Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 10, 1915, Night Extra, Image 23

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    nw wmMir Plrmif mjiH" lAjm-
-jii jftif TrrrpJ
m)i-i-ir"J- ny jay T
r ( ,
ftlil tnuld of
torn i. i (W Is no
fCrtiK i, "hi only one o
I L,1.'Vn,. continue.
n rtli!. Hon
or her Kfiioration
1,4 thft Itllll Of
of Uio" Uko Mrn.
If SEwffifffi J 8 .r, ho
in ii.ijb
e m",..r -fA-intit t'T '' ',": -.ii.,,,."..
I nn .7.1 imiornn . enmri. "",'-
I Jwn M 'Vil i .nil not plticl, Iwcitise It
i.tS' ".' .,2 when tl.o Mrty .blooms
. . nii.'tv Humph- ion
'nF'" .. , :,-. with tliat ol.l thins Hit
I onmr home noil I wdh't mind
TlM, ink" mo to a' party and
f""1 5.U times with Blnlallne Nicker
in "". !" nl u,nfs all. So there!"
I hi nSr imnor to hoar the re-
,w" ?' to o- no strength or curl
, Tlr sm! s" wnnled '.? " ?
t1" .'"Irriinr nnd rower In the rub-
' Vl.li 'IkC A SH l . . I.innilllnn for
',,f wnL,n-iliinp to hear. It was her
i Je-e"" that had proved the
PY, Vjoic's estimate of her-evcti now
' truth o fJof'f ltMP .., ,,e Bnntc re-
. 6eborn n,u; - b , fDi Tlmc d not
fw ess verdict " ... ., lllrl, r
n ..it her, nor nruuBMi -
Zxl i B-ro ovmenccs that refreshments
'. abwit o l-e nerved. Chicken snln.1
rre nD01" ... .,t rrnnlirilt rllOUBl
'rDK7..tc to ho oVerlooked. O.s
dement and derision were her cvery
ija, porrlJKC. Ice cream was a imrty. So
!,I,,cnIhUlal.er- hired Rlrl In a clean
.i .. ..nmnlnii nrmor of hluancs
iltKared at the dlnltiB room door and
Sned. Joe summoned her more
lK" .... i.lU..n In nno th . nlntos.
L nodded to Asaph to como and rol
:tbe Ice crenm rreczer Into place and
', crape oft the salty Ice. Then she way-
Uldlilm In the kitchen nnd assailed him
, or pnylnK too much attention o Hlrdu
'Zt lit did not rcnlUo what a hiMirlous
ttlu'm to youth It was for his wife to
.iriim.1.1 (iniirrrl. It jnndo him
pad and he fought back. Thrlr wratiHle
I . . .1.. ...111.. nt.Air.rntl'l1ii1 rllnllll?
room In little tantallzlne slices as the
iwlr.glw: door opened to ndnilt or emit
ono of the children. But It swims shut
t once. It was like nn exciting serial
with most of the Instalments omitted.
In the cheerful stampede for the dining
room l)obl had crowded Into a sofa
ilongslile another rc-vlsltor to tho town,
Kenton JWdiiim. whom she had known
buttllslitl) He had Kono with tin' older
jlrU ond had already left Cailhngp when
Debby came out as far as she had ever
come out before she wont hack.
' Newt Mcldritin tinil iirospcrcd, accord-
ln? to CnrtliaRf standatds. lie was now
'the "credit man" for a New Vmk whtilc-
ule liouso Dchbj had not the faintest
Udea what a credit man was. Hut Asaph
rknen only too well. As the owner of the
'largest department store In Carthasc.
'Asaph owed the New Vork house mole
Innnftv fli.iii ho rniiti! ii. IV. tin uavo that
II a reason foi owing It" still more. The
iSew York house sent .Mcuiruni out to
iCarlhnKe to see whether It would be more
'prolltable to close Asaph tip or to tide
lira over for another season.
lAtla hud r.linvf.ti thlu iirivlinu iintnntif
ioihca party to Bird.tllna!
Aiaph hid to Invito Moldrum. Josle
had promised that sho would bhow how
much a wife can help her husband; sho
promised to lavish on Moldrum espcclnl
cotiililerntlon and to Introduce him to
icmo pretty girls he was a notorious
Then sho forgot nlm at oneo for her
indent rivalry with nirdallne. And
Ataph nUo forgot him In the excitement
!,of quarrel
Indeed, host and hostess Ignoretl their
ffilal guest so completely that they left
j mm to eat nis supper aioiigsuio uie icuau
: considered woman In town poor old
riiMii lVvtit " T1nltli Imil Inim eft
t fallen out of the practice of expecting at-
B ICIJMUIl 1IU1II illlUUU. AilllllV nnv; (t
ponaenr.g Her own siiame anil trying 10
extract some Ice cream from between tho
ft 'leJ iJnnun. in answering Iebor.ih.
Mtnt n ';1. "."Si "utter Hunk ' ,n i
8 '".':'! J, '.- It n nt n .lane
Dear Children What are the two most important bricks in a brick build
ing? Tho first brick and the last.
Suppose in your daily work you pay nttention to LITTLE THINGS. A
trick is a very small thinp compared to a biff building, but the builder must
pay attention to tho first little brick which goes to make a building.
You have examinations in school. Watch the first question. Why?
Because it is the ono your teacher reads first Watch tho little things in life.
A fly is a tiny thing, yet it may keep an elephant jumping up and down for
whole day. i
Give father and mother presents you can make yourself. They would
tather have them than automobiles or self-playing pianos, because you made
Little things are called DETAILS.
Remember that word. Putting your stocking on right side out, "slicking
up" your hair and smiling are of themselves mere details, but they make up
The Children's Editor, The Evening Ledger.
FARMER SMITH. The Children's Editor.
The Evening Ledger, Philadelphia, Pa.
I wish to become a member of your Rainbow Club and agree to
School I attend ...
Wanita and Kawasha
Father Sun was high in the heavens
hen Wanita and Kawasha started on
their morning walk. The daisies nod
ded their heads as if to welcome them,
hile the little leaves on the trees
fluttered a welcome.
their side
trotted Tow Tow,
their faithful dog,
who was always
by their side and
who slept in their
tent at night.
"Where shall we
IMked Wanita, who always called her
pother "dear nn
Let Us KO to the cave." answered
aasha. Just then Wanita tripped
SWe root of a rtli grapevine.
: v"ui, little one, look where you
pe going."
"Put I can't think in my feet!" ex.
fumed Wanita.
klPvrhaps not at flrst' but White
?tr, the great chi, -v vj told me
spots of salt. A few big lenrs had welled
to lnr eyelids and dropped Into her dish.
She blamed herself for the salt. Then
she hoard her neighbor grumble:
"Fay, Debbie, Is your Ico cream all
"Ve-es, It Is," she murmured, flutter
ing. "So's mine. Funny thing, there's nl
ways salt In the Ice cream. Kvor notlco
"Thrt that's so, thorn usually Is a
' A lot! That's life, 1 guess. Poor old
Asaph! Plenty of salt In his Ice cream,
eh? H'hnt'H the matter with that wife
of his. ntiywny? Aren't they happy to
gether?" "Oh, I gue.is they're as happy ns mar
ried folks ever arc," Debhy answered ab
sently, and then gasped at the horrible
philosophy she had uttered.
Meldrum threw her a glance nnd
Debhy winced. He probably was say
ing to himself, "Sour grapes!" At least
she thought he would think that. But
Iw proved his Innocence, by his next
"Voit married, Debby?"
"N-no," sho faltered, without daring
cvn to venture n "not yet" He surprised
her shame with a laughing compliment:
"WIho lady! Neither em I. Shake!"
Then she turned on the sofa so that sho
could sec him better. His eyes wore
twinkling. He was handsome, cltlllcd,
sleek and comfortable. Yet ho had novcr
He was holding out his hand. And be
cause It commanded hers, she put hers
In It, nnd he squeezed her long. Ilshy fin
In a big, warm, comfortable palm. And
she gave her timid, smiling eyes Into his
big, smiling ataro and wondered why sho
smiled. Hut she liked It so much that
fresh tears rushed to her eyelids, little,
cngcr, happy tears that could not have
much salt In them, for one or two of
them bounced Into her Ice cream. Vet It
did not taste bitter now.
Asaph came In then and looked around
the room with defiant eyes that dared
anybody to be uncomfortable. He rccog-
Newt Meldrum lind prospered,
nccordinp; to Carthago standards.
nlzed Meldrum with a start ami realized
Hint tho most Important guest had been
left to Deb I.nnabci' of all people. This
misstep might menu ruin to him. He
made haste to carry Meldrum away and
present him to Pamela.
Deborah, abandoned on the sofa, stud
ied Pamela with wonder. How beautiful
the child was! How she drew the men!
How their eyes fed upon her! How sho
iiueencd It In her little court. Every
where he went It must be co. In Peoria
thev must have gathered about her Just
as "here. They must be missing her In
Peoria now. When she went back they
would be glnd.
Tho contiast between Pamela and her
self was so cruel that Deborah's heart rc
olted. She demanded of heaven: "Why
so much to her and none to mo? My
mother was na good as her mother, and
bettor looking In her day, and my father
was a handsome man. Why was I made
nt all, If not welt mnde? Why allowed
to live If not lit for life? My elder Mster
that died was more beautiful than Pa
mela, tint she died. Why couldn't I have
died In her place, or taken tho beauty
sho laid aside as I wore her cast-off
clothes? Yet I live and I shall nover ho
thnt I would nover be a chief unless
I learned to think in my feet."
"I will try to think in my feet, also,
if it will please you, dear one."
Then Kawasha bent over and kissed
Wanita. '
(Continued Friday, December 12.)
For the
Wee Ones
Old Dr. Bull Frog,
Sitting on the bank,
Along came a Hop Toad
And gave him a yank.
Your Workroom
Last year I made a Christmas pres
ent for my father which he liked very
much. My father was sick in bed at
the time and that is what made me
think of it. It was a little table that
his meals could be placed on while he
was in bed.
I took a wooden box about two feet
long, one foot wide and one foot deep.
married, shall never be n mother, shall
never be of nnv uso or any beauty. Why?
Hitter, bitter wore her thoughts ns
she sat with her plate In her lap. Sho
hardly noticed when Josle took the plate
away. She could not bear to remain. She
tiptoed from tho dining room unheeded
nnd went out at tho side door, drawing
her shawl over her head. Sho must sneak
home atom, ns usual. Thank heaven. It
was only a block and tho Btreets were
As she reached the front gate she met
a man who had Just enmc down the walk
It w.is Meldrum Ho peered at her In
the dim light of tho street lamp and
cnllod uut:
"That you, Debhy? Couldn't you stand
It any longer? Neither could I. That
girl Is a poach to look at, but she can't
sing for sour npples, and as for brains
she's a nut. n nure uecnti! 1 guess I'm too
old or not old enough to be satisfied with
staring at a pretty hide on a pretty
frame. Which way you going? I'll walk
along with you, If you don't mind."
If she didn't mind! Would Lazarus ob
ject If Dives sat on tho floor beside him
and brotMht along his tiencher?
Debby was so bewildered that the side
walk reeled beneath her Intoxicated feet
Sho stumbled till Meldrum took her hand
Into his arm, then sho trotted alongside,
as meek as Tobias with tho angel.
All, all too soon they reached her house.
Hut ho paused at the gate. Sho dared
not Invite him even to tho porch. If her
mother heard a man's voice there sho
would probobly open th"c window upstairs
and Blulek "Murder! Thieves! Help!" So
DebLy waited at the gate whllo tho al
most invisible Meldrum chnttercd on. He
was In a mood for talk. Tho paralyzed
Debby was o, perfect listener, and In that
Intense datk bIio was as beautiful as Cle
opatra would have been.
To her he was solely a voice, a volco of
strntiKu cynicisms, yet of strange comfort
to her. He was laughing nt the people
she held In awe. "This town's a Joke to
me," ho said. "U'b a side-show full of
freaks." And he mocked the great folk
of tho village as If they were yokels.
Ho Inughed nt their customs. Ho ridi
culed many, ninny things that Debby had
bcllcxed and Buffered from believing. Ho
ridiculed married people and marriage
from tho superior height:! of one who
could have married many and had re
jected nil. It was strangely pleasant
hearing to her who had observed mar-
tinge from the humblo depths of ono
whom nil had rejected.
He talkfd till he heard the town clock
whine eleven times, then he said: "flood
Lord' I didn't know It was so Into. 1
don't get these moods often. It takes a
tplghty good listener to loosen me up.
flood night! Don't let any of thse fel
lows bunco you Into marrying em.
There's nothing In It. Debby. Tako It
fiom me. flood night!"
She felt rather than saw tniu no imra
his hat. She felt again his big hand en
veloping hers nnd she answered Its
squeeze with n despot ale little clench of
her own. .... .. .
He left her wonderfully uplifted. Now
she felt less all exile from marriage than
a lehel. She almost convinced herself
tnat she had kept out of matrimony be
cause she was too good for It. The soli
tary cell of her l'd was a queenly dais
when she crept Into It, and sho dreamed
that lienoml Kltt honor asked for her
hand and she refused It.
Meldnim'H cynicisms had been strangely
opportune to the despondent old maid
He unwittingly helped her over a deep
ditch and got her past n bad night
Hut when she woke, the next morning
was but ho resumption of the same old
day. Poverty, loneliness and the Inanity
of a manless household were again her
portion. The face sho wnshed explained
to her why she was not sought after by
the men.
She found her mother filled with rheu
matism and bad news. A letter had como
the day before and sue had concealed It
from Deborah so that the child might
have a nice time at the party, and did
sho have u nice time and who was there?
But that could wait, for never was there
such news ns she had now, and thero
was never any let-up In bad luck, and
them with no man to lean on or turn to
When Deborah Dually pried the letter
from the poor old talons she learned thnt
the A. G. and St. P. Hallway would pass
Its dividend this year.
I knocked tho two longest sides out
of it, nnd it made a table that fitted
right over his knees when ho sat up
in bed. I painted it white and tncked
a piece of oilcloth on the top of it
my mother used to spread a piece of
table cloth over it and my father said
it gave him an nppetito to eat on surh
a nice table.
North 11th street.
Our Postoffice Box
William Pescatore nnd Charles
Marola, of South 8th street, are doing
their best to collect old toys for the
Rainbow Club's Santa Claus. Thank
you, boys. How do you like your
Now, what do you think? Irene
Fisher, of South 4th street, 7 years
old, wants her daughter, Miss Dolllo
Dimple, to join the club. Miss Dollie
is rather young, being just in her
tenth month, but we're perfectly will
ing to let her have a little corner in
our club. I'm afraid she'll be rather
lonesome. Won't some other dollies
please come and join her?
Thelma Willard writes on the very
daintiest sort of stationery and sends
a good-luck message. We'd like to
hear from her again. Henry Wister
wants to know if some boy will not
send a wireless message to him
through the club news, Henry uses
the Morse code. The rest of us are
all interested, so we'll be on the look
out for the "dots and dashes."
Do You Know This?
1. What word oan you form from
this sentence, "LO I DRESS"? (Five
2. What does a ship at sea do
when she is in danger? (Five credits.)
3. 'Who invented the wireless?
fThreoi credits.)
4. When does a ship tell a false-1
(Five credits
Pivn i-rcillte.. '
Mistress Jane, didn't you hear the door bell?
New Servant Yes, mum.
Mistress Then why don't you go to the door7
New Servant Deed, mum, I ain't expectln' nobody call on me. It must b
somebody to see yourself, muml
Hrltnin Views Greece
n i i qw
l-ondon Eiprnj.
Halo! Concer-"Tlno."
Alwnys Come Back
She Do thoughts that came to you
long ago ever return?
Poet Yes If I Inclose a stamped
London Opinion.
'Taxi! Quick! Drive us to the
finest ruin!"
After the Raid
. ' U)1J, "Zi'
Jl v Sm
5 nnnn rE7" " n " fS- -as . .
Th I'iilln flhltV.
Some Difference
"Come, alt yo', and bo baptised,"
cried the chocolate evangelist.
"Hut Ah'vo been baptised by the
Presbyterian," said Rastua.
"Lo'd," cried the Haptlst minister!
"yo' only been dry cleaned," Punch
Tough Luck
Papa Rabbit-Well, doctor, what li
Doctor Hare Duodecklets. Punch
Nothing for an Answer
Teacher Wnlt n moment, Tommy.
What do you understand by the word
Tommy It's what you've got when
you haven't got as much as If you
Just hadn't nothln.
The Reason
Bhe Why do Mls Yowler close
her eyes when she sings?
He Perhaps ahe has a. tender heart.
She I don't understand.
He She may not want to at how
tho rcat ol in aufler.
R3 SV ilMn'TC'nvMllVUTTie 1 -, 1 0OC MY PtftriTOWTnB MOtrllrtC I
&yy MMtltVOlDIUPNfTo pL 0MHrtER.L0fT IfttVEROrVrt
.ftS D1C. THEM ( TSrUsfffi BjCClWiniOLlbKUOrfi.WHYlU ..
I ' 1
jus.. .1
Ualljr Ukcua.
it ew't Re.etn X
-- VfHHTHUl X Va I f
sss?55 fiouife OUT OR
Mrs. New-bride I gave Henry a
beautiful necktie I made for a birth
day present.
Krlend-AVas he pleaiKtd with It?
Mrs, Newbrlde-Qh, yes. He said it
beauty should be. for no eyes but hU
own and lucked it up in bis 4cait
Wasn't that layely of klmT
rca y
ufaf g mmummMM;
r f. m-J- 31&&1 -V