Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 03, 1915, Final, Page 7, Image 7

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    1 "- VVW5
a, 1015.
. 7
.100 Less Men Than Last Year
JLW - w 1 .- I.lnt- L'tl
Gototho roiisonriiBi-.Lii.-
iiicT Day in the congress
man's Own wara
i .
Wproof of indignation
fKot Nearly 123,000 Voters Qualified.,
on Abnormany ws "
for First Day
Unofficial police return from all ex.
ot a "" dlvlsl0M ln lh clly
i!: ..ierday's registration show that
... v .i..inr Hvnllcd thcmsclvca
of the flrat opportunity trf qualify for the
November election.
The reslitratlon waa nbnormalty heavy
every ward In the city and In only five
ward wae It lowr than on the first day
Uit year. Of theso five, three were Vare
This fact, together with the unusually
vioil nonoaitlsan enrolment, came, ns
ron?rtt Proof f the Indignation In the
rnk. of the Republican OrKnnlratlon
ip the action of Consrcssman Vnro
Jlit.rday The registration In Congress.
r .! v,-i own ward was 100 lower than
5"flr.t dyT.t year. When the with
iKl of the Congressman became
known, many Organisation men refused
B bo to the polls to register and others,
taUnc the view that they could best
ivense themselves by cutting tho ticket,
(welted the nonpartisan enrolment to
nearly 11. 000.
The total Republican enrollment was
hove 9t.00. the Democratic enrolment
above WOO, the Washington party close
t SON and the Keystone about MO. Lnst
j-earthe total registration for tho first
iy was S.1S5.
The registration and enrolment by
wards follows, (ln this tablo 4 divisions
: In the 23th Ward and 19 divisions In the
Kd.Ward are missing.-)
it .
SS .
U .
. isth
.. 10SI
.. 1MO
,. Hon
.. IMS
,. 1405
,. 188
.. lins
,.. 302
.. 1080
.. 781
.. 7ns
2184 2CR1
2031 173H
13S7 IRi'7
1414 137U
13K.I 1370
400 238
2S8S 2210
1408 1012
.".8-1 301
1820 148
Hl:l 7 '.'I
on ooi
2U43 1734
1!I20 1017
2777 2121
1(111 1173
S32 7K1
25 IX 1K.il
M 10
24 17
20 U
.IS !
21 1.1
24 1
' JU!
IMh 1777 336 373
litn ..
1'lh .
l'Jtti ..
2Mh .,
tOl 142
ion vs.1
, ansa 141
3751) 200
, 2017 24V
, 5074 MS
14V.) 141(1
42 IS I.W)
27411 1R33
3018 37'JO
2481 K.87
4101 2812
3138 .T!U
:!42 3318
1768 1331
35HH 2711
1277 2132
2310 2087
24M lOSfl
27411 lrsn
3811 27U3
3037 2'W2
004 847
.1212 .1237
2232 I74
4182 .1031)
421K 37H3
31112 2770
11(0 1122
32(18 1 7H!
300.1 2(i7
4330 2071
limn 1310
1782 2(148
2V.8 1H1I1
1921 170J
rsi ...
, ni ...
3!UI .
IT.th .
i I'ith .
, th ,
, !MI .
:i 5h .
.vnh .
Xi ..
33d .,
K:.th .
suth .
37th .
.IMh .
30th .
. 124 ik:
.. 2S01 MX) aiu
. 2.VS4 .11)1 10.1
0CO7 1K1 UK)
. 1IU lit 12S
.. 2174 477 312
. KM ."S 411
.. 1M! 2S3 277
.. 1SB0 201 150 12
,. 1750 237 233 0
,. 2872 2C0 114
. SICO 110 704
.. IM.I (Ji 45
M78 21 141
, 1001 2i7 I'll
. 2!Trt 4N) 3.1S
,, :iflS0 177 5-1
., S31R CT0 2U4
,. 'Xfi hO 8
. 2224 2(10 331
,. 21.21 SIT 4'2
. S318 402 37T
.. UR4 12(1 IDS
soil :io r.2t
. 171)0 IKt 114
. 13R 12 112
Mth .
tilt .
KA ..
4-14 ..
41th .
4"lu .
4Wh .
47th ,
tt!i .
O'd totlj.843S ICKIO 7iK 237 1073S 122102 08IS5
AT $645,476.49
Account of Holdings of Former
Attorney Filed With Or
" phans Court
"Atl account nhnwlnir tR4!t.47R.4n ns tlln
tt vu of the estatn of tho lata Horace
1 PAldf t- ...!-,.. ... .. -
"-, .v..h iviuicr wiuniy nnuwu iiiiurney, "
this' city, was filed with tho Orphans'
.Court or audit today by the Glrard Trust
( Company and George It. Van Dusen, ex
ecutory. '- The account shows n, balance of $086.
r s'' which Is to be divided among the
) .iA0"5 "" Investments which comprise
tue etate arn IWInlmnlnu I'i.lllnrlpa
( Company. a,600; Public Servloo Corpora-1
..-.. u ow jersey, 3,wju; ucorgla llall-
, , nd Kltctrlc Company. 1.03: l-
L dhujapolli Water Worltn, $10,S0O; Indian-
j; apolla Traction Company, t:s,60u; w
shares Victor Talking Machlno Com-
' Wa appraised at $130,000; H83 uhnrea U,
o. i. Company, 6,0: 283 tilmrcs United
Si ,l Corporation, 27,?15r and
0JflfeB Kansa city Kouthorn Itallwuy
VCompany, 3oo. '
'chF Y1"?, ,robtl Include those of
t.iA Con2f?rM' wno dled recently
3ilaiSnfton' N' J" 'vir "" otata
M.W, Henry J, rtutherford. 9M North
Mraet, KS29, ftnd Henry Kramer, sSlf
" Norrli treet, 12100.
JtaSlhY: K.!lS,e..,,wr- W,8M.Ws Charl9
'MB ni '"""S- William Moore, $10,.
m uiiiaDem l'. numnhnvi.
-.!'-. -,
ht Men "Off" Liquor 20 Yearn
rty 1S!L! CUbrlty lnan ""hW PoUEh
11' Ltt,moU8 ot P'd-tJrrnj Phlladel-
wlULS l. "i,eht Bt "' second annual
iWLr,,B.,it Rt tha I'nklln Jlome for
2JF u !J,0n ' Inebriates. 9JB locust
7bri;Do!iBht,riy t"tined to 27 years
orieiy. One hundr nii iw.niv
WJ dnot tatted liquor for 20 years.
VeweU Arriving Today
fdft8c5.',,)' N,tvu' lw or. I'i
tSr.).' Baltimore, UlUnt, Amer-
WiMi to Arrive
5tnIortCcutt'a .. .
" Hutlvn .
'"Newport ..
" ' .,. ,Ucr. , ..
...Miltlila '.. .
' r(t:n
..... .Karvlk ,. .
,i oinnABto
..July 10
. .July 21
July Ti
. ..July V
.July St
..Aug. 10
r iiuiii.aa
CHAPTEIl X-(Contlnucd).
TJt;T aro oftafe In Franco since the
XJ Marquis du Plessy'a death?"
"I am safe tonight, at least.''
"Yes, far safer than you would be in
"And Skencdonk Is my miard."
'I have sent a mesgenser to Plesy for
him," Madamo de Fcrrler said. "Ho will
bo hero In the mornlnB."
l thanked her for remembering him in
the excitement of her homo comlntc.
beard a far aweet call through a cleft of
tho hills, and Kacle turned her head.
"That must bo the shepherd of I.es
Itoehrrs Ho has missed n lamb. Lo
rtochers Is the most distant of our farms,
but lis nlsht noises can be heard through
an oponlng In tho forest Paul will soon
be Interring for all these sounds! We
must drive to I.es Itochera tomorrow, It
was there that Cousin Philippe died."
1 could not any how opportunely Oounln
Philippe had died. The violation or her
childhood bv such a marrlagn rose up
that instant a wordless tragedy
"Slro, wo are not observing etiquette
ln Mont-Louts as they observo It at Mlt-
tau. I have-been talking very familiarly
to my king. I will keep silent. Tou
"Madame, you have forbidden me to
Slio guvc irae a startled look, nnd said:
"Did you know Jerome Bonaparte has
como back? He loft his wife ln America.
She cannot be received In Frnnce, be
cause 'she has committed the crime of
marrying a prince. Sho Is to bo divorced
for political reasons."
"Jerome Bonapnrto Ib a houmll" 1 spoko
"And his wife a venturesome woman
to marry oven a temporary prince."
"I like her sort, madamo!"
"Do you, sire?"
"Yes, I like a woman who can love!"
"And ruin?"
"How could you ruin me?"
"Tho Salnt-Michels brought me up,"
said Eagle. "They taught me what Is
lawful and unlawful. I will never do
an unlawful thing, to tho disgrace and
rhamo of my house, A woman should
build her house, not tear It down."
"What is unlawful?"
"It Is unlawful for mo to encournge the
suit of my sovereign." ,
"Am I ever likely to be anything but
what they call In Mlttau a pretender,
"That wo do not know. You shall keep
yourself free from entanglements."
"I am free from them Qod knows I
am frco enough! tho loncsomest, moot
unfriended savage that ever set out to
conquer his own."
"You were born to greatness. Great
things will como to you."
"If you loved mo, I could make them
"Sire. It isn't healthy to sit In the night
air. Wo must go out of the dew."
"Oh, who would be healthy! Come to
that, who would be such a royal beggar
as i ami
"Ilcmember." she said gravely, "that
your claim was in a manner recognized
by one of the most cautious,' one of the
least ardent "oyallsta. In France."
Tho recognition she knew nothing about
came to my lips, and I told her the whole
story of thp Jewels. The snuffbox was
In my pocket. Sophie Saint-Michel had
often described It to her.
She sat and looked ut me, contemplat
ing tho stupendous loss.
"The marquis advised me not to take
thorn Into Itussla," I acknowledged.
"There Is no robbery so terrible as tha
robbery committed by those who think
they aro dolny right."
"t am one of tho losing Bourbons."
"Can anythinc be hidden In that closet
In the queen's dreeing room wall?"
mused Eagle. "I believe I could find It
ln the dark, Sophie told me so often
where the sccrot spring may bo touched.
When tho De Chaumonta took me to the
Tullerlos I wanted to search for It. But
all the state apartments are now on tho
second floor, and Madame Bonaparte has
her own rooms below, Evidently ahe
knows nothing of tho secrets of the place.
The queen kept her moat beautiful robes
in that closet. It has no visible door.
The wall opens. And wo havo heard that
a door wus made through tho back of it
to let upon u spiral staircase of stone,
and through this tho royal family made
their eecapo to Varcnties, when they
were arrested and brought back,"
Wo foil Into tsllence at mention of tho
unsuccessful llight which could have
charged history; nnd she rose and said
"Good night, (.Ire."
Next mornlns there was such a deli
cious woild to live In that breathing was
a pleasure.
1 walked under the green canopy watch
Ins tho sun mount and walling for Ma
dame de Fcrrler. When she did appear,
the old man who had served her father
followed with a tray. I could only say
"Uood morning, madamc," not daring to
add "I have acarccly slept for thinking
of you."
, "Wc will have our coffee out here," sho
told me.
It was placed on tho broad stone seat
tinder the arch of the pavilion where we
sat the night beforej bread, unsalted but
tor from the farms, the coffee, the creom,
,i,r innr tnrar. lliidamo de Fcrrler her
self opened a door In the end of the wall
nnd plunged into ma aow at me gprucu.
Her old servant exclaimed. Bhe caught
her hair In briers and laughed, tucking
It up from falling and brought off two
great roses, each the head and tho
strength of a stem, to lay beside our
plrites. Tho breath of rotes to this hour
sends through my volna the Joy of that.
"This Is the flrat day of September,
slfc "
la It? I thought H was the first day
of creation."
"I mention the date that you may not
forget It. Because I am going to give
you something' today,"
My heart leaped like a conqueror a.
Then her faco went grave, like a child a
when It Is surprised In wickedness,
"But our fathers and mothers would
huvo us forget their suffering In the
festival of coming, home, wouldn t they,
"Then why are yoq looking at me witn
"I'm not."
i..i..n, n Ann't llkn mv dreta?"
I told her It was the flrat time I had
ever noticed anything she wore, and I
liked It.
"I used to 'wear my mother's clothes.
Erneitlne and I mado them over. But
this Is new; forho now day, and the
lew life here." .... ... .....
'And the day." I reminded her, "Is the
1: of September,"
Hha laughed and opened her J,J''",
showing mo two squat keys so small that
both had lain concealed under two of
her finger tips.
r Am Mine to live you a key, sire,
-"Will it unlock a woman's mind?
"U will open a padlocked book, wst
nliiht I found a little blank-leaved book,
with wooden covers, It was fastened by
a padlock, and these keyu were tied to
It You may have, one key I will keep
"The key to n padlocked book with
nothing In it."
Her eyes tuntullzed me.
"I am going to put something In It.
Sophie Saint-Michel said I had tjlft
for putting down my thoughts, if tne
gift appeared to flophle when I was a,
child It must grow In m by use. Every
day I shall put some of my life Into the
book. And whn I dla I will bequeath It
"Take back tha key, nutdame. I have
no dealro to look Into your coffin.
Bhe axtentfed her hand.
Then our good ud kind friend Count
d Chaumont hall mv it."
J held to lr hand am kept my key.
8he slipped away from ma. Tha laugh
ter of the child yet roa through tha dig
nity 9t tha woman. ' , .
nWtoi mv l rad this 'F-W'
NiVer, ut my tre will, aire. How
could I set down all I thought about
you, for Instance, It the certainty was
hanging over mo that you would read
my candid opinions and punish mo for I
them!" I
"Then of what use Is the key?"
"You would rather have It than give It
to another, wouldn't you?"
"Well, lou will have the kev to mv
"And If the book ever falls Into my
"I will see that It doesn't."
"I will say, years from now "
"Twenty? O Kogle!"
"Months? That's too long."
"No, 10 years, sire."
"Not 10 years, Uagle. Say eight."
"NO, nine."
"Seven. If tho book falls Into my hands
at the end of seven years, may I open
"I may safely promise you that." slip
laughed. "The book will never fall Into
your hands."
I took from my pocket the gold snuff,
box with the portraits on tho lid. nnd
placed my key carefully therein. Kagle
leaned forward to look at them. Sho took
tho box In her hand, and gnzed with
long reverence, drooping her hend.
Young as I was, arid unskilled In the
ways of women, that key worked magic
comfort. She had given mo n link to
hold us together. The Inconsistent, con
tradictory being, old one instant with the
wisdom of the Salnt-Mlchtls. rlpplln
full of unrestrained life the next, deny
ing me all hope, yet Indefinitely tantaliz
ing, wns adorable beyond words. I
closed my eyes; the blinding sunshine
struck them through the Ivied arch.
Turning my head as I opened them, 1
saw an old man come out on the terrace.
lie tried to search In every direction,
his gray head nnd faded eyes movlns
anxiously. Madame de Fcrrler wns still
I heard her lay the snuffbox on the ston )
seat. I knew, though I could not et
myself watch her, that she stood Jp
against the wall, a woman of stone, her
lip chiseled npnrt.
"Kagle Eagle l" the old mnn cried fiom
tho terrace.
She whispered "Yes. Cousin Philippe!"
FTIVY as sho passed bctucon the
tree columns, more swiftly her jouth
and vitality died In that wnlk of a few
"Wo had been hoy and girl together a
brief half hour, heedless and gay. When
sho reached tho arbor end, our chapter
of youth was ended.
I saw her bloodless face as she stepped
upon the terrace,
The man stretched his arms to her. As
If tho blight of her spirit fell upon him,
the light died out of his faco and he
dropped his arms at his sides.
IIo was a courtly gcntloman, cadaverous
and shabby as he stood, oil the breeding
of past generations appearing ln him.
"Eaglo?" ho said. The tone of piteous
apology went through me llko a Bword.
She took his hands and herself drew
them around her neck. He kissed her on
both cheeks.
"O Cousin Philippe!"
'I havo frightened you, child! I meant
to send a mossage tlrst but I wanted to
hoo you I wanted to come home!"
"Cousin rhillppe, who wroto that let
ter?" "The potary, child. I made him do It."
"It was cruel!" She gave "way, nnd
brokenly aobbed, leaning helpless against
The old rnarqul smoothed her head,
and puckered his forehead under the sun
light, casting his eyes around like a cul
"It was desperate. But I could do
nothing elsel You see It has succeeded.
While I lay in hiding, tho sight of tho
child, and your youth, has softened Bona
parte. That was my Intention, Eagle!"
"Tho peasants should havo told me you
were living!"
"They didn't know 1 came back. iMany
of them think I died In America. Tho
family of Ls Rochers have been very
faithful; nnd the notary has held his
tongue. We must reward them, Eagle.
I have been hidden very closely. I am
tired of such long hldlngl"
He looked toward the chateau and lifted
hts voice sharply
"Where's the boby? I haven't seen the
With gracious courtesy, restialnlng an
Impulse to punge up tho steps, ho gave
her his arm; and sho swayed against It
as they entered.
When I could see them no more, I rose,
nnd put my snuffbox In my breast. Tho
key rattled In It.
A snvago need of hiding when so
wounded, worked first through the dis
order that lot me seo none of the amen
ities ot leiwe-taklng. self-comamnd, con
duct. I was beyond the gates, bars-headed,
walking with long strides, when an old
mill caught my eye, and I turned toward
It, as wo turn to trifles to relieve us from
unendurable tension.
Tho water dripped over the wheel and
a long green beard trailed from Its chin
down the sluice. In this quieting com
pany Skpnedonk spied me as ho rattled
past with the post-carriage; and, con
sidering my behavior at other times, ha
was not enough surprised to waste any
good words of Oneida.
He stopped the carriage and I got In.
ilo pointed ahead toward a curtain of
tiees which screened the chateau,
"Paris," I answered,
"Paris," he repeated to the postilion,
and wo turned about. I looked from hill
to stream, from the fruited brambles ot
blackberry to reaches of noble forest,
realizing that I should never see thoao
lands again or the neighboring crest
where my friend the Marquis slept.
Wa posted the distance to Parts In two
What tha country was like or what
towns we passed I could not this hour
doclare with any certainty. At first
making effort and groping numbly ln my
mind, but the second day grasping de
termination, I formed my plana .and
talked them over with Skenedonk. We
would sail for America on the flrat con
venient ship, waiting In Parla only long
enough to prepare ror me poat journey
to a port. Charges must at once be set
tled with Doctor Chantry, who would
willingly at.iy In Parla while tha De
Chaumonta remained there.
Beyond the voyage I did not look. The
first faint tugging of my foster country
began to pull me as It has pulled many
a broken wretch out of tho conditions of
the older world.
I drove to his hotel in the Faubourg
St. Uermaln for my possessions. It was
closed, the distant relative who Inherited
after him being an heir with no Parisian
taste, The caretaker, however, that
Iladdon Htlaht. N. J.
BaffiBpttJlaa mmmUm&d4tttKfKl
I U'MKMi TJT K Vtii ' i
gentle old valet like a woman, who had
dressed me In my first Parisian finery,
let us In and waited upon us with food
I sent him out to buy. Ho gave me a
letter from my friend which he had held
to deliver on my return In enso nny ac
cldent befell the Marquis. Ho was trem
ulous In his mourning, and all his ardent
care of me was service rendered to the
I sat ln tho garden with tho letter
spread upon the table whore wo hod
dined. It brevity was gay. The writer
would havo gone under the knife with
a Jest. Ho did not burden me with nny
kind of counsel. We had touched. We
might' touch again. , 1 1 nns as If n soul
sailed by waving Its hat.
"My Dear Boy:
"t wanted you, but It was best you
should not stay nnd behold the depravity
ut your, ciders. It Is about a woman.
Mny you come to a better throne than
tho unsteady one of France.
Your friend nnd servant,
Etlenue du Piessy
Oarllc Is tho spice of life, my boy."
For no sooner wns I on the street than
a sense of being umnlstnkably watched
grew upon me. I scarcely caught any
body In the net. A succession of vanish
ing people passed me from one to an
other A working man In his blouse eyed
me; and disappeared, ln the afternoon
It was a soldier who turned up near my
elbow, and In the evening ho wns suc
ceeded by an equally Interesting old
woman, I might not have remembered
these people with distrust If Skenedonk
had not told me he wns trailed by chang
ing figures, and ho thought It was time
to get behind trees.
Bcllenger might have returned to Paris,
nnd set Napoleon's spies on tho least be
friended Bourbon of ull; or tho pollen
upon a man escnped from Stc. Pelagic
nfter choking a sacristan.
Thp Indian nnd I wore not skilled In
disguises a our watchers were. Our
.ni'ty lay In getting out of Paris. Skene
donk undertook to stow our belongings
in the poatchalHe at tho last minute. I
vcnt to De Chaumont's hotel to bring
tho money from Doctor Chantry and to
take leave without appearing to do so.
Mademoiselle de Chaumont seized mo as
I entered. Her carriage stood In the
court. Miss Chantry was waiting In It
while Annabel's mnld fastened her glovo.
"O I.azarre!" the poppet cried, her
henrtlness going tlnoqgh mo like wine.
"Are you back? And how you are
changed! They must havo abused you
In Itussln. We heard you wont to Itus
sla But since dear Marquis du Plessy
died we never hear the truth about any
thing." I acknowledged that I had been to Rus
sia. "Why did you go there? Tell your denr
cst Annabel. She won't tell."
"To se a lady."
Annabel shook her fietwork of misty
"That's treason to me. Is she beauti
ful?" "Very."
"Perfectly "
"Well, you're not. By the way, why
aro you looking so wan It she Is beautiful
and kind?"
"I didn't say she was beautiful and
kind for me. did I?"
"No, of course not. She has JJIlled you,
the wretch. Your denrest Annabel will
console you!" She clasped my arm with
both hands. "Madamo do Ferrler's
husband Is alive!"
"What consolation Is there In that?"
"A great deal for me. She has her
estates back, nnd ho was only hiding
until she got them!"
"May I enter?" said tho humblest of
voices outside the door.
We heard a shuffling stop.
Annabelr-niado a faco nnd .clenched -her
hands. The sprite was so harmless 1
laughed nt her mischief. She brought In
Doctor Chantry as she had brought me.
Chattering with every breath, Annabel
entrained us both to tho court, my poor
master hobbling after her a vlctoin, and
staring nt me with hatred when I tried
to get a word In undertone.
I put Annabel Into the conch and Mlsa
Chantry made frigid room for mo.
"Husten yourself, Iazarre," said Made
moiselle do Chaumont.
I looked back nt tho poor man, who
was being, played with, and she crledl
out, laughing
"Did you go to Ttussla a Parisian to
come back a bear?'
I entered her coach, Intending to takV
my leave aa Boon as I had seen Count
de Chaumont, Annabel chattered all ths
way about civil marriage, and directed
Miss Chantry to watt for us whllo wo
went In to the Mayor. I was, perhaps,
too Indifferent to tho trick. "The usually
sharp governess, undecided and piqued,
But still
The count was not In the Muyor"s office.
A civil marrlnge was golnR forward, and
a strange bridal party looked at us.
"Now, Lozarre," the strategist confided,
"Your dearest Annabel Is going to cover
herself with Parisian disgrace. You
don't know how maddening It Is to have
every step dogged by a woman who
never was, never could have been
and manifestly never will be young!
WoBn't that a divine flash about the
corbellle and tho mayor? Miss Chantry
will wait outsldo half a day. As I said,
she will be tired of sitting In the carriage.
This la what you must do; smuggle me
out another way; call another carriage,
and take mo for n. drlvol and wicked
dinner. I don't cara what the con
sequences are. If you don'tl"
I said I certainly didn't, and that I
was ready to throw myself In the Seine
If that would amuse her; and she com
mended my Improvement In manners. We
had a drive, with n sympathetic coach
man: and a wicked dinner In a suburb,
which would have been quite harmless on
Ameilcan ground. The child was aa full
of spirits us she had been the night aha
mounted the cabin chimney. But I
realized that more of my gold pieces were
slipping away, and I had not seen Doctor
"We were going to tho mayor'," she
maintained, when reproached. "My
father would have jojlned ua If he had
Jieen there He would cortalnlv hsv
Joined ua If he haq aeon me alone with
illtlCIMtOOl' llUU.DINU
Suites of 1 and 8 rooms and 2 batba.
(Solarium covering entire homo,
Vlald servlca ty tb hour elevator.
II. J. JOHNSON, BOO Ualley Building.
f ii..
Iladdon Hellite, N. J.
Only $3000
Including Lot 50x200 Feet
Subject to let Mortgage of tSOOO.
its living room, with open fireplace, dla
Ins room, kitchen,, two bedroom ui) bath
room on flrat Boor, larn altlo over entire
boua on opnd floor Hot water heat-
tome ana iook
ok It oyer. You purely will
be tiel.
, you. Nothing It go cany a civil mnrrjaee
"""" tun swiipirr. ui couitd mo
i nacrnmcni ioiiowa, wnen ptopio
want It, and If it Is celebrated In tho
church of tho Capuchins or any other
church five minutes before midnight, It
will make nil Paris talk! Every word I
sold wns true!"
""But Doctor Chantry believed some
thing different."
"You can't do anything for the
Rngllsh," said Annabel. "Next week he
will sny haw-haw."
Doctor Chantry could not bo found
when wo returned to hor father's hotel.
She govs me her fingers to kiss In good
bye, nnd told mo I was less doleful.
"Wc though you were the Marquis du
Plessy's son, Lftznrrc. I always havo
believed that story that Holland woman
told In tho cabin, about jour rank blng
superior to mine. Don't bo cut up about
Madame do Fcrrler! You may have to
r0 to Hussla again for her, but j-ou'll
get her!"
The witch shook the mist of hair nt
the sides of her pretty aquiline face, blew
n kiss at me, nnd ran up the stnlrcnse
and out ot my life. After waiting long
for Doctor Chantry I hurried to Skenc
donk and sent him with Instructions to
find my master and concludo our affair
before coming back.
Tho Indian silently entered the Du
PIcsy hotel nfter dusk, crestfallen and
suspicious. Ho brought nothing but a
letter, left In Doctor Chantry's room;
nnd no other trace remained of Doctor
"What has he done with himself,
Skenedonk?" I exclaimed.
The Oneida begged me to read that we
might trail him,
It was n. long nnd very tiresome lettej
written In my master's spider tracks,
containing long and tlrosome enumera
tions of his services.
Ho presented a large bill for his guar
dianship on the voyage and ncrosj
Franco. He said I was not only a rich
man through his Influence, but I had
proved myself on ungiatcful one, and
had robbed him of his only sentiment
nfter n dlsnppotnted existence. My Im
pudence was equalled only by astonish
ing success, and. he chose not to con
templnta me ns the husband of beauty
nnd lofty station, whose shoes ho In his
modesty nnd worth, felt unworthy to un
latch. Therefore ho withdrew that very
day from Parts, and would embrace tho
opportunity of going Into pensive retire
ment nnd rural contemplation In his
native kingdom; whoro his sister would
Join him when she could do so with dig
nity and propriety.
I glanced from line to line smiling, but
th postscript brought ma to my feet.
"Tho deposit which you left with me
I shall carry with me, as no more than
my due for lifting low savagery to high
gentility, and beg to subscribe my thanks
for nt least this small tribute of grati
tude." "Doctor Chantry fs gone with the
Skenedonk bounded up grasping tho
knife which he nlways carried ln a
sheath hanging from his belt.
"Which way did tho old woman go?"
"Stop," I Bald.
Tho Indian half crouched for counsel.
I'll be" a prince! Let him have It."
tJeff ery Four
Standard Seven Passenger- $ 1035
Without Auxiliary Seats-SlOOO
Establishing a New Standard
of Value at a $1000 Price
New seven passenger body divided front seats extra-length
springs two hundred pounds lighter the first automobile of its
quality, size and efficiency to sell at a $1000 price.
TWO years ago last January, the Jeffery Company announced the
Jeffery Four at $1550 the first automobile of its quality to sell below $2000.
This will be remembered as the car which introduced the high-speed high-efficiency
motor into this country. Its remarkable service record in the hands of
thousands of owners has established it as the standard
American automobile
33 Points
of Jeffery Superiority
Standard aeven paasenger body
Divided lounge-type front aeata
Kxtra length aprlnga
WtUht 2750 pound
lis Inch wheel base
$4x4 Goodyear Fort Wed tlrea All
weather tread rear
Jeffery Cheeterfleld body
Rear aeat 48 loche wide
Kaeyrldin; auxiliary acata
Extra wide door
Peep real leather upnolttery
Concealed door handles
Ught Urewater green finuh
Lett drive-center control
Jeffery blsh-tpeed motor
Unit power plant
Bxtra large motor beating
Botch magneto leru(ioo
Stromberg high efficiency carburetor
Bljur electric atnrtlng and lighting
Smooth acting diec clutch
Jeffery allent near ehtlt
Jeffery eaey-control steering gear
HotcbkUa type flaiibla drive
Jeff ery-bullt allent rear axle
Extra turf ace brake
Emergency brake ea propeller abaft
Jeffery one-man top
Adjuatabl detr-vUioo windahleld
Locking double dimmer Ilghta
Xan Sicklen speedometer
utomatlc gasoline feed
Complete equipment.
tjrt him rob you?"
were quits, now rve paid him for
infi lancet itab I save him.
But Vnll hftvn't o tvhAl tiicff,f nt
coin left."
"Wo brought nothing Into Frnnco, and
It seems certain we shall take nothing
but experience out of It. And 11m young,
Skenedonk He Isn't "
The Onolda grunted. He was angrier
than 1 had ever seen him.
"Wo ought to hnve knooked the old
woman on the head nt Saratoga," he re
sponded. Annabel's trick had swept away my lit
tle fortune. With recklessness which re
pented loss engenders I proposed we scat
ter the remaining coin In the street, but
Skenedonk prudently snld we would di
vide nnd conceal It In our clothes. 1 gave
the kind valet a handful to keep his
heart wnrm; nnd our anxieties about our
valuable were much lightened.
Then we consulted about our Imminent
start, nnd 1 told my servant It would be
better to send the post-chaise across tho
Seine. IIo agreed with me. And for me
to come to It as If by nccldent the mo
ment wo were ready to Join each other
on tho road. Ho agreed to that. All of
our belongings would be put Into It by
tho valet and himself, and when we mot
wc would make n circuit and go by the
way of St. Denis.
"Wo will meet," I told him. "nt 11
o'clock In front of tho Tullerlcs."
Skenedonk looked at me without mov
ing a muscle.
Miss Mildred Cole, Well Known So
cially Here, Appointed Assistant
in Camden County
Miss Mildred Cole, of Merchantvllle, N
J., well known socially, was appointed
assistant probation officer for the Camden
County Courts today by Judge Boyle. Sho
will assume her new duties Immediately,
succeeding Mrs, Edna Van Hlse. The
position carries with It a salary of 1900 a
Mlns Cole Is well known In this city,
having been actively engaged ln work for
the Philadelphia Society of Organizing
Charity. Sho will havo charge of nbout
1000 first offenders who ho.vo been paroled
by the criminal branch ot the Camden
County Court.
Pennsylvania Railroad Seta No Date
for Start of Service
Although trial electric trains once more
nre running on the Main Lino of tho
Pennsylvania Railroad, no definite dato
has been fixed for tho opening of tho
regular electrltlod service.
It has been announced, however, that
tho new feature of tho suburban traffic
wilt be Incorporated gradually, one train
to be used nt flrat to make several runs
dally and finally a second, third and
fourth train until each of tho steam trains
Is replaced with one operated by electric
of quality and moderate cost.
The Jeffery Company novr preaentn
tne new Jellery rour larger tban
lnstyear roomier ligbterin weight
more powerful eaaier riding
and with the famous Chesterfield
body n finer car in every respect
than the original Jeffery Four a car
combining economical operating
maintenance coat with a road per
formance which ranks with that of
the bfggest, highest priced auto,
mobiles at a priem of S 1035 1
Without th auxiliary itat; flOOO I
In announcing this car, it is not the purpose
of the Jeffery Company to meet temporary
f trice conditions, nor to compromise with an
magined desire on the part of dealers and the
public for cheapness. On the contrary, it is the
aim and determination of the Jeffery Company
to establith the Jeffery Four as a ttandard car
at a standard price a car which discriminat
ing buyers can drive for a number of seasons
without Buffering the marked depreciation
which has been euch an unfortunate feature
of the automobile business.
The new Jeffery Four U a quality automobile In
every aeos of tt.a word built to maintain and in.
create tha enviable reputation of the Jetfery Four.
The Jeffery Six
Saiam tptetocartora atth famous Jefuty
ttttrfitUt tlxiiltnt worm ttrlvt. luf
cMttttr cantilever spring jutfttnilon and
v other quality features found elsewhere on
only hlgh-prioed foreign cars refined to an
even smoother, quitter operation than ever
price fiqso F.O.&. Kenosha-9300 knyrr
In trice than last year, J
Orders must be placed ImrnecU.
ately to laaure early delivery.
FERY SALES CO., Distributors
bales and Kerrlee
Car Naur on Kate Flwtr
Attorneys Announce Plan to
Ask Judge of Court No. 4
for Injunction
A new fight for a preliminary Injunc
tion to restrain the city from enforcing
the antl-Jltnty ordinance will be begun
next Tuesday by Harry M. BerkowlU and
Harry Shapiro, attorneys for the lnlted
Motor Bus Company. These attorneys
were the men who were refused an In
junction by Judge Ferguson yesterday at
the sama time he refused an application
for a similar Injunction to Michael Fran
els Doyle, attorney for the Philadelphia f i
uiuiey Association anu tne Boutu mil
delphla Jitney Owners' AasoclaUon.
Tho renewed action to be taken on
Tuesday, as announced by Harry M. Berk
owltz, will be started In Common Pleas
Court No. 4, Mr, Berkowltz announced
that, since Judge Ferguson had not at
tacked tho merits ot his clients' bill In
equity, and had simply refuaed to take
action on it because he declared It was
Inexpedient for him so to do when hi
sitting aa temporary vacation Judge was
about to end and the matter could coma
beforo tha regular sessions of court, ha
would arrange to have a Judge of No. (
Court hear the application, Mr. Berk
owltz had entered hi bill in Common
Pleas Court No. 4 and had called on Judgs
Ferguson to hear the petition In No. 3
Court, because he wa tha only Judge
available and because none of the No. 4
men were In the city.
He and his associates are confident of
winning their suit, because they claim to
havo brought up several Important ques
tions ln their complaints that were not
touched on ln the original application,
strengthening their claims for an Injunc
tion. Therefore, since Judge Ferguson
was willing to grant a preliminary In
junction on the first petition, they are
confident that they will obtain another on
their bill from a Judge ln Common Plea
Court No. 4.
Immediately after Judgo Ferguson filed
his opinion yesterday, Mr. Berkowltz an
nounced that he would Ml a new bill In
Court No. 4 In order that ha and his as
sociate could Join with the other attorney
In the battle for a permanent Injunction
nfter September 20. the date set by Judga
Sulzberger for final hearing on the origi
nal petition for a stay ot the enforcement
of the ordinance, Atter considering th
opinion of the court he changed hi plana,
Mr. Doyle also plans to put a new move
Into nctlon today or tomorrow. He will
announce what It Is soon.
Ei I-2TST- V
Hot mH f Jeffery