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CKeys t0 Melodrama
I8.UY Zn nAt.iiPATE. A mystery
VEN KKJ aria with prolonuo and nn
Tt '" VI" n, m M. Cohan, foundeil on
.ftlieira, b2i.nr torr. Onrrlfk Theatre
KmM. " ""&,. araham
& Norton. the newipnP" ".-.- Franci(
? kt. the disrmln widow. ..,,
W .h. Knit of "aWp-t". -Jotoph Atltn
, the Major', man ."- nwhu
ccn. th. crooked Mayorft ujon.
;i,, Kennedy- ". V7.Cnrlcton ,Macy
anwftf WiJu-li ' cauao of It gl.
1 .t. office ot the nitdpato Inn.
H M"1-.- mrri.ru mlcllt httVO Written
Vb! Ill Wi Klnal (t,1C "rflnal" f
Hhat in ,.. Viva In Tlnlil-
botn ".; iiclnit
L.u" when no " ju" -
r.tlcKet' himself. (Tlmfn what ho
r, ... railed tho dramntlc editor of the
K .?n Traveler when ho held down tno
Wt For Mr Mngeo'B remark Just ills
!-' i,iPmntle story of crooks nnd
"i" i..ii.nm laav rcponcrn uuii.4.4..
8IT t hi. novellst-hero into when
! K"l..rthft summer hotel In wlntcr-
, write b hook on n hot In 21 hours.
IS irruo ,n.niir.i rinrrlck rocked
LTrcared over last nlnht was a very
R L7nt Tort of thin. GeorKe M. Cohan
tftitf brow, naa hi" -, r :
lZ Harvard mnVs story Into a play that
ana u" nirltlnc. a cood deal
-- . t ..n.ln n n 111 II1I1 I I f' I'l I'rll I.
aaV9 ": j v..ran Iinnvr.q how much
KtMi : because It laugh, at Itselt-and
JaaP5". oil Mm (Imp.
'For Instance, seo what hrppens to the
afnitn " ,'. . .... ,, nn,.,,,!
that department sino - "
n,.,.v...i.a .rion's i red wives, and
fcat Mr. Cohan says nbout It In tho next
'"" . .... ...,
Maeoo: "That's
my line! I used It
In 'The I-ost IJmo
nolnn' 400.000 conies.
One or mo "i
..n"! "I killed a
Un once for laugh
ing at me."
I I'll bet you read It."
amo "baa
"You've Rot
SlnBco: "ion may
not beliovo It. but
really, old chap, I've
written you over
and over again."
Mngec, when rob-
. trnnd never to
lilk like that with
run In front or.
ifcemr face."
j bery piles on ro
faiee. to the filrl
mance-, "i get riu
of one best Bellcr
and along comes
continued In our
Anho haa just come
a: uo yo "
ilero In love at first
J Tho crook: "Aw,
it.., "if vnu I "I've read tnat in
(harm that girl I'll I books."
nt you If It's the iiogce: i vo win
liitactof my life." ton It In books.'
A lor tho story of what happened at
ih. Inn which had so many keys, no
Sipectator would thank a trlclcct even
aaaaTlcv . .. i A1lln lilm
Mr. lilggers nimseu iui n.....o
more than what Masco says ,aioui n.
plitol shots, policemen and dead people
walking about tno nans, uunurao u.
thousands of dollars and keys and keys
and keys. Twenty-four hours! why, I
couldn't write a book In 24 years In a
place like this."
Mr. Cohan doesn't leave you wltn
that plot or those sarcastic comments
on It. 'When he's got through having his
Jnuocent novelist go Into raptures over
flpdfng real life Just like his hooks nnd
having mm piay up xo u in eruui .
Mr rntinii snrlncs a sumrlso that Mr.
Diggers never dreamed. It knocks tho
whole underpinning out nnd leaves Mr.
Diggers' tale a mocking, ludicrous, roar-
! .lr Anrl thnn tlVintVlAr ttim that
ijoea Mr. Blggcrs' best seller from Bos
ton, and Mr Cohan, best seller of Broad
way, 'one better.
'All In nil 1'CAI.an VaVCI fn Ttfltrlnntft" IS
qBaa well acted and as well set as It Is In
iMstnlously and bralnliy written. There aro
jHflawi In the cast but It stands up very
V 1. J. ...- a. L . l-.lt.. n 4llf&
wen 10 ir.e one inai oriKiuuuy ai u
piay There is tne new uonan smgo nmn-
real room down to as real n mysterious
aimnesa, ana io Knit me aciing .ogeinui
Into tomethlng that seems almost ns close)
to reality. OeCrgo Parsons points his lit-
.ran .l..i..l.Ma 4..n lk, n iA nln.m tl.A
! .13vi-iii juoi t,iit auu ULij0 fc..u
whole mad tale In ns mad a spirit. Fig
ures like Joseph Allen's Hermit nnd Ed
gar Halatead's caretaker aro rich with
character. In fact, tho company seems
almost capable of that marvelous piece of
unuroviiaiion, m ine manner oi me com-
E.,is.ui uci una, wjiiuu fuu win it-ut mi
about when which, of course, means very
-uvm juu i;u in mo uurricn.
Mr. Mantell Re-Qreates
Shakesneare's Kitip- John
fr XrtlMfr-.il .---. 1,1- a.-.-....--... .-
-ftfiement nt the Lyric, ffave students of
ith pI-ObIa Artnmr rA . 1U luaniian
"' v.w-iw UlUIllti. UIIC Ul lilt. Ill I C-IUCII,
opportunities to estimate "King John" at
r Mfciu vuiue ana in lis irue environ-
.- mo mage, ana not me cioset.
V Ikln 41.- l - ri.. ....
'i.i, mo uccuur, iiir. Aianieii revivcu
it! before It had seldom record on our
atagej since It, none.
I iiiuuuci or snaxespeare s earnest
Iperfed, of chronicle plays, purely poetlo
dramas and adaptations which trans.
mill A i.ti ... a...
r'" rAioniii; junys inio someining eu
Kwi0r by the mas' touch of genius,
i & jun mcKS mo quality or me
1111. B. A .4. n. -
.-.4 atiu Hrcuier ur&mits. ipe lorrn is
itatrlcted to historic pageantry; It Is not
of close knit labrlc; It Is seldom suffused
Wltk vl-U Ix .. .--.- ....
iM iv44, ibid pueiry, ll lacKS greaiiy
'a the analysis of life which, proceeding
-..( vuimici or motive anu ciasn ot cnar-
aeter. make fha nilthantl,. ,1-nmn V-f
Mplte these limitations, the chronlclo
4ir, una -nine jonn" ror a specimen or
it ha historical Importance, both as a
remind- -r it,. --.. . -. .
" " '"i' " 4H- utty wiien uiv biuko
t4 u iw.DooK us wen as newspaper,
ana a. a stage in the evolution of Shakes
Pe, as a dramatist.
. t wsnieu a acting version compresses
"- " "j:i;iaoie oi seven acts ana ten
"tings the year of tho troubled reign
c tackland, It discloses his usurpation
oeaa Richard'a throne, dellance of tho
i-OtM. Tntir-- -p A 41... . . v
ii. "..-4 ui 44iiiur iu-uur-y b Bun;,
Sj.wal heir; conflict with the barons.
a later save England Magna Charta;
;jm oi me cnurcn and hideous
th i Ths burlen "f tho action rests on
S Infamous, megalo-manlac monarch,
i..v vt" nepnew, aiatressea Constance,
-nrijiura bereft mother. Hubert rtn nurch
tha rtrl-n i,- -i .---. rL
- 4-4..4-.a 44-cpcr, uiiu 4Aiconoriuge, mo
ggorous, yalorous love-child of Couer-de-
The John of Mr. Mantell Is a strik
ing Impersonation, from tho physical and
Psychological standpoints; its aspects
wi characterized usually broadly but
Qmetirnea minutely; a young and ap
Pntly strolls' man, he eliowa the
Plllptold tendency spoken by history and
hatantlv ltatrava li l--1i. nl
- .. mmmji ,H UbV,VJ.lUUB .
gch and action attendant on desen-
ri. i " '" Dlun ana oiusiering 1'ii.nta
Ffnt breed, yet h vacillates, hesitates,
w crafUly, Injures by Indirection, ever
M tasentially timorous, cringing and too
Wi words and deeds. In tho ppwer-
jT ' WHn l,,e PaPal legate, .'anauipn,
fa in tho subtle one. In which lie suc-
MU the murder of Oeoffrey's son to
urgh. ha was every inch King John,
HI itfrtl.n- 4. 4 - 4 Ife- 4 41.n- ....
"444wt4 acta iiiu iruiio viiav i,vi4-
:,j-1 PUntagenet In robust form, rude
wtter and stralahtforward methods, the
fweonprtdya of Jriu JUeiber (play-d by
TnCIS McGinn fn tha farn-ai rvtv&lK
: McOmn In tho farmar r)vlyiU
red a mlwart eqntfgMt t? Ibe 'Wtk'
I -f t' relative, he itfm wlifonous U
aad, aU4M4 Ws btoek vr
At tho Broad in "Tho Misleading
with nbsenco of affected elocution. In
Htntcly person nnd nffcctlng acting, Flor
ence Aucr (successor to tho l.ito Mnrle
Booth Hussell) realized tho battling, em
bittered, betrayed Constnnce, who found
How utircllnlilo nro royal pledges; sno
was particularly effectivo In her pas
sionate denunciation of forsworn kings;
her Intonation vltnllzed the verso she
spoko until It seemed of living speech
nnd not n thing of meter. Genevieve
Hamper enacted young Vrthtir nnturnlly;
partly due to her touching but never
tvi4rn1i Inpliri'mnait nnrcntin linn. IllOFO. of
course, due to the poetry with which tho
role wns enriched by the playwright,
the fate of tho hapless prince seemed
piercingly poignant; tho dreadful scene
In which his tears ami helplessness melt
the heart of Hubert played with some
strength by John Burke and save his
eyes from tho branding Iron was pos
sessed of moving pathos nnd delicacy.
De Wolf Hopper's in Town
Thero aro all sorts of Kokos. There
have been all sorts of Kokos. nnd thero
will probably bo a great many more
varieties before Gilbert and Sullivan's
"Mikado" Is laid upon tho shelf. But
thero has never been ono quito like Do
Wolf Hopper's or ono so good In Its own
peculiar way; and thero never will be
Of course, there was Illchard Mansfield
nnd nil the rest of the "original Ko
kos." Once upon a time, when Frank
Moulan wns a much better singer nnd a
much funnier comedlnn than ho scorned
in "Fads nnd Fancies. ho mndo the
Iord High Executioner, who never exe
cutlonatcd, into n perky llttlo monkey of
n man with tho longest and shnrpest
aword that ever quivered In a stago
plank. And out In tho Middle West,
when tho present critic was young In
years and thentres, one John E. Young
who sang "The Girl of tho Saskatche
wan" into fame made a Btock company
Knlin nverv summer which a then very
Inexperienced critic still thinks Is tho
best regular edition he ever saw.
But Hopper's la Hopper's. At the Met
polltun Inst night Koko dropped his part
into tho bass, nnd "colored his tones"
with a vocal misery that nny tcar
Etrlckcn grand opera singer might envy.
Instead of a short, ngllo person, ho
stalked on somo eight or nine feet high
nnd created tho excruciating spectacle
of a shaking mountnln nay, n Plko's
Peak of fearsome Jelly. But why keep
up tho fulsome eulogy? Hopper's may
not bo Gilbert', but It la Hopper's. So
U his curtain speech.
As for the rest. There wob nn ex
cellent orchestra for that miraculous
music; Arthur Albrldgo Indicated nnother
milestone In his pilgrimage toward act
ing as well ns singing; Pooh Bnh Pooh
Buhed with all Herbert's AVntorous' skill,
nnd tha women, Idellf Patterson and
Gladys Caldwell, ncqultted thomsclves ns
they should In operetta with tho voice.
Miss Matthison's Piper
The Little Theatre's revival of "The
Plner" last night was marked by tho Bin-
cerlty of Miss Edith Wynne Matthison's
efforts In tho title role nnd her splendid
reading of some of the most beautiful
lines of Josephine Preston Peabody's
pontic drnma. Her supporting company. If
not wholly adequate, satisfactorily filled In
the background to Mlsa Matthison's vivid
portrait of the Piper of Hamlin.
No part of the entertainment was mora
convincing than the children of tho pla.
whose spontaneity and charm contributed
In a large measure to the lyric illusion
which tho play undoubtedly conveyed.
Ida Hamilton, playing Veronlkn, the
mother of little Jan, expressed with
tenderness the sorrow of n mother whoso
lame baby hnd been lost to her. Michael,
the Sword-eater, was given n virile In
terpretation by Itobert Dempster, and
Cheat-the-Devll, tho Piper's other com
panion, n simple-minded, timid creature,
wan well portrayed by Dallas Anderson.
Miss Matthison's part In tho production.
however, quite oversnaaowea wie toai.
She BUrmounted the handicap which la
given to any actress who essays to play
a male role. Sho "impressed at all times,
as ehe displayed tho Piper's varying
moods-cunning nnd simplicity, deceit and
sincerity, indignant honesty and softer
pltv, cynicism and gaiety. Her Piper
will be remembered ns a work of real art,
standing out from, rather than blending
with the work of her company. This ex
cellence signifies the play's weakness
that Miss Matthison's acting and not the
play as an entity Is tho clearer picture.
Mutt and Jeff
in Our Midst Again
David and Jonathan. Damon and Pythias,
Itoland and Oliver why must all the
modern Inseparables go In for comedy?
But they nre a noble line, even If they
lack pollsli-Koster and Blal, Weber and
Fields, Mutt and Jeff. And Whatever
they are, the pair that "Bud" Fisher
made possible will go down their llttlo
& .141 awAHA nnnlfll m.
distance into History wim mum ....v......
and more loyal legions of rooters than
any of tho others ever won.
The occasion of the return of Mutt and
Jeff to the Walnut Is a second descent
on Mexico. If they aro tho ne plus ultra
In clowns, Mexico seems to the musical
comedy writer tho muljum In parvo of
farcelands. So we laugh once more over
the efforts of tho loyal pair to. worst each
other and tho native population at one
and the same moment, and we rejoice
over their mutual triumphs. And last
night we whistiea a ie u .4.0 ..
that cheer them on their trouble-strewed
A smile began to radiate wnen way
Irwin Ba.vo the audlenoe a veritable
hand shake at Keith's lest night, and
although she took the head line spot"
at very short notlc she proved that In
va4uevUle, as elsewhere, her nanoa be
longs lo bi type and elwtric lights.
Mlsa Irwin sans new song, hot off th
8r from the Irving Berlin -on jklfshea,
and tt Vf4 Pitt W. ?
tetuHB tar thx pluMd lotp gm o
Mr ijla, favorite and wwwed that sha
"can como back." Incidentally ho told
n story about "Jimmy Duffy's neck" and
a dramatic lalo about her father's beard.
Thero was a punch In each.
Acrobats who simply turn flip-flops for
a living ought to see tha Arnaut Broth
res, tho tumbling clowns. While they
nro doing break-neck falls of all de
scription, each plays different selections
on a violin. Their playing Is ns good ns
that of many who poso ns musical
artists. Then, ns n climax the versatile
-t1nttlija Ailna . l.ta.1 MAa lfl j J ffYrtrlB
Liiuiun givo ii uirn u)crft( wiiiuii u.kj.v-o
pftch a clinnce to do somo remarkable
Tha something new In Iho way of a
single girl act Is fodnd In the offering of
Nfn.l tli.tn..li. Ul. mham .. ItlA 01111-
411,1 4 ittiiivi ill. cue uua IIU1II -.--
lime to the ridiculous nnd back again with
songB ami clever Imitations nnd she pos
sessos a personality which makes one feel
ns though she were nn oia rnenci.
1 11111). McDcrmott stirred things up con-
I sldcrnbly with harrowing experience In
Mexico nnd spasmodic opera. He showed
also In his spasms ot melody that he had
I n voice worth while
Hnn Ping Chlen showed somo cievor
tricks In the courso of his "Pekln Mys
teries" nnd wns nbly nfolstcd by two
fearless acrobats.
Eddie Leonard, of minstrel fame, and
Mabel nusscll won npproval In n number
of original songs nnd dances.. It was
I.eonnrd's first appearance In white face,
nnd while he got good results he seemed
somewhat out ot his clement without the
cork. .i..
Sam Henrn nnd Helen Elcy got all that
was possible out of Aaron Hoffman s
sketch, "Wanted an Angel," nnd also ren
dered some appealing musical numbers.
Edward Marshall, a chalk artist, drew
types In the audience. Including tho fea
tures of Albert Fisher, a locnl newspaper
man. Gaston did some clever Juggling.
Here and There
There Is not n dull moment In the bill
nt the Nixon Grnnd. Tho Five Naval
Cadets arouse pntrlotlsm nmld nn at
mosphere which Is In keeping wim mo
times. Their offering might bo Justu
. 1 - ..n..lnn1 nnMrAllll nil OnO SOtlg
ICrilll'U II nuuiia, vi'i... "- ----
follows the other In quick succession. Tho
net Is staged with careful attention to
detail. Tho clever tomfoolery of Harry
Brcen kept the audience In good humor,
nnd his rnpld-tlro songs mndo on the Bpur
of the moment were a fitting climax to
bin artistic nonsense. Brcen writes his
entire net ns he goes, along nnd ho usually
manages to get good results. Others who
pleased were Low nnd Molly Hunting, tho
Oakland Slaters and Will Norrls.
Catchy music, elaborate scenic surprises
and capablf performers combine to make
"The Arabian Nights" a worthy attrac
tion at The Cross Keys. "Tho Battle, of
Haddington" Is prosented by Burns and
Archer, two Phlladolphlana who won
laughter and npplauso with good comedy
and good voices. They have a novel
style which attracts attention from the
outset of their military operations. Percy
Waram & Co. in "Tno uosns .-uaic,
and Edith Moulth followed the pace set
by the other acts on the bill. Tho pictures
wcro In keeping with tho show.
There is an nrt In being nonsensical,
and Clnrk and McCullough, nt tho Wil
liam Pcnn. prove that they nro past
masters. Ono would find It a dlfllcult
task, no doubt, to discover their supe
riors ns pantomlmlsts, and their comedv
Is backed up by some daring brenkneck
acrobatics. They were rewarded with
rnnntlfiqa Inui-hs nnd nrolonced annlause.
"Tho Haberdashery," presented by Har
rington Reynolds and compnny was
punctuated with good comedy lines nnd
nbounds In funny situations. Eddie
Barto and Florence Clark won new ad
mirers In ".Mnrooneu, a comcay sneicn
with songs nnd dances. Joo nnd Lew
Cooper sang snappy songs which pleased,
and Dupree nnd Dupree. cyclists, and
Kremka Brothers added much to tho
value ot tho show.
Many of tho stars of stogelnnd are
cleverly portrayed by Juvenile perform
ers in "The Lawn Party" at the Globe.
Tho comedy Is supplied by nn acrobatic
constable, who ondeavors to break up
the party nt various stages of the game.
Songs nnd dances of the day nro well
presented by Carl Bynl nnd Dora Early.
Senator Francis Murphy explains how
tl.A iinvlniia nnllllnnl IrrtttlilAa nt thfl PHlin
try can bo straightened out by following j
ni BUKgauuils. uuu lltt iicuia vij 1.44,.-
dldly with serious problems.
Stoddard nnd Hynes won favor In
"Tho Absent-Minded Professor," while
Borden nnd Shannon In "Bits of Vaude
ville," nnd the Lowes, lariat-throwers,
and Richards and Brandt, In a gymnas
tic act, were rewarded with abundant
The pictures are of exceptional merit.
Theatrical Baedeker
ADEWHI-'Tes o" My Heart." with an ex
cellent cast. Hartley Planners' popular ana
amusing comedy or tho Impetuous young
Irish Klrl and what aha does to a aedsts
English family. Firm-rate amusement. ..8:13
BIIOAD "Tho Misleading Lady," with Paul
Dickey. A broad, "sociological" farce of a
gentleman from 1'atagonla who kidnaps and
tames a flirtatious young ornament ot good
Bocloty. Into tho plot wanders "Napoleon."
Good fun 8:20
FOrtllEST Tha Evimno Lidoer's Motion
Pictures of tho War. 7600 feet ot hattlo, with
the Kaiser well to tho fore. Tho news of tho
great war In. action -.30 and o;d0.
OAHItlCIC "Seven Kes to Baldpate," with
George Parsons and Je&nette liorton. oeorgo
Cohan's maBterly dramatization of the story
of the youne outhor who went up to a de
serted Inn In winter to wrlta a novel. Sea
review 8:15
LITTLEJ-"The Piper." with Edith Wynne
Mattlilnon and tho resident company. Joseph
ine Preston Peabody's Stratford prize play,
which deal akllfullv In blank verse with u
version of tha "Pled Piper." Bee re
view a:,io
LYIUC-Uobert Mantell In o fortnight of
Shakespearean and classic ",Pr,?I7.,,r."i
week Tueaday, Macbeth". Wednesday
matinee, "Romeo and Juliet": Wednesday
evening, "Hamlet", Thursday, ''King lar";
Friday nichelleu''. Saturday matinee, "The
Merchant of Venice.' and Saturday evening
Illchard III." 8'u0
METROPOLITAN De Wolf Hopper and Oil
bfrl & Sulllian Opera Company In a fort
night of repertory. Viral week-Tuesday Sa
urday matinee and night, "The Mikado ;
Wednesday matinee anil night, "Pinafore
and "Trial by Jury"; Thursday and UTlday.
The Pirates of Penrance." See revlew...8:ls
WALNUT "Mutt and Jeff In Mexico." A new
edition of the familiar mualcol comedy, with
tne scenes ii in n i"i . ...,.-..- .
tha south. Bee review s.a
jrpiTH'B May Irwin, with new aongs;
Eddie Leonard and Mabel llus.ell Nan Hal.
perln. Pekln Myatcries. Hilda MoDermott,
Arnaut Brothers. 6am Hearn and EllenEley.
Edwin Marshall. Welling Levering Troupe
and Heirat-Sellg pictures.
NIXON'S aRANr-Madden and FlUPotrick, In
"The Turn of the Tide", Harry , Ilreen. the
Five Naval Cadets. Lew and Molly Hunting,
Sa Oakland Slaters. Will Morris and comedy
nLonE William J. Donley tt Co., In ''The
li5i? Party1'? Carl Dyaf and Dora Early.
W.uVndutland.-;S.n.tor-. Fr.ac.ta iSIur.
t nwfa ana iiirii.r" ! ".
XAio About Nothing' i Dupree and Dupree and
S BSnte A ti?.bAtS
uivoVb-"Count von Stroroberg," tabloid op-
"i.VrJrlti : Wood: Harold Crane and com-
XSiJ In Justice8 1 Evan, and Vldoeq; Beaux
SndWlea; TroJ.tt. and Bennett, and comedy
v Stock
j-u-inntfAN "The Bllndnea. of Virtue," Co.
M?VK" -J m-Sn dram, of the danger.
r-rhi.""' P& Arnutron.
ftYehtc" melodrama of the slum..
Slldln" Billy Watn and hl
Taxi Girl." la a musical
UAlRii ----
TBOCaSbRC 'The Charming Widow.." Prln-
DUMONT-S-Dumonf. Ulnainl to a char
actetUturbW ot tr.ve.tr and aong.
Champ Clark to Speak Here
Speaker Champ ClMk will address tha
dinner guests of the Friendly Bona of St
Patrick a wek from tomorrow. Mr
Clark; accepted the Invitation to attend
ls.t nlaht. He vrttl arrlvo in this city next
Tuesday and will ba the guest pf Bpr
KBtattvaa l Pdi Donofcoe,
wLUAM PENN-lUningto-n-RVynold.. in
"Thl Haberdashery"! Joe and Lew Cooper.
Eddle.parton and Ftorenc. Clark, in, ("Ma.
Who Invented Dish?
Prominent Hotels
Chefs of
Take some breast of chicken, mince It
finely! place It In a pan with cream
sauce, season; add small strips of red
and green peppers; If you prefer, you
maj' add some sliced mushrooms, but this
makes It n veritable chop suey; servo In
n chafing dish; add a tittle sherry sauce j
ami nut a llri of truffles on the ton
Thero you have It chicken ft la King.
Take poor "Bill" King, tho Inventor ot
tho dish, who died at his home, fiU2 Osago
street, last week; ndd Henry Hornlckol.
a retired chef, of New York; then mix
Paul Sehwclzer. assistant chef of tho
Belleviio-Strntford; Simon Cotes, chef of
tho Adolphln; Joseph Cnttnneo, chef of
L'Alglon; Louli Tlasler, chef ot Kuglcr's,
nnd Angelo Ztichellt, chef of Green's
Hotel, nnd then garnish with. King's
widow, and you have nnother dish, nlo
served steaming hot. It Is cnlled, "Who
Invented Chicken n la King."
Tho story went tho rounds when King
died that he Invented this now Justly
famous dish to satisfy tho fastidious tasto
of a patron of the old Bcllovue Hotel, who
could find nothing palatable listed on the
menu Now from Now York comes the
protest of Henry Hornlckcl. Ho claims
that chicken a la King was born nt nn
nl.i rirnnklvn choii house. King's. Ilcnco
Its name. , ,, ,
"Bill" told mo ho Invented the iIIbH
In a chafing dish, about 12 years ngo,"
said Mtb. King, in reuuuni, j-u;nii .
"I never made much of a fuss nbout It.
nnd forgot tho wholo thing until It was
In the paper when he died. Wo nover
could nfford to have It. so I don't know
what It was like. Bill always was a
waiter and never worked In the kitchen.
All this agrees with tho expert testi
mony of the alienists for the prosecution,
with tho minor exception that they con
tend "Bill" did not Invent tho dish. The
following Is a stenographic report of tho
testimony taken, but no effort has been
made to keep tho characteristics of the
Italian, French, German nnd Spanish
languages: .
Q. Who Invented Chicken n la King?
A. (In unison)! don't know.
4-i itrh.n wqa ll Invonted?
A. Chef Zuchelll, of Qrcen's Hotel: "I
don't know when. But I'vo been !n tho
business for 3t years and wo'vo always
had Chicken a la King."
A. Chef TlPfller. of Kugler's: "I know
Bill. He used to work with me. I don t
want to hurt his feelings, but he never
Invented Chicken a la King. He was n
very flno fellow, though."
A. -Chef Cnttanco, of L'Alglon: "I've
been In this country only a few yenrs,
about nine, so I couldn't say. But when
I camo over my masters all told mo that
Chicken n la King wns very old. It wns
what you call n national dish."
A Chef Cotes, of tho Adelphla:
"Hornlckcl Is right. If King Invented
tho dish he wouldn't have to be on tho
floor. It's a vory old dish."
A. Chef Schwelzcr, of Bellevuo-Strnt-ford:
"I'm afraid King did not Invent It.
How could ho and still be a captain on
tho floor?"
a. nn unison) "We have somo flno
Chicken a la King, today, sir."
Significance of Firo Waste
"The Economic Significance of tho Flro
Waste" will be the topic for discussion
at tho noondav luncheon of tho Philadel
phia Association of Credit Men. at the
Hotel Adelphla, today. Franklin H.
Wentworth, secretary of tho National
Fire Protection Association, will bo the
This article fs the nth of a aeries on Anna Pavlowa's New (Social Dances
living authority on the art of the ilance.
There should now be Infused Into the
execution of tho Cznrlna Waltz a sp lit
of gaiety. The preceding figures lr ng
th. dancers through the Jw,r"0"
to one of livelier sort, and In this flgme
there comes a return to the face-to-face
"open" position which Is so effect! e In
social as well as In fancy stago dancing.
In the preceding figure the dancers
?".!' xrtLrx&.to The
lady. U will bo remembered, was on tho
right of her cavalier, and her e evated
rg t hand (held over her head) Is sup
norted by the raised right arm of her
par ner. while their left hands are ex
tended before them at a point somewhat
oelow their wnlatllnes.
Tho figure now to be executed calls for
dancers to move from the position de
scribed into one wherein the lady has
turned about and Is facing her cavalier,
each folding the hands of the other and
separated by a distance of some 18
Inches. The figure requires tho dancers
to move forward and back on two bars
of the music, which would be two counts
On the? counts of "one" and "two"
the lady withdraws her raised right hand
from her partner's nnd pivots on the
ball of her left foot (to her If"), steady.
Ing herself with her left hand, which her
cavalier still retains. On the count of
"three" sho advances her right foot,
pointing tha toe of her slipper, na'e?'
tending her right arm across her left,
permits the hand to ba taken by her
partner. Her body Is now Inclined
25c and 50c
.,,,.. .4.1,1.,. m.iinv Aniwhira of Stupendously Sentational. Boul-8tlrrlng.
AOi't 0PreatMt Conflict. Secured at Btok of
TtufeViEws oTevery Kpean battlefield
IWlWUllW 2 ? " P. .v . n.i,.,n Arml In Deanerale Combat.
it.,7.u Vr.,h ,f-i.n T..rm.n. Aiuo-tan
."""' nnVSZ! .7 .X S. n.nv'. Famous e.-ceotuneire ttuu
IISIK, " 4444 44 -... - -
seen nowhere else and never before
Attracted by Proportionately
Higher Number of Credits
for These Subscriptions.
Somo of tho men and women working
In tho subscription contest of tho Evr.K
iNO LRixmn nml Punur Lr.DOisn, the BO
winners In which will bo sent freo of
chnrgo to the Fannmn-Pncltlc Exposition
nnd the Pnnnmii-Cnllfornla Exposition,
nle devoting nil their energies to out-of-
town subscription". All theso must be
nnlil In ntlvnnce. but for I hem tho con
testants are given a proportionately
higher number of points In tho list of I
ci edits.
Tho contestants also Pud there Is lcs
competition for subscriptions In some of
the many little towns surrounding Phila
delphia and Cnnnlcn. Subscriptions from
such points nro rapidly Increasing for
both papers.
Contestants are still hard nt work In
tne city, however, nnd nro devoting every,
leisure moment to make their standing
In the contest higher. There Is still plenty
of opportunity for others to get into tho
contest nnd win ono of the vnluablo freo
trips, ns tho contest hns nearly four
months to run nnd much ma) be accom
plished In that tlmo.
Send In your name today to tho contest
editor, second floor of tho Punuo LKDann
Building. Ho will supplv you with nil
Information necessary nnd hints on how
to obtain subscriptions. Delay may mean
thai somo ono olio will beat you out by
4n... .nlnl. fr... ,mn .if tlinKP lircllt frt'1
trlpi to the Pacific coast, so send In your
name at ouco If you want to Join tho
Hahnemann Association Opens Ses
sions nt Bcllevue-Stratford.
Thu annual meeting ot tho Hahnemann
Hospital Association began this morning
nt the Hcllcvue-Ptrntford. Reports of tho
pnst year wire rend ami prominent speak
ers delivered flddreses before 123 mem
bers of the association.
TliAon ii.lirt tannUn wpri tho RCV Q. BlClt-
lcy Hums, Dr. William A. Pearson, dean
of Hahnemann Medical College; Dr.
Thomas II. Cnrmlchael, Dr William W.
Spenkmon. Dr. D. Bushrod James, Charles
D. Harney, president of Hnhnemann Med
inl rvillpcn. and Charles P. Perkins,
treasurer of the collogo nnd hospltnl.
Tho officers of tho Hahnemann Hospital
Association arc as follows: Mrs. Thomas
II. Cnrnuchnel, president; Miss Sarah M.
Llvezey, recording secretary; Mrs. Qldeon
Boerlc'ko, corresponding sccrotary, and
Mis. M. J. P. Jenkins, treasurer.
Open-air Treatment for Convicts
Open-nlr treatment for convicts Is ad
vocated by Dr. O. F. Lewis, general sec
retary of the Prison Association of New
York, who believes that tho "cago sys
tem of such prisons as Sing Sing Is tho
crowning disgrace of tho Stato." Ho was
tho principal Hpeakcr lnet night nt the
fourth of a series of meetings In the In
terest ot prison roform at the loung
Friends' Association meeting. 15th nnd
Cherry streets. Doctor Lewis declared
that tho reformatories at Great Meadow,
N. i Y., and Ontario were moaei ones.
They had no lnclosures, he said, nnd thero
wim plenty of opportunity for self-expref.
slon, ns prisoners wero trusted to govern
Evangelist at Narbcrth
Samuel W. Foster, an evangelistic
worker, Inst night addressed n mass
meeting for men In the Narbcrth, Pres
byterian Church, under tho auspices of
tho Men's Club. The Rev. John Van
Noss also spoke.
slightly to tha left, while the cavalier
stnnds on his right foot, the left ad
vanced with the toe pointed and his
body inclined n trifle to the left.
On tho second count of "one." "two,"
three" (or "four," "five," "six") each
dancer advances on the forward toward
tho other, dragging the other foot behind
over nbout half the space, nnd raises
tho arms. This should ba a deliberate
movement, occupying fully three counts,
thero being a pause of approximately a
count and a hnlf nt the completed for
ward advance step.
On the next three counts (which would
ba "seven." "eight," "nine"), the dancers
step backward, tho lady using her left
foot, the cavalier his right, nnd permit
ting the other foot In each Instance to re
sume Its former position. The ilnal for
ward step on the last three counts pre
pares the way for tha final figure of the
Czarina waltz, which will ba taken up
In the next article.
&IB A. Sins. II. D. WAONEIt. 1T80 N. BltOAD
Scholars' e Tonight IunT::
Novelty Dance Tomorrow (Wednesday) Evg.
11"S Chestnut. Open dally all the year. The
best sen Ice In l'hila. Latest movement, up
to the minute Telephone.
1B20 CHESTNUT ST, Thone. Locust 8192
am?1 This Week Only
THOMAS M. 1.0 VB, Iliulne.. Manager
2:30 8:30
and Belgian Arml. In Desperate Qombat.
Rarmany'. famous 42-CMilsictre Oua la AHlaa.
i .
of tho Itala Films
Questions and Answers
The Photoplay Editor of the Evbm
inii LEDonn will bo pleaBod to answer
questions relating to his department.
Questions relating to family affairs of
actors and octroasea nro barred ab
solutely. Queries will not be answered by let
ter. Ul letters must bo addrossed to
Photoplay Editor, Evbninu Ledoeii.
Many Inquiries have been received ask
ing If ono can copyright n motlon-plo-turo
play mnnuscrlpt. A writer cannot
copyright n motion-picture play manu
script aH such The production enn bo
convrlchted after It Is filmed, but the
writer of nn original plot cannot send n
copy of that picture play plot to Wash
ington and obtain copyright protection
Attorney Frank B. Willis, recently
elected Governor of Ohio, Introduced a
measure In Congress a year ago asking
for copyright protection to motion-picture
play plots, classlfjlng Cham ns "dramatic
compositions." Up to date, this bill has
been buried In tho Patents Committee and
hns nover seen the light ot day. Iho
Photoplay Authors' League of California,
It Is said, has engaged legal talent In an
endeavor to force out the bill and obtain
nctlon thereon. Whether this attempt win
be successful lemolnsto bo seen.
Lcgltlmato motion picture manufactur
ers will not Illch the plots submitted to
iimm in, nniimrfl nnrt tho nnltatlon for
copyright protection develops from tho
fact that somo raw odscufu oi ,-.. -!.....
companies have appropriated Ideas founa
In submitted manuscripts.
Ibsen's Umbrella
The famous umbrella without which. In
rain or shine, HGnrlk Isben, the Immortal
Scandinavian dramatist, was nover seen,
has been brought to this country by
Betty Nansen, tho great tragedienne, who
created most of the master-playwright's
hectic and unennny heroines. Miss Nan
sen, who also posesses several of Ibsen's
original manuscripts, with notes and
stngo directions In his queer, crnbbed
handwriting scrawled on them, has been
imported to this country under tho high
est salary over paid for a foreign actress
to poso In a notable series of feature
lllms. Tho first release is n wonderfully
powerful screen version of Echegaray's
drama, 'The Celebrated Scandal."
The Ibsen umbrella was as famous In
its way as Oscar Hammerstein's hat or
George Bernard Shaw's whiskers. The
dramatist carried It nlways. It figured,
sold Miss Nansen. In tho only episode In
which sho ever saw Ibsen loso his temper.
He was ordinarily a timid, shrinking
man, living all ulono In a. huge house of
20 rooms. At the theatre he rarely Inter
fered In rehearsals of his work. On the
occasion referred to, however, an oftlclous
stago manager had naa tne temerity to
rewrite one of the dramatist's speeches.
Ibsen ordered It put back In Its original
form. But tho next day at rehearsal It
was still changed. Tho dramatist's face
turned purple, his eyes blazed. He rushed
out of tho wings nnd. ejaculating "Fool,
ho brought down the heroic umbrella with
fult force on the unlucky stage director s
head. The umbrella In Itself Is not one
of which any one would be proud. It was
a cheap affair originally, and time has
turned Its original hue to a dull green:
but to Miss Nansen It Is mora precious
than even her famous "golden gown."
which is valued nt J.0,000.
Odds and Ends
Edna Mayo, leading woman with ESsa
nay has established a new precedent In
photoplay work, In Insisting on thoroughly
learning her part before posing In scenes.
Under Essanay's new system of drama
tizing nil Its photoplays Instead of merely
writing scenarios, Bhe Is enabled to learn
the words. She Btudles her parts care
fully nt night Just aB on the speaking
Btaga nnd talks Just as the character
20 111 below
llniiphln St.
Home ot World', dreatct l'hotoplay.
Afternoons 180 to 4 ISO 10c, ISe, 5o
Evening. 7iS0 to 10:30 10c, tSc, SOo
Kensington and
Allealirnr A Tee.
bel. Urarcr's Ijne
83d St. and
Tqnadowue Ave.
Grrmantown Ave.
Si Sharpnack St,
Sixth und
Jackson St..
Christian St.
1S18 South
KllUtli St.
mh and
McKean St..
SOS0 Itlchmoad
60th St. and
Cedar Ave.
ioth St. and
Market &U.
atAth C a. MI.
H a? effort! At.
l'OTKH 1?. UI-HSiN. Heprtatlf 8f tfKIC STHISKT
' -.. .-m III I !
speaks whllo going through tho rn6tl6nj.
Instead of making a mere pantomime ot
It Miss Mayo declares that In this way
sho Is enabled to put much mora feeling
Into her work nnd make tho actions np'
pear more natural.
Marie Hespcrla, who won flint prize as
tha most popular player In Europe; In trle
recent big contest, Is soon to ba seen In
an umistmlty strong four-part Klelnd 'fen,
ture entitled "Bartered Lives." The sub
ject Is a double exposure negntlve In which
Miss Hesperln Bhows to advantage In tha
dual role ot herself nnd hor wayward sis
ter. Thoro aro somo very tensa moments'
and some unique photographlo fonts, One
of tho most Interesting scenes In the film
was taken In tho famous "Bal Tabarln,"
Paris, nnd shows this celebrated Bohemian
resort at Its gayest. The scene Is staged
In highly realistic, but entirely Inof
fenstvo fashion and furnishes an Inter
cstlng and entertaining transcript of night
llfo In Paris.
Jnck IUc'hnrdson, of tho American-Mu-tunl
Stock Company, finds it dllTicult to
believe that n certain otd Joke, long dis
carded by professional humorists, Is
u.ll.. .!. Mil TTa wai namlnff an
1VC44IJT W41 14V 44. -W ..w - ---
f loin tho East to Join tho American Com
pony In Santa Barbara when an trata
conductor said to him, "Take your suit,
case oft tho seat4
"If you don't," tha conductor continued,
seeing Rlchnrdson hesitate, "I'll throw it
out of tho window."
"Qo to itl I should worry!" Illohard.
son replied humiy. But seeing- the oon.
duotor pick up tho suit case the aotor
Interfered and became Involved In an
altercation that was About to lead to
blows when tho man who owned tha suit
onsa coma down tho car alslo and Inter
ested himself In the affair.
Answers to Correspondents
Ambitious Yes, manuscrlps must ba
typewritten. Lubln's Is the only producer
In this city. You can got a sample
scenario from Lubln's scenario depart"
Evelyn M. Tto There Is an actor
named Wallnco Eddlngor appearing In
"A Gontloman of Leisure," Tha film Is
produced by tha Jesso L. Lasky EVtaturo
Play Company.
Mrs. L. T. M. Thero Is no Irving Moors
as far as I can ascertain. You probably
refer to Owen Moore. Address Famous
Playora Film Company, New York. Mlsa
Plckford enn also be reached at this ad
dress. "Grentcr Library" for Narbcrth
A "greater library" movement has
been started In Narberth, under tho dl-'
motion of E. A. Muschamp, a prominent
member of tho Narberth Civic Associa
tion, With the assistance of residents of
tho community, Mr. Muschamp alms to
get 600 additional hooks for the library,
which Is loented In tho Y. M. C. A. com
munity centre.
Fnrm School Commencement
Fourteen students will recclvo diplomas
and certificates from tho National Farm
School, at Doylestown, tomorrow night,
at the commencement exercises of tha
school. Class day exercises will be held
tonight. Tho ofllcers of tha graduating
class are Charles Nusbaum, president;
Harry Shor, vlco president; Elmer Klein,
secretary and treasurer.
Sunday revival, tabernacle, loth and. Vina
streets: 7.30 o'clock. Free.
Annual banquet. Ushers' Association, Central
M. E. Church, Orthodox and Orlscom streets,
Trankford: 8 o'clock.
Discussion on 'Tublle Health." by Chief
John A. Vogelson, of the Ilureau of Health,
heforn tho Soclotv of Municipal Englnoers, Kn
ulneors' Club. 1317 Spruco street: 8 o'clock.
Lecture on "In and About Jerusalem." by
James Clarency. Wagner Tree Institute of
Science. 17th street nnd Montgomery avenue
8 o'clock. Free.
Belmont Improvement Association, 3l)0
Oirard avenue: 8 o'clock. Freo.
Cohockslnk Doard of Trade, (Ith and Diamond
streets- H o'clock. Free.
Thirty-fourth nnd 44th Ward Buslnesa Men
Association. 6315 Havcrford aenues S o'clock
Qermantown Business Men's Association.
Vernon liulldlng. BUM Uermnntown aenue; 8
Feed' andr Grain Dealers. Bourse; 8 o'clock.
aeorge'e Hill Improvement Association, 1SS0
North F2d street: 8 o'clock. Free.
Krankford Business Men, Marshall School
8 o'clock. Free. .... .nn o.iu
tounaera "., i;. v..c j--"'e-. - .",.".
fwtfart V
HI. 4.. 4 njr,,.,UJ.j w,w,c4,,4,
1421 Arch street
8-15 o'clock.
Booklet, at (ASK Mr. f- f
iTABtr. nhestnut and "
12th Si. Raymond A Whltcomb Co., 100J
Chestnut Bv.: Thoa. Cook A Son. 18.7 8. BrpaU
St.! Hayes Dickinson. 010 N. ISth St.: Alt
house Tour. Co.. 1330 Walnut St.. or addres.
Geo. F. Adams, Mgr., Fortress Monroe. V.
Atlantic City. N. J.
leading high-class, moderate-rate hotel.
Al RRMAR1 P Virginia Ave., near Be.
ALBCAlAKLE Cap. 8B0. Bteam heat, eli?
vator. .un par ore, prl. Data., etc. j .excji.
, is liS air.
"an ... -4w 1)n.lrl., J. I. CVWG2.
Hotel York ft-
Hot and cold running
Nw York Avev & Ben.
'run INN For health, pleasure and n
1 HE lllll .no,,. Favorite resort.
Under new management.
1. L. 1 M. S. UUDDEBB,
TWICE DAHiY S30 and IlSO V, M.
It'a a Long Way to Tipperary
Joe Welch in Time Lock 776
Madge LeMJng in The Blue Mouse
No. 3 Dutch Cheete Maker
No. 3 Dutch Cheese Maker
MM1 1
ilrnUngviru-'Ave. No.6--Cae of McWinter Family
jftVdl,g,s,Av".'1 No. t KIDNAPPED"
No, 2 Menage From Heart