Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 01, 1917, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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Girls Powdered Like Rabbits.
Grandmothers Corinthian Col
ums on French Heels
Do Cntliollc Blrls ilresi mmlctly?
Tho answer, nccorttlne to Dr. Austin
Yv.Malley, tlvpcntli on what part of Africa
iyoti come from.
I Doctor O'Mnlley, physician, profenior nml
,wrltcr, who lives nt 2228 South Ilroad
'itroot, believes that wo are IlvInK In nn
WpnlllnRly decadent atfo nnd that tho ilccn
ilotico Is spreadlnR no rapidly that If some
'body doesn't do poniothlng ilsht nulclt,
Bomcthine la colnp to liappen.
1 In 11 BCnthlnff article In 'America," u
fiJcstilt publication, ho Hays the Catbollcs,
Good Catholic that ho Is. for tlielr part in
brlmclnc about this decadence. Mixed
marriage nnd fashions are chiefly fCBiioii"
slblo. That 1'iotestant O'Liiail.ia and Mc
Evoys nnd o'Donnells exist In this land, ho
'declared, shows which way tho wind blows.
In nn Interview at his home. Doctor
'O'Mallcy expatiated on bis article, t.01110 of
tho mnterlal for which, particularly that
part about Catholic Bills dressing immod
estly, wfti Kleuneci m i-iiiinueipnia.
"Our Church," be said indignantly. "Is
losing thousands of lur people throiiKh
mixed marriages. It is no tmusuat tiling
to taWo un a naner and read of tho innr-
rlago of Hiss Gladjst Murphy to Mr. Fran
cis Durlio In a Uapttst or Presbyterian
church by tho Ilov. Peter Doyle, and
'every 0110 In the group from parson to
flower-girl had grandmothers who took
their beads to bed with them.
"Our peoplo lire pulled down Into disho
nor nlso," be continued, "by tho rapid de
cadenco of the American public conscience.
Walk nlcW Chestnut street today and you
can see Indecent pictures on tho boardings
that twenty yenrs ago would havo put some
0110 behind tho bars. In tho theatres you
enn Beo 'actorlncs' that lit former times
would havo been wrapped In horse blankets
bv tho police and carried uway in tho patrol
wagons. Vnclcan plays aro presented,
brazen dames flop about In what aro called
esthetic dances, university professors
preach ethical slush, -without protest, yet 11
generation ngo these crimes would open
'the doors of tho penitentiary. The worst'
quality of yds paganism is that it has be
come n. matter of course.
"Our women strut about the streets
wrapped lit nothing much but powder, and
rogue Even grandmothers vrnddlo about.
Corinthian columns renrcd on French heels,
clad llko an Irish sergeant In a Highland
jcglmont, simpering, mincing, ogling, until
the devil's faco Is parboiled with tho tears
of his laughter.
"Tho other day I was passing a Cuthollo
school ono of our most fashionable. A
number of rflrls wore coming out. Thcro
was n basement window near tho gate
.-which made an effectual mirror, nnd every
blessed damsel that appeared took n powder
,iuff from her reticule, or whatever you call
tholr ammunition boxes, struck her budding
nose Into It. and pattered off down the street
looking like the white rabbit In a Christ
mas pantomlno. Powder puffs are not crim
inal, but were these girls dressed modestly?'
Doctor O'Malley paused and (united and
consulted hla article.
"Well, as I have written. It depends on
what part of Africa you como from."
But Doctor O'Malley would go no further.
Ho would not bo specific In regard to the
details or lack of details which made tho
dress of tho girls from the Cathollo school
Immodest. He saw them and that wag
enough for him. Doctor O'Malley has
taught at Fordham, Georgetown and tho
, University of Notre Dame.
Old Man, Who Killed Poorhouse
Orderly, Says Ho I3 Afraid of
An old man alts behind prison barB day
after day In Camden although he has been
decreed by the law 0. pie man. He alts
there, friendless and penniless, In the Cam
den County jail, because he Is afraid to
step from tho security of hla cell out Into
the maelstrom of Ufa again. He says so
Christmas Day, when all the-, world was
(oyful, law tho old man 811110? silent be
ilnd the bars, and the new year sees him
11 the same place.
Thomas Green, for that Is his name, one
moment last April forgot the burden of
his evenay-slx years and In a At of anger
killed James McDermltt, an orderly. In the
poorhouse at Blackwood, N. J. Ever Blnce
the time that Green had entered the home,
McDermltt, other Inmates said, took an
especial delight In bullylnff him, a practice
that was continued until the orderly was
beaten to death by Green In a fight.
Green, Btunned at what ha had done, waa
arrested and put on trial. He was freed
by the jury' when It was testified that he
acted In self defense. But now he wantB
to. be tried over again and convicted, so
he can remain in Jair.
"I don't want to leave," he said. "I have
no place to go. I am friendless and penni
less and I don't see how I can get back to
Blackwood again. I am afraid to go out
Into the world because I am too old to bat
tle with It, My cell la snug and besides I
like to play checkers with myself."
BBS of West Philadelphia New Yar
Association Fall to Materialize
Plans of the "West Philadelphia New
l'Bir Association to hold a sacred con-
rt uwii " -v.v ....... -r..-
Isutt night when two policemen from the
Sixty-first and Thompson streets station,
Interfered with the proposed entertainment.
The policemen entered the New Belmont
Hall, Sixty-second street above Market,
where a hundred persona had assembled,
and told Thomas Kelly, president of the
association, they had been Instructed not
to permit the sale of tickets and warned
him not to receive money from prospective
guests. The order was complied with and
(he audience toon alter left the hall.
The Annual Rotation Affected by
Resignation of M. E. Master,
Most Excellent Kuiierlntciutont Ueorga !'
1'nwllMB announces that owing to the pre
RUro of lirlvnto bunlncBS ntnl his nlwiue
from the country for nt least one-tlilril of
tho coming year ho will no unahle to pi
vanco to tho nlllco of Host ISNCellont Mum
tor Artisan. TI1I1 ailvanocM M. 12. In'iiwtm
.Jacob Jortlan to tlio position of M K Mm
ter Artisan.
Ilrother Frank A. nialniera, of William
t'nlton Assembly, who recently nniiuiiiirctl
bis cniulldary for tho olllco of Most llx
eellent Inspector, will, therefore, luhnurr
I1I1 name for the olllco of Most llxcollcnt
Two candldatca are nniioutieeil for the offlie
of most eTcellent Inspector. Walter ChnrrliTr nf
"lllngavvood Anaemhlr. No ft" nnd William P
onrhcci of 0.1k laine Aescmhly. No ill
Ilrother rarrlerc In well nn,l favorahlv known
nmnne the eolith Jersey oHeeniollc nnd Is tl pute
r lladdon Assembly. No 12. white Ilrother
Voorlires In nn active memocr nnd tncnmlnr
mooter nrttsnu of Oak I.iino. ami nln deputy uf
Km, rprlse Assembly, No lit He In nil enthu
siastic member of tho Artisans Howllm Leaiinc
The ArtlnmV llsskethslt Lprrui- the litest
1 'iitnre etona Ihe athletic line, will open on
Tuc.idiy pvcnlnic at tho Temple Hnptlst Church
lf'tl 'I u end second und Tioga streets, Umnen
ml) h hIavihI MPmlunpklv. nn Tilpmiil mill
Thursdays. hotucoTi the following teams: North
11 si, rn. r c I'ndertoivn, Keistone IMlmvrn
1 lilalltt Kmntifurfl und Fnt Chnit aMPmMIri
'' t.-atnn will ho pciulpp-il In thp nmpiiihlv
t'liori JlrothtT T A Kaiton, of Palinvra As-
lubt. hjp tieeii tho active factor In tho prt
iitnMun of tho new pnlure ntnl in pi rninrv nf Hip
I iiuiiu 1'lip iMtni pln!nir on Tmsum 'pnlntf
iir. I r t'tntarilowii l-'laVllty mul Kpptine
m rrutitffonl.
Si .Tohn'o APipmuly honorpit Up IwiMpr nrtl
nnn WIIMhiii A l'tirks. on Tutjmliy by mimlnc
tho lnptlirj "I'urks Night " A luriro criion pnr
tritit of llritthr I'urks mlorneil tho platrorni nl
ChrhtinaH Irpp-, with lft vrp pIilpiI nround
ih, niuptlnif room A ilunn of iwi-nt tnmlMjtcn
wna preppriteil und Plxtei'tt werp iiiliultti'il at pup
1 lal mi'i'tlncf on F'rlday ornl Hntiinlnv niHKlnif
Junt 'llll fur the Jour. Tho ChrlBtmnH po-It lirp.
valli-,1 ntimnir thp 3U0 meinlierfl nn-apn: Dlftn
wpre illptrlbulpil. Hong' puntf un'l nn h pppclal
fuiittiro l)r t1 , Curroll Htlcppr linprrpoiiHti1,! it
Iluppluli innitlrhin. Illn moe-uii wup txipttpnt
hla wlltlclHitirt und rllatpot rhnrtulntf and tho
trlrka whip tlone tin hi 11 maatnr hanil--npw onpa
nnd tiiiniproup The ilmtor pnapiI hlmaplf to liti
r oriMtlp Hrttrft uiil rurnlalird thirty iiihiutpp
of ttip hpHt putortalnmpiit opr cIipii In thp na
ypmbly ri'oiii. Anothpr foaturu of thp pvpnlna
waa 1111 mlilrona hv tti, Hun fllln UrHii a ntpni
hpr or St Johifn nml wull known in IrKal anil
frntern.il rlri-lpp. Ilia aublhue orator uti'l I rtl
Itnnt thiiuaiit IiioukiiI too nuillpnio to Hi Ir fppt
nt the lion,) of hla aiMrcpa Hrnthor Jnrilpp II.
Mnlonpy iirnpintnl on Iwhulf of tin naiipiiilily to
Hrothnr 1'iirka 11 b-unllful nlrctrlc liiinp In
tooenltlun of thp aplnidlcl pervlrp ho hail kIioii
tho n8Pintilv durllitf the ynr.
I'loctlotl uf orflcora ri-aiutod hh follovia: Maa
tor ArtlHfin. (' t' Ainlunif, aup, rlnlpndeiit. 13. A.
liurthohiiupw, liiBiintor, V. I Itldpimiir rp
inrilpr. V V Poiint'llv. caahlpr, UaAraril Junpfl,
triiHtPos. VpI II KPiir rvonunutiona ror n
rvPintutlM'M to tho .Mont l;i-pU-nt Aunt-nib
W. l-i, IlK fllllf.UH v V. DollllPl v v.
Mllibi'll. .1. T flalivr, . 11. tvonr. i .-.
Htlckcr. I-'rpil DIkpii, l-'roncls lllbua. . II rut-ln-k.
A .M Oalprtiti:. Jnima IMnaoti. W . A.
1'urks, B. A ILirthulomew. (-'. O. Aiiiluuir. Jutnpa
II. (.Illllpa nnd Jubn 1. Mliicot,
'I ho Janunry moptlnir will ''" known hi
"Orlzrly lllll" nlKlit, In hoimr of tho n-corilpr.
liruthor 'William V Donnollj. who will thin
hao romplotcd twthti-ono jtara of fccrvlce In
thut offlco.
ltarmonv Asombly eb-cted tho followiiiK oftl
rora Mualpr artlpin. Harold W Scott, auppr
Intpnilpnt. Walter H Kootm. Inapt ctor. Ilnrry J
llulilwln. rPinnlpr. tlooricp At. nlllltr: raatitor. A.
W. Noll .Nomllmtlona to At. V. Asapmblj : II.
M Mlllor. I". T ICluiilca. f V. aorlK-r ami It IJ
WaKiior. for riiirovntutlveR. H. W Scull una
W St Uoona. fur alternates. Aflpr tht hualniaa
t.,..ntifiir thp iiHMAtnhlv hold Ita annual i hrlatmaa
antonalnmint for the rhllJnn and laillpa. who
woro preoont In larKo numbers. An nU-faanloncil
l'unch and Judy how dollchtod tho chlldron,
earh of whom was proaented with a Blft and
rpfrrahmanta wore aorved to all Ilrother rrca
lon T llhodei waa the aanin Olaus It waa ono
nf tho moat auccoasful affair slen by tho
aaaembly. .
Jloro than 2t'0 members attended tho mcut
liK of Oprmantuwn Aanembly on Thuraday night
laat. Nino candidates wero utlmHtvd una pre
K.inled with memborahlp butlona by Deputy
l-'rank A. Chaln'-rs. XMltor Mayor deliverM an
IntorentliiiC at"' .lumoroua talk, llruther Harry
CJphman, of I t"n Aasembly. spolco pleasantly
Tho result of Ao election of officer wan aa
follows: Mua, Artisan. J Kdward Lans.
auporlntendont, Jl'lIItam J Hutchinson, lnapoc
tor. Harry ICo'iflm trustoo, Howard W. Hhaw,
medical oxamlrtra, Doctors VltherstInc, ratton,
I.ott. MrNalll. Bile. SIcCarthv. Cunntnsham.
Hates. IuBher;' and yirlcke. Nominations for
representatives and alternates hrouitht forth
theso uaplrants for tho positions- Jonnaon,
Uook. K. 1. Kondrlck. btompfla. Lans. Myera,
llutrhlnaon Kendls, llrooks, Kloti. Hhaw.
Jones, tlroff. Hayhurat. llatthows. I-ackman.
Traiey, Jlarthl. 0 lelll, IIj ndman liel anil
flurkp. The clsotlon will bo hold thu fourth
Thursday In January. ......
This assembly will entertain tho Most fc.ice.I
lent Asaembly at tha unnuU convention to bo
held In Uormantown ou Starch noil, anil
plans for tho reception ot the rcprcaenliitlies
w-oro discussed ut lentth with tho Idea ot sur
passing any previous efforts on .1 similar oc-
Announcement waa mado of the t'andldscy
of T Frank Kendrlck. past moat excellent mas
ter artisan, for tho position of mmber of th
hoard of Jlrectora ot tho Most Excellent As-
"A'ccordlns to urramromsnt. tho members
Urouirht packaeea well wrapped, which wcro
auctioned and knockod down to tho lushest
bidder. All Imaginable articles werti among- tho
lot articles of noma value, and others appeal
lnc only because thoy worn rldlculouB and tho
prices rocolved varied creatly.
A member paid llfty ceute for two nickel
clajara. another ninety cenu for a foot or
bologna, another got a drossed chicken worth
about a for slxty.flva t-ento. and altoeether the
inwunt renlliert was 54. which w. turned
over to tho woya anil means, rommlttt-o lh
niictlon provided great fun and Chief Auctioneer
Hnhert lUvv n and hla ass slants. Aloxundcr
mhn.on and Dave Slftlthowa, were in. enter
tainnisnt In therosolvea. A minstrel show
being rehearsed for the January meeuor.
Arflpht Assembly postponed the pecerober
mePtlng from Christmas nlsht to Wednea.lay
night and bad 123 members to celebrate what
was called ''Jamoa U Clarlio Night' in honor
of tho retiring master artisan. Five candl
S.,.. wafa received, making forty-six for the
"- Vi.T-- jii i. aMA.ua ui aUnta.l- Mali
lnrtlanlnertram amlthi onperlntendent
' n IQllOWllIK ULUII siti . -- T
examinee. ,!,; ;-, .vi?i..i- rir n.
Wt Conrad.' Dr "samueVsio.i:, Ki eloctloii
to tlia recordihlp of Drolhar I.lpsey for tlio
ninth consecutive, term ahows the 1 hbtt estpem
in which he Is held by tho.memborahlp Itie
following were nominated for representatives
and alternates to servo, ut the session of the
M.B. Assembly In March: iopontatlves
John Wpssy. Henry 8. Wurford I and Vnil p H.
Arnold Alternates Jamen D. Clarks, JVIIIlam
Plft"?-.. ,w'". ,, .i,Ai,a- n.v. .Tnniinrv
meeting will bo ''Athletic Nljht "the entertain,
mint to bo'lrurnlshed by Pro?, W llam H. H.rr-
b turnisneu w ."";,." " "u
maun, of rrogjessrv. ....-...-.--.. -!-,-
T. ..ITOSloa. 01 . j-n"",'V Tiinna?. of
HP"?-. P.?
West 'Philadelphia Assembly, were among the
cimiiura A. hhjh-clasa vaudevil o showand the
Weet Philadelphia Assembly's quartet furnished
the ovenlng'a entertainment.
Proaresslve Aasembly puts on In an adiolnlng
roTm tomorrow ntiht a bin Cbrlatroaa shov
fSmha ladles and children, with the laden tree.
R.nia Clais candy, prlxis and entertainment
for Si Chairman Martin Kano has provided
a big crowd.
Miss Burgin'a Report on tho Work of
tho Woman's Benefit Association
Keystone Review. No. 241. Rlttenhouse
Hall. Fifty-third and Haverford avenue,
had a very pleasant meeting last Thursday
evening, with Lieutenant Commander Mrs.
Marlum Nicholson presiding In the absenco
of the commander, Mrs, Frances Helms, who
was 111. Supreme Chaplain Mlts nureln
and Mrs. Minnie Evans, commander of Bar
tram Review, were tlyi euesta of the evening-.
Miss Burgln spoke about the record
made In Philadelphia during- 1818, and
urged the members to assist In keeping
Philadelphia District well to the front
during 1917. Mrs. livans announced the
handkerchief baraar, which Mrs. Nicholson
and she will hold at the end of February
for the Port Huron trip fund of the uni
form rank, Refreshments and a "funny
stunt," under supervision of Record Keeper
Miss Minnie Tasco, closed a pleasant eve
ning, Olrard Review. No7"So3. Parkway Building.
Ulss Mary Collins commander, admitted two
candidates to membership, closing the year witn
a very creditable record and bright prospects for
the coming ear.
At a special meeting held it tha home of 51 1.
Annie Haney. commander of Philadelphia lle
view, 281T South Seventeenth street, last Vrlday
evening, eight applicants were obligated, and
Mrs. Haney and Hecard Keeper Mrs. Olson feel
very proud ot the beautiful solid gold, badges
which they received from the supremo body for
the good work ef the past term.
Two candldAea were alM obligated at the
home ot Mrs Oaorglna England, commander of
Delay Hois HevUw, who reports that the time
of mtetlag baa been (.hanged from the first and
Third Wednesday tuck to the second and fourth
Tuesday of each mouth and all members of the
review and ef the gsaeciatlon. will be welcome
at ny tlm.e.
Six candid tea -
.i obUJIi
n. comjrka
r stref rf I
tut- at fha home of
Mrs I arris roaero.
n.Lw 3430 Turner
nder of Qjsksr Clt
last rrlji) eeaioa
iHrnl uritl Ifv Vf
and tue, ofneera of tha pxa
mica to bm urge nstj
la during; 1011
,x U ' '
I mu in UllUiiUI St.
Tho St. Edward's All-Star Urn
mntic Company will present n pluy
for tho bonefit of St. Cecilia's
Church, Fox Chnse, next Wcllnes
day niiht at 8:15 o'clock in tho St.
Edwnrd'fl Church Hull, Seventh und
York streets. The play, "SticnRth
of Character," han sixteen persons
in tho cast, one-half of ouch sox.
The leadini; woman's pait will be
played by Miss Murguret O'Neill
mill the leading man's part by M.
J. Flynn.
Enormous Growth of the Leading Pa
triotic Order in tho State
Tho olllco at tlit Stntn licniliinarlorH la
busier now- than ever before In Its history.
The 111111u.il reports from tho 900 cainDt In
thu SUU i' mo now comlnic In. All uf the
ciiiiipA Hint lmvi iPiorti'il nn fur hnvo
ihovvn Kriat Kiilns In tho last four months
nml tho new Ktuto exrctillvo coninilttce Is
olntcil nt the siiletiilld Hhowlnir of the camp
Host of this Is iluo to tho efforts of tho
Stnto l'rfildeiit ami .Statu si'crotnry, vvhn
have been uncenHlni; in their vffoitt to
arouse tho camps to increase their inciiiber
Mhlp mul stimulate them tu (,'tenler rffoits
for results. Some uf tho smaller camps
bnvti iloulilnl their membership, anil some
of tho luiKor nnes, llhu Camp GO, uf Rox
boroiiKh : Camp 1CU, of Hcaillng; Cnuip
2S4, of Lebanon, nml Cnnii 48S. of Phila
delphia, nto repurtlnhT increases of mote.
than liio new members. The leports alto
show- that not only the- membership Is
Krovv-liiK. but that the camps nre also in-ci-cnsliis"
their llnaucial value. The I'. O.
S. of A. In Ibis Statu rnnks ns one of the
leaillne fraternal souiullcs in mciubetshlp,
anil in patriotic principles. It Is cl.ilmeil. Is
the foremost. Tho ulllchil opiiitiin Is that
"with nil thu camps vvhlenvv.ilto ami en
thureil. the outlooU for the comlne six
months is still brighter, and there are
chnncc-M that the SO.OOn Increaso asked by
State President Clark may be maile -S.0U0,
or oven more."
Tho tllno la iiunronrhlmr fur th
tile 20UO rluss
Initiation of the entnoa of I'hllinli
Iphl t. and all
nf tho roprehcntatiieu are readv and on edgo
ror mo imnni r oveni 1110 i-isi metung 01 hip
committee In thurko will )i held on Friday
pvenjntr. January ft, nt the Statp hrndiimirtera,
1317 North llrouu street. In conjunction with
the County Convention Asauclatlon whli.h de
sires in giro any help to the movement The
street parade preceding tho event will start
promptly at 7:30 p. m at tht City Hall, and will
prueeed north on llroatl street to tho Moo.o
ulldltorlum, nppuslte th Statu headquarters,
whore the ovent will ho held The chief marshal
of the parade will bo Hiram Wmu-, of Camp
oil. assisted by hla mvn aids The Initiation
ceremony will be performed it t b till a m.. by
an alt-star degree tiam. selected .from thu best
talent In the clti There will bo two ad
dresses by Statu President IIibw K Clarlt and
Judgn Charles N llriimm of Hrhuylklll County
Mumbera of Hie order In l'hllaileliihla aro urged
to procure admission Uckpis from camp dele
gates, aa no one will bo admitted without a
ticket The offlt-erH. both Htato and national,
with tho paat presidents, und prominent mem
bers of the order, will bo aeuttil on tho atage,
Tho' chief usher will bo Hubert Thompson, of
camp 633 ' ,. .
Tho follow Ini.- countlia of the Plato will bo
ytprosented: l.uzernn County, by Pteven Hart
Inan. Hecnrd-ir of Kee.ds of thut county: HerU-i
&mnty by state Treasurer Irwin s .smith, and
V-allonal treasurer, Osiar It WMherholdi
Dauphin County i.y pinto Trust. 11 1;. 11111
fmgton and John German. IJplawure Count i hy
Hiate muster of forms. John W Harppr. Krhuyl
klll County by Post Plate President lotin Up, a,..
Btato Camp Incorporator Charles N. urunun,
Charles A. Bnyder and Wllhum H i.elb. Alb
ghony County by Mate President Kmem IJ.
clarlc, Lebanon Oountv by Htnti- Vtee lTesldent
tlabrlel II, lloyer and Past Btato Proaldont Wil
liam Noll; I.ehlgh Cuiiniy hy Slate Trustee
Claude Iteno and David Jacks. I..iikavvanna by
State fluard Cliarho A llahr. and Northumber
Ijiel County by Stuto Chaplain Walter If Huge.
Tho Thirteenth District of the Philadelphia
camps held a largo rally In the hall at So l
Nouth Hlstleth strcwt. Heprtsentatlves from Hie
eleven ,-amps In thla dlsirlrt vvero present, and
tho lull was taxed to Its rapacity Muto Secre
tary Charles 1). Helms spoke on th subject.
"Modern Methods In the P. O H uf A." A
great, stirring addrpaa waa made by Htaje
liulldlng Trustea II. K Puftlngton on the aub.
Ject "lave Wires " Dlher Stat and national
officers and' prominent numbers of the order
addressed the meeting It waa voted a great
aucress. nnd will be Instrumental In arousing
now enthusiasm and earnestness among the
members of this district District President II.
H. Shortlldgo waa In thurgo of the event
Camp No. 213 which meets ot 801 Ulrard
avenue, has notllled all ot Its members to be
aura to bo present at tha meeting to be hPld
Monday. January 8'.'. when business of a spec Ul
nature and a ''surprise'; night will be held.
Slatu Hnrotary Charles II. Htlins will deliver
tha uddrcss of lha evening. A largo attendance
Is expected.
The ninth district Qf tha Philadelphia camps
will hold a monster booster meeting In tne
"amp hall of Camp No. U. at Uermantown
...,,,, . ,,...,..1 .,...a, Ul.,.. ilenrulu,
avenue anu tiutti .hud. ,.., .....-.
Charles HPlms, with othpr prominent memo, ts
of tho order, will, bo present and addreas the
meeting, w(j(ch will bo III I'barga of Dlstrltt
President Daniel . Uind Is There are aaven
camps In this district and It Is one of tho lead
ing districts in tha city
Camp No. IBS will hold an open meeting at
Its headquarters, at 1038 Uormantown avenue
on Thursday night. January. II. A apecU
spsaker has been secured for this occasion and
tha members of the order, aa well as iho public
are Invlled tu attend thla event There Will also
b special muslo and an entertainment.
Camp No. 677, ot Kutitown. la ono of the
camps that has made good. This camp has
been organlled threo times In lis history The
5::. .JL" .,.., It fulUd uml was declared to
be defunct, hut the few loyal members that re
malned refused to lw discouraged, and several .
efforts and also Iho splendid work of the re
cording o.-cretary. George W. Smith, the camp
was enabled to slowly advance and prugrtsa
Their report has been received and tlw hv,
showed splendid gain In membership and tha
secretary reports mat ihey aro at last tm tne
road to ureal success, both In membership uud
in nnancUl stability.
Camp No 221. of I.lme KII11. will hold a large
class Initiation at Its hall on rebruarv 13
mate Hecreiary liiuii ,,u.l!""-.r""'i'""
Srer Irwin S Smith. County Prealdeni Clayioij
I.uu and District President tieorgu Jleluler will
address the meeting, which w II be In Oiarge
of District President George Price, -This s the
third big boom session held by this camp sln.e
the 1 election of the new Slate officers and all
of the previous Initiations were a success.
p O 8 of A news appears in these columns
on Moudas and Thursday
Discharged by Employer, Young Serv
ant Jumps Three Stories to Ground
CHESTER. Fa- Jan- L Lena Spence.
a domestic, fifteen years old. who had been
discharged by Joseph Taglin. 8300 West
Third street. Jumped from a third-swry
window. After striking a shed roof her
body rebounded to the cement sidewalk
Her skull was fractured and she Is dying
After her dismissal I.ena returned to the
bouse, and vhen discovered In a. room on
the third floor she leaped through the
window, t
Baltlmoreans Pay at Sunady Concert
BALTIMORE. Jan. 1. For the first time
In this city's history a secular concert
was Sln on Sunday at which an admis
sion fee was charged openly The Balti
more Symphony Orchestra, ewtabluihed end
maintained by the ruuntolpailty gave sym
phonic selections and a choral organization
iang a Cbj-uuuas pastoral"
The Attitude of Native Frater
nities on Restrictive, Not Pro
hibitive, Legislation
In view of tho prcctit consideration of
Hie immigration bill by both branches of
CiuiEress Iho followliiif analysis of the
main objections nf the leailliis patriotic
mil nntlve beneficial orKiitilrntlotis Is pre
sented by an eminent ntnl itierlencnl olll
epr who was a le ulef of the Joint frnlernnl
'lelPKatlnns in i-onferein'o with tho Presi
dent on the subject
"In discussing the tltiestlnti nf lestrli'tlve
mmlgratlnti, I shall only consider It In so
far as the literacy lest Is concer-nnl. be
cause the many other Itupnrlnnt phaKcs,
siieli ns pauperism, contract labor, lunacy,
disease, snnllntlnit, crime, etc, nre taken
rare nf bv tlioso who nre familiar with
the drre'tprntltit; nml debasing Intltiehees
which flow from them.
"The tuillniilnim bill, which President Tnft
vetoed, prnviileil for I10II1 a readlmj nml
writing test Tho lliirtirtt bill, vvhlpb will
very sliorllv enmo befmo President Wilson
tor Ills signature- or Veto, provides for a
reatllhL! lest only, mill for tbnso fourteen
tears uf age or over The Intent of these
managers is not prohibitive, but of n re
Hrlctlve nature
"The iMtrlitJit' fraternities tire moro espe
cially Identified with the literacy test be.
cause thev believe In the education of our
boys nnd gills nnd nil of tho people. Thev
nre ilefemleis of our public school system
Kdiieatiiiii ttuiltps reasoning nnd Intelligent
minds nnd provides 11 heller cltlneushlp. It
creates a belter valilaKo ground In the
battle for existence.
'"Ihp f'THir of ttie t'oiuiiilsalonpr ilprieral of
Imitilitrnllon fur llitt showa that for tho flaeal
pnr endlnr iii" .'III. lull I 2I 40 Immliirnnta
were iidniltiid tntn the I'nlttd Mtntta ir,s.il'JI
wpro under fetirtenn ypars uf ue t.n.'O.ti.'i'i
wpre nvpr fourtppii pnrs of asp. 3n7l of thos-
over foilltt- e -tars uf .IM- , nuM rPBil. 1,111 enutd
not write. 2tio 1S2 could iielthtr rrnd nor write
Twenty.nvn p, r rent uf the total numbpr of
Immlgriiuip who eune to this country that par
wpre Illiterate llenipinhpr thla fnct.
"The Imiiiieintlnn I'nmmlMiiiin nftpr four
v, nra" apnrchlng Investigation that enat morn
than SI noil one buth at homo and ubrofld In
Its ripurt to Cunrrras embodying fnriy-two
vuliini, s of Iruka af'ld that the retulln
nnd wtltlntr tpat la the meat feasible alncle
inethml ef rptih-tli'K undiatrabte Imnituratlon '
This whs -one irred In bv eight out of Hie nlnp
members of the tomiul8stoii. Th Iminlgrntlon
Cointnlaaluli ilpu foiiliil 'that IlliteraPv nniiinn
tmmleruiita imountpd for Increased mine emtio
alnna InerpaHPd Induatrlal nicblptita lower
slnndards of Mug. lower vvneva. longpr hours,
vvurau a.iultattuu. Iiurp.iae III pauperlam. lunury
and crime '
"There can he nn nutation but Hint pilch con
dltlnna ur. n pualtlve menncp ntnl ihltiKerelis
In the vvtlfarp of .1 ciMllinunllv and Its peoples
The Illiterate fmnilKrnut Is tualy liniieacd iiihui
und vvronKed both Hi home and abroad Pptm
bis iirilval In Ali.irlut Inn llllliraev ixiriit'
him and he bet onus the bull anil prey nf nil
who come hi contort vvltn him and wallows
In the mire nf illaiidv'nntnge, illsconttnl mid
discouragement In whatever line of umplov
nunt hi becomes enguytd his lKtioinhto opi-rad s
BKiilnal the safety nml wage-earning cupnclly
of himself and his fellow -emploiPH
Thla is mar.ltpsliv exemiuiiipu in tne niiiii-
and Industrial ratabllahniPlits. where his In
ebllllv to read nulleeH. unierM rules t tr . teu,lt
to iiicldmt diimtiKt' und ih-nlh. So. loo. It
tuuaes him to work for low wnurs rather tliaii
l,e unimpluvid. whlth vnrv ntur,ille Icids to ihr
,IIpi liniK" uf those receiving Utlpr pit mid
lowers the standard of wages The lllln cite
linmhimnt la nut wrenm-d Ho posppshps no
liihinnt right tu b aihnlttnl tu this tuuntri.
It Is only it l rmlssibie rlaht No oie- i.ui be
wronspil bv refusing to sriiut him sum, thing
that he his tin light to e,cpt bv p rmlsslon
"llnve von ,-vpr ronal,br,d tin- Krtut w runs
that Is perpptrnted upon the American i npln
b permitting undesirable (Illiterate) Immigrants
to enmt hpre" Surelv Hip Amerlcnn lw-opte ore
entltlPd to aome thoughtful consideration 1"
this matltr It Is u well-known f.ic-t that our
early Colonial fathers eume lu this tuunlrv tu
escapo rellulous persicutlon and tin- tyrunnv
of thn Oovernmonls of the Old World. 'Ihev
vvrre not llllterntrs In rttent jpnrs ih great
mass of Ininilgrants esniechiltv the lllitrrittea,
who come to us. coma for sordid Kiilu. avari
cious mutlvis and pelllah purposis Pralernltlrs
Inivp no fiuerrrl with aiu nationality, rucivor
cried. It Is the unilealnil.lp Immigrant, nnd
that means llllteratta. that should be excluded
Whv should a premium be placed upon Ignnramo
to arcommoduto fortlgn born Immigrants''
"The United Mat, a Unit rnm,.ir hth! Ihe eu -ernniints
uf the aoveral Plates liave ebtiilillshed
publlo si liools und inany have provldtd fur Iho
tnmpulaury educ-jtlun of our bovs and girls
Tho child Is compelled In nlleml uiliuol. niluui
llon la the liasle iirlnclpln upon which th,, in
telligent administration of a guverninent Is bnspil
und upon which the Improved condition and bet
terment uf Ita people ilc-pmds Without educa
tion of the Koule disintegration nnd ilpgpnerev
are bound tu follow Whv should Ignorant mi
uilgrnnts le permitted to deluge our l.iud and
deteriorate and lower th- educational simulant
of our countrV Why ahuuld we not nut
us much from foreigners aa we do from our ,wu
bias nnd girls? Don't ou think that theae
lllltprate Immlarnnts ought to I.nnvv aninethlng
rnttier than nothing?
"Acterdlng to the I'nlted Plates Ituretu t,f
IMuiatlon there aro uijrli r (inn. Mm udulia tint
are Illlterulo that runnot l'" reached bv the pub
lu Hhooia Tin rpfore. It seems, lo wipe out Il
literacy 111 the I'nltPd Ptuti-a one of two nitric
triuvt happen: Wult fur the preaeni generation of
sdulta to die orf ur. If puaslble. by some means
such as night pc-huola reach these Illiterate mil
IIpih ' oinmlPhlulier I'luMnii has said Hint
Iho public ayatim of schools or even night
schools will not renth thla class ut adult Illite
rates ' The Induatrlal l-eesue Is endesvnrlivj
to awaken Industrial uuin.igerB. chambers of
lommeree boards of trade and the public gen
erally to Iho Importance uf Installing some
system of elemeni.irv Inatrutilun In large In
dustrial establishment", whereby foreigners who
speak practically no Hngllsh miy l taught to
read atld write and speul. the language of the
inuntry at least well enough lo familiarize theiu
splves with Us fundamental Institutions.
loe Abertnnitile llliuroit olll belore I'mi-
rreaa a few viars ago sought to require tho
lureau ot Kducatlon to und, rtako this work un
r, fin, si of the pruiirr Ptoli authorities and
named an appropriation of J 15. oilll for the sear
HlKi llolh of ttieso latter suggestions uru only
theorellc.il and of ps, liuloglc Inference as lo
means They are Impraitlral and Imposslblo
of accomplishment le-couaa oil are dealtuK with
adults who nre out III Hie vvurld earning u liv
ing and havo not the time ami upportunltv to
attend any such meuus of acquiring an tduca-
"Nigllt si hunlp unit Inihialriul si hnuls fur Iho
education of lllllerjle adults aro entirely differ
ent from the same schools for the purpose of
advatnlng thoao who are already educated and
aro seeking to Imprmo themselves In some
particular lino of ocuipatlon ur business
We have tlsi.it r, uuilinriidulti woo ure Illit
erate and about 230.000 more coming to us each
ear it is u stupendous proposition to solve.
If we cannot educate those Illiterate adults
that wo alreudy have with us. whut are wo
golna; to do wliu lbs uddltlun.il ligtous that aro
constantly coming to us'
"The sound prartital. common sohse thirg to
on Meridale Farms,
Puro-bred and
healthy, those
cows yield rich,
wholesome milk,
the quality and
quantity of which
is maintained year
round. Only the
croam of this milk
goes into
iTi!s"uncommonly good
butter" is made in a way
that si vea a wonderfully
rich, creamy, uniform
flavor and firm, dry
body. And you Bet not
only a better butter but
more butter when you
buy Meridale.
(Makers of ,., . . ,.
Meiidale) Philadelphia
Dell Phone, Market 3711
Keystone Phone, Mala 17U
Look for Ihe "Mirloll"
wapptratMlgM. dust- ana
odor-vroofat year groan.
do t to prohibit llllterrte ImmUrnntii from
lnndln upon our fihoren
"For a numbpr of years 11 hs !ppn tho opin
ion of thp workers for Koclnl bettpfmont In our
itreat chips mat tne conspauon 01 mi ivimuinni
In tho uoorpr nuarlern l nmomt tho . Krptpt
if evils and malnlr dun to IllltPrney In Immi
in iiiiiiii'
grant localities. The chief dancer arising- rrom
ths Incoming of tho Immigrants to our cities Is
tho tetidoncy to crowd together In a certain
et-ctlon. end ovm when not living In lnstniisr,
conditions lo remain Isolated from lha Ameri
cana thus forming foreign colonies ami ono K
Ing assimilation " Jt-tiKs nnd l.nucli on Immi
gration 1'rotilrm " ,
Tho Immigration Commlsalon found that
Illiteracy runs letrallel with the alum popula
tion, with crlmfnnla, psupcra nnd JniPhll, ile
ilnnuenls of foreign birth or pnrcntnfe. and Is
out of all proportion In their ah.iro of the total
Population of Immigrants inmpired .with the
porcentngo of Iho same cbiM, s among tha natlvo
born " It Is easy to deduce from this that Illit
eracy Is the enmerous sole that stimulates
huddling nnd ininasslmllntlnn among Illiterate
Statistic and nthPi references i nrroborate
the commission nml establish tho fat t that tan
a few Illiterate Immigrants become educated.
The ratio of pprctntnsn between the Illiterate
and literate Immigrants In tho rommlsslun of
i rlmj paiinprlam, luti.iev nml the ether nienatlng
evils comnlilnrd of Is very largely upon the sldn
of the Illiterate
'-Our dpstptulanls will lonh bark on the Nine
teenth t'pulure us our golden age tia we look
back on Ureses. Tliniutbtlul pi niile whuie work
takpa them Into the slums nt the bottom of our
fnrplgiilnril cities nnd Indiistrlsl emters And dp
cllno nrtuallv upon us I'mtury Magazine,
I'ebruary, lul I.
"There ore mulllludps of ImmlurantJi coming,
with lust enough mono and material tu tsc'ipe
hung paupers nnd rrlinlnnls, nml thev settle
hero and heronie a t-nrhunili- on the nceli of the
bode polltte PUtv-nlne per tun of our crim
inals are either foreigners or of foreign parents
You wrt'k the streets of New York or Philadel
phia or Chicago, and not one out of thrpp fact
will have In tht m the strains of pure Aimrlcun
lam 1 can ito up In the Mnnhttlnti liulldlng and
In n radius of twpiitv miles see where one ilght
cehlh of our potoilatluit Mips Thpv turn our
Id'ss of the Mablnth Inln the Continental Idea "
I'hllstlelphl.i North Am. rlcun. William A
Kundjy. eeitngpllat
New York Is the ..frond largest Italian cll In
the world, em-ncdiii unlv bv tn City of Niplia
New Yoik la the thlul largest Jewish illy In tin,
world, exi ceded onlj liy Constantinople atiil Mos
tow New York has the proud boast (?) ihni
unlv one out uf eierv nve of Its people Is .m
American ur burn uf Ame Icon psrents Don t It
win -easonabln that If oti In op out the lllll
erute miutgriint thut I. wilt help tu riatnr ir
.Vnwlcnn Idp.-ils If unlv in a r.-tble vt.iv" Th.
Induatrlal League of New York haa reiently
lirnushl out tile fact that the tide it llllteraiy
la Increaalng rather than iperraalug The prln
'Ipul reason f.u this is the largo Influx of for
eign Illiterate Ij'ior. rpetlily tn manuf.iciuriitg
Ullll IllllllUK.
t'nlteil Plates i-tuiiiulssl,tntr of Hilur nti.in Pht
lander i' Clnslnu aavs "Thut llllleniey Is cost
ing this cuuntrv som-thln llko live hundr, .1
tuilllon dollars nnnuallv, to sav tiothlnx of Its
men ite In rc-pri sefitntl-e ffovornmenr' The
public schools call take enre of the bovs und
girls mid prevent anv Inerpnsp of lllttpfiicv lu
ibnt illrecltiiii. Ian there Is no feasible way ur
hanrlllnp- llllterntu mliilts ilinmlgrontsi.
Inainlty among lllltorate Imnilitmnts Is cost
!V."'m i"1.' "f ''"'lars onnii.itlv. It has bien snld
that llllterucv should not bur Immigrants bc
c.iiipe It Is a test o opportunity nnd not uf
character. I submit aa a n iiBonnhle Interim..
i".ij.i;i::::.u:j,:!,:j-:j;jj;;;;;7;;-;-!niii. it Kiti- mtnss hmarti.v v.ivi: siovi:r;ii"n5-:";-";:uijn"S.nn;!3;txi!ii-:r
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thsl when the number of Illiterate Immigrants
who commit crimes and become degeneratea in
Iho sot HI life, and are the mesns nf disseminat
ing thoso habits nnd propagating those agencies
of personal icvulslon become so largely In tne
majorltv of the while number of Illiterates, does
not the test of opportunity btcomo a misnomer
and Illiteracy become n teat of character?
And as there Is no distinguishable means
whereby it can be determined at the time of
their admission ns to who will become, tho rere
llcte or undesirable, should not oil ll'lterste
Immigrants In, ilenhd admission as a whole, in
the Interest of good morals the public welfare
and to avoid all of thetlls Hint grow out uf
llllleroiv ., ,
Whv provide Jor the trnnsnorlatlon and dis
tribution of llliteratp o- othpr Immigrants to
unocctiplnl lands In the western or Interior pirt
of our eountrv when our cities me full of our
own people erln for the relief from the homi
nes of servile living and frepdom from the
unbearable surrreimllnes that face th-m In their
levervdav life' Our own eountrjiiieti have first
claim upon our genprosiis
vvM. A. PHvls.
Stale t'ouncll Secretary Order of Indeis-ndent
(irniui Fraternity
The removal of Ihe eflteis nml lipadfiuarttrs
of the rlrnnd Prsternltv from till Arch street
to Insn-'JS Arch street Will Ih, lelebrntnl hj
hotise-tvnrmlng" perclsps At I n in th, re
will I n presentation snd raising of a dag. then
reviewing the mummers' parade and lumh
l-'rotn 3 to n p. in nil Its given a high clnas
musical concert. Interspersed bv addresses bv
I'realdont Fridrrlrk Haston, vice President
tlenne A Hugglns nnd H,iret;ir William 11
ilresg. Oaneing will follow In (he evenlnft.
Mepsrs Itugglns, rJregg nnd Msrvln W. Alelxel,
us the committee un arrangements, ih serve high
praise for tho very conlpletn preparation for
i lie event.
Arthur II. Tiiomns, of Unvcrfonl, lliully
Injured by Kail on Ice
m.ANTti' riTV, N. .1.. .Inn. 1 Atthitr
II. Thomns. of Ilnvcrforil, Pn , a dealer In
lnborotnry npparntun nt Tivolflli mitt Wal
nut strrotH, Philadelphia, fell on the Ire
vvhllo slmtlng on Lnlto I.enape, above Mays
banding, late .veslcrilay nnd frnetureil bntb
nrtna nbovc the elbow. Mr. Thomas was
hurried to the Atlantic t'lt.v Hospital nnd
bin pbnlc-lan Mild today that he was rest
JiiC comfnrtabl.
Mr Thomas, who had on now sliates with
pointed toes, tripped on iho Ice ntu" fell,
but ill physician was unable to stale how
he broke both tirms. Ito said both wore
compound fractures und aboc the plboiv.
Altiiona Contractor Dies
At.TOfiN'A. Pa. dan 1. -0. Warren
Stohc, sixty years old. for years a leadini;
contractor. Is dead of typhoid pneumonia.
llo vv-ns n deacon and trustee o thu Klrst
llnptlst 'Jhiin-h and tcnchei In the lllbln
miist:y iiiini:ri nut ri-i.i, amiu'ni- .satispai tiun-
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in belted effects;
Concessions for Suspended Brothers
and Cash Prizes for New Mcmhers
In nn official circular Urand IUnent
OIrenbcrBcr says:
Tho Supreme Council has made It com
paratively easy for members suspended dur
ing; tho readjustmint period to return, th
onlv conditions to be compiled with nre!
A certificate of pood health; the payment
of nrrenrs, If any : the payment of assess
incut for current month Kvery council Is
urged to appoint at once a "team" of five
or more for the purpose ot personally
flollplllnif nil members suspended to retiifn.
"Thn Supremo nnd tlrand Councils have
foimulated a rash prlte schedule that e
reeds anvthlnit heretofore offered by way of
compensation for special services. Councils
will understand that nil payments will b
tunic to the council, tHe council lo make
distribution of cash to thp members secur
ing tolnslatemeiits or new members In pro
port Inn to the number penned."
Thp cash prlres offered by the Supreme
Council fur irrndci! numbers of candidates
run from $.10 to $M0. and the prizes offered
bv thn lira ml Council run from 112.50 to
Philadelphia Co-ineil, No IM. held the month
ly mellnr and the annual Christmas celebra
tion laat Monday evening Ilrother Charles O.
l'roivcrt distributed gifts to all present. Twelve
tandldatps vvprp ndmlttpd to the council.. In
response to Ihe request of flrnnd Regent Heleen
lairger. IP cent John II I'ulbert appointed a cof
tulttpp for thp purpose of Inducing recently sus
pended members to liecome reinstated and Id
urge all members to Join in securing candidates
for Initiation As chairman of the commute
be appoint' d Supreme Representative! Npwlon I..
Hnedi'l who mails nn address outlining tho plans
of the (Jrund lteacnt nnd advocated the prompt
io-operatlon of all brothers predicting that with
Ihe upiillcnllons In hand and thoso In prospect
the vear of ID17 would show ft surprising?
grow ih Of (lepra elected to,arvs for the your
1UI7 iv .re ns follows, Rputnt K it, Rvansi
vice regent I', A llollpv orstor T. A. Knorri
pnal r, gt tu .lohn H i.'ulra-rt. spcrctary. A. P.
hawser, eultector, John Kllndworth: trpasurer.
I' A llirnelt. rapliln Y Jorgenson; guide, If.
f NiikpI. warilen. rrnnte llreenwoodl sentry. C.
W tngrnh.im. Irustees v o Trowert. Oeorgs
1' Nngpl W. II Vhkpry. rpprrsentatlves t
tlrand I'uuncll. John Kllndivorth. A. I". Lawser.
r l rrowert und W II. lekcry. allernsts
reimpentntlvts to Oram! Council. O. 1. Nagel,
It II Conway, A. W. llrelms and llobett
Perry County Out of Debt
SIAUYHVIIjIA:. Ia., Jan. 1. For the
first time In years, in fact for tho first time
since its Incorporation, Terry County is now
practically out of debt The bonded In
debtedness of tho county approximates J17,
oitil and the balance In the treasury nnd out
standing: tnxes balance this. Over $27,000
county bonds vvcie redeemed durlnff 1316.
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Lined throughout and with large collars of fur.
Women's FurTrimmed Coats iq pa
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Several distinctively different models of velour
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