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    KIIUUKIIT & VAN OHM Kit, KdltorH.
VOL. 4.
sht Ctnlte jDrmomt.
Tormt 81.50 per Annum. In Advance
!!. T. SHUGERT & J. R. VAN ORMtR, Editor*.
Thursday Moraine, December, 7,1882.
AMONG the uovel sights to be seen
at the National Capitol now, is the
large number of headless trunks parad
ing round the House of Representa
tives as members of Congress.
THE cabinet makers have not yet
dually agreed upon the appointments
of Gov. I'attison, and it begins to be
seriously apprehended that the Gov
ernor will have to attend to this busi
ness himself.
THE Rev. Richardson, a prominent
Methodist preacher in Washington, it
is anuouueed, made the defence of the
Star-route thieves the burden •>! his
Thanksgiving sermon. He is said to
have beeu very severe upon the De
partment of Justice ami the prosecu
tion generally.
uses forcible but not inappropriate lan
guage, when he designates the Star-route
thieves "the worst hand of organized
scoundrels that ever existed since the
commencement of the Government."
Since Richardson of the Washington
pulpit has joined the band or at least
become the defender of the innocent
stalwart lambs, the Attorney General
may perhaps, modify his opinion.
REMORS come from Washington
that a hostile meeting is about to take
place between Senator-elect Riddle
berger of Virgiuia and Page M'Carty
a correspondent,* and that the com
batants are under surveillance of the
Chief of Police from Richmond. If
the fools want to shoot at each other,
why not? Why need the police med
dle with the innocent amusement of
the game-cocks.
CLAYTON M'MICTIAKL, proprietor of
the Philadelphia Xorth Amrrirnn. has
beeu appointed by the President, Uni
ted States Marshall for the District of
Columbia, vice Mar-ball Henry, the
Stnr-routc sympathizer recently re
moved. Col. M'Michael served on
Gen. Hancock's staff during the war,
is a gentleman of character and ability,
and will restore the office to the stand
ing it possessed in the social and State
assemblies at the White House before
the appointment of u colored man by
Hayes and an boor" by Gar
THE Methodist Conference in
Texas has entered a vigorous protest
against ministers deserting their min
isterial calling to engage in secular
employment. So great is the demand
for husiocss men in the "Lone Star
State" and so strong the appeal to
enterprise, that the church finds
it difficult to restrain the clergy with
in hounds to sustain the church
organization. Many of its brigh
test lights abandon their "divine
mission" to embark in pursuits
to swell their exchequers, in specu
lative enterprise. •
Wwis, of Virginia, who in certified
by the Re-adjuster returning board, a*
Congressman at-targe, elect, i* also
the United Slate* District Attorney,
finding that hi* *eat i* to be contented
in Congress on the ground of shame
less and extensive fraud* ha*, ?Fw*/y,
perhaps, concluded to investigate the
charge* himself a* District Attorney.
He therefore propose* that the Grand
•Jury of the United Slate* go into the
case at once, ao a* to afford him the
opportunity to certify a* a Federal
officer that he i* all right and hi* par
ty pure a* angel*. The committee on
election* in the next Congrtss might,
however, have *ome doubt* of the wis
dom of this Wise movement aud en
tertain proceeding* to satisfy them
selves as to the honesty of Mr. Wise's
election, in which other parties in in
terest might be heard.
Tho Mooting and tho Mcssugc.
Congress convened on Monday last,
and were rapped to order by Speaker
Kciler. After the report of the tariff
commission ami a few bills aul resolu
tions ttcre offered, the President's mes
sage was reud. His recommendations
in regard to the reduction of internal
taxes are sweeping, proposing to retain
only those on distilled spirits. His
recommendations on the subject of
civil service reform ami assessments
are very well and seem to favor the
Pendleton hill, but ufter the abandon
ed profligacy of the late campaign in
which he lent the whole patrouage of
the government to political despera
does, like Mahone, Cameron and oth
ers of equal infamy, to enforce ussc.-s
--nients through the Hubbell organiza
tion to bebaueh elections, the recom
mendations are somewhat thin. On
the subject of tariff revision, "so as to
equalize the public burden among all
classes and occupations," the enlarge
ment of the free lists and "a substan
tial reduction" of duties upon manu
factures of cotton, iron, steel, woo''
''ugar, molasses, and silk the message
will startle tho protectionists, and
throw Judge Kelley into hysterics.
The President evidently favors a "tariff
for revenue only," hut is willing to
have discrimination "in the acquit
ment of details as to afford aid and
protection to domestic labor." The
message upon the whole is a creditable
one, but lengthy, and we have no space
for it at present.
THE Democratic party of Pennsyl
vania have for many years been sjwak
ing and writing and protesting against
the rule of bosses and rings, but the
Republicans only began to realize that
they were degraded to the position of
mere slavish followers, two yerrs ago,
when Wolf raised the standard of re
volt, and declared that the rank and
file of the " grand old party" were en
titled to equal rights with Don Cam
eron and Matt ({nay. A portion of
the party sympathizing in these views,
declared their indepedence, and have
fought a creditable "batleof freedom."
Tho bosses were wounded, iu the en
counter, but they are not dead, ami it
now remains to be seen whether the
protesting Republicans will maintain
their independence or accept the yoke
and again submit to the Boss mastery
Don may tamporise hut he will not
capitulate, and we expect to see him
"next year" at the head of the Repub
lican column directing its movements
in the old rut, as lively as ever. He
inherited the right to command the
Republican Federals in the Cameron
domain, and those who will not follow
must leave, and identify their
fortune with tho Democracy, with
whom bosses will not be recognized,
nor rings tolerated.
THERE doe* not appear to be any
■triking evidence yet to sustain Judge
Folgcr's prediction that Government
securities would depreciate $10,000,*
000 in the event of a Democratic tri
umph at the late election. The Demo
crats are supposed to have been some*
what successful, particularly in New
York and Pennsylvania, and the only
evidence to be gathered from the re.
suit thus far is that the people were
not so easily deceived and alarmed as
the Judge imagined when he made
that declaration. These sensational
warnings against the Democracy are
becoming less potent every year, and
now even a tariff scare is found insuf
ficient to produce a ripple of ex
THE Supreme Court of the United
States have decided that the title to
the "Arlington Estate" embracing
1,100 acre* opposite Washington in
Virginia, which the United States
have wrongfully held from the heirs of
Mrs. General llobcrt E. Lee, must be
surrendered. On thia> property, the
United States have erected a Fort and
established a National Cemetery, and
will now be obliged to acquire a legal
title to it hy purchase of Gen. Lee's
heirs, or by condemnation proceed
Tins llarriaburg Patriot, say*: "It be
comes iluily more appoint that the
republican* appreciate the meaning of
the result of the recent election*. The
reform* demanded by the people ere
repugnant to the leader*, but lhe*e de'
mind* must be met even tin.ugh it be
by *ticii n nil-tin n* wit# put forward by
the republican# of the present congress
in the bill for the reduction of the in
ternal revenue. There are rumor*, how
ever, which Hre worthy of credence"
that nt the coming session of cougre**
an effort will be made to tak* the civil
service bull by the horn*. Some aort
of n bill will doubtlea* be offered
which will compel the damoi-rat* to re
tain the preaent republican ollico hold
era 'luring good behavior. If the bill i*
not favored by the democrat* the re
publican* hope to make capital for their
parly out of alleged oppoaition to civil
service reform, and thus to array them
aelvea on the popiular aide without any
lioneat intention of carrying into effect
what they prolen*. To nttempt thia
aort of a scheme would make it appeal
a* though the republican* had stnsl
hope* of controlling the office# in tin
future. The Democrat# have nothinv
to fear from #uch a policy. It will react
upon the origin* or*.
Tut O'cf.v--' • j Uomf.itrr apeak in g of
the "effigy huaine*#" to which we refer
ed in our iaat, ha* this to aay :
The Chief Marshal and committee in
dignanlly deny that the effigy of lien,
lb aver waa "brought before and appro*
ed" by tbein, and the Star owe* it to
truth to aay a# much. They did not
know that *uch a thing Was in conteni
plation by anybody, and had it removed
from the line during the inarch. It •
the deaire of all (lie fieniocrata that
nothing open to reasonable ciiticiam
ahoubi appear in thedemonatration.
The "etfigv" business haa been very
common with the Republican l>oy#bere
—Seymour, Tilden and Hancock having
been In turn o "diagraced." Surety fln
cock ot all oibera ahould liavebeen spar
eil.u|K>n a field be o gallantly defen'l
ed; but be wa* not. Had the Kepubli
ran committee "properly scrutinized"
everything that went into their pro**-*
aior. (in 1800) tha "disgraceful" an<l
•l rutil" exnibition might have been
rejected : not certainly though, beraua*
the Republican leadership hereabout*
hi* lor year* justified act* aime<i ai
I teniocrat* mat w -uld have "disgraced"
lb "inoul *r"|y ignorant section."
a: til it would have been unf or to hold
the Republican* * a p* r 'y responsible
lor ill" " rutai" act ola lew foolish boy
training with it—and we did not.
The M-cr*t of the trtra fus* "• being
ma'le lie# io the de*ire of the local
leadership to "solidify the Republican
party." Cameron may kirk them and
- utl tliem a* much * he pleaae* , all
mint he borne meekly, because "there
mu*t he union against the Democrats."
Item- oral* may rei assured that
those who are now trying to heap un
merited diahoner upon them ami the
party will next year, and the next, be
hanging alwiul them for vote* —ami that
tiiere wnl he plenty of occasion for re
minding them ol the present outrageou*
attempt to manu/arture party capital.
Ui)Xt*Tl.r and justly should tha law
be executed. No present good or ne
cessity of partisan policy can ju-tify
wrong doing by a party in power. There
will be no need, because of the decisive
Democratic majority, for the substitu
tion of the non-elect for the elect, and,
whatever the virea of Republican ma
joritie* when ejecting ami seating mem
! bera, the Ib-tunoral* will not follow their
: unworthy example. It waa the I<>* of
- moral character that lost Republicanism
! it* protracted mattery cf the country.
: Reformation in ollicial morals is as in
. dispensable as in practical political and
partisan action. Republican* only rid.
iruled and despised Andrew Johnson
liecauae he constantly | jsealrd to the
Constitution and the laws. These have
been violated shamelessly and act at
naught until the people absolutely pro
posed, in condemning the Republican
party, to condemn perjury. Huhbell
was only the impersonation of vicea
which the coun'ry abhorred. There
fore tho 1 teniocratic Congress, aside
from its addictedueaa to the philosophy
of "strict construction," will obey the
laws and interpret them with judicial
and noo partisan fairness. Men will
be given seats, in cases of contested
elections, a* the law and right and de
cisions of courts direct and not as par
tisan selfishness dictates. No sueh
gross outrages will be practiced upon
succeasful Republicans claiming seats
in the House as Democrats have been
forced to tolerate, and law and right,
in obedience to parliaan necessities,
will not be violated. Democracy means
the government of the people, and the
people.in reoent actional the ballot
box have shown that tbey condemn
knavery and will approve bonealy.—
Amtrtcan HryitUr.
TIIE Wilkesbarre Union Lemlrr of
Friday last contains n timely and ju.-t
editorial in favor of the appointment
of the Hon. Charles R. Bucknluw to
th! Attorney Generalship as the man
conspicuous for the place and the o -
C tsiun. The recognized ability, of this
profound lawyer, added to his excel
lent public record, and hi- entire tree
dom from any connection with cliques
or disreputable business, either in pro
fessional or political life, would point
to him as one to fill the hill of an hon
est administration. Of the excellent
tnen mimed by their respective friend*
in connection with this office, (he
choice of none would give moro sati--
taction and confidence, than Mr.
IHE Ciucinuatti Commrrctul, a
leading Republican paper, is not feel- j
■ng at ail comfortable over the lull
elections and, says, ' that while it dots
not follow that tho I), nio ratio party
will elect the next I're-i h-nt, anmher
session of Congress like the l . t wit. .
ter's performance would make the mat
ter sure." "Last winter's performance i
added to the general corruption and
disregard of the Constitution and law
which has distinguished the "grand old
party" since 187(1 ami before, are now
only living seriously considered and
' heir enormity realized by the people.
Ihe result of this falls election ar
>nly the first fruits of this coosidi ra
tion, to he followed hereafter by grea
ter results iu response to tie- [mpular
word "change" which will ftmt upon
every breeze throughout the country
in 1884.
Tut New York Ttmn pronounce* the
"machine a hindrance rather than a
help to the Republican party. It there
lore insists that the party tnu*t be tbor
•ughly organized. Hut how impossible
ibis must be! There is a fixed and well
defined class who make polities a trade.
' itlice seek ini* is their <-!o oerupation .
I tiey live by it. The rest of (he com"
muriity and its honest, respectable, self
sustaining, industrious class .tand aloof
trout practical |Kilitics. These only vote
and they do not even cure to rote How
then, can the Timrt hope to change the
leopard's spots Reorganize the IP-pub
lican party you msy. but the ssnie lead
ers will take charge of it. and the same
"machine" will shape its action and
morals. In confessing the absolute nec
essity (or reorganisation, the /'<•<■* con
fesses the necessity for an im(>OMibiiity
nd thus confesses the necessity for the
inevitable dissolution of its party. Its
mission was accomplished long sgo. It
hss long survived its usefulness. a well
as its honesty and good name. The T>m't
is only at fault when it distinguishes
the pir'y from the "machine," They ;
i re insep rable. and, aa the Siamese
twins, tbey must die together
Training of Indlnu Mrl
raojicr or TH* urctlx IVSTITITION at
riirio WITH rtroi.
The proposition ot Mr*. .lob tie It—l
' (tigp (•>*. to train Indian gill* HI the
i Lincoln ln*titution ol tlii* city. i rm-iv
•*d with favor by tli• Department ol the
Interior. On Norrmbrr 23 Attorney
General llrewster addre*"d a not# to
•*ccr-iary Teller, giving hi* testimony
lo the charitable work of Mr. Cox and
her aoooiate* of the Lincoln In-titmion,
and recommending the project, which
ta to lake from fifty lo one hundred | U
plls and educate tlieni at an eX|Kl*e to
the Government of #l7.* tier capita per
annum. Indian Commi**ioner Price,
in a letter to Secretary Teller, wrote:
"If thi* proportion couid be accepted
the money thu* expended would, in my
opinion, do more to break the j reju
dice*of the wild Indian* and open the
door to their civilization lhart ten time*
that amount expended for auh*i*tence
and support. It ia very important that
the ratio of girl* to hoya now being edu
cated here should he increased. The
reluctance of the Indian* In part with
their girl* might l>e overcome by three
ladie*, who agree to assume all the la
bor and expense of procuring the girl*,
except the traveling expenses ol the
pupils from lhair homes to the institu
lion. Thia institution seems to possess
exceptional advantages for the work it
propose* to do, and the training given
to the girls, and the influences thrown
•round them, would be of the very beat.
No such arrangement, however, can
be entered into unless a specific appro
priation therefor ia made. I therefore
earnestly recommend that Congret* be
urged, at its next session, for to make
a specific appropriation for this purpose
I of not I est than $20,000."
hj- ill JH'jsfijrij \,, (I,*
W AHIIN<.TON, Dec. •>. —The way*
ami ni'-ati: coiiiuiittee to day declared
in favor of the total abolition of the
tux on tobacco iu ail its fornix and a
hill to that effect was übmittod to the
house, i lie vote stood six to five, ax
follows: i • ,i- -Messrs. EnsU, Kel-
I> v, Ran lull,.Speer.Curlinle and Tuck
er ; nay- M'-ar*. Dumiell, Kasson,
ll i-ell, McKinley and Morrison. The
revenue rais- d from tobacco last year
amount d to forty-three millions. Mor
rison said to night thai lie doubted
whether the hili would ever be reached
but that it might ho tacked to the Lii l
p tiding in tin- senate for the abolition
ot the mutch and hank taxes, known
as the "little joker."
lli<-hill intr ilu ed by Mr. Kas sou
yesterday to regulate the civil service,
and referred to the select committee
on Jie civil service, will probably he
r> portet without material arnened
ni<-iU. It provides for examinations
and p ri.i I- of probation for all appli
<ui,t- and a tenure of six years without
removal-a.e fur cause. It makes it a
tiii-iii uic.nior , ti government employes
t > make voluntary contributions polit
i il I ir purpose-, and fixes the penalty
at not nior<- than a tho-and dollars.
Senator Reck to-day offered a rew
lutioiiealiingon thelinancial conirnii ee
ol the sena'-- to make a prompt an I
(borough itivt -ligation into all matters
it latiug it ttie political asK-s
--m> ni of govc-mraenment etn
pl ,ye- hv the Hubble ami Mahone
committ■ -• a andjthc discharge of any
made I r n -npayment, ami to report
by bill iu Febtiary next. The resolu
tion wint over under the rules ami
Senator George prop -t*f a conclitu
ti ouai aim a,dim nt permitting the prcsi
deal to approve or disapprove of sin
gle items in tlit; appropriation bills.
W imiisgton. I'ectuher t.—The second
-i-sioii of toe I riy*eventli congress
wis opened at 11 o'clock. The desk oo
copied lat res-mil by the late Re,.re
,<-uiative I'pdegraff was tastefully dress
ed in black and ornamented by a basket
of dowers. In li s opening prayer, the
Chaplain alluded feelingly lo the deaths
o' Representatives l/>we and 4." pdegn-ff.
The speaker then formally declare I
the session opened and the clerk pro
r- (-<l, 1 t - evil the roll of members. The
i ail d!■ >•<■ I the presence 'JlfiJ meniWrs.
Ar< - -Aiimn w adopted providing for
the appointmeiit of a committee to in
form Hie | re-.-ietit slot i|ie senate that
the bono- ,s r- t is to proceed lo hu-l
ness. 1 -j.e .L. i i:*i.| beforethe house
the r< , -ii ot hi'- to II coininiss on and
on moti oof Mr. K-llev 1',., it wo
referred t , the ways and meat's com
init lee.
Mr.' x N. Y i, a-ked if thi dis
charged ih<. commission and u(in
receiving in afli mipve reply remarked
that he w.i very glvl to h>-r it.
Soin" -i - iissi n w.,s hs t on • resolu
lion by Mr. K ,sson. of lowa, grunting
ih" coiiun it- on civil strvire teforni
ii-sve to report ' ills at any tune and
living lues in trie I'Jth inst *s a ,| a y
for lhe consider at ion t here >f. Mr. Cox,
of N"'-w York, in Ins remark* on the
subject, in 1 .;re-( what had quickened
tin- cot • eos . : the gentlemen on the
other sol" in regard to civil servi-e
reform and also made some jocular
remarks to I candidacy lor the
• peakership. V< action *,< taken on
tlie resolution. The presidents rn<.
sage W.'S ri - j and ordered lo be printed.
The de. th, of It- presci,-Stives Low,
of Ainhaina and t'pdegrsff, ot ilhi"
were hi nounc- lan I in irk, of respect
to their memories the hu -e m .t,|o
TliK I hilidclphis Tif't <if Tuesday or
list week, contain* ale .<<: from Wat no
M.ic\ • cli to President Arthur written
in Nov in r I**l. in whit li he teviswa
si gtpst length hi* connect) n with the
Star route ;i*e . and yivt* hi* reasons
for the pcri*tence ol hi* determination
to retire (r in the r*b net alter th
dcaili <d i'resid nt i r< ti ~|. or to n*
sume any further re >:ii*ulity in con
nection wit,i the pro**-- u:ton of thc*e
cases. This letter "li'cli * very inter
e-iiug. clear* up much of the inward
history heretofore unknown, surround
ing the retirement ol Mr. MacVesgh
and h s refusal to be employed by the
government in th•• prttserulton, credit- j
able alike to the goori judgment and in- I
dependence ol tliecx Attorney (leneral.
We have only toont for what he *ays in
the outset:
"A* I have already told you, I knew
comparatively nothing at>oui the star
route frauds until President Garfield i
caiied my attention to them. Ilespoire
very earnestly of his duty to them
thoroughly Investigated, to remove all
petaons who ought to have prevented
them, and to see that ail persons were
prosecuted agatnat whom reasonable
grounds for such acoutse were develop
ed by the Investigation. He said he
had expressed to the Postmaster Gen
era! the same views, and also why he
wished htm to consult me rather lhan
the district at'orney of the District.
The Postmasti r Uensial called upon me
and we went together to the President.
He was quite emphatic aa before in the
expression of his own opinion upon tha
TERMS: $1.50 per Annum, in Adwme.
subject. He spoke of the fr.iu 1* nt> un
paralleled vilUnies, a* a ! athkorhe,
ulcer on the body |>oli(ie ticciyig to bt> '
• ct out, with all r* ri'Ol', no rnasi,-r
where they extended, He stated that
whilb it did i;,,t belong to my depart
merit—r rtaiuly not all at that stage of
tin* matter ye? I, v.. . i | ,
me with the Postmaster General to t •
extent of having the latter feel at perh t
littertv to c >rniuli me at any • :n< #y. '
, it. lie said he llite.-jd. <i to (' ; •
j Gen. Ilrndy U.H soon a* the Postmaster
General could lni I a u< •
| aor. At a iutarqurnt interview he t
; gretted the delay in that i.itter end
; urged hia immediate removal, a. he
held him prionpally resins ,je lor the
great fraud* which be evidently wa*
! convinced had been commuted. '
Alexandria, Va., get* oysters at thir
ty five cenU a bushel.
i liey have a i'eniperance party in
1 Alabama, but it favor* license rather
than prohibition, and i* j>rohahle after
all moat effective.
Washington and Dakota w,il pie*,
hard this winter for admission to the
family of .State* They wilD.fler strong
I inducement# to the Hepuhl.cn* who
Will make vigorous cllorU for th'ir
l-.rie, December I. —Th morning W
1.. Scott's famous hotel at Ma.aas.auga
Point, which cost sid,ooo, burned.
Nothing wa* saved, the occupant., the
Graham family, barely <• taping with
their iivea.
Ihe London SpteUtttr is <ju.tc confi
dent that the I'nited Stsles want, to
get po-session of a strip of Madagascar.
I'o.sihly Secretary i rein gbuys, n wants
it with a new of colonumg the historic
Hon. Isouis D. Canipheil, of II .m 1100
< thio, died there on Sunday, lie was
at one time a member of < ngr-an !
Speaker ol the House of llcj rcsenta
live., out has not been active in politics
lor many years.
Jay Gould's telegraph company wiil
give ail tbe assistance within iu reach
to people desirous of making observa
tions of tbe transit of Venus. If Venus
makes a reasonably presentable s| pear
auce Mr. Gou.d iuvy conclude to buy
Ilev. Dr. lloyd. the n.o-l promoted
itaptiat clergyman in St. 1. ui-. being
asked about the progress of prohibition
ideas in Missouri tbe other dsy, replied
that he was not a | ronibitioDul and
therefore was not w. il posted in regard
i £ the movement.
The new city hail at Pbiladelplii. i*
• the largest public building iu Atneri<,
| covering an area larger than that of the
federal Capitol I v C - fiVi superfine]
eel. It :a liuiit ol Warble, ba* absorbed
j over .1, .'Ski t) il I r,. ks besides, and ha*
thus far cost nut f\or $4,500,-
'**. l less tiiati the unfinished capitol at
t '
two men belonging to company 15,
' xth reg.ment, Pennsylvania militia,
went into tbe company armory at Nor
ritown, Pa., on Saturday night. When
; Hie armory wa* opened on Sunday both
•uen were found lying on the floor. Hie
( 'lead and the other in a oy ,i,g ion
dition. I liey hud tieen suH.HJ.ited l.y
coal gas.
The advise of Walter-ton,of thel.m
--| isville < l.fcFtcr-./oi/T n.i iu Governor Pattl
*<>n is to " cut lo,e from the oid hulk*
altogether, should let protection and
protect ion tss go to the devil, and plant
ing himself upon live ssues should seek
the confidence of the country outside of
ll' iui*) lrani# H< is ay, u g uun ami
has tune to btnlii up a new party in the
Keystone Stat'-.'*
II inmha! D.Norton, priuciyuil deck
ol the finance diviid ti,e I .id As'
• i-t ant P, (tinastcr Gctiersi'* . dice,
on Friday last removed by the potm*a
icr (seneial upon the recommendation
of Attorney Genervl P.ewMej. It is
thought thai the removal ws brought
about by tbe course taken by Mr. Norton
in giving hi* testimony before the Crtmi
nal Court in the late .Star route Ir.al.
A convention of representative* of
labor unionr wa* held in VRaihiucton
on Thursday, in pursuance of the call
issued in July last by the federation in
that city to look alter the legislation in
the interval of the workingmen. The
convention waa well attended, with rep
resentative* from Florida, Missouri and
Kentucky, KnighU of Jjibor from'Prnn
aylvania and elsewhere. A directory (if
aeven members to represent the work
men of the United State* before the
committees of Congress wiil be chosen
at a meeting to be held on neat Thura
NO. 18.