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Inspector Charges Measures
Approved by Body Fail to
Meet State Law
A heated discussion nrose at the meet
ing of the Pennsylvania Association of
Bealers of Weights and Measures today
over the right of a committee, to Bpeclfy
rules and regulations for a body of In
spectors. The point debated was the right
pf a committee appointed laBt year to
specify a regulation scale to be used
throughout the State. It wan also con
tended that the commlttco exceeded its
authority In drafting a set of rules and
regulations under which the Inspectors
were supposed to work.
At the convention last year the com
mittee was appointed, with John Um
tead as chairman, to drawn tho rules.
Today a member of the committee, II.
E Itclnhart, of Qrecnnburg, charged that
the commlttco exceeded Its authority
wfien It advocated tho uso by merchants
throughout tho State of ono regulation
scale and uniform measures. Ho was
supported by James A. Sweeney, head
of the IJurcau of Standards at Harris
burg. "We havo no right to dictate to tho
storekeepers what kind of n scale they
gnouicl use," xur. owcency saiu
!2,c 57- 1'""dr','S, "L'1'""'",1. "!?3
used, and to create a uniform Bcalo would
cost both the merchants and scale manu
facturers money. Besides, I haven't
tho authority. Thcro wnB a law passed
by tho Legislature laBt session glv'ng mo
that power, but, It was vetoed."
The commlttco agreed on ono scale,
the mako of which Is not known, and
Immediately asked Sweeney to approvo
It and make It the standard throughout
-the State This Sweeney refused to do,
ss ho had not tho power, ho Bald today.
Furthermore, tho committee asked him
to publish and send to every ecalo and
measure inspector in tho State n copy
of tho regulations. This ho also refused
to do.
Charges that the regulations and somo
of the measures adopted by tho commit
tee ncre In direct violation of the State
laws were mado by Itclnhart. Ho eald
that, while tho State allows for only tho
conical measures, the commlttco approved
the cylindrical measures.
"If we were to confiscate every measure
that did not comply with the State law
we wouldn't have bIx left." said Mr.
Iteinhart, "all for the simple reason that
the committee approved measures that
wero not mentioned In the Stato code."
Tho commlttco said that whereas ocry
law Is lax, allowing for tho judgment of
the Individual Inspector, It had to con
strue tho regulations nnd specify certain
The old-fashloncd counter tack meas
urement was condemned and voted abol
lticd today. A btcady crusade has been
conducted against the counter tacks, until
they are virtually abolished In Philadel
phia, according to officers of the conven
tion. The imipoctors say thnt In addition
to the fact that they are not a regula
tion measurement, they are also Inaccu
rate, as tho salesgirls often miss tho
tnclts in their hurry to wait on tho heavy
IiaJe. Yardsticks that are not metat-
tlpped were also condemned. The ordinary
oecomes bent with nKO and ujo.
,ho delegates Bald, and It was found on
.vesication mat on the average an
was missing from many sticks.
; t06oda worth $15 a jcard wero measured by
"-' ttlftf. atlvtra mnlflno n Jlff&.Atinii ......
,trsl dr liars to tho purrl aser.
, rouowins me . reports, a .paper on
"Hawkers' and Peddlers' Licenses" was
read by Thura Hanson, Commissioner of
.WelghtB nnd Measures at Boston;
another paper, on "Platform Scales,"
,W read by C. F. Borgel, an inspector
tt York, Pa, The meeting adjourned at
, This afternoon was given over to rec
reation. Tho delecates. cuests nnrl visi
tors took a Jaunt down the Delaware
?Rlver this afternoon on the tire boats
Ahbrldge and Stokley. Tho men will
visit Cramps' Shipyard, the New York
Shipbuilding Plant, and tho Navv "Vnrrt.
Other Interesting places In the harbor
will also be visited.
Man "Who Escaped in "Nighties" nnd
Amused Students Is Caught
Patrick Mitchell, 27 years old, of Chi
cago, who escaped from Blockley last
Saturday morning, was ent back to that
Institution today after being found at
wth street nnd Osage avenue. Mitchell
rnade a sensational escape In his night
clothes by sliding down a tree near the
Window of his room. Two University
students later found him and put him
hack over the wall. Mitchell waited until
the students had irons anil ncrnln fllml,n,i
i to liberty.
A policeman of the 65th and Pine Btreet
wuun arrested Mitchell today as a
Vagrant. Magistrate Harris sentenced
Mm to three months In the House of
Correction, but before Mitchell had hpen
ent away a newspaperman called the at
tentlon of the police to his identity. He
then sent back to Blockley.
";J jkyerat packages, believed to contain
tlODe." Whlrh -UJfA rVlimit In h hii..ti
I ?rars ot a room at 1 Providence court
f'Dy DeteCtiVrft Tlftfrfn nnrt Tarttr, nf tU.
tfjlth and "Winter streets station,' led to
I ;r "J""' today of Robert Martin. S3, of
"n zoth street, and Rene Harris,
wno lives at the Providence court ad-
S3. Thev Wflr nrrnlcrnri In Ppntrnl
olice station today
illoward Hutchinson, a chauffeur, of
West Venanjro street, held to await
he Corner's action In tho case of William
t. SchWArt Xv tin At a A In 4Ut flarman-
IlDPlta'. on. August 7, from injuries
Kelved when fitmmlr hv TYiitrhlnitnn'a
.jtor. was exonerated today by the Cor-
lU"" ury Sch",arts was crossing Wis
4i kon venue, after leaving the Mld-
'io nieei works, where ho v.na em
Woyed, when the accident occurred,
t numerous witnesses testified that Hutch
?on made every effort to avoid striking"
We man
- Kwher Butchers Will Be Ureed to
Charge Extra Cent, to Aid
Stricken Jews
04her hltfffl,u nt thin nltv will h
k4 to r.iopt a plan of putting a lMt
Ut on nui, .1.1.1... ..in. j ... !.,
I? '" trieken Jews in Hurope. at a
-? io o nuq tomorrow riant at
! TliU4 Tore! Hall, JU CatUartM
ne routing will & under tM
Kt?: "wtfUM tor all Jewish war auf.
"- boj tt, j. Leventhal called Ue
sWir butchers. nw eftarga 3 cent for
Engagement tnMf
iitmund A.
Acoworth, of Mel
Is Anne
!. i 4tt 'Vl,r P&Md today
E t ? gL?.m rrom Wndon, In which
Jl' ?Snff,f2 wlt''y known In this
rlnnn v v r. " ?l c"af's and Cor
and hf. nLn?rq,UMt ,F0r "me h
h?M VJ iT- inl" havo b'n abroad Tho
btlde to be Is a oungerdaughler of Jf A
hn7.r" f D?by "d Malvern "ngl
An&$nlm f the rder ' tha
elua,V l .th engagement were In
?. S? '." V1 bHct cableRrnm, ana It was
Johnnie Morgan, Found Lying
Under Department Store
Counter, Seemed to Be Up
to His Old Tricks Again
The glowing health of Johnnie Morgan's
wlfo was In strange contrast with the
faded prisoners In tho Cltv ir.-ill nnllm
court t0y nd Particularly with Johnnie
Morgan. Ho Is a notorious and worn-out
safo-cracker, who tcok to heroin long be
foro he lost his skill as a burglar. Now
the drug "has" him. He was a pathetlo
and harmless looking, shabby man beside
his spruco nnd comely wife, in whoso
checks bloomed the roscnto vigor of coun
try life.
Morgan, half dazed with tdrugs, lay
last night under a counter on tho second
lloor of a Market Btreet department store,
hnlf an hour aftor It hnd closed Its doors.
A watchman found him there. It looked
bad, because It was Johnnie's old trick
this getting Into n store and hiding till
everjbody was out. Tor then, In tho
paBt, with his pals, ho would steal out In
the night nnd blow n sate and get away
with tho store's ready cash Ho served
two years for thnt In the Eastern Peni
tentiary and nfter ho got out was tried
on an old charge in Montgomery County
nnd served 18 months more In Norrls
town Jail. He was n frco man again only
n few weeks ago, for tho first time In
nearly four years.
It was probably a Question of sendlnc
Johnnie Morgan to prison ngaln to die
there. His first act on gaining freedom
had evidently been to get drugs In some
manner. This was not hnrd for him, oen
under the stern regime of the Harrison
law, for it had been Morgan who first
brought heroin In largo quantities to
Philadelphia years ago for the dismal de
light of the Tenderloin. He Is a college
graduate, an expert chemist. Ho comes
of a good family.
As Magistrate) Beaton was about to
dispose of MorganJ,s case his wife stood
up beside her husband. There was a
murmur of astonishment and ndmlratlon.
Her golden hair, neatly arranged, shone
glossy and vital, beneath her hat. Her
blue ocs were ns clear nnd brave as
Johnnie's were dimmed and shameful
and downenst. Her black silk dress per
fectly fitted a youthful and graceful
"Now, don't send him to Jail, Judge."
sho said, In a calm, firm volco, touchlngly
maternal for the wreck sho had nover
ceased to love, In splto of the grotesque
failure ho had mado of her life.
"I promise you he won't stay In Phil
adelphia, won't go back to Jhe Tenderloin
cer again. I want to take him away
to tho country, where I live with my
mother nnd father There It Is so healthy,
and I can take care of him there. He Is
broken up, jou can see. Ho will get a
little better there In the green fields, with
good food nnd none or that awful stud
to take.
"I can promise you," her voice rose
clearly and almost with a note of tragic
triumph of motherllness, "that Johnnie
Morgan will never trouble the Tenderloin
or the stores and their money again as
long as ho lives "
Ho was set free, of course, and hus
band and wife, the man stooping and
leaning heavily on her nrm, the woman
looking steadily forward and with high
held head, passed out of the room and
downstnlrs; later they were seen walking
over to tho Broad Street Station to take
a train for the green fields. Curious
persons took the elevator to follow at
a distance, for a last look at the fine
wife of Johnnie Morgan. They felt that,
after all, her life was not a failure.
Victim, Awakened While in Bed, Too
Weak to Defend Herself
HAZLETON, Pa , Aug, X7, Aroused
from sleep early today, Mrs. Daniel Mc
deehan, of West Hazleton, wife of the
superintendent of the Diamond Water
Company, of this city, found a burglar
stooping over her bed. She recently gave
birth to twins, and was unable to leave
her bed,
Ab she threatened to make an outcry,
the burglar uncorked a phial and poured
acid on her face. She threw up her left
hand to ward off the acid, and struck a
knife he held in his hand, Inflating an
ugly gash on the lett Hand, une lainiea,
and when found a short, time after by
relatives, was bleeding freely. She is In
a weakened condition today, and suffers
greatly from shock.
The Intruder intended to rob the house,
as was shown by a collection of silver
ware packed on the first floor, ready for
Strike at narlan & HoIIingsworth Mill
WILMINGTON, DeI' AuB. 17. About
J00 riveters, caulkers and helpers em
ployed at the plant of the Harlan and
HoIIingsworth Corporation went on a
strike this morning. They demand a W
per cent. Increase in pay and assert that
the other men received a 10 per cent, in
crease last week, and they want the
same. The company officials decline to
talfe except to say the men are out but
they expect them back soon.
ifl eleve jum
How can we use white lead paint
smd meet all bids? Speedy autoa, ex
pert painters, full equipment, biggest
wholesale buying and lota of work.
Painting and Decorating
8 Our JMmimMs nm
-Blh ItfaASUM. 38 S. I6tb
m fwgKp
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK Laaaaaaaalr faaaaflaaaaaaaaaaVaaaaaafXji'M-aaaaaaaWHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe i a tffl ...j.- laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMtiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaB 4H
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Jcr JBBltir";1ft.FIaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare kta i wdmoni BEjEnKHH
Commission Orders Reading to
Put Passenger Trains on
Nonpaying Line
Hi (l
HAnmSHURCJ. Aug. 17. - The Stato
Public Service Commission today directed
tho Philadelphia and Rending Railway
Company to Instnl, within 30 das, pas
senger trnln service upon tho Mlddlo
Crock branch between Swataia Junction
and Newtown
Tho railroad company contended that
tho branch was constructed as a mlno
lateral, and not for tho purposo of carry
ing passengers and thnt, therefore, tho
commission was without authority to
make any order.
Chairman Alney, who mado tho order,
overruled tho objections, and held that
though tho brnnjjh might have been built
for the purpose of cnrrylng coal, tho act
of Assembly creating tho branch rail
road placed no such limitation upon It and
that therefore It might lawfully carry
The order Is regarded ns of wldo Im
portance for tho further point decided
which was that It Is pot an answer to a
demand for passenger Bcrvlco to show
that the particular train would bo oper
ated nt a Iobs.
"Tho first duty of a railroad," said
Chairman Alney, "Is to perform Its proper
corporate functions, and If cnrrjlng pas
sengers Is ono of them, It must perform
such duty or glvo up its charter privi
leges. "Tho expense of operating n particular
train Involving a loss may bo of more or
less Importance in determining rates to
be charged, but will not of Itself Justify
a railroad In refusing to give to any com
munity reached by Its lines such service
asmay bo needed and reasonably de
manded by the public."
Largo Delegation Will Attend Funeral
of Achilla M. Ingcnito
"Little Italy" will send a largo delega
tion to attend the funeral of 21-year-old
Achlllc M. Ingenlto. the student who tvas
drowned nt Sea Isle City, N J. The fu
neral will bo held Thursday morning, nt
tho Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady
of Good CoupbcI, 816 Christian street, near
dpor to his home. Twelve young men will
act as pall-bearers.
Young Ingenlto Invited a number of his
friends to visit him at his father's bunga
low, at Sea Isle City, Sunday. Despite
the warning ot friends, the boy dived off
the end of tho pier and did not appear
again on the surface. Two hours later
his body was washed up on the beach.
Young Ingenlto was a prominent figure
In "Little Italy." Ho had been a student
at Brown Preparatory School for some
years, and was preparing to enter the
University of Pennsylvania, His ambi
tion was to become a phjslclan.
Fourteen Couples Wed at Elkton
ELKTON, Md., Aug. lT.-Fourteen
couples were married In Elkton today,
seven pairs coming from Philadelphia.
They Include Harold W. Lento and Adele
13, Chapaln, George R. Lindsay and Mary
G, Enochs, George J. ICaln and Margaret
Sessions, John Toner and Marlon A.
Clark, Joseph W. Lynn and Marie
Cherry. Frank J. Relnhart and Edith II.
Sheetz and Alson H. Wiieeler and Helen
M. Alexander, all of Philadelphia; Wil
liam H. Grandfon and Elsie M. Harris,
Wilmington, Del.; Frank J. Uroh and
Mary A Neuls, Trenton, N. J,; llenja
mln H. Restlne and Mildred E. Nahler,
Conshohocken; Edward L. Laubach end
Tearl A. Werst, Bethlehem; Ernest
Henry and Grace Hopkins, Darlington,
Md.; Herbert C. Becker and Emily New
pher, Glenslde, Pa., and Arthur W.
Nagle and Ima C. Burch, Reading, Pa.
Two Motorcyclists Hurt by Auto
Two young men In an automobile, who
ran down Gustavo Hasenmater, of (110 J
street, and Miss Mary Kenny, of 30U
Kensington avenue, on a motorcycle,
were held In 30Q ball to await the result
of Hasenmaler's Injuries today Hasen
maler suffered a broken leg and internal
Injuries. The girl escaped with coptu-slons-fif
the hip
The prisoners were Clifford Kendall, of
1100 Duncannon avenue, and Robert Ock
ford, of 1J27 North Warnock street. They
were driving a machine on the North
east Boulevard, when they struck Hasen
maler's motorcycle at Oxford pike.
Doubfed&y RMje 8 Ca
a a - Present
Aftckty Sayii
"Bi Square"
'lTfri'j n o Ut trtivtng
margin bnei in year y, u.tth
all iltvt running wtU jmt t
pltaiiym ana" thi man tnutmwn
Br tfe tBtbof f
$1.33 net-it all Beclutera
J. Franklin McFadden Guest at
Gathering of "Business" Sol
diersClothier Corporal in
Tall Cavalry Squad
From n Staff Cormpondrnt.
Tlattsburg, N. Y Aug. 17.-J. Tranklln
McFadden, captain of tho Philadelphia
City Troop, arrived at tho military camp
lato vestorday afternoon to remain for a
week as a guest of tho officers In chnrgo.
Tho captain nrrlvcd too Into to do more
thnn get his bcnrlngs before dark, nnd
tho camp settled down for tho night
Whllo hero ho v. Ill co-opcrnto with tho
Instructors In cnvalry In teaching tho
great crowd of expert riders tho moro
ndvanced steps of military horsemanship,
to which stage they hnvo already pro
gresshed, Colcmnn Peace Brown Is tho only mem
ber of the camp, as far as it Is known,
who is n member of tho City Troop. Ho
will como in contnet with Captain Mc
Fadden only In nn Informal way, for ho
Is not riding here, but devoting his after
noons to slgnnl work.
William J Clothier Is corporal of a
cavalry so.uad It Is known as tho "Wool
worth" squad All of Its clght.members
are over 6 feet 1 inch In height. Threo are
over 6 feet 2 inches and threo are over
6 feet threo Inches.
Charles Leon Downing, ono of tho most
famous girl Impersonators tho Mask and
Wig Club ever had, Is In camp. With n
two dies' beard, ho affords a strong con
trast to tho nppenrance he made In skirts
In "Mr. Hamlet of Denmark," and other
shows ot the University of Pennsylvania
dramatic club. After wearing an ordinary
tnginy hirt and carrying nn ordinary army
pack and eating nn ordinary army
chicken, he was heard to rcmaik as ho
tumbled into his cot last night:
"I well understand now tho willingness
ot tho enlisted man to die for his country
or for nny ono of a number of other rea
sons " ,
Private L. C. Wilton, of Philadelphia,
n member of tho artillery squad, was to'd
yesterday afternoon to demolish the
Hotel L'humplaln. He sighted carefully
from under his range and opened tiro.
After (Ho rounds ho announced ho hnd
completely destroyed tho hotel Merely to
show tho enterprise of the hotel people
as early as last evening they had so far
rebuilt the hoitelry that tho gueets wero
able to dress for dinner without undue
Sergennt R H Gamble, of Haverford,
is tho champion snorer of Company D.
D Is admitted to bo the best drilled com
pany In canwand In addition it Is willing
to match Gamble against nny other
snorer, private or non-commission, in
camp, with catch-as-catch-can rules,
same dinners to start on, weight not to
of Robbing Picnickers
Lenape Park
WEST CHESTER. Aufr. 17. -Matty
Collo. alias "Dopey" Matty; Mike Claroe
plo, George Scardlonlo and Atbert Marcla,
alleged Philadelphia pickpockets, were
sent to prison here last night for a
further hearing before Justice of the
Pence S. M. Paxson, of this place, next
Monday afternoon.
The men were captured at Lenape Park
on Thursday of last week during the
picnic of the Elks, Sevoral persons testi
fied to having met with losses after being
jostled by the men, who were accom
panied by a woman, who escaped.
U? nt of 1
No ell, In lb. United butei h
ts Dr. 8, !! Zlilr, Director et Ilttlth and Chirltl, who .) In M
wttkly bulletin that nun than J00.CW quart! art coiuum.4 dill jr. "About M
p.r opt. ot tho milk Phllad.lfiltU uw I. paituriitaV ho )" "and tho othtr
10 per cent. I llhr cortllltd by proper authority cr4i Inspected raw rnSlk."
MUk adulteration, ho uri, hat virtually ceaaed and no preiervatliea aro uaed.
About per cent, of all milk la delivered
and SUPPLEE Has the
Best Milk in
More Supplee Milk is sold than any
more convincing evidence!
Supplee Milk has been award
ed Eight Gold Medals for
purity, richness, flavor and
high quality on eight tepa
rate occasion!
Supplee Milk is scientifically
safeguarded from the farm
to your front door. Every
known sanitary precaution is
taken even greater care
than State authorities deem
Textile Men and Chemists Un
impressed by Demonstra
tion in Taubel Brothers
Textllo manufacturers, representatives
of dyoworks and chemists representing
the larger concerns in this section of tho
country nttended a demonstration of n
new dyo, which. It had been thought,
might provo to be nn Important factor
In establishing a foundation for tho dyo
Industry In this country, In tho djcroom
of Taubel Brothers' hosiery works, Cedar
and Huntingdon Btrocts. todaj. The ex
periment, whllo producing satisfactory
results, did not meet with tho approval
of n largo number of tho spectators.
Instead of seeing a demonstration of a
perfected logwood process, as they nntlcl
patcd, they wero shown an anlllno proc
ess, which, they nBscrtcd, waB nolthcr now
nor moro cfllclcnt than nny of tho stand
ard methods. They expressed disappoint
ment on learning thnt tho test would not
bo n moro complete demonstration of a
logwood dye, recently tested In Bangor,
Pa., and found unsuccessful at that time.
It was pointed out by several prominent
dyo men present that tho new djo could
not be furnished anyway, owing to tho
scarcity of raw material needed for Its
manufacture. Nltrobenzol, they pointed
out. Is needed for the now dye, nnd that
compound cannot be obtained becnusc the
larger concerns engaged in manufacturing
explosives navo cornered the mnrket.
Dr I V Stanley Stanislaus, who Is the
Inventor of tho new dye. and William
Alms, who is associated with him In pro
moting n company to manufacture the
new product, both asserted that the need
ed materials could bo obtained. Dye men
present asserted that they positively could
"Trousers a Specialty"
Is moro than n.catch phrase with us
Trousers-lit Is our prlu. Test us on
Flannel Trousers at $6.50
Regular 8 value fit guaranteed
yet mado at the price of ready-made
white flannels, as a "got-acqualnted"
special offer.
W. S. JONES, Inc.
Custom Tailoring Only
1116 Walnut Street
Reduction on Summer Hultlni., 10.I5.J05S
,Wk Anlilrs, Swollen Ln, Eto!
Corliss Laced Stocking
SANITARY, as they my be
u-mlinl or ballrd.
Comfartahlt, mndo fa meaiure.
NO ELASTlOi adjustable I.C?;
Ilka a Irxclnxi lljrlit and durable.
ECONOMICAL. Co.t t.73 each;
or two or tho same limb. S3 00.
postpaid. Call and bo mraiured
free, or write for clf-incuoro-nirnt
Wank Nn. 10.
Hours 0 to S dallyt Hat, D to t.
Perms. Corliss Limb Specialty C
430 Heed Hide. I'lione Alal. 091
ISIMS-IB Filbert St., l'ulla.
n HAta
xtfipll)r to b pCTt
bellir milk thin PhlUd.lphlt, .tcorCIri;
In bolllea.
Ledger Aug. 16
other milk but wo have further and
And yet
You pay no more for Supplee
Milk than for ordinary MJJkl
Try Supplae and see the df.
ference for yourself! Any of
our drivers will take your or
der, or phone Poplar 778,
You'll find our service as
prompt and eeurteous as our
milk is pure and delieieus.
17, 1915.
ATIAJT.A. fin Atiir 1? n- .
-- -" f f 114 W Will-
ranlc of mllltla hnve been assembled
here nnd are ready to be rushed Jo any
point at a moment's notice Sheriffs' of
flies throughout the Rtnte have been no-
iiuea uy uovernor Harris to be on the
alert for members of the party who took
Frank away from Mllledgtville
Mobs have repeatedly clamored for tho
blood of Leo M. Frank, so that ni soon
Afl It beCfltllA knnwn lA.lnv lhn( I.. 1.
bten carried away, most people jumped
t the conclusion thnt ho was a doomed
man, If not nlready a dcHd man
With Frank dead nnd his widow, at
Mllledgevllle, close to death from gilef
nnd horror nt his dreadful end. Atlanta
experienced a revulsion of feeling today.
The very men who were bitterest in
their denunciation of ex-Governor Blaton
for saving Trnnk from legal execution a
few weeks ago, wero, In many cases cry
Ing today for vengeance on last night's
lynchers and, more particularly, on the
prison farm oftlclnla who permitted, with
out a blow nnd scarcely a word In his bo
half, their helpless and wounded ward to
uo (minted irom mcir very presenco to
his death.
Iho lynchers' Inhuman brutality In the
treatment of their victim caused a feeling
nt nllV flHrl f nrllfmntinti sslniiH.lInn I.. ..
iiKngnutiuiii oohuuiiuiiipt ill
community which, Itself, was so recently
dcmnndlng the llfo of the same man
Tlint flint! Wilt V n Mnnn !..
Mllledgevllle prison officials was consid
ered a foregone conclusion.
Not a few suggestions were mndo that
thcro must havo been connivance among
them with trio lynching conspirators or
tho latter could not havo dono their work
so easily. The most chnrltable opinion
expressed w as that only the most extraor
dinary cowardlco or Indifference could
hnvo permitted such an affair at a penal
Institution under a henvlly armed guard
ot a or 30 men, Intrenched In prison
buildings strong enough to have with
stood a siege, except with artillery.
Thcro was a widespread sentiment that
tho Investigation which cleared tho of
ficials of responsibility for conditions
which mndo the stnbblng of Frank pos
sible wns too much In tho nature of a
Tho lynching, following It, wns gen
erally declared to havo passed tho limits
of endurance.
After waiting from 1:30 a. m until 6'13
for ofllclnl nows. Governor Harris loft
Atlanta for Fitzgerald, Ga., whero ho
v. as scheduled to address tho Confederate
Veterans' reunion.
Tho only Information concerning the
Frank nffatr, ho said, was from the
iot breakfast
"Yes, breakfast is my
favorite meal." Of course,
because you drink Saludo
Coffee. It matters little
what else you have, if
there's a steaming, deli
, cious, aromatic cup of
Saludo on the table. For
Saludo puts the snap and
zest into the entire meal.
A wonderfully delicious
coffee, morning, noon or
night ime that satisfies
and continues to satisfy as
long as you drink it.
Very economical, too.
Compare the number of
cups to the pound with
those from other coffee and
then, too, think of ,the
29c lb.; 4 lbs., $1.12
Caricol the
perfect icing tea
Because of tho mingling of
tho flavors of its soven tea
growths. Caricol Blond is a
splendid icing tea. Its flavor is
liko the fragrance of u bouquet
the mingling of many delight
ful odors.
Pour "Cnricol" hot over ice,
and add sugar and a slice of
lemon nnd you havo a perfect
iced tea.
34c lb.; 5 lbs. J1.G0
Thos. Martintiale & Co.
f Oth & Market
Eatnlillabrd In 1BOO
Dell Pbonra Filbert 2S70, filbert 3S71
ICeyafone Race MO, Race BO I
Arnold Bennett's Masterpiece
for Public Ledger Readers
How an entire city was con
ceived that should be devoted solely to
life's pleasures; how its very edifice was
undermined by plot and counterplot
among its founders: the most thrilling
mystery story ever written by the
greatest of modern novelists is
The City of Pleasure
The two partners of this gigantic en
terprise find themselves opposed o each
other, neither understanding the cause. One
of them, a musiqal genius, turns detective, and
the DENOUEMENT is as startling as the entire
tale is gripping and interest-compelling. The first
instalment of this remarkable story appears In the
Sunday, August 22d
newspapers; the prison officials wtr
At the time of his departure the ireww
had not arrived that Frank had been
lynched, and his secretary. F R. Jones,
was busy telegraphing to Bherlftt In mid
dle Georgia for Information concetfllhg!
the whereabouts of the kidnapper and
their prisoner.
Following lh rflnntu.t.ri.. . .u,..
strange reports got abroad. According to
one of these, a secret society had been
formed In Marietta, after Frank. death
sentence was commuted, and the mem
bers 6f this band pledged theifwelves
with the most solemn oaths never to rest
until the alleged .layer ot llttlo Mary
Phagan has been put totleath. This re
port strengthened the supposition that
Frank had been taken to Marietta, to
meet a violent death upon the grave of
the girl whoso death was laid at hl
Reports received here, from Marlottn,
'!' i. n,ot. conn"" these statements.
V vc. . . " "" mu mai none
of their citizens nppeared to be missing,
nt least none of those particularly active
In .n.ll.a M. A t ......
..i, ..,..-. vi.uiia iu naraas I'ratiK.
Author and Lecturer, Known Hero,
Wed In New York
Trlends of Dr. James Walsh, of New
York, well known here as an author, lec
turer and scholar, were surprised today
to learn of his marriage Satu rday to
Mlsa Julia Huelap Freed, also of New
York. The mnrrlago took place in the
presence of tho two families In the Church
of the Blessed Sacrament, Broad ay and
71st street.
lour Chance
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i d,
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'fJSm mSlS Ut
, XiTr