Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 17, 1916, Night Extra, Page 8, Image 8

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Gaining School Important
Adjunct to Philadel
phia System
Duties of Members
'; of the Bureau of Fire
i FIRST In ense of flro to protect
lifo nnd, property,
(o) MnklnB speedy rescues and
com eying persons to places
of safety,
(b) Extinguish fires and prevent
sprendinfr to other property.
SECOND Whero buildings col
lapse. (n) Rescue porsohs and recover
; bodies.
, (b) Clear nway debris and remove
weak nnd clangorous parts of
The flymen's raining school In nn ad
Junct of. the Ilutcau of Fire of which the
, - renerat Philadelphia public has little It
. ftny knowledge.
;Vj Yet tha curriculum of that Institution In
. ' AjtmctB the fireman scholar In detail of his
4',iirorle that equip him In many linen of duty
t,,'far mora Important than the extinguishing
'.'Of flames and tha sarins of property;
" Hidden away hack of the headquarters
jiuT iSnglne Company No. 23. on SJeventh
, ' - Jpirtit above N'orrlrf, the school of Inatruo
.Stten, like the rest of the IlurenU of Fire,
, Vattraclcs llttlo attention until Its tueniLers
.re culled up nnd then It adequately rices
'J'to the occasion.
" v' It Is open to the public, hut the public
doesn't seem niraro of It any more than
3 i'i' bestowed attention upon tho fact that
. "the firemen of l'hlludclphla nro today tlio
poorest paid und most Intelligently trained
i; of any body of men performing like duties
i'ln the first-class cities of America.
. Organized little more than three jcars
ago the school already has transformed tha
.. working force of the bureau Into a more
; efficient, Intelligent and capable body of,
, Jnen.
A nia rnoPErtTv saving
. j' The saving accomplished In pioperty and
''lives elnco tho school was urbanized Is
i '.Incalculable, and even greater cltlclenoy Is
&9lMincd by those In charge.
ij'A. The first Idea Inculcated In the mind of
5 the newly made fireman Is revolutionary If
, js'ene measures by commonly accepted stand
'i He Is taught that his first duty Is not
to extinguish the fire to which he is sum
moned. Foremost comes the saving of human life.
How to rescua persons Imperiled In burn
ing buildings Is the first subject In the flre
A man's school. HIb own safety Is secondary.
v Before water Is "laid on" ,the hoseman must
, go Into the smoke and flame and assure hlm
Yiself no human being, sensible or Insenslf
. ble. yet remains Such a victim must be
v carried to enfetyaj. all hazards and with
, ao delay. The saving- of property and ex
i tlngulshlng of tho flames may come next.
Jbut t Is never paramount.
& Timne teatis womc
L J.iJX TJii training school In Its three years' ex-
K T'jWenco linn graduated 8S0 memberH, It Is
Mn charge of Battalion Chief George W.
i JuOodle,' commander of the second, or ''flrp
- belt," district, who has as Instructors Cap
tains James Ullbcrt and Anthony ItcCJrann.
r Sessions are held twice dally, at 9 a pi.
and l p. m., except Saturdays and Sundays
There nro two classes', one containing
'sixty and the other sixty-five men The
Sjterm Is completed In forty days, covering a
i period of three months. Every man In the
' service below the rank of captain Ih obliged
'to undergo Instruction, and most of the
captains 1iao been voluntary pupils.
The details are so arranged that not more
than nno man from a company Is "at
school" at tha same time. At the end of
;the course, which embraces rescue work,
hose And ladder work, first-aid treatment,
; knqta and hitches and tools, the men are
, iput through an examination. This test in
..olvea also high pressure, general knowl
edge, proficiency as hose and ladder men,
aptitude for Are service, as well as the
' subjects previously enumerated. A certifi
cate rewards the successful student upon
Thero Is no extra, pay no time off for
(hU additional efficiency -work. Officers
nnd men In the ranks donate their services
; that the cltiiena of Philadelphia may get
,- r , , , ,
M . M . . i i i , i i ii. j" ' ' ' - ' - ff A.. ,..,, ,i .i i - .
t ;..' jKStSmtwjiBF j
H Making sauce for a
particular dish is tho art j
, of arts in tho culinary i
,,.. line. Brains, as well as
' -,i flavoring, go into tha
ft . lityt making" for thero are
i- ( ., ih'M almost as many kinds of jj
fe. ' -Mi sauce as thero aro of H
t Hero vrhat is sauce for H
i the Gooso is not always II
sauca for tha Gander I n
(TOrje -gt. 3aw& 1
I Walnut at 13th Street 1
DAtrawa ih thb uvantNa 9
law ss
i"'" ' - r-T-
1 Engagement Ring or
Xmas Gut
Manralously beautiful and
tfillngly brilliant diamond,
full of tha "Are" that flashes
only In atonea of high quality.
Platinum setting. Superb
vain One of a large mt
jflngnlflcent stock we purchas
ed before the big- advance In
prlC4 Under our reserve plan,
a await deposit will hold this
ring or any other article for
jou until Christmas-
Xttrv UitcUll Dlme4 U nor
(intui tiKitly 94 rtfrumlfJ.
DwiTeftwd Stem
I . S U 4H, SASt.
full .value for the stipend paid to the guar
dtah of their lives and property
The campaign committee which is In
Charge bt the movement now before Coun
cils to secure a readjustment of hours and
better pay for the firemen, believe that
With A proper acquaintance on the part of
the public with the firemen's school and
the Other ndjuncts of the bureau toward
greater efllclency their appeal for recog
nition would meet a general popular sup
port that would compel acqulcicenca by
Stcam-Hented Stnlla and Un
limited Luxury Well Enough
in Their Way, but Lacking
in Solid Comfort
$1,000,000 ON THE HOOF
Fashionable Frlyols More Than Dou-
blc Cost of Madison Squnre
NHW YOrttf. Nov 17 Having Indulged
Itself In n couple of mlltlnn dollars' worth
of horse show this we k. Boclcty today got
back to tho rigid simplicity of JS0.O0O din
ners. There'll be a few minor pvetits today,
but the honest-to-KoodttoMt part of tlip tiliow
wm o er aflei Judge William II Moore,
Winner, and three ulher roclnty whip In
thi coach-nnil-four lunll gave an exhibi
tion of 1250,000 on "lierlJ
The liorc5 nre ery glad It's oer. Steam
heated sltill and a grouni for each hoof
H nil very well In lis nj. but In u common
pul.lla place llln Mncllpon Kiiunre ttardrn
nno nccr can t II wlrtt underbred horHo
orie may !). compelled to associate with
IlcHldcs, one misses the soft leithpi lining
of onn's own box Btull. Kveu In thin high
class public lenderous, whlro It costs an
ordinary human lielng twrnty-flxo crntH nnd
an effort Just to rest liH ovorcont. n colloge
bred ciwtCnVtnllorod hrc Ih sulijecleil to
much discomfort
Htlll tlilH mllllonilnll.il aggregation of
fotir-foutcd fiiNliloiiiibl h illiln't luivo It no
rough. All tlio stnll lio-te nm young mat
tresses on their elbons so they could bo
hacked Into softly Mouogrnmmed bath,
rnbett, ear uiuffx, hoof niltt.-ii, Kli-cpliii; luigx,
maukure sets. Khoucr b.iihn fam-y plllous
nnd n few other of tlio inmi'ion comforts of
life In a fitublo wcio ptmiilril In prnfiiHlou
'Thure was Mr (lurreiibolm'N Knut, for
lnnlnni'f. He hud a lii-wllcd mirror mid a
special comb mid luuxli fur his fort-lock
And ncroin the Ktu-et of stalls stood Con
ference, , the high Jiimpiiig, high-living old
girl from Jlye. N Y. uho asplrci to follow
the well-known cow over tho moon Connie
Is the champion high jumper of the world,
llecord, eight fret thrcu Inches 8he rati n
bucket of lurtots every day In addition to
her regular food.
.Most of K. T. Htotnsbury's horses, It Is
said, prefer peanut nnd chopped feed snlad
All this Information was gathered only
nfter a lavish expenditure of twenty-five,
cents per groom. No real groom would
think of speaking to you for less.
Altogether It was an exceedingly high
priced, high-class show A million dol
lars' worth of class on the hoof, JIBO.OOn
worth of It owned by E, T. Stotcsbury. of
I'lillndolphlu, and nn equal amount by Judge
Moore. Twenty thousand dollara' worth of
decoratlonn. Thirty thousand dollars' worth
of prizes, Another million dollars' worth of
jewels gracing society In the boxes on va
rious occasions, Two hundred nnd fifty
thousand dollars' worth of gowna doing
tho same In nil. about S2.300.000 worth of
horse show.
Pittsburch specialist chosen to fill
chnlr of larynKolofjy nt tho Jeffer
son Medical Colleirc.
Ruhr Away From St. Joseph's House
Only to Land in Jtiil
A slxleen-vciir-old liov. who snlil lie bad
been living fur tho Inst two wrckM nil whnt
he could pick fiom garbage lunHs, vmib
hi rusted nt Spvcnleenth and tliiiislend
utrcttH today on the nciiisntlon of stealing
milk from doorsteps. When Acting Ser
geant Oreer senrched tho boy, whost. name
In Thomas Mcf'nnn, at tho Klfteenth and
Vino streets police station, he tried to ron-i-NiI
several pieces of dry In, ad he had In
IiIh purkct Ho wanted .In suvo them, lis
Tim boy told Strgeaut Orrcr hn had run
awny from St. Josiph'H Home, Hoventh nnd
Hpruco streets, whcio he had been placed
nfter his p.irenti died I'ollco of Ihe Fif
teenth anil Vine strnets station suit him
to Sergeant Joteph Shin, at tho Dctectlva
Utnc.ui In tlio hope Shea rould llnd rela
tives for the boy or got him soma work
I'hilndclpliiuu Dli'H I'islUinfj in France
Chillies Allen Donovan, who left Phila
delphia lant spring to enllnt In n Canadian
regiment. Ii.ih been Idlleit while fighting In
I.'rniicc. nicoidlng In word rcLclwd hero
jestcrdny Donovan was n natlvo of Iro
lst ml. but came to this cauntiy as n. child,
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Howard G. French Calls for
Meeting in Hnrrisburg to
Consider Project
Plans for a Pennsylvania Chamber of
Commerce, to be formed somewhat on the
model of Chamber of Commerce of the
United Stales, already are under way.
Howard II. French, president of the PhlN
adelphla Chamber of Commerce, has sent
a circular letter to chambers of eoinmerce,
other leading builness organizations nnd
grnngei throughout tho Stale, asking 'co
operation In the plan for nn Initial meeting
on December 1G at llairlibiirg loohln'g to
tlitt formation o( comm!ftJfl to work out
the lda The letter In part follows
Your experience In business has
doiibtleni led you to tlio same conclu
sions which many other progressive
hunlne men are reaching today, viz .
that It would be to tha advantage of
our fate otir Industry nnd our agri
culture if thi business men of the State
and the I.eglslnttirn could be brought
Into a nioip Intelligent and sympathetic
co-operation than at present exists.
Thero has been a lack of harmony be
tween the representatives In tho legis
lative halts and the Interests which
thrive, or die, as affocled by such leg
islation Tho letter continues to sny that every line
of business Iiiih suffered from hastily
evolved laws and lack of conitnictlvo legis
lation and that therefore It would seem
ilcslious. In view of these facts, that on
organisation he formed within tho Com
moimralth "fien from alliance with any
polUlcil p.trtv through which men of ubll
Ity may endeavor to icmedy these condi
tions by expressing then thoughts to those
who are charged -with the responsibility of
making, enforcing and Interpreting these
"II Is thought," the letter continues, "that
nt present the organization should ho mod
eled after the Chamber of Commerce of
the tthlted States.) composed of """"St
tlvVJ I 8f commerelM and Industrial Organi
zations, associations of tabor, agricultural
erganlzatlons and oilier agenele whose ln
tercets would be thereby affected."
llr, French, In commenting on the plat)
last night, Mid that he had a
favorable responses tven ttias tk
expected many more The imS.J
a SUt Commerce Chamber' hi LTCS
been Incubating for some Um -us Wl
rtiambeY officials. wu i
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