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    DjurTSpi'i', ws-e,
nti-trust Baseball Charge
Goes to Trial Before Judge
Landis at Chicago Dif
ferent Opinions as to Issue.
CHICAGO, Jan. 20. The llfo of the na
tional cams, as organized at present, was
virtually at staho today when tho trust
milt of tho Federal Leaguo against or
ganised baseball was called by Federal
Judge Kenesaw IC Landis. Summarized,
the Fedorals have asked that tho Ameri
can and National Leagues, tho National
Commission and the national agreement
tinder which these organizations operate
be dissolved as a conspiracy and a trust
In violation of the Bherman anti-trust
Because of the far-reaching effect of any
decision, no one of the opposing magnates
gathered here today would venture a
guess as to tho probable length of the
hearing. Every ono exprossod hope that
It would be over within two weeks, at
the longest. Both Fedorals and organized
baseball officials want tho caso over
within ample time to start the ball roll
ing with the ante-season training stunts.
The first more today was arguments by
Sudoral League lawyots (or a preliminary
injunction. II was entlroly possible that unliu
Judge Landis seta some specula tlmo those
night run oer until tomorrow.
iceano Addlnaton. of Chicago, was expected
to do the Btackstontan atlckwork tor the Fed
erals. E K. date, of Indianapolis, will be
en tha asd ot the lawyers' bench, where he
can be rushed to tha plate aa a pinch hitter IC
necessary. Judge Myers, ot the Indianapolis
bench (supreme court, win be another le
anch (Sum-erne court, will bo another leaal
luminary who will be one of Lawyer Adding-
ton's cruet aiaes,
Either Oeorge W. Miller or John Ilealy, both
Of Chloago, were expected to answer for or
ganized baaeball today. They will be aided by
Judge Williams, of New York; Attorneys Cal
vin and Klnkead, of Cincinnati, and Oeorge
IW. Pepper, of Philadelphia, who were ex
peated to bat In the order named.
NEW TORK, Jan. 20. In spite of the
vagaries or law opinion on the part of the
Soncombatant element Is that James A. Oil
more and his outlaw backers should have a
lnlgbty hard time of It making a caso against
tha ao-called trust. The Hun man Interviewed
Sve prominent New Tork attorneys yesterday.
;one would content to have his name made
?ublle, as he considered the matter no con
ern ot his. Dut without exception, after
perusing copies of affidavits furnished by both
sides, grave doubt of any substantial case
was expressed. The expert opinion Interpreted
ss most damaging the bylaws and constitu
tion under which the Federal League operated,
as furnished by James Cusack, erstwhile um-
Slre for Qllmore. It was held that the In
ependents themselves were guilty of all the
so-called Injustices they decried on the part ot
their contemporaries.
aormantowM Team A Will Meet
Racquet Club In Last Contest,
Tha climax In tho Ihicrclub squash rno
quets championship will bo reached to
night. Only two teams nro left In the
raco, tho Itncquct Club and Gormantown,
Team A. These teams will meet. Gor
mantown has a decided advantage, and
wilt begin tho contest with n lend of ono
match. To overcome this lead tho line
quet Club must win four matches out of
tho six,
Tho llacquct .Club wrested the cham
pionship from Clcrmantown last year In a
most exciting match, and tho Gormantown
men nro naturally burning for revenge.
D. L. Hutchinson and W. Y. Stevenson.
who Is suffering from a sore hand, will bo
unnblo to play for tho llacquct Club, but
Gormantown will bo nt full strength.
Although tho match between Merlon
Team A and Merlon Team 11 nt Haver
ford will have no bearing on tho cham
pionship, It should provide somojiot con
tests, In which Tcnm 11 may spring n
surprlso or two.
Ovorbrook will hnvo every Incentive to
defeat Germnntown Team B at Mnnhctm,
as a victory will keep the suburbanites In
third plnco unless Team A of Merlon
gains nn overwhelming victory over Team
B of tho same club. Overbrnok has tlono
much better thin year than In nny pre
vious season, nnd so far has furnished tha
surpriso of tho contest.
Penn Strong Man Returns to Wres
tling1 Team.
Now that Mllto Darlzas, the Greek
strong man and all-around athloto of the
Unlvenilty of Pennsylvania, has been per
suaded to roturn to tho Quaker wrestling
team, ho finds himself In the dilemma of
having no ono of sufficient strongth nnd
skill to give him practice. As a result, ho
fears he will havo to preparo for all his
Importont Intercollegiate meets and tho
Intercollegiate championships without
having mot a man of anything llko his
bulk or skill.
Colonel Jaeob Ruppert, Jr., corstdent of the
Tfew Tork Americana, has given the lie to
.President James 'A. Qllmore, of the Federals.
Mr, Ruppert denies that be ever told Ollmoro
the purchase price of the New Torks was to
be 3200,000
"If Mr. Gtlmore has been auoted correetlr,"
lie says: "ho baa told a deliberate falsehood,
When I met him at French Lick we did not
discuss my recently acquired club In any
President (Barrow, of the International
League, has added Frank Brown to bis Use
of umpires. Brown hails from Ilerron Hill,
?a, and had a most successful season in the
hree-I League in 101.
Feds Keep Hands Off Newark
CHICAGO, Jan. 20. President James A.
Gllmore, of tha Federal League, today ex
pressed regret that the league would be un
able tnis season to place a team in iewar.
' y
.1. ...
"T h&v
received two
team there next
1 was obliged
not do so. I think It would be a good proposi
tion for a team, nnd certainly Newark Is en
titled to major league baseball, but we cannot
now disturb our circuit.
ko communications to
ext spring," said dit
to write that we could
i gooa proposi
Newark Is en-
Tinkor Spikes Report
CHICAGO, Jan. 0 Joe Tinker, manager of
the Chlfeda, today denied a report from Lin
join. Neb., that Outfielder Lesllo Mann, of tha
Boston 'Braves, would play next season with
Bis team.
Rublen Expects to Announce Pinal
Decision on Mooted Poln Today.
Frederick TV. Rub! en, chairman of tho Na
tional Registration Committee of the Amateur
iJLthletla union, New York city,
wires that
protest against the decision of Alfred J.
osrtlve statement might be expected today In
XJI1 that Ted Meredith could notoompete for
Pennsylvania In the Iloston A. A. meet. So
far as he had gone, however, be had been
unable to find any reason for overturning the
decision of President LIU.
Rublen raid that he had gone carefully
through the A. A. U. legislation on the point
and could find nothing of recent date to offset
the ruling that limits tha time that on athlete
may ohange rrom college to club, or vice versa,
to the period between June 1 and October 1.
Jtublen admitted that the footnote In the rules
book conflicted with this rullnr, but waa Inef
fective because H had been superseded by later
Jeglslatlon and was only In the code because
t had been overlooked.
George W. Orton. who Is making a hard
Bgtrt to have Meredith declared eligible, has
written a letter to Rublen, In which he says
that an onlnlon rendered bv QuMavus T. Rlrbv
. ..... -i.: w- - zr. - ri jrr r- . ..-
ui avia, wncii no was preeiueni or iuo a.
a to '
i coresident of the A. A. TJ. .
the effect that tho ruling under which
In which, the entries were limited to collegians.
a conference with Justice Bartow U. Weeks.
me already nas msas up nis mina mat all
collere athletes who comDeted for tha I
(York and Irish American clubs In the Motro-
dith la barred would not apply to a race
hlah, the entries were limited to colleasns.
Jtublen expects to clear un this Dhasa of tha
case today and settle the whole matter after
i already has mads up his mind that i
ege auu
iwlltan j
Meredith la kept out.
olltan Association wlll not be barred even If
feredlth la kect out. Tha meetlnar waa orlrl-
nally set for September 10, but was postponed
to October 3 as the only available date after
James E. Sullivan's funeral. It will be con
sidered as having taken place on the original
caie ox Depiexnuer iv.
JTEW YOIIX, Jan. 20. That the New York
1A. C would have received substantial backing
In Its fight with the A. A. U. over the swim
ming situation became known yesterday. The
situation waa saved when the hidden letter
cams to light which allowed the Registration
Committee to reinstate the club swimmers and
the club to pass up the resolution to with
draw from tha union. Before this happened a
telegram waa received from officials of tha
Los Angeles A, O. stating that that olirb
would back up the New York A. C. and would
assist In tha formation of an association to
supplant tho A. A. U.
Klvlat and Harry Smith.
SO.Atong with Abel
lth. who will slmsllie
their return to competition at the big meet of
Brooklyn College In the 18th Regiment Armory
peat Miurusr evening, jinraa aieycr, me
world's 60-yard record holder, after a lonr
Iar-cff wUl again throw his hat Into the stri
atic ring. Among the speed merchants Meyer
will have to beat are Jack fnier, Hal Ifalland.
Win dough. Hal Itocklng. Hugh Hlrshoa and
Harry Oltmann,
Joe Loorols. triple national tltleholder, has
become to popular with Beaton athleilo en
thusiasts that hs has been Invited to take
part In every meet scheduled hereabouts for
tho next month. The blr Chloagoan has agreed
to be a contestant In the games of Fordham
university on January 80, and has tentatively
greed to compete to the New York A. c.
games on February 10, in Madison Square
(mraen. rn Boston A. A. nas extended
, W. L. P.O. W. L P.C.
Tale 2 0 1.000 Columbia ... 1 2 .8.11
Princeton ., 2 Ol.Ono Penna, ...... 1 n 2M
Cornell 2 1 .007 Dartmouth ..0 2 ,0C0
PRINCETON, N. J., Jan. 20. In the most
nerve-rocking game ever seei. on tho Prince
ton floor, Penn lost to Princeton after an ex
tra period last night by tho score ot 2 to 12.
With the score 20 to 10 In faor of Princeton
and about SO "seconds of play remaining, Wnl
lace dribbled through the entire Princeton
team and tucked one In from under tho basket.
Juit ns ho was shooting he was fouled by
Paulson. The ball was through the net before
the referee, detecting a foul, blew the nhtstle.
Instead of giving Pennsylvania tho goal ond
allowing thorn a free try frcm foul, the of
ficials ruled the goal out nnd permitted them
to tako the foul. McNlchol made It count,
and the score stood 20 to 20. In tho extra
period Paulnon scorod twlco from the foul
line, and 'Williamson, of I'cnn, ncorcil on a
shot under the basket. McTlnhe scored on a
long sldo shot, which endod tho game
PRINCETON, Jan. 20.-John Q. Rush, direc
tor of athletics at the University School, Cleve
land, O., waa chosen head coach for the
Princeton football team at a meeting of the
board of athletic control hero yesterday. He
graduated from Prlnieton In 1S08, but did not
play footbnll while In college, devoting his at
tention to track athletics, and held the Prince
ton record for the 100-yard dash. A nen Ad
visory Committee for football wns appointed,
consisting of Howard Henry, '01: Knox Taylor,
B.lj William II. Edwards, 'CO, v. W. Roper.
'02. And Ferdinand EbcrBtadt, '13. The foot
ball schedule, ns nppmved by the board, con
tains eight games. Georgetown Is the only
new game and Bucknell Is dropped. The
schedule follows: September 25, Georgetown;
Octobor 2, Rutgers: 0. Syracuse; IB, Lafayette;
23, Dartmouth. SO, Williams; November 0,
Harvard; 13, Yale nt New Haven. All games
with the exception of the Tale contest mil be
played at Princeton.
I3ABTON, Pa., Jan. 20 Lafayette put an
other feather In Its basketball bonnet last
night In Ortygla Hall, when they defeated
(Lehigh, 23 to 10. The game was characterized
by a flerco desperation.
STATE COLLEGE. Pa., Jan. 20. Dick Har
low, assistant coach of Penn State's football
eleven for the last three years has displaced
Bill Hollenback. the ex-PennylvnnIa star, ns
head coach of the Blue and White, according
to an announcement made todny by the
Alumni Advlsorv Committee on Athletics. His
appointment becomes effective nt once, to run
through the year 1015-1010. Hnrlow'a selec
tion for the position has met with the unan
imous approval of the football men and stu
dent body, while the alumni almost to a man
are behind him. He will continue to deoto
his attention to the line, leaving to tho ad
visory coach the bulkJof the backfteld Instruc
tion. Lawrence F. Wlltney. halfback nnd cap
tain of Dartmouth dullng the last season, will
be Harlow's assistant.
TrtrnTTAr. N. IT.. Jan. 20 4Amonr the frames
on the New Hampshire College football sched
ule, announced yesterday, are October 0, Con
necticut Agricultural College, at Durham; No
vember IS, Worcester Polytechnlo Institute, at
Worcester. l'al
f ' . - , A f A orf KtW Veuve? .tforf-r-V rnFTyf VrJSs,5? VW"H
iff cva voo- t V i ri-rtegs4Sp OTsafitosM!
morrouj rue Just mtMMtMZw&ZzK mL J'JfWVSi?. iTiV H
To get The 2.iii rP7! r- )CfSWi
mv last -mrMMy EEEIraiPio ? jf l v&mSSfe
I ! lst I LviWiKM 1 - I ffl f.l ZA J-V-MIA FA .s1- ' 'AtjPMasssaWssssssssi
U I X tev ) feTaFita 1 Wa isrS'mT!(-K
Delaware Blver Association Outlines
Plans for the Summer.
The Delaware ntver Yacht Haclnff Aesocla
tton, nt Hs meeting- lost night at the BlnKhnm,
eelected datei for the championship assoclo,
tlon races tor the 1015 season as follows i
June 1'2, open boats; June IS, cruiser race to
Overfalls (national sanction); June 20, fflass
ca"bin and express crul,7r race; July 21
(about), lonz-dlstanco raco, national sanction,
course to be selected; Aueust 18, Record trophy
race for crulnera, September 2ft, Jtocord trophy
race for speodboata, also open-boat race under
national sanction, October D, championship
epcodboat raco, national sanction.
Eight-hour Tourney Scheduled Today
Will Bo Held Next Wednesday.
The proposed marathon bowling tourna
mont scheduled for tonight at tho Casino
bowline alleys, Chestnut below 10th street,
has been postponed until next Wednesday,
Instead of staging a 12-hour match, the
management of tha Casino has decided to
hold an olght-hour event. Tho tourney
will start nt 5 p. in. and end at 1 a, m.
It Is probable that eight or twelve teams
will compete In tho tournamont. Tho
Casino management will put up three) cash
prizes for the winning teams.
IT. IC. tMulford Company, the leaders of the
Drug Loaguo. wero outrollod la two games
out of three un Casino alloys last nlsht by
II. K. Wampolo Company, 3. K. & r. Com
pany kept up their winning streak by taking
three games, nil Lilly Company dropped the
odd gamo to Mulfods by a close margin, the
large handicap being too much for the tormor
to overcome.
p. 'W. D. Company dropped three straight
games to Lewis Ilrothers Company In a very
closo scries, losing: the second game by nine
Fins and the third by two pins, Uuchanan,
Ielnold and Lcyrer rolled scores over the I'OO
In tho Insurance league matches, rolled on
Terminal alleys last night, Mather & Co. won
the odd gamo from 'North 'America, In a close
series. Aetna cleaned up their series with
Plro Association; the Reliance, tall-endera,
surprised tho Roosters by taking two games
out or thrco from them, tho last game a tie.
on tho roll-off, and Peoplo's National dropped
two out of threo to Piatt, Yungman & Co.
Noblette, Horton, Turn, Welstner, Turner and
Ayres starred tor their respective loams with
one or moro doublo centuries.
Pennsylvania Railroad bowlers easily won
tho entire scries from Pittsburgh P. O. Co.
without exerting themselves, and gained on
their nearest rivals, Tioga, who ware defeated
in the odd game of their series with tho strong
suburbanites Victor dropped two games out
of threo to Stetson A .A., and Kensington lost
thrco straight games to Port Richmond. Shaf
fer, McLachlan, OIcMonagel and McDowell led
the high rollers, each having a double century.
Modern Golf
(Berman French and English shells
have toreched the golf courses of Bel
gium beyond repair." Dispatch,)
o more the maahte flicks the jrtll
Along the ancient green;
No more the brassie's sweeping clout
Re-echoes down the scene;
But caddies for the player Death
Amid the shots that flu,
The only divots they replace
Me where the fiead men He,
Deep-bunkered In the crimson trench,
Unplayable vHth gore.
Their flashing irons leap to meet
The cannon belching "Fore:"
And where the shrapnel's long approach
Comes booming through the strife,
The only par they dream of now
Is one more day of life.
W. Orse Than T. TTrrlbla
nvltatlon to. him to run In uMucbanlcs Hall on
February 6, and ha probably will remain la
be Kast and show the Hub enthusiasts that
Piatt Adania Case "Unsettled
NHW TORK, Jan. aa Only Chairman Jacob
tHuoapf and George Uatthewa were present at
a meeting or the RagUtratlou Committee of
the Metropolitan revision of the A A. U.. bald
yesterday to n.aie the dual disposal of IDs
chars of prcfesslosallam against Piatt
J.imi, tha Now York Athletlo Club Jumper,
4 tha status Of the athlete could not be de
cl4d. Chairman Stumpf hopes to dispose at
the case at a sreclal muting to be held to
night at tha St. Itertbotomew Club.
"Whlta Tructa Enow Instructive
WliiU truok show, to be hell oil this
. at the cooitaaya headquuten, np Nsrui
. ?-, su uHiu or at Hyws ysa-
afteraoea and avenlas'. asMsr vl
vv mm veil asasra Br haaU and Mutatis
saae A fttSidi-e u re slff J the msar
7ktii jim- ted fe H dfivir 9 t4 Ja
XAfiSM &
Here's one as funny and almost as
original as everybody getting knocked
down by a squirting hose In the
Will Donovan put Plpp In? "
It be tJoea, he'll have a pippin.'
Mr. Plpp haa1 a bJtr advantage over
MT. Mullen In the Tank pursuit or first
base In the way of a monicker. The
only serious rival Mr. Plpp has Is the
redoubtable Plngr. What untold pos
sibilities If he had only entered the
yank fold as Ping Plpp.
,484, But Don't Tell Another Soul
One day last spring you tipped tho
Tanks to finish with a percentage of
AH. They finished with one of .457.
Thattlsn't perfeot, but Is close enough,
all things considered. What percent
age are you allotting th'em for 191C?
Another Old-timer
With a goodly portion of the high
explosive lifted from the Athletlo line
up, the American league flag this sea
am gives prpmlse of pointing to old-
tlmo ways, when four or flvo clubs had
a healthy look In on first place.
For the last four years tho Macklan
Bhadaw has clouded the field, although
the Red Box broke through In 1913. But
now this race Is more of an open af
fair. The Red Sox predominate In the
dope, but nothing to the extent of the
Mackmen since 1910.
Five clubs at least have a shot at the
title Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit,
Chicago and "Washington.
New Tork, St. Louis and Cleveland
still have some distance to travel be
fore taking their place In polite pen
nant society, but the other five should
travel In fairly well bunched clusters.
Unless the esteemed pastime Is
dynamited, dissolved, decapitated, and
disemboweled by the Fed suit, the
American League fight should bulge
with Interest most of the summer route.
Standing of the Subs
Turkey Battles fought, 25; won, 1;
lost, 24; per cent. ,40, Here's another
good chance for Ban Johnson to step
in and do a bit of reorganizing.
Ban sold the Tanks, but selling
Turkey Is another enterprise. Btlll, If
bids are to be taken we'll enter ours
I now viz.: one-half of one Turkish
Buropo still has this big edge over
America she will be 3700 miles further
away from the Johnson-Wlllard flgM
The Sporting- Accent
The golfer stops and tells us
Of scores that should have shrunk
Of mighty shots from bunkers
With the accent on the you know.
Mrs. Jane M. Reynolds, of Croton
Lake, is 99 years old and still healthy
because she has never worried a day In
her life, But Mrs. Jane M. Reynolds
of Croton Lake, never managed the
Tanks or Rsd or topped a mashla shot
Into a yawning bunker. i
Finals In Amateur Tournoy at Gay
ety Stnged Tonight.
Two champions will display their mettlo
before Philadelphia fans Saturday night
and Monday night. At the Natlohal Club,
Johnny Kilbane, who ruios tho fenthor
weLgiit class, will square-off with Eddie
Morgan, ot England. Monday night Al
McCoy, of Brooklyn, will oppose Joo Bor
rell, of this city.
tournament nt
decided tonight.
final bouts In tho 115-pound amateur
the uayety Theatre will be
81k vaunpstern will ln for
tho diamond ring and gold watch, first and
nuiuuu pnzcB, respectively.
The boys who boxed through tho preliminary
and semifinal numbers successfully are Kid
Olnppy, Ilck Murphy. Ed Morris, Harry Rus
sell, Kid Raker and Peter O'Reilly.
Tho preliminary bouts ot tho 122-pound class
will also bo staged.
Orover Hayes, of Bouthwark, will finish
training this afternoon for his match with
(Mickey Gallagher, of Smoky Hollow, at tho
Broadway a. C tomorrow night.
Greater gameness waa never displayed by a
(boxer In a local ring than when iTeddy Telle,
of Taunton, Mass.. recuperated after bilng
dropped three times In the rlrst round of his
bout with Willie Moore, and then came bock
Pronkle Conway, the local bantam, who has
toured tho Southwest, will return to Philadel
phia the latter part ot the week. His last
bout was with Young Goldle In Pittsburgh.
It Is probable the flret big championship
matoh 1o bo staged by Hilly Gibson In Havana,
Cuba, will be between Joo Shugrue, of Jersey
City, and Freddy Welsh.
Harry Brennnn, a 17th Ward bantam. Is
working out dally, and ho would like to get a
match, with Lew Tendler or Young tyurlcn.
Insurance tor fight fans who travel to Juarei
to see tho Johnson-tVillard fight has been
offered by a Chicago Insurance Arm on In
formation that Americans entering Moxlco do
so at their own peril.
Jimmy Tlghe. the Scranton middleweight. Is
anxious to meet tho winner of tho jiorrell
JlcCoy fight. He haa beaten Johnny Glover,
IC. O. Brennan nnd Jack McCarron, he says.
Joe Rivers In 111 Liick
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. Jan. 10. The Rivers
Bnugrue fight, slated for Milwaukee on Janu
ary 20, Is off. When Joe Rivers dropped for
the count beforo Prankle Callahan, of Brook
lyn, at the Memphis Monday night ho settled
the squabble between two Milwaukee pro
moters over which Bhould have tho right to
January 20 for a boxing show bolter than the
Htate lloxlng Commission could haie done.
Whon Promoter Mulkern. the millionaire news
boy, heard of Rivera' knockout ho lost no time
In cancelling tho Rivers-Shugrue fight, slated
for nxt week
Harry Baker Victorious
Harry Baker, tha Wilmington middleweight,
outpointed Jack lOlackburn in six rounds of
sensational boxing In tho wind-up at the Fair
mount Club last night before an old-time
crowd, the largest of tha season.
In the semlwlnd-up, Roy Hurst gave IC O.
Pampson a liard lacing. Sampson took the
bout on at a moment's notice and fourht
well, considering tho fact that he had no
tlmo to get himself In shape. Willie Boyle
outfought Johnny Lincoln In six rounds. Joe
Glger stopped Young Howard In four rounds,
and In tho opening bout Joe Bradley and Joe
Ollles-pls fought six rounds to a draw.
Cross Beats Pierce
NI1W YORK, Jan. SO. Leach Cross lost
prestige as a boxer of the flrst-chus by stall
ing through several rounds and pretending that
he was on the verge ot being knocked out in
a 10-round bout with Harry Pierce, at the
Broadway Sporting Club, last night, riot until
one of the club managers notified him that
he would not receive a cent If he did not stop
his acting- did Leach begin to box In real
earnest. Then he made a whirlwind finish
and at the end bad Pierce battered and
bruised and on the verge of dreamland.
McParland at It Again
CHICAGO, Jan. 20. Packer McFarland an
nounced today he will challenge the winner of
the Glbbons-Clabby mill tomorrow night.
H'ackey says Tom Andrews has promised him
an engagement In Milwaukee.
Burns by a dhnde
NOTV YORK. Jan. 20. Kid Burns had a
shade the better ot the final bout at Brown's
Gymnasium last night, beating Willie Catton
In 10 rounds.
McAllister-Ashe Eight Tonight
ALBANT, Jan. . Bob McAllister, the
California middleweight, and Oeorge
Ashe, of Philadelphia, will oppose each
other In the main event at the Knicker
bocker Athletlo Club hero tonight. This
will be McAllister's first appearance as a
combatani-In the East since he was de
feated by Mike Gibbons at (Madison
Square Garden a year ago.
BBT flBBBMBSitf li-rvr BlsW
bob McAllister
The Pacific Coast boxer Is to meet
George Ashe, of this city, at
Albany tonight.
Big Billiard Hatch Scheduled
This Evening.
It Is surprising what competition will
do for any sport, and since Philadelphia
has been represented In the Throe-cushion
Billiard League by Pierre Maupome,
local bllllardlsts havo waxed enthusiastic
over the games In which ho has appeared
In this city. It Is, expected that a large
crowd will turn out tonight when Mau
pome meets Charles Legros, of Cincin
nati, In n league contest at Alllnger's
Jimmy Murphy "Wins
NORHISTOWN, Pa., Jan. 20. All the way
through 10 fast rounds, Jimmy Murphy, of
Wilmington, had a wide edgo on Johnny Nel
son, ot Philadelphia, In the wind-up at the
Palace A. C, here last night before the
largest crowd In the history ot the club. la
a slugging match, both taking muoh punish
ment. Veto iMalono, of Philadelphia, shaded
Jack Fink, of Camden, In the aemi-wlndup.
Dominic Polereane, of Norrlstown, outpointed
Willie Straub, also of thlsihorough. Kid Held,
nt Bridgeport, put AI Winters, o? Philadelphia,
to sleep In the fourth cession. Buck Sowers, of
Norrisfown, won from Harry Carson, In the
Commission BuBpects Frame-up
NETW YORK, Jan. 20. A large number of
witnesses testllled at the meeUng of the Ktato
Athletlo Commission yesterday that Al Reich
did everything posslblo to win In his boxing
bout with Jim Flynn at the Broadway Athletlo
Club roccntly, nnd that hla poor showing was
caused by an lnlury to his hand received In
the third or fourth round, and not due to any
Dempsey a Hard Hitter
NEW YORK, Jan, 20. Jock Dempsey, no re
lation to "The Nonpareil" of former days,
knocked out Franklo Wagner In the eighth
round of a scheduled lO-round bout at Brown's
Oymnaslum A. A. last night.
Herman Miller Knocked Out
WASHINGTON, D. C Jan. ZO.-K. a Bren
nan, of Buffalo, knooked out Herman Miller,
of Baltimore, In the fourth round last night.
A right-band punch to the stomach put Miller
Lowrey Battered by Bruzzo
HASH-ETON, Ps,. Jan. 20. Before the Na
tlonal A. C. here Jack Bruiso handed Young
Lowrey. the Philadelphia colorod lightweight,
the worst lacing of hla career In 10 rounds,
Both of Lowrey's eyes were dosed and his
faco battered. Young Mahoney, of Audenrled,
gained tho decision over Kid Scatton In l6
Watson Wins on Foul
DENVER. Col.. Jan. 20. Red Watson, of
Son Francisco, won a decision on a foul from
Joe Azevedo. of Sacramento, In the 11th round
ot a scheduled 20-round bout here last night.
Washington College Cancels dame.
Jersey Squad Substitutes.
The match scheduled tonight between
Washington Collcgo and St. Joseph's Col
lego In tho latter's new gymnnslum, 17th
nnd Stiles streets, has been canceled,
riioenlxvllle's High Bcbool quintet will
como hero Instead.
Doctor O'Brien, track coach at Central High
School, Is trying to unearth a .good hurdler
from among the Crimson and Ooltl candidates.
Bmaltey will enter In this event this ear and
o'nrlen Is anxious to have an understudy for
Vlllanova Prep will meet La Sails College In
the latter's cage Saturday night. It will be
the second game of a series to decide the
Catholic championship. McCalloy, who has
recovered from his football Injury, may play
xorwara tor tne l'rep icam.
Intersection! basketball games are being
played twice a week at Bouthern High School.
Three matches are decided on each occasion.
Csthollo High Sohool's track candidates have
started practice under the caretul eye of
Prof. "Jack" Greer.
Campbell, the former Meroersburg star
sprinter. Is attending- Do Ifince School Just
now. fie should prove a big factor for the
V Lancey track team.
Manager Monaghan, of Vlllanova Prep, la
working on tho Institution's baseball schedule.
The battery candidates will bo called out next
week They will practice under tho tutelage of
the Rev, Francis Drlecoll,
West Philadelphia High School's swimming
team will go to Wayne tomorrow and meet the
St. Luke's aquatlo aggregation.
Captain Ker, Haverford Behoofs star basket
bailer. Is on the eldollnes as a result ot a
sprained ankle. Ho may bo out of the game
about two weeks. Howell Is proving a good
Tho first Interclass basketball games at Lonss
downs High School will be held this afternoon.
The sophomores nnd froshmen and tho Juniors
and seniors will clash.
Catholla High hssketball team received a fall
yesterday at llallahan lloll, when the diminu
tive La Belle College five defeated them 22 to
21 In the nrst of the Cathollo scholastic cham
pionship games.
In tho preliminary game Catholte High second-string
youngsters trounced tho previously
undefeated La Balls Reserves 20 to 10.
Eastom Loague Officials Lay Him
Off Indefinitely.
Billy Kummer, tho Jasper forward, who
Jumped tho Jewels and played with the Jean
netto (Pa.) West "Penn Leaguo Club on Monday
night, wes lndellnltely suspended from tho
Eastern Leaguo last night by President Wil
liam J. ficheffcr.
Tho report from Allentown last night that
tho Jasper eastern Leaguo basketball team
was to be transferred to thnt city within a
Week was denied by Owner Fred C. Eckhardt,
who stated that tho Jewels nould contlnuo out
tho schedule at Nonpareil Hall.
The Camden Eastern League team has re
leased Utility Man Erwln Thompson, who has
flayed all the positions on tho team, "Bill"
lerron will bo the sixth man to be carried
by Camden, "
First Dutch wallnned West York in a North
west Church League game iast night at First
Dutch Hall by 40 to lo.
Advent crushed Calvary, 40 to 13, in a
Lutheran League battlo last night.
Market Square Just doubled the score of
Flfflt Presbytorlan last night when they ad
ministered a SB-to-lD lacing to thorn. Third
Baptist also outclassed St. Stephen's, 31 to
14. In a pair of 3ermantown Church Leaguo
Gethsemane walloped St. Matthew's, 40 to
23, and Diamond laced Park, S8 to 27, In a
pair ot Northwest Church Association games
last night.
. Corley tlefeatod Junior House, SO to 20. and
aiauonna xiousa trimmoa mi. uarmci, 4U to 14,
In the Nattonnl League last night.
HAVERFORD, Pa., Jan. 20. Haverford
School overwhelmed their old rivals, Lans
lowne High, 35 to 10.
WAYNE. Pa., Jan. 20. St. Luke's Echool
lost to Wilmington Friends' Seloct, 27 to 21.
Bt. Bridget's Cadets defeated St. John In
an interesting game, 23 to 12. Tho feature
was the playing of Doylo and Grady.
Fourth Street National Bank defeated Real
Estate, 20 to 10, and Union downed Glrnrd,
2.1 to llt In tho National Bank Leaguo last
St. Ignatius won an easy vlotory from the
St. Ludwlg ftve, 40 to 14, at the former's hall
last night.
The Vlncome basketball team defeated St.
Agatha's quintet, 31 to SO, In the first game
ot the series, played last night at Hallahan
Lyndenhurst won their eleventh straight vic
tory last night, when they laced St. Peter's
-47 to 30, In a Brotherhood League game.
Lyndenhurst second won, 30 to 20.
Berkeley won a close game from Prince of
Peace, 43 to 41, and the Prince of Peace socond
forfeited to Berkeley second.
Central and West Branch tied at 20 all In a
Y. M. C. A. League game last night, nnd tho
game will be replayed on January 20.
West Philadelphia won Its eleventh straight
Central Philadelphia League gamo last night
by defeating Media by 64 to 17. All tho win
ners took a hand in bombarding the net.
Stetson Mission ran up a 84 to 14 score on
St. Paul last night, at Mission Hall. In which
Wlttlg. with nlno field goals, did trie best
t; nits, defeated La Salle Society lost night.
a-e aa(s wj ? ,u AU,
Samaritan defeated Lyndenhurst, 28 to 19.
and Jefferson won from St. Elisabeth. 10 to 14
In a pair or Philadelphia Junior Leaguo games
last night.
! Raul's, of Tioga, trimmed Tioga All-Stars
last night, by 23 to 11.
iand irrcAiui
JT tkWW WM Kj f-? v
T '" ' C- -J " "VojyOU- C-3 irs
SEA of
Indeed, No
Ileywood Broun In the New Tork Trib
une haa uncovered the startling informa
tion from the papers in the Federal suit
against organized ball that "the purpose
ot a baseball game Is for one side or the
other to win."
0o, you folks who rode a hunch
'Twos for something else, get off it;
Magnates never think of luneh;
Baaeball is not run for profit.
Complications In the Offing
Our' Justly celebrated neutrality must be
preserved In these player-dog trades.
Trade, you magnates, no German players
for French poodles, nor Scot ball tossers
for Austrian shoe lace hounds.
Hare-brained Ideas.'
Why not Government ownership of base
ball T
And a national board of censorship for
statements by magnates, their lawyers,
Dave FulU et aUT
For Both Sides
Slogan for battle flags In the baseball
wars "You started If."
We Ask to Know
Our brain is aunirl with a horrible fear
That "none can entangle this pugilist
It may provide argument all through the
Who'll be the champion if Ahtha gits
Villa may do it, or others, 'tis said
(Some folks are worrying, others are
17(11 if he who unlooses the Uadt
Who'll be the champion If Ahtha gets
The Visitors
The Naps are now the Indians, and,
therefore, no longer the Naps. Now that
we have a precedent for name changing,
why not steal the idea outright and apply
It to the Philadelphia National league
baseball club, erroneously known as "The
Phillies,'' whose owner lives in New York;
whose manager lives In New England,
whose home-bred stars have been scat
tered to the four winds, and then, as It
were, some ! whose but why prolong the
argument T Nominations are now In order.
See headline for the first
It WJU Help
follower of outdoor sport la'
Philadelphia should register himself In
favor of the big Btadlum project Here Is
a movement that, when carried to com
pletion, will make Philadelphia the centre
of the sporting map, so get behind It
A Burning Question
Judge Kenesaw It Landis, sitting in tho
United States Court today at Chicago, will
hear tho Federal League's charges that
organized ball Is a monopoly and other
things and maybe the fans of the coun
try are 'not Interested. The case will
establish Judge Landis as the greatest
baseball umpire tho world has ever known.
His settlement of the question will, It Is
honed, nut an And tn tii t.iAiABa .......
fare which Is slowly but surely killing the
great interest In the national game.
Just Like the Song
It's a long, long way to Milwaukee, but
tho hearts of the fans tomorrow will bo
right there, unless we miss our guess.
Why? Simply because Mister Mike
Gibbons will prepare to muss up tha fea
tures of Monsieur James Clabby In a fight
that nHIl h.v. a -.... i , . T.
,j. ... ,c" uearjng on me
world s middleweight championship honors.
New Tiger Trainer
John H. Rush, '38, who haa never
played football, is to coach the Prince
ton University football team next year,
Rush's experlonco in athletics came aa
ft member of the track team, ond at his
favored game he was the speediest man
in the country. With his appointment
the old question arises! Will a theorist
be able to Impart his knowledge to a
teamT Will his own personality be
sufficiently commanding to make great
athletes out of the men Intrusted to
his oareT Will th? lack of practical
knowledge handicap hlmT To all of
which we reply, We believe not I A
theorist is very likely to know more
about a game that Is his hobby than
the man who is practical. Cases too
numerous to mention aro to be referred
to as proof. Coach Rush just at pres
ent does not have to worry e,bout his
future. Wo sincerely bellev if he Is
half so successful a leader aa ha was
at Cleveland there will be little need
for criticism.
Ward Leads in ThrUS!
- urn,
oconng West Phjffi
phia and Central T
Second Team 31
u " M
The victory ot Northeast fflrifiP
over West Philadelphia nnd ti,
Central High School by BwiSS1
enabled tho Sth street and IrtnU?5
quintet to tie tho Crimson t,aSg
for first place In tho SchoilS'
race. The West Phillies and ..$&
towners nro on nn oven scale forBSr?
position. yM
Although Ward, Central TilM
tain, tallied but one nM ...J4
fouls yesterday, ho succeeded hT$J'
on tu mo icaa in scoring, H t,..VB
ot 87 points, while Fowler, U 3
... . .iuru, is mo nnff.WEJ
Tho Btntlstlo follow: 9
Central High School "1
West Philadelphia High I!;;:'": ? ifs
Southern High School ..." i ?W
.,.. ..,.. niAxnrxn
r.nl..l TTIfff. a..... WrliT,
West Philadelphia High !.'.'."" 3 !I
Northenst Hlch vhi ' ' ? Mx
Southorn High School . "'"" I :IW
Ward, Central High a?!"!,
Towler, Centrnl High i l,,i
CIcelnnd, Wet rtillndclphla ,!. 3 Wi
Rhelton, Northenst . ....... ? V,
Wntlnce. Northenst " ' S ,
Asniilth, Northenst i 'li
Onlilenberg, Southern a !!
Wclnsteln, Southern i ,7a
Tarr, Centrnl High i Lt
Iledelt, Northenst , " j 11.
Hunter, West Philadelphia .... a j'ir
Schwartz, Southern High J irt
Abrnms, West Philadelphia .... 8 jsi
Newton, Northeast a !ii
Wnltman, Southern High J f Jj I
iwcj-niuimy, noutnrn High,.,, 9 ! '
McCnskey, West Philadelphia., 3 j lit
Plnkerton, West Philadelphia.. 8 j'M
Joblln, Centrnl High . 1 ,iS
Ilutler. Central High j ijtfl
mack, Southern High ....... 3 0 1
Llpkovltz, Southern High 5 o5
nacltmnn, West Philadelphia ,, 3 oil
Applcton. West Phllndlphla ,, 1 o .1
Cirmt, West Philadelphia 1 n
Wellor, West Philadelphia .,.,1 0j5
Second Teams, 3f
Name. n p rj t?fi
White. Central Itlrh
Jlouradlnn, Central High 8
Janettl, Southern High 8
Mason, West Philadelphia ,,,,8
Desscn, Southern High 8
Olnn. Northeast High 8
Mearltlc, West Philadelphia ... 3
Schoppc, Northeast High ....,, 3 ,
Michel, Northenst High 8 '
Tiunnln, Southern High 3
rarmnkls. Central High 8
I'ndtlllo, Southern High ,. 8
Hodges, West Philadelphia .... 3
lllerman, West Philadelphia ... 3
nrown, Northeast High 3
Herman, West Philadelphia ,..2
James, Northenst High 3
Wood, Central High , 2
Scant, Northeast High 1
Ferry, Centrnl High 1
Schaut, Nprtheast High , 2
Honnen, Southern High 2
Rhondes, Central High 8
Toland, Centrnl High 1
Schwartz, Central High 1
Josephs, Southern High 1
Poland Southern High , 1
Korb, West Philadelphia 1
Snxe, Southern High 2
Hubbard, Northeast High 2
Oulton, Northeast High 1
Smith, Southern High 1
Rnnthftrn TTIti 7 Ptitml lllrh ..I'
Northeast IllghZ. 8 W. PWIa. HW.:fl
Second Tcnmi.
Central High B Northesit Hlrt
southern High ... a w i'hiia. tiw
W. Phlla. nigh... 22 Southern Hlrt ,SJ
Central High 30 Northeait WlX
second Teams.
XV. Thlln. TT!h . . 25 ftmithern Hlrt
Central High 22 Northeait Hlrt
vjnrtfcnN, TTIrh 4(1 Southern Hlrt
Central High 291 W. ThUs. IUrt'
R,n,l TmMI,
f,irth TTtffh ?g Rmithern Hlrt
Central High 38 W. Phils. H!rt,
Vnrsltr. t
Southern High ... 21 Central Rl&it.
Northeast High . . 2T w. rnu, wBr
Second Teams. ,j8b
Boutnern jiibu ... " '"l" . fiiUusl
W. Phlla. High.. 20 Northeast Ulrtglf
.Alfred, D; Ore. the great Cajb ,
velous ability with the.cue last slflMjg
no iook ino nieuio i ",:; 'jw
of the three-cuinion game nu u,.r
n .ha vmnlrn millara Room. JrA
block with FTanlc Jones showed to CWJ
his best, ana no won m ' St.ViKB,
making his total for the match 60 '"
In the fourth series o' the elmlmJ?
tournament ot the St. , IJancU Xjdi$
II. Society, In their tlubroomi, Frig
UPlCaiCU gAiiicn .., i ' -- T.-, .
:i i
SI 1
3 i
.-..,. n, ,h.l. tim-nn nt contest. ",..MKtS
billiards, plaved, fiero "" 'iw
Averages and high runs; IWP ""tlr
IBS. Inman. 0 -lz.
".1 tn 13. XTT.
Jt'I" ;"."" .'i'theV limes follaei wn
is. rtSwi Kffx-.fc&i'sfc, ism
meoat ror tno wmnw. " - i
the second prize. j3
PITTSnUHOH. Jan. -""!" anSc
Pittsburgh defeated. Charles Lso
oinnsti 1 to 2.1. in an i "'""-.--?
cushion Illlllard League "ViVhruaeUg
67 Innings. McCourt had a .hlrt irua jK
while three was I.o Ores' highest. -m
In the nrst block In the 160-poI t
decido the tie In the Nortjessi . jj-. m;
t .V,, h-t-neen George Mcliuin, i ",i
high rooms, anj Ted Stoveneon .-KiI
night, at the Amr park.r MfliuJto,i
easy winner, TS to 42, The ?J'L,)iiB
be played tomorrow night at the w"gBlB
DETROIT Jan. ;-Wlllli Jf iwSf
Melbourne Inman, 400 to HI. fat&M
" . .. All'
Anthony Oraef, of the Parte ZZ&i
M Edward Krell, IM.TC"'; IH
78 to M in the Initial bkft.wtwd
JjLv. hiniard match to decide o TSZl
the Keystone I-eague j
J. uenham had little 'P"ji!
W. Kevllle. W to SO to thji "'
the nrst annual -i w Siiiji-d p
Hard tourney of the Park uwie
. VfM, night'? , gam. .nth. hroU!
IlarFls oVr BWtlson, 100 to W
Blancke Wins at floW '
.A'ffiSfwonVr 'Sil
qualification pUy t ., tffafi
?'"" ef.l5?i ?.A'so "
O, tO. WW M..y --
' ir.. 'PannRvlvanls
Bu.,11 P was yesterdsv '""''. j .
Kentucky 'Trotting "fi,r , w3
tlon. to succeed. L,. "arnnrw. (OB l.
n.iif..l- GimrlsV C'ft " '..s.tt
lft'Vi5"S--Mrnt and the board u
years. The dlvlalens wUl remta"-
Alex. Olenno, Hockey Mwjjjj
rwmiTVi Cist . J&U v ..
J. a hockey pl ." fJU Ja
there as a reeult of jaj.nw "-
TjsV Jl sss.--. b-