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Thursday Morning, October, 12,1882.
OOBBMPONPKNCB,ronUtIoInfc Important n**". NHI It
#0 from anr part of tha county. No r>mmunlctUn
ft naarted uiilww accompanied ty Uia real uaiua of lb**
wr ' l * r * ___________________
Local Department.
Read tho advertisement of the Bee
—Grand opening at the Bee Hive Oct.
13 and 14.
—Lamb street, east of Allegheny, is
being repaired.
—Do not forget special bargsin day,
Oct. 14, at the Beo Hive.
Mr. Chas. W. Flinn, tho Snow Shoe
watchmaker and jeweler, was fn town on
—Miss Laura Keller, of Lock Haven,
has gone to Chippewa Falls, thoro to teach
—The latost and greatest discovery is
PKRI'NA, If you do not feel well take it
at once.
Mr. James McCormick, of Centre
Hall, diod, altor an illness of nearly a
year, on Tuesday of last week.
Mr. Rush Larimer has purchased the
interest of Ma Chambers in the livery
busine*-, lately conducted by Chambers
& Co.
—The event of the season, grand Fall
and Winter oponing at the 800 Hive, one
price stores, Friday and Saturday, Oct 13
and 14
—Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Morr, of Ashland,
Phio, who had been visiting friends in
various parts of tho county, returned home
on Tuesday morning.
—A new schedule went into effect on the
Snow Shoo railroad, a week ago. The
train that left this place at 0 p. m. wiil
hereafter pull out 45 minutes later.
—Mr. M'Millen or tho Brockerhoff
house, says that the amount of business
transacted by him during September was
greatly in excess of that of any month
since he has had charge.
—Mr. Teller, proprietor of the Bu-h
house went to Altoona to see Jumbo, c>n
Friday. He did not go alone, either, fir
we Bre told about twenty Belicfonler's
participated in the Jumboroo,
—A scarcity of school teachers is re
ported throughout the State. The meagre
remuneration that is doled out to the hard
worked teacher, as well as the uncertainly
of his position, account* for the fact that
so many of our most skillful teachers leave
the profession every year. Tho most of
teachers certainly get miserable wage*.
—Our mercantile friends, in various
part* of the county, are notified that Mr.
\V. B Miller, tat" of Bedford, has located
in Philadelphia, and is now a member of
the firm, Spicce, Miller A Co., 2C N. sth
St., dealers in tobacco and cigar*. We
trust the new firm may meet with un
bounded success.
—The following persons were elected
by tho Y. M. C. A. as officers for the en
suing year, at the meeting held last Friday
evening :
I're.nulent — Pr. J. W Rhone
IV* I'miilrnf —W. I. Fleming
Rreordiny Secretary —Charles F. Cook.
Trrnntrrr —J. W. Gephart, E-q.
Hrrrutire Gnnmittre —P S Keller, W
F. Zeller, F. Pott* Green. Jas. A. Beaver,
Clement Pale, A S. Valentine, K E
.Shaffer and N. S. Bailey.
—We learn that Erie has adopted a sys
tem of water metre*. The resident* o"
that city will hereafter pay for the amount
of water they use, and no moj-e. The
amount charged will be from six to ten
cent* per thousand gallon*, according to
amount used. Gnr people will h'ail with
joy similar action by our council, for it
would he just to rich and poor, and put a
stop to the wastage of water, now too
much indulged in. Give u the metres.
A cursory stroll through the public
school building, on Saturday, revealed the
fact that our school board is thoroughly in
earnest. The wall* have been papered and
calaomined, the wood work cleaned and
painted, and everything now looks as at- !
tractive and neat a* the mo*t fastidious
could desire. Will the pupil* appreciate
the effort* being made in their behalf, and
by close attention to werk fulfill the ex
pectations of their parent* and friends ?
—An abundanee of elegant clothing,
complete in every respect is being exhibit
ed at the Philadelphia Branch. There is
nothing in that line that you cannot buy
at right prices. The assortment never wa
fuller, the quality of the good* handled
never was better, the different grades,
from which to select, never were more
numerous, the clerks never were morn at
tentive, and the proprietor never was in
better spirit*. I)o not delay making your
usual fall purchase# until the best of every
thing i* picked out.
—ln dresses the prevailing color seem#
to be green-Russian or hunter's green, en
livened by fine threads in plaid shape.
One of the most recent combinations is
an amber shade with Ruaatan green checks
and light blue threads to form the plaids.
The richest material for outer garment* is
satin with velvet flowers in relief. Faille
or satin toilets have oversklrla of thi* vel-*
vet. They are short, flat and round with
the borders cut out. Long velvet or cloth
redingotes are worn over faille-flounced
efcirte in the color of the dra*. Tbey
open both in front and in the back from
Abe waist down, to give full freedom to the
flounced skirt. Garnet, seal, wine, and
' navy blue are the favorite colors for these
TIIK COST OK LIYINO.— -Mr. Atkinson*
H woll-known writer on social subjects, #F
sert# that the average earnings ol the
wholo population of this country are not
over fifty cants a day, or $1 a day for a
t HIII iIv of two perron*, anil $2 u day for a
family of four ; und there arc thousand* of
families who manage to get along on an
income of S3OO a year. When coital con
ventionalism, therefore, lays it down that
a young couple have no business getting
married on a smaller income than SI,OOO
a year, it not only defies notorious fuct*,
but forgets that the majority of thoso who
constitute our best society began life on
half a thousand a year. That expenses
may not exceed the incomo it i. necessary
thut some attention bo paid to the quality
as well as quantity of what is purchased.
If your income be large or small it will
pay you to bny groceries from Secliler V
CHRIST," convened, to hold its forty
fourth annual session, in Wayne church,
Milllin Co., l'a., Sejit. 27, IHB2, and closed
Saturday evening. Bishop J. Dickson, I).
P., presided. L. W. Stahl was re elected
secretary. A. L. Funk, A. Davidson, C.
I!. Grilbcr and Thomas Cameron wi re re
ceived into conference. W. K. Sliimp
died during the year, and appropriate me
morial services were held, Saturday after
noon. The reports from the different
charges were eneouraging. The various
interests of the church and conference were
carefully looked after. Able arid carefully
prepared papers were read on -Missions,
Sunday-schools, Education, Church- Erec
tion, Ac., and adopted. The Bishop read
the following report of the Stationing com
Altoona District, L. W. Stahl, IV E ,
Altoona Station, M. O. Lane and Altoona
| .Mission, one to he su|iplied, Tyrone Mis.
Sta., B. .1. Hummel, liuntingilon Sis., I
I*. Hayes, Bellefoftte, J. Felix, Fort Ma
tilda, I*. Conley, Moshanon, Thomts (*am
eron, Clearfield, J. M. Smith, Otterbein,
It. S. Woodward, Juniata,.!. F. Fnllhelm,
Three Springs, J. A. Clemni, Tuscarora,
J. I.andis, Liverpool, E. A. Z-ek, East
! Salem, Geo. W. Eminhizer.
| Johnstown P. Sheerer, P. E,
Johnstown, J. Medsger, Wilmore and
• Oonetnaugh, J. S Miller, Somerset, A. E
i Fulton, Bock wood, B F. Noon, Holli-
I davsburg, W II Mattern, N"w Paris, W.
A Jackson, Lycippus, A. Davidson, Cam
bria, I-a. l'otter, Fallen Timber, M G.
Potter, Burn-ides, C. W Haver, Indiana,
W Beighel, Stony Creek Mission, Dr.
Geo. Wagoner. Ligonier, J 11. Pershing.
Greenshurg District, F. Ftsh<-r, P. E ,
Pittsburg Missin, Geo Noden. Braddock's
I L Itesler, Ml. Pleasant, 1., it Jones,
1 We-tmoreland, A L. Funk, Connellsville,
J. G. Sheerer, Springfield, J E. MeClay,
Madison, J. S Buell, Washington, D. El
lis, Allegheny. J L Baker, M honing, ('
Wortman, Brieikville, (' B timber,
t'ooksburg, I. M Gates, i! A Thompson,
I) I> President of OU*rbin University,
Geo. A Fiinkhouser, P. D, Prof.-ssor in
l.'nion Biblical Seminary, D P. PeL>ng,
I President of Lebanon Valley < . L -,-, W.
J. Z.uek. Profe#..r in Lebanon College, p
Speek, stationed at Annville, Pa
The conference was well attended, very
pleasant and harmonious Bishop Pick
son preached < n Sabbath m.-rtnnit a very
able sermon, which Was very much enjoy
ed by those who heard it. Truly it was
goost to l>e there
Mil.i -IN RI. poiNo*. —The Baptist Sin
day school picniet-d last Saturday up at
t<ong Beach. The weather was favorable
and everyone enjoyed themselves very
much. The Pleasant Gap band wa* in at
tendance accompantr-1 h_v Prof. Lowell
Myers, of t'--nlre Hall, mil furnished in -at
excellent music for the occasion. The
Methodists ,] I not have a picnic hut they
did have a festival in the evening of the
same day, in the old maeliine shop build
ing close by the bridg• The hill of fare
consisted of ice rream, oysters, ca .es, pud
dings, lemonade, besides nut* and eandie*
As it is getting a little let" in the season
for fe-tivals, the house was not overcrowd
ed although th re was a reasonable good
attendance and rci-eipte 1 lib mi
Hog cholera still provrils to quite an ex
tent and as it ;s in nearly every case fatal,
f.-ars are entertained tlmt pork will he high. ;
Pr. Grove I,as lately como into posses- i
sion of a team of mustangs, and the way
he gets over the road is a caution.
Pur schools will open next Monday,
Oct. 10. O- M. Noll teaching the Ist grade,
Mr. Butler, 2d grad". The .'!d grade
taught by Miss I-tdte Taylor has hocn
going on for several was ks. •
We don't know whether it will lie called
the Hotly Tree Inn or not, but Mr. J. C.
P. Junes is about erecting an oyster saloon
and eating house here.
The axe pole factory, owned and operat
ed by Harry Levi, situated close by the R.
R. bridg*, has been moved over to the Es
sing'on and L'oover property, and by them
will be owned and n|cral"d in the future.
There is quite a novel game of checkers
irf progress between a Mr. Bierly, who
lives about a mile from town, and art Ohio
party. We have heard of the like being
down by telegraph but this it by poatal
card, and admits of about two moves a
week and will be quite a lengthy game.
Our friend "Crooked'' bad some sport of
his own one evening last week. From
some cause or olber our engine did quite a
lot of whistling over in Tangietown and
Crooked cried out, "A witcb," whereupon
E. Noll, Rosa Coover, Tom I'axon and
others started over. When they got as
far as the old rqee they saw there was
nothing wrong and began to look round
for Crooked hut ha bad sloped. Lucky
for him too, or be would have got a duck
ing in the stream.
K P. and Geo. Noll have just returned
from a plastering trip out through Clear
field county.
(Juita a number of Uta little folks are
suffering from meeslea.
Rqv. Mr. Edwards, of Coatsvtlle, Ches
ter county, hat been preaching for the
Baptists here for several weeks. It Is pos
sible he may be retained. Br*.
—A novel ciifo is on the docket of thu
court of Luxcrne county, and the decision
is being awaited with unabated interest.
A young gentleman, wealthy and refined,
|M)tsMsing ample means, has been sued by
the father of a young lady for damages
sustained by his daughter while in com
pany of the young man, and fixes SSO,(MS)
as tbe amount to which she is entitled.
For over two years, up to IK-cember la-t,
no Romeo could have been more devoted,
at which time she was prostrated by, and
has since been treated for spinal affection.
The man is bow-legged and sitting on his
lap lias always boon considered dangerous,
and usually he has his arms around any
one who may have perched upon Ids knee
to prevent them from falling through on
to the floor. In this case ho underestimat
ed the danger, forgot Ids usiihl precaution
and away she went. The father will testi
fy that the young man had been advised
upon several occasions to put a board
across his lap to prevent the catastrophe
i spoken of above. The defense will claim
that any girl who will for hours roost upon
a pair of parenthesis logs deserve* to have
her hack broken ; that he is just as nature
made him and that folks must take tfielr
chances ; that had she put her arms around
his neck and held on, as other girl* do,
there would have been no trouble, and that
while she has his sympathy sl|e can have
; none of his lucre, if he can help it.
A sudd-n and rather mysterious death
| occurred in Centre Hull, says the flrportrr,
a few days ago. Mr. James Wolf, a young
man and son of John Wolf, of l'otter*
Mills, wa found at the residence of Jno.
Gmgerich, of this place, on Saturday even
ing, in convulsions and unconscious. Dr.
Jacob* l>eing called, found the patient suf
fering from all symptom* of poisoning,
though his death which followed next day,
Sunday noon, may have been caused by
congestion of the brain Mr. Wolf seemed
depressed a short lime before he was dis
covered in the condition above mentioned.
If his death was from poisoning by his
own act, by accident, or otherwise, remains
a mystery now, and only a chemical analy
sis of the stomach can prove whether it
was from poison at all. The mystery
should l-e cleared up by an examination so
a to set at rest any ungrounded rumors
that may ari-e from such a circumstance."
• -The October number of Drmnrrtt" t
M nthlv \fayattne combine* most agree
ably the useful and the enterlaining, and
contains a ra<t amount of information on
a variety of subjects. "The I'ianlin Mu
setirn at Antwerp," "A Trip to the West,"
"Woman's Work and Wages," and
"Talks With Women," by Jennie June,
are all capital articles. The Household
Department is well filled, the articles on
"Home Art and Home Comfort," and
"How to treat our door*," being e*jovially
good. Mr- Alexander's entertaining story,
"The Admiral's Ward," is continued, abd
the shorter -lories are excellent. "Current
Topics," "The Fashions," poems, and mis
cellaneous arti. les. complete this interest
ing number. The oil picture, "A Trial of
Patience,' i* quite a gem, end the ergrav.
ings are admirable.
We call attention to the new adver
tisement of S, & A lew>b, to be found in
this issue of thb DkWocrat. They say
"our stock of fall and winter clothing I#
n >w complete; we can show 50 different
kinds of boy's school suits, patches with
each one ; we have nearly all our hoots
and shoes made to order and are selling a
grade of good* that are just a* good as the
best leather with careful workmanship can
make them, a special guarantee with hand
made boot* ; in groceries we are und< r
selling the lowest and in dry goods we ran*
not le undersold." Remember they know
what they are talking about and mean it
Dr. F. P. Hoy. of Casfopolis, Mirh. (
a brother of our genial, enterprising and
successful Iriend, Dr. 11. K. Hoy, of this
place, and on of John Hoy, Ksq., of
Spring township, is visiting his relative*
and friends here. JI arrived on Thurs
day last and will remain until Monday.
He think* many changr* have occurred
here inre he left, and while he always en
joyed life In Pennsylvania he prefer* the
—Rev. A. J. Myers, who year* ago was
stationed here as pastor of the Methodist
congregation, i* introducing the "People'*
Clyclopedia." Speaking of thii, under
the caption "Ton* of Hooks," the Boston
Daily Htrald of Sept. 4th say* ;
"Upon a single day last week tbe firm of
Martin Garrison A Co, received from the
New York publisher* of 'Tho People'* Cy
clopedia,' bound volume* of that work, for
the supply of their Massachusetts suscrib
ers, which weighed four and a half ton*.
The firm claim* that ibi* 1* the largest ship
ment of knowledge for the people wat ever
•ent to Boelon upon a single day. The in
voice wa* valued at $12,000 "
-r-Powers and Son received another order
for boota to be wern tn Wyoming Terri
ory. Tbe same gentleman also ordered
three pair* of tbe same kind for friends,
saying that Power*' work U superior to
any he baa ever seen,
—Rumor* of a new opera bouse are cir
eulating and 14 la probable that arrange
ment* will be completed before long lead
'"A to Use erection of a handsome build.
on* that will reflect credit upon Use
—Mr. Cbaa. M'Clure 4 w* undcxatand,
i* now with a surveying party, In service
somewhere In New Mexico, He is doing
.- p
Mml . ,
i —lf our preacher would take Pkhi.na
his hoarsness would soon leave him.
—Mr*. It. 11. Forater is at Aaronshurg.
Durijg hur absence Mi-* Li/.r.io will pre
Mr. J. li. G. Kir,sloe, editor of the
| Lock Haven Jlrpuhlirnn, accompanied by
< apt Chatain, ol tin; same place, culled on
BoCWitli Diamond Dye-any lady ran
j get us good results as the best practical
dyer. Kvery dye warranted true to nume
and sample.
Mr. Klius K. Bmilh, one of our Penn
Hull friends, Hiid a Democrat in whom
I there is no guile, paid u tbe compliment of
I a visit on Tuesday.
—The editors of the DkMoi HAT thank
I Mr. W. 11. Aaron, of I'nionvtlle, for the
box of peaches sent us on Tuesday. The
1 fruit i delicious, grown on trees of his
own rearing—but three year* old, and
j compares favorable with any produced by
high priced nure ry stock.
—At the special examination held by
Supt. D M. Wolf, on Saturday la-t, the
following persons constituted the • !a
j Misses Anna M. Ilnine#, Jennie Arehey,
; Lla D Ha--, Flora Rothrock, Annie Love,
! Maggie 15 Thomas and Annie <'. lSluir :
Messrs. W. II Haines, K. W. Kline, A
G. Arehey,!) F. Sellers. J. 11. Moore,Wil
|l mm Bible, (', K. Emerick, (' K Knarr.
! H. B. Leitr.cll, J W. N.ff and G S
j Peifer.
Ladies, universally, strive to render
their feel attractive; some ar naturally
J small and pretty, others are not. Whetb
j er Nature been kind or otherwise is a mat
! ter of small import because Doll and Miri
• gle now are offering for sale goods that
must aura-1 the attention i f all. Womer,s'
■ pebble goat button shoes— $2 nothing of
! the kind ever seen in Centre county before
and equal to $'J. 50 shiam sold elsewhere.
—The death of Mrs. Derr, relict of the
late Daniel I>..rr, occurred at the h<| ital
of the University ol Pennsylvania, on the
night of the ith in-tant Hbo had been
removed to that in-titt.tion about a week
: prior to her death to have a tumor, that
i was slowly but surely wasting her vitality,
j removed. The operati' n wa- successfully
j performed and indications pointed to her
recovery, but a reiajsse set in and lor
death reuiti-d. Fbe wa buried by the
side of her husband, on Tuesday aftermu n
Wilson, McFarlano A Co , tan atten
tion to the only reliable Ready Mixed
, Paint in tho market The Pioneer Pre.
par-d I'nint is not only superi<.r t • any
Ready Mixed Paint sold but rivals pure
: white bad in its smoothness in working
land durability. This paint i-guarants-cd
'by the manufacture# ret to crack or •< i
I *
i within three years. The guarantee i not
! only good for replacing the paint but it
| will Iso put on if it should rra< k or pe-1
I within the time specified. It will !se Us
I your internet to call and sen Wilson, Mc
j Farlane A Co., before purchasing either
! white lend- or any other Re*d,- Mixed
I Paint.
—MsHW G >ldsmith Hros , during Ho ir
ihorl slay in our midst, bate t<> a i> rls n
extent revolutionised melhnd# of business
;in their particular line. They ask and ac
cept but one price for gce-ds sold. In order
to reduce stock in certain department*
they will offer a* liAkoAiaaon Saturday,
next, many articles for les* than c<sst. K> r
example, 50 doxen*, extra length Ladies
i fancy wool and mixed hose, finished seau s,
sightly imperfecta*. It) ct, worth 80 ; fsl)
docens, isms kind, extra fine, perfectly
sound at 20 cts, worth 50, also several
other articles proportionately cheap. In
order to distribute these good* fairly
among their patrons and friend* they will
have arranged a separate counter, nd n 11
to each only a limiitd yueafsfy. Sale to
commence at It) a. m. and close at 2 r. m
unless the goods are sooner disposed of.
—The oyster supper given by the Y. M
C. A , last Thursday night, was a success.
The receipts were not in excess of what
was anticipated, but sufficient to supply
the want on which account the fund was
raised. AH who attended expressed their
gratification. The young men's orchestra
•nlivened the occasion. The members, who
have b*s'n mentioned before, were *-*it<d
by Messrs. K. A.Nmiili and Frank Sebrock.
The Association is proud of thi* feature of
its various facilities for entertaining ar.d
the gentlemen are tendered the thanks of
ail concerned. The committee is under
obligation* to the followiug ladies: Mr*.
Wm, Hbortlidge, Mr*. John T. Johnson,
Mrs. John Harper, Mrs. A. G. Curtin,
Mrs. J. 11. lUnkin, Mr*. Bull*. Those
who waited upon the tables were xealou*
in meeting the want* of their guests, and
the pretence of so many young gentlemen
can be accounted for in no other way than
that these pleasant waiters attroct-M lh. m
there, they wore Miwea Minnie Brow, Jen
nie Dare, Kmma Graham, Kmina Lingle,
LixtieFoster, Bessie Montgomery, Minnie
Oarnian, Anna Hbortlidge, KU* Gorbrlch,
Bella Rankin, Lixxie Bhortlldge, Kffia
Btraub, Nellie Boa I, Clara l'runer and Mr*
W. F- Reber. To tbe perwm* wbo re
sponded to tbe requetl for table* end otbar
necessary article* the committee it thank
ful and the heartfelt wish of each member
I* that tbey may be rewarded for their
—Specl#! inducement* for Fall and
Winter clothing Bummer
27-tf Mojcmoximr * Co., Tailors,
* 'fc. .
WF- -
<rrnrtiiiiii< >
Tim |• j,]>t of Contra Hill and vicinity
have been culled ujiori to mourn the loss
ul another respected wild Weil beloved
neighbor. ''a lt Tuesday, Oct. 3d,
.lames M Cormick, nti old eitlx n of Pot
ter township, alter patient endurance, who
released from bin suffering, having pas d
into that sleep that known no awakening.
For over a year be but been suffering
froin heart disease, end lent Bprlngjhe wa
attacked by dropsy from which time be
wan mostly confined to bin bed.
For many year* be.wan a consistent
member of the Centre Hill Presbyterian
Church, and during bit sickness he mani
fested that christian patience which- dis
tinguishes the true follower of the "meek
and lowly" Savior . fie wan a member of
the order of Patrons of Husbandry, being
master of the Grange at Centre llall at the
time of hi* (bath.
He was also a member of Old Fort
Lodge N 58" F. and A M , having join*
• d that L Jge shortly after it- ogatii/.Mtion.
Rev. Ruder, ol the Reformed church,
made the address at the house, the Presby
terian minister, Hev. W. K. Foater, being
absent ait* nding a mee.ing of Pre, by tery.
The remains were then taken charge of
by tin- Masonic fraternity and conveyed to
the burying ground at Centre Hill where
they wi re interred with the beautiful and
impres-ivi- ritual of that order. On the
eoffln were placed a beautiful floral cir
do and an "vi rgrecn square and compass
tin* work, of M i—e* Cora and Aggie Mur
ray of Centre Hall.
Spring M lie, Oct.", >2 K.
Penn 81-Centennial.
The opening esen Uea of tba Hi t '• nn n
nial celebration of Pennsylvania, will very
properly be held at Cheater, on Monday,
<) tober 2'M, The citizen* of the
thriving city i f Chests-r, and of Delaware
• iunty have I seen actively a* work fur
• une time arrai gir g an appropriate form
of celebration to take place wlcru the
greut founder of the C< iunionw-a)lh, Wil
liam I'enn, first set foot upon Pennsylva
nia soil, and the committee having the
matti r in charge have announced u pro
gramme which will be unusually interest
ing and sic ws that C'be'.<r does not pro.
pose to he far behind h< r larger neighbor
ir. rnenioralizing the great evpnt Monday
of da Hi Oemtoßniol weak was fortunately
'fti-ten for Chuff to I < gin the , , t.ra
tiOß, for it WM iO that old, BOW famous
city, that P- nil first landed, and held Ins
firt Assembly in this State, he afterwards
going to Philadelphia where imposing
ceremonies wi:| begin on Tuesday and con
tinue four days. People who wish to take
advantage of the tow excurn n rat*-s on
ad railroads by going to Philadelphia on
the aist l" hear the sermons on Sunday,
can slip down to Ch-ster, only fourteen
mih--distant, on Monday ar,.-! s.-.~ the grand
•] ening demonstration at that place
The ej.rcises will le-gin at VBO A. vt ,
with the landing of Win Penn, on the
*ni ai. hot where Penn land'd, Oct. sr,.
tOKg. Krigli-h, fkitch. Sweeds and In
dians will l.e present in costume of the
per o 1 t > receive l'enn who lands with bi
as. c at'-s and meets Capt. Markla-n and
Robert Wade Tim incident of the nam
ing of Chester, at that time called Upland,
a talk with Tamanend, Cb of of the L< nn;
Lenape Tribe who lived in that vicinity,
nod a visit to the Esse* House, the resi
dene* of R-.bert Wade and to tic well
fr in which Pcnn drank in the yard of the
K-sex h -use which is still in u-e. will
f >rm some of the features ol the landing
The house on Chester creek where Penn
lived is stiil standing and no doubt will 1-
visited by a large number of pcopia.
At 10 30 a. vi . meeting at the grand
stand wlv-re an appropriate oration will he
delivered by the ll -n. John W Hroinall,
to b" followed by singing the Hi Onten
nial ode by 200(1 scln-d children, music bv
a band of fifty pieces and other interesting
At 2 r. V , a grand parade will take
place. The procession will embrace Rod
M-n, civic associations of ail kinds Foe
men from different parts of the Spate.
Grand Army lb-sis, Military, Cadets, In
dustrial and Trade* display exhibiting the
workings ol the variou- trades, butchers
in full uniform and many other interesting
features, and a full rigged model of the
sleamrhip "City of Tokto," which was an
object of great interest in the parade at
Gen. Grant's reception in Philadelphia,
will be in the procession. In all, there
will be eight thousands people in linn,
forming the grandest pageant ever wit
neso-d tn lh-laware count* .
At 7 30 r. vt , a magnificent exhibition
of fireworks will be given in which will
he displayed a number of large and beauti
ful piece*, closing with a on!lo-*| figure of
Win Penn and the ship Welcome.
The historical places in the city, about
thirty in number, among them the place
where the first Assembly met will be ap
propriately marked. There will also be a
free exhibition ol old articles in the Citv
Hall built in 1724. The North Atlantic
Squadron will be anchored in - the river.
The city will be in holidav attire, and a
large number of distinguished guests will
be present. There Is ample accommoda
tion at the hotels, and the citixens intend
keeping open house that day, so that there
will lie abundant entertainment for visi
tors No one having the lime and meant
should omit a visit to Chester on this oc
casion. s
For I sroRM ATlojr— Kß-ITORa Dkxio
crat: Allow me to remind your readers
that one chief object of The American
Strndng StkinU Vnkm is to furnish grants
of books and papers In aid of Union and
Mission Sunday schools that cannot suffi
ciently provide for themselves At the
Society's missionary In Northern Central
Pennsylvania, applications for aid from
this section of the State should be made
through mc. It always gives me pleasure
tn provide for such needy schools so far as
our means admit. Before any donation Is
made I am required to ascertain the cir
cumstance* of the case so that the meant
entrusted to us for thsee objects may be
applied as judiciously as possible. Within
the pail few days a perwm bos been solicit
ing money In Betlefonie for a Sunday
school in a community where there U no
Sunday tchoo! nor any intention ol open
ing one. The above information hot been
previously and repeatedly given to guard
our genarous eilUnij* against importer*,
Bellefonte, Oct. 6, W H. CaiTTKim**.
1 W.nU-r- A .If. I7mi. . 1.r,,™.
, 1.. bro.li *••'' <k* , „
Ti. maks 'lwoni brswl ti M , „
, j M 11., bolitl.l. ntut'nuA, o s.sri.bsrs
I Who kfx'.a It". 1., i.,,„| ,„v , lii( ; "
1 1 M'k...r-ii (ittii. f
Alt.) makmhsf M , , J( uUI h(j
i p- horn'J ■ * hi • HI -ti ry i,I
. A "•*••>* ' '".l'llf ..,1 Ml.I . Ill,' .
T'l iwwb tn*l | jfiniif '
i A #"ft <f ah | •*'<! li'Mimi *♦•!. , tli (l4# .j
1 j K*TKAORI>IXAr. Oft iur.Uj Oct. 11,
there will be h special sole ~f |,„ ri! ,i r( ,
j which has been announced through our
: regular Hrculnr of ivitation.
Your* respectfully,
.(>•<! I.'HI 111 Übos
Mt'HlfAL hmi'i rp/v, Th<* under,
signed wishes give inairucicn it, music
in remuneration lor board.
I'b-ase add rein,
Mlsa .S. OliXHt' It t,
Js!l-ltn li(lLKr<iHTt, I'. O,
JCk-t mov -Ti,e lift reunion of u
Society of the 4'dth Jteg't I'M. Vet Vol.,
will be held nt Huntingdon, I'a , on the
Nlli and loth of November.
All honorably discharged members of
the r'L'iriier,'. are requested t.t send the r
Jiort office <J Ir'*s and letter of cotiinanv
to Caftl. C hale, Jr Order* for railroad
tickets, t redueisd rales, wi I be furnished
by I. Newton Jiitner. Secretary, 7.'lb North
Seventh sir. t, Philadelphia.
\\ Ai.Mt'T I,rae llaik Hr.eToar.a It i
entirely tl life rent from all others. It ka,
clear as water, and, as its name indicates,
is a perfect Vegetable Hair I'estorer. It
will irnrnodiateiy free the head from the
dandruff, restore gray hair to i-. natural
I color, and pr.duee a-new growth where it
ha, fallen •if It do. sn l a' y rriann, r
affect the h'-alth, which S .Ijomr, S ig ir id
lead, and Nitrate of Silver prcpara-i , .
have done, ft will change light or fa b-J
hair in a few dais to beautiful giossi
brown. Ask your druggist for it Kat ii
bottle is warranted. Smith. Kline &Co ,
Wbolaaale Agouti, Philadelphia, and C
N. Crittenden, New York. I lv
Spa i*o Mill- N r.w.a —The Spring
Mill* A'ademy, after a firoajmrou* session
of live months I iosed With a Miosisful ate
tertainni'fit Sept. k".l I'rof. lteiter, the
principal, returns to Lanctater, lo enter
the Theological Seminary id the lteforni
e 1 church. llarvey Tantmeyep, his a-sot
a fit, go', to \\ atscril'wii to take charge os
ilbe lirainrasr, or High school in that
' place.
The summer ii-ilor* have all left, too,
SO that U.C piaee Seems quite deserted.
.1 acob M < ooi has commencid rai>ir.-
his house. It is on the fir-t lot west of
the big bold, in a v-ry c tniiatiding
I.laie, and Jacob says ,t .ha I hateal) lb
latest improvement-
H. 11. Duncan, who h i l>e<n sick at
j Milton, has re. .vered, Sill to fe about
C* ' II ' family, which >• with him
lat Spring Milt* all summer, has rcti.r,.' i
to M i t .n
; Bar W. K. K !• r we. at Shad* Gap,
ll'ifitingdon Co.ji.lv, '•■ riding a meeting
cf I'reshj terr f r t .• | orjs.se of binjj
ordained. * as
li oATs; KVV>Mw>-<ta, IS I .1. is,.', I, U.,.
u* it Mam, Mt I: .I,M i] Kus'st-. Isrmerti .f
c, ntis itiit and MissM.r, S It-, u-e ! R,
evi ls,ill. J.fl.r. i,- .Bun, p*.
MICOKRT o r , WsJsssio CI I 4 Js-. ; ;ijs,, |
Infant ten f J H. awl M - Hi. . t „l
A tie, lamb woe a.sy In,a. tie- f,,)4.
It m a i |,j i%f w*i*, s w.n I.ImI st,.
j * I rebl 'ef.s-aII. at,l "tlis asisa
T" seloitns It lank U, Its |.;s. < ,u, iuaU.
li e. easturss it ma, „ t umm.
It .as al, isi.t I.J a lillls '.hil,
T" Stealle .111, tmiktiiss. an saill.l; tee.
Milh Hs rllwgirr lets sad diniplrsi'iinHe."
So II, Sl.sj.tisr.l <*, fut Iks ino w „„s
And it k,o* His as lis a#a,t;, ss
'I .ill Ijw, It a was, Mnls darllna , rm>.
Seel sutli llis Ms,l 1 , Sock is met
It, 1, s lis "S'rtes it safs||r
N. sUsd ,lss n, Ills Isndsr.. ,'<ts* cos.l
N ■ ttle-f .s, s his ,,n> eaa U-n, t, lis ie s,
lo It,si hems or His lit:e em O, s\sf ' iss,
r. A a.
■II tt liHAWfU T—oa Pn Us, <Vt. cih ,, niill
llisll Clial n 1 not*. Jssft, femaaesf ,la,irl,lsr ~f
j Km, kkitd J A. Iluicitaaont, ~1 ties. ,„ n
"I 11, s , tirssf.- hs sftt.l.
As sl,s fsll aslssf _
M hit, lbs .its less jow l,
II s, til l Was svss rrsrji.
> ss- ft.i.sf.t|,s |wta,
lif this s jfsi VWcs,
Ret lo sksn sys,.,
Mid khsTniii i-..<fv
IJllis.Mkr, ot.s. o(. i
Til, ,est Is ss sal.
As joo h-.ly isisr,
A, His flare , s ,ss,
W I,'ls his hands ~n ~0-.s. s
o* lbs sunns It*,,.
To Isadstif hi "ss.
I hs laic to 1a,,,
Rssll be, * n 1 so—
fowl thai I'Hssftil ess,,
tllsssed Pstbss. s km,.
That T|,y wa>. It Iws,
fill 1 lbs tadisni glors,
11, 1 tym hssssesn,
In lbs, lei,,ennui ,
*s, amg-i Jsaa ' P. At.
Bliofont Grain Market.
f!ni.rr**T*. An, f % mj,
j klv fit t K Hf_ino|„ #|i.
|irf m
" r<Ni, " M | mt
WhaM, No. 2.
PwB-af, h)H. hi
*' •hfllMt. IM-f tmilllL
0t. pt „ iiM 4-
Riflty ptJ t'ttuM.m .aw,
CI 'Y*-r fwrttfift ...s 5...,
Nl*wr, Mil., Hflln * .1" is
" - I *
riMtfr. f rvm*4, p*r t
Profiiion Markvt.
C. TTHf jHNi l \yII Af | ,f BrrtthMH,
frpo4... n-nn-i. - n i..., L II
("hfTl,4fl#l.|f la
lUstii* r*Pf ,„,. t I*
fmk imllfv p*r TI ~I LL _
diirkm jwr ...... L i,
Oka* | *pr )<l
(Vaßtr; hum* |r Ml
yraii ~ , ||(|| „ If
uh i*i .****"""'"ff* Jt
r' -- rrrrm m
bMfhii, , , if
Xeiv Atirerliitem rail.
\ l*l>lTOtVß NOTICK —lu tlie op.
a W I bans' C,., 1 of IVn,es r-oiols ; In ,hs ,
of lbs os I*l. of Jaooh Immsl. Msof Psstn hiaaship. .
ds, swsol. lbs ssdelrasd a* asebbsr sM-dnisd bp lb, •
I*f w1 'nmwaii i ,<t is, r.nd, t* um as.H.
of J. II Rsllsi}4, adminlsiest.M <rf said darsdswl to
and amoWf Ibom, lsr.ll, samisd , esertrs lbs saws.,
.11l mast ths (Writes mioo~iod. h-> lbs parpw of bo
app-dalmea, al <h* ,os ,rf f 1. S t MO*lss. IS
•sllsßmm, o. Toswds, lbs Uih d*y of ISrioW*. Imf.
al 10 a. la , *s,s sol br* all (wilios intseeMed ns,
iHttf. C. P. IIKWR*
bR Awdtlos,
I^OTICE. —LetUfi of Adminutfrrs
i.* Mow. cam t*a,ftmsol aawsao, U|J< ,bs ssts,*
of Ramasi flwnfwr laro of Psrgwsow snsdil*. dsseas
'-1. have ♦••" fiaotssl lo ,!,* ~„|.oi.ss.l. *. whom
all pere.m ISdrMsA l taM wrtaia s rs-,„-.isU
asah# fslMMtl asel lbs, U*tit clalma at .Hum.. ,
*•111 ousts Iks *> km -Mb.su isl.j
\ U, sir