Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 29, 1922, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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tf 1'
j ul
Mostly Cleudy
plays at "J. 11 and 4.45
tees unit Meledy ut Noen
WANAMAKER'S store opens 9 a. m. W AN AMAKER'S
Stere Closes 5 P. M.
Everybody Wants Something in a Hurry With a New Year
Se Near and Wanamaker's Is the Surest Place te Find It
il ' Clll
Proverbs Are the Children
of Daily Experience
With many of us, the riddle of life is still te
be solved.
These who, traveled before us, along- the
same reads, have left footprints as they
struggled, fell down, hoped, despaired or per
severed, which ought te be of value te us as we
journey en in eur1 confidence of being able te
reach the goal we have in view.
The biographies, examples and cherished
rules that .influenced the lives of our fathers
are great helps for each ether.
Frem the
Writings of
the Founder
Last Day oftheExhibitien
of Southern Fashions
IpASHIONS of the utmost
' simplicity a n '1 the
utmost distinction.
Speits drives for morn
ing and aftcnie ; evening
dre ses of the last word of
airiness and g,-aec.
Every one of them fiem
the least pretentious lit 'hi
Yeung Women Are Interested
)M r-f-c TJnn n..r,
lANi a young woman,
n veumr woman.
xijL cheesing a pie; cut fei
herself, is selecting a
er.t. And the Yeiiiik
Women's Ktr.re N pre n.t
in" all kinds of speits coats
ird dress coals for her de
limit. Speits coats Mart at ."--a
for smart mixtures lined
thiougheut with silk or
Mieuldi-r lired.
At .f.l2.."0. coats of double
faced p'-id-h'ck materials.
At $35, brown or gray
checked ceat.s.
( sc-ii ml
Women's New
GOOD warm coals ( f all
' wool tweed, the kind
that women like for
every day, for geed weather
or had and for metering.
Yeu may take your choice
of a pretty cocoa brown or
gray hen ingbene. twee d
(I irst
Many Women Need an Extra
Hat or Twe
VXD such women wil! be in
terested in a little cellee-
turn of stini'ls liats and
dri'.Sf, ha's which have jut had
their prices greatly rcdueid.
.Most of them show slight
Mgns of beiiK- handled, but
nothing moie than one or two
v. ca rings would de.
Women's Slippers
for New Year's Eve
LACK, and blown aie the
favorite slippeis and there's ,
., ,-. : .1..,.. ...i..
iiii'il' uilll'L) llimi wii-
would think among "just black
and biewn."
Black satin with a umgue;
black biocade; plain black s-itin;
brown satin with a ten Ma;
( rift I
Fresh Little Gingham Frecks
for Kindergartners
Pa ITALKTTE frocks, of
com be, for Mether finds
fi them the best!
'I'liej aie cunning, tee, with
httle bands peeping below and,
eh, the while petticoats they
Materials are se pretty: such
clear checks of luvendcr, green
-"in unxna ui utvt'iuici , kh-wii
T blue and such lovely shades
frock at S32.i'0 te the finest
gown at $315 has line;
every one its delightful in
uoler; every one is cut from
a lovely, often :'. I'i leh
emlnei oral fabric.
And the details of each
dress are full cf novelty and
At" S17.."0. nre
,U" ?1".."i0, prctt coats
with raccoon cellars.
I'inc sports coats of Kng
lish materia's, cut en the
line of a man's overcoat,
arc priced SO.").
Kui - trisvmed coat-' of
sef'r, luxurious materials,
beautifully adorned with
squiriel. beaver, mole, car
acul and wolf aie in brown,
black, navy and kit fox
ra . They are luxuriously
lined and chaimingly fash
ioned. 78 te 250.
I teiirl
Tweed Coats
at $25
with a pbiid back or an
other, and eci warmer
mixed tweed, with contrast
ing color back. There are
as many as ten shades in
the latter and two styles.
All are well tailored and
remarkable values'.
The sports bats aie of daik
colored velour, felt or silk and
can be worn until late in the
Spring. There are also some
black and dark shades in velvet
hats trimmed with flowers or
fancy feathers.
brown satin with a strap; brown
biecatle tliese aie out some ei
........ .... , ,
All nuve caiciuiiy uirneu seies
and most show low Leuis or low
Spanish heels. One black one
has a high French heel.
Pricis, ?'' te $12.50.
of plain colors, yenew, ii
blue, lavender and gicn.
They all bear the little touches
that recommend them te
mothers. Seme show a crors crers
stitch design. Otheis show
feather stitching or a picot
crochet edge, the things that
gie them individua'ity. Sizes
2 te (5 yeurs, 3.25 te ?5.
The Engagement Ring
Should Be of Diamonds
IT SHOULD be the handsomest that the purse
can afford and the diamond or diamonds must
be perfect. Fashion sanctions a platinum
Diamond engagement rings with perfect dia
monds of the highest quality procurable and
mounted in beautiful platinum settings are
priced $100 te $2800.
With them wedding rings of platinum set
with diamonds are used. They are priced $100
te $300. Or engraved platinum wedding rings
without diamonds, $22 te S40.
(Mitlti I Inerl
New 1923 Foulard Silks Are Here
"Printed silks" is the word for Spring and it is spoken in
no uncertain terms by Paris.
The new foulards are completely in sympathy with the
new fashions. They have small conventional designs, some
in color, en navy, brown or black grounds and also there are
many tiny all-ever patterns. ,
In the best quality foulard silk, 36 inches wide, $2 a yard.
(l'lrst rliier)
All-Weel Canten Crepes
.25 a
A new shipment of a much-asked-for fabric a favorite
because it is light in weight and drapes gracefully.
A geed range of colors, some bright tones and some
grays and tans; also plenty of the navy and brown which have
been rather scarce in the market.
$2.25 a yard.
(Ilrt Ilner)
Fresh Pretty
Neckwear at $1
Cellar-and-cuff sets '
Cellar-and-vestee sets
All delightfully soft and becom
ing, mostly of net and lace. The
beauty of ncckwt -ir is its frehness,
und one cannot hae tee many
pretty cellar or set.
(Mnlii J loer
Frem Paris :
Handsome Buckles, but
Net Expensive
The prices are only i?G.75 te ?e" and the buckles are all
distinctive and individual no two alike.
Among them are some of cut steel, an interesting com
bination of enamel in black-and-cobalt blue or black-and-green.
Anether shows an antique geld finish. Anether is set with
excellent imitations of rose and jade stones.
Black is often combined with steel and one lovely carved
red buckle litis a large mother-of-pearl center.
New All-Weel
Blankets, $13.50
a Pair
Fine, warm,
geed looking.
White with borders in n choice
of pink, rose or blue.
Size. T2.S1 inches, all-wool warp
and filling and geed value at the
price, ?K!.50 a pair.
(SKUi Tlner)
Women's Colored
Te Match Each South
ern Freck
Celeis! Se many of the new
I-'reuch dresses are in lovely
colors that handkerchiefs must
he in colors, tee.
There ate new se many col
ored handkerchiefs that are
pretty enough te be taken south
one scarcely knows where te
begin cheesing.
As low as 25c they are of
pine linen in charming design!)
and from there up te exquisita
handkerchiefs at $3.50 there
seems te be no limit te ."elec
tion. (Mnln l'lner)
Women's Felding
Umbrellas in Bags ;
Handy things because they can ,
he put se easily In a grip.
.?," and d for cotton.
$7.50 for silk-and-cotton.
$10 te $18 fop all-silk.
lllaek and the favorite dark
(MmIii Vtenrl
New Arrival
Hy thin time many hey.s suits
have lest their original freshness
and the worst of Winter U still te
All of which Rives a special
timeliiusfi te the arrival of a Ked
let of twe-tniiiMT suits priced at
512, fli'i.nt) anil $15, and in .sizes
for boys of 8 te 18 years.
Theie is- as much dill'erence be
tween .suits with two pnir of
treusrrH ns there li betwoen suits
C. B. Corsets New
$1 te $3.50
In some cases theie aie net all
l sizes and in ethers there are cer
tain models which will net be here
again. Hut the prices mere than
' make up for it, for they are half
t or almost se.
The materials arc batiste, ceutil
and breehe and the different
' styles are suitable for slender,
I aerage and larger women.
(Third Heur)
Honfleur and
Other Toilet
This is an event that
many people leek forward
te a sale of Honfleur, well
known for its undeviating
Extract, in TEmpire,
rose and violet, 30c.
Toilet water, in violet.
Bouquet Amour and I'Em
pire, r()c and 83c.
Vegetal, in lilac and wis
taria, 73c.
Cleansing cream, skin
cream and Youth - si n d
Beauty cream, 10c a jar.
Lemen cleansing cream,
,13c and t3c.
Talcum powder, in rose,
violet and 1'Empire, 13c.
Sachet, in violet, rose and
1'Empire, 33c.
Face powder, in violet,
1'Empire and rose, 33c.
Compact face powder,
white, natural or brunette,
and compact rouge, 73c
Violet ammonia. 2flc and
Bsiy rum, 30c, S3c and
Witch hael, 33c and 03c.
Bath crystals in violet,
rose and verbena, 30c and
83c a bottle.
(Went AtMp)
of Beys' Twe-
with unci pair and that is snyuiK
ThSH firii Kllitu nf minim- -mil
reliability the kind that niestra
i pair
trousers make doubly
worm wiuie.
Geed choice of fabrics ami do de
signs in gray, browns nud ether
desirable mixed shitdus,
.Norfolk-style coats, with voKes,
with pleats or plain.
Fine suits for school wear.
New i
Victer Records
ter January
18972 A Kiss in the Dark Med
ley Waltz and The Walt. Is Made '
for Leve, 7."c.
1S977 Sweetheart Lane and The I
Yankee Princess, Medley Vex
Trets, Paul Whiteman and His i
Orchestra, 75c. i
18980 The World Is Waiting for
the Sunrise und Tomorrow
Morning, Fex Trets, lionsen
Orchestra of Chicago. 7."c.
18983 Pack Up Your Sins and
Crinoline Daj.s, Fex Trets, Paul
Whiteman and His Orchestra,
7178 Madame Huttcrlly (Un Hel
Di Vedreme) (ialli-Curci, SI. 75.
"(10111 Tesca (Vissi d'arte) Maria
Jerita, $1.25.
GlilOG March of the Caucasian
Chief, Ippolitew Inanew, Phila
delphia Orchestra, $1.25.
(Sim-iiiiiI I'luer)
Kight after Christmas a Werd
en men's handkerchiefs might
seem superfluous uere it net that
"e many men did net get them!
Geed linen initialed haudkei
chiefs are Bec, 50c, 75c and $1.
' Main I Iniiri
Levely Side
Ornaments for
Evening- Dresses
especially for the nrw fashion
able white evening gown-, show a
great manv lovely imitation
peails. of u n combined with
tryst al.
There arc wirioie deign? and
long frineis ,.f beads are eflVcthi.
A few .show vhine.stnnes. ti-.cil with
great taste, and all have unu-ua.1
charm. ?5 te S25.
Main 1 limr
"What's a
Stylish Hat,"
Asked a Man
the Other Day
"The kind that suits veu
best, sir."
Being stjlish doc -n't mean it
iiiu.-t have a narrow brim and a
big crown, nor a wide wild west
biim and a low crown.
Every well-dressed man picks
out a hat that is shaped te leek
well en him. Of course, there
are style tendencies in hat? such
as little rolls and dip-, and
cunes here and there and the
new "tone.-," that are different
from color.".
But when it come-, te mod
els, a geed hat store ha one te
suit each man. At Wanamaker's
there is mere difference than
usual and the prices aie only
four, five or six dellar1-.
(Mtiln 1 loer)
Suit Cases Streng Enough
te Ge 'Round the World
Substantial, strenglv built cases ei the finest cowhide,
designed te stand the hardest wear.
They are in russet or black, some with ira, .eme with with
out: bellows cases and divided cases with double handles are
among them and all have double straps.
Corners are strongly reinforced and catche- and lek- are
the best.
2-1 te 32 inch sizes at !?2S..-)0 te $,w.
(Mnln I lixiri
Ivery Frem the
Necklaces of ribbed eal beads,
$10, eO; of round polished beads,
$12..ri0; of eal beads with three
lare enned beads, and a pendant,
Sinjjlc pendants, tery large, ?la.
Loek in the Oriental Stere 'or
(Mnln lliinr
Delicious Candies
$1 a Pound
They may be ehocelute or they
may he these toothsome caramel.,
but the dollar candies have a suie
quality and interest. The caramels
are se creamy and delightful and
their tlavers are just light.
It h the centers of the choco
lates that make them se interest
ing such tasty'eoi'eanut, especial
ly geed marslunallew, nut cieam-,
nougats, caramel-, etc.
Then, there are ihe mai. led
favors and candies for New Year's
Day. Hard candies are 70c ti pound.
(DeiYu Mutr Slerr)
Seme New Dining-Roem
Fine Lines, but Priced en Moderate Lines
Fashions in
Jewelry Faver
Black and Wh'ite
After all it is one of the
prettiest and most striking col
or combinations.
Leng necklaces of imitation
crystal beads with jet rendells
or imitation jet beads with
crystal rendells and, of course,
one may hae f'e ecklaee of
all imitation cry-tal r 'el if
preferred. Prices fiem .1.75 te
And theie are eariing-, bt ace
lets and hat ornaments m black
and white jewelry te help cany
out the effect.
Mliiln I I'inri
Only 20c for a holly
with two in it.
(I'mirtli 1 loer)
As a Matter of
Fact, Sir
You're Net the Kind of a Man
Who Would Carry That Old-
Time Overcoat Inte a
New Year
Yeu wouldn't expect worn-out ideas te
meet the nreklems that will come up in
1923. Neither would you expect clothing as
old its (hose ideas te comfort you.
Everybody knows that right along ou
have intended getting a new overcoat. But
you've been busy, or haven't realized hew
time was getting en.
New there's only one day left. When
time is short it's a geed thing te knew that
Wanamaker's Most Likely
Have Just the Overcoat
Yeu Want
All kinds are I'ere you never suv se
many, nor such different ones.
There's a Difference
Newest Neckties
First te arrive since Christ-
mas. and handsome ones they
Regimental stripes, uvery
one the new authentic regi
mental stripes, unlike any
that have come before. In a
world of gay colors and made
of a glossy, firm, beautiful
silk. Price ;?2.
( Mi in 1 limn
at Special
(Jeed news for eery
Xe better wardrobe trunks are made
and they present the latest and most lux
urious touches for travel comfort.
They are built en steel frames which
will stand many' a hard knock. Kverx
drawer is of bass-weed, steel bound and re
inforced en till edire.
Drawer-, can be locked with one turn of
the lock bar.
Hanger are enameled and there is a
laundry bag of silk plush.
Other conveniences include a place for
an electric iron; a really geed shoe box;
pretty Colonial handles en the drawers and
a padded top which holds everything in
Prices are seecial and there is a stning
of almost one half en each trunk.
Steamer sue, SS0.
Tliii'i.ei!.irti'r sie. Ml.s.
Hcgulnlien sjc, S100; extra
One of the most natural
call it ambition, if you like of ever se many families te
have furniture that imparts an impressive dignity te the home.
Bui then comes the problem of reconciling the desire with
the available resources.
Te help in solving it is the business of this furniture
store, and the measure of helpfulness it can offer is best illus
trated by certain groups of living-room, bedroom and dining
room suits recently received.
Notable amour them is a len-piece dining-room
suit of a fine standard type, yet moderately priced,
comparatively speaking, at $39e.
It is built en the Inndseme,
dignified lines of much higher
priced suits, and can be had in
either mahogany or walnut veneers.
The walnut ih finished in a
brown Antique tone and the ma ma
hegan in a reddish brown, impart
ing a dull, effective finish.
The spirit of the design reveals
several influences, especially that
of Sheraton, in the fluted pests,
turned legs and the pierced work
in tlie back panels of the chairs.
'Third I lner)
Far-Seeing Motorists Are Buying
Tires f or Later n
Weather eyes are scanning the tire market and somehow
ei ether experience say all isn t well, night new is a geed
time e buy all the tires that are apt te be needed for some
time te come. At least, some men think I hey will save seme
money that way
Shipments just in from the factory bring fully guaran
teed cord tires at interesting prices.
.'I0.T. SIO", ?'1M'j S27.30
il2x.1i, SI "J :?l1 S22
:; l'. S's
v S20J50 :i,N., - S5?7-
:t:i. i s-ji.oe a: .- s:i8.7.-
i llie l.nllrrvl
After Hunting the City Over
Here's the Oxford Men Pick Out
Made el graiiH'd calf, either black or tan, has thick white
oak m1i's and priced !?0.-10.
Nothing te equal it, even c-Iem' te the figure, is the story
told ever and ever eery day.
Winter oxfords through and through. Warm, dry and
long wearing. Yet smart. In tvk- thev fellow the lines
of the brogue, with a few perforations here and there, but
mostly plain.
Main I luer
Trunks of the
traveler bound
B.t-su und
rein I arced.
deep, .slO.'i.
, ,
Iiu id
!! ,
U'eurth l luur)
Suits Built en
feelings imaginable is the desire
The general contour is harmeni-
eus and in geed taste, and the con
struction and detail, particularly in
the vital parts, are much better
than can usually he found in attits
selling at the same price.
Sideboard is fit inches wide, serv
ing cabinet, 3i! inches wide; china
cabinet, 42 inches wide; (lining
table, J2(5Q inches. There arc five
side chairs and one arm chair.
Great, warm ulsters, as rugged and
robust as fiction pictures the north. Or
smart, swinging coats with belts and rag
Ian shoulders that call te mind the debonair
chaps along Piccadilly.
And under it all is the assurance they
are geed coats tailored as only expert
workmen can; builf te wear and stay geed.
The prices start at S33 and go te $100.
Finest Type
Special at 7tf
lrar.ie., fiber ce.ered and strengl
I lu- llMf. :ill lllu I iifrlll'ifl.i ,.t
, , ",- '" . h..ii.n"ll LW,.
bag, bar lock, shoe box, etc.
I t i"L'
V 1