Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 29, 1922, Night Extra, Page 13, Image 13

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5. rli
Jetc Htr
V. 8. Anthttssader te Italy
Auther of Ttie Vtlvt Wen." i;tc.
Lvmirtuhi, II, 1, ))uuit J, Ce.
of Her
rV nWltOSfi. " bnitlul re tl
nI.; livL in Knghnj.ef AMcrlcaa I Jzs
bi"" ..?... :. i: an i a i
VMWtZtkaU trill! Meid. An
,r.7.'.f.; wurteni timelen he
i it Urn men
icie' hnvt Invil htr
'J r the intertill ami nOmUaHen nf .
Va nil
ultfaclcd I
- . M.l
"v '...... iii-iflffir. wie en
. ". ,1, ...Llllll. e M
i;-f;,7 l!K'HA.U. e hanitemt.
V UkUmmr. tmiicnl KnffUsh nil I, emv
....-. ....,...,, nlll'tllll
ll hli.i III' 1IU.I1.II.
brethrr avd u icarllme
flit lid e'
I ,.p!iPtl quleli. "Yeu lune net
II, ,f) Willi fw ,,n-v l" n"d dn!' out"
Ifar after yrar."
Ve, t liav net ticul v'.'h fear at,
V- ,'c wriit mi. loeUlns straight Inte ,
i,rfi. "I Iiave net lived with il Nj-
cause it if a i"1""-'"
wound"!. Iml I Uni,,l thnl llve...ghtli.
nf tl rai" ,V3S '"""' ' k1" '";'," ap"
jrthfinl"' el femr ,cnil)c "i'J
nH tlii" fell1 was the major pfiit of tlie
rtlimity. 'i"''-''- An' n.fti in tli" veild
In inyrl'e'1 w,, f,'nl' ,,inl ,,,l'-v mn,v 1(,'c
tWr'menw. Venr ) went ttinn pover.
tr, llffM. 1'er neil's Mfcis Ifl'-i no!
I dill net nv ttuil 1 luul t"y
:.) "I nnl vsiil 1 Iml livul
Tlir "lid i feel t!.eut fenr."
Ptter liev "ii. "It niiiVi'!' cnwitrilK,
knt it li also thr mntlicr "
C( ihnt?"
"Of iniird'Trig." lie hjili).
llrfiirt v.as silent.
Te IVter. as the tl.iy c-nnie te mi Mil,
It lifMine nieic ami mere pliiin tlmt
iV li.iil indffil ilfiileil te je from l.nn
tin, She tmUc of it n if il "re
fliylif from ?one hin I of ilnnSi-r.
Once 'lie "aid, "Yeu are mwii ')') nii,"
te tnke any ilsl:s. IVter."' ! had
nM Iit a-out (lit rli!;!". hut "he "nid.
"Amenn ether vUk. that of wanting
jreni: enrsle en temetliin whli'li lndi
r.evlirre." When tiiej li.nl illii'd ai r.
little cafe en .Tennyn ntveet. hhe said.
"Cejne lmin with nn'. Nu one sii u1 u1
le in nml out.
"It te lilf" a nenl hidden in nn old
Hump. We i an tall: and then "
"Cnnd-hv. CoeiNlilght. (iiiDil-liy. '
All the way up Regent street Mie ,
kept her arm through hin as if nIic
feared tlmt liiidOenly the mortal pan of
him weuM melt mvny. ii if this con
tort niihl l)e niarip e will that it would
hvt en in memory. Mini .emetime the
illusion of this stfcuiR forearm wnrin
tlmmgli ils hleee mlffht H'tiini te li"".
'J'h'' npirlmciit. which she had r- '
tiineil wlihiiut eienpaiii-y fe wme nn
uplaliied iai..'e. was en : Rtreel of
(i)'(irli's hricV hmiee where three
Mrept lainti'. epaced with irritating prp-
elsiuii, jirertd their radinnc 0:1 the
front walls in n t'nn-shuied insolence.
It wes In a house at the far end of I
this street mile tiia''ler.s for one
nh') apeii)ril te have plenty of tnetiej
at her. 1 emnia nd ; two tljahts of (rpe!e I ;
stairs led mi te :i little landing and
br fleer.
Shr- ! i the lump in the corner while'
reicr ion',, i he hey from the hole, mid
t!i cxpniiding llxht showed nnin the
trst and geld room villi it chintz, cur-
tsine nml its old l.uglili malieauy
iii'l ill caned desl: itli its leirl.i
mple panels and the hangings woven
In .Im-fi hi the MludewH. Itut Veter
e.'esed the deer geil with hirt feet
hfaiini le haw none of the room wheie i
tlic liIit m,s dim. Once mere, as
v.lrn he had mu lier tirM. Hhe Heed i
lier,i:iili a llsht which poured down
iin'jii hrr ils (ioed. emnhafliiiB her
If iie, nf nl the universe, had 1 1 1 is ,
'I'julit i nf radium c and life. She had
ihtii'wi aside her cluah ; Hhe steed with
an nuin of Hternnl .imitli ahent her. it i
thl whn had come out of the a(,es nnd
veill'l live en without end. the renter '
of fill thins. She gur.ed haelt at l'eter
fiem her datU eyc. wnuderiug. wait.nj
fur Inni le move.
He w.ilKcd toward her i,iewl. hut
tutlie'it lie.'ilatiiui. In hi f.ic there
.i a "-ipiare len -the teuU of a tied
"ill that has leme into its own at'
'Hrin.i. I m Ruing te lueal; my
pmmj'.e "
"Yes. dear, undethtniid. I :m
rMft i-iui, I'ciiii. 1 1 wenld he hard,
out 1 M.ui.l , ii. de want te de it. '
The pruin.'p was fur jour .-ake. Vetci.
Net tur iniPM.a'e ii-."
I've asU"d miii iiething no ipirs.
tl'Jll hi. M.i. pi 1 1 jf lp his I'.ll'lll- Up" i ,
eicfi nf her heuhler mid lieldiiig her'
it arm 3 length.
"Ve l'elni-. none."
fJei une I did net e.ire. ' iin he
Ve inniter whut iitiiflit ceiniV
Ve inniter what nilglit come."
fie dre her tewnid him and Inn'.; 11 1
hifi Ii of the, impei fumed fragrance 1
ef Ilreiia Selress. And then with eager, '
"' nti' jrnt linn, epiehed only through ;
Jli reirnlnu of ienitriie4H and pn-
found irc 1. iik if indeed he had Mime
jun'iMit deity in his ttrjiw, lie hlsid her1
hK. he prrpkr-fl his rliec!, into In i- '
hiui. he iiimhcil 1 hi- had. of liei nei-l, 1
"illl his tillgen, '
"I levr j " he -.,'n!. ' I '.111 ou
li"ileisterii all I niean In i'iec pl.iln
""ids I le, ,miuV"
' I Iiim- miii, IVtcr."
1 1..11M neer ci . me new. '
Sc Npnuv h-n !:. icaiitu heielf fiem
'hj' ns if .e li.id ue.ii'ln uiiihly plunged
lniii iriin lifr, '
' Vm u, IVtcr. Net t li.tt I I ,
lieiigh. miii knew. I iheiiglu this
S guild. h)."
l.iUe 0110 in gieat pain whieli must
ne home in hIIi'Iiie, 1h thiew hacli
.'. ai"' fctoed tiuiveini'.' and tense.
,,"H I'ai.'t hiivi- inlsiiiidi'i'htr.eil !"
,(' "lid In , hr.al.ing vuicr. "Is this
Mv put i-hnieiii tlmt ion hae mis
Htiili'lMniidV "I wain j, in, r.iena feieier. I
Wul'I hae swum never would v. 11 nt
em 0.i. j!P tlii-.'
'' 'e.e. i lainmt he." ,
till' si.pi 1 t liuiid an 1. hMiiing
I'l', prc-eii her wii i,eclH upon hin
1M V. 1
' It ai.iif.i he. '(..-. It hapl.ertd
lien I was no mure iirlf-the one
;'"i liie than I am .Muriel Tteiilmui.
'' l.iipi ei when I win les thuii
tiliteeii M.,ni vcan nn, uiu miii1' '
rje I
'III 1 i'i'' '
M Wi fl " If,
'twas there
mid I'll upenk
without iidilitig,
met your fathe-.
no 111 of I'."
Ne. with nome of her
dimmed. tl:t gave nil her rxprefhlen of
loyalty te her hitshaiid : her Might upon
gauzy, iinsithstniilinl whips wns always
n cireie nueui nn iiemi. as i werii
mother end the magiilllceiit shadow of
her father, JJreim srew. ncnulrlng from j
one n wltlinslenl humor and from tlvj
ether n calm of high cliff.s nntl of n
According te IV-eni's own rhrnie, .
ehe "had no childhood and till child
heed." She had none hceiiune her
father, nfter a month or two of cenreii- I
tinted application of his mind upon,
MudliNnf Hlmllnrltlrs in tiin architecture .
Tdf tmeletit Mexico nnd prehistoric
I . (Irenrtt i'filttit llltrl llm lilltrllnl' llliwltnliii
nnd ciecer ut hin deer, nnd then v If
, ,, iiwnlteiied he would take hin llttle fniuMvl
Minrkllne feir.,;t wnr, the train fur dome miner 1
I unlverilty. where lie would tench hlni- ,
pelf out of debt nnd into n period efj
imicriirsH 01 11y.u1 nreuene iivhih'i ni"i
ruing nor his iinpeitnnt place in
. 1..1 1...V.V..11 .1 ' 1 " " ""' learning nor His iinpeiinnt place
.e i ...im hnylnZ V,"t ll1p.K'Plhfitery were given recognition. With
of a grim mountain which nlwiyn
nuive.'td, thienlt utiie volcanic diaster..
.Semclhiiig had died within her when
they loe! her from the moors nnd the
open places, and that which was left
wns nn Irh.h beauty and 11 botfeirtleH.s
well of uffeciieu for her man nnd her
llr.' '.'?. .......... ..!imI lenis cueiiuh nn.vwheic for nunint
it is irem uer mat 1 have n legacy. , ,vih children nnd for piny. Tutored
"nm wivtiu. 1. ii rmirriiuenf. ui
crcnt sigh from hm expansive ciiesi.
lie would move en ngnin in pursuit of
Keine inipilry, some reeerch. sems new
npplleatlen of his heroic, impractical
head. In eensenuence. the little girl. I
red of clveeitf, with Hpindllng legs and
gieiit wondering brown eycu. never stay
"It liappcnul when I ns lcs than
elBhteen ceu ears age, I am
he s.i id. "V
"Jen, J'eler before
tell .Man every thing. It
wny I am afraid -for
lliena ';il tell me
by her mother nnd bv the booming, ter
rtiViny ve!cu of UcmetriiiH Heleos whenl
lie. 11s he iiald. could fcpnre time for it, I
nhe learned a laste for books and ion-!
them, .ici'eriling te her own ntery. ,
es m
the wNdem of 11 diet and ratine nil thai '
'was within leuch." The boeKs crvei,
I te clvn her 11 f:l!in letieir nf experience 1
and maturity, I
J mm outer (eveung wiib fake license,
rnn..i ... ..:.. .1... ....i. ii.,.
i.iiiT-u i.f 1 riiii-?riiL t uu irimi liiiii
unirent puh,ien nnd lemlerne8. Ami
it Is still mine le de with n I plenn".''
Hhe did net se en te s-ny that these
te whom it would be opened might enter i Mimei
i(.,.""l..Yi ' . .. .. .1 , . ., . "lll:f hungry little pig vegnidl
.jim f-uiiu ,,', ir-'lllt IIIV UIIH1I3 Ol
her mother's ncreiiutn of the4 tmrt her
fnther lind played in the dtnturbcd
period of tJreeee. There were vague
ImpresslenH of 11 secret ovgnnhatlen
under tne "(.euneii or Twelvu" te which it
ne nan awern urvoiie 1. or n prep eu( !(,,, i.nd ..nnehe,! -.Ixtcen. tvlili nlnsl
of honor wlitrli lie lind decided by fel-C nttributcs which mnile men turn n.'
luiviuE 11 ruincc ui eiiiiiei mar inni l(l nnm.eil. nit ivil innt nnv eiiK.dniis. .
Wanamaker' s Down Stairs Stere
A Thousand New Frecks at a Fourth,
a Third and Nearly Half Less
1 pj. 1
will show
J Oil
horn en
II rent! Slfes had been
American soil.
One of her mett uMd memories was
1 ", .'u'1" ft''""'"! mi nuctere man,
wlie all his Ht enB had carried about
in the 2 rear and inninlni. I..l. ..-l.i.
slew IllOVeineiitN nml ilu .m'..mI.,..
latent giant power n reitleM Miil.
ever peeUlns te find its wny hither and
thither like a strong giant and of un-
ecaHtn-j activity looking for new work.
brought down upon him the pennlty of
iisiasslnntleii. A hhniply detiued per
t.tMlt of this yniiiig patriot, n member
of th Snlnmis IJepututlen of 1S012 In -forming
King Otlie, the but of the
HnvHi'tnn nlien iiieii.irt'h, tbnr tlie
throne of Oreeep was fant. iemaiii"d
in Mvciih'k miii'l. She loufcsKed te a
thrill of pride that upon 1111 occasion,
histeile and momentous, her father,
then enlv twenty-eight, had been
pveaent In a major role. This had been
the top moment of his life; theuc whom
he had aided, turned upon him. The
strength of a pewarful hferet organiza
tion, gradually fulling into unscrupulous
hnlltln flftpr III. tlMlp flinrtlAlu n'm-A Aiah
had been turned ngalnst him. His name
1 became a traditional center of oath
of u'ligenncp; with knife wounds upon
ins great nrmn iinu tuigns ind nn un
eer , a
ird. I
un. M having aiinrenrhed woinnnheod
Mtl1011t ceulacti) Willi I'lilMhoeiI. e
en the me.'p. living in Imtel.j, In boa
lug heuces. in ftuburbnn cet".ues.
deiiendent upon one rickcly patched old
truriK nun nci two tmrcnts. sue lind:
; ai'Tiited the habits of cliihltike depend- 1
jrnie. I. Ike a child she found that life,
iwnv iihaped wltiieut lutervpiitien of hert
own. Slie nllewed herself te he dragged
1 along with her mixed lead of coneep ceneep
Itinns -irnwn from a hulter-nkelter icad-
I lug. Among ether conceptions n
j that eternal fiction of the, gallant and
perfect faliy steiy prluce whee hi hie
she would one day be. Te be 11 bride I
nieiini little mere in terms of leal life'
than te become nn angel. 1
I Te be (entinutd tomorrow
eir.iriNO iskitai.vn vtr.tr
Rlrtifrl pi!r rlati. ncnanrlntf nt ii.-vfti
liv ll'rlw! : N. Cjsmn, l.nntlin fiistijln!
nne eeiiui rememtier cllinlv that lirr 1 riiiec,i pniiet in ins Htieulder, in; came
InnlltAH a. I. .. . 1. .. !..... I . . t . 1 . ..!.. ft .. .. - I I.. I
.geld (Vltl,. Klry until she and herlllvci one life, end evp.-cted the world , fit'slV $ nrlTtnuul)i 0'niJ3."n?' Sr 'ft!
r-iieiiii I'liiiu eieu teg'HIier when she ' '" i'iejii v..: mm h im uniieriani ncing.
'was forty-two. had referred with1'1 Maw ''lm "'V n silent, learned man,
Iwhispeted nwe te tlie turbulent career I ln pitting 11 theui.'ind iiiubltiens and
ueiii uifin iiioeKiux no uxen
el lier husband. Demetrius. Theie
.were vague recollect ions of tlie mother's
pride in th fact th.it he had tished
and lest his eirepr. begun se early
In life and se brilliantly in chemical
'tiecirilt and in a professorship in
Athens: that he bad tossed nlde all
, ensideiatldii for himself te labor for
a constitutional (iiecce ntul te lisk
his tif in 11 cmripirjcv Cyr freedom.
I .Vary Vanghl-. as her uiiine lind been
hffer? her man Life, l.new semctiiinn of
'Insurrection heiRalf:' :he h.ul hud the
! ill fortune te be the daughter of the
'famous Tem Vaughn, who wns forced
, te (lee Ireland with his fainilv nfter the
uiiMiicfhSfiil and forgotten "Secession
l'let" of the fill's. Mary, from the
time site was. 11 child, sang like a bird.
.tlic might haie become a famous con
tralto, for her M'ice h.nl that Banie
wnrm. rich quality iuheiiied by her
bewitched daughter, but like u bird
her true home was upon tin- open moor-i
with their free -pace and the sh.-idews
of the clouds tjfleMitg eer the grass:
New Yerk, of ndaniant ami re l-in;is.
was ni geed for the jev of her mice 11
It wniihl have been for that of a wil
nl'.'liliu'iiile. She neve- s-poke lnvhly
.of (lint 'turrible Itahyhiu," however.
no lixed tiiirneiie.
disiegn nllng money in a land where
money, for the time, was the fetich:
enrek'is of poverty but liiiuiillnted,
pcriedhaliy by debt; disceuislng upon
biological chemistry years before the
scientific wuiid had tlie imagination te
listen 11 giant, with dark haunting,
ryca. long Homeric hair and beard,
always brushed back an if il were eter-1
nally facing a hurricane, and n voice
nnd presence ns myhtu.'Ieuslv ininies-.
Five nn that of some Klljnll. Kven '
Hienn reniemhcied bis affection for lier,
piofennd ns it was, as being like the
nffoetien of neme god of mythology
directed down upon a beautiful but
mortal child.
Ret ween iim trivoleus sunlight of her
ttrnallenal flnirtif. var tutu nml it'i Im
certnnt leali u. A'va-s rear) it mu i'
nan c- U" rtsin: i.trnvr. "iuxs It
Itnliit -Aih'.
IMIirr Hljle Nat Knimtnl nt
S3. (10 ner I0
V-I' or rfienn 'WtMil '.'.'.-'.'J for
Inlfsl eimp'.ea nnd correct fiirinn.
VKsjal K'niravlnr Shep, 814 Walnut St,
Pearls Re-strung
Hrlc ImrMt In (lie My. Ktrert wnrli.
Alt kin1s of nciklaits r-trunr, KneitlnK
0 sDeilnltT. Quick m-iTtce. Werk nrn
tfld. Clatpt turnlAlitd.
Irlesl Pnrl Cn I'rrr rinlldlnv.
laeai ran ve.MM (hMtnu) s",rfM
Special Purchase Sale
Ruby M. Ay res
Tlir fnrerile irrltr.' of favi
nulirii Imr ,'e'et (j s written
u r.cir re in unci nf taiitt'nl nffr
fieiis rml true devotion. U'if(.'i
(A Man of His Werd'
I 2
. tmMrrainmrmW
Full Sample Line of New Yerk's
Most Exclutive Wheletale Heuse
Seme are slightly shopworn, hut all
are of the finest pelts, expressing
the smartest aspecta of the med.
$50 te $800
1325 N. 15th St.
1WBM&WB53& '
cl '
13 1
lit I
., 1
11. . I
upon In
, II w
I'V"! ban I
"'lieie tl,
1l.1l he .
de': '
'. )."'
Inn'. i"V ?' '"'" ' loathed
leni Ii.mI I,,, denial I'viht."
, Nml wlieii. ,., n MllW ;" ,r
,,,' de m,t l,,,,,,,,"
'",;' sh.Khltml
, .le r
pilMillg his
Imi,; age
nrpunrrns. DiisKrsrns: A.xn makiirs or wemix's Axn cinr,r)in::! ArrAniL or
nn: iiiain'.&r i-uahac-ier run meiiv rifAv -nrjrvH'-srnrv yeaks '
Entire Stock Without Reserve
at Emphatic Price Reductions
Coats ! Dresses
te 35.00
le 45.00
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Wc Specialize in Apparel That Slenderizes the Larger Wahian
Fur Coats-
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In This, "Different Kind of Juvenile Stere
9.95 .
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Silk Dresses
Formerly te 25.00
colored iien;?fc taffeta
. . .. .. i.....
( ever tMPS, irony ii"n-
linu(l-nUB"l- Aft'rB 6 te ,C'
nnd canton crepe.
Mirny bcautif.iUy
Coats of mannish tveed wecl coating; some
fttr-trlmnii'il cellars. Aes -1 te 10. 1 9.95
... i.. .. in n.. . . . . X mt
1'ClJiicny fc ""
Clese-out of
Wash Dresses
Formerly te 10.00
An opportunity te buy for next
needs, Of gingham, cliainliray,
erjrandlc. Aces Ii te Hi.
Speits and Dress Coats; bioadcleths, lielnltn'
nnd mannish tweed; ninny fur dimmed with
Miawl and chin cellars.
linen and
19.50 te 25.00
n k V " I W W W
?8.7.1 S23
!JJ3 sy.." sie si(i.")U
In they come, fresh from tlie hands of their
geed makers. Groups of late-Winter fashions with ,
their prices drastically clipped. Groups of charm
ing sample frocks at fractions of their real value; .
some actually half price. Groups of new Spring
fashions secured 'way under price, offered new for
the first time. Groups from our own stocks price- '
lowered te meet the extremely moderate levels of the
new purchase?.
Amazing New Spring Frecks, $25
A maker's newest metlels'. Styles for young wenu-n in
pizes up te u6. Styles ter women in sizes up te 16. Street
shades and new light shades: almond green, pearl gray.
French blue, geranium red. Embroidered, beaded, lace
trimmed. Afternoon and informal evening gowns.
Ones and Twos of Levely Frecks
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ten crepes in light and dark colors and Peiret twill street i
frocks. i
Unusual Dresses, $15, $16.50, $18.75
At SIS, lovelv lace frocks for occasions, also Canten crepes em- I
lneiiletcd Poitet twills and twill-back velveteen?. '
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ice: sample taffeta afternoon drest"? nnd Canten crepe drones in
liffht and dark colors. Tvicelette dresses for larger women come in
sizes 40 te 4G.
Taffeta dance ftetks nt Mfi.."0 will delight young girls.
At SIS. 75, .smart new 1'eivel twill street dresses with Mil; e'-blight-color
braidimr: ones and twos of fine Canten 'repe models a
third te half less; talteta dance trecks in hv;ht and brilliant colorings
in cot dun
( Den ii Mulr Stnrr, Mnrketl
$5 Hats Adorably Springlike
Saucily small, most of them,
but plenty of wider brimmed
ones, tee, for these who prefer
Many all-black ones. And that
interesting new soft green called
almond. And blue in the easy-te-wear
shades which lighten up
the eyes and freshen tlie color
in one's cheeks. And browns.
And the soft cocoas and tan
which melt in most becomingly
with certain types of colerinc.
Silk hats; what most people are asking for at this sea
son because they are always "geed." Novelty hair and
straw cloth hats. Shirred, embroidered, gayly beaded and
ornamented. Seme of them trimmed with row upon row of
softly draped folds of lustrous silk crepe.
A whole roomful of them, just waiting te hurrv off en
happy New Year jaunts. All just Rr.
(Den ii "inlr Stere. Mjrkni
Trimly Smart Street
Shoes for Women, $5
Women's Silk Umbrellas With
Matching Cases, $3.85
Considerably lesi Iian the tegular ))tce fei -uch umbrejlu
necanse 01 a Mieiiany advantageous purchase, .untier-ce owl or
white bakclite tipi and fertu'ei and e:is -te-tan
loop handles. ( een
Black, na-. y, garnet,
are c t ir,
purtile nti.i
(IIeimi vnln
hmecth novo
glC( tl.
Mer. MurUfi
ring or
and tape
te 12
i'i t.t
i ni
t m ii
m lei
i .-. lm
tin . .i
Sale of Children 's Fur
Sets at Half, 85c te $10
Fluffy sets of matching muff and ,-carf marked down
te half price because the assortments arc somewhat broken.
Ilenii Mini ture Itnrt.iM
Handbags, Third te Half Less,
25c te $3
little vacationers
All are well made and trulv named, and
will be delighted te shop ter them.
Natural cenej Mt 6"e te ?',.2.
Siler ceney sets ,s".
Illue fnne. set .'J'.
I embcil Thibet el- M.eO te iii..'.',
Opossum yets ." te $S.l'."
Siutinel le-k sets SO.L'.'i te Ss ''
(ta. fe iete . . . ?ld
Separate mutVi in ihce furs ,$ te se". -J",
i Dim ii xtnlri "lurr M irl.n i
Less Than Half for Elastic Garter
Ribbon at 30c Yard
I! ii.be 1
III 'Kldi'd
and nonier.' nenier.'
leather, t-ilk,
.' inni ..ed rreni natnllrig
i' tl.. ) : nie c'. 'ilrcr i,ag . f . r
hairs in n v uie ar'ei vf c j
c 1' n and du. i n
iliimii siuir. sierc. enirnl il
I'li'sh, si ajipv elasti, garter
prut'! A innii turned exer te u.
icsMi'U. nniMiig ni-; unuiiaiiy
lomliiuatien toleiings nnd the
iiliben ii' cs than half it usual
all be had at a special puce ion-
iguie pi.-i.nle. AH sort" of i.tat
always wanted p'ain black.
i Dim n str. Mere, (t'lilrnl.
Women's Drep-Stitch Cotten
Stockings, 50c
Mane of i.e'e'j ice-. en Hack mercerut 1 ...ttni u drop drep drop
off en. 'I .'e. .'..me from a noted manufacturer ami firsts t.f the
s.t. le sell for jiit twice ns much. Sizes H's te 111
(Dun n Mttlri. .store, rnlriil.
Women's Silk-and-Cotten
Stockings, 85c
H'en heather nuuuif in unusual droji-etitch elicit. Seft ami
cle.ie'y woven, se tl.".v ;'.-c ve-y eui' wln'e linvii.g t.t this bnv i ue
Tiny laws make them seconds, bet the jiiue i lowered a full half
accordingly. Sixes O'e te 10.
iDin, i, Ma,!-!, Mer, teiitr!)
We Are Taking the
Measure of Philadelphia
Business Men
ter made-te-measure suits of fine
finished and
each suit w itli
unfinished worsteds,
two pair trousers, for
I'he lit of ecr suit i, guar
anteed. Helier will he made
within ten ilnjs or two weeks
nfter placement of the orders
nd no additional charge will he
made for etra sizes.
'I he materials ate nil-wool
The include a leinark.ible assort
ment nf stripes, inKiurts, ,r
plaids. neM-lties and plain wiawx
lilt suits will be t.nlerid hi
two or three button biisinfs
stle, and $13 in ewT.il dollars
for them.
Men's Cheviot Husiiuss Suits, $20
IieimI siM-wiiel inser-w. ipht suit m ilesirahlc brownish
.uiu mi,.is,i iniMiii,... ban .me inrec ii.ittin cnnser.il w
tnetiel.s. (liil a mail let el them. Ihii m .,11 i'. in.m .. 1 .. 11
iiir- mi 'im mi llu- l.'ill.r.t. uurLr Ii
lcs i han the
stuudnrtl prtci
I Dun ii si,r .
Amazingly Lew-Priced Dresses
83.85, $8.75, 89.65
j.'J..'i, iv.eie tba". bt'tceii styles it. scree, si'.es Ifi te .'JG; in wool
tj II. hmbi'eidiMcd or biaiu
it -' l i ,e
ng .s .-. , 8
t.'. silk and leail ei
an. I shapes and in
cleur and
t .8.7e, combinatie, - rf wee! dour and novelty tricelettes,
Peiret twiil.s and wool -pong" f.eiks in tailored and sports models.
At ?0.fi3, new Sprn.g taffeta frocks, .sizes 11 te fi; street frocks
t.f Poiiet twill end line wee! ii-epe dresca.
Many Coats
Get New Lew Prices
Exceptional Coats at $10
A special purchase combined with identical coats from
our own stocks that were just double this price. Good Geod Goed
iooking veleurs with threw scarf cellars. Nice pole coats
in brown and blue mixtures. All silk lined throughout.
Amazing for only $10!
Sports Ceals, $15 and $25
t Slli, geed plaid-back herringbone sports models m reindeer
and Luwn.
At $25, novelty tweed per's coats with cellars of badger, silk
lined; nlse a few odds and ends of tan pole coat, some showing signs
of handling.
Coats With Furs, $29.50 and $38.50
At, S'JO.eO, belivias with intiia cellars and ornamental - dc
t .esings.
At .?:lS.eO. belivias in various draped and embroidered nv'.p.., with
rellais of nutria, taupe wolf, skunk-dyed opossum, .Scotch mole and
wolf. Si.e 10 te fj ii the group.
The Fine Fur-Trimmed Ceals in the Salen
4.. 747 Off . en.--
sxiv nviv oeo te oize
Shoes with style style with service ?er ice with com
fort comfort with continued geed leeks. Shoes shaped te
fit the feet in action and in repose. Well made. tee. of geed
materials, se they will long retain their original shapeliness.
One-strap pumps in patent leather, tan and black calf,
with welted soles. Cuban heels and rubber top lifts; orna
mental stitching.
Oxfords in black or tan calf with Cuban or miliurv
heels and welted soles.
Women's Cleth-Topped Butten Beets. $6.30
Dressy shoe-, for Winter suect wear. Thev have , leth top., kid
N.01IJ..S-, welted se'e ami cemfurtat U ivm;ai heel vi'h rubbet ten
lifts attached.
.Dunn s(r, store. hr t mil
Girls9 Fur-Cellared Coats, $16.50
All were originally several dollars mere, but have been
specially priced because sizes were broken. I5ig cellars of
beaver-dyed ceney give them a luxurious leek and thev have
effective sleeve and pocket treatments. Tan and brown
heavy coatings with full length or sleeve and shoulder lining.
Sixes le and 17 years.
i Dim n sr S,,re M.irl.ei .
Blue Taffeta Party Frecks, $6.75
re j
j I llll
All Hats for Kiddies, One-Half Off
uas whlltt lieathin UrJ,