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Mlttrii? Af ARM KRVS WITT.
il&n to Put Them in Saloons7
Bakeries ami uuim x mtcs
Backed by City
. ... ..niMam hns been nrotiscd nmeme
went and nro umlcrwrllliiB experts
- Im city ns ft restlll 01 me nnnouncc-
that kcn to nic-nla.rin boxes, which
SenliL kent In Bias's cnsc3 nttnchcil to
rt Sc. In he future nro to bo kept
t",f."i:. .nloons. factories) nntl other
j.uMIhmenls wh,ch nfC 0PC" Iny nnU
fcVi is inserted Hint this will result In
n "hattsc In 'ho nnnunl loia tluo to
IH mav endanger human lives, nntl will
IStirMtlV result In the ralBlnR of tho flro-
IbflitnCB '"
Br. TSlem which Is to be put Into cf
Hl was used In this city until three
If?, i:m West Tlonn. strict, killing Miss
Snafcth K' nj'a"'
. Tk. Inoucst Into tho dentil of the woman
B ' .(,! there wns a dclny of more than
BY ..""... ,1I I,, ,n flro ntttlm
, '-'L to Inability to locato the Key to the
i Kta It was asserted that If the
fi ftVhid been available her life could havo
;. 55th little difficulty
Immediately alter me iragcuy uinyum
'-.ml. n,r.n chief of tho bJlectrlcal TJu-
r,.u ordered the liiilnllntloii of the pros
.fit ATC 0f alarm box door, with the key
Kntilned behind a glass panel which may
S readily broken and Instantly available
K.$i.4ffA nf lire.
f Chief McLaughlin, of tho Klcctrkal nti
;,," conferred yesterday with William
It Murphy, chief of tho Klro Department;
p A. Raymond, of the National Hoard of
lire Underwriters; Charles A. Ilcxamer, of
(hi Philadelphia Hoard of Fire Under
Wr)ini. and IMward Aiken, chief of tho
ftlMtrlcal signal syBtem or tho Electrical
o,.i. After tho meetliift It was an-
- ...i i,.t tlmrA u-nitlil ho n. rntllril to
tt old isystcm of licenltiB the keys to
!rm boxes In nearby e-itabliahmcuts.
lit reason given for making tho clmngc
was the Increase- in the number of falsa
Virros recorded since the presnt typo of
tox was Installed.
Prevalence of false alarms sounded In
Jtf'Ml c"les '3 " ius-tlfcatlon for taking
fl$ th keys out of the boxes. In tho opinion
II el John W. Kcuy, cnici ot me itccincai
1 1 Bureau of Camden, and former president
iol the International Society or .Municipal
"The large cities havo most ot tho keys
Incited In the boxes," ho said, "and tho
We3t practice everywhere la toward
'pitting the keys where they can bo
;'ud Immediate . In New York, Daltl
I'moro, Washington, Chicago and nil of
tie larger municipuiuics wmi wnicn i
unacquainted the keys are nt tho boxes.
iTiJt Ij tho placo for them. In Nownik.
, J., they even go so far as to leave
tie keys unprotected that Is, there Is
M slats to break before the key j
;iThough no olllclal action was ever
Ukjn by the Intercatlpnnl Society oC
Municipal Knglnecrs, tho opinion of near
Ij all members of that organization was
tut the keys should not be kept away
tnt) the alarm boxes.
"Taking the keys away Is not the way
ia mppreas the faUe-alann nuisance. A
lUtt jail term for offendcra Is far mole
i effective. A man who rang a false alarm
la Camden not long nnp was caught nnd
11 hocra after ho puIlodVhc alarm he was
fceglnnln? a 60-day sentence Jn the county
'Jill, Time is everything If lighting a flro,
aid the place for the key Is where It Is
ami acceuioie. :
f-Cli)ton V. Pike, rormor chief of tho
uuucipnia Electrical iiurcau, wnen
(watloned on the matter lcpllcd:
t "I do not wish to be put In the posl-
ia or criticising any one," he said, "but
By attitude on this question ia apparent
front the action I took when In charge
M tie Electrical Bureau. I lnvestlimtert
tie ituatlon and found that the larger
municipalities kept tho alarm box keys
ow ""! uoj. or eiso nan a rorm ot alarm
I hlch AA HM P.nill.a .. 1 nif T nnl
fnrtfed IDfieit In thp tr.lnmtiloalrin tt )..
ilKiXT Jlarmj essential and consequently ordered
litis w Mange."
i1 SfeLAtir.HF.IVH ni'tnvii
.! Cilef McLaughlin, of the Electrical Bu
reau, aald of tho proposed change:
jfJThla will not bo done In a day. It
r tk six months; but one thing is
MrUIn, v.e have got to protect the public
Ijalnit mischievous boys nnd drunken
" who break tho glass In the alarm
tons now on our streets just to see the
Itglnes come.
jfThese kejs will be placed In baker
ppj, reputable saloons, hotels, npart-
I. houses, factories and other places
Jfe open at night and are In the
Mlate vicinity of the fire box. They
Mt be located in dwelling houses in
e Officers to Officiate at Initiation
or Union Class of Candidates.
' Councilor Sheneman and State
ftt Secretary Ford were accorded a
reception at the last meeting of
R. . ' ' HoU8tn Council, No. 739.
ras rr ",uc omciated at the Inula
r ttth . i " clasa ot candldates, after
Tauii,. .i' ca were oenvered, compll
uai' thi. m.iiH-ti ..- v
bA V . ... "k" upo" ,la progressive
ii ft L,I1Inr of the widespread inter
tBrth"t. tne Jurisdiction and the
mtt the Bute. reporUa ,rom a" sec
S.J,hJiiaiwd'.on l0'':? Sle councilor.
'JEKitet" ui ll& .,00k' 'rward for many
MlSuitrm.iI".,.,Sla .Saturday evening- In
rtfi a UUdT(,.r' DP"nS..oaen street.
! ! Into hi. 51. "i B? iniuaieq ai
ul liSJi-3mli! wl" b decorated
ti K5Vl2lSs..c,,,r State flaira be
"wt lit? "rtou.,..:ounc"- A selected
r 8hM;m;T.r""!!i' laeiea By state
? DBcaeman. win ...mum.. ... n. ..
im . T. ':-. -'"
. "i". ". "'lenaanee. utmun
pnila iiT i!. "v ,ro.ra ." '
VfS''Si?! taU, Council
K2THS? iaeotleV'or ihff eSSS.J'Sr.1 M ."
ttalwT iRf Cbuncll. No. 6is7 In thi
l..'. Tale taunrf U.IH .-..' !::
" oair o ih rauacll.
. bill .r M held 'fueuday evenlnc
ifUor xfiSOS,?"1 Count.". No. 4TU.
lttifiK.Wl'ia and ma.nr dtDullfi
f Mttw; m!Sl,n wr prewnt. Plana
fiaVW;,SJ"n and Stale Couacil
fTl St,MUit 8trlek.riuia Council.
,f,Si"1,'fiS&,Md wm "
I 5a ii ,w v. g4 "
, ,il"" u Nu 97(1
lk UleiI?io ', ,f D0.Lr of BOO voicea, under
5 T?I irolhM; nobert M. 'Banke.
ot Bretff? JLttM P'P er?an will 'n
,lr',V.cd?'c.eKf,?.wfil " '"
r.j Tirtw
and Mrs. Henry Cope Re
enact Event of Fifty
Years Ago
There will be an all-day cclobratlon at
42 West Dauphin street tomorrow In
commemoration of n most happy event.
Klfty years ago, on February 11, 1SSS, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Cope were married nt
Vaston, Pa. This wedding ceremony will
bo re-enacted In the presence of their
four Bons nnd six grandchildren.
Mr. Cope Is 71 years old, four yenrs his
wife's senior. Ho Is widely known and
popular in Kensington, where for many
years ho hns not only been a lender In
public-spirited movements, but also, pri
vately, has dono much work for tho roller
of tho poor. Ho has lived 43 yenrs In tho
lDlh Ward.
Mr. Cope is vlco president of tho ICvan
gclical Hotho for tho Aged, Old York road
and Hunting Park avenue. Ho Is a di
rector or the American Enterprise Build
ing and Loan Association. Tho four sons
ot tho couple Prank, Charles, Edward
and 'Walter Cope arc all active In Ken
sington business and social life.
Tribal Meetings and Union
Gatherings in Local Wigwams
To Capture Palefaces
As tho result of a vigorous three months'
membership cami algn. Wlssahlckon Tribe,
No. "J, mi Tuesday evening held a ban
quet In Mosebach's Casino, 12th streot and
(iirnrd avenue. Captain Charles Wleland,
of tho State Council Finance Committee,
with his Tcllow team members had tho
pleasure of acting as hosts to Captain J.
Locli and tho members of the winning
team. Great Sachem Samuel J. "Walker,
Great Junior Sagamoro T. C. Beswlcl:
and Deputy George Knlttle were among
the honored speakers of the evening,
Thn Allied Trluci or Weat rhlla-lelphln,
Tuedn) cNcnlnfr, met lit the wlKwnm of Ka
liuntnli Trllie. at Ciil ftreet nnd lllrard ave
nut?, preliminary to iho "Iloom" getmlon to he
hpl.l ilurltiK worm moon. In tho wlirwam of
Tuclcnhoe Tribe, at -"'-' South OOlli street,
liiaml Sachem H. J, Walker offered a prize
to the tribe sending the larseat delegation
to the proposed "lloom" nesslon and Great
Junior SiiKumoro T. C. lleswlck offered a
prlro to ha awarded the West Philadelphia
trino capturing tne largest numiier ot paio
facen prior to the date of this meeting.
The movement. It in bclleted. will prove po
tential In advancing the Interest of- Redman
uhlp ttcet of the hchuvlklll. and Is only nno
of manv plans contemplated by the allien
tribes of that dlrtrlct for a cenoral forward
line of work In which all tribes wilt be ma
terially benefited. -
The big .Montgomery County district meet
ing held In Nnrrlstown proed a gratifying
auccepa nnd brought together nctlo members
ami delegations of Norrlstonn. C'onnholiocken
ami nenrb" tribes. Aslnteil by tlreat Junior
Kagumore lleawlck. tirent Harhem Walker ton
ferred the pant eachem's degree upon o past
olllcera of subordlnat" tribes, fleorge Alker.
rhlef of records f Tribe No. U'J, made an
Interesting short ta!k
Monday evening the Board of Great Chiefs
attended an enjoyable banquet tn cerebration
of tho tilth nnnlversnry of Saw Saw Tribe, J.O.
SSI. or Edgo Hill. Tho affair was held In the
(ilensKlo Methodist Church, and tho members
who turrounded the festal board were caret!
for by members of the Ltdles' Aualllary of the
tribe, who supervised the details of the ban
quet. Short talks were made by the great
chiefs, and tho affair was one which reflected
the highest credit upon the tribal manage
ment and the order at large.
Friday evening delegations from Kingsesslng
Tribe. No. SOP and Mandam. No. 110. visited
Teocco Tribe. No. 313. and assisted In a house
warming gathering held In Its new wtrwam.
"Oth street and woodland avenue. Represent
ing the Great Chief. Great Junior Sagamore
lleswlck made a short talk.
Tho Slat anniversary of Tongwe Tribe, ?o,
32.", was appropriately celebrated Friday even
ing in Columbia Hall. 22d and Norrls streets.
A large gathering of warriors and brsves
listened attentively to addresses by Great Sa
chem 8. J. Walker and several of the local
Following the regular business aeeslon of
Tubu Tribe, the Haymakers from Heading and
various sections of Philadelphia Invaded the
wigwam and In Jolly good fellowship enjoyed
a social season, discussing affairs affecting
this Important auxiliary to Redmanshlp.
The Past Sachems' Association or Pennsyl
vania held Its regular monthly meeting Sat
urday evening In the new headquarters at
Teocco Trlbo'a Hall. 7id street and Woodland
avenue Renewed Interest was shown by the
large deleaatlon present, and President J-Jl
Camero seems assured of a large numerical
Increase. This was an open meeting, and
there were a number of past sachems pres
ent anil representatives from 13 tribes.
PaBt Sachems U Jnn and Sower gave Interest
lng talks on the progress of this active hody
This organization ia chartered under the laws
of Pennsylvania and Is open to all oasi
sachems of the reservation of Pennsylvania
to Join and become rnoro fully acqualii
wuh the Inside workings of the order In this
Past Bachera George W. Nicholson wm raised
to the position of vice President and iniade a
few remarks on the good of the order. Other
addresses were made by P.st Sachems Itheln
hardtrsutton. Phearsop. Ward. Camero. t
and Rudolph. The committee served refresh,
ment.: aatf all enjoyed themh .and prom-
lieu a larKer amfuuv3 -
March f. Among the tribes prent .Here
Nos. 21, 30. 81. OS. 87, 181. 1ST. 208, 133. 813
and H.
ifinonlt Tribe No. 431. bad an exceptionally
laTgo attendant on list Friday-, sleep. There
were many visiting brothers., among whom
wtn SStbers C. Williams. F. Ktanartl and
E? BDlcVr. of Mohave Tj be. and BroUw C.
W. Campbell, of Mlnokln Tribe. 'No. Ml.
Brother Campbell has lust eomoUted practi
cally a round-tbe-wortd tour, serving for a
time in the State of California as the desuty
ire?t IncohoneV. His talk ws lnterestlnr
SeMrlbloTln Part the tribes located throughout
s!iu?iv& roMovQ,u,VAt,BVcShef; ffi;
and Ktenard. and Taylor and Oilman, repro
santliur Mlnonk Tribe, resulted In a victory
nJrthS home team. The regular weekly gama
if' indoor Scictr wa Plad btwo
Braves aad Warriors, resulting In be fl"-
during tho annwrwo. "i; "rl'n'iii. fn iil
I.? wlinlpg by the close score .of H goaU to 18.
T.tV'uJ0.h.e V." . S "pnounced , .AA
i5Ffrerent period? of Play RenuUr nm
tomorSw it 80 " the epaciowi wlgwam-
SR,pfeSru;t?fMaVof UMtaonk-. , dear., Igm
trii!l to Mohave Tribe on Moodir a slse;
and MlM4 to b adaptloa of a paleiaca
Iny ht tribe.
Pacosta. Ttb. Mr SI omtoa to gtl
ja Sw use .beta DO hit a mt WW
adoption degree was conferred on one paleface,
who later was elected to membership In the
Tomorrow's sleep the Dakota Association will
confer, the warrior nttd chief's degreo on pale
faces In IMeonta's wigwam, nnd n largo gath
ering of members Is looked for. To those mem.
bers who have nexer witnessed this work this
will prove an opnnrtunlty. and visitors aie
requested to attend ns early n polble.. ,, .,
The speaking leaf, entitled "lltiMIo Month,"
was rerelveJ from the great sachem and was
IIMenert to nllh much Interrft. I'Acontn Is
doing Its share In gathering pilefnere and will
bf un with the leaders nt the end of tho pres
ent term. , . , .
Past Hnchems Wrlto1oit, Camero and nro.
Hansford were appointed to the Jubilee Assocla.
Hon. and the members nro ronfldent that tho
tribe will make n jrood showing sgnln this year.
Thn election ef mflrers of tho tribe, also thon
of the great council. Is rapidly approaching nnd
members are nntrhlng with kern Interest the
candidates nlto.nre up for election. During tne
next seven or eight, seven suns there promises
to be an nctltc cninpalgn.
On the sleep of the 1Mb sun, Snow Moon, the
degree ttnm of (lotvanese Council. No, ,2. De
gree nf rneahontas. wl'l trnll to the wigwam
of tJikotn Council. No, 22n. nnd work the ntlop
lion teremonv upon n class of candidates.
A large ntltndnnoe of inemhers Interested In
degree team work Is expected, ns Oowanesj
Counrll enjovs the reputation of hming one or
tho best nnd mttut carefully trained tlctree
teams In tho order. ,
Wlnnlpurkett Tribe. No. flfll. sill! continues
to bring new members Into Its fold, ns was
shown Inst Monday's sleep, when the ilerfee
te-im under the captaincy rf P. S. I. I. 1.111
ntt, performed the adoption degreo on four little-
Ore'nt Interest! being dleplsved hv the mem
bers who ore Inking part In the, snorls tourna
ment now In progress, nnd tho friendly rivalry
for the prlies Is keen. ......
Preparations are nlto under wav for the Jolttt
raising rf tho chiefs of I'.yota, Trite, No. as.
anil of Wlnnlnurketl Tribe. No. 3111. which
will he held the first SttuMay night In April
In the stidltnrltlm of the Parkway Building.
Same will be In public anil In full costume, tho
rlelng tenin to consist of jiast racltetns of each
The Dakota Asroclttlon nf South Philadelphia
held n rcksce parly and dance Mnmlav ee
nl ig Inst, rourtecn tribes were represented
nntl the hall wns well filled . Tho Dakota As
eoclitlon will parade In n body nt the con
vention next June, nnd from the arrange
ments nlrendv under wav thev expert to make
a tine showing and bring home some or the
Vubi Tribe Is still capturtn paleface". This
tribe ntlniltled.two on last Wednesday's elecp
and will lmo an adoption this week.
The rnkola Association will take Its de-
5rce team to l'aconta Tribe. No. 31, on Krl
n's elcep nnd thero exemplify tho warrior's
ami chief's degree.
The Deputy Great Sachems' Association held
Its regular monthlv meeting Mondav exenlng
A larce number of the deputies were In at
tendance and perfected plans for tho coming
raising up of newly elected chiefs.
Class Initiations Produce Substantial
Results Among Local Councils.
A successful class Initiation was held
by John U. Morlln Council, No. 20, In
the hall, &08 Vest Allegheny avenue,
Saturday evening. Tho feature of tho
evening was the degree work of tho
council degree team, especially tho work
of tho Guards. Many new features wero
Introduced, which were appreciated by
the largo membership present. Tho fol
lowing members were on tho team: Coun
cilor, Henry Wollenmann; vlco coun
cilor, William Ploss; chaplain, Harry
Harford; Junior past councilor, John F.
Rue, Jr.; warden, William A. Lewis; con
ductor. Elmer W. Cross; captain of
guards, Walter W. Young; sergeant,
John W. 71. Gray. Tho council now has
n membership of S30 members, making
Mnrlln Council tho largest council In
membership In tho State of Pennsylvania.
The council Is now aiming to ocllpso
Wayno Council, ot Urooklyn. N. V-.
which has the record for tho largest
membership In the order.
Tonight tho debating team will havo the
floor on tho following sublccts: "Shall tho
Railroads ot This Country B Owned hv tho
Government or by Corporations?" This will
bo on Interesting debate, nil members arc In
vited to be present.
Stephen Glrard Council. No. Ill, hrltl n
successful class Initiation In Its hall Thursday
etenlng. Tho deKrc work was porrornte 1 hv
the degree team of Stephen Glrard Coun -II on
two degro nntl the third was rut nn l.y tlto
guards of John B. Armstrong Council, No. 1"0.
Many of the hustler" of Stephen Glrard re
ceived prizes for their artlilty In putting In
new candidates. Among tho list wero Warden
M Stein, financial Secretary Harry l. YoiKcr:
Recording Secretary. William ijtuderw-HHier.
Visitors present were Stato Secretory Charles
H. Hall. Stato Treasurer Charles Kaufman
and a delegation from John R. Marlln Council.
Stephen Olrard Council now lias n membership
of 230 members and ranks among tho leading
councils In Philadelphia.
West Philadelphia Council, No. 51, held an
Interesting opon meeting on "Wednesday even
ing. Tho membership was out In largo num
bers with their friends. West Philadelphia
Council Is trying for a targe In -reuse In mem
bership, and this Is tho opening ball In tho
campaign. After the entertainment ndtlresses
wero mnde hy State Councilor S. O. Scott nnd
Past Stato Councilor Thomas It. Walters. Re
frcshments wero then served.
Frankllnvllte Council. No 7.1, Is going to hao
a big housewarmlng night when thev enter the
new meeting placo In tho spring. Plana were
mode at thn last meeting for a largo class
Initiation. Tho work will bo put on by tho de
gree team from John R, Marlln Council. The
dato of this night sjlllboj announced later.
District Deputy Stato Councilor John r. Rue
reports that he has visited every council In
his district and that all nro In a proipcrous
condition. Councils visited were Spring Gar
den, No. IS, Relief. No. S; Liberty. No. 33, ami
General "Warren, No. GSI. Brother Ruo's slo
gan in nil his talks Is "Don't forget tho Bene
ficiary Degree."
m a-ariesa-aBMs-, swaMa-a be mmv ma eVmngg y' "
Making distance
nil in business
Mr. "A" ia a Philadelphia
business man. (He assures us
he will be glad to have us tell
you his real name if you wish.)
The sales report was before him.
It showed a bad drop in the busi
ness from up state.
He knew they needed his goods
up there, he hisw his goods were
better than ever, and he knew
he could sell them himself.
But his desk was inches deep
with important work; to pack
up and spend several days on
the road was impossible. Then a
Bell advertisement in the news
paper he had tossed into the
waate-basket, caught his eye.
That four-day trip became a
matter of two hours and a dozen
telephone calls. He saved "half
a hundred" in traveling expen
ses and sent the sales-record up
with a bang. He spends an hour
a day with his Bell Telephone
and his prospect list now!
New Corps Grand, Castle Offi
cers to Assume Direction of
Knights of Golden Eagle
Aeolian Castle, N'o. SIS, nf this city,
will have the honor next year of having
one of lis members nt Grand Chief In
the person of John I- Hrounloy. and Phil
adelphia Castle nrc particularly inter
ested nnd active In endeavoring to make
his year a great success. Thev are trying
to make an Inerenso ot 100 In Philadelphia
nlone during 1316.
The Election Committee of iht Grand
Castle, appointed to compute thn voles
cast for Grand Castle ofllcers, will meet
tonight In the ofTIre of tho Grand Castlo
for the purpose of opening the returns
nnd computing the votes cast.
This committee Is composed of Past
thief Hnrrv V. Whltlev. chnlrman: Past
Grand Chiefs Thomas J. Mccnutev nnd
George II. Gregory, tellers; Past Chiefs
James W. Welremnn nnd Jacob L. Al
bright, clerks.
Supreme rhlef John IV. r"nrd Is no-v on n
tour of the New Kngland States In the In'erest
of the order. He will visit castles In tho Stales
of Connecticut. Massachusetts ami M-ilne. seek
ing to stimulate Interest In the frnternltv.
Brother Ford has done a great deal of trav
eling during his term ns supreme chief and
has accomplished much of tnnglble benefit
to the order.
The grand chief has rontracled for Ralh
Temple. In Rending, for the session of tho
Grand Castle, which will be held In tint
eltv, nntl ho hns also arranged1 for the head-nu-irters
of the flrnnd Castle during Us ses
sion Tho local committee will Issue shortly
tho usunl demonstration circulars.
The military branch nt the present time Is
active nnd his completely reorganized during
thn vear. The hrlgndn governing the Stato
nrui tne orurrrn or tne sinn: are ns ronows-
Brigadier genernl. George R. Oregon. 10.11
Mineral Springs road, Rending.
Assistant adjutant Meut. Col. Charles O.
Htthn Rim Prnnkford avenue, 1'hllndelphla.
Assistant nunrtermnster. Major J. C. Fred
erick. 21 IH Ktit7iown road, Reading
Assistant surgeon. Major K. F. Shay, M!
First street. Utncaster.
Aides de ramp. Oantaln R. A. McCrncken,
Danville and Captain A. I Broomal, 703
South Matl.tck street. West Chester.
Sergeant major. W. II. Gnsnell, Jr., .1,111
North llllh street. Philadelphia.
Quartermaster sergeant, tl. Madarn, 132
South Dlnmottil street. Philadelphia.
Color sergeant. P. Kemp. Olney, In
Tho value of thn military branch In the de
velopment of the prosperity of tho castles Is
being more generally understood than formerly,
with tho result that sir knights are participat
ing In tho work of thn uniformed rank nnd with
branches nro working In harmony for nn nd
vnnce of thn Interests of Ragle knighthood nnd
thn extension of thn principles ot fidelity,
valor nnd honor. '
Tho success of the order In this turlsdlctlon
rnnv be Judged from the fact that, notwith
standing the ustnl number of suspension,
during the past ve.tr the official records will
disclose n substantial net Increase In mem
bership The figures received nt headquar
ters show many gains nmong subordinate
castles, the most notable net gains being as
Montour Castle. No ISfl, Danville. 01, Delta
Castle, No. s. Philadelphia. rkS; Crescent Cas
tle us, Philadelphia, lit. Livingston Castle, No.
-"VS. Allenlo-vn 42, Anulla f'nstle. No. 3,10.
Perknnle, .".3. Qtlnkertown Castle. No IIS,
(luakertown. 30: I.vcomlng Castle, No. J23,
Wllllamsnort. 20. Wlnd'nr Castle. No. 02,
Dnwnlngtnwn. 27: West End Otstle. No. 2rtn,
Philadelphia. 2R. i:nst (Jreenvlllo Castlo. No.
2!1S, Cast Greenville . "ill. Olev Castle. No.
IIP, rrledcnsh'trg 24. Ansonla Castle. No,
J12 Rtwvh, 22- 1'nlon Castle. No. 42. I.ln
flelil 22. Florence Castle. No. 2.11. Philadel
phia V2. 1'pner Dsrhv Cnslle. No lrtp, Oar
rettford 20: Wlntcrv lew Castle. No. 220. Arnot,
20; Milton Castle. No SI", Mlllon, 20: Itns
dale Castle No. 244. Lnnsdnle. IP: Hellertown
Cantle, No 112 llellrrlnwn. IS. Sinking Springs
Caetle, No. 335. Sinking Springs. 18: Ilerrys
burg Castle. No. 23, nerrvsburg. 17. West
Chester Castle. No. 220, West Chester, 10;
Pntl.-er Castle No. lift, Bethlehem II: Ard
moro Castle, No. 102. Bryn Mawr. 11; William
Penn Castle. No. 141. Blclervllle. 11. and
Chambersburg Castle. No. 201. Chambcrsburg.
a net gain of 11 members.
Courts iBstall Officers and Discuss
Various Plans of Advanced Work.
Deputy Henry Miller, of Court Pass
yunk, No. 31, at Its last meetliiR Installed
tho newly elected ofllcers for the current
term. Tho court Is maklnu substantial
numerical Rains nnd with the present
sustained Interest Is assured a highly
Biiccessful term.
Brothers Cox, Moloney, Metcalf, Prcole
nnd Piatt, as chairmen of subcommittees,
havo completed nrranftcmonts for the
celebrntlon of the eighth anniversary of
the court February IS. Tho Supreme and
Grand Court ofllcers, are expected to bo
present and a program of exceptional in
terest Is promised. Tho court meets In
Greble Tost Hall, 721 Wharton street, and
the character of tho meetings always
attracts a. host of fraternal visitors.
Court Pennsylvania. No. C7, held Its Initial
smoker of tho year Tuesday evening. A social
feature Is to bo held each meeting.
Tho Incrense of membership Is growing and
tho enthusiasm nf tho members In tho cause Is
boundless, A gamos tournament, embracing
the various Indoor sports. Is In operation.
Monthlv dances have been added for the pleas,
uro of the ladles' auxiliary corps A schedulo
of springtime festivities has also been per
fected. Deputy Sanger Installed the officers nt
tho last meeting. Visiting delegations from
I MCIU vCJJuijs.' fll')'
'ip?,r'trn.,.,ae' American Bagle, St. Alban'a
and Robin Hood were welcome guest.
Brothers Gamble, Fa. hey, MeKisslck, Camp
bell and Meyers contributed to the entertain
ment features upon behalf of the guests.
2Lriy,,vs Holmes, McCall, Dunleavy, Simon,
Dtlffljld. Pltsehl, Tully and others of the homo
talent added to tho entertainment. A brief
!?Jk ''A., "'other c. Bradley, P. O. 0. II.,
Something to Consider," gave a new view
to old truths. .
Court Northeast. No. .110. Tronkford avenue
and Mat Tork street, on Friday evenings Is
mo nieces, or tho Woodc hoppers, merry men
who nre striving to nailst the order by Infusing
a little fun. ntler the work Is done. Believ
ing In Playful mood, it Is, however, not to ba
misrons.trt.rd Vt hen work Is to be done play Is
cut out After the tasks are done, then recre
?i'on.,',nm"2 ln, b"nK While light-hearted,
the iVvlehopper. i)-. not lightheaded, so to
their playful moments there nre added hours
or roihi work. In the serious aspects they nro
it; pr.imlnom ns they nro piramount In the fun
rronuclng ttnrtlons. in ttm ,,...., ...... -
campaign to advance tho order this body wlth-,-..
nflr !? '"Producing results, Woodehop.
IEtllB. ' ""hers Brady,' Creeden. Btownrt,
h fiLM.'0!1.' .I.0.B'', O'ron"-. Young. Mor.
rle, Gamble. Prltchard and such celnbrltles In
t?. nrttBt0 l.0Wt' nrM- ""' and all the
.it?.. T.h,,1ntIH"e In choppcrdom but In.
2!m.? tni?lcn. .n.nrlS '" forestry, and the
SSL" ,ln :- lln ' '"" n "" of the good
2m -ii.y.i11"' coilrt .x "" t0 sanctum
l.l.?.1il.?f!?"n1Jnc.n0,t of K"0,1 fellows from
every section of the cltv to bo found there will
51 n? ,?d"t ", ,0 ,h0 m,rk of th' order
dj courts that encourage this feature.
enSSM.'in'?'11 'J1!1.' Vol I""-,heli! Its quarterly
rM.r,J?nlf ni . f,r ','. J" Odd Fellows' Hall,
Im.'I e' SehuyUIII. Chairman Tvrrel pre-ii.,,.'L.Th-0i'
wh"on,rlu",'1 I" talent were
;iV?i""iirn!'ol' MfCortward George and Vin
BLii'X,"1' illCl"1 "nJ Flanagan. Grand
r.,l"iS.-Lo,mbrf ge an appropriate talk.
Supervising D. o. V. It. William Hurley re
ISi'k '"'" ,,a5L t,'Knri,lnB the Increase of
membcrfhtp In the district. An award ot gifts
".US.11 Jen'"re of the occasion. An announce
ment of a class Initiation for tho section will
havo stimulating effects In causing tho mem-2-7
C-( c0,,ir,." Matiajunk. MIITIIn. McKlnley
suits m R E0W "how'ng tn re-
..r..u.rt ohoi,k'l"krJ, N- 145- n,rk and fith
streets, Tuesday held tho first nf Its five meet
ings for February. Such n schedule win not
be possible for four veara more. Thn court
had tv membership of i:,7 at the last fiscal
tr.Wf' nnJ a'neo then 40 havo been added.
With a treasurj' of close to f.12.000, It Is In a
most flourishing condition. Supremo Repro
sentntlve Brother Borrell epoko relative to the
progrceslvo work of the court. After tho meet
ing a games tournament opened, and a round-
,nuiu itiin tut- tnoso not participating in me
games was enjoyed bythoso present.
Court Passyunk, N'o. .11. turned Ha social
't'.iSP .1' Jn"' meeting into a commemoration
of "Thrift Day," Brothers MoCormick. Coatello,
Brown, Gray. Corlees Williams and others
spoke upon tho topic as related to fraternal
Issues. With SOI membership, nnd adding
weekly to tho number, the court, with Its
surplus of JCOOO, despite Its K1000 dispersed In
benevolence, Is a striking Illustration of that
commendable Idea, which la furthor empha
sized by tho fact that J.470S.OS n year Is con
tributed ns dues to meet tho objecta of tho
order. A past grand officer pointed out three
Indirect ways that tho order adds to tho prac
tice of thrift Inees through Its teachings. A
useful, though novel, proposition to add Inter
est to tho meetings was suggested, sind will
bo put Into effect. Wednesday each week Is
tho mooting night at 1S02 South Broad street,
where Grand Chief Ranger I J. Pilot keeps
tabs on tho promise-makers who were profuse
In pledges of support: but many have, up to
dale, given no tangible results. Ho wants
each man to work; no mere summary "our
court" did so will suffice. The court la only
a designation; It Is Individual work that
Court West Park, No. 81, Wednesdav evening
had n notable session by reason of tho largo
attendance of members ana visitors and tlto
degreo of enthusiastic Interest manifested. Six
candidates wero duly initiated ns a result of
the good work performed by the Membership
Committee. In chnrgo ot Brother Lynch. lec
turer Flaherty presented an Interesting pro
gram. In which Brothers Rellly. Helleman.
retTls. Hart. Nagel and otners participated.
On the noxt social night Brother W. D. Bacon
will deliver nn lllustrntcd lecture and In con
junction therewith a list ot talent will render
Doctor Donnelly was presented with his cer
tificate nsti PC R. In a speech glowing In
fervor by P. C. It. Pern-, nnd he accepted ft In
words which Indicated his aripreclotlon. At
the preceding meeting Supremo Trusteo J. P.
Donohue opened a course of brief addressos.
which nre to continue for tho winter months,
when officials of the ordor will pay fraternal
Islts and give words of encourngement and
!.rca4 VPon, ,5.plc?. of Interest. This meeting
? ' R- Bradley opoko upon the practical
Ismte, "Some mattera the war makes It nec
essary for tho order to take cognizance of."
This court Is 24 years old. hBn 2M members
and assets amounting to more than J00O0
The 56th Annual Report of the Society, which Will
be sent to any address on application, shows:
NEW INSURANCE PAID FOR IN 1915 $ 158,456,612
(The maximum which the Society was permitted
to write in that year under the Insurance Law
of the State of New York)
OUTSTANDING INSURANCE, DEC. 31, 1915.... $1,529,886,053
ADMITTED ASSETS, DEC. 31, 1915 $546,961,912
OTHER LIABILITIES 10,079,766 $458,906,097
For Distribution to Policyhold
ers in 1916 $ 13,573,499
Held awaiting apportionment
upon deferred dividend policies 63,910,551
For Contineencies 10,571,755 $' 88,055,815
During the year the Society invested $27,888,067 at
an average yield of 5.06 per cent.
The Annual Report contains the Financial State
ment, verified by Certified Public Accountants, schedules
of investments, and full details regarding the substantial
advances made during the year.
It also describes a variety of new policies, including
one under which the Equitable will pay an income for life
to the person insured if he should become totally and per
manently disabled, as well as an income for life to the
beneficiary after his death.
Of the death claims paid in the United States and
Canada, over 98 per cent, were settled within twenty-four
hours after receipt of due proof of death.
E. r. I..NGI.nV. Aecncy Supervisor ,
MAItTIN I DUIIKE, General Actnt, HUGK.XK pOS!Klt, General Anent,
CIIAIILKS M. FOSTEn, Agency Manager. TUB I. 1- rtHQISTKH AtiliNCV.
A. II. GRAHAM, General Ascat, WJI. II. ItOUINSO., Meprcscntathc.
KIS.VNKTII GIIAHAM, General Agent, ; si. 1UCE, General Asent,
a, II. LANG A SOX. General Ascnta, SASH EI, 11U1IIN, Agencr Manager,
JACOll WEIL, General AkcuI.
I'RAniK. D. BUSEII, Agency Manager, .North American llulldlug. Philadelphia, J'a.
A, S. ULAS15H. Agency Blaaagcr. Lafayette IlulldUic, nth A Chestnut St- lalldelpUa, Pa.
J. A. LENAIIKJY. ABeney Manager, Urcxcl Ilnlldlag, rfalladelpnla. Pa.
A. B. LKVV, Agency Manager. Central Trust Jt Saving, llulldliig, pnJla.elpaUb !.
Odd Fellows' Lodges Meet State
Officers and Consider Plans
to Advance Order's Welfare
To night tho grand master and Hoard
of Grand Lodge ofllcers will pay a frater
nal visit to Columbia Lodge, No. 36, In lh6
hall at Glrard avenue nnd Hutchinson
street. This Is the lodge of which Grand
Hecretnry Asher A. Hall Is nn honored
member, and a large attendance of mem
bers and active workers In behalf of the
welfare of the brotherhood Is confidently
The raltv meeting held last night tn the
Parkway Building, Broad and Cherry streets,
under thn dlreotlon of tho local district deputy
gmnd masters, was tho first of a series of
movements contemplatetl, looking to tho re
juvenation of tho order In Philadelphia and
vicinity. Tho meeting last nignt orougnt 10
gether it goodly number of prominent members,
who listened nttentlvelv to addressee expound
ing the principles of tho frnternlty, and ex
plaining the steps necessary for the advance
ment of local lodge Interests and tho personal
work needed for the further uplift and pros
perity of the brotherhood.
At the Rebekah Home, 17th street and Alle
gheny avenue, tho religious services Sunday
afternoon were tn charge of the Episcopal City
Mission, Mrs. Mary A. Kngelman. president
of the home, spoke briefly, a sermon wns de
livered by tho Rev. William Davidson, and
the congregational singing was under the direc
tion of Miss Rachel Davis.
Olive Branch Lodge, No. 118. had charge of
the rollglous services held Sunday afternoon
in tho Odd Fellows' Home. 17th and Tioga
streets, A largo delegation of members and
friends attended nnd listened attentively to an
Interesting discourse delivered by tho llev. 1
Merrlll Hotnos, pastor of Belmont Avenue Bap
tist Church. A brlof address was made by
Thomaa Slrps, president of ths home. Musical
features of the exercises Included a duet by
Misses Ined and Carrie Tliomaa and a nolo
by Mark Fisher, accompanied bj Miss Lillian
At the Homo for Orphans Sunday afternoon
the services wore without any regular ministe
rial address and wero conducted by Robert
Gorman, secretary of the homo. Mttslo toy tho
children's orchestra wttli solos by Miss Mary
Tuson and nn address by Charles B, D. Rich
ardson, president, mado up quite an attractive
Tho regular monthly meeting of the board
of grand lodge offlcera was held this after
noon at grand lodgo headquarters, 1723 Arch
street. Business affecting tbe welfare of the
ordor at large wan considered and disposed of,
as well as matters discussed for further pro
gressive activities.
Under tho administration of Noble Grand
V. C. Bobbins, Conquanock Lodge, No, 40),
Is displaying an unwonted degreo of activity.
Special attention Is bolng given to tho social
features of lodgo work by setting aside cer
tain urgent appeals, bringing out a largo at
tendance of those whoso faces are no longer
frequently seen In tho lodgo room. With auch
efforts nnd an attrnctlvo entertatunment pro
vided It Is not surprising that pleasant erven
lnga are enjoyed nnd mntcrlally bcnoflclal re
sults obtained.
Mlllo Lodge at Us last session Inlttated tho
following class of candidates' George Ash
wprth. John O. Simpson. Harry E. Bartels.
Richard Cotte. William II. Heln. Albert It.
Darhart, John 11. Pancoast, Ceorgo Roland.
Charles n. Weaver, Richard C. Wootton. Wal
ter II. Southwlek. John 11. Gardner. Elmer
p. Mel!a.Waldcrmom Frltzschc, William
W. stout, Walter M. Winter. I.otils Marigg
Thomaa MaeClarln, William Wolf. William
Wlloy, Charles, E. Taulus. William G. Boy
sen. William J. Butterflcld and Francis W
Hill. Thursday. February 17. Oxford Lodge
degree team will confer the second degTeo In
full ceremonial form In Mlllo Lodge room.
Under the auspices of tho District Progres
sive Committee, a convocation of tho lodges
of ths 11th District will bo held Monday eve
ning In Room No. 1. Textile Hall. Kensing
ton avenue and Cumberland street. The meet
ing will bo open to the public nnd has been
aimnged Jointly by North Star Lodge. Nt
0.13. and Guardian Lodge, No. 462. Tho speak
ers of tho evening will bo Frederick J. Shover,
of North Star Lodgo, and the Rev. Amos D.
Crowell the. popular rslo of, Curnbsrlafid
Street Methodist Episcopal church and a pat
guard ot Henderson t-odge. No. BSO.
Olive Branch Lodge. No 115. tomorrow eve
nine will confer the first decree .unon on
petitioner and.U elreadv assured of flva can
dhMtcs for the several degrees during the
coming month.
.The regular monthly meeting of the board hf
directors of the I. O. O. F, employment bureau
wns cnlled. nt 7'10 Tuesday night, nnd the
large Attendance nnd nmnunt of business trans
acted showed .the wisdom of early meetings.
Manager. J. N. Litchfield made nn extentlvo
report of the work oftho bureau, showing
that 4.1 Odd relloive had been placed In posi
tions during the month or January, among
whom were two young men who were placed
with one of the large steel corporations nenr
Pittsburgh Past Grnnd Benjamin F. Calver
ley. Jr.. of Rosborough Lwlce. wns elected vhe
chairman of the bonrd and continued nt the
bend of the extension work. He repotted that
one of the largest publishing companies In the
country had opened Its doors to the bureau.
Plans were started to enlarge the usefulness of
the bureau nt an early date.
Trlday evening Grand Master J. P. Halt
Jenkins and other prominent Grand Lodge
officers made nn official visit to the lodges of
West Philadelphia, composing the Pth district.
In the lodge room ot Arcturus Lodge, No. 33,
00th street nbovo Spruce street.
After the closo of lodge business the meeting
was thrown open to friends of the members
nnd a pleasant evening was enjoyed. MUale
was furnished by the orchestra ot Roxborough
The principal address of the evening was
given by Iho grand maater. Addresses were
also made by Grand Secretary tfaher A. Hall.
Grand Marshal Joseph Graham, Paat Grand
Master Robert Graham, District Deputy Grand
Master Drnce, of the Pth district, and Past
Grnnd Buckley, ot Hamilton Lodge.
Representatives were present from many
lodges of other districts.
7.1on's Intermediate C. T5. Society In a body
Sunday momtng will visit the home for
orphans, Ogonta and Chelten avenues, and par
ticipate In the morning exercises of ths chil
dren of the Home. A main quartet will renaer
selections and an Inviting program, has been
arranged. These exercises are held at 10:30
n. m., are open to the public and always at
tract a good attendance o,f members and
friends of tho order. ,
Harris Bncampment. No. 22, held a (octal
gathering ot members and friends en Satur
day evening. The meeting was well attended,
many members ot subordinate lodges being
present. After a plenteous repast, prepared
under the supervision of P. C. P. Thomaa R.
Duncan, an Interesting address on the rise and
progress of Patriarchal Odd Fellowship wu
given by D. D. O. P. Charles ShotwelU and
P. C P. George Carr made a stirring appeal
for renewed Interest In this branch of the or
der. Tho occasion was featured with muslo.
singing and good humor. The Interest mani
fested augurs a bright future tor the en
campment. Temple "Encampment, No. 100. jsot on Ua
patriarchal degree Tuesday night In Room O,
ninth floor. Parkway Building, before a large
crowd, and. as usual, received much applausa
for Its excellent work, A number oC good
voices havo been added to the ataft and under
the leadership ot Past Chief Patriarch Robert
Herrmann have Improved tha singing greatly.
Work on the class for Saturday night, April
15, was discussed and plans arranged.
Cared for Properly
Experienced Nurserymen
Inspection of your grounds with
out charge.
Estimates furnished with digest
of trcatRient.
Norman Supplee
Walnut 8488 Woo.lland
Race 1070 1894
an -tt
si w'"1