice was heard
calling from the walk below :
"Dieffenbach! "
The superintendent looked out and
the voice continued : "Say, throw me
down a chew of tobacco."
A generous chew was cut oil", wrap
ped up in a piece of paper and thrown
out. As the party walked away < icii.
Dodge got a goo<l view ot him. lie
was a large plain looking man care
lessly dressed, and was in tin- act of
throwing the paper away alter hav
ing put the tobacco into his mouth.
"Who is tha' man ?" asked the
General, when the figure had gotten!
far enough awyiv as not to overhear.
"That is iair Chief Justice, Jeremi
ah S. Black," was the reply.
Gen. Dodge took another look at
the retiring form nnd said :
"Well, you must be pretty hard up
for Chief Justices in th : s State."
"I'll introduce you to him the first
chance I get," replied Dieffenhach in
his quiet wav, " and see what you
think of him."
Shortly alter this the two went to
what is now the Bolton House for
supper. After the meal, they wen
sitting in the reading room, when
Judge Black came along and (ten.
Dodge was introduced to him. Dief
fenhach left the two together and went
away. Before returning, however, he
looked around for hi- guest; hut not
tiuding him, he went to bed. Ihe
next morning, getting up rather ear
lier than usual, about six o'clock, lie
was astonished to find (Jen. Dodge
pacing up and down the iloor of the
reading room.
"General you're an early ri-er," -aid
The General replied with the great
est enthusiasm depicted on his eouute-1
ounce ;
"That Chief Justice of yours is the
greatest man I ever met. Why, do
you know, I've been up all night talk
ing with him and time passed so rap
idly we didn't notice it till daylight."
Other anecdotes of the eminent ju
ri-t are published from which we give
the following :
One day Judge Black was -or
rounded by a bevy of his personal
friends on the floor of the 1 lons,•,
among the rest Judge Mercur, then the
Bradford Congressman, wh turned to
him aud said: "Judge Black, you
have more friends on this -id- of the
House than on your own. You ought
to he a Republican. If you would
join us we would appreciate vou and
give you due prominence." To which
Judge Black made reply that he!
knew it all t > be true: the Republic
ans were good fellows; he would like
to belong to them, and there was only
one thing in the way. " If," said he,
" there were no hereafter I would join
the Republican party at once. Noth
ing deters me but the fear of hell.
The Origin of the American Flag.
At Little Brington, a village near
Northampton, England, is an old cot
tage in which lived the ancestors of
George Washington. It is a neat old
place, hut with nothing remarkable '
about it, save it was the nest of the
General's great forefathers. Above
the entrance door, incribed on a stone
slab, is the following : "The I/>rd giv
eth and the Jxjrd taketh away. Bios-1
sed be the name of the Lord. Con
tractus, lbO'i." Great Brington lies
some couple of miles front the smaller
village of that name, where is Wash
ington Cottage. At Great Brington {
there is a handsome church, remarka
ble for the very complete and perfect
series of monuments of the family of
Hpencer. Htill more interesting, how
ever, than these monuments to the
ancestors of Lord Hpencer are the two
plain slals that cover tho hones of
George Washington's ancestors. The
oldest of these is that with an inscrip
tion on it to the memory of Lawerence
Washington disccased in l'll9, leaving
behind him eight sons and nine da ;gh
ters. Two of Lawrence's children
migrated to America; f'mm one of
these George Washington was decern!-
ed. The other incription is engraved
on brass, beneath the Washington
coat-of-arms, as follows: "Here lies
ye body ofEliz Washington, Widow®,
who changed this life for Immortallctie
vc 19th of March 1022: as also ye
Iwdy of Robert Washington,gentn., her
late husband, second sonne of Robert
Washington of Holgrove., in ye county
of Norhn., Lsqe., who dopd. this life
ye 10th March 1022, after they lived
lovingly together." We hero see the
origin of the American "star spang
led banner,"fand of the stripes, for the
coat-of-arms on this old brass appear
three stars, with the bars or stripes Is:-
ncath them. The sexton told ine that
Charles Sumner had had a copy of <
the larger slab made by the local mason,
and that both he and Motley, the his
torian, bad taken great interest in
these arum and inscriptions. It is cer
tainly striking to see those humble
mementoes of tho ancestry of one of
whom all English-speaking people
are proud, in this old country church,
lying near the splendid tombs of for
gotten magnates. An interesting
chapter might be written on tho ori
gin'oftho greet llags of tho wo -Id. To
trace them back to their sou. ces would
often he no easy tusk ; hut that of the
American Republic lies on the floor of
Brington ('hurcli.
Peach Packing at Baltimore.
•Viirt" aloul a Aj.-./. uuit profitable 'uj
the lUll;!n..re Afttsrlrnn,
Reach packing is peculiar to Ilalti- i
I more, and it would ft'cni us it' nature |
had intend'd the eastern shore of Mary
laud and Delcware to lrvo almost the
exclusive privilege of producing this
fruit. The only otbe • scclio i east of
the Rocky moui :aitis, where they
grew to any gnaw nuuntity was the
country around Lake Erie, but "I
late years tho trees have nearly all
been destroyed by the "yellow. In
this citv, they will not be at all mini- 1
erous, because more of tlieiu will be ,
shipped away then lias been custom
ary and the railroads have made ar
rangements to send them t" great' r ,
distances than ever before. loe rail
: road companies themselves have be. Nt
anxious to have a linger in the pie,
and w ; .h that object have ''ought up
whole orchards of growing Ire '. More
[H'aches will also he rc-erved t be
" i vap'ipat' d," as the process is culled.
' It is vastly* superior t ■ drying them.
By tl is process the fruit is put int"
" evaporators," which drive oil ni"-t
of the moisture, and leaves it without
* fleeting the flavor, and without im
parting any hiterncssor toughiie--. It
is rapidly g i.ving in favor, and will
probably revo'ut 1 " ti/.c the wh dc fruit
li i-iri -s. The crop ot eva|Kiratis|
peaches this year amounts t > two mil
lion p"iitn!-. Cupar- '"r evaporated
peaches biing sixt'-en or ecvotitc n
cents per |mi nid, and -nn dried -ix "r
six and a halt o i [>• r; ound. < > d
uso is found for tl e re ti.-e i f parking
houses. The parings me regularly
bought at -i "o ili-tilb ric.s, t< > be dis
tilled into peach bra adv. The k. rn- ,
els are used bv con ec oners, and the
-tones make cxellent fuel. In making j
the cans, not even the smallest scrap- ;
of tin are wa-.t !. It they arc t ■■>
| *mall to be used for any othi r pur
pose, they are sold at £■> pi r t- nt r
-ash weights.
Alcohol as a Medicine.
T> .V A *' Tf ■ ' /' (
.1 -' m's 'if,
Tie- //. rn l l of HeollK, of New York
city, prints a very sugge- ive article
entitled "Substitutes for Brandy," by
Dr. Ridge, of I/iiidon who bns lm. 1
large experience in the non-alcoholic
treatment of disease in connection
with the London temperance li -pital,
in which, referring to the jirofound
conviction in tie- public mind, includ
ing, also, the medical profe-sioti, that
spirits, and cqx-cially brandy, are oi
great value in many diseases, both
! chronic nnd acute, h<* affirms that "in
• fleet, other things h* ing • .pial, a p< r
soti hn- a better chance of recovery
without alcohol than with it." Heal
- i -ays : " < >ne of the most easily re
memlKTed rules is that when a suh-ti
tute is required t r brandy as a nar
cotic, apply warmth • xt'-rnnlly ; i
when for brandy a* n so-called stimu
lent, give hot drinks ii t rnailv." He
adds; " As a-tinuletit pure and sim
ple there is nothing nets so rapid!v
and powerfully as hot water, milk
and water, tea, etc., or non-alcoholic
fieppcrmint, or ginger in hot water."
! The article, as a whole, is timely and
valuable, and will help many, even of
temperance people, to feel that they
can safely dispense with alcohol,even
as a remedial agent in sickness. De
i thronned in this particular, alcohol
| may then be much more readily and
effectually banishes] as a beverage
from the sideboard and the saloon.
Bcarlet Fever
Ifr/W to Copt >* ith the Ih.-.uinl DU'ir /ft
Prevention end Cure.
Krm Ih* PLiU<l<l > K#ror!.
An ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure. In no way is tho wis
dom of prevention more apparent
than in dealing with disease. In these -
advanced of medical science phy
sicians are giving as much attention
to the prevention of disease as to its
treatment. It is with this end in view
that they urge the importance of sani
tary measures—the necessity of prop
er ventilation, perfect drainage, whole
some food and judicious clothing. But
particularly are their efforts directed
to the repression of contagious deseaa
es, and especial I v to those which are
incident to childhood. Among these 1
none is so much dreaded as scarlet '
fever, and justly, too, for none of the 1
eruptive diseases is so fatal in its re
sults. It is, then, desirable that every
one should know bow best to check its
progress, nnd that they should faith
fully and conscientiously make use of
such knowledge for the protection of
humanity. A writer in a foreign '
newspaper gives some rules calculated
to limit the spread of scarle fever, i
which appear to be reasonable. More- i
over, their application in simple, anil
may he carried out in Iho poorest
house. His theory is to disinfect the
patient instead of waiting until the
bed, carpets, clothing and surround
ing air aro impregnated with the
germs of disease, lie says that first
the congested skin should he kept soft
and pliant,and should be soothed with
warm baths. Hathing the child in
water of u temperature of ninety de
grees is recommended, which tends to
cool the feverish skin and predisposes
to sleep. At the same time it washes
away the loose particles of skin, and
prevents too free peeling by moisten
ing the surface. After the bath a
medicated ointment should Im? gently
rubbed over the entire body. This
lessens the production of scales and at
the same time renders harmless those
which form. As a formula for com
pmfnding the ointment best suited lor
this purpose, he offers the following :
I Thirty grains of carbolic ncid, ten
: grains of thymol, one draclmi of vase
lino, and as mueh simple ointment as
will make the whole up to an ounce.
The odor of this is not unpleasant,
while it retains its groasines.s lbr a
considerable time after being applied.
It should be smeared on in the morn
ing, as well as at night, after the hath.
As soon a- the patient F well < nough
I we assume not until the tw> nty-fir-t !
day of the fever i- past -one or two
washings in carbolic - >ap, in which
process the hair should be included,
is recommended. This, our authority
-ays, will remove all trace- of infec
The bed and body linen should be
put as soon as tin y are r- iie-vi <1 b mi
i the person, in tub tilled with wat< r in
which a large tablespoonlul > I mr
| bolie acid lias b n di solved, ult< r
j which they can be n m >v< d from tlm
room and washed without dang" r - f
spreading the disease t < otln rs. 1 his
ue tho'l, says the writer, h.i- h- en
I thoroughly Ic-tcd under the in 1 eru
eiai conditions, which all indicate
"that it i- p" -ihle t-i very materially
limit the (amtagioiistit-- >f -earh-t
fever hv -implc irnans, ami thus t ■
more or le.-s - >mj>l-t ly < ntr->1 tin
spreinl of t lm disease.
All Sorts
The grand ury at N<-w Orlcan-,
1.a., -ugg" -t' 1 la- - " i> that a cn-n.a
-t rv be i stublislu i und* r the <1 ir - ti<>u
■ f i.fl-i t-r ! the t : ar.ty H -p.* :il,
; for the purp • t hum I g tin I li' -
jof persons who die of * ntagiou- <l.--
A ilematei t r trad d ai l.n
-j sprung up in l*| win r<- a u- : r
j them is t and in the trad' with < hina.
j Within a w*'k >. • have 1 <n
-hipp'-l from this i , entry to I. n I m.
< >ne firm sent ;-',(>* in . ne > nsign
j nrcnt.
t'.w l v- r< < ntly att-nipied ■ ta'..
! po—-sion of the town >: Hunnem 11,
an important utth -tati n in Kansas
Five < ity Mnr-I.al- w. r- -in ■ v. ly
ap|siint< d in t n day-, ami till r> -ign
ei|. At length the sheriff with a
p nrrt st> i ten f the ri"t'r-. and
'priet was restored.
Wolf Meyer, "the ohlrs-t re-id* nt
<f Newark, N. died at hi- rc-i
-i denee, N .21- t 'ourt -1r• -f. in that
' ity. last week, at the age of one hun
dred ntul six year-. II- was a wlilmr
, und* r the first Nap d> n nmi w.t
highly r |m tel. 11 • haves thro
daughter- living in N* wnrk.
Friday was the last day of summer. :
j nccording t>> the almana< The im an
tcmperatur for the three summ* r
' motrths was a little warmer than that
of the correspondent period la-t year,
flic i-xtn-ni'-* itilsJ w<r<-. however,
much greater than those of the pr
int year. The higlm-t range of tlm
mercury last year was in .Inly, when
it mounted to fb'i ii*-gri- The ii-cord
tliis year shows Hint the th rmomet*-r
marked but BO dd* gre* s wheu at tlm
(pifck Kailwur lime,
Ittvl.fr i. 111., .fat. 1 -so.
This i in r.-rfi/'y th.if ire ki ' u; / inifd
Frank I', Itlair*.'/■ "jrn< fur th. MM '■( -vr !
</u Tr vn It.nlr IM' lift ■ I is the tenrn
nf JtellefouU.
Kotkford Wat* ii Cowrsjir.
IIY llosMKlt P. iIfUAMi. Sec.
Having most thoroughly teste*! the
Rockford Quick Train Watches for tlm
last three years, ! offer them with the
fullest confidence as the best made and
most reliable lime keeper for tho money
that can bo obtained.
Jfulty/wtranire every tl'il-A for tiry.ir.i.
Fit A AVi" V. UFA lit,
A'o. 2 ItrnekrrhnjFltenr.
All other A mens m Walehet at re <t" o/
Diubton, Jan. 27, 1882.
The Kockford watch purcha-oii Feb.
1*79, I.** performed better than any
Watch I ever had. Have carried it
every day and at no lime ha* it been
irregular, or in tho least unreliable. I
cheerfully recommend tho Kockford
at I'igliton Furnace Co.
Tainton, Spt, IS, 1881.
The Kockford Watch run* very ac
curately ; better than any watch I ever
owned, and I have hail one that cost
#l5O. Can recnminond the Kockford
Watch to everybody who wishes a fine
8. P. HUBBARD, M. D.
This is to certify that the Kockford
Watch bought Feb. 22, 1879, has run
very well the past year. Having set it
only twice during that lime, its only
variation being three minutes. It has
run very much better than 1 ever an
ticipated. It was no l adjusted and only
cost #2O. R. P. BRYANT,
Are yoti ilUturhr*J nt night nn-l broken of your r*ml
lijr u *i< ki MM wtift' i liig m ra*l rrjrliiff with pulri of ' it
(lfiK liMftht If n, ••'lid at one# ami gmt n UltU c#f
Mmi. WikHLhw'i K'F/rutu HTRi'p r'n C'lflU'tt* 1
TtSTltmu. Itnvnhio || ineilctlliil'l*. It Will r>lt#Tc*
thi* funtr lltth* nft(Ti*r*r HiinifdUtfty. I) ju iul op 4 '#! It.
iiiotliffrf, thi rn i or tiiiUtk itlt'iit M. ItnirN !)■"
mt*irf nitd dlnrrli'M D'KiiliitiMi tin Ntoinnrli mid trow,
nli, Ctirpn wind colic, noft<*n th Kurti*, r#diji in
(latiiinitlufi, mid klvmi ton# mid i ihtk; t* th# wind**
•yatflil. Mr*. Winii.owV ."'xyTUIRO KVRt'l* FOR Clfll.lr-
URtt T#rTiiiß'i in pleiinnnt to th# tail#,mi<l l th# |r
iw ril'ti'Hi '•! out >f tlm d'h-at nnd l>* -t f* nmlw ph>l
< inli Rltd t)iir*<'B In tlm t'l.lfi d SUl'i, and la for wl'-
ly nil
1% hotth*. M-ly.
Swayno'a Pilln Comforting to tho
ThoiiiamJ di" fruiii m-gl*-* t t" |/r"|.'-rly
tr'-iit I in| *ir<- Blond, ('on-tipalion, i)y
pi-psin, Mulsrin, A|M>pluxy, I.iver, Kidney,
ll'iirl I>l ease-, Dropsy, und Kli"uniati-rn
But t" tin- ifobilitalcii, burii'-ried with such
.rri'"i -ii-Um-s , w-- consci'-ritfously r<--
coiiiinend "SWA YN K S 1*11.1.5, ' whi- li
(-uiitain nii-dii insl propt-rtles p*isi--sd I'V
ii" "tfn-r r-iik-'lv. Si-nt by mail fur 'g.
1 • ul-, l-'X "I pills : . I x< I , in
stamps). Addrc-s, 111'.. KWAYNK .V
S*iN, Philadelphia, l'a. H"ld hy Drug- i
gists. ti-8-ly.
Horn*- Items.
Ail * ,r <r li Ifiil
II . i r.aisiii • k i."i i " ran
I I, I ill. I. Ilial lie I't VAlt
I'll* -ivi-uke-t woiii in, sin * 111* t i liild,
ami -u-kiinvalid cin u-e hup hitti r
with - ifely and great good.
Obi men tottering niourid and froni
Khi-uinaliiiii, kidney trouble or snv
wi-.akn*-* will be almo.-t new by usinp
hop bitters.
My wife and dau.- itei win made
li* -ilthy by the u* of b p i>;ll*-rs and I
recommend to them my people. Meth
odirt • lergynian.
A*k 1 1-1 !■ I if I, |l
lull- r If 111- 111
Oil < tllii
Malarial fever, A'-ue and Billions
in ill leave every ti' iglilMirliOOil a
-non a - Imp I itter- arrive.
M v mot iu*r drove the | aral> - and
ni-uralp i all out of lier> -tem with hop
bitter— /. /. '/ A , i.
F • - p the kid tie >1 hi-nt lhy with fir-p
bitter- and ton need not bar sickrw-s
I 1.-m.l.
Tt. >■-. '(* I'll f I*.' s.-l '< I 111 Una tfi !. J1
i f.t
Itr-hing Pili-h Symptorm andCuro.
I li*- .ymptom* are moisture, like j er
spiration, intense itciiirig. im rea.. d i y
•' rat* b iig. \• rv 'L-'.re mg, | *rt.■ ub r
ly at night, s- ems a- if pin worm* w :*-
crawling in and a'out tli<- ri-ettllo . tin
private j ,rt ar< sonietim*- afl'Ct< i.
If allowed to continue rery <-riou r
nils follow. --W.\YM >**! MMi N I
: a pie , *ot, sure cure. Also for Tetter.
It*ib. >*lt Rheum, Soald Head, Bryi |
la*. Barber* Itch, Blothehes, all scaiv,
crusty --k.i 1.. Sent ly mail f r
Vi i• • nt- , ■ boxes #1.25, ii stamp-
Address. Br. MVAYNI. A S* IN, Phila
de!j hia, l'a. Sold hv lruggit. 5- ly
A* i/- .lili-crfiscwcn/s.
J7* %
*sew rrr 1
E l • t>Kt ooi*T.
80. #. Brorkfrko" Hew g
All tks HuslsH r.tsiil Medicines Pre- 2
* Mtlpliens nnd Family Ke*i|ies semrnMy r
g yrrepsre,!. Trusses, Bkun'det Bmces, Sc.. Sc. 3
AVio Ailvcrtlnrinvntn.
o.\i# \ AI-i:.\TI\K,
'm.m.kai. Ink. ami CuMMti-ioN Agt.,
Jiellcfbntc, Pa.
tu Hoah Am r*J # ZU'I fl*.#r
I ho following oomp.'iii* - repro-'futcd :
Fnios Philadelphia.
Amkhii-AK ,1„
Gt; a hiii as Ijondon.
S, " N do. j
Wk-tkkn Toronto.
Co s s k-.-t nil Hartford.
and oiln-rs.
Tkavki iiiu* I, IFF. *k A" i 0.. Hartford,
and other .
ci'inrni -i-ii branch *,| my I .sin-.*
is r"<-"iving -pwial atteiition, f *r ; -rt i- -
sold to good adrioUge, •• I have facilL
li" If'.: mg f hull-. -, Inreie, *T<.., -n
-hurt i. 'tic an 1 i tvorahhi t'-rm
21-'.in BOND \ ALFNTI NK
j >i;nnsyia'AMA
I nil hrm Se[*<#rtber 12, Ifib'i.
Thlfi IftflHritkit! i" loffiM In •tf I f I) Ut'tai |#aq.
t.fiii l.rofillhful '1 t ' f ffM #n!i* AlUtflf • * fig.
t J 1-1, t tlu I- lit' f ltlh #'!-, 4|4 ■ fjiffi Ut foj.
I • iLjf 1 ottfßeW Mt,!)'
! At ' *'•* rai II rV* ar*
. A I- nil Y ■ ttftf ( it*, f ir Va i
j . Th* I win* TAL Itfl.- ft- ? e*r
• a . f v g th# fjrt t* * vr I ' \hf Y> ,n,!i
l r * i AOltirf l.'f I Hi; \AII HAI
II IM'iH V II) ML-fllV A N I> I'll \>f <J$ ; (<J)
II ML 1 V.im.l FI * .
1 A • rl -I I I M. ' "i - A •
A ft HI l A I. • M li.*- 1 i r ■
\ tl R' - * ' Tr J * 't 1 r*#.
>"•** * r , If, - ' ' tar !
: 1 rhtlg' <f at inj-rt* it'-' i'j <• .;*ul
I : i A*.a - •• I I* !.•*•.
til • W ATI!LUTON. I'rwiMiu,
hA7I • I .. • !7R* i . J'#,
I . tf
■ ■
ltdsßlf; a' 1 rib . Lelf* l.*fiL m. , F•• MJ' !,i
•a . ■.
■ ■
] )i: i IIAZIi:i: - KOOT iin rn.
TftU ■< fit !'• if* tp n • a dnil • j wittk
th# isji. t. iat t*|' r i Mt.# n j < ;###* ii*#
, • t*
t: r f l s.m Me ll aJ t r r. r lo
'f• ) I
"• > - .
*•• ' ' ? -e* -i 't . " p. ft t(i *' * |,MM *,f
••' . •
If. M.J. I Ht! ais I - r* *|}j
If I ■ I .1 e * w I.l' *. ♦ v J; J
im* -Mii.io-.l . k t ,Ki .*
• I *1 ' >.!. tri it■ f • *k* tke . -:.*•
| . I ■ • . • •.
Ml.f Jl MAUTfS. fie.. -,d II
Is id tj sll drnti-uls si ft |r Mils
11 FN UY *V( '.. f* le Pr
' *'- - i F • 1.. \ ik
Get two Week l.a Newspapers
for the Price of One.
And tho Hrnt Inland Daily at Re
duced Rnt-H.
T fitjt-er .'j Ho Jf; f thfi Wruit r7|)'A tf
, Si . If r Mtftttfl, I-.M, s * fiiittr. .
ii .ftM r y\ #* 11 hD 7 a i \h* N * \ *k
W. t ly fMia Will L* Mhl 1 th' IMI r Ml.ir. ee , t „ 1,,.
, I if'
t • . W" i } Tb.i .l- fL • tas in k
T 'J* | 1 tl ' i * ' .ft* • • rr re a ,
t• t •
• e ! till I* kefil (Mil* M fl* tfi|'
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New Brockcrlioff House.
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lit now OFFKHIVO
Plain or Fancy Printing.
Wi> hTi> ununual faciliiint f„r printing
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