Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 05, 1915, Sports Final, Page 4, Image 4

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Invaders Try to Cross Suez
and Boats Are Sunk.
General Battle on Along
CAItiO, Feb, B.
Turkish troops totla? resumed tltetr at
tempts to cross the Hues Canal nt Tueun,
near lsmallla. Beveral tidata that suc
ceeded lit launching- were sunk ami all on
board perished.
British warships have resumed their
bonibfttdment of Turkish positions.
Tha main Turkish forces have reached
the fiurx Canal arid a general hattto Is
developing east of the waterway, Ue
tWccn i'ort Said and Sues th6 Ottoman
troops have thrown up earthwork a few
miles east of the canal. These -were
shelled all night by llght-draft British
worships and the Turks were compelled
to retire. An soon as tho bombardment
ceuacd. however, they rcoccuMed their
British aviators reported Thursday Hint
tho Turkish force number about 4S,W
men. They are well oaulppcd and have a
number of heavy guns.
.V numbor of refugees have arrived here
from tho district oast of tho canal. Some
said they wero desoitora from tho Turkish
army and that they had had no food for
two days. Later they confessed that they
had heter been In the army.
Twelve thousand Turkish troops partici
pated In Wednesday's battle on tho Suez
canal. In which tho ottoman invnucrs 10m
heavily, Tho battle began early In the
morning-, tho Turkish Infantry attacking
under cover of a sandstorm. An attempt
to cross tho canal on pontoons and rafts
whs repulsed, and the main attack 011
TusUn and Sempedm was also beaten
back after a battle lasting ten hours.
British warships took part In the fight
ing, and tho cruiser Harding was hit
twice by shells, ten of her crew being
waunded. Other British losses were two
ofllcers and & men killed and 53 wounded.
Many Turkish dead wero left on the Held
and eight ofllcers and 2S2 men wero taken
Gains Laborcz River, But Retires
From Beslcid Passes,
PBTKOaRAD, Fob. 6.
Driving back the German and Austrian
troops In tho Carpathians, the Russian
armies are forcing their v.ay rapidly Into
Hungary. It was announced officially
here today that tho Czar's forces had
reached the River Laborcz, on the south
aide of the mountains, taking In their
advance from Dukla Pass 2000 prisoners
and 10 machine guns.
In the Carpathians, the Russians have
been forced to withdraw from the Besftld
Passes, wherp a superior force of Ger
mans and Auatrlans were encountered.
It was officially admitted. In this region,
however, the Russians have taken 2000
Campaign Develops Favorably Along
Inster River.
In Hast Prussia, Russian cavalry near
Lasdehnen drove oft a German forcothat
attacked near tho Scheskonpa tRlver.
The campaign In East Prussia Is developing-
favorably to tho Russians along
the Inster River In the region of Las
dehnen, northeast of Qumblnnen. They
are advancing deplto the obstinate re
sistance. In the Mazurlan Lnkes rcclon. no ad
vance Is reported. Toward Tilsit the
Russian movement is progressing.
Vessels Arriving Today
Str BJornefJoril (Nor.). Tone Amiunzlati,
ore, Flint, aoerlnir Co,
Str Tuscan, Boston. passeriK'rs ami mer
chandise Merchant and Miners' Transporta
tion Company
S r J M Ouffey, Port Arthur crude oil.
Gulf Petroleum Company,
Steamships to Arrive
Nam From. Date.
Sardinian ,, Qlassow .......Jan. 19
Haverford Liverpool Jan. !I
Uncolmshlre Manila Dee. IS
Jomaburc Ardroeaan Jan. B
BkJoldbarB Copenhagen ....Jan. 31
FiorenUno Huelva. Jan. 13
r.uclllne , Cardiff Jan. IT
Mackinaw London Jan. 10
Plaiurla, KMelda Jan. JO
OUr Kyrr Mtavanrer .rn "'
Nike ... Cardltt Jan. 1
Manchester Miller Manchester ....Jan. t
Havet , Hillside ..Jan. a
Nestoa ,. . .......Oran Jan, 'Jt
Andreas ,Hrra Jan. 2.1
Teesdale Havana la Mar.. Jan, ST
Brlndllla .r .Hhlelds Jan. 28
Caatletnoor . Algiers ,,Jan,20
CTielstoji Cuba , .Jan. M
llontoso Chrlstobal ......Feb, 'J
KtUon . ..Clenruecos Feb. U
Bella- .....Port Antonio.... Feb. .1
Wasldjk Ilotterdam Feb. 3
Steamships to Leave
Name For Date.
Sardinian .. ....... OlisroK ,. .Feb, in
Haverford .... ...Uverpool .... Feb. 13
flmlslana . I.elth . , .Feb, 8
South l-olot .. ... .Rotterdam . ..Feb.
Manchester Miller ...Manchester .. .Feb. 12
Movements of Vessels
Btr Delaware, for Philadelphia, steamed
from ffw York February 8.
Btr Islington, from Philadelphia, arrived at
Boston February B.
(itr mission (Dr ), from Philadelphia, ar
rived at Casllarl February I
Str MoQtoao. San Francisco for Philadel
phia, sttimed from Cristobal February 3
8hln )lrlo. Phlladelohla for Shlmonoaakl.
sailed fro-n Crl total Februarj 4.
Str Oceanic (Hal ),) Philadelphia for 7a
ranto, ouscd Gibraltar February 3.
8tr. Deonyeseoj Btathatoa (Greek), Philadel-
hla for Ton Anaumuta. arrived at Gibraltar
-fttruaxy .
Sir eardlnlan (llr.), otatrow for Philadel
tUa, (teamed from Halifax February B.
Sir. Grecian, tor Philadelphia, steamed from
Soston February 8.
filr Persian, for Philadelphia, steamed from
XavftBDab, February 5.
Str. Paraguay. Philadelphia for Sabine Paea,
,J 2(0 mile southeast ot Diamond Bboal
UehUblp at 9 P n. February e
Sir. QreionUn, Fan Francisco, etc .for New
lurk, wns 344 mile south of Ban Franuseo
af&oa. Vebruary 3.
mi I'oledo, gabine for Philadelphia, was tea
mU mulH ot Jupiter at p. n. February .
Str Quantise, Philadelphia, for JeokspnYllle,
tut& tlatltra at T p. m. February 4.
UaitMtOE I lisbt. due to. the acarelty of
tuuautfl to west thai dtmsnd. JUtee ar blfb
cud Iftll yitpcancd.
raw KWjl. 13 BO. Weir Tork and
ntr J?U4 ui, cae round Uln, basis 1.
4 . Hrcaj
jtW tvf orj. ixai laps.
aaiumor 10
tmUatOau 10'eaGi7reji. -' , ""' "n
Yte. !, BtivaU irs, K6oi.
,jiW 4JM), SIM tt4. Wafted Statu and
ggaHftrJaB, nae. ae roun trjp, li
BbHt W iatulnHniii Ttfej- -, kja,jl.i. ..
tsBa. .sa-iraar. ua.;'TriU!
"STti .S"f SEa"s?,I..
in Belgium the Oerman airships
showed treat activity yesterday.
The communique of last night re
ported the capture of one of the en
tny's trenches to the west of the high
way from Arras to Lille to the north
of Kcurle. That trench hindered the
troops occupying the ground gained
by Ha n few days ago. To tha east ot
the same roijd we exploded a mine,
and Irrimedlalely thereafter ft detach
ment of Zouaves and AfrlcAn Infan
try formally established Itself on the
conquered position. All tho aennans
In the captured trench were killed or
made prisoners.
Our artillery allenccd the enemy's
batteries near Adlnfer, south of Arrasi
at Poslores, northeast of Albert! at
Ham, norjhwest of Peronne! likewise
In the section of I'allly, south of
Thero Is nothing new In the region
of Perthes.
In tho Argonne there waa a single
attack at Bagatelle. That attack,
wlilch took from us a hundred yards
of trench, provoked counter-attacks on
our part, which not onlv regained
those 100 yards, but also gained ground
tn the Vosgcs there were artillery
On thr- rest of front there Is nothing
to report.
Artillery and Infantry fighting con
tinues alnng the Nlcl.i Itltcr.
AVc ovacuated Tarnow (dallcla) after
tho Ruentnns bombarded tho place
with heavy mortars.
A decl-lve battle Is being fought in
tho region of Dukla, where stiong
Russian pressure Is felt In the direc
tion of Dukla Pass and neighboring
passes. The righting In the Carpathi
ans Is being seriously Interfered with
by the deep snow.
On the western front hostllo nttacks
have been repulsed, and our troops
succeeded In gaining some ground in
the wooded mountains and captured
some hundreds of prisoners.
Cast Prussia Tho Russian troops
have mode progress on both banks ot
the Inster In tho district of Lnsdchnen.
Poland-On tho left bark of the Vis
tula the Russians have enptured two
lines of trenches held by tho enemy
near Dorjlmow. Tho enemy was re
pulsed In an attack upon Ooumlne,
which Is now in our possession, and
wo havo occupied Wolaszye-Lowlcrka.
Hard fighting la still on there The
enemy Is still In possession of the dis
tillery In Wolnszye-Lowlczka, but wo
hold tho rest of the town.
Tho enemy Is continuing his obsti
nate resistance to our attacks nnd is
trying to break through our lines In
ths region over a front of seven miles.
He has brought up seven divisions and
100 batteries. As a result of our suc
cesses the righting line has been short
ened a mile.
Tho Russian counter-attacks began
on Wednesday night and have bten
continued night and day since that
time Desperate righting has been
raging along tho entire front, but our
offonslve has cornpelled the enemy to
assumo the defensive.
GnllcU and Hungary Tho encoun
ters In tho Carpathians nro developing
on tha line from Dukla Pass to Wysz
kow (100 miles). Tho Russians have
advanced to the river Laborez, cap
turing 2C0O prisoners and ten machine
guns. Russian troops who heroically
repulsed bayonet nttacks at Lupkow
and the Beekld Passes retired to new
poiltlonB. but the enemy's advance at
SVyszkow Pass and Tartaroff wbb re
puUed with heavy losses
On the whole western front yester
dny thero wero only artillery duels.
Isolated French nttacks against tho
German position northwest of Perthes
(in Chnmpagne) were unsuccessful.
On the east Prussian frontier re
lieued Russian nttacks south of the
Meniel River wero repulsed.
A strong Russian attack against the
positions recently taken by the Ger
mans east of Borjumow was equally
Tho number of prisoners taken there
since February t totals It officers and
about C0O0 soldiers.
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One Policeman Offered
Juror a Bottle of Whisky,
Court Tells Member of
Detail Who Complains.
Vice aquad policemen practice a system
of attempting to Influence Jurors serving
In the criminal branch of tha Municipal
Court. Room (74, City Halh and In doing
o Incur the risk of being Jailed, Judge
MacNellle declared from the bench to
day. The charges against the policemen who
form the special detail which Director
Porter calls tho "morals squad" followed
the complaint of Policeman Nees, of the
Biruad, that tho aqund waa discriminated
against by the court's tipstaves.
Neo'a Iro was aroused when one of the
court ofllcers ejected htm from a seat In
tho space reserved for lawyers. He strode
angrily to the bar of the court and coin
plained to Judge MacNellle
"Tho members of the vice squad are
nlnays put out of thoso stats. I know
those chairs aro for tho attorneys, but
many persons not lawyers are permitted
to occupy them, while members of the
vice sqund ore put out and told to take
seats In other parts of the room."
"We havo had to take extreme pre
cautionary measures with members of
the vice squad," replied Judge MacNellle.
"They have gono so ifar as to try to
tamper with the Jury.' On occasions It
has been reported to n.e that while tho
Jury Is on Its way from the courtroom
to the Jury room to dellberato on cases
In which vice squad men have testified,
conversations about the caso havo been
held so that the Jury could hear.
"in o speaiteasy case a pollcoman tried
to pass to a Juror a bottle of whisky
which had been offered as evidence, say
ing, "Take this with you and have a
"If persons other than policemen, had
offended In this manner they would have
boon committed to prison. I now warn
you that hcreattor If there Is a repetition
of such practices tho offender will bo
brought beforo the court and punished."
Nees took a seat, but not among the
chairs reserved for tho lawyers.
London Alarmed nt Change of Front
In Balkans.
The belief Is rapidly gaining ground
hero that Rumania, instead of entering
the war on the side of the Allies, will
Held to German Influences and hold aloof.
Stories coming from Bucharest to the
erfect that tho Rumanian Minister of
Finance has received J4,000,000 In gold
from Hamburg, In return for permission
to Germany to ship $20,000,000 In gold to
Constantinople, serve to Increase the un
easiness as to the Rumanian attitude.
A few weeks ago It nas said confidently
In Great Britain that Rumania would
enter the conflict, perhaps, by tho middle
of February. Dispatches to the British
newspapers from Bucharest, the Ru
manian capital, now say that the Gov
ernment of Rumania has no Intentions of
breaking Its neutrality at an early date.
The same prediction Is made In dispatches
lecelved through Independent sources.
There likewise has been less talk In LonT
don of Rail's entry Into the conflict.
Russian Flag: Hoisted In Tabriz
PETROORAD, Feb, B.-The Russian
Consul General arrived at Tabriz on
Tuesday, accompanied by a Russo-Per-slan
escort. Russia's flag was hoisted
oer tho Turkish Consulate General, tho
Turks having burned that of Russia.
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C T HFPPF kr OM - 1117-1119
sV4..1t...f eu.U Vat afafl
!-to neatfal shipping to ?old lh coaU
ot tho British Hies, " ou.e',kg,"V '"?it '"
the Admiralty, to the fact that the Ger
mans Intend to proceed with every pos
sible means against the "''""JU
ports carrying troops and supplies to
by the Chlsf Admiral ot the German
NX,8Jl! "L"X:,.e f ...nnlVlng Mi.
meronuBs Troops" and UfgV duVnflM.. .of
-..- ....l.i. in tfranna. we Will pro
ceed with all means of warfare at out;
disposal against these transport;,
"Peaceful shipping Is cautioned against
approaching the northern or the western
coasts of France, as this would threaten
It with serious danger, because the Ves
sels might be confounded with ships used
for warlike purposes.
"The route around Scotland (north nf
Scotland) Is recommended as tho best
track for the North Sea."
England today accepted Germain's
challenge. The Admiralty defied tho Kai
ser and dared tho German sea lords to
put to a test their, latest threat to starve
out England by sinking all merchantmen
of belllgoront nations that approach mu
lsh ports after February 18.
Admiralty oirtclals went Into conference
early today. What they dUcussod was a
closely guarded secret. But It was re
ported on rellablo authority that orders
for a part of tho English flotilla, of dc
strbyers to detach Itself from the North
Sea fleet and report for duty In waters
nearer home will bo Issued before night
fall. Part of this destroyer fleet, It Is oxpoct
'cd, will be assigned the task of sweeping
the sens for German submarines. Others
wilt bo detailed to convoy merchantmen
after February 18, when the German Ad
miralty decree becomoa effective until
such tlmo as the Admiralty Is positive
that tho Gorman under-sea terrors no
lonser menace shipping. It Is posslblo
that a few British cruisers ot tho Royal
typo will bo assigned to convoy duty to
allay tho fears of timid ship bwners.
Admiralty officials frankly dcclnred the
latest Gorman threat a bluff. They said
It climaxed a series ot official statements
from tho German Government that indi
cated that tho Kaiser's advisers nre, be
coming despernto. Nolther Admiralty
nmrinin nnr reDrescntatlvcs of tho big
shipping Interests would concede for a
moment that Germany could carry out Its
throat to shut oft England's food supplies.
The English nation turned Its eye to
ward America today. What tho United
States will say to the German Admiralty a
announcement that neutral ships may be
endangered by German submarines was
considered only secondary In, Importance
to the Gorman proclamation Itself.
That tho United Stntcs Till make formal
protest against t! 0 Oermnn decree upon
Its receipt at Washington Is deemed cer
tain hero. Admiralty officials professed
confidence today mat neuner America
nor any of the other etrong neutral Pow
ers would respect what hey called a
"paper blockade" of tho British coast.
In some quarters it was suggested that
the United State? mlgh Join with other
neutral Powers in a rormai protest to
LONDON, Feb. 5. Germany Is making
cxtenslvo preparations for the blockade
ot England that has been decreed to go
Into effect on February 18. A dispatch re
ceived from Amsterdam stated that sev
eral submarines had arrived at Zee
brugge, the German naval base on the
Belgian coast.
It Is expected that these will bo used
to attack British transports and mei chant
Tho latest naval annuals credit Ger
many with 31 submarines, 12 being of
the older typo. There aro 19 equipped
with sleeping quarters and with a radius
of up to 2000 miles Those of tho 1911-15
class are not listed, and it Is certain n
number were built early last year. Fur
ther, It Is known that since the war be
gan work has been rushed on additional
undersea craft Conservative estimates
place tho number of submarines In the
German navy nt 60, at leaBt.
BERLIN, Feb. 6. While the German
Admiralty expects protests irutn neutral
1 10.00
down, 5!P monthly.
countries atalnst Its action In proclaim
In k blockado of England find Its warn
ing that ship ot nonbeillgerents might
be endangered. It maintains Its r ght to
take this step without any violation of
International law.
Tho Admiralty's action Is Indorsed by
tho Berlin newspapers today They assert
that England's alleged order to Its mer
chant vessels to Use thS flags of neutral
nation was the direct cause of the Ad
hilraltl's declaration of n blockade nnd
hint that the failure of tho neutral coun
tries to protest to England shorts they
are silently If not actively supporting tho
Allies. ....
A to the ability 01 me utra "
marines to maintain a blockado of Eng
land, doubt I expressed In no circles 1. 1 ho
German naval critics point to tho nctlv -ties
of the U-Jl in tho Wish Sea as evi
dence of their Value in warfare against
ships upon which England depends for
The attitude of tho German Admiralty
may be summed up thusi
"We do not Intend to wage war upon
neutral ships, We hopo that none will
suffer, hut Germany Is waging a cam
paign against enemies who aro trying to
H..MIU , mmmiriMat liberty ontl It
must take the necessary steps to protect
"Tho warning Issued by Germany gives
neutral shipping plenty of tlmo lh which
to leave dangerous water."
The statement, declaring a "war rone
Issued by the German Admiralty rs:
"The waters around Oreat Britain and
Ireland, including the wholo Lngllsh
Channel, nre declared n war zono from
and after February 18, 1915.
"livery enemy ehlp found In this war
none will bo destroyed, even 11 11. 1 -posslblo
to avert dangers which threaten
the crow and passengers.
"Also, neutral ships In tho war rone are
In danger as in consequence of tho mis
use of neutral flags ordered by the
British Government on January 31, nnd In
view of the hazards of nnvnl warfare It
cannot always bo n voided that nttackw
meant for enemy ships slinll ondanger
noutrftt ships.
"Shipping northward, around the Shet
land Islands, In tho eastern bnsln ot the
North flea, nnd In a strip of at least 30
nautical mllei In breadth along tho
Dutch coast, Is endangered In the same
Tho reference in the Admiralty com
munication to "misuse of neutrnl flags"
Is well understood In Borlln. Thero has
been published in Gormnny roconlly what
purports to be a secret order Issued by
thn British Aumirany 10 uniisn mer
chant ships Instructing them to make use
of neutral flags, and all tho Gorman pa
pers aro referring to this alleged order,
LONDON, Fob. G While a wild storm
of criticism of Gorman strategy was
raised In Englnnd by tho bombardment
of the coast towns of Hartlepool, Scar
borough and Whitby, thH wns only a
mild flurry ns compared with tho tempest
aroused by tho warning thnt neutral
ships will bo endangered If they enter
tho blockade zohe.
Tho newspapers declare that this warn
ing Is directed toward tho United States
In nn attempt to prevent ships ot that
country from bringing supplies to Eng
"This Is an effort that America should
treat with the scorn It desorves," says
one newspaper. "Now tho United Stntes
knows the method of German warfare.
If there has been any doubt ns to thm
French Win New Position on Arrns
Lille Line.
PARIS, Feb. B.
Brilliant work by the African troops
of the French arm, resulting In a decided
gain for tho Allies to tho cast ot the
road bctwoen Arras and Llllc, is reported
In nt official (statement Issued by tho
French War Ofllco this afternoon
After the explosion of u mine Zouaves
and Turcos dashed forward nnd estab
lished themselves strongly In tho posi
tion where tho mlno had blown up a
Gorman trench. All tho German soldiers
In the trench wero killed or taken
Raid Made on German Submarine
Zeppelin Base.
LONDON. Feb. B.-Allies' aviators bom
barded Zccbrugge, German submarine and
Zeppelin base, according to Rotterdam
advices today.
The extent of tho damago Is not known.
Viclrola IV, $15
5, 1915.,
Defenders Clash With Ger
mans' Headlong Plunges
in Gory Battle Along
Seven-mile Front.
PETnOORAD, Feb. 6,
One hundred thousand Germans aro
hurling themselves In headlong nuhei
ngalnst the Ruslan earthworks west of
Warsaw, on a Boven-mlle front, It wad
officially announced today.
Seven divisions, comprising tho flower
of Von IIIndenurg'8 nrmle, are making
Impetuous frontal nttnek upon the Rus
sians between tho Uzura nnd Ilnwka.
Behind them 100 Oermnn batteries nre
playing shells upon the Czar's- trenches.
After driving back the GermAns who
attempted to recapture Goumlne, the Rus
sians pressed forward dnd took Wolaszyo
Lowlczka. Hard fighting Is going on
thero nnd also about BorJImow, whero tho
Russians hnve taken two lines of Ger
man trenches.
Fifty thousand fresh German troops
were rushed Into the firing lino early yes
terday as 1 enforcements. They filled
huge gaps In the German lines, torn by
RukMhii shells and Russian Infantry
charges. Their arrival was a signal for
the renewal of the onslaught.
For 21 hours Mackcnzen's divisions havo
surged toward tho Russian Hues. The
battlo has become a gigantic death grap
ple. Following up their successes at Wola
Szydlowska, nnnounccd last nlslit, the
Czar's armies havo forced tho Germans
out of tho village of Humln, captured by
tho oncmy on Tuesday.
German onslaughts continue, it Is offi
cially admitted, In the face of enormous
losses. Mnckcuzen has returned to tho
massed attack. Advancing In compact
formations, tho Germans aro attempting
to break through to Warsaw by sheer
force of numbers.
Tho Polish capital Is menaced more
seriously today thnn at any tlmo during
tho present campaign.
Vienna Admits Evacuation; Also
Pressure nt Dukln Pass,
VIENNA, Feb. 5.
Today's official report admits tha evac
uation of Tarnow as tho result of a heavy
Russian bombardment with mortars. It
H further stated that a dcclslvo bottle is
being fought In tho region of Dukla,
whero stiong Russian pressure Is felt In
tho direction of Dukla Pass nnd neigh
boring passes. Tho fighting in the Car
pathians Js being seriously Interfered with
by the deep snow.
Vigorous operations around Tarnow
ihave been going on for tome time. An
official dispatch from Vienna, January SO,
said that attempts of tho Russian Gall
clan army to outflank Archduke Joseph
Ferdinand's army, near Nowy Snndec,
nnd attack Crncow by way of Tarnow,
had led to a counter-offensive by tho
Archduke against Tarnow -which threat
ened tho rearward communications of the
Russians In Gallcla and In the Carpa
thians. Tarnow, a town of somo 40,000 Inhabit
ants, is on tho Blnia River, a short dis
tance from Its Junction with the Dunajac.
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Flying Squadrons Ralfl
Lines From Nieupoit M
Ypres Another Atlaj
Aimed Against Dunkirk
I'ARIS, l-tj
German aviators, traveling JIS
rons, are raining shells on the AI11
trenches all along tho battle line in '
glum, from Nlcuport south to TCtttt
pnlches from tho- battle f.ont sV.'.J,
Two Qerman monoplanes borkts,
tho tdwn of Fumes, six mllu, inllJl ,A
ntlln.l 111,. A, II... ... .. ""lie, U
artillery dropped ehclls from a ..., m
tanco Into (ho lown. No great data..!
uu;. .i uomiau Taubtj pu,'
cd over tho Allies' trenches near 1J
port. Their objective apparently tfjj
Dunkirk, object of several aerial alUcll
but dispatches from the imm,.i ..ii
todny failed to mention their arrival, '1
'i no Argonne region waa the 8Cei(, $
tho most despcrnte Intantrv di,ii.
tho last 24 hours. A German luV!
forcod the French to ovneuate mors tkit
100 yards of trenches. During the null
the French counter-attacked. ln a K
limit charge they drove tho Germans fat!
tho captured trenches and, rushln- ?
cantutcd 100 yards of Gorman A.;A
works. "" wu,
French artillery hns been successful (,
silencing German bombardments south
Arms, tinrtlioimr nf Alhi ..j , .?'.
-'.. :, V." . " , "" ",,u "1 UK
ii-Miuii ui .ivjuii unu a erouno
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