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Both Philadelphia Teams
at St. Petersburg Re
ception to Mack's
Players Upon Arrival.
Lajoie Among Popular.
How to Train for Contef
Told by Expert-.Rernj;
for Sore Muscles, Sri
ThroatsTo Bo.vel
Will Alcot Princeton and Cornell Ath
letes In Feature Contest.
Die X'nlverslty or rennsjhnnia two-mile
relay teem, minus Ted Meredith, the Olyniiic
clmmiilon. will lenie lor I'lllshiirah tnnlK t
where tomorrow eienlnit It will meet Cor
nell find Princeton in h special race. Peeso
l I Who Vinoiih s i luce, ana the other me.,
bers nf tht Ipnm win i. iiiimt,iirni At.,.,!
"'I .V"rwy Since the i)tiakre, even with
N V - I MV KID V ' Bo H R JwSTice, I J i
llguTi am piiiiKiiB i.i.i.i.i.Hi JBS A. MmKHto
.lrrraun. cotim not bent iTinceton Inst went,
they do not tjtfioil to turn the tables In their
weakened conilltlon It In betloicd that Prince
ton will ho the winner, hut the Quakers e'Cct
to elie the Ithacami a race.
Tho olner members ot the lVnnnj hnnln track
team, usln Mtry mailable man, will comrete
In the MenfoK brook same here tomorrow
lilBht. The ronturo eirnt pmniiacs to le tho
nne-inlin re fly race he In era t'orncll anil Pcnn.
sMinnla. The 'Junkets are atronir rnorltc-i f, r
flr?t nlllie Mid lhtml tn trv tnr nt, lintni- ,nn.
est gf sJt Jljr 1 -&m
i-iv-lll b.
trrlOM A UTAI-r COBRBSrOfinEfT.)
BT. I'lSTEHSntma. Kla., March 12.
Cantaln nllrry Davis and tits Athletics
regulars nrrlved nhortly before 10 o'clock
from Tampa, on the steamship Favorite,
Mid h, recaption committee made up of
locnl baseball fans greeted the White Klo
phnnts nt the dock and Immediately set
out on a slght-scelng tour and oraime
There were 21 members In the imrty.
headed by Captain Harry Davis, and
lr. and Mrs. 'Thomas Shlhc. Larry
Lajolo, tho prldo of the squad, was ono
of tho first to land and ho Immediately
removed his great coat donned n Panama
hat rind enjoyed tno visit to tho urniiRo
Al Lang, chairman of local linsebnll
committor, was pi ot of Hip nulo tour
which tided nt the rilioll House, when,
tho vliltliiR Athletics w 11 olny duiln,'
their two days' series vltli the Phillies.
A general reunion of tho playrns of tho
two Philadelphia tennis took place it
Coffee Pot Park early In tho afternoon,
beforo tho same.
u it. ... j.fninwrranu irttru i.ia h,nn in n.
Iiv the Pcnntjlmnla. runnera anil rniioiinccd
to be the InstcM board track on which tiny
hne run tliln winter. The nne-mllo team will
be composed or Captain Llpplrrntt, tacknooil,
KnutTmati and Meredith roach Orton would
not permit any of Iheso men to train today.
Y. M.-C. A. Events Best Ever
Held -Haslcin, of Central,
Makes Record.
Champions Aro Primed for Stiff
.Battle March 17.
Reservations for the Johrny-Kllbane-KId
TVIIIIama Inlrachamploiiiihlp battle, March t7.
nt tho Otympla A A., will not be held after
midnight tonight. .Vuch Interest la belns mnnl
fested In tho bout by local fight fans The ad
ance s&lo lias come up to expectations, f
The 'eatherwoleht champion had a stiff work
out yesterday nt Jimmy iJoUKhcrty'a I.elper
ville camp. After cocrlnsr revcral miles on
the road, Kilbana rested until after tho noon
!?." The1 !!? I0"t(3 for several pictures,
(tolnr through his eym stunts, which wan foli
lowed by a furious mill with his manager,
41mmy .Dunn.
Williams burned up tho roads In Falrmount
I'ark yeaterdny rrnrnlnK. but he took nn
afternoon off and did not do any cym work,
lie also posed for some pictures. Holh lltle
holrtern said they are In tho best of shape nrd
confident of making matteix Intereitlnj; for tho
ether when they sten Into the rlnc.
Mtddlewcights Will Box in Finale at
National March 17.
Jack McQulgan announced this momlnc that
the final bout or his all-star St. Patrick's nlcht
eard will bo between Jimmy Clabby and
Tountj Aheam. The claimants to the middle
weight championship will meet at 1.VI pounds
Tho semlwlnd-up will hrlnir toBcther two of
the leadlne aspirants for the laurels of Fred
lVelsh, llRhtnelRht champion. They mo
t harley White, nf Chlewro, and s-'nm Ilobldeaii.
The latter Is In. Rood nliapp nnd liclleies h
win inm ine inuy l ny entry, 'mo boya will
vtelnh In at lit pounds at r o'clock
The other three bouts arc between LMdle
Morgan and Oconto Chancy. Joe Tlorrell and
Tommy Howell and Mack McCnrron and Sol
Her Bartfleld ManaRer McGuIgan hopes to
pack Ills arena to Its utmost capacity nt
price ranilnB from TO centa to $3.
Kor tho llrst tlmo In tho history of tho
trnck mid Hold clinliiplonships ainonjr the
Philadelphia V. SI. C. A.'s of thla district,
the West Munich representatives won the
title. The Wvst lhitlctH uniiud the leiitl
111 the ory fit nt event on tho proifinni.
the Su-yord tlash, und were never hended.
the total points at tho end of the night
belner 67. Central V. M. C. A, put up n
stiff fight with Its star athletes, but had
to bo content with J6 tallies.
The. meet from tho spectator viewpoint wna
i2,b?f.t. over wltnossod, ns rattlfng good
competition was seen In ovcry event. In all
S'.ii"? cSnl', "terllng performances wcrn
noticed. In the half-mllo run Sam Welti, nf
Central, comttnlarl tllM Hl.lnnM In n i.
the mils run Joe Sehwartx, tho Middle Atlantic
!' . . ,V; Junior cros.-country champion,
breasted the tape in I..10 .1-,".. with A. Hlsler. of
"est Uranch, riinnlng his best mllo In 1.17.
The etniEle for llie Individual all-around
rli.implniiahli. was a bitter one Martin J II.
McDonnKli. of West llrntich. with tlrsta In tho
...i-y.ird dash, stiindlnir bmnd and running
broad Juinpn, totaled HI", polnta, while W'nlto
Haslelti, the Central star, was second, Willi
Waller llaalcln, running for rcntral Ilranch,
broko tho leaguo record for the 220, ncgotlatlns
the distance In 24 3-5 seconds. The record
broken waa 24 4-5 seconds, and was inado two
cara ago by ndward llorter.
I Sue's fior THt Prettiest here's profile i wait a i 'u& JUST 3oT J
With J. H. Sullivan Will Arrive Next
Monday From Boston.
Francis Oulmet. national amateur coif chain.
Dion, and J. If. Siilllvan nro expected to ar
rive in thla city Monday from Boston, nud
yn Tucsda they 111 play on tho new Pino
Valley course. .They will Eo to Wnshlnston
Jrom Philadelphia and from Washlnirtnn to
Plnehtirat. plannlnc to arrive there Trlday.
That will bIjo Outmet a week to become ac
customed to the PInehurat links in preparation
for the tournament
Athletes Receive Awards
Tho Crimson and Gray Club, of St. Joseph
Cohere, praecnted sweaters to the letter men
of the basketball team 'n College Hall this
murnlnsr. The presentations were made by tho
rnctor to tho following playern. Captain
yn. Byrne. Jlelllv, T. Callashcr, J, Gal
lagher, Leckle, Martin, Algle.
A Philadelphia Golfer
Strs. n. II. Darlow, phlladelphia'a noted
golfer, has mado a wonderful record on
tho Plnehurst links. Tho handicap was
plus ono. Mrs. Barlow mado a gross
of S3 for a net of SG.
One of the mnt notlceablo developments In
the bisebill world Is tho return to organized
rankH or ball plaiera who line been tcni
nidrll) won over b the I'VdcrnN. Hut, there
la an apparent cenatlon or the nnnu.il pre
dlcltlons that tho I'eds would not last throuzli
tlio season.
Hal Chase, ono time ball player, was In
New York yesterday visiting old cronlea. Hut
there was nn llaro of trumpets for blm, tho
man who onco was the greatest first baseman
in the name. No other player ever held tho
spotlight more consistently or basked moro
comfortably In the wnrm glow of popular
tutor. nut unaFi loaica on jus laureii nnu
doveloped tho exaggerated eco. Tho baseball
public dropped him. Hal ChoBe Is tho best
example of what a ball player should not be.
Hill Donovan's Smile
Savannah balldom hag awarded the 131.'.
Amcriinn I-eauue championship to Wild mil
llonot ail's Yankees. That ever-winning Dono
van mnllo turned the trick. Tho cheerful
leader Is "howd e-doed" nt every turn ho
makes In tho Ceorgla town, and two weeks'
residence has made him tho popular Idol.
JIIIton''nccd, who had a tryout with tho
Phillies last year and appeared occasion
ally In the box score, Is belne; groomed
hy Ico Jtacec, of tho Brookfeds, for sec
ond base. Mafico has selected Georso An
derson, Clnudo Cooper and Steve Evans
for his regular outfielders.
Displays Surprising Form and Trims
Camden 37 to 33.
Eastern League Standing
roNioiti-H oami:.
Jasper at Grejstock.
V. I P.C. W. I, 1C.
J3 U .IH2 De Ncrl ... J7 2t .417
21 1.1 .010 Clroystock . in 21 .412
18 20.174 Jasper ...15 22 .401
Tllf If.ll. llrl .Tt.ui,,.. rtlll.itnl Hlenln.nrt .n-n.lu.
lug form agalntt Camden In their Eastern
I.enKiio inketli.-,U gnmo at Nonpareil Hall last
nisnt and defeated the Jersey men by u arnm
or ,1" to :n. The defeat drops Camden Into
eyvuiiu in no in ine icaKiic inco und sues
llcjdlns the lead iiualn.
I'ntchnrd basketball team dcfriled Hi.
James, 42 to 22, in their Urothcrhood l-tatuo
gnmo last night.
Cor.ey casllj dofcatcd St. Malarliy's quintet
by tho score of :id to 10 Inst night. Shcehan
led the victors, scoring 18 points.
St. Ann defeated Frankford Inst night In tho
Northeast I-o.iKuo. at Nonpareil Hall. 21 to 18.
I'Irst Uaptlat defeated I.ansdono High
School live. 2a to 20, in tho former's hall last
Vlncome ("ofcated St. Agatha last night in a
heavy scoring gnine, .'in to 27.
Temple Athletes Honored
Tlilrt-n.e hundred Minimis croudid tlin
forum and the hahnn In the tillultniiuni of
Tainplo Unltcrslty this morning to witness tho
prettntntlnn nt Ihe 'I ' lo the membeui or l-io
football, bitHketbnII and liockey teams by
Homer nodcheaer. of the IllHV' Sunday
parly. Mr. rtodehe,ner. In his nddrein tn the
s'udtnts, dealt with the value of sacrifice and
lib Importance tu life
Rugged Boxers Clash in Star
Number of Tonight's Bill.
Other Ring Notes.
Wildwood Crest Five Victors
WIL.DWOOD. N. J.. March 13. In tho Fire
men s I.eaguo of Five-mile Beach here last
night, Wildwood Crest defeated North Wild
wood, 21 to 14. Holly 'Beach defeated Wild
wood, .1, to 0. nnd took first place
After nn nhsenco of about tno years
from the Philadelphia rlnc;, Tommy
Ilouch, of Sit Airy, will show his wares
at tho Quaker City A. A. tonlfiht. In inni
hat with Packcv Homiucy, of Now York.
Both nro npercsslvo, rugged and hard
hitting lighters.
Tho progrnm follows:
First bout Mattv Conlon, North 1'cnn. s.
ttendj Crowley, Falls of Schuylkill.
Sefond bout WIIIlo Kline. North 1'enn. vs.
Tommy Cannon, Kensington.
Third bnut-liddlo Dunn. North Pcnn, vs.
Phil Lawrence, Falls of Schuylkill.
faemi-windup Billy Donnan. Kensington. n
l.ddle nratton. Mnnnyunk.
Wlndup Tommy Houek. Mt. Airy, s
Packcy lloinrni'i. New York.
lllle Ilieilirr, of New York, and Jno
Aze.do mist lightweight, will rlash at
MemnhK Temi.. Innlght. The Cothamltc will
Kd $,V'0 for his end.
At Montreal, Cnn.. tonight Johnny I.urtlg,
of .New ork, will enrounter Patsy Droulllnrd,
Canuck battler. In a ten-round contest
Jhr.my Clabliy, who meets Young Aheam
In tho wlndup at the National A. O. St.
Patrick's night, will Ieao for Philadelphia
after his encounter with Ous Chrlstlo at
Urand Ilnplds, Mich., tonight.
Local fight fann nro talking of a Lew
Tcm'ler-Harry Smith encounter. Both joutig
hters arc hard-hlttlug southpaws nnd a. bout
between them would bo a. rattling left-hand
Philn. and District L. T. A.,
Formed Yesterday, Outlines
Plan for Coming Season.
With a view to boosting tho Intciests of
lawn tennis In Philadelphia nnd vicinity
n now organization was formed at a
meeting held at the Federal Building
last night to he known ns tho Philadel
phia, and District Lawn Tennis Associa
tion. It Is not tho object of tho associa
tion to hold tournaments, but to stimu
late Interest in national events nnd to
encourngo tho gamo wherever possible.
That tho now association has aroused wide
spread Jntircst waa evidenced by tho fact
that 23 clubs were represented ns follows:
Helflcld Country Club, W. P. Rowland: Col
llngMvood Field Club. Lnndv II. Vrnun. C)n
ttvd Club. M. Mnlpuss: Kdgcwaler Tenuis
Club. William J. McCnrey; Greehpolnt ljwn
Tennis Club, Harry V. Bet; Haddonfleld
Club, Ifnrold A. Fumes.; Llancrch Lawn Ten
nH Club, " Dos Pnssos: Moorcstown Field
1 11 ivy- Palmer; Moores Tenuis1 Club,
iosini. i?Eln!on;-..t.tt,y"1 lMV,n Tennis Club,
Joseph Knits. Old York Itoad Country Club,
fori;.: iHn ?"brok Uolf Club. Eouls S
ASic3Si!tinihlMdeWla,,on? ncadlng Athletic
inrinni An'niJJV,' Workman: Philadelphia,
iinodnTc,n,'5 fC"i'' &..?; '.HLIna: Pm.l-
-Ine,; r-?..r "'.-' ''..."""'": '!
Mlo cTuK? HosmeV v. "nni
louniry -iul. A. C. Tanej
'l'ennl club,
. nienion Ain
.; Sprlnghaxen
Aianoa fiw
Whips Joe Heffcrnan at Broadway
Boxinp; Show.
Henry Haubrr was returned the ctor over
Joo Ilefterann after six hard rounds nt the
Hroadwiy Athlotlo Club last night. Tho men
wore on their toes throughout nnd neither
backed for an Instant. Hauber got his blows
started sooner than his ooconent. and ha fre
quently beat tho latter to the punch with
hard. stralRht lefts to tho face.
11112 Walters, of Atlantic City, was entitled
to tho decision over Johnny Mullen bv a
slight margin, noth were bleeding freely from
tho nose nt the end. In tho other bouts Wllllo
ltnn'on proved too strong for Young Terry;
Micky Drown outboxed Young Jenncttc, while
Tommy Welsh defeated Hurry Tvler.
Mthough no decision was rendered, Jimntv
.Smith, of this city, outpointed Tommv ,Molo
In n fast 10-round wlnd-un nt the West nnd
Club, nt Mahanoy City In the preliminaries
Lddlo Moyle stopped Young Illlnco In threo
rounn.4 nnd Jlmmv llrnnnnn ilrAnt.l lflh
Jack In six rounda.
Uddlo Moy. of this city, nnd Stcvo Latzo,
of Ilazleton, fought 10 rounds to n draw at
tho Lvilo A. C Allentown, last night. Latzo
sent Moy to tho mat In the eighth, when
ho caught tho Allcntonu boxer oft balance, but
he was on his feet in nn Instant. Doth fighters
wcro cut above tho right cyo and bled freely
throughout tho contest
Tournament at Pinehurst De
velops Tie Mr. Robeson and
Mrs. Jillson Best Gross.
Four pairs recorded 81 each In yester
day's mixed foursomes of tho Tin
"WhlsUes at rlnehurst. N C. Irving S.
Robeson, of Rochester, and Mrs. Her
bert I.. Jillson, of Plnehurst, whoso
handicap waa 3; W, E. Truesdall, of Now
York, and Mrs, James Rumsey, of Brook
lyn. M; II, W. Ormsbeo, of tho South
Shoro Field Club, and Miss Lucy Priest,
or Portsmouth, N. If., 20, and C. S. Mo
Donald and Mrs. II, M. Howard, both
from Canada, 15,
The best gross of the dav was Mr, Robe
son's and Mrs. Jlllson's SO, file strokes In
the lead of C. II. Fowncs and Miss Louisa,
ftlblns, both ot Pittsburgh, who recorded 01,
If. C. Fownes and Mrs. J, Raymond Price,
also of Oukmont. made 03. and Mrs, It. It.
(Jarloir. ot Philadelphia, and John U. Clapp,
of Washington, recorded D3.
3 IL Hyde, a former Florida golf cliam.
plon. frorr Urooklyn. Is the faiorlto in the
nnal of the titat championship tourney that
will be. played today at Palm Peach, lis won
over V. H. Vanvleck, Montclalr, by 3-1' and
tno winner scored remarkably on the outward
round. lis had two twos due to long puts,
leU by tlva no at the ninth and had ha
finished out his medal round would have
been close to u.
Thomas Kerrlfun. of Boston, was iilS win
tier of the exhibition golf match played at
the Flna Forest Inn uolf Club, at Summer.
Mile, a C. yesterday, with a score ot 141.
Thomas McNamara. of Boston, waa second
wtu a acorn of 144 Thomas Mulgrew, Pino
Vorost Inn. was third, with a score oC 143.
.-unit Vdter llntjen, of Rochester. N. Y., was
I1VKI .,u A. ..a main. n.j. unuwg uy
X of the guests, aa well as many visitors
from Charleston County Club and othsr hotels
at HumruervlUe.
A. W Piddle, of Philadelphia, sun lied the
fourth day's pUy In the handicap golf tourna
ment over the Palmetto links for the cud
ard by Clarence W. Dolan. aX Aiken, ft. C.
Valuable Fair Purges Offered
pOrrSTOWN. Pa., March 12. Purses total
ise ftuuu will be hung up by the Montgomery
County Pair AswcUtiea for the races here
BepUreber J. to 4.
Fourteenth and Seventy-first
Regiments Are Promised
Penalty If They Compete
Without wnrnlng tho relay teams of tho
Hth and '71st Reslment, who aro an
nounced to uppear tomorrow nleht In a
military relay raco at the jjames of tho
Mcadowbrook Club, in Philadelphia, tho
ncglstratlou Committee of tho Metropoli
tan Association has promised to suspend
.Th0 .,rca.,on ?or tho Intended action of tl,
..-- .. ti.u viia ii iiisiii.
Connellv one, nt fhk .k.;: "L'i.L'1 .J?"n
because the contest wiTlb. T an "open" one ' the
other teams entered being from Pennsylvania
and Mary and. neither of which are represln?ed
ly a New York body.
It Is Intended that such an action bv ih
committee, will ba directly at variance with
Previous announcements of that ti
members of which hiv i-n..t..,7.. .?'. Pe
athletes of the district In the SvenVf int
5rryl5p.SlSSf COmpe,,,,a" " wJ.ihU?d
When asked If the committee would warn
the teams In question, both Stuijipf and Con"
nelly asserted that they had not been
flctally notified that the teams w2 Sid corap.?.'
Vhjn It, was pointed out that CbnneHyTad
warned the members of the 2d Naval Ti.
tallon. with which h i. aftlllated, th?ro wis
nothing said by the committeemen. '
It waa intimated last night by a. mom.,
of the 14lh lleglment that the team "hit
organization would compete. A. A. u or Hk
A. A. U.. so that th lnrirSiV. i-u,..W..' ?
Jlrcle' ,lS 'J1.' "" l Is imminent be
tween the- St. A. K. or some of Its member. I
ana ine new xora A. A, u. Branch. whiVh
aJ,.hSrUwh,le f lMi to edjuit a dlffeTencS
Which threatened serious results. u""rence
Amateur Bouts Tonight
.J1!!, featureof tonight's amateur boxing at
the Oay.ty Theatre will be the final bout'be'
i?',",.11'"!. U,ulh"Jni1 Jimmy RHey. i
the 115-pound class. There will be a special
contest of four rounds between James Laikle
i.J,101" ftm Brooklyn Navy YardT and
Ai WfS",1U' a m?i"ne 'r" the 'same plJieT
The 110-pound preiimljiary boys will also con
tinue. They wilt meet as follows: hnny
Itogan vs. Dllly Clark. Joe Moran vs kiS
Wo,nIS1VVVJ".fm Keller vt. BddU QlbtSn,
and Mleky Brltt vs. Sammy RodsL w"""
Hard Lines
He strove to be contented with an humble
toiler's lot;
JSut when ho saw a rich man in Ms auto
he forgot;
And iohen ho passed a restaurant where
lavish livers dined,
Tho dreadful pains of poverty fust preyed
upon his mind. Exchange.
He strove to be contented with a daily
poet's pay;
Hut when he met the butcher or tho grocer
on his way,
Or bumped into his landlord or his tailor
'The dreadful pains of poetry tocro doubly
hard to bear.
It will ho Interesting to see now just
what value tho uddltlon of ono star ball
nlaver makes to ail avcraee machine.
Collins Is certainly a star ball player, and
tho Whlto Box, ilnisliing in a no jor Bixm
place, can hardly be classed better than
average. Thero have been occasions when
ono man mado a ball club, happening to
fill tho right eap In tho right way. It
may bo that Collins will fill that par
ticular bill for tho White Sox. And then
nguln. maybe but tho box score season
Is still a week or so away.
Some miscreant purloined a brace of
Sam Crawford's bats. If ha will keep
them hidden and furnish his name to SI
American League pitchers, he will bs ex
tended 64 votes of thanks.
The Quickest Starter
There are threo men In baseball with
about the same amount of speed Cobb,
Lobert nnd Maisel. In a JOO-yord dash
this trio would probably lead the field and
finish together under n clover leaf.
But at tho Important art of quick start
ing, jTltz Maisel, of tho Yanks, has some
thing on them an. dtiis is undoubtedly
the best man tn the game at 40 yards.
He seems to bound the first 10 yards as It
catapulted from a standing start. Which
accounts largely for his great base run
ning. Any man who. can bat under ,240 and
pilfer 74 bases Is a bose-runnlngr wonder,
Milan once stole iS bases, but he batted
over .200. Cobb once led the league with
SI steals, but he batted .420. He had 21$
hits that season, while Maisel acquired
74 steals with 131 safe blows. If Maisel
ever batted .300 or better he would slip by
tho mark of 100 steals, something no man
has dono for many a waning year.
Johnson's Rival
Ray Caldwell has mado up his mind to
filvo tho gamo his best work thla season,
and If tho tall and stately telegrapher
carries out this Intention Walter John
son will have n rlvnl worthy of his best
work. Caldwell had a higher percentago
with the Yanks last season than Johnson
had with tho Senators, but the Kansan
worked nnd won a greater number of
games. With Uio tall Yank in condition.
a Johnson-Caldwell battle will acquire as
much class as tho bygone duels between
Mathewson and Urown.
Onco upon a tlmo there was a pitcher
who was not a "tall and rangy guy,"
who novor "had a hop on his fast one"
nnd who was not "a hard man to beat
when he was right."
Moral But It waa so very, very lout:
ngo that wo have forgotten any addi
tional details that might bo of po&slng In
terest. Playmate of the Morning
A playmate of the morning and the
A comrade of the rosebud in the sun;
A dreamer til the land where dreams come
In the shadowland of sleep when day Is
Can't you take vie back with you for
fust a day,
From the shadow to the morningttme
of light t
Can't you give vie li.st one hour of your
Who am weary of i7ie darkness and the
fight 1
O playmate of the morntng and the
A comrade of the blossom wreaths of
From far and far away across the fight
4 nuvc oirauieu juu in neipiess wander
ing; I have followed but X cannot find the
The darkness blurs and twilight's
shadow spills;
Can't you take me back with you for Just
a dayf
Book to morning where the light is on
the hillst
.iSSLIiVL'WL 1.n,t,t VV, Krencli: I'nherslty "of
hi,trV, i ."" our,. Of, ' KMason, IVissa
hl.'kon Lawn Tennis Club, U .Morris: IVood
lury Country Club, Paul W. Gibbons; Vjnd
moor Lawn Tennis club. W. Cittl ' ""u
tl.e.ejif'in"?"1. organization meeting for
i iwn 52S..' 1fln of theTrlstate and suburban
iflw.?in1E.tn.ll,.L.aKUC,.!l" hc'd at tho Federal
renrei?nll"tmn?5;'.t,u "llng clubs being
represented: Trlstato League. Woadbtirv
? nn'i,C'nb' C,5-nwyd Club? PlymouthCouK
i!KldCrh,,i.OnibnrcSkn,G0lf. Club' Moorestown
i L.S.. .-' . "elfleld Country Club, Suburban
J University of Pennsylvania Courta.
J,'1.!,ciJ, 9?ury Club, stcnton Athletic Club
OHlavnIAhlnn? nS"0'" Athletic Association
Old ork Pond Country Club, Grecnnolnt
J-n Tennis Club. The Overbrook Golf Club
rV!!?!?.0 'rom he Suburban LeagSe and naa
admitted to tho Trlstato Leaguo.
Fight Expected on Sunday Morning,
April 4.
Kr. PASO. Tcr March 12,-Jcss Wlllnrd
U orf lor Haann. Ho left on tho Sunset
Limited ostcrdny morning, accompnnled by
Tom Jonea nnd Mrs. Jones, and will travel
b way of Key 'West, Kla.
Jones cnrefully steered IVIllard Into tho
uniting taxleab, crawled in himself and told
tho driver to "beat It for tho depot." As
ho 'was closing tho door Jones said "Yes.
oio going, i nave noming rurthcr to say,"
HAVANA. March 12. Tho date of tho Jack
.inlinson-.Icss WlllarU tout, which was set for
Saturday. April 3. was changed today to
Sunday. April I. On account of tho warm
weather it was decide! to have tho men In
tho ring at 10:45. with strict instructions to
bo readv to toe the murk at 11 o'clock sharp.
Jack Johnson finally has got down to seri
ous business. Ho spent all of today visiting
dlllcrent places that would bo suitable train
ing quarters. He still has plcntv of weight
to, take off. nnd by Monday ho will bo In the
full awing of n training grind.
Eddy Dislocates Ankle
NUVV HAVFN. March 12. During baseball
Practice in tho lalo cuge yesterday afternoon
iieorgo P. ljddy 2d, ot Bay city, Mich., suf-
jeieu ji ujsiui-uicu rigui niiKie.
Article IV
To thn tlyed-ln-the-wnnt 011.1.1. '
tiro few nnglea of tho gome that arS?.
moro strongly than training. i tha"
llmlnnry proportion tho enthusiast!
every reason to enjoy himself for'comln
contests, especially If he Is with a toffi'
Hero tho social fcaturo is most attracli?
and mikes for lighter work. m
The system of training for one sUii.uH
not suit another, but some Ideas a "nruS
lines will be helpful. The man who hJCffl
his body ty careful eallsthenle "
J ear preceding his attempt to comwSt'
track and field will require at least .1.
preparation In order to bs nt tor conle.Tat
matter what tho event. Som8 S
enger period, but a, a rule at the.eS
weeks' careful training tho man should K
.,s,c, ,orkh?oo0 S
begun, and then about the third Jeeul?8,,h
nor or Jumper .hotild ho ready to . . "
his eient nt n good clip, fly ihe enVW
iWV"?1 ",0 n'hleio will b ffl!
the Joys or proper training and feel m.J
go any distance, Here Is where IrMiM'i1'
menl must bo exercised, for (o gotJf.
oiorwork would bo a nefloiil inSLSS'i '"
competitive erfort, bearing in mlnT'.0. b"1
actual contest taken plac? at th LW. !to
sixth week. Tho fifth week vJJij l1"1," "l
to lighter training through the di.t.'"
sixth week will bo one Tn which onhrB?
Ing.up exerc sea should be schM,.!.,. V.11"
day of the sixth week : should IbS" lh!i$1t
'2 rB,t!'W nnd "e'P. na ptenty'ot'lM
bo all that Is neceeoary to find ft J V.S
the Pink nf condition Saturday. " n"i2
htirfnesB of tho muscles will enu '.
every bit of strenuous work and mt-ff
nrst week will lnconenlenco the 2ll5?A
L?W, '.? nvm he sorenets $InTj!
to modify the exercise tho next few SJL'il1
Sr W8X.a ffcoholl'ZH
with a dash nf wlntergreen also will hi ,
good, nthera tirefcr Stokes" Iminin, 2H1
romo, athletes uso equal mrti o( ".J"5
(or o Ivo oil) nnd alcohol, with ria',hMeOT
of wlntergreen nnd ammonia Mar,a,lS,?2
more, effect lyo when the nthlete !fi?S!iS
ami permits n "rubber" to anfn!
It is well enough, to rub voor,
.rurn. ii is w-eu enough to rub iam.
muscles In trnlnlng. as thla furnishes s 3
exerclao. Hub don n In every s sfJi
nr1 Have tho masseur catch th" iMh!
at the bin and work tonrd the oes S .
lone sncenlPg -trokc Polling of the ma
and rs'f mtcclrs is verv errecthe. ',11
Athlete), n' the beginning nf their tnlS
r.Tri'.'r,1."1:1." """elating headache s?t?J
violent effort They need not worry."iV.
jimntom is Inriirntlvn of the enlargfni"
the heyt and lung capacities The ache ffi
but a few minutes nt most. La,,? whmS
heart and lungs are able to stand thttnA
strain demanded, the headacho will levt iS
ever, so far ns trnlnlng Is concern? tS'
iVirfJ."e.h50J,V"rt "end LunB "owe? ne?".iS
1T '.t,h0 t101"' ot exhaust on. This oSir."
55 !,,c'nth,.;'trV "rlnclplea of trn nlng. Alri'
go' further ' 'he thou Ves SB
F2Cit!,e "w,,ni,,V llX rock candy with aft
Sv?,'8 '"a clU ?r distance runner, w
experience ilmicss of the throat In ruiBlnr
gfaSai'ggflvg"" ""3 tlmn' &d
Harrisburg Disposes of Men Seas
May Not Open. M
ij V,,ub' iof. tlie . Nfw York State Letru
"?u the closing deals for the sals of W
others, the Harrisburg Trlstato club spoirl
ently pn-se.J Into history. Slmultaneouilr ltl
ii.'.TL "l?."0 the nntinimci'inent from one eftta1
club owners that the Trlstate League wou'dl
dlshand. and the meeting scheduled to be tullj
lit tho Hotel Mnjestlc. Plillndelphia. on Mucj
10 would see tho finish of tho organization
Tno leleaaen Include Pmersnn. caplalnfol
,ocw .j. b it-uni; uiciz, jtunmnn ana trwntj
VV .."."" -ruicKsnnnic win be sow. xm
rso Ofnclnl nrllnn la nnacthla nt. h- lMtH
nffaln until tho owners meet with Praldtit
Amateur Billiardist Beats E.
W. Gardiner, 400 to 380, in
Union League Event.
By n brilliant break of 40 Joseph Mayer,
of this city, defeated ndward XV. Gardi
ner, of Now York, In tho Class A billiard
tourney In tho Union League last night,
hy tho scoro of too to 3S0,
Both men Indulged tn safety play, Tho
came ran Into 41 Innings, nnd took 3
hours and 15 minutes to decide the win
ner. The afternoon game between Lord and Pog.
g'nburg wiu another hair-raising finish. !og.
genbure winning, 400 to 30O.
o 2!;d P'! 3 a 10 8 2 O 2G 1 0 7 12 IS 12 O
E 3aS iA J n 2 2 nl 7 't?.? S?J? 3S.? 1
iisji iuv;,;,! "" """ gr,
Slayer O
Willie Ritchie Led All Way in
Lightweight Battle in New
York Last Night.
High run. 44.
Mayer-o 4 1 3o a t"
0 0 4 0 3 0 0 2 111 0 0 18 0 4 0 21 3 R mi
1 311 0 12 1 0 3 2S 8 0 0 1 2 14
run 11U1 4' TCUI' ''00- Average' ""gh
, Iar in'.'o wiooi:i0 5iuBa
0 IB 18. Total, 3U0, Average, 8 36-43. High
loi'PSWSi 3l2231Ot4080.0oV61033 0
c 3.4S3.3 IAZ IS. V I0-T0UI' "W- " &W
Misted both balls.
Joteph Maer. Philadelphia... r, 0
It. r. Poggenbufg. New York. 4 1
P. JV, Gardiner. Xew York.". 3 a
C. Ileddon. Dowagrac, Mich,, 3 3
It. M. Lord, Chicago.. 3 3
K. L. Mllburn. Memphis,...., 1 I
Corwln Huston, Detroit,...,., 1 B
Afternoon game Lord va. Mllburn.
i,ventng game Majer va. Poggenburg,
Bakers Hockeyists Win
NEW YORK. March 12.-Hobey Baker and
his troupe of trained hockey players defeated
the Boston A. A. Ust night In tfie nnal iitne
S', ,'l?.Mmt?,r, ""l1" League season at the
6t. Nicholas Blnk by a score of 5 to 3 and
carried off the league championship with the
NEW YOItK. Starch 1" To nil Intents
nnd purposes Willie Bltchle, of California,
is tho chnmplon lightweight boxer of tho
world. It waB u fortunate thing for
Freddy Welsh, tho tltleholder, that,
under tho no-declston clause of tho
Frawley Doxlng Law, a referee In this
State cannot give a decision.
.I'll"! had been possible tho title, which
Itltchle lost to Welsh In London last year,
would have gene back to the American.
Itltchle clearly outboxed Welsh and landed
the greater numher of clean blows In seven
ff '" '9, rounds that the boys boxed at
Madison Square Oarden laat night. Welsh
did not have a clear advantage In any round,
but he evened ud the honors In threo rounds.
It wa a rapld-llre battle between the re
spectlvo chttmptona of. America and England.
It waa by long odds the fastest bout that has
been fought this winter between men of this
division. There wai never a dull second
except during tho time when they were locked
n clinches. Blows fell thick and fast with
,w u? v . iiausiurin. j)Ul. aeSDlte me
shower of nunches. not n Vnnt,HAU,n o
scored, nor anything approaching It. Neither
m,??plva."hc.u,.iup or .bruised, which proved tw6
,thlnf that the ilefense work was splendid,
tho blocking excellent and the punches light
fi?a ?,he rapid-tire order. Ritchie landed
the slitter punches of the two. and although
he staggered Welsh three times, on Sich oc
casion Welsh was side-stepping to get out
of danger.
Ritchie was the aggressor throughout. Ha
?0,HWi!!,h on M'. hefla a11 f th "me and
forced him around the ring continuously.
$1.153 for $3.00
are the best values In town;
Philadelphia Youth, With Brookljf
Team, Out of Game.
DA1TO.VA. l'ln . Mareli 1"TI, Br.1 .iS
OUS neeldent nf thn tralnlni eaasAn K.fnS'
the Brooklyn Supcrbaa, when Jack KuitJ
uiii I'jiiiimeipnia. wno naa Deen tryuicticr,
a place In tho Infield, Injured his leg. Kim
suffered n double dislocation of the anlrts Joist
and tore the ligaments. Physicians aH that
possibly one OP morn nf thn small hnn.( In fall
font was broken VJsl
Karst will be lost to the team for tlSl
season, tit any rate. He will not be ableltt
play ball again for tno or three monttuflss
fi.iri met nis injury in a practice sum,
between the Mallet Heads and the LiwH
viiacn, onciing into second base.
Eddie Collins Bats 1.000
LOS ANflRT.rS Tnreh 19 Rnlvlnr lf(
men's dellverv In the inth Innlnir. Ih. Cbf
cai-o Americans broke a 2 to 2 tie wltnttM,
l.ok jvugeies (.-oast Leaguers In the nrst pi
Of the second pxhlhltlnn series, fln non'TltS
2. Eddie Collins duplicated his recent M.
oc getting tour hits in four times up.
Pocket Billiard Match Tonight
There will he n nncket hllllnrr! came tonll
at Onern nilllsrn ltnil inrtn r'hv.lnut atrcel
.h.ln..n .Tnrlr rirmamnn an. IVtlllam ILflirDhfl
ono or tho best In Tacony. They will play5!,
rlnts. After the game Jack Orossmsn m
give an exhibition of fancy trick shots 0i
uniiani nan, iui unemnut street, ds""
Local Runners at Pittsburgh
Bam Welti, of the- Mercury A, C who
me nuu-miio run in ine i. i. -. . if-j-isl
..Innahlna n, e.n,.. Inat nlshl on.l Tin. VTllfrJI
nf Shanahan Catholic Club. left town tedjjrl
Pittsburgh, where they nro to take part ln,t
Middle Atlantic Association Indoor champtJ
snips tomorrow nignt.
Greatest Show Ever Stagey
National A. C. National A. l
ailtr nnnrnDii, ... nn , nr nv WIIITBI
Tuaiair iioivcLL- vs. JOE uoiinow
Jack AfeOarrnn vs Rnldler Tlartflfla "
Adm. SOc. lies,, $1, :, 13, No lllgbsrg
Kid Williams v. Johnny Kilbwwl
lin-T.n. CHAMriON i-Ln. ciiA)ina
fllVrVlPIA A A Hroait and imiusw'
"" " Harry V.tlwnra. aw
Arena reserved, 13, IS and 7 90. JM
Balcony adm.. II, n.served, S3 and 'M
No reservations held after March 1-
Ailm, 83cf Hal, tes. (toe. Arena ItrWfiJSl
rpi)lllifn nr.nvniirl TnVTilllT
Quaker City A, ASfflffl
-: wr JQ? ,-J , WS rV W fA JTl
ihcV jV fevKNotfC XJ; were new OT SxZfMP?) K J S ) VJU A& M ME I SJ'TH 7w . ftBnfi&V wow?) 1
(low J ) v I WY A TIRES ON THEV PAUL GAME? VVV M J ' fe'S fP i Vl C n r y I
hc y VOTTeKMOBiLe) V TWO eFT )v sr V$ V-v P L W "hK' Ypa I
c .:. ia r-T -' icfa x icQ.bfQ- gi i 5f . i?
d j ' ' ji iS J3SM
r - "- '"VL"".1" 'i i.SH mi Lumiwui.m pun j ' ' It 4jB