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Texl: Then we which are alive ond
remain shall be caught up together with
them Jn the clouds, to meet the Lord In
the air, and so shall we ever he with the
Lord. Wherefore comfort one another
with these words.'-I Thcssalonlans, V,
"This meeting mentioned In the Bible
Is the greatest that ever will be held In
ail the world. There have been many
wonderful meetings. It was a wonderful
meeting when the children of Israel met
t the ned Sea after the host of Pharaoh
had been destroyed, and Miriam, Ihe
Ulster of Moses, led the people with sing
Ing and with timbrel as they rejoiced. It
wan n wonderful meeting at the foot of
Mt, Blnal when Moses descended with the
commandments given to him by God In
the midst of fire and lightning and
thunder. It was n jvonderful meeting at
MU Carmcl. when Ellsha'slew 430 of the
prophets of Baal.
'Jt was a wonderful meeting when
David came and danced before the ark
of God, It was a wonderful meeting
whon Solomon dedicated the temple. It
wan a. wonderful meeting on the banks of
the Jordan when God's lion-hearted
preacher, John the Baptist, preached the
truths of God, and tlio Bible says his
clothes wero of camel's hair nnd ho was
fed on locusts and wild, honey. It was
a. wonderful meeting when Jesus preached
the sermon on the mount and fed BOOT
with a few loaves nnd fishes, nnd Moses
and Elijah nppcared on the mount. It
was a wonderful meeting at Pentecost
when tho Holy Spirit came down as n
mighty wind and 3000 were converted. It
was n mighty meeting when tho Cru
saders went to Jerusalem to defend the
Christians from the Infidel Turks. It
was a mighty meeting in tho day when
Constantino saw the croxs In tho sky and
a mighty wave of Christianity swept over
Home. . .
"It was a mighty meeting when Sa
vonarola stood In the square of Florence
ond hurled the truthB of God at tho mob
until they caught him and tied him to
a stake and watched him burn until he
was incinerated. It was a mighty meet
ing In the days of Martin Luther when
he converted others to Justification by
faith In the Saviour Instead of Justifica
tion by faith In tho church. There wero
mighty irieetlngs In tho days of Wesley
and Whitfield, and Calvin and Knox, and
In later days Finney and Moody, and
today Torrey as they spread the gos
pel. But these cannot compare with the
meetings that will come when the Lord
comes again. That Is the one meeting
for which all are preparing, and all of
these other meetings are but Blmplo
preparations for the meetings that take
place In the air.
"Jesus not only foretold His going
away, but Bald Ho would return.
Watch, for you know not the hour or
the day In whch the Lord cometh.
"There is no prophecy yet to bo ful
filled before the Lord comes back. Jesus
aid In Matthew 21: 'And this gospel
of the kingdom shall be preached in all
the world for a witness unto all nations
and fner shall tho end come.' There is
not a nation on earth whore the gospel
lias not been preached. It says preached
In the nations, and then the end shall
come. It does not say they shall all be
saved and then the end shall come.
That's what I am doing here preaching.
I'm giving you a chance.
"The second coming of Christ has been
the polo Btar of religion. I was talking
to one preacher and I -said: 'Do you
think, that Jesus Christ will come back
to earth tonight?' He thought a mlnuto,
and, said: 'No: That's the trouble, so
many think not, and yet JeBus said:
"Watrti nnd pray, for ye koofr'not what
hour the Son of Man cometh', and yet
so many preachers Bar nothing about
this. Would you go by them? Would
you travel on n train where the engineer
did not read his orders7 Would you
travel on a steamship where there was
no pilot or compass7 Call It rubbish if
you will, but Peter, Paul, James and
John called it "Blessed Hope."
Many preachers, Bneeringly and scoft
lngly. say to me, 'Oh, It's nothing to
me. I'm not Jnterested'in It.' Then you
hould bettor set out of the pulpit ir
you're not Inttrested. wouio. you "
a train when you knew tho engineer had
refused to accept his orders?
"There's no word in the Bible which
Bays to look for the millennium. There
can be no millennium until Jesus Christ
comes. His very presence will bring the
"Many think the millennium will come
ffradually, by everybody getting better,
but the Bible doesn't teach any such
thing. It says the world will grow, worse.
Lawlessness will grow worse. As intne
days of Noah so It Is today. Then there
was robbery, thieving, murder, adultery
and vlleness until the flood came and
wiped It all away. So It will be again.
I don't know whether It will be pestilence,
flood or fire; but It will come.
"Many think the millennium will come
by an Increase of knowledge, culture;
with the discovery and Invention of alr
ohlps, radium, liquid air. They think
these things have more to do with the
millennium than Christ has. It's all hot
air. The personal reign of Jesus Christ
has nothing to do with an airship. Its
all poppycock and nonsense, nnd Jesus
never Intended any person to preach any
such stuff and pretend to get 't out of
thu Bible. It's the personal reign of
Christ that brings the millennium, not r
gasoline engine.
The trouble today Is that many preach
ere, Instead of going to the Bible, go to
books and take their coloring for what
the Bible says of Jesus Christ. That's
'where they get their candy,
"The fact that Jesus Christ wasn't
recognized when He came the first time
hows that It Is dangerous tq trust to
trarifHnn. To a creat many they are as
dangerous as they were to Nlcodemus.
If UlA tr..-
nirsyrc- OMLV ALONe
cbMTRAFPu-w,eT.s Grr e h HMrM. wj"?""w f m wiHoowsHAoe wmmfM 4 y-:L ? :mma
The ilg bugs In the church are Just as
often, mistaken na the llttlo bugs. Tho
safest pilot is nbt the man that knows
the channel nnd how to steer clear of the
rocks. Some people think he Is, nnd
thnt's the same trouble In tho church.
They follow these men nnd try to llnd
Christ nnd the way to eternity.
"When JesUs Christ comes I don't know
when that will bo no one knows when
that will be, but Ho will come when
Jesua Christ comes He will reveal Him.
self to members of His body, "and only
those who arc truly saved ardmombors
of the body of Christ. Every member of
the church ought to bo a member of
Christ, but every member Is not. Only
members who ore truly Christians aro
members of tho body of Christ, That's
tho work of tho true Christian; nnd when
the last soul Is converted, to complete
the body of Christ, then Christ will re
veal Himself. Wo don't know whon that
will bo. It mny bo tonight. That Is an
Incentive to work. Every time I preach
or you do personal work I am nnd you
aro doing something that will hasten
tho coming of tho Lord, It sets my
brain on fire to think that the bouI needed
to bo saved to completo tho body of
Christ mny bo right hero In Philadelphia.
I don't know.
"Tho notion that when Jesus comes
back tho world will como to nn end Is all
nonsense. Business will go on Just tho
same, but there will bo days of great
tribulation. At tho close or tho days of
tribulation, Jesus will return with the
members of His body and then Ho will
show Himself to tho wicked, and then
every ono will soo Him, nnd thon will
begin tho dnjs of tho millennium. Tho
Jews will receive Him; they will accept
Him. During or before tho tribulation
the Jowu will bo restored to Jerusalem
and will rebuild tho temple and worship
In It, Then will como an nntl-Chrlst I
don't know who ho will be some think
he may bo a great king or the devil In
carnate. Ho will go to Jorusalem, per
form wonders and delude the people, and
tho people will worship Him In tho tem
ple; and then Joaus will ceme und de
stroy the nntl-Chrlst by tho glory of His
"There aro three distinct phase of the
coming of Christ. He'll come back again
nnd tho believers will be changed In the
twinkling of an eye, and meet Him In
the- air. Then will come the trlbula
tlcn, during which tho Jows will go to
Jerusalem and build tho temple. An nntl
Chrlst will come and then Jesus will
como back with tho Saints and set up a
millennium, and He will reign for a thou
sana years. Tho Jews will accent Him.
Nations will be born In a day. The visi
ble churches will be left here, but they
will have no power ngnlnst the devil.
Why? Because there'll bo no Holy Spirit
In the world.
" 'For thero shall rise falsa Chrlsts
and false prophets and shall show great
signs and wonders Insomuch that If It
were possible they shall deceive tho very
elect. Immediately after tho tribulation
of . these days shall the sun fall from
neaven nnd tho powers of heaven shall
be shaken. And then shall all the tribes
of the earth mourn, and they shall seo
the Son of Man coming In the clouds of
hesven, with power and great glory, and
He shall send His angels with a grent
sound of a trumpet and they shall gather
together His elect from the four winds
from one end of heaven to t'no other. So
then, because thou art lukewarm and
neither cold nor hot, I will spew ye out
of my mouth.' That's no picture of the
Turks nor the heathens of Africa nor In
Slam; that la the church after the Lord
has taken the saints out .of It.
"What will It mean to be in that meet
ing In file air? It will mean to bo a
member of the body of Christ, royal mem
bers of tho rulers of the universe, a
most excellent being. Not all will bo
saved on the return, but many will bo
sated after the return, yet they will
not be as we are. They'll be members of
the royal household, but we will be mem
bers of the body of Christ, and llvo and
reign with Christ.
"We shall all be changed In the twink
ling of an eye. It means that our bodies
shall be forever young. Feebleness and
wrinkles will disappear. We will no longer
be subject to decay. We will be changed
In the twinkling of an eye. In a moment,
for this has all been arranged. Some
will give up old nge and become young,
some will go from sick beds to their
health, eome will go from pain from which
they thought they could never be cured.
"Imagine, how the angels will crowd to
the battlement of heaven and look down
when the event takes place. Look around
you nnd see how tho world Is going.
It looks like the end would never come,
but no man knows the hour. An ho-ii
before the Galveston flood no one thought
of It. An hour beforeMt. Petee erupted
no one thought of anydanger. An hour
before the earthquake at San Francisco,
no one Imagined It would happen. But
In Seattle. Wash., were acres of machin
ery; the President in Washington pressed
a golden key. Five minutes' fcerore the
acres of machinery were silent, banners
were furled, men stood with bowed heads,
but when he touched the key the ma
chinery was set In motion, banners un
furled and shouts arose. Five minutes
before It didn't seem as though It could
happen. So I say you can't te'.l by ap
pearances. All signs point to the great
"Here nre some of the signs: The radi
cal tendency today to depart from the
true Christian faith. Never lias there
been such n turning away from the Bib'e.
In New York city half the preachers don t
believe In the divinity of Jesus Christ.
"Second, prophecies that are fulfilled.
The Gospel has been preached In every
nation on earth.
"Third, thoi worldwide expectancy of
all true believers that He will come.
If3- T-ial3aja3-9AA 1 ; tfj IS. -srSSsg I I I i
t. k vol jfg-tf- w WiiT-i in ,,, i Mifi1TfflWTrTt'"'"T 1 1 if 1 1 twit flnrTiirMiTii " IIsmi i ' 1 ismssmmmf "Cn
Tfel36,- if JM i y i K I ,i9ft WAIT TIH- , jZ. - I C tfoZ- 7 -T
TeN H P rVlCiJ. ( ,NaT.H,H A iA A liPOLCPOWNYHia StggggT x.A.V JC,'a iiU W n i
"Fourth, tho revival of the .Tews! they
are returning to Jerusalem. Part of the
materials nre nlrtfrdy on hand for thu
rebuilding of the tofliple. and with mod
ern appliances It won't tako 49 years ns
It did the first time It was built.
"Political unrest of tho people, and con
centrntlon of wealth. Twelve men practi
cally control the wealth of the United
Btates today, Twelva men Can put tho
United States nut of business.
"It means wo are going to reign with
Him for 1000 years. The devil will bo
chained In the pit. Thoro will be no
saloons, no gambling' hells, no brothels,
no murderers, no thieves. Christ Is going
to reign for 1000 years,
" 'And I saw nn angel como down from
heaven, having tho key of tho bottomless
pit nnd n great chain in his hand. And
ho laid It on tho dragon, that old ser
pent, which Is tho devil, and Satan, nnd
bound him for a thousand years, and
cast him Into tho bottomless pit, nnd
shut him up, and set a seal upon him
that ho should deceive .he nations no
more, till the thousand years should be
fulfilled; and after that ho must bo loosed
for a llttlo season.'
"All this It true, nnd at the end of
tho millennium reign tho dovll will get
out of tho pit nnd for the first time ho
will look upon tho world bereft of sin,
nnd you'd think that It tho dovll over
turned, he'd turn then! but tho dovll
enn't stnnd It to bob men decent, women
pure. Ho will be loosed, I don't know
why this Is. It's nono of my business.
It's God's plan and I won't butt In on
God's business. He'll be loosed nnd he'll
go nnd tempt people, and he'll gather
flowcre, nnd then flro will come down
from God's heaven nnd consumo 1ilm.
"Then Judgment will come: then comes
tho end. Wo don't know what this will
be like. Doubtless God will havo many
surprises for us. Think of being with
James nnd Peter, nnd John nnd Philip.
Think of hearing tho story of Jesus from
their lips! Think of meeting Joseph, who
begged the body of Christ) Think of
knowing Mary Magdaleno nnd tho woman
who was healed by tho touch! It means
that we shall bo for a thousand years
with tho Lord.
"When wo como back we Bhnll not bo
subject to limitations. Wo won't havo to
walk. I can gd to the other world and
come here. I expcot to como back with
Jrsus, and I oxpoct to como back hero
to Philadelphia. I'll come hack to all tne
places I've been and I'll see this old
slto here where the tabornnclo stands.
Jesus wasn't limited after His resurrec
tion. Ho could como and go. but no ono
but His friends could see Him. Moses
and Elijah weren't limited. Wo'ro going
to reign with Christ. If you'vo been faith
ful the Lord will let you reign., I don't
know tat Ho may let mo reign over tho
Philadelphia district. I'm going to be with
Him. The very thought fires me to the
end of my toes. If I do, there'll bo some
thing doing.
"Wo will have faculties a thousand
times more fit for enjoyment. Tho mil
lennium will bo tho greatest nga of men;
It will be the fulfillment of our dreams.
The world will bloom and bo likened unto
a paradise: tho barren Melds will blossom
like a rose; Instead of a thistle will
bloom u fig tree; Instead of tho briars
will be the myrtle; conditions will change,
Kcrwaphlo nnd climatic, nnd the old
world will reach the millennium In truth.
"You think this Is great today, but Just
wait If you want to see something. All
this is merely getting ready. Think of It,
no poverty, war, pestilence, no devil. No I
No! Think to come back when you have
no trouble. Think to come back when
you are not subject to tho laws of this
old world, to bo hero In a glorified body,
when the devil has no power, to reign
forever with Christ. s
"A man walked down a national pike
when ho was a boy. He trudged 100
miles through tho dUBt. looking for work,
stopping to rest, pegging food by the
wajfilue. Then lie prospered;. Grow to
bo a multimillionaire, bought a limou
sine and drove back over this road.
Looked at the people where he had
stopped to rest and the houses he had
begged food. He had never such a good
time In his life as going over the places
he had trudged 25 years before. Think
of coming back as a member of the body
of Jesus Christ. My God, I can't seo
why you hold your Beat, It mennB you'ro
going to be suitably rewarded for all wo
havo done. I don't understand why you
don't accept Jesus Christ.
"Paul said, 'Havo faith and then you
shall havo a crown of righteousness.'
"It means If you are members of the
body of Chi 1st that you will escape the
day of tribulation. Believers aro the salt
of the earth, tho army which holds In
check tho powers of hell. When they
aro taken out the devil will havo full
Bway, and then you will see what the
old world would be If It wero not for
Christianity. It's the same power which
made the Crusaders, from which you
men wearing the black and white sprung,
go to the Holy Land to rescue the temple
from the hands of the Infidel Turks.
Christianity is the only power that holds
the world today. When the Holy Spirit
Is gone the devil will have full sway.
"Then will great tribulation como. Mnt
thew 21, 'For then shall bo great tribula
tion, such us was not slnco the beginning
of the world to this time, no, nor ever
shall be. And except those days shall be
shortened, there should no fleah be saved;
but for the elect's sake those days shall
be shortened.'
"Daniel says there shall be times of
trouble. They haven't come yet. Every man
is not to be delivered. Only those of
the body of Christ are true Christians.
God pity any one who has to live here at
the tlmo of tribulation. No one Is equal
to picturing that awful tribulation. It
may come this very hour. It will be
worse than the time the flood destroyed
the land, worse than tho bondage of
Egypt, worse than when the children
were torn and thrown to beasts in the
time that Impelled the Crusader to go to
the rescue, worse than the time when
Nero played the fiddle when Rome burned,
when he poured tar on Christians, hung
them on poles and set them on fire, and
drove his chariot through the lane of
human torches and laughed at their
agony. Wowe than the Spanish Inqulsl
'tion, worsa than when Cortes destroyed
the Aztecs, worse than the French revo
lution, worse than the dark ages when
men and women were skinned alive nhd
ripped and torn open and jarred and
burned tft death, when women wero placed
In sacks nnd thrown to the beasts. Tribu
lation will be tho most awful that has
ever been known. The Holy Spirit will
bo gone. Man may be a millionaire to-
Anv nfiH n hAca-nr tnmhrrOW. The WOfld
'will be under tho relgri of tho devil, and
ybu'll find your loved ones gone, nna
without Christianity I How can any de
cent man stand up for the devil?
"Oh, you, church members who throw
nwny your votes on the saloons, who rent
your houses for saloons and vote to keep
tho snloon. nnd rent your places for
bawdy houses, you'll find then what It
means to be without the power of Christ.
It may bo seven years, It may be TOO, but
God will mako It as short as Ho can.
"It tells In Mark xlll-Homes will be
rent In twain, husbands robbed of godly
wives; wheh some of you nre at bridge
whist parties loved ones will bo taken
nwny, neighbors will rush In and nsk for
loved ones. Gonel All gonel Only tho
truo Christians will bo members of tho
body of Christ; tho thlof, the whisky
gang, robbers, those In tho red light
district, the world church," will never
know It; tho church will stay, but the
true Christians will bo gono.
"Many children will start to school and
never como back. It may not como to
day. Thoso left behind will never ngaln
see the Lord or tho loved ones. It wilt
all happen In a flash. I may leave my
homo. I don't kno-v. It may all happen
In a twinkling of an eye. It means that
thoso that died In faith will bo resur
rected and tho wickod ones will bo left
In tho graves and on tho oarth. It means
that during the tribulation tho Jew will
go to Jerusalem. Tho antl-Clirlst will
como and no ono knows who he Is, nnd
ho will gain followers, and they'll go to
Jerusalem, and ho will reign, and Jesus
Christ will como nna acsiroy mm mm
reign for 1000 years. Then Bhall tho
Lord's1 prayer bo fulfilled for tho first
time, thon wo pray that part, "Thy king
dom come, Thy will bo dono on earth as
It Is In heaven"; never till then will
ovcrythlng reign in glory, nor will tho
world como to ar. end until Jesus Christ
has reigned 1000 ycarB.
"This Is truo! We'll never know until
then how It will affect our lives how It
will make hard things easy. Wo ought to
watch and wait for it You know how
eager you aro when company comes, how
you get ready to receive them. You ought
to bo looking for It Just as eagerly as
you look for company.
"Our bnttlcshlps recently circumnavi
gated the globe. They sailed out of Now
York harbor In command of Fighting Bob
Evnim, nnd went down around tho Horn
nnd up to San Francisco, to Jnpan, Hong
kong. Bombay, by tho Red Sen, through
the Suez Canal, visited Franco, Germany
nnd England, and sailed Into old Now
York harbor on schedulo to tho minute, as
was orlglnnlly planned. This old world is
running on schedule, and Jesus Christ
will come back at any time, but wo don t
know when; that's why wo ought to bo
prepared for Him.
Sunday campaign activities began this
morning with the business women's
luncheons and meetings conducted by
Miss Kinney In the Chnmbcrs-Wjilo
Memorial Presbyterian Church nnd by
Miss Miller -in tho First Presbyterian
Ct noon shop nnd factory meetings
conducted by members of tho Sunday
party will bo held as follows:
Ford Motor Company, tho Rev. R. M.
Howello; II. T. Palsto Company, "Jack"
Cardiff; S. L. Allen Company, Mr.
Crown; John C. Winston Company, Rev.
Mr. Welsh; Pennsylvania Railroad Y. M,
C. A., Mr. Rodeheaver; Prudential Mill
nn Hnr-cs Manufacturing Company, Mrs.
Asher; John Blood & Brother, Mrs.
Robert Stover; William Sellers & Co.,
Mr. William Asher.
Other campaign activities today, exclu
sive of those at tho tabernacle, include a
High School girls' rally scheduled for 2:30
o'clock In tho First Methodist Church,
Germantown avenuo nnd High street, con
ducted by Miss Roso Fctterolf, and a
Klrls' and boys' mass-meeting, to bo held
by Miss Alice M. Gamlln, In the Central
Frankford Methodist Church.
This evening at 7:15 o'clock Mrs. Asher
will deliver an address at tho Women's
Hospital and Women's Collego Hospital,
where sho will hold a meeting for nurses
in Brlnton Hall. Tho final event of tho
day will be a parents' mass-meeting, con
ducted by Miss Gamlln, In the Frankford
Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church.
Bartender Accused of Striking Fel
low Worker in Quarrel.
A blow on the head during a fight over
75 cents resulted In Injuries which may
cause tho death of John Longeren, 41
years old, 250D South Hicks street. Car
mello Bornl, 26 years old, 1222 Wilder
street, was arrested this morning and
held without ball by Magistrate Coward
to await tho result of Longoren's In
juries. Bornl nnd Longeren, bartenders In a
saloon at 21G South street, got Into an
argument several days ago after Bornl
had accused Longeren of stealing 75 cents
from the cash register. Bornl Btruck
Longeren and Inflicted a gash over his
eye, It Is alleged.
At the time little was thought of the
Injury, lut yesterday his condition be
came serlouB and he was removed to the
Philadelphia General Hospital.
Though Germantown Is free of thieves,
according to the police, two men at
tempted to rob Lena Cooncy, a domestic
employed by Mrs. II, K. Hathway, 6027
Schuyler street, on Manhelm street near
Tacoma early today. As she neared Ta
coma street the thieves slezed her arm
and tried to wrest a handbag from her
clasp. She cried for help and pedestrians
frightened oft tho men, who escaped.
Thieves entered a house on Locust ave
nue and stole clothing valued at (250.
B p. m. Mr. BundaV preached hts
tertnon, "The Second Comlno of
7iS0 p. m.llr. BundaV repeals
the afternoon sermon.
Yestcrdau afternoon
halt ntoht 19,000
Approximate grand total., 1,155,000
Yesterday afternoon M
hast ntoht ...j?
Total to date... UVJ78
Ycstcrdau afternoon JIH2
Last ntoht ,Air
Brand total WfilO.&G
Pftachcd to date jf,
Remaining to ho preached. SO
Continued from l'nee One
ho Jumped to tho platform today, and
hy his words and his nthlctlo demon
strations of his sormon points, ho won
tho applause and laughter of tho multl
tudo. As usual, tho Blnglng of the popular
rovlval hymns, under tho leadership of
Homer A. Rodeheaver, Sunday's choir
loader, was a feature of tho servlco pre
vious to tho sermon.
Tomorrow nfternoon tho services will
bo for children only. Homer A. Rode
heaver, tho choir leader, Is planning many
meetings for High School boys, nnd this
work Is expected to bear much fruit dur
ing tho remainder of tho campaign.
Among the guests Inst night was cx
Govornor Edwin S. Stuart, who shook
hands with tho evangelist nftcr tho meet
ing Tho biggest delegation nt last night's
eorvlco was composed of shipbuilders
from Cramp & Sons'. It was LOO strong.
Tho next largest delegation was that of
of Philadelphia Rapid Transit employes
from tho West Philadelphia bnrns. It
numbered nearly 000. Glmbel Brothers'
store was thero with 800. Other delega
tions, ranging from 25 to 300 members,
wore on hand from tho following:
Jacob K. Altomus, Blaylock & Blynn,
Burko Electric Company, Butterworth &
Sons, City Water Works, Darlington &
Co., Fidelity Storago and Warehouso
Company, Ford Motor Company, 40th
Street Markot House, Foss-Hughes Com
pany, Gas Consumers' Association, Mc
Cahan Sugar Refining Company, Mlll
bou'rno Mills, Merchants and Mariners'
Association, Philadelphia Navy Yard,
Philadelphia and Reading employes from
tho ofllco of the superintendent of Trans
portation; Scott & Co., Inc.; Steelmnn &
Archer, Young Men's Bible Class, Cloth
ing Salesmen of Philadelphia, Schoottle
Company, S. L. Hayes and Cotton Yarn
Magistrate Score3 Prisoner
Stole Benefactor's Clothing'.
"To steal clothes from the man who
sheltered and fed you for three weeks
13 the meanest trick I over heard of,"
said Magistrate Emely to John Hender
son, In tho 11th nnd Winter streets police
station today. "I sentence you to throo
months In the House of Correction."
Henderson testified that ho haQ been out
of work for five months, ever slnco he
nnd tho complainant, Peter Medlngcr, 218
North Franklin street, had lost their po
sitions as orderlies In the Episcopal Hos
pital. He met Medlngcr ngaln three weeks
ago and the latter, who had obtained an
other position, offered to caro for him
till he, too, should obtnln work. Yester
day, while Mcdlnger was at work, Hen
derson Is alleged to havo stolen his bene
factor's clothing.
He Has His Name Changed to Rob
ert Seahury Wentworth.
Persons with unhandy names often havo
them changed by tho Court. Today a
man named Foote accomplished the feat
of having his namo switched from Robert
Seward Foote to Robert Seabury Wcnt
worth. It was learned, tod that Mr.
Foote was a man In good standing and
In tho running, so far as general progress
was concerned.
But ho not only changed Foote to Wont
worth, but also had the "Sow" of Seward
replaced by Sea and the "ward" of Sew
ard succeeded by bury.
While Foote was shorter and Went
worth longer, thero was an Idea of value
given by tho "worth" of Wentworth. But
tho "Sea" and tho "bury" of Seabury
creato nn Impression of Badness which
lacks tho punch of the name Foote.
At any rate. Court of Common Pleas
No, 1 said that he could have the longer
name, which he will use shortly.
The Washington Birthday Committee,
composed of representatives from all fra
ternal and patriotic organizations of
Philadelphia and vicinity, which Is plan
ning an elaborate celebration of Wash
ington's birthday, February 20, will hold
Its second meeting tomorrow night at
the headquarters of the Knights of the
Golden Eagle, 814 North Broad Btreet. All
organizations wishing to participate are
Invited to send representatives to the
meeting. ,
DlrectorVorris Addresses Yacht Club
Director George W, Norrls, of the De
partment of Wharves, Docks nnd Ferries,
nnd one of the governors of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, spoke on
the workings of the new bank to members
of the Ocean City Yacht Club at a lunch
eon today nt the St. James Hotel. Alex
ander Lawrence presided at the meeting.
5, SOlfr
i i -
Out'oMown Delegations to Hear
"Billy" Sunday
Delegations of out-of.totjn BUffrnglsts
will nttend tho ecrvlco conducted by
"Billy" Sunday at tho tabernacle on
Thursday afternoon, February 18. These
will Join tho body of Philadelphia suffra
gists, who will attend nlso, In Logan
Squnre. From thero thoy will proceed
togetlier, displaying llttlo yellow "votcs-for-women"
flags nnd distributing "litera
ture" en routo to the tabernacle. One
thousand Beats havo been reserved for
tho suffrnglEto at that service.
Thero will bo a delegation from Tren
ton. N. J., under tho leadership of Mrs.
S. Norrls Craven! another from Norrls
town, led by Miss Anna B. Thomas, while
n third will attend from LnncaBter and
will bo under tho guldanco of Mrs. John
W. Hnpper. ,
Thero will bo n meeting of the Main
t i n-.,i, nt im rvitinl Franchise So
ciety tonight nt tho Narberth Y. M. C. A.
nt 8 o'clock. Tho purposo of tho meeting
Irf to further interest In tho equal suf
frago question nnd to organlzo branches
In tho Nnrbcrth section. Miss Adella
Potter will make an address. Sho hao
been delegated by Mrs. Anna M. Ormo,
lender of tho 7th division of tho Woman
Suffrago party, to organize branches In
Pennsylvania, ailss Mary It Flanncry
will preside.
Important Transfers in Ken
sington Denote Interest
That Istausing Advance
in Value of Properties.
An Important transfer has Just been
mado by Gcorgo II. Earlc, Jr., to Jacob
Glnsburg of tho following properties:
2314 North Front Btreet. "'rce-story
brick store, lot 18x07 foot, nsBeseed... $10,000
254(1 North rront trcet. thrco-story
brick awolllnir, on lot 10x70 feet, ns-
aesned u.uw
2ri4ri-T. North llopo Btreet. renr. three
story brick storo building, lot 00x37
feet, assessed u-000
or n total nsscssment of J25.000, tho
amount paid being $13,000. This sale In
dicates that purchasers havo been at
tracted to a very Important focal point
in tho great northeast section of the city.
Front street, at this point. Is 60 feet
wide, and It Is Just below York street
which Is E0 feet wide, and busy Kensing
ton avenue, which starts at Front and
York streets, and sweeps to tho north
cast, 70 feet wide. When wo glance at
the map and see the largo number of In
dustrial establishments on every hand,
it Is hard to seo how prices havo re
mained anywhere near the range t the
Inst few years. Tho sale, however, of
tho property mentioned nbovo is Im
portant, as pointing tho way to more ac
tivity nnd better prices.
1009, March 212232 North Front St.,
Joseph Stcrnberger to Jacob ltosenau,
lot 10x04 ............... 111.000
100) August U 210J North Front St.,
John II. Itoagcrs 10 iicnry v.. scck,;,. , rnn
lot 18x110 l-.OWJ
1010. April 2-2310 North Front St., John
McDado to. Jacob J. llurnsteln, lot 10
xtoo 1-.000
1011, May 1-2223 North Front St., Peter
Woll. Jr., to lltfrtha Stein lot 18x07.3 0,000
11111, September 8-23CO North Front St.,
lot l.lxui. asseasoa ovw. ....... r. ... --.-
10U, Noember 30-2130-32 North Front
St. lot 20.4x100. sola by S. T. I-rooman
& Co lU.JW
1013, January 20-2217. North Front, -Anna
C Schilling, to Louis A. Flnberg.
Int 1 fiilrrpc . '
101.1. April 23-3120 North Front at..
John J. Turner to Max A. Krowngold.
lot lO.UHxIrres 8-300
Also'on Kensington avenuo to tho north
cast and on York street from Front
street to 2d street:
1007, January 12-Southeast side of
Kensington ave. and northeast side of
Huntingdon St., tor 120.Ux2u3.O loO.OOO
100S. October 15-2311 Kensington ave ,
Morris Apartment to Charles J.
Schempp. lot 18x03...... n.
1013. July 3-2413 Kensington o. p., Alex.
Alexander to J. Strecker. lot 15xW,
assessed ?76O0, sold for U.000
This Bale, at tho tlmo It was made, was
a record pHco for property at Oils point,
ono year previously tho adjoining prop
erty, of same size and similar In every
respect, sold for JS50O.
1014, June 18-2122 , Kensington ave.,
John Harper to Isador M. Landau, lot
103VJX74.0, sold for $12,000
1014. December 29-2451 Kensington aie.,
Louis A. Kelley to Bamuel H. Llp
BChuetz. lot 10x73.3. assessed 11300,
sold for 8'-
Sales In above block show a steady In
crease and the situation Is distinctly
strong; Y'ork street also for two blocks
to the west makes a good showing.
1003, -August 11-112 West York et lot
14.11xU J3.000
MOO June 3120 Wost York St.. James
I'aiietvuii iu ".. .. -
IK 74xG0
10O, July 23-109 West York at., two-
vvvs .r.s-1. jn,.1 no tnlrl liv R P
F7ma'& cor':.0:..""....."..:: 2,o
1012. AP?11 11-22 West York St.. lot
08x00. sold for 8,000
1014 April 1-120 West York St.. three
mo'rv brick storo and dwelling1, lot
I7xi0. southeast corner Howard St..
sold by names & Lodana 6.000
The Interest developing hero may fairly
be said to show the growing confidence
that Improved rapid transit, bo long
talked about. Is taking definite shape.
No part of the city will be more certain
to respond to such a condition when work
ia nrtually begun.
Dr. George li. Porter to Xecture
Dr. George L. Porter will deliver an
Illustrated lecture at the Drexel Institute,
entitled "The Tragedy of the Nation,"
tonight. This Is a narrative of the last
days of Lincoln's life and personal remin
iscences by one whom the President com
missioned In 1862.
Rrnrann?7nrinn Plnno KisPI
0 - ... gjj
Under Way to Be SS
mitted to Legislature atf!
Present Session.
A plan for the reorganization orjfHI
present uivibiuu ml mu i-iuuonai Uu&M
Pennsylvania la under way and WiiTfc
decided upon before the present tenia
of the State Legislature terminates. ,?B
War Department is Insisting thartffl
10,000,ofTlccrs nnd enlisted men of !)
sylvnnla shall bo a well balanced lactB
division, having In It tho proper prcjj,
Uon of Infantry, cavalry, field attUieS
signal corps, engineers and aitj
troops. At present it is overbalanced Sffl
Infantry. 'JJj
To reconstruct It and furnish the pro?
proportion of field artillery Is the frS:
lem that confronts high ranklna- nJ:.
ofTlcers, with whom will rest tho draft?,
of necessary bills to bo presented forii;
iWiv.. .
The Stato has Battery A at South nliT
l.M. T) n, nit.-U. -!.. r. , ... cl
lchcm; 11, nt Pittsburgh; C, at PhoeniT
vlllo, and D, nt Wllllamsport. Plttjwj
warns 10 organize naileries E SMit
and Colonel Caldwell K. Bldaio, oMm
O.I Trnn(. nt l,l l. t - ' .
.lltnilUji u. l. MO -.lt, 13 U11X10UI fa
turn his cntlro regiment Into flcM C
tiii.rv. "MS
ii inpse cnunKcs nro mane, it 13 ijjji
that tho transfer of Brigadier Gecwj
wiuiam a. price, jr., rrom tho 1st B
ado to the artillery brigade might i?J
It Is nlso authoritatively stated (lit
Colonel Ellis would nSt oblect tn is. ,.,
Infantry, whfcjj Tjo- commands, btlu
transformodilnvo a coast 'artillery errtii
zation. With tho transfer of the JI
field artillery and the 6th to a coait'fc
fense 'body, It would mean a rcconstr
tlon of the 1st nnd 4th Brigades. is
Somo ofTlcers bcllovo that the jth
fantry may bo transferred to coist arffl.
lery, and tho 6th Infantry wllhagUali
merged as Infantry with Its oM hri..i.
the 1st, owing to Its close proxlinltj b
thin pllv 'WB
In tho event of tho 8th becoming r!
defenders, tho 6th being assigned .wftj
tho 1st Brigade and tho 4th Infantry total
back to the 3d Brigado in placo of, SI
topher T. O'Neill, commanding thUtii,
Infantry, would bo Awarded the ilnfr
future. m
Ills promotion will probably be reiiiJ
nucr ungauier uonorni unarles M.-CI(5i
ont, commander of tho 3d Brlnsjif.M
comes major general commanding ffe
............. .. bw.......uw.wi, .... .iinjyj yj
ral Dougherty expires September 30 tf
this year, and General Clement's eipSo
next month. Ho will bo reappointed, la
the law prescribes that a major gtnen!
can hold his commission for five jts.-.
umy una is not- cngioie to a rcappcufr
ment. m
The changes nffectlng the 6th Intnto
hv transfer tn thn Int tlrlim.lA nnAti
8th to coast artillery would ulUmi(i!j
leave Brigadier General James B. Corn:
without a command nnd at the same lint
disband tho 4th Brlgnde. The commlsfc
of General Coryell expires next Aprl
ins inenas Deneve mat no win De recta
missioned and placed on the unasilri
a successor to Brigadier General m
If hev becomes commander of the fleldi
t 111 cry brigade, logically would be Cow!
Hamilton D. Turner, of tho 2d InfwS
who Is senior. But In some quartenJi
namo of Brigadier General KdwsrdTii
V. Morrell, a close friend of Gothes
Brumbaugh, is mentioned as a success
for the reason that ho commanded!'
1st ungauo wnne General scnaii win
pnlnnpl rnmmnntllni ilirt filh Infflnlnrffij
lng the Spanish-American War. (mS
reorganization of the guard In 1E99 uk
slcrned In order to allow General Eel
to resume active command of hltTti
brigade. V
The present separate battalion, uW
remaining four companies of the oldg
Tnfnntrv n,A tprmpit. will hft the ttllliSST
troops, either ns signal corps, engtoci
or sanitary units. fl
Do you believe in letting eynl
man do his own thinking, CMWi
mnrA tn hn Rtirn that each onelSB-l
cere than that his conclusions PB
with yours? Do you delight JM
open mind that expects -more tnjita
to be revealed as men eagerly '1B
the mysteries of life? Do yon vm
that truth Is Its- own nierpr
needing neither miracle to dlitl
Do you perceive In each ouiHj'ja
immortal. God-given power to
good from evil? And would you mm
to neip in a nruvo uim v""-r;ri
attempt to extend these lofty wjl
ceptlons of life, of man's sonsblwl
God and of eternal growths tWI
Then como to the Unitarians.,!!
this Is the spirit of their fellowtJ
For Free Literature Address!
1815 Norih Logan Squared