Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 01, 1917, Night Extra, Page 12, Image 12

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    MfUWf WMUMIl
J0 C
Associate Editor of the Outlook
Was Stricken in Philadelphia
a Year Ago
fiV.KV YOltK. .Inn. 1 Dr. Itmnltlon
WrlBtit Jtnblo tiled jcr.lcnlny nt Ills liome
ort I'eriuvootl roncl, Summit. N. .1, lto una
rvpnty yertrs old. Ills (tenth ivm tluo lo
nn nttnek of nstlitnn.. lto liail been In poor
henlth for n jnr.
Doctor Mnlilo v,m nssoclata rdlloi of
The Outlook, nticl 11 fi lend oC Colonel
ThMxlorn IvooscicU.
wlien no sv.is In riillatielpiila on a lecture)
four nbout a yenr njro Doctor Mnble suf
fered a nevcra nttnek of ncnlo Indigestion
,After llireo weeks In a hospital lie returned
to lilt homo nt Summit, but never regained
his former henlth He recovered slowly
until two months rro, when ho vtns nbto to
bo nt hln desk In tha olllco of the Out
look. Ten days nrjo ho had nn nttnek of
nstlimn, from which his death resulted, llo
Is wirvhcd by his wlfo and uno datightcr,
Doctor Slnhlo was born In Cold Sprlne.
Kentucky, on December 13, 1S4G. lto received
his .. It. degree- from Williams Colleifs
In 1807, nnd In 18C1 he was Klvpri tbo de
crco of 1,1,. 13. by Columbia, University, llo
was afterward honored by n number of
colleKes, WIMInnm, which Rave htm tho de
cree of 1 1. II l In 1890, nnd fulon, which
cave hlni tlm ilcRreo of IjIj. T. In 1895,
vtlilili ho nlso received from Western f(e
ocrvo In Iflni nnd WnshhiKton J.eo In 1D06.
J le nmrrled Jeanne) to Trlvett of I'ough
kscpslo, N v., October 11, 187C.
1 Among; the best-known works of Doctor
Mablo nre "Xoiij Stories Keloid Krom
lCddaw." "Noturo In New Iceland," ".My
Study Fire-' (llrst Rerles). "Short Stories In
Iilternlure." "fnder tho Trccj nnd Vise
Where," "Stv Study l-'lro" (second scries).
"Xnturo nnd Culture." "Rooki and Cul
tuic," "Vork nnd Culture," "Tho Life; of
tho Spirit," "William Shakespeare, Poet.
Dramatist and Man," "Works and Days,"
"Parables of Life,"
AlVM tlm 20. rAHOMNR, widow ot
Wllll.im ' Atliin TtrlnIIri nnd friend Jn
Mtnl tu fiint-rnl h rtc?t. Tue , " p. m . liul V.
ChHtrn v . f!rni intnwn Int private.
AM.IIN -Dpr SH. JAMES, hunbnml of Kal
AU(n (np I!(Mi(U)iO Hilntlvrn nnd friend, Woh
1ns ton Camp No Ml, I o S of A., emplojei
of rhlln ontl lO-atllng Itv, ; Stoiuinen'n lVUow
rhlp oT tho nsth YV'nrr. atnl till other nieani"i
ttoiiA nf which li wns n rtjembpr, tnUtfwf to fu
nrul HcrvUrK 311!. N t.lth t , Tues , 1 30 p m
Bhnrp. Int Xnrthwm.il t'cni lEcrialn may bo
icwpit Mnn , H to 10 p. nt
ter of Anhiir JJrnra una Umnn A Ik Inn (neo
WlnlTl, ckm! 8 Itelitlvfl nnd friends invifvl
to funeral kt1cp. Tuetf Up in , parents'
resident. IN I Umcli nt Int Urceninount
Cent. Itcnmtns nuy bo lowed Mon . after 8
1. m
AIINOr.U Snddenlv, per '21. MHH ANVV
W AHMiLD, need 71 Kelntte nnd friends
tnlted to ftincrnl serlcei, 'I un . i p, m.,
Oliver II 1'ulr HlJc . lt rheutnut nt. Int.
nvimrrrit Div no -wimjaai rKnnt-
NANf Infant aon of William iml Ida Mav
IJnrhnffcr. uccd 1? month llrlntUe-t and
frlcndn Itnltud lo funeral. Tu . UO p. m ,
lionm of Mr Uachoffer, Main nt.. llulniilll.
Iturk Co . li. Jnt. lJchvood Ccm , ilulme
llle Pf
l.ki:i.v Tcr r.n umvAnn, huMinna of
Itlamh ini i, nmd :(0 nUtlve nnd friends.
V II T Itelief Asm , Invite In funeral serv
icer, Wd 2 p in father-in-law a residence,
Clement Hrnnner, 13M N. Colorndo at Jnt
nrlwite- North wood Leni. Kenulm may be
feed Tiiea v.
i:i;i:il Dec nt. TIATTIB A . wife of John
pjkr. Hire. tin. Uelntlves and frle.ndt Incited
lo tunrrni noriice''. wpri., in m . 127 Torlt
ne . vt.3i i.ai'o .i3. s. J im. co;
M Spring!
llARJTIt Ilec .10 tSfilATIETfr. wl.lnw f
KllJiih Hiker Rehitlvea and friends Invited
to runeral scntfes. Tno , 1 lu p m reside nro
of daughter, Mrs H. illlyard, 102i .V. HOth at.
Int. pilvatn, Noithwood cm
nAKi:n imp. an m t. i'it nt maut
KATI2. dnuehler uf lat John It and Anna
Itobewm l.oi !t.tlvM, nnd alufr of Ira Thonmo
X.tmiiif l'"uieral frvli es and Int. prlvaln
UARTI.r.Y At 241! Arch at . D-e. t, MAUT
K. It . wlfrt of Joshua Harllev Relallvcs and
frlendi tttvltei) to fun en I r eet, Tuea . 1 p
m.. chapel of Andrew J. Jtalr A Son. Arcn and
10th Hta. It.t. Acnt Laurel Hill Cem. Auto
UAHIlfnitP Dr '.'I, JAMUH. hn!i-i.d or
TiUza Itaihford. ned m. Ilelathra a.id friends
Invited to fdhi ril. Toes, 130 p. m., 30-15 N.
H.vdenham at int IVrnnood Ccm. I tenia Inn
mav he viewed Mon . S p. m.
lli:AU Dec. 30 J NIIW1 O.N", huhand of
Maud Uenr (neo .Ncwaon) uuea 4, rtelattves
and frlendi. mumbers of IT H. Shelp IteneMrlal
Aim , Invited la funeral. Wml , 1 p. m . L'lai
N. Uwreme at. Int. Northwood Cam. Ile
malna may bo viewed Tue . 7 to U p. ni. Auto
Hi:hU Dec. 80, TirxnN. daushter of latn
William and l;llen VII. Itelatlven and friends
lovlted to funeral. Wed . 3 n m.. i phnv's
traldfiu . Jnhn Hnmtrond, Hook rotiii and Trib
pt HVo roleroft Del. t'o . Ta, Int. Mt
Morlah Cem. 1 rlonds may call Tus. eve. Auto
IinNDKIt Dee 30. MAIIY r, nlf of Dr.
H. O. Uender and daushter of Richard Mc
Allister. Uclatlves nnd friend Invited to fu
neral. Wed S 30 n. m , N. V. ror. 62d nnd
I'lne ts Solemn roulem maas CliureU of St.
Icnathin 10 a, m. Tnt private Autu funeral
liUKXtV- Der 31 ItOBKUT T. son of lat
Thomaa nnd Kllzatieth Harr . UlatlveT and
friends. Wnnhlnaton Camp, No. 317, P. O H.
of A. Invited to funeral cervlce Tuei . 12
ro., parlors William II. Chew, 1028 Knlaral
t. Int. private, lVrnrvooJ Cem Uerrulns may
he viewed Mnn . R to 10 p, m Auto funeral
BOIINUNUrnaGIt Dec 10. l"IX)Ki;NCB.
wlfp of William Uohnepbercer (neo Ulmore),
used 31 Relative and friends Invited to fu
neral servlres, Wd , l! p. in., 2741 Helen at
Int. Oakland Cent. Remains may ba vltv.cd
Tues., 7 to 10 p. m.
husband of barah A. Rnutcher. Relative ami
friends. Oxford Lodao. No. 14. T. o. O. r, In
vited to funeral services. Wed. 10 30 u. 111,
ftO.'t! James hi , Krankfnrd. Int private Re
mains may be viewed Tnrs eve
nOjri.H Deo 2i. ANN IK l'OYI.E. wltjovr of
John Roile. relatives and lrlenJi Invited to fu
rem), 'Itiee . h 30 a. m . residence of ron-lu-lntv,
Thomas J. Kelly, 31 Cheitmit at., Colwyp. Del.
i'o., 1'6 bolcnin hlah masa Ht. Clement's
Church. Paschullvitlo, 10 a. in. Int. Holy Croij
Cem. Auto funeral
HtlADIjDr in West ComhohocUen. Dec 30.
KRANCi;3 ir wlf of Jame I firadl .
daughter of Richard and late Margaret Wll
inorc, Ilelatlves tind friends Invited to funeral,
yWed . ft JO a. in 210 Mooreheod nve . Wet
ConshohorKen bolemn hlirh mas f requiem
bt. CJertrudo'a Church. 10 u. m. Int St. Mat
thew's New im
Widow of John JJradley Iteljtlves and frlendu,
ht Charlen s H V Sodality, Invited to funeral.
Wed. M Jo a in reldent4 of daushter Mrs
Trank N Diamond. 2311 Carpenter st Solemn
requiem masH Mt Charles's Church 10 h. m
Int Cu theJru I Cem
BRANN Huddenly. Dec 2J ANDY RRANN.
red 1T. Relatives and friends, Thllo lndxe.
No. 41-1 r and A. M . ThlU Uodse. No. 2. B.
I". O. U . Manufacturers' Club of phlla . Co
lumbia Club William R. Ieds Republican
Aaso . Invited to funeral services, Tuea. Jl a
pi , 162.1 N. lttth at. tat private., Fernwood
C.m. Remains may be, Iewtd Monday ve..
T tn 10 o'clock.
WRAaa Dec. 31, CAROLINE RRAS3. 23S N
22d at. Duo notice of funeral, funeral apart
jnnt of W J Reynolds IH21 yprlntr Garden at
BRAY. Dec. 30, M1NNDJ ALVA. Wlfa of
William T UVay, and diuahter of lata James
and .Catharlno Waterhouse. Relatives and
friends Invited to funeral services, Tues , 11 a.
xn . -i'JSS Wakefield at . Gcnnantown. Int. prl
BKOyoflTON Dec SO, "WALTER A . aon ot
Walter I, and Minnie A. ttrouchton. ased 17
TttAHthx. itelatlves and friends Invited to funeral
en lc. Wed , 2 p. m.. parents' residence. Mar
ket t and Marshall road.. Uarretafurd, Dela.
Co, Pa Int Arllnitton Cem
rfUCHANAN Dc. 31 MAR? H-. widow of
Rkfcard Ruchanan, ased 01, Relatives and
friends may view remain. Tuet., 7 to 0 p. m .
2318 8 Honaall at Jnt. private.
CVarlea Uutterworth. aced 63 Relatives and
friends lnvlud to funeral. Tues,. 2 p. m . real-
S- sr-TTH ' 1 : "'"
vv0i- II ; 1,
fe' V0M W rrHOV MES f AMD Vns. r- T 7TZ
K -H so clao Nouve The nicest T5ov mie mjifen's -hi?s Thb k7
Wi' - r. ,,, V t5S0NBJ lb -vW A V IM Te "SLOC GONMETSGoHHEB. vL7vfV,KBST',T''-E ) f.
K fTljlTZY VAND comou ouft ) AlHT UMS PETeV ) rr W So hueio 1 d&L MX)3oK w TVie V J ff
denc of aon in ls.tr liarrv tlet, 3049 N, Tercy
at. jnt liiiisida Cem. Remains may b Mewed
Sun . 8 to 10 p. m
BYRNES, Dec 20, rATIlICJC, hudhand of
Kat Ujrne Relatives and, friend, employes
It. Prllon Co.. lnvltetl to funeral, Tues, 7 SO
a. m, frrm 121 Chenaniro at. High iham
Church of Immacutato Conception 9am Int.
Holy Cross Cem. I'uncrat director, J. V. Con
nor a.
t nvrtNna Dp en, p.VTntcK, husbunft rt
Kate Hjrneft. Ro'atlves nnd friends, employee
II. firltoii Co invited to funeral luf. 7 30
a. m . trom 1 Jl t htnanifo at. Htah mae church
of Immn ulat'v t'oncpt(on 0 n in Int w
cathedral t em
RYll.NRW. Dec 20. jOflRPIt T . Iiuibftnd of
Anna C lljrnea naed 7 J Prlendi mi lw
remains Mon . after H p. m . reirtnce of aon.
Howard L Ityrnes ni,i I rankford ate Int.
CA8KY. Der. 30, MR.1 MART tJAflin'.
dntmhter of latn Matilda Hofnacte, fined ?7.
Kuneral arvlrea wed , 2 p m , daughter a retl
denre, 1203 Warnoek at Jnt. private
CIIMW Suddenly, Dec. 2. llRNRT L, aon
nr lat ens ties H. nnd nnabth Keen hew
Kunrol services prlvat reMdenci of brother
J Klmey Chsw. 17 I'enn at.. Camden, N J.
Inf. Pre Cem.. Salem. N .1 . Tuea
CLHAIIT Der !i. MARY, widow of William
riptr (noo Colon). Relotlvea and frlendi. Ht.
Ialftchy II V M. Sodality, Invited to funeral,
Tuea , 730 a. m , residence of niece. Mrs. Hush
Merles. 7418 N. Bancroft at tlmn nntl York
ata ). Solemn requiem misa 8t Malflchj's
t hwrri 0 a m. Int Holy Cross Cem. Auto
CLOWNF.Y. De 30. MARY. wlf of James
plownev and danchter of lat 1'initcU and Isa
bella Murray. Fiinerit. to which relntlvea and
friends are Invited. Wed. R n. m, 1725 Hat
Mns at Solemn mass of requiem Church of
Ht. Thnmi a P 30 a to. Int, C-ithedrnt (m.
CO.VARR Nowfown, Pa. Dec 30 MYRTT.M
W COVARD. wife of Maurlrs Connrd. nsed 41
Relntlvea ond frlendi Invited. to funsrsl without
Mirthor notKe. Hierhrc at , Newtown, Tuea , U
a. Int. Northwood ivm . Phlla Train for
Newiotvn leaves RQidlne; 'lermlnol 0 23 a m
CONM5M. Der 30. JOHN J., husband of
Matilda A Connoll fne Ifutton) and oi of
JitriM Connell nnd Ht Josephine, osert 30, Rel
atives nnd frlinds. Hoi. Name Horiitt, Invited
to funeral. Wed, H 30 a m. 22ts yndr nv;.
Requiem high nms at Ihn Church of ht. IM
mttnd 10 n. m. Int Holy Crois Cem Auto
COdNAN At Chester Pa. Der. 30 MAR
C3ARHT. widow of Jsme Coonnn Relatives atid
friends membeis of Rosarv foMrtj, of tha
Inimnru'ntn Heart Church. Invltrrl tn fnnernl.
Wed . H .10 a m . reeldenre, of her eon, Daniel
F. Coonan. 214 Rdward at. Solemn mans ot
requiem Immaculate Heart Church 10 n. ni.
Int. Ht Mlf hael'n Cem
IRAHJi: Dot 29, VtRHINTA I. vMmr of
Charles Cralse Relntlvea ond friends Invited to
funeral aTvlrcs Tues., n a. m , apartments of
Rlrk & Nlc 0301 Memantowii ao.. Herman
town Int private Omit flovretfl
CllttaS Deo 30, WILLIAM, husband of lar
Louise A Cress, aged SU. Relit It ea nnd
friends. Neptune lrfd,te. T O. O. I, Invited to
funeral services Wed, 2 p m, resldncn of
daughter, Mrs C lloirard Wortmon, 23u7 N.
2'Jth st Int private
1 ir4Vi:0. Dnc 30. FRCDHRtCK A . son of
Clara H cunio (n ltenry. and latn AiiEniattis
Cuneo, need 22 Duo tiotlro of funeral, ical
dence of Ilolvrt llenrv, J012 2oth at
CfNNINtHIAM Dec 31. MARTHA, wife of
Alexander (unnlnaham Duo notice, of funeral,
from rcaldenco of son-ln-lav'. Albert Wclsaler,
2110 Pacific at
CURT1N. - Der. 2S DNinL V, CtTRTIN.
Relitlves and friends, Leaauo barred Heart of
Ht Stephen's Church. Invited lo funeral, Tuea .
!i a. m residence of son. Wllllim Ruffner Cur
tin, 3721 N HAilenham st Holemn IiIkIi mass ot
requiem. St. Hteph-n's Church. 10 a. tn. Int.
Ilolv Sepulchre Cem
Cannun). widow of David Dais. Relatives nnd
friend. Hatred Heart Hodalltv of Immaculate
Conception Church. Invited to funeral, Tua .
H 30 u in., 102l N. Front at High irqiilem
masslO n m Immarulata Conception Church.
int uki 1 nihfflrai im
DANIKLH Dec. 30. I'LECnRTTE M.. daush
ter of late Hamuel and Hophla Daniels, Rela
tives mni friends Invtred tn funeral services.
Tues 10 10 n. m , 2020 W. Cumberland at.
Int Mt sinai Cem
DW13--U Atlantic City. D-r 30, MAR
OARirr. wlfo of Or John ll DovIs, aged 7i.
Kuneral nltl leave Atlantic City hy nutomoblle
Tues 11 m, aeriIiiK nt Kvcr&recn Cent.
Camdeti N .1,1 'Jo P. nt
DAWSON Der. J'. DANIEL, husband of
Mnrv Dawaon. aged J2. Relative! and friends,
also riil'opce Trtbo. No- 170 J O It. M t Lib
ertj Castle. No. 14, K tl. R Kensington Yearly
Deneflrlol Aaso.. No 1. nnd members of 11
01 Ice 1c Club, emploves ot 'Ihotnas Dawaon JL
Co. Invited to funeral aervlce Tues, 2pm.
1813 V, 'lusculum st Int (Ireemnount Cim
Remains m-v he viewed 7 until 10 n m Mm.
DI' DORBIR.BR Suddenly, at 3H32 N. Delhi
it, Dec. II. KIDONIV M. vldoir of Arthur
De Dobbeler Relatives ond friends invited to
funeral services. Wed . 2 p tn . Oliver II. Unlr
llMr . 10 1 heatnut a Int private
DINAN Dec 31. JOANNA widow of Dinfej
J Dlnan Relatives and friends Invited to fu
neral. Tlmrn . H 30 n m. 5H.13 HUsworth at
So'omn htjh masa of requlrm Si Carthago a
Church 10 a m Int. Old Cathedral Cem. O.ult
wife, of Michael Dohane, (ncf Watersl Rela
tives and friend in'lted to funeral, lues, 8
a m.. parents' reslden 'e, mtd H loth at Hla'i
nass Ht Thorn is Aquinas s ( huich V JO a. in
Int. Hob ross r em.
of Robert Donaldson, aced M Relatlvej and
friends Invltd to attend funeral 'lliurs., 7 30
a. m., 133t Princess ave , Camdu, N, J.
bolemn high mass Church of the Imtnnculate
Conception u a m Int Calvary Cem
DORNAN Der. 20. JOHN, son of Alesand-r
and Uto Chnrlottn Dornan. Relatives and
frlrnJw. Coirt Robin Hood No 14 l of A., in
vlted to funeral services Tues. a p. ni., 037
Hprlnslleld rd , Darb, Ta Int. Mt. Morlah
Oni Remains may bs -viewed Mon, betweun
B and 10 p. nt Auto service.
husband of Klla Doughertv nj25 .Spruce at.,
aged mi. Ralatlves and frienda Invlmd to fu
neral aervlcen, Tues 2 p in , parlors of Nathan
Marple St Sons, ft323 Uermantovvn ave., Ucr
mantown Jnt strtctlv private.
DOYLU. Der. 2H. THOMAS, husband of Mir-
garet Dovle Jlelatlves and friends Invited to
funeral lues . 8 80 a. m . HMO Harlan st. Sol
emn requiem mans Church of the Oeau 10 a. m.
Int Holy Cross Ccm.
Dl'MCAN Dec 110. MARGARRT V".. daugh
ter of late Joseph and Anna Cummlngs and wife
of 'itiumaa Dunkan Relitlves and friends In
vited to funeral. Wed . ..10 n. m., 33JJ N 2Iat
at. Solemn requiem hljh mass Holy Souls
Church lo a. m. Jnt Holy Stpulchre Cem.
Ant" funeral
KDOVIt t 10S W. Atlantic av-.. Jfaddon
Heights. N. J . Dec 2H, HARRY L. C . husband
of Ida V Kdgar nn1 aon of late Albert and
aarah Hdcar (nee Coriell' Relatives and
friends Invited to funeral services. Tues . 11 a
m. Oliver H. Balr Rldk. 120 (heatnut st. Jnt
private. I'rlends may call Mon ee.
ULDRIDOE. Dec. 2H. CHARLEB &. eon Of
late Albert IS. and Rllen Kldrld;e. Relatives
and friends Invited to funeral services. Tubs . 11
a. m , 1H13 N. 7th st. Int. private.
hand of nnle Rwlnsr (nee Uray). aged t!3 Re, a
tlves and friends invltd to funerul aervbes
Wed., 2 p m , 20-to K Allesheny nve int.
private, Northwood Cem
PAlMX- Die 20, ANDRRW. husband of Into
Rllen Kican. Relatives and filends, Willlini
ci. Warden Hen Society and employes of At
lantic Reflnlnir Co, Invited to funeral, Wo.1 , u
a 111 , 1030 Hlcel st (20th and Mifflin). High
mats at tit Thomaa Auutnas Church, 10 3u
a in Int Holy Crosn Cem
I ARROW Suddenly, near ralmyrj. X J.
Dec. 30 UMZAlIimf M, wifo of tiborgit Tar
row, arjed ."j Relatives and frtenda invited to
funeral Wed , 1 u in . Jladdanfleld road be
low Burlington rlke Jut. Morgan Cem Cai
riaises will meet trolley tar leaving JIaores.
town. X J 10 33 o m . at Haddunfleld mad
and Camden pike: also iVnfcaukjn car leavlus
Camden 10,45 u m.. at 1'rrisaultn,
KLSRER Dec 30. KRKDRR1CK. husband of
lata Mary Klsher, aged fiJ Relatives and
friends, Itarrowgate Cos tie No. J23, A. O K
M. C, Invited to funeral, Wed, a p. m. 3S40
Kmtratd at lot Belvua Cem Remains may
be viewed Tuea . after 8 p 111
rLRTCfCBR Use. 2S JAMKS V.' husband
of nna f I'ietcher Relatives and frlendi In
vited to funeral Tu-s 2 n in 2311 W Le
high ave. Int private Cody may be viewed
Mnn eve Auto rvlc
FLYNN Der 31. MART, wife of Thomas
1 bni and daushter of Margaret and late James
Conry native, of Alllntubber, Count., Rosrom
n on, Ireland. Relatives and friends Invited to
funeral. Wed. S 30 a. m. 12J1 X Taylor at
Holemn requiem maae Br. rUUabath' Church.
10 a 111 int Holy Croia Cam.
FLYNN Formerly of Likens, Ta.. Dee SI.
MARY K . widow of Patrick Flynn. Relatives
and friends, L A. to R. R T. Liberty Hell. HO.
Invited to view rmalus, Mon eve . 2534 Ox
ford st Mass and Int at Iycms, Pa,
FORHTLR in Norriitown. Pa., Dec. 30, Dr
TAD FORHTKR. aged 0R IUlMlvei and
friends invited to funeral aervlcas. 311 D KalU
st Wed. I p. in. Int privpfe
daughter of Charles Edwin and Ifortenie
Iangsdorf Fog, aged 4 vra S mon Due notice
of funeral, parents' residence, 143J Glrard ave
QALLO At Portamouth, a.t Dec. 20
CATJIAUINE. wife of (leorge L Gallo. and
daughter of lata William and Kate Jeffries.
Funeral Wed 2 p in., from Oliver II. Hair
Rldg. 1320 Chestnut ar Int. private
UAROH Dec 31. MART J , daughter of late
Hamuel and Catharine Kdwards Due notice of
funeral residence. 1910 Parrlsh t.
OEEHLEMAX A Ambler. Pa . Dec 30.
FANNY, widow of Oeorge H Geialeman, aged
DO ears Relatives and friends Invited to
funeral services Wed.. 2 p m , chapel of Kirk
St Nice, 6301 Qermantown ave , Uermantown.
Int private.
. iiryTiit
OOEDTS.- Dec flL RttOKNB M , husband
of Anna Rlir-vbeth Ooedta. Relatives and
friends, nlav Poatofflr) Protrctlvo Aaso , In
cited fn aervlcea, Thura , 2 p m , 3Mo Wallace
M Int Fernwood em Friends may call
Wed . 7 to 9 p m.
DORRON Der 30. TD V R daughter nf
Oeorge and Ida R. riordon and Rranddstmli
ter of Prank nnd Kuain Kllni. aged U Reln
llves and rrlends Incited to funernt services.
Wed 2 in, parents' reMrre 1421 N How
ard st int private North Cedar Hill I em
Retnnlns tnnv lei viewed Tues after p ti
OttM -Der 20. at Atl-intic CRv Rev
ILLIAM II ORAFP. Services In chapel M
The Holy Coufortr IPth ond Titan ls tlHow
Cederall Tues 12 nonn tlodr mav be viewer
nt rliurrh nfter 10 30 a m Int churcMard nf
Ht James the 1,eas.
HnRKNHAUlir Doe .10. Pill Mr, an nf
Into James and KMsihth flreenhnlgh. need E
Relatives arid friends Inv'ted to funeral aervlr.
Wed, 2 10 p, m alstrr a resident'. Airs. Annie
Hamilton. 4711 Mulberry st Prnnkford. Re
mains mar ba viewed Tues. after 7 P to lot
Cedar Hill Cem,
finorr At rrteii.U' Home. Woodttown. X.
J, 7lh-tMv. Rih month ,t0h RMILY OROFF
ne,i 70 Relatives nnd frlenrts Invited to fu-
rerat eervlcs, Friepd' MeeRne; House, Mulllca
till, N J . 3.1 dnv. 1st month 2d, 2 r n. Int
Frlarda' Cem . Multf'A Hill. N J
WORK hualnml of 1 lorlnds H Hvndworl; (neo
Dukemon) aged tin Rln tlves and friends.
Jvevaton' fodge, No 2 HhlMrt of Honor: Tinlt
Webster Temple No no. () V. A , end Wash
Insist- Camp. No 43. P " S of A invited to
funeral, lues. :i p. ni . ..Gin n Siit rnr
Northwood Cem , Lnnraster Pt and Now Hol
land, Pa . pnpors copv Auto funeral . . ,
HAin.RLL Dec 31 HMI CL husband of
Mottle llnrtrell (neo Colquhoitn) Relntlvea otnl
friends Invited to funeral services. 'Ius. 2 pm.
residence, of fon In Mw, P A cron. 1013 N
IVtton at tnt private, Arlliinton Cem
HAWTHORN D-t 30, MARV R widow of
William Hnvvihorn (ne Kempton) Relstlves and
friends Invited to funeral Wed , 8 lo a m 2010
V llonaall at I21J nnd Indiana nve 1 HIrIi re
ntilem mass Ht Columba a Chutch JO n m l"t
Holy t rnas im ....
ifAYEH At realdenee of Ms ilsugt.tor Lsd'a
R H Leeds near Moorestown, N J , Der. 20.
,1 IIORTOV HAYC3 igerl 8rt Relntlve, nnd
friends Invited to funeral, I'rlends' Meeting
Houe Moorestown N. J. 3d-Dav Ist-Mo 2d
2 p tn Inf Westfleld Cem Train leaves
Market st ferrv Phils . 12 30 p. tn. Trolley
leaves Camden 1 OS P m
IIRADLHY Der 30, I'.MMV. VTlf of Ehvood
ITeadley tneo Zlegler). arfed Ol Relitlves and
friends Invited tn funent aenlre Weil. 2 11
m.. 2121 X. 10th at Int Hillside Cem . rla
Mm-rsl nr Remains miy bo viewed 'lues.,
after 7 10 11 m
IIKN'DRlCK Der 30 ANDRKW. son of
I'airlf U J and Katb rlne M llrndr'rk (nee
Do le). aged 2 vesta 10 mnn tin. Relatives aid
fi lends Invltrd to Mnern1. Tuea ,2 p m. 2117
N Oirnet st nir PJtlt and Dauphin ats )
Inf Nv Csttiedrnl I'fin
DRICKH, daushter or D (J nnd Anna R Hen
dricks Relatives nnd friends Invited to ft.
tieral services, Tors 2 p in, pnronls' resi
dence 221 W. 4th at . Cheater. Pa. int prl-
Xam;NEY ludIen1-. DC 10. WJM.tAM W.
husband nf Margaret W llenrv, ijiji nntbe
piven. from brotlur in law's residence. 1 heodura
nf Uobrt Jlppburn, Oaunhicr of tuto Mlrlnl and
Catlierine I'onnfrton. JlelifKea nnl frlendr In
lteil In fuiutn1, Tu.1 . H VI n m , rrnMonrn
of huib.inl "1'J1 rrnnii t. Koiitnn retpiloni
innx HI. IMmond'fl Cliurcli ID n. -n Int. lluly
Cr"si (m.
rl!ov of I rplrti ( t. Inrk Unrrlnw. rvii'tl I.
Ilolnth'" ami frlntli Itultnl lu funcr.il i"rl'.,
Tilr , H p ri . rrRMnto of boo Slim )'. Jlr
rlnp t"JlM l,niu; t Int WoaJlauild Cem
WHuh'nafiin. 1 0 . pnperi rnm
Uk!UKt lpp J't IinNMlV hllhntiil of
TSUnboth Howkln nct WtlRliM HptitUru rthI
frlenfln tnvltril to fun-rnl. Tutu , 2 p. in . lint
f!ncf of non-ltt-law Jo't'b Unuciicri. H7tnl
Wharton l. Int Mt Murlih Cam. Itcinaln.
mny Vi lmod Mnn e
IHC1M Sndilnlv r.lM?nc of hfr won, r
r r) KIcUo ism riictr n.. ier .it,
,M.ltA I,, ulfo .f Jninfi i: nidify. Notko
of fttnirnt Inter
inr.i, f :' MAr.cnnF.v n. rtd-.t
rttlhtpr of MnrBurrt nfl tho lati ft Tvnc Hill,
n.lhln.s nnd fr!rilt lnltl lo funtTnl i"rvjpn.
'lu .It) m . I"1 N' 1U st. lm lirUutM,
Mouth I.iimtI IMH vtn
itii.si:c "udiini.. neo :!. .miiv w , ,ir
foil of John W nnd lain Surxn M llilx.i nj;r,l
Hx It.lntlve. nml frlendw. nli(j l.oinl No H I
V.' of ''' . lnitd to funrnl irhrj 1'upi ,
2 CO ti ti . nt t'"hlMHa of h'K flntpr, Mil.
Naomi Pottir. -1-1 H f'nrmp Bt Int trhnti
FrloitK mn mil Alon penllnr. Anfo i!tlrft
IIOI.I ,i"ilnl Dec 2ti P;H, 1101. t.
as.d tl J:.lu(h. nml frl.ndu, Antprtrn-
roimrll, J12. K. of C Mull i Tlrp. Hook nnd
I.otlrlcr Co. No I. nml nil otlvr nid-rti of
v hlrli ho vni a member Imlted lo funeral.
'Inf. t 10 m. HtHt. nnd Or.insi St..
Merlli T'h I-oletnn reqtitoni lnai I'Sure'i of
NotUlf' 10 n in Int. nrlinte Auto FerO"p,
IIOt'D ll-o .10 1IA,r.V!S HOnr (nto Alln
wmi of William I' Hood H I n 1 1 r o nnd
Irl.t ds Inilfed to funrrnl aervties, Vr . 1 30
p. tn . 20r.lt II Ontario t lut prlv.ite U.
lorlah Cem. I'rlendi tna cnll Ttien , uftcr 8
HOri'lVIl Hee. .11, '.inN I ldnw nt
Wn II Ilopplntc aed m It.latUo nnd frienda
ln1ted lo tuuotpl .etvlrea, VhiI . 2 p. ni , lud
N nodfl'M Bt Irt Arllnstnn I'tm
IIOCHLMAN tlr .10 IIARItV .. husband
of Annlo II. Sprowl.i nited fn ltpatlp jml
friends lnlle.l to fnnrrnl sen U is Weil 2
n in ltherr ne . Snmron ne . Plllla Int
wm PeitTi ivm Tnln for tnmerloii tenps
lteadlnir Termlnil 12 3" p m. tone uures will
bo In u.illl'n?
Ill NT - flee .11. 1010 JA'll'S J husband
nf Helen Hunt (nee i:iirlev) and sjn of Ihe lain
rranl: nrd llonoroh Hunt I'tm nl. tn vl loll
the, rolalhea n:nl friends nlso !H n 71,
A O H. lre hulled otl Wi d . 7.10 n ni .
from the reaidence of Ills nephew, f!orje Hunt,
ir,IJ l.ltll st Mais of reituhm nt the
Church of tho Gesu y a nt. aharp. Int Holy
Cross Cem
HCMtfMXN" I'ei- 21 nl Leeds Mills. Md
ni:onoi: w urMrsMA.v ii.iitive. nml
friends may lew rmnlna 'lues., in n m , pnr
lora of Itonjaiuln T. l.le, 1II1J Columbia ae,
Int prhate
IIYIIK 1-" .10 RACIIRI. AW. widow of
nhhnrd I!. ll)d nnd mini nf Mm (1 Ham
Ia!s 1'uner.il eorlces lues , 2 p in . draco
Chnreh. tlowen me. Mt Anry Int. private.
HIWIV At National Park. X J, Dec. 30.
KAM.1H daushter of Carolina llar and late
ileorrte Irt. In Kelatlves nnd friends luted to
funeral services Wed 2 p. m resldenc-j nf
1 rotper-ln-lnw. itouert i oroes, ia;,i i.nipaa at
Int Mt Morlah Cem. Remains mny bo viewed
Tuea, a to 10 p. in Autn funeral
JACOliH Dec an JIMlltIL" A JACOHfi,
wlfs of llenjatnln !' Jocolis. It- itlvvs nnd
friends Invited to fttnernl .ervlcea. Thura . 11 n.
m husband a residence, 117 rnlund terrace,
Hala. Moutcomery Co. Int private, AVeat
Laurel 11111 Cetn
JONTS. At Mlanllo f'ltv N .1 . Dee .10.
niI.U' I' . widow of lleoriro Auffoit Jonea,
Punarnl nerv'ea Tuea. J Hit p in. Oliver 11.
lialr Illdj , 1SC0 ibeatmit at. Int private.
IvAIOlT't At Strntfont N J . De. . 31,
ItlCHAItll. huibaud of H. i:iUabeth KnUriui (no
Itutiher). aned !,-,, Itelatlvea nnj friends lnvltetl
to funeral ae vlcis. Ved . I Jo p m . Stratford,
N J. Int. Friends' lluomsr tlround, Hntlteld,
N 1 Ilfritalns n'av b viewed Tuea evo
KIJANi: Dec .. THOMAH J , husband of
Klleu 11. ITeane (na Mornli). Relatives nnd
frlendB, so'letlca of vvhle'i ha vqh a mem
her. Invited tu funeral, Tues . 8 n m , HUH
Tlroadwnv Camden N J. Ilia'i niaan lit y .10
n in ot church of Sacred Ilcau Jul. Calvary
cent auto 1 tnerai
KIT.! II -!" 2'i. .IVMKS I, Iicshund of
MarU Keech (nee Levnia) aon of Clara aid
lata John ICeecn. ated -10. Relatives ami trli nda,
loiuuvva Trlli' No 210, I. II n M . reserve
offlmra of t'hl'u police liivli.U iu fureril
aervlcfs. T'i-a 2 p ill .301.1 N Marshall at
Int Northwood cem. frrieitda may view re
mains Mon . s p. m
KI3M.KT. D'C 20 AMANDV JI. dai.hter
of AEliea ll and Samuel M Ivellev Relatives
and friends Invited to funeral sjrvliea. )12i
Pnulkrod at f rankford. d a ti. in Ii,i
Srlvato Meslmlnaler Cem 'lraln for Arrott St
ratio i. rraiihfpid leavea Iteadliig 'lermlnal
1 1 p m
M-.LI.V Pec. 31 1IARCDLM, widow of
Thomaa Isellv Relailvea and f i lend. Invited
in funeral Wed 30 in rshlem of aon.
William 1 I.ellv. lr.os s IVibi ni hol.inn
nana of nnulem Cliurih of the Moat lllesied
Saernment 10 m m Int Sew Cathedral Cam
KEL1.V Dec 29. J'AIRICK. hmband of
Mary Colbert Kell Uelattvea and friends
Holy N.m. Hoelt and Altar Society invlt.d
to funeral, Tues 7 JO a m B03J Chevy a:
Otnaanlovtii Holemn r.nulem mass linmacu
lata Conception Chjn-h u a in Jnt Old latho-
dr KKlKV Dc. 20. a.t New Torlt. rIRr;s
H aon of latn Jainea R, and Parah J Kell
ated C Relntlvea and friends Invited to funeral
asrvlcea Tues. 2 p m . .residence of brother.
aOJ.a Larehwood ave lut Woodlands Cem
widow of Anton. Ketlerer ap.tl U3
Relative, and frienda Invited to funeral, Thura .
Jit in 202O Poplar st Int Mt Vernon Cem
llemalni may bu viewed Wed , 8 to 10 p iu
Auto funeral
KlNNi:V Der 30 EMZAllHTIf, nlfa nf
Jamea 11 Klnne anil daughter of lata Lobert
and KlUabeth Rarr ReUtlvea and frieds In
vited to funeral. Wed . H 30 a rn . .223 Main
Wed Ha in , 2.13b N Mdunham at lllati
at . Manaunk Swiemu hlbh requiem rnaaa tit
John tho Ilaptlat Church 10 a. in. Int. at.
Johu'a Cem
KOl.'N'lO Dec 31 IIKRTII V (nee Mueller),
wife of Frederick Koenlff. aged 33 Realdeucu.
1340 N Park ave Dje nolle, nf fiinpml
nOHO Uelatltea and friend Invited to funeral.
mas. St nonaAenlnra,". rhureh 0 SO a. m.
Jioir tiepuicner t em auio runerai, -t
KVRTZ Suddenly, Dee. 30. AM.ntmt ,T ,
son of tvl O and Anna. C Kurt. Relative,
and friend. Invited tn funeral aralces Tus ,
.10 p m 11.1 Harrison at, Frankford. Int.
Wed . at Kennelt Hquare, Pa
I.AVXtNO lr. SO. ANNA M ,. widow of
Chartea l.annln- Relatives and friends In
, nM "o funal ervl-es. Wed. 2pm. 8S23
t,erust st inf Arllneton Cetn. Remain, may
bo vUwed 1 ues rve
I.KAUV fuildenlv, Dtc 29. DF.NNIt I.,
tineband of Variirlta l-eary tnen Kellyl iil
aon nf Pnlrlc't rnd Hantaiet Lr. ns.
Uvea an) friends Invited to fureral. Tuts, n 10
n nt . 6100 vvoodlind ave Holemn mass nr
requiem t hureh of Meal Uleased Sacrament 10
a. ni Int. Ilolv Cross Cem
I.t:flt.1i: Dee 31, ,1fAtlY CtTtTl'). daulllr
nf Andrew nnd Annls t; Leslie, aited, 2 Rl
lives nnd friends Invited to ftireral. Wedv. 2
P ni , parenla' resldenee. lli P 34th at . Cam
den. f. .! lal Ml Morlah t em.. Phlln Re
mains mav r" vl-wtd Tuea. evj- Auto funaril
l.OCKAbl: De 211 THOMAS .JOCK.
At)H. nueil r.o runerai aeralces Tura . 3 p. rn i .
r'aMmo of dutuhler. Mrs John T. Ilysn. 02JS
Addison at. Int pilvste. No llnwera. Remains
tnsv be viewed Mon eve .
LOIt-'R Dtc 21, DAMIAN A .husband of
Marraret V I-rser (nie tiiuellch). .red 4.1.
Relatives and friends, Ht Pntrlek a Alliance,
Phlln. I.ndsc. Nn. it. t, O. (i. M Invited to
funeral, 'lura, S 30 n in, '.M2 I.oucshore at.,
Taconj, lteuulcm hirh ina SI Io'a Chtireh
10 a. tn Int private, lit, Dnmlnlo's Cem.
Lebanon nnd t olitinbla. Pa., pppcra copy.
MnCALIINAN Dee EO. MA'llLDV. Vfldow nf
Thomaa MrcAlonan, n.ed 71 Relailvea and
rrlrnds Invited to funeral services. Tues , a
p ni , renldonea of son Arc'ilo MacAlonan, 6137
ltrr.-rn st int. Mt Morlsti cem
. MarrnnitliV. Dee 30 MART A, willow nf
John MicPerron. nnd daoahter of late Pbtllln
and Hannah Albiiritpr aitcd ill nelallvea and
friends Invited to funeral, Tuea . .1 p m, OHO
Dalv at Kervicca Contrrcsatlnt.al Church, 3d
nnd "?nvder nve, 3 p m. Int. private, I ern
wood t em
MADDUV Dec 29. OWEN M.vnrKN rtols
llvea and frltnda members at Cathedral T. A.
II Korlety, invited funeral, Toes . t 30 a. m .
am.! N 2lat rt to.enn requiem mam Chii-vlt
of Oi.r f.eny of Holy Soul", n n m Int. private,
New Ciith.ftrnl Ceni. Auto service.
. MALONHV Dec. 2P, IOHV I', tiiiahsnd of
Nnrah Molrney tnec Flavin), lata county Kerrv,
irelnnd Retail' ea and Iriends also Pennsylva
nia Relief and Kmploves Round House No '.'.
Invited t funeral 'Ittea, K .10 n in r123 Ml.
a ernou it, v . Phlln bolemn teqnltm mass
Mt. AKatha's Church. 10 n m. Int. Holy Cross
r,Of,D Relatives nnd friends Invited In funernl
aervnes, lues, u- p tu, 727 ureen st. jnt.
MARSHALL - Dec ?7 WILLIAM H , hus.
hard nf Anmo Mtirhnll nnd so i of lato James
L nnd Mary A Marshall runrnl, to which
tclntlvra and frlendJ. nlso members of the Vet
eran i;mplovos' Association Penra K It., nnd
etnplovra of same nnd Robert H Patterson
Demoernllo Assneiatton, Invited. Tuea , H 30
a m. (138 P f,2d at Solemn mass of rrnulem
Church of th 'iransflturatlou lo in siiarp
Int. New Cathedral em. Auto scrvlee. p.o
mains Innv lio vbiwed Mon, eve
MAZIlltin Dec 30 nt Sea Isle City. N J .
SAMUHLT MAKURIB. BBCd 11 lluilal a.t West
Laurel Hill l em , Tve moinlur
McALi:sn:it Dec. no. 'edwin r Mpal-
IISTKR, need 71 Relatives nnd friends Invited
lo fuiiural H-rvltes Weii . J p m . 211 Roxbor
oiimt ave Hoborounli. Int private, rrlends
tnnv call Tin nve
MiCARTHV Muddonlv, Dec 30 MART,
vvhl ivv or Dllllel M, I I Ilhv (lieit Sbcl llO Itel I-
llves and fil-nds Invlltd to funerrl. TJmrs..
h 10 n tn 2111 N. 2d st Solemn tequlem
maaa Churcli of Visitation 10 a in Int. Holy
Cross Cem
McCAR'IIN Dr 20 niUDQUTA T. Ife nf
'Ihomia J. McCnrl'n Relrttivea Hirfh friends
Invited in funeral. Wed . H dti a tn . lesldenoj
son-ln-lavv etceant (Jeon,. H. Pener. rrntik-
ror.t Araemi) Holcinn requiem mass et
Inn hints Church 10 a m Int. at Domlnlo
.McCOVNKLL Dee 30 DWIPL. 'inilmnd of
lite Katharine V Mrt unneli Relatives and
friends Invltrd tn funeral Wed . S 30 n in 14
w r,1tli at , West Pnlla lliirli mere of requiem
Chnrih of Our Lady of Vlcton, 10 a. in. Int
Halv Ones t'rm
Mel ORMICK lud.Ienlv. Dm ,10. DR WIL
LIAM Mcl'OltMIt'K, dlllt Tluklini av . hua
laiHi of cinia .linn Vci o-oiti u Itelnttvis ap(i
fr'cnds. alan ICIngfteaslnir Lodtt-. No Joy, I ().
ii I", Ivj Cnunill. Ni UiH Jr I) 1 A M.
Court 'llnklnn No 207 J" of A, Mnndana
Tribe No. tin I O If M. and -40th Word
Re.i'ihll'on Inn nnd Hi ,1 rtt id Republlcm Cluh
Invited lo servlres Wed , 2 p m . nl the Oliver
11 IJnlr lllils IK JO crcrlnut st Int. private
Mt Mo'inh Ceni Pf mains mnv be viewed
Tues from 7 In ll p in . nt nun me.tnut st
Mri-tlV - Dei HI). HAR M. wlfn of John
T cCo Inec J.annilJh) Relatives and friends
Invited In timet it v il . 1 10 n m 2317 Pino
el Hkii mass of rcqutem Si Patrick's Churc'l
10 n in lm. Ilolv ( ross cni
Mi IlCRMOI'T Die. 2. .MART wife of Vll
llnm Mcllermnlt (nee Devllie) ReUtlvea ond
frl'ods, HI Ann's .sntred IKaii Hoclotv. In
vited in tuncrnl Wed. S 3d n ni 21.'li B 1
hert at So'emn requum mass ht Ann's Chur ii
lo a m Inl Holy Sepilcrer Cem I'ottflvlllo
I apere i in
MtDONVLD -D'C 2" JOSEIPIL son of late
VhimiMH unit Sarah MrDoanld. Relatlvis and
friends Invited to funeral 'I nee S.30 a ni .
res'd"iue nf omit Mia. Cahsilne Mulaiiev
130 Hermit ni Wlasn.lr'.on Requiem mn-s
Hr Jrh'i tha Ilaptist Chuch 10 a. ni. Int. Si.
John's Ceni
MtUONW.D De 2H TCfLFN dauith'er of
late Pattlcl, nptl Marv McDetiHld. Relatives
and friends SI .Toacr-lm s Aliar nrd rincrrd
llcnrt hoelelv. Invltrd fo fumrnt. Toes . e 10
a ii.. 42"0 I'enn ai , IrankEcrd Solemn rtqtiiem
mpvs nml Int M loach. :n a Hi e in
Mi'lNTIRP, Suddenly, at Nrv Ynilt Dec. 20.
IC'HN husband of lalharlnn Mi'ltiDru
Relitlves and frktula Invited tn funornt, Tues.
7 10 a m noil frvtnzst. Ulili mass H' Fran
lis do t-aleo Chm til 'J ft lu. Jnt llo'y Cro"S
MelNTYRF: Dec 2D 5H.RTIIA. Vfldove of
Thomas R Mclulyie tnre Qlaall1). Rolull.es
nnd friends, mentoera of Third Cnureti of tho
Covonnnters Invited to funeral services, Wed .
.' p in, 2171 K Flrfh at. Int. p-lvule. North
Cedar Hill Ccm. Rcmnlr ma be vlcwol luva ,
after H h in
McINTVRi: Dec. 30. M.UILOV. busbnrd of
Carrlo Milnlvre. Relatives nnd friends In
vited to funtiral, Wed. h 30 n in. 2740 N.
ralrhlll st. lileh mnss of requleiii SL. l.d
woid's Church lo h rn. Int private, St.
Mnrv's Cum Dovleslown Pa
I'rUAy. Dee 2H, SOPHIA 'tel'AV. widow
nf Jamea II. McKay (neo Do'ithart) Relatives
and fi lends mor.ibors Norria Sqtlnra I. I.
Cmircn. Invited lo funeral services Tues , 1
p in., 3111 N. 11th st. Int. private. North
Ce.lir Hill Cem.
Mclflli: Die 30. MM.MA J., widow of Wil
liam I McKee Relatives and frienda Invited
to funeral -:rvlte. Wed., 2 p r.i cmpel
of Andrew 1 Hair i Sous. Artli and lOtti ata.
Int private vim funeral
MitvF.LV ilV lite ,11. JAMES MuKllLv BY.
need bt Itelatlvea and friends, lernuooil
l.odin. No ill C and A. M . CMveralty
Ch.ipi.r No 2Sll, RAM: Equal ISlKhla
Lod.i, No 4dl I O O F : .Mnaea Lodge N'n
i i. p of A , Pnll. Pnllra Dept , Invited to
ruiieiat .ervli'-H Wed. 2 u in. msldem uf
sen. John W JUKelve. 712.1 Ave B. Clojrview
West Pnlla Jnt .Mt Morlah Cem. 1 rlends
May tall 'I tea eve Auto funeral.
M UINLHV Pec. 3d. JAMJ-.H If . husband of
MatUn J. MrKlnliy. ftclullvtn and frlemln lli
vltut to funeral services, 't'uns . J t. m . oa3
WootUiwii ave, (;crniaiilovti Int piava.e,
Nort.a C'djr J till i em
MiN'ALI.V 0c SO. ..'Nil n Mow nf Piter
Mi Sall IUdsllM." a'id friends Invltnl lo fii
t.erii. Tues . 7 .10 a m . at u'a tea denci I rat U
Mi!.all luuii N cr.lh at . West I'nt'a. Requiem
mass on- L-idv of Lourdia Church. U a in Int
St Denis's lm
Mi'NAMKK Dec. 29, El.I.KN widow of
Rerliard MeNanvts Relatlvea und friends la
vltid to funeral Tuea , H a. ni.. Stt3 Master
at . West Phlla Hlih uiasa Ft. tlrecory'a
Church I' 10 n. ni lot Ilolv Crose Cm
dauffhtir of Robert IT nod Anna .1 Meaus inee.
MilCeai. a-ed 20 Relatives and fl lends Invited
lo funeral servi.es Wed . 7 v in . parenla le.i
dcnio. 1-1" S. Md si Int Tnurs mornlni,
t:plst.0D3l Cem Luwisiovvn. Pa
lirbiltN ller 8t. MARY Widow nf John
Mtehau Rclalivea und friends invited to fu
iter. I, Thuia. S 30 n in, 1910 South st Sol
n requiein inasn Sr diaries' Church. 10
ro Inl New Cathedral Cem Aitln funsral
MILL10AN Pee 31. HELUN L..1BJ7 Cheat
mil at. widow ot William Mlllt.an. formerly of
ouobur, N J runerai at con,enierc of
widow of Joan Mills Relailvea and frleqds in
vlied to funeral services. Wort , 2 p ni 1US
Marlboroj'il st Jnt. prlvnle I .dar IJIM fern
MP.SIMKR. Dec. 30 JEH3IH 11 . wife of Leo
If Mlssinier and daushter of Albert R. and
Hmnia 11. Waiter ased 2n Jtolitlvea and
friends Invited to funeral Wed , a p in , par
ents' residence. 4MI Manayunk ave Roxbor
nugh. Int. I.ev.rlncton Cem. Friend, may catl
MONTACUi; Pec 29 ELLEN I. , nau.htsr
of lata Peter and Mary Mont..u. Relative.
and friends Invited to funeral, lues . 7 30 a rn
slater's residence, Mrs. John J Starr, tali) Mar
ket at. Solemn hhrh requiem mass Church of
Our Lady of Victory 1) a. ni Jnt. OM Cathe
dral Cem . private.
MOORE. Dec. 23. BAR MI, widow of
rieorso Moore, aii.d 73 ReUtlvea and frlendi
invited to funeral aervlces Til.s 2 10 p m .
1321 N Bid st. Int. Illockley Ilaptlat Cem
Remotes may ne viewed Men from 7 to 0 u m
MURPHY Suddenly. 223 Winona ave. (Jer
muntown, IM.. Dec 21), JOHN P. MURPHY.
Relatives and friends Invited m funeral. Wed .
9 30 a. m.. from Oliver 1! Hair nidi . into
caeatnut st. bolemn requiem riasa St.
i . neovnui ... cwinii ir.iuir.ii nas. H, i 1Tlrl aBU JlorrlS SIS II g 1 rmuLli m...
Patrick'. Church 11 n. m. Int. Old Cathedral
MOnnir. Suddenly. 22.1 Wenona, in , Oer
Piantown, Deo, 29, MARY, wife of John P
lurphy. Itelatlvea and friends Invited to fti
reral, Wed , 0 30 n. in . from Oliver If Hair
Hid-,, lelti chestnut st Rolpmn requiem mass
St. Patrick's Church It a m Jnt Old u
tlierlral cem.
N'ELT, Dec. St. 1IBNRY DP. NOON1 son of
ite, Morrison Coalca nnd, Clara Nell aced Si
telatlves nnd frlenr'a Invlied in funeral serv
in lunerei n"i
Kehr. 2101 Dm-
resincnc. or.weaiev ji
niond st Wed . 1 8o p tu
aired t Relatives and friends Invited tn fu
neral services Andalusia Ilurka Co. IM . Wttl .
1 10 p m Inl. Hrlstol ivm
IVRRtEN Dee 30 K'.IZAftETH. rlluehter
of .tames A and Msflh"- McDowell Hrlen.
o.etl r). Dua notice nt funeral will he clven.
parents' residence 11S3 N Md at, West Phlln.
O IlRtEN Dee. ,10, JOHN J , husband of
Mar-arei O'tlrlen (nee McKennal Relatives
and friends I.ennu'V of Saered Henri nntl Altar
Society of uur Lady of Meiey flntreh. Invited to
funernl. Tlinn , 8.10 n ii , 2142 ;'. rber si
holemn mnta of requiem at fit llllMbalh'sj
ihttrchloa m. In' Holy Sepulchra ccm Auto
Ut"rARA De. 2S JOHN htiabind of Kall.e.
ring O'Hara meo McLamthlin) nnd son of Ml-
had end Illliabetn O Hura lite of o. Ar
miKli. Ireland. Relatlvrs nnd friends L"nrus
of tre, Saeretl Heart. Altir nnd Ilolv Name
Societies nf t. Stephen's- Church emplnvrs of
Mldval.! Steel Co, Dlv. No. In, A O It. In
vited to fureral Tina, 7 30 n tn . 4.112 N.
IBIh at. lllaii mass nf requiem Rt Stephen -Church
0 n m Inl. Ilolv Hcpolehee Cem
O MALLITV. Dec HI, MARUMtLT, widow nf
Peter olMolliv. Relatives nnd. frlenas In
v'led to funeral. Thnra , S n in , tiun !'. Itlcks
at., Tnakrr nbove Kth Solemn requiem mavo
Church or St. Thomas Aqutn&s U 30 n. in.
Int Crthedral Cem
O'NP.ILL Dec. 29. IICOtT. Iiusband of MAry
A O .Nelll Jlplatlves nnd friends Imlted tn
funeral Wed. 10 a in. JlBii Shsekimnxon
at Illah mass Church of Immaeulato ( onceti
tlon in a. m. Int, Ifolv Cross t em ..
LANDliU (net. Welile). wife nf Aliaust Opptn
lander. urMl 70 Relative, and friends Invited tn
funernl. lues. 2 p. in, 1(101 N. Franklin st
Int Mt. Praco rm
OUKaMSli Surldenly, Dc 2 WALTER
floor r, son of Helen C. nnd lata Kilns Oursler
Relatives and friends Invited lo funeral aert
leea. TUes . 2 p m. 2M4 N 21st at. tnt
private. Mt Peacs Cem. Friends may tail
ton A to ion m.
IVTTON Dec. 55. JIARY, widow of Jamra
Palton (nq Davis). Relatives and friends,
I adiea' Aid Bncietv of St, Strchen a Episcopal
Church. Invited to funeral. Weil , 2 p in . 2T"S
Howarth st. Sorvleea nl church, II p. tn Tnt
Hast Cedar Hill Cem Remains may bo viewed
T.lmrs iittvveer nnci iu p. in.
PAUL Suddenlv. Dec no. WILLIAM: O ,v
1'Mslond nf Knlio E I'.aul nmli son nf D II.
aid Sarah Paul Reletlvea nml friends losVn
Irlbe, No :i7u. I o It M, Invltrd lu funeral
ervlc-s Wed ,2pm 2S22 Kenslnclon ave
lr,r private Remains may bo vlsv.ed Tues . S
lo 10 p. m
1'BIJiT Dc. 2R, IltlSStn I! . wklovr or
Clia iAs Jil. lellv, ami dlnehlcr of .losepl l and
Kate ll. Simpson nned 30 Helntlvea nnd frlcntla
Invlied lo eeivlce. Wetl , lu n in . ut Ihe
Oliver II. Hair llldg , 1SJU Chestnut si Int
PERL D-r 30 (ICOItOE I" . husband nf
Anna K Perl (nee Itettela) ar.pil r1 Ittilntlvr
and friends E Copptn Mltihrll f.odse. No 001,
V and A. M Totem Lodce. xn moo I O i)
V . Tcmplo Kncumpment, No loo I o o V ,
lljriy c'lnv Counill No 7 Jr. o I AM.
Plltln Murlnt Vssn . Musleiatis' Protective
Aaso . Local No 77, A F of M . the l.onnn Im
provement I eacue, Invited lo funeral. Wed ',i
v. in , 1818 N lllh st Int Wist l.nuiel Hill
Ceni Remains may bo vlevrcd lues nfter 7
V m
PtlORlCER Dec 20. JOH.v POOUICER hits.
band of the lite, MirKHrelhn Joorktr In" Hnff.
main, naett an uiiatives nnu iriemn us-vpti-cher
nluafeat Vetein Imlted to funeral
.rvtiiia. 'furs 2 p lit . 110 Master at Int
private rernwood Cem Friends may call Mon .
0 tt ll) p m Vnto srvle
POTTER Suddenlv, Dtc 29 JOSEPH IN TI
D vvltlow nf John S Potter Relative! anil
friends Invited to funeral servicts 'i urs 2
n ni 72J S -Mill st . W. Pnlla lut. private
Mt Morlah Cem
l'JWUi: Dec 29. KATE S , wife nt Robert
Price Relatives nml fi lends invited ti'
sen Ices. Tuea, 2 p In., 20PJ N 3f,lh . Int.
private Wett Laurel Hill Cem
RAITII Dee 31 llCDWKl widow of Jiiil.is
RnlMl (ne Rodlerh). need HI Re atlves
nrd friends. Vigilant Council. No 121. J of I, .
Invlied tn funeral, Thura. 2 p m. nils N
ionUlln si lilt (Iiceniiiount Cent Itenialiia
mov bo viev.ed V eti , 7 to II p 1,1
Ki'tlt-'H --Dec 30 WENDELL ItEI'.ER M
p Relatives and friends, olivet LoiIkp, F nnd
A M No HII7 Me-!dlan Clnh tenihers and
st idepis of IVniplo I nivereltv and all othrr or
irfl'i1.:ailons of which be was n member lnvltetl
lo fut.eral stivlrew. 'lues . 2 n m 1.11 W. Si hoal
llllte Int nriva'e PJenso omit Itowrs
KCH OlM llrin-eri, widow of II W. Retler
n-ed 81 Pelatlves mid frieiplj invited tn fn
leril 'lus I .10 ti m. residence Thendam
Redeker. 1S W Shariinick st . Herri inlown
Int Ml Vt ice Ceni Remains mnj be viewed
Mon . h to 10 p in
REID D-r J.i. WILLI M RE1D Rlallves
and fi.ends. Polls lluatal sso , lnvltetl it, fi,.
nernl. Tuts , H n in . 717 S 20'h st, RcquUn
vass St Patrick's chu"th 0 13 n m lul New
( nlhedrat Cem
UEINHVHD M Plillndelnhla. Dec 25
nnd friends Invited lo funeril seivltes Tues,
J p in . sister s rerldeace. IH01 N ;:d at . Har
llsb'irn. t'o lot HnrrlsO'irji
nwsunni'oit Dec at iiitwvRn wl-
1,A' M l,uiiantl cf laic RoLassi 7. Reabrm.Bh
llelallvrs and friends and I ompjn E, imilb
RfCltuent. Pei.nsj ivnnl liifauir. ami i rrsvein
Miisnnti t.od.te of Penns 'nil's, iimled to
tune nl We.i 11 n m 1140 l.nnsdovru aw.,
1 itil.it.ti let peivltle I ii'terl Hill I pip
IUHS !ev 31 KATIIERINE RIES luce l.a
1 pri vvitli ,v of Itjtiiloa 1'ihh ii iri ij Iti. lit.
lives nnd friends Altar Sieletv cf Cillirch nf
Our Lnd lle'ii of chrlstlnna Ladles' Aid Sj
ilely of SI Invent s Oiplnn s lum. of 'la
tonv, In.Hid to funeral Wed, h Jo n nt .
,1471 E. 'Ihompa.vn at t,n!emn lequlem moss
Church nf Our Ladv Help of christians, 1(1
a m Int. Holv Redeempr i em
RilltnitrSON HilddPiilv, Dpi. 21 P'.THIin
A . widow of Jilin 1. Rnbrlsin Relatives nnd
frlnds invlied tn funeral services. Mon.. s u in .
i. s'denco of aon-ln-tnw. Ifenrv r. Johnson.
Chestnut ave ut d UiM.ri lerrnce. near cll
Llri Int prlva'e. Pntlsvl'le Pa . via train
linvlrir Co uiubJa nve lues, 1 3o a m Potts
vll's peners i.eiv,
i,ier'. of Kansas citv, to . niretl US Funtral
ser,lcca Tins . 2 p ill . 2100 Chestnut si Int
private, f.ansis Cllv, Mo., nanera please rnpi
RO"nNrilL Dec. 30. L'1H'ARD husband
of Manila Rosenthal, axed 17. Relatives and
frienda invited to funeral. Tuts , 2 i m , 2U1
u .vinntnna si jnt Auiu.i .i m urun t cm.
SCIIARO De 30. I.Ot'IS.. daushter of
Henri and Annie l: Sctiarc aced J eara S
tnn.iths Pelatlves ami frienda Invited tu fu
neral a-rviiea "lues, 2 p m , parents' resi
dence 210 Nedro av, tllnttx Inl. private
bl llVbllU."'. U J! JOHN ANDREW, rr
of John and Cithnrli .. neid.r liieo tlfrorerl,
ntfetl 7 lliitnlhs l'Ulleral Tues 2 p 111 parent,
r.slilet.. iti N 2tl s' lul prLnti Holy
Sepuicjier Cem llenialns may be viewed Mon ,
ltl.Kilh.ll Inee Jniieai, wife ot I'rttlerbK 11
SeluiuberRer Itelatlvea and ft lends Invited tn
funeral aervlcea Wed 2pm, nt rraldence of
pnrenta 70tt Kddystoue ave Kddva'one Re
in.lns may be viewed Tues. evv. Jul Chester
Kmal l em
ncllRICADKl: De. H PETER fl husbjrl
of I'Uen hchieidr (ue ijulnnl ased 37 Rela
M s us I friends also meipr-eirt if 11. n Holy
Nflne St l.awrenre Counrl) No 811. K. of C .
Iilv. .18. a o 11 Court Patrltk lleniy No
231 F of A : St. Michael's T A II . 17tl Ward
Executive Commltree. (.luplove. nf tijreaii of
Illehwaa. all aoclntiea of which he vvaa u mem
ber, Invl'ed to funeral Tuea ,0a.m. 132J N
2d sr. Solemn requiem mass 10 a m bt
Mlclael'a Chuieh. Int. St. Charles a Cem.
Mass). wilnw of rtpt.ert Sch'jlterl ntnl 711 rip'n
Uvea and frlnds. memlters (lennan Church of
I'eoc.i Invited to funeral s-ruite Wed I 10
p m son In taw's rr.dture l hi stoph Elder.
10.1 rjreenway ave Djrbv Inl Mt. Pence Cem
Autn fun.'al Friends mai vl-w remains Tuts
7 in in n m
SIIADLE -Dee 30 I LORENCE T diusli
!.r .f. KdW'fJ W and I hrlstlna hhadle. sued
II) Relatives and friends, m-mbers and Sun
",V "Jho.0, .ehol.ra of Mt Hermon Reformed
church InvPed to funeral servlies. Wed 2 n.
m . u.renla' residence 1524 Uratit si . Nice
town Inf private Northwood cem. Jtrmslna
ir.av be viewed Tiles ere
J.F,Y. fir. r -band nf late Clara M .1 hhari
ley and son of Ijts John and Ann Snaiuley (nee
W'berton) v;e4 so -.unarjl to wiilin rel
ative, and friends. Star of IletMehem Lodse
"..S0- '.? ti- Invited Wed. I n m.
S.yS ? ,,,,,,h,, ,SrvKes St Luke a ill E
church, llroad and Jackson ata Int prlvat.
Heat Laurel Hill Cem Remalna may be viewed
Tue. after n p in
tlK,T J. .-. llEN'Rf MER Relative,
and friends Invited lo funeral Wed .' 2 p m
brotber'e residence. John a Sler. 22J0 S Ilose
wood at lm r.rnwoo.l Ccm Remain. ma
be viewed Tues .KtolOpm
S.M'V. Kec 28 HORBRT M . son of Hiram
and lute I.mma Smith and husband of Mary I
Smith (nee Norman) Relatives ami friends.
l,.i-ounr" - 's'' '' A Court Arden
V.'.i'' r of A Invited to funeral Tues
-Tin.lariy - at 2 p nt Int F.rnvvood Cem
SMULLEN -Dec 28 FRANCIS son of lata
William and Mary Smullen aged 23 Roli.
tlvca and friends invited to funeral. Tues a a
in resident a of John Walter Murke, S ti cor
17th and Morris sts Illili requln niaii
Church nf St. Thomas Aqulnaa 10.30 "
Inl Holy Cross Cem
SNYDEP. -Dec 30 JOHN T .on of .'Jhn
nnd late Kllabeth Snvd'r (nee Clark) llfl.
tlves and friends Invited to fimerai We. . i 30
a m. parents' residence. 102 S. 23d st. Sol
emn masa of requiem .Church of. ' M,',''".nn
Ii a m sharp Int. Holy Cross Ccm. Auto
SPESSFR Dec II el residence, ip I 'lrjv
nve. Jenklntown. MAnY CLARE SPENSER,
need qa Funeral Tues Int prlvaie
SPIcr.lt Dec 21 OLOIIMIANNA !.. Widow
of Ftephen D Ppicer aped K2 Relallvcs and
friends Invited to funeral Tues Sr"''!!;
deuce of son flepien O Spicej, 0131 cnllowhlll
ar tnt Mt. Mnrla i cent Remains mny be
vle-ved linn after 7 t m .,.,..,,. t
. STACKHflLrir.l"" . M , ,Urt,al. J
STACKIIOFSE husband of Julia K ,jV"''1k
bouse nml son of Morris It nnd Int; .Martha
Rinrkhou-e Itelallves and friends Woodland
Council, t TO t). of I A.. Jnilletl to funeral.
Thura . 2 P in , 201.1 S r.Tlll '"' .'
Zlon Cem. Remains may bo Mwed Wed . nfter
7 p m, Auto funeral .,i..pirs mnr
HTM'NTON. ller. .10, IlttlDrlET MAIlr.
lau-hter nf PntrlcK nnd My,.A..!,,I,,"n'on1
of Mantilla, ca-lln liar. Countv Mavo Ireland
Relative, nnd friends InvPed to funeral. "o,
7 10 n m . residence nf Mrs arlff In. J to L.
Rlttenbntn. st . flermnntown Solemn J"" f";
Vincents church o m Inl Holy Bepulchre
C'hTFtrEL. SutWetitv. Dec 2 CltAnLKS,
seS of rirl nnd l'-1r,Vl.ni:.?,;,.,fnnVral
14 Ilelatlves nnd .friends InsPen: t. n era
services, residence o! Wnrrn J. Dan. iWOy
ford nve Fn- Cnase, Phils , Tues . 2 p. tn. In..
srEVI-vSbN-Drc. 20. BUJA1I. Irtfaw of
Wm 11 Mevenson. Sr. (neo Haslami Ilelnllves
end friends lnvltetl lu funeral services rues, .
p m . 1724 N. 2S:n st. Int. prlvaie. Laurel
1IIII Com .. , ..
STEWART Near Vlieenlown, V J, Dec
.10 M MIY J . wife of John Stewart, aied 62
llelathes nnd friends Invlied to tunftM. wr
Vlneentnwn N J . Wed.. 1 p m !n'-SJ'','''
town L.m Autos will mt trnln lea vine
Matltr' St lerry. rniia jua.t n ni m
Cslt'' I'lJliOER Dec 2, UiHF.PII. hush.nil nf
nilnbetli St 1 de.er ltelatl.es nnd friend".
Iiol' Nrmn enei.tv. nt Ep prnns- f-no"h:, "rj1
FlilelJ of Hoanr. No 0. invited In funera
rues' 8 80 a m re'depe of nephew, Innii
Mitrchy. 4.-B V f.M t lll.li ten'ilein masa
Church tf Our Lt.dy or Vlciorj 10 a. m. Int
H"lriNO-Dr. .10 1FN. vvlfe "fJohn ft
Slink, need mi ll"'aiies nnd friends Invited to
funeral services Tips. 2 30 p fii ' .
Avsli y s' , ilermatuoiTn. Int. Weslmtnsler
Ccm A i o funeral .,..-.
sritAWHRIDOi; At Saranai; 1 ake, N'. T .
Dec. .11. IRLNH ANNA, wife of "Aelsh Mrw
bru'en nnd avushin nt r.ilivurrt.IiwiniBSS. I ii
nernt services in New York Int . St Thomas s
Churehvartl, Whllemarsh, l'a . lues . 4 p. ni
Hl'Ul.f -- Dee .11. AIlltlMtKI', Wife of
Oe.irco S. Mllllts n-etl nl) Relative" snd friends
Invlttd to funeral services, innrs , J P in . jjuu
HavcrMrd nve Int Mt. Morlnn Clii
ttalatives and fueii.ls Vrli I oren Iilnn'e. Nit
37. O V nt A . Wushln-ton Camp. Nn r..1.
P i) S of A., '7tn Mum Hionenieu's reliow-sl-Ip'
American cnlns. nrotherhocd "?'"
teplern nnd Jplnersi , Local No. Hi West Pblla.
Ileptibllcan Cluh 27lh W 'iril. I'uWIrHull.lntt Re
lief Asso emplojea nf Cllv Hail. ."Ilu'''"
soiletloi o' widen he vns n inomte". lnvltetl to
services. Wed. 2 p 111 43H Ludloiv si Int
I arnwond I em. Friends may view it mains
Tues. 7 to II) it ri ,,....-
W EENT.Y hud lent' !" - Jl USi
tlauihler of late .io.lu end Noiah Hweei.e;. or
Ilnlivnaihrlih, fount Donesil lielinl Rrla.
Uvea nnd frioads. it V M .sednllli, Invl!;rt to
funrrnl, Tues, s .10 n m slsier a res lance.
17(10 Urown st Knlenin n qulem mass c.Rinilral
10 it in Int Hnlv Cio". Cem
TA1 Uil !) 31 MARY, vvlfe of flcorce
Tallin, ddiirhter of Pnirlck nnd Itossnnna,
Pont r itehttiven and fiends Invltptl lo fu
neral. 2213 lel'jud rl C.'Jtl and Hunlln.T Pant
ve i. Tnurs H .til n in Hjiemn nlfii ma-s nr
requ'eiu Church or Our Lady of lluly houla 10
a m lm St. Ann s em . In a. m. Auio
"CTIVNEY He .11 JsMI'S M.HFRT. son of
Annie nnd late Hiinuel Tin,trv, need It Itj ';
lives nnd friends invited to funeral , Wrd . S 30
ii in . ipslttenee of mollie . 22ld Huh at
Solemn leiulem maps t liaTh o' St. .Mon ca, 10
a tn Int llol "'"?''' ,, . ,
TOLE Dec. 20. ELLEN E . widow nf Dennis
Tole (nee C'onwn.,) Relatives ami friends Ir
Viled Iti fureral Wed. n a. in, lealtj.nce
r .mi in.Imi' Thomas Juvte. Ii21i Hair si
lllsh Ilequleni Mnas St Michael a Churcu 10
u m Inl M Doinlnlt s i nil
TOMI.INSOS -Uto. -1 HANNAH, widow of
llforRa H Tnm'lnscn. Pelatlves nnd frltlitls lu
vlted to funeral Tues. .10 n. in.. r;ldiice of
son ml in tUorce A WHImaiiiu Hull . c
naiiBo st Solemi requiem mass Church of Our
Lady or llol 'U.u's 10 a. in. Int. cathedral
''TONr-Dec's ELLEN A TONEP. wit.
of John. Toner nnd dju-htu' of lale John and
Mm Dalion Jtetetlxs nml fiend'. Sr
Charles It. V Sodal'ty. Invited to funeral.
Tues A 30 a m, h is'.iond'a residence -141
Titan si Solemn requiem mass St. t-harle-Uorth
111,1 ni Ii lto) Cross C"in
VALI EE - ll Miami' llnme. Dei .0 Ilf.N
IV'i. VM.Ilin iT'd 7" ricMtives rml fci't'd"
ivanboe LoJce No 419, F and A M. Invlied
to fun. ral. Tues 2 p m . .11 1 1 N Proad st
In I Femwnotl C" n Juto 'Vner.il .
DER VEER at son-Iu-low h residence l.llvvuod
It Chnpman. toil Colllnsdale nv. Colllnednle.
Pa berv.. o and int. nt Long Branch, N .1
7H Relatives .intl frienda Invlfd to funeral.
Wed. 10a id. IcsldenLe Dsvlsvllle Pa Serv
ice also In Somerion M E Church 11 10 n in.
lilt William I'enn Cem Trans for Somerton
leave LaiiKhorne 10 01 nml Reading Terminal
Vis1 fFlVlT2-lS?"S5. KL.ZARETII V XN
M IVJ.R (nn Worthlnfflon) njted 01. 1I-Itvv-H
nnd frltmU I ivHd to funeril AWd . I V.
1it s. !.iinMlowi (iv . Lansdown-. Ta. Jnt.
Mirlftlv privot'. Mt Mot inl. Ct-ni.
AI-OHAN.-Dec 30. KATE F . vvir- of Wil
liam 11 VniiKlian (neo Mtlnnlsl Relatives nrd
friends Invited to funeral srvlccs 'I ues . -'
It m s04 Mercer St. int private, .-turtnwooti
Ceni Remains may be vlewtd Mon .Sutler
Ineo Dlamomll. vvldovv of Jos-ph Wnl"h ltela.
lives and friends Invited to fureral Wetl 8 30
n ni . residence of sister. Mrs Rose C Carrl
nan 2-'H Firth st Solemn requiem niass
(hurch of tho tsliullon. lo u. m Int New
Cathedral tern, ..,,, .,-..
ItlNOTON. vvlfe of William War-ln-loll (nee
wuindrs' Relatives and frienda Invited lo
funeral Tues., 2 p 11. 1SJ4 s Ilancroft at
Int. i?crnwcotl lent Remains mn be levvcd
11 WTERS De?' 21), CATIIVRINE. widow of
John Waters Relatives ami friends Invited to
funeral. Tues.. H 10 a m . residence of sou, T
V nulllsan, 2317 S loth at. High requiem
nines J-.pip!inn Chunk 10 0 ni. Inl. Holy Cross
CWVTT Dec .11 MXROVRET A. wife of
James Wntt and daughter of Alice and late Ed
ward McAditnH Relatives and frlmds members
Ontario Pros Churth, l.ivltod to funernl, 'I Intra .
1 30 p m . 714 E Madison st Services nt
above-named church 2 p in Int private North
Cedar Hilt Cem Rem&lna mav be viewed Wed .
N tu lu it 111 . ni.d Tout, until 1 JO p ni , at
house onl
WIDMKIEn Dee 2. ELLA P. vvlfi nf
Chnrhs F Wldilieler tueo McOrtv). ngrd BJ.
Relatives anil friends invited to funeral, Tues.
S 30 a. ni . 1731 N Warnotk St. Jtequle'll mas.
SI Mala. Ill's I hurch 10 11. m ll., Holy lit
viterner Cem Autu funeral
wll I)J1A.-At tealdene or Rra ddauiiter
Mm Mar HP'iiiaiitm Deecon at Warrenion
a 1 .10. MARY LLOYD wdoc- of Elvtiou
Wildiiieii of Il.tieaitnt, Pit l.a Co Pa . aged &9.
Vunvral Wed 1 p 111. FalrhJll Mielma Hi.tiss.
lllh and Camhila sis Int hi Falrliiil Cem
1 lowers iua ho sent in Ol.ver H Ualr a, 1820
Cheslnul Bt . up to 12 in
Wll.l v Ml Hoilv, N .1 Der SI ED
WARD WILLS, nged (tu Relatives and friends
invited to funeral, lues, ,1 p in . h" Andrew's
htircn Ml. I toll .'. N J Int Kplsropal Cem .
Moorestown, N J. Remains may be viewed at
Keeier a Parlors. Tues . 1 tu 2 10 p ni
WINNER Suddenly Dec 29, ROS,
vvinow ni inuinus r itiiiuer men r.lllimerinail
aaed f.7 Relative, and frl-nds Jtrld'shuif;
Presbvterlan ciil.cl invlied 10 fitneral lues
2 p m 4937 Hawihorn. at Inl Itrldeaburc
Jresltvlerlan Rurjliip; Grounds
WISE De. s MARY wife or late Ferdi
nand Wise acd .10 ReUtlvea nnd friends Lin
coln Temple No 2. O 1' a and. Camp No 1.
P O s. of A tiivtled 10 funeral. Tues 2pm.
30S W I'aribrla at Int (Jreenwood (K nf P )
cem Remains may be tlened Mon., H p m
W I3SMANN Dec 21 HERMAN 11 !,..
baud cf Dais) M Wissmaun Relatives snd
frienda irvtted to services Tues . 2 p. m . lllfl
S Passnn si Int private u
daughter of Francis and Julia Winterholder (pes
Wright Relativea and friends tin lied to fu
neral Tues , H 30 a m parents' residence, 3I1H
1 Ivlngsione st Solemn requiem mass Church of
Nativity Hi ai 111 Inl St. Peter'. Cem.
HAG Lost, leather bag containing evex'as.es
and mousy neighborhood of 17lh and letferson
. to lSlh i. Montgomery, reward 1707 Jetferson
Ill'LLPOO Found female bulldog, owneriall
N BUns1 pr""rty -"a P"1 tharget. 2J.3
''Vi,M!;7,,."aM''ll"l0,li0a',-'i ausvvefsla
Jm 'iKwut n" ,'u,er-1 "
"IpT'-o," brown murt December '"J Sii
bot'itinerf Inm J'reeriflno Column "
ItANDllAd- tsl on Punl. nbout 12 n0o-C
rn'nie from 10th and Chester nve rnlirnmi
?,tlon lad, . bl-cl.lu;ndbnR Apply TueMa",'
c E suelman. fourth SI N.( uanit
NFCEPtECE Lost, n senlskln neckpleee.Bim
tn nfiernoon. between 42d at and 41th at on
Ralllmore nve or 4tlh i si Intneen Raltimore
nve and I'lne. nt "'jvaf''- fhons Rarlna
1H7.1 W 4.11 South lllh
pm 'KETrtoOK Let. Sn.iiird.av neon, pocket
book conln Inl ut 111 l'iess-return tn ,),
Auto lub of Phlln J Samnle 2.1 s.jjaa ,
POODLE t.ot In navv vard nn Christmas Da,
white poodl' answers to the nsros i
'Pitrrv'1. J't rewnrd and no questions, u 85s,
I.ed.cr Central .
pritsi: teael. r'c. BT. le'W"" ',roftd Street
Station nnd ltli ami Tnsker MreM, w,eJ
turrr- contnlnln- nbout .IBtriil ino i trip tick,.
,.wen Torresdale nnd Phladelplila Reward
If retiimeil to c 11 8Aselitin23Walnutst.
T0UR1NO CAR IJfl rewnrd for return of
stolen 1017 Ford murine car: 018111118111'
number 10370M. IVnna license No samn.
Report lo A P De.vcre.amr. .121 Walnut at
nooKti:Ktrrl. nsslsiant. yount lady, experi
ene'd must be quick and sccurnlo at flsairest
cood w-.trr. state n.e. esnerlence and aalary
L'eslred V nj Lf'brerC)X2c"
fJIRL o'er to veors. pood wnces, ateadv posi-
Hon. Irlldberper .aron .vug. to..
4000 N
"tli st near Vane Junction
Oiltt, ere-epcd for Ice cream and enke .tors.
Art''" 1410 L'custst between J) nnd12a m,
Olttt S WANTED, over, tfi Increased faeimi-s
la-e made opstiln-s In qur plant for refined,
jaiel'jent ait is for IsMllnr lid sealing and
patUlt.S i.tpdical n'lpples. light, easy work.
elenn. beallhv si'rrcundln-a. 02 hours week,
ralarv in to beplcn its, with rapid advance
trent if ooud workers. 12 minutes from Dread
M Slallon on trelri" Applv In person or by
leiterJoJlIC JMtititirAJ 'ofllenoldeni.p,
OIRt.s. 14 to 18 sears: llalit, clean work, well
ventl'nted s.anltsry verkrooms: steady emplov.
ment (ton.! wa-es North American Lace Co ,
tli anlAllennen nve
01RLM wanted 1 amlv with nertlle, pood wages,
s-eady eniplo.vmpnt App'y rranlt Schoble A
Co Wthjind Ovfiiril nia
HOSIERY Toppers nrd knlllera on Scotl 4
WiiitsiiiH aril Stamlard I machines highest
wfl'trs. "lend' work b'sl working conditions.
HvulenV Fleeced rnderwenr Co . Hosiery
lr' 2I1B North ttruaril st
LADY Wanted, ft rennet! rultured lady to In.
tr' lew the l.rs: nsn of people Call at the
LItt'e Theatre. 1 to.lp in.
I HIT Wanted, n m ddle-ntred lady to taks
ue of 2 small children and keep house.
11 1)2 Lcilserlllce
MENDER on uphola'ery poods A. Theo aC
butt A Co.. tlerkley st., eaatjaf Wajna ayj.
Si riNOOItAPHER. eaperfer.ced nnd thorougriv
cnmttlent wanted for permanent pos.tlon:
i.lso rprulne Tor otio leas experienced but
sTltllrvi; to larn nnd anxious to advance, stale
esv i .etc. nml salniv. P iL'S. I.edeer Otflc.
STFNOOltAPIir.R nnd IMilst wnnted. first class;
1 flu .0 :1.11s or nav. niuar be rootl nt tiiking
iliititloq, cood snitrv to rUht person Ap.
tt'i Tues J'rauklln sukit RcllnlnR Co Reed
Hi. Wlurf. Ivlnware River
STrNOOEAPUERwantrd who la fast nndae-
urnle, permanent position with rood pay to
matt ntlvnneement Applv In person at our
olfli o in i.envjii. on .Main Line American
Itfto r" o
TRIMMER- wanted, eaperlenced on men's felt
hats, send wnsey, stent! emplovment Apply
lVank "-t hoble ft ( n loth nod Oxford ats
HOiS AND HIRI.S Money for bova nnd girls!
we tol Htttll without nione atoelc of pu2!e ta
sell, keen Iinlf Hie nionc sample puzalo nnd
proposition diaie 1 nlted Lilhccirntili Co llox
.1715 R P Roston. Mnss
v if Ii frovc.i tihlli'v, nood opportunity for th
tlslit mnn. tl s"j I.tilKr Central
TLi;lArT-. nml nuntia lu tho trninlntr Bchoul
loi mnl inr"t In larKi prl.atn Imapltal for
l.p it in a-. In Iliilad-lp,ila App!j to Kupcrln
trmlfni nf ImKpltnl. 4lth and Mnrkt sts bo
tHii 1 ..'. aiii i 10. or l appointment
iilLI CI.ritK Von.it; mnn nbotit IS years of
HK9 to mal " nut iilH on t. c Smith tipewrlt
er. nrjwt b nat am! nccnralf Ht flcurea, op
port null- for i.lanp-inen. answer in own
liantlurltlnif ?tatln.r ape experience and ial
in I'XpTl'il It 111 Ledger O.Tire
HOY iiit n nl InteliUent In larjro office, goo-i
opcoriunil fo advaiiiement, annner In own
Imi.dArliiiiR-, ntitln? azr anI salary cipected
II IM Ledjer Ofti't
ItO 1." or 1(1 for Milpplmr room In fn-tnryT
Kooil rhancn fn -Heady bi Applv Tursday
afierI a in or write ll!ll SnrinytJarden it.
jjOYi it tn IN eirs. atcuUv rmplo rnent goal
uirtii North .American I.a-io Co, 8th ani
I'OYS wnnted fo en rrrandi Apply Tuesday"
Quen-Oray Co . IS18 Chestnut at .f.th floor.
ijtl'Tl.Kft. flrit ilast, wanted nnd flrit'CUjr
wouiHii took, colored, cood winrri, nclehbar
I nr ells, references regulrtd .M bl'3. Idrer
4 if Are .
"CAniNCTMAIvl'nM --!
hi. inranrla. frw 7
i nblnetinnkers
Hardware fitteis
Itnuh rip navvers
.lolnier orerntnrs
r .perlenceil rubbers
i end niolder operators
'llllng-un .s-vvvera
ly-hour-weel, aeliediile
Ph)s!t,ii fsamtnation necessary. AddIy
Vlcini 'Mlkltnr Mut hlne i iiinpanv . Application
ut'ice, .u i uu;, r .' t tvriucil. .1 J
Cl.KHIC Wanted, jouns man between 18and
22 3esra nf age In uiTItu of hirge furilitur.
luonufucturers fine opportunity of learning
business and advancement iissurcd. knowledge
of hool.keeplni: not retiuiretl. apply In own
handwriting, atstinir age. experience and asl
nry expected ll 111 ledger Office
IJfllVnit vvanttd, ateady vvoilt. gnotl wages Ad
nlv Crancolce Cream lo . 2.18 H 2Sd
KI.KVATOIl" MACHINIST nnd aa.lsta"ntfo7
large aeaahore hotel, must have experience
on hflriuIlo plunr.er elevutora. their opera
lion, upkeep and reptfra. atnlo nge nallon
Hlity experieme, references nntl wages ex
peiml h hour shift. 7 daja Address M 821,
L"d;er Offtj
kNGlNKKI'. experienced oti C'orllvaenglnes. vt".
ler tube boilers, refrigerating, pumps and
general power plant op, ration, state uge. ni.
tlutiallty. experience, leference anil wages .!
peileil. 8-hour Sfilfl. Address M 822. Ledj.r
K.ilIKLlt mill electrical uasiJIaml on7
who haa red experience on I'orliaa englrri, i
luimpn i.n.l ilnamos. Apply January 1. JJiJ
t ni Miller Luc. i'o . 4Mi 'lucony ijj
era I. ford jew
UOL'SKMAN. while, nlnsle. for private fatSs!
best reference renuired 0 15.1. Ledger )-el
LAUUItAlllltV ArflMlANT Illch u-nn.ii .ni
iixt-.i wanted us Uh.irdtory aasistauts. stead
position with atlvinc-enieiit tli pending on Ih.
nioji Appiy lu person or by lettei to It. lv.
Mulfnril ro. illeuoldun. l'a.
MACHINISTS Lathe milling ond bench hanail i
...u. ,-i iiini'iiiia. itiet-iiaiiice, sieauy ivi.
Applv Tue.dav. Uueeu-llray Co.. 61b Chestnut
at .llfth floor
MAN wanted vvhn thoroughly tintlerstands Ids '
paper twisting business, to take full chars,
of our repor spinning plant, ateady position
wflh good vvngea guaranteed to thu right msa.
Ilepl or sddress llresinln llroa. Co , Hug
Works liluin.en.rr I ll, N J.
MAI" CLKltlv Heart office uf Philadelphia Fir.
Insurance Co wants an experienced nisa
clerk Apnlv. vvllh references and salary ex
peeled 1 70'. Ledger Off It ".
MKN WANTED Uollermakers. locomotive ma.
rhlnlsts car rrpalr men, laborera, locomotive
cleai.era I'enn.. It lt..17sl lllbert at
NEWSPAPftlt MAN wanted" preferably on.
with trade paper experience, knowing soma
thing about market, state age, experience and
sal-iry M (iJ.1. Ledger C.ntrsl
no RocTii ron tub winter
Ihe Handy Vuluine Edition (advertised hy
hears. lloebuck Co I Is the greatest kelllng
proposlilon ever offered by salesmen. '-Only
one dollar with the order and three dollar
monlhlv llae room for only a few mor.
real salesman. We train you thoroughly
work leads exclusively, and pay drawing ao
Count weekly
J3U S. 15th at., cor. Walnut,
S . l.KMJ n.N vvanlul to preenrta"iuta rd medics I
books to phi.Iclan. only; we have Ju.ttif-tu.it
and now have In preparation many new rk
that are meeting; with pronounced favor; tucj
lesiful books mean successful salesmen: good,
Invome and agreeable occupation. Address
with fullest details and business references,
J II Lipplncott Company, Philadelphia. P.