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    Sljc Centre i*m ftcmocral.
VOL. 4.
•Slit (Cnrlrc Jlrmocnd.
Term. E1.50 per Annum.in Advance.
S. T. SHUGERT and R. H. FORSTER. Editor.,
Thursday Morning, March 30,1P82.
Oontro County Deraocrntic Com
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Milker Andrr* Kr#-am r. llnWrrabnrj.
Worth W.O >1 rri-n... Port Matilda.
K. 11. FOK>rKR, Chairman.
11. A. MrK*. F^rftary
TIIE President having signed the
anti-Polygamy bill, it is now a law and
the responsibility of its execution as
sumed by the executive. It is a largo
contract, nearly as formidable as to
subdue the Garfield half-breed division ;
of the Republican party, under the j
leadership of Mr. Rlaine.
THE Secretarv of the Interior in re
sponse to a resolution of the House,
estimates the amount of money that it
will require to pay pensions to the
survivors of the Mexican and Indian
Wars prior to 1846, at $65,380,480
fir the Mexican pensions, and $28,-
2)1, 632 for the Indian war.
THE hill to restrict Chinese immi
gration pwd the House of Represen
tatives on Thursday last by a vote of
167 to 65. Having previously passed
the Senate, it is now with the Presi
dent to approve or disapprove. It is
not likely that he will veto the hill in
the face of the large majority by which
it passed, without substantia! reasons.
MAHONE has made a concession in
favor of the Republicans of Virginia.
He has allowed Congressman Dc*"it
dorf to be placed on the Congression
al Republican committee This is nnlv
a slight recognition of a defunct party,
it is true, but it shows that the Virgin
ia boss possesses some magnanimity,
after all.
TIIE Democratic Htate Convention
met last week and fixed the time nud
place for the meeting of the Democrat
ic State Convention at Harrisburg, on
the 28, day of June next. The Chair
man of the committee was authorized
to insert a clause in the call for the
convention, that rules for the future
government of the party will lie con
sidered. '
Mtsa PHEOBE COUSINS, it is repor
ted has petitioned the President to be
appointed one of the five Commission
ers to re organize the Territory of
Utah, under the late act of Congress.
Ry all means, give Phcobc and the
female suffragists a chance. She has
great experience in organizing, having
been engager! in the business many
years. Arthur's gallantry certainly
cannot resist this modest appeal.
WE shall take great pleasure in
laying before the readers of the CEN
TRE DEMOCRAT next week the able
speech of Gov. Curtin, delivered in
Congress on the 23d instant on the
bill to restrict Chinese immigration to
this coootry. In the interests of the
American laboring man, Mr. Curtin
took a strong position in favor of the
bill. This speech is one of great pow
er and eloquence and will commend
an extensive reading. His course upon
this question undoubtedly meets the
hearty approbation of a vast majority
of his constituent*, who are proud to
know that their views have been so
well presented iu debate by their hon
ored rcpreemtat ve.
Tho Rotten Boroughe.
A bill ai presented in the Senate
a few days ago for the admission of
Washington territory a* a State. Ac
cording to the last census of 1880, this
territory contains 67,34!) whites, 4,187
Indians, 3,'227 Chinese, and 1,357 ne
groes, in all 75,120 people, in an area
of 69,994 square miles. This number
of inhabitants is not equal to half that
is required for a member of Congress
in any of the States, but it is a Re
publican territory, and if admitted as
a State would give one member of the
House and two Senators to the domi
nant party. Hut the injustice and
shameless fraud the admission of this
"rotten borough" would be upon the
other States, could not penetrate the
narrow vision of a man like Senator
Fry, who is the champion of the bill.
To swell tho Republican majority,
whether by purchase, as in the ease of
Mahone, or by fraud or theft of the
rights of every State in the Union, is
all that such a fellow could take in,
unless, perhaps, the personal plunder
to come in the train of such an act.
Dakota, too, or rather the specula
tors of that territory, having repudia
ted the bonds issued to secure the con
struction of the Southern Dakota Rail
road, seem to think they are now in
position to merit the sympathy aud aid
of the administration and a Republi
can Congress, are also pressing for ad
mission, with claims about equal to
those of Washington territory. With
Repudiator Mahone holding the bal
ance scales in the Senate, they have
probably chosen the auspicious mo
ment to obtain consideration to a pro
position so absurd as the admission of
a S:ate with a population not equa! to
a respectable county in Pennsylvania.
Rut we trust these schemes will be
frustrated by the vigilance of the mi
nority, if the majority seriously at
tempt to press them to a successful is
THE scandalous expenditure connect
ed with the congressional excursion
ists attending the funeral of President
Garfield, cannot now be covered up by
the committee in a lump report of the
majority. It is too late for that. The
items have been railed for. Some of
them have already been published,
and affords a disgraceful exhibition of
the manner adopted by honorable
members of Congress to perform escort
duty to the remains of n dec* a* d fee
aideut to his last resting place and at
test the nation's retqiect for his memo
ry. Decent members cannot fail to
purge themselves of the scandal. The
item of $1,700 for liquor, wine and
lunch, at Wortuleys; the 1300 for
"whiskey cock-tails," and the 1,200
gloves, and so on, all at the public cx
(tense, need a explanation. At best,
the report, whether whitewashed or not,
may not lie interesting reading to the
participating members when they come
before the people for re-election.
How THEY DO IT! We learn from
the Washington I'nt, that the chief
clerk of the War Department, asks
leave of absence until the Ist of July
and tenders hi* resignation to take ef
fect on that day, for the purpose of
embarking in business in the line of
his profession. The Secretary grants
the absence, with |>ay of course, and
accepts the resignation in accordance
with the request of tho chief clerk. This
shows a very accommodating spirit on
the pait of the Secretary, certainly,
but we cannot exactly sec why Uncle
Samuel should be obliged to furnish
the cash capital for more than three
months of that business.
has been assigned by the Preaiieut to
the poailion of (jovermnent Printer to
relieve the aocient Defrees of further
responsibility in managing that exten*
•ive department. Round* ia said to
possess great influence in the printing
business, and entirely competent, if ao
diapoaed to leeaen the enormoua expen
diturea accumulated yearly under
his predecessor.
FIVE murderers were hung in Penn
sylvania on Friday last. The two
Rumbargers in Harrisburg ; Jminthun
Moyer, in Snyder county ; Frank.
Small, iu Pittsburg, and Julio A. Ree
ling of Clearfield.
KMPEOYEH of the different Navy
Yards propose to test their right in the
Court of Claims, to wages for work
done outside of the eight hour legal
day, amounting to over $1,000,000.
Benj. F. Rutler i the attorney cho
sen to represent the claimuuts.
IT is said that Mormon Missionaries
arc at work iu Westmoreland and
Fayette counties in this state, and are
obtaining ruany converts. Mostly
among farmers of the better class.
They do not it appears take much to
the polygamy part of.Mormonism, but
have abiding faith in the gospel and
inspirations of Jos. Smith.
SENATOR COXE of Luzerne who has
been favorably named as the Demo
cratic candidate for Governor, an
nounces that he is not a candidate, nor
would he accept a nomination. His
public aud private duties arc already
ample and lie has no desire to add to
them by assuming greater responsibili
ty. The Senator has heretofore given
evidence of his honesty nud integrity,
and it is safe to believe that he now
means just what he says.
sensation was created in the legisla
ture of New Jersey veslerday, when
about to pass a resolution to adjourn
line die on Friday, by a memlter send
ing up to the clerk's desk an affidavit
charging that he had been offered a
bribe of $1,018) to vote for ihe parage
of a certain bill, over the Governor's
veto. Of course the resolution to ad
journ did not pass. An investiga
tion was instituted which promises U>
reveal the fact that the method* and
tricks, which have rendered the legis
lation of her border states infamous,
are sufficiently commended to some of
the statesmen of New Jersey to see a
"go<>d thing" when it comes along.
THE President has disapproved the
finding of the court martial in the case
of the colored cadet Whittaker, ou
the ground of technical objection to
some of the evidence admitted in the
trial; but a* an ofTset to the disappro
val, he has been dismissed from the
We*t Point Academy for deficiency in
studies. Whittaker is now said to be
an applicant for appointment as a se
c >nd lieutenant in the army from civil
life, and it is proltahle he will not find
it necessary to carve hi* ears a second
lime to obtain it. Demagoguerv can
pcrhap* do for him what he failed to
get from an attempt to manufacture
symjiathy by self-mutilation and per
Oviii. F. JOIISON, Esq. has left Har
risburg to practice hi* profession in
Philadelphia. In the prime of life;
a lawyer of experience and high legal
ability ; like his distinguished father,
a rare and eloquent orator, Mr. John
son's brilliant accomplishments w ill he
a further creditnble acquisition to the
Philadelphia Bar, so long nnd widely
known for the many superior men it
ha* held within its ranks. He goee
into his new sphere (tearing with him
our best wishes for his success, for we
know of no one more worthy or deserv
THE contest over the appointment
of Pn*(ma*tcr at Wilkesbarre, has ter
minated in favor of Btanton, the Mem
ber of Congress from that district, and
against Gov. Hoyt aud Atlorney Gen
eral Palmer, in the removal of Smith,
the incumbent. The war ha* been a
protracted one, and its results do not
promise to be very harmonizing be
tween these prominent Republicans
and Boss Cameron, for whom they
have "fought, bled and died'' oo many
hard contested fields. The Bow is
charged with treachery, aud there is
"blood in the eyes" of Bmith'a friend*
which nuty challenge bis most adroit
management to remove.
IT is announced very positively that
Secretary Kirk wood of the Interior
Department is to be displaced in a
few days, to lie superceded by Senator
Teller of Colorado. The Washington
I'uri referring to the change nays:
"We have yet to see anything like a
satisfactory explanation for the im
pending displacement of Mr. Kirk
wood. What i it for? What neces
sity requires it? What influence dic
tates it? What senc or justice is there
in it? Mr. Kirk wood ha* brought 1
new life, energy and ability to the |
management of the Interior Depart- 1
merit. His business capacities ore of j
a singularly high order. lie is alio
thoroughly in line with his party, of
which he was one of the notable foun
ders aud earliest leaders. Though al
lied to no faction, lie is pic-emiuent
!y a "Stalwart" in its broader political
sense. He possc-sc* in peculiar degree
the qualities of a sound statesman and
safe adviser. What should induce
the President to part company with
by far the ablest man in his Cahiucl
as it now stands? The public, which
assume# the right of knowledge,
as well as the privilege of opinion on
this matter, would like to know.
THE Greenback State Committee
met at Harrisburg yesterday and ap
pointed the 18th day of May as the
time for holding the State Conven
tion in that city. They adopted a
resolution authorizing an invitation to
Gen. Weaver, of lowa, their late ean- i
delate for President, and cx-Congres--
man De La Matyr of Indiana, to l>e
present on that occasion to address the
convention. •
A Dcmocrutic Gerrymander.
The timeljr remark* of the Harris- \
burg /'<i/ri I, touching the subject of i
representation in the Democratic Mute
Convention, h* our hear'jr concurteni a
and we trut the subject referred to will
receive due and fair consideration win n
the convention meets in .June :
"In the next State Convention am tb
er ctf>rt wilt !e made to secur- lie
adoption of the prop'eed ru>< for the
betur organization of the Dc-rvxr tic
party of J'ennn)lrani*. In the Wit
liamsport i invention these rule*, at'tef
having been carefully prepared by a
special cotnuiirmon chosen lor thai pur
poe, were presented by Mr. flense!, but
were defeated in a factious i>irit. 'i m-re
is little doubt of Iheir adoption by the
| convention in June, US they hate re
reived the hearty approval of the party
in all parts of the Suite.
(hie of these tuiev, and t-y tin tfienns
the m-*t iinprrtant, ptojxrsea to abolish
senatorial rlelegstes and make future
! Democratic State conventions of I'enn
.jrlrama consist of delegates equal in
number to the reprscnUtion in the
house. This will give the pa IT as com
plete a representation in State conven
lions aa it there wero liftv senatorial
delegate#, while it will ho far more
equitable. Fur yean tho Democrats of
Pennsylvani t have been gerrymander
ing ihetiiseivcs in State conventions.
When the Republicans made the iniqui
tous jjerrj tnsndcr of 'he Legislature in
1874 there w no good reason why the
Democrats should har made it the
hasia of their organisation in nominat
ing conventions of the party. Ry this
Republic to apportionment Ie b<non
c-mnty with a imputation of 34.096 was
given one senator, while Democratic
Berk* with a population of 1(16,701 was
accorded the nine repreaentstion, and
because the Republican gerrymander
gave Lebanon n senator upon ita meagre
population the Democrat* concede to
Lebanon a senatorial delegate tn State
' conventions, or a -enatoritl represent*
I lion equal tn that of Rerka, In this
same gerrymander Delaware county
with a population of .39,403 in 1870 was
erected into a separate senatorial dis
trict to make a seal lor Mr. Cooper, and
Delawate county has accordingly a sen
atorial delegate in Democratic State con
▼ention*, a representation equal to that
of the Detuooratio county of York with
a population of 76,133, or little leas
than double that oi Republican Dela
A comparison of vole* will put Ibis
iniquitous system of repreaentstion in
a still stronger light. The Democratic
vote of Lebanon county in 1880 was
3 218. The Democratic vote of Berka
county in the same year waa 16,956.
Yft B*rk and Lebanon have each a
senatorial delegate in Democratic State
conventions. Delaware county baa a
Democratic vote of 1,473, and York,
with a Democratic vote of 11,581 has
the same senatorial represented >n in
State conventions of the Democrats of
Pennsylvania. The iniquitous fraud
upon representation which was com
milled by a Republican legislature in
tii insolence of power is imported into
conventions of the Democracy and
fastened upon the party merely by
force of a bad custom of admitting sen
atorial delegates.
It is not probable that the Republi
can machine will have the power to re.
peat this fraud in the next legislative
apportionment of Pennsylvania. Hut
that is no reason why the senatorial
delegate system should be perpetuated.
If the Republicans choose to retain
this process let them do so, and cheat
each other to their heart's content.
Democrats should not maintain in their
nominating convention, in which the
party is entitled to an equal voice, so
gross a fraud upon representation.
Kven if the next senatorial apportion
ment were made as fair as possible rep
resentation by senatorial delegates in
--tste conventions is cumbrous and un
necessary. Were the senatorial and
representative delegate to meet in dif
ferent chambers, as the two bouses,
there might be a possible pretext for
maintaining this system of adding fifty
senatorial delegates to nominating con
ventions in which representation is
complete without them. Rut as they
do not meet in separate houses there is
not one respectable argument why the
senatorial delegttes should not !e a)ol
i-hed, a* the new rules for the better
organization of the Democratic party of
tho Mate provide.
Democrats Then and Now.
The TrtLvnr lis* n-kei the question
why the writers and eskers at the te*
cot f-anqu'-nt of the lroqur-i* Ciub
(o.nte l with | ride to the old heroe- of
lire Democratic party, men who hve
Iwen b ad forty yeata or more, at-d
to ome-1 01-livious of the leaders of the
| re-ent dsy.
The writer* end speaker* at the Chi
<- >go I atiquct went bck to Jefferson
anil Jackson for the same resnn that
wi iter* and speaker* on the Christ! <n
r i,-ion go buck to the Bible for both
I text nntl inspiration. The principle*
!of Deinocrary enunciated by Jefferson
n 1 iliti-l >td by the administration of
I JetTm-on, Mad o>n, Monroe, and Jack
• on. are -acted and immutable. They
must endure, in more or less practical
applications so long as the present Con-
'Motion survive* ; the abandonment of
, one, mean* the abandonment of the
, other end total loss of local self govern.
j men! in these State*. They are very
fresh, always needing iteration end re
iteration, a* the very gospel of free in
stitutions; and the man who talks
about them s* matter* of a departed
interest, merely advertise* his igno
rance or hi* impudence.
But there have been Ib-mocret* since
Jefferson, end even since Jackson. A
very great majority of the American
jieople declared themselves Democrats
by their vote# in 1876. and duly elected
the candidate* of ihe Democratic party,
only to see tbcinseives swindled out of
their right to choo-e their own ruiers.
Mr. Tilden w* a l>einocrt. He scat
1 tered the Ring, puniahed the thieves,
redueed expenses and Ime*. and gave
| us an honest Government.
That was Jeffersonien Democracy, and
j was found to be very timely indeed.
Mr. Randall and a majority of the Forty
fourth Congresa were Democrat*. They
cut down expenditure* by the millions,
drove out the lobby, crushed jobbery
and for once relieved Congress of the
scandal* which Republican corruption
! ists had brought u|>on iL That also wts
Jeffersonian Democracy— the very es
sence of It. It was warmly approved
by Ihe people. It always bat been ap
proved by the people sinoe Jeffer"
son himself put it in practice ; and
it always will be whenever their sober
judgment ia invoked upon it. If the
Democrat* are wise, they will, in 1884,
teach the TWvw, Jay Gould, the ceo
traliaer end the monopolist*, tins plain
lesson in e way not to be forgotten.—
A', y. dun.
Hon. Richard T. Merrick haa been
been appointed counsel to assist Col.
George Bliss in tbe prosecution of tba
Btar Route case*.
TKItMN: p*r Annum. n Advum-r.
KVRK aince the Pre ideoti"! campaign
of IMKO say* ill* I'nion broiler the lead
ing Democrat*of Near York have been
quietly at work in an endeavor to ferret
nut the true inwardness of the csuses
thai )e<l to the Capture of New York I y
the Republican* when it .eerned certain
that the state was good for a neat Demo
cratic majority. A shrewd committee,
alter the mot exacting labor, ha. finally
unearthed the fact that a .ecret commit
tee of rich Republican* in the Empire
State raised a million and a half of
money ,jut before the election for a
corruption fund. Then the Ittle coterie
of Democratic detective* a!n ascertain
ed that three hundred and fifty thous
and dollar, were .pent in New York
and Brooklyn during three day* prior
to the election*. This vast sum w*
disbursed at the Fifth Avenue Hotel to
reliable hechman w hostruight way enter
ed the market to bargain for vote*. The
teller of an uptown bank in New York
ha been ascertained to be the man w ho
paid out the money to individual* whose
name* appeard on a lit furm.hed him.
I'he teller'* name j* Sieven*on. It i*
a.erted that an rue startling revelations
of Republican fraud and corruption in
King, county and New York in the elec
tion of Dsfi will *oon be disclosed.
The fa.t cattle trains on the Pennsyl
vania Railroad have commenced run
ing on a fa.ter schedule. They are now
making the distance between the Ea.t
Liberty (near Pittsburg) cattle yards
and New York in twenty hour*. The
time formerly required for ihe trip w*
forty five hour*. The train* are now
controlled bv air brake* and it i inten
ded to beat the present achedule time
in a very short while.
The I.uppert furniture factory, at
Wdliarosport. will make up 2,00(1,000
iect of lumber the coming season.
Mr. Daniel Kaufrnan of llublersburg,
l'> Wiilow, Jo Davit county, 111,
next week. We with hirn a long and
pleasant life in bit now homo.
Mr. Wm, Sharp, one of the best
forgemen in the State, next week, move*
to Petersburg, liuatingdon county, Pa ,
where bo hat secured a profitable and
permanent situation.
—The very beat production that can i>e
j had from firtt class tiork and excellent
' workman-hip in boott and shoe*, at price*
ro higher than common eastern iratb, ara
i now ojarn and for tale by 8. A A. Loeb.
—A great deal of interest hat been man
ifested in the matter of the Republican
auditor refuting to concur with the ma
jority of the board in the ditpotition of
the late Sheriff * account, and by request
we publtth bit protest:
While I join with the majority of tlo
auditor* in signing the above rejatrt in the
; settlement of the Sbi-rift account, I pro
' tett agwintt lh charge of bearding prison
ert at twenty five onu per day, ther< hr
reducing the Sheriff* hi ft eight hundred
dollar* and fifty cent*, where** the Com
rmetioner* made a contract with the Sheriff
at the cotnmencemnit of the year IHK| to
i allow him fifty cenu per day in purtuance
1 of the provition* <>f the Act of Assembly
of 1790 I believe the county i morally
and legally hound to |>ay the contract pries.
(Signed} C. P. Ill*x*.
—We take the following from the I> - k
i Haven KrprtM of Monday :
t)n Saturday afternoon Chief Weal
brook rec< ived a di-pateh from John Ky
an, of Kenovo atking him to arrest Joseph
1 DavU and John Co*, of Itellefonte, abo
bad come to tbi* place on the II :I0 train
| with a watch that had been stolen from
I him, that they were about IS year* of age,
and were going to take (he alien,,- n
I train for Br I lefoOla. Tbta waa a poor d—
; acription to find two young men at a train,
i eaprn iallv when there are ao many rati*-
men at the depot to take the tame rotlte;
| but tbe officer waa equal to tbe emergen
; rv, and finaliv r|a>lted them on the back
i platform. He approached them and told
! hi* errand, at which they were greatly
aurftriaed, but arkowiedgct) they were the
pa-tie*, but were innocent of the charge,
w hereupon they were taken to jail to await
Mr. Ryan's arrival. At the jail tbey were
J aaked for their valuable*, when each le.
gan emptying the contents of tbeir po, k
-1 eta. Among tbe article* handed over were
two watt he*, one of which the turnkey and
ofßivr supposed to be the stolen property..
Shortly after their incarceration. Mr. Rv
an came to town on a freight, and with 'ha
officer went to gel bit propnrtp, but neith
er of the walchea were hia; whereupon ha
felt grieved to think that he had detained
the young men from getting home on Sat
urday and agreed to bear their expenses
until Monday. He got their supper* and
kept them In aegar* Saturday evening, and
learned he could get them home on a
freight, which waa done, yet he was minus
a watch, and Hula expected to hear ao aoon
of it* whereabout* ; but yesterday morning
the turnkey of the jail in attending to hia
duties, discovered4be lost treasure, which
in some manner had been concealed by ona
of the men, in the yard outside of the* win
dnw. Mr. Ryan was hunted up, recog
nixed the property and bads warrant issued
for their arrest. Officer We*tbrwk left on
the 6:So train this morning for Bellefnate,
where both man were arrested, and fur
nished good security for their appearance at
the May term ol t'- url. After the hell
had been furnished, Davi* who claimed to
he innocent irom the beginning, made Cox
own up to the theft alone, and that be was
not implicated in the sffahnal all; and
from the fact thai a B-llef, nta
j went bis hail spaakt well for hi* heretofore
good reputation.
NO. 13/