Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 15, 1915, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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    EVEttlffdfc EDnBB-niLADEXPSTA, FEIBAT. ffAHITAirr Vtii t$n.
Cmihtl From Pge
, v. , ." ' '" t ''rii .- i
f h&"uljTUHhfMrWM'ntf ftio is lifafttji;
tig tft A premature rave wlb Iwwort
srl ami hfpUen heart. Thoii halt not
H a town In 'Illinois.. one afternoon
(fte I hsa fcrfcaehed, a woman. afne
4own the aisle. J. heard the rtislle of her
tlH eklrt when she wait JO feat Away.
Slip wiis dressed In the height of fashion;
, Mntakin coat hung to her ankles. It
,rs .trimmed with Kusslan snMo. In her
.ar:nnd at her throat, diamonds. Aroumt
iW neck, a MSpo Of pearls, On her Angers
.Wore diamonds, rubles nml emeralds, Iter
nlr waa.au black ,n a. taven'a wlnr, her
1tne dark, and Intelligent, her teeth tike
pearl behind Una or coral. Great scald
sir teats werd tolllnc town her cheeky
Ws tlvors of wnter and she loaked-ot yna
d mM: -Mr. Sunday, did yon annopnte
:Utst you were going to preach to haarl
r 'Vcs. wa am.'
.only Sunday atternoonT'
"Bo you. In your sermons to men. ever
Isay anything about huabnhda being tin
trun to their wives!' 'Xes, mo'am. t make
ft. tens remarks on the subject.' She nnldf
'JQo you expect to tomorrow?' 'Yen;
HU'am,' 'Do- you make It plaint '!''
You don't need to aooolnt '. commit tea
j.ftrr I'm through.' HUa'' saW." , 'X', wish, I
you would make It Jilaln, tottjorrow
afternoon about huntmstd beliia' untrue
to ttielr wives!" 1 sjildi 'tJtve ;rte.' jour ,
lutnd. The Jrd tiwjwypuj I pity you.'
I smld: '1 am goldR; "to-start tjO-preach
tomorrow afternoon, nfitiut 2j80 tfou' go
Jiome, look yourawf?!m. 'your fejorot firel
down on your knfiei and, stay1 there-; Wntir
.about 4 o'clock. Vwil jmi pray whllo I
Jtnocn down, sKin Jtoff art ts out.' atiu ir
.God Almighty over- '.Wave. UelWefy ? to'
jmertol mun he B,W,lt to' Ms ilotold
.everything but cunt I, tell you' Upe
old sinners will talk Jvliojit tf .to tula"
-day. .
'Thou shati. not kill.' .Tlierj!. nfc
.other wn of killing, I ftny. besides
JLhat. There ore other ways of V.1ltlfig'3bir--.Bides
Rhoollnit or breaking Jrour- Wife's-
heart. Hon- am I .going to- descrtberit?,
Language falls mo. I meat the womlin
.Who reddens her hands wjtl.h,j fllooij of
ner ujiiKrn ouspnnjr io iieieni-vnc i?no9 -ot
conception, so as to relieve, her. frpm. the.'
cares of motherhood, so thatsh'e Can flirt,
in codless whisky, wine.. dismBaanc.
ard-playtnff, Sabbath-breaftlhf.sopletJ'. V
mean inai son oi; a wreicn, anu J. meari,
too, the miserable, ood-JTor-npthmK, old.
black-hearted lualpractltlpne'r who will
41Erace hla manhood and the hlg'li,cAl)loK'
or the medical profession. M, 't'. the-, call
them. I. M, they ought to .call 'them
damnable murderers. They UKhr to
trlng from the end of a Tppe the.samo,
aj aiy oilier red-handed miirderer.'
'Thou shait not kill.' 1'ou are weighed
a.nd found wanting, God looks' Into your
life and finds that you are doing thing
you should not do.
It maifc.ls. fi thief-when h. aya.: -'This la a
I pure article,' when It Is adulterated. If
ft ha knows it,..undenit3nd, he U a thief.
t Yeilrs ago; InXdnffdri.a bov rfr1.rf i J
no aionE ni.iaiiTiNa ix.
"Thou shalt not commit adultery.' I
ftm not going to talk very much on that
.portion of It tonight, for the reason that
thl Isn't the place, and I haven't the
time, although I havo the disposition.
JBut I want to tell you that there la no
ln on earth In all the world that 'Ool so
rails against, as He does the,nln of adul
tery. There Is no sin on earth, that Is
more damning and blighting, because of
that God drowned the world with a flood
In the days of Noah. Because of that
He rained Are and brimstone on8odom
nd Gomorrah- I tell you there Is no
.shorter, quicker route to hell than by
the road of lust. XIany a man. for the
imlle of a vile woman, will trample the
lovo of ills. wife, beneath his teei l Wovn
never found a man harcier to reach than
the adulterer, it Is-not so hard to win
the thief, or the drunkard, but, my
friends, the libertine. God knowa Is -adamant;
and Ifc seems Impossible to touch
JWtn with God's loce. Are ypu Kiilty7
God pity you. Many a husband untrue
tO his rWffe-nlAHL-- n 'TtHfa itni.,ia .n !...
h ibnnd,-.ati(1 yotf-Tvould glv your right
arm, yon would go to the butcher and
let him chop it off with a cleaver or
gouge your eye out before you would let
become public the sins you have com
rnHted. Just one lnsfan.ee, I WRvreftch
ng,in a town In Iowa and a fellow there,
one of the merchant's, cussed me up' and
down the street, called me everything he
could lay his tongue to. He wa furious
In his denunciation. 'No decent man or
woman would go to hear Sunday- preach.'
Somebody said to hlmr 'Have you been
up to hear Sunday preach? 'No!' and
he ripped out oaths. No. He wouldn't'
lower hla. marthood, his-'dlgnlty. by sit
ting and. listening to such billingsgate,
No, not I.'
Thou ahalt not steal.' Listen a min-
U. A man Is a thief when ha takes
that for which he does not give adequate
.return, either In property, iwork-or money.
A man is a. thief when he makea false
representation. A man fs a thief when
he. ra: This Is all wool.' and it la
half otiflj.. A- Wan is a thief when he
ays: That Is Imported.' when It was
nae'n fittaburgh pr-Philadelphia, A
etm-tod IMftgf t MS row. the 1t Is
no Mfrnld f (tome of yo Women hs
wouldn't get within feel of you-. Ye.
and some of you old h-gilpr that cart
Jof In a 1lry sUMe or a bOozo joint and
Hf people' ifebtttattwi to slirAhund yon
dtnrt stop to find nut whether It Is trite
or not. Thou shalt not bear false wjt
neos.' Quit lying about people.
Tiiou shstt not covet thy neighbor's
house, nor his man servant, nor hla maid
servant, nor hfsn, nor his ox. nor any
thing that Is thy nefghbof s.' That means
hi automobile. thy didn't havo them
then or Moses would havo put one In.
Nor his tnbbor-tlred carriage. They
didn't Have those, either. Nor his steam
yaoht, not his private ear. Thou shak'
not covin.' The law Of Hod covers' tho
desire and the overt act. The law of (Jod
said: 'Thou shalt not covet' That in
the deolre. 'Thou shalt not Steal.' That
Is the overt act. Don't you sec iiow. God
triad to guard you from both' horns of
the dilemma? Wo covet and we tae.
Thou shalt not covet That Is the de
alre. Them Shalt not steatt' -That Is tin1
f-act. .putting covetousnesa. Into practice.!
Ulod wot to help you and Ood goes at
It both ways. ThOu shalt not covet.; tor
If you do yml will steal. Thou shnltuiot
Covet thy neighbor's house.' You lutve
some beautiful homes In Philadelphia.' 1
have walked and driven oyer the hills ltifc.1
through the valleys and looked at your
beautiful homes.
' Mj' Ideal of the closing life would be
to.-jpet a nice farm, near some good, tem
perphce., S.ibhnth-oWrv!nf" community
wnfre uou is Known anu lovcu, ann more
livn and die-on' a farm. 1 nover could
understand why, when a farmer gets n
home nahl for, he wants to rent It and
njofco Into (own. I would IU her up and
stay there, t wnrit to llvo and die out
lV jlio country,, on a farm. I don't like
the, city.
"JM. I don't like the town. I want to
live; In ibo country. Thou shalt not cbvrt
,tjiy. neighbor's "house, nor his man scr
.vatiUJhor hla maid servant,' so If your
neighbor Jma a -girl that Is a good conk.
don't .gn nosing around ond ask linw
at 3 s.
rmtnt In
Hssuefbertf. .Fnnemi .or, tiatutf,
m, fret wa Kewlh 12th t. Int
American MMnamcs- i-emetery.
IIRI,t,Ktl-On Jamiary, 18. 1915, AOAlf C
nncpnna m jvnni l. jieurr innemi sorv
ptt m Hstunlsr.
reetdenee, 040 North Alltaon
at 3 p. m.,
I mi hi. imn
HESS. On ilaniMfyU, 1(115. WILMAM
llAttnta. eon nf fhlllp and May Hess.
Fnneral services en Saturday, at 2 p. m.. at
the TMlilenee of his grandrsther, Harris
rtiidderow, SSOS Market st. interment prl-.
t-ate, at Fernwood Cemetery.
HOflVKK. Suddenly, on .tnory la, lfltn,
HAHltr H. IK OVKtt. I)u notice ot tbi
funeral will be ntven, from the residence of
his son, Charles Hoover, SSlt Routh Jei
aup at.
nOIISfH-On, Janitanr, IS, 10 til, frtEn.
R1IICK A., hmtmml of Hoe HerfcH (ne
Hunter) nd son nf the Isio Charles and Mnrv
Hofachf Due notice of the funeral will b
leen, from hli late reeldence, 1128 North
d at
llUNT.---On .tnnnary It. 10IS. ICATHflVN
J, widow or William T. Hunt. Funeral
eervlces on Friday, at p. m., at her late
residence, 42111 VVeatmlneter ve. Interment
nt Falrvlew Cemetery, Coateavllle, l on
.IIHINNDN. On .tanuftry 14. toil, at hla late
reelilence. SS5 Kouth Sydenham at , Phila
delphia J. WAIINfilt, eon of the late Joseph
w. nnd .Mary w. Johnaon, aired as years,
ttflnilres and frlemla are invltel In attend
Ihe funeral srrvlees, on Saturday afternoon,
si '.' W o'clock, at the Flrat Unitarian Chur-h.
Ctieetnnt above Blet at Intermeqt nt the
coneenlence of the family. Iioaton papers
please copy.
KKI.I.Vr-On .Inntmry 1S. 1B1R. TIMOTHY
Kfl.l.V, nt hla late rcaWerro, wyncllffo nve.,
Clirtnn Helshta, iwtawar County, Ta, Du
notice of the funeral will be given,
Interment fVrnwood Cemetery.
January la. 191N .tOHN
iuiBjn . rmm,
KBHIIBH. IMi r.otlee of the funeral will
no Kivrn, rrom his late realitence, mi Kaioa
at.. Wlaahlc)in. -
nt'HNI.K. -At Atlantic City, N, .t., on Jan.
uary is. 1915,,CHAm,Ga If., husband of Lil
lian M. Kuhnle. j-uneral services at Jeffries
ft Keats' funeral parlors, 1J11 Atlantic ave
Atlantis City, n. j, Saturday, at 11 a. m.
Interment at I'leaeantvllle Cemetery,
l.AVIIRR-On January 1ft, 1915, CATII
AHINK, widow of I'hlllp J. Laulier (nes
Fredfrichl, , Due notice of the funeral will
fe given later ftom her late residence, 2178
East tetterly at,
I,f.8J.!K..On Jsntmry la, IBIS. FttEOA.
tllTA. widow of John t,elle. Funeral eeri.
Ice on Saturday, at 2 p. m. at, the residence
of her aon-ln-law, John K. nutler, 122 Daw
son at, (Wlseahlckon). Interment prlente,
l.KJVIS. OnJnnuary 14, 19IS, AMANDA M.
I.BWIS, widow of William S. Lewis. Funeral
from the,realdence of her eon.. Warren. W.
Lewi. Warrington, Pa., on Monday, Jan
uary IS, at lis. m. Interment at Southamp
t.m tlaptlst Hurylng Ground.
MAlt:illK.-on January 14, 1918, f.UCr,
widow of Patrick Maftulre, Due notice of
the funeral from 1T0S North 8d at.
MeHONAI.Il-On January 18, MIR. Et.I.A
c, beloved daughter of the late Malachl and
Briaect McDonald Relatives and friends
are Invited to attend funeral, Monday morn.
IU?A Bt o'clock, rrom her late residence,
2-T.W Catharine St. Solemn Maaa of nequlem
at St. Anthony's Church at u.,10 o'clock. In
MOHHIS. January 12. HUB, MAtlT ANN,
wlilow of Ororao U Morrla and daughter of
the late Thomas and Ann Thompson. Fu-
Hers! aervicen ea Baturday, HnnaryllJ, at
3 p. m., at her sen-in-laws reMnc9,.not
ert Mccurdy, SRR jsnsl Wyomsng avi, Intsr
meat at areenmmmt Cemetery
MtlrtHiy. Suddenly, on January 15, 191B,
JAMES F. huaband nf MArv M. Murnhr.
Funetal on Saturday, at SM a. m.. from
3T1B llrown at., Weat I'hllndelphlA. Solemn
Ilequlem Mass st St. Agatha's Church, at 10
s, m, Interment at Holy Croes Cemetery.
M.VttRS, On Jan. 12. ,1B1B. J. .HOtVAnD
IMr, eon of chrlatonher and Margaret A.
Myers. Funeral service en Saturday, at.2
R. m. , at the realdenca of 1.1a parents, SIS
reenwood ave., Jenklntown, IX Interment
prh-ate, Illlialde Cemetery,
NEIJfAN. At Norrlatown, ta. en January
13, mis, .CHAIHjE9 B. NE1MAN. Funeral
from, his late residence, 40 East Chcatnut at.,
Norrlatown, Pa., on Saturday, at 1:30 p. m.
. Interment at Xlontgomcry Cemeterr.
IMt'I On, January 14, 19ir, MATIUAS.
son- of John and Mnry Paul,. ..Funeral on
Monday, at T:ao a. m., from 1141 Oerman
town .are. requiem Maes at 9 a, rrt.i at Rt.
Peter's Church. Interment at Most Holy Itc
diemer Cemetery.
I'lniElt. suddenly, on Jan, llth. iniff,
HEOIIOE F, PEIFEn. agefl 77 yenrs. Hela
tlves and rrlemts of the family, aim inch'
mond Idge, No.A2JO. F, and A, M. Oriental
11. A, Chapter, No. IM Corinthian Chasseur
Commandery. No, (V), K, T.! I.u Iji Temple,
A. A. O. N. M. 8,: Phlla. Consistory, .lid De
gree, A, and A nltei Anna M, Ilnas FVat,
No. 01: O, A, n. Survivors' Attn,, 210 liegi.
ment I'enna, Volunteers! Keystone Council,
NO. 1, Stationary Engineers of l'onna.i Vul
can Assembly- of Phlla, ; employes of the
t'hlla P.lectrlo Co., and all other organlra
tlnna of which he tvna a member, are In
vited to nttend the funeral services, on Sun
day afternoon, precisely at 2 o'clock, at the
chapl of Andrew J. Hair ft Son, Arch and
inth rts. interment iNorth Cedar Hill Ccme-tery.
llANHON-4)n Jnuryl8, 19lV3trs, ANNA
IiAKBon, wianw oi niim im 1
lOtice or tne tunerni win gir ju ti '"
k.ll.. .. 41.
her utr residence, 600 Fltswaler at, (for
merly oerman St.).
ItEF.D. suddenly, On January 18, 191. EH.
NBST U,. huaband of Jennie, Heed (nee Al
hrlsht). Due notice of funeral, from hla late
residence. 2012 south UUh st.
ItONRVr-On January J2. IBiB, JAME9 V..
nusoann or Ann M.
p. m.
Itoner. FOneral on
at 8 n. m...frorn .1622 Flak ave..
Illgn neqniem .mivfif. m
Dl UIIUICP&.I rfIlUJCII, Hk B...V n. .... ......
ment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery,
UnnEHOM', On January IS, 191S, ANOB
MNB IHiDDEllOW, wife of Thome; 8. Hud
derow, Funeral serrlces on Saturday, st 3
p. m., st the residence of her niece, Mrs.
IlAchel E. Taylor, 23l Feileral st Camden
N. J. Interment nt Uetrel Cemetery,
BANfiriEMI. On Jamlary 14, 191(1. Atf
(ll'ST MAHTIN, son of August and Matilda,
Sanrfleld. Funeral services on Sunday, at a
P. m.i at, his lata residence. Thouron. ave.
above Johreon at.i Oormantown. Inter
ment Clielton Hills Cemetery,
water at,
T1H1MM, On January 14, 191R, ANNA
CIIKIST1NA, widow of William Thumm,
Funeral on Sunday, at 1.P. m., from the
residence of her son, William A. Tochler
mann, 8147 Amber at. Interment private, at
Natthwood Cemetery. ,
TtlSTI. JOHN TtlSTf, 004 Carpenter at
VANHEOimT. At Hurllngtnn, N. J on
January II, 191.1. MOItTIMEH W, VANDB
U1HFT. Funeral on Monday, at 2 p. m.,
from his late residence, 211 Stacy st.. Rur
llngton, N. J. Interment at Odd Fellows'
AVHAHTNAIIV, On January 14, 1918,
SAKAlf JANE, wife of Albert J.' Whart
nnbv and daughter of William J. and lluth.
Fvnieral eervlcea e
,.! rlt reeM.n2
to. luicrmenc 'nmMiii. f
NVrtnwood Cra.t.r.,"'!,, "'
WKUft-Atremberton, N 4
12, 1018, DAVis. i: "vfeflft'V 5
tttas lata oa.l.- U V..I r' ' 'O. FllHfcJ?u
;:iJ.vwvni,IC"tr' "nwrten.. '
SSSWf Cen?,.e7y, Prt l '
'V?rV ? MlST5ttUwl a M Si
Veara. ltelAtlre n,i ,...i,lr'). i,'a
are Invited to attend the runeiSi lh 'wsig
Saturdae. at 2 tfrinitr rlS.nT!' ftvl4J8
her slater, Mrs. FranVjanton 2SJ
Dover st. Intermont at Laurel iiiu'5' S'
Hemalna mav bo virt -U".1!' CenuSS.
Itemalna may be viewed on KmIS"
imm a nni iv o ClOCK. "
WIUJansMM .Tannarv i
.,..,. fr.n,,,,n,n -:;.-- . jmih .r
wire ot Waltii"?!,'
TlAla.lv,, an Mm,. -. . " "UeP TT
itr. fVnTMTriV.'.,lu"-5.I5WU4 ik't
...w ----- -- - - . .-fc, , oeiturirn-w -.
at 2 o'clock. Mher..e.t;ridrTJWrs
street. Mt. Airy. Intormei. J.ChS
aye., Saturday, at 1 p, m. n.m.i.'.'ya'tra
Bis' lata residence. 7S J i.1
n Saturday
Jiy. Interment
. 19. 191lt T.
swed at hf lata residence. I-S "Si U
T40. Near Mooreatown, N.
v 12. 1014. JOKRPit vrCtiV. "ri w. i.
raiianaipnia, i-a., son of the lai-Tri" 1
and Mary "s'oung. imnarsi n slto,33l
2 p. m.. from the parlors of o. trS!?Vi'iil
Client nut st., rniiftaeiphle, Internieiirtlt
nt i.e-iiuiiiowr ivGnnjirrr, -'in'
nrYNNnvfanuary 19. 19187 Ti'S?S
AkKXANDBn. Funeral stnlc B.B'
rock Bantlat Church, irut. .3 HMkiSi
viewen ni
Cemetery. "'""'etBjS
TOUNO. Near Mooreatown, N, J Xm
imry it, ih, jUbM'M YOUNn. iL? ftta
mucli they pay hoi- n week and then nffi'r
her 'IS or 50 cents juorc to get her. Ir
'yoiirTrlrnd has a good, nlco delivery boy
who doesn't boose or smoke clgnrettex.
Idon'f, .go TtoslnK, around and offer hire
more money. Thou shalt not covet thy
nejglibor's house nor .his man servant,
nor-his -maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his
ass; nor1 anything that ,1s thoy neighbor's.'.
MnnV n man wonld like to -have his
hels!iWwire. You let her alone. Keep
Vour eyes for your own. Keep your love
for your- otvri. Thou ahalt not covet.'
See how you go up n'galnst the word of
God? Get, 111 now, I havo Just been trying
to show you" th standard that God gives
to everybody. Come on now. Not by
public ophlfpn. not by your own estima
tion of yourself, not by what people think
of you in the lodge.
'"What does God any? Stand up nnd let
God meafohre you and see how far short
you- come of being what GodX require
ments are. Thou shalt n)t covet." .Well,
.you say. what are we irolnr .to .in? i
'wfll tell you. Nineteen hiimlr-pil veara
ago, in a manger, Jesus Christ wan boi-n.
He kept that law that we haye broken;
nd they put Him on the tree, and 'God'
nays: "Accept of Iflm as vou'r K.ivlnni-
-and I will put It down to vour craillL''
Have you kept the law? tf you have
broken every commandment in thnt .Book,
and accept Jesus Christ as vour Saviour.
God will forgive you. He has promised
to do It.
Last Night's Sermon
"Text 'Thy own wickedness. ahnll cor
rect thee. Thy backsliding shall reprovo
thee. Know therefore and see that It Is'
on evil thing and bitter that thou hast
forsaken the Lord thy'God, and that my
fear Is not In thee, salth the Lord-God of
Hosts.' Jeremiah, 2d, 19.
"In Imagination I have seen a stately
ship sailing from port, her decks crowd
ed with passengers. As she moves away
from her slip and -leaves thVfoam'rie'cked
tide, the people on board wave signals of
farewell, and those. on the shore shout,
'Bon voyage!' The waters are calm,
the Hky la blue above, nnd all believe
thnt the Journey la to' be one' of profit or
delight. But Just beyond the haibor the
sky blackens and becomes as adamant.
IbtL m IB fit IB m ix B ur IB M W
13 i I U i id J
Last year 23,144 people who wanted to build homes
questions to be answered by its architectural editors.
Concluded on Pace Seven
E9c.,!.S'.7",n laving remembrance of JOHN
ENOCHS, who died January 1Z. lpoo.
dry goads store and a ladv r.-imo to v,
ome flannel. Ho measured It and. Bald,
to th priprletor: 'Why, It la two Inches
abort in its width 'Oh.' the other said.
Juat atretch It, It wjll stretch two Inches.
The boy aald, as he dropped It: 'But my
conscience won't, stretch two Inches, sir.'
That boy wa George Williams, the
loundey of .the Ypunjj Men'a.Chrhulan As
,0Ciafln.' rchoir ahalt not steal,' Bryan
la .as- clean-,aa ar hcmnd'jj tooth, and Is
one of my best friends. Brygn said In
n address:: 'As a rule, the man who
hsoib a minion dollars has a better
hane to keep out of the penitentiary
ian the man who steals J1000. So true
has thl become, that It has been sug
gested not to steal on a small soaja.'
There is lot of truth In that.
Listen. The wan who 'stands by the
wayside and holds a revolver under your
0ft .alAtpwidB-JsoUt- -money or" your
Vf, measured by every moral standpoint.
S no more a thief than the monopolist or
Jhe. trusts that will get control ofSM
tton s fuel or oil or bread supply and then
wake, he poor man pay their prlcVand
give him the a ternatlva or .ltJ V-Z
?f'f ?P tarln " fteeaing- to death,
lie fs lust as bin- a. thle t .?.-... j!r .1
1 ant In a cauldron of inA, ..,. irZt .!
$ Sfi.eiJ,h!,.,,Tt ".' "corner tho
I t nny other cOinmrwilr m.V . ir?
I Uwto'whf talfvVifld thVu Mskes u.
.. .,,.. .,!, .nan nBt teal."
boaot Gossipana,
w no shalt not bear waJw witness,! x
know mm ft yw -don-i: k. bati
1 wyittg, b4itlt doean'f, make any difference.
W1S PWofttac tb truth. Thou shalt
f im bear tis4i.jrttias apit thy nJffh.
if-- ,.v. .uojnuj arojpitory
ttttturxttfer heibhor. Ifoa don't tpp to
rt-wt jotber not it u tu truth.
f t wm fi4m ft ni s4 down tha mush-
r or i it has reaSied
eisiB4mEH jsjsianfljj.. Thou
MAIt al ber tola witnr v rS!
jab, yfrelBboj' in mm early mn
I Warn fear $MBnlsf on, your hair totri
I -rt mmm wrf.ywap tmms V" orro :
I vtOt dourb You tav: lLan.1 mnminn
1 lim J . tM ve sm hmtA tetl abaui
mISS-".?'- -i'IN- S7 Oakford at.
UAXI2NDINK. On January 14 1015
THOMAH, huaband of the lau Hainan A
Uajcendlne. Funerul onBunday. at 8 p. ro
ar hi late reelJence, &00 King's Hlghn-av
W. J,I?dd?.n',eJd' N J' IntirSSnt rS"5:
BEAUKItv On Janaarr 14. 1915, CHAHL.ES
. son of the late Adam and -.Emma fleaber
Residence, ltf-'l East Harold at. Due notice
of tho funeral will be given.
BI.ACU. On January 18, 1910, WHAIER D.
huaband or Mary black.- -Itnerni services on
Saturday, at J p. m. sharp, at 1S10 irorth
10th at. Interment at Hlllsid. Cemetery'vla
funeral cor,
BI.UNDELL. On January 18; 1918, NOAH,
LTOGETHER, more than 30,000 homes
in the United States have been built
from plans supplied by the Journal.
Two booklets "What You Should Know
When Building a Little House" (40 pp.) and
"How "to Finance the Building of" a Little
House" (20 pp.) have been published by the
Journal and thousands of copies of these dis
tributed free to its readers.
- eon -el Noah ana the late Seyhejle 'BJiuidell,
,- iiii,i.i im omurasT. si ,i p. Jlj.,
hla late-.resldenc. 4523 North Smedley st.
terment at Norihwaad Ciam0tArv
husband of Elmlna Dradfuol. 4tU Nortli
Cleveland wve. Funeral at the convenience of
the family. Interment at Nortbwood Cere-
CANKhl'm7:9n, ,he12t? 'n'-. AMANDA,
widow of Charles Carnell, in her IKM yoax.
Itelatlvea and friends of the family are re
epoctfully Invited to attend the funeral serv
ices, at her late residence, 1907 North Tth.
at., on-Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, In
terment private.
CIllUHTiV-. On January IS. 1916, JAMES
.., ..uu,,i u, ciiunu -nristy, ejneral
."ISS'V.S' iaLP..,m. precfaely. from
2IKM North sth t. Services at the- Church
of S(. Simeon. Stu sod Lehigh ae., at 320
Pi . Interment private.
DKAHNLKY. On January IS, lsl.l, ISAAC
DKARNUsr. Kelatlvea and friend, ire in.
vlted to attend the funeral services, on
Saturday aftemeon, at 3 o'clock precisely, at
his latu residence 7560 Ridge ave." ftoi
noruugh. Interment private.
South Hutchinson at "" Tsf
J.. Uuafcand of Loulaa faredse. Funeral
services on Sunday, at 2;SO p. m at north
At cvrner Columbia ave. and Dover at. In
termeat at Jianitraa Cnttr.
EICIIKVOn January 13, 1915, WALTEn
E1U1BN. Jr. Km of ICWteVinrffemnwi T. B
Brben. Relatives and friends arc invited to
attend the tuoerai eerrlcee on Saturday, Jan.
uary W. I?10- ,t 3 Fi- hla late reel
dioce, Radnor. 1'a, Interment private. Car
riages wilt meet JrU p. m, .train from Broad
street station.
HfIELH-On January. JSK 1915. TERESA,
f daughter of TJiomaa and Margaret Flelda,
wmtaim twjuroay, .at. aisu a. m., from
the residence of her aunt. Mrs. Sarah Blum
2039 Eet Ilfusd at,.. Rwjulew Maaa st t be
Chureb ef U.. V altatloo at log. m. Inte!
ment at Most Jlely RedeemeS Cemetery,
FISH Kit. On January 11, 1915 SARAH A
wMo of ,Cha'le" '' 'J'K Funeral n
Buoday. at 1:30 p. m., J rem bar. late reel
dene. &0A CoUUs. aL In tar ment at Qreea
wood Cemetery.
FOIlHifTUK-On January It, 1918. COR.
NBlia. JNSIXIE). dauinter ol T the i5l
'iBomas ana oueanna roraytne. formerly of
6J North. frdsewood at. Kunaral on Batur.
day. at It a, m., from J1J1 Ludlow at. la-,
tereaeat private.
l-HAN'ft On Jaauarr 1. 1I5, MATILDA,
daushtec of the late Aaron ' and Suhla
Frants. rrfoeral aervlee a SaturdayTat I
&S sJo'uni WW " WW
OABWWOD.-At .WUMaaitewK, K. X, on'
jaotwry Jfc 1915, J3A BUBABfeTlC
widow of - CfcarUn If r&rwoed. BeUtlvea
na trimaa. are uivued m attend funeral, on
Saturday. Services at her late residence at
ittdtt a. (a. Interment U. K Cesntery, WiU
irastown, N. J.
CA'I'I.KV- Da January ltt IBIS, JOSH.
h?- .Rjtottvea sad frtends an Invited
ta attead fusaral ervisaa, m Saturday, tea
aeaVS Rortb W U "
Orer. RentMvea' autaj Irtedds are lnviteil iV
fiilni. ? wrvleM, at hu Ute realdenof,
J3 Ml ., est fettuday, January 14,
IMS, st I o'clscii tfcarp, feurBieot r
iiS!i'V'W HAM1MON, im Saul
Such service as this has a three-fold sig
First: However conservative the estimate,
many millions of dollars a year are spent by
the direct personal advice of Journal editors
in building homes. Furthermore, for each
thousand who write us letters there are many
thousands more who are devouring and devel
oping the plans and ideas presented in the
pages of the publication itself.
"' ' -,' ' e . t. '. ' ..' - ;" ii--
At the same time, these thousands, whl
are at the very moment getting ready to bui
or specify building materials, heaters, paint!
and varnishes, shades, plumbing supplies arid
the like, are poring over the advertising col
umns as well. The opportunity for maniil
facturers of all such goods is obvious.
TU, .s. J r ,t ' . d
.me scuuuu. signmcance or inis servicers
this: Whfin vrM hflup "hnilf o "K-t-o Irvtetlit.
'- jr "- -.. v w uuj.j.. ck. J.JHfAAA IU1, K
iamily, you have built with that family a conl
fidence as sturdy and lasting as the four walji
iof the home itself a confidence by which aUi
advertisers in the publication may profit. i
And third: -Through this vast corresnnnd
j.i jj. .... i . . ?m
ence mc eauors are aaiiy teelmg the pulse oi
home owners everywhere, sensing their needs?
their hopes, their problems, and thus learnirii
from day to day how to bring the publicatiol
always closer and closer to the reader, aid
make it therefore more and more servicealj
to all advertisers.
4 .i
The curtIs publishing Company
independence square, philadelphia
f- v
i V rt
Mlpjng its readers to build their homes istone of the twenty-four specific departments in which
IHE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL renders free personal service to its readers by correspondence
Mm- if ti nsrry r fewtti." :
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I. Mill. Kte?l
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