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The Working Girl Can't Understand
the Girl Who Doesn't Have te Werk
JVb Mere Can the Other Realize the Requirements and Diffi
,' cutties, the Weariness and Sameness in the Life
of a Girl Who Has te Werk
B& .
IEV VOU knew It really Is rather inter-
Iw? Mat ' thnt J011 n,e nh"
Stately dependent en jour own cnerts
fct your living," said the Rtrl who had
lad te work only one short while during
kr life. "It wasn't biyl nt all."
Something hnppened which threw her
r.tlrely upon her own resources, nnd
SBt rose nobly te the occasion .
With the email amount of experience
that she had gained from tnklng a litiil
new ceuree, she managed te get u po.l pe.l po.l
tlen and held her own with ether glrle
who had been werMne for eme jmpi,
ma why the working girt spends se
much en one drcs' when nhe has se lit
tle and it's possible te get such nice
thlngti, really, for he little, If jeu just
leek around n bit.
Hut kIic doesn't knew that the work
ing girl's great ambition Is e leek as if
she ueren t, that her joy Is te spend as
If she hud net n care in the world.
She doesn't knew hew wearisome nnd
wearing It Kt, te be always thinking
of the cheapness of things Instead of
their bfcetulnsness. suitability and
in the ether hand, the working girl
It was an entirely new ndvciitu'rc for n ill mt p"t her-tlf In the place of
hr; all her life she ITn.l lia'd n liberal
Income of her own, wntcn smcu iht any
worry or fret ever finances.
Naturally the sensation of being
femndent upon her own efferta for her
chief support, the usual state of most
' the urls with whom she worked,
Ws novel and strnnge te her.
Ne wonder she wns se Interested !
Sometimes it seems as if a girl who
has a grent many iidrantas" is putting
en nlrs when she appears a-th in
terested In some "working girl
eeunt of her dally work.
The commenpluce duties of mi office
er shop nre such everjdny eivurrcnces
te tbe ether girl that she cannot under
stand why they would be anything but
fcering te any one ele.
And she gtts the wrens Idea that the
Jady of leisure is humoring her by let-
gnf h;r tell about her "Jeb." patroll
ing her by encouraging her "shop-talk."
the girl who Ims plenty far enough te
mm limv li.it tl .!. iwr iries 10 1111 ncr
life with worth-while things, and hew
eager chc Is, honestly and nincerely, te
be of home use in the world.
She doesn't knew hew difficult It is
te go nenitiKt custom und contention
and family wishes te arcuinpllsh this.
AND I doubt Tcry much whether she
realizes hew very much this ether
i-lrt' Imlii In ilin 1'iinrllliw mid n-MH'in-
" " ' tiens rind clubs In which ''in dues take
nn active part doe-, count.
If It were net for women lie lier
nnd their Intere-t In such things, or
ganizations und institutions that are of
grent public did nnd bcnetlt would net
be half se flourishing as they are.
Meie human sympathy and n greater
effort te see threimh another's eyes are
needed bmlh te bring nbeut n belter tin
ricrttandili uril rle-"i' rrbillenshlli be-
I tneen the werklnc cirl and the L-lrl who
SHE Isn't at all; the routine of ajdecn't hm oje.
day's work Is really fascinating te "
her because it's te new. S'Anii Mnthnrs
When she savs. "I think eil're Ver-oneu,a M"wrs
ttctW wonderful te b" able te de It" Vilt Cxin,ili''
she really means much mere thin the
conventional words nn.l tone mike you Te " Editor of Weman's Page:
think. DnrMadnm I cannot let our article
It Is wonderful tn her. breauv he "f November C, about l!ett"rt mother
Jewn't think she would ever be able te t'nf .bre' b Msltlmj tclioel. go t.j
ji- u i,.tf without a reiuetistratice.
sf-i i i . . i. . -j If 'I'9 tpend a mernlnc In a
Why. you knew hew it . Anything nl0deni solieolroom without cat.-hlng Its
mat someDeuy vise riee. wnirn you nave I ptrit and enthustaJni ttu-re ts some
never done. Is wonderful te veu.
Yeu can't Imagine jeumdf d"in
that s all
If you could, It wouldn't teem wen-
thlnn rndlcnlly wretiff either with the
mother or th teni lir In this case t
judgfi It 19 Belty'"" mother who needs
educating Tf yhe still fte1 bored after
such a. meriilnr she Is uretiHbh wiser
te stav Hwn ; hut as t see the problem
The cirl who has her own Income Is , ,h tmubin is th.it toe'tnauv metliers
Just as surprled t hear th working J stav awny
lrl expres admiration nt the wnv sle1 The mother wlie ltlts the school
Can go into a shop and get all the I frequently. wli wnrkH lmnd In hand
ill,- .v,- .... ' ! with the teacher In matters of dlclplipe
dietnes she wains, , ,n.,r, en..ernliiB the IKIiiit con-
-. -. ....!- "- - .' r . . .t.
Wants, net needs
"It must be wend"rful te be able
te de that!" she slghf, with a touch
of envy in her tones. "Te go Inte a
atere and just buy cerythlng you
8he can't believe, or understand, if
the ether girl shrugs her, shoulders
lightly and replies: "It's really awfully
tiresome. I hate te try en thin;, and
I neer knew eactl.i what I wnnt te
get. I think It's much mere wonderful
te Ihe within a certain amount and
knew just what you need aud what ou
van set."
She's sincere, tee.
She really does get tired of frbeppm"
nd net knowing just what she wants.
because there ure te many things thc
can have.
minus of the fcIioeI. Is n real strength
and help te the teacher, who welcomes
her constructs surest Ions.
On th ether hand, the teacher can
often help the parents bv etnphnslztne
at school points which liae been re
pested ever and ever at home with
little rMi!t Children will accept Ideas
from outsiders when home suggestions
fall en deaf ear
Se pleas ,tres nnt ene rilt a .enr
from Tlm's 1ier-d mother, but man'
mee Ml'"s iii'tlt -'he can tlmreughlv
ur.desls.ni! and helpfully criticize the
I school
I Pi-eb-hh 'he best thing that could
I h ivn hippe-ied te the teacher. Hetty and
R;' mother was when she hurried
te the fchoel te "&ee Just who this
Mis Jenes Is'"
V mothers cannot shift the entire
reperslbllitv tn the whoel, any mers
than the school can de Its best work
without t'i" whole-hearted ro-eperatlon
, MOTIIUn OK Kflim.
mllV tnr!iln frirl nnd thn -Irl whn ! of th home
I , .. , . ,, t - tlen de etlier methers: feel about this?
J. doesn't have te will neer under- ' Vls the opinion of teachers en ths
Stand each ether until each one Is will- , subject- Is It a help or a hindrance te
ing te trv te see with the ether's eyes. m. the. children's mothers come te
The girl who doesn't have te c.uinet ' spend the day In school?
In Parts $ xiv5Hft W MywlHBm
feathers V'tjjjKjpiii
the face 'pjiWB? KBP9SjiJ -w'kSwttttM
in becoming fpjfjmgKSM KtSU
fashion. Hf'f ;fJt&aBtim WKf&iZSSKvBBB
Three hats K: JwlJHBi
show hew Ji5BEfH&'' BrMpBBAi'Kll!SslBBB'H
this may mW Mr &UBC aBLaHLf iam W;" "
be done Hp A& ffif'pj&JWI x t P" '
for various P jMHaflaHrVsiHsM'i ' W'
Ntatcin u&w.mmR usmBam -KxMMws'Vm-mti:
and chic. HrV amKUtSBBk' -" "'JBk 'HH aBi'sflA'9fr'"
asBMsWam V ' , ": JSW' l lKmmt
Wamim i The Reckless Age
KfmmS3S-Mlm: I
aaajBBjr bbbkTz !jMis;
Please Tell. Me
What te De
t.ttter te CvntMa'a column must ti
written en en ndr 0 the wiper elu
and mutt be.rtenrd ) l writer's
Berne altf qddreti, T npm will "of
tiublhtiti if the irrdfr rfeti net uillh
U. Vnjtantd Ittttrt and letters icrtf ten
os both mdc of the taetr will net t
antxetnd. .Writers we wish ecrespJ
anierf that ran be nlven In th
column iilll plrnte leak there. n lier.
soheI frilrrs ero enlu wrltlen when
absolute' m retsary.
What Mere De Yeu Want?
Dear Cynthia This Is the first time,
I have written for ndlce, se I hope
you can help me. I am a young girl,
tall, slim, have block hair (bobbed),
dark eyeg nnd dark complexion. New,
dear Cynthia, here la my preblem: Arc
thore no decent boys left? If se, where
are they? I am quite popular with the
oppeslto ncx ami find nmnyj frlendii
umencr them for the time eeitig. , 81111.
as yet, I linve net found a nlce young
innn I really could care for. Many of,
the young men I have met are flirts and
want a Klrl only for her leeks. An I
am considered attractive nnd a geed
pert1 I have n-alucd many friends and
admirers umeng U10 maacullne sex; but
they nre friends and no mere. Can
you tell me where 1 could meet soma
nlce young men? 1 would also like te
have tbe advice of your readers.
Ten surelv de net went any one but
ilin mm. u'liAn hrt reines alenir. te be
mete than u friend. Yeu seem te Jjh
a Nery lucky llttle fflrl und should be
satisfied w Ith a number of geed frlcndB.
Information About Merchant
near Cynthia Plcaiie print this te
JefT: ... . .
Te eel the name of the ship your old
friend In en apply te the Hea Prvlce
Hureau. United States Shipping Heard,
138 Seuth Second Ktrl, t'hlliuMtihtu.
If .etir friend Joined the ship In Phila
delphia, the chances are be has his rec
ord right In the office, as most of the
men placed en vessels here get their
positions at this bureau. It he was
net placed en ship through this of
fice, It can tell you where te apply.
It will be an easy matter If you knew
from where he salled. After you have
Ills address It tn.iy take quite a while
te get Inte communication, as they
de net usually get their mall until they
get bad: from iv cruise. I've been In
the merchant inarine myself, nnd after
nrrlUng from Kurope 1 received mall
three months old. .
Mr. Jehn Draffcn Is the agent of the
Sea Service Bureau.
Any ether information you acsire w
ue giOll.
r rt fj Jir-. d f Tut m,
uarge rieces or meat may dc uuuzea l
Mere Than One Time, Says Mrs. Wilsen
Leftovers May Be Made Inte Other Dishes Just, as Appetizing
and Tempting as the tint Roast
COMTleht, fill, by Vrs. t. A. WMten, 111
A SUBSTANTIAL meat dish Is
neressurv In the menu from new
en and until late In the springs nnd
while It ts true that n roast steak or
chops nre the most popular, they nre
by no menr.w necessary In the menu.
The foreign housewife seldom. If ever,
purchases these expensive cuts, yet she
places en her tnble many real savory
and appetising meat dishes through the
winter season.
Ment cooked In large plecei wastes
less per pound than when purchased In
HcvtM'aj smillcr portions. Meat dishes,
when nleely seasoned nnd cooked, are
much better when remade Inte ether
dishes tbatv when first cooked. As nn
example nf this take n piece of corned
beef, weighing say about six pounds,
for n family of Ave, and prepared In
the following manner;
First time. A boiled New England
dinner. .
Second time, Tnnkee meat pie.
Third time, liosten meat leaf.
N The fresh country ham, either boiled
or baited, Is n prime favorite with many
families, nnd if all Is utilized In mak
ing tasty dishes te use up the leftovers
the housewife will find this ment also
a geed buy. The cooked perk may be
used in' American style of chop Miey,
fresh ham leaf, ye olde-tlme perke
pyes. thus adding nn appetizing va
riety of dishes from the original cut of
Hew te Bell' Corned Beef
He munj heusewhes complain thnt
the corned beef is both dry nnd taste
less thnt I feel sure something must be
uuiiss in the coeuing.
A. U C.
By Helen Deeie
Can Yeu Tell?
By R. J. it'll 1. ir. Ittflmer
What Sinelie Is
When no leek at smoke pouring from
a chimue, we ur seuin;; the uncon uncen
umed particles of coal, or whatever the
material with which the tire is built,
made volatile by the heal of the tire,
and drhen off into the) air. The fact
licit smoke cii-ts shows that the thin;
which N beinj burned is burning im
perfectly. tf we knew- hew te build our fires
preperlj, nnd were able in estab'ish
The Weman's Exchange
Hue 1'iiittr. n wrmftrr nf Ihr very
My iii'tuqiv art. dct'iiln te herumr'
(ihia'icil in Charley ''.'lit', nnt bernuve
flu Inui him, but biLtiuir they seem
te mil xuitcil te (in.li ether.
Phyllis Hears the News
A I. INK and Charley went home to te
getlur en the Ihe-fifty from ihe
I'eiiiis.ihiinl'i Station. Charley lived
two station" bevend Aline' ti step, nnd
had the time she wouldn't have had
the money. Aline turned te her Ira
puKhely. "I'm sorry I wasn't here when you
"Hut you never nre. I don't expect
I hat. even though we come home se
Aline wai silent. She did wish Phyl
lis wouldn't adept (but mart red atti
tude, it was simply maddening.
"ll, ,nu see I bad n fnlrly geed
rensen this time," she went en after a
moment. "I was very busy getting en-
There Are Ne
Te the Editor 0' ll'einan
r"n .
Mine was en the point of nskins hli gaged. New de you think you can for-
, 11...... ..i.- .i. .,.i.in,.t r. ' g've me.' . . . . . .
home in dinner when she suddenly re- 8
Dear Madam Will eii i.v.is. s. ml a iiii-mben'd that Phyllis and licerge nr.il
KwtsPncd,r V.' "' '!",lll" ""Id '" ,hrrC ,0,,iK'',
LED'Jbit, October 51, tf:'.'. In i-'ie s. and She fi It suddenly liritnted that this
if ou haven't that wre plea- .- ml -fU- fl0 ,, b Jt (, , be01 ratl)rr
smaller or larger. 51 US . II .,,,..,,
There are no patterns ler the pctuis nice tn. Introduce Charley into Ihe fain-
which appear en the woman Pag ' "t jjy jt, tj,R PW uniierstiindlng be-
hWPs 'VmurhVVhM'l-mVnrdVr twee,, ,hem. Hut no, tonight. Things
In the fashion books that ir. -old " euld be sure te go wrong. Al.d se
v.d5Sf?oucteUs1,;eeurSelf'1loa:,t t'h '.fV when he would lune insisted u get-
you are after. ting mil with her, she lnughlugl re-
Singing Lessens Given f"0,l '" allow him te de It.
Te th' Kitltnr of M'eman's I'n;- She enteied the bullae with n superb
Dear Madam I am !Ut".n ear of ., if.ainrn.ppt she loved her home.
as-e and te feet tall. nu in. an smm
Welcome Back te the Column
Dear Cynthia I would nct have writ
ten after my rebufTa hnd net one who
Is "Just Humun" asked after me. I
have ngiln met the laughter of the
fates, but nm becoming a veritable
Pelbatiua. I nm wearing kid gloves
en my soul. I'm trying te face tnj
music like a little man. And yet. I
recant a little of my cynicism, for Imve
Ing been through the fire onee. mere,
t learn that perhaps after all there Is
Just a Utile of the milk of human kind
ness In the world and, .like the quality
of mercy, it Is net strained.
Just Human, you nre one of these In
domitable souls who conquer worlds.
Krall In body, yet the spirit, unbroken.
rise triumphant above the Ills of the
ed, Tn thn filtllrn life veu will In
nil probability be assured of u place
- !.... a l.alwli.tii. ,,Aa ...11. 'VltA
SMllCUU uiwnu ut,aV. .7 ..' " . -
their lives with a Jest." May I convey
niv respects und admiration?
'I am tee much of a. moral coward
te suffer yffur physical and tricntal
anguish without complaint nete my
railing at fate for my own petty griev
ances, but I knew and bow before such
xuptrler courage as your own. Carry
en ! CVrsICUS.
..I. . t, . .
ruts ment it is necessary te cool In tin.,
tasteless When cold, lift te platta
and place in the refrigerator 1 It Is idm
ready for making into any number at ,
Yankee Meat Pie "
This dish Is the old-fashioned eernfi
beef hash cooked nnd nicely season?
nnd then turned in baking dish ai
covered with crust of pastry and bakiS
in the even. The correct proportion!
nre : Place in saucepan
7'ire rupt of diced corned beef,
(Packing tightly In cup te measure)
four ciiis 0 .fired rate detal xr
One ci; of diced onion t,
Tifn imt trr-half cupi of irn'ir, -
Cook until the potatoes are very teft
then season adding '
One 'half fiyioen 0 Hilt,
hue teanpecn of pepper,
'IhrcfVAUtUti leaipoen of DiDtUrt
and turn In baking dish. Cever th
top 'with crust of pastry and bake la
slew even.
Bosten Meat Leaf
Put sufficient cold roeked cerntj
beef through the feed-chopper te meas
ure one and three-quarters cups, aaq
add '
'ire rp of try thick crtn-n rnwt
Threc-quarltti cup of chuprti
One cup of eread crumbt,
One teaspoon of poultry teatenini,
One-half teaipoen of thyme,
One teaipoen of talt.
One teaipoen of pepper.
One cup of the green tepi of celery,
put threuah feed chopper,
thir-half cup of melted butter.
Mix well ahd turn In welt-grcaied
iinu iieurcii nosing pun ana cake Is
Wash the corned beef well In cMd mdcrnte even for forty minutes. 8em
water nnd place In kettle sufficiently
large In held meat comfortably. New
cover with cold water and add
Tire farfle onieni,
'tee whole clecti and tue ithti'.c all
tpiee, A III of bay Itiif,
.1 lu'it A eup herbs.
Place en the stove and heat te beilln
point nnd then bell rapidly for live
minutes. New place en the simmering
burner and reek by simmering, allowing
forty minutes te the pound. Lift the
meat te n het platter when serving and
cut off sufficient ment for the meat in
neat dices. Return the bnlancc of the
meat te the stock in which It wns
meked. removing the kettle from the
store nnd allow the meat te cook In
this water.
Owing te the method used te cook
with tomato sauce. This leaf is d d
Hcieus when cut down in cold slleu
for luncheon or for sandwiches.
Shut-in Exchange
Useful and Fancy Article
Unique Xmae Card
.205 S. 16th Street
Sold Everywh
a. x
Netmber ll--lenir celebrated In
Europe as Martinmas H.ij this jejr
marks the fourth anniversary of Us
foundation as Armistice Day the Amer
ican birthday of a welcome peace
At an Armistice dance It Is permis
sible and appropriate for x-'-rvlce
tnen. whether fum.er tiav.il and mtlltnri
Officers or doughbev.s and gob. te den
once mere the uniforms In whuli tli"
:.. . a. ......a .n nf .wn ,1i., f rlf-h"
would be absolutely no smoke, and hut 1 j, there a conservaterv In I'hll.H'l
a very small amount of nshe. When pi 0f smBlna, where jeu du net pj"
we see smoke from coal Hie b'.nek nor-I money" There's one ' nil w u
tlen of the smoke is principal!? little I street, but hey hae 1 et ..nv v . ..1 ,
unburne.1 particles of c.,al which te-1 teachers: It Is Jus fe lis uuewu ,.;l-
nnuiir leu Hirin-n-s "i "" " " ' u.- -- ';:-.. (ii ,, wiui,
eetlier with the pases, thrown off during,. vfan 'fdoe ";V.
the prncesK of burning. I'asi up the
chlmner. K.cept for the.e pnrticles et ,
coal which are drawn up the chim
nev. we would be unable tn vee these
"j'ses. ns thev are invls'ihte. The
amount of smoke thrown off depends
had served their ceuntri In time of cntirelv upon the kind material benis
war. feinetlnifls elrls at an Armistice turned. When a fire is buiit of w ir-il
dance agree In am, nice te wear peasant the smekc Is verv I'sltt in color. This i
hal tn ,rVtl It KTOW 'nK I'AI
Yeu should weigh - 'f " ?' l
plentv of eutlde cxtrclw and mi pil
ing athletic games as much an v.u ,-., ,
an.1 eating geed he"; , , ", "' -'"J
can help yourself te grew ti.Ui
There Is net a OC-l tea 1-1; I. .. at
the .Settlement Music e ' "-' '"t ''
m exnectlng te have up. mm Vn
r,,.X?..ii "Vhm en the t-li l.i 'tie se. 11
"Aline!" With a little shriek Ph.vl
Us slid te the edge of the couch. "Are
veu in ean.ehtV Who Is II? Heaven
knows you're calm enough about It."
"It'n Chnrlev Tine." Aline said ver.V
quietly, but there wns n iittle note of
triumph In her voice. "Aim wny
shouldn't I lie calm about It?"
".Most clrls wouldn't be se calm
about Retting engaged, nlxne all te
Charley Tjne." Phyllis returned, het
envy leaping up in her heart.
"Allr.e had ever? thing." thought the
elder girl tiiddenly, "and with s little
effeit tee. She was aa disconcertingly
self-pesses-ed ns though she became en
gaged ewr day in the week; she
wasn't een excited nbeut It."
"Are jeu in love with him?" Phyl
lis iiskni lurieuslv. and Aline turned
'serene cv ill en her sifter as she re
"I like him. we're geed pals, hut
there'' no foolishness between us. We're
net gniiu 1 iiifh Inte marriage either."
1 II.m- word- held nn Implied reproof . It
Wc Have the Kind of
Yeu Want and Want ,
It is our endeavor te attract women
who wish te dress well
French. Alatlan or r.-igtan , nstume-. llllP , ,10 f..t that net 11 great amount I'lnie next week and nk i.b-. it it
Ri"Se ;eV,rv iSKiks """r""' ;-- w mhz ,,ff i Jrre;.lrcihe-a!,r mvr :..-
te ordinary autumn eveulnc dresj As chnrcenl h- had all of the unburn- ' day. keep It clean aim .
It Is tee conspicuous te wear mas- nble things taken out of it during the ' "" usa a
niirnflA costen.es at it il.'inne v here- nmcpH nf mnl.l.i? it into clinrce.nl. 11 . Brew.
auerade. cetun.es at 11 dnnce vshere- nmcrss of ninl.l.ig it into charcoal. 11
carnival dress Is 11 t expe. ted, but It charcoal tire muki no .ine!'.e at all.
Is equally bad form for a fill in appear
In up-le-uate even iik urss win 11 ar
rangements have been made that all
hall wear out-ef-tlie-urdtnary costumes.
The unburmd particles of fuel which
When Introduced
She loved (he long low lines of It. the
wide entrance hnll. and the big spacious
i"m epei.Ing nut from It.
Ib.t tonight she was greeted by loud
I11 ir Km from up-t.ilrs. and a little
iriiwn gitl.ui'cd bi-twien her brews.
"I'hv'lis slmpt.v has no influence evei
t'i iliildien." she thought ns she ran
li.'hil up the stnli-s. And iig'iln slie
w 1- .-lad that she hadn't Invited 'hur
I' '. 1 1 dinner,
M11 we-it into her ewi.' room nnd
Cew. 1 the rioei. She w'ns sitting befeic
hfr iln"-lU2 tnble fluffing up her hair
wlm 1'ierc c niie n knock at the deer l -i
and l'lil!l enlereil.
W.ll. s0 veu're home nt Inst," I Plinrrrcil UD SKII1 flOfCS
I'l v t.i- r tn.ii 1,4 il sitting down en a: . .ea . , i,i ,,,,1 ,
Lev couch beueaih Ihe illmlty I11111B JIKl SlUgglSll DlOOU Cirtlllil
wmliiws Although she was net aware t; nncnPil doers te !
fit 1'h.v Ills iM( adopted an aggressive, "OH alc epLIIt-U utiuis lu ,
.i-titide She was nlwa,v4 reci ivii.g rOlUS. UCMCS ailU PaillS 1 1 0IT1
was as Ilieugll sue mill van, inn ran
be unite -ure that I will never d any
thing foolish, even though .von went
-Hi enough te itiln jour own life I"
Tomorrow A Modern liugasemcnt
Old Chap,
"Why shouldn't 17 I've
a charming wife, who's a
geed cook, and she's just
served me two cups of
Coffee, Catsup, Olives,
Beans, Shrimps, Pre
serves and Jellies.
At All Geed Grccern
. F.. staist'a
.1 nA Sin
hem what sour come ceme
.nSfWi nntlence and untinni
sour ne' "
C hHKt I "O
Tbe Widow's Might
Shun love's first attack'.
Alas! Foolish Is she who accepts the
flrst proposal of marriage that is lisped
te her.
Though the only cure for the love
tick 1 marriage, yet love docs net ask
thnt it be cured. I.e, it seeks only a
leputatlen for many iccurreut attacks.
Be it known why widows ure popu
lar. Ijve feo early planted gees te seed.
And the woman who marries the firt
roan who asks her is forever chenp In
her own c.ves, her husband's, Cupid's
and her women friends'.
Count the love calories! Nobody loves
"VH fat man, but no nmn, net even a fat
one, loves a lean-heurtcd woman.
CemyriyM, till, by Publle Ledger Company
them sti'l mere until they become enr
borne neii sn-. or wafr. mere is a
girat deal of" carbonic acid ga- which :?.... ii.rvlnK ''lii'iui'1'-' like 1
mixes with tli" Mir. and evculuali be- 1 :.7 "please de net m'stake mv
come, f.eil for the plants. 'question for impertinent familial t'v
Tomorrow Can Old Newspapers He
Again for I'rintnis:
In In- voice. Alli.e sensed it. nnd be- TCSISt attaCK,
1,1'i-e siic lii relf was se well snusucn
with life because she wns se
.... ... .. ., . . ---
elf? Please no iw '." "",,; ', ' betn r b'n d te leek out for lierseil tnnii
much 1
ie felt suuileniy son- nir
Things You'll Leve te Make
y w.h,'
Women Abroad
....- miiia vviinirn iii TurLpr are
afV WBldly finding a pluce in the business! Freck t
W?' world. Many nre new empleje.1 In, Perhaps
Khe should net offer her band It me
flrst case ou lesctlbe but -In old 1
SSuraSTVraap hand of the ethr .. r r
ien If H Is preffertd
"fjSed evening, Mr. Se and s. 1.
ufflclent when anlvlng at 1 0 ' , f .1
I lessen It would b'. overdo 1 thin,
. little te walh up and shal.e hand . ,1 1
li.'i' -t'li r
Tin I U neer had time tc spend a day
in town shopping, nnd even If she had1
Open all night.
219-25 North Bread Street
Fur Storage and Remodeling at Extremely Leu) Ratee
1714 Walnut Street
Will Clese Out Te-morrow
Afternoon DRESSES Evening
jp.50 jp.50 $g.5e
originally created te sell up te $75.00. Values that are
justified by the high-type models and the high
character of the materials.
Metal Brocade Evening Gowns
' Formerly te 210.00
Trimmed with fur. Copy of Callet.
Ockts .WrapsCapes
98-50 125-00 165-00
Of Mnrvella, Tarquina, Periesa, Gerena, sumptuously
trimmed with kit fox, beaver, squirrel and wolf.
a little te walli
1 tline
As for your lact question llMt -f ,,A
I wn.nt te thank veu for ' ;' " . i, se l
LZ rVhlnss." It must be le an- I ., u
l ha I wit
i'..,tfd In each pciceu
te me.
Adventures With n Pursr
IK YOU wnnt te give a w t.ic-il
gift te some one veij tpi-inl, veu'll
be sure te find something in the m . I . r
things for sale in n vcrj f.iscu niing
shop. Everything ou c -uld pi.sm' l
want for yourself or wimi in buv fir
this special person, will be llieie I
MW an envelope chemise in.nli nf shell
Dink rrepe de chine, of ci '!! nt
Aimlltv. Levely, lieavv nn.l vet iininiv
ou have n frock, still in
.... ,,n.l ,idicen. as translators, inter-1 soeJ condition, which does net leek
..... i.. hmiku nnd ill foveriiuiental fmnhlennble bmnuse It is tee short. Yeu
. , j ,,.. i, i.i nD i,n .. .. eu
1UII llllinc IK l I II S It, IK.' '!l'Dl iruSA
liv trlnunlnir it with some fur nml h
men or uumanin are reuiiuenuyi adding n panel ami giruin te lengthen
It. Cut the truck through nt the waist
line and join the hklrt und bodice with
a piece of lining. Make a wide girdle
of plaited chiffon edged with narrow
fur. FnHten it ever the lining. Cut a
long panel which will hang several
Inches below the skirt and trim the
bottom idge with fur. Fasten It under
the girdle nt one side
Tn niake this "new1
aaaoeome, edge tbe
Fur and a Leng Panel Will Make Your lace was about the top, and the Minp,
Freck Up-tn-the-Mlnute ever the shoulder .were tw..-t.neil lib-
' . , .. , hn. Hews of Urn same nhbeu were
sWitlWnni.n el
l-siw'r, .. . ,,. ,,.,tu, ,,,., luiinv
atvared for that country will provide
pev ww. w.wW.
l7Tbe British authorities in Hongkeng
s laien vbh u "" " ,'"
Vlllcli some ihj.uju uuiuese gins uuvc
M new in slavery.
atrttae is common in mum, nut
i ticiib, innw "
HW, .. wmi , i" ' , ,
' (I
eck even mere
of the skirt,
In the front, iinu jeu n m- sure 10 ni'e
It, I knew. This wns prici I nt " mi,
and there are ethers, tome le"-s epen-sire.
I wnnted a new bended img and did
net wnnt te be verv e.itrnvaijnnt in
the purchase, and se began Keeping m,
Adventure e open. And in n wee
shop, tucked away betwien two larger
ones, was n selection of headed bags.
Heme for fJ.r.0, oilier. S.-ii. lint
they are cnrefull) mnde nnd e'-i' eiMtel)
designed and nre sold be P' i.-miabb be-
cause Uie biiep is juiit epeiuuj
Raisin Bread
Raisin bread dc luxe gen gen
creusly filled with luscious
seeded raisins is new avail
able at ureccrs and neighbor
hood bake shops.
Real raisin bread with at
least efcht tempting raisins te
the slice the kind you like.
Order new and serve to
night for dinner.
Made with
Sun -Maid
Seeded Raisins
the best raisins for bread, and
all home cooking uses.
Hd Your Iren Tadgyf
Se Convenient
We Are Ready
Fer Mere
Having completed
shipments and deliver
ies en all orders re
ceived in our last
"Blfj Sale," we are
new ready fcr mere.
50 Off List Price
On our full line of
Lighting Fixtures,
Toasters, Irons,
Fleer and Table
Lamps in our showrooms.
Send for Catalog
Adelphia Salee Ce.
Absolutely Pure. Coffee. Delicious, i
Net a substitute. Most Economical.
Measure the cost by the cup
net by the size of die can.
522 Fifth Avenue, New Yerk.
Booklet fnt.
Send 10c for special
trial size.
RtMia soma leaxs ae cm aaes sm uie aii
a papa nil.
;-iiiiiui.Y-' ,
, , -VtSfi fail's ,
r.-.. k.
f .